Tuesday, January 14, 2014


New thread.


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magpie said...

Steve: I am pretty thrilled to see this Brand New Thread once again...

Hope you have a Very Good Week

Thank You....
I'll sneak over and tell the others ☺

Mema Jo said...

Wow - Steve you are on the ball -

Hello Margy and I'm glad you will call over the unsuspecting other bloggers

Steve the Live feed is still down from yesterday - Is there any contact you have to assist with getting it up/running

Mema Jo said...

I am anxious for BWE site to make a comment concerning if any egg is there. Hope there technical problems get fixed.

Mema Jo said...

Thanks Sharon and Judy for the Nest Action rundown....

It is raining here in my valley - Not steady rain just off and on..

Steve Chase said...

not sure why the feed is down. The guys must be working on something on it. I will pass the word on.

Hoda said...

New Thread
AND a comment from STEVE!!!
Thank you for both STEVE.
Thank you MARGY for announcement and JO for asking the question.

Mema Jo said...

Hoda - the events for the 2 sisters is heartbreaking. May they each find strength in the other's sorrow and ease their own pain.

Mema Jo said...

Thank you Steve for helping us with the Outdoor Channel's Live Feed.
We'll keep checking to see when it comes up ♥

Mema Jo said...

Keep checking in on BWE
One eagle at Osprey Platform - could be Lonely Louie..

Nest Update 01/13/14:
Our cam technician replaced a good bit of wiring and moved our microwave receiver, and the static seems to have improved.

We saw the male bring the female food on the nest, and she's been looking under herself, so we hope an egg is on the way.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Thank you STEVE, we do so appreciate new threads and we are so thankful that you share the blog with us. Thanks for your post---will look forward to live action when possible again !

GAIL, you are SO welcome here ! Perhaps, since you live so close to the nest, you can visit it from time to time.

When I was in GAIL's shoes early in 2009, I was welcomed by GUELA, who assured me I'd landed in the right spot ! I've missed her ! After that it was HEDGIE, PAULA and LOLLY who showed me the ropes, teaching me how to post, use alt keys, etc.. Yep, GAIL, you are now in contact with the cream of the crop in Eagle observers !

HODA, you put a wide grin on my face with the Wellness group report ! Then a sad jolt with news of the sisters who lost their husbands. Prayers for them.

LYNNEDUH, so sorry to hear about the pain. I hope you and Steve never, ever have to move again ! Can't wait to hear stories about animals and people from the new digs !

Good Eagle reporting, SHAR n' JUDYE !

LORI, I haven't been hiding, you're just too tired to search for me. Had a great dinner with Julie n' Seth last night--a bonus get together for the week !!!

Have to get ready for a trip to the Vet. It's time for Penny's nail trimming and a weigh in. She won't be thrilled, but both are needed for her well being. We have no sidewalks in my hood and she walks almost entirely on grass. Can't wear the nails down properly that way.

Will try to BBL......

Bird Girl said...

Good morning! The cam is down still, I see :(( Glad to see another new thread, thanks for the call over :)

GAIL: Welcome! We're nuts, but we're family! :D

Just a review, some of you may not know me (is that even possible by now??? LOL)...

I live in the mountains of Arizona, surrounded by ponderosa pine and juniper trees. I lived in Phoenix for 16 years, and grew up in Colorado. I am a survivor of terminal cancer, 16 years now! I am on disability for severe fibromyalgia and chronic severe headaches. I am mother to a special-needs Shih Tzu mix, Miss Lily Anne Fuzzymuzzle (facebook dot com / MissLilyAnneFuzzymuzzle), who was in the Winter 2013 issue of American Dog Magazine! I also have a pet parakeet named Soren Chirpegaard, a Betta named Frankie and Dwarf African frog named Froggy (after the Little Rascals character), as well as two hermit crabs, Samson and Riker.

I have a wonderful boyfriend, and an awesome best friend! In the last 5 years, I have reconnected with lost family members (sister, aunt, uncles and grandmother) and "adopted" a brother (we adopted each other LOL).

I am a 25-year member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an educational historic society which learns and lives pre-1601 A.D.

I am this blog's "Very Own Bird Girl", as I have been a wild bird rehabilitator for almost 14 years (raptors [not eagles], songbirds, waterfowl, wading birds, exotics and "barnyard"), and have been on this blog for 7(?) years.

You can follow my rehab work on my FB page, facebook dot com / BirdGirlofAZ

Hope this catches everyone up! :)

As always, I remain,
Your very own
Bird Girl

Mema Jo said...

And Bird girl has a most beautiful
name of Delphia......
She has been very helpful on the bird issues/questions that arise.

Delphia also has the most beautiful glamor pictures of herself and friends on her FB page.

We love and appreciate you ♥

Mema Jo said...

Lori your new idea for you presentation with the real life looking baby doll sounds like a winner. ♥ Also on the grade you are waiting for on your paper - I hope you aced it ♥

Mema Jo said...

Kay, I was very happy when you joined our bog group - I hope Gail
will do the same. Falling Waters is not that far from Shepherdstown...

Lolly said...

From BW

Egg Alert!
We have our first egg of the season! It was laid this morning.

We might see the parents off the first egg for a bit -- they sometimes use delayed incubation so the first egg will hatch closer to the second. We should get another egg in 2-3 days.

Lolly said...

Goodorming! Have split screen up watching BW. Not sure if anyone else had copied their announcement.

Very eggciting!!!!

Still no word about the trailer. We are just waiting. They said they would call. I am sure it was yesterday morning that they brought the trailer back to the dealership from the rv show. They have to install a powered jack and they will need to transfer our stabilizer bars from our present trailer. Jack thinks they will do that while we wait.

Janet, I loved your rofwscoomn or something like that!!

LynneDuh, please just rest these few days. Know you want to get unpacked and settled but you need to just rest!! It your turn to sit on your tush and let Steve wait on you. You need it, girl!!!

Lolly said...

The BW nest looks so very neat and the egg cup is right in the middle. Good for them!! Now if she would just let us have a peek!!

Judie said...

Good rainy day late morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread and for checking on the cam. You're the best.

Thanks to Margy for the call-over. Hoping you have a quiet, if long, day at work.

Jo, how's Miracle Michael these days? Planning another trip?

Hoda, so sad about the sisters. Seems almost incomprehensible. Also, now I know I have to cut back on the Nelson brownies. Laughed and laughed picturing you sitting there listening. What time did the sandperson arrive?

Lori, you presentation idea sounds terrific. We are all so proud of you.

Kay, so glad you have a good time last night. Speaking of college students, wonder how Dana's Aric is doing?

Lunne2Duh - hot soak and aspirin, if allowed. Feel better.

Hi Delphia, nice to have a refresher on your amazing accomplishments. Hope the budgies are okay.

Crazy. My brain keeps thinking I am supposed to be somewhere - like the big school house. Oh, that's right - I don't have to go there anymore. Well, tonight for a bball game against VCU. Sold out.

Wishing a good season at BWE. Wishing for a better season for Belle and Shep.

Gail, questions? Just ask. We are neither lacking nor shy in offering helpful advice. We were all new to this at some time.

Janet, sorry about the cable but glad it's fixed and sorry Jack and Lolly have to "fix" the computer programs.

Okay, off to finish some laundry. BBL

Judie said...

Doing a Margy.

Congrats to BWE.

Mema Jo said...

WHoo Hoo

Nest Update 01/14/14: Egg Alert!
We have our first egg of the season! It was laid this morning.

We might see the parents off the first egg for a bit -- they sometimes use delayed incubation so the first egg will hatch closer to the second. We should get another egg in 2-3 days.

Judie said...

Doing another Margy.

Just got a call for a BOLO - rumor is that the evil Jufie may have escaped. Sandperson hiding in the hall closet clutching his satchel.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Whoohoo!! New Thread!

Mema Jo said...

So what is BOLO ? Enjoy the game this evening.

Sorry about the BWE dup announcement
I missed Lolly's - I am really eggcited! Mainly because it means NCTC nest is next in line...

Lolly said...

Our Trailer

Well, drat! Come to find out our trailer is at the dealership in Denton. They have emailed us the paperwork. They will moved the trailer to the FW dealership, only 10 miles from us. So we have to wait. In the meantime I found on line our trailer!! Patience Lolly, patience!

Mema Jo said...


LynneDUH! said...

Hoda...that is a very, very sad coincidence for those 2 sisters. I hope they can help each other through.

glad you got a "bonus" visit Kay!

WOOO HOOO BWE has egg!

LynneDUH! said...

Judie, no aspirin allowed. And hot soak would be nice but it would be all but impossible to get in and out of the tub.

Some day I'm going to have one of those walk in tubs!

LynneDUH! said...

I do feel somewhat better today. YAY! Still not great. Walked down to the barn to see the pigs and donkeys. Found a bird egg and snake skin!

LynneDUH! said...

Lolly the Hawkwood Flyer is beautiful!

Judie said...

Be On the Look Out

Laundry finished - almost.

JudyE said...


onlunch and find a new thread I shall check the box and go to reading bb

stronghunter said...


Very shocking and sad news about the two sisters, Hoda.

Oh, no, the evil Jufie is on the loose! (Gail--typos lead to new names for new imaginary characters who inhabit our blog.)

Lolly said...

Glad you are better, LynneDuh! Oh, you are going to enjoy this new place!! A bird egg and a snake skin....right up your ally!!!

Jack was able to burn leaves today, no wind. I cleaned leaves out of the lower pond. Would love to get out and do more work, but dern eye appointment is keeping me clean. LOL And, when I return my eyes will be dilated, so no work today!

LOL I keep looking at the pictures of the trailer and imagining where we will store stuff. Get a grip, Lolly! Patience!

stronghunter said...

Hey, my bowling team had a good day--overall. Three wins out of four. Hope we stay in first place. The second and third place teams were competing with each other, so maybe . . .

JudyE said...

I was reading backwards this BLOG and my heart skipped a beat when I read JO comment thinking it was out nest :-(

JudyE said...

just discovered I don';t have the BS link on my laptop but I did find beakspeak.com and got the link now I have 4 cams on this itty bitty screen LOL Oh I want a new laptop may with the taxes this year since I haven't gotten last years yyet and found outthat they bcan take up to 3 yrs PIA

Mema Jo said...

Cyclone Shirley = Good Show
Hoping you keep that 1st place..

Judy - I guess that did knock your socks off for a minute or two.
Maybe in 3-4 weeks we can say it about our nest ♥

Mema Jo said...

Our live feed is still down

Judie said...

Congratulations to you and the team Shirley.

Lolly - ♪♫♫ ANTICIPATION ♫♫♪

Mema Jo said...

Miracle Michael Update

Plans for another Haiti trip in
June. Saving his money as he has
been able to make the deposit.

Still goes to UMMC every 2-3 months
to be checked. The skull replacement does tend to slide - The pain is being managed by his Dr at the Pain Management Center. He also takes his daily doses of meds so not to have a seizure.

I marvel at his attitude and how he accepts his situation. He has many marvelous friends to support and help him. Thanks for prayers -
I know they are helping him. ♥

Mema Jo said...

Sure is good nap weather

Mema Jo said...

I had sent to Lisa BWE Webmaster an
email of Congratulations... Her reply

Thanks so much, Jo! I hope you're next!!

stronghunter said...

Thanks. My bowling team knows what it feels like to be in last place. First is nicer.

stronghunter said...

Happy to see the good news from BWE.

Lolly said...

Need a like button to click on your comment about Michael, Jo!

Lori said...

Lolly, BOLO is be on the look out... Jufie is loose. Sorry you're having to wait for the trailer. I know how excited you and Jack must be.

JO, great news about Michael. He should write an inspirational book.

KAY, apologies for thinking your were missing. Guess I just missed your posts - really, don't know how I did that. :( Sorry.

So happy for everyone at BWE. I do hope we're next.

Lynne2DUH, how's it going in the new place? I bet it's just wonderful to wake up there in such a nice place.

Got a 93 on the test on IV's today.
I was so excited about the new baby book theme for my presentation, and the instructor set out a presentation from last year for everyone to look at. It was a storybook! I told Cindy, she's my witness that mine was an orginal idea and I didn't copy.

AND, I got my report back today with all the comments, but did not bother to add up how many points were taken off so I could figure out the score. I was too upset after seeing I had totally left out 3 surgeries from my patient's past medical history. URGH! That one mistake cost me 12 points. I could cry.

Sandi said...

Hi all home from school and I see we have another new thread with already 46 comments on it! better get busy reading! Still can't get the live feed at our nest but I do see that beautiful eaglet egg at BWR!!!

BRB after I catch up on my reading!

Sandi said...

Jo, thanks for the Michael update - good news that his headaches are manageable AND that he's planning another trip to Haiti!!

Lynne, pigs and donkeys!! Oh my, not just dogs and cats! Feel better - those walk0in tubs are nice but pretty pricey (Denny installed one for a client).

Janet, great news that you can have some chickens. Sounds like a good idea though, to wait til Seven is a little more mature!

Judie, tried to do that selfie with the frying pan in front of my face so I could show y'all my hair without my wrinkles, but I couldn't see the shutter to snap the photo. ;)

Seeing that egg at Blackwater gets me very eggcited too!

Need to get some school work done - later!

Sandi said...


Sandi said...

I'm thinking Belle from the tail feathers plus, now that she's turned, i don't see a spot. Stiil, I'm not 100% certain.

Sandi said...

Eagle either poofed or is completely in the NHZ.

JudyE said...

Home from work and the nest is MT but the white branches looks so pretty for some reason maybe because of the sundown Super white so cool

Judie said...

Oh well, Sandi, you tried. lol.

Lori, congrats on the 93. Remember, now is the time to make a mistake or two and learn.

Thanks for the update on Michael, Jo. Glad he's doing well and planning to return to Haiti.

Update: evil Jufie has been recaptured by the shiny green garland and is now hidden deep in the place of no return. Sandperson is breathing normally again and preparing for tonight's visits.

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judie said...



JudyE said...

LORI congrats on the great grade

JO fantastic news on Miracle Marvelous Michael

JUDIE so happy you took care of that issue again You must get a better security system to keep her locked up LOL and that may be why some of us couldn't get to sleep last night Sandman didn't venture out LOL

SANDI laughing at you with your frying pan infront of you take a pic from the top LOL or side or back LOL

JudyE said...

JUDIE are you OK or is that JUFIE in you spot

JudyE said...

Live feed keeps cutting off two times since I got home now but it does come right back

Mema Jo said...

Lori - congrats on today's test.
On your paper for which you are not pleased... You will never forget past surgeries of a patient again - you learned the hard way but for the future you will always remember! ♥
You go with your storybook gal - but what a coincidence.....

Mema Jo said...

We went into Frederick and at 4:45pm
there was the most beautiful rainbow.
I love rainbows and this one was very
broad and colors very clear.

Coming home I noticed the bright moon as the sky had cleared. There to the left of the moon was Jupiter
just like LynneDuh said.

Lolly said...

Okay, I am sitting here truly laughing out loud picturing Sandi holding a skillet in front of her face. Sandi, that is so funny! Besides that, we are a group of ladies who have wrinkles. I just turned 70!!!!!

I am sitting here in a fog. Eyes are dilated. Eyes are just fine, thank you! No change in the prescription for my glasses.

Jacob and Laurel both went to school today. Jacob is not feeling well though and they both may be home tomorrow. Laurel say that tomorrow is okay, but if Jacob is still sick Thursday, she needs a boysitter.

Lolly said...

Paper work not compete on trailer. They came back with a 12 year loan. Wow! As Laurel said, in 12 years it will be falling apart. We asked for 3 years and are getting 4, but they have not emailed us the proper paper work. Another day delay.

JudyE said...

JUDIE I clicked on your picture to get a closer look It is one of those tree faces correct? But its a butterfly now no face LOL

JudyE said...

so sorry about the delay LOLLY and wow 12yrs that is a little much my house I had at a 15yr

The Live Cam is talking again

JudyE said...

Odd gets loud and then goes back down Man talking sounds like a talk show

Lolly said...

Hear nothing, Judy.

JudyE said...

LOLLY the sound was at 639 just for a min - but if I put my ear up to the speaker I can hear faintly on and off talking now on my desktop speakers which are huge
my laptop can't hear on it I am gonna see if I can get a ear bud to use being the volume is low on it

Hoda said...

On my way to yoga.
Two productive meetings today.
All is well
Short on sleep though.
Somehow checking for emails on desk top does not bring it to mobile!!!
66 comments to read!!!

Hoda said...

I love Us

JudyE said...

I forgot to say that I posted on the Live Cam page under the camera- I ask them if we had sound!

JudyE said...


Mema Jo said...

FB Shepherdstown Eagle Cam Fans

Judy and/or Paula

Do either of you control these settings
All comments go over to right side
as the pics on the left never move...

Mema Jo said...


Check this out tomorrow 8am to 5pm
New nest near Pittsburg
The PIX Controller has it set up
We used to watch deer, raccoons, turkeys all the time.

JudyE said...


only her pic show up ours go to the other side that is just like the EAGLE CAM page and lots of others also even Glo Glimpses2 is like that

JudyE said...

Thanks for the new link JO will look

JudyE said...

I see they are only on 8-5 for now until they install new solar panels

Mema Jo said...

Time for Terrific Tuesday TV


LynneDUH! said...

that Pittsburgh nest, Homestead actually is only about 2 miles from my stepmom's house!

Sits on the old Homestead Works steel mill site, famous for a big ugly strike in the late 1800s. I remember that mill, it stood til the mid 80s when it shut down like so many others and thereby starting a very dark time in the history of that area....

Janet said...

Good evening all unwinding at the moment.
JUDIE: get that evil JUFIE under control! We NEED the sandman. Don’t let him get all out of sorts!
LYNNEDUH2: hopefully you are feeling better….
MEMAJO: thanks for the Michael update.
LOLLY: hard to wait, I know….(((hugs))))
LORI: you are in school to LEARN. Now is the time to make the error…that is how we learn! All is well. You are a superb student! Allow yourself to be human!!!!
SANDI: a skillet? Why don’t you just put a veil over your face and let only your hair and eyes show???? Lol!
I am most pleased for the new thread. Thanks to STEVE
I went out and bought myself a new swimsuit today! Its mint green! Can hardly wait for pool weather.
The evening has been stressful. Pre teenage angst.
Sweet dreams to all. Light and love, hugs and smiles. Peaceful dreams!

paula eagleholic said...

Evening all!
LMAO about skillits and brownies!

Jo don't think there is anything i can do about the FB Page but I will look.

Stud's leg and foot about the same..but no worse. He has been icing resting and elevating.

I am heading to Eburg for the weekend..Brensin will be 6. Larry staying in DE..he'll be in paradise next week.

paula eagleholic said...

Brushed Nick tonight..maybe a bath tomorrow night...he smells like a beach dog!

Oh we had a lovely double rainbow tonight right before sunset :-)

JudyE said...

two more eaglets are in Fl here is the link to the story They are trying to raise money for a cam on them in the future
Pembroke Pines Fl eagle nest has ???

JudyE said...

???? on how many will no soon when they peek above the nest hope someone post that info and they get a sponsor for the cam

JudyE said...

OH NO here is another eagle cam I found on facebook if you want to check it our

Eagle cam BERRY COLLEGE it also has two cam close up and a approach one

JudyE said...

They have two eggs now also

JudyE said...



Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."


Mema Jo said...

TV shows were good... NCIS & NCIS:LA

I am very happy to have the Live Feed
Up/Running and I hope it stays up..

Sandi so sorry you couldn't see the camera button to take your Selfie ♥

Paula thanks for looking at the FB page - I wouldn't know where to even look to change the format. I mainly put my comments on Eaglet Momsters FB

Mema Jo said...

Oh Yes - Great Grandson Joseph (10) with family at Snowshoe on his first day broke his arm OUCH ! He took a leap with his snowboard and boom.
Don't know too many details yet - the
cell phone service was too weak or really not there. They called Kristin
from hospital in Elkins, WV & I do think they aid they are headed to Morgantown Hospital to see an orthopedic doctor. MTBR

Hoda said...

Did LORI fail a test? Did she miss out information on a paper??? I only read comments that tell me she is not happy about a grade... HELP PLEASE. Someone fill me in. I agree with all the statements of support directed to LORI and add mine to them!!!

Very good yoga class. It is so very good for my mental and emotional health. Improves the physical too!!!

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all ♥

I ♥ US ♥

Hoda said...

Prayers for your Great Grandson JO

So very proud of MICHAEL. awesome report

LYNNE is your back still a problem?

Lolly said...

Hoda, I do not think Lori got a bad grade. She left something off of a patient report. She did not know her grade yet.

Jacob is sick and they are staying home again tomorrow. He is now throwing up. Dern! and Drat!

I will probably be needed in Denton to boysit Thursday. Poor baby!

Hoda said...

Thank you LOLLY.
I agree with JO'S comment.

Sorry to hear about JACOB being sick.
You are a terrific Grandmommy

stronghunter said...

Watched the late news. Judie's team won big time! Hope she doesn't mind that I told.

stronghunter said...

Don't let me forget to mail the quarterly tax payment tomorrow. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

stronghunter said...

Need to shut down. Tried to read back, but my eyes are too tired.

Will see you tomorrow.


Lolly said...

Time for me to shut down. Time to shower, but before I do I am going to snitch some pecans. Jack is sitting in his chair shelling pecans. How many do you think I can snitch?

Night all! SED!!

Hoda said...

Good night
God Bless Us All

How many did you get LOLLY???

Hoda said...


Lori said...

Good Wednesday morning everyone!

Thanks for the support and wisdom.

I love you all!

Running behind this morning as I'm studying to two tests today.

So glad the live cam is back up!!!

Wishing all of you a fabulous day.


Sandi said...

Goodorming Lori and all my eagle friends. 2 hour school delay for fog - YAY!

Shirley, mail your tax payment!!!

Jo, sorry to hear about the great grandson's broken arm - ouch!!

Live feed is running but our nest is MT.

The English teacher and the paraeducator (AKA instructional assistant) for our team got into a huge argument in my classroom yesterday at the very end of the day - not in front of the kids thank goodness. Thought it was going to turn into a hair-pulling, scratching, fall-on-the-floor fistfight before they stopped! This school year has been nothing but drama with the adults!! Geez - I just want to teach!!! They are meeting with the special ed. coordinator and the principal today - sure hope they can clear the air and let it go. I told them both it was between them and I did not want to get involved. Not my business - even though the para goes into the classrooms where I tell her to support my special ed. kids, I am not her boss, responsible for making sure she does her job.

Shirley, mail your tax payment!! Did you know that you can pay your quarterly taxes online and then you don't have anything to mail??

Have a great day all!

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

tow eagles

JudyE said...

they are working with sticks on the NHZ

JudyE said...

TWO EAGLES wow fast fingers tow eaglke LOL new word

JudyE said...

I wish we had SOUND

JudyE said...

I still can see feetsie

JudyE said...

POOF ONE to the left

JudyE said...

just saw a flyby around the nest that was neat on the left side where the smaller limbs are

JudyE said...

Well I don't see any movement not a foot or head in the NHZ so I think they are gone sneaked out the back door

DanaMo said...

Good foggy morning!
Ran out of time, all is good though. Hope everyone has a great day!

Janet said...

good morning to one and to all. Mid week yet again. How did this happen? Lol.
Tom just rolled the bus outta the driveway. Must mean its time to get busy. Wednesdays I get to be a little lazy. At least, move a bit more slowly.
Hoping the kiddo is in a better mood this morning. Getting back into routine sure didn’t agree with her yesterday!
Things to do today. Feel like being lazy. Oh well, most things I can take a book and just read; such as take the comforter to the laundry and sylvan.
3 day weekend coming up. Monday will not be “fun”. Tom has a 2nd prostate biopsy in the a.m. and Olivia has 4 teeth to be pulled (baby teeth) in the p.m. fun day for me. Lol. Yeah. Okay. We’ll go with that!
Hope everyone has a great mid week day! Light, love, healing and smiles to all!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,
Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

I am feeling a LOT better--my gouty toe is barely hurting today.
Ken is feeling fine, and seems to have beaten the flu he had.

Welcome, Gail! Glad to have you here! Lucky you! You're really close to the nest, and I'm all the way out here in Anaheim, CA!
By the way, weather reports say it's supposed to be 86 here today!
What's up with that? Where is my winter? The house was HOT yesterday, since the trees are not providing any shade after their drastic trim a couple of weeks ago. Hope they grow back a bit before we get some really hot weather! Oh, well, it had to be done.

Hoda, I'm so sorry to hear of the two women who both lost their husbands. I hope they can help each other through this nightmare.
Prayers for them!

LynneDUH, I sure hope you are feeling better today! Please take it really easy. Those boxes will still be there in a couple of days, when you will hopefully feel more like dealing with them!
Can't wait for your bird reports once you are up to getting out and about! Hope Steve is feeling well--he isn't overdoing, is he?
Better safe than sorry.

Well, need to go put some laundry in the dryer. Will be back later, after breakfast. Have a great day, everyone! I ♥ us!!

Judie said...

Good morning.


Dreary day. Fog. Yuk!

Hope the sandperson arrived at all his rounds last night. Fell asleep. As Shirley said, GDub beat VCU by 10 points. First time win over VCU. A-10 here we come.

Will be back this afternoon. I'm retired. Where is all this "stuff" coming from? Police presentation this morning on senior scams then a meeting with police program director tonight.

Jo, sorry about Joseph's arm. Hope it heals very quickly.

Hi Andy. Glad you and Kubby are better. How's Miss Emma?

Janet - b r e a t h e

Okay. Need to leave. BBL

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥

Foggy out today but ever so often the sun shines through 35° and no chance of precipitation until Friday.

Well, Sing a Song of Sixpence because four and twenty blackbirds (crows) were sitting in our tree this morning. I never saw so many at one time. They all flew away when we opened the sliding glass door to the deck.

Mema Jo said...

Judie - Senior scams - very important presentation - you are to good to be completely retired - I think you will be a "semi" for a while ♥ Congrats on your winning team

Janet - Monday sounds grueling - but you have a very important part to play for your loved ones!

Andy - Happy to hear your toe is not hurting.. Does the weather or is it what you eat/drink cause the pain?

Sandi - If it ain't the kids it's the adults - You were very wise not to get involved - good decision. Hope things get ironed out. ♥

Judy - thanks for our Morning Eagle Report. Sounds like nestorations are moving right along.

Lolly - you could have had a handful of Pecans.

Lori - You will get through the day with flying colors. Hope your storybook is coming along well.

Shirley - It is TOMORROW - MAIL YOU TAX........... lol

Dana - good to see you here - did you run this morning in all this fog?

Lolly - I sure hope that the Ellis Express is soon available to you. I bet you spend the night in it when it arrives... ♥

Hoda - I don't see you here yet this morning. Have a great day and please stay active ♥

Mema Jo said...

Paula you have an upcoming grandson's 6 yr b-day -
Today I have a granddaughter's 28th
b-day - We are both blessed!

Haven't gotten an update on Joseph's broken arm yet today. Prayers Please

Jenny is taking me to Wally's World today and then somewhere to lunch.
Hubby is giving blood to Red Criss.

LynneDUH - You had said you were off today so I surely pray there is some relief from your back pain


Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!! Sorry to say it's snowing here---hope it doesn't trek eastward toward so many of you !

LORI, others here have said it well--you're doing just fine--don't cry over a mistake or two--just learn from them and go on. We're all soooo proud of you for shifting gears and taking on such a huge challenge !!!!

JO, thanks for the Michael update--glad to hear the pain is being managed reasonably well. Bless him for going back to Haiti in spite of it all ! Oh, poor Joseph, sorry he's suffering through a break !

LOLLY, hope Jacob does one of those quick reverses kids are so noted for. If not, I know Laurel is thankful for your help !

JUDIE, you'll often wonder as a retired person "how did I ever find time to work ?" !

ANDY, glad you and Kubby are feeling better. Enjoy those nice temps for the rest of us !

SANDI, wish you could teach without all the drama those co-workers provide ! Hard to believe they are adults !

HODA, thinking of you with every article re:Egypt I read. Do so hope your dear ones are safe !

SHIRLEY, congrats to you and your bowling team---No. 1 is the greatest !

Try to BBL for the evening Belle and Shep visit !

Meantime, love and prayers for all !


Lolly said...


Have not talked with Laurel yet so do not know how Jacob is faring.

I did get a handful...6, believe! Jack had a comment of something like...all the pecans he had shelled.
WRONG! He had a bowlful!!! LOL

I have got to start remembering to get the cam up in the afternoon. I am not getting up at 6 to see them in the nest. BUT, I want to see them.

Annie is not doing well. She is not eating and has the runs. Yucky clean up time. Keeping a close eye on her.
She frequently has spells of not eating but not the runs!!!

Correct paper work was sent to us finally on the trailer. Jack is signing it and emailing it back. Want my trailer!!!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Thanks for the reminders. I will get that tax payment taken care of. Sandi, didn't know I could do it online, but I could have it taken out automatically every month. Just need to do the paperwork.

Sunny here. I have been doing a few chores and plan to go to the bowling alley in a bit. They open at noon today. I play bridge tonight, so I will not be fixing dinner.

stronghunter said...

Nest looks to be MT. Sunny there.

Lolly said...

Just talked with Laurel. After throwing up 4 times, Jacob slept through the night and is feeling better today. Told his mom he could have gone to school. She told him nope, not after throwing up! She thinks they will both be back at school tomorrow.

Yea! Yea! Yea!

Good luck with your bowling today and bridge tonight. Jack used to play bridge, I never did. I refused to learn in college when I saw the time people spent playing bridge. Then I saw how serious Jack was playing bridge. That was not for me!! I like to have fun! ☺

Time to start my day. Have a good one!

Hoda said...

I told you so ! I told you so!
JUDIE retirement is Great!
As JO said you are too good to not share your talent.

Let it not be said that I bring blame up first! Read the above comment^^^
it is JUDIE'S fault! It is JUDIE'S fault!!!
It is at 8:30 in the morning that I woke up!!! It is now 9:00 and I am still in bed!!!
Too much sleepy dust. Night before last not enough. Double dose last night!!!

Thank you all the same though!
Sleep is good.

Looking for info on your GGson JO.

Happy Birthday to your Grandson PAULA and your Grand daughter JO.

Men like to exaggerate don't they LOLLY!
Only 6 Becomes all I have shelled!!!

Thinking of you TOM and OLIVIA JANET.
Would appreciate an update.

ANDY good to see you

KAY sorry about more snow.

Classy Lady SANDI.
Stick with teaching leave the drama.

I really must get out of bed!
I could take a nap though!

Hoda said...

Very happy to hear JACOB is better.
Love it that he wanted to go to school!

WVJerry said...

Good afternoon. I can see Cam some. Welcome to Gail. I pass through her area on way to work. Sitting in Winchester Va. With car problem. Hoping it's not going to hurt too bad. Anyone having problem with Can buffering?

Bird Girl said...

MEMA JO: Thank you for the lovely compliments!!

LOLLY: Not all of us have wrinkles yet! I'm only 41 (am I the youngest Momster??)! LOL

My little rehab budgies are still putting up a good fight. Franklin's wheezing is gone, after three days of antibiotics. They are all still a bit weak, but very feisty. They are going to need time for their bodies to process the good stuff their eating and repair the damage done from their poor diet before.

Interestingly enough, I went to the feed store yesterday to talk to them about the care of their birds, and all but four of the parakeets (budgies) were gone. The girls said she didn't know where they went, the owners had moved some things around and cleaned the wall behind the cages.

I mentioned to the girl about what the birds need and don't need, and also pointed out to her that the lovebird cage was so bad, if I sent a picture of it to Animal Control, they would come seize the animals. It really is that bad. I will go back in next week and follow up. They have my number (for wild bird rescue), and I told her CALL ME if you have ANY questions at all!

I'm glad to see there is an egg at BW! I sure hope we have eggs at our nest this year, but I think they're using the end of the nest away from the camera :( I guess beggars cannot be choosers, eh?

I'm going to the Valley this weekend (2 hours away) to pick up some more rehabbing supplies from Fallen Feathers, and to visit with my mom whose birthday is Friday (she's 62 then). Should be a great weekend!


JudyE said...

LOLLY its 7 not 6 come on you can take a nap after lol

I keep loosing the live feed herein MCDS it goes and it comes I wonder its it the free wifi here Overload

Judie said...

Afternoon everyone.

Thank you Hoda and Jo for the compliment. Yes, semi-retired. Meeting in a while with the police.

Good on you Delphia. Hope that dreadful place improves very quickly.

Happy Laurel and Jacob are better.

♪♫♫ Happy Birthday to Paula's gs and Jo's gd. ♪♫♫

I too am anxious to hear about the situation with Olivia. Thinking Sylvan might be a good plan.

Lolly, would have bet you couldn't eat just one. lol

Now for HODA. Sandperson is deeply concerned about your sleep problem. Asking you to give another chance as the BOLO for Evil Jufie was very upsetting. Says he got careless and was in a hurry because he was afraid Jufie would show up. He'll try better tonight. Asked me for a 3oz jar and a label and a magic marker.

Okay, off to see the police.

Judie said...

Oh, need to do a Margy.

I'll send a few tips from the scam presentation soon.

stronghunter said...

Uncle Sam has been paid.

Thanks for the reminders.

Now trying to pay some other bills.

Sometimes get frustrated with the system.

stronghunter said...

Hoping that Sylvan works for Olivia, Janet. Keep us posted. Might need something for Hunter. He tells me that only a person with a degree in mathematics can explain math to him. Alrighty, there. Perhaps that can be arranged.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

We have an eagle in the egg cup.

Sandi said...

Hi all - just git home from school and opened the live feed and there is and eagle SITTING in the nest!! Woohoo!!!

Need to do some catch-up reading - BRB!

Sandi said...

Nest looks MT now but it sure looks like our eagles are getting serious about nesting. I do wish the egg cup wasn't where it is. Oh well ...

Need some prayers for my mom please. Got a text from my sister at the end of the school day that she is on the verge of congestive heart failure. I will be calling my sister as soon as I post this.


DanaMo said...

Hi Sandi. Will keep your mom in my prayers!

Seems early for sitting action. Or is it just me? I missed it, but thanks Sharon for posting on FB.

Usually get our first egg around the Super Bowl right? I guess it is only a couple of weeks away! I need to bring it up in school so the kids can see it. The view isn't that great, but at least it's a view.

Lolly said...

Was trying to type a comment and Annie decided to come and sit on me so I could not type. LOL Still not eating but she wanted petting and she purred.

SANDI, prayers for your mom. ((hugs))

Judy, it is 6 for me...you forgot the time change. I am not getting up at 6 to watch the nest. I might do that when it is egg laying time or hatching time! But not to maybe see an eagle.

Lori said...

Good evening my best buddies!

Sandi, prayers for your Mom. Hoping you get all the info you need from your sister. ♥

DELPHIA, I love what you're doing with the budgies and for the birds at the Feed Store. How cool of you to offer to give them help with any questions. You're a true "Bird Girl"!

Judie, it's so very nice to have you back here with us. Big hug. Hope your presentation for the police went very well.

Going to bed early tonight! Long, bad day at school. Back to clinical at the hospital tomorrow and Friday.

Love you all so much!

Lori said...

Lolly, prayers for Annie. I know how much you love her. She's so blessed to have you and Jack love her all these years.

Mema Jo said...

Hi Sandi & Paula - IK red an interesting article on the Snowy Owl on Delmarva. They should be here until late February, early March.
Snowy Owls spread their wings and head south for the winter irruption, but this time around is different.
"This is probably the biggest irruption that we could see in our lifetime."
I just hope you Delmarva gals have your cameras ready should one show up on your property. I love them!

Mema Jo said...

Sandi - prayers that your mom will be stabilized and that your call to your sister will give you the information of her condition. ((♥))

JudyE said...

SANDI sending healing thoughts to you and your family until you hear from your sister (((((((HUGS)))))))

Mema Jo said...

I had a very wonderful time shopping and lunching with Jenny for about 4-5 hrs. Then I came home and took a nap.

The forecast for later tonight is for snow. After the beautiful weather of today I don't think I want to go back to snow.

Mema Jo said...

Lolly, ever since Mr Marvin passed on our Mr Scar won't leave our sides
He isn't a lap cat - but I sure wish he were. Just wants to sit or lay right up against you and be petted and scratched behind his ears.
Prayers for Annie to have some more time with you and Jack. ♥

JudyE said...

JANET I hope you have as good luck with Sylvan as June and Terry did with Joy she went there and advanced 2 grades the first time she was there Don't remember if I had mentioned that before but she went there right after June and Terry got custody of her

Mema Jo said...

Delphia, thanks for the bird policing
and protection! It is good what you are doing and maybe the owners are getting the message. Would love to know where the little budgies went..

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - great time to call Hunter's bluff
Please find that Mathematician with a degree and set up a Tutorial meeting!

Janet - wishing for the best results ever for Olivia - one on one has got to be the way to go ♥

JudyE said...

Just checking that you all don't have sound on the camera and didn't hear anything on the last eagle visit???? Because I didn't

oh no we have a freeze warning maybe for tomorrow night I think I will hibernate LOL

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said...

I sure hope Jerry's car problem didn't put a dent in his wallet ♥

Hubby's car is in repair - he got bumped in the rear bumper. He gets a rental and thank goodness because the battery in my 'hardly ever' driven car is dead.......

paula eagleholic said...

Sandinista..hope you get some good news from your sister.

I had the cam up this evening at work..but I was too late for the visit.

Jo I wanted to check out the owls last weekend when I was in Rehoboth but couldn't because of gimpy . Hopefully next time if they are still around .

Would love some of those pecans Lollipops grab some for me next time LOL

JudyE said...

JO so sorry for the bumper accident What is it two people on the blog with little accidents this week

paula eagleholic said...

Sorry I meant Sandi

JudyE said...

Hows is the leg on SM PAULA

Mema Jo said...

Lori - I hope that tomorrow and Friday with the hands on clinical
gives you a break from all this
book work. The end is nearing - rest up when you can and then Git R Done All of us are happy to be on this learning/changing careers adventure which is going to really pay off for you! ♥

JudyE said...

Is anyone gonna watch AI tonight and tomorrow night?

I can't wait to hear about the report with the lifelike doll

Mema Jo said...

Going over to FB and play catch up
Need to check on Wanda and her family and some others..

BBL Not sure what I have on TV this evening..........

JudyE said...

ya gotta check this out was on Eagleholics FB page eagle locking talons and spinning so cool here is what was said above the viewo by them
Eagle Fact for Wednesday, January 15, 2014
The Courtship Ritual: Majestic Eagles book by Stan Tekiela

Eagle courtship is a spectacular sight! Each year a pair courts anew, even when the birds have stayed together for many years. In late winter and early spring, a mated pair will fly together high into the sky. There they will chase each other in what is called a pursuit flight, diving and pursuing one another in seemingly playful behavior. During an aerial chase, the eagles approach one another, legs extended outward with toes spread, and one birds will suddenly flip upside down to grab the other's feet. When their feet interlock, the pair starts to tumble or spin downward toward the ground.

The following video from Dansflix gives a nice example!

Eagle Dance

paula eagleholic said...

Larry's leg doing ok not much better..but no worse .

Thanks for the Michael update Jo.
are they thinking of replacing the skull section at all? Or will they give it more time to heal.

Judie said...

Hi everyone.

Sandi, sending best wishes for your mom.

Glad Mr. Mema Jo got a rental. Don't want Jo getting cabin fever. Jo has so much fun with Jenny I might just have to make a drive to the valley.

Hi Jerry. I'm with Jo. No dents in the wallet.

Shirley, so taxes are paid, other bills are paid, now find a tutor with a degree (or at least a tutor willing to pretend to have one).

Lori, we're with you. I would think clinicals would be more interesting than books.

Meeting tonight was okay. Had to discuss some problems with the last cohort of cops. I need to make some changes but there are some issues I cannot control.

Have a headache. Headed across the hall before I have to do therapy for sandperson. Still peeking out of the closet in fear of Jufie.


Judie said...

Another Margy.

Hi Paula. Have you mentioned Larry getting an Xray - might be a slight fracture.

Okay, bye

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

link didn't work will try again
Deb S video of this even visit and at 306 you can hear a faint chirp I didnot hear it this evening DID anyone else here it

JudyE said...

I listened to DEB video and at 306 you can faintly hear a eagle chirp - I did not hear it but didn't have my sound all the way up. The time was 458 and I didn't see any entries on the blog of it SHARON and SANDI did you hear it it was after she was in the egg bowl and got up here is Deb S

paula eagleholic said...

Yup Judy..sure did. Read to him the hours of the local walk in clinic and told him they had onsite xray !

JudyE said...

my delete the first link didn't take then I realized I forgot to add what I wanted to say with the link I should be JUDYDUH just like Lynneduh

LynneDUH! said...

Sandi, prayers for you mom. Hope you can check in and update us soon.

LynneDUH! said...

Paula, here's the plan. We may need to enlist the help of the evil Jufie.

Slap Studmuffins into a wheelchair, strap him in, take him to the clinic and drop him off and then go find the Snowy. You can pick him up on your way back.

Mema Jo said...

LynneDUH - I am about to ask Steve to get you a wheelchair, strap you in and take you to the doctor to get your back, legs and knees back in good working order. Love you so and hate to see you suffering so much.

paula eagleholic said...

ROFLMAO..great plan Lynne

JudyE said...

JO get her DITTO Lynneduh

paula eagleholic said...

An even better plan Jo

JudyE said...

LYNNEDUH you have a pinched nerve somewhere is what is giving you the needle and pins symptom and that can be fixed GET THY BUTT to the DR Please or JO get ya LOL also Larry needs to go also STUBBORN

JudyE said...

are those snowflakes?? only a few so far

Sandi said...

Hi all - home from the grocery store. Talked to my sister. Mom has a "pleurel effusion" and is currently "on the verge of congestive heart failure." Not sure how you can be on the verge of CHF but that's what Lisa said. Doctor is treating her for now with lasix to try to get rid of the fluid and wants to see her next Tuesday. If the fluid isn't gone/almost gone by then, she may be admitted to the hospital. He may also order other tests. Thanks everyone for the prayers - keep 'em coming!

Lynne, how is the back today?

Judy, this afternoon when Belle was sitting in the nest bowl, I saw the cam shake and then Belle opened her beak but I heard nothing. However, my laptop speakers are very puny and were turned down to about 15%

Paula, sorry to hear that Larry's leg isn't better. Unless it gets worse, he may just keep being stubborn.

Lolly, glad you got the paperwork for the Hawkwood Express today. Also glad to hear that Jacob is feeling better.

Janet, how does Olivia like Sylvan so far?

Shirley, tell Hunter he can email/call me with math questions anytime - I can do 8th grade math so 6th should be a piece of cake!! Math IS pretty scary for parents and grandparents nowadays though, b/c the math the kids are doing in middle school is what we did in high school!

OK, I am beat - need to head for the tub and then the bed.

Goodnight all!

Hoda said...

SANDI thank you for report on your mother. Keeping her in prayer.


OK you all have to sit down for this one.
Remember no falling rule.

In Edmonton Alberta Canada a young chap was boarding a flight back east for a holiday.
The airport guard found a pipe bomb.
Asked him a few questions.
Offered to give it back.
The chap refused it.
He boarded the plane and went on his holiday.
Four days later airport authority reported it to the RCMP.
They were not amused!!! Actually they got slightly upset!!! This is unusual as they are generally very collected.
Anyway, the young chap was allowed to fly back where he was met by the RCMP.
They promptly arrested him,
The judge gave him a 100 dollar fine
Also a year probation.
Well that has some Canadians shaking their heads'
While we don't want the tense reaction as happens in other countries, some think maybe more could have possibly happened!
O Canada!!'

Mema Jo said...

Snow flurries is in the forecast - Nothing is here yet and I think that is what we are seeing on the cam.
Shirley is busy playing bridge but I think parts of VA are getting some flurries.

Prayers Sandi for your mom and you and all your family ♥

Mema Jo said...

Hoda - that doesn't sound like a good procedure...

magpie said...

Happy Birthday soon for Delphia's Mother..Golly Neds, I am the same age NOW as Birdie's Mother is about to be :)

Sandi: Prayers for Positive Outcomes for your Mother...CHF - we take a lot of EMS calls for that...it is treatable...but a challenge for the patient....
reminder her...call 911 first! if she has a problem...Medics can treat it pronto "in the field" as we say....
Good Evening, Eagle Pals !!

magpie said...

I decided: To He** with my To-Do List at a certain point today, went to Swinging
Bridge and enjoyed watching a busy
Belted Kingfisher, saw a
Great Blue Heron flying Downstream....
and got some good "reflection"

xo I miss you, all

magpie said...

Oh Bummerini for Jerry !!

I think my bag o'bones Blazer is about to croak any minute, spent a bunch of credit card money on it just before
Christmas...it's just a matter of time ! :(

Come on Powerball!! It's MY turn

magpie said...

One time this week, Paula...
Your message to
Sandi was to "Sandigram" :)

Sure hope Larry continues to be
or better than that...

Regarding Snowy Owls...I sure hope above all, that Megan gets to see one...in memory and honor of her dear Snowy

magpie said...

My parents were avid Bridge Players...the game of choice when I was in college was Pinochle...
I didn't learn in then, but afterwards I did, and I loved it...
there are some similarities...

magpie said...

That Great Blue Heron I saw earlier today was flying straight towards where I was....I had NO IDEA what is was, had never seen one at that angle.....whitish yellow wing tips...
what a beauty it was!
Nope, no pictures !!!

JudyE said...

MARGY how old is the old gal??
and when do we stop fixing before we buy new?
I got work done one my truck also and put on the card
It is a 2004 Ford Edge Ranger truck and just now starting to need work wonder if I should let the last work be the last. I guess will see how long she last. Don't want another payment want to retire. with payment that would be possible I do have 401K but that is just for living expenses in my book

JudyE said...

thanks for the response SANDI on the eagle sounds waiting for SHARON if she heard
I also a puny speakers on my laptop want to buy earbuds I think

JudyE said...

that would NOT be possible instead on would be possible just looked up and saw the oops
don't think I can get in to AI this year will continue to watch just to see

magpie said...

Wonderful, about Miracle Michael...his progress, and his Haiti Plans.

Prayers for
Wellness Continue for all our "old" Needs and our most recent New Needs....

Rambling on and on time is done here.....

Good Night, Precious Pals...

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

magpie said...

2001 JudyE...
and I don't even want to talk about it !!
I probably won't get to retire for another four years... (when I will be, gasp 66!) but this year is the year to start thinking about if I have time to finance a "new to me"
Okay, G'Night xoxoxo

magpie said...

OH, yes, why not!

Judie: I miss the kitty avatar,
but your Monarch avatar is might fine!

okay, 'Bye !!!

magpie said...

Too darn cloudy for Full Moon views tonight, it "Goes Full" at 11:52 EST...

I really wanted to see where Jupiter sat in relation to the
Full Moon tonight

JudyE said...

That is my plan retire at 66 being I am 64 and owe less that 6,000 on my home
so retiring it was to be plan

but seriously wonder about my vehicle
I keep the maintenance up on it and have been complimented for it by the dealership What to do retire with it will just have to wait and see one day at a time

JudyE said...

gonna go look to see what the moon looks like here

JudyE said...

that didn't work Its raining so its cloudy :-(

magpie said...

Y'all keep your eyes on
an upcoming SPLIT
in fewer than 7 posts....

Mema Jo said...

Snowing now here in my valley...

Heading into the pillows shortly
Praying for healing for all in need ♥

Goodnight - Don't lose HOPE
You never know what tomorrow will bring ♥

paula eagleholic said...

Good for you Margy ..sometimes we just have to pitch the list and do something for ourselves.

Larry did go to store today and did some piddly chores ...says he is tired and leg is tired..but ok. Said he was tired of laying around in sweats..

I did work on my chore list tonight..will get some me and family time over the weekend ...
My car is 8 1/2 years old...gonna drive it till it dies...but its been great...except that wheel falling off...lol

paula eagleholic said...

Sandi ..good advice from Margy on calling 911..will keep your Mom in my prayers

JudyE said...

this was on facebook and I was witness to it today watching the eaglet pull on the others wing

"""SWFL: SS has been turned off!: Sibling Rivalry ~ January 15, 2014 at 1:55pm

"It’s been a tough few days at the nest as many have observed the aggressive actions of sibling rivalry. Survival of the fittest isn't a catch phrase in the Bald Eagle world, but necessary to continue their species. Sibling rivalry varies between nests -depending quite a bit on the amount of food provided. Even when food is abundant, it is not uncommon to see some sibling competition – lessons learned which will help them cope when they are on their own. In general, the first 20 days is when aggression is seen, but can be longer. As they get older, sibling rivalry lessens. There are no “bullies”, just eaglets trying to survive.

Parental interference between sibling aggression is uncommon although adults have been observed ending the aggression by merely stepping between the eaglets; by adopting a posture that suggests a feeding, but not presenting any real food; or begin brooding. Adults have even been seen to take hold of aneaglet’s beak to end the aggression.

Eagles live day to day with harsh realities that are completely normal to them. It brings new appreciation to nature when you see how these magnificent eagles survive in the wild.

We are observers & spectators; given the rare and unique opportunity to witness these eagles survive in the wild.

If you have any specific questions to the camera or events that have occurred, please use our moderated chat function on the viewing page. Our dedicated team of expert volunteers is available to help answer and educate viewers on the actions & developments occurring in the nest." The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam
Like · · 7 hours ago""""

Judie said...

Word is that Jufie is still restrained at the never-to-be-seen again high-security secret hiding place.

Therapy with Sandperson seems to have helped. He is busy packing his satchel and a small jar of sleepy dust with Hoda's name on it. Will be departing soon.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

JudyE said...

I think there is a cat or kitten in my attic I have been hearing a meow every now and then I have looked out in the rain on porch but don't hear anything till I come in the house and I heard rustling up there How did it get up there and hope it can get out before tomorrow otherwise I guess I have a job tomorrow

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