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New thread.  0 degrees.


Janet said…
Thank you steve for the new thread! I'll gather everyone else!
Lori said…
Thanks Steve for the new thread, and
thank you JANET for the call over!

What a great birthday present. A day late, but we'll take it.

magpie said…
Good Zero Degree Morning,Steve,
and thank you so much for this brand spanking new thread!

Hope all is warm and well with you...

Janet, Congratulations for discovering this, and
Thanks for the Alert !

Lori said…
Bringing this over:

Forgot to say NO school today. They cancelled late last night!

I'm home working on some homework from yesterday when I had my first two isolation patients.

DANA, Prayers for your family as you're going through a difficult time with Aric and schooling. Sorry you have to endure this, again.

Sandi, thanks for the reminder about Glo's comment last year. Makes sense.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you all! Big warming (((HUGS))).
Lori said…
Margy, bless you and all the 911 and other first responders dealing with tragedy in this weather. ♥
Sandi said…
Thanks for the new thread, Steve - stay warm!!

Thanks Janet, for the call over!
Janet said…
Morning to all.
Still cold. About 4 out there. A little warmer today, 10 to 15 if I remember correctly. No wind, so that makes it better, but still darned COLD!
I am off again today, but have sylvan @ 11. Need to stop by the dentist office and make an appointment to have 4 of Olivia’s teeth extracted. Baby teeth that won’t come out and the others are growing in over and around.

I need to grocery shop and clean the house, get ready for work, really Thursday. I will have my normal Wed massage tomorrow. They have been in Florida for 3 weeks or so. And back to ice skating tomorrow….in other words, NOW the holidays have ended for me, lol.

Birds are out in force eating today. I need to find some more raw peanuts. We have a very handsome crow out there. He/she is quite large and struts nicely.

Well will get on with my day and check in later. Must feed the furbabies. Light, love, hugs and smiles!
Sandi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said…
STEVE, thank you so very much for a nice new thread !!! And, thanks to JANET for the call over--congrats on the feather !

I'm not going to bring all my blab over from the last thread---I got lost in thought and writing while JANET was discovering our new sweet spot ! Anyone interested can go back to the old to see what we morning chatters had to say.

Kay said…
SHIRLEY, I sent you an e-mail yesterday re:housing in New Albany. Did you get it ? I ask because I have 3 Shirley's among my contacts and one of the other two may be wondering about my mentality !
Mema Jo said…
Good Coldest of cold mornings to all ♥
Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread - I was reading the old thread when Janet gave the alert! ♥

Janet how is your tat feeling these days?

I also worry about the critters who live outside in all kinds of weather - but the cold worries me the most. Well this morning when I looked out on the deck there were already half of my herd of squirrels waiting on their breakfast. I was so happy!
Lori - I do pray for the ones who don't seem to let us help them. I know God is looking over them all ♥
Mema Jo said…
Sandi - glad you are looking at Brian's leaving that it means he will be home again soon - hope that his R&R means he will be here for the birth of his daughter.

Dana - I will pray for a fair resolution to your situation with Aric whatever it is. Our children are not always going to want to do what we parents feel is best for their future. Hopefully there is a compromise.
magpie said…
Good Morning More
Eagle Pals....
I repeated the new thread alert...
trying to get Dana over here too

Sandi said…
Kay, we trained Bella to pee on pee pads when she was young, only b/c she did not seem to understand that pee and poop belong outside, not inside (I think it's b.c she spent the first year of her life in a kennel with other dogs where she did her business where she ate and slept). We figured that, if she was going to go indoors, we might as well designate a place where that was OK. We also gate her in the sunroom (except at night when she sleeps in our room) so she doesn't have access to the whole house - it's a big room and it's where I have my desk so, when I'm home, it's where I spend the most time. Anyway, it has worked for her and with weather like this, I'm glad that I don't have to take her outside at all if I don't want to.

Dana, what you're describing about Aric's college sounds very unfair. I recall that you have mentioned him wanting to get out of the engineering program. I hope you can persuade them to change their mind and just put him on probation. I also agree that, if he was playing a sport for the college, there may be a different set of rules - unfair but true!

OK, I am going to work on an IEP - need to do something productive for a while! Later!
Mema Jo said…
Thanks Margy - I went over to the old thread and got Dana's info. That is just so wrong!

JudyE said…
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
Good Morning eagle buds I hope each and everyone has a productive day

I can join you all in the land of cold last night was in 30s and the hi today will we 43 brrr don't like it but just wait a day of so and will be back in the 80s
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
DanaMo said…
Thanks for the support. I really do feel that it is wrong. I just home Monte is able to make some headway with the school today. I have left it up to him for now, as I am far too emotional.

Writing lesson plans, making buttons for Catholic Schools week, and playing with the neighbor girl that was in my class last year. All good distractions as it may be awhile before we hear anything.
DanaMo said…
Got right on the cam without the advertisement.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning everyone.

I am learning a lot during this Alaskan winter we are having. My source of heat is not sufficient. Now if I could find a couple thousand bucks somewhere to buy me a furnace. :)

Mattie and Thelma ran an extension cord connected to a heating from the basement to a building I have where there is a dog house for the stray cat to be in. Somewhere in that process, the heater I had in the basement got unplugged. I left the water running last night but the hot water is frozen. I now have the kerosene heater going in the basement. My feet are freezing, my fingers are freezing. I am in the room where the wood pellet stove is and have an electric heater going. UGH!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent.

Judie said…
Good late morning.

Thank you Steve and congratulations Janet.

Sunshiny and very, very cold. No frozen critters to be seen. However, Audrey and Grace did leave a mouse near the inside garage door. Such a thoughtful gift. Ugh!

Planning to iron a couple of Darth's dress shirts and have turned on the oven to clean.

Dana, will try to touch base with you later.

Poor Hunter. Shirley, if the bowling ally actually kills him, I will send flowers.

Off to do my chores. Everyone please stay in. If you have to go out, bundle up and bundle up again.


Lolly said…
Goodorming! We are up to 35!!!!! Yea! 14 yesterday and 19 this morning. I am so ready for it to warm up. Then tomorrow chances of rain....bring it on!

Dana, so very sorry about Aric. I just does not seem right. The school has not been fair! Michael, too, had a problem at school. But, he learned he had to study. Lost a grant for one semester but earned it back. He graduated 4th in his hs class without studying. He learned the hard way how to study at Trinity U. Laurel, on the other hand, learned how to study in hs. She worked hard as it did not come as easy for her. Then in at SFA she excelled!

Michael was not sure where he was headed but decided while in college which was to Laurel knew what she wanted, teaching. I too wanted to teach but made the wrong decision. I thought I wanted home ec, did not recognize the signs that it was the wrong way to go. Never did teach home ec, but went back to college to add my kindergarten endorsement. It is tough trying to find what you want.
Lolly said…
Today I start taking down Christmas in the house. Time, right? LOL And, I do say start as it will take a couple of days. The whole house has decorations all over in every room! Yes, bathrooms, too!
DanaMo said…
Aric was on the Deans list before he started into the heavy engineering classes. He had a 3.1 going into the semester, not great because he was already taking engineering classes last spring, but certainly not bad.
Whether or not he could have actually done the work is questionable. He claims that it was just too hard. He says he was doing everything, and not able to convert it to good grades on the tests. He is NOT a partier, not even a social person so I don't believe it was not trying. I do believe that once he decided it was too hard, and once he decided he didn't want engineering, he shut down. Unfortunately, he is also not the kind to go and ask for help. I would go down and find him crying in his room when he was stuck on a problem in HS. He is a good student, but I do believe he quit in his mind he decided he couldn't do it. Still don't think he is being treated fair. He is guilty of poor grades, no excusing that for sure.
magpie said…
He's a fine young man transitioning into some difficult adult things, Dana....
You know our HP (Higher Power) will take this one on....
whatever the outcome might be,
it could well turn into something
very good and much better for Aric...just the waiting and the angst of it all is so very tough on all of you...
and we are surrounding you both, and Monte...with prayers and positive thoughts...

On a side note: I always loved making buttons! We made some for our 9-1-1 Open House events..."back in the day"
magpie said…
Seeing some interesting and very warm outfits on those Weather Channel folks !

magpie said…
Safe Traveling Prayers for Brian,

(( Hugs )) aplenty for you and Denny until he gets back on American Soil
magpie said…
when Judie said she is cleaning the oven...I thought...could you turn on your oven and cozy up to it for awhile?

Even our Al-Anon meeting is called off for tonight, so one of the gals and I are going to have some chow at a Waffle House in a little while.
Breakfast in the p.m. coming up!
magpie said…
apropros message from the Weather Channel:

Every stratocumulus [cloud] has a silver lining :)
DanaMo said…
Thanks Margy. Made me cry. It is very difficult. And I know you are right, God's plan isn't always ours. Poosha

Well I think I'm going to step out to the store for my mom.
And the dogs are staring me down, must be time for lunch! LOL! They are very effective communicators!
Hoda said…
Good morning
Thank STEVE for new thread
Thanks JANET MSRGY for call over.

Bon Voyage BRIAN. Prayers for your safety overseas and your safe return to the USA to greet your daughter.
Best to LYNNIS.

I am worried about the cold back east!
Layering is another way to warm up.
Make sure you do not stay still for more than 45 minutes!
Move for 15 minutes every hour.
No tight clothes.

Key for me is that Aric asked about withdrawing from two of his four classes and was told no. School IS responsible there and dismissal must be appealed.
Glad JUDIE will PM you DANA.
Good luck.

magpie said…
Breakfast time coming up

Dana: You know we are here for you.......
as we are...for all of our friends..
and we sure won't diminish your
honest right to be $%@#-ed off!

We feel kind of like Canadians hereabouts...thanks for all the Warm Tips !!

xoxo ttfn xoxo
Judie said…
Margy, you and all the momsters are most welcome to cozy up to my oven. Two hours remaining. Even Darth might join in.

Think I'll look through the paper. Ironing done.

Kay said…
DANA, others have expressed our Momster feelings well. I have my fingers crossed for Monte and his efforts and my candle lit for Aric and you ! I'm glad JUDIE plans to be in touch as she's so wise about such things,

SANDI, I doubt 7 year old Penny would catch on to pee pads or is there some scent that attracts a dog to them ? Thinking of Brian, Lynnis, you and Dubby with prayers as take off time draws near.

HMMMMM, MARGY, breakfast at night, I love it. Think I'll have fried eggs and toast for my dinner, now that you mention it ! Tee-Hee ! I had the same thought when JUDIE mentioned the oven and cleaning. I like to take care of that task on a very cold winter day, too, as it heats this small condo up in a hurry.

HODA, good hints on keeping warm !

SHAR, sorry you're having winter heating woes. Hope all those measures you're taking work out for you !

Hoda said…
Phoning City Police
Phoning Nelson Hydro
Leaving messages and talking to nice people.
Kootenay Spirit Festival arrangements.
We have to have some Community Police Officers on board. I do not think it will be a problem.

Overcast here.
Sitting 25 degrees
Newfoundland however is another story also Quebec and Ontario. Newfoundland has been with no electricity for over a week!!!
People organize to check on the elderly and the sick.
People with wood stoves are sharing!
The Spirit of the Island is strong.
Hoda said…
Without not with no!!!
magpie said…
I'm stuffed.
So then I took a nice walk.
Now I see an empty nest,
BUT Blackwater does have an eagle
in it

make that Two!
magpie said…
That's lovely, what you said
about the Spirit of the Island, Hoda

magpie said…
It's about 8 or 9 degrees here now.

Warming trend :)
probably about the same at The Nest
Mema Jo said…
This evening I will watch my Terrific Tuesday TV
No more NCIS:LA but a new show - Guess I'll give it a chance after NCIS and before PERSON OF INTEREST.

We had warmed up Chili this evening.
It is always better with that warm up pot

See you later this evening... ♥
magpie said…
Time for me to disappear also...
shower and shampoo straight ahead...

Best Wishes for a Terrific Tuesday evening, Eagle Pals

DanaMo said…
Is NCIS LA gone or just another night? I like that one better than NCIS!
DanaMo said…
Yes, I saw that, but haven't heard from Judie. I appreciate the input.

Monte did call, but no one returned his call.
DanaMo said…
Also...I know you guys are good about this kind of stuff...I don't have any of this on FB and want to keep it that way.
Sandi said…
Dana, don't be surprised if the college says they can't discuss this issue with you for fear of violating confidentiality laws regarding your adult son. I always loved that my signature was on the checks they cashed each semester but they couldn't share any information with me about my son - geez!! Good luck!
Lolly said…
Got a lot of Christmas put away. There is some still in the dining room, a little in the den, and THE TREE!

However, through for the day. We are going to movies tonight. Gong to see Catching Fire. Still have The Hobbit to see, too. Maybe we will see it next week.

Finally got through to Target today and changed my pin for the Target Red Card. Jack has been checking on line every day to make sure there were no fraudulent charges.
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Rocket launch tomorrow

Appreciating the fireplace again tonight.
Evening all! woke up this morning with all my pipes frozen. Couldn't do anything but brush my teeth(i have a couple of gallon jugs under the sink)..fix my hair as best I could..get dressed and go to work. Talked to Larry and he suggested putting a couple of heaters under the house. I have done that this evening..but nothing unfrozen yet. Heat pump having a hard time ...put on emergency heat setting ..kept the house at 62 today at least. Seems to be better this evening .

Oh good news..Larry settles on his house on Thursday ...YAY.

Dana...definitely think an appeal of some sort would be allowed. Monte needs to keep calling and find someone who will listen. Sorry you are going thru this again .
Shirley ..hoping to see it if I can remember ...tend to get caught up in work and forget.

I thought I wanted to be a nurse...but couldn't even find a part time Job in the discouraged...then started full time at Routzahn's and found out I liked working with numbers. It took me 14 years going to school part time to get my BS . I did take 8 years off after Michael was born. Finally got my degree in 2003 from Mt St Mary's.
After looking under the house this evening..I have some bare I guess I will be tackling that job this weekend. Don't want to go thru this again.
Judie said…
Dana, called and left a phone message this afternoon with my phone number so you could call at your convenience. It was answered by a message from your hubby. I may have a couple of suggestions on how to deal with the situation. Sandi is correct. Without a signed waiver from the student, we are prohibited by law from discussing the student's information with parents.

Paula, happy for Mr. Stufmuffin but so sorry about the frozen pipes. Hope the heaters help. Snuggle up with Nick and you both should be toasty warm.

Headed to read a few pages. BBL
stronghunter said…
Well, the bowling alley did not kill Hunter. His mother had already offered to plan his funeral, but that he would be on Xbox restriction if he made trouble for grandma.

He actually walked out and got in the car with no jacket on, for heaven's sake. Eleven degrees at the time. I took a jacket out and tossed it in the back seat, and he turned around and got it and put it on. This child has so much to learn.

But if there had been car trouble or something, I would have been giving him my coat. I had on a wool coat and longjohns, but couldn't find my gloves.
magpie said…
Bummerini for sure, Paula....
I lived in a trailer for several years...I was small enough to get underneath with a hairdryer and worked out morse code signals (and yelling) with my guy pal...pipes
AND drains froze...we did put heat tape but it was always a challenge...
I wish you the best on the fix...
and YAY for sure, about Larry's house settlement for Thursday !!


It's 4 degrees here, schools around here are on delay, but many thru the state are closed, including "down Sharon's Way"
magpie said…
(( Hugs ))...
and you sure don't need to worry about ME putting anything on
Facebook...LOL -
Hope you get some restful sleep tonight...
magpie said…
also Paula, sometimes aiming a light bulb or two with those metal flanges or whatever they are called, used to help when I lived in the old old house in Hedgesville
magpie said…
4 o'clock comes early....6 o'clock worktime comes early too !!

Better skeedaddle under the covers
Shirley thanks for the rocket launch info...not sure if I can see this but I will try !

Prayer for Wellness...and all our other dear concerns

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo
stronghunter said…
Will check my e-mail when I go upstairs and find the password, Kay. I really need to put in a password I can remember.
magpie said…
Shirley,this is all too funny...but not the part about no gloves !! I might have to send you some of my many extras....

I missed a few comments while I was posting....sorry about that...

Okay, well, so long.....
Love you, my friends...
Mema Jo said…
I need to say goodnight now
I am watching TV and I am all wrapped up in my fleece blanket
It is so comfy and I might just fall asleep.

Paula - hope you will be warm enough tonight - Perhaps you could clean up over at your job site...

Everyone stay warm and keep your pipes warm!
Love you all ♥

Dana - sure hope this misery soon ends for you with excellent results for all.

Night ♥
stronghunter said…
Oh, I am okay, Margy. I had taken two pairs up to my room. I found them this afternoon.
stronghunter said…
I am hoping my bowling team remains in first place, but we lost two of three games today. We shall see. We have been surprised about how long we've been the first-place team. We have three good bowlers and me. I am the handicap person. I did reasonably well overall, and because of my handicap, I was able to contribute to our scores.
Judie said…
It is time for the sandperson to begin rounds although there is some serious grumbling about being expected to survive the cold. Something about abuse and minimum wage and the EEO. Sigh! Sleepy dust is on the way.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
Good news...pipes are starting to cold water and can flush now,LOL
JudyE said…
PAULA so glad you are un-thawing
JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Margy,these portable little heaters are so much easier than a blow dryer. Just put a worklite bulb on one section too. I do have heat tape..on some of the pipes..but I don't think it's's very old. Will replace that too.
Shirley...sometimes having that handicap is not such a bad thing! i had the handicap when i bowled .
Jo plenty warm enough in here to sleep ok. Having Nick on the bed helps too. :-)
stronghunter said…
Oh, it is so nice to have the sandperson making rounds again!

Frozen pipes--we have issues with the pipes in the laundry room. It took me awhile to figure out that the cold air is coming in through the dryer vents.

We keep a heater in there that we have to remember to turn on when it is really cold. If the pipes do freeze, we also run the dryer to help with the thawing.
stronghunter said…
On the issue of colleges not allowing employees to discuss student information with parents, I had to deal with teaching college courses to high school students when I taught dual enrollment. The college said I could not discuss the student's work with parents. The high school said that I had to discuss the student's work with parents. Some day, they system will have to figure that one out.
stronghunter said…
Time for me to say good night. Sleep well, everyone. SED.
Hoda said…
Good night all

SAFE TRAVELS BRIAN. Holding space for you and your family SANDI

God Bless Us All.
Janet said…
Good evening to all.
Late evening. Busy day. Our two quiet days have not been so quiet.
Yesterday was at chelsea’s from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. working on water in bathroom.
Today, ran errands, then got home to clean house and tidy up….started laundry and a bobby pin got into the washer pump and punched a hole in it…major water leak. Bah humbug and a pain to boot.  oh well, such is life, eh?

DANA: we got your back. We are your friends. Hoping for a fair outcome.
HODA: great tips. Hopefully everyone’s weather will moderate soon. Our high today was 19 hitting the 40’s tomorrow I believe.

But, another day of no school tomorrow because of cold weather. 130+ school busses would not start, plus they cannot keep the main school buildings warm, having heater issues and the portables, which are like little trailers are impossible to keep warm in these conditions….

Heading to dent the pillows here shortly. hope everyone has a good night sleep…sleep warmly and snugly. SED all.
Lolly said…
Home from the movie. It was great but you really need to read the Hunger Games books to really follow along...and we have.

Tomorrow I finish with the decorations I can start relaxing when it is done.

Paula, so glad you can flush now! Yikes! Bathing is important, too!

39 right now, so our cold spell is letting up. Yea! Wish I had gone out and looked at the ponds and stream when it was really cold but it was too cold to go out. lol

Night all! SED!!
Lori said…
Good freezing morning! It's Wednesday. We have a 1 hr & 15 min. delay, meaning we start school at 9.

PAULA, so glad your frozen pipes situation is starting to remedy itself. What a pain.

SANDI, thought of safety for Brian, again. He'll be home before you know it. Did he get the other job he checked out on his way home this last time?

JANET, how did Livvy do at Sylvan or has she started sessions yet?

My bedroom was freezing last night, so Dad and I were up until 11:30 fixing that mess with the pipes and the hot water that goes through them. Haven't even checked it back there this morning to see if it's working. Maybe not, feels cold in here this morning. Hands are freezing.

It was actually supposed to warm up a few degrees over night last night.

KAY, how are you holding up in this weather?

JO, is NCIS-LA cancelled or moved?

DANA, hoping Monty gets some resolution for Aric today.

SHIRLEY, congrats on your 1st place in bowling status - awesome!

Have a good day all - love you all!

magpie said…
It's the Morning, It's the Day...
Already, Really???

Good Morning Eagle Pals....

Best Wishes for a Good, Better, Best Day....

Lori, sure hope you get the heat back to your bedroom...hope your
study room is warm and toasty!

all WV counties are on 2-hour delay or, closed....

Safe Travel Wishes and Prayers for
Brian, Sandi....
and (( HUGS )) for all the family

See you have gloves, Shirley...
and See you have SOME water, Paula...
Oh Joy !!

Today is National Argyll Day....
I have my Argyll socks all ready to go!

time to shuffle along...

DanaMo said…
Good morning
Sorry I missed that message Judie.
So far they have been talking with us via email. So that hasn't been an issue. We will see if we encounter that today.Aric wouldn't have an issue with sending a waiver if it turns out to be necessary. I've got a letter drafted if we don't get an resolution today. Mine I figured would be last know, the emotional mom letter! I have a harder time keeping it "business".
What is a good time to call you back?
So it's still cold, but we have school as far as I know. Jusst got up and poured the coffee so not all the way awake!
Thanks for the support.
I'm glad to be back in school, gives me a distraction. I really didn't want to be closed yesterday. I guess I already said that though!
I hope everyone with frozen pipes get some relief today. Not sure what the temperature is supposed to be.
Lori-as a student I guess you were thrilled that classes were canceled.
Jumping over to Facebook.
I'll be back before I leave for school.

Sandi said…
Goodorming Lori, Margy, Dana and all my eagle friends!

No school delays in Sussex Co - 13 degrees, feels like 8. Lucky for us, no frozen pipes and the HVAC guys got here quickly to fix the heat pump - no charge b/c we have a service contract.

Thanks for the well-wishes for Brian.

Dana, hope you get some answers from the college today.

Paula, hope you get your water back without any burst pipes.

Shirley, hope Hunter wears a coat and long pants to school today.

Have a great day - stay warm.
DanaMo said…
Guess we will have indoor recess again today! I was sure glad we did on Monday. I do not like outdoor recess in the winter. Monday is my recess duty day, so I don't have to worry the rest of the week.

Guess I better get moving...Bye for now.
DanaMo said…
Starting the car so it is bearable!
Janet said…
good mid week morning
LORI: Livvy starts sylvan on the 15th. So we shall see. Thanks for the inquiry.
19 right now at my house. I have to get moving in a bit and go give a massage. Its been a nice few days off and am easing into work today, lol. Work for a WHOLE hour!

Back to it, work and school tomorrow. Hopefully Tom can find the part for this washer.

I hope everyone has a lovely day. Will check in later! Light, love, hugs and smiles!
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Having my coffee and catching up on computer stuff.

I was upstairs when Hunter left to catch the bus. When I looked down to the bus stop, I saw him in his short sleeves and no jacket. Something is going on in his head. To me it is a message that he needs plenty of guidance from a male role model. I think he is trying to prove that he's "manly."
stronghunter said…
I don't see any eagles in the nest right now.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

LORI on the commercials last night they said that NCSILA would return next week
DanaMo said…
Newsflash! :) I don't have details, but Monte just texted me that "Aric is back in". That is all he said. Not sure what else happened. Don't even know if Aric knows. LOL! Thanks be to God! Man the boy is going to be on his last chance though, he better live up to all we said about him!!!!
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
I sure hope everyone's pipes stayed warm last night. Hoping some relief in these temps is on it way.

Lori - when I goggled NCIS:LA and could not find a new season listed I thought it was gone - However; last night they announced that next week at the same time as always on Tues it will return. Made me very happy ♥
Mema Jo said…
Haircut time for me tomorrow - Don't think I will go real short -
I need to keep my ears warm.

(((hugs Sandi and family))) for Brian's safe journey and then for a safe return on R&R. Would love to see Lynnis' donkey with the socks on his ears! Smart thinking.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Wow, we're up to 17° degrees and headed for 22° today. That sure seems warm compared to the last few days---it's all relative. Penny is happier and back on sked today !

Julie and Seth dropped by briefly, picking up library books for return and saving me a little driving trip. Snow showers or rain may hit this afternoon, but the temps are to continue rising as the week progresses. Yeah !

Sorry to hear about frozen pipes and freezing hands ! SHIRLEY, please send LORI the gloves Hunter doesn't need. She should be wearing some at night in bed ! ☺ Hunter is testing the waters--I've seen my teens and grand teens do that occasionally, way back when. I think teens try to see just what it takes to bring a mom or grandma running to the rescue---as in, "how much attention can I get and how much do these people really love me". Just a little dose of pop psychology here, so take it for what it's worth, which is nuttin' !!!!

DANA, aren't you glad you have a couple of FB holdouts in me n' MARGY ? We're all with you, Monte and Aric as this snafu gets worked out !!!

SANDI, Brian's safety is on my mind today and I'm beginning to envision his happy homecoming to his beloved Lynnis and their baby girl. Hope he'll be home for the blessed birth !

JUDYE, good morning and how is the staycation going ? Hope you're staying warm--I know the temps have been lower than you're used to !

JANET, wish I had a Tom around here, but will have to call Sear's instead. My washer is making a very weird noise on the spin cycle--not an unbalanced load sound, something else--grindy and screechy. I have a nice apt. sized stack unit and spent a few bucks on the dryer last year. These things are designed with 5 year obsolescent dates, I hear. I've had this one for six. Arrrgggghhh.

stronghunter said…
Such good news, Dana. I hope this is the turn-around Aric needs to succeed.
JudyE said…
GREAT NEWS DANAMO so happy to hear
Kay said…
Oh, DANA, I'm tickled pink to hear the good news ! I'm sure Aric will give it his best shot and then if a transition out of DU is the way to go, he'll have no regrets. This same scenario is being played out all over the country as students seek that perfect school and career path ! Good for Monte who showed DU that you are parents who care and your son is worthy of another chance---they need do a better job of listening and honor promises made to their students !
stronghunter said…
Yes, Kay, some waters-testing going on here. I found a hooded long-sleeved Underarmor shirt on his bed that he must have considered. It would have been good underneath a warm jacket.

His dad knows about some of this, and has told Hunter that he needs to wear a jacket. I guess we have to "weather" some of this mess.
stronghunter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hoda said…
See you HOME soon, 3months, we can all do this!

Congratulations DANAMO and MONTE.

Glad things were looking up Chez PAULA last night.

Hope the southern delegation are also staying warm.

Morning tea with a friend, yoga, city hall to submit paper work, sponsorship package work and evening tea with friend!

Stay well and warm every one!
Kay said…
HODA, spending time with friends and tea.....Priceless !!! Enjoy !!!
Mema Jo said…
Thankful I cam back to see Dana's Newsflash! Pray that all the details will be in Aric's favor ♥
DanaMo said…
I feel like I could cry. Apparently the assist. dean that we have been corresponding with took all the information into account and made the decision.
Kay said…
DANA, tears of joy are in order and entirely acceptable ! I'm so happy for you !
Kay said…
Thank God that asst. dean finally took all into consideration and made the decision in favor of Aric. Don't know why it had to come to such a frustrating point. No school, especially in these days of economic woes, should want to lose a student and the monies that student represents ! All because of some silliness over accepting the fact that a fine student wants to change majors ??? Again, happy news as crisis is averted, DANA !!!
Kay said…
DANA, so now that that is over with, how about giving us an update on Andrew's schooling, Adam's plans for after H.S. and Annemarie's activities. And what's up with Frisbee, Boomer and Java these days ? Still eating socks and money ? I'm sure the FB folks are well versed on the Hillmoe Family doings, but MARGY and I want in on the skinny !!!!
Lolly said…
Goodorming!!! Oh, boy did we sleep late today. It is up to 43 and misting. Glad we did not have the mist when it was so cold!!

Having a muscle spasm up near my shoulder blade. Have had ice on it and a great back massage by jubby. Have also taken Advil.

DANA.....yea!!! Glad someone at the school had some good sense!!! Best wishes for Aric this semester.

We are considering buying a cat water fountain for Annie. She is driving us crazy wanting to drink for the bathroom faucet. We have to lift her up. Anyone on here have an experience with one. Looked on the internet and see mixed reviews. Cats love them but apparently there are problems with them. Hmmm???
Lolly said…
Thinking about taking a muscle relaxer but really do not want to be zonked for the rest of the day. Want to work on the rest of the decorations.
stronghunter said…
Cat fountains--if what the cat likes is fresh, cold water, they will still prefer the faucet. Also, my experience is that they're a pain to keep clean.
DanaMo said…
Aw...thanks Kay! I would be happy to update you on the crazy things in the Hilmoe house!! Things have actually be up and down.
Boomerang at a knee sock and couldn't get it out. $2,500 later he was stitched up and ready to eat more socks! Monte said he has met his limit!!! He healed well and is back to his usual self. I am contemplating a soft muzzle, but just don't have the heart.
Frisbee and Java are doing well and are basically behaving.
Andrew just is still working on his AA degree in accounting at the Community College. He actually received an envelope yesterday stating that he made Dean's list, he looked at it and put it aside, with only saying hmmm cool.
Adam is also at HCC and taking classes. He too had a good semester with 3 A's and a B. He is studying Digital something or other! LOL!
Annemarie is a sophomore and doing well. She was in the fall play and is in the spring musical of Godspell. Just chorus, but that is where the fun is! She just started winter LAX in Frederick.
I want to move to FL and everyday bug Monte. In the meantime I am trying to get him to spend some money on redoing our master bath!
School is great this year, kids are awesome and for the most part well behaved.
There you have it! The exciting life of the HIlmoe's :)
Lolly said…
Transformer blew near and elementary school here. Caused problems with the AC/Heating unit at the school. Gave off burning smell, but not fire. Students had to be evacuated. They put them on buses so they did not have to stand in the rain. Friends who live near the school are without electricity, too.

They are back inside now. How much teaching do you think will be accomplished today? How about lessons on transformers!
Lolly said…
Shirley, thanks for your opinion on the cat fountain. More to be decided.
Lolly said…
Back to undecorating! Geeeesh!
Judie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judie said…
Sorry, my delete.

Safe travels for Brian.

Dana, so pleased that Aric's situation has been resolved.

Happy Paula is thawing out -- and her pipes, also.

Audrey and Grace are spending these cold days under the blankets on the bed. Cannot understand how they breath.

Relatively busy day today.

Will catch up and BBL
Judie said…
um, that should be breathe
Kay said…
DANA, thank you so much for giving me a birds-eye view into life at the Hillmoe house ! It all sounds good except for Boomerang's penchant for socks ! $2500 bucks, wow ! Tell Annemarie "hi" for me, I still glow when thinking of her sweetness when you and she visited me. She takes after her lovely mother !

JUDIE, I know whatcha' mean about those burrowing cats. Penny does the same thing. She has a light weight blanket on the couch. another on the daybed in the TV room, a throw on my bed and a full size velour throw in her bed. All so she can burrow in every room except the bath and kitchen. Like you, I don't know how she breathes. SANDI do your doxies burrow that way ?
Lolly said…
Break time!

Used to have a cat that liked to get under the covers. She also like to sleep in front of the fireplace, but not Annie!

Misty would come every night and go to bed with us. She sometimes liked to sleep right beside me under the covers, but usually was within my arms with head on my shoulder. Sort of cramps the sleeping but she was the sweetest cat ever and I loved holding her. Saw her born in this house, loved loved loved her. Love Annie, too, but Annie is not as loving to us
stronghunter said…
Snoopy was a borrowing dog. He loved to crawl all the way to the foot of the bed, whether there was a person in it or not. It wasn't unusual to make the bed and come back to find it all unmade with a dog in it. (Snoopy was our beagle/blue tick hound.)
Kay said…
Love to read your burrowing stories ! A friend of a friend has doxies who burrow in pillow cases she throws on things around the house. That has to be kinda cute !
JudyE said…
wild you cam see them on the white snow looked like 4 all together Moved out of the frame now
Kay said…
Phooey, I'm going to take your word for it, JUDYE. I missed em'.
Kay said…
Double phooey, the cam timed out and all I'm getting now is the blaster circular arrow.....
Judie said…
Ah, so glad there are others who can identify with a perfectly made-up bed that mysteriously becomes a rumpled nest.

JudyE gets an antler today. No deer when I checked. None in my yard today, either.

Contemplating options in the scullery. Thinking sauteed shrimp with spicy mango-coconut sauce and a Boston lettuce salad. Saw a fish taco recipe on The Chew today. Might give that a try sometime soon.

JudyE said…
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
Judie said…
Okay, my first glimpse of Belle and Shep for the season. Let the HP begin.
Lolly said…
We were doing our walk and I was trying to watch the cam, but again it would run 5 seconds and stop. I did see an eagle though!!

Think tomorrow I will reboot before trying to bring up the cam. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it does not! Grrrr!

Yes, Judie....let the HP begin!!
Lynne2 said…
HELLO FROM THE NEW APARTMENT!!! we haven't moved in yet, just moving stuff over here. Plan on being in on Sunday!

Will check in later!
Mema Jo said…
Excited for you and Steve ♥
Mema Jo said…
Great photos Judy - thanks for posting
JudyE said…
LYNNE2 I am so happy for you

and JO no problem with the pictures I enjoy capturing them did you see the deet picture I also put on and I put another picture to compare to no deer in that spot
Sandi said…
Hi all - had an appointment after today's faculty meeting to get my hair cut and colored. I got very bold and, instead of telling Courtney to just add highlights and lowlights, I said to add some brownish red in the mix. So that's what she did! Boy, what a difference - I LOVE the red! I feel like a whole new me!!

Dana, what wonderful news about Aric!! Thanks too for the update on the other 3 A's in the Hilmoe house and on the dogs. I had read on FB that Boomerang ate something again, but didn't realize he had to have surgery to remove it!

Sorry I missed our eagles this evening but thanks Judy for sharing the blow-by-blow!

Lynne, how exciting that you'll be in your new digs this coming weekend!! I hope this is the last time you have to pack and unpack for a very long while!!

Bandit is not a burrower by Bella sure is!! I'm always afraid she is going to suffocate under the covers! Brian's and Lynnis's doxies love to burrow as well.

Need to do some school work - didn't get that IEP drafted yesterday. I did finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird and then watched the movie on my laptop. Movie was good but as usual for me, not as good as the book. Loved that little tomboy Scout!

Goodnight all!
Evening all !

Dana..awesome news! Congrats to you Monte and Aric . Maybe now he will be a little more forthcoming if he has any more problems.

Deets !Cool! An 2 eagles..thanks for the play by play.

My ex MIL had 2 doxies that loved to dig under the covers and blankets of them liked to sleep on my legs!

Lynne ..didn't realize you were moving so soon..fantastic!

Judie ..dinner sounds great.

Woke up to the sweet sound of hot water trickling out of the fawcets. Hot shower felt really good this morning .

Sandi your new do sounds lovely .

Oh the river was partially frozen this morning morning morning..first I have seen that.

Will put one heater on under the house tonight.
stronghunter said…
Yay! Happy for you and Steve, Lynne!

You will not miss the upstairs crew.

Hope the heater under the house works for you, Paula.

stronghunter said…
Your dinner sounds good, Judie. I had shrimp, too. The rest of the family is not here. I had already planned shrimp when Kathryn called to say they would be going out. I couldn't stop thinking about those shrimp, so I fixed a nice dinner for myself. Included some coleslaw. I'm the only one living here who will eat that.

I had fixed some brownies
stronghunter said…
I had fixed brownies--somehow, I expect they will disappear quickly.
Judie said…
Headed to watch some tv while huddled under the covers.

Dinner was nice. Kitchen cleaned up. Oh wait, maybe I'll head to Shirley's to eat brownies - much better than tv - especially if they are prepared ala Nelson, B.C.

Congratulations on the upcoming move, Lynne2. Missed this during my absence. Hope this will be a wonderful new experience for you and Steve.

Wonder how Lowreeda's feeling? Hope she's better.

Night light will be on at 11pm. Sandperson is so stuuuupid. Thinks a space heater in the sleepy dust sack is going to be sufficient. Well, sandperson will deliver sleepy dust. Restful sleep for all.

JudyE said…
watching the People Choice Awards
JudyE said…
The GOOD WIFE won the People Choice Awards Cool Beans JO and PAULA
Mema Jo said…
Closing down for the day ♥

Watching the Awards - I saw that Judy - her lipstick was too red red.. lol

Everyone take care and stay warm

Goodnight and God Bless ♥
magpie said…
Last computer stop for the day,
so very happy to read of the UPturn for Aric....Well Done, Dana and Monte....Best Wishes for All Things Positive and Promising, for Aric, all your children, the Pups, and you and Monte


Oh, hot flowing water, glorious, Paula...

We took lots of calls today for Waterflow = broken pipes, flowing water, "busted" sprinkler heads...and it will continue now if we get some thawing temperatures

magpie said…
Nice to hear of the Double Eagle apppearance at The Royal Nest today too...

I'm timed out....I see 4 o'clock coming straight at I'll wedge in some sleep between now and then

Take Care, Sleep Well,...
Prayers for Wellness and All Good Things Amongst Us, our Families,
Friends and Pets

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo
stronghunter said…

Have been on the phone with Jeanie again. It is very nice to reconnect with a good friend from the past. We are still working on plans for the reunion.
stronghunter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lolly said…
How many days til Christmas, Lynne? Our tree is finally down and just wondering how long til we put it back up. LOL

Yea, for your move, Lynne! I was thinking of you today and thinking it would be soon. not forget pictures!!!

Tomorrow we go to the RV show and then out to eat at our favorite restaurant! No work cleaning house and all undecorating is complete....except for putting a few things in the attic.
Oh, Lolly, have fun at the show and hope you find the RV that you want. Are you going to Nona Tatta's?
Lolly said…
Yes, Nonna Tata here we come!!!
Lolly said…
Reviews and pictures of this tiny, tiny restaurant

Nonna Tata
Lolly said…
Oh, cool! On that site is a picture and it says "see inside."
Click on the picture and then you can move it around. The tiny table for two in the corner is our favorite table and where we usually sit! Cool! Now you can see where we will be tomorrow nite!
Cool Lolly, tiny indeed!

SED love and hugs for all ♥
Hoda said…
I like that she named it after her Grand mother LOLLY.
I love the space and the pictures of what you order. Do fo not forget pictures... Safe drive to Ft Worth.

SANDI let us know when BRIAN lands.

It is Down right chilly this evening!!!
stronghunter said…
Nice little trip to the tiny restaurant, Lolly. I saw your tiny table. Accidentally went out the door while I was exploring.

Good night--Rest well everyone. SED.
Lolly said…
Wish you all lived here....I would say see you tomorrow night at Nonna Tata's!! We could fill the place up and have so much fun as well as excellent food.

Night all! Taking a muscle relaxer and going to the pillow. The knot in my upper back is still giving me fits. Maybe a hot shower will help right now.

Night again....SED!!
Lolly said…
Oh hope Shirley is not wondering around on Magnolia AVE. Not the best place to be wondering around late at night. LOL
Lori said…
Good Morning all!




Lori said…

Dana, so happy for all of you that Aric's schooling is back on again in Dayton! I could feel your joy.

Lynne 2, YAY on the new apartment. It's such a nice place!

Life returns to normal today. Clinical instructor returns from being out sick for a week, and no closings or delays this morning.

Thanks for the eagle play by play on the nestorations. :)

Hoping today is a GREAT day for everyone, and that I get a chance to check in later, without homework!


DanaMo said…
Good Morning Lori and All!~
Chilly one out there bt so much better than the past couple of days. I guess that is something. Too cold I think to run outside. I will probably get on the treadmill again today. Can't wait for those weekend temperatures!!!

Lori-doesn't it feel good when things get back to "normal". Yesterday was such a good day at school. Things just were "normal".
I can't believe it's January.

Javalin doesn't exactly "burrow" but is one to move all the blankets around to her liking, and messes up my bed.

Happy Birthday, Lolly! I'll hit you on FB too :)

Sandi-I hope Brain's travel goes well. My friend's son, traveling to Beijing had to deal with so many canceled flights. I think it took him a week to get back! Finally arrived yesterday.

Oh and JudyE-I so much wish I could have seen the deer. Whenever I go over to the next I always see deer in those fields and around the bend.
DanaMo said…
Gloria's pictures on Facebook are so amazing! Aren't they?
Sandi said…
Goodorming Lori, Dana, and all my eagle friends!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOLLY!! Hope you get a new RV as your birthday gift!! Enjoy your day!

The math teacher who was out on medical leave returned last Thursday. All was good and then we had a snow day on Friday. On Monday morning she had another "episode" and was sent home. She is now out for possibly the rest of the year. I feel badly for her but also for the kids. They have had a revolving door of subs who are not math certified. They need someone who can get them ready for the state test AND for high school math!

I assume that Brian is in the air somewhere - hope he's in business class so he can stretch out and get some sleep. Squeezing a 6'5" frame into economy class seats is impossible! I'm sure Lynnis is very sad this morning.

Have a great day all!
Janet said…
good morning…
reading back:

YEAH: LYNNE2 to be moved soon!
SANDI: a new do will give you a new outlook sometimes. I used to be scared to try anthing new with the hair! Now on occasion I get crazy and say let’s try xyz…. Its just hair and it grows! 
JUDIE: what a meal! Sounded yummy!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLLY! May your day be grand and your year happy and fulfilling!
DANA: great news!

Well~ back to normal today, or as close as this house comes to it. School is in session for metro….and sleet is just west of us. Lol. Doesn’t look too serious, though. Going into the 40’s again today. Ice skating tonight.

Hope everyone has a great day today. Be safe, be warm…light, love, healing and smiles! 
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Nah, Lolly, I managed to get back into your little restaurant and teleported myself back to Virginia.

WVJerry said…
Good morning. Happy Birthday to Lolly. The Cam is working some better for me now. Had been pretty spotty before today. Got Tuesday off this week and found an interesting store in Winchester, Va. The Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Lots of things I didn't expect to find. Bought a 3-way light switch for 50 cents...still in it's original box! Also found out we have one in Martinsburg and will need to check it out. Hoping to see some eagles soon. Take care all.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Happy Birthday, Lolly. Hope you get a new RV to go along with dinner at Nonna Tata's.

Overcast this morning. Not much on my agenda.

Off for coffee and the newspaper. Stay warm.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds and

•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.• .•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.
Wishing You the HAPPIEST Of Birthdays!!!
✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿
. . . ✿•*¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*•✿
…………....♥ •.¸.•´♥……………..........
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!! Hope the sun is shining for you as it is here. Temps edging up and it feels so good !

♫♫♪ Happy, Happy Birthday LOLLY ♪♪♪
Sounds like a good one in store for you !

SANDI, you know we need a pic of the new do/color ! Sounds like just the ticket for a prospective grandmother ! Hope Brian got a seat with leg room and that all is well as he travels. Too bad about that math teacher, for her and the kids !

LYNNE2, pleased as punch thinking of you and STEVE as you make that move to your own special kind of paradise ! I'm sure the Kennel folks are pleased that you'll soon be on site and on duty !

JERRY, those HFH Re-stores are grrrreeat. Glad you have a couple nearby.

PAULA, good to know you're enjoying hot water and showers again ! ☺
Mema Jo said…
Good Thursday Morning to all ♥

Happy Birthday Lolly

May your special day brings happiness, love and maybe a surprise or two. Enjoy your day
Mema Jo said…
It is warming up slowly - Need to venture out for hair cut.. warm house to warm car to warm salon - I can do it ♥
stronghunter said…
Judie, the brownies I made are pure and innocent. At this point, plenty are left if you wish to indulge.

Hunter wore a jacket this morning.

All is well.
Lolly said…
Goodorming, and a BIG thank you for the birthday wishes. Jubby cooked dinner last night and prepared breakfast for me this morning. Could get used to such pampering!

Gotta go get beautiful and then we are off! I'll report in later!

Love and hugs for the birthday wishes!
Mema Jo said…
Made a long comment
Got a service error

I was complimenting Hunter and the jacket being worn........ ♥
Kay said…
Jo, dontcha' just hate those service errors ? LYNN taught me to copy all posts before sending, but I sometimes slip up and get so angry with myself !

SHIRLEY, these teens do come around to rational thinking, in time. ☺ Years ago a friend had 2 teenage daughters while I was still enjoying 3 pre-schoolers. He told me, "the only thing you can do with teenagers is love them and wait....."
Mema Jo said…
Just back from hair appointment
I think I missed this

Orbital Sciences Corp. aims to launch its unmanned Antares rocket from Wallops Island, Va., at 1:07 p.m. Thursday
JudyE said…
Lori said…
Kay, I hope your weather is warming up as much as ours did today. It's 32 now! Glad you and Penny made it safely through the worst of it. Big (((HUGS))).

Sandi, can't wait to hear that Brian has arrived safely. I feel sad for Lynnis, too. AND, I would really love to see a pic of the new do, too!

JO, did you get a new do, or just a refresh?

Lolly, Ms. Birthday Girl, bet you're out having a wonderful birthday. Please post about your great day.
Once again,


Shirley, I laughed that Hunter finally wore a jacket. Boys! How is bowling?

JudyE, what did you do for your day off?

Dana, yes, being back to "normal" (they teach us in nursing school to try NOT to use that word) does feel great! So nice to hear the antics of the 3 Flying Labs once again. :)

Guess we didn't have any visitors in the nest this morning, or no one saw them. Hoping they arrive this evening just as I'm finishing homework and I'll get to relax and see them.

Pictures, please. :)

Love, light, hugs, smiles and joy!

WHEW! God loves me! Got an error message and luckily I hit the back button and my post was still there. Hooray!

stronghunter said…

Home from errands. I headed out to practice bowling, but there weren't any lanes available, so I went to Target to pick up a few things. Paid cash so as to avoid any concerns about security issues, though they are probably safer than anyone else at this point.

Lori, my team is still in first place. We keep getting surprised when the list comes out. We have three excellent bowlers on the team, and then there is Shirley. Shirley provides the handicap points. If I beat my average, that really amounts to something, and I managed to do that this week. :)
stronghunter said…
Hope the rocket launch was successful. I was shopping at the time.
JudyE said…
LORI didn't do much went to the park a couple of times been to cold and today rainy Went through Christmas stuff that I haven't used giving some to Ashley at work and Angie if she wants some Ashley is so happy I am giving her bunches of stuff

Mailed my one camera off to Olympus its under the year warranty WHO knew LOL
JudyE said…
got my little camera still gonna try to get a video of the deer if they show up again
I still have one my camera to deal with the one I got in 10 2012 that I didn't know I bought the extended 3yr warranty with
JudyE said…
looks like lot of snow has melted gonna be harder to see the deets
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
oh I found a booster seat when I was out popping tags LOL thrift store only 2 not gonna tell Angie just not going up there to pick up seat tomorrow LOL
JudyE said…
Hey something cute on the news yesterday IN PA a couple dog got out and got lost It was sort of a White german shephard looking dog In the freezing cold They looked everywhere for him

Later a phone call came from the doggie day care that the dog goes to two days a week which is two miles away The dog walked and found his way there WILD huh
Janet said…
good chilly afternoon to one and all.

It is raining/thick rain/sleeting outside my door. Just a wet afternoon.

Work was good. It was the boss’ bday and we all love her dearly so her desk had cupcakes, balloons, hersheys kisses, cards…..

Home now. Ice skating canceled due to the changing weather conditions. Livvy’s ice coach has to travel across town in rush hour traffic to get to the ice rink…no sense chancing an accident!

Thinking grilled cheese and soup for dinner.

I’ll check in later!
stronghunter said…
It is nice to have warmer weather.
stronghunter said…
Still snow in the nest, but not as much.
stronghunter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
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