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New thread.  Another cold blast later today.


Linda said…
Wow....a new thread!!!

Going to get the gang!!
Linda said…
LOLLY - Congrats to you and Jack on the new trailer!! It is beautiful! I am sure you will enjoy it appears you don't even have to go anywhere to do so!!

Linda said…
Wishing everyone a Marvelous Monday!!

Hugs and well wishes for all!!

Make it a great day!

W-2's and such await for me.........

Hoda said…
Thank you STEVE
Thank you LINDA
Enjoy the feather for your head dress.

Good morning all.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Thanks to STEVE for a New Monday Thread and to our dear LINDA, who does so deserve the feather for returning to us !!!!

DANA, by this time I hope your mother's kidney stone or stones are history ! My sister was prone to develop those pesky things and said the pain was far worse than those with labor. Prayers !

HODA, I'm sure Dragon Boating is supposed to be a fine, stress relieving, activity. Hope you can change teams or something....

Watch DA last night. Oh, oh, Bates is not through with the issue and may land himself back in jail over it. There was fire in his eyes as he talked with Mrs. Hugh's after Anna returned to him !

Seth called from his dorm room at 9:15 last night, safely installed for the second semester. No sign of his roommate yet, but the guy spends most of his time at his Frat house now. They get along fine, but are certainly not bosom buddies.

Need to go backwards seeking more info on the "days of our lives" Momster style !
Kay said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Not doing much today as I do not have a car. I am stranded!!! Oh, no....

Artic front is already here for us. Presently 37 and staying in the 30's today and down into the teens tonight. Staying in!! We do have bright sun shine but boy is it windy!

Prayers for the moms!! Hate to think of them in pain!

Oh, Linda! It is so great to have you on here! ☺

Judy, poor Jordyn with the flu. Not good! Serious business, so watch her carefully. Also, very happy you saw hp. Hope we see more of that behavior.
Kay said…
My delete---what do I do to generate those double postings ?

LORETTA, your photo documentation of Mother Natures recent blessings is stunning ! Thanks for sharing.

MARGY, thank for the sweet compliment--I feel the same way about your delightful, optimistic posts !!!

Read way back and enjoyed every word---but you don't need my two cents worth thrown in---just keep up the good work as you are certainly a brightening agent for me in this most dreadful of winters !

Lolly said…
Just click publish once. Sometimes it takes longer to publish.

Having computer problems this morn. Can not see videos nor get the cam up. A friend on fb said he was having problems with Adobe Flash Player, so guess that is my problem as well.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
Thank you Steve - New thread starts our Monday out fresh...
Linda - you so deserve the Feather for finding the new thread and for
just being here with us again. I imagine the approaching tax season will have you very busy.

KAY - Sometimes being patient when we click on Publish and nothing seems to be going anywhere and then we click again - double post
Kay said…
Thanks, gals ! I'm not aware of hitting publish more than once, but I may have a twitchy finger---will try to hit once and take my hand away from the mouse immediately !
Mema Jo said…
Need to check ending of previous thread.

Lolly said…
Hope that works for you, Kay. Can not think of another reason.

I am off now to start my day. Have a good one!!
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Thinking that I will head to the bowling alley for some practice.

On double-posting--I check to see if the little twirly arrow at the top of the page is turning. Sometimes it isn't, which means I should hit the button again. If it is twirling, I wait.

Hmm, now watch me double post on this one.

Regular school day for Hunter. It was about 40 degrees when he left this morning. Forty feels balmy. Temps are supposed to drop all day.
Mema Jo said…
Double posting - That's why we have a
Trash Can! No worrying about it ♥
Mema Jo said…
I just finished a late lunch..
Hubby brought home a bed for Mr Scar.. I am tied of sharing my fleece throws with him and so now
he is in his soft (feels like Lamb's wool) bed snoozing. Also I can walk in the room and not trip over a throw

Mema Jo said…
Isn't any update from Dana on how her mom made out with the stone removal. I am praying it is gone & that any smaller ones can pass on their own.

Sandi - prayers for your mom and for a reduction in her pain. Also for her
to have some appetite. Soft food should go down well. I really think Ensure is more like chocolate milk and not Smoothie thickness.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hello Linda!!! You have been missed!
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
/congratulation on your feather LINDA and welcome back home

LOLLY is stranded there should be a law LOL

\I see no word from DANA on this page gonna go back and catch up on the old thread

I was so excited when I saw HP HP HP this am
Mema Jo said…
Nest really looks good for now -
new flugg and melting snow but don't
know how long it will be that way.
Got my fingers crossed.
Sandi said…
Hi all - home from school and just talked to Mom. Her voice sounds a little stronger today and she said her pain wasn't too bad last night and hasn't been too bad today. Said she still isn't hungry so I suggested the Ensure AGAIN - reminded her that she's not going to get her energy or strength back if she isn't getting any nutrition.

Most of the snow here has melted - temps got into the 40s today - just a tease! Arctic air coming in tonight and we'll be back to highs in the 20s tomorrow!

Judy, how is Jordyn doing today?

Dana, how's your mom?
Mema Jo said…
Adobe Flash Player has had upgrades
stronghunter said…
Good to learn of the HP, Judy.

Sandi, I drank Ensure when I had some health issues a few years ago. Thought it was quite helpful.
Hoda said…
How do the Adobe updates affect us JO?
I am not sure I understand the comment!!!

Very good volunteer session with Friends of Kootenay Lake. Three hours later all members got letters in the post with membership cards and updates.
Exciting plans coming up for the summer and autumn.

The Dragon Team a Executive know that they have my support.
My sadness comes because the three women who are spreading the poison are also friends. I am seeing manipulative tactics on their part... Lunch and supper invitations and simply by joining all of a sudden they include me in their poison spreading letters. I put a stop to that yesterday. Manipulation to serve their ends without clearly stating what these ends are is not good.

Healing prayers for all.

I go to Yoga in an hour and then to Kootenay Spirit Festival Board of Directors Meeting.

I love us
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hoda, our cam runs with Adobe Flash Player.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Bird inventory today: Hairy woodpecker, song sparrows, white-throated sparrows (some of my fav), cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves, titmice, chickadees, dark-eyed juncos, but no partridge in a pear tree.
Linda said…
Good Evening Fine Feathered Friends!

Nice to see an eagle for a few minutes.

Question: Will the new camera remain in this fixed position?

I am sure you have all discussed this already and probably have the scoop! It would be nice to see more of the nest and the eagles, but I am more than please to actually have the cam working after so long!!

Hope everyone is staying warm and had a good day today!

You gals are the best!! Thanks again for all the "welcome backs!"
Linda said…
Lovin' that bird report, SHAR!!!

We've had a flurry of activity today as well. They are all hungry and everything out there is covered in snow!

We rescued a little goldfinch after church yesterday that crashed and may have injured his wing. We are hoping it isn't broken!

He's happy as can be in a box with a screen top, eating and drinking and fluttering around! Hopefully in a day or so we can release him for a test flight!!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Linda, Steve has basically said that our cam is what it is. The tree is diseased and that was as far up as they could place it. I will take whatever I can get too.
JudyE said…
HELLO home from work and I see I missed the eagle visit even if it was a short one
BUT I did get to see both eagle on the cell phone tower again making a big ruckus back and forth to each other got lots of pic of course and a short video of some of the eagle talk Gonna go upload and will be back not to many comment to read since lunch
Linda said…
Thanks, Sharon!!

Nice to see your smiling face!
Hoda said…
Thank you for sharing.
Adobe answered!
magpie said…
Good Evening Eagle Pals...
Cold, so cold !
I hope the local schools get a little delay in the morning,so many WV counties are closed, but they have new snow and we do not

Sooooo Good to see our Linda back on, and yes, at it should be,
Linda got the feather!

magpie said…
I am happy to hear of H-P !!

That's what it takes to bring on the egglets !
And it should be coming along "pretty soon."

magpie said…
I admire your strength and your values....
As we learn in some of the meetings some of us attend:
"Attraction, not Promotion..."
aka, leading by example...that's YOU

Sure was nice to see Sharon here with her birding report....and her never-ending knowledge and expertise

Love to our Southern Delegation !
magpie said…
Happy to hear of some improvement
with your Mom....hope it continues

I used to have some Ensure a few years back, just couldn't eat and get enough nutrition for awhile there, now I eat good foods a'plenty, bananas are on the top of my list !
JudyE said…
Just got the WORD TWO TWO EAGLETS at the cell phone tower eagles nest YEAH
magpie said…
has gone up as of Sunday...
regular first class, from 46-cents to 49-cents
postcards, add one cent
extra ounce, add one cent
and I think, international
add 5-cents.....
Heck I still have
Forever Christmas stamps left over, guess I will save them for Next

Yay on the cell phone tower egglets, JudyE, I can barely keep up with the Royal Nest !
magpie said…
OH,is it Eaglets Judy???
I typed me get it straight
Mema Jo said…
Down to 18° but feels like 13°
Saying prayers for all the little creatures to find shelter.
Praying that all shelters are open for the homeless.

Sandi - hope Lisa can get your Mom some ensure to build up her energy.
You can drink more then one a day

Sure wish Dana could give us an update on her mom's appointment this morning.

Still saying prayers for both your moms.
Mema Jo said…
I may watch some TV - not sure I care for anything listed.

Perhaps it is time to get tax paperwork in order.......

Thanks Sharon for answering Hoda about Adobe Flash Player

Lolly said…
Pot of stew cooking on the stove. Smells good around here. Have a fire going and Jack I napping. LOL

Ran some errands today and then came home and tried to do so sewing. LOL Someone needs to tell Annie she is old! I was working in the front guest bedroom (The Laurel room) where I have my sewing machine. Spread material out on the bed to cut. Well, there was Annie, jumping on to the bed and proceeding to claim the material as hers. Attempted to do some measuring, but, no, Annie wanted to attack the tape measure. When I would attempt to move her she would attack me. (Playfully!) I was really enjoying seeing her this way. Covering some pillows for the trailer and added a matching extention to the bedspread.

Presently 32 and going down.....! But, once again, no precipitation of any kind!!!
Linda said…
Thank you, MARGY!! It is good to be back. Hoping I can keep coming back more often.....I've missed you all!

LOLLY - Don't those cats just love to get in the middle of whatever is new and different. They do love any kind of fabric!! Mine like to nestle in the sheets as I am trying to put them back on the beds!!

Currently 5° here and dropping.....
It's going to be a cold one again tonight!!

Stay warm!
stronghunter said…
Would have loved to have seen Annie playing like that.
Happ belated birthdaY Linda ..nice to have you back. the little miss name..and Lynnis' explanation.
Mema Jo said…
I am all ready dressed for bed - Going to watch a 10:00 TV show and then I'll be ready to hit the pillows

Lolly - I can imagine your feelings when Annie became so playful. I am smiling about the bed scene you described ♥

Linda - good to see you and be able to tell you to stay warm and glad you will be a regular again ♥
Mema Jo said…
Hi Shirley and Paula - just in time to say goodnight to you and stay warm

Goodnight to all ♥
Prayers for all of you and your loved ones. SED

magpie said…
Good Night, Precious Pals

Prayers for Wellness All

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo
LynneDUH! said…
evening all...wind is just a-howlin' here. BRRRRRRR!
LynneDUH! said…
prayers for Dana's parents, Sandi's mom, poor little Jordyn

and for our NC gals Candy and Suz who are in for some NASTY weather their way.

I am on pins and needles with this nest and tree this year. Glad to know there was HP today! Keeping my fingers crossed that the tree can hold out.
LynneDUH! said…
Hoda, sorry to hear of the drama within the Dragon Boat team.

Updated picture, off to bed, prayers for all!
stronghunter said…
Windy here, too. I am ready to get under the covers.

SED, everyone.
Judie said…
Sandperson has departed with a huge satchel of sleepy dust.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
Lolly said…
29 here and wind chimes a singing.

Think we have just decided to take off Monday. Going to head south, not too far. Just get away and try out the trailer. Probably just be gone for 3 nights. I'm ready! Then in March head out for California and Oregon.

Think I will read for a while and then head to bed.

Night all! SED!!

Hoda said…
God Bless Us All
NCSuzan said…
Lynne-Duh, yes, we are going to have inclement weather of the white kind. Anywhere from 2 to 5 inches. Southerners are so poorly equipped for driving in the stuff. Makes me concerned.

Linda and Janet, Happy Birthday. I am so very late with salutations.

Hoda, will you be ok to drive to your house in the evening after a meeting or late yoga? I have done some house sitting and it can be fun. Different books to read and movies to watch. Hope you have a lovely and safe time.

Dana, hope your Mom is feeling better soon.

Sandi, your Mom is brave to face her condition as best she can. It must take a lot out of her. Have you looked in to Meals on Wheels? It is not expensive and someone comes by every weekday, I think. Might tempt her to at least nibble.

Lolly, I am so very excited for you and Jack and your new adventures!

Please stay warm and safe and try not to laugh too much at us southern folk as we figure out this white stuff!
NCSuzan said…
G'night everyone.

PS- Margy, when is your surgery? February?
Hoda said…
NCSUZAN, thank you. When I house sit in March I will stay in my flat the nights I have yoga and health classes.
Five nights there. Two nights here. Sometimes four there and three here.
I am pretty sure I will not watch movies. My eyes get tired. I will enjoy the gardens and the beach for walking meditation. Daylight savings time will happen the first weekend in March and that will give me more daylight hours. Happy about that too.Thank You.
Hoda said…
Pete Seeger Dead at 94.
Natural Causes.
Monday in New York.

JUDIE just so you know: sand person has yet to arrive and it is 12:44 AM
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Nest is MT. 20 degrees here. Have I said how I feel about cold weather? Well, I DO NOT LIKE cold weather. I do not like it, Sam I am!

Linda, it's so good to see your posts on the blog!! Hope you can squeeze us in with tax season upon you!

Dana, how's your Mom??

Judy, how's Jordyn doing?

Lori, mentioned the Ensure to Mom but forgot to mention the appetite stimulant meds - will say something to Lisa so she can suggest it to the doctor.

Have a great day everyone - bundle up and stay warm!
Lori said…
Good morning everyone, and big warming hugs!

I have a delay this morning so don't have to be at school until 9. Silly that they didn't just cancel when every school district in Western PA announced yesterday that they would be closed today. Tomorrow is supposed to be a little colder, so I expect those cancellations to be renewed. Hoping I get a call soon saying today is cancelled.

Presently -9 degrees and wind chill at -25. Cold indeed!

Just fed the cats a high protein mixture of kitten kibble and lots of wet food mixed in. They were gobbling it up. Frozen water has been replaced with warm water.

My big Infant Growth and Development project is due today, so I'll be hauling all that stuff into school - 2 posters comparing newborn size to 12 month size filled with clothing and diapers and such as a visual. Then there's a huge 3 panel cardboard presentation board with all kinds of info, articles and pictures...then there's the baby doll and several gift bags filled with baby supplies that I'll use in my skit as I play a grandmother going to see her daughter (Cindy) and new grandchild for the first time. Don't know why all the stuff has to be there today when I don't present it for at least another two weeks!

OH! So Happy to hear we had HP! Glad you were watching, JUDYE! Hope Jordyn is feeling better.

Prayers for Sandi and Dana's Moms.

Linda, congrats on your feather. Welcome back! Love your avatar.

Kay, glad you're holding up in this most dreadful of winters. Just don't let it get to you. Sunshine and hot temperatures will be here before you know it. Big hugs!

Loving all of you and wishing a safe and warm day for everyone!

Janet said…
Morning to all
Cold again. Noone is surprised, eh? In the teens here.
GOT SOME SUPERB NEWS YESTERDAY; so my friend chris had the results of her PET scan and bone marrow draw yesterday. They were able to remove all of the tumors/etc that were cancerous. Unfortunately, this is a condition that she will have to manage for the rest of her life, but it is manageable. The only time she will need treatments is when it flairs up….so it is a chronic condition indeed, but at least she can have it managed and live a fairly normal life. Thank you all for your support and love.
Its Tuesday. Busy day ahead….work, livvy has ice skating.
Not a lot else going on. LORI: so sorry you have to drag everything in today. bah humbug. (((hugs)))
Hope everyone is feeling better, staying warm and safe. Light, love, hugs and smiles to all
JudyE said…

Angie said Jordyn still had a temp yesterday but feeling some better Looks like the meds are helping
JudyE said…
Looks like we are being stood up today I should have called them in earlier


well so far no landing so if I post will it help

JudyE said…

nope that didn't work

come on eagle I will have to leave by 740 and don't want to be late to work so show yourself PLEASE

Linda said…
Good Morning My Dear Friends!!

Boy, y'all sure do know how to make a girl feel special and loved!! More thank you's to PAULA, JO, SANDI, NCSUZAn and LORI.

I feel like Dorothy, who never should have left Kansas!!!

Can I say it again?? It's sure good to be HOME!!

Hope you all stay warm and have a Terrific Tuesday!!

Our weather man says. "That's FOOL's Sun out there today!! Don't let it fool you that it's warm and sunny out there!!"

Yeah, we're feeling that 5 Below temperature out there, but the sun sure is pretty!!

Good morning all you eagle buds out there. Got the nerve to get on here at school to let everyone know that we are finally going to get our share of snow on the Outer Banks, NC
School is letting out at a half day and who knows when we'll be able to move out and about; I saw two plows the other day and that is it. :)
NCSusan, where do you live in No Carolina. I am at Colington Harbour and go left on the road by the Wright Brothers Monument to get there. We have just been advised that we will be dismissing today from school at 11;45. Then I guess we just hunker down to wait for the snow and then wait for it to melt. We already have 2 make up days from the last storm. :( They are tacking that on to the end of the year. :(. Time will tell.
NCSuzan said…
Carolinabeachmom, unfortunately I have not lived in Dare Co. for several years. My daughter was born and raised there and we consider it home. She was just there last weekend. I have some health problems and cannot travel like I used to. We lived in Colington Harbor and Kill Devil Hills. Now we live in Raleigh. Ugh.
NCSuzan said…
Hoda, you have anticipated everything! On the coast too. I am happy for your good fortune!
Janet...wonderful news on your friend Chris!!

Snow headed here later on today and tonight...around 3"...just washed the car again...last night. Guess I'd better stop that!

Wonderful sight this eagle flew in...landed on the small island right in front of the house. There must have been yesterday's lunch still sitting there...he was eating! I am thinking it was a duck. It was large and dark.

And where was my camera you ask? In the car...batteries probably dead from the cold. Didn't want to risk disturbing him to go get it...but when I left for work, apparently I didn't disturb him at all.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Paula, I suggest you start hanging your camera around your neck! LOL Way too many missed shots!! ☺

Saw 22 this morning, but now up to 29 and bright sunshine. Ice again is south of us. I appreciate that fact, but we still need rain!!

I am about to give up ever watching the cam. I just can not get it to play. Grrrrr! I watched BW while walking yesterday. Might have been watching paint dry. Nothing happened in the 30 minutes!

Lori, would love to watch your presentation. Wow! That was expensive to prepare for. Do you think it is teaching you anything?

Today, a little more sewing and maybe more preparation to take off Monday. Need to start thinking about my siblings and their spouses visit this weekend. Larry will be here Thursday and Sharon on Friday. They then both leave on Sunday.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

3°, but wind only 3mph and sun shining ! LINDA, your weather guy is so right---looks are deceiving---it's colder than a....well, you know....

LORI, too bad you have to lug everything in now when the weather is so bad. Hopefully, two weeks from now when you make the presentation the weather will have changed for the better !

LINDA, how wonderful that you noticed the little bird in distress ! Hope it's able to take flight once more.

JUDYE, sounds like Jordyn is on the mend---good to know the meds are working and then, too, kids rebound so quickly it's amazing.

HODA, good on you for setting those troublemakers straight regarding leaving you out of their shenanigans. They are acting like middle schoolers--sad to see adults causing such discontent.

SANDI, that Meals on Wheels idea is stellar. Any chance your mom would agree to that ?

Glad you Carolina gals have had a little chat here ! Thinking of you as the Vortex wends it's way toward your part of the country, too.

JANET !!!! Wonderful news about Chris !!!!

PAULA, yep, Paradise comes through again with an eagle to watch from the warmth of your home !

Time for some soup, salad and hot tea ! BBL
Kay said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
on lunch at MCD and may I suggest keeping camera in pocket or purse that where mine is when ever I am out of the house
but if you have a big camera will be impossible mine is a 24zoom and will fit in my purse or pocket I do want to get a better one but waiting for the results of the one camera I have out under warranty and the one I am using now is under warranty and will send it out as soon as I get the other camera back from Olympus
Great news on CHRIS SIS
LINDA did you click your heel together Theres no place like home and that how you came back to us
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon to all ♥
This am it was 3° feeling like -13°
Took quite a while for the birds & squirrels to come up to feed. When they did I couldn't keep enough feed out there - kept refilling. It is now
a 10.5° with 3.4mph wind making it feel like 0°F. I'm not putting my foot let alone my face outside the door..
Mema Jo said…
Janet - Alleluia for Chris..♥

Suzan and Candy and all my other friends in North and South Carolina, I am sending warming thoughts and prayers for you. GS works at Home Depot in Aiken SC and certain items are "Sold Out".

Mema Jo said…
This is the last week of Jan
Feb b-days of the Momster/Dadster are on the calendar When you open The Eaglet Momsters and click on EVENTS - the calendar will appear. I always printed the monthly page BUT you can click on LIST in the upper left hand side and get a
really nice print out!

JAN 30 Megan Webber
FEB 1 Gloria Kesslar
6 Sandra Osbourn
8 Jill Long Norwood
13 Mattie Keesler
14 ♥ Valentine's Day
28 Jerry Smith
MAR 1 Tori Chakwin
Hoda said…
Good morning friends.
Quiet day for me today.
Catching up with myself.
Sending Love and Light to all.
Glad some healing is taking place for some.
Prayers continue for all.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Eagle-Eyed Shar here, the resident proofreader! Mattie's last name is Kessler. She isn't kin to Glo. :)

I ♥ US!!!
Mema Jo said…
Thank you Oh Great Proof Reader ♥
Mattie will be Sweet 16 ♥


All of our b-day persons have FB accounts for your good wishes with the exception of Jerry. Good Wishes to Jerry should be given on here - I think he will come visit us if at all possible.
JudyE said…
Home from work Love the 3 gettin off but won't like the reduction in pay check but only a couple weeks a year they do this to us end of our fiscal year
JudyE said…
It got about 80° today and it is 73° now
JudyE said…
on the way home I saw a black vulture in the road Naturally I pulled over he flew up to the elec lines and around got some pic of course

and found another cell phone tower eagle nest in the area but its further away probably won't go to it being I have this one so close but nice to know its there

stronghunter said…

Good afternoon,

Happy birthday, Jerry!

Bowling today--we lost two games and the total score, and won one game. Our captain says we will still be ahead of the team that beat us--they're in second place. Looked to me like we'll be tied, but I do not know very much about all of the scoring procedures.
stronghunter said…
I stayed at the bowling alley to practice after league bowling was over. I had two free games about to expire.

Hoda said…
Shots fired in a Hawaii school in Honolulu i do believe.
School is in lockdown
Pretty picture, Shirley. The female is the lower of the two.
Mema Jo said…
Beautiful eagles' picture Shirely

JERRY b-day is FEB 28

I wouldn't want to pass up 2 free games. Hope your team stays on top!!

Judy - those towers are great for building nest. I have noticed towers with eagles' nest on our way to the beach over on RT 404
stronghunter said…
Judy noticed the size difference, too, Paula. She posted her observation on FB. I hadn't noticed, but when you all mentioned it, I really see the difference.
Hoda said…
News of Canadian Justice is having me shake my head today!
Both from Nova Scotia.
Both on second offence.
A chap killed a taxi driver went for a joy ride in his taxi.
Was given life. Released on ten.
On his release went on to kill a 19 year old girl and buried her on the same stretch of road where he went for the joy ride. Same street where his sister lives! He was given another life term. Lawyer will challenge no chance for parole for 25 years. He wants it reduced to ten!!!

Another chap killed a teen ager in a drunk driving incident. His second occurrence. He told the parole board he will likely drink and drive again! They released him. A week later he was arrested after a liquor board clerk recognized him. Yes intoxicated and got in a car! His lawyer argues he is being targeted for unfair treatment by RCMP. Wants him released on bail.

Pardon? Say what?

For both cases!!!
Mema Jo said…
Off to see whats to eat ♥

Terrific Tues TV tonight

Keeping an eye on the nest - almost time I think

Lolly said…
Crazy, Hoda, crazy!!!

Trailer declared ready to roll! Will buy groceries for trip this week. Wahoooo! I have done all I need to do, including as Jack says, useless throw pillows. Oh, I better go take pictures!!

Now I guess I better start paying attention to my home at home! LOL
Lolly said…
Got the cam up. Could not get it this morning. Watched our still cam while walking. No eagles, of course!
Kay said…
HODA, yikes and we think the US justice system has flaws !! Meanwhile we incarcerate people who get caught with a couple of funny smokes or "special brownies" without blinking an eye. Woe is me.

JO, thanks, as always for all the February Happy Days info !

SHIRLEY, sounds like your bowling team is in good shape. Bet no one practices as much as you do !

Mema Jo said…
Well on a normal TUES night it is Terrific TV Tues BUT
tonight is the State of the Union
address......... Not too terrific
Kay said…
Anyone else watching the OK eagles ? There is an eagle in the Sooner Lake tower nest right now---have never seen them use it, always opting for trees---maybe just there with a meal with a view. The Sequoyah nest doesn't appear to have been touched recently and it has been a very successful nest in the past couple of years. Maybe getting a late start due to severity of winter.
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
my delete link didn't take now I will go read it also
Lori said…
Hi everyone!

Paula, you get the best eagle photo opportunities! Yes, carry a camera.

JudyE, would love to see your photos of the vulture and the new eagle nest you found. Glad I'm not the only one who photographs vultures.

Shirley, congrats on the bowling victory. Glad you'll stay in first place.

Hoda, glad there is someone keeping an eye on law enforcement up there. Will you be writing letters of discontent over this? You go, gurl!

Kay, how was your day? Anything special planned? Was wondering the other day is you still play around on, oh now I can't remember the name of that website...splunker isn't it, but similar? Maybe not. lol

This makes no sense to me...tomorrow it supposed to be a few degrees colder than today. Yesterday they cancelled school 24 hours in advance for today...and today, I've not heard anything yet about cancellations for tomorrow. I only know that we will start 45 min. late tomorrow. I'll take it!

I'm so tired and have much studying to do for two tests tomorrow.

Have a great night all - hoping to be in snoozeland by 7:30 and up at 3 for some more studying. Have I said lately that I cannot wait until school is over. August 2nd, come on!

Love you all tremendously!
Lolly said…
Lollyizing Complete

Pictures are not very different from the previous pictures. And, just remembered I need to work on an updated collage of family pics to hang on the wall. The ones already on the wall are the old ones,
Mema Jo said…
Out the door

It is safe to come to the nest NOW ♥
Kay said…
LORI, most of life as we know it was canceled for Central Ohio today---no schools including colleges, no trash pick up.... Penny will only go out for seconds at a time and quickly gets her job done ! Julie and Malcolm are home alone since Hugh is in Pittsburgh for a couple of days. We can't get together this evening, due to the condition of my road and her car is not 4WD. Maybe by tomorrow night we can enjoy dinner together.

LOLLY, what a LOLLYpalooza you've got there ! Just gorgeous and ready to roll !
Kay said…
LORI, I've marked August 2nd on my calendar ! That will be a Red Letter Day ! Will there be a graduation ceremony ?
Lolly said…
I have given up on the cam and have the still image up. SAD!!

Thanks, Kay! We are still so excited and anxious to roll!! Next week!
JudyE said…
LOLLY have you update ABODE my cam has been running for hours now and I just did a update the other day
JudyE said…
Here Eagle

Here Eagle

its that time of day

we are waiting

Lolly said…
August 2, is that Lori's big day? I know what we should all do. Find out the exact time of the graduation, all get on the blog at that time, and do a toast, a toast to Nurse Lori!!!

Then as she graduates, she will know what we are doing, and make her smile even bigger!!!
JudyE said…
funny pic on facebook I just shared a FHP Highway patrol sign with icicles on it in Pensacola
Lolly said…
Judy, do you mean Adobe Flash Player?
JudyE said…

.♥.EAGLE in nest.♥
JudyE said…
showed up on still before live again
Lolly said…
I saw a wee bit of white! Whoopee!(Said sarcastically!)
Lolly said…
Well, come on down...into the nest, please!

Oh, now I see more eagle!
Kay said…
When only the tail was visible I thought it was Belle--now that it's turned around I'm not so sure ?? Just thrilling to see one of them there and perhaps showing interest in the nest cup ??
Hoda said…
Great job LOLLY on trailer set up.
Wrote you a note.

JUDYE both links worked here and they were the same article.

August 2nd will come soon enough and you will do us all proud. Love you dear Lady!

Kay said…
LOLLY, it's a date--when August 2nd draws near we'll coordinate a celebration from coast to coast !!!
JudyE said…
some one is going to the Norfolk nest and see what they can see from one of the facebook pages
JudyE said…
HODA the link didn't turn blue when I posted it on the blog that is why I redid it

Eagle still in the nest only half a eagle is showing

stronghunter said…
Head and upper body in NHZ.
JudyE said…
LORI the 2nd is a Sat you graduate on that day ??
Hoda said…
I am in...
Our own very special NURSE LORI
stronghunter said…
Kay, I do not know which eagle that is.
JudyE said…
no longer can see the eagle
stronghunter said…
No, it just moved into the NHZ.
stronghunter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
Hoda said…
KAY and do not forget "the true North strong and free"
When we do the coast to coast celebration of Nurse Lori.
I will be right in there with you.

I hope the Norfolk male eagle is not the one killed at the airport!
A Big FAIL to the airport authorities on that one!!!
stronghunter said…
Time to feed pets and fix dinner.
JudyE said…
I still see the head nite lite on still
stronghunter said…
It will be a pleasure to celebrate Lori's graduation.

Eagle landing!!
Kay said…
Looks like the show's over.

Signing off---time for dinner, the news, Jeopardy and beyond....

Love and Prayers for all !

JudyE said…
I heard flapping still there
JudyE said…
lost of nestoration in a hurry of sort
JudyE said…
heard flapping again or tugging maybe
Lolly said…
I am on the still cam, but looks like the eagle is sitting in the egg cup!

Hoda, loved your comments. LOL Will throw pillows, but have no hope on adjusting his attitude. Boy, you really zoomed in to see the blankets and where they are from.

Whoops....a big poof!
Kay said…
I saw SHIRLEY's heads up and got in on the action---love watching those birds !
JudyE said…
posted pic one the EM and some also on FB now I will poof

Loved it that we all could blog at once with them there like ole times

can't wait till we are waiting for a hatch all night or not Love it
Kay said…
LOLLY, I don't recognize the logo on those blankets like HODA does, but am interested in the history on those beautiful walking sticks hanging on the wall. Hope everyone knows they can click on the first picture and all will enlarge for a really good look at your traveling Paradise.
Hoda said…
I thought maybe they were from Banff or Jasper so I zoomed in. Right away I remembered how sad you were when the Colorado floods washed out the roads to Estes Park. You love that are so it makes sense to have them be from there.
Kay said…
Thank you, JUDYE ! You are SO right. It's good to be together again as we watch our beloved Belle and Shep !!!

Men just don't "get" throw pillows ! I love to tuck a good one into the small of my back when on the couch or in a living room chair. Julie made several for the living room and some really nice ones for the trundle bed in "Seth's room" aka my TV and recliner room.
Kay said…
I guess it's more accurately a daybed. Forms a nice sofa for everyday use and there is an extra bed underneath that can be pulled out. Between that, the queen size bed that pops up out of the couch and my double bed I can sleep 6 people in my small place. Have never had more than 3 at a time here as Julie's large house accommodates many more. Tough part is I have only one bathroom ! Anyway, come on by and I'll provide bed and breakfast !!!!
Kay said…
Now I'm off...have a great evening all !
NatureNut said…
Good,good Evening, Eagle Buds! Guess I just missed seeing our nest birds.
Was at Park today and got MORE eagle surprises!!! Happy New Year!!! We saw in AM a couple juvie eagles flying over River behind the Visitor's Center as seen in the area in my first picture on Saturday's set in the Nook. But then I looked out the back windows that show the River AND there were about 4 or 5 juvies sitting at the edge of the River channel!!!!!!Be still, my heart. Of course when going outside to get a better look, most flew up and down, so no chance for a group portrait! I was told by Greg, our top naturalist, that these eagles had appeared at the Park while I was out of town at Xmas. Figures, but SO glad they are still here. I was flying South & maybe they flew North or perhaps they're around all year but we don't see them this much.
I do not have to work at Chelsea Exhibit shop tomorrow, so if I don't go through all my pics tonight, I've got Wednesday also!
Hope you won't get bored seeing so many similar birds!!!! I did see one adult with them and at one time 2 juvies were chasing another who must have had some food! Pics will tell, I hope!
Lolly said…
The throw pillows are necessary for making it comfortable for watching TV or just lounging on the sofa. Lean up against the wall and put your feet up!
Lolly said…
Leftover stew tonight, made with fresh dumplings. Hungry!

You might know, NOW I get my live cam up and running. Grrrrr!
Evening all :-)

Snowing lightly here..they are calling for 3-5 " through the night. Will take my time getting to work in the morning .

Larry arriving later this week.
Janet said…
Good evening all.
Frigid cold out there! Had to go into the ice rink to warm up!
Been a busy day.
Olivia and her coach worked on her program. It is coming together quickly. I showed the coach her costume and she approved. This is very exciting! Loved watching her skate tonight.
So glad to be home and in the warmth. It never got above 20 at my home today. all this cold…and no snow. (insert sad face here). Even FLORIDA is getting ice and snow, for goodness sakes!
There is something mildly amusing about that in my head. I’m sure the people that far south aren’t too awfully thrilled.
This has been a week. Are there any momster rules about injuries????
Sunday, when I was cooking dinner (still not feeling great and had a massive spasm in my left shoulder)…as I was moving something around on the counter, I knocked a pot of butter beans (yes, hot ) onto my foot and the floor. Thankfully it didn’t spill open onto my foot but all over the floor.
I talked to the bosses and had myself taken off of deep tissue work for the week. My shoulder,although feeling better, is sore like it had a massive Charlie horse…and I don’t want to over do it.
So then last night, cooking dinner, I burned my finger in the oven and had a massive blister on my finger.
I think I need some bubble wrap for myself! Yikes! Lavender and tea tree oil have helped the burn to heal nicely already and there is no pain. I just have to keep it clean. So I wore a glove, like a dr would wear, on my one hand today while working.
My boss looks at me and says, January has been alttile rough for you Janet. All I could do was say yep but its getting better.
All right, enough jabber. Nothing much going on. Just glad to be inside and warm.
Everyone, stay safe in this crazy weather. Light, love, hugs and smiles!
stronghunter said…
Oh my! Take care of yourself, Kay.
stronghunter said…
Sitting by the fire reading reports of snow nearby.
Lolly said…
Have been playing on fb. Now I am going to put my nose into a book.
magpie said…
I ain't gonna lie...
I am too slam wore out to read backwards, much...
I know I am woefully behind
in keeping up with posts, eagle sightings and eagle news
Momster and Dadster and Kidster Birthdays.....

and just about everything else

all 55 WV counties are either closed or on delay,...only about 8 have delays, the rest, closed...'

this is a winter to be remembered and forgotten !!

Best wishes to All, for
Sweeeeet Sleep

Prayers for Wellness, Amongst us
All, our Families, Friends, and Pets...

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
Judie said…
Hi everyone,

No snow predicted here so just hope those who get more stay as safe and warm as possible.

Busy day. Exciting event. Spoke with an historian at WV Univ. regarding some geneology help. He was very kind and seemed genuinely interested in helping. Hope this will be another piece to the puzzle.

Started sorting through some papers, putting things into meaningful categories. Long task ahead.

So, as I type I hear the sandperson complaining about needing more blankets and a larger satchel. Says Hoda is unhappy and wants to mix an especially potent sleepy dust for her.

Headed to the pillows. New book. Might use for the police. The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
magpie said…
I'll take the sleepy dust, Judie....

woke up this morning to a raging verbal mess from upstairs....

Is it really terrific Tuesday?
I'll take your all's take on that!

G'NIght xoxoxox
LynneDUH! said…
The Gift of Fear...really good book. Read it years ago, might have to revisit that one!

Evening all!

Lori, how was the presentation?


Lolly, please stop throwing pillows. That sort of thing will not bode well in your bid for QUEEN.

Just started snowing here. I am NOT habby.

Must get to bed. Our "inspection" on the old place is tomorrow at 9am. The place is cleaner now than when we moved in! Now if only I could get a handle on the mess HERE! Looks like Sanford and Son live here....

Good night and prayers for all!
JudyE said…
waiting for the sandman while drinking sleepytime tea

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Mema Jo said…
Good Late evening ♥
My deck is white with S**W

Thanks for all the conversations on the blog this evening....

Goodnight my friends SED
Lolly said…
Sorry, LynneDuh! As Queen I think one should be able to throw pillows or anything else, for that matter.

Gott go get a picture to show all of you. Back in a minute!
Lolly said…
Well, drat! That did not work. Going to have to figure that one out!

Time to head to the pillows. Need to get ready for the visit from the sandperson!

SED!! Stay warm! Presently 21 and they said headed to 14 in the morn. Sigh.....

Oh, niece in Atlanta today took 5 hours to get home from work. Hubby could not get home. Spending night at work. Not good!
Hoda said…
Good night all.
God Bless Us All
Be careful with the cold, the snow and the icy roads.
Weather speaks of snow tomorrow.
The first in almost two and a half weeks!
Temperatures here is five presently will go up to twelve tomorrow. Again the coldest we have been in almost three weeks.
Lori said…
Good morning everyone!

We made it to Hump Day!

So much to do, so little time. URGH!

Have a great, safe, warm day full of smiles and joy.

Hoda said…
Oh Thank Heavens!
I was wrong
I was wrong
I was wrong
I was wrong!
The weather, yes we will get snow Wed Th and Friday
Yet catch this:
It is 28 now and will be 36 Wednesday!
Continues in the 30's for the week.
Hoda said…
I gave you Ottawa temperatures!
Poor Chaps!
Hoda said…
Have a terrific day LORI.
Love and Light and Hugs to see you through your day.
Hoda said…
Just for the record the Sand man had yet to ale an appearance.
I tallied a Friends of Kootenay Lake survey.
I did it by hand.
I entered it electronically.
I made corrections


I emailed it off.
It was due February 12,2014


Fiddle Dee Dum!!!
Something about a cat I think??!
Hoda said…
Maybe the sandman stopped for am Ale?
He certainly did not MAKE an appearance.
Time to put the phone away...
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends! 13 degrees here, feels like -3, about 6 inches of powdery snow and it's still falling. Schools are closed - this makes snow day #5!! This is definitely going to interfere with Little Miss's arrival in June! My school year will be ending right at her delivery time!! Could get interesting!!

Janet, what wonderful news for your friend, Chris!! So much more optimistic than you thought!!

Judy, hope Jordyn is feeling better today.

Lolly, the RV looks great - bet you can't wait to hit the road!!

Talked to Mom yesterday and she had a good night's sleep Monday night and an OK day yesterday. She is starting to feel a little hungry and feels like she's really turning the corner on this episode - fingers crossed.

Have a great day everyone - stay warm.
Sandi said…
Looks like no new snow in Shepherdstown - nest is snow free ... and MT at 6:50am.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
JudyE said…
color on the nest which is MT still Come on eagle eagle eagle eagle
JudyE said…
once again the still cam is ahead of the live with the colors coming on Odd how that happens
JudyE said…
Great news about your mom SANDI hope this trend continues
Janet said…
Good morning all. Bbbbbrrrrr 4 degrees at my house.
Feeling badly for all those stranded in the south! Stranded on the interstate for nearly 24 hours due to ice. Ice is not nice. What a mess!
Just cold cold cold here. One massage today then some light housework, laundry and take Olivia to sylvan. Typical day.
Love reading about LOLLY’S new adventure….the trailer is gorgeous. Love her lollyizing!
LORI : looking forward to AUG 2! I’m in ! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES! What a grand day that will be!
Hoping everyone has a good day, warm, dry and safe. Light, love, and hugs to all!
Janet said…
SANDI: yes, much better news than originally thought.

glad your mom is doing better.....continued healing thoughts and energies coming....
JudyE said…
I hear a flock of GEESE
JudyE said…
729 and still no eagle to be seen
JudyE said…
or maybe they landed in the NHZ and not showing themselves this am
JudyE said…
Talked with Angie last night and she said Jordyn temp was completely gone Amazing how meds kicked the flu BUTT
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