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New week thread.


magpie said…
Oh How Way Cool...I get a minute to stop by and there you are, Steve,
with a brand new thread!

Thank You ☺
Happy Monday
Happy Week !
Mema Jo said…
Lucky lucky you
My last comment on the old post took forever ------ I decided to check for a new one and Here You Are...In fact my last comment was after your call over!

Thank you Steve for our Monday fresh
thread! It was needed ♥ Have a good week and don't wish for snow!

Hoda said…
Thank you STEVE
Thank you MARGY
Grateful for your wise counsel JO.

I have had the window open most of the morning.
Time to close them and take a nap before yoga!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Two of my fav peeps on here!
gail babger said…
Hi I am new. When do you see the eagles on the Outdoor cam? Do they have babies yet? How old are the parent eagles?
gail babger said…
Hope I am not bugging you all too much. Took me forever to figure out how to get here.
Gail, the eagles have been appearing in the morning and at dusk....eggs aren't expected until early February. We believe Belle to be at least 13-14 years old, and Shep is probably 6-7 years old.
Hoda said…
The Trans Canada has been closed from Lake Louise to Fields due to high avalanche risk. Mild temperatures causing them to trigger several avalanches.
It is a road LOLLY & JACK know well as they have travelled it.

Decided to do housework instead of a nap so I can sleep soundly tonight.

Laundry it seems to me I always have laundry to do!!!
Lolly, are you trading in your old trailer on the new one?
Hoda said…
Welcome GAIL.
Your questions were answered by an expert! Way to go PAULA. Glad you found your way here GAIL.
Hoda said…
PAULA I do believe LOLLY said a trade in is what they did. She kept the old trailer in top shape for sure. Founds like they got a really good deal on the new trailer too.
Hoda said…
Make that sounds not founds!!!
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Have been MIA again. Ken caught some kind of intestinal flu, and I'm recovering from a not-TOO-bad bout of gout in the toe. I haven't been able to hobble around much, and now find that I have large amounts of laundry to wash, and need to catch up on other housework too. Also need to finally put Christmas back in the box until next year. The winds are blowing again today, but the gardener comes back tomorrow, so will let him deal with the cleanup.

Sorry to hear about Paula's Larry hurting his leg/ankle! Hope it's much better now.

Really sorry to hear that Megan and family have had to say goodbye to their Snowy dog. What a heartbreak. I'm sure you were excellent parents to him, though.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, LOLLY! So habby to hear of your new trailer!
It's beautiful!!

Delphia, thank you for taking in those 3 poor birds! I pray that they all recover.

Lynne & Steve, I'm thrilled that you're finally in your new abode.
Can't think of a more perfect place for you! Lynne, hope you're feeling better!

Well, better go and get some wash done. Ken went back to work today, and don't want him thinking I've been doing nothing all day!

Have a good afternoon/evening, everyone, and I'll try to get back here after dinner. I ♥ us!!
Hoda said…
We, the Brits and to a lesser degree the French are very amused by the mess President Hollande finds himself in.
7 years ago he left his first mistress with whom he has had four kids, and took up with a journalist. She in turn has been The First Lady of France and lives in the presidential palace. Well this week it turns out His Excellency has been going incognito on a motorcycle to visit with an actress several years his junior!
Photos and all!!! The First Lady is in hospital and will be there for a week they think! He is threatening to sue!!! Invasion of privacy. The French want to know about economic policy since they are tanking out. No word of the third mistress!!!
Ah! Oui!! Les Francais sont romantique!!!
Her Majesty is not amused!
We wished our drab Prime Minister would just leave office scandal or not!!!
Judie said…
Hoda, I read news articles about President Hollande and his trysts. As you say, Oui, les Francais sont romantique. Glad you got some house chores done. Enjoy yoga. Sandperson has you first on the list.

Welcome, Gail. You walked in the door to join a wonderful family of eagle lovers and supportive friends. What part of the country/world are you?

Off to the scullery. New recipe tonight. Baked chicken breast coated in spicy mayo and crunched up potato chips with shredded lettuce on a toasted bun. Of course, I have backup Popeye's coupon.

gail babger said…
Thank you Paula Eagleholic for the answers. I must be doing something wrong. Everyone has a "B" by their name, while I have a "g". This is so new to me. A person in our rental property told me about this cam and the Blog.
Sandi said…
Hi all! Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Margy for the call over!

Welcome Gail - we're glad you found us!!

JudyE said…
can anyone tell whos tail that is
JudyE said…
live has nite lite on
Sandi said…
Gail, you aren't doing anything wrong. Most of us have yahoo accounts that we use for the blog, while you found your way to it via Google+. No big deal.

Judy, are you sure you see 2 eagles? I'm only seeing one.
JudyE said…
.♥ ♥ WELCOME ♥ ♥.

to the BLOG GAIL

JudyE said…
and I must say also you will never meet a better bunch of eagle addicts than on here

JudyE said…
I left this on the old thread when I came home and didn't find the thread until I read Margy comment

JO I had said earlier in the day when I was at lunch that I was gonna let it go I just don't think its right that they block from me making a innocent comment that is true and I feel like I have been chastised by them for no reason Found Guilty without a trial in a way .
but this is the last of it and I still can see the pic on the site
JudyE said…
YEP SAW two saw the head of one for a quick and also on the EAGLE CAM they said there was two posted on FB
Lori said…


Tell us everything, I'm dying to know. LOL. Seriously, what state are you in?

Most of us are semi-close to the nest, WV, MD, DE, VA.

Then there's JudyE who is in Florida. Hoda lives in this great place called Nelson, British Columbia. Lolly resides in Texas, Andy is in California. Apologies to anyone I forgot.

Anyway, welcome. We're so happy to have you.

stronghunter said…
Hi Gail!

Welcome! Nice to meet you. Don't think you are the only one with a Google connection to the blog. I believe maybe Lydia has one too. No big deal.
Sandi said…
OK, Judy, I believe ya!

1 work day down!

Andy, Christmas back in the box - I love it!!

Hoda, picked up an audiobook for school from the public library at 5:15 this evening and it wasn't dark out yet!! The days are gettin' longer!!! :)

Time to work on food for pets and people - later!
Lori said…
YAY, so happy the eagles were here.

I'm a little nervous about my report. Instructor said this morning, that what she's seeing in grading them is typical of first case studies, but she has 2 more to read yet. I'm just hoping mine is a little more than that and one of the two she hasn't read yet. Should get it back with her notes tomorrow, then she'll issue the grades in another day or two - they say it gives students a cooling off period and time to read all the teacher's comments before getting hysterical over their grade. So, I'm a lot nervous about it.

Love you all! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
JudyE said…
GAIL when the blog was first started it was BLOGGER but GOOGLE the giant it is merged with blogger or took it over I should say that is why you have google Blogger is no longer from what I can remember with the merge

and yep where do you hail from

we also had Geula she is from overseas It slips my mind for now

Has anyone heard from her or Movin Jim and hows Red I wonder maybe they will come back closer to egg time

We had a theater shooting today over someone texting during the movie so sad and the shooter was a retired 71old police officer One person dead the texter
stronghunter said…
Thanks for making the contact with Steve, Jo. Let's just hope the tree stays intact for as long as our eagles need it.
LynneDUH! said…
Lynne2 is gone. there is only LynneDUH! and my favorite color is clear.
stronghunter said…
Heard about the shooting, Judy. Terrible situation.

Geula is in Israel.

And Chrissy is in the UK.

Red is on FB. Do not know about Jim.
JudyE said…
GAIL we all have info on our blogger if you click on our name you will see our personal blogs with pic and some general info some of us have

I am from Fl as been told and its 70°
had to add that LOL no I am not rubbing it in with salt LOL
that is why I live here you will hear me complain when it is cold and it will be another 39° coming up this week HODA close the freezer door please

I have to adult children and one grand daughter I work at Walmart and plan on retiring in a couple of years I hope and be just like HODA LO

I had the pleasure in meeting several of the momster and dadster when I went up in 2011 and got to see the nest and ate on campus Such a beautiful place our eagle live They use to have OPEN house sort of every year but not the past couple of years due to budget cuts but it was fun I will always remember that week

OK I guess I am again a blog hog and broke the in a roll comments

I change my avatar JO is this one better on your eyes than the other
I just love the moving one Silly me doesn't take much to make me happy
JudyE said…
LYNNEDUH I love it no 2
Hoda said…
5:15 that is cool.
4:13 sunset here and yes we are gaining!
Life is Soooooooo good!
Happy Happy Happy Dance!

JudyE said…
I got service error 503 agaom but just arrowed back

SHIRLEY Thanks for the info on Geula I forgot She was last on FB months ago someone posted on her page
Hoda said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
SR 7:24
ss 5:56
for FL
WAXING Gibbous is the moonphase

Hoda said…
Double posted on its own with a service error message telling me to try to refresh!
Well I am refreshing myself right off to yoga and Herbs of BC class!!!
JudyE said…
Herbs HODA not for brownies I hope LOL
JudyE said…
LYNNEduh I told my co workers about your favorite color and guess what they want to steal your idea LOL I told them I would ask you LOL
gail babger said…
Thanks everyone seem very nice and helpful. We are living at a place called Falling Waters, West Virginia. Don't know if any of you know where that is. We have not been at this place too long. We do seem to move around lots due to my boyfriends job. He thinks we might be able to stay in this area for a longer time than the other places we have lived. That would be nice. I am 47, I have no children - sadly. Had cancer early in life and that ended that hope. Always talking and looking at other peoples babies.
JudyE said…

JudyE said…
JudyE said…
GAIL so sorry about the cancer
We all hate the big C
JudyE said…
GAIL don't forget at the end of 200 comments unless you get them emailed to you you will have to f5 or click on newest comment Don't want you to get lost
gail babger said…
Thank you JudyE did not know that.
I do have to go now. Helping a neighbor. Maybe I can get on to watch the cam tomorrow and will be lucky enough to see the eagles.
Thank you everyone.
JudyE said…
GAIL if you have any question please feel free to ask If we know the answer we will answer the best we can I talk for one and all

GAIL I check the email box and get them in my email lot easier instead of F5 so when my email chimes I can just read it I get lost and forget to write down the time that I stopped reading the page so email is easier for me there are two other peeps that do that also To each their own You may want to try it
JudyE said…
BTW I love your deer avatar is that from your yard Lots of peep up there get to see them in the wild and in their yards not so much in Fl we have them but don't see as often see lots of coyotes instead
JudyE said…
Need to jump in the shower BBIALW
JudyE said…


and you got another feather Yeah I haven't gotten one in forever it seems

LynneDUH! said…
welcome Gail! You are very close to a few of our momsters and the nest, too!
JudyE said…
someone can tell her about the curve in the road to the nest That is a great place to see the nest if you can't get on the NCTC grounds

JudyE said…
LYNNEduh what is your avatar of CLEAR LOL
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
So glad you have joined us Gail. You are only about 20 minutes from the nest!!
JudyE said…
paint??? I have tried to enlarge and still can't figure out Do you want a eagle that moves I can post the web page I found them on ??????????????????????????????????????????????

still need to get that shower need to stop running of at the fingers not mouth LOL

Mema Jo said…
Judy I don't mind your avatar - the nodding eagle!

I hope Gail does come back - she will be surprised that we all know of Falling Waters WV.

LynneDUH - You are still our Clear Friend - right? Glad you had the day off.

Mema Jo said…
My live feed is down along with everyones... Not sure who reset it
last time... I emailed so many different people......
I put the message on FB Live Eagle Cam... might just work

Almost time for Jeopardy
Then 9:00 is Major Crimes
And at 10:00 is Castle......

If I don't make it back - Goodnight and SED... ♥
Welcome Gail .

LOL i told my new coworkers about Lynne's clear saying too. My boss loved it.

Sandi said…
Hey all, just read this on Facebook about Blackwater Eagles:

On the Eagle Cam today, we saw the male bring the female food, and tonight the female appears to be staying on the nest. We've also seen her looking under herself a good bit. All of these are normally signs of an egg on the way.

Can someone tell me the name of Delphia's FB page to save me from looking back at the old thread? Thx.

Jo, thanks for sharing Steve's answer about the tree. I always thought the white on the trunk was just the natural color of the sycamore, but am happy to know that no one has doctored any of the tree branches in an effort to strengthen them.

Hi LynneDUH!

OK, back to school work.
LynneDUH! said…
Sandi, invite to BG's FB page sent to your email.

LynneDUH! said…
Sandi, invite to BG's FB page sent to your email.

LynneDUH! said…
I also saw the BW news a few minutes ago.....very exciting!! We are usually about 3 weeks behind them, right?
Sandi said…
Lynne, thanks for the invite - I have Liked Delphia's FB page.

Last year (or was it the year before), Belle laid her first egg on Super Bowl Sunday and, yes indeedy, that is in 3 weeks! Belle and Shep could be "gettin' busy" in the NHZ and we would never know it. Let's hope!

OK, now really, back to school work!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
What page are you speaking of that belongs to Delphia?
JudyE said…

Our Birdgirl page
LynneDUH! said…
Has anyone heard from or been in touch with Chrissy??

LynneDUH! said…
This LynneDUH!'s no joke. I have screwed up more things in the past few days than ever. Not major things (yet!) but geez. I think I am just in so much pain from over doing and so frustrated because of the danger of NSAIDs for me... *%$^&#**#(@@
Sandi said…
Falling asleep at my computer - time to call it a night.

Lynne, I'm sorry you are in so much pain.

Saw a field of snow geese on my way home from school this afternoon, so I stopped and snapped a photo with my cell phone. Loved sitting on the side of the road listening to them happily honking away! Photo is posted on my blog.

G'night everyone - see ya in the AM. Hoping that Blackwater has some good news to share tomorrow!
LynneDUH! said…
Meanwhile, this place is rockin' with birds! Really looking forward to the Great Backyard Bird Count
LynneDUH! said…
No face planting Sandi!
Judie said…
Evenin' all.

Have sent several ecards to Chrissy over the past year. Never receive a response. Can only hope she and family are okay.

Early but headed to watch a bit of tv and then to the pillows.

Night light is on and sandperson is stuffing his bag. Headed to visit Hoda first. Pleasant dreams and restful sleep for all.

LynneDUH! said…
thanks Judie. Maybe she'll resurface some day.
stronghunter said…
Gail, when we get to post #200, I click on "Newest" in the section in which the number of posts are seen.

magpie said…

Eagle looking pretty settled onto the nest at
yes, that family has surely ahead of OUR family on egg-laying

Hoping there is one, or will be one
at their roost soon !!
magpie said…
Hoping for the best possible outcomes with
Bird Girl's latest bird rescue venture...those little feathered friends are in good hands!

Welcome, Gail !!

magpie said…
interesting that the BWO cam refreshes at 15 seconds, but the eagle cam refreshes at 25...
that will probably change here pretty soon

Best Wishes for All Things Blackwater this year for Lisa and her team !
magpie said…
If I had kids, pets, a spouse and a bigger place to take care of....I would be a wreck with these 12-hour shifts....I do not know HOW my co-workers have been managing all this time when I have only been on five, eight hour shifts.....

Time to dent the pillows and set all the alarm clocks...

((HUGS)) pals...
Prayers for Wellness Amongst Us

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo
LynneDUH! said…
I'm looking forward to nesting and all of the nest season bloggers returning!
Janet said…
Good evening to all.
LYNNE2: I am anxious for Olivia to START Sylvan.
They completely revamped the school schedule at Lead Academy. I don’t know why, just know they did. Her math class now only has 6 students and a different teacher. They took ELA and divided it into reading and writing, two completely separate classes. There is science, social studies, art and music too. This is the first time they have had music @ Lead. I am glad. Just kind of odd to me changing in the middleof a school year.
I drafted a letter to each teacher to let them know Olivia starts Sylvan on Wednesday and they can anticipate a phone call/email from the director. I’ll be glad when this is underway!
BIRDGIRL: I so admire you for what you have done and are doing. Blessings….
LORI: how is the presentation coming along?
AHHA, a new person! HI GAIL B ! Good to meet you. Welcome! I am JUDYE’s sister. I live in Nashville, TN.
LYNNEDUH: feel better.

Its been a busy day….Work was good.
We had another Seven strikes again. Sheesh….. heeler pups! Our cable went out. Been going in and out….for a few days. SOOOO, my sweet dear husband went outside to find the cable wire chewed quite literally in half. (sigh). It is now fixed.
Chalk up another one for the pup.

It has rained all day. I was glad to be inside and comfy at work.
My pal Chris went to the oncologist today. PET scan and bone marrow scan over the next two weeks. Then we will know more.
Well its getting late. Need to hit the bed. Good night to all. SED!
JudyE said…
forgot to drink my sleepy time tea having it now

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
LynneDUH! said…
I'm hitting the hay too. Got coverage at work again for tomorrow. I haven't called out sick for 3 years. sigh....

Pain Pain go away...LOL!

Hope tomorrow will be better but if not, I'm off on Wed anyway so surely by then I will have recovered.

Good night and prayers for all!
Mema Jo said…
Everything is closing down - even ME

Looking at BWE with the female in the nest really gets me excited!
Anxious for our Royal Couple to get started - Another couple weeks.

Goodnight to all ♥
Lolly said…
Good evening!

Paula, yes, we traded in our old trailer. They gave us 2,400 and we grabbed it quick! Very thankful to not worry about selling it.

GAIL, sorry I missed you today and welcome to the blog. Yes, I am in Texas but I have been to the nest twice, have had personal and up close experience with our eagles. Have also met some of these fantastic momsters in person. You could not meet nicer folks!!!

Did not hear anything from the rv dealership today, disappointed but not surprised.

This weekend Jacob played on my laptop and our computer. He downloaded stuff he should not have downloaded and Jack has spent the day trying to get them back to normal. Has called our computer expert friend for advice. The stuff he downloaded does not want to be uninstalled. Anyway, Jack has cleaned up his computer and is going to run a program on my laptop tonight.

Jacob will have new rules the next time he wants on our computers!!

Very exciting about BW. It just does not seem to be the time. We need to see the weeks of HP!!!

LynneDuh......I think you are so tired you have gone looney. Oh, wait....I think you were already looney!!Love you!!!

Night all! Time to turn my laptop over to Jack.

LynneDUH! said…
oh Lolly, you are just jealous because

you can't see all the pretty butterflies dancing 'round my unicorn la la la laaaaaaaaa so pretty!
Hoda said…
Wellness class was very informative.
I learnt a lot.
Had supper out of it too!
I thought you all would like to know that one of the ways to avoid depression and anxiety is to cut down on the marijhuana use!!! Honestly that is how it was worded!!!
I almost burst out in laughter!!!
Marijhuana also causes psychosis so if you want to avoid that do not become a frequent user!!'
And I almost fell off my chair as desert was brownies!!!
I did laugh!!!
Hoda said…
God Bless Us All

JUDIE no sign of the Sandman!!!
Oh my I did eat a brownie with my cup of herbal tea!!!
Hoda said…
Well the strangest and saddest story I heard today keeps running in my mind.
Two Nelson Sisters in their fifties and sixties both are married to healthy men. The oldest sister's husband was shovelling sow on Sunday. He had a heart attack and died. So the youngest sister went to the oldest sister's house and then the funeral parlour to help make the arrangements.
While there today the police arrived to tell her, her husband was found dead by a neighbour. He too was out shovelling snow!!!
Sad and shocking at the same time.
Lori said…
So true about shoveling snow. Sad story HODA.

Good morning all!

Lolly, guess you're just waiting to take delivery of the new trailer now? Can't wait for you and Jack to take it out the first time. You will love it!

Margy, WOW, 12 hour shifts. I'll be doing those for clinical later this year.

Haven't heard from KAY in a few days. KAY KAY KAY. I pray she is okay.

LynneDUH, sorry you're in so much pain. Big (((hugs)))

Janet, the presentation is going. Changed my theme to that of a children's storybook, and will likely have to get a life-life doll to interact with! I'll talk to the instructor today to see exactly what she wants covered.

I slept well the night before last. I upped the Estroven and a few herbs and it was great. It didn't work 2 nights in a row. Dang!

Off to study for an IV med administration test today.

Love you all. Hope everyone has a great, wonderful, safe and happy day. ♥

Sandi said…
Goodorming Lori and all my eagle friends. Couldn't get the live feed but the still is working - MT nest. Blackwater nest isn't MT though! :)

Lori, sorry for the sleepless night - good luck on getting your paper back today. I like the idea of getting the teacher's notes and THEN the grade after digesting the notes. Sadly, it does extend the anxiety, but you'll probably know if your grade will be good from the notes written on it.

Lynne, hope you feel better today!

Lolly, I know what you mean about kids downloading/installing things they shouldn't on your devices - gotta lay down the law.

Janet, prayers for Chris as she starts to learn more about her treatment options.

Raining here this morning and rain is predicted until this evening. Have a great day all.
Janet said…
good morning to all,

I hope that LYNNE finds herself feeling better this morning. Lots of water. Lots of tlc. Sending light and love, healing and comfort to you my friend.

SANDI: thank you. Chris, although has had her moments, is meeting this head on. No denial, but simply this is what I must do.

LORI: rock that presentation girl! Great idea!

LOLLY is wait wait waiting….difficult to do…

And oh my stars!!!!!!!!!!!! HODA HODA HODA! Where do you go to hear such things! Rothfscomn! (that would be Rolling on the floor snorting coffee outta my nose!)
I laughed laughed laughed, especially with the brownies for dessert! I hope you enjoyed your brownie! (and smiled the whole time)….cut down on use indeed! Lol.
Sounds like a good use of CHOCOLATE!

Well, some quick news…1. My son Michael has a truck driving job (for those not on facebook). He is interviewing today with a 2nd company (one he really wants) , but even if this doesn’t pan out, he starts orientation on Sunday with a company who is willing to take him on and train him.

Although I am thrilled for him and proud of him, the idea of my young en leaving home….well the mom comes thru at moments. Mostly, Ashley and I are busy helping him to prep. Like yesterday, I packed up some medications in case he catches a cold, etc…..Told him to make a list of things he needs, ie sheets etc. Most everything I probably have around here.

AND: two years ago I was fighting to get hens in Nashville…..our district and several others opted out. Well, it is up for review…and it has passed! Everything will be overturned and after the 3rd reading, EVERYONE can have up to 6 backyard hens, dependent upon the size of their yard!!!!
I will hold off about ayear I think, let my heelers mature a bit more. Seven had eated the tv cable over the past few days, (sigh) and we stood in the rain, with me holding an umbrella last night and Tom doing the repair.
Heelers. Gotta love em.
Gotta get moving. Have a great day! Light, love , healing, hugs and smiles to all!
Janet said…
and Hoda, so sad to hear of the two women. what a difficult situation ....light and love to them.
JudyE said…
still in the nest looks like trying out the cup
JudyE said…
not turned around and in middle of nest No head to be seen
JudyE said…
and we are back with a eagle in the nest
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
There were 2 in the nest, now one.
JudyE said…
Both are in the nest I put pic on fb
JudyE said…
We have another cold front movin in I hear thundering now


JudyE said…
and we are back or one never left
JudyE said…
can see sideways in the NHZ nice long visit today

got the pic in the album also now
JudyE said…
and maybe poof again or on the edge of the nest
JudyE said…

and now here comes the pouring rain Weather man advise wait 20min before leaving LOL because of some strong winds with this cell
I wonder if work would accept that as a excuse for being late The weatherman said so LOL

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Hmm, can't get the nest cam here.
JudyE said…


magpie said…
Good Morning Eagle Pals....
Rather looks like an EGG at Blackwater...things kind of
"glarey" there, will know soon, no doubt

magpie said…
So sorry to read of Lynne2's discomfort,
that new avatar is hilarious

Hoda...yes, sad, touching, so coincidental regarding the deaths of the two husbands...

I must return to work, we are one person short today....

xoxo Best Wishes for a Good Day.....
magpie said…
Oh boy.... I could be in Feather Envy Trouble:



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