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Cold, cold TGIF.

Fresh thread.


JudyE said…
stronghunter said…
Bringing over:

stronghunter said...
Okay, I am getting worried.

Hunter was in his room making odd noises. I asked him what he was doing, and he said his mom told him to clean his dresser, so he's doing it.

AND . . . he just asked me where the vacuum is.

Is this what a week of being at home watching TV has done to him??

Friday, January 24, 2014 11:09:00 AM Delete
stronghunter said…
Blogger stronghunter said...
All right--

She said she might allow him to play his Xbox if he does his chores. And, he has to send pictures to prove he has gotten things done.

She just called to see what chores I might want to add to the list.

Friday, January 24, 2014 11:14:00 AM Delete
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all again ♥

Thanks for the call over Judy

Steve, sorry you must be out in this cold but I'm sure you have seen colder. Thanks for our fresh new thread !
Lolly said…
Just a quick good morning, almost time to get the do done!

Saw 18 this morn, but it is going up and we have sun today! Houston is at a stand still with ice. No school down there! A strange occurrence for them.

Trailer still in the drive way. I checked. LOL
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
TGIF and cold is exactly right. 6° in Bluefield with wind chill -4°. I cannot get my feet warm.
stronghunter said…
Just got a call from the insurance guy. He had questions about the claim regarding the fire. Knew that would likely happen.

He wanted to know if my insurance company went after their insurance company. I was told that was not a possibility. Interesting.

Anyway, he said it should not be a problem. I hope not, but it is the reason I am not cutting ties with my present insurance coverage until I have everything taken care of. If I can't get insurance, I will not have a mortgage. That would be a problem, but I'm not expecting that to happen. Just need to hang in there for a bit.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - it sounds like your gs is having a transmission of character today! Alleluia - hoping it lasts for months!

Judie said…
Thank you Steve for the fresh Friday thread. Have a good weekend.

Thank you JudyE for hollerin' at us.

Ah, Jo, let's hope Hunter's alter personality lasts well into the future - for Shirley's sake.

Quiet here. Don't dare go out. Got a new psyc of crime book. May do some reading.

Yes, did a job on myself. Face flat down onto the floor.

Agree Lori's past career life should be a great help with her presentation. Prepared for a teaching interview. Allowed ten minutes. Practiced/adjusted until I got it down to nine. Three minutes seems very restrictive for the topic.

Herd of elephants at PP earlier. Keep checking but only find an MT nest.

stronghunter said…
Oh, Judie, I know how that is. Take your time to recover.
stronghunter said…
Yes, Kathryn is pretty good at using the carrot to get the results she wants.

Has been interesting.
stronghunter said…
Judie, I have wondered why I didn't catch myself when I did the faceplant onto the pavement, but I figure I would have broken both arms. That would have been pretty awful too.
Mema Jo said…
Took me a moment or two to remember that PP was Pete's Pond...

Need to go to the bear cams - Thanks Shirley for telling us about Juliet
Hoda said…
Thank you STEVE for new thread
Thank you JUDYE for call over.

JUDIE perhaps a trip to the doctor to make sure it is just bruising?

Having my tea and headed to yoga.
Volunteering today with Friends of Kootenay Lake.
Mema Jo said…
Thanks Shirley for announcing the cubs of Juliet ...........

Appropriately, on the anniversary Hope’s birth, we await the births of Juliet’s cubs. Hopefully, Juliet will hold off until we can get the Den Cam working again.

WOW! Juliet had cubs! We definitely have two, still determining if there are more. Techs are still working hard to get us back online to watch live. -
Judie said…
Bear page hasn't changed with an update on Juliet. So happy for her. So sad that DNR won't allow broadcasting. Grrrrr.

Shirley, don't know why I didn't catch myself better. Maybe my arms are too short. Just happened so quickly.

Hoda, I'm okay. Just ugly bruising and a swollen/bruised eye. Nothing broken. Thank you for caring.

Kathryn is a smart lady. Use what they want to get what you need.

Wonder if Lolly is taking a test nap in the trailer? lol


stronghunter said…
I was pulling a cart with my stuff in it when I fell. And was carrying a cup of coffee in the other hand. You don't really have time to decide about catching yourself.

The first responders told me that they thought I'd broken my nose. It was smashed flat. Might not hurt to see a doctor, Judie.

I do not understand about the DNR.
stronghunter said…
It was so cold that day that the spilled coffee froze almost immediately.
stronghunter said…
Going to find some lunch.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janet said…
Quick good afternoon to all.

CONGRATS: JUDYE to the new feather
THANKS to STEVE for the chilly new thread.
LOLLY: How’s the new trailer?
JUDIE: a trip to the dr might not be a bad idea? You sound pretty banged up.
STRONGHUNTER: isn’t it amazing when teens/preteens cooperate? I am always shocked…..right now livvy is in the procrastination stage and about to make me crazy…
I have slept. I went back to bed at 8 when got home from taking Olivia to school and got up @ 2. I will pick her up shortly and head back to the house I believe. I am still tired and puny feeling.
It is cold out so I felt a bowl of warm comfort food was in order. AKA cream of wheat.
Well Michael left out this morning. Wondering how he is doing. Its going to be weird no seeing him for days on end. We will adjust.
I’m sure I could choose to be doing something, but I’m sure I’m going to choose not to do anything.
Light, love, hugs and smiles to all. Must at least put some clothes on. Going to school in eyeore pjs’ might not make good fashion sense in the p.m.
stronghunter said…
Think I will order pizza tonight. Not in the mood to cook. Been cooking all week.
Sandi said…
Hello all - survived my grueling work week of 1/2 day on Tuesday and 2/3 of a day today! :)

Janet, Lynnis says the hardest days for her are when Brian first leaves; then she adjusts. I wasn't aware that Michael and Ashley live in the same house with you and Tom & Livvy - has that always been the case or is this something new? It sure will make things easier for Ashley with Michael gone.

Got an email from Brian saying that Lynnis would like me not to call the baby "Baby Girl" whenever I refer to her in an email b/c that is Posey the pig's nickname. I emailed back that (1) Baby Girl was my nickname for Madeline (my sister's daughter) when she was little, (2) I wasn't aware that Posey's nickname was Baby Girl, and (3) if they would just tell me what her REAL name is I would be happy to call her THAT instead of "Baby Girl!" Haven't gotten a response from Brian and really don't expect to. So, any thoughts on what I should call my granddaughter for the next 5 months?? I just don't get all this mystery about her name!

Talked with Mom and she said she got the best night's sleep last night that she has had in weeks. She decided to take 2 oxycodone instead of one at bedtime. She is using a walker b/c she feels a little off-balance on the pain meds, but her appetite is coming back a little. I just hope she's on the upswing now instead of this 2 steps forward and one step back. I asked her about drinking Ensure when I was there and she didn't want me to buy it for her. She's not a smoothie person. She had made a big pot of soup a few days before we got there so I divided it into smaller containers and put some in the refrig and the rest in the freezer.

OK, Bandit is howling so I need to pay some attention to him. he forgets that I'm sitting about 4 feet away from him!! Later!
Lori said…
Sandi, forgive me, but I'm LOL at the reprimand for calling the baby girl, Baby Girl, because that's the pig's name. I needed that smile! Your reply was great! Glad I'm not the only one with the Land's End zipper problem - I call my long coat the 40 below since it's good to that cold! Love it.
How is your Mom doing today?

Kay, glad you got a new coat you like so much, and sorry I missed that post, when I wasn't even skimming. Have a fabulous evening with Seth!

JUDIE, you know the rule! OMG! I hope you are okay. I know you would have told us if you weren't but that had to have hurt! Big hugs.

Janet, I'm with Sandi - I didn't know Michael lived downstairs, either. What A great arrangement for them. Bet they love it!

Lolly, Hope you had a terrific time with the photo shoot. Can't wait to see the pics!

Love You ALL!

stronghunter said…
No need to order pizza unless I want some myself. Kathryn and Hunter are going out tonight.
Kay said…
STEVE, as always we thank you for the nice new thread ! Hmmm, can a feather be split twixt two for JUDYE and SHIRLEY ?

SANDI, guess you're just going to have to say "the baby". Wish Lynnis and Brian would just call her whatever they wish and give all the grandparents the same latitude ! ☺ Back in my day we didn't know gender, so for months we called Eileen "Herkimer", then figured the 2nd would also be a girl and called her "Lil' Blossom", when Lee was expected he was "The Mad Punter" because he was so much more active than his older sisters. Bottom line, a miracle is on the way for all of you ! Hallelujah--a good nights sleep is just what your mother needed !!!

SHIRLEY, speaking of miracles, Hunter has done one of those little turnarounds---however, as you know from parenting four, it's often two steps forward and one step back. Kathryn's on the right track I believe ! Fingers crossed on the insurance front.

Anyone know if LOLLY and the boys were in Dallas for the photo shoot today ? Hope so !

JUDIE, so sorry your lovely face is all bruised and icky ! Hoping for quick healing.

JANET, hope you lose the puniness soon. You must have gotten a little run down while taking such good care of Tom and Olivia. Best of luck to Michael---our fears always seem to be worse than reality.

While freezing cold, it was sunny all day and the roads were dry, so Seth and I went northwest about 10 miles for lunch at Chili's. They got a new Mexican menu two days ago, so I went with it---surprisingly good, soft taco, cheese enchilada, rice and black beans, nicely spiced. It's not easy to please this Arizona girl in that regard, but they did it !

Came home to a wild Penny welcome and spent the afternoon, reading, doing a jigsaw and we girls had a quick nap.

Take care one and all ! Love and prayers !


stronghunter said…

Shep, I think. Not sure.

Moving a large stick.
Sandi said…
I can just make out a spot on Shep
s head. Hi Shirley, I'm here watching with ya!
stronghunter said…
Yes, I saw that spot, too.
Lori said…
So nice to see an eagle in the nest, even if is just the back end.

SANDI, also meant to tell you that there's a couple great newer medicines to increase appetite and they really work well. Dad took it after his cancer surgery last year. He took Megastal, or something close to that.
Hoda said…
SANDI how about my Grand Daughter or my GD?

I am not sure if LYNNIS & BRIAN are doing this but many here wait to hear from the baby for her choice of name.
It is said in Buddhism that babies whisper their chosen name to the mother? Maybe they do not know yet!

I am with LORI I had a big laugh at the whole issue and your response is stellar!

Very good volunteering with Friends of Kootenay Lake. They are such a joy. They listen to advice well and act on my suggestions to organize things a bit for efficiencies sake. This part of the story they missed somehow while they were growing up!

Saw HUNTER WANNABES today! Shorts no jackets! It is only 32 now SERIOUSLY!!!
I laughed.
Hoda said…
Oh dear!!!
No no no!!!
I now see the problem with GD!!!
LOL!!! Oh My
No cursing allowed.
The Wee Lassie?

Lori said…
SANDI, it's was Megace that my dad took, but I think there's a Megastrol, too, to stimulate appetite.


stronghunter said…
Oh, the feather goes to Judy. I came over in response to her post on the old thread.
Judie said…
Two eagles when I looked a minute or two ago. Rearranging the furniture. Just hope the weather warms before the eaglets arrive.

Speaking of arriving, how about TANFM (translates to The Anticipated New Family Member and pronounced tanfum).

I do appreciate the concern. I am bruised and look dreadful but not in pain. What I dislike is not being about to go out in public - well, maybe I could find a Burka. Darth refers to me as scarface. Grrrr.

Shirley, how about a grilled cheese and an early night in the recliner?

Off to the scullery. Steak, skillet roasted red pots, salad.

Whole night of First 48. Yea!


stronghunter said…
Picture of Shep on my blog.
stronghunter said…
Oh, steak sounds good. Hmmm, I will have to think. I am hungry.
Sandi said…
Lori, thanks for the info. on drugs that increase appetite - will mention that to Mom! Great idea - Mom commented to me today that she looks like a Holocaust survivor!

Hoda, the name thing in this case is hardly spiritual! Lynnis likes unusual names and doesn't want anyone to criticize her choice and/or try to coerce her to change it. I'm pretty sure Lynnis has already picked a name b/c Brian has commented that he is trying to come up with his own nickname since he doesn't care for the name Lynnis loves. I would suggest "Squirt" or "Pipsqueak" as Baby Girl's new nickname but I doubt that Lynnis would like either of those. I'll come up with something benign.

Time to feed people and pets and then we have to get to the grocery store - didn't make it yesterday.
Lori said…
Shirley, thank you for the pics of Shep. I can barely see where his spot used to be. Dang, I loved having that spot as an identifier. :)

Sandi, nice of Brian to let Lynnis name the baby a name he doesn't even like. I can't wait to hear the baby name now that you said she likes unusual names.

Can't wait for LOLLY to check in and see how her day went.

Hoda, your weekend plans are? You always have something exciting going on! I loved your philosophy of the baby naming itself. How cool.

Janet, have you heard from Michael? How is his road trip going?

Jo, I assume that you'll be staying inside for the next week with all the wicked cold weather expected.

The weather was all the headlines on the TV news tonight. Brutally cold through next week with more snow on the way here.

Forgive me if I do not check in tomorrow morning. I can easily let the blog and other things online distract me, but I'm thinking if I don't allow myself to get online until I've finished my Nutrition project (another Diet Diary), I might actually get 'er done!
I was hoping to get it done tonight and just work on my Pediatrics project tomorrow, but I can tell now, that's not going to happen.

stronghunter said…
The spot was visible when the light hit it just right, Lori.
Judie said…
Not to worry, Lori. We know you'll be doing what you need to do. Meanwhile, we will talk about with abandon. Have a good sleep and a good day tomorrow.

Shirley, what did you decide for dinner?

Hope Margy checks in.

Watching First 48. Then headed for the pillows.

Sandperson is rummaging in the hall closet. Fussing with his satchel. Will be departing soon.

Nightlight is on. Restful sleep for all.
JudyE said…
Hello home from the kids house

I got my fleece eagle jacket that I ordered on the 18th came today was left on my porch That still bugs me that they do that

Lolly said…
What a day! We are on our way home. Laurel and Ash say the portraits will be great! They are full bod portraits. In most we are sitting on the floor and the other standing! Can hardly wait to see them!
Hoda said…
Thank you LOLLY . Glad it was a good day and all were healthy to take part in the portraits.
Safe drive home.
Hoda said…
Well I have something to run by you.
Some very good friends of mine will be gone for three months. They will Cycle Casablanca, ferry up to Spain and on to the Mediterranean Coast on Bicycle and on to Greece and Turkey on Bicycle.
Well they have a very fancy large home with amazing gardens and a huge beach front right on the lake.
They asked me to house sit and consider it a staycatio!!!
It is six miles out of Nelson which will mean a daily commute.
I do not want to disrupt my yoga, meditation, volunteering or classes that I have signed up for. So a daily commute it will be.
I figure I could stay out there four nights a week and three nights in my flat.
What do you all think?
They have a snow removal guy come in.
They have a lawn mowing guy come in.
I am not sure if she will stop the maid service but I rather hope so as that would make me very nervous!!!
Should I take them up on the offer and become a PAULA WANNABE for three months with beach propert?
Let me know please.
stronghunter said…
Hoda, I say go for it. :)

Six miles is not much of a commute.

Judie, I had two hot dogs and some lobster rangoon.

stronghunter said…
Nice that you got your jacket, Judy. You just might just be needing it with the cold weather coming in to Florida.

Glad that you got the pictures taken, Lolly.

Hunter went out the front door this evening to go to dinner with him mom wearing shorts and a t-shirt. No jacket. He came back in twice. Once for the jacket, then again for long pants.

The Hunter transformation is not complete.
stronghunter said…
So, Hoda, I think you should invite your Momster friends to join you at this fabulous place.
Lolly said…
We be home! Quickly read the blog.

HODA, if you are comfortable with the housesitting, I say go for it!! Sounds fantastic, but only if you are comfortable and happy with it.

Sandi, thanks for sharing the info about the baby's name. Your response was good. I say GOOD GRIEF!! I do not remember calling Laurel anything, nor the boys. Ash and Michael did not find out the sex of expected Zach and do not remember what they called him. But, I do remember years ago, our friends and neighbors were expecting...we call the baby Ignat!! She had a girl, named her Jenni Dawn, but we all called her Baby Boo. LOL
Judie said…
I am devastated.

Sandperson informed me he is leaving me and headed for a location six miles out of Nelson. Fabulous location to be enjoyed with Hoda along with amazing brownies to be a "high"light. Am headed to pillow sobbing.

Lolly said…
Today was quite an experience and we celebrated when it was over with wine and pizza back at the house.

Jack and I both survived sitting on the floor, but can not say it was done without pain. LOL Can hardly wait to see the pictures.

Lots of talk about who was "tooting" to make the boys laugh.

We all wore jeans, tennis, and white shirts. The guys all had on white dress shirts, open, sleeves rolled, tails out. I had on a white pull over shirt with navy "bling". Definitely not a sit and pose shots!
Lolly said…
Judie, I have wondered why the sandperson has been residing with you!!! Can perfectly understand why he is heading west....brownies? beach front? Hey, why don't we all go and "housesit"!!!!
LynneDUH! said…
Evening all!

Janet, sending prayers for Michael. He'll be checking in soon, no doubt, and when he returns there will be plenty of stories! Hope you feel better soon!

Sandi. OMG. I feel for you girl. I observed, for years and years, all of my friends and family members as their families grew with in-laws and babies,that it is MUCH more difficult along the way for the mother of the SON when a new baby is on the way, even if she and the daughter in law are close, and especially with the first baby. I hope you don't have to deal with any more weirdness than this name thing!

Times are so different now in this world of instant gratification. In the "old days", women were close to 3 months along before certain of pregnancy. Many of my own friends didn't tell anyone until after the first trimester, just in case something went wrong. Now women know SO early on, and so does everyone else. The sex of the baby wasn't known until birth. Now the ultrasounds are so high tech you know the sex early on and even see the faces and features in 3d or 4d. You have pictures to show everyone, and everyone knows what the baby looks like before it's born. Names were kept hush hush by the parents in many cases because the choice of a name is so special and personal, and can change , too, many times along the way. Not telling anyone until the birth was surely a way to keep judgement down.
I am old fashioned in that I LOVED the anticipation of waiting for all of these things! I miss it. Of course technology certainly has it's place in the care of mom and baby, no doubt, and thank God for it!
Mema Jo said…
Good late evening to all ♥ Read comments -
Sandi - I like Little lady, little princess type of names - I can't even imagine the name that is chosen - Lynnis' name is so unusual. I just relate "Baby Girl" on Criminal Minds
when Shemar aka Derek calls Garcia = Baby Girl.

Lolly good to hear you are going to like the portrait. Sure will be a good one to frame. Did you all wear jeans and white shirts?
LynneDUH! said…
Shirley, Hunter...ROFLMBO!!
Mema Jo said…
Lori - we will miss you tomorrow but I know what your saying about what happens to your time when the computer gets turned on! Study On ♥

I will be going out for lunch at the Pizza Hut for b-day celebrations.
1yr old Rebecca and 9 yr old Alexis
B-days are 3 days apart.
LynneDUH! said…
Hope we get to see the pictures Lolly!

Heading to the shower. Good night, prayers for all.
Mema Jo said…
Hoda, I think it is a delightful idea that your friends have for you to house-sit for them. The only thing I would think seriously about is the length of time -3months. You
would certainly be doing your friends a big favor and I know you love their home and property - I do think you had pics on FB at one time you were with them.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - I guess Kathryn had to tell Hunter that the car wouldn't start with his wearing Shorts and then again with the No Jacket. Glad he listened to Mom and were on their way.

Lolly - lol - I hadn't read your comment about the pics and your outfits until after I posted mine

Mema Jo said…
Judie - send him on his way
I am ready to rest...

Goodnight to all ♥
Lolly said…
Perhaps you have heard on the news of the young, exepectant mother on life support here. Thankfully, the judge today ordered the machines to be turned off. Praise the Lord, and God bless and keep her husband and family. They have suffered so much.
Lolly said…
Heading to bed very soon. So very happy to have nothing planned for the next few days. Trailer will be our main focus. Hip hip hurrah!!!!!!

Night all! SED!!!
stronghunter said…
Have been following that tragic story, Lolly. Terrible situation for the family.
stronghunter said…
I am ready to turn ff the lights and call it a night. See you tomorrow. SED.
Lolly ..glad the judge sided with the family.

Sandi..i agree ...just tell you the name...a coworkers son and dil didn't want to reveal the name of the gs because they thought she wouldn't like it..she did! And if you don't like'll get over it! I thought gianni should be gianna since gianni is a boys name of..but i got over it.

Larry and i are both in eburg for the weekend..i am working tomorrow and probably Sunday too.
Hoda said…
Honestly I think the house is big enough to accommodate several Momster groups and with the Eagle and Hawkwood Express we would all be set nicely and in luxury. See you there SHIRLEY.
Don't worry you will have enough HUBTER WANNABES in Nelson as the young are already walking around in shorts!!!

JUDIE tell the sandman to calm down. Not till March and only if you arrive BEFORE him!

LOLLY they are good friends and I want to help them out. All the established house sitters are booked past December already. We have a group of well established people who have no homes of their own but spend the year house sitting other people's fancy homes as they traipse around the globe!
Hoda i say go for the housesitting.

Lolly glad you got the pics done.

Lori good luck on your projects this weekend
Hoda said…
Yes JO I had pictures from their garden several times on FB. Now too early for the Garden to be in bloom but I can see when the buds first come out. I can meditate at the beach, I can have my breakfast and lunch outside watching for eagles and return of osprey. When the bears first awaken they have been known to pass through...
All that I will enjoy.
Yes three months is a long time and I will come back to my own place at least two nights out of the week.
I have questions to ask. I have to feel a room that us not too large for me to sleep in... I am comfortable I think.
Hoda said…
Make that HUNTER
Make that find a room that is small...
Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless us all
Hoda said…
Oh yes LOLLY.
Heard about the dead pregnant peramedic.
Here people are amazed that a fetus continues to deteriorate and deform as they continued to keep the dead woman on life support.
Good call on the part of the Judge.
Blessings to her husband and family.
May she and her fetus be finally allowed to rest in peace.
Sandi said…
Goodorming all my eagle friends! It's a heat wave here at 24 degrees but with a wind chill of 4. Temps may get above freezing today but with a little more snow predicted and then more arctic air arrives and it will be frigid (or should I say more frigid) tomorrow. Have I said how much I HATE this cold!!!???


Paula, working in Eldersburg?? Explain, please!!

Hoda, the housesitting sounds like a wonderful new adventure for you!! A 6 mile commute is nothing! What a great job - professional housesitter - I'd consider that in my retirement, but ONLY for houses in WARM climates!

Lori said…

Just getting on to say:


DEAREST KAY ♪♪♫♪♫♫♪♪

May it be a special, special day for you. You sly thing. You didn't even hint at it! 70-something hugs and kisses for you.

Lori said…



We miss you and hope you jump on to wish Kay a Happy Birthday, and see all the wonderful wishes for YOU on this special day!

Please try to stop in more often.

Big hugs!

Sandi said…
Lori, I get the "I'm staying off the computer til my work gets done" thing. My pace of IEPs really ramps up starting in February, I get zero time to write them during the school day, and I'm often too tired to work on them in the evening so weekends are it. I may be doing the same as you next weekend since I have IEP updates to do for ALL 15 of my students for the end of the marking period (they have to be done before report cards go home on 2/5), one full IEP due on 2/10, one on 2/12, and one on 2/19.
Sandi said…
I saw the second one fly just under the nest and I assume it landed in the twilight zone that we can't see.
JudyE said…

•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.• .•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.
Wishing You the HAPPIEST Of Birthdays!!!
✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿
. . . ✿•*¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*•✿
…………....♥ •.¸.•´♥……………..........

JudyE said…

•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.• .•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.
Wishing You the HAPPIEST Of Birthdays!!!
✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿
. . . ✿•*¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*•✿
…………....♥ •.¸.•´♥……………..........

JudyE said…
just sittin pretty in the nest in the cup area but not in the cup
Hoda said…


Wishing you both a stellar year,
Love and Light to you both,

Judie said…
Good morning.

Scarface here.

♪♫♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAY ♪♫♫ Wishing the best first day of the next year. Enjoy.

Juliet may have three cubs.

Our nest MT when I checked.

Lori, when I was in school, I did not want/have cable channels -- too easy to put off studying. Hope you get finished and caught up today.

Hoda, I think the house-sitting offer is lovely. However, I will have to update Sandperson's GPS unit. Best hope the Evil Jufie remains "in the dark."

Off to find coffee and watch the last of the morning news. BBL
Sandi said…
Have heard from Lynnis that "Little Miss," LM for short, is an OK nickname for the next 5 months. She also explained her reasoning for not telling Little Miss's name and it's a lot better explanation than the one I suggested last night. Apparently Brian and Lynnis have several possible names for the baby but Lynnis says she won't be able to choose one until she actually sees her. That goes along with Hoda's thought of the baby whispering her name to her mother, and I like that idea!
grannyblt said…
Happy Birthday to Kay and Linda. Hope you both are staying warm and celebrate.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds from snowy ☼hi☼ !!! Another 3 or more inches on the ground, but temp from 0 to 20's. What a warming trend !

Well, it may be cold outside, but I'm blessed with a warm home and loving the warm, warm birthday greetings from you all !!! Thank you sooooo very much !!!

This date has been, for the last 19 years, a bittersweet day for me. My only sibling, younger sister and best friend, Karen, lost her 16 month battle with cancer. At the time Julie said, "Mama, it was her gift, as she knew how difficult these months have been for you." I will always miss her, of course.

The kids are, unless they deem the streets too treacherous, taking me to dinner at the lovely Worthington Inn. They only live three miles south of me and the Inn is another two miles north on the same main street. Probably doable, but if postponed I won't mind. This evening Seth will be with me as usual while his parents go to a 50th b.d. gala for a friend.

Tomorrow he returns to college and we all get back to the school days sked.

HODA, do what you'd tell us to do and follow your heart ! If you say yes, relax and enjoy having a housekeeper, at least once a week or so ! Luxuriate in it all !!!!

LOLLY, glad the photo shoot went well--can't wait til' you share the finished product ! I, too, am grateful for the Texas judicial decision. Once the fetus was no longer viable I can't imagine what the hold up or hang up was. Sad, sad thing for that family.

SANDI, what we really want is a lovely healthy baby and mother, so whatever name Lynnis has chosen will be okay, I'm sure. My kids have, in some cases, chosen names I'd not choose, but each kid has grown into their name and I love them all no matter what !!! There is an article in today's paper telling of a young Ohio woman who wants desperately to change her name. She hates her first name, Sheila and goes by second name, Renae. However, she's asked the judge to change her first name to "Sexy". It's so much more palatable and fitting, "as I wear all Victoria Secret's clothing". The picture shows a rather zoftic young woman who might find Lane Bryant clothing more appropriate. Aren't I the nasty mouthed witch today ? Sorry and please cut this 77 year old broad some slack.

Kay said…
Oops, meant to say the kids are taking me to lunch. You know you're getting "old" when you'd rather go out for lunch than dinner at night !☺
stronghunter said…
Good morning<

Happy birthday to Kay and Linda!

Nest empty at this point.

Need to check out some woodpecker pictures. I'm getting several kinds at my feeders. They really seem to like the shelled peanuts Susan gave me with the feeder she gave me at Christmas.
stronghunter said…
I think a downy woodpecker and a hairy woodpecker. I've also had a red-bellied woodpecker. Familiar with them already.
Kay said…
Julie just called. She had to teach an on campus lab for her on-line class this morning. 9 of her students didn't show and it was touch and go for her all the home there and back. She saw multiple cars/trucks off the freeway, having skidded into the berm or worse. So, today's activities have been postponed and I'm greatly relieved ! It's rare for Julie and Hugh to bow to weather conditions, so I know it's awful out there. She says it's hard to stop and hard to get traction to start back off again. She saw no plows or salt trucks on the main streets and so we know our side streets are days away from getting taken care of.

Not the first such storm we've had here on the 25th of January. I think my birthday, like that of Queen Elizabeth's, should be celebrated in June rather than on my birth date !!! She is just a tad more regal than I. LOL
Mema Jo said…
Such a special DAY -

Kay - you are as special to all of us as this day is for you - Celebrate You

Linda - We will never forget your
friendship over the years in the past - May God be good to you this year and perhaps bring you back to us
Kay said…
Thank you, SHIRLEY !

Wow, you live in great woodpecker country ! I hear them at work in the woods around me frequently, but have only spotted one Pileated since moving in 6 years ago. Beautiful birds !
Sandi said…
Aw Kay, I'm so sorry the weather has cancelled your birthday lunch plans! Boo!!! Stay safe and warm!

Mom said that yesterday, she saw a pair of birds sitting on the porch railing just outside of her french doors (she's on the ground floor). After staring at them for a few minutes, she realized she was looking at a pair of bluebirds - the first she had ever seen up close and personal. She has a large holly shrub right next to her porch and they must have been there for the berries. Mom said maybe it was the bluebird of happiness! I sure hope so!
Mema Jo said…
The Polar Bear Plunge down at Sandy Point has been cancelled - Someone has excellent "Smarts" to call that off this morning.

I haven't time to read back - I'll do it when I return this afternoon.
Need to pick up cakes and head for lunch to Pizza Hut birthdays. My ggd
Rebecca is 1 and Alexis is 9.

Kay said…
♫♫ Happy Shared Birthday, Dear LINDA, ♥♥♥♥♥ ♪♪♪

Sent you a b.d. greeting on line---hope you know how much you are missed here ! Trust all is well for you and your dear hubby. We know tax season is frantically busy for you, but hope you'll take an occasional break for eagle watching !
Janet said…
good morning all.
Sorry for disappearing again, I was asleep. (yes just about the whole day and night)
SANDI: our house has an upstairs and a downstairs. They are completely separate from each other, this was done years ago by my in laws. The downstairs is its own living space, with bathroom, studio type bedroom/living space and kitchen…. So Michael and Ashely live downstairs. They pay a little rent to help to cover the electric, etc.
They have lived downstairs 2 or 3 years now, I’ve lost track.
I think the first week they are gone, yes, the worst and gradually they get better. By the end of the first month, you have a routine.
Sounds like your mom had some rest and is improving some…that is good.
As for the granddaughter: no clue. But I concur with LORI:::: great response! Maybe you could learn to say the baby, or baby girl in different languages? They didn’t say, for example, you couldn’t use Spanish…or French???? Lol
As for Lorelei, her middle name was supposedly to be Caralee, for a mix of the mom’s names. I am Janet Carolyn, his mom is Carol something or other….but when she was born, the name was changed to Evelyn. Really? I was hurt, but never said a word. It is their daughter and such is life. My only complaint is Evelyn is the name of the nurse at the doc’s office where I grew up and she wasn’t very nice (in my memory). Lol But I got over it.
LOLLY: Michael was down your way as of 7:30 last night. Got a text; in texas eating dinner. He is on his way to san diego. What an adventure for him. I hope all goes well.
KAY: thank you. I am feeling human today. I’ve had a shower, and now am consuming coffee. I can almost breathe….life is good

HODA: you are amazing! I did not know that fact! Olivia gave her name to her daddy. I had told him he could name her, since she is his first and only biological child. He woke me up out of a sound sleep one night when I was about 6 months pregnant and announced her name. I yawned, said that’s good honey and went back to sleep. And her name is Olivia Phoenix.
And oh HODA: go for it! What an opportunity! ENJOY!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LINDA & KAY! Wishing you both a marvelous day!
Not a lot going on here today, as I said. I am feeling the need to clean a little and such. That in and of itself is saying I have about kicked this virus to the curb. Will take care not to over do it though!
It is 30 outside, a heatwave as compared to the last few days. There is a light dusting of snow on hard surfaces. Birds are gathering around the feeders. Life is good. More coffee in the cup shortly.
Will touch base with all later.
Kay said…
JO, happy birthday wishes to those darlings, Alexis and Rebecca ! Enjoy the party !!!!

You know it's bad when a Polar Bear Plunge must be cancelled ! Brrrrrrr.

SANDI, I'm looking at today's celebration only as postponed, not cancelled ! ☺ I love your mom's reaction to the Bluebirds of Happiness !!!
Kay said…
JANET, Michael is, by now, well into sunny and warm Southwestern territory. What a nice outing for his first such trip---first of many we'll hope ! Maybe Loralei's parents decided to save Caralee for a second daughter, for it's a delightful name ! Lorelei and Carlee, oh yeah ! So happy with your health report ! Nothing much better than the ability to breathe.
Hoda said…
Little Miss
Yes! LYNNIS might not even know it is a Buddhist Mother thing!
It is all intuitive!
G R A N D M A!
Kay said…
I meant Lorelei and Caralee !
Hoda said…
Ouch KAY!
On Miss Sexy!!!
Ha ha ha ha !
Slack cut!
Hoda said…
We here by declare that Her Majesty's Birthday will henceforth be marked on January 25 th and on June 2nd!

By Royal Decree.

LYNNE AND LOLLY settle down!
Queen KAY has spoken.
Kay said…
Tee-hee, HODA ! Coming from a royal subject I will take that as a legitimate decree !!!! You are a hoot !!!!
Janet said…
KAY: no, no more grandkids from Chelsea and Chris. He got snipped several weeks back and with 3 kids, I can’t say I disagree. There is Amelia Skye, Logan Jackson and Lorelei Evelyn. Its all good. I am thankful all are healthy, ornery like their mama and well!
Kay said…
JANET, snipping after 3 seems a wise move--I had 3 in college at the same time years ago--can't even imagine swinging that today or anytime in the future !!! Those are really nice first names for all to live with, by the way ! No need for change to Miss or Mr. Sexy ! ☺

Mark the date, June 2, y'all, for the Queen's birthday is an official holiday. Take the day off and go on a Kay Day picnic !
Lolly said…
Settle down? Settle down? Are you kidding?????

Goodorming! Up to 53 here with bright sunshine. Going to work on the trailer, shop for some throw rugs...going to have a fabulous day!!

Wished Linda a HB on FB. LOL

♪♫♪ Habby Birthday to you
Habby Birthday to you
Habby Birthday dear Kay
Habby Birthday to you....and many more! ♪♫♪

Stay in, stay warm, stay safe!! Stretch out your birthday and celebrate another day.

We will celebrate here with you! Love and hugs!!!

And thanks for the laugh about the lady who wants to change her name!
Sandi said…
Hoda, I passed along to Lynnis your comment about the Buddhist belief that a baby whispers its chosen name to the mother. I told her to listen closely and she'll know the perfect name for Little Miss when the time is right. This was Lynnis's response:

"That's sweet. I am listening, but apparently she's shouting something else to Brian." :)

Just talked with Mom - she had another good night. Still having some pain but not a lot. She said she forgets to eat so I suggested she set the alarm on her ipad to go off every 2 hours. When it goes off, she has to get up and eat something. That will keep her moving more as well. Not sure if she'll actually do it but I can only suggest.

The young lady (former student) who I sponsored for today's polar bear plunge is very disappointed about the event being canceled. I suggested she hop into a hot tub instead of the Chesapeake Bay today!! I can't believe some of the photos that I've seen online of the ice in the bay.

OK, I need to get some laundry and school work done. I'll check in later.
Lolly said…
Saw on fb that Dana was at the hospital with her mother. Possibly a kidney stone. Prayers for her Mom and for Dana!
Lolly said…
Did you know my name is Laurel Beth? I have, however, always been Lolly. My older sister, Sharon, was called Shary sometimes, or Blondie by uncles. So, I was born, and mother made the mistake of saying something like you can not give Laurel a nickname. Wrong thing to say to a sister. My aunt Ruth said, "Oh yeah?" And, started calling me Lolly. Hated it as a teenager, teenagers do not like being different, but I like it now. I like being the only Lolly around! LOL
Lolly said…
Time to get a move on and really enjoy the day!

Will be thinking of you all day, Kay. God bless you on this special day. He blessed us when you joined the blog!
Kay said…
Oh, LOLLY, you and so many others have warmed the cockles of my heart, wherever they are----LORI have you studied the cockles of the heart in anatomy yet ? ☺

It was a Red Letter Day when I stumbled away from the OC group and into the arms of my beloved Momster friends ! Do not know what I'd do without you and Do Not want to find out !
Kay said…
LOLLY, how sweet that Laurel is named for you---especially since you go by the delightful "Lolly" !
Sandi said…
OMG, just saw on FB that there has been a shooting at Columbia Mall! That's only about 10 minutes from Mom's house. Obviously Mom isn't there and I know Lisa is at the ice rink with Madeline but my cell phone is dead (forgot to charge it last night) so I can't text Lisa to make sure Mitch and Michael aren't there.
stronghunter said…
Watching the news about the shooting at Columbia Mall, too. Kathryn and Hunter are planning to go to Medieval Times this evening.
stronghunter said…
Sounds like the shooting incident has been resolved. CNN is doing an interview with someone who was there.

Hoping that all Momsters and their loved ones are safe.
JudyE said…
HELLO and good afternoon eagle buds On lunch at MC D
trying to get caught up with the blog and watch the Fl nest and our at the same time I couldn't get the still to load Google had a cached page so I clicked there and got it

Hope both BD gals are having a good day

JudyE said…
I scan't get the still to load at all I got the live up but not the still
JudyE said…
can't not scan't silly fingers or I should say laptop I dislike so much because of no space in between keys so many mistakes to many to catch
JudyE said…
Is anyone else able to get the still ????????????????????????????????
JudyE said…
I get only a black screen with a teny tiny pic in middle of it when it loads
JudyE said…
glad you heard from him already SIS

SANDI so happy you mom had another good nite
stronghunter said…
Not able to get still cam, Judy.
Mema Jo said…
This link might work if you don't have FB to see the B-day party pic of Alexis and Rebecca

Hope it works for my Non FB users - at least FB said it would...

Holler if it doesn't and I'll try email.....
Off to Mass BBL
Kay said…
No, JO, at least not for me---the link took me to a page that said "not available at this time or you may not have access to the site"--words to that affect. Drat !

It's snowing like a son of a gun again ! I can hardly see across the street it's coming down so thick.

I've had a great day, hearing from all kids, Seth, a cousin and several friends. Hardly had time to take a shower or to take poor Penny out between calls. I am so blessed with all of them and you !!!
Sandi said…
Just got home from the grocery store and put away all the groceries and sat down at the computer to see an eagle in the nest. And BOY is it windy in WV!! Had to turn the sound WAY down! Can't tell which eagle it is - can't see head or tail feathers.
Hoda said…
Sure enough I would say Miss Belle
Hoda said…
Twirly thing bothersome.


She is looking towards two or so,,,
part of her neck indicates her head movement.
A clear V
Hoda said…
She ix just looking about.
Part of her beak shows up periodically
Hoda said…
On going refreshes to be able to watch at all.
Windy still I wonder if this is the problem.
Belle still in nest/NHZ
Hoda said…
Somehow the twirly thing is connected with the changing ads on the right hand side of the screen...the top one in particular seems to change and the twirl happens
Hoda said…
Belle still there.
Not a good viewing experience however...with all the twirls...
Judie said…
Eagle in nest. Sounds windy and I sure seeing that snow.

Sandi said…
Jo, I AM on FB and the link you posted doesn't work for me. Sorry - bet you had a fun day!!

Hoda, interesting that you think there's a connection between the ads and the twirly arrow. I've had to refresh the page a lot as well - thought maybe it was the wind affecting the live feed. I don't usually see the ads b/c I have 2 screens open at the same time, so I only see the nest image part of the page.
Hoda said…
Still there but I am not going to be much longer...
NHZ and twirly is taking away from my experience...
don't much care for the ads on the right hand side of the page...
No wonder they do not have video ads...not worth sinking money as I am not sure how many can actually watch for any length of time...
Off I go...
Judie said…
Not to worry JudyE. Sometimes I scan't get my fingers to work.

Kay, so sorry about more snow today. Delayed celebration = fun to look forward to enjoying.

Sandi, so happy your mom had a good night and hope has another tonight.

Not liking Dana's mom at the hospital. Waiting for an update.

Off to the scullery. Taco salad extraordinaire tonight. The Blacklist at 9pm.

Hoda said…
According to DANA on FB her mother was given mess and released home.
Hoda said…
Volunteering with the Capitol Theatre tonight.
A Ballet recital.
Looking forward to it!

stronghunter said…
Good evening,

I see that "V" on Belle.

Both there now. Shep just flew in.
Hoda said…
Going to visit at the staycation place on Friday to see what the house routines are like. She has a separate meditation and prayer rooms.
I think my bedroom will over look the lake!
Seems unreal still.
stronghunter said…
Got one screen capture, but the picture quality is not good. Pixelated.
JudyE said…
Home from work Just got home in time to see eagle in nest put one pic on fb I was at the cell phone tower eagle nest they were both there and got some pic and a short video of eagle talk and HP attempt on top of tower she shot him down from what I could tell will have to upload video to be sure
Hoda said…
Happy Robbie Burns Day all.
Anyone has Haggis, totties and Neeps on the menu tonight?
stronghunter said…
Gosh no, Hoda. I do not wven know much about those foods!

JudyE said…
POOR Jordyn just may have the flu she started getting sick yesterday and is sicker today 103.6 temp Angie to her to the ped and they say it may be the flu to come back tomorrow for the test Her blood count is 4.6 and under 4 is the flu so Angie will take her in the am to see
Hoda said…
Haggis= meatloaf Scottish Style.
Tatties= potatoes
Neeps = turnip.

Did not much care for the haggis part. The tatties and Neeps were tolerable.
I like the fires on Robbie Burns night.
Usually at the beach here.
JudyE said…
Here is the 41 sec video from today visit with Belle and Liberty at the Cell phone tower eagle nest

So funny Sue Tess who named them said she would rename then if it bothered us I told her no the names are Great for me anyway

Eagle talk and shot down
JudyE said…
STILL CAM is back but it says 12:00Pm
JudyE said…
and now the times is correct Still Cam is alive
magpie said…

Evening, Eagle Pals...

Happiest Birthday Wishes to our
Wonderful Kay and Linda....two very lovely ladies that I am proud to be friends with xoxox

Judie said…
Hoda, absolutely NO Haggis here. Meatloaf? Well, that's a nice way to put a mixture of innards. No offense, but horrid taste. Turnips, well, rather turnips than Haggis.

Taco salad devoured. Mine vegetarian. Now to put my feet up for Jeopardy.

Hi Paula.

Thanks for the cell tower video, JudyE. Hope Jordyn feels better quickly.
magpie said…
Hoping and have prayers, that the two mothers of two Powerful Momsters....Sandi's Mother and DanaMo's Mother...will feel
very much much better in the days to come, Very Soon!

Missing most of the posts from the past few days so won;t pretend I can make any meaningful comments....

but, however, I Still Send

Prayers for
Wellness All Around, and
(( Lovins and Hugs ))
magpie said…
one of my co-workers saw a Snowy Owl in Washington DC last week and
K and 15th Streets NW.

Really !!!!

I am hoping she and her fiance got pictures !

ttfn xo
Mema Jo said…
Margy, Megan and others have been posting lots of pics of the Snowy Owl in DC. Megan is hoping that Maddie will get a glimpse of it.
Megan earlier in this week was in DC
just a few block away but didn't know
about it at the time.

I would LOVE to see a snowy owl -
Many many many years ago on our front porch when we opened the door we realized a small snowy owl was perched right there on the railing - very excited about that ♥
Mema Jo said…
Kay - I am very happy for you and the day you have had. Such love is being shown to you lady and you sure deserve it all ♥
Mema Jo said…
Lolly - thanks for the info on Dana's mom. 8hrs ago on FB Dana posted: Mom is back home. Pain meds on board and hopefully resting now.
She will be going to see a specialist on Monday morning. It is a decent size stone along with several small ones

Prayers going up for comfort and healing.. ♥

Mema Jo said…
Thanks for all the eagle reports of the day..

Anyone on FB that wishes to see b-day pics please just go to my page.
About 4 different sets ♥

I am headed in for a 9:00 movie
Janet said…
Good evening all.
Well was feeling quite grrooovy earlier, but now stuffy and tired.
Keep your haggis, neeps and taterthingys…I had hot wings for dinner. Tom declared it no cook night, so we went out to hooters. I am tired now though. Very loud in there.
Watching the rolex 500 @ Daytona. Must mean nascar will be starting soon.
Calling it a night. Don’t thinki’ll be up too much longer. SED to all!
Hoda said…
It is so unseasonably warm here that three bears have come out of hibernation!
One on the ski hill.
Two in town.
One of these two in my area!!!
Not good!
Not good at all!
Fire season will not be fun!!!
Judie said…
Headed to watch The Blacklist.

Wishing that Dana's mom and Sandi's mom are on the road to recovery.

Hi Margy.

Snowy Owl at K Street - not a stupid owl. Political/financial center of D.C. Maybe "snowy" plans to become a wildlife conservation lobbyist.

Sandperson is rummaging in the hall closet trying to pack a satchel of sleepy dust. Will be departing at llpm.

Night light set for 11pm. Restful sleep for all.
Lolly said…
Don't talk too much about bears in your area, Hoda. You clearly know who will be quickly at your place! ☺

Too pooped to pop. About have the trailer loaded and personalized. Jack has installed papertowel holder, wine glass rack, tp holder and hand towel hook. Can not understand why the manufacturer does not put in a tp holder or towel rods. Jack will install the towel rods tomorrow. I bought 3 rugs today, as well as various things. Will take pictures soon!
JudyE said…
LOLLY can't wait to see the pic after its be Lollyified

magpie said…
Thanks Jo....for the pictures :)

Wowser !!!

Lolly, I just loved the Laurel Beth becomes Lolly information, Classic !
Have fun with that new rockin'-sockin' RV...

Hoda, I had seen where places in UTAH had the same situation, with Bears showing up on ski trails...

Oh love the Snowy Owl Tales...
When my brother was 5, in 1954 - my father took him to a place at "Newton D Baker Hospital" which is now the VA Center in Martinsburg, see a Snowy Owl
perched on the flag pole there....
Prairie Dog John sees all kinds of birds especially on his trips to Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico...but no Snowys since 1954

magpie said…
I understand that we had a Snow
Squall here which I totally missed seeing...Jewels reported to me
from work that it occurred !
magpie said…
About to sign off now.....

Bedtime and Books await me

Thinking of all,
Hoping for Happy and Healthy times for all, and Sweeeeeet Sleep

11 months from today is Christmas Day !

Hope to learn of the new Polar Bear Plunge date.....sure agree with the decision....too dangerous with the air and water temperatures....

G'Night, Precious Pals

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
stronghunter said…
I saw snow in Columbia, MD, on the news today. It was really coming down while they were showing scenes of the mall there.

It looked like it could snow here, but I didn't see any.

That snowy owl seems to be making calculated appearances all around town. An inside the beltway critter for sure.
stronghunter said…
Getting the new trailer ready sounds very exciting, Lolly.
stronghunter said…
Love hearing about Prairie Dog John, Margy. He sounds like a very interesting person.
stronghunter said…
Hooter's--Kathryn got insulted in there once. Don't know that she will ever go back. She got the impression that the men were getting all of the attention.
magpie said…
Thanks, Shirley...he was such fun with James last week.....!!!

he's a big kid but a very responsible educator also

I just googled Snowy Owl for January 14 at 15th and K Street, and found pictures and stories !!!

My family lived at the VA from 1947 through older brother remembers seeing them on the roof tops sometimes too

Maybe you and I will see them sometime, Shirley...!!

okay, well, G'Night xo

magpie said…
oh, too funny about Hunter cleaning his room, Shirley!
magpie said…
well while I am magpie-ing...
SPLIT coming up pretty soon....

stronghunter said…
Well, Hunter was told to clean the top of his dresser. He did that. The rest of the room is a disaster.
stronghunter said…
As Kathryn says, you have to be very specific with Hunter. She was specific and he did what she specified.
stronghunter said…
Glad you found the articles about the snowy owl, Margy. There has been a lot on FB, but the pictures are in other places, too.
stronghunter said…
Well, it seems that I have missed the fact that it has been snowing while I was upstairs messing with the computer and watching TV.
Lolly said…
68 was our high today, up to 70 tomorrow and then another Artic front. Monday highs in the 30's.
No mention of ice or snow. Tues morn in the teens.

Time to head to the hot shower.

See you all tomorrow!
Lori said…
Hello all!

I'm not finished with my report, but wanted to stay Hi, and going to bed...will still wake up early. I'm soooo tired.

KAY and LINDA, hope you both had a wonderful birthday!
stronghunter said…
Good night, Momsters.

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