Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Late Entry May 2

Thanks to all for bearing with us with our technical difficulties the past few days. Also, it was a really busy day at NCTC with no time to do much on the blog except to check on it for a few minutes. We'll get an update from our land manager soon, I promise.


sunny said...

Thanks, Steve, for everything. I have problems trying to post here, but I read the blog daily. And I'm a faithful fan of the Eagle cam and the live feed. I also check on the Blackwater babies about once a day. I know they're about 3 weeks older than 'ours' so it's fun to see what's coming. This has been a very educational experience, and greatly appreciated!

eagle-eyed sharon said...

Steve, I do realize that you all have much more to do than tend to my whining when the system messes up. Thanks so much for your updates.