Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday May 13

Drying out after more rain last night.


sunny said...

That's a pretty awesome shot, with BigBoy flapping on the edge!

paula said...

Nice to be able to watch the video today!

Anonymous said...

Still morning on the West Coast. Thank you so much for weekend coverage! Possibly we will see great things! Did I see Big Boy, hop and hover and land on the opposite side of the nest last evening? Cannot be too long now! Thank you so much, once again. This is an amazing thing to see!

movin said...

I think the new branches and twigs
added along the right side of the nest are to provide additional room for THREE EAGLETS, which need to perch and stretch and flap their wings in preparation for flight.


eagle-eyed sharon said...

Hello Everybody. I am back and I see all three of the babies are okay. I am so glad. I missed them terribly this weekend.