Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday May 12

I have been out of the office again today, so I just took a quick look at the site and caught one of the adults bringing in more twigs with leaves. I know that folks have asked if we could explain that. My only guess would be that it is just normal maintenance of the nest and that leaves are easier to get now than dried grass.

On other questions--we do track how many hits we get on the eagle cam site and the live video site. I don't track the blog stats, but that's really secondary. I'll get the cam data and let you folks know how many people are watching. I think that number is a large one.

We'll also get a status report from our land manager next week.

Weather is pretty good right now, but more storms may be headed in tonight.


Nilla said...

Was a terrible night for "OUR" babies to endure last night. I actually rode down to the conservation center last night hoping to see maybe the nest or mom & pop flying near by, but nothing.. Talked with a gentleman at the entrance where you stop to go in for awhile, very nice man. He explained to me exactly where they were but thought since the tree's have alot of leaves now might be diffcult to see. So im off work this wknd and will ride over hopefully with better luck.

Anonymous said...

If everyone likes to watch the Eagles alot there is another site that is in Harrisburg,Pa that is a peregrine Falcon nest and she has 5 little ones, you can watch her coming and going on the video feed the site is:

Nilla said...

Looks like the kids are in for another bad night of rain. Dad had brought in a fish alittle while ago and was feeding it, but then mom flew in and took it away over to the area under the branch we cant not see there. But they all ate some then Big Boy was in his favorite spot flappin wings, really close to edge. Thanks for the other site anonymous, if you read my other blogs i put a great web site also lots of great pics and stories. info about these magnificent birds. Have great Weekend Ya'll. Hope to report on what i see over at the conservation training center monday.

Nilla said...

Wow i checked out the web site and live video for the Harrisburg's falcon nest and it has sound also. I heard cars honking horns and trucks backing The momma Falcon was perched near the nest, and the fuzzy white chicks were huddled in the corner. Now i will never get anything Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you like the Falcon site, the female Falcon has been using the building since about 1992, this is the first year she has had 5 chicks, it will be interesting to see if the smallest one makes it.

movin said...

Branches and twigs
I think the new branches and twigs along the right side of the camera shot of the nest are to provide additional room for THREE EAGLETS, which need to perch and stretch and flap their wings in preparation for flight.