Friday, February 12, 2016


We got a second egg yesterday thread.  Going to be very cold the next few days.


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stronghunter said...

Good morning, Steve. Thanks for the new thread. I will call the others. :)

Judie said...

Good morning.

Steve, thank you for the fresh thread. Stay warm. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family and the NCTC crew.

stronghunter said...

Hi Judie!

stronghunter said...

Thanks for taking care of the the call-over, Judie! You are quicker than I am.

stronghunter said...

I am going to check the cam. Haven't been there this morning. Oh, I am hoping for this cold weather to go away.

stronghunter said...

Got there just in time to see eagle land. Shep, I think.

Judie said...

Hi Shirley.

Just happened to have my fingers poised for action. lol YOU get the lovely feather to add to your collection.

Looks like Shep is incubating. Calm but looks very very cold.

I'll be out most of today. Will check in late afternoon or evening.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

stronghunter said...

And a wonderful day to you, Judie. We can certainly share the feather.

carolinabeachmom said...

Good Friday morning Shirley and Judie. Thanks Steve for the new thread and Shirley for the call over. Just peeking in before I have to go grocery shopping before the snow hits here. Yes, Dare Co. and OBX are under a storm warning. :( Hoping it won't last too long and it blows away. I just see one eagle in the nest and what looked like only 1 egg in the nest as I came on. It seems calm on the nest and NO SNOW! Ok keep your eyes peeled. All have a wonderful day!

Sandi said...

Hi all! Thanks Steve for a new thread and thanks Judie for the call over.

Linda, you got a great photo of both eggs - thanks for posting it on the Momsters Facebook page.

I have been on the phone with Patricia. She and her attorney met with an investigator for the district on Wednesday and yesterday she was informed that no criminal charges are going to be filed against her. She still does not know if there are district policies that she supposedly violated when she said, "The only thing dumb is the way you're acting right now." And she still has not heard when she will be allowed to return to her classroom, which she is very anxious to do.

Sandi said...

Oops, forgot to check the box on this new thread.

JudyE said...


Headin out the door

Lolly said...

Good morning! Beautiful picture of Belle in the nest. Have been watching while reading the paper.

49 And heading up! We leave early afternoon for BB ugame. Will leave early to try to beat traffic and to pick up Jacob at school. It is an hour drive and it took Laurel 2 hrs and 5 minutes the other day. Traffic is so bad and it is BIG major construction. At least two more years of that mess!

Drum roll down 14 lbs! So pleased as I had to deal with a luncheon yesterday and apparently I did good! Lol

I am hoping for three eggs, Sandi! And a successful raising. It is so much fun to witness the interaction between three. I would like us to name the three when we know all is going well. It is fun to refer to them with names.

So glad all is going better for Patricia. I certainly hope she does not have to deal with that student again.

stronghunter said...

Eagle calls.

stronghunter said...

Eagle called and took off, exposing our two beautiful eggs. I got a couple of pics of the eggs.

Eagle now back. I think it is Shep.

JudyE said...

egg roll

WVJerry said...

Thanks for the New Thread and thanks to Shirley for the call over. Just watched Tour. Trying to figure out if that is a fish or something else that is being eaten. River is back to about normal so fishing should be a little easier. On short break - talk later.

stronghunter said...

Heard some eagle calls--they got Cheeto's attention, too. But things look okay at the nest. We are on a wide view now.

stronghunter said...

Changing of the guard.

stronghunter said...

Quiet eagle calls. A request for relief? Not sure which one is on the nest.

Kay said...

Good Red Friday Afternoon, Eagle Buds!!!

This is our lucky day--a 2nd egg, a new thread thanks to STEVE and a dual call over thanks to the crack team of SHIRLEY and JUDIE!

Thinking of JO as she heads for the chemo place and the last of this series.

SANDI, thanks for the Patricia update! Sounds like things are going to break her way.

Another frigid day here, so Penny and I are staying warm, cozy and indoors about 99% of the time.

Hoping you'll all have a good afternoon n' evening, safe travel to those on the road and prayers abound for all in need!!!


JudyE said...

got out of cup made some noises and not back on eggberts No relief arrived

stronghunter said...

I think this is Shep, and he is getting restless.

Mema Jo said...

Good Red Friday afternoon - Thanks for the new thread for the weekend, Steve
Compliments to Linda for the perfect picture of our 2 eggs.
Thanks Sandi for the nest history update - we appreciate it as we can really get the years mixed up.

Today E8 from Crow rehab for his tangled up fishing wire on his left left will be placed back into the nest! Hoping that M15 and Harriet and especially E7 are all thankful to see him. Their cams are paused right now but I hope will soon be back up.

I had the noon time 'shot' appointment and they were ready for me - I bet I was only in there 10 mins. Hubby said he wished all appointments were that fast! Now for next 2 weeks wtth only blood work once a week - I get a break from running.

Check out the SWFl nest - cams up!

Lolly said...

Sorry you are experiencing such cold weather. It is 66 and we have the house open. Just finished a tour of the yard. Ground cover and daffodils blooming all over. Daffodils in garden where water has stood for so long may not bloom.

My poinsettias from a year ago are blooming in the greenhouse. Should bring them in!

I like the cam pulled out so we can see more of the nest. Just think how great it will be zoomed in on lil bobbleheads!

Lolly said...

Yay Jo! So glad you had a fast appointment today. And, now a break! Super prayers for you and a hug, too!

JudyE said...

when they are in the nest at Ft Meyers they are looking for more black line Someone posted a pic of E7 sleeping with black line across his face Not good The pic was forwarded to CROW I wish I would have gone down OH Well Can;t wait for the videos to be posted when they are done

JudyE said...

5786 views watching Ft Meyers now

NCSuzan said...

Good Afternoon Everyone!

There is a very find falling of snow in the capitol city of NC this afternoon. Do not believe the outlook is for a lot of sleet or white stuff. Happy day!

If Belle knew how we watched to see her lay an egg she would think we were perverts! I had the chuckles a couple of times yesterday thinking "did she?" or "did she not?". Belle and Shep both seem to be content and well fed and incubating little treasures. I'm very excited!

Jo, you also are a treasure. Make sure you rest. Love the video of Sir Elliot this morning. He is also a treasure.

Sandi, please share where Denny found his snoring device. My daughter would be ever so grateful if it worked for her husband. Thank you!

Shirley that was a great pic of the eggs. I am not good at capturing the right moment and do not want to fill up the album or FB with redundant captures.

Judie, hope your excursions out today are uneventful yet productive.

OK. Enough from this peanut gallery. Time to "Go Live" again on the cam. Have a great afternoon!

NCSuzan said...

You know, I believe we all have a little Margy in us! LOL

Had our first woodpecker at the feeders today. A downy. So excited. Hope he makes frequent trips to the yard. They often travel with chickadees and such and I certainly have them. Anyway, just love expanding the types of birds to the yard.

JudyE said...

I hear a eagle calling but no beak opening on cam someone in attic maybe

Barbara said...

I don't know if it bothers anyone else, but I just wrote to the Outdoor Channel to say how distasteful I find it to have that moving ammo ad right next to the eagles! It gives me the creeps!!!

Sandi said...

Afternoon all -I've been watching the nest off and on today. Haven't felt like doing much of anything - slight headache. Oh, I DID take a nap - does that count as doing something?

Suzan, tell your daughter to just Google "nose vents." Dennis got his from There are lots of varieties and shapes. From the reading I've done, the cone-shaped ones are better than the cylinder-shaped ones b/c they are a better fit to the shape of the inside of your nostrils. Dennis said he could really feel that he was able to inhale and exhale more air as he breathed. He was concerned that his nasal passages might get too dried out and give him a nose bleed but, since we run a cool mist humidifier in our bedroom, the air in there isn't dry at night. For the record, I'll feel a lot more confident about these things after another quiet night or two - last night could have been a fluke. We shall see.

Barbara, I don't have a moving ammo ad or any other kind of ad next to my live feed image. I use Chrome to view the live cam but I don't see any ads when I use Firefox either. I wonder why you're seeing them and I'm not?

It was sunny earlier today but it's looking cloudy now. We have some snow in our forecast for tonight and also bitterly cold temps.


Barbara said...

I am using IE right now. At home I use Chrome or Safari. No ads on the iPad for sure!

Judie said...

Good late afternoon.

Sandi, so happy Dennis seems to have found some relief for himself and for you. Will keep fingers crossed. Also very glad that Patricia is not facing charges and do hope the administrators take note of the need for appropriate disciplinary action or transfer if the student. Is she eligible for retirement?

Jo, point those toes toward the ceiling. Call Mr. Newt inside from the cold and snow tonight. Enjoy your tv programs. Relax. Oh, Jufie thinks you are just too cool.

Suzan, we also are expecting some freezing rain/light snow this evening. Of course, in this area, that is a call for disaster on the beltway and interstates. Have seen a red-headed woodpecker, the hawk, chickadees, and some goldfinches of which the males are beginning to color yellow to attract a mate. The fox has visited several times.

Shirley, am most proud to share a feather with you. Chin scritches for Allie and Cheeto, please.

Barbara, I do not see any such ad(s) when I look in on the nest. Jo is our contact with NCTC if you have problems but remember, we have free access to the nest year-round and sometimes, for some live cams, sponsors are necessary to pay the bills.

Had a nice lunch, foraging accomplished. Now, dinner at Red Lobster for our "beat the crowd" Valentine dinner.

Have a nice evening everyone.

stronghunter said...

Interesting, I do have some ads next to my live feed, though I did not notice any moving ones. I do not usually see them because I squeeze the window down and put the blog beside it. I just squeeze the ads out.

stronghunter said...

The ads are not there when I go to full screen, either.

stronghunter said...

My ads are for Nevada Foodies and Outdoor Channel Digital Newsletters--just a link for you to subscribe.

stronghunter said...

Need to head out. Hunter and I are going to take Luna to the vet to have her ears checked. Kathryn will meet us there. Keep your fingers crossed that the bad weather does not come while we are out and about.

Egg roll taking place.

JudyE said...

look like it is starting to snow at nest see some on back of eagle

stronghunter said...

I see it too, Judy.

JudyE said...

I also see ads on the live feed but as Shirley. I make the screen smaller Only have the frame of the cam as with the still above it on the other side of the page. I have my email and the blog,fb,yahoo all in one area with tabs I multi task I guess you could say

JudyE said...

AND YES I HAVE SEE GUN ADS and Jordyn said something one day OMA is that a real gun

JudyE said...

and I don't think it was a hunting gun more of a hand gun Being its the Outdoor Channel and hunting I guess

Mema Jo said...

Good evening - I too see some sleet (?) on her back
She is trying to get a bite of the frozen morsel - I was afraid she was going to drag it onto the eggs!

Mema Jo said...

I have a little Downy in the yard - he is content scaling the one tree. I need to put out the block of suet. I love watching them.

Since Mr Newt got himself stuck in the snow - he has been very particular if he asks to go outside. Learned his lesson.

NCSuzan said...

Our snow event was short lived however some sleety mess is expected overnight but not a lot.

Sandi, thank you very much. I will pass on that information. They use a humidifier in their rum so that may alleviate that dried out feeling.

Linda said...

Good Evening.....

A long day at the office, and I am closing up earlier than my normal tonight!! Hooray!

Sandi, it is good to take a day and rest every now and then. Enjoy it!! Glad Patricia doesn't have to face criminal charges......certainly because that would be utterly ridiculous! I hope the school administration does the right thing!!

Woodpeckers?? We have more than we can count!! I think they all breed here in the summer and eat here all winter!! We have downey Woodpeckers, Hairy Woodpeckers that are HUGE and one pair of red-bellied woodpeckers. They are so pretty with the red on their heads and they are a bit more skiddish than the others!

In the summer when they have their babies, the babies come to the railing with their parent and every time they eat from their mom or dad's beak, they squeal the whole time. We know when we hear the squealing, the babies are being fed. And much like other birds, the babies are bigger than the ragged Momma!!

Jo, listen to Judie's advice and take it easy with those feet up.

Hope everyone stays warm this weekend. It will be below zero here the next couple nights with each night a little colder than the last. This morning it was -2!! Ugh!

In case I don't make it back, blessings to each one of you and SED!!!

JudyE said...

our Miss Belle is being covered with snow

Mema Jo said...

I think she shook off and did egg roll and changed her position.
I am hoping form what I am seeing that the snow has stopped

Janet Neely said...

good evening to one and all

I was most pleased earlier this evening, I tuned into the camera and watched one of our eagles in the nest, first eating dinner, and while said eagle was eating I saw the TWO beautiful eggberts!!!! Then it was step step wiggle wiggle and snuggle the eggberts….and of course, the flugg rearrangement!

LOLLY: congrats! I have plateaued on my weight loss.  I have re-doubled my effort adding a couple days of week of extra exercise…..i can see a difference and my clothes are fitting better and looser, but the scale remains stuck? Bah humbug!

SANDI: glad your colleague has gotten some good news…..just a shame teachers are put thru this nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LINDA: that is so awesome about the woodpeckers!!! We have a couple of smallish ones that are around in the winter due to the suet that I put out and I hear them in the warmer weather with their tap tap taps…..but I’d love to watch them raise a family!!!
Had a great day at work . I was asleep by 9 last night and I woke up refreshed and ready to rock the day!!

When I got home I filled all the feeders. It is going down to 18 tonight and not supposed to get above 29 tomorrow. Brrrrrrrrr.

But, by next weekend we are supposed to be in the 60’s……

All is quiet here. We went out to dinner tonight. I have lunch for tomorrow as I only ate half of my meal!

I hope everyone has a lovely evening and a wonderful Saturday! Good night and Sweet Eggbert Dreams!

Judie said...

Good evening all

Well, dinner was very nice. Must say, we were not impressed with food or service many years ago and had not gone back until recently. Total change in food, service, everything. So, that was a very nice treat.

Adult tucked in for the night. No snow that I could tell. Anticipated snow here has not arrived (yippee).

Suzan, I bet if we all put rum in our humidifiers, non of us would feel dried out.

Mr. Newt has a lot of good common sense. Every time I think of him I recall watching him fight his way through that snow. I certainly appreciate Jake and Jude keeping my feets warm during the night.

Shirley, how's Luna? Sure hope her ears are clear. Will need to take the boys for a checkup in a month or two including dental for the few teeth they have. My concern now is potential for gum disease. However, even with only three or four teeth each, they eat like champions.

Okay, feet going up before I meet the pillows.

Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...


Luna's ears still have some bacteria, so the vet packed them with medication yet again. Basset hounds have problems with their ears. But more concerning, she has a growth on her rump. We had thought it was another one of the cysts she has been getting, but this one is different. She had been seen at the vet's a couple of times since it started developing, but she did not think it needed treatment. This time a different vet saw her. That is all we know. Tests have been requested and it will be about 5 days.

In driving over to the vet's office, I realized that I could not read the road signs on I-95. The eye doctor said that he did not think I really needed to invest in new glasses just yet, and that the cataracts are not that bad, but it a problem when you cannot read those signs. Of course, I was in familiar territory, but it is still a problem.

I see belle all tucked and sleeping in the nest. No snow visible.

stronghunter said...

Rum in the humidifiers? What an interesting suggestion. I do have a warm steam one in my bedroom, but it does not produce a lot of steam. The directions say that I should add a bit of salt if it does not create much steam, and I have been experimenting with that.

We have not seen any snow here so far.

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all

Keep warm - especially Belle ♥

Pleasant dreams - AOYP

stronghunter said...

Glad to know that Patricia is not facing any criminal charges, Sandi. Goodness, I should hope that she in not in trouble for saying that the kid was acting dumb, but I do know how those things can go.

I am going to say SED for tonight. I will see you tomorrow.

stronghunter said...

Hoping that Mr. Newt stays close and warm. Sounds like he is a smart kitty.

Speaking of smart kitties, Cheeto has figured out how to get into the dog food bin and he has been helping himself to Luna's food. We are working on how to secure said food bin. Cheeto is getting a bit chunky.

Cheeto and Allie Cat say good night to Judie's boys and to all of the other critters out there in blogland. Allie will keep watching the eagle nest.

Lynne2 said...

good evening, Momma Bell is tucked in and sound asleep with a bit of snow upon her back.

SO happy to have a second egg!

I don't have any ads with the cam...but I cannot help but wonder if Old Ed remembered his Sta-Bil this winter....

Sandi, can't wait to hear how the nose thingys work for the next few nights. My hubby may want me to get some! I'm supposed to have a sleep study but insurance will only pay for the "in house" test at the sleep lab but not the "in home" test. I cannot bring myself to do it. It creeps me out.

Janet...OMG...the birdfeeders are emptying here at an alarming rate! I would always know when foul weather is approaching by the disappearance of bird food!

Judie speaking of fox....I think OUR fox has a den dug under one of the sheds in the yard at the main house! I can only hope everyone leaves her alone....

Lucky Linda and her woodpeckers! I get downey woodies at the feeders, and occasionally red bellies and you aren't kidding about how skittish they are!

I didn't realize this til recently but if you want the big uns to come you need a special suet holder that is mounted on wood that extends well past the basket so they can rest their tails on there!

Dont forget's the Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend. Just google it for info. Very easy, just count birds once a day for 15 minutes from today til Sunday.

Sandi, SO VERY HAPPY that no criminal charges will be brought against Patricia and I hope there will be no further "things" to keep her from her classroom. What a nightmare.

Glad E8 is back home, not so happy to hear about the black line on E7. I get SO angry when we go fishing and find line laying around. I bring it all home with me and dispose of it.

Shirley, how did Luna's ears check out?

Well, I must hit the pillows soon, Teleclass in the AM. I can't believe it's the last one, and then next Sat and Sunday are the last in class days. I'm going to miss it and wow, I have learned SO much!

See you all on the morrow! Belle is still tucked in soundly!

Lolly said...

We are home and headed back in the morning. BB season is coming to an end!

The no sports for a while which is strange! No more soccer.

My turn to go Shower! Nite all!!

Jewels said...

Good Blustery morning!

I enjoyed my two days off, Wednesday and Thursday. I had a 12 hr day yesterday. Back in at 6am today till 2pm and I get to come back at 10pm and work till 6am. LOL I feel like some superwoman. HAHA
A good dusting of snow yesterday evening and again on my way to work this morning, I was hitting some good snow squalls that were covering the roads.
I am done with this weather. And we are to get some more stuff Monday and into monday night. Will make for travel on Tuesday morning nasty!

Hope everyeon enjoys their Saruday and stays warm!!!!

Sandi said...

Goodorming Carolyn and all my eagle friends. I see one eagle - Belle - and just caught a glimpse of the 2 eggs as she did a roll. But she covered them up very quickly - snow in the nest and it looks very windy as well.

magpie said...

Well there you are, Beautiful...Hi Jewels !
I was just watching the dust-off at the nest and saw those
wonderful eggs....hope you saw it too !

Good Morning, Precious Eagle Pals...
xoxo ☺♥

magpie said...

And Helllooooo Sandi !

♥ ☺

I love your avatar of your precious granddaughter,
by the way...

Eagles and Eggs and Babies, can it get any better !

magpie said...

Oh Jewels:
You nailed it: You ARE some kind of a Superwoman!

I wish you the best on those flip-floppy shifts !

As long as you get back to the dayshifts with me, I guess
I can handle it...the separation anxiety =

magpie said...

My friends,
I can only manage to fly through the posts most days...
I see your "smiling face" and read your friendly words...
and have you all, your families, friends and my Heart ♥

magpie said...

Daylight has occurred at the nest,
bet those changing of the guards today will
be swift, allrighty... !!

Best Wishes to all for
a safe, warm, healthy, happy day, with
whatever is on YOUR dance cards...

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox ☺ ♥

Sandi said...

We are under a wind advisory today with NW winds of 25-35mph and gusts of 45mph. Temps right now are at their highest at 23 degrees with a real feel of 12 degrees. By midnight, we could see 0 degrees on the thermometer with wind chills of -10.

Kevin showed up last night with his friend's dog in tow - he has been dog sitting at their house while they're in FL til next Friday. He said the cable went off abruptly and when he called the cable company, they had not paid the bill. So he said there was no way he was staying there with no internet and no TV.

Bocce is a sweet dog (Cairn terrier - think Toto in the Wizard of Oz) but very high strung and yappy. I have to keep her in the sunroom/office with the dachshunds b/c she runs everywhere rather than walking and Janey gets excited and chases her. I'm afraid that Janey would accidentally hurt her. Jenni is afraid of her so she stays hidden in one corner of the sunroom under my desk. Bocce and Bella are both alphas so they have mixed it up once or twice and Bella is at a disadvantage with no teeth.

Bocce is sleeping in Jenni's old crate in the hallway while the 2 doxies and Janey sleep in our room. Bocce is used to a crate which is a good thing. This morning I took Jenni and Bella out to pee, brought them back inside and gated them in the sunrrom, then took Janey out to pee, then got Bocce out of the crate and took her out to pee. After that I had to feed Bella and Jenni in the sunroom, Janey in the kitchen, and Bocce in the crate. Lots of trips up and down lots of stairs just to get that accomplished - I feel like I need a nap already.

Tennis for me at 10am.

Belle has called out once but Shep hasn't arrived. She is tenting to keep the snow away from the egg cup but it looks like the snow flurries have stopped there for now. Just very windy.

Have a greyt day all - stay warm if you're in the path of this polar vortex!

WVJerry said...

Good morning Sandi, Carolyn and Margy. Good to see you all this morning. Cold and windy here. I see one eagle in nest and it looks windy there too. Working 2-10 today. Should be really cold wind chill tonight. Talk later and take care all.

Sandi said...

Have been perusing Facebook. FYI ... it's a sunny 90 degrees in Panama. I know this b/c I have friends on vacation there. I may be moving to Panama.

Jewels said...

Margy, I did see those beautiful eggs earlier!! Trying to watch as much as I can, seems I missed the changing of guards..
I really love being on shift with you, but I really hope to be on nights or evenings... it would be nice if I was , you could move with me!! Talking of anxiety, I told you how I was with this nest... getting me all worked up and my anxiety levels add anxiety of separation in there , I may be really out of whack!
Guess we will know next week about that type of anxiety.

Sandi, that is alot of running to accommodate those puppy dogs! But I imagine its much better for Kevin to be able to have internet and tv too....

Jerry, hope your shift goes well today! When you get off work I will just be coming back in.

Judie said...

Good morning everyone.

Much wind at the Sycamore Palace this morning. Looks horribly cold. Next few days the weather is not looking good in the area. Glad Belle and Shep are experienced parents.

Much high wind here. Very, very cold.

Sandi, I can't imagine your menagerie. What a routine. Maybe when you tell Kevin about your adventures, he'll be ever so eager to join in. Did the no-snoring device work again last night? Hope so. Enjoy the tennis.

Shirley, sure hope the medication works on Luna's ears. Yes, do get the eyes checked - so worth it.

So nice to see so many others up and about this morning.

Wising every on the best day possible. Stay warm.

Judie said...



Have a wonderful day celebrating. May the year ahead be extra special for you.

grannyblt said...

Good morning all. Burrrr, very cold and snowy here. Wouldn't you know it for the Backyard Bird Count. Yesterday was a wash out in that department, but better today. I did see the neighborhood Hairy woodpecker. For those not familiar, they look like a giant Downy. Just the neighborhood usual feeder birds so far.

The Hays nest in Pittsburgh reported their first egg today. Hope our extreme temps aren't a problem. They lost their eggs last year.

Shirley, not being able to see well when driving is what sent me to the eye Dr. to have my cataracts taken care of. I just have 10 more days of drops on the second eye . I can see so much better and only need reading glasses so far.

Glad to see so many of our missing friends posting.

JudyE said...

Good morning Eagle Buds

Nice to see not much snow on the nest


Kay said...

Good Freezing Morning, Eagle Buds!!!

SANDI, you're getting a taste of what it will be like when you retire and take in foster Greyts! Kevin is so lucky to have his greyt mom!

LYNNE1, I have a Pittsburgh nest bookmarked and yesterday it looked deserted and with no egg cup in readiness. I'll have to go there n' see is it's the Hays nest. In any case I hope that pair has better luck this year.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MATTIE! Hope SHAR, THELMA n' SISSY are making it a big occasion! And, I hope I have the right MATTIE in mind!

MARGY n' CAROLYN, good to see you both---enjoy the loving exchanges twixt the two of you.

JUDIE, what a widespread weather system this is when Central Ohio and your neck of the woods are having exactly the same bbbbbrrrrrr stuff.

LOLLY, no sporting events for a while? That will seem very strange!

JERRY, 2-10 shift. It's going to be mighty cold when you head home from work. Take care!

Hey, JUDY, be thankful for your Floridian temps!

Looking for JO and SHIRLEY to check in soon--it's almost time for the cam to show us Belle n' Shep's neighborhood.

Praying for all in need and hoping you all have a warm and safe Saturday afternoon and evening.


stronghunter said...

At the bowling alley with Val and Julie. So cold today.

Mema Jo said...

Good Afternoon and it is so cold and windy ! Staying inside all day today!

Good to hear from so many this morning - Keep coming back Momsters

It is a very eventful day - this day before celebrating Valentine's Day

Happy birthday to Mattie Jane who was once our Littlest Eaglet - a big exciting 18th birthday with so many things lined up for her future.
Enjoy your special day, Mattie Jane

Judie said...

Good grief, Kay. You post and Shirley and Jo appear. Cool!

Have fun bowling, Shirley.

Stay inside as much as you can, Jo.

Headed to the scullery. Brisket to the oven. Bourbon sweet potatoes follow.

Adult in the nest. Dis a few wiggles but did not actually get up.


Kay said...

Aha, JUDIE, now you know. I have magic powers! Good to "see" SHIRLEY and JO and to know both are having a good day.

Hmmmm, that dinner sounds oh, so good! I had a baked sweet potato Thursday---too bad I didn't know to down a swig or two of bourbon with it!

Enjoy watching our Eagles all---I'll be right there with you!

Mema Jo said...

I just received from my hubby 13 beautiful fragrant red roses

Happy Valentine's Day to all

Lolly said...

Home from games! It was a close, low scoring game but our Jacob scored four baskets almost half of the baskets and they won! Yay!

Yes, sports may be over for a while. Joseph really wanted to play soccer but the seasons overlapped. He is a great keeper and would have done well.

Sandi, you remarked on Jacobs size. Joseph is 15 and 6'1". He is tall and skinny and takes after his mother. Joey is 6'6" and big! Jacob takes after him. He is 11 and 5' 9 1/2" and weighs around 200 lbs. football coaches will be drooling. Presently he has an amazing coach who sees his potential in basketball and really working with him on agility. Also, trying to give him the confidence to be aggressive.

Tonight Valentine's party at church, given by the men. They have done this for years and come home hurting from laughing so much!
Tomorrow for Valentines, Jack and I are cooking a special dinner. I am going off my diet for one day! We are preparing Ossobucco, an Italian dish.

Sitting here with feet up watching the cam.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Mattie.

stronghunter said...

Something got the eagles upset. Both were in the nest and calling, but things seem calmer now.

grannyblt said...

Just checked the nest and heard something howling or tipping, maybe a dog. Eagle undisturbed.

stronghunter said...

Sometimes we hear foxes at the nest. They sound very strange.

Judie said...

Good evening everyone.

Jo, Mr. Jo is the most amazing Mr. Jo there ever could be. Happy Valentine's Day.

Lynne1, Shirley's correct. We do sometimes hear fox at the nest and they sound very much like a barking dog. Our fox comes into the yard and if he/she cannot find scraps, just proceeds to voice a very negative opinion of us. lol

Lolly, hope the Valentine's party was as much fun as ever.

Having some anxiety now I know that Kay has magical powers. Must see if I can locate Jufie's cousin -- Evil Jufie -- just in case.

Hope Sandi is not having too much difficulty with the menagerie tonight. Boy, she's not going to be happy having to go outside in the horrid cold.

Also hope that Lynne2 has been able to secure all the critters in a reasonably warm barn and out of this cold and wind.

Headed for my recliner. Need to read a few pages. Restful sleep for all.

Jewels said...

Happy Valentines Day to all my lovely Momsters and Dadsters!
Wide awake here at work. Watching the nest and making my Valentines for my girls. Hope everyone is snug in their warm beds. Its brutal outside and we are in a winter storm watch. 5 in snow and 1/4 in ice predicted between Sunday night and Tuesday with winds gusting to 30mph.

Lolly said...

We had a great time at the party tonight! Lots of laughs! I tried very hard to stay away from rich food. Snacked on a small amount of pop corn, had two candy kisses, and one teeney conversation heart given to me by my jubby! Did not look at the dessert table!

Way past time to hit the pillows! Nite all!

Jewels said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jewels said...

my delete.... sorry
Sounds like a fun time Lolly, and Great job skipping the desert! I love hubby's new nickname, :) jubby

watched the change of guards... I think shep came in and it took some persuasion to wake Belle up and make him get up. LOL Finally she did and he settled pretty fast on the eggs. Now she is standing guard over him and the nest.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

May your Valentine's Day be filled with Love and Beauty!!!

Hi, CAROLYN! Isn't Shep a dedicated mate and father? It's too dark for Belle to get out and about, but at least she can stretch a bit.

You will see such nicknames used for Momster spouses every now and then---way back When someone, perhaps Lolly, mis-typed hubby as jubby---forever afterward the gals started using the first initials of their hubbies names. As in, her case for Jack or dubby for the Dennis's, subby for Steve, etc.. It doesn't work well for those names starting with vowels and, of course there are many of us who no long have spouses, but it does bring a smile to the face when used.

So sweet that you were making Valentines for your sweet daughters! I hope you're going to be well remembered on this day of love, too.

JUDIE, do not fear my special powers. Long ago I decided to use them only for good!

SANDI, thinking of you as you'll soon be tending to the needs of four dogs! I know I'm dreading Penny's first outing of the day, brrrrrr.

JO, what a grand guy Ed is! 13 gorgeous roses! Wow!

Prayers for all in need!!!



Kay said...

I should remember to edit before sending---I meant who no longer have spouses.....

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Happy Valentine's Day!!

I see 1 eagle (Belle) in the nest asleep. Air temp is 12 degrees in Bethany this morning with a wind chill of zero. All dogs have been outside to potty and have been fed, though Bocce is currently protesting her owners' disappearance by not eating. She is a chubby little terrier so she isn't going to starve to death and will eat when she gets hungry enough.

Kevin helped with the dogs during the day yesterday, he's just not awake at 6am. Neither is Denny so the early morning outside trips are always mine. And the last trip outside at night is always Denny's responsibility. The dogs didn't want to be outside this morning any more than I did so they made fast work of doing what they had to do!

Denny is asleep in a spare bedroom this morning. The nose vents worked very well to stop his snoring the first night but then not as well the 2nd night or last night. It could be b/c it has been so cold the past 2 nights and the heat has run a lot more. Even with the room humidifier, Denny said he woke up yesterday morning with his throat sore and his nose and mouth feeling very dry. He has made an appt with our primary care doc to get a referral for an ENT.

Jo, is there a Lennox get together for Valentine's Day? I bet those roses are beautiful!

Lolly, congrats on the 14 pound weight loss and on being so disciplined about food while out at a party! Denny and I went out to dinner last night. He got bread pudding with ice cream for dessert and I only ate 2 bites of his - didn't get dessert for myself.

Today is get everything together for the accountant to do the taxes. I suspect we are going to owe quite a bit. Denny's business did very well in 2015 so I certainly can't complain.

Have a greyt day all. Stay warm if you're in this polar vortex and, if you're not, get outside and enjoy the weather that the rest of us can't!

Linda said...

Good Morning and Happy Valentines Day!!

-14 degrees!! Yes, it is cold and -25 wind chill! But we are warm and cozy inside.

So good to hear from MARGY!! You are loved and missed!!

Hope MATTIE had a special day yesterday!!

CAROLYN, hope your shift was good and you got those valentines done!!

LOLLY, that is so great on the weight loss, especially with so much going on this week!! I need to work on that AGAIN!! Hope your splurge day today is fun!

SANDI, I don't envy you taking all those dogs out so early and with the cold weather! I will be working on taxes, too, if it is any consolation! Of course, these days, I do this everyday!! Good luck!

Not sure who is tending the nest, but the adult just tucked in...probably for some heat!!

Hope everyone enjoys their day today!

Sandi said...

Just had a switch from Belle to Shep and there are still 2 eggs. Eagle Cam posted around 6:30am about the possibility of seeing Belle laying a 3rd but there are only 2.

Judie said...

Good morning.

♥Wishing each of you a wonderful Valentine's Day♥

Adult tucked in and sun is shining.

Dreadfully cold here but at least some sunshine.

Congratulations Lolly. Willpower is a wondrous attribute.

Sandi, sorry you get stuck with the early morning "doodie" duty. Glad Denny will see an ENT. Are you scheduled to be sick next week? How are Brian, Lynnis, and Freyja?

Kay, you were up and awake early this morning. Good magical powers? Well, that's what the wicked which of the west said. LOL

Couldn't remember who is responsible for the first initial + ubby. So, it was Lolly. I remember when I was a newbie that I got confused and had Lolly's Jack with Wanda and Wanda's Gene with Lolly -- a real blog scandal.

Linda, hope today especially will be migraine-free.

Hi Carolyn. Hope today is a quiet one at work. How's Jessica?

LOLLY? DO NOT READ THIS: Maryland lump crab cakes w/slaw for Valentine's dinner.

Off to finish coffee and begin my day.

WVJerry said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Momster friends. Got breakfast done and first load of laundry underway. I see an eagle on the eggs this morning. Still chilly here and calling for more snow then sleet then freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy your Valentine's Day wherever and whatever you are doing special today. Just going to relax today and tomorrow. After next week I had to take one week vacation before March 1. No pl;ans just get some things accomplished around house. Take care all. I see no third egg yet either.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Watching our eagle munching on the bloody popsicle that remains in the nest from a previous hunting trip.
Oh my, it does look cold thee.

I see from comments that Margy has been here, but I haven't gotten to her post yet.

Oh dear, even an eagle's beak is challenged by that frozen mess.

stronghunter said...

Two eagles in the nest.

stronghunter said...


stronghunter said...

Looks like we have Belle in the nest now. Shep has poofed.

glo said...

Good morning and Happy Valentines Day to each of you. Cougar checking in here lol. The 2 young men visiting me today hopefully are grandsons stolen from my life 17 years ago. I won't go into the details. I did see one of them at his Graduation for a few hours last May. The other I have not seen since he was an infant. We have snow today but oldest says he has access to 4 wheel drive deisel truck. They have a 5 hr drive without the snow. Reality says I will not believe they are here until they arrive BUT this grandma is so very ready. So stay tuned and pray for safe travel for them in the snow. Thanks

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

I noticed the temp is 17° at the nest

Hope everyone has a GREAT Valentines Day

JudyE said...

check out Google for today

Mema Jo said...

Happy VALENTINES Day to all of you ♥

Very cold today and I sure don't like the forecast for tonight into tomorrow. Hoping
Tues or Wed the temps will rise! Come On Spring !

Visiting with Jennifer who came this morning. She had to take an alternate route to get here due to snow drifts on her country road.

Our Royal Couple is doing exceptionally well during this cold spell. They are the best and if a third egg comes - well that is the norm for them.

Dana mentioned on FB that "Hanging out with dad. He is doing pretty good today."
I said that I was Happy to hear this about your dad. Dana's return comment was
"Still confused but knows me and can carry on a conversation." PRAYERS NEEDED ♥

Kay said...

Oh, GLO, be still my heart! I have goosebumps just thinking of your reunion with long lost, but ever dear grandsons! You can understand why I dubbed you "Cougar", however the Real Story is ever so much better than that!!! ☺♥☺♥

My Valentine's Day consists of stay warm, keeping Penny happy, a couple of loads of wash, a quick trip to Kroger for Rx's and more, mid-month bill paying with Downton Abbey for a days end treat. Meanwhile I'll be seeing what kind of magic I might conjure up---like maybe making JO put in an appearance!

Have a special, in fact, an especially special day, dear friends. Some of you may be celebrating tomorrow as well! How many will be having my favorite, cherry pie? I will if I can find a sugar free version at Kroger today.

Egg roll and flugg redo in progress.

Kay said...

Aha! My thoughts paid off and whilst I was blabbing aka babbling, JO showed up! Yeah!

Thanks for the DANA's Dad update--sounds like progress--prayers continue!

SHIRLEY, I think LINDA was referring back to yesterday when speaking of a MARGY visit.

JERRY, JUDY, SANDI et all, enjoy your ♥Day!

stronghunter said...

Prayers and good wishes for Dana and her family.

Snow drifts on country roads--you all have had more snow than we have, Jo. Yes, I am concerned about the forecast, too. Right now, we just have a few piles in parking lots and such. Our forecast is similar to the forecast for Shepherdstown. Ont to three inches of snow tonight and tomorrow and then rain on Tuesday.

Kay said...

Noon show over. A cold and serene scene with nary a soul stirring except for one of our eagles tending eggs and looking very alert. Shep maybe???

stronghunter said...

So happy for you, Glo. I hope you will tell us about it.

JudyE said...

both in nest and poofing alert

Sandi said...

Lots of calling out and both eagles took off. Belle returned about 30 seconds later and is on the eggs. But there are still eagle calls.

Mema Jo said...


Glo - I do remember your attending a graduation ceremony a few years back
I am so excited for you and for the fact that the boys are coming to meet you -0 what
an act of love on this special day.

Mema Jo said...

Sandi - don't need this drama
I feel certain there is still an intruder of some sort in the area. :(

Lynne2 said...

Happy Valentine's Day Momsters and Dadsters!

It's a beautiful sunny day here....amazing how the 7 degrees this AM w/ sun and no wind felt SO good while feeding horses!

There are only 15 days left in Meteorological Winter folks...that means the 3 coldest months in these parts will be OVER! And starting Tues. PM...warmer! In the 40s most of the week with temps closing in on 50 by next Saturday!

Mema Jo said...

I am tempted to ask IT at NCTC to keep the cam pulled out after the Cam Tour until
4 or 5:00pm Now it zooms in at 2pm. Any input please..........

Sandi said...

Jo, right now we're waiting to see if we get a 3rd egg so zoomed in is better IMO. Once we're sure that egg laying is finished, it doesn't matter to me if we stay zoomed out longer each day.

Glo, how exciting for you to see these 2 young men! I wish them safe and swift travels!

JudyE said...

I think with the possibility of a intruder I would rather have the cam pulled back like now
The other day we got to see the chase of the adult eagle that was in the area

When we have bobble heads then the close up but until then I like the far full next view can see more activities at the nest like fly in and out and feed delivery

NatureNut said...

Happy Valentine's Sunday to all the Eagle Buds! ♥♥
It's hard to believe that the past couple sunny days and today have been the coldest yet!!!!
It's getting close to 30° here~~~maybe we'll get over the freezing mark! And by Saturday it might be 60°!! Go figure.
Tomorrow I have a dental appt. at 1 pm and they don't know if it will be clear, ice, sleet, or snow!!! Just love anxiety!
I think I have some eagle pics still in the camera~~have got to find some time to check them out & will tell you if there's anything decent for the Nook. I'm still having trouble changing avatars and this page thru Google won't show anyone's!
Last couple weeks a family friends' group since birth have been dealing with severe illness of one of the hubbies. Last Wed. morning I planned to get on this Blog and request some prayers for Jared from this wonderful group here. He had 2 types of pneumonia that drugs weren't helping. He got rid of a staph infection from hospital, though, and was home for about 3 weeks. They said in 50 days, he could meet w/a specialist Dr. that does surgery on lungs to remove the diseased pneumonia spots. We were all praying for that, but he succumbed last Wed. AM. His wife Susan said he wasn't in any pain and she had wheeled him and his desk chair to the computer. So he was in charge til the end.

Have a wonderful day and good health prayers for all ☺

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Adult in attendance. Abundance of sunshine.

Jo, wide-angle or close in, both have advantages and disadvantages. In general, I like the wide-angle now and then, when piping begins, close in would be fantastic. Glad you and Jenny visited today. How's Master Elliot?

Lynne2, thanks for the optimistic meteorological report. I feel warmer already. How are the critters? How's being back at work?

Glo, what a wonderful time you will have with those grandsons. Many stories and adventures to be shared to create loving memories. Oh, do we need to contact the grandsons to let them know they will be visiting Grandma Cougar? Enjoy every moment.

Kay types and Jo arrives. Now, that's good magical power. I also plan to put my feet up to watch Downton Abby. How's Seth?

Do not like the weather forecast. So dislike sleet and snow at the nest.

Judie said...

Loretta, condolences on the passing of Jared and prayers for Susan and her family and friends.

Prayers continue for Dana and her father and all the family.

Mema Jo said...

Loretta - prayers for Jared's passing so peacefully and for Susan and all of you that are so close.

Judie - do notice that Jo arrived before Kay typed - ♥

I will be watching Downton Abbey for sure tonight. You just don't know what is going to go on next with that fast moving.

JudyE is getting some excellent pics at the nest - there is some drama - I pray it will fly away and never return...Don't want any injured eagles......... ♥

Lolly said...

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Happy Valentines Day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Home from church. Did not stay for luncheon. Can not afford that and our special dinner, too!

I was thinking it was Loretta/Loweeeeeeeda that started the jubby business.

Ok, no sign of a third egg yet? Will closely monitor it today. I think that after a third egg or chance of a third egg the cam should be pulled back. Then when it is close to hatch time zoom back in. Then with bobble heads stay zoomed in.

Wishing everyone a great day!🌹

Lolly said...

We are just talking now......just talking. But considering a Fall New England trip! And you know what that means! WV will be in our plans IF we do this. Time to once again hug a few necks!❤️

stronghunter said...

I like the wide view most of the time. I think it will be good to go in close for the pipping time.

Condolences to Jared and his family, Loretta.

Yes, thanks for the positive information about the weather, Lynne2.

Our eagle is really down in that egg cup. I do hope there is not any more drama. We are getting a very good look at that eagle eye watching the area.

stronghunter said...

It would be very nice to see you again, Lolly. I do hope you can make the trip north in the fall. Keep us posted.

Mema Jo said...

Alert - chase is on - eggs uncovered

JudyE said...

don't like not knowing what is going on

Mema Jo said...

Our eagle is back to eggs

Janet Neely said...

Good Valentines Day to all my sweet friends!
KAY: I love the explanation of the nickname for spouses. But thank I shall not call Tom
Tubby. Yeah, not so flattering! Lol.
JO: 13 roses. A baker’s dozen! ;) I know that brought a smile to your face! Enjoy!
SANDI: eating a couple bites of someone else’s dessert is actually a great strategy. I remember back when doing weight watchers, they asked us the best part of something sweet, and the typical answer was the first 1 or 2 bites. Sometimes that’s all we need! 
It was cold cold cold all day yesterday. Work was good. Saturdays are normally very busy and yesterday was true to form.
We have had some rain, sleet and some snow already today. All rain is forecast for later today.
Watching Daytona qualifying! Racing season has begun
Will check in later. Holding each of you close in my heart and thoughts with love, comfort and healing for all! ((((hugs))))

JudyE said...

I wonder was that HP or a intruder reason left the nest but came back

JudyE said...

there has to be a eagle in attic I hear eagle call but the one in nest beak is not opening anyone else

JudyE said...

egg roll

Mema Jo said...

I agree Judy! Going to request Zoom Out with Wide View during daylight hours for now

stronghunter said...

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine's Day!

glo said...

YES they are here. We had lunch and then headed to the Marina in the snow. Stories later. For now my Grandsons :-)

Mema Jo said...

Email sent - will advise any change that will be made.

Mema Jo said...

Judy what is that on the right side of our eagle in the nest --------?????????????

Mema Jo said...

NEVER mind - I refreshed and it wasn't there
Looked like a squashed egg............. I'm losing it
Time to call it quits for a few!

JudyE said...

on the right maybe pink nestovers I see a pine cone also under some sticks So hope it stays peaceful as it seems to be now

Mema Jo said...

Dad is home - both in nest

Mema Jo said...

Out goes dad

Maybe it's not over !

stronghunter said...

I guess that is Belle in the nest. She just did some interesting movements. It looks like she might be ducking down or something.

stronghunter said...

She is watching something with interest. Would like to have wide view now.

Mema Jo said...

I see her ducking - that is not good

stronghunter said...

Something is happening out there.

stronghunter said...

She s calling.

2 in nest. Both calling. Looks like Shep is taking the egg watch.

Mema Jo said...

Dad arrives - chatters - switch - egg roll - dad is on the eggs

stronghunter said...

Maybe Shep drove away the intruder and they both had to say a few things to it.

Mema Jo said...

I hope so, Shirley. I get so upset when they are in that defensive mode - I just
always think of Liberty!

JudyE said...

eagle calls but beak is not opening

stronghunter said...

I know, Jo. When I first saw her ducking, I even wondered if she was laboring. But then it was obvious she was watching something and ducking.

stronghunter said...

Shep looks okay, but I see one loose feather.

stronghunter said...

He is very alert.

stronghunter said...

Lots of flugg moving going on.

Mema Jo said...

I am hoping the nest is now secure -

Hoping all had a loving day

Going to shut down for now - I'll check cam every hour just to be sure all is well
There could be the third egg later and the weather for the night and tomorrow doesn't
sound good.

Take care - enjoy your evening and Goodnight!

JudyE said...

lost the cam

JudyE said...

still cam is working but not live feed

JudyE said...

Belle is in

Sandi said...

Judy, i lost the live cam too. I've noticed that every evening at about this time the live feed goes down - there is definitely a pattern.

Sandi said...

Live feed is back ... IF it stays on. It sounds like the wind is picking up at the nest.

Linda said...

Just checking in before I go take a shower to warm up!! Man it is COLD, even though the temperature inside seems normal, my feet and legs are freezing!

Got a good bit of work done today and will stop early for a Valentine's Dinner at home with my Valentine and we will watch a movie, most likely!

GLO.... So so so very happy to hear your grandsons made it as they said they would. Don't know the whole story but can imagine how difficult it has been to be "outside" of their lives for so long. I am sure it was an amazing reunion and an outing, too!! Hope you had a WONDERFUL day with them and that that door has permanently opened again for you pick up where you left off!! You must be ONE HAPPY GRANDMA!!!

Will keep DANA's Dad in prayer and glad to hear he is doing a bit better.

LYNNE2, we can always count on you for some positive reinforcements with Spring on the way soon!

JUDYE, thank was a migraine free day today!! That is a GOOD Day for sure!

Cam is buffering quite a bit, but it looks calm now. Hopefully all the DRAMA is over.

Stay warm and enjoy your Valentine's Evening!!


Mema Jo said...

Mema Jo said...

Well that is weird

I did just make a comment - but above it is empty




Mema Jo said...


JudyE said...

Live feed isn't working It comes up but if you notice the buffer is at 0.4 not 400 and it starts at the same thing each time it comes up

and STILL taint working either stuck at 553

JudyE said...

thanks JO

Lolly said...

I was wondering about the cam! I got dinner started, came in and had lost the cam. Called it back up and thought it is too bright. Getting dark here, should be dark on the cam. Also, I saw Belle messing with those sticks this afternoon. This is not good! Wanted to see the third egg delivered!

JudyE said...

Our cam is its own version of GROUNDHOG DAY plays the same thing over and over

there may not be anyone at NCTC on SUN so we will see in the am I guess

Mema Jo said...


Judy - above I said I had contact with NCTC - PLEASE Enjoy - IT IS up

JudyE said...

I saw your message JO But I just thought no one would be at NCTC on a Sunday

Egg Roll

and thanks for the FIX NCTC IT people

JudyE said...

she is tucked back already

Mema Jo said...

Still Cam is still DOWN - but since we have the live feed I think we are all happy.

Judie said...

Good evening.

Dinner over. Scullery in order.

Adult (Belle?) is tucked in for the night. Wind is not nearly so fierce.

Many thanks to Jo and whomever at NCTC as the live cam is up and running.

Glo, so happy you have had this wonderful time with your grandsons.

Headed to my recliner and then Downton Abby.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Mema Jo said...

JudyE - There isn't anyone at NCTC facility on Saturday or Sunday.
There is an IT member that is exceptional in hearing our shout outs when the
cams go down. We are a very lucky group of Momsters!

I think I already said my goodnights - Off to Downton Abbey

Sandi said...

Thanks Jo for emailing NCTC about the cams being down! Those guys really rock and yes, we are very lucky that they are so responsive!

Just changed my avatar to one of my very special valentine! :)

I'll say goodnight now and will see everyone in the early AM. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. Can I just say that I am DONE with winter - I don't need any more snow, or snow days, or cold weather. I need SPRING!

Mema Jo said...

There is little Miss Beep Beep - Sandi I watch her video over and over..

I changed my avatar to honor Law Enforcement

Goodnight again.............. ♥

Mema Jo said...

Looks like the Still Cam was up and was running
It is frozen at 9:22:15pm
I sent message to IT and said we would talk to them tomorrow.....

Live feed still up

Downton Abbey was good as usual - best part was the new puppy presented to Robert


stronghunter said...

Still no snow falling on our nest. Belle is really snuggled down there.

I stopped in to say good night and SED.

Janet Neely said...

just popping in for a quick good night. it is ice raining here....
hoping everyone has had a warm and lovely day!
Sweet Eggbert Dreams to one and all!

Lolly said...

Yes, Jo, loved the new puppy! He did not care he was not house house trained. Let the servantsclean up the mess!

Belle is tucked! About to tuck myself! Nite all!

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

JudyE said...


Jewels said...

I am at work for another night shift. last one for now.
Not wanting this weather to come. And its snowing as I speak. Ughhhh, do not see any snow at the nest yet.
Judie, Jess is doing well. That second bout of antibiotics kicked that infection out of there. LOL As far as my shift last night , it was good. Got off at 6 am and stopped at Dunkin Donuts for Jennifer, Calley , our neighbors little girl and Bryan.
Then went home and went to bed. Saw when I woke up at 2 all the talk about the Intruder. Praying it fly's off somewhere else.

Prayers to all in need. I see many comments that need special prayers.
As always, you all are in my prayers.

Jewels said...

snowing at the nest now. :(

Jewels said...

Berkeley, Morgan and JEfferson County schools closed due to weather.
I do not see snow in the nest. But its still windy up there!!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Snowing here this morning. I do not see snow at the nest. Wondering if the view is current.

Hi Jewels,

Get a good sleep today.

stronghunter said...

Showing no snow on still cam either. Interesting.

Belle woke up, looked around and re-tucked. I do not blame her!

stronghunter said...

I expect Belle will be dealing with snow and ice later on today. She needs her rest while she can get it.

Sandi said...

Goodorming Shirley and all my eagle friends. I see both eagles in the nest, Shep standing over Belle. It doesn't looks like it's snowing there yet but it's been snowing here. I didn't even know we were expecting snow! Ours will turn to rain later today. I suspect that won't happen in Shepherdstown. Both eagles seem to be sleeping.

Schools are closed here for President's Day. I have the upstairs to clean so that will be my day.

Jo, I pray that you are feeling a little stronger each day and the chemo has done its thing.

Glo, I saw the photos on FB of your 2 visitors - what a treat it must have been for them to go to the marina and watch the eagles! And what a treat it must be for you to have them there. Have you run out of food yet? :)

Dana, prayers for your dad. I see that he has moved from the hospital to rehab. How is he doing?

We got everything organized for the accountant to do our taxes and Denny will drop everything off today. Then we wait to hear the damage.

Have a greyt day all. Both eagles are awake now. Belle just took off and Shep has settled in. I only saw 2 eggs.

stronghunter said...

I heard eagle talk, then saw a changing of the guard, so I think we have Shep in the nest now. As it has gotten lighter, I do see what seems to be a bit of snow on the nest and quite a bit on the ground below. Nest is rocking somewhat in the wind. Doesn't look to be any snow falling now. Shep is tucked.

stronghunter said...

Hi Sandi--I saw two eggs also.

stronghunter said...

Kathryn headed out on our snowy roads. I expect this weather will bring more customers to the body shop in the next few days. Not so good for the people who wreck their cars.

WVJerry said...

Good morning Sandi, Carolyn and Shirley. I see one eagle in nest now. We got a small amount of snow here. Still cold and calling for a little more snow, then ice and finally rain. See reports of only two eggs. I'm guessing that is OK. Talk later and take care all.

Linda said...

Good Morning, Eagle Friends!

I see snow in the nest, but there will be more coming later. It's 21 degrees there now and they are expecting 1-3" of snow throughout the day today.........

But the snow will turn to sleet and then to plain rain overnight and by tomorrow it will be in the 40's and raining. So we will have a wet nest instead of a snowy nest. Some kind of strange weather this year!! At least it will be above freezing!

We will get much of the same weather up here as well, just a little later.

For those of you who have the day off today, hope you enjoy your day!!

Heck, I hope ALL of you enjoy your day today.........working or not!!

Judie said...

Good morning.

Not sure which adult, but eggs are all snuggly warm. Some snow on the nest.

Berry College has one bobble head and a pip in the second egg.

A couple of inches snow here and snow/rain is falling.

Shirley, sorry Kathryn has to be out today but this weather is what keeps the business coming in.

Hope Glo posts an update on her wonderful grandsons. Betting Patches got some extra attention.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

stronghunter said...

We have maybe 6 inches and it is still coming down. I do not see any rain hereabouts.

A few flakes at the nest. Some gathering on our eagle. Shep?.

stronghunter said...

Kathryn got to work safely and posted a few pictures of the roads between here and there. They are treacherous. Even I-95 looks very icy and snowy.

Kay said...

Good President's Day/Monday Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Our new snow is very wet n' slushy, the kind that makes a big mess. More coming this week, but the Friday forecast is for 50° and rain. Crazy!

JUDIE, the Barry nest is one of my favorites! Very windy there, but no snow so those eaglets are going to get a good start in life!

S'wonderful to know the GLO is glowing over the visit with her grandsons. Hopefully this time together will be the beginning of a new era in their family life!

Shep is doing an egg roll--two beautiful eggs! At least I think it's Shep--good job Dad!

Kay said...

SHIRLEY, here's hoping the snow crews have done their magic by the time Kathryn heads for home.

A couple of old family friends are at Julie's for a couple of days. This evening we'll all head out to Westerville. Will take Seth to dinner and give him a chance to visit with the women who mean so much to all of us.

Aha, so Mary has sent Sir McDreamy packing---do you Downton Abbey fans think she and Tom will get together by series end? Seems like the writer's are heading for mostly "happy ever after" scenarios. I expected a bit more realism with some sad endings included.

Word in on Ernie is that he's not tracking well at times and has his days and nights mixed up. The move from VA Hosp. to his home/skilled nursing, 30 miles away, was probably energy draining and confusing. Poor ol' fella still has a long haul ahead and prayers for comfort and healing are still appreciated.

Have a great n' greyt day all!

Prayers for all in need!!!


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