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New thread.


Judie said…
Thank you Steve for the fresh thread. Thanks to all for the camera repair.

I hollered at the others.
Thank you Steve for the fresh thread. I guess you get the feather Judie?
Sandi said…
Thanks Steve for the new week thread and the live cam fix and thanks Judie for the call over.

I see one eagle still in the nest. It looks like the rain has done a number on the snow but, since Shepherdstown got 40 inches, it will take a while for all of that to melt.

Lolly, the young lady who cuts and highlights my hair left a salon about 3 years ago when she had her 2nd child and does hair in her home. I pay her in cash and pay her the same amount I would have paid in the salon. But I still save money b/c I don't have to give her a tip on top of the charge for the service.

stronghunter said…
Thanks for the cam repair and the new thread, Steve and team.

One eagle in the nest.

Yes, there is quite a bit of snow still on the ground at NCTC. Not that much here. Still some in piles.
Mema Jo said…
Thank you Steve for the fresh new mid week thread
A Big thank you for your staff taking care of us by keeping the live feed running

Judie - your feather is very nice - don't let J & J find it.

stronghunter said…
And, of course, thanks for the call-over Judie.
Mema Jo said…
Belle is sitting so still - glad to see cars going by out on the road

stronghunter said…
Looks like Belle at the nest.
Mema Jo said…

Yepper - Belle went POOF
stronghunter said…
Guess I had better feed the cats. Cheeto is licking the coffee table.
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!

Thank you STEVE for generously sharing your blog with us and for giving us New Threads. Thanks to to your entire crew for maintaining the cameras as needed. Thanks, too, to JO for being our able liaison with you folks at NCTC.

Last, but not least, much thanks to our be-feathered JUDIE for the call over, and for telling us what's for dinner at her house. I'm joining her with a grilled cheese sandwich---just wish we were at the same table for the repast!

2 hairdressers ago Julie and I went to a nearby shop and our operator went out on her own, too. However, she came to one of our homes or the other and brought her adorable 2 year old son along. She almost always forgot some key ingredient, like really good scissors and the little tyke worried me to death as he quickly figured out how to open cupboard drawers and doors! We just had to quit using her as it was too stressful. After that I latched on to Justin and Julie went to a high end, pricey salon. Justin retired in November and I've not had a cut since, taking a break to let the Judy Dench grow out and planning on not going quite that short again. So, tomorrow I meet a new hairdresser. Julie was in a cafe recently when she say a woman with hair similar to mine with a nice cut. She asked where it was done and Viola`, I'll seeing Connie tomorrow. I'll have to give her two or three chances as I think it takes time for a hairdresser to learn about our heads/hairs. You'll be hearing whether or not I'm pleased. I truly hate changing, hairdressers, doctors and dentists!!!

LOLLY, it's interesting and wonderful that you and your gal have just discovered you have so much in common!

CAROLINABEACHMOM, nice of you to pop in with plans for watching Belle, Shep, eggs n' eaglets with us!

Time for that samitch! LOL SHIRLEY! I don't wait til' I'm hungry enough to lick the table! It's so cute the way our animals can communicate without words.

Prayers for Dana's dad and all in need!

Mema Jo said…
We are now thinking it is Shep who has returned
JudyE said…

just got in from the park and cell phone tower got to see adults but no babes tonight got to see a fly in and fly out and now home

so pretty out side now in the uppers 70
Lolly said…
Hi Candy! Good to see you on here!

Sitting here chilled! Jack has turned up the heat! My personal thermostat has gone wacky!

Wonder if Belle will come back tonight. I know she has done this many times in the past. She likes to tease us!
Lynne2 said…
Good evening.....

I have kept a secret!
Lynne2 said…
And this will explain my FB post from yesterday...

Back in the beginning of July, I was let go from my job. I'm not exactly sure why, I had a great record, no write ups, etc. Many of my coworkers tried to talk them out of letting me go and wow, I had no idea how much they liked me....I knew they did, but they REALLY do! Even some of our clients spoke up!

They gave me the option of working the following pay period, which I did, and said they were not closing the door on hiring me back. I have continued to use them as my vet, as well as continued to take the cockers there, and everyone has kept in touch which has been really amazing.

Yesterday, they asked me if I'd like to return! I am THRILLED beyond words...I love that job and planned on growing old there, and I was devastated when I was let go. But all water under the bridge now. Just in time, too, since my unemployment just ran out! And there have been NO prospects for employment at all. I've been cleaning some house, scooping poop and whatever else to earn extra money. So this is a really big relief!

More good news is that Steve has finally able to take the required MD things he has to do in order to get his license back!

God had a plan.
JudyE said…
POP UP CAM is listed right below the word Image will reload in --- seconds
JudyE said…
LYNNE2 so so habby that things have turned around for you ITS ABOUT Time
stronghunter said…
That was quite a secret! So happy things have worked out for you, Lynne. I had noticed that you had been focusing on things on the home front rather than at work.
glo said…
Good news for Lynne 2 Lolly my thermostat does that sometimes too. Not sure what that's about. Hope you are just needing a little heat and not coming down with anything. Where is that bird :-) Patches is resting so comfortably beside me tonight. Best she has felt in a week. She is still on steroids each day for one more day, then we go to every other day. I hope she will continue to do well then too. SED everyone. We need sleep at Patches Place.
stronghunter said…
Checking the nest. No eagles there right now.

Saying good night to everyone. SED.
JudyE said…
MT nest

watching the news Still have the cam up and if I see anything I will chime in I recorded OJ on FX last night just may watch it
Anyone else watch it Its gonna be a 10 episode series
Not tired LOL and don't have to get up early so I just may stay up later than I normally do

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

NCSuzan said…
Good evening everyone!

Jo, for me, right under the seconds countdown in sort of ghosted lettering it says Pop UP Cam. This is on the Still Cam. I still have lots of problems with buffering on the Outdoor cam so I go to the still cam and pop up cam configuration. Hope this works for you. I have been doing it a long time.

Lynne2, happy you are re employed but feel saddened that you held that for so long alone. Good news about Steve!

Keep one eye open tonight....we don't want to miss anything!
Mema Jo said…
Suzan I finally found it - I knew we had a pop up - years ago it was a project with NCTC to get this because Blackwater had it and Lisa said it was simple to set up.
Outdoor has been buffering a lot - I usually close it down and then bring it back up.

Sorry Belle didn't come back for the night - Perhaps the nest bedding will dry some tomorrow

Lynne - That is the greatest news for my day! I am happy you and Steve kept the FAITH

Mema Jo said…

Calling it a day - a wet day at that.

Goodnight to all ♥
Lolly said…
Lynne, Lynne, Lynne!!! I had noticed that you were doing other things and not mentioning your job! Well, I am doing a habby dance for you!!! Yes, that job is perfect for you!

Watched some TV, played some Shut the Box with Jack, and played games on iPad.

No eagle in the nest. Heading to bed! Night all!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Like Jerry, I can't get the live feed and the still is stuck on 11:45 last night. Guess we'll have to wait til the IT guys get into NCTC to find out what's going on at the nest.

Lynne, how could you keep a secret like that for so long? And why would you keep a secret like that for so long? And, if you don't mind me asking, why would you return to a place where you were let go without an explanation of why? And were you given any assurance that something like that won't happen again somewhere down the road? Don't get me wrong, if you're happy, then I'm happy for you. But I'm also concerned that you held onto such a huge burden for so long and upset with a vet who would let a caring, knowledgeable employee like you go. I'm also glad that Steve is close to getting his wheels back!

Today is a day off for me. I scheduled an appointment for a microdermabrasion but the gal who does that at my doctor's office had a death in her family yesterday and the office called to say I need to reschedule. Since I already had a sub lined up, I'm just taking the day. I do have an appointment to get the dogs' nails trimmed; other than that it will be a rest day, which I need b/c Dennis is STILL snoring and last night, he stayed in our room all night.

Had a very disturbing incident happen at school. Last week, the day that I was out sick, the special ed. teacher in the self contained class I was working in had to go to Art and STEM with the autistic student I was responsible for b/c the school didn't get a sub for me. While she was in the art room, a very rude, disruptive young man was causing trouble. Patricia, the special ed. teacher, corrected him b/c there has been a long term sub in that room since December and she has NO classroom management skills. The student got angry about being corrected and said he was leaving. Patricia said, "You're not going anywhere," and put her arm across the opening to the doorway to block his way. The student walked into her hand and immediately yelled, "You hit me!"

The student went home and told his parents that Patricia hit him. The parents called the police and reported that a teacher had hit their son. Yesterday, a Selbyville police officer, the school resource officer for the district, and the assistant superintendent for the district showed up at school. Patricia was summoned to the principal's office and told that she has been charged with offensive touching, which is a crime. She was told that she could be arrested and there would be an investigation. While the investigation is going on, Patricia has been put on administrative leave. She had to surrender her keys to the building and her swipe card and her school email has been suspended. She is to have no contact with the school. This is a woman with 35 years of teaching experience! As you would expect, she left school in tears. What a world we live in!

I tried to call Patricia after school but she didn't pick up. I left a message saying she could call me today since I was home - I hope I hear from her. Truly, you could not meet a more caring, hard-working, conscientious teacher and to be accused of something like this??!! Unbelievable!

Our foreacst is for rain all day and falling temps. It's 59 degrees right now but the rain could end as snow tonight. Whirlwind weather.

Dana, prayers are continuing for your dad.

Candy, good to see you on the blog!

Glo, I hope Patches continues to improve.

Have a greyt day all.
CarolAnne said…
Morning all. Hope weather is doable by each of you. Two funerals this week, one RIP earned by 96 year old uncle. Other a bit harder to accept - a "my generation" cousin. Following along on blog, anxiously awaiting eggs. RE:snoring - a chin strap sometimes helps. (available at some pharmacies).
Wishing a great day for all. Take care, stay safe and happy.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Yet another overcast dreary day outside my windows. Blah!

No cams working. I'm sure the experts will work hard on a fix but the timing sure is a bummer.

Hi Candy. Nice to see you again.

Lynne2, I sure am sorry you have had such an awful experience. What an inspiration for turning the other cheek. Enjoy being back with your supportive co-workers and the animals and all the best for Steve regaining is license.

Sandi, what a dreadful shame about Patricia. Not sure from your post if Patricia was the only adult in the room or if there were other students who could refute the accusing student. Surely the adults will be able to use questioning to trip up the accusing student. Cops should have that kind of experience as should a child psychologist. Wishing Patricia a good outcome.

Thinking of Lydia and DanaMo.

Library and PetSmart on my agenda.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

Judie said…
glo said…
Everyone is home Preparations are well underway. Good morning everyone. Gosh Sandi that was quite a story about Patricia. Sad actually. argh
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all - Squirrels are in abundance at the peanuts and seeds

Both cams are running - Our eagle is in the nest. Nest looks ready - not sure the sun is coming out today.

Good to see Candy and CarolAnne with us! CA I always look at Obituaries and first look at their age -- Sorry about the loss of your cousin - You just have to appreciate every day you have.

Sandi - I would pray the investigation would find the students' remarks of the events to be valuable and believable. It sounds like Patricia has met her Sam! Prayers not to lose a valuable caring teacher!

Lynne once again I'll say that you and Steve have earned all this good news.
Good morning Sandi, Carole Ann, Judie, Glo and to all eagle friends on here this rainy morning on the OBX. Happy to be back on and have to catch up on all the news I have missed. Lolly, I hope you got your heat working. We have had kind of a balmy winter mostly here.
Lynne2 So sorry for all the goings on with you and your job. So happy to hear the good news that you will be working there still.

Sandi That was one of the reasons I retired after 30 years. Kids were getting so disruptive a teacher finds it hard to teach, and everyone seems to listen to the child and the parents, rather than looking into the situation to get it right. I hope your teacher had witnesses there to back up her story and all turns our ok for her.

Glo, sorry to hear Patches is not doing well again. Sure hope she is up and frisky again soon.

Eagle still in nest as I switch over for a minute. I guess we have no egg yet. It won't be long. You all have a wonderful day. BBL

JudyE said…
GoodMorning still Eagle Buds

Slept in trying to fight off the feeling of getting a cold.
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
my delete I miss read something
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Oh, Sandi! What a story! That is just so wrong! It is also my fear with Joey working in a high school classroom. Kids can say anything and then, poof, a teacher's career is ruined. I ever had that fear in kinder. I loved and hugged my kids all the time, but that, too, is scary. I just would not let that change what I do naturally. Prayers for Patricia that her reputation supports her. All the more reason for you to get out fast!!!

Cold this morn, 28, but we have sunshine. Our side walk is drying up fast now, just a small area is under water. Yay! Also hoping to be able mow way down front. The whole area under our pecan trees has been standing under water and leaves from those trees are still on the ground. Want to mulch them! So, maybe after lunch! 42 now and headed into the 50's.
Judie said…
Such a long visit this morning I wondered if brunch would be delivered. Empty now.

CarolAnne, I apologize that I missed your earlier post. Condolences on the loss of your uncle and a cousin.

Lolly said…
CarolAnne, so very sorry for your recent losses. Have lost all aunts and uncles, but no cousins. Have lost two cousins in law that were like cousins. Very sad! In Michigan, on my daddy's side of the family, I have two cousins in their 90's. One is amazing as she still likes to play golf!
JudyE said…
SANDI is there anyone in the class room that can say she ran in to her hand and she didn't hit him??
JudyE said…
that is the video of both names bonding with the female
JudyE said…
CA so sorry for your recent loss

JudyE said…
sleeping in i missed the nice long visit OH I am sure we will have others OK now going in to LM
WVJerry said…
Good late morning. On right day now. I see Live Cam back and eagle in nest.
WVJerry said…
Thanks to any and all that fixed it. Got to work now.
Kay said…
Good Day Eagle Buds!!!

Good to see an eagle in the nest, all set for today's camera sweep of the area!

CAROLANNE, you have my deepest sympathy. May your uncle and cousin both rest in peace.

SANDI, I read the classroom saga and my heart aches for Patricia. Praying for her reinstatement.

LYNNE2, another stressful set of circumstances has come to an end for you and Steve. I'm happy for you!

The show is on!
Kay said…
Lots of melting has occurred there. That's good!

LYNNE2, back to you for a sec. Your story is a good example of the positive outcome of not burning bridges behind you. You were sweet and wise in staying with that vet for your pets needs.

Okay, it's back to some household chores. Getting the "do" did at 4 and meeting Julie and Hugh at our neighborhood Women's Club for dinner with the Civitans and guests. This is their annual dinner in honor of area pastors who've gone beyond the call of duty for our community---that is, for Clintonville, the Columbus suburb we call home.

Have a good day all! Thinking of and praying for DANA's dad, LYDIA and all in need.

Mema Jo said…
Lunch time now for me - Cams have been running smoothly! The tour was good and the snow is melting.
Belle keeps coming back to the nest.
Looks a little breezy but the weather is: 45.8° and feels like 46°
Temps should stay in the mid 40's all week



JudyE said…
JO do you have sound I really don't hear anything
Lolly said…
No sound here! Just finished my morning "walk". Watched our eagle the whole 30 minutes. Saw one obvious call out, no sound.

Jo, was wondering if anything had been said to them about no sound.???
Lolly said…
Oh, now I have sound or is it just static.
JudyE said…
I just have static also LOLLY
Sandi said…
Hi all.
Judy, when I turn my sound up, I only hear static.

I spent a good long time talking to Patricia this morning. She is devastated. Even though I am certain she will be exonerated, no one can undo the humiliation of being accused of such a thing. According to Patricia, when the student said he was going to leave the room, she held her hand up at her chest level, palm facing the boy (as if to say stop) and said, "You're not going anywhere." The boy then lunged at her, deliberately banging into her hand, and immediately said, "You hit me!!"

Patricia said, "I most certainly did not hit you; you hit me by running into my hand." She then put both hands up and said, "You're not leaving the room. Please go sit down," and the boy did the same thing a second time, again saying that Patricia hit him.

Patricia doesn't know if the substitute teacher saw or heard what happened and also isn't sure what other kids saw or heard since there was so much noise going on in the room. She is obviously upset and is spending today lining up an attorney. Aside from needing someone to defend her if the case goes to court, she is considering suing the student for assault and slander and also going after the school administration. This young man is such a chronic problem that, if our vice principal had done her job in documenting his office referrals in 6th and 7th grades, he would have been sent to an alternative school long ago. But, to keep our school suspension statistics looking good, the vice principal often "loses" referrals or doesn't enter them into the system, especially if the student is an African American male, which this student is.

It's all very sad and yes Lolly, it's one of the reasons I am counting the days until I'm done!

It's gray and dreary here and the temperature has already dropped 11 degrees throughout the day. I think maybe it's time for a nap since I didn't go back to sleep after taking the dogs out and feeding them at 5:15am (Denny woke them along with me with his snoring!)

Nest is currently MT.
Judie said…
Kay, hope you like the new hair stylist and your new "do" and you enjoy the evening with Julie and Hugh.

Did finally take the NCTC tour today and, earlier, saw a half-dozen or so deer running across the field near the tree.

Headed to the library and Pet Smart.

Nest is empty.

Mema Jo said…
Shep Poof and Belle remains
Lolly said…
Two eagles I the nest!

Interesting thing happened today. We worked in the far front of our yard, raking and mulching leaves. I was on the mower and found two sets of car keys near the road. You know.....the expensive ones to replace! I have put up large signs on our mailbox. We also went down the road pressing the button to honk the horn. No luck! We lived a dead end street, no outlet, and a half mile up it splits and we have two roads. All who live up that way pass our house coming and going as we live on the base of the Y. I certainly hope we find the owner. It is a mustang and her name is Shannon. Know that much! Mystery!
JudyE said…
LOLLY Put it in your local newspaper

Heading out to see Jordyn at gym in a few

Belle is still in nest I think she is waiting for Shep to return
JudyE said…
LOLLY I see no typos in your paragraph LOL Look at the x teacher grading herself
I went looking for a new LOLLY word
WVJerry said…
On break. Eagle in nest.
Lolly said…
Judy, you apparently can not proof read! Lol
Sandi said…
Two eagles back in the nest now - nice fly-in.

It has continued to rain here off and on all day and the temps have continued to fall. The NWS is now calling for 2-4 inches of snow by the time this weather event ends tomorrow.

Lolly, a Mustang named Shannon??? Maybe I should name my Jeep! Nice of you to put up signs - ignition keys nowadays cost a fortune to replace. No more taking them to the hardware store to have them make another key!

Pets have been fed - I think the people in the house will be getting soup for dinner.
Mema Jo said…

Our Nest is MT once again tonight

Lolly - explain - I don't see a typo but I can pick up a grammar error.

For car keys to be in the road you would think they were dropped by someone walking
Also if it is a Mustang - perhaps there is a nearby dealer who could id an owner.
Put a note on a nearby grocery store bulletin board or perhaps there is already a note about lost keys. However; by now they could already have gotten a new set. You said
2 sets - did you mean a set with 2 keys?

Lolly said…
Two sets of keys. One has a house key, too. Two electronic car door openers. Lol the key chain has an attachment that has the name Shannon on it. I am thinking someone put them on the hood of another vehicle. Or someone was mad and threw the keys out the window. Who knows! Nobody has stopped by this evening.

I meant to say in that post that we live on a dead end street.
JudyE said…
back from gym
and its raining big time here with a cold front following it in the 40 tonight

LOLLY lived is not a typo its the wrong word LOL

I had the nest up at gym loving the Bright House My Service acct get free wifi don't have to worry about logging on to establishments wifi I posted some pic from the tablet on the momster page

I took Jordyn home Angie had a appt at her gym Proper way to use the equipment there.

JudyE said…
thought for sure that Belle was gonna stay in the nest but maybe she will return

off to TV land AI is coming on soon

Mema Jo said…
Lolly that is the only part of your comment I noticed .... No one wants to live
a dead end street. lol Hope you find Shannon soon!

Janet Neely said…
Good evening to one and all
Wow. Wow wow.
LYNNE2: so glad things have turned around for you! I am so sorry you held that so close to you for so long!
SANDI: it is awful what happens to people who work in the school system…! Unbelievable what kids can get away with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CAROLANNE: my condolences. And hugs. Lots and lots of hugs
Thinking of Dana’s dad…LYDIA…..and all others in need of healing, hugs and love…
And LOLLY enters with grammatical/spelling errors AND a MYSTERY!

Its been a chilly quiet day here. Work was good as per the usual. I worked with Olivia on her algebra tonight…..sheesh! talk about a job that is REAL work. Trying to get her to put forth half an ounce of effort.! This too shall pass.

Today marked our 100th day of school for this year. 80 more to go!

Tom is outside working on Niki’s car; the window will not roll up. She has been driving our wagon for the last couple of days.
That’s the latest and greatest here. Time to get ready for work tomorrow. SED to all!
Judie said…
Good mid-evening.

Darth has a meeting so no scullery duty tonight except for the boys.

Nest is empty. Thought for sure Belle would be there when I checked.

Headed for the last few pages of a book.

Sandi, so sad that "appearances" in a school prompts a lack of attention to the serious needs of a child. Sending an educator's prayer for Patricia.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
Lolly said…
Think we are on to something.....solving the mystery! Just talked with our neighbor. About a month ago her hubby was up late and went outside for some reason. There was a pickup parked down on the street and a girl had gotten out. She was very drunk, stumbling around. For some reason she back flipped into the ditch which had water in it. Todd said her iPhone flipped into the air but she caught it. Then on her way back to the truck she back flipped again. I can imagine that was Shannon and she lost her keys. Also imagine they were all too drunk to remember where she got out of the truck. Not going to do anything more. Have a very visible sign up, two signs, for each direction. That will have to do!

As for what I call typos, it is the auto correct on my iPad.

Watching American Idol!
Mema Jo said…

Coming in to wish everyone a Goodnight


stronghunter said…
Okay, I am confused about a car named Shannon and thinking it is perhaps fortunate Shannon was deprived of her keys if she was drunk.

Brain is not working well, so I will say good night. SED, everyone.
Lolly said…
No eagle in the nest. Beginning to think it is close to bedtime. Nite all!
magpie said…
Good Friday Morning, Eagle Pals....Good RED Friday Morning that is.
God Bless Our Military....

Two Eagles on the nest...not sure how long for, or since...just got up and see that...
One appears to be "sleeping" and the other, sort of hovering in place....

Best Wishes for a Good, Exciting, Serene and Joyful Day

God Bless Us, Every One xoxox ☺♥
magpie said…
I can't watch much, I am working on a Mega-Typing project for work, at home, before heading at the office at 0600 I hope more early birds will be watching soon...
both eagles seem to be Awake Now...

Kay said…
Good Red Friday Morning Eagle Buds!!!

MARGY, glad you dropped by before heading to the office!

The nest was MT when I checked, about midnight, but as you say there they are now. One just did a lot of digging in the nest cup and has now settled down in the brooding position. The other keeping a close eye on things. I wonder if we have an egg this morning???!!!

LOLLY, the key mystery is intriguing. I imagine Shannon gave up on finding them some time ago, spending big bucks to remedy the situation. Perhaps you should turn them in at a police station in case they are the missing link in an investigation. (Cue the Dragnet music here).

The "do" pleases me and the dinner honored some Fire and Police chaplains who minister to personnel and victims of accidents and crimes. They're work is both stressful and rewarding and my hat is off to all who do that important work.

I feel the need to return to the bed for more zzz's, but it's hard to leave the nest. It does look like there is an egg being tended to. Can't wait for daylight a better look.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. As Margy and Kay have reported, we do indeed have 2 eagles in the nest. I have been watching them for a few minutes now and one (Belle I presume) is really nestled down in the nest with the other (shep?) standing nearby. Maybe they know bad weather is coming and Shep is on standby to protect Belle from it. Based on what I'm seeing, I'm inclined to believe that Belle is laboring and there will be an egg in the nest today.

It's in the 30s here with a real feel in the teens and there is a mix of rain and snow falling outside. Schools are on a 2-hour delay which means I can sit and watch a little more this morning. I will probably regret not going back to bed for an hour, but I would surely just listen to Denny snoring anyway, plus this is much more eggciting!

Have a greyt day all!
Sandi said…
Well, according to Debi on the Eagle Cam page, Belle is the one standing and Shep is the one in the nest bowl. I will defer to her since I usually can't tell the 2 apart but that sounds strange to me.
Sandi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi said…
My delete - I had posted that I thought we had sound. We DO have sound this morning - I can hear wind at the nest and it is REALLY blowing. Our rain/snow mix has become pretty much all snow. May get a snow day here.
WVJerry said…
Good morning Sandi. I see two eagles in a windy nest. Have a great day and take care all.
WVJerry said…
Forgot to say good morning to Margy and Kay.
Sandi said…
Both still in the nest - both just standing and looking around.
Janet Neely said…
a quick good RED FRIDAY morning to one and to all!
make it an egg-citing, hopefully egg-filled day! :)
Sandi said…
And both just took off - can you believe it??!!

Schools just closed here!
stronghunter said…
Wow, Sandi, Schools closed in your part of the country. Pretty late in the morning to make that call. We had a few flakes, but not enough to close our schools.
stronghunter said…
I see an eagle in the nest . . . now two. The nest is rocking like a ship in a choppy sea. Still snow on the ground there.
stronghunter said…
Nice to see Margy here very early this morning.
stronghunter said…
Oh, I see your closing followed a delayed opening, Sandi. Schools here were open and on time. This seems to be an eastern storm. I was interested that the county south of us is closed, though.
stronghunter said…
Our eagles are sitting side-by-side hunkered down in that rocking nest.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

thanks for all the fine eagle reports

HI MARGY so good to see you

SANDI YES we have wind on the nest cam today so must be working Not static but wind

JudyE said…
only one eagle in nest
Linda said…
Good Morning Eagle Fans!

I have tried throughout the week to pop in and catch up on what is going on......only to be taken away by a phone call or some other thing I HAVE to address right away! Ugh

I don't even remember which was it?
Did I think about posting that?
Or ... Did I actually post that?

So forgive me if I totally miss addressing things that are going on in your lives. I do care and I do love reading the posts...........I am just a bit lost!!

JUDIE & SUZAN - when you are throwing that "white stuff" back and forth, throw it all up my way!! We are snow lovers up here and haven't even had more than an inch this year......just dusting so and flurries here and there. Yes, we know we are crazy, but I just love the beautiful white snow and the pristine peaceful view out my window when working these long tax season hours. Right now it is all BROWN!

LYNNE - So sorry you have had employment problems and I do think like SANDI does wondering why they would lay you off without explanation. I hope things work out with your return and it is everything you hoped it would be........and that this DOES NOT happen again. You and Steve continue to thrive!! God is good!

SANDI - Awful and saddened to hear of the incident at school with Patricia. It seems like the ones that truly care the most, the ones that are the most dedicated end up getting hurt the worst. This world we live in, and unfortunately this age of parents coming up is filled with people looking for opportunities to get back at anyone for the slightest reason............instead of looking at the situation and dealing with their children as they should be. Soooooo sad. God Bless Teachers and all they have to put up with ..............especially these days.

CA - Carol Anne, sorry to hear of the recent losses in your family. It is never easy. Nice to see you, though!!

MARGY - So nice to see you pop in this morning and wish everyone a such a wonderful day!!! Good Red Friday to you and everyone!!

Quite windy at the Nest, but still One is in. When I first logged in there were two in the One and I think it is Belle! Beautiful!!

Have a blessed day, everyone! xoxoxoxo
Judie said…
Good morning.

Looks like Belle in the nest all by her lonesome.

Hi Margy. Nice to see you. Hope you get the typing finished.

Linda, Suzan and I would be happy to share (send) the white stuff to you. As I sit here, there are white fluffy things floating around in the air outside. Maybe the "things" are not really snow but a neighbor's shredder that's gone berserk.

Sandi, enjoy the day at home. Maybe a nap snuggled up with warm non-snoring furbabies.

Hi Jerry. Give Rhonda our best.

Prayers for Lydia and for Dana and her dad.

Plan to do some foraging for the weekend. Never made broccoli cheese soup and have a copycat recipe for Panera's. Want to try it.

Perhaps the next 24 hours will bring an egg. Berry's first egg should hatch in a few days.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Mema Jo said…
Good Red Friday Morning to All ♥

Good to see everyone checking in concerning any 1st egg yet. I've been up for a while and on our Outdoor live feed site there are as good many fantastic videos from
Seth Mythrax - take a look at a few!

We are getting a few flakes of snow - very windy. Our Sycamore Palace is swaying

JudyE said…
the static is getting louder that the wind again I wonder if there is a loose connection
glo said…
Good morning everyone. Is today the day?
Good red Friday morning to all eagle friends! Just one bird in the nest now. I missed both of them. I guess no egg yet. Hey there Margy, Kay, Sandi, WVJerry, Janet, Shirley, Linda and Judy E. So good to see you all on this morning. Still one eagle in the nest just on lookout patrol. It looks pretty windy at the nest like it is here. Rain and more rain and now we still have rain and high winds. Was going to go out for my daily walk but postponed it for a little while yet. Falling tree limbs and huge puddles in the road are a hazard. Yesterday, I had the bad luck of having a car drive fast through a huge puddle and it looked like I had a wave coming over me. Another car actually stopped that had seen it, to see if I was ok. You all can keep your snow please. It is beautiful, but I moved south to get away from shoveling and driving in it. :)

I was off yesterday afternoon as I put together my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter's toddler bed, as she and her dad may come down sometime in the next 2 to 3 weeks! He is finally out of the Army and living about 3 hrs away now. This first visit will only be 3 days, but it is a start. Hopefully when he and his wife get situated in their jobs, visits will be more and longer. I am excited. I thank God for the protection he gave my son while in the Army, and again for being with them as they start a new family together as a regular family. <3 These past 6 1/2 years have been a strain on all and I thank God for bringing us through it.

Well enough of that. I guess I missed the royal couple being in the tree and it doesn't look like any breakfast was brought in; maybe lunch :). The eagle in the nest seems small and is calling out to his other half and now in the egg cup. LINDA, don't feel bad, I still have trouble figuring out which one is which. Supposedly the bigger of the two is Belle.

Well, you all have a a wonderful day in all that you do. I have to go shopping for a few things that in need to keep a granddaughter busy! :)

With the long post I wrote I see that Jo and Glo have come aboard. Hello to you both as the eagle hunkers down in the egg cup. :)
glo said…
Belle lying int he nest pulling the nestign material around her hmmm Stay tuned
JudyE said…
lots of eagle calling
JudyE said…
she seems to be looking for something

watching the truck go down the road now

she is now out of the cup and back turned to us

JudyE said…
OH OH the sound just STOPPED
Lolly said…
Good morning! Have been watching Belle in the nest while reading the paper.

Running errands today and then this evening basketball. Yay! Really enjoy the games! And seeing Laurel and Jacob. Hope Jacob comes! He often stays home with Joey. Do not see Joey at the games as besides teaching, he does drivers Ed and Saturday school as well as working on his courses. He is working on his Masters in Ed, already has Masters in English. Now working on administration in Ed.

Another sunny day and lots of sunny days ahead. Wahool, we are drying up. Did you think you would ever hear me say that? I will be praying for rain this summer.
JudyE said…
calling out that can't be heard and now gone
JudyE said…
with fish Is that Shep
Mema Jo said…
If anyone wishes to know egg dates PLEASE refer to

Dates from 2011 to the present are kept on record by NCTC.............

Out Yahoo Momsters' page have the previous years' dates
Mema Jo said…
Both in the nest now

Belle just doesn't want in the egg cup yet!

Wind is horrific but No Snow.......... Sandi got it all!

JudyE said…
JO Thanks for the info I can always remember the momster Yahoo page I pasted the info on fb Always forget about the link you posted Just put in my bookmark bar

sound like the sound is trying to come back also I hear popping and cracking

stronghunter said…
I am still watching. They are both still aboard the rocking nest.

Static. Maybe sound has returned.
JudyE said…
meeting up with Angie for lunch

This cold front has me not wanting to go out LOL And also Belle and Shep new addition may be today

Will take the tablet with me so I can see

JudyE said…
Great minds think alike SHIRLEY we both posted about the static and the sound maybe coming back

I sure hope so
JudyE said…
back to the hummmmmm on the speaker nothing no sound no static, cracking, or WIND bummer
Kay said…
Back again in time to see Belle and Shep before their latest poof. They're sticking close to home and showing signs that we'll soon have an egg in the nest.

JUDY, "poof with the morsel"---I read all the nest reporting and can't find a reference to a morsel, nor did I see either of them with something in beak or talon????

CANDY, so happy for you! Enjoy your son and granddaughter and assure him of just how grateful we momsters are for his service!

LOLLY, kudos to Joey! He's working so hard to insure a better future for his family. Laurel must be so proud of her jubby!

SANDI, another day off! No snow here. Feel free to send a load of it to LINDA and her Dennis. They are feeling snow deprived.

Judie, that soup is my favorite meal at Panera's, let us know how it turns out. If yummy, please share the recipe or let us know how to find it on line.

JO, thanks for guiding us to the egg hatch dates!

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
Shep arrived with a fish and Belle came back they were eating in the nest and left with a morsel Belle and the Shep poofed I have pic I will put in the momster album they are on fb now
JudyE said…
I have a picture of Shep flying in with the picture it is a cool snip I love our camera now able to get these great snips
Kay said…
Thanks, JUDY! That just goes to show you how very observant I am. The fact that Shep is bringing food in to share with Belle is another good sign that parenthood is pending.

Thanks to all who've prayed for my friend, Ernie. He underwent surgery this morning and they already been able to take him off the ventilator! He's a fighter. The next few days will be crucial and continuing prayer will be much appreciated!
Kay said…
That should read "they've already..." I'm so excited I'm stumbling over my words.
JudyE said…
pictures are now on the momsters album you can see the fly in with the fish and Belle arrives eats pick up morsel of food and poofs with it Love the camera able to capture a story in pictures
JudyE said…
Heading out for lunch temp is up to 56° warming up this I think is our hi

stronghunter said…
Eagle calls summoned my Allie Cat. Good thing for her these eagles are on my computer.
stronghunter said…
Kay, I think we have good reason to be excited.
glo said…
Goodness it's windy at the nest. I have to be gone this afternoon. Keep an eagle eye out. I think we have good reason to be excited too.
glo said…
They certainly are very watchful though. Hope all is peaceful in our nest all season.
stronghunter said…
They are watchful. Not sure what that might mean. Maybe just instinct when she is about to lay an egg. I think some of the calls were because she wanted him nearby. Maybe for food. Maybe for other reasons we do not know about. Maybe the wind has them upset.

I need to get some chores done.
Lolly said…
Home from running errands. While we walked this morn enjoyed watching both Eagles for a while. Jack watches our own bird feeders while walking. We have many finches, titmouse, chickadees, and cardinals. Also, been getting plain ol' cow birds!

Still no takers on car keys. Sigh........ Will leave signs up for a while.
JudyE said…
LOLLY he watches the birds in your yard while walking ???

Hmm u have a live feed on them LOL

I am in carline lovin free WiFi on tab
Mema Jo said…
JUDY - treadmill walking - Windows in the house
Sandi said…
I see both eagles are back in the nest.

I have been scrubbing floors and grout between tiles - taking a break!
Mema Jo said…

Recently the Giant Panda Global association had contest for 10 different catagories
concerning the panda in which I voted daily.
Panda fans from around the world are invited to vote for their favorite pandas, people and institutions until February 3, 2016. Please vote for your favorite in each of the 10 categories and then submit your survey - Winners were announced today and we locally fared exceptionally well in the competition.

Happy for our Bei Bei & Bao Bao & Marty Dearie & Cooper Aitken-Palmer & Smithsonian National Zoo !
Mema Jo said…
One eagle flew out

(Sorry can't tell them apart right now )
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Errands, to include foraging for the weekend, accomplished. The J&J Mini Mart is fully stocked. Steak w/baked potato and salad tonight. Chicken tenders with dipping sauce and Cole slaw tomorrow night. Chili w/cornbread for Sunday's big game. GO PANTHERS!

I watch birds in the yard through my kitchen windows while cooking which involves walking back and forth and all around.

Lolly? What's a cow bird? We have year round robins, titmice, chickadees, some crows, blue jays, and a red shoulder hawk. At night we have a family of fox that bark and holler, a possum, and a raccoon. Oh, and lots of squirrels. Enjoy the game. Hope Jacob is there.

Candy, hope the bed is put together and you have a perfectly delightful visit with son and granddaughter.

Sandi, when you finish at your place, head on over to VA.

Shirley, I noticed Belle and Shep seem alert and wonder if it's the wind making them a bit nervous. I know squirrels are spooked by wind because it masks the sounds of predators sneaking up.

Kay, wonderful news about Ernie. Now lets send some anti-pneumonia prayers as that's often the downfall for us elders with broken hips if we can't move around.

Okay, going to check the nest. I'm ready to make my prediction: first egg Sunday night -- a super bowl eaglet.


Mema Jo said…

I am hoping for 1st egg on 2/6 in honor of Sandra Osbourn's birthday....
I think one year the 2nd egg was born on her day.
Sandra is an Original Momster from Shepherdstown.

If it doesn't make it on the 6th I then am hoping for 2/7 Helen aka MITS' birthday
That would be Super Bowl Sunday as Judie is hoping.

BBL It could be Pizza Dinner
glo said…
Yes Sandra has had an egg on her day before. Those ladies both have a pretty good chance for sure.
Mema Jo said…
We always wished for one on the first in your honor GLO!

Hoping Patches is up to her pretty little self and feeling well.
Sandi said…
One eagle still in the sunny but windy nest. Looks like most of the snow in Shepherdstown has melted.

I have no idea what motivated me to start scrubbing grout, but I sure hope I have the energy to finish the job now that I've started. Our kitchen, 1st floor powder room, my office/sunroom, and the laundry room all have the same tile flooring that is grouted. The grout is a tannish gray color but it doesn't stay that color as it gets walked on and washed. When the grout gets so dark that I don't like the look of it anymore, I get down on my hands and knees with a toothbrush and scrub all the dirt off of the grout.

I have now finished the sunroom/office and the laundry room floors. The powder room is small but the kitchen is not. The job will not get finished today - my back is aching. I'm pretty sure there are companies that one can hire to come to your home and steam clean tile floors and grout. Stanley Steamer comes to mind. I think I will be finding myself one of those companies after this round of scrubbing! Sure Judie, I'll be right over!!

Kay, glad to hear that Ernie is doing so well - I hope he makes a full recovery!

I thought for sure we would get egg #1 this morning. I can recall another Super Bowl Sunday a few years ago when Belle laid an egg right before kick-off time.

The snow we got this morning has all melted - it's very wet and cold outside but sunny.
JudyE said…
Shep flew in with flugg and then poofed
Lolly said…
I do the same thing with our grout, Sandi. Kitchen grout and our bath room. Grey grout but it gets dark.

Heading to bb game!

See you later!
JudyE said…
pics on fb and will be in album later

getting ready to go to Angies for dinner
JudyE said…
Belle is out of the cup and at 12 changed my avatar
JudyE said…
the bowl cup area is really fluffy with flugg for should that be fluggy LOL
Sandi said…
And now I see an MT nest - boo, hiss!!! :(

Dogs have been fed - pizza coming up for the people. Then some TV time - will check the nest before I go to bed to see if Belle returns for the night.
Mema Jo said…

Nest is MT - night light has been on

Perhaps she will return

Sandi take some Tylenol and soak in the tub!


Judie said…
Good post-dinner greetings.

Nest is empty.

Dinner is over. Headed to my recliner and a book. Not a good tv night for me.

Yes, an egg for Sandra would be nice. A second for Mits would be nice, also.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
Sandi said…
Nest is still MT. Bathtub time for me and then to bed. Tennis tomorrow morning.

Goodnight friends!
stronghunter said…
Came to see if we have an egg. Not yet, so I will say good night SED. I'll be back tomorrow.
Lolly said…
We are home! Nest is empty. Going to read for a while and will check nest again before bedtime.
JudyE said…
1107 MT NEST

At Angie chiilin

Mema Jo said…

Long evening for me - lots of computer games and some mindless TV

Nest is MT -

Last year on this same date a sub-adult visited our nest! The commotion today indicates
that there may have been an intruder whose shadow was seen overhead. How coincidental is that. I sure hope an egg comes tonight!

Goodnight to all ♥
Lolly said…
Just saw Belle in the nest. Betting on an egg tonight!

Heading to bed! Not up to sitting up and watching tonight.

Mema Jo said…
I have been watching and I really think it is time for an oatmeal pie

Belle stood up and changed her position and then went waddling down on the egg cup

Anxious for an egg roll if in fact it is here......12:30amET
Mema Jo said…

Head is tucked - hopefully there is an egg and she is going to stay put !

JudyE said…
Not tired will be up for a bit need to unwind I guess
JudyE said…
belle is up and i can't see anything just yet
JudyE said…
she is facing 1 and looking down and around
JudyE said…
she is now down and tucked
JudyE said…
I saw her pick in the cup area before tucking back in but saw nothing
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
So she has eggbert pretty deep in the cup being I didn't see when she did the first egg roll when I saw her pick in the cup

ok heading to bed she is tucked and I also shall be tucked shortly

JO You were watching when she had it according to the tape counter was at the time you said she waddled in the cup area at 1232 had been laid

WVJerry said…
Good morning. I see an eagle in nest and I missed one/two eggs last night?. Enjoy the weekend.
WVJerry said…
Congrats to Belle and Shep and Jo and Judy on egg/s and reporting.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - sounds like we have an egg? I watched the video that Deb made and, if there is one, we're never going to see it at this angle. The cup is so deep that, when Belle was digging/doing an egg roll, it looked like her entire head disappeared. Guess the NCTC crew will get a chance to use the zoom feature on the new camera now!

Judy, I assume you were just so excited that you typed "eggbert #2" instead of #1.
Since it was just after midnight, that makes the date for the egg 2/6.

Jo, the Momsters Yahoo page has the egg laying history from 2004 through 2012 but not the last 3 years. The Nest Updates on the site only go back to 2008. I'm sure it would be possible to update the Yahoo site by reading through the journal entries on the nctc site. I've thought about doing it and even started once last week and found the dates for 2015. Eggs were laid on 2/12, 2/2/15, and 2/19. All 3 eggs hatched and 2 eagles fledged. Maybe someone could skim through the 2014 and 2013 entries to find the details and report them here so you could update the Yahoo site? It would be nice to have all of the data in one place.

Tennis for me at 9am. I think I'll try to get some sleep on the sofa - I was awakened at 5am by someone snoring next to me and by 5:30, I knew I wasn't going to get back to sleep, even though I put earplugs in.

Belle is still tucked. Have a greyt day all.
Sandi said…
Belle woke up about 10 minutes ago as I was checking Facebook. She has done a lot of grass rearranging and some digging in the egg cup (could have done an egg roll) but I can see nothing as far as an egg, even on full screen. She has not settled back down onto the cup; instead, she is just standing over it.

My speakers are turned up but I hear nothing; I'm not sure that we have sound at the nest. I just don't know if there's an egg or not. Since it would be the first, Belle would be in no hurry to incubate continuously.

OK, Shep just flew in.
Sandi said…
Color has arrived at the nest. Shep has been doing some digging in the nest cup but, even on full screen, I haven't seen even a glimpse of an egg. It could be there, but I can't see it. Both are still there.
Sandi said…
Belle just stretched her wings, moved to the edge of the nest and then took off. And Shep followed! Nest is MT!
CarolAnne said…
Eagle in. Lots of cup checking.
Sandi said…
Good morning Carol Anne. Both in now.
CarolAnne said…
Morning Sandi
Have an eggsighting day.
Sandi said…
Both are standing in the nest, one on either side of the egg cup. Belle was working on the sticks at the 5 position but now they are just standing there looking around.
Sandi said…
And she's back with a long stick that she is attempting to place at the base of the stump.
Mema Jo said…
All that excitement last night has proven to have been a false report now that we can see the eggless nest in the morning light. Bell really fooled me. Onto the waiting game.
Janet Neely said…
good morning. have a great day...

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