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New thread. 


Kay said…
Thank you, STEVE---I give the gang a holler!
JudyE said…
KKAY THAnks for the call over

AND THANKS STEVE FOR THE NEW THREAD just as I was walking out the door I saw a email and now I shall check box and poof myself Off to see some eagles
Mema Jo said…
Thanks for the fresh new weekend thread, Steve. They say the temps are going to rise over the next few days - hope you have outdoor event planned. Loved the video of the Barred Owl

Good morning Kay and thank you for the call over! Great to have a new feather to add to your collection.

Mema Jo said…

10 mins before Cam Tour and then the Wide Range view
Mema Jo said…
Beautiful Belle arrives - perfect pic of our 2 egg clutch
Kay said…
I'm baacck!

Yes, JO, I'm pleased to claim another feather--it's been a while. Hope the doc says your feet are doin' fine.

DANA, dad's homecoming in 10 days? Wow! That's fantastic!

SANDI, glad Bocce had you for some TLC. Good job! Fingers crossed for Patricia.

My memory says Belle likes to get out and about, exercising and hunting for her own food, until there are little mouths to feed. She used to put up a fuss calling out for Liberty and now does so for Shep when she thinks it's time for dad to brood and give her a break! I've always liked her assertiveness!

I'm poised and ready for the cam show.

Prayers for all in need!!!

Kay said…
Good show. No sign of life at the Center or on the road. Very windy. Hope the same warming trend we're getting starting today will spill over into WV and the nest!
Sandi said…
Thanks Steve for the new thread for the weekend! Thanks Kay for the call over.

Doing special ed. paperwork for the special ed. coordinator in the library. The last hour of the day I'll be in Patricia's classroom. I talked to her after her meeting. She was given a verbal warning. Not warranted but she just shrugged and accepted it since nothing in writing is going into her personnel file.

Will check in from home. Bye!
Lolly said…
Ya! Happy nothing is going into Patricia's file! Bless her for having to put up with a verbal warning! If he had left the classroom they would have gone after her and accuse her of something. Hope she does not have to deal anymore with him.

Appointment went well this morning, everything is A-OK! Very thankful to be healthy!

Jack and I ran a few errands, have done our walk and now headed outside.

Oh, Jack said to look for the happy eagle, that is the male. If Momma ain't happy then nobody's happy. He said finding the happy eagle is whole 'nother problem! Lol

Just watched a switcherue. Love they way they "talk" when one flies in.
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Thank you Steve for the fresh weekend thread. Have a nice weekend.

Thank you Kay for the call over and congrats on the feather for your bonnet.

Looked like Belle in the nest doing an egg roll.

Jo, hope your personal Dr. Scholls gives you a good report.

Sandi, very sorry about Patricia even getting any reprimand but so glad it isn't in her record.

Hi Candy. Nice you could get out AND have dinner, also.

Dana, glad you dad will be coming home. I know you and the family are happy about that. Must be really fun to have the kids all excited about the eagles.


Mema Jo said…
Mema Jo said…


Our nest is really really swaying!
Mema Jo said…
I wish I could see what was gaining their attention
Mema Jo said…
Eagle off eggs - fly out - now our other eagle is getting ready to get on the eggs.
CarolAnne said…
Attentive eagle sitting on eggs.
Doesn't appear alarmed, just looking around.
Sandi said…
Hi all. Eagle incubating just got up and took off. The other parent took over quickly. Not sure which eagle is currently egg-sitting.

Came home to a quieter house - Bocce has gone back to her people. I'm sure she is happy and so am I.

Uneventful day at school. Fifteen more weeks sounds like a long time, but I hope it will pass quickly! I am really ready to start my endless summer vacation!

Jo, thanks for the kind words about my sweet Freyja! I saw the photos of Christine and family in Animal Kingdom - how great for them! Is tomorrow your Elliot day?

Pizza for dinner here, then lots of DVRd TV shows to watch. I've been too tired the past few nights to watch TV. last night I asked Denny to sleep in another room so I could get an uninterrupted night's sleep. The previous few nights he started out the night sleeping in our bed and, after being poked and pushed and shoved enough times b/c he was snoring, he would get up and go into another room. Tonight he has agreed to try these Theravent thingies.

BTW, yesterday I did have the live cam running at 6pm when it zoomed back in and I did not lose it like I did the previous couple of nights.

60 degrees tomorrow sounds divine - is it foolish to hope that winter precipitation is over??
Mema Jo said…
Saturday and 60° sounds wonderful and I just wished it would be here to stay! lol

Elliot's day for dinner is Sunday..

Great to hear you didn't lose your cam - I thought the IR lights flashing around 6:14pm could have cause the problem! Getting ready for the zoom in about 6 mins.

Our nest today was swaying big time in the wind!

Just finished our Pizza Friday night dinner. We have been ordering Thin Crust.

Shirley - Has Russ settled into new digs ok ( I think it was Russ and not Will )

Sandi said…
Lost the live cam at 6:07, the same time that several others and I lost it a few days ago.
Mema Jo said…
I am interested in hearing from Lynne1 (Doolan) as to whether or not her cataract
surgery has been done. I better PM her on FB !

Zoom came in and I hope all is well with everyone's cam up/running.

BTW - I do have request in for Still cam to be reset - I think they are extra busy.

Both eagles on the nest - hope it is just switch to the night shift

Sandi said…
And now it's back, assuming it doesn't konk out again. Very strange.
Mema Jo said…

Bad news - it seems to be right after the zoom at 6:01pm

Mystery for sure!

Something ;isn't right - My cam froze because I brought it up again and the scene showed just our incubating eagle.........No other eagle was in the pic..

I am ready for a break - Did you get back up, Sandi?
JudyE said…
home from the park

SANDI and JO I just lost the camera as I was playing on youtube But it came right back
JudyE said…
I got a sunburn today being at the park since 11 LOL

just call me pink

It was only about 76 today just said on the news
Mema Jo said…
My Live Feed is buffering a whole lot - then it freezes up and is OFF LIVE. It seems I have to reboot each time in order to get it up/running...........
Mema Jo said…

I saw that you got lots of pics for the fans of "The Towers"
You have a special group page or are you gong to set one up?

Sandi I see that you said your cam was back up.

I am still having trouble keeping it going LIVE... I always have a screen with eagle but the wording "GO LIVE" means it froze.......

Judy, Glad you had a good day at the towers.
JudyE said…
and my live feed is down again and when I bring it back it goes down right away to replay shows in the left corner not the message
JudyE said…
got it up now Belle is playing with something

JO I was thinking of making a page but haven't done it yet

JudyE said…
I talked with so many people at the park and 99.9% were unaware of the resident eagle there Needless to say they now know! LOL and when I was talking to one DUDE notice the dude well he almost argued with me that they were to the BALD LOL and he saw serious about it I explained to him but I think he was a little wasted also get me drift LOL
He had tear drops tattooed on his one eye going down his cheeks Sure was a cutie LOL
JudyE said…
he WAS not saw serious LOL

the neat part is talking to the kids

I made them also aware of live camera all over the US so I think there may be more people looking around maybe They could have just been courteous also thinking OH NO a CRAZY EAGLE bird lady LOL That is what Angie says when I get carried away LOL
Mema Jo said…
My live feed also went down - I had to reboot - didn't think it was coming back.

Belle is pulling the flugg around her - still windy.

One of the Eagle Cam gals - her's was down and buffering.

Mine is up and I see Belle (tail towards me) with her head up

I don't trust the cam unless I see something moving (wind) and right now it
is so still.

Mema Jo said…

I have my live feed down

LKater I will try to bring it back

Too much buffering at this time for me

JudyE said…
OK maybe I am slo but I just noticed the STILL cam is up and running!
Judie said…
Goodnight everyone.

Restful sleep for all.
grannyblt said…
Good Friday evening all.

Not to worry Jo, I had cataract surgery Jan 13 & 27 and all is well. I thought I mentioned it here. I don't post that sort of thing on FB.

I have been made admin. of our Woman's Club page on Facebook. Don't know a thing about what to do. So if you are a FB friend of mine, I apologize for all the soup sale notices. It was meant for locals, but I have to learn the ropes about that.
Yesterday we made about 60 quarts of potato soup and today 170 quarts of vegetable soup. I was only there for about half the time, but I am pooped.

I have been checking on the nest several times a day. Seems like all of the eagle cams have been reporting eggs this week or last. I also have had trouble with the cam around 630 or so.

SED to all

Lolly said…
We just finished cleaning up after dinner. Got a lot done in the yard today. I am enjoying it. Heard and saw more geese yesterday, headed north. This morning I saw a bluebird on our mailbox. Hope he and the Mrs. Have checked out the new abode in our rent!!

We got 9 inches of rain in late November. Total of 4 inches the month of December and no rain in January or so far this month. They are talking on the news.....we need rain! Well guess what, parts of my yard are still a muddy mess! Now expecting approximately an inch of rain Starting tomorrow night.

I am ready for bed! Had to shower after working so I just got in my pjs afterwards! Going to read for a while!
Mema Jo said…

Lynne, I thought you were having a 2nd cataract removed - my misunderstanding. Yep, it sounds like you should be all "Souped Out" I love Veg soup - especially the home made by groups like yours. I think you gals could even make delicious slippy pot-pie!

JudyE - I have been check the still cam throughout today - after 5:00 I gave up thinking they wouldn't be resetting it. I had resent the email about it - Glad you checked - had to look at date to be sure.

I just finished watching Blue Bloods - it was good. Better yet it was "new".

Time to say - Goodnight to all ♥
CarolAnne said…
Still cam shows sleeping eagle.
Sandi said…
Goodorming CarolAnne and all my eagle friends.

No live feed for me either. I see 1 sleeping eagle on the still.

CarolAnne, the Theravent worked great last night. But ... the nose vents worked for one night as well. So the jury is still out.

Tennis for me at 9. It's supposed to be a beuatiful day - maybe we'll take all 3 dogs up to the beach for a walk this afternoon.

Have a greyt day all.
CarolAnne said…
Sandi, enjoy your day. If the Theravent doesn't continue to work, I'll look some more. I love research!
CarolAnne said…
Eagle awake and looking around.
CarolAnne said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
CarolAnne said…
I see a live cam. Don't know how long it will last.
Sandi said…
Thanks for the heads-up on the live cam CarolAnne. I hate the 30 second wait on the still. Live feed is up and running for me as well!

Denny has an appointment with a dentist on Monday to have impressions made for a custom mouth guard that will move his lower jaw forward. This was suggested by our primary care doc as the best snoring solution. He tried an over the counter mouth guard but it gagged him. If the mouth guard works and if Denny doesn't mind wearing it, then it's the cheaper option b/c insurance covers the cost of it. These Theravent strips cost $1 each and can only be used for one night. While I agree that a good night's sleep for both of us is worth a dollar, I'd prefer a fixed-cost solution over an ongoing-cost.
WVJerry said…
Good morning Sandi and Carol Anne. I see an eagle fussing with what looks like a piece of corn stalk. Work until 6::00 today then on vacation with no plans. Talk later and take care all.
Good Saturday morning CarolAnne, Sandi and Jerry and all others that will be on here today.Eagle sitting on the egg cup fixing the flugg to It's satisfaction; looks like a dried corn husk is giving it a bit of a problem where to finally stay put. :) Heard some other birds singing and crows cawing. All seems right with our nest. Still messing with the dried corn husk. :)

Thanks Steve for the new weekend thread. I surely gets busy on here.

Eagle up and off egg cup and working in the cup. Got a glimpse of an egg before the eagle turned and settled back down and continues to mess with the flugg.

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

popping in before heading out

funny watching play with the corn husk maybe it was brought in just for that Something to twiddle with!
Sandi Was so glad to read that your friend at school made it through her problem ok and nothing went on the file. My heart goes out to her.

Judie I get to go out to eat twice a week; once after choir practice on Thursday and then again to breakfast after church on Sunday. My husband is very busy with all his different "activities, mens groups," at night. He takes over for me in that dept. I did get to have breakfast out yesterday, as my friend and hubby came back from their cruise and visiting in Florida, and we got to get together for breakfast. When I was working, I came home so tired, I didn't feel like doing anything.

Jo I think Lynne said that she had two surgeries; one on each eye on the 13th and 27th of January. They will usually only do one at a time. <3 That is what I gathered from her reply to you.

Jerry, you must be on cloud 9, getting ready for some time off. Wishing you a great time.

All is quiet now at the nest. It is so good to hear the birds singing their melodies. Spring must be on it's way; Lolly hearing geese heading north, people seeing Robins in their yards, and birds merrily singing. Now on to getting our eggs hatched. :)
Both eagles in nest! Eagle Alert!!!!
Don't see any food brought in. Eagle up off of egg cup and poof. The new eagle is carefully sitting back down on egg cup and getting ready for his/her turn on the nest.
Looked like eagle got up for a short egg roll and then settled down again. Still messing with the dried up corn
JudyE said…
just popping back in
Had to come home for a bit !!
Got to see one of the adults feed the big baby at the tower got some pic of that and are on fb now
both adults were in the nest
saw a fly off and fly in but not fast enough with the camera to capture them
Sure is pretty out Really sunny and bright out. My slightly pink face said it didn't like the sun LOL Gonna grab a hat and head back out

JudyE said…
Got a beautiful card of lilac festival in NY from one of the gals that emailed me and requested a copy of the Christmas tree I emailed her a copy and also sent her a hard copy in the mail I guess she was so surprised of both ways so she sent me a card with a long note in it.
Sure is a pretty card I love lilac MOM had the prettiest bushes at her house.
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon to all ♥ Sounds as though everyone has their day planned out - not me
yet - lol Both cams are up/running well for me. The corn stalk and Shep were hilarious to watch. Poor guy just couldn't decide as to where it should be placed.

Jerry I am hoping you accomplish much on your vacation - it's not fishing weather or golfing weather unless you head south.

Missing two of my favorites this morning - Judie and Kay - I am calling out to you and hoping all is well and that you will soon appear.

CarolAnne thanks for the early morning nest reports! It is so good to see you here.

Sandi - I really give Dennis a lot of credit for all he is enduring to stop his snoring! I am thinking he maybe doesn't like the guest room that much - lol - I know it means a good restful night's sleep! Hope you had fun at tennis

Tomorrow at Disney is the 1/2 marathon race that Christine will be running. So far they have been having lots of family fun.

Mema Jo said…

The corn stalk is still there creating havoc with our eagle
It is being shaken just like a dog plays with a tug rope.

I hope someone is getting a video - lol
Kay said…
Good Afternoon, Eagle Buds!!!

Fiddlestix. I spent too much time with e-mail/news and puzzles, missing today's cam show. However, I see that all's well and swell at Sycamore Palace.

SANDI, not sure I mentioned being tickled pink over Patricia's outcome---don't like the reprimand, but love "no write up in file" clause.

LYNNE1, what say you? CANDY and I think your post indicates both eyes have been restored. In fact I recall a post where you said all you need glasses for now is reading. I cataract surgery, both eyes, in 2006 and the eyes are still holding up. I use glasses for some reading and close up work, like bookkeeping. What a blessing!

SANDI, you Denny and CAROLANNE are going to solve that snoring problem one way or another. The customized mouth guard sounds like the best bet.

JUDY, enjoy your outdoor life. Better put an extra cap/hat and sunscreen in the pick-up so you're ready for that beaming orb in the sky.

We're going to see 60° today, but dropping 20 degrees for tomorrow. I can go from heavy coat, to light jacket, to sweater, to no wrap all within a 24 hour period. I'm not complaining because all the snow has melted away and the sun is shining!

Hey, JO! I imagine Deb will have taped that cuteness. Hope so!

Prayers for all in need!!!

Kay said…
Now looking for JUDIE to pop in, too!

JUDIE, any progress on the sale of your place to that "interested party"?
Judie said…
Sheesh! I wish I could find just the right place for this new cornstalk chair. I was so sure it would look nice just outside the pantry.

Good afternoon.

Got sidetracked with "stuff."

DC eagle is quiet and I have not yet seen the two at the nest together. Our nest adult flew off and a few seconds later I think it was Shep who arrived.

Lots of creatures at Pete's Pond this morning. Elephants, long-horned deer (forget the name), birds, and the alligator.

Jo, please cheer on Christine for us and let us know how she finishes. Glad everyone is having fun.

Lucky you, Candy. Darth and I rarely venture out for food. Maybe I should campaign for more nights out. I sometimes get weary of trying to think of menus after 34 years.

Jo, I think I recall that tomorrow is your day with family and Master Elliot. Give him hugs for me, please and thank you.

Jerry, sometimes vacations can be "do only what you want to" and leave the rest for another day ala Scarlet O'Hara. Whatever you do, please enjoy the vacation time.

Sandi, give Dennis a big hug for trying to find a solution for the snoring. Darth was an awful snorer until he started using the CPAP device.

Kay, nothing new about the house. We have plenty of time and, I suspect, once word gets out that we are ready to move, the "as is" price tag will do the trick. Is Seth visiting this weekend? I forget. Has he had Spring break?

Okay, need to begin my second library book. BBL
Judie said…
Oh, doing a Margy.

Jake and Jude were on the desk this morning and got very nervous when they heard the elephants vocalizing. Think fur standing on end.
Mema Jo said…
Kay - Deb is working today with a class so I imagine that Terri or Christine may have
a video If I find/see it I'll bring the url over.

I am goikng to put my feet up while all is calm

Judie said…
Doing another Margy.

Jo, Miss Fisher tonight. I think it's a new episode. Midsomer overlaps 30 minutes but may be a rerun.

Eagle in the nest enjoying some wind and sunshine.

Mema Jo said…
GOIKNG take out the "K" and GOING is there.. lol
stronghunter said…
Good afternoon,

I agree with Jo. That apple pie and ice cream at Cracker Barrel is delicious. Yummy. I went there with Julie and Val after bowling practice today.

We were at the Central Park Shopping Center, across from Spotsylvania Town Centre.

Noticed an unusual amount of traffic on Rt. 3 when I left there. In fact, traffic was backing up onto other roads as well. Fortunately, the worst of it was headed eastbound, and I was headed westbound. Got a call from Kathryn while I was still on the road. Turns out there was a bomb threat at Spotsylvania Town Centre, and they'd evacuated the place. I do hope there isn't a bomb. These things usually turn out that way, thank goodness.

I hope everyone is okay this afternoon. I am about ready for a nap.
Mema Jo said…
Nap has been done for a while - dinner won't be until 6 - Shirley, I still have half of an apple pie in the refrigerator - I think it's there - hubby took a liking to it!

Judie as far as TV mostly all are repeats - WETA2 (265 for me) has Our Zoo and then Vera - Ms Fisher I have seen as well as the Midsomer Mystery.
On WTTG (5) Rosewood and the my favorite is HLN-CNN (45) Forensic Files
Hope you find some to enjoy or red pages in your book !

Everyone take care and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

Sandi said…
Wow - what a beautiful day. My kind of winter weather - temps went into the 60s!

Took all 3 dogs for a walk after tennis. Played in the yard with Janey and her ball. Tried to read but fell asleep. took Janey for another walk when I woke up.

I also sent an email to the MD State Retirement Agency informing them of my decision to retire at the end of this school year and asking them to calculate my MD pension to start as of September 1. Loved sending that email!!

Lolly, saw the Jacob photos on FB with his arms in the air defending the basket. Those poor little boys must think they're playing against a redwood tree!! Did Jacob's team win?

Time to fix food for pets and then people - grilling steaks outside. Then some TV. Later.
Sandi said…
Both eagles in the nest. Must be switch time! I have no sound today, not even static. Lost the cam a few times around 5pm - will see what happens as 6pm approaches.
Mema Jo said…

Congratulations to the Hays Pittsburgh nest....they have their 3rd egg!!!
NCSuzan said…
Good Evening one and all!

Crazy week for me filled with dr. visits and tests. If you weren't sick before the doctor you will be after!

Lots of trouble with cam this week. It is a constant check to see if it is live or not or buffering or not. Will keep you on your toes!

Today was in the upper sixties. Fresh air in the house is wonderful!

My son-in-law made a sweet potato cake this week. I dislike sweet potatoes. It is a texture thing but his cake was awesome! A french vanilla cake mix and a can of sweet potato pie filling. It tasted sort of like a cross between a spice cake and a carrot cake. Cream cheese frosting finished it off.

Doc Martin for me tonight on PBS. Not much else going on.

Take care.
NCSuzan said…
That post sounds really negative. Sorry guys. Its been a long week.
Sandi said…
Don't know what time I lost it b/c I was busy fixing dinner, but when I sat back down at my laptop after eating, my live cam was on that black "Sorry ..." screen. Refreshed the page and it came back but then went down again. This happened several times. It's up again now and has been running for a few minutes now.

Egg roll happening.

Just lost the cam again! GRRRR!!!
stronghunter said…

The Spotsylvania Town Centre has re-opened. They say people were running and crying when the evacuation took place. Some thought there was a shooter or something, it seems. Just glad we were not there. We sometimes have lunch at one of the adjacent restaurants, though usually not on Saturdays because it is likely to be crowded.
Lolly said…
Have had a busy day! BB game early and the drive took us 1 1/2 hours instead of the usual 1 hr. Had to detour on the way home, too. Hate highway construction. Then went outside to work as soon as we got home. Rain coming and will not be able to work outside.

Lol Sandi, love your comment about Jacob. Jack says it is more like a mountain! Had a great conversation with Amon from the other team. One time Jacob had the ball raised high and there were all these little boys surrounding him. Parents from both teams laughed and then had a conversation with this mom. She was so nice!

Dinner ready....gotta go!
Judie said…
Good late evening everyone.

Watched some PBS. Now time for the pillows.

Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
Time to say good night. I join Judie in wishing everyone a restful sleep.

I have a kitty by my side looking at something on the ceiling--I think a cobweb I will need to take care of tomorrow.

Mema Jo said…
I am checking in - I've been in front of the TV - Had a Hallmark I hadn't seen before.

I realized what you are saying about the live feed - mine doesn't shut down but there are times that I think it is frozen - I compare it to the still cam most of the time. So
much buffering at times yet it says LIVE.

Going to call it a day - Everyone take care and enjoy your tomorrow
Prayers for Dana's dad and Tori and all others who need our prayers
Wishing you a restful sleep and pleasant dreams ♥
CarolAnne said…
All looks quiet at the nest in the pre-dawn darkness.
CarolAnne said…
Light out. Delicate egg roll.
CarolAnne said…
Alert. Looking around. Birds chirping in background.
CarolAnne said…
Noisy geese going over.
Sandi said…
Goodorming CarolAnne and all my eagle friends.

I was up at 5:15 with the dogs but, since I got a terrible night's sleep until Denny went into the spare bedroom and I couldn't hear his snoring (that's right, the Theravent strip didn't work), I went back to bed.

I see 1 eagle sitting on eggs. I'm pretty sure I don't have sound again yet CarolAnne could hear geese and birds chirping. Different browsers? Lousy speakers on my laptop?

Jerry, enjoy your week off.

Have a greyt day all.
Sandi said…
Oh, and my phone died last night. I got a phone call yesterday when I was coming out of tennis - phone worked fine. Laid the phone down in the house after that and didn't use it again. Last night, when I went to charge it, it was powered down, though I don't recall turning it off. And it won't turn on.

I tried to open the case, figuring I'd take the battery out and put it back in. But the battery can only be accessed by someone with the right tools, not by the owner. What's up with that??

Anyway, my first order of business after breakfast is to head to the Verizon wireless store. The phone is still under warranty - have only had it 7 months. I hope they can just get it started and I won't have to replace it - I would hate to have to transfer everything over to a new phone and then get it all set up again the way I like it.

First world problems, right?
Sandi said…
Turns out I DO have sound because now I can hear raindrops hitting the cam housing. I can also see them laying on our eagle's feathers. At least it's rain and not snow.
glo said…
Good Sunday morning everyone. Have had a nice and busy kind of week. Enjoyed time with grandsons. Then the warm weather came in and a favorite spot at the Marina began to melt and reveal some frozen dead shad. Eagles pelicans and seaguls all show up together to feast. I have spent much time down there. It is like this each year although a little early this year. We say good bye to the eagles as we say hello to the pelicans. Friday the same reporter who did the TV piece on my polar bear trip is coming to interview me for the eagles in the area as he saw those photos here and asked to come back and do that segment. I am hoping there will still be a few atleast at the Marina so we can head down there in addition to the photos and the book he has also seen. Patches and I shall go exploring a local nest after a trip to Petco this afternoon. Maybe it will be active and we can take the reporter there . Stay tuned. Oh and Sandi Take the battery out of your phone and put it back in again. Just a thought but yes it still needs checked out as to why it did that. Enjoy your day everyone.
Sandi said…
Shep called out a few minutes ago then took off. Belle landed shortly after and settled on the eggs. Then Shep returned with both talons full of grass. He proceeded to spread the grass over Belle! She got up. Then one eagle took off - I'm really not sure which - and the other settled down on top of the new grass and the eggs.

And I got my phone started!! Did a Google search and read that holding the power button in continuously for 10 seconds will reboot the phone if it becomes unresponsive. It worked! Now, if I could just fix Denny's snoring by pressing a button!!

CarolAnne said…
Sandi, another snoring article:

I've even heard people sew a small ball in back of sleep shirt to prevent sleeping on back where most snoring occurs.

Morning all. Great day wishes to all.
WVJerry said…
Good rainy morning Sandi and Glo. Glo - you and Patches have a great day exploring. Sandi - thanks, hope you get the snoring issue solved and glad you got your phone working. Cell phones seem like they become a part of us. We have eaten breakfast, got dishwasher loaded and got a crock pot full of chili going. I'm going to relax some today, watch the race and maybe start on cleaning the whole house or at least most of it. Raining here and at the nest. Everyone enjoy the day. I will keep an eye on nest off and on between my activities. Take care all. Rhonda has continued to drop some weight. Down from 120 to about 105. New medicine from kidney doctor seems to be really helping.
WVJerry said…
Good morning to Carol Anne too.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

JudyE said…
I see and hear rain drops or ice or snow on the cam and our eagle looks like ICE but sounds like rain

JudyE said…
Spent the evening with Angie and Jordyn first we did the Zumba Bash at Mako they have it the 3rd Sat each month Fund raising for different organizations each time Then after we went back to her house and then home at 11

Waiting to see if angie calls and want to go to WMT to buy the paints for the school bench she had her dad and brother make for the school HomeDepot donated the wood and Walmart gave us a 50 gift card for paints

Going to use my 10% discount versus the 7% non tax exempt she gets from the school save a little more money.

JudyE said…
Has to be BELLE in the nest with that MUMBRELLA in action
Mema Jo said…
Good Rainy Sunday Morning To All ♥

Thanks for all the nest reports from all you early birds.

Today is Elliot's dinner date at his Meme's house (Jenny)
Going to give him a new book - he loves books and little cars. So it is a car picture book. I think it will be a winner.

Lolly - I read it is Joey's birthday - I hope he takes a some time to celebrate!

Disney 1/2 marathon is finished and Christine has her Princess medal. It was a fun race and no one was worried about their time - She got to stop at lots of places for pictures with the Disney characters who were at different points of the race. he should have quite a Disney World album.

Jerry, that is good news about Rhonda's weight loss! Must be your cooking plus her meds! Enjoy your day and don't overdo the cleaning!

I'll return later... ♥

Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Rain here and at DC and NCTC nests.

Jo, congratulations to Princess Christine. Have fun with Master Elliot and enjoy showing him his new book.

Jerry, enjoy the day. Continued good thoughts for Rhonda for her recovery.

Happy Birthday to Joey. May the have a wonderful day and year ahead.

Congratulations on revitalizing your phone, Sandi.

Glo, enjoy your adventure with the reporter.

Hope everyone has the best day possible.
JudyE said…
eagle has called out several times

hope calling for relief
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Penny and I are just in after a very long walk in one of our metro parks---time for 6 feet to go "up" for a while.☺ Oh, that was misleading---we were with Julie, Hugh and Malcolm---I walked just a little and then sat on a bench people watching and basking in glorious sunshine while the others took a very long walk.

I've read back over today's postings and find that JUDIE has commented on all the items I have notes on. So, I say ditto to her post of 12:24pm! Nuttin' lazy about me.

Prayers for all in need!!!

Lolly said…
Good afternoon! Busy morning! Church office received an email Wed. A group of 23 people from Iowa were headed south on a mission trip. Requested to worship with us and wanted to know the time. We replied with an invitation to lunch. Well, our church rallied like you would not believe. Food out the gazoo and decorations that were fabulous. I took two dishes, dessert and casserole and helped set up and clean up. It was fun!

A good friend, Vicki, was telling me this morning how much fun she is having watching our cam. Yay!

Yes, today Joey is 46. Saw him yesterday to give him our gifts. However, he really did not want much of a celebration today as Sunday is the day he works the hardest on his on line courses. I accused him of not wanting to share his birthday cheesecake!

Rain has not started here yet. Front is supposed to arrive yet this afternoon. Presently in the 70's.

Sandi said…
Good evening all.

Nice day - took the big dog for a big walk and the little dogs for a little walk. Finished a book.

Watched the live cam zoom in and didn't lose my live feed - yay!

Jo, saw Christine's pics on FB - I love the idea of having Disney characters along the race route. Sounds like a fun race!

CarolAnne, thanks for the article about snoring but at this point, I have read every theory about what causes it and every possible solution for it. If the custom mouth guard doesn't work, then I guess I'll start wearing ear plugs b/c the only other solutions will involve surgery and I don't want that.

Both eagles in the nest now. Looks like Shep is getting up so Belle can take over for the night.
Sandi said…
Shep took off, Belle just rolled the eggs and has settled down on them. Looks like the rain in WV was short-lived. Our rain is due to arrive shortly.

Goodnight all - I will see everyone in the early AM.
Judie said…
Good post-dinner time.

All quiet at the nest.

Wow, Sandi. You certainly cannot complain about a lack of exercise. lol Will say a prayer and fingers crossed the ENT doc. can help Dennis. Maybe another sleep study would help. Snoring is what led to Darth getting diagnosed and using a CPAP.

Hoping Jo had a wonderful family visit.

Shirley, how's Russ coming along with getting moved?

Lolly, so glad the church luncheon was a great success.

Off to watch PBS.

Prayers for Dana's dad, Tori,

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
Lolly said…
Joey uses the CPAP as well. Laurel is so thankful for it. She is now able to sleep. And, thankful for Joey, too. His breathing was stopping at times. Waiting for Downton Abbey to start.

Just saw an egg roll and Belle changing positions.
Lolly said…
Wow! Downton Abbey was so good! Can hardly wait for the last one. Liked that it was longer tonight!

Going to read now. Night all!
stronghunter said…
To tell you the truth, Judie, Rus has not called. He had to be out of the house last week, so I am sure he is. Rus is Rus. He was better organized than we expected he might be when we got there, but there was still a lot to do. I tell myself he is a grown man and I am too old to worry if he gets a bit disorganized. He does many things well. Being organized is not one of them.

I am interested in the comments about the CPAP. My group of bowling friends is planning a trip to Georgia in September. One of the ladies--Doris--is concerned about having a roommate because she has a breathing machine (CPAP?) and is afraid it will bother a roommate. I think a private room would cost her a couple of hundred extra dollars. I told her I would room with her. She told me that one reason she did not join us on the trip to France was that she was afraid her machine would be a problem.
stronghunter said…
Glad that Joey had a happy birthday, even if he was busy with his courses.

I am trying to wind down, so I will say good night to everyone. See you tomorrow.
JudyE said…
Good evening eagle buds. Was at Angie most of the day.
We went to Walmart where she grocery shopped and we bought the paints from there to paint the school bench. Angie bought fish (haddock) to cook When Carl opened the fish the smell was so bad it could have knocked you down. So we took it back and ended up getting Long John fish.
Gonna drop truck off at dealer again. I am still having a leak they told me may have a small leak till all the old oil drips off well its been a month and there should be no old oil to drip Something isn't right!
Mema Jo said…
Popping in to say


Prayers for all our needs

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Monday and the start of a new work week.

One eagle tucked and asleep at the nest.

Judy, hope the truck fix is a simple one.

Prayers for Dana's dad and for Jo.

Have a greyt day all.
WVJerry said…
Good morning Sandi. I see an eagle in nest now. A little chilly here this morning. Talk later and take care all.
Jewels said…
New thread!! See you over there!!

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