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Warming up thread.


Jewels said…
Thanks for the new thread!!! Its going to be a nice day!
Jewels said…
A little De JaVu here today at work... One of my coworkers father n law has a Chinese Sharpei and she brought him in for us to see... Brought back many many memories for when Mom had hers. <<< crying inside.
WVJerry said…
Thanks for the New Thread. Good morning Carolyn. Congrats on a feather. I saw both eagles in nest earlier this morning. Nest is empty now.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh Monday first Monday of February thread. Have a lovely week.

Congratulations on the feather Carolyn and thanks for hollerin' at us.

Yep, soon as I saw Sharpei you mom was in my head with wonderful memories.

Nest was empty when I checked a few minutes ago.

Sandi, I think Jo has this week off. Have a good day at school.

Dana, please know you have our prayers for your Dad's recovery and for you and your family.

Wonder if JudyE will get that retirement letter in today?

Lolly, I believe today is Zack's birthday. Enjoy the time with him.

Hi Jerry. How's Rhonda doing now?

Sunshine and blue sky this morning. Will go foraging later.
Mema Jo said…
Good Good Morning on this first day of 29 days of February

Congratulations Carolyn you have a beautiful feather and
the Sharpei memories brought you right in here to our nest. We love you much!

Hi Jerry - hoping your work week went well & you're ready to begin again. Prayers for your wife's health!

I will need to go over to older thread for all your morning comments.

Nest is MT right now.

Thank you Steve for a fresh Monday morning thread - We are really watching for that first egg -
Mema Jo said…


Just can't wish you enough happiness, love, joy and good health.

So many good good memories and such a lasting friendship.

Jewels said…
Thanks family... I should have hollered on the last thread, but was too excited when the Sharpei Pup was in here...LOL

Happy birthday Glo!

Both eagles in for a moment when I looked and then Poof....
Mema Jo said…
They came back at 10:08am but Shep went poof and Belle is still there
Mema Jo said…
Now they are both in the nest
Mema Jo said…
Having read early morning comments I am so thinking of Dana's dad and her whole family.
Prayers for all of them. Prayers for her dad's health to improve - The entire events
must have been so scary and I am thankful all of the family's prayers were answered.
Thinking of you, Dana -0 stay strong as you can for Mom.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Always a thrill to open and find our eagles doing some intense housekeeping!

Also great to start the week off with a new thread thanks to STEVE! JEWELS and JERRY make a good team for getting us going, too.

Best Wishes to GLO on this, a special day for a Special Lady!!!

DANA, sorry your dad had to go through such a horrible health event. He's a trooper and my prayers are with him and the entire family! Do keep us posted!

JEWELS, glad you got a few minutes with the Sharpei pup. Such encounters do stir up memories and a tear or two, I know. You'll always miss your mom and I hope you're comforted by the fact that our Momster family does, too!

I need to check the newspapers n' see what's happening in the rest of the world. Will be glad when the Iowa caucuses cease to dominate. Ah, but then it's on to New Hampshire and beyond...

Prayers for all in need!!!

Lolly said…
Good morning!

Oh, I hated reading about Dana's father. Prayers for healing and recovery! Prayers for Dana and her mom!

Happy Birthday, Glo!๐ŸŽ‰❤️๐ŸŽˆ

Yes, today Zach is 10 years old! Hard to believe. Now, if only Michael communicates where we will be going!!! Oh, yes, he is a last minute planner and communicater!

Need to get to the grosssssserie store and thinking I need to get to church and work on the prayer garden. Another day in the 70's then tomorrow 60's and Wed 50's. Best of all is a week more of sunshine! The water on the sidewalk is retreating! Hard to believe water is still streaming from the ground!

Andy, read in the paper about your storm and thought about you and wondered. Thanks for reporting in.

Two eagles still in the nest!
WVJerry said…
Good morning again. Rhonda has been doing better. Kidney doctor started her on new fluid medicine to go along with Lasix. She still needs an ultrasound on kidneys. Doctor wants to make sure they are not enlarged. Blood doctor and heart doctor seem to agree with her family doctor that her kidneys could be causing problem more so than her heart. Thanks again for all the prayers and positive energy. As for work it was around 50 hours with a 6-6 day on Saturday. Extra funds will be appreciated after a shortened week. Off today. I have to work on my brother-in-laws estate inventory sheet. Lawyer in Shepherdstown wants to look it over before I turn it in to County Clerk in Charles Town. Also, Dean backed into one car with the other messing up fender on one and fender and door on the other. Mostly minor and I should be able to fix here. Also on January 19th on way to work someone hit a deer and sent it spinning like a top into my front fender. Broke out fog light anf busted a hole in black plastic lower bumper. According to one junk yard you need hole front bumper least $4-600. Going to try and find piece or manufacture a repair. That car should hit 300,000 miles in Wednesday. Enough of my updates for now. Take care all.
Lolly said…
Change of plans! Going to pick up our trailer at an alignment repair place. Have not told you about our problems there but it has been in for axle repair for months. Out of warranty but after many phone calls, letters, etc the manufacturer of the axles has sent axles twice! And,is paying for the installation! The original axles were too small, bent and our tires wore out fast. That is how we discovered the the tire dealers. New axles were sent, larger but apparently they ere BAD axles. Now another set has been installed and they are good. Long story short, we had taken the trailer in while under warranty and the dealer problem. Well, there was a problem. Hopefully all is well now! The trailer manufacturer has been awful!! The manufacturer of the axles has been quick to replace and pay for the work. Crazy!
Lolly said…
Jerry, sounds like a lot to do on your day off!

Hope Rhonda has her problem solved and feeling better!
grannyblt said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
grannyblt said…
My delete, still trying to get this gmail/blogger/email/iPad issue worked out. Grrrrrr
stronghunter said…
Thanks for the new thread, Steve, and congratulations on the feather, Carolyn. Oh, yes, Carolyn, I remember your mother's love of the shar-pei doggies. That's how I learned about this breed.

I saw my first robin of the season today! I am ready for spring.

So glad to learn that Rhonda is better, Jerry.

Happy birthday, Glo!!!!
stronghunter said…
It sounds like you have had your share of trailer problems with this new one, Lolly.

Happy birthday, Zach!!!
stronghunter said…
Must go back and read Dana's post.
stronghunter said…
Found your post, Dana. Prayers and good wishes for your whole family.
JudyE said…


JudyE said…


JudyE said…
SHIRLEY AND JO have both seen robins surly spring is around the corner

JudyE said…
still cam is back for me
stronghunter said…
Nest is empty. I saw some snowflakes. Or maybe raindrops.
JudyE said…
all three are in the Fulton nest
stronghunter said…
Okay, must be rain. Weather Channel says rain and temps in the 50s.
JudyE said…
I did turn in my two weeks today and no one is the wiser of me being off my last week

I am still scheduled to work that week even after I turned it in I was today that they don't key anything in until my last day and then they just inactivate me

JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said…
1:30pm The rain has made it here to my valley - MELT Away SNOW

Have had a very enjoyable visit with daughter - chipped beef gravy over biscuits
was delicious.

Time I think for Feet Up for a little bit.

Lolly sure hope your RV gets ready for next trip!

This is a free week for me - just blood work tomorrow and then find out what comes next.

Mema Jo said…
Just saw your post Judy - Happy for you and once you retire don't slow yourself down and get plenty of worthwhile activities to keep busy and your mind occupied.
I still meet up once every month or two to have lunch with my favorite co-workers!
Janet Neely said…
good afternoon to all
THANK YOU STEVE for the new thread...the hopeful we will have an egg soon thread....
JUDYE: doing a happy dance but planning a SURLY???? spring? I hope ours isn't surly. a surly teenager in the house is enough!!!! lol

Livvy was feeling puny; caught Michael's cold. Hard enough to shop with a teenager who is sure you do everything wrong.....much less a puny surly one. so I left her home. Niki came to the rescue and helped me with my shopping. I helped her to shop a bit as well.

Its funny to me.....she seems to have no shopping to speak. Example, I bought a HUGE bag of broccoli and she said, oh i'll get some veggies for Michael and me. Okay, great. She picked out this HUGE bag of mixed veggies....I kept from laughing, but said, okay, let's talk about this.....

I am cooking for 5. I need a huge bag of whatever. You are cooking for two. Now, unless you absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE mixed veggies, maybe you should consider a smaller bag? I showed her the smaller for two versions....

and showed her different things that are quick and easy to fix for two.

it was kind of fun as she paid attention......have I told ya'll I love that young lady she is just wonderful.

so I canceled Olivia's dr sense spreading the wealth of germs. rescheduled for next week. canceled math tutoring.....again, no sense spreading the wealth of germs, esp to one of my co workers!

I was sifting thru some old stuff the other day as you know, and I found my old weight watchers pedometer!!!! I am going out shortly to get a battery for it!

LOLLY: hope you get that RV issue fixed.
I was in ours yesterday, found some throw pillows for it. imagine that. anyway, was dreaming of annual trip to Montgomery bell. Am hoping we might be able to take a trip to florida in October.....just have to look at finances. We had tentatively planned a trip, then the house fell apart and we put the smile back on the Happy Hiller plumbing, electrical, heating/a/c truck.....soooo we shall see.

Later ya'll Have a safe and warm afternoon!

stronghunter said…
Hey JudyE,

Are there some nice bowling alleys around there? Maybe you can take up bowling in your extra time once you retire. It's a great way to meet people and get exercise.
NCSuzan said…
Happy Birthday Glo! Enjoy your day!

Enjoyed Downton last night. Anybody watching "Mercy Street"? Last night was the third episode. Think I'm watching til the end.

Jo, happy you have an easy week. You deserve it. Loved your wreath on FB.

Take care everyone.
stronghunter said…
Checking the nest. Empty for now.
Sandi said…
Hi all!

Thanks Steve for our first February thread and thanks Carolyn for the call over.

Lolly, what a nuisance to have all that trouble with a brand new trailer! GRRRR! Will you still be able to have dinner with Zach? I'm anxious to hear about how he likes his birthday gifts.

Jerry, 300,000miles???!!! What kind of vehicle is it - I may need to buy one of those!!

Judy, I thought you had posted that you worked until this Wednesday. Today is your very last day of work for the rest of your life?? WOW - how wonderful for you!! Congratulations! So what are your plans for retirement? I recently had a lady tell me that a person should have at least 5 different hobbies to fill his/her time.

Glo, happy birthday!! Hope it's been a great day! I didn't get an email about it and missed it on Facebook this morning.

Today I got my new schedule for the rest of this school year. I'm kinda here and there throughout the day rather than staying with one team or one group of students. Hopefully it will make the days go quickly. I will definitely miss the kids in the ILC.

Nest is currently MT. Time to fix food for pets and then people and I think I may have to make a grocery store run this evening. If so, I'll see everyone in the early AM.
Judie said…
Good early evening.

Lolly, how awful there is so much trouble with the new trailer. Hope all is repaired soon. So, when will you see Zack to celebrate his birthday?

JudyE, congratulations. Please be sure to add lots of activities to your days. Retirement is a big change and the transition is much easier when you have lots of fun things to fill the time.

Hi Jerry. You really seem to have a mess of trouble with the cars(trucks?). Sure hoping all that gets straightened out for you. Good news is Rhonda is feeling some better and her doctors are in agreement. Having a lawyer check the estate paperwork is a really good idea.

Suzan, not watching Mercy Street. Did you all get any white stuff?

Janet, hope Olivia is feeling better soon.

Jo, glad you had a good day today and that this is a free week for you.

So, foraging done. The scullery awaits.
Judie said…
Dear Glo, please forgive my delay in offering you best happiest birthday wishes. Hoping the day was extraordinarily wonderful and that the year ahead will be also.
JudyE said…
SANDI tomorrow is my last day I have my last and final dentist appt on Wed took the day off and will not being going back on vacation

and they are all clueless about it! I have let a few associate know

Being I live in Fl I will always have something to do and see.

and I have a neglected back yard that is dying for some attention also.
Lolly said…
Did not get trailer after all! They needed to do something. Grrrr! Really have had no problem with trailer except for this. We have now had it two years!

On our way to Dallas. Now, do I give a Fart Blaster to a 10 yo in a restaurant? Lol. I think not!๐Ÿ˜ฑLol

Did get the garden weeded at church. Looked so good!

Judy, congratulations! Why keep it such a secret?
stronghunter said…
Nest looks odd this evening. Guess it is just because of that stick with several branches sticking up.

No eagles in sight.
glo said…
Hi everyone. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. It's been a quiet but nice day in my world. Patches isn't feeling the greatest right now so I took a rain check on going out to lunch with a friend today. I got her some additional meds from the vet today and she does seem to be feeling some better tonight. She is having an allergic reaction to something. not exactly sure what. Could be a couple of things.
JudyE said…
Fulton has its first egg Remember she spent the night in the nest

JudyE said…
GLO hope she feels better soon
always hated when pets are sick since they can't tell you what is the matter
Lynne2 said…
evening all!

Happy Birthday Zach and Glo!

Lolly, hope they get the trailer fixed already!

Jerry, glad Rhonda is feeling a bit better...that's a plus every time! But sorry about the vehicle catastrophes. :(


Suz, I have recorded Mercy Street but have not started watching it.

Prayers for Dana's dad and all the family.
NCSuzan said…
Judie, white stuff? Here? Not at all. It has been cool and windy yet today it was 70ยบ and I opened some windows.

I also did not have an e-mail about Glo's day but FB will let you know!

Lynne2, Mercy Street is very intense. Almost gave it up last week but so far glad I stayed.

Happy Birthday Zach!

Have a great evening!
JudyE said…
on FB you can choose not to have you Bday shown or announced
Judie said…
Dinner over. Scullery in order.

Suzan, I'm so heartbroken at the lack of white stuff in your area. Next time, I plan to send an entire snow storm your way. Well, okay, I won't do that. Just don't want you to miss out on all our fun. Hope you're feeling well.

Glo, sure hope Patches feels much better in the morning. Reschedule lunch with your friend and enjoy a "second" birthday celebration.

Watching a replay of last night's Downton.

Wishing everyone a good night and restful sleep.

NCSuzan said…
Judie, Thank you for being so thoughtful! haha! I am feeling ok, thank you for asking.

JudyE, I do not have my birthday announced on FB. You can make a lot of stuff private as long as you can keep up with the changes.
stronghunter said…

Nest still empty. Decorative addition still standing tall.
stronghunter said…
Rest well tonight. SED, everyone. :)
Mema Jo said…
Do you want to watch the Groundhog Day 2016 Prediction on Feb 2nd.

Visit and click the Groundhog Day 2016 Live Feed Link!

Will Phil predict six more weeks of winter ... only if he sees his shadow
Mema Jo said…

Suzan I was wondering why Glo's birthday wasn't sent to us Momsters in our email. I double checked and it is marked.
I always rely on that notification or FB or my Jackie Lawson address book.

I made sure it was there for next year!
JudyE said…
To me the branch sort of illuminate and the sycamore berry hanging there.

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

Mema Jo said…
Time to close down for the day

Goodnight to all

Prayers for all our needs ♥
Lolly said…
On our way home! Great evening, successful celebration! Zach loved the blaster and the Magic 8 ball. In the restaurant he played with the 8 ball. When we left the restaurant he went wild with the blaster and boy was he giggling!
Lolly said…
We are home and heading to bed. It was a great night!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Nest is MT.

Roller coaster weather continues here - 60s yesterday, 40s today, close to 60 again on Wednesday.

Judy, enjoy your last day of work - I'm sure you will be smiling!

Lolly, glad the gifts were a hit with Zach.

Have agreyt day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

MT nest

we are going to be in the lower 80's this afternoon

and yep I am grinning ear to ear

OH someone told me yesterday I was GLOWING LOL

Judie said…
Good morning.

JudyE, enjoy your final day of paid employment.

Nest is empty.

Lolly, so happy Zack enjoyed his birthday and the gifts.

Thinking of Lydia; Jerry with his vehicle issues; Jerry's Rhonda; Glo's Patches

Thinking we need egg(s) in the nest.

Thinking today will be a laundry day.

Sunshine and blue sky here. Still lots and lots of snow piled up.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.
WVJerry said…
On break and nest is empty. Sandi - our car is 2004 *Pontiac Aztek. It was my Mom's car when she worked for Lab Corp in Georgetown. She picked it up new and for a small fee was able to use it as her personal vehicle. Her and my stepfather bought it and gave to us with 165,000 miles. She drove around a 1,000 miles a week on her route. Other than some minor issues it has been good to us.
Mema Jo said…

eagles busy in our nest
glo said…
GM everyone. Patches and I both got some good sleep last night. The steroid is helping to ease the itch. So good to have her feeling better. I bet within a week we will have an egg on our nest :-) I think she reacted to the detergent I was washing her artificial grass with but am not positive of that just yet. She is using puppy pads out on the deck now without the grass so it is not going to be an issue again anyway. It's good because it is sleeting like crazy out there right now.
Lolly said…
Good morning! One eagle in the nest.

Dinner last night did damage to the diet! Oh, well, get back to it! Michael said it was up to Zach but probably Fireside Pie, upscale pizza. Meet him at six. Heard no different, went to Fireside, paid valet for parking, sat outside waiting. Let him know we were there. He called he had just picked up Zach and he wanted Bob's Steakhouse. Whoa.....BIG difference in price. We left, made it to Bob's, paid another valet, and went in. Michael had made reservations. I had a ribeye with a baked potato. Shared my meal with Zach. He got the potato, and 1/3 of my steak and we shared a side order of green beans. However, we had wine and then shared two desserts. One was complimentary for Zach. That brownie with ice cream was to die for, however limited myself to four bites! Bet there was multiple calories in each bite! Michael and Jack had Port with the dessert. I just had a couple of sips of Jack's! Like I said, back to the diet!

It was fun in that Zach was so happy. He also was very interested in the presents which was great. Most times he opens a gift then sets it aside. All gifts really interested him and made him happy! He is a blessing in that he is so happy all the time! The waitress wished him happy birthday and asked how old. To which he replied, 10 but I am tall for my age! Lol. She told him she thought he was at least 11 or 12. He beamed!

Nothing on the agenda today! I like days like that. Think I will tackle my closet. If I do not return, come looking for me!
Lolly said…
Glo, so happy Patches is better. Skippi and Laurels's dogs and her cat all have skin allergies and we have not pin pointed the causes. We give them the wheat less food, but all have to have steroid shots ever so often. Skippi has done well the last 6 months, no scabs around her neck, but just recently some red and scabby very small areas in front of her ears. (Cat forehead?). Since she can not lick there, I put antibiotic cream on it and it helped.
Mema Jo said…
Belle is still in the nest - Shep flew out earlier. I bet she is waiting for brunch!

Today is Dracula at noon - better then midnight!

Lolly I enjoyed your pictures of the birthday party and Zach was a happy 10 year old!

Happy Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow – an early spring is his forecast!
ALSO Staten Island Chuck Predicts an Early Spring
Mema Jo said…

JUDY - Soon you will be a FREE BIRD ♥
I bet as you are leaving - you make an announcement that
You Are Never To Return - Leaving co-workers is sometimes hard to do

Mema Jo said…
Lots of fly in's and then fly out's - back again.......

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Here I am, poised to watch the daily cam sweep and thrilled to see one of our beautiful eagles doing the same!
Kay said…
JUDY, I join the others in wishing you much happiness in retirement! I didn't retire til' age 70, but am glad when others can do so earlier. It's THE greatest!!!

Good show, as always! I love seeing a birds-eye view of all that surrounds The Sycamore Palace.

An early Spring? Oh, Phil and Chuck, we love youse guys! It already feels like Spring here, but I'm sure Mother Nature has another surprise or two in store for us.

LOLLY, enjoyed the birthday dinner replay! So glad Zach was happy with the presents.

Wishing all a good day and praying for those in need!


Mema Jo said…
I thought I said I was back from seeing Dracula - only took 18 minutes and I was out of there.
It is so bright outside with the sun glaring on the snow.

Lunch was my usual Boost and ham/cheese sandwich - need to get into these tax papers.

Everyone enjoy their afternoon and really really hoping that our 1st egg comes tonight.
Mema Jo said…

Fun time with Mei and Bei Bei
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Laundry underway. Paper read.

Bei Bei is really active this afternoon. Such fun to watch him explore. Nest empty.

Jo, happy you had a short visit with Dracula and outcome is good. My memory may be wrong but isn't next week the last of the chemo?

Glo, glad you and Patches got some rest. Glad she's feeling better.

Lolly, just a thought. If you haven't already, you might try Nutro grain-free cat food. Skippi and Laurel's pets may have allergies to multiple grains. Nutro and Blue Wilderness have lots of options.

Early Spring? Did someone mention early Spring? Ah, just typing the words brought on anticipation.


Judie said…
Belle: "Well, I think I'll just sit up on the stump and survey my land before I go on lock down for the next three months." "Shep, you just better be practicing your hunting and fishing, ya hear?" "Oh, and I expect regular paid fishing breaks every day."
Mema Jo said…
Eagle has been doing nestorations in the egg cup and now is perched up on the stump

I have been looking for comment from Dana or her Mother. No comments can be found
PRAYERS continue for her DAD

Judie - this is my 3rd treatment starting on the 9th & there very well could be a 4th
treatment then 3 week later. I would think a scan of some sort would be next and then very possible for radiation...... It is an on going battle which I intend to WIN
Mema Jo said…
Just missed getting a fly out pic

I'm just not fast enough
Mema Jo said…
glo said…
Geeesh that egg cup looks almost as comfortable as my bed felt last night :-) They have definitely been spending lots of time readying the nest
JudyE said…
KAY thanks for the very pretty card

Home left early 333 what are they gonna do fire me for leaving early LOL

I got with one of the Co's to let them know I was cutting out after going around and giving everyone a hug

JudyE said…
JUDIE thanks for the beautiful card
JudyE said…
I posted both cards on my facebook wall for all to see
JudyE said…
Just noticed the branch is down or gone

Janet Neely said…
good evening to all. nasty weather will be here shortly . bah humbug.
tornado watch til 10 p.m

JUDYE: congrats sis!

I have spent the day sorting and sifting some more. I organized tax papers. now ready to begin that!

everyone have a great evening. gonna keep my head down....hoping weather behaves....
Lolly said…
Wahoooo! We have a trailer! Not without a problem, of course! Went to get it and no hitch in the compartment where it was stored. Did not think it was a home, but looked to make sure. Then had to drive to the trailer repair. They knew nothing about it but searched. They came up with it!!! A very good thing, as Jack was about to have an anger issue! So, back to the alignment repair. No charge as they were settled up with the axle manufacturer on parts and labor. Now mind you, I do not know much about axles but these axels came from the manufacturer with springs attached. Yesterday he called and said the trailer was ready, then called back and said he had spotted a problem. The springs were installed backwards at the manufacturers! Hopefully all is well now. We do need to get new tires since the trailer was not aligned and the tires wore down funny. Geeeesh! The tire dealer is the one who spotted the problem. We owe him a big thanks!

Have cleaned my closet and filled two bags to go to local community house.
Lolly said…
Thanks for the heads up, Judy. Saw them both before poof poof!

Jack and I will be planning a trip soon. We want to go to east Texas, not too far to a state park where Eagles are known to winter.
JudyE said…
I thought the branch was gone but with the infra red on its still there HMMMM
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Glo! Hope your day was a good one, and this next year is even better! Glad to hear that Patches feels better!

Lolly, glad Zach had a great Birthday celebration!

JUDYE--Happy Retirement! I just know you're going to LOVE it!!

DanaMo, prayers being said for your Dad, and you and the whole family!

Jerry, glad your wife feels somewhat better! Prayers for her, too! Sorry to hear about the damage to your car!

Lolly, glad the trailer problems got straightened out!

Well, I have to go finish vacuuming. Also need to make an appt. to have our dryer vent cleaned, and get an estimate for a chimney cleaning and a new chimney cap. Now that the trees are trimmed so well, we can use our fireplace again!

Hope everyone has a good evening, and SED tonight. I ♥ us!
Mema Jo said…
Judy very happy your day went well and that you did give and get (((((((((((HUGS)))))))

Time for TV evening on my WETA 2 channel with
good interesting programs and NO commercials.

I am going to say goodnight JUST IN CASE my recliner gets too comfortable.

Prayers for Lydia and Dana's dad and everyone else who needs one !

I will check nest before midnight! SED & AOYP
JudyE said…
This was on Fb so I am putting link here for you BALD EAGLE TRAINED TO TAKE DOWN DRONES
JudyE said…
The live feed won't stay up
If you load it it is on about 04 instead of 407 of the buffering bar and if you let it run or drag the bar up the silly messg sorry we were unable to play the media you selected please try again or select alternate media, Error encountered, Stream not found Lots of static on cam also when you open it
Lynne2 said…
JUDY...what's on the agenda for your first day of RETIREMENT tomorrow?? WOO HOOO and I bet there will be eagles involved!
Judie said…
Good evening.

No one home at the nest.

I second Jo's prayers for Lydia and Dana's dad.

Also hope tomorrow brings a bright day for Patches and Glo and that Jerry's amazing vehicle gains yet another lease on life.

Hope Shirley and Lynne1 check in soon.

Hmmm, Sandi has been quiet today.

Hi Lynne2.

Watching some tv.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

JudyE said…


JudyE said…
JudyE said…
just standing in middle
Mema Jo said…

LIVE FEED is down but NCTC IT notified and will probably be up tomorrow

Belle settling in for the entire night I hope.

The branch is still there Judy

Mema Jo said…

First Early Bird on Wednesday morning - CHECK FOR THE EGG
stronghunter said…

Oh dear, what a time to lose the live feed.
Lolly said…
Was watching a movie and hearing the dings from our fb blog. Knew something was up! Well, drat! Hopefully no egg tonight!

Night all! SED!
stronghunter said…
Hi Lolly,

Saw on the rotating map that you were online. I checked the still cam. Belle is in the nest.
stronghunter said…
SED, everyone.

See you tomorrow. Maybe an egg.
Lolly said…
Just came back. Hi, Shirley! Bye Shirley!

Yes, eagle still in the nest. Head is up, not tucked!

Nite all!
Mema Jo said…

2/3/16 1:01am

Belle seems to be settled down into the egg cup
instead of previously looking like she was standing........

See you in the morning light
stronghunter said…
Just got a shot of her on the back edge of the nest.

I am seeing the same view of her on both the live cam and the still cam; posted the still image on FB. Will try to post it here.
Mema Jo said…

2:14 WEDNESDAY 2/3/16


Hi Shirley - just go up to get a med and thought I would check the nest.
She is up at the 11:00 position - Can't see anything like an egg but you
never know.
stronghunter said…
She is still there, Jo. Not tucked. Just in the same position as before.
Kay said…
It must be the night for aches n' pains. I'm up for a med, too. About an hour ago Belle was at the 5 o'clock position so she's been on the move. She wasn't tucked in for the night, must be restless. We're pullin' for ya, Belle!

Yesterday, my dear soul mate, 92 year old Ernie, tripped on a computer chair wheel, breaking his hip--second one in about five years--it took him an excruciating hour to scoot/crawl to the alarm gizmo in his retirement community apt.. Now in VA hospital, Wichita, KS. He's on blood thinners so they couldn't operate immediately and hope to do so on Friday. It's risky business due to age and heart problems, but he knows it's iffy. He has a great sense of humor and a positive attitude going for him. Prayers for his comfort, please.♥

Rain's a pouring here, but supposed to end by the time Penny and I are up for the day.

Later...SED night owls....zzzzzz......
WVJerry said…
Good morning. I see an empty nest now. Calling for rain and some flooding around here. What's up with the stick? Looks like it could poke an eye out. Have a great day and take care all.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

I can't get the live feed this morning. One eagle in the nest on the still cam but I can't tell is it's sitting or standing. Not tucked that's for sure.

Started my new assignment yesterday - interesting. I spent 2 periods in 7th grade, 2 periods in 6th grade, and 1 period in 8th grade. No knowledge of the kids I was with - felt like I was just an extra person in the room.

Humidifier arrived yesterday and was in place for last night. Denny started out sleeping in our bed but, by 2:30am, he went somewhere else b/c I kept kicking him to roll over since he was snoring. Don't know what else to do - he has already had a sleep study. No sleep apnea, which is good but he was given no solutions to his snoring. I really can't think of a solution other than separate rooms for sleeping. I just can't face middle schoolers all day without a good night's sleep.

Kay, I'm sorry to hear about your friend Ernie. Hip surgery at age 92 is very scary. I hope you are back to sleep by now. I will keep him in my prayers.

Prayers continue for Dana's dad. I haven't heard any updates from Dana on FB.

Judy, hope your day, besides the dentist, involves something fun.

Have a greyt day all. My fingers will be crossed that we will be celebrating with oatmeal creme pies by tonight. Has anyone heard if Blackwater got a 3rd egg?
Sandi said…
Belle has changed positions while I've been watching but I can't see if there's an egg.

Oh, and Blackwater still has just 2 eggs.

Bye - hopefully I can check the nest on my ipad during the day.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Could not get the live cam.

Still cam shows empty nest. No Belle. No egg. Raindrops on the lens.
stronghunter said…
Got Hunter off to school. It was not easy to get up out of my warm bed this morning. By the time I settled down, I had two kitties in the bed with me.

I might need a nap this morning . . .
stronghunter said…
I don't think Kathryn got much sleep either. I hope I did not wake her.
stronghunter said…
Rain here this morning, Jerry. Still some snow piles around to melt. I guess flooding is a possibility.

Mema Jo said…
Good rainy morning to all ♥
Shirley I'm glad you were up when I was early am hours to see those dang sycamore balls swaying in the air! I sorta sent out an alarm statement that the live feed was running
and then this morning just to see it had crashed. Well good thing we didn't get the egg since we would not have been able to see it. We have a good many Momster birthdays this month - we would always try to get an egg on one of their birthdays. We missed Glo's and the next one wouldn't be until the 6th - hope we don't need to wait that long. Hopefully IT will be able to reset the cam ---------
glo said…
gm everyone Tap Tap Tap :-)
Janet Neely said…
good morning to one and all.

JUDYE: happy first day of retirement! what to do! what to do! :)
Start of my work week. heading in to ME in a bit.
Stayed quiet here last night. It rained and blew, but nothing severe, thank goodness.

beautiful sunny morning.

everyone have a wonderful day!
Judie said…
Good morning.

Confused. I checked the nest and the live feed is working but it shows Belle in the nest in infrared. So, not sure what that means.

Kay, prayers for Ernie. A positive attitude can make all the difference. Please keep us posted.

Wish Dana would post an update somewhere. Prayers for her dad.

Sandi, maybe Denny would consult an ENT doctor. Has to be miserable for you both. Have a good day at school.

Darth sent this along to me and I want to share with all of you. I really laughed and laughed and hope you will also. A weatherman discussing old age to a conference on aging:

Going to check the nest again. Wishing everyone the best day possible.
glo said…
My still cam is on now nest is empty
Judie said…
Well, okay. I think I figured it out about the live cam. Sometimes it takes more than a cup of coffee...

I'm sure Steve and the powers that be will come through for us.
WVJerry said…
On break. Could see Live Cam this morning but not now. Had similar problem last night. Raining here in Pa.
JudyE said…

YAWNNNNNN Good morning on my first day of the rest of my life in retirement

Heading out for a bit Sooooo nice out was in the 80's yesterday not as warm today a cold front with storms is heading our way The one that hit the upper states yesterdays Hope for no bad storms

going to the park for a bit before dentist and visit me some eagle in person
glo said…
Have a great first day of retirement JudyE I did that a few years ago and am busier now than I was when I worked. Of course photography keeps me very busy and I do earn some with that but it is all my own schedule. Schedule just keeps getting busier. I am slowly going to back away from that too as far as work and just soon enjoy it as only play/hobby. Disability Dogs is wonderful, I give them time weekly. I still do the stats on occasion for the shelter and some photography of newborns there. I stay very active with my church and Miss Patches and I are on a journey that we are just taking together wherever it will lead. I do think once she is over this itching bout she s almost ready to take her Canine good Citizen test. Stay tuned for that :-) and I have been asked to help lead a Bible Art Journaling class at a local scrapbooking place. Just saying once you think you are retired life's business changes. BUT you will be in charge of your schedule.
Linda said…
Good Morning! Why is this week flying by so fast??

Haven't read everything but did see that Dana's Dad needs prayers and I missed a couple birthdays yesterday!

Sending Belated Birthday wishes to Glo and to young Zach!! Hope the celebrations were fun!! And hoping the fart blaster didn't make it to the restaurant....... Will have to read and see!!

Dana, so sorry your Dad had to go through so much trouble but will be keeping him and your family in my prayers! Hang in there!

Nice to hear from Andy and hope the storms don't cause any problems out there for you!

Little by little I am seeing people chime in and for me it's a welcome site to see each and every one of you!

Work is "taxing" and I must get back to it.

Wishing all a great day..........lots of rain here today!! But the temperatures are crazy warm this winter!
Lolly said…
Good morning! Very frustrating about the cam. I always have a fear it is a loose wire up on the cam and can not be fixed! Strong wishes for it to be fixed today!

Hair appointment in an hour. Since my hair dresser is cutting hair at her home now and washing hair in a sink, I am washing my hair before I go. I think she should charge less! What do you think?

Gotta run!
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

We are all as frustrated as can be over the camera glitch! I haven't even read the morning's posts, but am sure JO and the NCTC folks are on it. I went back to bed after that middle of the night glitch in my system and the pooch and I slept til' 10!

Now to read about what's up in Your corner of the world......
JudyE said…
Back from park
and while I was out and about I heard a strange noise in my truck Power Steering is crying sort of So I guess a trip to the truck doctor tomorrow. Wouldn't you know that things would start breaking.

My still cam is a PIA anyone else go to black screen OFTEN

Mema Jo said…
That was a great sleep in, Kay
My feet hit the floor at 9

I just asked NCTC for an update on Live Feed reset
Let you know If and When I hear something

Thanks for stopping by again Linda - love you comment about things being very taxing - lol

Lolly I suppose her price would drop - hope you are satisfied with her work at home.

Kay said…
SANDI, sorry the humidifier wasn't the magic touch. Separate bedrooms will take some getting used to, but it beats the alternative, which is a witchy wife in need of good sleep!

JUDIE, that retired weatherman is hilarious and right on target, too! I needed some therapeutic laughing this morning. Thanks to you and Darth!

LOLLY, I agree, the hairdresser doesn't have to share a percentage with the shop owner so the price should be a little easier on the pocketbook. In addition to that, one doesn't tip a shop owner who happens to be an operator, too. So, she may not be entitled to that bonus either. I guess it boils down to how much you like her and value her expertise.

Thanks to those of you who are kindly remembering Ernie in prayer. Will keep you posted.

On to the reading of my on line newspapers and the hard copy issue sitting on my kitchen table. Guess I'll read that with lunch today.

Will check back later to see if we have a working cam and perhaps an Egg. Fingers crossed.

Prayers for DANA's dad and all others in need!


Mema Jo said…

Really really raining hard now. It will probably last all day

Like Judie said - good nap weather.
JudyE said…
checked power steering fluid Need to go down and buy some It is low so lets hope that is all this at is needed. But why would it be low I am not leaking We will see I guess Will get it when I am going out to the dentist
Mema Jo said…
Buckets of pouring rain ! Flooding in some low areas to be expected.

I also asked NCTC to give us a 15 sec delay instead of the 30 sec delay. I think
that was accomplished one year.

KAY - prayers for Ernie - You suggest he gets a alarm necklace - crawling to the
emergency button probably did him more harm. He sounds like a tough old guy and I sure hope they can get him Up/running soon again (That was not a pun intended)

Almost lunch for me....... BBL
Judie said…
Um, Lolly? Hair stylist may not have to pay rent for shop space but: she is now paying for client products (shampoo/conditioner/color/perm products/etc), extra water, additional electricity, a new broom to sweep up hair (lol)

Thank you Jo for contacting Steve. We all appreciate you expressing our collective concerns.

Hi Linda.

Thanks Kay. I think that weatherman is absolutely hilarious. Makes old age sound almost like fun!

Still raining and now the clouds have descended as heavy fog. Headed to the scullery to make Cole slaw for Darth.

Mema Jo said…
I phoned NCTC - both Steve and Rob are there but away from their phones so I left message on Rob's line
Mema Jo said…
Message on Outdoor from Rob :
Hi folks, I restarted the server at about 3AM, and the feed returned to normal
but is broken again this morning. We are looking into the issue.

Shirley we weren't dreaming this early morning - Whoo Hoo!
WVJerry said…
On lunch. Thanks to Jo and Rob and NCTC crew because Cam is running. Looks like a rainy day.
WVJerry said…
Eagle in nest now. Gotta go.
WVJerry said…
Sorry gone now. Can hear hard rain on Cam.
Judie said…
Thank you Jo and a nest full of gratitude to Rob, Steve, NCTC for restoring the cam. We are grateful.

Comes to mind the slogan used by Univ. Of Maryland - "Fear the Turtle." Wonder if Outdoor and NCTC say - "Fear the Eagle Canes."

Thanks Jerry for the update. I checked. Nest is empty except for catching raindrops.

Cole slaw prepared for Darth. He's having grilled salmon w/slaw. I'm having my favorite - grilled cheese.

Now to put my feet up.

JudyE said…
back from dentist and THANKS TO JO AND THE CREW THE IT TEAM FOR GIVING US OUR CAMERA BACKKKK I wonder what was the issue

sure wish the still could have something done with the black screen issues

put power steering fluid and the crying is now gone. I only put a little in also So all should be ok according to the ford place. Being I have no visible leaks just needed fluid

JudyE said…
Thought with the rain the snow would have been melted at the nest I do so some ground showing

OK I am heading out again

Lolly said…
I am home! That went well. She has a lovely home, beautifully decorated. She has her chair, mirror etc set up in the dining area of her kitchen. Right next to the windows with a good view of her backyard. She has two small dogs that she kept shut up in a bedroom. I met them but they loved to bark. She did not go down on her price but commented, no tipping so it was cheaper. Also, she said she preferred cash. Lol. No reporting cash income??? It was very pleasant and will continue to go to her. She is still in her 50's, hubby 63 and no retirement soon. I asked. I hate changing hairdressers! She is a gardener and they pull a trailer for camping. We enjoy so many of the same things. Her yard is pretty, they have a pool and a chai link fence. But, beyond the fence it drops down to a creek that is full and they have a bench down there. Very pretty.

Now to decide what to do with the rest of the day. Guess it is time to "walk"! I might go out but it is 49 and windy, so chill factor is much lower.

Jo, glad to know you were not hallucinating in the middle of the night with the cam up. Do hope they figure out the problem.
Lolly said…
Ok, do see that the cam is back! Hurrah for NCTC!
NCSuzan said…
here is my cheat on the still cam. I click on the Pop Up 15 seconds in to the still cam count down. That way I have two cams with 15 second reload times. It would be great to have the still cam at 15 seconds but if not , try this.

Judie, Thank you for sharing that video. It was so cute yet accurate.

Put off doing laundry as there were hanging and folded clothes and blankets in the dryer. Not enough energy to tackle all of that. This morning I find out the dryer runs but doesn't dry the clothes. Last week it was the fridge freezing everything. Life excitement!

Need to get all the cams running. There are eggs to be watched!

Take care.
NCSuzan said…
Lolly, just saw your post. Yay!
JudyE said…
Lolly said…
Did a little in the yard but too late to get totally involved. Also, not much more we can do until more drying up!

See eagle in nest,not sure about sound.
Lolly said…
I think no sound as I just saw wind and no wind sound. Lots of static!
Mema Jo said…
Not sure if there isn't any sound what the clunking noises are every so often
Wish the raindrops would clear off the cam lens

Mema Jo said…

Suzan I don't know where to get the Pop Up cam anymore ?
Mema Jo said…

Wish they could find a dry bale of hay somewhere for some bedding!
Mema Jo said…

OK I'm going to start dinner for 5:00

I find myself getting so wrapped up in our eagle pair that I sometimes let the time
get away from me.

I finally found this site again. Hello all. Have been watching on the side, but now as the time is near for the eggs, I want to get on here again with you all.
Judie said…
Hey y'all, Steve has provided a fresh mid-week thread. Come on over.
WVJerry said…
Good morning. Can't get anything on Live Cam. Still image at 11:45PM February 3.

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