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New thread. Happy weekend.


Fresh thread.


New thread.


Fresh thread. Still mighty windy.

I was walking out just after five last night and was able to watch on the NCTC closed circuit some interaction between our eagles that was facinating. The male was on the eggs and the famale came in, talking up a storm. The male got up, flew off. The yelling continued from the female for a few minutes.

When I walked outside, I could see the male perched above the nest. My only thought is that the female was telling her mate to get to work and fond a big fish for dinner. When I left, he wasn't yet listening to her...

Tuesday PM

Been one of those days thread.

I'm told we will have a new web address for the cam tomorrow. The guys have been working the kinks out of the system and this is part of that process. More when they send me the info.


Sunday thread.

Wednesday #2

For those of you who didn't hear the WV Public Radio piece on the eagle cam, here's a link.

Big thanks to our good friend Cecelia Mason for doing the story.


New thread.


Monday thread.


Should get a lot warmer today. New thread.