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New thread.


stronghunter said…
Hello Steve,

Thanks for the new thread. I will get the others.
stronghunter said…
Hope you are staying warm.
JudyE said…
eagle were in I was on other thread



got pic of visit
JudyE said…
stronghunter said…
Hi Judy,

No eagles in sight right now.

Very nice to see the nest free of snow.

Mema Jo said…
Thanks for the fresh new thread, Steve.
I just signed on - great looking feather JudyE

I'll be looking for your pics JudyE

Going out for a bite to eat - BRB
Judie said…
Good almost scullery time.

Thank you Steve. Hope you and all the NCTC folks and your family are safe and warm.

Wow, Shirley has a new feather to wear when she next goes bowling. So beauteous.

Glad you're retiring now JudyE. Such a shame so many employees will be badly affected.

Nest was MT a couple minutes ago. Will go check again.

Linda said…
Wow.....thanks for al the kind words and for making a gal feel right at home!! It is good to be back. I know I have said this before, but you all are truly amazing!

No book this afternoon!!

Just wanted to report back that Dennis got the "all clear" cancer free report from the Doctor!! We're good for 6 months now!! He was worried, but I just had that feeling that this one would be good!!

Glad you enjoyed all the news!! Not that life has all been sweet smelling roses, but we all go through the ups and downs.......and choose to focus on the better memories in life!! All in all we are blessed beyond measure!!

I am sure as I check in from time to time I will "catch up" on what is going on and what means what!!

Hope everyone has a good night!! I, for one, am quite exhausted already!!
Linda said…
One more thing........

JUDYE - So happy to hear your retirement news!! I bet you can't wait!
JudyE said…
heading out to see Jordyn at gym
Judie said…
Okay, I really am headed to the scullery.

Linda, wonderful wonderful news for Dennis and you. Take a deep breath and look forward.

Birds in the nest -- just not eagles.

JudyE, have fun tonight.

Sandi said…
Hi all!

Linda, congrats on the excellent news for Dennis - what a relief it must be to hear the words "all clear!!" We're all waiting for Jo to hear those same words! Again, welcome back to the group! We have missed you!

Judy, I wouldn't be surprised if your store manager hasn't already figured out what you're doing with your vacation. No one in the personnel office at the school district has asked me why I am suddenly taking so many sick days this school year - I think they know exactly what I'm doing!

Lolly, 10 pounds - that's great! Stay focused and don't get discouraged by the time the weight loss is taking.

Time to fix food for pets and people! Later.
Mema Jo said…

We have returned - sunset is beautiful again this evening.


stronghunter said…
Ordered Chinese food for tonight. This means that Hunter will have Chinese food for breakfast in the morning.
stronghunter said…
Disappointed I missed the eagles this evening. I always have to log onto my laptop twice before I can get online. Frustrating. I saw the notice that the eagles were in the nest, but they poofed before I got there.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley there are lots of videos out there - take a look - some are very long - but
Eaglet Momsters - Bald Eagles 101 - are two good places on FB
Janet Neely said…
Good evening to all
Thanks STEVE for the new thread!
LINDA: we had some house repairs last week….drain line collapsed under the washer and then the heater downstairs croaked, it was 25 years old. In addition, we had a tankless water heater put in and a couple nights after it was installed, a line gave way and flooded the basement. The downstairs has had stuff hither and yon and while its not all put back together yet…its getting there. I’m using this opportunity to clean out and reorganize….
I am so glad Dennis is cancer free!!!! Such good news!!!
Congrats on being an instant Nana!!! And on the engagements!!!
CONGRATS LOLLY on the weight loss!!!!! I am still working with it myself…plateaued over the last month…but at least I didn’t gain!!!!
CONGRATS SIS!!!! Way to go on retiring!!! I can hardly wait to hear your reporting on all your retirement vocations you will choose……adventures await!
It was a beautiful day. I put a pot of beef stew in to cook in the crock pot this morning before I left for work. Work was dandy and then I ran some errands, got home and worked a little on the downstairs. I bought some stuff to make the floor downstairs look new(er) again. I did the kitchen when I got home. One step at a time. One step at a time.

The concrete still doesn’t look cured in the closet…..that is fine. I have things to sift thru.
Beautiful weather. Mid and upper 60’s this weekend. Hard to believe one week ago we had SNOW. Tennessee is amazing!
Hope everyone has a lovely evening……good night. Hugs and love to all!

Mema Jo said…

Good evening
Nest is MT but Belle could return
Lots of melting but many back roads are still one lane

Around 1am my Windows 10 should be installing
I forbid it not to be ready for me in the morning to say hello
BUT if you can't find me - PLEASE not to worry - I will return

Saying Goodnight now as Jeopardy is soon

Prayers for all our needs - SED and AOYP
Lolly said…
Good evening! Worked in the front yard this afternoon. Got up to 70!

Boy do I have you fooled, Judie if you think I LIKE house work! Lol

PTL! Yay for the good report for Dennis,

Can not believe we got another new thread. Thanks, Steve. He knows we will be posting more as we get more action at the nest.
Lolly said…
Just checked Blackwater. Still no second egg. It is time. The first egg arrived the 25th
stronghunter said…
Watching Jeopardy as I type.

Nice run for our current champion, but a close game this time.
stronghunter said…
Hunter has school tomorrow, but there is a delayed opening.
stronghunter said…
Hoping your Windows 10 installs nicely, Jo.
stronghunter said…
Flurries predicted for tomorrow morning. Interesting.
Judie said…
Good post-scullery evening.

So glad I made some tuna salad for Darth. He was supposed to have a meeting tonight so I was ready for a quick fill-him-up. Well, no meeting. Never mind. He still got tuna salad. Chinese sounds so much more tasty.

Janet, things will be restored to order soon.

MT nest.

Jo, I was soooooo excited this afternoon. I got into Darth's FB and found Mr. Newt struggling to get out of the snow. Bless his heart. He sure was determined.

Okay, now to First 48. Then the pillows.

Wishing everyone restful sleep.
Judie said…
Oh, forgot.

Shirley, please make sure Hunter has on his best shorts on for school tomorrow.
stronghunter said…
Glad you got to see Mr. Newt, Judie. He was determined, wasn't he?

Will do what I can about those shorts, Judie.
JudyE said…
JUDIE is creeping in to FB maybe we can get her on it One step at a time Need to check out the Eagle Momsters page Darth is a member ??????

SHIRLEY the other day I bought Jordyn a new short outfit Well remember we have been cold so the other evening Carl made a fire in the pit out side it was in the 40 Jordyn walks out in the short out fit Angie says go back in the house and get some warmer stuff on So she comes out with a wolly winter hat and a scarf but still in shorts and tank top and she sandals So its all kids I guess Angie did post a pic on FB so cute

Had a nice evening watching the kids

stronghunter said…
I'm sure she will have plenty of opportunities to wear those shorts, Judy.
stronghunter said…
Wishing everyone a good night. SED.
Lolly said…
Just checked the nest and no eagle. Eagle at BW is sound asleep. And, I soon will be asleep!

Nite all!
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Nest is empty this morning. It looks very cold there again.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Today is a teacher inservice day - no students. This teacher requires no more inservice so it's a sick day for me - cough, cough. My 29th of this school year. Of course the dogs were awake at 5:15 as usual.

Somehow my nail appointment for yesterday afternoon got deleted, so I showed up but there was no one to do my nails. No big deal, just rescheduled for this morning at 10am.

Shirley, I can't believe the school district thought it would be a good idea to heat all of the schools in the district for 1 short school day before a weekend. Oh well, one less to have to make up, though I would imagine state boards of education will be waiving a lot of systems' snow days for this school year.

Nest is MT. Have a greyt day all.

Linda said…
Good Morning!

Snowing here.......and I think we will be close to 50 in a couple days! Strange winter this year.....

JANET - Sorry about all the repairs and flooding, but as always, you remain positive and turn it around to something for good!!

MT nest.......still.

By the way, I am amazed at this new camera!! Awesome!!

Have a great Friday, y'all.........
Judie said…
Good morning.

Yet another gray and glowering sky this morning. Bursts of wind.

Nest is MT.

Gosh Sandi. I think the blog family has really been unkind to you and we need to be much more sympathetic regarding your frequent illnesses - 29 sick days! Well, just know I'm sending prayers for a truly healing manicure this morning. Have a greyt day.

No plans for me today. Darth did the foraging yesterday. I may venture out to the library later or maybe tomorrow. Really needing to get out for a few minutes for a change of scene.

Anxious to see Shirley report on Hunter's return-to-school attire.

Jo, has Mr. Newt continued to stay inside?

No, JudyE. I don't see FB in my future. Sorry folks. Oh, and Darth does not use his FB page. Don't really know why he has it.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.
Judie said…
Eagle in the nest. Looks like Belle. Very windy there.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle BBuds

DITTO JUDIE Eagle in windy nest
Mema Jo said…
Good Red Friday Morning to all ♥

Looks as though the brisk winds are ruffling a few feathers and even swaying the nest tree. It is almost 40° but feels like 35° - the gusts are 14 mph. Not too bad for egg laying!

Blackwater News Update___ 1/29/16: Egg Alert!
We have our second egg of 2016! If another egg is coming, it should be here in about three days.

Well My Windows 10 crashed so I guess I'll be running it again tonight.

Mema Jo said…
PA DEP FalconWire -= FYI

1/29/2016 :: 2016 Nesting Season Update
On Friday, February 12th, the live stream webcast will begin again chronicling the falcons on the Rachel Carson State Office Building in Harrisburg. Around that time, the adults will fittingly renew their pair bond and spend more time together at the nest ledge. Viewers can observe the pair exhibiting ritual courtship behavior. This courtship behavior includes vocal interactions, hunting skills, food offerings and spectacular displays of flight. The male does these acts seemingly to demonstrate his ability to be a good provider. The first egg should arrive around mid-March.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Another sunshiney day. 55 and heading up into the 70's! Worked in the yard yesterday in short sleeves. Will have to strip off this sweatshirt and don a t-shirt when I head out soon.

After we walk this morning we need to head out and shop for Zach's birthday. Zacharooski turns 10 on Monday! He does not play with toys. He is just so hard to shop for, but hoping to find something he can keep at his dad's apt that entertains him.

Basketball game is in Wichita Falls so not going this evening! 3 hour drive!

Have not decided on Jacob's Saturday game. Certainly wish we lived closer together!

Congrats to BW on the second egg!

When did we get an egg last year? Memory is going! Lol

Have a great day!

Mema Jo said…
Mr Newt's trek in the snow has gone viral - His video even showed up on the FB Cat's
Whiskers! Yesterday he ventured out onto the deck which doesn't have any snow remaining
This morning he is out for a while as he realizes that if squirrels can run on that snow - so can he!

This morning I have squirrels, blue jays, cardinals, mourning dove, titmouse and the little juncos - Every so often my pair of Carolina Wrens come by. Very busy and such a joy to watch!
Mema Jo said…
Snow - we had a minor dusting this am and right now with the wind factor it looks like a flurry is out there. It was gone within 5 minutes.

Mema Jo said…
My morning became a Wonderful Morning when I received this message from Megan our Floral Girl.............
Good morning! I want to let you know that the Momsters group contacted me to buy a flower share for you so we figured out a plan that should work, you can get 5 bouquets anytime during my season, picked up from my house or market. We'll figure out a plan to make sure you get the bouquets!

Thank you Momsters for all the loving care you give to me! ♥

I have for the past 2 years gotten a Flower Share for the Mellow Moods shop in Shepherdstown. It is a wonderful opportunity to show others you care. ♥
Kay said…
Good Red Friday Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Enjoyed the "nest show", but saw no sign of eagles, people or vehicles. Still looks very, very cold there.

Tis' an icy, cold day here after an overnight snowfall--snow pellets that are not quite hailstones, but certainly not fluffy stuff either. This was supposed to be a doggy play day, but Julie canceled that idea. Penny and I are warm n' cozy.

JO, Flower Shares is a wonderful, beautiful idea! I'm so happy for you. I was not in on the thoughtful gift, but thank the benefactor for including all of us in "the credits". You are so loved by all and with good reason---you are the glue that holds us together!♥♥♥

JUDIE, so glad Darth has recovered so well from his recent surgery as indicated by the fact that he did this weeks foraging. Yeah!!!

SANDI, you're entitled to every one of those 29 days and more! Enjoy! It is the system that is flawed when people have to resort to such means in order to get something they are entitled to.

Hey to LINDA, JUDY n' LOLLY, who also stopped by this morning! Have a good day all!

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
I see Belle still in nest
JudyE said…
the egg cup looks well defined and she is standing in it
JudyE said…
Went to Kmart to look for boots Went to Target and found boots on clearance 17.89 Yeah for me Hope now they fit her
Mema Jo said…
My eyes would bug out if she dropped her 1st egg while sitting there! Oh My

Judy when is the Father - daughter dance?
Sandi said…
Hi all!

Judie, getting my nails done certainly has me feeling MUCH better!

I see one eagle in a nest that is really rockin' and rollin' in the wind. Very blustery here too.

Jo, I would like to say that I was included in your flower gift but I wasn't. Like Kay, I am grateful to whoever sent you such a lovely gift and allowed all momsters to take credit for it.

Lolly asked about last year's egg dates. I remembered it being really late but not the exact dates so I checked through 2015's blog threads and found the dates for the 3 eggs - 2/12, 2/15 and 2/19.

I was hoping to get outside to pick up branches and pine cones that fell during last weekend's storm but it's too cold out there for me! Guess I will work on laundry and getting the upstairs cleaned.

The first 2 months we had Janey, she didn't shed at all - boy, what a change in the last 3 weeks! My theory is that, since she spent last winter at on a WV breeding farm and was probably outdoors a lot, she grew a much heavier coat than greyhounds normally have. Now that she's an indoor dog, she's blowing that heavy coat. I have been brushing her twice a day with a grooming glove and there are still tumbleweeds of dog hair rolling along the hardwood floors. I need to do some major vacuuming and swiffering. If this isn't temporary, we may have to consider having Janey dyed a darker brown to match the floors.

Stay warm everyone!
JudyE said…
poof after a long visit
stronghunter said…
Hi Judie,

Hunter wore shorts with a hoodie to school today.

I wore long johns under my jeans, my fur-lined shoes, and a winter jacket over a sweater. Also wore my fur-lined gloves.

Presently, it is cold and windy with moments of sun and clouds. I have not seen any flurries, but there have probably been some. It looks and sounds like that kind of day. I have opened the blinds in my window so Cheeto can see out. So, maybe I will see some snow eventually.

Days in Columbus, I remember many winter days when the flurries or snow showers would last all day, but the snow would just evaporate.
stronghunter said…
Happy to learn that someone sent flowers, Jo. I do not know who did it, but I am pleased.
stronghunter said…
Hmm, would like to hear if dying the dog hair helps, Sandi. Interesting idea.
JudyE said…
LOL SANDI is gonna dye the hair to match the floor I may have to give that suggestion to Angie who has two white dogs and hardwood floors also

Flower Share sounds really nice JO but I also wasn't included

but thanks who ever did saying it was from all of us would have been nice to be included We are narrowing it down 3 down LOL

do you see the two brown things on each side of the nest looks like brown pine cones
Sandi said…
Dying the dog doesn't do anything to alleviate shedding but you know that saying, "Out of sight, out of mind ..." Every year, when my sister arrives with her yellow lab, we spend 3 weeks swiffering every day and Lisa always says, "But I had her groomed before we came! I can't believe she still has this much hair. I always tell her to forget the grooming and just give Daisy a dye job so we can't see the hair.

The dachshunds are the perfect color for my hardwood floors, not that they shed very much at all. As a matter of fact, they have been stepped on and kicked before because they blend in so well with the floors that they become invisible! I need little reflective orange vests for them.

OK, finished eating lunch - time to be productive. Bye!
Judie said…
Good early afternoon.

Shirley, between you and Hunter, I vote you have more common sense and he has more teenage sense. Interesting, J&J seem to have no interest in the snow; not even when it was falling heavily. Maybe they were accustomed to the white stuff yo in MA.

Jo, I also was not aware of the Flower Shares yet am very appreciative to the person(s) responsible. Thank you to whomever is responsible for making our Jo happy.

Sandi, if the hair dye doesn't work, you might try an electric razor.

Mema Jo said…
I am so happy that one or more of our Momsters has given me the gift of Megan's bouquets. I am even more pleased that it is intended to be from our Momster group -
that speaks so well for whomever ordered them - She/They have true momster's hearts.

I feel it is from all and really don't need to narrow it down to any one person -
It is from all.

Whomever the bearer of the flowers is - THANK YOU ♥

I love doing things for others anonymously.
grannyblt said…
My Golden Retriever has been gone for 3 years, but I still find evidence of her when cleaning rarely cleaned areas. I always thought short haired dogs were more practical, but my Boxer's hair seemed to stick into everything. I think the color is the key.
Maybe a razor is the answer, but then you would have to knit Janey a sweater wardrobe.

I've managed to miss the Eagles today. I just talked with my sister in law in Portsmouth and their house backs up to a man made lake. They have had a mature eagle visiting every day to fish, accompanied by a sub adult. So much fun for th m to witness.
Lolly said…
Wahooo! A successful shopping trip. We now have birthday bag with several items, for Zach! I do have to say that Toys R Us is so expensive! I Am sure you will be thrilled to know that one of the items is a Minions Fart Blaster! Michael will surely be tired of it very fast but we see Zach thinking it funny and blasting away! Also, he would not hesitate to get Jacob the blaster. Also, his big thing is hockey and he knows all teams and their players, at least the captains. So, we got him hockey trading cards. I can see him pouring over them and memorizing the facts. That is his kind of thing and his memory is unbelievable! Also, included a couple other items that hopefully will get his attention. We tried and that is what counts!

Jo, so happy you received a beautiful surprise of flowers! We have many thoughtful Momsters! And, blessings on the particular Momster who carried out this surprise! I guess what we all should say to you is You're Welcome

I am certain a manicure cures many aches and pains! I have never been one to get a manicure. I think just once. Even with gloves manicures are ruined working in the yard. Also, I have never had a pedicure but I have been thinking that come summer time and sandals once again, I might give it a try!
Lolly said…
Oh, Lynne1! How awesome to watch an eagle from your! Lucky SIL!
Mema Jo said…


Sandi said…
Lolly, I'm betting your gifts for Zach will be a big hit, especially the Fart Blaster! I can totally see my 11 year old nephew loving one of those - actually, I could totally see my sons or my husband loving one!

Judy, do you have any special plans for your vacation days?
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good evening everyone. That was some pretty rough HP. I thought Belle was going to do a head stand.
Mema Jo said…
Both have flown out 5:58pm Still so very windy
Mema Jo said…

Thanks Sharon - one pic taken was so blurry we couldn't tell if it was HP or not!
Lolly said…
We worked in the yard for a couple of hours this afternoon. It wore me out! We see the end in sight! The south side of our house is all garden, no lawn, a gazebo, trees, and a flag stone and a brick path. This is where the swamp exists. Having to cut back the old fern, holly fern and then blowing and raking leaves. It is a hill as well and all of this makes it so hard to gather the leaves. Jack loads them into collapasable lawn barrels and hauls them to the burn pile. If we just let it go to woods life would be easier! Lol. But, we do see the end in sight! So,back out again tomorrow! The hardest part is done.

Think I am going to stick my nose in a book tonight!

Lol. Sandi! Yes, Joseph and Jacob would think the Fart Blaster funny too!
Judie said…
Good post-scullery evening.

Headed to put my feet up. Nest is MT.

Jo, you very much deserve baskets of posies.

Lolly, I'm sure Zack will be happy with his birthday gifts.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
Mema Jo said…
Closing down for the day

Going to start the Win 10 again!

I hope to see you in the morning !

Goodnight to all and stay warm

Lolly said…
No eagle in the nest! Headed to the pillows! Nite!
JudyE said…
Good Morning eagle buds

Just got home so its good night also, but thought I would check in when I got home sat outside around a fire pit tonight at Angie. Nice relaxing evening in the high 50's. Perfect night for a fire.

JudyE said…
reporting MT nest also
stronghunter said…

No eagles in the nest at this hour.
stronghunter said…
A fart blaster? Oh good grief! Yes, I can see my adult sons enjoying such a thing. Hunter would love it.

I had an interesting experience today. I was trying to find the outdoor channel, but when I clicked on the mouse I went somewhere else. It wasn't anything I had ever seen on the outdoor channel before. I can tell you that. It was a young woman without a stitch of clothing doing a very provocative dance. My goodness. Not sure how I picked that up.
stronghunter said…
Still plenty of snow on the ground in these parts. I saw a rather pitiful looking rabbit in the yard this evening. There is some grass available in spots now, and shelter (and probably a few blades of grass) under the front porch. I know my porch has sheltered many critters--a neighbor's outdoor cat, rabbits, birds, and, so I've heard, a skunk.

Maybe I should pick up a small container of rabbit food tomorrow.
stronghunter said…
Kitties are settled in for the night--Allie on her favorite chair and Cheeto on my bed snuggled against my leg. Cheeto likes to be touching a human.
stronghunter said…
Still no eagles.

I will wish everyone a good night. SED.
WVJerry said…
Good morning. I see an empty nest now. Looking at a 50 hour week. Will make up for last week but really tired right now. Take care all.
Janet Neely said…
Good SATURDAY morning to all.

One of many Saturdays to come where I have volunteered to work. Pad that wallet a bit more….will be off more during the warmer weather. Must have pool time;
SANDI, oh dear SANDI: next time…. have that person doing your nails do some reflexology to build your immune system. 29 days of illness, so unlike you! (smirky smile) lol
LOLLY: sounds as if you had a successful trip to TOYS R US. Its interesting to me to see the newer stuff.
Beautiful day on tap here. Dax and I went out yesterday and walked a mile and a half. Might do the same this afternoon. I promised Beano he could go this time. Lol.
LINDA: thank you for the compliment….sometimes it takes work to find something positive when it appears to be storming (when it rains it pours reference)……
Have a great day to all. 
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. It's a chilly one here - 28 degrees. I was awake at 5am to take the dogs out, but it wasn't the dogs that woke me. It was the snoring husband next to my ear. This has been going on for far too long now. Separate beds in separate rooms it is!

Happy birthday to Megan today, just in case she drops by to collect birthday wishes!

Nest is MT but according to the Eagle Cam page, our eagles were in earlier.

Have agreyt day all.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Awake early for me. Sunshine and blue sky. Alas, an MT nest.

Headed to sip my coffee and ponder Shirley and her naked dancing lady.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR OUR MEGAN ♪♫ May the day be spectacular and the year ahead even more spectacular.
stronghunter said…
Happy birthday, Megan!

I got to the Eagle Cam safely this morning. No dancing lady. I do not need to see that again.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Just watched two sticks carried into the nest! Love how on my iPad I can zoom in! What a beautiful picture!

Working in the yard again today. 75 was our high yesterday. This weather continues through Tuesday and then down to cold temps! Will stay in then and work on the house. Need to tackle my closet! But not when there is beautiful weather!

Called to make an appointment with my hairdresser. She is working from home now. Interesting! So, I am washing my hair and heading to her house Wed. I would expect her to charge less. We shall see. If not, I may find a new hairdresser.

So, last night Jack loads batteries into the Far Blaster, walks through the room, fires it off and says "excuse me"! We both get the giggles. Yes, I think I hit the Jack Pot! But, I think the trading cards will be a great hit, too. Also got a Magic 8 ball. Remember those? I can see him asking silly questions. And, not sure about this one....a Wubble Bubble Ball. It's a ball you inflate helium. You play with it like a ball ,but it glides through the air. This one is questionable...again, we shall see. It's a bag of small toys as basically he is not like most kids, presents do not excite him. He opens them, then sets them aside.

Jack has never been a big snorer, thank goodness! Joey's snoring has gone way since he sleeps with his mask and sleep apnea machine. Laurel is so thankful. She would often wind up on the sofa or sharing a bed with a boy to get some sleep.

Need to get busy! Have a great day!
JudyE said…
♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday dear MEGAN ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ And many, many, many more!!

Getting old thought for sure I posted this am but I guess I didn't been watching the nest got a fly out and a fly in with stick snips

JudyE said…
got that fly out and fly in also on snips Love capturing those so cool
JudyE said…
now I should get busy suppose to go ober Angie and Jordyn later Carl is in Bradentown to watch races so she is home bound so will visit with them
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all - IO made it but Win 10 did not go the whole way through. Try again tonight.

I am enjoying watching our Royal Couple in the nest. They have been there for quite a while. Beautiful sunshine and blue skies.

Shirley I sent you a bowling video on FB - Hope you enjoy. As for that dancing gal -
I hope you don't find that link again!

Janet - good planning ahead for your Pool time by working extra hours.

Jerry - you have a long week ahead at 50 hours. I'm sure you are thankful not to still be snowbound.

Once again this morning the deck is full of squirrels and birds. Happy to offer them full bellies!

No plans for the day - stay at home - time to get tax information gathered. Most forms arrived in the mail yesterday.

I will check back later this afternoon or before.
Mema Jo said…

To my friend, Floral Gal, Megan I wish you a very special day. Hoping your Spring
comes soon with many many flowers for market. Wishing you good health, happiness and a
very green thumb! ♥
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

I missed our eagles last visit and the noon show as well. Busy morning with Penny, phone calls from both daughters and a long visit with a neighbor.

Sunny and 55° today, yeah!

♫♪ H♥ppy Birthd♥y De♥r Meg♥n, H♥ppy Birthd♥y to You ♪♪♪

SANDI, has Dennis tried Breathe Right Strips? They work wonders!

LOLLY, sounds like Zach's 10th birthday is going to be a good one!

JO, I think my tax forms are all in, too. I'll start getting the whole package tied up and ready for the AARP tax preparer next week.

JERRY, reading about you and JANET putting in extra work hours reminds me of the "old" days and makes me very happy to be a retiree!

Time to think about a Kroger run.

Prayers for all in need!!!

Kay said…
Just changed to this avatar to illustrate that there is a precedent for anonymous gifts sent by Momsters. In Sept. of 2011 I suffered with a serious illness and received many cards, plants and floral arrangements from this wonderful group. Among them was this Edible Bouquet, sent by an unknown person on behalf of all Momsters. I still do not know who the angel was, but remain grateful and love the delicious memory!

JudyE said…
At Angie's. I see belle in cup
NCSuzan said…
Happy Birthday Megan! May earth's beauty greet you every day and all your birthday wishes come true!

Linda, so awesome to see you. We're going to have eggs really soon so stop by when you can!

Take care everyone!
Mema Jo said…
Beautiful sun setting with both our eagles in the nest
Sandi said…
Watching those fly-outs sure is lovely, isn't it?

Hi all - have spent the day on laundry and cleaning. Now time to fix food for pets and people.

Lolly said…
In from the yard! Yes, see that sun on the nest. Beautiful!

Got a lot done today. We are basically through with raking leaves. All that remains is under water or swamp like mud. Not going there!

Happy Birthday, Megan! Need to go to fb and send wishes there!

Presently 74, not sure how warm it got today. Have the house open!
Mema Jo said…
The Royal Couple is back
Mema Jo said…


Night light coming on soon
Mema Jo said…

After eating dinner they are now both out of thew nest

Would be so wonderful if Belle returned
Sandi said…
Evening all. This morning I was furious about Denny's snoring and had decided the separate bedroom solution was best. Once I calmed down, I started shopping for a new cool mist humidifier for our bedroom instead. Amazon will deliver it on Tuesday - until then, Denny will sleep in a guest bedroom - he has several to choose from!

I will say goodnight now b/c after dinner, I don't think I'll be awake very long and may not get back on the computer. Tennis for me in the morning.
JudyE said…
Good Evening Spent the afternoon with Angie and Jordyn

Had gone to the park before going there and I got a picture of one of the eaglets in the cell tower Only saw one but when the one was showing one of the adults acted like was tending to something in the nest Maybe a second Can only wait and see.
Janet Neely said…
Good evening to all.

JO & KAY: its easy to work extra when you love what you do I suppose. I look forward to a day when I can just play….but for now, at least I am at a job that I love. <3 you can’t ask for much more than that.
SANDI: both Tom and I snore. Badly. But if I have a night where I have a difficult time falling asleep and he starts sawing logs, I simply go to the spare bedroom. Sometimes there is much to be said for a good night’s sleep!
And I get cranky if I don’t get one!
Beautiful day. Spring like. Work was great. After work we (Tom & I) walked. Then a trip to lowes. He is working on his project truck. Dinner is almost done. I think I see some hot tub time in the future, my legs are saying, hey, that wasn’t the elliptical…that was real earth she walked on!!!!!
Later gaters, and if not, see ya manana!
JudyE said…
JO has there been on any word on TORI
Judie said…
Dinner over. Scullery in order. Headed to my recliner and some channel surfing. Suspect the pillows are not far away.

Sunset on our eagles in the nest was very pretty.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
8:43 p.m. and Belle is not sleeping in the nest. :(
stronghunter said…
At 10:52, there is no eagle in the nest.

Loved the bowling video, Jo. I watched it at the bowling alley. They are having trouble with the heating system there, and it was very cold, so we did not linger. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel. On the way home, I stopped at the library for some more books to listen to.

No more dancing girls, thank goodness.
stronghunter said…
See you tomorrow. SED, everyone.
Lolly said…
Just peeked at the nest.. No one home!

Spent the evening with my nose in a book.

Now heading to bed! Night all!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends on this last day of January. Nest is currently MT.

Looking on the Yahoo page, there has only been 1 year - 2009 - when Belle laid an egg on January 31st. All others have been laid in February, going all the way back to 2004. However, the record keeping stops at 2012. Belle iss certainly running out of time to lay a January egg this winter.

I got a very good night's sleep - it's much quieter sharing the bedroom with 3 dogs than with one snoring husband!

Tennis for me this morning. It's supposed to get into the mid 50s this afternoon - sounds like a day for a walk on the beach with the 3 dogs. Tomorrow will hit 60 - too bad I don't have a reason to take the day off from school.

Have a greyt day all.
Kay said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!! Excuse my delete--had a glitch when changing avatar.
Going back to one of my "yellow favs".

Thanks for your research SANDI. We do tend to get impatient, but it seems Belle and Shep are right on target for their normal egg production. Glad you got some good sleep. I hope the humidifier helps in tamping down the snoring. I've not heard of that as a remedy. Our weather is comparable to yours. Amazingly mild for Jan. 31.
Perhaps a reason for taking tomorrow off will come to you today--good luck with that!

Wishing all a glorious Sunday and praying for those in need!

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Nest is also MT at this time 616

Sandi said…
Now 2, beautiful view of the 2nd fly-in.
Sandi said…
And some immediate mating!
Kay said…
Wahoo! Much beaking going on, too.
Kay said…
Distracted and missed two Poofs. MT nest now.
Judie said…
Aaaaahhh Choooooo! Ooops, sorry Sandi. Didn't mean to sneeze on you. Sure hope you won't have a cold and sore throat in the morning.

Good morning everyone.

Sunshine and lovely blue sky this morning. No one home at the nest.

Any update on Lydia? Maybe Glo will stop by today with a puppy school report.

No plans for my day. May just glue myself to my recliner.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.
Mema Jo said…
Good Sunday Morning to all with bright sunshine and blue skies. My Jenny is here this morning - love her company.

Thanks Sandi for the Nest report this morning. It will be soon - I upgraded finally to win 10 - I had to familiarize myself this morning with help from hubby. My thoughts were very anxious feelings about missing our first egg's arrival.

Kay LOVE your avatar - perks me up when I see it.

Everyone enjoy the day - I will return in a little while.

Janet Neely said…
good morning all! beautiful weather today and last day of it for a bit. so much to do...must prioritize!

have a great day! hugs to all
Lolly said…
Good morning! Wanted to say Hi, need to eat a bite and head for church. Another day in the 70's! Yay!

Drum roll, now down 12 lbs!! Clothes are feeling better!

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Empty nest. More snow on the ground there than here. Nest is snow-free. That is a good thing.
Mema Jo said…
Lolly - that is so great - You really never have a problem losing pounds when you put your mind to it!

Call from oldest daughter that she will be here tomorrow morning bearing chipped beef gravy over homemade biscuits. My good luck never ceases to end Yummy

Lydia Is taking it very easy - helped by her pain med and also by her Kitty -
She rests and sleeps on Lydia's chest - seems to know she is needed and Lydia loves it.

Tori Robyn had big time snow removal on her lane and then brake line trouble with her car - so Tori missed an appointment last week. I think Tori is due to go M,W,F down to her team in Baltimore. So far no flair ups with Tori and she is still on the list for a new set of lungs. I think it was 4 years ago when she received her new lungs. Prayers are needed as Tori is having some trouble with her breathing. Prayers also for Robyn !
JudyE said…
Howdy eagle buds

punch about 12

and I see belle in nest

watching both F nest and Belle looking nice and comfy in the cup push push that egg out for us
Mema Jo said…
2:00pm 1/31 Belle just flew out and I hope she is just going OUT-To-Lunch
Mema Jo said…

Lolly has pictured on FB her First Daffodil - it is beautiful
Lolly said…
Whoooo! Just got a text from Michael. We are going to Dallas for Zach's birthday dinner! Do not know where as Zach is picking the restaurant. We get to give him his gifts ON his birthday!

Yes, Jo! That daffodil surprised me as I had not seen the buds coming up and I have been looking! Plenty will follow!
JudyE said…
LOLLY pretty pretty flower My mom had those in her front yard and I got in so much trouble several times from mowing them over LOL
JudyE said…
Well I had my resignation letter with me but no one would take it LOL This am Co Chris said give it to me later so I kept going back no one in office so I will have to be given tomorrow First he said if I don't accept it you can't retire LOL We only have 3 mgrs on a Sunday they were all busy
Sandi said…
Wow - what a beautiful day it was today! Sunny, no wind, warm enough to be outside without a coat!

Tennis this morning was great fun and terrific exercise. Then I took all 3 dogs on a walk in the woods. Also got out in the yard and raked up/picked up all of the branches and pine cones that fell everywhere in the yard and on the driveways during last weekend's storm. Sadly, I did not catch a cold.

I am taking Thursday off so it's not like I'm working a whole week. Tomorrow is the end of marking period 2 so the year is officially 1/2 over. 90 student days down and 90 to go ... but then there are those 36 sick days that I still have to use up! :)

Is anyone else watching Grease Live on TV this evening? Loved that movie with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.

Time for dinner -I will see everyone in the early morning.
JudyE said…

SANDI I am going to watch it
JudyE said…
They have another branch that is sticking up and they are working on it
Lolly said…
Yes, saw the new stick!

Forgot to mention I had entertainment this more while eating breakfast. I was watching finches at the feeder with my binoculars when on a redbud far behind the feeder Mr and Mrs Bluebird flitted around. I told them of the new apartment vacancy in my front yard. Then a red bellied woodpecker came to another feeder. Such fun!
Mema Jo said…
I had some company and didn't see that "STUPID" branch come in...... They should not work at night! Sorry they went POOF
Last season when Belle stayed in the nest overnight - it runs in my mind that it took 2 more days before she stayed again and then laid the 1st egg.

Mema Jo said…
Downton Abbey at 9:00 for me !
Mema Jo said…
OK We were seated at the dinner table and we have our deck in view. I still had 2 wreaths hung on the railing and they still had some bittersweet berries on them.
All of a sudden in flew about 4 Robins - and they were fat!
I know the red wing blackbird stands for the first sign of spring BUT I'm counting my
robins as MY first sign of spring.
JudyE said…
SPRING has SPRUNG so hope the robin family is the beginning of it for you JO

Judie said…
Headed for Downton Abby. Trumps (no pun intended) Grease for me.

Have not seen a red wing blackbird since my childhood. How nice it would be to see one again. We have robins that winter over but critters have been less brave since the hawk arrived.

If I don't return: wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
Mema Jo said…
Headed to TV

Downton Abbey on Masterpiece
9:00 PM on WETA 26, 1 hr 2015 TV-PG

Thomas offers to help Andy with a problem; Spratt comes to the aid of Denker; Neville Chamberlain comes to dinner; Robert collapses; and Mary becomes suspicious of Marigold.

I just had the feeling that something medical was going to happen to Robert - sure hope it is not serious..........
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Just came in to check the nest and say good night.

Nest is empty.

SED, everyone.
Mema Jo said…

Just popping in behind Shirley to say Goodnight - SED - AOYP

Lolly said…
Another good Downton! Then we watched Sherlock.

No eagle in the nest!

Night all!
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Have been very busy again, but wanted to drop in and see what's happening.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Megan! Hope your day was as special as you are, and your year ahead will be an awesome one!

Lolly, please say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Zach for us tomorrow!

We had quite a day today, weather-wise. Had nice, steady rain for much of the day, and then by afternoon, it got really windy. We had a wind advisory in effect. Winds of 30-35 mph, with sudden gusts of up to 55 mph! One of our heavy chairs to the patio table got blown halfway across the patio! Pretty crazy. Made Emma very nervous. She spent much of the afternoon in my lap, taking a nap or watching TV with me. Ken made a foraging run, and when he got back, found part of a rooftop vent laying on our front walk near the front porch.
We need to call someone to come out and figure out where it belongs, and replace it! Guess the wind got up under it and pulled it loose.

Our lawn is looking very happy with all the rain we got today! The gardener had seeded it with winter rye, and it's the most beautiful green!

We have a huge flock of 20-25 doves that comes to eat bird seed morning, noon, and evening. Also have various sparrows, house finches, and a pair of Black Phoebes who have a nest up under the eaves on the front of the house.

Well, it's time for me to get some stuff out of the dryer. Want to wish everyone a restful night's sleep, with SED. Saying prayers for everyone, including Tori, Robyn, and of course, Jo. God bless, and goodnight. I ♥ us!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends on this first day of February. It could reach 60 degrees here this afternoon.

Lolly, enjoy your time with Zach and Michael!

Jo, is this another recuperating week for you?

Judy, bet you're counting the hours - maybe even the minutes! How exciting for you!

Have a greyt day all - wonder if Belle knows it's now February and time to make eggs?
DanaMo said…
Good morning! I see we have 2 eagles in the nest!! How exciting. Do we have an egg yet? I don't think I have seen anything about having one so I assume we do not. I always remember that it happens around Super Bowl weekend so I guess it can be anytime now.
I know I have been away for a while but would like to ask the prayer warriors on the blog to please pray for my dad. I did not have it on Facebook so nobody is aware, but we had a very, very bad week. My dad was taken to the ER on Wednesday morning and by Wednesday afternoon was going in for surgery. This was not a scheduled surgery, he had swelling and pain in his stomach. He hasn't been doing great lately, he lost 10 pounds during December. They did a CT and did not find any progression of the cancer that was significant so we have been at a loss as why he has been feeling so bad and not eating. When they did the CT on Wednesday morning it revealed a possible tear in his colon. They went in to do surgery late in the afternoon. He didn't come out until 1:30 am and it turns out they had to remove a great deal of his colon, more than expected because of his previous surgeries. Anyway, he came out and was doing fine when all of a sudden he began to crash, he was taken back into surgery, opened back up and they found that he was bleeding. They stopped the bleeding and had him open for about an hour to make sure. When he came out he was not doing well and I really thought we were going to lose him. He was on a ventilator and had all kinds of IV's. Through the grace of God he has improved every day, but he has a long recovery ahead of him and he is going to need to be very strong and determined. Please pray for his recovery, strength and determination to get better. He is finally more coherent and making sense as of yesterday. He cannot move on his own and they really need him to start moving and taking steps. Please pray that he starts to do that!
Thanks for your support, sorry I haven't been much of a blogger lately. I do miss you all and the great support you always give.
Sandi said…
One has flown out, one remaining - just sitting in the egg cup. I'm guessing it's Belle.

Sandi said…
Oh Dana, I just read your post. Certainly I'll be sending prayers and positive energy for your dad's recovery from this surgery. He has been such a courageous fighter!
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

I see we have early visitors

Belle is still in nest

OH and the Fulton Ill eagle spent the night in their nest also

JudyE said…
DANA will keep you and yours in my thought and sending healing thoughts your way

grannyblt said…
Gosh Dana, how scary. Prayers of course.
Jewels said…

Keeping your Dad in my thoughts and prayers, and of course you too.
Watching the nest this morning. Waiting to see a egg :)
Janet Neely said…
good morning to all and happy February 1.

DANA as always got your back. sending healing and love for your dad's highest and greatest good and holding you and your family close as well!

yesterday was beautiful and although I felt scattered, I did get a bit done. today is rainy. storms heading our way tomorrow. :(

lots to do today: groceries. allergy doctor apt for re-evaluation . math tutoring. such fun lol

ya'll have a great day!
WVJerry said…
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