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New thread.


Kay said…
Welcome back STEVE and much thanks for the new thread!

I'm heading back to rope in the others.....
Mema Jo said…
Thank you for the fresh new thread! Hoping your week away was very worthwhile !

Kay - thanks for the call over and enjoy that feather!

Steve - waiting for cams to be reset - please and thank you !
Mema Jo said…
Special Happy Birthday to Tom our Eaglet Dadster

aka Bev's hubby ♥ Enjoy your special day !
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Happy birthday to TOM RIFFE! Hope he and BEV do something grand to celebrate his special day!!!!

SANDI, wishing Jenni smooth sailing thru surgery and recoup! Hope the car comes back with a clean bill of health. As for the fencing---en garde!!!

JUDIE, happiness is New Do Day! Seth and I are looking for a new hairdresser. I've gone to Justin for about five years and Seth has had just three cuts with him. Woe is me, he's retiring! I do so hate changing hairdressers, doctors and dentists, but that's life.

Wishing all a good day and praying for our pets n' people in need!!!

Kay said…
Top o' the mornin' to ya, JO!!! Yep, the new feather looks mighty fine in my rather sparse headdress.☺
glo said…
GM everyone. Its beautiful here once again. More yard work after a few errands, and then 'wait for it" I am going to start addressing a few Christmas cards.

I see where donuts stitched around one's neck is the new thing. I must check into it for sure. It's fun to keep Patches guessing at what I am up to as well.

There is a kindergarten class close by. They might also like stitched donuts for Halloween treats. Oh and I could go take pictures :-). hagd everyone.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Really being lazy today. Nothing on the agenda! Well, guess I will just have to go outside. Always something to do there!

Lynne posted on fb about a major rain event here. Ha! Locally they say 1 to 3 inches! I say, bring it on and will believe it when I see it!

Could not get the cam up this morn. Do not know the problem!

Had a first this morn. Got up this morn to visit the WC, went back to bed and here came Skippi as she usually does, purring and ready for us to get up. However, for the first time ever she was kneading! Making bread! Lol. It was after she left, gave up on me that it dawned on me what she had been doing! First cat ever that has never done that.

Ok, going to start moving around. Have a great day!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning. I'm having a hard time getting to watch the cam at any time because when Grayce sees the laptop is open, she comes to lay on the keyboard. It is also a touch screen so she bats at the leaves blowing which in turns shuts the cam off. :)
Sandi said…
Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Kay cor the call over.

Jenni's surgery was scheduled for 10:45 so i am wIting to hear what the doctor found when he got in there.

Posts are being put in today for the fence.
Sandi said…
Oops, forgot to check the box.
JudyE said…
on lunch 1208 punch time


THE STILL CAM IS STUCK ON 3 something this am

AND I CAN'T GET THE LIVE FEED ON EITHER THE LAP TOP OR TABLET has black screen and laptop won't load it bummer
Mema Jo said…
Remember 1:00 pm is the Cam Tour

Have your live feed up/running.
Mema Jo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…

102 now and nothing and I must go punch back in

Its my FRIDAY yeah

Have you a GUESS????

JudyE said…
to the right and to the left
Mema Jo said…
Deb Stecyk heard from NCTC ... when he visited the nest he said it did not appear sloped ... he thinks that the current position of the cam combined with the grass in the nest ... and possibly the lighting are projecting an optical illusion that the nest is kinda confirms what some of us suspected ... so i guess it is a wait and see for now. Not sure when they will pan or zoom in the nest ... i have asked them but someone has to be sitting at the controls so it might not happen right away ... they are busy with their work so up to Steve to approve it too.
JudyE said…
see ya later after work I must shop for my squash casserole
Sandi said…
The vet called - Jenni did fine. No stitches in her mouth, the vet just reduced the size of the tumor and then cauterized the area to stop any bleeding. She will be on Tramadol for about 5 days and on soft food for a week. I did not agree to have a biopsy done. If it's cancer, it's cancer - we're just going to love her for as long as we can, whether she has cancer or not. At age 13-1/2 we wouldn't agree to any aggressive treatments even if she did have cancer. It is what it is.

I will be picking her up at 4pm - thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts.
glo said…
Sandi Glad to know all went well for Jenni. I agree with you on no biopsy. I have made the same decision for Zoey. I do not know if it is liver disease or liver cancer. I too refused the biopsy and would not aggressively treat the disease. Having said that she is feeling better this week and has 3 more days of meds left.
Well I almost made it to the pan and zoom at 1. I was I guess 3 or 4 mins late. I am going to set my phone.
grannyblt said…
Good news about Jenni. I concur with your decision. I hope this group is finished with vet visits for a while. Lizzie went yesterday for her final shot and won't need to go back until next year.

Just found out I'm having overnight company. Better give the place a lick and a promise.

Glad I got to witness the quick tour today.

And thanks to Steve for new thread and Kay for calling us over.
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Welcome back Steve. Thank you for the new thread.

Congratulations Kay on your new feather. Enjoy. Perhaps you can wear it to the first visit with your new hair stylist. That would be fun.

Sandi, so glad Jenni got through surgery without difficulty. Prayers that she will be fine and with you all for a long time to come.

Jo, I'm with you. I try so hard not to have to help with yard work. Love the result but not the work.

Happy Birthday to Tom Riffe. Hope he and Bev have a happy celebration.

Need to check the cam.

Glo, no fair making me feel guilty about holiday cards. Okay, you've got a gazillion things on your plate. Hope the cards go quickly. Guess I'm a Scrooge as seeing the holiday decorations before Halloween is distressing. No doubt there are many parents of kindergartners who would like to stitch donuts to their kids necks.

Shirley, is bridge club at your house tonight?

Lolly, I suspect Skippi was very hungry if she had to try to make her own muffins.

Have a good afternoon everyone.
stronghunter said…
Bridge is at Bonnie's tonight, Judie.
stronghunter said…
Bonnie and the other members of the club live in my old neighborhood. For some reason, I have trouble finding her street. It gets embarrassing since I used to live in the neighborhood. I think I will be okay tonight, though.
glo said…
Judie I agree on not wanting to see Christmas decorations before Halloween and actually for me in my home it is always after Thanksgiving. This year I will only place a very special wreathe on my door and a nativity scene out

I won't be mailing those cards yet, and not for weeks. Would it be ok if I wrap some gifts in the evening too :-)

You are so good and reading and responding. The yardwork is done. Time to get out that pen and some stamps :-)
Mema Jo said…
Good news for Jenni - Her doggie park will almost be ready for her when she feels up to it.

I am also praying for Dana's Javelin to heal.

Lyyne1 - Sometimes it sounds like you are running a B & B - short notice that is..♥

Shirley bring home your winnings tonight ! and don't get lost.

I have little things to do around here - I best get started

Enjoy your afternoon........... ♥
grannyblt said…
Jo, my guests are my brother and sister in law. Without going into boring detail, I was not surprised that they are stopping here.. Thought they would give me more notice. I've done all I'm going to do, so everything is good.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TOM RIFFE! Hope you and Bev have an enjoyable Birthday celebration! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

Lolly, have been praying for Laurel. Hope the new eyedrops do the job! Hoping for a speedy recovery. Had to chuckle about Skippi--glad she now knows how to make bread!

Saying prayers for those furbabies that are on the mend. Shar, so sorry about Hairy. You certainly gave him a good life, though. You're a good mom to those furkids!

Judie, glad to hear that you're able to drop one of your medications! That's always good news.

I'm jealous of some of the low temperatures you gals are reporting recently! We have somewhat lower temps out here in SoCal--81 today, and more of the same until Saturday, when it's supposed to be 86 again. Then a slow cooldown until next Tuesday, when they're forecasting a 78. Truly hoping I get to wear a sweater at least once or twice before next June!

Well, need to get busy with lunch for Emma and for us! Will try to be back later tonight. Have a good evening, everyone. I ♥ us!!
Mema Jo said…

Wow - down at the end of the yard as hubby and I were eating we saw a doe and her two fawns. They were beautiful!

Helen aka Mits is operating the Panda cam I think until 7:00
Prince Bei Bei is really growing.....

As far as TV tonight - well, I think I need to get my Word Puzzle books out or hit the
Solitaire game.

Going to watch the nest a little later - close to 6:30 or so......... BBL
Janet said…
good evening to one and all THANKS STEVE for the new thread.
So glad Jenni is doing well. Good decisions made on her behalf I believe.

Today is our Tenn-aversary. We have been living in Tennessee 10 years today.
Its been a beautiful day. Temps in the 70’s and sunshine.
Its been and will continue to be busy for a bit, work, physical therapy, Olivia and niki’s color run next week…..feel like a whirl wind.
I am finishing baking a birthday cake for a friend. She asked me if she reimbursed me if I would bake a cake for her. Sure. A Reese peanut butter and chocolate cheese cake.
Not a lot else going on.
HOLIDAY CARDS? I was thinking of ordering mine next week and then get them addressed and ready to roll.
Hope everyone has a good evening. Please keep those stitched donuts away from me! I am sure I would like them wwwwaaaaayyyy too much!
Hugs and love to all!
Sandi said…
Jo, aren't there blog rules about someone saying "Guess What" in bold letters and then not revealing their big news?

No fair, Judy! You posted your "Guess What" at 12:31, followed it up with, "Have you a guess?" at 1:01, and then did a disappearing act - no fair!! What's up with you??

I fed Jenni about 1/2 of what she normally gets for dinner but all homemade food, no kibble, and added some extra water. She slurped it right down. Waited about 30 minutes to make sure it stayed down and then gave her the other half. So far so good. She is whining softly, not sure if it's the effects of the anesthesia or she's having pain.
JudyE said…
Waiting for guesses LOL

I am in the middle of making the Boston Market casserole the recipe from the internet. My house smells good I decided to try it before I take it for Thanksgiving makes a big batch gonna have to share with Angie naturally. I will let you know if its good
JudyE said…
was hoping the eagle would show up but with me in kitchen on and off they may have popped in
they lied about the prepare time I started right when I got home
but I did have to make another batch of corn bread for it just didn't seem like one box was enough for that much squash 4 1/2 cup of yellow and the same for zucchini squash
JudyE said…
The pan is full its 11x9 something

night light on and no eagle bummer
JudyE said…
Kitchen is even cleaned

OK I guess I could give you a hint

Inquiring minds want to know! HINT 1

JudyE said…
I disappeared because I had to go back to work was on lunch


I could tell you it has 8 letters in the word

and I am a happy camper about it

I have been know to be a tease LOL

Lynne2 said…
evening all!

Tomorrow is the big day. Woopie doo. Have to be at hospital at 11:30, procedure at 1:30 (which no doubt means 2) and hopefully I'll be home by midnight. LOL!
I'll check in when I get back home and settled. Good night!
Judie said…
Good mid-evening.

Sandi, seems as if Jenni is doing as would be expected. Eating is a good sign. She's likely uncomfortable from the surgery and her mouth is sore. I know mine would be and I would be whining, too.

Glo, you are such a good sport. Get those cards done and ready to mail. It is absolutely approved for you to wrap gifts -- just make sure the curtains are closed. lol

Wow, Jo. How wonderful to see a doe and her babies. We have lots of deer of the Bambi and Bambette type but have never seen a fawn in our yard. That would be a wonderful treat.

If Shirley wins big tonight and gets lost, I sure hope the road she's on brings her and her loot to my abode.

Oh, I know the answer for JudyE. Eight letter word related to inquiring minds -- JudyE has turned into a gossip magazine.

Lynne2, you will be in my thoughts as well as the thoughts and prayers of all of us that the blasting is easy, quick, and completely successful. Hugs!

Hi Andy. How's Kubby? How's Emma?

Headed to my recliner. To read or not to read? That is the question.

Restful sleep for all.
JudyE said…

I could do like Jordyn does and give you the first letter of the word but that would tell you what it is

HINT 3 It happens in December

and I am doing the HAPPY DANCE

you should be able to figure it out SANDI herself has asked me about it LOL No I am not telling I have a secret game is on

I have a dental cleaning tomorrow at 930 Oh why did I make it that early LOL

Just got back from Angie I delivered the casserole and she LOVES it

JudyE said…
It is not gossip if it is about me

OH I am itch-en to tell you LOL

but I will refrain from it LOL

JudyE said…
I had extra squash 3 of each so I am boiling and then freezing it. I was going to take back but thought better of it only a couple of dollars. I bought 8 of each because I didn't know how much would be 4 and a half cup. I thought maybe 4 each but the gal at work suggested 8
5 would have been the magic number Have to remember that for Thanksgiving unless I make a bigger batch will see
glo said…
Trying to cheer on the Cubs, not too successful. Several cards addressed. Patches is brushed. Just about time to call it a night here. Prayers for Lynn I so know the kidney issues. Hoping it goes easily for you and you can come home and rest comfortably.
JudyE said…
Watching Blind Spot I am watching it on On Demand Wow that is a good show Angie and Carl said it was good so I thought I would try it

See two episodes so far. Is anyone watching it also?

Hey anyone remember the show WAR GAMES

DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME CAME TO MIND OF MY GUESS GAME WHICH NO ONE IS PLAYING WITH ME SO I guess I will tell SANDI asked the question the other day and I said I had not asked yet
JudyE said…








GOT APPROVED long story but got approved with no problem and I got several compliments along with the approval and didn't have to show the papers I told them they were in my locker

I went to Carmen my AM this am and asked if she would go with me to talk with Frank SM she said she would.

In the meantime I was paged to the water cove and went there and waited for maybe 3 min not knowing who paged me. Well it was Frank asking me about the rollbacks for Thanksgiving in my dept. He started small talk and asked me what I was going to do when I retire and then said I would be truly missed by everyone.
I told him that I was thinking about maybe just going part time instead of full retirement after several people including Carmen and others saying I could set my own schedule That I do so much that others don't do (knowledge) LOL

After we discovered most items weren't on Rollback I told him I would go print the future rollback report Again most don't know about this report (knowledge again) He was pleased then at that moment Carmen just happened to walk past us and said. Hey while you got Frank you should ask your question
I told him him I had the papers in my locker showing that my kids booked a vacation in celebration of my retirement and it was Dec 6 and I would need two weeks 4 days each week .(that they thought I was retiring by the end of the year and not next year) He only smiled as we walked back and I proceeded to go to the office to print the report He told me to meet him in his office. I took the 390 page report (I killed a tree for nothing) We went over the report and he asked me how I knew so much and I explained what I had done in the past like being the UPC clerk in the office for 13 years He was impressed saying what a asset I am to the store. That he has noticed that I find shrink and I react to things and I go by the book where as some don't
As we were walking out of his office I said Sir will I get a answer today on the Vacation request and he smiled and said YES. I said is that a yes on getting a answer or a YES for going on the vacation, He said Judy you go on your vacation and have a good time

I have left some stuff out but it would take up more of the blog but you get the jest of it
But I really don't think I am going to do part time. I was thinking about it would it be worth it only a couple of hours a wee 12 I think not maybe MTBR
JudyE said…
a couple of hours a week not a wee LOL
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Gang,

Surprise! I actually made it back here after dinner!

JudyE, your casserole sounds yummy! Hope your dental cleaning goes well.

Lynne2, will certainly have you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow! Can't wait to hear from you once you're home and resting comfortably.

Judie, Emma and Ken are both fine. Emma is spoiled rotten, as always. Ken is not spoiled rotten, and his hand has healed up nicely.

Lolly, did you get any rain? I got a notification on my phone today that the kids (in Providence Village, TX) have a flash flood warning for the next 2 days.
Has to be raining somewhere, though I don't think it's raining where they are.

Well, I'd better head out to the living room and make a lap for Emma, before she launches into a 20-minute dissertation about how neglected she is. Think I have a recorded TV show to watch, too. Have SED, everyone. Goodnight, and God bless.
I ♥ us!
Mema Jo said…
JudyE - could you do 20 hrs and keep any benefits?

I am glad you got your request; however, I know you were going one way or another.
I realize you wanted more of a game of guessing - BUT I figured if you wanted us to know you would tell us. I so dislike being kept in the dark!
Mema Jo said…

Time for me to say

Goodnight and God Bless you through the night
Sleep soundly and dream sweetly ♥
Mema Jo said…
**Thinking about you Lynn - Git R Out - Kid Rock!
JudyE said…
NO the min is 28-32 for benefits It would be cheaper for Medicare with Humana plus I checked into it also has dental and eye
JudyE said…
LYNNE2 will they look to see if it is still there before they do any zapping??
Wouldn't want to go through it if it is not there!
JudyE said…
I need to get my butt in bed I guess gonna make my sleepy time tea The time sneaks up on you doesn't it!

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"
Janet said…
good morning all.
CONGRATS to JUDYE on her successful casserole and her VACATION!
Thinking of LYNNE2 and her kid rock. Time to exit, KId Rock.
Thinking of each of you.
Have a terrific Thursday!
Sandi said…
Goodorming mt eagle friends.

Judy, congrats on getting your vacation approved. When will you be retiring? At one point, I thought you said next spring and then I thought you decided to go out in December if your vacation didn't get approval. So will you work now until spring?

Lynne, will be thinking of you today and hoping tests show that the stone is gone and you don't need the procedure.

Jenni slept very little last night, which means I didn't get much sleep either. I was hoping the tramadol the vet prescribed for pain would also make her drowsy but no luck. She would whine softly the whole time she was laying down and then get up and pace - on the bed and then, when we couldn't take it any more, on the floor. At 6am, Denny got up with the dogs for a change so I could get an extra hour of sleep. She did eat her breakfast and has had her pain meds and antibiotic. I know each day will be a little better but still, my heart just breaks for her. I'm glad I took off today to be here to love her.

Have agreat day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

SANDI I am thinking of May that will be my 26th Anniversary and I will get a additional 4 weeks vaca paid to me when I retire and maybe I can use some of my sick time March was the original date that is when the credit card would have been paid off I got that year no interest for a year and I will have it paid before then I think

STILL cam didn't recover from last night update stuck at 124
JudyE said…
Thinking of LYNNE2 today Hope they do a test before they zap her

It is 68° out now nice weather we are having
JudyE said…
a very very blue bird is flying around the nest I got sort a snip of it
JudyE said…
and there are two other birds also in the nest
Mema Jo said…
Good Thursday morning to all ♥

Still cam knocked out with the server download but Live feed up/running. Lot of small birds at the nest - perhaps it's the Cleaning Crew. Sandi and Judy thanks for the photos
over on FB - I love Eastern Bluebirds.

No plans for the day - which by the way is another beautiful sunny one.

Thinking of you Lynne2 as you get ready to get your 'blasting' of Kid Rock - I really pray he has already passed!

Lynne1 - I hope all went well with your visitors!

Shirley - did you bring home the winnings from Bridge or better yet did you get home from bridge club without any trouble? I suppose you are bowling today - enjoy having fun!

Sandi - did the fence go up as you wanted? Hoping Jenni feels better today - maybe she will get some sleep.

Time for some breakfast food - BBL

Judie said…
Good morning.

Thinking of Lynne2 and hope she's checked to make sure Kid Rock is still there and she has time to say her goodbyes.

Jo, we are sharing a beauteous sunshiny blue-sky day. If Shirley won last night, she clearly found her way home because she didn't show up here - with or without the winnings.

My agenda, some catch-up laundry and maybe bake a pumpkin bread.

Congratulations on the vacation approval, JudyE.

Sandi, glad you can stay home with Jenni today. She'll be more comfortable with you nearby and maybe a late morning/early afternoon nap would be good for you both.

Andy, really glad Kubby's hand has completely healed. Good news, indeed.

Wishing everyone, especially Lunn2, Jenni and Javelin, a good morning.

Mema Jo said…

Did send email to IT about Still Cam.....
JudyE said…
I got a friend request from a young lady Enis Dobra I denied it naturally and when I went to her page to check her out to see if we have any friends in common etc It says she is following my public post and its says HE is not Her HMMM
Odd don't have any info on the page At first I thought it was someone my son knew but I don't think so She is a hot little thing LOL and young don't know why she friend requested me

back from cleaning go for another 6 month
Mema Jo said…

Still cam up/running thanks to IT
JudyE said…
Silly Dentist when I got home there was a reminder for my next appt in April little early I would think to send it out LOL
Judie said…
Thank you, Jo, for contacting NCTC IT and for the update.
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

It's another glorious Fall day here and perfectly wonderful for Doggy Play Day.

LYNNE, will look forward to your report on Kid Rock. Hope he'd already left the "building", but if not was blasted off center stage!

SANDI, poor Jenni. They're like having babies--no way other than crying to let us know that something hurts. So glad you're with her today!

JO, thanks, as always, for being on top of our IT needs!

JUDIE, wishing you a good day, too!

SHIRLEY, you know us Inquiring Minds--did you get lost--did you win lots of moola?

JUDY, I haven't read back beyond today, but can see by the comments of JANET and others that your vacation if's have been settled. I know that's a big relief.

Prayers for all in need, whether bi-peds or quad-peds!!!!

Lolly said…
Good morning! Yes, i know, a litle slow this morn!

We are under a flood warning until Sat night but it has not started raining! It is still west of us. Could get as much as 5 inches, or so they say! Again..... Bring it on! We are in no danger of flooding, houses across the street are. Our yard slants down to the street.

Oh, poor, Jenni. Feel so sorry for her.

Have a vet appointment for Skippi tomorrow. Before our trip her upper lip was swollen. Now it looks like sores, though in a different spot on her mouth. She is eating. Annie never had anything wrong, Skippi is always getting something.

Lolly said…
Thinking about Lynne and praying all goes well!
JudyE said…
tour of nest did happen and I sort of hear something maybe someone is in attic
JudyE said…
Got to pick up Jordyn at their house at 5 to take to gym Angie is running down to get fingerprinted She wants to be a chauffeur at one of the events at Jordyn school and that is a requirement to drive children in her car
JudyE said…
The heart shape to the nest is sort of disappearing bummer
JudyE said…
Angie dropped of some of the casserole at a friend and she is in love with it also. Request the recipe also She is going with us on the cruise also Her daughter and Jordyn are friends and in same class
glo said…
well once again I have missed it. How long does this pan etc last. I turned the nest on at 1:05 right when I walked back in the door. sigh. Maybe next week. I trust it doesn't happen on weekends although most PTZ cams can be controlled from pretty much anywhere.
Sandi said…
Hi all - went out for a bit to get my nails done - they are now silver, a color I have never had. Jenni wagged her tail when I got home, a good sign that she is feeling better.

The posts and rails for the fence are almost all up but the screening won't get done today. Funny, our lot looked perfectly flat but, now that the fence is up, I can see areas that we will have to fill with dirt because the bottom rail is high enough off the ground that our 2 little old ladies could wiggle out under it. We don't plan to leave the dogs outside unattended but still, what good is a fence if it doesn't keep the dogs inside? Our 2 are the smallest dogs that will be using the yard so, if the fence is escape proof for our two, it will be safe for the other dogs as well.

I hope Lynne2 is kidney stone free by now, if she wasn't when she arrived at the hospital.

I've been thinking more about the shape of the nest and this year's view of it. What we are seeing at the bottom used to be at the top. We can see that there is more nest area beyond the sticks that are starting to be built up. That area beyond the sticks could have existed last year as well but we wouldn't have been able to see it. It is amazing to watch them. And I loved seeing the bluebirds zooming around this morning - what a treat!
JudyE said…
GLO I have seen it start at 1259 and sometime 101 and it is only a min or so long also today I saw on tablet first and 2 min later or desktop because of the delay with the buffering Tablet doesn't seem to buffer as much
JudyE said…
SANDI so nice that you got a tail wagging when you got home That is a good sign happy for you both.

Last year the pantry was at the bottom of the nest now the top. I wonder where it will be this year time will tell.
Lolly said…
Hoping to hear from Lynne!

Ran some errands then harvested pecans. Not getting many this year. Rain still has not started. Come on!!!

Think we are heading to Nona Tatas for dinner!
Lynne2 said…

Kid Rock GONE! Yes, still was there. It was SO close but it was crescent shaped and jagged and very stuck. I have a ureter stent in now til Tues. and am having minimal discomfort so far!

Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes!

I have to catch up on all the goings ons here...will check in later or tomorrow!
Sandi said…
Ok, now that Lynne has checked in, I can check out. Glad to hear that you are stone free, Lynne!

Off to watch some TV since our eagles stood us up.

Goodnight all - I will see everyone in the early AM.
Mema Jo said…

Thanks Lynne2 for letting us know that your procedure did get rid of Kid Rock. ♥

Janet said…
good evening to one and all. its been a busy day.
SANDI: hope Jenni heals quickly.
LOLLY stay safe, please
LYNNE2: congrats on the removal of kid rock.

well, I made some decisions today. and my boss voiced what has been in my head. For the time being, at least til first of the year I've taken all deep tissues and 2 hours massages off of my schedule to give my shoulder a chance to heal. that meant, a client whom I have worked with since I have been a therapist (she's seen a couple of others, but always seems to find her way back to me) is going to have to see someone else and I know she won't be happy about it. but in truth, I am not the best therapist for her at this time....and I cannot continue to hurt myself.

boss gave me a pep talk which I needed.

I've been in a funk this week and it just kind of dawned on me why. this coming Monday is 8 years since mom transitioned.

JUDYE and I are taking care of one final thing for mom and dad. Our parents have a flat headstone with two bronze plaques on it, names, DOB and DOD. they mis-spelled mom's last name.

so much has gone on and there was so much stress over the past few years that it never got changed. when I tried to talk to the company that originally did the work, and they passed the buck, they don't make the memorial plaques. so I tried to talk with the guy and let's just say, he ducked me every time. we were in the middle of trying to deal with mom and dad's it never got done. anyway, so now a correct plaque has been paid for and ordered. so once I have that, and it is put on the grave, I think I will have a deep sense of completion.

not sure what to do with the incorrect plaque.

so dealing with my realization that deep tissue massages may be off of my skill set....and remembering this week 8 years ago.....just a bit of a funk.

made chicken cordon bleu rollups tonight .
easy and yummy

also finished a birthday cake for a co-worker who "hired" me to bake her a cake.

hope you all have a great evening! hugs and love to all I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells
I honor the place in you which is of truth, of light and of peace
When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me
We are One."
With Light, Love, and Blessings, Namaste

Judie said…
Yippee! Kid Rock became a Rolling Stone and has moved on down the road. Great news Lynne2 and please give us updates on your recovery. Momsters are likely nearly as relieved as you are.

Janet, good decision about work.

Jo, Fisher is a rerun. May move on to First 48.

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening and a night of restful sleep.
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Bowled with the Thursday league today. We won two games and had the most total points. Thank goodness for handicap points.

So glad to learn that Kid Rock is gone. Hoping that our Lynne is doing well now.
stronghunter said…
Kind of tired tonight, so I am going to say good night. SED, everyone.
grannyblt said…
Glad that Kid Rock is gone.

SED. To all
JudyE said…
LYNNE2 so happy that KIDROCK is no longer a rock star. So happy the labor wasn't that long and the delivery was not that bad Hope the pain stays at bay. Did you get to keep it? JK

JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"
Lolly said…
Wahoo! KidRock has left the building! Lol

Dinner out was awesome! Drove through pouring rain. Rained all during dinner. Got home and we had 3 tenths of an inch. Must be living wrong! However,we are presently over two inches. Laurel is over three! Should continue for the next couple of days. Hope so!

Going to bed very soon! Nite all! SED!
Lolly said…
Ohhh! BIG loud rolling thunder! Love it!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Friday! One day of work with Sam and then the weekend - I think I can do this! :)

Lolly, hoping the rain continues for you.

Lynne, I hope you feel wonderful today.

Have agreat day.
Janet said…
good morning to one and all. the school bus just rolled out of the driveway....and about time for me to get ready for work. anxious to see if Rocio likes her birthday cake I made per her request!

enjoy your day!
Judie said…
Good morning.

Gorgeous sunshine and blue sky here.

Nest is MT but looks very pretty.

Sandi, hope the day will be relatively uneventful. Maybe Sam will share the consequences of his police encounter.

Lolly, glad you don't have blue sky and sunshine. May the rain continue.

Lynne2, hope today is a very good day for you as Kid Rock is now in your rear view mirror.

Shirley, glad the bowling was right down your team's alley. Congratulations.

No plans for today. Dance card is empty. Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Kay said…
Good RED FRIDAY Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Happy for those receiving much needed rain today!

LYNNE2, I'll bet you're feeling better today than you have in a long time---good riddance of Kid Rock!

SANDI, hope Sam is more subdued today and/or that the candy works at last.

SHIRLEY, sounds like things are looking up for the Thursday bowling team. Yeah!!!

Nice little breeze at Sycamore Palace. MT nest.

Have a great day everyone!

Prayers for those in need!

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

LYNNE2 hope the pain has subsided some.

SANDI I hope all goes ok with your unruly student and I can't believe they let him back in. Is you school the last resort in schools they have a school here just for kids like him. One of Angie friends works there and the horror stories she has.

Hoping that the new storm Patrica isn't that bad doesn't look good for them in Mexico She is suppose to the the strongest storm ever
Also thinking how lucky we have been here in Fl with another hurricane season coming to a end. But they are warning us with the El nino this year may be a report of bad storms with tornado like we have had in the past. I remember the last one. A bunch of us from Walmart went down to help clean up the damages from the tornado I still can close my eyes and see all the destruction. Heartbreaking so many lives lost.

The eagle cam reported that there was a eagle visit this am 657-706 Shep was in (Ben to them) and it was still dark in the pictures

Lolly said…
Good morning! And, a good morning it is! Rained all night, rolling, loud thunder! Are you ready for this, drum roll please, a total (so far) 5.8 inches!!! And, the next two days of rain coming!

Taking Miss Skippita to the vet this morning! Anxious to hear what he has to say about her mouth. No indication it is hurting, she is eating.

Thinking UIL band contests as well as football games being postponed or cancelled.
JudyE said…
LOLLY that wold be a BIG WOW on the rain fall amount.
Are you going to get any rain for Patricia also?

Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
Lolly don't you Flood away with all your rain. And to think no one had to get their rain stick out for you! Hoping Skippita gets a good report on her mouth..

Lynne2 I hope you are comfortable today and as I understand you saying that the stent
will be removed Tuesday. Hope that all goes well.

Judie, Kay and Shirley - here's hoping you get one or even two takers on your dance card. Right now mine is also empty.

Sandi - anxiously awaiting you return home and to hearing that it was an uneventful day with Sam.

Tomorrow Elliot goes to the Pumpkin Patch mainly to see the petting animals and maybe the hay ride with the tractor. And then hopefully to Mema's for Pizza. ♥

Mema Jo said…
Janet - I think your decision at work will greatly benefit the healing of your shoulder.

JudyE - so what you going to get into today? It is beautiful up here. Eagles on the tower on your plate to visit?

Here hoping that "Patricia" doesn't do much damage or at least does not cause any deaths
Weather nowadays is so unpredictable

Mema Jo said…

Pot Plant Owl has confirmed there is ONE little peep.
Lolly said…
Mouth ulcers for Skippi! Two shots and we are home. The bad news is she will probably always have the tendency to get this. Something to do with her immune system. Rodent mouth, though has nothing to do with rodents.

Over another inch of rain. About 7 inches now. Saw a lot of flooded lawns. Really felt sorry for one home owner. First off they are already low and always stand in water when we have had extensive rain. Only now construction of a new subdivision is just across the street. They have plowed for a road going up a hill. Water and mud was flowing down the hill, across the street and into his yard. The entire yard, about an acre, was under water and mud! An awful mess!

We are fine, no mud slide this time, grass is covering the ground. However, our neighbors backyard is now partially in our front yard. They have no grass and the dirt , etc flowed down the hill.

It has stopped now, but more to come!
stronghunter said…
Good afternoon,

Beautiful fall day here. Sun is shining and it's warm. Hope everyone is well.
stronghunter said…
Hi Lolly,

Thought of you when I heard the news about the hurricane. They said it would likely bring you rain. Need to read back and see if your present rain is from the hurricane.
stronghunter said…
No winnings at bridge for me. I did make my way safely home.

At something of an impasse with Hunter this afternoon. He got his phone confiscated at school. I went in and picked it up. He wants it back and says he was supposed to be able to pick it up himself, but the office says I got it. (Kathryn called and requested that I retrieve it. I had no burning desire to go do this.)

Anyway Hunter thinks I should give him the phone first. I think he should take care of dog poop first.
Judie said…
Hi Shirley. In this order: Hunter cleans up dog poop; Hunter completes any and all homework; Hunter speaks with mother about the phone confiscation. Meanwhile, you hang on to the evidence to be given to Kathryn. lol Sorry you didn't win at bridge but so glad you found your way home.

My agenda today: read the newspaper, watched some tv, made a salad. Whew! These busy days are sooooo tiring!

Jo, pictures of Master Elliot at the pumpkin patch would be a most welcome delight.

Mema Jo said…
When we are talking Mexico - I'm anxious to hear from Sandi as to what the situation is with Brian and family.

Concerning Elliot - I won't be able to go with them but I'm sure Aaron and/or Val will be putting pictures on FB..... There is a new short video of Elliot at the park today and sitting and playing in a pile of leaves. Next year he'll be jumping in those piles of leaves.
glo said…
Took Patches to Petsmart today. She tried on Halloween costumes. She is so easy going with clothes. Did pretty well with all the strangers kind of watching and smiling. Gt herself a few pets here and there. We didn't exactly come home with a costume but what we did get will work well enough and is more practical in the long run. I don't think she will care. Costumes turned down were a skunk, made me chuckle but was too big, a cat, cute but too small, a cow fit but was kind of pricey for just Halloween.

Lynne I hope you are feeling pretty good today. Rest and take it easy.
Lolly Please be safe in the rain. You might be watching for boat sales or even arks :-)
Shirley I agree with Judie and the order of things for Hunter. Folks do seem to be raising their kids a little different these days but in my day if the kid had even had a phone, and they might have, I would go with Judie on how he gets the phone back. There is a reason why you were called to come in and get it.
JudyE said…
JO the still cam is stuck on 1059

Picked up Jordyn and now waiting for Angie to call we are eating at the Golden Corral to eat Carl is at a Dads meeting for the school function in Fed at Disney campground so us gals are going out to eat Carl doesn't like to eat there so we never go I remember eating at one all the time in KY when my dad was in the hospital
stronghunter said…
Hoping Sandi has heard from her family in Mexico. They are evacuating people from hotels in the path of the storm.

Contacted Kathryn about my request to Hunter regarding the phone. She wants cat boxes cleaned out, too. Hunter tried to give me the impression that I should not have even gone for the phone. He figures he could have taken care of things. Well, that might have meant the school kept the phone over the weekend. I have been involved in a few phone confiscations myself, and have greeted a few parents/grandparents who came to retrieve them. It sounds trite to say this, but I was not born yesterday. He is still hanging out watching TV. I have said my say.
Mema Jo said…

Thanks Judy - I quickly emailed IT - I had the live feed up most of the day.

Just maybe I got someone before they started there weekend.
Can't understand why the Still Cam is freezing up so often.

Dinner time here............ Enjoy your evening everyone ♥
stronghunter said…
CNN is setting up camp in Mexico. I wish them well.

Would think the State Department would evacuate any employees at risk.
stronghunter said…
Glo, we will need to see some pictures in that Halloween costume.
stronghunter said…
Looks like Mexico City is pretty far south of the likely path of the hurricane. I hope so.
Sandi said…
Hi all.

Re Hurricane Patricia - Mexico City is 400 miles inland and 7000 miles higher in elevation than Puerto Vallarta which has been evacuated and where the storm is currently headed. Lynnis posted a photo on FB of an ominous sky about an hour ago. I told her to keep us updated but she doesn't seem too worried at this point. Thanks for thinking of my family.

Lolly - wow, 7 inches of rain already! If we got that much rain in a 24-hour period, we would have water in our house for sure! And if I'm reading correctly, the rain from Patricia won't get to TX til Sunday! Yikes!! Glad your house is situated well to handle that much water.

Shirley, haven't heard a good Hunter story lately - thanks for sharing! My guess is Hunter will do whatever he has to do in order to get his phone back, even if he complains the whole while he's doing it!

Sam didn't give a lot of details about his arrest. His dad drove him to the police station and he now has a juvenile record was the extent of his elaboration. His behavior was no different today than it has been in the past - no surprise there. The candy I bought was a very limited motivator.

Jenni has really perked up today. Last night I only brushed her teeth on the opposite side of her mouth from where she had the surgery and the teeth in the front. This evening I'll see if she will let me brush the side where she had the tumor removed. I only brush the outsides of her teeth and the tumor was behind her teeth, but I'll still be very gentle in that area.

All of the screening is up on the fence (it's a wooden 3-rail fence so we had to get screening in between the horizontal boards) and the gates have been constructed, but they haven't been set in place yet. I know the guys were hoping to finish today but it looks like they will have to come back on Monday for an hour or two.
stronghunter said…
Glad you have heard from Lynnis, Sandi. I can imagine you were concerned.

Sounds like your fence will be very nice. I did not have to worry about basset hounds getting underneath our fencing. When we lived in the city, however, Sassafras found her way out of the fenced backyard. She ended up trapped in an area between fenced yards. We found her because she barked and barked. Never could figure out how she escaped the yard. Hard to believe we could not find a basset-sized hole, but we could not.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

I'm SO glad to hear that Kid Rock got blasted to smithereens! Hope the stent isn't causing you any discomfort, Lynne, and that you're resting comfortably.

Sandi, glad that Jenni seems to be feeling much better. Really relieved that Lynnis is not worried about the hurricane. Hope they are completely out of its path! Your new fence sounds very nice! Hope they are able to finish up with the gates quickly on Monday. Happy you got through your day with Sam. At least he apparently didn't have any arrest-worthy behavior.

Shirley, I'm totally on your side--Hunter needs to do chores and homework before any thought of getting his phone back.

Lolly, WOW!! You finally DID get some rain, didn't you?! We got a video from the kids showing "the sky falling" in their neighborhood. Perhaps both you and our kids should be pricing rowboats, just in case! I can remember a day back in 1957 or 1958 when I saw a picture on the front page of our newspaper of a rowboat being rowed down one of the main streets in Anaheim! Pretty crazy....
Hope Skippi is doing well. Good to know that she's eating OK. Never heard of what she has, and hope it doesn't show up again once it's cured.

Well, need to get a couple of things done (like vacuum up dog hair), so better get going for now. Will try to get back here later tonight, unless Emma falls sound asleep in my lap. Have a good evening, everyone. I ♥ us!
grannyblt said…
Eagles made a short visit just now.
Mema Jo said…

Glad you got to see them Lynne2. I have just come home form eating at AppleBees.
Hubby really loves their hamburgers!

Eagle Cam on FB captured about 4 pic of the visit.

Mema Jo said…

Prince Bei Bei is sleeping alone on Cam 1
Mei is lounging and eating Bambo in the day room on Cam 2

Lolly said…
Raining again. We got a little break this afternoon. 3 to 6 more inches predicted. This rain is not from Patricia. They are predicting rain from Patricia but may not reach north Texas.

Neighbor has contacted a guy who came and set up two traps for the armadillo. Lol. This morning they had a very mad, very large raccoon! Lol. I asked what he was going to do when they get a skunk. 😜

Yes, we are on high ground and a slight hill. We did have a wash I back. Water came under the fence. I suspect the chickens back there have cleared the ground and therefore the wash. Will have to fill in the holes under the fence and rake the lawn of the debris.
Lolly said…
Still raining! No rain to speak of in July. August, and September! And now this! Wish it could be distributed a little more evenly!
Judie said…
Dinner over.

Sandi, so glad you've heard from Brian and Lynnis. Prayers they will escape the worst of the hurricane.

Lolly, hope you stay safe and have no serious problems from all the rain.

Shirley, you weren't born yesterday. Agreed. Problem is that Hunter doesn't seem to know that. lol I'm sure Kathryn will make sure he understands the current state-of-affairs.

Sandi, hope Jenni continues to feel better and teeth-brushing is not too uncomfortable for her. As for Sam, sad to say that teens today often do not take a juvie record seriously and adults encourage teens to engage in criminal behavior because juvie records are sealed and punishment is negligible.

Glo, so happy Patches had a good outing today and was reasonably comfortable with people in a public place. Bet she's going to be a real prize-winner in her Halloween costume.

Headed to my recliner.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
Lolly said…
steady rain and thunder starting up again! We are over 8 inches now.

Good sleeping weather. Nite all! SED!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Lynnis posted on FB about 6 hours ago that the wind was really hitting their windows (they live on the penthouse floor of a highrise building). But the storm is moving northeast and Mexico City is southwest and far inland from where it made landfall. Still, I will be happy to hear from them today that all is well there.

Today will be spreading dirt day to fill in low spots along the fence and then covering it with pine needles, plus Denny has to close in an area under the outside set of stairs with lattice panels. As the leaves fall from the maple and black gum trees on the lot, they'll also cover the dirt - no grass to worry about (which means no lawn mowing).

Have agreat day all.
Sandi said…
One eagle in the nest. Don't know when he/she arrived - already there when I opened the live cam.
Sandi said…
And gone, just that fast.
Sandi said…
And now back. Lots of buffering of the camera this morning.
Sandi said…
Just reread my first post this morning and need to make a correction. Mexico City is southEAST of where the hurricane made landfall, not southWEST. Southwest of where the hurricane hit is the Pacific Ocean - DUH!

Also, according to comments under the live cam, both eagles were in the nest this morning, arriving just a few minutes after 7am. Only 1 is there now and I am going to stop taking up blog space.

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

I think Shep is in the nest. He flew to the ground and back in with another twig for the wood pile. Now sitting in the no head zone.

SANDI, I hope the kids in Mexico City receive nothing more out of Patricia than some wind. Will you be a supervisor on the dirt and pine needle spreading or will you be a laborer?

We expect some rain today, so outside time may be limited. This evening I am going to party!


The party is in honor of a neighbor's daughter who is graduating from nursing school.

It's Parent weekend at Seth's school, so he and his parents are enjoying a football game and other festivities there.

Have a grrreeaat day everyone!

Prayers for all in need!!!

Janet said…
good Saturday morning to one and all.

LOLLY: stay safe and dry.....too much rain at once i'm afraid!
LYNNE2: hope today you feel back to your wonderful self.
STRONGHUNTER: I hope all went well and the dog poop was cleaned up, homework done etc!
Hopefully Skippi feels better soon.
SANDI: glad Jenni continues to recover well.
JO: I think the decision is the right one, regarding work. I chatted with my boss/friend yesterday and I think if I did not make this decision I would not last another 8 to 10 years til I "retire"
SANDI: so glad your crew is safe and sound.

glad its Saturday. rainy today. we need it so I am glad. I am working 9 to 3. the schedule should fill up with rain in the forecast.

I was really tired last night. I finished reading my book "Still Alice" , whichif you haven't read it, is powerful and a tear sad. and then promptly went to bed and slept.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day. Light, love and hugs to all

Judie said…
Good morning.

MT nest.

Prayers for all in the path of hurricane Patricia. Very scary for all.

Sandi, hope the outdoor work goes quickly and the weather stays pleasantly cool and dry. How's Jenni this morning?

Kay, enjoy your Seth-less weekend by attending the nurse's graduation party. What an accomplishment. Reminds me we never hear from Lori anymore.

Janet, happy you are content with work decision.

Jo, thinking of Master Elliot at the pumpkin patch today. Hope he and Aaron and Val have a wonderful time.

Nothing important on my agenda today. May venture out to the library later. Meanwhile...

Wishing everyone the best day possible.
Mema Jo said…
Good Saturday morning to all ♥ Cool 59° this morning - and windy.

Lolly hoping you can handle 8" of rain all at once. Any armadillos caught in the

Sandi - Is your Dog Park going to be private or will you allow guests?
Hoping Brian contacts you this morning -

Kay - Party Hardy! Enjoy yourself - Seth and parents should have a good bonding time!

I was early enough to catch one of our eagles in the NHZ. I think I heard Belle was eating in the nest.

No plans for the day - not sure about Pumpkin Patch - rough terrain so I may not get to go. :(

Everyone take care - stay dry and don't blow away.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Planning to attend a play tonight--"Annie, Get Your Gun" AT Lake of the Woods with Val and the group. Dinner at Jan's.
stronghunter said…
Hoping all is well for those in Mexico and Texas.
stronghunter said…
Train derailment south of Dallas. Lots of flooding there.
stronghunter said…
Kathryn and Hunter headed to Luray for a memorial service for Hunter's Aunt Woggie. Hoping the weather is good for them.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Didn't get home till late late last night

Still sooo sleepy Getting to old for late night LOL Oh and Angie did fall asleep on the couch as I was finishing up the scary movie LOL
The Lazarus Effect what the movie was
NCSuzan said…
Good late morning to everyone.

Prayers going out to those in the destructive path of Hurricane Patricia. Mexico does not have an equivalent of FEMA so a lot of recovery will not happen as we know it if at all.

Lynne2, so relieved that your Rock Star has aged out! Hope the recovery is going well.

Judie and others who don't Facebook, I posted the photo of PPO and her baby on my blog. Looks like only one this year but he is sooo cute.

Finally, my daughter was cleaning out the closet in her office and asked me if I wanted a monitor. I said of course! Immediately hooked it up to my laptop and now I have extended my display another 19". Can now have cams open everywhere!

Hope your weekend is wonderful.
JudyE said…
As Jordyn and I were driving to the restaurant we saw two eagle roosting in the tower on Bryan Dairy and Belcher Rd It has no bottom to the tower so no nest they just roost there got two quick pictures as I sat at the stop light.
Judie said…
Thank you for sharing Suzan. Much appreciated. Congrats on the additional monitor.

Shirley, have fun and enjoy the play. So, Hunter is still alive and traveling with his mother. That's a good sign. What happened to the phone?

Jo, even if you can't do the pumpkin patch, I'm sure you will have pictures and stories galore.

Now on to the afternoon...

Lolly said…
Good morning! We are now up to 11 inches of rain! Wild! We are fine! We are high, but not dry! Lol. Area southeast of us has had 18 inches of rain. That is where a train derailed! That is also the area where I was on a retreat last weekend. Glad we did not schedule it for this weekend.

Being really lazy. That is what this kind of weather does to you!

I might get busy and do a little house cleaning! Certainly can not work outside.
glo said…
Good afternoon. Home from Disability dogs and the after photo shoot with 3 dogs. Fun morning I love that stuff but now I have lots of photos to edit so stopped to say Hi now.

Lolly Thinking maybe you should just stay up there on that hill for the weekend.

Mema Jo said…

Elliot has a wonderful time at the Pumpkin Patch with his
mom and dad and Meme aka Jenny.
Sandi said…
Hi all!

Jo, LOVE your new avatar!!

It's been very quiet on the blog today - I guess everyone has been enjoying their Saturday one way or another.

Lolly, are you working on an ark?

I shoveled 16 wheelbarrows full of fill dirt that we had delivered and dumped at the front of the lot, pushed them to the long side of the yard, dumped them along 70 feet of fencing, smoothed out the dirt with a rake and pushed it up against the bottom rail of the fence to fill in any holes, then spread pine needles on top. I also raked the pine needles from both stone driveways, cleaned out all the pots that still had perennials in them and stored the pots for the winter, pruned the rose bushes, and dug up 9 stepping stones so we can reuse them at the main gate to the yard. I am just a little sore right now but suspect I will be a lot sore tomorrow.

Jo, a few of our neighbors with dogs will also have access to the yard - 3100 square feet is a lot of room for 2 little dachshunds! I did learn when I took our 2 outside in the yard today that they will have to wear colorful bandannas when they're out there. They are the same color as the pine needles! I kept thinking they had escaped when they were just camouflaged! :)

Brian and Lynnis are fine in Mexico City. Brian posted a photo on FB of his dinner out tonight - CRICKET TACOS! He said they were delicious! Maybe so, but I would never be able to get past the idea of what I was eating!!

Jenni is acting like her old self - her mouth has healed quickly.

I think it's time for a nice hot bath for me! Goodnight all - I will see you in the early AM!

Judie said…
Good evening.

Jo, we are so out of luck. PBS reruns. Grrrrr.

Meanwhile, Master Elliot makes a might fine avatar and I just bet my booties he had a most amazing pumpkin patch visit.

Glo, glad you had a good afternoon of photography and time with the dogs. Happy editing.

Sandi, so much physical work today. I know you must feel so happy with the results. Just as exciting is Jenni feeling so much better. So glad the Mexico family is okay except well, eating crickets. Gross!

We must remember to remind Lolly of all this rain when she fusses about hot dry weather next summer. lol Stay dry Lolly.

Think I may read some tonight. Meanwhile...

Restful sleep for all.
glo said…
Well Patches and I actually ran quickly to Petsmart today for a Halloween photo. I figured I spent lots of time photographing others with their dogs today, I would just take the time to get a photo with my dog. Well it was a pretty unorganized event. I did see the photo which was taken on an Ipad. I thought they were having professional equipment although that isn't the big issue as I only wanted the free digital for fun. BUT I did give my email and our names etc, but so far no photo. He said sometimes they go right out but it could take up to a couple of days. It would just be a fun memory for our first Halloween if it shows up.

MeMa Jo Your avatar is so very cute.
Lolly said…
Well, it has finally stopped rating! It is cooler, too. Yea!

So, we were in a bad drought. Last May it rained and rained, people died it was so bad. Then it stopped raining and did not rain for 4 months. We were in drought conditions again. So, what rains again...tons. I know droughts and I know floods. Would like to have it even out a bit!

Skippi's mouth already looks better.

Laurel's eyes are better. However, she has a problem. The doctor gave her a prescription for glasses. I told her to wait til her eyes are better and she returns in a month to the doctor. So, when her eyes were bothering her she called the doctor and the nurse told her to go ahead and get her glasses. She did and she can not read nor see her iPhone with the new glasses. She is calling Monday to complain!!

Time for the news and then the pillows! Night all! SED,
Lolly said…
Lol. Not rating but raining!
Lolly said…
Rain has helped contain the fire in Bastrop! Yea!
stronghunter said…
Enjoyed the play.Checking in to say good night. SED, everyone.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Had a nice day with family at a fall festival yesterday

Hope everyone has a great day

LYNNE2 hope you are doing ok please check in to let us know you are doing ok

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Lolly, good that it stopped raining - any idea what the final count was at your place on inches of rain?

Glo, it should take about 5 seconds to send a photo from an iPad in an email, right? Hope it arrived in your inbox - I'll watch for it on Facebook.

OK, I am going to do something that NEVER happens on this blog - complain about my husband. It seems that ALL of you have perfect husbands while mine can be an ass! I worked on the new fenced area all day yesterday and, when Dennis came home from his 2 appointments to get contracts signed,instead of working on the lattice panel area at the stairs, he plopped into his recliner and turned on the TV. Then he moved to the sofa where he took a nap, woke up to eat dinner, and then moved back to his recliner to watch TV for the rest of the night. Who does that? The forecast for today is cloudy with showers so no outside work will get done again. GRRRR!

Have a great day all.

Sandi said…
1 eagle just arrived.
grannyblt said…

Sandi, your comment about your husband reminded me of an email I received from Hedgie years ago asking me if my reference DH to my late husband was dear husband or damn husband. I assure you it could be both. I also notice we don't often point out our children's shortcomings or those of our perfect grandchildren.
Judie said…
Good morning.

MT nest at Shepherdstown. Eagle in Berry nest. Cubby alone and napping.

Perfect husbands? Cannot stop laughing. Pick up a good book or find a channel for old movies, sit yourself down, and enjoy.

Shirley, so glad you had a good time.

Having lunch with my Interpol friend today. Expect her daughter will join us with the first grandbaby. Nice thing to do on a rainy day.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.
Mema Jo said…
Good Afternoon to All ♥
This morning was my Jenny Time.......
We had some rain early early am hours....... Not really sunny today .....

No immediate plans - usually phone calls from the family checking on us.......

Judie - Very disappointing concerning our repeat TV shows.. I switch to Hallmark
but some are also repeats. The rest of TV shows I have no interest for them.

I think a 1 hr nap is appropriate at this time! Afterwards perhaps I'll find something interesting to do.

Judie said…
Good afternoon.

I agree Jo. Do so wish new shows would begin. Sigh! Love the Elliot avatar.

Lunch was very nice. Met the grandson @ one month. He's a real cutie. Not used to holding a 10lb package but he was worth it.

Now to put my feet up.

Lolly said…
Lol at Sandi's comment! Good afternoon!

Grand total of our rain was 11 inches. Southeast of here it was 20 inches! Still raining way south and that is the remnants of Patricia. Very cool and still cloudy.

Hoping they will lift our burn ban so we can burn some yard waste!

Yes, would love to hear from Lynne concerning how she is feeling.
glo said…
Lolly glad the rain has ended for now atleast. Sandi there are no perfect husbands. It just takes some of the much longer to train than others. Keep wokin on it lol.

No photo from Petsmart has arrived. All I have is that quick glimpse in my mind's eye of an ok but sort of not the best quick snap, which has yet to show up. I might call or go there tomorrow and ask them why it hasn't been emailed to me yet. I still would like to have it.

OK back to work for me. Enjoy your afternoon everyone.
Janet said…
good afternoon.

I too laughed at SANDI's perfect husbands comment. I am GLAD mine isn't perfect, takes a lot of pressure off of me! I sure am not! Trust me we have our grumbles with and about each other.....that's life!

I did my weekly sleep marathon last night. I was worn out when I got home. we did the cracker barrel for dinner....came home and plotzed down on the sofa. when I went to bed, I was out for the count.

today is cloudy and fairly warm. we are having light rain showers. Before the showers started, tom and I got up on top of the RV and scrubbed the roof of it. it has to be clean to re-seal it. The fact that it wasn't a bright sunny day actually made it easier, we weren't sweating to death. It only took an hour or so to scrub all the goo off of it. We rinsed it, put everything away and will wash the sides another day.

I have pork roast in the rotisserie, making corn, lima beans, pasta and biscuits with it. plenty of brownies and peanutbutter cheese cake left for dessert for tonight. may make a lemon cake tomorrow.

hope everyone has a good evening. hugs to all of you
JudyE said…
Good evening eagle buds

SANDI and I thought JUDIE was the funny one on the blog
That takes the cake LOL

Home from work was to upset to get on during lunch

Had some bad news Linda Smith I have know for 35 years and worked with most of them committed suicide night before last. She was my age.
Found out today at work from someone. She hasn't worked there in maybe 5 years now but still comes in to see us and some in the office hang out with her. As a matter of fact when I retired she was going to join me is some of my endeavors . When I mentioned I was retiring she warned me not to because I would be bored I explained to her my intentions of volunteering at nature parks, and Jordyn school and she said would you include me I said I would be delighted. I sure wish I knew things were that bad for her She didn't drive at all hubby took her every where. She was always down about her kids moving away with the grand kids also but I told her that was part of life we left our parents and she said you know you are right.
Mema Jo said…

Judy I just read your 'bad news' Like you say it is difficult to spot the depression.
Her advice was good about keeping busy once you do require - Unless illness hits you.
Sorry for your loss - May Linda rest in the sleep of peace ♥
Sandi said…
Hi all.

Soooo relieved to hear that your husbands are not perfect, y'all are just better at keeping quiet about it, eh? Glo, I think mine is about as trained as he's gonna get after 39 years!

Judy, I am very sorry to hear about your co-worker. Prayers for her family and friends left behind to try and make sense of her decision.

When I checked the cam earlier today the wind was really whipping and the nest was rocking and rolling. There are very few leaves left on the branches of the sycamore tree.

A little work did get done outside today in between the sprinkles. I guess Dennis figured it was a wise thing to do if he wanted to share the house with someone who would actually speak to him.

Dogs have been fed, need to take care of the people in the house. Goodnight all - I will see you in the early AM.
JudyE said…
just got home poof in the one cam and now just arriving in the other that has buffered
JudyE said…
got snips from the delayed cam
Mema Jo said…

Thanks for the photos Judy - it short but sweet

Very windy here in my valley..........
Did very little of nothing........ as I said it's phone call day.

IF I don't return you know that I wish you all a Goodnight ♥
Judie said…
Good evening.

JudyE, so very sorry for the death of your former co-worker. As Jo said, depression is difficult to recognize sometimes because the person often successfully disguises the downslide. Take comfort that she is now at peace.

Sandi, glad you and Denny are living in peaceful co-existence. lol How's Jenni tonight?

Wondering about Javelin and Patches, also.

Headed to the recliner to channel surf if I can keep my eyes open. Must call my Houston friends tomorrow to check on them.

Restful sleep for all.
Lynne2 said…
evening all!

I have not read back but will try to do so soon. Not having an easy recovery. Thought I was heading back to the ER last night. But over the phone the DR was able to tweak a few things and I'm better now. Feeling like a zombie, still having pain, but better!
Janet said…
JudyE~ so sorry sis. Depression can be a tricky thing to spot and know for sure. Very sad she felt she felt she had no other choice and didn't reach out, but know it is NOT anything you did nor your fault, and you could have not prevented it. This was her choice. Love you.
JudyE said…
I didn't want to say who on FB because not to many people know at work
JudyE said…
but if they really knew her as a friend instead of a work friend they would that we worked togther since the Zayres day. They would know who it is without asking also
grannyblt said…
Sorry to hear about your friend Judy..
stronghunter said…
So sorry to hear about your friend, Judy. The others are right. You could not have known she was so depressed.

Glad you are planning activities for your retirement. You are a high-energy person, so you will need to keep yourself busy. Volunteer activities will help you and you will be able to help others at the same time.
stronghunter said…
Lynne2, I hope your recovery will be less rocky. Gracious sakes, you deserve to be free of this mess.
stronghunter said…
2 Students Arrested in Attack Plot Against Riverbend High School

Bringing over a link I posted on FB. This is Hunter's school. We are very relieved that this plot did not progress any further. Hoping they have a good day tomorrow.
stronghunter said…
Yay! Redskins won. Lynn would have been happy. I always enjoyed watching games with her. :)
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - it's a new work week.

Lynne2, what a shame that your recovery has been awful. Is it your body getting rid of the pieces of the stone? I sure hope today is better for you.

Shirley, there were 2 emails in my spam folder that were supposedly from you this morning.

Have agreat day all.

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
JudyE said…
I also got a email Shirely in my spam folder and it
this is what it says without the link to click on

Good afternoon Good day Good to meet you Good to see you Have a look Hello Hello there Hey Hey there Hi Hi there How are you How are you doing How do u do How's it going Nice to meet you Nice to see you See this This is it This is what I wanted to show you What's happening What's up hi
stronghunter said…
Thanks, everyone. I have changed the password.
Judie said…

Good morning.

Shirley, hope Riverbend has a quiet day and adults are able to help students understand and cope with what happened. I sent you an email about the bogus emails. Yes, Lynn was celebrating yesterday.

Lynne2, really hope today will be better for you. Hope you can see the doctor today. So sorry for the continued pain.

Sandi, hope today will be a good one and Sam will be only a small PIA. How's Jenni?

Off to visit the dental hygienist this morning.

Wishing everyone a lovely day.

stronghunter said…
Hope your dental visit is unexciting, Judie.

Kathryn took Hunter to school this morning. She said it was her own peace of mind as well as to make sure all was well with Hunter. There was a reporter from Channel 7 there. We had been watching before they left and noted that she was across the street from the school. As Hunter pointed out, the school officials would not want them on school property. I was happy to get back in bed and watch TV.
stronghunter said…
Kathryn said that Hunter did not see the news crews, but she saw three when she left the school. They were interviewing students and parents. Kathryn had told Hunter that he did not need to speak to a reporter. I do not think they would speak to a student without a parent's permission.
stronghunter said…
There are also reporters at the courthouse. I suppose they are getting ready for the noon news reports.
stronghunter said…
Found a couple of odd messages in my Spam box. Looks like it is the hacker. I did not click on the link.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥ Ready to start a new week and pray all is well with you

Lynne - Really didn't expect pain to remain after Kid Rock was blasted. I guess I thought it was a quick fix - Prayers for this to be gone - the sooner the better. You
had mentioned going in Tues and I thought it was to remove the stent... Thinking about you gal !

Shirley - too close to home! Prayers for all schools to remain safe - Too much happening that gives thoughts/ideas to others. Article in our local paper of the schools installing an Alarm system (on the wall such as a Fire Alarm ) used especially to announce any situation that needs a lock down. This is so sad!

I also got the bogus email from you Shirley. They sure like your account - This must be the umpteenth password change for you. I never open the attachment Judy I hope you didn't get a virus by opening the attachment.

Judie - here's to the pearly whites! Guess what I watched last evening?? Baking Show.

Happy to see that the Still Cam is current - Thanks NCTC There were visits this morning 7:10 am - 7:53 am. They were in working on the nest.

Everyone have a good day - and a good week. ♥ BBL
Janet said…
good morning to all....

LYNNE2: hoping today is better for you
JUDYE: hugs, just because.
JUDIE: enjoy the dental visit.
STRONGHUNTER: scary stuff....

its a drizzly, rainy, coolish day here. feeling lazy. trying to get moving. lots I want to do. already have taken DAX to the vet for his check up and injections. I think he is trying to crawl under my skin the whole time that we are there!

Hoping everyone has a good day. Trying to get motivated here....hugs and love to all of you.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Still quite cool, 58. Have UIL band contest tonight. It will be chilly in the stands. Brrrrrr!

Lynne, so very sorry your discomfort continues! Not good!

Judy, so very sorry!

Trying to muster up energy! Failing! Need to get up and stir around!
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Another gorgeous Fall day here and hope the same can be said for your neck of the woods.

LYNNE2, so sorry the effects of Kid Rock have lingered on. Hope the aftershocks come to an end soon!

SHIRLEY, so sorry the craze for terrorizing schools has hit so close to home. In the last several weeks several Central Ohio school districts have been hit by "pranksters" resulting in lock downs, some cancelled school days and in one case the cancellation of a community festival. In all cases they've nabbed the young perpetrators, all students in the targeted schools. When will the copy catting on this thing stop? Maybe when the perps are properly disciplined. Not that I have any idea exactly what proper is in cases that involve juvies.

JUDIE, I hope you find that the friends in Houston are high and dry!

JO, wishing you a good day and week, too!

SANDI, I finally caught up with missed postings of the last couple of days. Your revelation of hubby woes was a hoot. Men, can't live with em' and can't live without em'. Why can't they be perfect like we females? ☺ Will be watching for more of the Sam Chronicles this week!

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
Hello on lunch

JO I DID not open the attachment
JudyE said…
I see STILL is up and running

Thanks JO for getting her fixed for us

JudyE said…
Just saw MIKE Linda husband he came in to the store to let us know the info on her service will be Thursday
I gave him my phone number and told him to call me if he needed to talk or anything
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