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New thread.


Lolly said…
Will go call the others over! Thanks!
Lynne2 said…
Thank you Steve! Thanks for the call over Kay!


Good morning!

Saw the Uro Dr this AM. He will have to remove the stone. Scheduled for next Thursday. Said if it's not out by now, then it's highly unlikely that it's going to come on it's own. They will blast it with sound waves. I still have to catch and strain my urine just in case, and of course be ready for any manor of pain between now and then. UGH.
Kay said…
Thanks a bunch STEVE---I've called the gang over.

A new thread for WANDA's Birthday---how special is that?

Happy Birthday to her and hello to all Eagle Buds!

Lolly said…
Good morning! You beat to the punch, Kay! Shall we share the feather?

Lynne, certainly hope there are no severe pain incidents waiting for this to be taken care of!

🎉🎈♥️. Happy Birthday, Wanda! ♥️🎈🎉. Wishing you a great day!
Lolly said…
Last night went to a memorial service and celebration of a great life. The church was packed and it lasted 90 minutes! Reception followed and after the clean up, Jack and I did not get home until 9:30! A long evening!

Had a cool evening. Saw 55 this morning. Hope it does not get into the 90's again today!

Andy, our yard is not fenced, so we could not contain Skippi! We have a fence across the back. Had neighbors with vicious, barking dogs as well as he was insane. Seriously! Have a fence on the south side as a neighbor there let it grow high in weeds and piles of junk! No privacy fence on the north side, just decorative rail fence. That neighbor has been a good neighbor for 42 years and has a pretty yard.
No crazy neighbors anymore. Behind us we have chickens and roosters! Oh, and ducks! Love the sounds!
JudyE said…
GOOD AFTERNOON Eagle buds on lunch and I find a fresh tread


JudyE said…
ALSO see STILL cam up
NCSuzan said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANDA!!!!!! Enjoy your special day! And if you have time, please pass on your beauty secrets. You look fantabulous!

Lynne2, hope this illness is over soon for you and without any more discomfort. Thinking of you....

Not much going on here. Have to pick up some prescriptions. They have changed my thyroid drug amount again. What a PIA disease it is.

Lolly. My cats do not go out here since we moved and it breaks my heart. They seem perfectly fine but a window hardly make up for grass, running squirrels, etc. Soooooo....I purchased from some neighbors a pet stroller. Thought this would be a win win for the cats and me! They will not even go anywhere near it! Love the concept but you have to have cooperative cargo! Haha
Kay said…
SANDI, you've posed some good questions! I look forward to your getting some replies. Inquiring minds want to know! Sounds like your young charge caused minimal problems yesterday and I hope you'll say the same thing at the end of this day.

Seth spent last night here and return to school this evening after dinner. He had a good Fall break, but is ready to get back at it.

Prayers for all in need!!!

Kay said…
LOLLY, we just went at the new thread in different ways. I'm happy to share the feather with you. We don't get as many of them as some folks do---not that I'm complaining!☺

Will see y'all tomorrow---catching up with chores, mail, newspapers now that Seth back at his house. No doggy play day today since he's home and needs time with his beloved pooch.
Mema Jo said…
Thank you Steve for the new thread - I didn't get a call over as I just brought up the site. Lolly and Kay - congrats on a feather or at least 1/2 feather. lol

Lynne I have prayers for your comfort until next Thursday - Out Damn Stone OUT !
When we said that about the SPOT - it worked - Hope the STONE works too.

Mema Jo said…
Wanda if you come by - Most of your happy B-day messages are on the older thread

Happy Birthday Tiger
grannyblt said…
Good afternoon to all.

Another birthday best wishes for Wanda.

Glad you have treatment scheduled for your kidney stone Lynne. My late MIL had to have hers surgically removed. K
It looked and was the size of a peanut--no way that one would pass. I'm sure you will feel better once the procedure is over.

I finally went to eye Dr. This morning. I have cataracts that need removing. I should have gone months ago. So now I'll have to wait until "snow" to get the process started. See what procrastination does for ya?

Cooler weather to come our way by the weekend--first frost already. Not quite ready for that.
grannyblt said…
Oh, and thank you Steve for the new thread
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
I am so amazed at the details we can see on our eagles now. Just beautiful!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Happy birthday dear Wanda, our very own Costume Lady!!!!
Lynne2 said…
Lynne...THE SIZE OF A PEANUT???? I really feel like a wimp now! Mine is only 1/8"!!
JudyE said…
Long visit but I am headin home
Shep was in and out lots stick brought in and tugg of stick
Sandi said…
Hi all.

Thanks Steve for a new thread and thanks Kay & Lolly for the almost simultaneous call-over.

Lynne, does blasting the kidney stone with sound waves mean no surgery? That's great news! What's the latest on the pigs? Will they be staying on the kennel property?

Today Sam earned himself another day of in-school suspension. Fortunately I won't be serving it with him, since I took a sick day for tomorrow to have a bone density test done. I do feel sorry for my sub having to be stuck in that little room with a very angry adolescent.

It sounds like both eagles have spent more time in the nest today and are getting serious about bringing in new sticks. YAY!

Time to fix food for people and pets. Later!
grannyblt said…
Missed the Eagles earlier, but have laptop tuned in until dark. A bit windy at the nest.

Yes Lynne, the size of a peanut, the Dr. Gave it to her because she was flabbergasted at the size. And then she showed the family, me included. She disposed of it soon thereafter as she wasn't the type to keep it as a shrine on public display. lol It didn't give her any trouble for years, evidently. It was in her kidney, I believe, because the incision was on her side/back. I think she was in her late 70s or later.
Mema Jo said…

Sandi - darn it all - Isn't there another way for Sam to exist? Can't he be sent to the alternative school even against his parents wishes? Right now that kid is wasted.
Breaks my heart to see kids like that! Nasty!

Well, I am going to watch Jeopardy - this young man has been the champion for the past
10 weeks....... He just floors me with all his knowledge! Then I'll watch Mr Gibbs on NCIS.

Lynne2 No peanuts allowed! Funny NOT.

Our eagles have been real busy today at the nest. Sticks are starting to be crib rails but so much more work to be done.

If I don't return - you know that I have said Goodnight to All ♥

Judie said…
Good evening.

Belated thanks to Steve for Wanda's birthday thread.

Congrats to Lolly and Kay on their shared feather.

Television time over. Headed to the pillows soon.

Lynne2, certainly hope you won't have discomfort, or at least not much, until the stone can be removed.

As Jo said, sure would be nice if Sam could be placed in an environment more suitable for his problems. Very sad.

Kay, nice you had more time with Seth. Won't be long before Winter break and he'll be back again for several weeks.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
Lynne2 said…
Have mercy on poor Sandi...glad you are going to have that bone density test!

Anyone catch the Mary Tyler Moore special on PBS tonight? Repeats at midnight here. I LOVE both the Dick van Dyke Show and the Mary Tyler Moore show...sure wish they replayed them.

SO I will have my stone blasted but a stent will be placed as well and that will come out a few days later. I ususlly ask a lot more questions when I am having a procedure but I'm SO over this.....LOL!
Lynne2 said…
Holy moly the wind is just HOWLING here!

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Nest is MT.

Jo, federal law states that a student with a disability is entitled to a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment (LRE). An emotional disturbance (ED) is a legitimate disability, though a difficult one b/c it's hard to feel empathy for an ED kid like you do for a kid with a learning disability (LD) because they're difficult kids. Sam HATES having someone "babysitting him" all day and lets me know it, both verbally and non-verbally. He wants to be treated like all the other kids. He would love to be rid of me and I remind him frequently that, if he does what he's supposed to do in class (behave and do his work)- like the other kids - then he won't need a 1-on-1. Bottom line, if he could act like the other kids, he would, but he can't b/c of his emotional disturbance.

Also, LRE dictates the lengths that a special ed. kids' teachers have to go to in order to support that a regular education class is not the appropriate place for him. Sadly, for Sam's teachers AND for the other kids on the team, we don't have the documentation yet to support that he should be somewhere else b/c most of his misbehaviors are considered "manifestations of his disability." It can be frustrating, but the laws are there to protect special ed. kids from the days when ALL of them were educated in self-contained classrooms away from regular ed. kids.

Sam can be difficult - he can be a giant PIA! But when I think about the fact that LRE allowed my very own learning disabled son to be educated in a regular classroom with non-disabled kids, I'm a believer in the laws. It's doubtful that Brian would be accomplishing the things he is today if he had spent all day every day for 12 years in a special ed. class with only special ed. students. Granted, Brian wasn't anything like Sam, but the laws pertain to ED kids the same as they do to LD kids.

Sorry to take so much blog space about special ed. law. And on a lighter note, today is Bella's 11th birthday and her gift is me being home!

Lynne2, I hope you are able to stay pain-free until next Thursday.

Judie, do you hear from the retirement community periodically to let you know where you and Darth are on their waiting list, or do you simply wait for a phone call that a cottage is available?

Have agreat day all.

EAGLE IN!! Working on sticks right away.
DanaMo said…
Ah..I didn't check the nest this morning! I'm behind schedule.I missed them!
Javalin tore her other ACL, not sure if I posted that the other day. Surgery is today.
Parent teacher conferences. Yuck! Not sure which is the worst, parent teacher conferences, back to school night, or parent visitation. I hate them all!
Janet said…
good morning to all. hope everyone has a lovely day!
Judie said…
Good morning.

MT nest when I checked.

DanaMo, wishing a successful surgery and complete recovery for Javalin and a minimally painful conference day for you.

Sandi, when the type of residence requested comes available, those who have requested that type of residence are called in order. So if #1 on the list declines, #2 is called, then on down the list until they find someone ready to move. If #1 on the list accepts, then #2 moves up to #1 on the list. We changed our available for consideration to March 2016 so do not know where we will be on the list at that time. Darth has been busy clearing out some of his stuff. Bone density tests are important even though we all know how much you dislike having to take a day off from work.

Lynne2, I watched the MTM special. It was an old one but I enjoyed it very much as the show was a favorite of mine.

Sandi, thank you for explaining how the process works for special ed. students. Does Sam have medication? Psychological services?

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

NCSuzan said…
Good beautiful fall morn to everyone!

Watched the MTM documentary on PBS also. Have to say that at first I thought that maybe she had died and this was an old presentation shown in a hurry to honor her. You should have seen me scrambling through the internet to find the condition of her health! LOL

It is an embarrassment that there is not a national movement to better every aspect for teachers. People complain but do nothing. I have a friend who is a teacher that exclaims that most of her peers take Xanax just to get through the stress of their jobs, day in and day out. Have you ever talked to a happy teacher? They deserve so much more.

Ok. My soap box bubbles over.

Enjoy the day.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Hope you're all enjoying a delightfully Fallish day like me!

JO, the young man of Jeopardy, Matt Jackson, has an amazing mind, doesn't he. He's not been a champ for 11 weeks, but rather, as of last night 12 shows in a row. He's up to 400 thou+. Never saw anyone so able to keep a straight face and when about to win, a poker face, the way he does! Move over Ken Jennings!

SANDI, what a shame it is that you must miss another day of school for the bone density test.☺ Thanks for the tutorial on special ed--so glad there are people like you who dedicate yourselves to that important work.

LYNNE2, the sooner that nasty "little" stone is gone, the better! Positive thoughts surround you!

DANA, thinking of Javelin today and wishing you well through those parental involvement times--I imagine it feels each set of parents thinks theirs is the only kid that matters!

On to the usual daily exercises....

Prayers for all in need!!!

Sandi said…
Hi all - my bones have been checked. Now to wait and see if they look OK.

Judie, in addition to Sam's medical diagnosis of ED, he has a non-medical diagnosis of PI, which stands for Parental Impairment. Sam's parents do not agree with his doctor's recommendation that he take Stratera. Nor do they feel they should have to take him for therapy. He sees a counselor at school for 30 minutes once a week.

It's very sad that, if parents denied their diabetic child access to insulin, they could be reported to DFS. But parents can neglect their child's mental health and the school can do nothing about it.

Dana, I saw your post on Facebook about Javalin - I hope her surgery is successful and uneventful.
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon to all ♥

Belle is in the nest - I have both cams up/running. I don't know what I did to the still cam but it went full screen on me.......... Wonderful
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
Mema Jo said…

Have any of you opened the Still Cam ???????????????

Let me know what you think
JudyE said…
Sandi said…
Thanks for the heads-up on an eagle in the nest Jo. I rarely go to the still cam page, but it sure seems like the still image is a lot larger, am I right?

JudyE said…
odd when I open the link that JO gave its is bigger buy on my regular fav save is the same size ODD
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
Mema Jo said…

Open our still cam for single pictures ---------- Date/Time stamp is now there

I also asked for cam to be pulled back so that the No Head Zone would disappear...
JudyE said…
Mema Jo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said…
JUDYE - don't try to analyze it too deeply -I've been online with IT - NCTC


Date/time stamp on the still cam yes, still waiting on other variables to put it on live feed.

I will pan the cam up tomorrow morning a little higher and set that to the default until something starts to happen at the bottom of the nest.

The Still cam now allows HD stills to be captured..........

Sandi said…
Jo, thanks for the news from NCTC about them adjusting the live cam slightly. I've been thinking about this year's view, which is the opposite of last year's view. If I recall correctly, last year both adult eagles spent a lot of time at the top of the nest which we dubbed the NHZ. But what used to be the top of the nest is now the bottom, right? Sooo, since our eagles seem to be creatures of habit, we may discover that we have a much better view since they'll spend a lot of time at the bottom of the nest. It's also possible that NCTC will have to adjust the cam so we can see the whole bottom of the nest once we get to nesting season.

We will all just have to wait and see, but isn't it wonderful that, with the new cam, our view of the nest can be adjusted at any time?? I am a happy eagle-watcher this year!

While grocery shopping, I bought 2 different bags of Sam's favorite sour candy. I have no problem with rewarding him at the end of each class period for appropriate behavior. If it works, then the day will be better for me, for the other teachers on the team, and for the rest of the kids on the team! If it doesn't work, I only spent $4.00! Fingers crossed!

Nest is currently MT except for shadows; I'll be watching off and on to see if our eagles show up this afternoon. Bye.
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Made my visit to the mall. Only slightly successful but it was a nice day to be out. Will do the remainder of my purchases online.

Jo, thank you so much for being in contact with the IT people at NCTC and for sharing the response. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Must agree with Sandi that perhaps it would be less worrisome to just wait and see where the eagles decide to spend time when in the nest and where the egg cup will be located and then ask NCTC to make appropriate adjustments. Actual nesting season is still several months in the future.

As I've said before, I believe we need to express heartfelt gratitude for having the cam, all the improvements, and all the joy we experience without it costing us money every time we check on the nest and without having to endure commercials before we can view the nest. Not only do we have the new PTZ and IR at night, we also continue to have the still cam. I hope my words will be taken with good grace as I am weary of the whining and complaining when gratitude and appreciation is due to Steve Chase and the NCTC staff. JMHO

Sandi, I will say a huge candy prayer that Sam will respond to treats with good behavior.

No scullery duty tonight. Darth has a meeting.
JudyE said…
I love we are calling the top of the nest the bottom of the nest its 12 not 6 lol
even it said that

Good luck SANDI with the candy Sour skittles are awesome and I know I would be good for then LOL

I love sour candy any kind

I have the new still up just made it 75% screen instead of 100 I like seeing the date in the old link hard to see the date but on snips it snips a good date
funny how the ip address changed
JudyE said…
did you also notice the will reload in -- seconds is now to the left of the cam screen
JudyE said…
LM for me waiting for the royal couple to arrive while I watch the news
JudyE said…
Geeze got a email from NCTC OCT 22 they are having a kid movie preview on the premises I want to go
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
grannyblt said…
Short visit that I see JudyE has noted. My live camera is still showing the eagle and has been buffering for several minutes.

SED to all
JudyE said…
the delete are mine finger happy with eagle LOL
JudyE said…
I got assigned a asst mgr today I went to Co Brenda and explained the happenings last wed put in for the day off for appt but Ian the asst mgr that was doing my schedule didnt accept it or deny it so I was a no show and a no call in for the day that made me so mad I went to the co and she fixed it for me and being it was after the fact couldn;t get the day sick paid so I turned in a personal day for it Brenda apologized for the mgr that couldn't do his job right per her words and just told me to deal with AM Carmen with I loove her she said just to remind her until she get use to it which should only take a week she said she use to be my manager The only issue is I don't show up on anyone radar in limbo because the job I am doing is not a position anylonger So tired of the drama will it ever end LOL for now its is cool
Judie said…
Have watched jeopardy. Now on to Worst Cooks.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
Mema Jo said…
My little wizard on Jeopardy lost this evening - But he sure took a bundle with him.
He seemed like a robot with the questions but you could also tell he had a good personality and was humorous. He will go far !

Mema Jo said…
Lynne2 - Need advice about my cat running across newly sealed driveway of the neighbors.
Now it is stuck on his feet and I have no idea how to remove it.... Hubby held him
while I tried to get dish detergent on them - He is so strong and wiggled away. He also has some pretty large outdoor claws...
My concern is that he is trying to clean them by licking and chewing - Isn't that
blacktop going to hurt him??????????????
Lynne2 said…

I have no idea except don't use any chemicals! It's not likely that as he licks and chews that he'll actually ingest it but if he does he isn't gonna feel too good.

You can try softening it by using vegetable oil but it's going to need to be on there for some time for it to get soft enough to remove. I don't suppose you have a cone you could put on his head?

If you attempt to remove some, still use oil, but wrap him up in a big towel to try to calm him and feed him some treats. Just pull one foot out at a time from the towel, oil it well, do the next and so one then start back at foot one and try to remove some of the sealant by peeling it off or scrub gently with dish soap and wash clothe. Call the vet in the AM.
Mema Jo said…

I'll try the veg oil IF I can get him to cooperate with me.
NatureNut said…
OMG, Jo! Haven't been on here for awhile. Trying to figure out this Window 10 computer and haven't even started on trying out facebook yet.
These kitties can make you hold your breath. The sweet little orange and white boy, Punkin, that adopted us almost a year ago was on the garage roof Sunday. On the roof is not so bad, but he was laying on the back edge, reaching over!!!! There used to be ivy growing up the back of the building. Fubby cut most of it down, but said some was so tight, he couldn't even pull it off! So I renamed kitty Punkin Wallenda! Mrs. Wallenda performed before the start of Nascar race Sunday!

Now from the silly to the sublime. If I can be so selfish to ask a favor of you wonderful Momsters, then I must. We need some thoughts and prayers for daughter, Sherry, in Texas. About 3 weeks ago, she said a development near them was being evacuated due to fire. She packed a couple bags w/the irreplaceables. Luckily, their area was OK.
Last night she called and said an area 7 miles down the highway from them called Hidden Pines had fire, North of a small town called Smithville & north of that main highway. Tonight, most things are similar except larger amount of acreage threatened, only 10% containment, County declared a disaster area and they predict at least 3-4 days to get it under control. Fireman are burning foliage on the threatened side of the highway as a precaution. Thank God the wind hasn't been a factor yet.
Sher said now, that she had unpacked her "moving" bags and was repacking again in case they do have to evacuate. Now that it's dark, she can see flames from down the highway.She was running the lawn sprinklers and I suggested she run the hose on the roof. She said it's been 100° there and no rain. Hubby ,Jimmy, is out of town, working in Saudi Arabia!!
Thank you so much & God Bless ALL
Lynne2 said…
Oh LORETTA....of course we'll say prayers. I cannot even imagine how terrifying it must be for Sherry dealing with this alone! Please keep up posted.
Mema Jo said…

Loretta - Many prayers for Sherry's safety. I happened to see your comment after I
published mine. Prayers and more prayers -- really hate that she would have to go through this again........... ♥
stronghunter said…

Oh my goodness! Loretta, prayers and good wishes for your daughter. I did not realize there were fires in Texas.

I was thinking of you just this evening, and that it has been awhile since you have posted. Yes, kitties can cause us great concern. I have one sleeping at the foot of my bed as I type. Both of our kittens are sweethearts. It's Allie visiting me right now. Cheeto is around somewhere. He has the bad habit of knocking things off shelves and rummaging around on my desk and dresser.

Amazing what cats can get into, Jo. Is your neighbor going to have pawprints across the driveway? Seriously, I hope the vet can come up with an easy solution.

We watched Jeopardy tonight, also.
That young man is amazing. Believe it or not, though, Kathryn got the right answer to the question he missed. No one on the program got it.
stronghunter said…
Lynne2, I am so sorry that you are still suffering pain from that stone. I hope it gets blasted into a million tiny bits and you cannot even find them in the strainer.

Thanks for the explanation, Sandi. I know bits and pieces of the requirements for accommodating special ed kids, but not the whole story. I hope the candy approach works. Good thing there is not a law against candy bribery. It's truly unfortunate that his parents aren't more co-operative.
stronghunter said…
On the Jeopardy guy . . . we will be seeing him again. They will probably pit him against Ken Jennings at some point in the future.

stronghunter said…
I agree with Judie. It's very nice that we have the lovely new camera and that we aren't having to deal with commercials anymore. I had forgotten all about the commercials.

It seems that the cold I brought home from France has settled into pneumonia for Kathryn. Last night was busy around here, as she came home late after visiting the doctor and encountering a traffic mess on I-95. She heard that someone had committed suicide by jumping off a bridge into traffic, which caused a closure of the highway hours earlier.

stronghunter said…
Hope the surgery went well, Dana.

Happy birthday a bit late, Dear Wanda.

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Back to work - and Sam - but only 2 days left in my work week now. I am really liking this 4-day work week thing!

Loretta, how very scary for Sherry and for you. I will surely keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Shirley, good to see you on the blog but sorry to hear that Kathryn is feeling so puny. Has she been to a doctor for antibiotics?

Dana, how did Javalin's surgery go? I guess your at-home "vet tech" will be sleeping on the floor with another of your furballs, right? Do you and Monte have veterinary school tuition in your future for Ann Marie?

Jo, sorry about the asphalt on your kitty's paws - have you done a Google search on removal techniques?

Lynne2, hope you're feeling OK.

Gotta run. Have agreat day all.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,Sandi!

Hope you and Sam both have a good day.

Getting ready for my Thursday bowling league. We are the "Morning Stars." Nice name for a group of bowling ladies.
stronghunter said…
Kathryn went to the doctor. That's how the pneumonia was diagnosed. She is supposed to return within 3 days of the first visit. I tried to talk her into staying home from work, but she says she has too much to do there.
Lynne2 said…
OMG...speaking of those commercials.....I sure hope ole Ed remembers to put the Sat-bil in his boat this winter!
Lynne2 said…
Jo, how is the kitty this morning?

KATHRYN.....STAY HOME. Good grief, pneumonia is SERIOUS!!!

Dana, how's Java?
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

JO how is the paws this am

SHIRLEY she should stay home nothing is that important over her health

LORETTA so sorry to hear will be keeping you and yours close to heart has to be so scary for her!

LYNNE2 hope you aren't in much pain until this can be dealt with

SANDI here is hoping the candy did the trick DID IT???

Our temps are so nice dewpoints LOW cold front came through and it feels like a fall day gonna be all week

so far no panning of the cam I see

JudyE said…
I went to Dana FB page and asked how he was this am she posted a hour ago Feeling exhausted but no other post in regards to him
Sandi said…
Hi from school! Sam is absent so it's an easy day for me.

grannyblt said…
Luck is with you today Sandi.

Lynne2, is this the Thursday your kidney stone gets blasted? Or is it next week?

This is to be our last warmish day, maybe mid 60's. They are forecasting the first wet snowflakes for the weekend.

I'm off in a while to the Spread Eagle Inn in Ohio for lunch with friends.

Hope everyone has a nice day.
JudyE said…
I forgot to say our temps at the time I posted was 65
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Doing a quick check of this morning's posts before heading to Julie's to pick Malcolm up for doggy play day. It's cool here, but gorgeous and perfect for dog walking.

LORETTA, I had to back up a bit after seeing references to Sherry and fire. Not again! Prayers and more prayers.

SHIRLEY, Kathryn should be at home, but you must have instilled a strong work ethic in her. Sure glad she did go to a doctor and has some meds working for her.

DANA, we're all anxious to hear about Javelin's surgery. Our furry family members do matter so much!

SANDI, what a nice respite when Sam is absent! When he returns I hope the candy incentive will do the job.

JUDIE, when I backed up for LORETTA's news I read your Spot On post re:the nest, our commercial break, etc.. Well said. Like LYNNE2, I'm kinda worried about Ed and his boat!☺

JO and all Jeopardy addicts--I had mixed feelings about the young whiz kid's loss, sorry for him, but happy for the young man who succeeded in knocking him out. Yes, we'll see him again. I read a column on the way the show is taped. One full week in one long day with only enough time between shows to do a quick change of clothes and grab a snack. Eventually most repeating contestants get brain weary more than anything else. Talk about grueling!

Okay, off to get Malcolm. Woof-woof!

Prayers for all in need!!!

Kay said…
LYNNE1, read your post as I was getting ready to sign off---have a wonderful luncheon in Beautiful Ohio! I find Ohio a very good place for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Love the name of that restaurant!
Lynne2 said…
Lynne, the procedure will be NEXT Thursday. Unless I decide to go in and rip it out myself....
Judie said…
Good late morning.

Slept very late today.

Wow! Beautiful sun-dappled view of the entire nest this morning. MT but beautiful. Thank you NCTC techs.

Loretta, such a very scary and tense situation for Sherry. Please let her know the momsters are thinking of her and sending "no fire" prayers her way.

Jo, if removing the blacktop with oil is not working, please call a local vet to get some advice. If not dangerous if ingested, maybe the goop will just wear off.

I suspect we may well see the Jeopardy Washington Wizard again - competing with Shirley's Kathryn. Wouldn't that be fun? BUT, Kathryn needs to get well for that to happen so hope she comes back home to recover. Pneumonia can be dangerous.

Dana, hope Javelin did well with the surgery and can fully recover. Pet surgeries are stressful for their people, too, to get some rest.

Lynn2, wishing you a pain-free (or less painful) day.

Sandi, enjoy a day of peace and quiet and absent of foul language and anger. One more sleep before the weekend.

Anyone else checking on Bei Bei? He is getting so big and starting to try to crawl and turn over.

Hope to get a flu shot today. Way behind schedule on that one.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.
Judie said…
Oops! Missed Lynne1.

Lynne1, have a fun luncheon and enjoy being with your friends.

Now that I think about it, hope Glo pops in to give us a critter update.

Mema Jo said…
Good late morning to All ♥

Mr Newt (the cat) is ok - the hardest part was trying to keep him inside - he has his own life style and we did interfere with that last evening. Never heard such loud cries to go out. We would have kept him in yesterday had we known neighbors were going to seal their driveway.

Matt, my Jeopardy brain will now be able to return for the big money contests with the
other high stakes winners. That will be a very nervous game. Yep,I bet he will need to face Ken & some of my other favorites. Kay the way they record in such a short time - I'd be having brain freezes. Shirley sometimes with a question I can pop out a correct answer - few and far between though.

Lynne1 - Spread Eagle - is that for bird lovers or for criminals when apprehended..Have a wonderful lunch with friends. You didn't say that 4 letter winter word for this weekend - did you really ?
Mema Jo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said…
Blogger Mema Jo said...

Judie - I always check out the little Prince Bei Bei - and sometimes we get videos from Panda International of the little Princess Bao Bao.She is still quite the character. Mei usually drags and pushes the little Prince out of the den and into the large day room. She sometimes moves him lit a mother cat would move her kittens by the nape of the neck.

Hahahaha.....Momma Mei takes Bei Bei on a cross room road trip while mopping the floor with him at the same time (I like when she pushes him with her paw at once point). Great idea. LOLOL
At this age the little guys are getting too heavy and for moms to take them anywhere outside the den they need to improvise, so they carry them like cats do their kitties.

Hope you can open this Youtube video...... It was posted by C.c.Anastasia Walters
Mema Jo said…
This is one of Bao Bao showing how she gets her room so messy.............

I do Love Pandas
Mema Jo said…
Sandi - Love the new pic of Little Miss Frejya - do they raise pumpkins in Mexico?
Elliot is to have his first experience at the local Pumpkin Patch this Friday.
He should love the baby goats and pony they have. Plus a hayride pulled by the tractor to the patch to select your pumpkin. Next year he will enjoy it more so being able to
run in the patch and find his own pumpkin. This year dad & mom & Meme aka Jenny will have the most fun.
Mema Jo said…

Judie - it is flu shot time but you are not really too late - My one dr advises that
Oct is a good month to receive it. Will you or did you ask your dr about the Prevnar13
pneumonia shot? Hubby and I got them also.
Mema Jo said…
Judie - Glo mdde this comment on FB and I wanted to bring it over:

Good morning everyone. I now use my phone only occasionally as a hotspot so status will be fewer and shorter lol.
Zoey ate a little breakfast and is in her snuggle bed. She seems to actually feel better today than yesterday although it's kind of hard to tell for sure. Gabby is right there with her.
Patches and I have been for our walk. I have errands to run, yardwork to do and I guess some housework too. hagd .
Judie said…
Back again.

Jo, how I would love to see my future boyfriend Master Elliot at the Pumpkin Patch. What a delight that will be. I have not spoken with my primary as I can't see paying a fee for a one-word answer -- yes or no. So, I will trust the pharmacist. Also happy to know that Newt is okay. I can only imagine the caterwauling you all endured. Surely Lynne1 will not be arrested? Ah, the indignity. I have seen the scruf of the neck tactic and will watch the utube when I return home. We will, indeed, have fun watching the Jeopardy contests with the high-rollers. Let the gaming begin! Will watch the utube of Bei later - thank you.

Thank you for the update from Glo. I am so worried for her and Zoey. Gabby must sense that something isn't quite right. Kitty prayer for Zoey.

Love Freyja's little lady face. Will have to plan a meet-and-greet for Freyja and Elliot in about 18 years.

Wonder how the Morning Stars did today? Hope it was a winning day!

Okay, about to try to make myself less scary.

Mema Jo said…

FYI: Steve will be Out-Of-Office until 10/19
Mema Jo said…

Took me a moment to think about Morning Stars

I bet they sparkled..........
Mema Jo said…

I have been wondering so I went on goggle and looked it up;;;;;;;;;

Sunday, November 1 in when we Turn Back our clocks is the end of Daylight SAVINGS TIME
Mema Jo said…


JudyE said…
back from lunch with Angie

and my live feed looks the same not zoomed out YET is it me or is it not yet done thought I read someone said was different Love the yellow colors in the tree of the nest fall foliage will be all I will see this year LOL
Mema Jo said…

JudyE - IT was going to TRY to tilt the cam today - I suppose they are busy and
have not had time to do it yet.
JudyE said…
JO Thanks for the info that is what I thought but I thought someone said something that it was done OOPS ole age hitting again lol

saw the eagles at the cell tower and just as I pulled on the the sideroad they flew off and flew right over me was so awesome but by the time I got truck stopped and out of truck and camera out they were in the distance I did get a short video on them far away but the white tail and head do show in the video
stronghunter said…

Hunter is home from school. He hurried upstairs, and I heard him talking with someone. Since no one else is up there, I am sure he was on the phone with his mother. Probably wanting to play Xbox or something like that. He did not sound happy.

There have been homework issues. The other night when Kathryn was late getting home, he told me that I was annoying him by "staring" at him--his word--when he was working on homework. I knew very well he would have been in video game world had I not been present. He did take advantage of my presence to ask a few questions about geography. Thank goodness, I knew some of the answers.

Jo, like you, I can sometimes pop out the answers, but not that often. The member of our family who can do the best with Jeopardy questions in Rus. I think he might be a possible contender.

That young fellow who won last night seems to be plenty sharp himself.

stronghunter said…
I am not ready to think about s***flakes, Lynne1. Good grief!
stronghunter said…
For those of you not on Facebook, there are a few pictures from France on my blog. They are not particularly organized. I sometimes struggle with putting pictures on the blog site.
stronghunter said…

My Thursday bowling team went down to terrible defeat. We lost all of our games. Unfortunately, the Tuesday team suffered the same fate.
stronghunter said…
"Morning Stars" is the name of the bowling league. Some of them did sparkle indeed. But not our team. We are called "R We Having Fun Yet?" Please do not laugh too much. It was my idea.
stronghunter said…
My friend from Culpeper whose husband was on Jeopardy said the same thing about the way they tape the programs. They tape more than one game in a session, just taking time for a change of clothing. I know I've mentioned the Cupeper couple before. They were both librarians at schools in the county, but when he was on the show, he had to say he was from Connecticut, where they had lived previously, because the producers like to have contestants represent different parts of the country, and there was already someone else from near here. He did win twice. It was pretty exciting for those of us who knew them.
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…

time stamp is 10 min ahead and the image is not the same on live feed Looks like aspooky hand
JudyE said…
SHIRLEY that is interesting that they have to change cloths to make it look like different days I would have never thought of that

I guess more cost effective that way also for all
JudyE said…
the still is large now on both links I have to zoom down the size to make fit on laptop to 75% otherwise big
Mema Jo said…
JudyE - hit CTRL and the minus sign to reduce the size
Mema Jo said…
The still is frozen if the time stamp means anything
Correct date BUT stuck at 01:03:46PM

It's Thurs - It is common that the Wed evening server download is what jams it

I'll try to catch them before they leave today
JudyE said…
BABY Chance Walsh was found in Sarasota buried in a subdivision that the construction was halted on RIP so sad
Judie said…
Home from my adventures. Flu shot, pneumonia shot, nails prettied.

Shirley? R U Having Fun Yet? Of course U R. lol. Sorry your team lost. Fingers crossed for next time. Also, you really should be ashamed of yourself for annoying Hunter. What a bad grandma you are. lol Hope Kathryn is feeling better and will stay home if not -- then SHE can annoy Hunter.

I knew about the taping of several shows in the same day (cost effective) so it makes sense a change of clothing would be in order. I'll have to share that with Darth. Didn't know about your friend in Culpepper but now I can say I have a friend you knows .... That should make me seem far more important than I really am. lol

Going to put my feet up for a few then to the scullery.

stronghunter said…
Got a pneumonia shot about a year ago. Probably a good thing I did.

Hoping to have more fun next week, Judie. I will not be able to bowl on Tuesday because I have a doctor's appointment. One of those appointments where they freeze parts of your face. Tried to re-schedule, but the earliest opening is in January. Guess I should be pleased I have a popular dermatologist.
stronghunter said…
So, Tuesday will not start out with a fun event, but I told my teammates that I should be able to join them for lunch.
stronghunter said…
Oh my! Looks like the temp is about to drop into the 30s.
stronghunter said…
Interesting blue shadows on the nest. Very blue.
Lolly said…
Was thinking of Loretta and daughter and I see she has posted! Yes, prayers for Shery and the Bastrop area! So very , very scary!

Worked in the yard today and tomorrow I leave for a retreat in east Texas this weekend.

Had a scare with Laurel.. Her eyes have really been bothering her. She was told by one doctor she had an eye infection. Used drops and her eyes got worse. Went to another doctor. She had an allergic reaction to the other medicine. Second doctor said her eye desease that she has was still in remission. Her problem is severe dryness. So she is on more drops for a month and then back to the doctor where they will run another test. Scary! But, we are hopeful!

Got my wheels back yesterday. My car is looking good!
JudyE said…
both gone when brought it back up
Mema Jo said…

Glad your car repairs went well, Lolly

Live feed is still doing a lot of buffering.

Night light on and nest is MT
Mema Jo said…

Off to some TV - I will miss my Jeopardy Matt !
Get to watch a new Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Murder and Mozzarella 8:00 PM on WETA 26, 1 hr 2015 TV-PG

and then it's up for grabs - :(

IF I don't return you know what: Goodnight to all ♥
Stay warm !
Tell Hunter Long Pants tomorrow morning!

grannyblt said…
I'll keep an eye on the cam, but I'm sure JudyE will give the play by play.

Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn is a very old establishment in eastern OH, Hanoverton OH. It is a hotspot of Republicanism. Pictures of presidents and high ranking Republicans that have visited adorn the walls. Maybe it is called Spread Eagle because the Eagle's wings are spread out. If you are interested, they do have a Facebook page. I had some really good crab cakes and others had steak. The only downer is the hour and a half drive one way. The visit with friends, priceless.

The weatherman has assured us that the s&&&flakes will melt easily. He weather today was beautiful, and the trees were at their fall peak. An enjoyable day.

I'm sure hoping the Bastrop fires are under control. I have fond memories of family camping trips in that part of Tx.

I see the Eagles are long gone and I'm missing Jeopardy. SED to all.
NatureNut said…
Hello, Dear Gang! Been out most of the day, then checking TX news on computer and Sher just called. Her hubby is getting an earlier flight home. They were supposed to leave this weekend for a week in Hawaii! That's getting cancelled.
Thanks for all the prayers~~~~fire not much closer to them. They are worried about a cold front that is supposed to come in over weekend. If very windy, could push the mess toward them!
What happened earlier this spring-summer, as Lolly said, was a lot of rain and flooding and then a couple dry months. The TX fire map shows quite a few hotspots toward Dallas area. Her friends where she took her two bags today for safe keeping had the hubby say he would come down and help her on the roof w/garden hoses if anything gets close! He said her lawn is so lush and green, it should be safe! There isn't a lot to burn anymore close to her, but neighbor who is volunteer fireman for many years said the worst part now is pine cones exploding like little fire bombs!
Enough already, I think they'll be OK. Thx so much for the shoulders~ ☺
Think I read that Ms. Lynne is suffering w/kidney stones! Hope you're done w/them ASAP.
Haven't had much pictures lately, nothing much different around, but Tues. PM I hiked to a spot where I thought I could see the eagle nest. Got a couple pics of what I thought was it, but nothing on the pics!!!! Too many leaves!!! Later ☺ ♥ ♥ ♥
JudyE said…
I am to busy snipping pictures on the tablet to do play by play and on the tablet they show up before they do on desk top or lap top by atleast a minute or so same as when still is working see there first with the buffering of the cam maybe tablet doesn't buffer as much I don't have a buffer area on it at all ok gonna go watch tv I have been so bad on putting pic in em album just got done doing from the 12 to today all caught up now
JudyE said…
SNOW a little early isn't it

LORETTA so happy he is coming home hard to go through stuff alone needs someone to lean on

ok off to TV and I again forgot to go to gym I keep thinking today was Wed for some reason maybe because the last couple of dentist appts have been on Wed and I went again today to get another fitting there is no end to this LOL next Thur is cleaning
stronghunter said…
Just went with Kathryn to the store for some medical supplies. She's too doped up on cough medicine to drive. She's ready to go to bed, and it's only 8:30.

Prayers and good wishes for Laurel, Lolly. Please keep us posted.

Good to know Sherry's husband is heading home, Loretta.

Spread Eagle Tavern sounds like an interesting place, Lynne1.

Judie said…
Dinner over. Scullery in order.

Shirley, no problem having one's face frozen provided it is frozen in time -- as in the teen years. Also, you might want to consider the lunch menu because eating may be difficult with a frozen face.

Lynne1, so happy you had a good time with friends and good food as well.

Loretta, prayers continue for Sherry and hubby that the fire will not reach their home. Wonderful to have friends who will stand by to help if needed. Comforting.

Lolly, wishing a quick recovery for Laurel.

Arm that was shot up today is protesting. Muscle is definitely not happy about being stabbed not once but twice. So, started to watch Miss Fisher but it is a rerun from last week. Will search for another option.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.
stronghunter said…
Pretty nails, Judie? Waiting for a description. Blue? Yellow? Purple? Any designs?

With that, I will say good night. Cleaning lady is supposed to come tomorrow. I will need to get started early to finish some preparations. And, sadly, my dishwasher is making terrible sounds. I had to stop it before it finished this evening. Wondering if a new dishwasher is in my future.
stronghunter said…
Yeah, Judie. I think only small parts of my face will the the freezing cold treatment. I would look strange with the face of a teenager.

Rest well, my friends. SED.
stronghunter said…
. . . will get the freezing cold treatment. My brain is freezing already.
Mema Jo said…

Late email from NCTC about still cam

HI jo I saw that I'll reset in the am
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Have had to read back and catch up a bit. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to WANDA! Hope it was a wonderful day, and that your upcoming year is even better!

Lynne2, Hope you're not in too much pain waiting for the stone to be blasted.

DanaMo, hope that Javalin is doing well, and that the surgery was a success.

Loretta, praying for your daughter in that scary situation! Glad her Hubby is headed home.

Judie, the flu shot made my arm a little sore this year too. Hope that means that it is working well.

Shirley, hope that Kathryn feels much better, really soon! Prayers for her recovery. Hope your dishwasher decides to work much better, too.

Well, it's getting pretty late, so I'd better say goodnight and try to get some sleep. SED, everyone! God bless. I ♥ us!
Sandi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Friday!

Sending prayers and positive energy this morning to Loretta's daughter & son-in-law for safety from the fires, Shirley's Kathryn for meds to kick in and do a number on the pneumonia, Dana's pup for quick healing from surgery, Lynne2 for no pain between now and next Thursday, Lolly's Laurel for relief from her eye problem, and Lynne1 for no snow this weekend! Hope I didn't miss anyone.

Have agreat day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle buds


JudyE said…
JudyE said…
DANA had onFB yesterday that she was heading to pick him up He looked so sad in the pictures so we now he is ok Thought I would bring this over and also the VET had picked him up at the house to take him She lives right down from her I thought that was neat
JudyE said…
I woke up my computer was down again Well at least its bringing it down instead of locking and freezing up and I have to unplug like before I am going to try to keep till the Black Fri sales It goes down every day now instead of freezing or locking up like it did in past She is getting old I guess and want to retire like me permanently LOL
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Love seeing the different views from the cams. One camera was turned on and you could see the other cam connected to the other side of the tree.
JudyE said…
they keep spinning from one side to the other I guess trying to get it just right
JudyE said…
are you getting seasick SHAR LOL
JudyE said…
silly me got some snips of the different views around lol they keep going back to the same view they need to pull up or back a tad
Sandi said…
Hi from the main office where i am sitting with Sam. In ELA class, he stated loudly, "I'm smarter than you. I know how to kill people and i think that's my plan." I reported it to the principal who has now called the police. Stay tuned. I have been watching the live cam being moved around.
JudyE said…
lOL on my news they are talking about breast cancer awareness and they said mild duds instead of milk ducts
JudyE said…
OH MY SANDI please be safe when threats are made like that they are difentely takin seriously I am shaking after reading this
JudyE said…
Heading out taking tablet with me Keep up posted I am sure he will no longer be attending your school after this
Mema Jo said…

Good morning to all ♥

LOL - I see the barn!

They are panning it around the property
and trying to get rid of the NHZ

Keep your eyes on it - lol - experimental - Now it is steady - you just had a whirlwind tour of the property around the nest.
Mema Jo said…

Sandi - this news of the threat is very scary -- BUT I am hoping the police have
certain policies to do something to prevent future disaster BUT I don't think they can do much - Hoping the school can take action. Not to be a "smart a*#*"
BUT I guess the candy didn't work out. I wish it would have! I think our worst fears concerning Sam and his parents are happening.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Shirley, hope the freezing is quickly done. Never really hurts for me but I do keep watch on the resulting blisters. Enjoy your clean house. Hope Kathryn is better and the dishwasher, too. Um, could the dishwasher be stuffed up with Hunter's homework?

Nails are pumpkin orange with eagles decorating each nail. lol Nails are soft mauve. Mostly what I enjoy is having them all filed the same shape and length. No doubt everyone at the reunion will be in dazzled.

Had an uncomfortable night. Arm was aching and quite sore. A little better this morning. Apparently muscles do NOT like being stabbed twice in one day. lol

Hi Andy. Puppy hugs for Emma.

Lynne2, hope the day is pain-free. DanaMo, wishing Javelin a good day of recovery and healing. Loretta, continued prayers for Sherry. Wishing Laurel help from the medicine.

Sandi, I forget. Are you sick again today? If not, hope the school day is a good Friday.

Hope Kay, Glo, and Lynne1 stop by.

Judie said…
Back again.

I see Sandi my question. Sadly, without an actual crime, I don't think the police can "take action." Hopefully there will be discussion with the parent(s) regarding placing Sam a supervised home, or group home with trained counselors. I know I sound negative but Sam is a tragedy waiting to happen. Very concerning.
NCSuzan said…
Thank you Judie.

Arm was sore and bruised for a couple of days after this years
flu shot.

Do you think Sam's statement was just to shock? Definitely not the right thing to state. He will see be in a mess now.

Bei Bei is so cute and chubby. Pot Plant Owl has maybe two chicks! Cornell has a new hummingbird cam in Texas catching migrating Hummers of all types!
Mema Jo said…

The surrounding property tour with the cam this morning was intentional......and
will probably become a daily happening.

Guess which nest has 3 cams ! WOW !
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Sandi! What a horrible situation! That poor boy is so sick! Very, very scary!

Loretta, yes that cold front comes through here this morn and heads towards your daughter. A cold front with no rain! It is so dry, so much rain in May and now in the 5th month with no rain. It is so dry!

Laurel's eyes were no better when she went to bed. Have not heard from her this morn. Doctor did say it would take a few days.

Leaving for a retreat in a few hours, need to go pack. Have a great weekend!
NCSuzan said…
Oops! One more thing or two.....

Kay, are you seeing season 7 of Doc Martin? My PBS station seems not to be showing it this year. However there is AcornTV and for a monthly fee they have British shows and Doc is one of them. You can see these shows on your PC, iPad, etc. Already do Netflix and don't watch it that much. Hmmmmm.

Shirley, you are so very busy! World traveler, photographer, animal trainer and athlete just to name a few of the things that you do!! Please tell Kathryn to be careful with her pneumonia. It can easily become worse. Children can be so stubborn at any age!

Ok. I'm done. Thank you.
Mema Jo said…

Judie - since Luna doesn't like to eat Homework - I agree that the dishwasher should be checked thoroughly. Perhaps nearer to Halloween you can get those Pumpkin colored or black fingernails with skeletons.
Have you taken some tylenol for your arm's muscle discomfort or are you ok just to suffer - I had a slight bump from my shot but only minded it if I accidentally rubbed
my arm or someone aka Hubby touched my arm ...... Did you get both shots in the same
I agree with you on your opinion of Sam - Not good,.
Mema Jo said…
Lolly - I remember that the retreat always turns out to be an awesome event - enjoy.
Prayers for Laurel's eye situation -

Prayers for Sherry, Loretta. Very good that her hubby can get home earlier then planned.

Lynn2 - Praying for your comfort with the Stone !

Suzan - I wish they would confirm 1 or 2 owlets in the Pot PLANT

Have my regular podiatrist appointment this afternoon - I have my foot care and my nail trimming taken care of by a dr due to diabetes 2.

Judie - I was disappointed about Ms Fisher being a rerun!!!! Spoiled by entire TV evening...

Kay said…
Good RED FRIDAY Morning Eagle Buds!
I'm watching and enjoyin the panoramic vies of the nest and surrounding property. Great view of NCTC grounds and buildings! The techs at work see what we see and I'm sure they want maximum coverage just as we do. So grateful for all ongoing efforts toward "perfection"!

JO, thanks as always for communicating with them and for sharing their replies with us!!!

SANDI, How I hate to hear that Sam is threatening in that way. Here's hoping a police report and investigation will be the avenue to a wake up call for his parents and the path to some therapy, etc.. What a troubled young man he is.

JUDIE, mauve is lovely-the perfect color to go with anything. You'll wow em' at the reunion. Hope the muscle aches subside soon.

SHIRLEY, hope Kathryn is better, and thinking of you as the dermatologist zaps those trouble spots for you!

LORETTA, prayers for Sherry and hubby as they do all they can against a formidable and unpredictable foe. Mega-prayers!

LOLLY, prayers, too, for Laurel. We take our eyes and eyesight so for granted. Glad she got a second opinion!

DANA, hope Javalin is resting comfortably at home and that the outlook for him is now good.

LYNNE2, special thoughts for you! Sorry to hear the medicos can't do the stone blasting NOW!

LYNNE1, snow already? Say it isn't so!

Hello to SHAR, ANDY and JUDY!

It's cool, crisp and absolutely beautiful here today--another great day for dog walking. I haven't anything but that and the daily routine on my agenda. I'm a happy camper!

Prayers for all with special needs!!!

Kay said…
SUZAN, we're still watching Doc Martin reruns here and this is from WOSU's website:

"A quick update for all you DOC MARTIN fans. When the New York Times asked Martin Clunes, who plays Doctor Martin Ellingham, about a season 7 of DOC MARTIN he replied “The show will shoot a seventh season in 2015″, but he added ”As much as I’d love to keep on doing it, I just don’t know if we can. It might become a soap opera”. Production of season 7 will start sometime this year in the UK. That’s the good news, bad news we won’t get it here in America until at least 2016."

I did see that Season 7 is now streaming on something called Acorn, if you have access to that service.
Kay said…
SANDI, I can't get Sam off my mind. We're reading about too many Sam's these days. He's putting out a cry for attention and a plea for help, I think. I hope the entities involved---school administration, parents, police all take this seriously.

JO, I loved watching dear little Bei Bei being hauled and pushed around by mama! It takes a lot of will power for me not to get hung up on sitting and watching the action there all day long!

LOLLY, enjoy the retreat! Our Sisterhood moments are so restorative and special!
stronghunter said…

I have retreated to the upstairs while Brenda cleans my downstairs. I do not have her do the upstairs.

Oh my, Sandi. I hope a solution can be found for Sam. You have done your part. Keep us posted.
Mema Jo said… From Deb Stecyk

This morning's tour of NCTC property around the nest
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
I just remembered that I forgot to call Normabyrd on her birthday so I called her. I don't think she remembered me or the Eaglet Momsters but when I told her I loved her, she said her usual "I love you more".
stronghunter said…
Have just checked out the Eagle Cam. Breezy there. Grasses and leaves are swaying. I appreciate all of the efforts of our NCTC people to take care of things for our study of the natural world. :)

Brenda the Housekeeper and I have discussed the dishwasher situation. Not a convenient time for it to go bad when I have planned a family dinner for Sunday. I had thought about calling a repair person, but decided not to do that right away. It might be just as well to buy a new dishwasher.

Meanwhile, Brenda and I agree, I should get a good supply of disposable dishes.

The homework situation: Homework paper was again left on the coffee table. I finally figured out how to scan it and then find it on my computer with Windows 10 so I could email it to Kathryn. She can take it from there.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
I called back and talked to the caretaker who stays with her during the day. Normabyrd has good days and bad, but dementia has gotten really bad. So freaking sad.
stronghunter said…
Oh, thanks for the link to Deb's video, Jo. I am sure I will enjoy it.
stronghunter said…
Sorry to hear this about our Norma, Sharon. I always enjoyed her posts.
Mema Jo said…


Be sure to tune in
JudyE said…
JO they are going to do another pan and tilt and zoom ??????? Are they trying to do more a out zoom ???

Home now got to see the cell tower eagle female Sue said she wanted me to name her Belle was the last eagle that died so I think Bella will do I said HI Belle when I got there and caught myself with a a on the end so I think that will be it

Judie said…
Good early afternoon.

Stopping by before heading to the laundry.

Very sorry to read that Norma is so in decline. Can still hope she has more good days than not so good. Thank you for the update Shar.

Shirley has now demonstrated her criminal sleuthing abilities. How fun it would be to watch as Hunter finds out Kathryn knows what his homework assignments are. I am already chuckling.

New disposable plates are quite nice. If all else fails, washing/drying the old fashioned way still works. I no longer use the dishwasher as I find it does not rinse away all the residue so with just the two of us, I surrendered.

I miss the PPO camera but updates are good. Hoping those babies have successful fledges.

Jo, enjoy your nail session this afternoon. Hope all is okay. No Tylenol for me -- large glass of wine tasted better. Both shots in the left arm as I am right-handed.

Kay, hope you and Penny enjoy walking in the lovely weather today.

Regarding Sam: his threat indicates the potential for serious escalation of acting out his anger and frustration with authority and his own challenges. He should be taken very, very seriously. Until his parents recognize their son is a potential danger to themselves and to others, it is likely no intervention can be implemented.

Okay, I've played away the morning. So, seriously, headed to the laundry.

Mema Jo said…

I didn't get in touch with Norma on her birthday. Last year it took quite a while
before she started to remember our group. Love her dearly - she brought a lot of fun
into our group. I hope she is happy in so many ways! ♥
Sandi said…
Hi all. Sam is being arrested. That doesn't mean he will spend any time in jail or a juvenile facility but it does mean he will have to go to court. No idea if something like this constitutes a misdemeanor or a felony offense. Judie, do you know?

He also has 5 days of out of school suspension with today counting as day 1. And the IEP team will be reconvening - not sure if this will be enough for a change of placement to move him off the regular hallway and into a self-contained classroom within our building. Since I am just a para, i probably won't be invited to the meeting and will have to rely on Brian, the special ed. teacher on the team, to fill me in on the outcome.

In this day and age of school shooters, any threat to harm people is taken very seriously, even by a kid who may have just been saying it to get a reaction. I just wish that, instead of laughing at Sam, the other kids would fo home and complain to their parents about how much time Sam takes away from their learning. I acknowledge that Sam has rights, but they stop when they infringe on the rights of others.
JudyE said…
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JudyE said…
SANDI So glad to see you post you never know if they have a weapon on them or not and I hope he gets some kind of counseling as well as his parents I am sure they are going to deny what he has done or just brush it off that is the kind of parents they probably are Thanks for keeping us posted
there have been several cases in Fl and they were not allowed back in the school that they threatened I hope that is so in your state

JudyE said…
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