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New thread.


Barbara said…
Happy Tuesday afternoon!!! Nobody is home but it looks windy at the nest...
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon - just walked in the door and that heat is exhausting

Thanks Barbara - you have been awarded one eagle feather.

Steve thank you for the fresh new thread. Also I see that our still cam is up/running

One eaglet in the nest WELL REALLY Both eaglets are in the nest. Whitetail up at11
and No Whitetail in center of nest. Need to read some and check out photos on FB
to see how they have been doing.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hello my eagle peeps. Just watched the parent bring in food (not sure what it was but it will still moving). One brat popped in and took it and then the other brat came in. Not sure if the second one took the food from the first one or not. Standing there mantling over it but not eating it yet.

I love and miss you guys a lot. I need to get in here more.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Had to turn off the volume. Hard to hear a doc dictating over them.
Big ol cam clunk...

Eaglets talking...think one wants to steal....dark tail must have it, white tail is trying to move in...
White tail trying to put on the steal move...dark tail has rebuffed him.
Dark tail still in the middle,,,going to start eating....white tail at the launch pad...watching and waiting LOL
White tail rebuffed again...dark tail really going at it now
I think white tail finally stole it...dark tail went up to the stump
Lynne2 said…
Thanks for the call over Barbara!
And for the new thread Steve!

You may not know this, but trying to clean donkey feet when it's this hot and humid is AWFUL. Thank goodness they are good little creatures!

Storms really starting to fire up now....mostly in central PA in a line from there to WV and heading east.

PAULA, didn't see the Auroras last night. If it clears tonight, another chance.
Lynne2 said…
oh my I'm starting to hear thunder from the PA storms.....
JudyE said…

and the call over BARBARA

Gonna be heading out to gym Angie is at a Led Zeppelin concert and won't be there but Carl is for the first time Jordyn is so excited and so is Angie at that
Can't get live feed back on...still cam shows eaglet still eating in the nest. Think dark tail took off from the stump shortly after it went up there.
JudyE said…
Me thinkith me to far south to see the light I went out and looked at the moon Venus and Mercury sure was pretty
JudyE said…
Keep trying Paula i got it up with several tryes
JudyE said…
Temp at nest is 88 and the icon is RED warning severe storms for our kids
JudyE said…
both are in nest now
Heading home, catch ya later...looks like white tail at the Launchpad.
Mema Jo said…
Pouring down rain at nest and also here in my valley.
Some lightening and thunder and lots of dark clouds

Still cam is ok
Live feed does come up for me for about 5 seconds
Mema Jo said…
Sorta looks like maybe some hail or very large rain drops pelting down on
Whitetail in the center of the nest

Whitetail is wingersizing in the wind. Getting lots of air under those wings.
JudyE said…
back from gym one eaglet is on stump saw wing tip WOW temp is 74 at nest now was 94 when I left must have rained
JudyE said…
forgot to check box
grannyblt said…
Good evening folks . Can't seem to get live camera. Hope all is well at the nest. I am selfishly glad that the rain has finally left these parts, if even for a day or so.
JudyE said…
some noises on the cam housing and then I hear eaglet noises but no one home yet in attic I assume...

HI LYNNE1 my cam keeps going down but I can get it back right away Keep trying

uploading video of Jordyn gym waiting got a storm coming in from the area Angie is at They are at a outside concert
JudyE said…
big big loud peeping now but still a no show sounds like right at the cam as loud as it was
JudyE said…
one kid in the nest making noises
JudyE said…
keep going back and forth from stump to nest back and forth and peeping calling for food I guess
Judie said…
Nest is MT.

Storm has passed through and we are unscathed.

Not sure if the worst went further south to Shirley. Hope everyone who was in the path is safe and without any damage.

Headed to my recliner to confirm that I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader. Then on to the pillows.

Sandperson will be on the way soon.

Restful sleep for all.
Mema Jo said…
I did get another email from NCTC - IT

Hi Jo,

Looks like it is functioning correctly now, not sure what happened with it. It will probably go out again this Wednesday night when they do updates, but I will bring it up Thursday.
Mema Jo said…
I am going to watch a movie on TV this evening.
I am closing down for the day..

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams to all ♥
Sandi said…
Good evening all - gusty winds and pouring down rain here. Made it home from the grocery store and brought the bags in with about 3 minutes to spare before the skies opened up! Had to pick up some things for Freyja to eat and some vegetarian stuff for Lynnis.

Made it to the outlets today - found feather pillows at Marshalls (sorry Lynne2) and 2 new bathing suits and two new outfits and a tennis skirt and tennis tops at Vanity Fair and new unmentionables at Jockey. Successful outing!

Will check in when I can - I should be pretty busy for the next couple of days!
Mema Jo said…

Both cams are down stating no connection.............. We'll check it tomorrow.

JudyE said…
my cams are up JO I got snips on FB of the eaglet at 9 ish went back to stump
Lynne2 said…
hello all!

Happy to report that while the Thundershirt didn't keep Daisy from TOTALLY freaking out, she did much better! She was still out and about when the thunder started, then it go pretty noisy so she went to hide in the bathroom. And while the storm was finishing up, she came out and in 15 minutes I got her out for a walk and she was calm!!! WOO HOOO!
Lolly said…
That is great, Lynne, that the shirt helped. Interesting...Annie always hid when there was thunder. She always heard it before we did. Then She went deaf and no problem. Miss Skippita does not mind the thunder at all.

Met Laurel halfway to deliver Joseph's shoes. 😄

Have mostly read today and plan to work in the yard tomorrow and Thurs. Going to Laurel's Friday to help her with a yard sale on Saturday. Car breaking down did not help their budget, she wants some quick cash. My closet cleaning has come up with a lot of stuff. Sunday we are driving to College station for a memorial service. Flo died yesterday evening. She put up a mighty battle but was ready to go. She was instant family whe my cousin married her. She was that type of person. The sweetest!

Standing water may be gone by morning. Hurrah! If so plan on doing a little mud scrapping off sidewalk and flagstone paths. Of course more rain possible this weekend and we will have a repeat! Grrrrr!

Night all! SED!
Janet said…
good evening to all

SO PLEASED and THANKFUL that the thundershirt seems to have helped. As I said, follow the directions that are included and you will likely see much improvement. :) :) :) You just made my day! <3

busy busy day. acupuncture at 9 this a.m. home I had a list of things to get done....and I did them. and that included cleaning the pool and well, yeah, floating in said pool. :) its a pool, after all.

I am tired at the moment, but very pleased with the amount of work I finished today.

tom's shoulder is hurting tonight. thankfully he starts PT tomorrow.

JUDYE: I think if I am too far south the see the "northern" lights, you, my dear sister, are totally out of luck! lol. I would truly love to see them someday though....

Have to report that I got my first cuke off the cucumber plants (which are barely surviving.... :( and we have lots and lots of tomatoes growing and baby watermelons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope everyone has had a great day. time to prep to dent some pillows.....night all!

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Its Hump day for most but my Fri

62 at the nest seems MT but may be on stump I do hear some faint noises on the cam housing

Ducky still in nest Nest looks somewhat cleaner today
JudyE said…
I know I am to far south also just was being a smart butt LOL
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Lolly, I'm so sorry to hear about Flo - you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Last night's storm was really intense but all looks calm this morning. It's supposed to be cooler today - only in the 80s, instead of mid 90s with a heat index over 100.

Lynnis, Freyja and the 2 dogs arrived at about 10pm - since Freyja slept most of the car ride, she was ready to party. It made for a late night for Denny and me, since we were both up at around 6am yesterday morning. My dogs woke me at 6am this morning and all 4 needed to get outside and then get fed. I see a nap in my future today, maybe with Freyja! :)

Have canceled my tennis for this morning - I hope we can get to the beach at some point today with Little Miss. I have removed everything at "baby height" from the living room and dining room so Freyja can explore without breaking anything.

Have agreat day all.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Lolly, sincere condolences to you and all the family.

Sandi, enjoy the day today. Beach time followed by a nap would be excellent.

To all of you in Maryland, prayers for Gov. Hogan and his family.

Plan to stay in again today. Absolutely must finish a library book. Beautiful sunshine and a clear blue sky.

Nest is MT. Osprey chicks are absolutely huge. Barn owls are trying to fledge. Red Tail hawks have fledged.

Lynne2, hope today will be serene for you and all the critters.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Janet said…
morning all.

SANDI: enjoy that precious little one! <3
JUDYE: happy Friday. first day of work for me, but I've had the past 5 days off, i'm ready to rock it.

sandperson must have really dosed me with me with some extra heavy duty dust last night...or maybe I was just wiped out from 36 hours of clean clean clean clean..go go go. so pleased with the amount of things I accomplished, but think I was tired.

hope everyone is safe in these storms......looking like its been pretty nasty.

getting ready for work....have a great day to all!
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
Happy to hear that all of you have weathered the storm last evening. Especially DAISY
Sandi you have the best reason to cancel tennis this morning - and also for a nap with
Freyja this afternoon.
Lolly it was a blessing that Flo passed on so peacefully. I know what you mean about being family and fitting right in with everyone.
Congratulations on your garden, Janet. First cuke
Judy - yep both cams up/running but No inhabitants around.
Judie enjoy your relaxing day ♥
Shirley and Kay I cvan't believe I am here ahead of you this am..........

The temps this morning are wonderful - I can take the 80's better then the 90's like yesterday.

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!!

Yep, JO, you beat me by a few minutes! I can't improve on your comments to our earlier posters. So ditto all those sentiments from me, dear Momsters!

Twill be a laid back day here. A/C routine checkup today between 2 and 3--all should be well since the system is so new and is working very well.

Prayers for all in need and for our wonderful family of eagles!!!

Lolly said…
Good Morning! Read the paper, checked fb, checked the cam (no Eagles), now here, next work my Sudoku and crossword. After that it is get grubby outside!😄

Going to be a good day! Just read on fb that Laurel got a raise as did Joey. Good for Denton ISD!

Have a great day!
Morning, all

White Tail Eaglet resting in the nest.
I think white tail just went to the stump.

Yep, I see ducky and the turtle shell in the nest.
He is gone, no more shadow on the nest
and yep, ditto what Jo said!!
JudyE said…
HELLO on lunch and excitement at our store a block up a ladys body was found in a retention pond and the area is blocked so sad that there were several alligator surrounding her MTBR

JudyE said…
Its storming here now last night rain gave me 1 1/2 inches in my yard My neighbors yard is a marsh mine is ok since I am a tad higher than most houses in the area I think its called a berm
Mema Jo said…
Whitetail is back in the center of the nest hiding in the shadows of the shade

My live feed is once again giving me about 10 seconds to view.

Mema Jo said…

I have a great granddaughter who is 9 years old today. I talked with her on
the phone and she is very excited about getting a new RED bike as her present.
She has 4 brothers and now she won't need to share!

Also, Elliot is starting to realize he can crawl (Not up on his knees yet) on
his belly and get to where he wants to be to reach a certain toy! He is not
staying little long enough!
Both eaglets in the nest...resting
Both eaglets still in the standing on ducky
now plotzed, facing opposite directions...head to tail.

Looks pleasant there today :)
JudyE said…
Knock knock anyone home HI honey I am home how was your day

I see two lazy juvies in the nest plotzed in a windy windy nest 82 at the nest

JudyE said…
whit tail is wingersizing on top of darkie and I keep loosing the cam GRRRR
JudyE said…
one up to the stump other in middle of nest
grannyblt said…
One eaglet in nest and the other nearby. Both are chirping for dinner, I guess. Belle and Shepard are probably thinking it is about time for you all to get a job and fix your own meal.
JudyE said…
juvies are calling for food one still plotzed and calling got a cute snip with beak open pathetic looking baby
JudyE said…
HI LYNNE1 I bet the get food delivery Belle and Shep are such good parents Tizzy fit going on
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
AND the pleading continues just plotzed on launch pad next to ducky
Parent at 10...oops parent gone
JudyE said…
FOOD drop

adult gone and can't tell but both are mantelling something
JudyE said…
one has it other is looking on and peeping
JudyE said…
looks like white tail is at 10 and is watching
JudyE said…
Juvie with fish looking up I think someone want feed
JudyE said…
ODD just sitting there with fish at talons peeping away I do think they want an adult to come and feed them Big babies
JudyE said…
one going in for the steal the other wasn't eating it
JudyE said…
clunk on cam and shake
JudyE said…
one to the stump the other sitting down in pantry I see no more fish unless someone is sitting on it There was a food fight just a bit ago but I saw no nestovers
JudyE said…
got lots of snips and are on FB and EM album also

Still got one calling out and complaining didn't get anything from the last delivery
JudyE said…
adult in with fish and out again
JudyE said…
The juvie is just sitting there with fish in talon was making some noise but stopped ok off to watch the news

Judie said…
So happy I checked in on the nest to find two eaglets enjoying the sunshine and some breeze. One appears to be eating something. The other hollering for dinner, I suppose.

Happy Birthday to granddaughter, Jo. May she truly enjoy having her very own bicycle.

JudyE said…
big time fighting going on
JudyE said…
big clunk on cam eaglet looking up other went to stump
JudyE said…
both kids are in the nest on launch pad area getting dark
Lolly said…
We got a lot done today. "The Garden", as we call the south side yard is almost respectable. Jack raised the brick path that was sunken and covered with mud. I worked on the flagstone path that was the same way. Then we added mulch to the gazebo and the beds. The fern looks awful as it did not like standing in water, but it will eventually make a comeback. That area is one of our favorite areas, so it is nice to be able to get in there and clean it up.

Got an invitation to a luncheon today and can not go. We have one week in this whole summer that we have a trip planned and that is the week of the luncheon. It is for all the former Frazier teachers. I have to miss it and I am not happy! Oh, well, I will just pout. I called one of my former principals who is planning it. We had a great visit catching up!

Going to put my nose in a book. Night all! SED!
Janet said…
checking in just before I dent the pillows for the night.

busy day. good dayat work. glad to be back.

came home. pool time! :)

tom started PT today. seems to be doing well.

started Olivia on her math review.....she was not pleased.

hope everyone is well. thinking of each of you. hugs and SED.
Mema Jo said…
Watched some of the news ..
Time for me to dent some pillows

Goodnight to all and SED with AOYP ♥
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Nest looks and sounds MT.

Had a wonderful day with Freyja (and Lynnis) yesterday. She hated the sand at first but got better with it. She also hated the ocean and didn't get better with that, which is OK.

Parent just arrived at the nest with a fish - and now 1 juvie (white tail) has landed and claimed it. Parent took off in a hurry.

Have agreat day all!
Sandi said…
2nd juvie must have just landed in the tree near the cam. Lots of squawking going on - in the nest and above it.
Sandi said…
White tail was finally pushed aside by his/her slightly older brother/sister. So both will get some breakfast.
Barbara said…
White tail is sitting in the nest just looking around and resting. Why go out exploring when mom and dad seem to be doing all the grocery shopping?
Sandi said…
Parent just arrived with another fish. One juvie was in the nest and the other above. This time dark tail claimed it. Parent left in a hurry.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Janet, glad you had a good day and hope that Tom's PT will work wonders. Hope Olivia does well with the math review.

Sandi, so happy you had a fun day with Freyja. Have another today.

Hi Barbara.

One eaglet in the nest and one up on the branch. Looks as if breakfast has been consumed.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Judie said…
Guess what?

Steve has provided us with a fresh new thread.

Y'all come on over.

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