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New thread.

Note:  Power to the cam will be off on Saturday for about 8 hours.  This means no still of live cam.  Will be restored staurday evening.


stronghunter said…
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the new thread and the news of the cam. I will call the others over.
grannyblt said…
Thanks for the info. And the new thread,

I just checked the messy nest and only saw feather tips at the stump area.

Back from a dental cleaning and all is well for another 6 months.

I will inform the others
grannyblt said…
I see Shirley beat me to it.
Judie said…
Thank you Steve for the fresh hot and humid thread. Also thank you for the camera information.

Congratulations Shirley. You are going to have one gorgeous headdress when you go on your vacation.

Good news Lynne on the dental checkup.

Well, it seems the container with pizza dough in it decided to burst. Revised dinner menu. lol

Hope Jo stops by soon.
Mema Jo said…
Returned from Dr visit - Yes, I got an ice cream cone. Almost melted from MCDo's to the car! Hot - it is 95 hot.

I go back in 3 months - by then I will have a CT or 2... I will be getting the
Prevnar 13 pneumonia hot after knowing if I need more chemo at the CT or not.

My feet are also going up.......... I will try to spread Steve's Announcement over on OD and on FB eagle sites.
Sandi said…
Hi all - stick a fork in me, I'm DONE!!

Thanks Steve for the new thread and Shirley for the call over.

Judy, about switching insurance companies. A company that you have been with for 40 years will be much more forgiving if you have an accident (or two) than a company that you just went with, ie. not raising your premium or not dropping your insurance altogether b/c you've been a long-time customer. That's hard to put a price on. Also, if you have your home and auto with the same company you're eligible for a discount that you don't get if your car is with one company and your home is with another. Just consider everything carefully before you make a decision. Good luck.

Boy was it ever hot outside on the soccer field all day for Fun Day! Need to hydrate! Later!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hello everybody.

Yay for Sandi's Freedom Day!!!
JudyE said…
THANKS FOR THE NEW THREAD STEVE and the info on the cam AND THE CALL OVER SHIRLEY I wonder why the cam is going down???and I will be working so I won't miss it except at lunch

Just back from picking up truck not to bad 51.00 my they turned my rotors were warped so they turned them and I still am good to go still have over half pads left
they put it on the machine and can't find anything why it would have done the hesitation a couple of time They guy rode it around and couldn't get it to duplicate it so won't worry about it hasn't done it a a few days may have been gas water in it or who knows but I feel better now no more pulsation on the brakes
JudyE said…
SANDI the agent said the same thing with the accident forgiveness and no cancelling except if I get a dui which that will never happen knock on wood on having a accident I have a clean record so far the accidents that I have been in were other people fault like the idiot that ran a red light and the other idiot that decided to turn right in front of me in the turning lane I was on the right turning lane and he was in the left and he decided he wanted to turn right after the light turned and cut me off and my witness was police officer sitting at the light

JudyE said…
WOW I see the temp at the nest is 95° it is here its 87°but our heat index is hotter

poor eaglets
Lynne2 said…
Hello from work!

CONGRATS SANDI on your last day of teaching? How are you feeling?

Judy, I've been with Statefarm for about 30 years. Rates keep going up. AND...back in the day, I used to get a dividend check every 6 months or so w/ a nice letter telling me that they are sharing the wealth with me since they didn't have to spend as much money as they thought.....THAT hasn't happened in MANY MANY years.

Can't remember if I was here after my Dr appt yesterday evening...things not improving as I hoped so I finally went. I have an ear infection in my right ear (doesn't even hurt!) and apparently I have asthma! who knew! I have suspected this for years but no DR has ever confirmed this. Well, now I know!
Lynne2 said…
Shirley, how nice Virginia is coming! I am on the waiting list at the library for her book and I'm in the first hold position as soon as it comes in!
Lolly said…
I am baaaack! 😀 20 women here today for lunch! Awesome! Skippi was in her element, she was in the big middle of all the action! She crawled into several bags and check, you know! LOL

In the news! A baby bear was caught in Corinth, Tx this morning. Corinth is just south of Denton, between Dallas and Denton. Laurel's previous school was in Denton. We have no bears!!! So, where is Momma Bear? Where did it come from? Guess we will never know, but theories run to a pet?? A cub illegally confiscated??? Who knows! However he has been taken to a good place to be taken care of!
Lolly said…
Just on the news. A man "found" the bear in another state. It was injured and he nursed it back to health. It escaped from its' cage. The man will face charges!!! The bum!!!
Janet said…
good evening. a successful day at work. I received a wonderful massage after work. feeling quite spiffy now.

pork roast cooking in the rotisserie, noodles cooking for mac n cheese and maybe some nice cold applesauce with it............... anyone else hungry?

two more work days this week....

next week Tom and I go Bristol to the NHRA races. We leave Thursday when I get off of work and return Monday. Love the NHRA races!!! woo hoo!

Will check in later! hugs to all!

Judie said…
Tired tonight.

Sandperson is packed and will be leaving early.

I'm headed to the pillows.

Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
Time to say a quick good night. SED, everyone.
Mema Jo said…
Signing in just to say

Goodnight to all ♥
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - 1st day of summer vacation! What a joyous feeling!!

As I opened the live cam, one eaglet dropped down from the stump. No sign of the other.

Janet, good idea letting Olivia set up her 180 days!

Jo, glad you are feeling better - hope that trend continues.

Shirley, happy last day of middle school to Hunter.

Tennis at 8am for me, then a few errands, then we are headed to WV to celebrate Freyja's 1st birthday tomorrow (her real birthday is the 17th). It's amazing how quickly a year goes, isn't it?? Seems like she was just born!

Have agreat day all!
Judie said…
Good morning.

Eaglet talons seen for both.

Sandi, enjoy the first day of vacation and safe travels to visit Freyja to celebrate her 1st. Yes, a year goes quickly (unless one is waiting for it to be last one teaching). lol

Shirley, hope Hunter has a good final half-day at school.

Hope JO wakes up feeling well and rested.

Air is really humid and uncomfortable here. Plan to do a few little housekeeping chores but mostly staying quiet.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

I see an eagle shadow on our nest. And loud calls. Parent must be near.
stronghunter said…
State Farm. I think it was more than 30 years I was with them. When I tried to combine my homeowner's insurance with my auto insurance, they turned me down because of the fire at my next-door neighbor's house that caused me to file a claim, so I changed companies. We shall see if I have regrets.
stronghunter said…
Eaglet has flown down to the nest and is having fits.
stronghunter said…
All of that hollering. People at NCTC must be hearing it. Goodness.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle buds I for got to check the box yesterday silly me
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥ Especially to Sandi who is a FREE BIRD.

I seem to be coming around to feeling normal --- really was a bad weekend. Pulmonary doc said the same thing as Cancer doc - that it was a combination of chemo, radiation and Prednisone that did me in.

The year has gone bye quickly - a one year old b-day already.
Hunter should be free - 1/2 day today. My VA ggd's should be up this evening.
Both gals have camp for a week.

Happy for a photo on EAGLE CAM FB page of both teenie-boppers in the nest this am.
They just don't want to leave that messy nest.

Dance recital tomorrow evening for ggs Alexis. I am so hoping to be able to attend.

Hot one again and glad I have no place to go. All of you take care and I'll try to BBL
JudyE said…
I see shadow in the nest of the eaglet on the stump
JudyE said…
I see ducky still there and is that two turtles turned upside down in the nest
stronghunter said…
Still trying to work out details with my cousin. Some confusion about when she is to come to Fredericksburg.
stronghunter said…
Wow. Big shake. Parent must be on the cam.
stronghunter said…
So happy to learn that you are feeling better, Jo.
stronghunter said…
Happy birthday to Freyja! How exciting, Sandi.

And, boy, can I identify with the free feeling of the first day of summer vacation.
stronghunter said…
I am hearing what has to be the sounds of the day care center--the shouts of playing children mingling with the shouts of a restless eagle child.
stronghunter said…
Hunter is home. Says they ate pizza outdoors today, threw pies at teachers and dunked them. Field day. Hmm, I never did volunteer to be the victim in those activities.
NCSuzan said…
Jo, so very sorry that you have not felt well. Prednisone has put me in the hospital before so I can only imagine it and a combination of other drugs and the havoc they cause in the body. Feel stronger very soon.

Shirley, it does not seem like Hunter should be going in to high school. Should be an exciting time for all of us! Hang in there! Have you received your passport yet?

Lolly, though the rain was much needed I am so sorry for all the damage those in Texas experienced. Do you think your yard will come all the way back to its glory? Also loved Skippi's pic of being in the tote bag. Love kitty ingenuity.

Judie, you certainly deserve to have a low profile today. Would love to hear your opinion on the woman who helped the prisoners escape. Read this morning that they are not saying there was a romance but that she said the prisoner made her feel "special". How very sad to be led by a criminal and possibly lose your family, job and life as you know it. I have never felt that women should be in a male prison for this and other reasons.

Our youngsters are so ready to fly! Love watching them. They better not fly off tomorrow while the cams are down!

Where's Hoda? See her on FB. Know Margy is busy with
life. Everybody else has interesting stories to share and I appreciate them.

Stay cool and enjoy what is left of Spring!

PS - Jo, I am besotted by Caitlyn. Am so happy that her recovery is going so well. Loved today's pic!
JudyE said…
Waiting for Angie to report in of her surprise she had in store for Jordyn today Has been in the making for several months

IZZY is a friend of Jordyn went to same daycare since 6 months Angie because BFF with Belinda the mom They moved about a year and half ago to the other coast Angie and Belinda took the day off and are meeting in Orlando till Sun Jordyn has talked with her on the phone and they are pen pals to keep in touch
The hotel they have has a water park on it so they won't have to leave the hotel at all She got a fantastic rate 86. for the weeknd per kid and mom so they are happy campers Jordyn doesn't have a clue She just was told it was going to be a mommy and me day She asked Angie why can't OMA go LOL I know she will be surprised and happy

Check in was at 3 so they should have already seen each other by now
I told Angie to borrow my lap top that way she could post the pic but she didn't stop by this am so will probably have to wait for pic Unless she takes some with phone and post

Lolly said…
Good afternoon! We mowed and worked in the yard until too pooped to pop! The yard will get back to all its' glory! Lol. It will just be a matter or hard work and time! Just sitting here and looking out I can not see the yuck. The yard looks great! No sitting in the gazebo though! Yesterday we both worked hard planting six flats of grass plugs. I am glad Jubby likes dirty women! 😜

Jo, sorry you have not been up to par. But, you are better now? Please take care! Hugs!

Need to bring the cam up!
Lolly said…
Skippi is our social butterfly! No hiding when people come around. She runs to the door when someone is there. She literally was the center of attention with 20 ladies sitting around. And, she did inspect and climb into as many purses and bags as she could. Too funny!
Lolly said…
One eaglet at 5 and the other on the stump. I think our Sycamore Palace is looking healthy. So many leaves you can not see the ground.

The nest seems to have several unidentifiable remains!
NCSuzan said…
Please pardon my grammar. It should be "besotted with" instead of "besotted by", I think! Anyway I love that puppy!

Lolly, that's great that Skippi is so friendly. My Olivia will hide if he hears any strange voices or footsteps!
Mema Jo said…

Good early evening - nothing going on but I just wanted to post Elliot's newest
picture that was taken. He is getting more hair - and he must talked with his hands.
Elliot had his six month appointment and he weighs 18 lbs and 11 oz. He is 26 inches long.

Lynne2 said…
Oldest banded Bald Eagle found dead. But wow....38 years in the wild!!
Lynne2 said…
Judy what a great surprise for Jordyn!!
JudyE said…
Belinda posted a video of them walking up to the door and Izzy knocking on it Jordyn answers the door and the look on her face she yells IZZY they both hug and you hear one of them say I missed you Angie said Jordyn was teared eyed and I was watching the video also
Lynne2 said…
Well, there are lots of "doings" around here lately. I think the place may have been sold. The boss and her family moved out of here in January, she said maybe she would hate this place (kennel business) less if she didn't LIVE here. SO they bought another house a few miles from here and moved in.

Then someone came into work, our client, her neighbor (it's a REALLY small town here!) and said she told her that they were selling the new house and moving to FLA. HMMMMMM. And sure enough, the house was listed for sale. And then a couple of weeks later, it's now OFF the market.

In the mean time, they have been clearing things out of here at warp speed. In the last 2 weeks, a truck, 2 boats, their new camper (only used once) are GONE. Someone is here right now picking up a snow plow. Other smaller things are gone now too. And they keep bringing truck loads of junk and filling the dumpster. They have been a their house hear cleaning out the stuff they didn't take with them to the new place. There have been many people here picking up furniture and other stuff.

The rumors that a vet from about 10 miles from here is buying the place. I think I mentioned this before. This came from 2 very good sources. He wants to create a boarding facility that will compete with another vet in the areas kennel. Trust me, it's gonna take a LOT of work for THAT to happen! But he's got lots of money.

Then they took a speedy trip to FLA last week for a couple of days. The boss doesn't go to FLA for a couple of days. She will only go if she can go for at least 10 days. SO that was odd. And there have been other things with the kennel itself that the boss has instructed the staff to do which they are all weirded out about. Everyone is wondering.....

Last weekend I saw her for the first time in a while and I flat out asked her if this vet had bought the place. She only said that he has NOT bought it, but that he MIGHT buy it. HA! I'm thinking all evidence points to this happening!

Anyway, whatever will be remains to be seen. When he came to look at the place (he's been here several times) he and his group have never come up to the apartment.

WOW that was a long winded post!
JudyE said…
food drop in and out
JudyE said…
one juvie eating what was dropped can't see it back to us
grannyblt said…
And so, Lynne 2, what will happen to you and Steve.? Inquiring minds etc.
Janet said…
good Friday evening to one and all.

besotted with. hmmmmm. I like that. I shall use that.
as you may have guessed, I love to read and love interesting words. I used the word neuroplasticity in a sentence today and had to explain that concept to someone. right now I am reading SUPER BRAIN. I just finished Becoming Odyessa and Slaying the Mermaid.

JUDYE: hope jorydyn had a lovely surprise!
JO: are you feeling better?
LYNNE2: any news on YOUR status yet?

as for around here. work was great. I slept well last night, that and the massage and Reiki session I was buzzing around on an energy high today.

we went out to eat. tom hasn't left the house since Monday. figured he might like to get out. went to o charleys. always nice there.

then lowes and petsmart. I bought beano and dax a sheep horn. they don't seem too impressed. they love bones and chews. I always buy big knuckle bones for the if beano and dax don't like the horns, I bet I know two heelers who WILL Like them.

I've looked at the antlers and such, but they are so stinkin' expensive....and I've been told you have to be care ful because they will splinter.

so, I don't know........................

work tomorrow. but don't have to start til 9. I can sleep in a little.

everyone, have a great night! <3

JudyE said…
Lots of eagle noises at the nest now
Mema Jo said…
Coming in to say Goodnight to all ♥

Lynne - I pray something good is headed your way !

Hoping to see Jordyn's video
Talk to you tomorrow
Ms Bookworm said…
Good Evening!

Jo, glad to hear that you feel much better! Hope you keep feeling better and better! Love and prayers, as always. Elliot is SUCH a cutie!

Sandi, so very glad to hear that you're FREE!!! Enjoy!

Lynne2, sounds like a good thing might be happening there, but know it must be pretty stressful not knowing for sure what's going on. Hang in there! Prayers from this roost!

Lolly, Miss Skippi is such a character! I love Siamese cats!

Judy, that's a fantastic surprise for Jordyn! Wow! Bet they're having a grand time!

Well, it's getting kind of late here, so guess I'd better try to get some sleep.
Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow. Goodnight, and God bless. I ♥ us!!
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

JO I shared the video to my page let me know if you can see it It was Belinda video If not I will see if Angie will tag it to my page

One juvie in nest then to stump lots of noise this am fromthem
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Meant to say this before--Lynne2, I hope you get your copy of Virginia's book soon, and that you enjoy reading it.

stronghunter said…
Breakfast is being served at the Sycamore Palace. I see one child and one adult.

Wow. Lots going on in Dallas this morning. Attack on the police department. Hoping that this episode is over now.
stronghunter said…
Read back a bit and saw Lynne2's description of the doings at her abode. Goodness. I hope someone explains things to you, and I hope things work out well for you and Steve.

I'm sitting here in my room thinking that I'd like another cup of coffee. When I went down this morning, I discovered the refrigerator had been left open. I guess it was open all night. Good thing Luna couldn't get into the kitchen. Wondering how much stuff we need to throw out. It would have been somewhat cooled because the refrigerator was running. Oh my, wonder what the power bill might be.
Judie said…
Good morning.

No camera.

Wonder if Lolly & Co. need to get out of Dodge? Okay, Dallas. You all stay out of town.

JudyE, glad Jordyn had such a nice fun surprise seeing her friend.

Lynne2, the drama must be unsettling but believe all will work to your advantage. Hope you are feeling better, also.

Hi Andy. Hope you've gotten settled and all things are in place again.

Janet, glad Tom was feeling well enough to go out and enjoy dinner.

Another hot and humid day. Staying in.

Wishing everyone a great day.

stronghunter said…
Well, more stuff happening in Dallas.
stronghunter said…
Seems we are in for another hot and humid day. Val and one of her friends are supposed to come pick me up this afternoon. The plan is to go to a movie. It's been awhile since I've been out to a movie.

Lolly, George liked to greet my guests. I believed that he thought he might be a dog.
stronghunter said…
Looks like the cam is now turned off.
stronghunter said…
Good morning, Judie. I just looked up and saw your post.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Okay, no cam today. JO, do they have some kind of shooting going on there?

LYNNE2, sorry you're being kept in the dark. I think a new owner would be wise to keep you and STEVE right there as you're thoroughly accustomed to the place, it's needs, etc.. The work you do goes on even as a sale is in progress---animals can't bide their time waiting for negotiations to go forward! Fingers crossed!!!

Yesterday's diversion, the play, Clybourne Park, was breathtaking and thought provoking. Your were right, JUDIE--I enjoyed every dark and comical moment of it!

Seth will be here this evening and overnight. My friend Marty will arrive Monday afternoon, but won't be staying here after all, relieving the pressure just a tad. She lost her husband of over 50 years to Alzheimer's a year ago and just a week ago she sold her large, lakeview home in Tellico Village, Loudon, TN. She immediately bought a much smaller place in the same retirement village and both closings will occur in Aug.. So, she's talked her Michigander daughter into coming along to help her weed a lot of things out. Marty is insisting on staying at a nearby hotel as she realizes my small, one bath, condo isn't the greatest spot for three females to do their thing. So, there will be a meal or two here and lots of visiting, but I don't have to turn my combo Seth's bedroom/TV room into a guest room.

Hope everyone is poised to stay cool and have a grand and glorious weekend!

Prayers for all in need!!!

Mema Jo said…
Good late morning to all ♥

Thinking about Sandi and Denny and the birthday girl. I know they will enjoy their time.
Elliot's mom and dad have been putting pics on FB and I have to see my ggs soon before
he is all grown up. Latest pics are at the park and of him sitting in a swing like a
Mister Precious.

It is possible that I will feel up to attending the Dance Recital of Alexis. She is in
5 of the dances this year........ I dearly love her doing the Irish Step and the Hip Hop.

Kay you have a very exciting week coming up! I know you are going to enjoy your special guests.

Shirley - be sure you pick a good movie with your gal friends and that we get a full review.

Judie - thanks so much for the ecard! Loved it
Mema Jo said…

JUDY E I searched but cannot find Angie's video
She probably needs to share with you but also make it public.
Anxious to see it !
stronghunter said…
Time for me to get decent, so I will be ready to go on my afternoon adventures.
JudyE said…
Jo I will have Angie tag me. I even tagged with your name Belinda has it as friends. Will have her change to public
JudyE said…
I think in regards to LYNNE2 She works at a vets in town and I am thinking that is the place that is being taken over not the place where here and Steve live and Steve works I may be wrong but that is what I think LYNNE2 clear this up for us Please and Thank you
stronghunter said…
Hope you get to see that recital, Jo.
JudyE said…
bummer no cam but we were for warned I am watching WR and Decorah
stronghunter said…
My impression is that this is the place where Lynne2 lives, Judy.
Mema Jo said…
JudyE - This is where Lynne and Steve lives - not where she works.

No need to tag me on the video as long as it is on your page and public. Thanks
stronghunter said…
Waiting for Val--We have decided to bowl rather than go to a movie. See you later!
Lynne2 said…
It is where we LIVE Judy, not where I work. And I have no idea what will happen if this supposed sale does take place. The main "source" says that the Dr. will not be making any changes in staffing, at least not right away. I know one thing...the haphazard way the current teeny boppers work will not fly with him! Personally, I would pay more for mature people who actually have a work ethic. LOL! But we have little to do with the day to day kennel stuff. I'm on barn duty, Steve on landscaping. I sorta hope he buys it...I know she won't take the pigs or donkeys with her. I am busting my buns trying to save the donkeys poor feet but they need more help. The little pig really needs some help with his feet but that requires a vet. We are now out of straw, and I have a half bale of hay left. I've been telling her for 3 months that we were in need and yet there still isn't any. Now I'm gonna have to get RUDE!! She cares very little about this place. It will be good for everyone and everything when she is finally gone. The price she is rumored to be asking is close to a million and a half. She bought it for 550,000 16 years ago. She built the new kennel where we are when she bought it. She seems to feel that every penny she has had to spend on this business should be returned to her WITH a profit besides. But it doesn't work like that. She's had several interested parties but none would pay the price (including my coworker Joy, her hubby and another couple) and so I will not be surprised if this falls through as well.

I'm not terribly worried yet about our having to move.

Oh, Shirley, so sorry about the frig. Hope nothing was ruined. Have fun bowling!

Kay, what fun you'll have this week and I am glad your friend made the hotel decision!

Glad Tom was out and about! Hope he continues to improve quickly!

LOLLY.....OMG....I just saw what happened in Dallas!!

Well, I must get something to drink and gear up for my clear out today. We have decided that we have way too much stuff and it must GO! The nightmare at my in-laws has made me see the light!
JudyE said…
Hello home from work JO I shared the video to your page Hope you can see it otherwise will have to wait till Angie comes home and re does it Belinda has it with her friends and Angie shared it I think you may be able to see it

OH LYNNE2 I wasn't sure which place you were referring to I knew you worked at a vet beside living there I HOPE for the BEST keeping everything I have crossed The eyes are a little hard LOL
JudyE said…
I see we are still without camera 8 hours they said WHEN did they take it down??? at lunch at noon it wasn't working
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
I see a turtle shell in the nest also
JudyE said…
one is on stump I see wings tip
JudyE said…
3050.00 61% is the total now for camera
JudyE said…
We have one very vocal eaglet now on the stump
JudyE said…
We have one very vocal eaglet now on the stump
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
Forgot to finish the hockey story with Ben Angie knows people that work at the games they sponsor them and she got inside scoop
JudyE said…
at 8 I should have said

and the funny thing is The RAYS are also playing Chicago Sox

Hockey playing Chicago Black hawks

Fl is full of Chicago visitors

JudyE said…
OH OH just on the news they said that they are keeping it a secret why Ben Bishop has been on and off the ice
They commented that he is skating good (during practice) looks like no serious injury
Hmm and no one really knows the real reason why he has been ill this week here and in Chicago
JudyE said…
87° at the nest
the one eaglet is still making noises from the stump on and off
our temp is 93° yuk

JudyE said…
Food drop adult in and out
Judie said…
Sure wish I had waited to read blog comments until after my dinner was digested. TMI

Headed to read a few pages then to the pillows.

Sandperson will be around later folks.
Lynne2 said…
Poor Daisy, she is now not wanting to go outside even if it's cloudy. She's going to have another rough...RUFF...couple of days as storms, some strong, are forecast in these parts.

This is a neat thing for kids or young adults or anyone who likes to watch lightning bugs to participate in!

We really still don't have too many this year.
JudyE said…
Angie has posted just a few pic of the gals They are staying at a awesome place they had like build a bear, pottery, arts and crafts at the place They are at downtown Disney right now

so sorry JUDIE didn't mean to make you upset
I guess I am at the age that human nature things just don't bother me maybe I am to rough in a way I guess

I think the juvie left some nest overs in the pantry area hard to tell

sure wish the other would show Has anyone seen both today in the nest at all I have seen only one at a time and always goes to the stump But I did see one fly out from the launch pad just to come back in the back door don't know if the same one or not I can't tell them apart I have pictures in the EM album of it and also on FB momster page

I am watching Bones from the DVR Just wanted to pop in and say so so sorry I will delete the post
JudyE said…
eaglet back down from the stump

come on #2

LYNNE2 did you say you tried the thunder shirt on her Poor Daisy
Lynne2 said…
Geesh, can't believe Freyja is almost a year old already...WOWSER! Bet the party was fun today, can't wait to see pictures!

Jo, did you get to see Alexis dance?

Oh my, where is Lolly??
Lynne2 said…
No Judy I haven't tried it. They are pricey and not in the budget, although they do have a money back guarantee. We have had some clients who swear by it and some that say it didn't work.

JudyE said…
Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Mema Jo said…
Hello - I have been home for an hour from the Dance Recital - Alexis performed so
beautifully. She appears to be all legs - Tall and slender and just as perky as can be.
The Irish Step Dances are her favorites - and mine too. It was a very enjoyable

Shirley - no movie report I see! Hope you and Val enjoyed your bowling games and got
good scores.

Well I just ate some peanut butter crackers and a glass of chocolate milk - no
ice cream this evening.

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Nest is MT at this time
and I see wing tip

70° at the nest
JudyE said…
62% 3120.00 is the total on the cam fund now
JudyE said…
I did post the link to the donation under the cam yesterday when I posted the total
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Miss Freyja had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday with family & friends. It was a nice day. I'll post some photos later.

Denny & Brian will attempt to fix the water conditioner today before we head home.

Have agreat day!
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Did not see any eagle at the nest.

About ready to go to the kitchen for coffee.

After bowling, we went to Val's for dinner and visiting. Everything was very nice, but my bowling stuff is still in her car. Not likely a problem, as we usually bowl together. We were joined yesterday by one of Val's friends and the friend's teenaged daughter. It was fun.
Happy Birthday Miss Freya !
Judie said…
Good morning.

Nest is MT except for sunshine and a mess of debris.

Happy Birthday Miss Freyja.

Sandi, so glad you all had a fun time celebrating.

Jo, not surprised Alexis gave a super dance performance. Happy you were able to attend and enjoyed a late-night snack.

Shirley, nice you enjoyed the afternoon. I'm sure Val will not abscond with your bowling ball.

Lovely day. Blue sky and sunshine here.

Wishing everyone a lovely day, also.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
Expecting thunder boomers this afternoon - had one late last night - mostly noise as I didn't see any rain just heard loud overhead boomers.

I am praying that all of you enjoy this Sunday. I have been checking on our nest and have only seen our pretty one at the 4 position (launch pad as we call it)
Oh OD the 2 eaglets in the nest were seen this morning around 8:25am. I haven't check FB to see if anyone got pics.

No plans for today - feeling pretty normal - just not quite there with my appetite yet.

On thing about Dance Recitals when you are the tallest in your group of dancers - You always get stuck in the back row. lol
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon on this the 14th day of June. Both eaglets are in the nest over at
the launch pad..........

Also I see Judy has been keeping you all updated on the Eagle Cam Equipment donations to the NCTC Friends

New report for today is: Collected: $3,170.00 - 63%
Goal: $5,000.00

Mark your donation for Eagle Cam Equipment

Thank you !
Mema Jo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
NatureNut said…
Happy Sunday to Everyone! Now that cam is back, saw one chick snoozing w/head near 6 o'clock and then could see part of a beak tip at 3 PM!!! Must be lots more nest rails out of site on the right!!!!
Cannot believe Sandi's little Granddaughter is a year! And what a cutie Elliot is at 6 mos.
Sound's like JudyE's family is having a great trip!
Lynne2, sure hope that vet buys the kennel/farm where you are. Sounds like just the person needed there. Could you stay?? Or are you planning to be w/Steve's folks.
Best of wishes for a good solution.
(have not been on due to mental anguish about what a dentist wants to do. I don't think 1/2 of it is necessary and they'll have to catch me first. I composed a letter for the other dentist-surgeon-explaining my terror, but didn't print or send. They'll really know I'm nuts if they read it!!)
Lynne2 said…
Hi All!

JO, I was watching TV and began to see lightning and hear thunder. When I went to check the radar the ONLY thing showing was a teeny cell right near Frederick! On Justin Berk's FB page, a lot of people from fairly far away were seeing and hearing it!

Oh my Loweeeda...sounds very ominous! Hope you can get it figured out! And it's unknown if we'll be staying. Planning on it, I guess. My in-laws have still not put the house on the market, and still don't have it ready and don't seem to be too worried about time constraints and decision making. We cannot put our lives on hold.....

Glad you had fun yesterday SHirley!

The "clear out" is going pretty well. Tedious, though.

Storms on the horizon now....
Lolly said…
Hi all! Have been very busy, but things should calm down for this week. We had company for dinner last night. Had longtime good friends over. They wanted to know all about our trip.

Lynne, had to read back to get caught up to date with your info. That must be unsettling to not know what's up! Do hope this works out so that you continue to live there.

Took a peek at the cam. No feathers in sight.

Watching TCU baseball. Threats of storms but so far nothing but sunshine!
Lolly said…
Lol. Lynne, you posted while I was typing. Then I saw we both posted with the same greeting.
Lolly said…
Now I see an eaglet in the nest chewing down!
Lynne2 said…
Great minds Lolly...LOL!
JudyE said…
Knock,knock Ring a ling anyone home

JudyE said…

Home for work as if you didn't know

I see one eaglet in the nest I saw two at lunch I posted pic on FB and will Em, album shortly was at work and you know how that is with the IE PIA

LOLLY HEADS up possible trop depression heading to TX to the end of the week Hope you all don't get anything

JudyE said…
OH MY thanks for the heads sup will have to go find my studdering and fix it that is what I was referring to the spinning cirlce and the PIA internet
JudyE said…
OK went to FB I can't find my stuttering issue where is it ???

JudyE said…
OH I see you removed them Thanks I dislike fb and the McD ie but can't complain if it is free
JudyE said…
IT seems impossible SANDI that she is a year already Time flies when you get old LOL
JudyE said…
LORETTA I had gone through many dental procedures for gums and Yes I did smoke years ago that probably contributed to the gum disease I had but after all that money sunk in to my mouth skin grafts etc Still had to get a partial on bottom and upper
I was very upset with that all that $$ down the drain The dentist said there are no guarantees after the fact I wish I would have know ahead That is where most of my credit card $ was involved with GOOD LUCK in your decision and do send the letter I wish I would have done something like that instead of wasting time and money where it went to waste
JudyE said…
the one eaglet that was in the nest is now on the stump We should call her stumpy lOL
Janet said…
good afternoon all.

LYNNE2: what SIZE thundershirt is needed? I have one that fit Sable and Luke, but both are gone now. I would be willing to wash it and send it to you if you like.

What I found is if you follow the directions, the thundershirts do help. But if it didn't and you didn't want it you could always just mail it back. And if it helped, you could just keep it. If you want to discuss with me more privately, email or call/text me.

Its a hot hot hot day today.

We are watching the race.

Big day for me. I drove the RV! We went out for about 3 hours and I drove it. I have a nice feeling of accomplishment.

Busy week ahead, I am going to do my best to relax a bit and enjoy my weekend.

HUGS to all

JudyE said…
adult in and food fight both there
JudyE said…
adult back in one juyvie is mantelling I think the adult want to feed the sort of a fight
JudyE said…
adult poofed gave up let them fight it out I guess
JudyE said…
the one juvie went to the stump no fight I think figured out get some later
JudyE said…
ODD I just had music or a commercial on my speaker for only a second
I only have blog, FB and the still and live cam up
Mema Jo said…

Could have been a video on FB playing, Judy

JudyE said…
another food drop adult in
JudyE said…
It is 94° out here at 550 HOT HOT

82° at the nest

JudyE said…
$3190.00 64% on the cam fund now I think putting on the cam page has helped I will do again in a day of so
JudyE said…
both juvies are chilling one laying down and bottom of stump and the other at bottom of stump sitting watching adult eat
Lolly said…
One adult and two juvies in the nest

TCU up 10 to 1. Go Frogs!
Kay said…
Good Evening Eagle Buds!!!

I've read all posts since my last one and as always thoroughly enjoying reading about "the days of our lives"...

Thanks to LYNNE2 for further illumination on the jobs at the kennel/farm. Again fingers crossed that a new owner will find the two of you key people in the success of the place! Hope JANET's thundershirt works for you. I swear by them--Malcolm, my granddog has one and it's a miracle the way the thing works. I should get one for Penny as she wakes up, cries and wants to get out of her crate to snuggle. It happened last night as Seth and I watched the third "Bletchly" episode.

JO, so glad you were able to go to the dance recital and I'm sure Alexis was thrilled to have you there!

SANDI, what a joyful first birthday for Freyja! So glad you could be there!

LORETTA, my heart aches for you. Being terrified of dentists is quite common, so you are not a nut. There are now so many ways they can take the pain and terror away and I hope your dentist has that state of the art equipment and methods.

I should be at the band concert in the park, but I ran out of oomph---so no OomPahPah for me tonight. All is ready except for mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors. Waited til' Penny went to bed and then sat down here instead of getting the mop out. I'll git er` done soon, then a shower and to bed I go.

Thanks for all the fine eagle reporting!

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
JudyE said…
Judie said…
Hope no one misinterprets: beginning to think these two eaglets are going to imitate young human adults these days - hang around until at least mid-to-late twenties. lol

Very sad about the flood in Russia. One of the little white tigers died along with many other animals and several keepers.

Loretta, not sure if this is appropriate, as I don't know the details, but maybe talk with the dentist/surgeon about anesthesia with work done in an OR. Could be outpatient process. That way, maybe insurance will take over for payment. Just a thought.

Janet, congrats on driving the RV. I admire your courage.

Kay, rest well and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you try to divert your friend's attention away from the dust bunnies. lol Have a terrific day tomorrow.

Headed to read and/or watch some t.v. Then to the pillows.

Sandperson is packing.

Restful sleep for all.

JudyE said…
The oldest eagle is 12 weeks today I think
Mema Jo said…

Good late evening to all ♥ Finally down to one in the nest !

Kay - enjoy your company tomorrow - and I don't really think your life long friend is going to look at your floors!

Janet - good for you driving the RV. I'm sure Tom with his shoulder could not managed.

2 of my ggd are away now for a week at a YMCA camp up in PA - video of it looks so peaceful. The out-of-0doors is beautiful. I am hoping they make new and lasting friends.

Checked out TV but NOPE nothing there to interest me. I may be early to bed tonight.

Goodnight to all ♥
JudyE said…
I think the one in the nest is bored keeps going back and forth pacing the floors the other is on stump and this one is bored

I think that is a piece of fish at 3 area and boy the nest is a big mess
JudyE said…
Of to watch some more Bones on the dvr

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

71° at the nest both eatlet are in nest one on stump
Sandi said…
Goodorming Judy and all my eagle friends.

Cloudy this morning - we got rain late last night. Wonder if tennis will be a go?

Lynne2, all of the goings-on at the kennel must be unnerving for you and Steve. I'm sorry the situation hasn't been as stress-free as you had hoped, but still far better than where you were living before. I hope the sale of the place goes smoothly and you and Steve as tenants are included in the sale.

Loretta, we should talk dentist-stuff. I'm not looking forward to my next visit.

Tennis for me this morning, assuming the courts are dry. Then I think I will finally have time to pack away my winter clothes and get the summer ones in the closet instead of pulling them out of drawers in the dresser of a spare bedroom.

Have agreat day all.
grannyblt said…
Good morning eagle buds. I see Mr. A Lot Of White In His Tail is enjoying breakfast. He also looks as though he is wet. That may be my imagination . We have had buckets of rain around here for days. The basement is leaking in 3 areas. The dehumidifier has been going full blast for days. Ugh.
Glad there were several grand and great grand sightings among you all this weekend. Kay, I hope you have a wonderful visit with your long time friend.
Hope all have a good day.
Janet said…
good Monday morning all. bright and sunny here in nashvegas. bonaroo and cma have all ended. cma sent over 300 people to Vanderbilt with heat related issues over the weekend. it has been hot. typical for june. Michel's friend, nikki, went to cma one day and I had advised her to not only drink water but add a Gatorade to help to avoid heat issues. she was almost finished with it in line as her turn to enter came. now mind you, they offer FREE water at cma......but she wasn't allowed to take the Gatorade in. common sense here folks.......I understand food, but in this hot weather....?????????????????

tom had olive amow the yard yesterday. there was much moaning and gnashing of the teeth. she had previously agreed to do this to make some extra cash..yeah. 14 is a tough age.

busy day ahead.

about driving the RV: I felt it was something I needed to learn how to do in case I had to drive it . or want to drive it. it was unnerving at first. but I finally relaxed, some. it is mentally taxing though.

have agreat day all!

Judie said…
Good morning.

Good grief! I think I can smell that nest all the way to VA. lol Nest is MT at the moment.

Sandi, enjoy the day and your tennis this morning.

Surely wishing a quick and positive resolution for Lynne2 and hubby. Concerned about them and about the animals.

Lynne, very sorry about the leaks in the basement. Hoping they are not/won't become serious. Dehumidifier working fulltime here also.

Laundry on the agenda for today. Small loads mean more loads mean more water use but I like clean clothes. lol

Jo, stay in if possible. Too oppressive outside.

Kay, do enjoy the day with your friend.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Eaglet eating at the Launchpad

So we have at least one fledge.
Eaglet just jumped down from the stump
Eaglets arguing over had in his talons and has been hopping about the nest...other one wanted it....finally one up on the stump and the other in the nest.
Looks like the turtle shell was one of the fought over objects...upside down near the launch pad now
Lolly said…
Good morning! Just saw one eaglet in the nest.

Going to work in the yard. Going to plant more grass in the mud slide area of the lawn. Looks like we have more rain headed our way what with a storm in the Gulf. Lovely!

Have a great week!
I know one eaglet is on the stump...not sure if the other one is still at the Launchpad or it departed.
JudyE said…
On lunch and caught up 1201 punch w 14 clicks or min to take off
JudyE said…
Mt nest that I can see
Lynne2 said…
O my Lolly...maybe you'd better wait to plant til this next round of wet goes by!!

afternoon all....just came back from taking care of donkey feets. We are fighting a losing battle, I think. (they have white line and thrush). Now it looks like the pigs have some sort of mange. I have reported this to the boss but do not expect anything to be done.

Seems that there was a meeting of sorts this AM in the kennel, and I am hearing that the deal may be done by the end of the week!! Thanks so much! I'd love to try the Thundershirt for Daisy! I can tell you that she is just about 50lbs and needs to lose a couple.
Lynne2 said…
Cloudy, hot and breezy here today.
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon to all ♥
Yes, Lynne the weather is the same here in my valley. Praying for you to get good
news concerning the sale of the farm. Wish you had some help or good advice on those
animal's feet to help them heal! Hope the thundershirt does the trick for Daisy.

Janet it was a good idea to learn to drive the RV - I know that Wanda wishes she could
driver the Eagle Express ♥

No plans for the day - inside I am, Judie ♥
Kay, hope you are having lunch with your friends and her daughter.

Grannyblt - I think that as long as momma brings food to Mr. A Lot Of White In His Tail - he is going to stick around. They were wet - we had a little rain through the night (I didn't hear it so must not have been a storm)

Take care - BBL

Both in the just went up to the stump
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Both eaglets in the nest!!!
JudyE said…
Home from work to see one eaglet on stump and other at bottom wishing she was on stump

I see the temp at the nest is just 82° trade with them we are so hot

adult in
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Parent in with food and the turd just ran the parent back off. I think we need some more food now.
Adult in...feet were attacked...not sure any food brought,,, adult up into tree
Hi Shar and Judy!

Oh yes...eaglet got the food.
JudyE said…
and adult gone must have been a food drop

We are 92 with heat index hotter

I see no food in nest the eaglet keep looking up Looks like adult was almost knocked out of the nest when landed I got a fast snip Hard to tell if there is food no one is manteling anything
JudyE said…
YEP I see the fish now


JudyE said…
the one eaglet that has the fish keeps looking up Like come down here and feed me maybe
JudyE said…
my heat index is 100 just looked

86 heat index at nest poor hot eaglets still looking up
JudyE said…
they seem to be pleading with the parents to come down whinning and looking up
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
That is so cool. I can see rain drops hitting the one eaglet's back and then rolling off.
JudyE said…
Isn't there a expression with water rolling of a duck back You need to change it to eagle back LOL

I just posted the link on the Real Eagle Cam Addict page they said I could I may ago to a few other pages also I reposted under th e cam also

3215.00 64% is total when I posted it so we will wait and see keep fingers and toes crossed it will help I will ask other sites
JudyE said…
did you notice the eaglet isn't eating that nice fish I think they want mom and dad to feed them not unless they scarfed it up when I was on FB posting can't see if eagle is over it I assume
JudyE said…
with the new cam we will be able to count the feather I can't wait

Eaglet finished eating and was cleaning beak. Other eaglet hops down from stump and jumped on the small nestover as if to say, that's mine!
Eaglet finishing up the fish...he gets the tail end, LOL
Heading home, catch ya later!
JudyE said…

""C.R.O.W. - "Unfortunately, we have some sad news to pass along. The eaglet that received the blood transfusion from Ozzie has died. He was a fighter and we hoped for the best, but in the end he was not strong enough to survive. We will have more information after a necropsy is performed."
JudyE said…

The one eaglet is still pecking at nestovers I hope another food drop comes so this one gets some They really don't fight over the food I noticed but I thought it was funny how the one that had the fish keep looking up but then gave up and feed herself and the other is getting scraps There sure are a lot of scales in that nest someone can throw them a air freshner messy messy nest the maid needs to show up

I just put the question on to three more facebook pages

Eagle Cam Addicts ( different on that the real eagle cam addict LOL)the one I posted earlier
Eagle Nation
All Raptor All the Time

being these aren't nest specific I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask I dare not put on like the Friends of Ponca, MN Bound Eagle page I think that would be tacky LOL so I wait to see if I hear from them I always post my eagle pictures of the nest and my local eagles on all the pages and have never had any issues but with this asking for money I thought ask would be the best

OK LM for me
stronghunter said…
Good afternoon!

Hot summer day here. I did some outdoor chores and got plenty sweaty.

For one thing, I found a wasp nest in the newspaper tube. So, that is where the wasp came from--the one that stung me yesterday afternoon when checked the mailbox. Danged thing came out and stung me, then disappeared so quickly I did not see where it went.

My passport has arrived! Came in today's mail. Glad I got the nest out of the newspaper tube. Wouldn't want the mail carrier to have gotten stung delivering the passport. I did have to throw out today's newspaper. It was soaked with poison, though there was only one squirt left in the can. Fortunately, that was enough. There were only 3 wasps, I think.
JudyE said…
Its a no for Eagle Nation being it is a fund raising but Eagle Cam Addicts said yes

one wet eaglet on stump and the other is bottom of stump so wet
Janet said…
good afternoon.

LYNNE2: happy to send it. just email (or message me on fb) me your physical addy and I will get it out to you. Luke was about 45 lbs and Sable topped out at about it should fit with no issues!


its been a hot hot hot day. did a lot of errands....just got out of the pool and fed the about time to fix food for the peoples.

tom bought me a dandy new no kink water hose 125 feet long !!!! woo hoo!

STRONGHUNTER: so sorry about the wasp sting. you know I think those things are nothing but evil flying beasties. i hope you sprayed the daylights out of that nest!!!

well folks, gonna start the grill. grilling pork chops tonight. gonna put some sweet thai chili sauce on them. that stuff is yummmmyyyyyyy!!!

catch ya later, gaters!

stronghunter said…
Had just enough spray for one good squirt, Janet, but that is all it took. Small nest. A nest in that spot would not likely have been around too long.

"Feels-like" temp here--102. No wonder I was so sweaty out there. And another severe thunderstorm warning.
stronghunter said…
No-kink hose. That sounds good. I bought one of those supposed-to-be wonderful hoses that collapse into near nothingness. It exploded the first time we used it. Geesh.
stronghunter said…
Happy to see some raindrops falling. I put my hanging flower pots out on the steps to catch the rain.

Be careful out there if you are at the beach. Sharks off the coast of NC. Yikes!
JudyE said…
I need to buy a new hose my has so many bends in it and I did buy the cheapest that is what you get I guess I have a nice hose on a hose reel just got to get the extender to attach to the spigot about 18" I think it was
I got the reel from Angie years ago but never bought the extender thingy

I just bought and new rake and leaf rake Mine disappeared when they did my yard Must have thought it was theirs so many kids were here No biggy

SIS I am so proud of you driving the RV I bet it was challenging but you will like it being able to help drive on future trips I know I can handle a pull a long trailer but have never driven a RV

WE got sever weather going on now I hear thunder we had a brief down pour but not raining now Gonna close down for the storm
Lolly said…
Howdy! Accomplished a lot in the yard. Still need to add mulch to the flooded area and raise a flagstone path. HOWEVER, we are expecting lots of rain the next couple days....a major back step!

Just peeked at the eaglet in view.
JudyE said…
the one eaglet came down from the stump and went to lay down next to the other eaglet but that one got up and went up to the stump taking turns they are Sweet

our storm was short lived was more north this time yeah
JudyE said…
LOLLY I have been watching the weather and they nightly mention that you all are going to get it I hope its not that bad and fizzles out before it hits your area
Judie said…
Good evening.

Shirley, very sorry about the wasp sting but glad you were able to spray the nest. Do be watchful as I think wasps will return to a nest location. We got about ten minutes of raindrops around 6 pm so, like you, happy the plants could drink some rain water. Hot as blazes again today. Happy your passport arrived. Was worried because of a State Dept. glitch. Now you can really get excited about that vacation.

Really hope the people in TX won't have additional property damage and loss of life. Very sad situation for so many. Nice that Lolly is getting Camp Hawkwood back in order.

Jo, hope you stayed inside and continue to feel stronger each day.

Growing up near Va. Beach (before it was a resort), we looked out for jelly fish and rip tides but never thought about sharks. A jelly fish sting really hurts. Um, a shark bite would hurt more.

Judie said…
Headed to watch First 48.

Going early to the pillows - early morning appointment.

Sandperson is packing.

Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
Will keep an eye open for more wasps in the newspaper tube, but also under the chairs on the porch. They like those chairs, and the thought of sitting in a chair occupied by wasps is scary.
stronghunter said…
I do need to buy some more wasp spray.

Lynne2 said…
Blaze Starr has died. She had a heart condition and was worried about her sick dog....the dog died a few hours later.

One of her sisters is one of our very regular clients. She was apparently in the office today but never mentioned anything. I'm guessing she either hadn't passed or Betty June hadn't heard yet.
Lynne2 said…
update!!! Saw the boss and chatted for some time today.

The house they just bought is sold, they have to be out by the 26th.
The Dr has not given her a firm yes or no as of now about buying the place.
Her husband has taken a job in FLA, they have bought a house there already, he will be leaving soon.
If the Dr has not given her a firm answer in the next 10 days, she will be moving back here.
She is very unhappy with the way things are going with the kennel and if she does move back, she says major changes will be occurring.

stronghunter said…
Going to say good night. I hope all works out well for you Lynne2. I am a little confused.

SED, everyone.
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