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New thread.


Judie said…
Good morning, Steve. Thank you for the fresh Thursday thread. I hollered at the others.

Have a great day.
JudyE said…
Mema Jo said…

WHOA WHOA Judie you beat me today and CONGRATULATIONS on your feather. ♥

THANK YOU Steve for our fresh new thread

I just sent email to NCTC - IT about our frozen cam. It just needs to be reset.
Looks MT but that ol' Ducky is right there in the middle - I don't know how he has

I am headed over to the older thread to read morning comments. Everyone have a great day.

Mema Jo said…
Barbara you have it right about mom and dad doing the grocery shopping - not a very
good incentive for our 2 juvies to be out and about getting their own. They may be here
at the nest longer then any of our other eaglets.

Sandi I'm happy Freyja is becoming a little Beach Gal. Usually at her age they don't like those ocean waves - Her pictures are adorable.

thanks for info on the feedings this morning.
Sandi said…
Goodorming again to those who have joined the blog for the day.

Thanks Steve for a new thread and thanks to Judie for the call over.

grannyblt said…
Good morning eagle watchers.

Thanks for the call over and the new thread.

I'm off soon for a dreaded committe meeting. BBL
MT nest

Still cam stuck on 5:34 am this morning
Congrats on the feather Judie.

I'd say Ducky is looking pretty clean...rains did him good!
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Thank you, STEVE--we do love new threads!

Thank you for the call over, JUDIE, our fine feathered friend!

Thanks to this mornings nest reporters! Wonder how long Ducky will stay in the the nest?☺ He looks so lonely in our worn and MT nest. Once in a while I see leaves blowin' in the wind and can hear a songbird or two, but otherwise it's a bit like a ghost town there.

SANDI, sweet times with Freyja. Seth's first trip to the ocean was at that same age--they lived in Bowie, MD where I visited for his 1st birthday. We went to Henlopen for a few days of water, sun and sand. He loved it and so did we!

JO, so happy for your ggd with a new red bike--it's great that she no longer has to share with the boys!

LOLLY, too bad you must miss seeing your former teaching pals, but you're needed and will be appreciated in College Station/Bryan. Priorities in tact!

Have to get set for trip to GMC garage. One recall item--driver's door lock--and the standard oil change, etc..

It's an umbrella day here again--we are truly water logged.

Prayers for all in need!!!

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Well, Mr. Cuddle Duck is splayed prominently in the middle of the nest. What a survivor he is.
JudyE said…
one to stump and other flew off the launch pad Only ducky remains in the nest he has been there just a tad over 2 months 23 of May is when he showed up
Missed the juvies

Big cam shake!!
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Hear calling. Sounded a lot like a teenager hollering for dinner delivery. lol Must be up on branches.

Kay, hope the recall repair was completed today.

Off to the scullery. Try to get some food prepared before the storm arrives (again).
Lolly said…
Howdy! A day working hard in the yard! But, sitting here clean, rested, but tired! Hawkwood Gardens is looking good! At bough it made a mess of part of the yard, the rain has been so great for most of the lawn.

Going to put my nose in a book this evening and enjoy putting my feet up.

Took a peek at the nest and no Eagles!
Judie said…
Eaglet finishing dinner. Home alone.

Heading to my book, PBS, then the pillows.

Set the alarm for Sandperson. Will be packing a satchel and departing early at 10pm.

Restful sleep for all.
Lolly said…
I hate auto correct. Just read my comment...that was supposed to be "although". Grrrr!
Janet said…
good evening to all. hot hot hot and humid...thick outside. I went out and trimmed the crepe myrtles in the back and was a sweaty, nasty mess. only 3 to trim!
not as if I was out there for hours on end!

its been a good day. work was excellent. came home, took a little snoozer.....pulled pork bbq for dinner. now its quiet. going to shower shortly and hit the bed. another busy day tomorrow. cooler weather supposedly heading our way....rain tomorrow I think. I could use some 80's instead of the mid and upper 90's for a few days!

so, question: what is manteling? I saw a reference to the eagles doing this on the previous thread, but I don't know what it is. please and thank you for the info!

good night all!
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Today was a sad day. We said good-bye to Lucky and send him over the Rainbow Bridge. He had a long and happy life. Twenty-one years puts him over 100 in cat years. He has been declining over the past few weeks, and today he was too weak to stand on his feet. Tomorrow, we will bury him in the back yard.
stronghunter said…
Manteling--that is what the eaglets are doing when they spread their wings over their food to prevent the others from getting it.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley, I am so sorry to hear this about Lucky. You and your family gave him such a good life - I'm sure he is happy he is free from all pain.
Mema Jo said…

We have had rain this evening but not in the form of a storm.......

Closing down for the day

Goodnight to all ♥

SED and AOYP ♥
NCSuzan said…
Shirley, so sorry that Lucky has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know he was an honored and loved member of your family and will be missed.
stronghunter said…
Hmm, just looked it up, and it is spelled "mantling." Interesting.
stronghunter said…
Thank you. Yes, Lucky was very much loved. Kathryn had had him most of her adult life. It was especially hard for her. We had been nursing him through the past few days, but it was obvious today that it was time.
grannyblt said…
Shirley and Kathryn, so sorry to hear about Lucky.. He was lucky to have you all as his people parents.
stronghunter said…
Time for me to say good night. I will see you tomorrow. God bless and good night. SED.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Shirley, I'm so sorry to hear that your family lost Lucky. I know how hard it is to have to make "that decision."

We had rain during the night with more in the forecast for today, tonight, and tomorrow. Will go to tennis but I'm not sure if we'll get 2 hours of play in.

Lynnis, Freyja and their 2 dogs will be leaving this afternoon. It has been wonderful having them here.

Have agreat day.
Judie said…
Shirley, I am truly sad for you and Kathryn and the family. Lucky enjoyed a long and wonderful life. We understand your sadness and we are sad with you.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

SHIRLEY so sorry for the loos of LUCKY
JudyE said…
one eaglet in near launch pad
Barbara said…
Somebody brought food, as both kids are busy eating something down around 5...
JudyE said…
saw shadow fly over and now big clunk on camera thinking its the other juvie
JudyE said…
other eaglet up to stump
JudyE said…
Headin out to get Jordyn and go swimming see ya later One eaglet is making a ruckus in the attic
Kay said…
Good RED FRIDAY Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Yes, one of the juvies is upstairs and cheeping away. Can't be hungry as BARBARA reported on a good meal less than an hour ago. Ducky is in a different position today so someone tossed him around a bit!☺

SHIRLEY, Lucky was well named for he was lucky to be a part of Kathryn's life for so long---and to have the whole Phillips family looking out for him. Fun to imagine him now, pain free and frolicking with so many other Momster pets who've crossed over Rainbow Bridge!

SANDI, too bad Lynnis and Freyja can't stay longer, but so glad they and the dogs visited for a few days.

JUDY, hope you and Jordyn enjoyed the swim!

JUDIE, in spite of the fact that I told them I was bringing in the recall notice and gave them the description and part number per my card from GM they didn't have the thing in stock. Everything else checked out well on my 2006 Envoy with a whopping 32,000 miles on it. The part was due in from Cinci this a.m., so I've a 1pm appt. for that today. Thankfully the dealership is only about 2 miles away. If it's sunny by then I'll go for their free car wash, too. Much to rainy for that yesterday.

JO, what are you up to today? Prayers as always!!!

And, prayers for all in need!!!

Mema Jo said…
Good Red Friday Morning to ALL ♥
Sitting here listening to little Chirpy calling out - Thanks Barbara for letting me know they have been fed. I just wonder why mom and dad are still bringing in food when the kids are almost 13 - 14 weeks old.
Rain last evening and today is cloudy with more rain in the forecast. So not doing much
today - no appointments so I can relax and stay in my pj's as long as I want! lol

Take care - BBL

CarolAnne said…
Hello Red Friday Momsters & any Dadsters,
Have been following everyone's people & pet adventures, plus the rain, rain, rain for some. I have a prayer request. Hubby's youngest bro & family are having a bit of a rough time right now. They have an autistic 14 year old who is a handful. Now the SIL has just had heart surgery yesterday and is on shaky ground. Heavily sedated for now. While doing all the tests prior to the heart surgery they discovered she has breast cancer. As soon as she is recovered enough from the heart surgery she will be having chemo, then a double mastectomy. I know the power of Momster prayers and I thank you in advance.
Lolly said…
CarolAnne.....prayers for sure! They do need prayers!

Thinking of burying the rain stick! Only is a prized possession! I know I will need it again!

No Eagles on the cam. That is always the way for me!

Off to a Laurel's! See ya!

Oh, and Shirley, so very, very sorry. Have to say, skippi has healed our hearts!
CarolAnne said…
Lolly try this:

"Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth,
Please make it stop raining upon this hearth
Water, stop dropping your drops,
Wind, stop blowing your blow,
And please do this now as I have said so"
Lo and behold, we have an eaglet resting in the nest at the 9 spot...looks like white tail :)
Shirley, so sorry to hear about Lucky.

Carolanne, prayers for your family.
stronghunter said…
Thanks for the kind words. Lucky had such a long life, and he was remarkably healthy for most of those years. It has not been so long ago that he was climbing on the back of the recliner and considering pouncing on the dinner table. Had me worried when he did that.

Right now I am watching our very sad, starving young eaglet chirping in the nest. Goodness.
stronghunter said…
Still need to read back. I have missed some posts.
Eaglet up and looking about...maybe a food delivery??

Up to the stump.
Eaglet left to the back in and calling
Lots of begging from the eaglet on the stump
stronghunter said…
One of the escaped convicts has been shot. The other one is being chased. Busy news day.
stronghunter said…
Oh my goodness! Food delivery two eaglets mantling. Cam shake. Parent must have retreated up there.
stronghunter said…
Big eaglet fight over that fish.
JudyE said…
both in nest heard a commotion and both are manteling
stronghunter said…
I think they must have pulled that fish in two. They both seem to be eating.
Mema Jo said…
They must have, Shirley - like you said they are both intent on what they are eating.

Great news that one of the escaped prisoners has been shot and killed so the
other one must not be too far ahead.
I need to listen to the news - hubby just cam out and informed me of shat happened.
JudyE said…
one is at bottom of stump there has food on launch pad mantling it

now other to stump
JudyE said…
came back down right away now sitting there one eating

Had a nice time at the pool then went and had lunch with Angie now waiting to go to their house in a bit

JudyE said…


stronghunter said…
Did they say he has been killed, Jo? I heard that Richard Matt has been shot, but I haven't heard that he was killed.
stronghunter said…
Enough news today to keep CNN hopping all over the place.
stronghunter said…
Calmer at the nest. Both eaglets still there.
stronghunter said…
Okay, now they are saying Matt has been killed.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - I think they are hoping he is dead....... I just got back from IHops so we
will be watching the news at 6. OK I see your comment Shirley that he has been killed.
Not to sound callous but it is 1 down and `1 to go.

I am glad to see Still Cam up - I had sent a new email this afternoon hoping before
they left for the weekend they would reset it. Thank You NCTC - IT
Mema Jo said…

CarolAnne - prayers are being said for your brother-in-law's family. So much going on in their lives I'm sure they need all the prayers and positive thoughts in order to create the miracle they need. I'll keep them in my daily prayers.
Janet said…
good evening all!

CarolAnne: light, love and comfort being sent for the highest and greatest good...and btw, love the chant.

Stronghunter: hopefully you are doing a bit better today.

Not too much going on. Doing my usual Friday thing: sitting on my hindquarters on the sofa. I am tired. Work tomorrow, then a couple days off.

Thunder storms moving in. Could use a good rain....

Hugs to all
Judie said…

CarolAnne, prayers for courage and healing for all the family. Momster prayers are powerful.
Judie said…
Nest is MT but I hear the sounds of a fretting eaglet.

Jo, you stole my words. One down and one to go. Not soon enough.

Headed to put my feet up. Try to finish today's paper. See what's on tv other than sadness.

Sandperson will depart at 10pm.

Restful sleep for all.
Mema Jo said…
Just checked our nest
2 juvies in and one is mantling so there must be food.

They do fight over their food
Lynne2 said…
Evening all.

CA....prayers for your family. Keep us posted. Good to see you but not with this kind of news. You surely have come to the right place for prayers and support!

I was very glad to see that escapee Matt has been, uh, dealt with. I suspect he died of suicide by law enforcement. Cannot imagine living in that area with the other one still at large...very scary.
Lynne2 said…
Shadow, our hospital cat.....he has taken a turn for the worse. He's been doing great and his tumors have been shrinking, but today he was not himself. By the end of the day he was down and open mouth breathing.He had a temp of 105.9 !!!! He got several meds and fluids. My coworker Karen just called, she went to check on him. His temp is still at 105. More fluids and meds, he ate a mouth full of canned food and got in his bed. His breathing was stable and he seemed comfortable. I'm due to go in in the AM early to take care of the medical boarders and him and I truly hope he is OK when I get there.....
Lynne2 said…
oh my, can't remember when I last checked in.....the kennel is officially sold to the vet now. He came in to meet the staff Thurs. AM. This is going to be interesting! We are secure!

Did I tell you about my baby snapping turtle? Coworkers hubby found him in the outdoor dog kennel and brought him up for me! Wanted to make sure he was healthy, in at least as much as I can injuries, responsive, eating.... He is fiesty, eats like a pig, swims around, never has tried to bite and he is SO fascinating to watch! I'd love to keep him but we will release him now that we are sure he is OK. We just have to find the right pond to do so. Steve thinks we are going out to do this tomorrow. He is crazy. I'm not going out in the pouring rain!
Lynne2 said…
oh my, can't remember when I last checked in.....the kennel is officially sold to the vet now. He came in to meet the staff Thurs. AM. This is going to be interesting! We are secure!

Did I tell you about my baby snapping turtle? Coworkers hubby found him in the outdoor dog kennel and brought him up for me! Wanted to make sure he was healthy, in at least as much as I can injuries, responsive, eating.... He is fiesty, eats like a pig, swims around, never has tried to bite and he is SO fascinating to watch! I'd love to keep him but we will release him now that we are sure he is OK. We just have to find the right pond to do so. Steve thinks we are going out to do this tomorrow. He is crazy. I'm not going out in the pouring rain!
Lynne2 said…
oh my, can't remember when I last checked in.....the kennel is officially sold to the vet now. He came in to meet the staff Thurs. AM. This is going to be interesting! We are secure!

Did I tell you about my baby snapping turtle? Coworkers hubby found him in the outdoor dog kennel and brought him up for me! Wanted to make sure he was healthy, in at least as much as I can injuries, responsive, eating.... He is fiesty, eats like a pig, swims around, never has tried to bite and he is SO fascinating to watch! I'd love to keep him but we will release him now that we are sure he is OK. We just have to find the right pond to do so. Steve thinks we are going out to do this tomorrow. He is crazy. I'm not going out in the pouring rain!
Lynne2 said…
Lastly, things continue to decline for my In Laws. My FIL ripped the back of his hand open trying to unhook the trailer from his riding mower. He's not allowed to do that sort of stuff, but he does. He can't have sutures because his skin is SO SO thin and with the blood thinners it couldn't be done. SO they packed and wrapped it. The next day he went to the store and it broke open. They had to call and ambulance to get him to the ER. My MIL was at work with no car to get there. OMG...

Meanwhile, she has something wrong with her stomach that is apparently due to her meds for her bad shoulder.

The garage flooded, the refrigerator broke and the mysterious leak in the wall is back.

Steve is really upset. But we have resigned ourselves to the fact that they are going to continue to not make important decisions that need to be made and there is nothing, NOTHING we can do about it.
Lynne2 said…
That all happened between Sunday and Thursday this week. UGH!!

On the bright side....almost 2 weeks now with NO M&Ms, Pepsi or Sweet Tea! We have an ice cream treat on the weekend but that's about it! I am not checking my weight. But I think I have lost a couple of pounds!

Got to get my shower and hit the pillows. Good night and prayers for all!
Mema Jo said…
My pillows are waiting

Waiting for a rainy Saturday

Goodnight to all ♥
stronghunter said…
Good evening,
I did read your posts just now. I will try to respond the best I can, but I am quite tired.

Janet--we saw the Northern Lights in North Carolina. You have a chance. And we've seen them several times here in Virginia. Florida.. . that might be a stretch.

Lolly, so sorry about Flo. My condolences. Happy that your gardens are recovering.

Sandi, I am sure it was greatly appreciated that you moved things before the arrival of Freyja. I never was quite able to forgive my father-in-law's second wife for refusing to move any of her hundreds of ceramic figurines when we visited with toddler twins. (Well, it seemed like hundreds of figurines.) She announced that she expected everything to remain intact. (If you have hundreds, maybe you won't miss one or two.) Fortunately we had our camper parked in the driveway, and we spent a lot of time out there.

Loved the story about the red bike, Jo. Bless your great granddaughter.

CarolAnne--prayers and good wishes. Please stay in touch. We have missed you.

Judie--Yes,one down and one to go. I hope that situation gets resolved tonight. Dog the Bounty Hunter thinks they might already have him and just aren't saying so yet. He also told an interesting story about how they fooled the two escapees by putting info out about how the cops were moving on, thinking the guys had gotten to Canada or some such thing. That's when they came out of hiding (Seems they they had gotten their hands on a radio.) At lest that is what Dog said. Gotta love Dog. :)
stronghunter said…
Time for sleep.

SED, everyone.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

JudyE said…
nest is MT from what I can see or hear

66 at the nest and looks like windy again and the icon is in the red flood warnings

Carole Anne healing thoughts and prayers heading you way
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Rain has started here. Nest looks MT but I hear 1 juvie in the tree making noise occasionally.

Lynne2, glad the transition at the kennel went smoothly and you and Steve are secure there. Sorry to hear about your in-law misadventures. Sadly there is a big difference between resigning yourself to a situation and not worrying about it. Why are you minimizing the sugar intake? Sugar would be the hardest thing in the world for me to stop ingesting - I am addicted for sure.

Shirley, does Luna seem to miss Lucky? How is Hunter doing with the loss and how is he enjoying his summer so far?

CarolAnne, good to see you on the blog. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Jo, prayers continue for you - when does Michael get back from Haiti?

Janet, why is Olivia doing school work during summer break?

Lolly, good to hear you and Jack are whipping the yard back into shape. Good news for Laurel & Joey on the pay raise. Our legislature has a huge deficit to make up so teacher raises have been put on hold AGAIN as well as they decided very recently to require teachers to pay a larger portion of their health insurance premiums each month which means less bring home pay. Need money? Let's just take some from the teachers - they make plenty for the job they do!!

Shar, when you next check in, how are things going for Justin?

Lynnis, Freyja and the dogs left yesterday afternoon. We LOVED having Freyja here but I have to say there is just about NOTHING that I agree with when it comes to Lynnis's parenting style. Her parents are nice people but basically hippies, so she and her siblings were raised differently from my children and from the children of everyone I know. Kids were allowed to eat whatever they wanted and whenever they wanted with no attempt to ensure a balanced diet, sleep whenever and wherever, and do whatever they wanted. No routines, no rules, no boundaries - very "free spirited." That's how Lynnis is with Freyja and, since Brian works so much of the time, I guess he just goes along b/c Freyja is healthy and happy.

Looks like it's getting windy at the nest - the Shepherdstown Street Festival this afternoon should be a soggy one.

Need to get to the grocery store early while last week's tourists are packing to go home and this week's tourists haven't arrived yet.

Have agreat day all.
Sandi said…
Both juvies in the nest now. There must have been a food drop while I was away from the computer - dark tail is eating something while the other looks on.

Unsuccessful attempt at a steal.
Janet said…
quick good morning to all.

I have never known the northern lights to be seen this far south....but the fact that they me hope. I do hope to see this phenomenon some day!

SANDI: the agreement was that we took an entire month off from school, but because Olivia still struggles with multiplication and division, we agreed that the end of june we would start to do 2 sheets a week. one multiplication. one division. just practice.

the rest of the time, she is free to do as she pleases, well, she does have "chores" but nothing horrible. empty the dishwasher. scoop the cat boxes. oh yeah, keep her room respectable....tough stuff. lol.

LYNNE2: love the snapping turtle story! its probably a good thing we dont' live and I could get in trouble with critters. glad your job is secure and things are looking up. the inlaws....let go of what you cannot control, but sandi is right, the concern is still present.

SANDI: loved the pix of Freyja. sooo cute! glad you had such a great time!

next sat, the 4th we will have the grandkids and grand dogs for about a week while my oldest and her husband go to Jamaica for their 10th wedding anniversary and renewal of vows. ;) most pleased for them.

anyone who wants to come hang out...this is where the fun will be! :) :) :)

gotta get ready for work. ya'll have a super day! love and light!
Judie said…
Good rainy morning. Rain is hard and steady.

Did my weekend foraging yesterday. Going to do inside work today. Kitchen needs some attention. Laundry is calling.

LYNNE2: Google "Helping Aging Parents Who Don't Want Help." You should find a wealth of information and resources both for Steve's parents AND for you and Steve. Meanwhile, very sorry all the mishaps occurred so close together. Hopefully, the new vet owner will make positive changes so the animals are healthy and you and Steve will know your efforts are appreciated. If cutting back on sugar is a goal, congratulations on the successful beginning. Hope Shadow was better this morning.

Sandi, hopefully a day will come when Lynnis will ask for guidance and you will be there. Meanwhile, you have a beauteous grandbaby to enjoy and a son who is working very hard.

Continued prayers for CarolAnne's family.

Shirley, hope the weekend will be pleasant after the difficult week.

Did not know Miracle Michael is in Haiti. I'm sure the visit was a great success. Safe travels home.

Janet, so lovely your daughter and husband are renewing their vows. Nice location, also.

Wishing everyone a most wondrous rainy Saturday.

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

CAROLANNE, good to see you. Thanks for bringing us in on the needs of your BIL and SIL--Momster prayers are powerful! We're on it!♥

Hmmm, I missed the fact that Miracle Michael is in Haiti, JO. Prayers for safe travel!

LYNNE2, so relieved to know the dust has settled on the new ownership and that you and STEVE are sitting pretty! Sad, sad story re:his parents. I hope JUDIE's Googling suggestion produces good guidance for you. Growing old gracefully doesn't come easy for many and it does makes life difficult for the "kids"!

SANDI, so glad you can look beyond that wide gap in parenting practices and thoroughly enjoy the adorable Freyja in all her glory!

JANET, enjoy the kiddies---kudos to your daughter and hubby on 10 years of wedded bliss and their renewal of vows!

JUDY, thanks for starting the day off for us. Hope you're having a jolly good day at WallyWorld!

LOLLY, wishing you safe travel as you head to College Station to celebrate Flo's life!

Prayers for all in need!!!

Mema Jo said…
Good Rainy Morning to all ♥ Great day for staying indoors with a good book.

Shirley - curious as to how Luna is taking Lucky's leaving. I know when I lost Tigress it took a while for Mr Marvin to stop looking for her. Prayers for you, Kathryn and Hunter to remember all the good times with Lucky for so many many years.

Lynne2 - I am so relieved of my worries concerning the future for you and Steve. Sounds
like good events are heading your way. Remember you can only do so much for your in-laws.

Sandi - as long as Freyja is happy and healthy and loved I know you are thankful. ♥

Janet - hope your day at work goes well. I think it is an excellent idea to keep Olivia on her toes with math to have those work sheets. You sound like you are looking forward to having your grandchildren with you as their parents renew their vows in Jamaica. Sending good vibes for Tom's shoulder to heal.

Judie - hope your laundry isn't too much so you can get to those library books. ♥
Mema Jo said…

Both juvies are in the nest
One has food and the other has none
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - Kathryn put up 3 pics on FB of Hunter, Lucky and also Luna
They are so good
Mema Jo said…
Whitetail is up on the stump and Darktail I think is looking for some nestovers.

Really windy at the nest with the rain
JudyE said…
Howdy eagle buds onl lunch

Angie has Jordyn doing school work during the summer She has the summer bridge program from her school
They say that kids should do something because they do tend to forget stuff so this will help her when school come back
She has been in her camp now two weeks I think and that kids is getting soooo dark going to the pool at camp They do have them use creme she is not burning so I know she uses it I got the top of my head my poor scalp burnt yesterday The only place that I didn't put the suntan lotion She has three days swim lessons and they go in the pool once a day besides the lessons PLUS in after car 4-6 or till she gets pick up she is in the pool She will turn to a prune this summer

Did I tell you all that Angie will be the President of the PTO at Jordyn school next year

she is really involved with the school Which I am proud of her

JudyE said…
I see tail tip on the stump
JudyE said…
LYNNE2 so happy you are secure and is that in both work and home place crossing finger YES

JANET so happy they are renewing their vowel and you get grand kid time

JudyE said…
headin to Fb see you after work
Lynne2 said…
Our kitty is doing better! He is perky, temp down to 103.6 and he is TRYING to eat but isn't. Begs for it, sniffs it like crazy and will sort of lick it, but no actual eating. UGH. Called Dr B and one of his lymph nodes was very large and close to pressing on his esophagus the other day. She is worried that it is now. Will be heading back shortly to check him again. He's not out of the woods yet, but at least he is better today!

SANDI, PAULA and anyone else down the east coast to north eastern NC....TORNADO WATCH!!
Judie said…
Good late afternoon/early evening.

MT nest.

Lynne2, happy that Shadow is interested in food. Hopeful sign. Sending kitty prayers for wellness.

As an adult, okay an ageing adult, I think summer upkeep on academics would have been terrific. As a kid, not so much. lol

Worked on the kitchen today. Good day as it has been raining seriously since early a.m. About twice a year I just feel compelled to thoroughly clean the oven and stove and really scrub the counter tops. Yes, I have an excellent cleaning lady but stuff builds up (stove exhaust, filters, etc.) so I have spent my day de-greasing. Kitchen is now spotless. Bet it could almost pass a Lolly inspection.

Rain has stopped for about 15 minutes. More to come. Tonight I will catch up and hopefully finish the last few chapters of my library book which is due Monday.


Sandi said…
Hi all! What a gray day. Rain off and on but so far, no severe weather.

Lynne2, hope kitty continues to improve!

Did grocery shopping, did some laundry, got beds made up for family arriving tomorrow for 2 weeks, did some touch-up staining in the kitchen that never got done when the kitchen remodel happened.

I also ordered myself an Ipad Air - Brian has been telling us how much easier Face time is than Skype or Google Talk. I have some leftover money in my mom's account that I had decided to keep as my "fee" for doing all of the Personal Representative stuff so ... thanks, Mom!!

Has anyone seen the movie Macfarland USA with Kevin Costner? Based on a true story about a guy who takes a teaching/coaching job at a high school in Macfarland, CA and starts a track team there. What a great feel-good movie!! I highly recommend!!

Time for dinner and then some TV time. I will see everyone in the AM.
Janet said…
Good late afternoon to all.

Thank you for the congrats for Chelsea and chris. Seems hard for me to believe that it has been ten years ago. My stars how time flies.
I am indeed looking forward to the kiddos …. A little apprehensive…keeping all 3 entertained and not killing each other… all know how that goes I am sure. It will take a lot of my creative energies to keep things organized and together in this roost.
As for the summer math….no olivia does NOT believe this is a good idea….but she is 14, soooo her vote doesn’t count on this one. Lol. I don’t think 2 math sheets a week is too much to ask.

Tom’s shoulder seems to be doing pretty well. The range of motion is much better already having started physical therapy.
JUDYE: congrats to angie on the PTO. I think she will find it a rewarding experience. I loved being on the PTO board. I was able to get to know the teachers quite well and it was just a great bonding experience.
LYNNE2: so glad the kitty is doing better; hope it continues!
The rain clouds have moved out. We had some lovely rains though. The sun has come back out and it feels like early October out there. A nice change of pace from super hot, thick weather of the previous week.
Planning on going fishing in the morning!  Planning on a quiet night tonight. Will check in later.
Hugs for all
Judie said…
Heavy rain here most of the day. Hope it clears for tomorrow.

Ah Janet, just give the kiddies massages, let them fall asleep, then kick back and enjoy.

Sandi, enjoy treating yourself. Well deserved.

Headed to put my feet up. Sandperson will be on the way in a while.

Restful sleep for all.
JudyE said…
Good MorningEagle Buds

one eaglet in the nest at luanch pad
JudyE said…
munching on nestovers it seems Looks wet still

58° at the nest
JudyE said…
poof out the back door
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. When I woke up with the dogs at 6:30 it was cloudy and muggy out. By 7am, it was pouring. By 7:30 the sun was coming out and now the skies are clear blue! What's that saying ... if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute! Shew!

Tennis for me at 10am IF the sun stays out! Then my sister, niece, nephew, and the dog arrive some time this afternoon for 2 weeks. Brother-in-law joins them on Tuesday I think.

Have agreat day all.
Sandi said…
Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear CarolAnne!! I hope you hop onto the blog today to collect your birthday wishes - I miss you being here on a regular basis.

Both juvies are suddenly in the nest wrestling (literally) over a fish. Didn't see the parent or the food drop (had the cam minimized while I was typing). Looks like white tail has the fish for now.
Judie said…
♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLANNE ♪♫ Wishing you a very special day.

White tail was in the nest picking. Just flapped up on the branch. Sunshine abounds.

Sandi, enjoy your tennis and the family.Hope the weather remains nice for outdoor activities.

May visit the farmer's market nearby.

Wishing everyone a most wonderful day.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
I just saw a sunbeam - so there is hope for a rainless day. Skies are gray though

Jenny has arrived for a visit - we have decided to go out to lunch!

I have been watching the feeder & the Peanut Pot this morning - bluejays, cardinals,
crows and squirrels and a little Titmouse. I have had a Hummer visit but have only
seen him 2 times.

MT nest but glad to hear that they were eating earlier.
i have no idea just when they will leave the nest and be on their own - as long as Belle and Shep continue to bring in fish - they will stay.

Sandi - enjoy your summer company
Mema Jo said…

Happy Happy Birthday CarolAnne - enjoy your special day
Hoping the year ahead is good to you
Lolly said…
Good morning! Just a quick scan of the blog to try to catch up! First off, I have to laugh at my reputation on house cleaning! You just keep thinking that! Roflmbo!

🎈🎉Happy Birthday, CarolAnne!🎉🎈. Have a great !

Good time at Laurel's but it exhausted me. Helped her with her garage sale and she made over $200 and that will pay for a ladies retreat in Colorado. Happy to help out!

Lynne, so very sorry about the sick kitty. Very relieved you are secure in your home. Was worried about that. And, concerning your in laws, Oh my! Prayers for them and you!

We are leaving soon to head to College Station for the memorial service. It is a 3 hour drive. We will return late this evening. Going to be a long, emotional day. Looking forward to seeing lots of family even though a sad occasion!

See you tomorrow!
Lolly said…
Oh, and CarolAnne, make that a great day! Lol
Janet said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CAROLANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 hugs and more hugs for a superb day!

HI EVERYONE! good sunday morning!

feeling quite wonderful this morning. had a long good sleep, the sun is out, temps are nice...going to enjoy enjoy enjoy!

maybe fishing later.

just popping in to say hey. will check back later to see what everyone is up to. have a lovely day!
Mema Jo said…
Both juvies n the nest
Whitetail sitting up at the noon position
and Darktail chomping down the food brought in by the adult
Mema Jo said…
No food fight but Whitetail is stealing some of the food from Darktail
JudyE said…
Hello on lunch 1220 punch

I was curious and I went and looked at last years blog and at the same time last year OUR eaglets were still in the nest
JudyE said…
and forgot to say last July is when the camera got struck by lightening saw that when I wend in to July and then discovered no camera so didn't go looking any further to see when they left last year

NCSuzan said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carol Ann. Hoping all your wishes come true.
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!


Have had a good weekend and the weather for tonight's band concert in the park is looking favorable! Temp only 70°--feels soooooo good!

LOLLY, safe travel!

SANDI, do enjoy your company--hope the weather there cooperates so that there will be a lot of wonderful beach time!

JO, glad you had a mother-daughter lunch today! I love those things!

JANET, hope you catch a lot of fish!

JUDY, kudos to Angie for the PTA presidency!

JUDIE, did ja' land some good n' delicious bargains at the Farmer's Market?

LYNNE2, hoping to hear the kitty is showing steady improvement!

Thanks for nest/juvie reports!

Prayers for all in need!

grannyblt said…
Happy Birthday CarolAnne!,
Judie said…
Back home. Purchased some tomatoes. Headed to the scullery to make Gazpacho. Friend for lunch tomorrow so the soup should make a nice lunch along with spinach salad.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day. Jo, glad you and Jenny enjoyed lunch together.

Kay, hope the weather holds for tonight's concert.

Safe travels Lolly.

stronghunter said…

Second escapee shot and captured.
stronghunter said…
Happy birthday, CarolAnne.
JudyE said…
I see two eaglets in middle of nest PLOTZED

HOME from work

70° at nest

KKAY I loved loved your email FB referral lOL
JudyE said…

~~~▄▄██▌ Its your Birthday so
▄▄▄▌▐██▌ Let the good times ROLL!!!!!!!!!

JudyE said…
I have to tell you a story I had gone to my AM and told him that there may be a customer complaint about me REFUSING to help a little ole man and YES I refused

but after my story it was fine

a little ole gentleman came to me and asked me where the SNOBOWL was I walked him to the area of tb cleaners

but we no longer sell that brand I showed him all the others
well he said he had to have the SB and asked if I could recommend any of the others I said they all clean the TB about the same

Well he then stated Its not for my toilet its for my dentures I was shocked and told him that I refuse to pick out a POISON for him and that is what it is not for human consumption even soaking dentures

Well I have been doing for years he said I politely walked away and went to find mgmt to let them know in case he complains That is the short version it was longer with more conversation with him
JudyE said…
Keep loosing the live feed wind I guess PIA PIA big time
JudyE said…
adult in with food one has it and adult gone
JudyE said…
I went back on the EM fb page and found the last picture of our eaglets last year was 7-23-14 lots of pic of them in the first part of July so maybe these aren't late just same as last years so far
JudyE said…
Darkie is doing the crying
JudyE said…
adult in with food
JudyE said…
adult still in nest the one eaglet is I guess frying to steal it If there is food adult is on it
JudyE said…
eaglet is still making a ruckus and adult still standing can't see if there is any food or not
JudyE said…
WOW the steal was on and went to bite adult
JudyE said…
juvie had food and adult got back
JudyE said…
food was stolen by juvie while she was feeding them Now adult is just standing and they both seem to be pecking on something
JudyE said…
Adult still in with both juvies all just standing
JudyE said…
adult is trying to see what the one juvie has darkie
JudyE said…
what ever it was adult stole it and is now eating and the other juvie is coming over for a bite

the one juvie is still trying to steal it fight big time

and the juvie got it now in center of nest
Mema Jo said…
Lots of nest activity this evening - thanks for the coverage Judy

Today has been sooooooooo beautiful weather-wise! Similar to a fall day!

Going to sit on the deck for awhile

JudyE said…
adult poofed out back door and landed with a big thud on cam housing
Judie said…
Ah, what a lovely treat to see both eaglets in the nest. Dark tail appears to be eating. White tail is doing a land survey.
JudyE said…
Amazing how long they are in the nest today doing wingersizing now the other is on stump for a min the one was trying to pick up the one branch in the nest
Well we know we probably will have a couple of more weeks of eaglets if they are like the eaglets last year w

stronghunter said…
Good evening. Just talked with my cousin Virginia. She will be here on Tuesday-Friday. Her presentation at the library will be on Wednesday.

On the kitty front--Kathryn and Hunter have decided to adopt two kittens. Right now, the kitties are still with their mother, but Kathryn and Hunter been shopping for kitten things.

Janet said…
good evening to all. busy day. spent the morning working in my yard, pulling weeds, checking out the plants....have one tomato thinking about turning red....woo hoo

spent the afternoon in the pool. or part of it anyway.

dinner and then went fishing. caught 1 teeny tiny sunfish.

but it was lovely all the same!

denting pillows shortly! nite all!
Lolly said…
We are home! It was a pleasant drive. Awesome to see Texas green, rivers and creeks full! No road construction so it only took us 2 1/2 hours. There are 15 of us cousins and 11 of us were there. Then there were many children of cousins and grandchildren. A mini family reunion. Very sad, but at the same time a glorious time with family.

Nothing much on the agenda until Thurs and the. Jack is having dental work. They are putting him to sleep, so I will be going. Hope this goes as planned!

See you tomorrow! Night all! SED!

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

56° at the nest brr chilly for me
JudyE said…
nest is MT at present
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Only 62 degrees this morning - nice tennis playing weather.

Lisa, the kids & Daisy arrived yesterday around 5pm. Mitch arrives today. My guess is we will hit the beach this afternoon.

Lisa and Mitch do most of the cooking while they're here and Mitch looks to cook out, so Denny went to Lowes yesterday and bought a new gas grill. Ours is 6 years old and many parts had rusted and needed replacing, so Denny just opted to replace the whole thing!

Since winter, I have been keeping a tray of cracked corn on the back deck outside my sunroom/office window. It has attracted a cardinal family. The dad shows up with one of the kids (who are now the same size as the adult) and, while the kid feeds himself, Dad will also still feed the kid! Very cute to watch!

It's also nice to see and hear that our eagle parents are still taking care of their kids.

Prayers for all of the needs on our blog, especially for Jo.

Judie, has lizard sitting ended?

Lynne2, how is vet kitty doing?

Shirley, kittens in the house soon - poor Luna!

Have agreat day all.
CarolAnne said…
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes for this absentee Momster.

Spent weekend at cottage and had visits from deer, turkey, and a fox.

Discovered a nesting pair of sparrow hawks (kestrel hawk) in our trees

A great restaurant meal to celebrate with a cousin & her husband. Our favorite cottage friends.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week & a safe upcoming holiday weekend.
Janet said…
Morning all! HI CAROLANNE! Come back soon!!!

busy day ahead. kid didn't get home til 12 last night. getting her out of bed now for an 8 a.m. orthodontist apt: priceless. lol.

have a great day!
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥ The skies are as clear as a bell and a beautiful breeze is out there; however, I think it is going to be rather warm in the sunshine. It is a great tennis morning.

Happy you had a great birthday yesterday, CarolAnne! I do miss you but I know you are still a Momster at heart and always will be.

Shirley, 2 playful kittens underfoot - you watch your step. I love kittens and I hope Luna will perk up and be the boss! lol

Sandi - enjoy your summer company - great that they do the cooking!
Kay said…
Good Morning from grey, rainy Central Ohio, Eagle Buds!!!

We did have one nice sunny 70° day yesterday, so it was a great evening for a band concert in the park!

Thanks for visiting, CAROLANNE! We do love you--I think of you often when I see our Cookbook. Thanks again for all you've done for we Momsters! So glad you had a lovely birthday!

SHIRLEY, looking forward to the Kitten Chronicals!

SANDI, it's wonderful good that Lisa and Mitch pitch in with a chore you really don't like! Wonderful good for tummies all round, too! Have fun! What kind of dog is Daisy? I assume your dear doxies accept her lovingly!

LOLLY, glad you had easy traveling and the blessing of a little family reunion while celebrating Flo's life!

JO, glad you have clear skies there!

Hello to the J sisters, JUDY n' JANET!

Tonight I must fast for my 3 month exam. Once it's over I'll boogie home for a quick lunch and a Penny outing. Then it's off to get a haircut. That's a lot in one day for this ol' gal. Malcolm has a four day reservation at Kay's Doggy Bed, Breakfast and Beyond, beginning on Thursday. That day Seth will turn 21 and that evening he and his parents will be celebrating with Eileen and Bill in MI. I opted out with a declaration that for the most part my traveling days are over. I'm happy to contribute to the cause with the care of Malcolm.

When our day starts off with an MT nest report at about 6am, we know our juvies are out there trying their hand at fishing and foraging! It's all good!!!

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
HELLO on lunch 1222 punched

SHIRLEY new kittens to cool

and CA welcome back and please do stop by more often

SANDI nice to have someone else cook for a change HUH and on vaca and they like to cook

KAY good luck on the fast I despise that part

and I am so jealous of everyone cooler weather We just had another round of storms come through Naturally the store slowed down for that p=but should pick up soon another round will be later Love FL summer showers
JudyE said…
I go tomorrow for my dentist appt so will only work a half a day Didn't ask I told my boss I would be leaving early and if it didn't take to long I would come back to the store to finish my shift appt is at 2 but don't think I will be done before 4 not at a dentist anyway
JudyE said…
heading to fb and then read a tad in the kindle watching WR nest now and ours is MT



C'mon over to the new Monday thread!

Nest is MT



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