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TGIF fledge thread.


Barbara said…
I think Steve just gave us a hint on why we have been seeing so little of one chick! The second one can't be far behind...
Mema Jo said…
THANK YOU for the fresh new thread, Steve - wish you were also giving out some Sunshine

Thanks Barbara for the call over and enjoy your handsome new feather as your reward.
It is First Flight time and we are always looking for the tail feathers up on the stump or the golden talons on the edge of the nest.
Hopefully Steve and NCTC staff will advise us of any lift-off !
Barbara said…
There's an update note on the cam page that the older eaglet has fledged!!!

I remember when Spunky's two siblings fledged and he was left all alone in the nest. Belle spent quite awhile sitting very close to him and comforting him until he was airborne too...
Mema Jo said…

Eagle Nest Updates
June 5, 2015

It appears the oldest eagle nestling fledged either late on June 4 or early today. This is right on time as first flights usually occur around 10 weeks of age and the nestlings are now 71 and 69 days old. The youngest should fledge over the next few days. Early flights will be very short to surrounding trees. If the fledglings land on the ground, it may be difficult for them to get airborne again. The fledglings will not stray far from the nest and will continue to be fed by both parents either away from the nest or decreasingly within it for a number of weeks. The parents do not teach the fledglings how to catch fish or other prey. Like flying, eagle feeding skills develop instinctively.
Mema Jo said…
Thanks Barbara for seeing that.........I'm spreading the word
Lolly said…
Jo, just have to say, I love your curly hair! Looking good!😀

Laurel called and she is home! Schools's out!! Know the feeling well!

Also, great news! Joey has a new job. He will be teaching Junior English at a high school in Denton, no longer Freshman English in a smaller district. No longer a drive out of town and a 6 to 7 hundred a month raise. They needed that badly! Time to celebrate!

Also, Jack got a good report at the doctors. No change in his numbers. He goes back in six months. Wahooo!

And, an eagle fledge! A good day all around!
Sandi said…
Steve, thanks for a new thread and a hint about the juvies. Barbara, thanks for the call over and Jo, thanks for the update from the cam page. All is as it should be at the nest, even though we will be sad to see the kids fly the coop.

Winding down on a Friday afternoon here. The kids are decorating the cafeteria for tonight's 8th grade dance. I am chaperoning - always nice to see the kids all dressed up. This will probably be my last 8th grade dance.

Sandi said…
Lolly, I see that you posted while I was typing. Congrats to Laurel on finishing the school year and to Joey on the new school!
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Steve, thank you for the fresh thread. Have a great weekend.

Barbara, congratulations on the feather. Wear it with eagle pride.

Jo, thank you for the update on our eaglets. Two in the nest just now. Maybe eaglet one is describing the adventures of almost flying.

Kay, sorry Malcolm is feeling puny and sure hope he perks up asap.

Good news Lolly for Joey and for Jack.

Sandi, enjoy the dance tonight.
Both Eaglets in the nest at Present!

Lolly, congrats to Joey on the new job! And Yay for Jack's numbers. Hoping to spend the winter in Biloxi! We shall see!

Lolly said…
Yea, for you, Paula!! Hope it works out!
JudyE said…
JUST CHECKING BOX before heading out again
Can only see one eaglet at the launch pad.
Ducky is a gray, filthy mess. Poor little guy needs a bath! LOL
Youngest is plotzed facing the stump...looks like an airplane!
NCSuzan said…
Thelma, HAPPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have the best year ever!
Mema Jo said…

Great news for Joey and for Jack - Laurel can put her feet up for a few - I bet the boys have full summer schedules........
Ah, I think the other one has been on the stump. Just saw some feather tips.
Lynne2 said…
afternoon all!

Wow Lolly...awesome news on multiple fronts!

Oh my.....a fledge today!

Still at work, still feeling puny. Just wanted to check in!
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THELMA!! Have a spectacular day!

Looks like it won't be long before the younger eaglet flies the coop too! This season seems to have gone by VERY quickly!

Glad to hear that Larry and Nick are both feeling well, Paula!

Lolly, congrats to Joey for the new job, and happy that Laurel's school is out for the summer. Fantastic news that Jack's numbers are good!

Judie, that's wonderful that your legs feel so much better! Time for a happy dance!

Sorry to hear that Malcolm is not eating well. Hope he's just moping because he was left behind.

Well, going to try to finish hanging pictures in our hallway today. Got 2 new
frames for a couple of photo collages of family pics yesterday. Need to scrub the grout on the bathroom floor too. It's dark blue, and not sealed, so tricky to keep looking new.

Lynne2, I sure hope you don't have Dengue Fever--it's horrible! Hopefully you're feeling better!

Have a great Red Friday, everyone, and I'll try to get back here after dinner.
(Hope I can stay awake long enough!) I ♥ us!
WOW sunshine on the nest.

Another peek at the wing tips from the stump loving eaglet :)
Wingersizes up on the stump
We have mantling and chirping...must have been a food drop
Oh, now see adult still at the launch pad!
Oldest has the prize...youngest watching from the base of the stump

Mema Jo said…
WOW! Paula you were blessed to have seen all of that! I did miss it.
They are really preparing themselves so that the fit survive!

Hubby heading out in the sunshine to mow !
I am going out shortly and pick the dead petunias out of the flower pots.

Take care all and enjoy your weekend ♥
stronghunter said…

Just a moment to post before taking Hunter for an appointment.

Saw that we have a fledge.

Will return later.
Mema Jo said…
One adult in the nest with both eaglets
I just tuned in but looks as thought food was brought in and the eaglet up at the noon
position has claimed it!
Judie said…
Good evening all.

Headed across the hall to read a few pages before denting the pillows.

Sandperson is almost finished packing and will depart momentarily.

Restful sleep for all.
Mema Jo said…
I watched some TV this evening but nothing spectacular

It has chilled down this evening........

Blessing for all of you and your loved ones

Goodnight ♥
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle buds

one eaglet at base of stump I saw a wing tip on top of the stump

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

I see one juvie in a sunshiny nest and another up on the stump (I can just barely see feathers). Still no sunshine here.

The dance last night was different - lots of sulking, sad girls. Middle school drama.

We'll leave for Baltimore around 11am - hope the weather is dry this evening for the wedding.

Have agood day - I'll see everyone tomorrow.
Janet said…
good morning.

a fledge.

was just thinking (maybe from a bird perspective) although flight is instinctive, how exciting that must be, for the first flight, seeing everything out there, for the first time. ever since I was a little child, i'd watch birds and imagine what it would be like to take flight and see the world from their perspective.

long weekend. thankful. and the sun is out out out today. after going to the chiropractor in a bit, planning a day outside outside outside. we MIGHT take the boat out tomorrow. that's the plan as long as everything goes according to plans.

yard work POOL TIME and just enjoy the day.

busy week at work, which was great.

Missing my gal pals this morning. love their visit.

hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! later
Judie said…
Good morning.

One eaglet on the crib rail enjoying some sunshine.

Sandi, sorry about the drama last night. Hope the weather and the wedding ceremony will be be perfect.

Janet, enjoy being outside.

A few small loads of laundry today. Need to finish a library book.

Have a beautiful day everyone.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Looks like a beautiful day for flight in the Sycamore Palace neighborhood---a nice little breeze to help one soar. One eagle wingersizing off camera, but seen via shadow at the 11/12 spot and one enjoying the morning sunlight, center nest.

SANDI, glad you made it through the last chaperoning stint with only a bit of early teen drama. Hope the wedding is flawless and wonderful start to finish.

JUDIE, happy reading and laundering.

JANET, hope you're able to do that boating tomorrow!

JUDY, see you at lunch time and thanks for the early morning, "hey"!

Looks like another nice day for me and my canine charges. Much fun both inside and out.

Prayers for all in need!!!

Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
There is a wonderful breeze coming into the house with all doors opened.
Hoping it stays good weather for the wedding you are attending, Sandi.

Both of our eaglets now are in the center of the nest,
Nest looks dry as do our eaglets' feathers.

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

I see two eaglets at the nest. One at base of the stump and the other near the middle of the nest. Breezy. The leaves are blowing about.

I've thought of how it might be to take flight, too, Sandi. I expect everyone has. Fun thoughts.

Nice to see your posts, Paula. I didn't get to see all of that activity. Will try to check in again later today to see what might be happening.

Boating, swimming. It must be summer. So nice to read of the fun things going on for everyone. And, Jo, I wish I had a screen door so I could open things up a bit more.

I'm off to meet Val and the group at the bowling alley. Will see you later.

Lolly said…
I see sunshine and two eaglets! Hi everyone!

We are through with the yard for today. We mowed, etc and some of the yard for the first time in three weeks. We were able to mow most of it and where we could not mow Jack used a weed eater. Still standing water at the back of the house. Noticed today the fern is rotting back there, just too much water! Yuck!

Laurel and Joseph are packing for Colorado. It is time for the youth to leave for their week of mountain biking, rafting, hiking and horseback riding. Laurel goes as the cook. This is Joseph's last year and next year will be Jacob's first turn to go. Laurel plans to go and cook until Jacob can not go. And, who knows, she may continue. She loves it!

Our plans for the summer include some time at the beach but that is not until the end of July. Right now it is just enjoying being at home.
Mema Jo said…
Anxious for the race to begin - Sure wish we could have a Triple Crown...

Getting some things on the table for dinner - picnic dinner with hotdogs !

With such good weather I am sure that is the reason so few of us are checking in.

I'll be back later this evening........... ♥
JudyE said…
both eaglets are on the launch pad the one has been there for a bit almost out of site the other was wingersizing
Mema Jo said…
Just came back to let you know I m very happy to have a Triple Crown winner.
The race was soooooooooooooo smooth.
Judie said…
Good early evening.

Congratulations to the new Triple Crown winner. We know Jo's a happy lady.

One eaglet home alone. Calling.

Sandperson is dozing near the hall closet. I set the alarm for 10pm. I am headed to my recliner.

Restful sleep for all.

JudyE said…
Congrats JO

and the other eaglet is on the stump got some snips of her

One eaglet trying to moves stick at 9
JudyE said…
I am watching the new show Whispers missed the first 8 min bummer had forgot to set dvr bummer again commercial on now

JudyE said…
I was watching the hockey game and remembered the new show its back on
grannyblt said…
Good evening eagle friends.

I missed the horse race, but am glad to hear there is a triple crown winner..I was eating outside for the third time this week. The weather here was perfect today.

Went on a local birding jaunt to see the Sandhill cranes that are around here, reportedly with chicks. We didn't see the cranes but were rewarded with some melodious bobolinks. They come back to the same field every year.

Hoping all of you had a good day as well.
JudyE said…
Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Mema Jo said…

Goodnight to all ♥

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

53° at the nest both eaglets are present near the launch pad
Judie said…
Good morning all.

My staycation is over today. Darth was in NJ Friday and Saturday visiting and attending an Hungarian festival. He returns today so I must go foraging.

One eaglet in the nest enjoying a bit of sunshine.

Sunshine here with breeze. Humidity is knocking on the door.

Wishing everyone a magnificent day.

Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥

Beautiful day out there and I hope the humidity stays away.

Hoping all of you have a pleasant day......... ♥
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

JO, I was watching the fabulous and well jockeyed American Pharoah win the Triple Crown right along with you. Even delayed dinner til' it was all over. These races are always a reminder of partying times of old. The Kentucky Derby, especially was always a good reason for friends to get together for a mint julep or two! Last night I toasted the winner with my de-caf iced tea.

JUDIE, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your staycation and that DARTH enjoyed a Rhapsodic Hungarian Festival. Where in NJ does that event take place? PAULA and I each have sons in The Garden State.

LYNNE1, I had no idea there are Sandhill Cranes close to you and within range of Ohioans. Hundreds of them winter near Roswell, NM---used to see them when I went to see my dad and stepmom for T'Day or Christmas. I've watched them on line for years as they descend on the sandhills of Nebraska on their way North for the summer. Interesting birds!

JUDY, thanks for the early a.m. nest report!

SANDI, we're waiting for you to report on the wedding. Hope you had a great time!

SHIRLEY, we haven't heard from you since yesterday morn about this time. Hope you had fun with Val and group at the bowling alley!

LOLLY, too bad about the rotting plants, but surely, on the whole, your drought stricken area is pleased to have water from above. A couple of weeks ago a cousin in Bryan, TX lost his dear wife to Alzheimer's. Family from TX and OK converged for the celebration of life. However, the burial had to be delayed a week due to overly soggy ground, so it was just he and his kids who laid her to final rest. My prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones and belongings to the flood across TX from Houston to San Antonio.

What a joy to watch as one eaglet hops back and forth between branch and nest. It's shadow shows an active wingersizing bird---back to the nest with lots of flapping as if to say to the other one huddled at 11, "come on Bro, do like this so you can enjoy the rest of this tree and more!"

Prayers for all in need!!!

T-Bird said…
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the birthday fledge. I love you all.
JudyE said…
HOWDY ON LUNCH AND the wifi is so far cooperating with me normally I can't do more than one thing at a time but now I got radio up and the blog and the still feed shhhh don't tell
JudyE said…
caught up not to many comments today

everyone out enjoying there Sunday

right now it is storming big time here I have my ear phone on and it made me jump the thunder was so loud with no insulation in the store you really can hear the rain on the metal roof and the thunder I dislike the skylight when it is lightening

on the news this am a local lady was stuck by lightening yesterday while opening up her refrigerator and the other day a lady was driving on I4 interstate and she saw a flash and her car sopped the air bags when off and her car elec is fried from it She is unharmed because of the metal cal protecting her
JudyE said…
ok wifi is being bad now so I am logging off see ya later gonna head to FB
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
one eaglet at bottom of stump other on stump wing peaks every once in a while
JudyE said…
Where is everyone my comment at lunch was the last

BLUB BLUB another storm moving across the county Here in Fl a storm can come off the gulf just to be bounced back with the heat of the day and the land breeze and hence another storm and rain rain I have almost 3 inches in my gauge right now
JudyE said…
both eaglets are in the nest one at 11 other on launch pad

77° at the nest
JudyE said…
adult landed in nest just to be attacked Looks like no food adult left right away and one eaglet is looking up
JudyE said…
there may be food there one eagle has something but not mantelling it I see a skeleton at 5 also from earlier
the one eaglet is now mantelling and the other is looking to try to get it
JudyE said…
nice fish eaglet looks up as if to say thanks
Judie said…
Good evening all.

Darth arrived home safely. We enjoyed dinner out for anniversary #32.

Home too late to see the nest but JudyE seems to have captured the recent goings on.

Headed to put my feet up for a few then on to making dents in the pillows.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Sandperson will be dropping by with sleepy dust. Restful sleep for all.
Janet said…
good evening to all.
a successful weekend.
yesterday was yardwork, pool time, start prepping the boat, and tom and I went out for a bit.
today was get ready, get set, and go go go boating. the kids met us at percy priest lake and we spent a majority of the afternoon on the water. lorelei was enchanted with jumping off of the boat into the water and swimming back to the ladder and doing it all over again. the older kids tubed. everyone will sleep well tonight!

i'm tired too.

tom has surgery in the morning (right shoulder). have to be at the hospital @ 6:30 a.m. kind of glad to get it done early.........................but, don't relish the thought of getting up that early! (on a day off, the horror!!!!!! lol)

I hope everyone is well. hugs and love to all
Lynne2 said…
evening all!

been a quiet weekend here, what with me coping with the crud! I think I am pretty almost positive that I am over the hump and that this will NOT be escalating into the pneumonia debacle of Feb 2011.


Janet, prayers for Tom's surgery tomorrow being a complete success and a quick recovery!

Geez Judy, terrible storms and WOWSER on the lightning strikes on people...this is why I always say....NO SHOWERS, NO USE OF FAUCETS, NO PLAYING WITH MAJOR APPLIANCES . Actually, that is really scary about the refrigerator....I would think nothing of opening one during a storm but I'll think twice now! But, you are in the lightning strike center of the country down there so PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!

Speaking of which...many of us are in the firing line for severe weather tomorrow starting with KAY overnight it looks like, so stay alert!
Lynne2 said…
Going to head to the pillows shortly so good night and prayers for all!
Lynne2 said…
OH.....last winter I read a book called "The Astronauts Wives Club" and it was a pretty awesome book highlighting the wives of, well, the astronauts starting from the very first group. Well done and really interesting. Now I see they are making a series out of it starting on June 18.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - last Monday of school for me.

Forgot to check in when we got home yesterday, but the wedding was beautiful as was the weather in Baltimore that evening. Good to see my BFF Deb (mother of the groom) - we have been friends since we were both 9 years old! Very special!

Janet, sending prayers for a successful shoulder surgery for Tom today.

Last attempt at "school normalcy" will be today. The rest of the week will be craziness.

Have agood one.
Kay said…
Good Way Too Early in the Morning Eagle Buds!!!

I recall the days when I was here every day about this time---body all achin' and racked with pain---pre-back surgery and also during the time when Shep arrived on the scene and had our adrenaline flowing big time! Now, I'm here early when I've fallen asleep way too early the night before, usually while watching TV. I did see some of the Tony Awards, but will have to read up on the final results in most categories.

SANDI, happy to hear you're safely home and that you enjoyed the wedding so much. Deb is certainly a special friend! I still have a number of childhood friends, two who qualify as BFF I've know since I was 5 years old. Wow, that's 73 years with Anne and Barb! I'm so happy that you are on your last Monday of this school year! Your Freyja avatar is cute, cute, cute!

JANET, you must be buzzin' around right now as you and Tom prepare to leave for the hospital---he's in my prayers!

JUDIE, 32 wonderful years for you and DARTH! And, "they said it would never last"! Congratulations and may you enjoy many more years together!

LYNNE2, that storm hasn't hit yet, but we're still in for it according to the weather report. Hope all who are in it's path make it through safely. It started off in MO, IL and IN with some funnel cloud sightings, but has apparently weakened as it entered OH.

Malcolm's family retrieved him at 5:30 yesterday evening and reported the conference went well and they think St. Louis is one great city for visitors.

Penny may sleep for a couple of more hours, so I'm heading back to bed for a while.

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

both are in the nest and a big shake on the cam 64 at the nest

Happy Anniversary JUDIE AND DARTH

JANET good luck with TOM surgery today

SANDI count down not much longer

KAY good to see you in the am and yes I do remember the bunch of us at the Sycamore Cafe in the morning bright and early with LORI also

and LYNNE2 I also saw the ad for the new show about the astronauts wives may have to check that out after all its from our era LOL

Turtle in the nest at the launch pad!
Lolly said…
Good morning! Going to a luncheon today.....retired teachers. Then start preparing for a luncheon here group. Will be between 15 and 20 ladies!

It is in Bryan where my cousin lives and it is his wife, Flo that has brain cancer. She is not doing well. Read recently that she can no longer read but understands messages of love read to her. Breaks my heart. Flo is such a sweet, loving Christian person. She was instantly family, one to hug! Prayers, please!

Yesterday was a quiet day after church. Seeing progress with the standing water. It is going down slowly. Then we will have to get to than part of the yard and do clean up. Yuck! The fern will return I am sure. But, my caladium bulbs planted there have surely rotted! Lakes are still way above full and starting to go down slowly. Then starts the repair on docks and clean up. Yes, very thankful to have the lakes full and hope they stay that way. Amazing the change here from just a month ago!

Time to get busy. Need to make a dish to take to the luncheon! Have a great Monday!
Happy Anniversary Judy and Darth!

Janet, prayers for a successful surgery for Tom.

Sandi, is this the last week of school?

I am really wondering whether we had an "actual" fledge, or do we think we did because the eaglet was up on the stump. Generally after fledging, you do not see the eaglets lounging around in the nest.
Mema Jo said…
Good Monday morning to all ♥
I have lost 2 days to low grade fever and fatigue from after chock of cyber-knife. I am waiting for a call from dr to make sure this is quite normal and I just need to wait
it out and take Tylenol. I'll keep you posted. I don;t remember if I even turned on my pc Sat/Sun.

Judie and Frank I am so sorry I am sending you belated Wedding anniversary wishes.

Paula, I tend to agree with you about the first flight.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning everyone. Mema Jo, my prayers and love are with you!!!!!

I brought up the cam and see 1 eaglet standing, 1 plotzed, and a turtle shell just for Mema Jo. I think the duck is under the plotzed eaglet. Daffy and Donald are jamming! I feel that is the case too about the fledge. Just going up on the stump but who knows.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Watching our two eaglets at the base of the stump. At the moment, they are just hanging out. It is quite breezy at the Sycamore Palace.

Sorry to have been away for so long. I did enjoy bowling on Saturday morning, and on Sunday I didn't do too much, but tried to take care of a few garden things. Today, I will plant the hollyhock seeds that arrived in the mail. I do have lots of little plants coming up out there.
stronghunter said…
Happy to see that you had a nice anniversary celebration, Judie.

Wow, Judy, that's scary about the woman being struck by lightning while opening the refrigerator. My parents had a lightning strike once that knocked out a chuck of the eave, destroyed the doorbell, and burned a window blind. Odd how it did such random things. Mother said that the house smelled of brimstone.

Kathryn and I watched the race on Saturday. Plenty of excitement. I was happy I remembered to change the channel in time to see it.
stronghunter said…
Yep, Sharon, I see that turtle shell as well.

Prayers for Flo, Lolly.

Last week of school for Hunter. It is hard to believe he is a week from being a high school student.

I agree about the fledge, Paula. With a new cam set-up, we should be able to see for ourselves. That will be exciting. I'm hoping it will bring more people to the blog.

Kay, I am hoping there won't be severe weather in your parts. I remember the days of tornado sirens in Central Ohio. Would send us scurrying down to the basement. It was nice that we had a phone and a TV down there.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Two eaglets sitting side-by-side in the sunshiny nest. Agree with Paula, my guess is the eaglets have been branching and not yet an actual full-fledged fledge.

Jo, so sorry you haven't been feeling well. Prayers that the fever and fatigue disappear quickly.

Janet, best wishes for Tom and successful surgery. Keep us posted, please.

Kay, hope you enjoyed some extra sleep time.

Sandi, nice that you could see your BFF and that all was perfect for the wedding. Last school week? Hurray!

Hi Shar.

JudyE, interesting changes coming to your workplace.

Shirley, glad you had a nice weekend. Happy gardening. Sun is shining so little seeds may really start to grow.

Lynne2, glad you're feeling better. Hope the worst is over.

Off to do a few easy chores.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

stronghunter said…
Take care, Lynne2. Prayers and good wishes.

And, thinking of Janet's Tom. Prayers and good wishes for him, too.

JudyE said…
Howdy eagle partners

on lunch 1215 punch but I have 12 min to take off may extend lunch or leave early have to take off before wed that is what I get for punching in early daily forget to take it off

see both eaglets in nest one on stump saw wing
JudyE said…
JO I do hope the fever is something not to worry about

Carls sister Patty just had her surgery ovarian cancer she had a high temp and they rushed her to the er yesterday

she will begin her treatments soon and I have a question


SHE WAS told that her out of pocket will be a bout 3100. for each treatment she is gonna have abaout 6

I was always under the impression that all cancer trmt would be covered She lives in GA don't know her insurance carrier either I have know several people in Fl that had trmt and paid nothing
/they have sent up a go fund me acct to help her anyone have a clue who to turn to I told her the cancer moffit center many Shame has to worry about the $$ and going through the treatment just not fair
JudyE said…
Hope TOM surgery went smooth and will be recovering soon

Check out google today

LOLLY so sorry about FLO
and her cancer also


gonna go to FB wifi being a pia also
One on the stump, the other at the launch pad
Judy, everyone's insurance is different. Larry had a high deductible, but once that was met he was fully covered.
CarolAnne said…
Hello eagle watchers, Hope everyone is having a good start to summer. Prayers for those in need. Managing well here. Thought you might like this article:

Take care, be safe, no falling

Adult in the nest with food...feeding eaglets...boy do they ever wolf it down when the parent is feeding them.
One wingersizing while the other eats....haha flew right up to the top of the stump.
And back into the nest...eaglet really enjoying the air....and back up...LOL
I think that was the youngest doing the wingersizing. Adult now feeding youngest...oldest is full and move to the 12 spot.
Which one has more white in the tail...the youngest or oldest
So whitey tail was eating while Darkey tail was wingersizing. Now darky tail is eating.
JudyE said…
Howdy eagle buds home from work see adult and got a few pic for the FB and albym
Mom done's all gone.
JudyE said…
the nest is blowing so hard I am skerred
JudyE said…

Lynne2 said…

Many in these parts are now under a TORNADO WATCH. There are severe storms pooping up now too.
JudyE said…
NatureNut said…
Hope those chicklets stay down low! Wind is now blowing pic away for me, but it refreshes.
Batten down those hatches all you Eagle Buds up there!!!!
Prayers for all~~
JudyE said…
I get the spinning circle but won't come up live feed circle going round and round and round and round lol
Kids have plotzed. I see it's as breezy there as it is here.
stronghunter said…
There is a severe thunderstorm warning for Shepherdstown and tornado watch for most of the area around here. Clouds building.

Cam is down.
Lynne2 said…





















JudyE I can still get it

Lynne...POOPING STORMS? Sound worse than a regular thunderstorm, LOL
JudyE said…
the nest has red on the icon in my tray 82

got live feed back
stronghunter said…
Oh, I see it is back up now. Wow! Windy. Kids are laying low.
JudyE said…
looking at radar red and yellow right on top of Sheph small area but more lines coming looks like
JudyE said…
I got the live and the still both up I turned off the sound can't take it

gonna go make my cream cheese and bacon sandwich which I love love and Jordyn had one the other day and loves it also
of course I cheat I buy the precooked bacon 30 sec in microwave and its done
stronghunter said…
It is especially bad when the storms poop up. Look out.
stronghunter said…
No wingersizing. Those kids are smart.
Sun out...looks like the storm cell was just southeast of the nest
stronghunter said…
Haven't seen any rain there. Just lots of wind.
stronghunter said…
Keep losing the live feed here, but able to bring it back.
stronghunter said…
Eagle kiddies are now looking over the edge, but still staying low.
stronghunter said…
Wind seems to have settled down at the nest, and our eagle kiddies are up and moving about.
Lynne2 said…
Poop storm. What happens when you clean the barn, which I just did. LOL!

Poor Megan, looks like she is getting hit HARD....
JudyE said…
another feeding

so happy the poop storm has left the area lol
Oh we have a customer now, LOL
JudyE said…
one is eating other watching still windy but the nest isn't swaying this time
JudyE said…
that turtle is calling JO name

JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Sure would love to know how Mema Jo is. She hasn't posted since this morning.
Heading to store then home...stay safe Ya'll

Up to the stump, other plotzed
Lynne2 said…
really cool site to see where lightning is striking!
JudyE said…
they are wingersizing in the wind STOP IT
stronghunter said…
Wind has picked up again. Eaglets are wingersizing. Yikes.
stronghunter said…
Both of them are flapping away. Oh dear.
Janet said…
Good evening to all.

WE are HOME.
Had to be at the hospital @ 6:30 a.m. for an 8:30 surgery. Unfortunately…..a car had hit a power line and knocked out power to the surgery center so everyone was delayed by about 90 min. they called me back around noon (?) and said it would be about 45 min, surgery went well. It was 2:45 before he was ready to go home.

Thank you for the well wishes. He seems pretty well. When the thunderstorms ease up I will go get the meds.

JUDIE: missed it sorry! Happy #32!!!
JUDYE: you know me and storms. I am not as bad as I used to be….but still cautious.
That was amazing about the electric car. I never thought about that. I remember when I was little and there was a thunderstorm mom would have us go sit in the car because she felt that the rubber on the tires kept us safe. Personally, I’d rather NOT sit in the car.

JUDYE: My friend Chris, the one with lymphoma….has chemo every 3 mo for 2 years and has to pay quite a chunk out of pocket even though she has military coverage (retired ). And yes, it stinks that at a really difficult time in one’s life, having to worry about AFFORDING your care… isn’t right.
We are getting a walloping of rain here . It is POURING. Need to run to Publix and get Tom’s meds. I may have to run in between rain drops to stay dry!!!

Feeling tired. I see an early night tonight. He is snoozing in his chair. I have laundry going and taking care of business, as in feeding critters and humans.
Catch ya’ll later!
JudyE said…
they look like they are enjoying the rain and the wind wingersizing over and over and over both taking turns
JudyE said…
SIS mom was sort of right the metal of the car is what is safe like when a plane gets hit no real issues with that the lightening disperses over the metal tires have nothing to do with it Our weather man always talks about it LOL
stronghunter said…
Looks like all is well now. Calm. Both eaglets are still in the nest. No one has blown away.

I hope Jo is just taking it easy today, or maybe she is busy.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Okay, my "adopted son and grandson" Nick and Hayden Harrison are in a Like Father, Like Son contest on WVVA. We could really use your votes to help them win this. I know we have lots of power in the voting department. Vote for Nick and Hayden
JudyE said…
2950.00 total of the funds now for the cam 59% I oopsed earlier with total # was wrong so I deleted that comment
Lynne2 said…
Now we have a big un coming right at us...with 60 mph winds. The Daisy is medicated and in the bed, curtains closed, lights on and listening to soothing instrumental music. The feeders are down, deck is secure. All non essential appliances have been unplugged.Will be shutting down and unplugging here soon.
Judie said…
Hi all.

Powered up just to wish everyone a safe and quiet evening. Storms here have been a bit fierce and now hear thunder. Winds are increasing also.

Sandperson says he has programmed his GPS just in case. Does not want to get blown off course.

Going to shut the computer off as a precaution.

May everyone have a safe night and restful sleep.
stronghunter said…
A bit of rain here. There has been some thunder, but not so bad really. Hope the night is peaceful.

Brain is wearing down. It tends to get scrambled by this time of night.

Good nigh and SED. Will click on your link, Sharon.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

8th grade graduation today!

Have agood one.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

both are in the news one on stump and one under stumpp

65° at the nest
JudyE said…
Happy Grad day SANDI

hope JO is ok thinking of her

JudyE said…
JO did post on FB yesterday a couple of times
JudyE said…
I see turtle is turned upside down in the nest now

I got in the email a spam that someone posted on SUNDAYS blog being its not today thread I guess its ok no one will do the link she attached
Judie said…
Good morning.

Eaglets still hangin' out. One on a branch decided to join the other in the nest.

Do hope Jo stops by to visit this morning to let us know how she's feeling.

Sandi, hope graduation day is without drama.

Will try to get hold of my detective friend in Houston to make sure she and family are okay. Worries me with the weather and with the extra work to help those who have lost family members and livelihoods.

All critters seem to be doing okay. Osprey chicks are really big, Decorah eaglets are all hopping and flapping and jumping, bears are all fine, barn owls growing and looking very ugly as their feathers come in.

More sorting of books today. Can't take built in bookshelves with us so moving all to a free-standing case. Will organize then donate outdated texts. Need to shred really old lecture notes.

Wishing everyone a super day.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning - I feel pretty good - sorry for any concerns - I really didn't feel well.




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