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TGIF.  Snow again, but not too cold.  60 tomorrow.

Fresh thread.


CarolAnne said…
Thanks Steve
Alerted the others.
Kay said…
Thank you, STEVE! Going to the old thread for the call over.

Snowy scene at nest. Belle and Shep will use all their innate skills, I'm sure!!
Judie said…
Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread.
Glad you say it isn't so cold but do hate seeing all that snow on the nest.

Snowing here in NOVA. Do hope it stops soon. Have errands and absolutely need to forage today.

Wishing everyone the best day possible - especially Belle, Shep, and eggs.

Kay said…
Aha, CAROLANNE beat me to the punch and I'm so happy to see her again. Lookin' good with that feather in your cap CA!!

So now, going back to catch up on Momster news.....
WVJerry said…
Thanks for new thread and the calls over. Good morning CA, Judie and Kay. Thanks so much Jo. Not much to report other than snow.
Kay said…
Hmm, reading back it looks like JUDIE and CAROLANNE are sharing honors and the feather for the call over!

Thanks to all for early morning reporting, including weather outlook for today, forward.

We've only received rain here, but there is the possibility of snow over the weekend. Ugh.

I'm going to be Julie's assistant for the Meals on Wheels run tomorrow so hope snow is not a problem.

I hear that sound of machinery and lots of geese competing with it.

glo said…
good morning everyone. Let me know when it stops snowing :-). I a off to buy some dog food. Getting preparations well underway here now. Get Patches next Thurs.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds Wake up to a snowing nest and a fresh tread


and so happy the snow will melt in the 60 upcoming weather yo yo weather for the first day of spring
WVJerry said…
Good morning glo and Judy.
Thanks for the call over CarolAnne. I see we have picked up Jo, Carol Anne, Judie, JudyE, Kay and Glo. Welcome!

WVJerry, it sure does look like more sticks showing through the snow. That fine snow might have just changed to a fine rain and is starting to disperse the snow. ;0
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
GOOD MORNING FOLKS. I won't watch the cam while it is snowing so I am going to let you all tell me what is happening.
Mema Jo said…
CA great to see you here ! Think of you often!

I've seen staring at the cam.
No one yet has really seen the eggs as the eagles' egg rolls are fast !

Kay - sounds like a great day with Julie.

Good luck Judie being out and about - Use caution

Morning JudyE - Thanks for not telling us how warm it is in FL

Paula on FB has some pics of their MS home... I am very happy for her!

Glo, I am sure you are anxious for Thur of next week to get here so that Patches arrives. She is so pretty ♥

Mema Jo said…
Yes, Jerry your pic of the nest on FB is fantastic! Thanks
glo said…
WVJerry said…
Just came in from shoveling. It's a light misty rain now. Looks like 3 inches here and very heavy to shovel. I'm headung to work and will try to check on break. Enjoyed the company. Take care all.
JudyE said…
eagle up and three egg I thought I saw a spot
JudyE said…
not enough time to see JO said she is quick Just got back from breakfast
Costume Lady said…
The snow has stopped here in Martinsburg/Shepherdstown...roads are just a little slushy, but very passable! Our eagle family should be A-OK!
Any news on the eggs, yet?
I think this must be the 4th Friday that it has snowed and interfered with our Family Fun Friday, maybe 5 or 6...I've lost track. Instead of me guessing weather or not the roads will allow my family to travel to GG's, I don't plan a meal...just order pizza and toss a salad. Needless to say, we've had a LOT of pizza this Winter :)
Have a great to you all <3
JudyE said…
Blizzard bear is 820 I just voted for me and Angie

I can't find my SS card so now I need to see about getting another one I have looked hi and lo and can't find it The last time I had it was at the SSoffice and I found the paper work I had there in my file but not my card What the heck did I do with it PIA
Kay said…
Nice big shake off, a little egg roll and settled back down. Rain seems to be clearing the nest of snow rather rapidly, yeah! I saw no sign of a pip, but she didn't a chance to see much. She didn't linger over the eggs with any sign of curiosity, however.
Kay said…
I meant, she didn't GIVE Us a chance..
Mema Jo said…
Still cam froze
I'll email NCTC
Mema Jo said…
The snow has not stopped in my valley over the mountain from the nest. It is very very fine and I hope it is turning to rain.
Mema Jo said…
False alarm

The still cam got up to speed
I think IT is watching their monitor

Thanks IT NCTC
Mema Jo said…
Kay your yellow tulips are so refreshing to see.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Well hello Lynne the lurker!
JudyE said…
welcome back again and LYNNE2 lucking
lets see DANA has been around also

still got some MIA but hope they will show up in time for the cracking of the egg

I will be LM and got to go get Jordyn later

JudyE said…
YEP an you also SHAR is back where is THELMA and SISSY has showed also COOL BEANS OK now LM
JudyE said…
not lucking but lurking just looked up and read that
Ms Bookworm said…
Oops! Got stuck on the other thread. Bringing this over:

Good Morning, Everyone,
Didn't get back here last night because Sis-in-law stopped by our hotel to visit for awhile. Her job has become he## on earth! Her territory is Los Angeles and north (San Fernando Valley included), and her office is in Anaheim, right across the street from Angel Stadium. She put over 2,000 miles on her car in the last week and a half! The traffic is often at a standstill.
She has so much paperwork to do she must work until at least 9 pm to get it all done. She is on the road all day, so can't do the office work then. She is absolutely exhausted! I am really concerned about her. Please say some prayers for her, if you are prompted to do so.

We are moving back home today at noon! We can finish up what needs to be done without being at the hotel. The roofers are coming to the house between 10 and 11 am to finish the roof repairs. We will be in good shape!

Right now I need to get going and pack up the rest of our stuff. Will report back later.

Looks like no pip yet! The pip watch continues....

HAGD, everyone! Take care. I ♥ us!!!
JudyE said…
here eagle talk so sweet
JudyE said…
one on edge of nest at 11
JudyE said…
three egg intact bummer
JudyE said…
put pic on FB of all three eggs in cup
stronghunter said…
Hello from rainy Fredericksburg. Damp and cold here, but now freezing. I did see a few of those little ice crystals you see in raindrops when it's almost snow on the windshield.

Tough to look at the nest in the snow, but hoping and praying for spring weather to come very soon now.
stronghunter said…
Eagle looking very wet this morning. If an eagle can be depressed, I think ours is just a bit depressed.
JudyE said…
eagle looking under
JudyE said…
or is that just tucking head down in depression or getting just tucked in still in same position
JudyE said…
I think maybe laying head down on flugg what do you all think looks like face plant
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Is Belle looking down because of the precipitation or because of hearing a pipping peep?
JudyE said…
Thanks SHAR I didn't event think of that I thought she was looking down
JudyE said…
she is listening still
Stepping away for a bit need to get cleaned up before getting Jordyn after school
glo said…
Back from my trip for dog food. Bought a few other things while there lol. Have cam opened. Lots of snow in nest but i guess not falling much on eagle now. Who is on nest. When was last switch? Ok thats all my questions. Let's have a baby
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
That's funny JudyE. I didn't see your post about the looking down until after I posted mine. :)
Mema Jo said…
Andy - good news on your move back home! Long ordeal and I bet you are happy it is done.
Mema Jo said…
Manners Jo

Thank you Steve for the fresh Friday thread - Hopefully it will be the thread for a bobble-head announcement.
stronghunter said…
Yes, forgot to say thanks to Steve. Nice to have a new thread, and happy to see folks coming onto the blog today.

Must find food.
stronghunter said…
Not sure if eagle is listening or just resting there.

The last few hours have been tough.
JudyE said…
Shower done and I also think faceplant SHIRLEY she is on tired eagle I wonder how breathing is next to the flugg LOL

OK now we need
who has also been awol
CarolAnne said…
Jo and others, :o)

Know that I too am a lurker, with screen enlarged 150%.
Vision problems hamper my commenting.
(Inoperable macular pucker)
To comment requires typing in large print on Word,
then copying & pasting in comments box in order to post.
By then the subject being discussed has changed. LOL
You all are in my thoughts & prayers for the happy things, health issues, home & pet happenings and our eagles.

Happy Spring (snowy or otherwise) to everyone.
JudyE said…
CA SO HAPPY you popped in
so happy you are lurking and keeping a eye on us
You make sure we behave ok,

Sending you healing thoughts

Belle is tucked
JudyE said…
you also found us our new thread CA

so we know you are always with us as many are that don't want to comment or show that they are here for one reason or another and good or maybe a silly reason
But happy you are with us
JudyE said…
CA have you thought about getting a speak typing my Adroid tablet does that I saw options when I was poking around on it
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
JUST ON THE NEWS FOX 13 OZZIE MAY NEVER FLY AGAIN SAID TREATMENT MAY TAKE A LONG TIME not what I wanted to hear its not of FB that I have seen just head on my news and showed pic of eaglet wingersizing and branching
CarolAnne said…
Thanks JudyE, had not heard of speak typing. Will check it out.
JudyE said…
looks like both eaglets have left the nest tree at the NEFL nest not in the tree with the tree view
Mema Jo said…
CA - prayers for you! Nasty eye condition.. I just had my exam and I was given a 6 months reprieve before next appointment. It has been a long road correcting Macular Degeneration with my Retina Specialist. It seems now to be controlled - but a cataract on right eye needs to be removed. It is hard to get a win-win
Miss you dearly !
Sandi said…
Wow - 59 comments on the new thread ALREADY! Need to read back to see what y'all have been so chatty about. Is it the snow? is it a baby eagle?
Sandi said…
Thanks Steve for the new thread that isn't so new anymore!

Carol Ann, how wonderful to see your name on the blog! It makes me happy to know that you are here with us even if you aren't posting.

Andy, happy moving back in day - you'll feel like you're in a new home!

So, no sign of an eaglet yet, eh? Still seeing 3 eggs.

Gotta run!
Kay said…
Looks like the rain helped for a while, but not enough to clear the nest. Train rolling by.

Time for Penny and I to put our six feet up for a while...

Prayers for all in need and prayers of thanks for all Momsters who've visited here today. Love this season that brings so many "home".

glo said…
:-) Kay There's no place like home. and this blog has had soemthing very special happening here for oh so many years.
Mema Jo said…
Ozzie Update :

"Our local news, ABC-7, just reported that Ozzie is showing great signs of improvement, including eating on his own and standing up and perching, even though his wing is wrapped. He was very feisty in the video.
smile emoticon
The vets say he is doing great and they are very optimistic for successful rehab and release."
Mema Jo said…
Both eagles in nest

Could be time for Switch

Perhaps we will see the eggs up close

Mema Jo said…
All 3 eggs visible
There is a stick protruding at 1 or 2
position and is right over our eagle

glo said…
Glad to read a report of 2 eagles in the nest. I have only seen one for 2 days now but I realize we don't see about 9 hours of dark so they could switch then. It was driving me a little nutsy and that's a very short trip these days. :-)
CarolAnne said…
Eagle up - only one egg very visible
stronghunter said…
That's all I saw, CarolAnne. One egg. Not sure where the other two might be. I only got a quick look because the eagle got back on the egg cup just after I logged on. Looks like a fresh fish was being eaten.
Mema Jo said…
Did anyone see a fish delivery

I wish they could break off that
branch on the limb - it is right over the egg cup and the incubating eagle.
stronghunter said…
A stick just lying there almost poking the parent in the eye, and several other sticks out of place.
stronghunter said…
Didn't see the delivery, Jo. Not sure when those sticks got in the nest, either.
stronghunter said…
Thanks for the call-over, CarolAnne and Judie.
CarolAnne said…
Hoping that stick only appears to be really close.
Mema Jo said…
Shep brought in the fish - Belle ate some and then got right back to incubating...
Sandi said…
Hi all - is it ever pouring the rain here in So Del (that's short for Southern Delaware)! We also refer to ourselves as LSD (for Lower Slower Delaware). :)

That is one big fish in the nest! I marvel at the strength an eagle has to scoop up a fish that big and carry it 90 feet in the air! What an amazing accomplishment!

Looks like the snow is melting in the nest already. Just a comment about that branch that seems too close to the eagle's head. Keep in mind that the camera is above the nest looking down, which would make it look like that branch is a lot closer to the eagle than it really is. I'm sure that, once the weather clears up and the snow is gone, it will be moved to a "more proper" place!

Let the eagle watching begin for the weekend! It's a shame that I have lost my classroom b/c I no longer have a Smartboard for projecting the nest for my students to see. The kids always enjoy seeing the baby eaglets, esp. the poop shoots! Not this year.
WVJerry said…
Checking in from work.
See I missed food and some sticks about the nest. Still no news I guess. Will check in tomorrow morning. Take care all.
WVJerry said…
Checking in from work.
See I missed food and some sticks about the nest. Still no news I guess. Will check in tomorrow morning. Take care all.
I am so glad to see part of a fish in the nest. It looks like some is left for dinner also. From back reading, there are still 3 eggs visable in the egg cup. Belle seems to really be bothered by the stick above her head. She keeps pecking at it. Still a lot of snow in the nest. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some warmer weather to get rid of it.
CarolAnne said…
Let's hope it's not so much a bother, but rather something to do while forced to sit & sit & sit.
Sandi said…
Candy, I see now that the stick really IS very close to our eagle and she does seem to be bothered by it being there.

Glo, you sound so excited about the new addition to the family! I know your cats will be fine b/c they were used to Dex; has Patches spent time around kittys?

Time to feed people and pets and then watch some TV. Fell asleep during the first 10 minutes of Scandal last night.

I will see everyone in the early AM.
Mema Jo said…
Watching the live feed the stick is at times touching the eagle depending on which way he/she is laying over the eggs. Belle really
was fighting with it a while ago and
her beak wasn't strong enough to break it as she was trying to do.
I'm sure they will have a work around it and at some point move it!

I found food - fish sticks and mac/cheese
stronghunter said…
Checking back in to see what's happening at the nest. Would like to see that snow more fully melted.

Good to see a couple of fishes there.
Mema Jo said…
Both in net - dinner - egg roll - settling back down - flugg pulling

I saw a glimpse of the eggs - too quick for photo
Mema Jo said…
Success on the piece of branch being broken off and moved to the front
of the egg cup. The large piece is
still there but don't think it is going to be in the way
stronghunter said…
time to feed the critters and order a pizza.
stronghunter said…
Egg roll. I did get some pictures, but did not see anything remarkable. Three eggs. No pips.
Mema Jo said…
Thanks for that info Shirley

JudyE said…
i emailed
se nest and they said that to earlier to tell at angies
Mema Jo said…
JUDY E - I don't understand to what your email is in reference! YA lost me
stronghunter said…
Me too, Judy. I am confused.
Mema Jo said…

Broadcast on condition of Ozzie
Hello again Jo JudyE, and Shirley. Shirley, I hope you get that pizza. I just love pizza. Also glad to see that the stick was finally removed from above the egg cup.
JudyE Didn't I see where your injured eagle seemed better today after being patched up?
It looks like a bird stampeded the nest; bird prints all over it in the eating spot. Nothing left for late night snack! :)
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - Candy - Judy
Link on my comment is for update on Ozzie's condition.

I hope there is one more switch
and that someone on FB gets the video

I am headed into JEOPARDY

I take it there is still no pip seen. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Night is descending on our nest, and all is peaceful and quiet. Won't we all be surprised if there is a little bobblehead in the nest tomorrow in the early am

You all have a great evening. I'm headed in to watch some March Madness basketball!
Thanks Jo for the link. See you tomorrow.
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
SO SORRY I confused anyone
JudyE said…
egg roll and nothing she was messing wth stick for a bit
stronghunter said…
Nest looks spooky. You can still see the snow and the white head. Barely.
Judie said…
Yes, Shep. Tahmarrah is anutha day! I'm stayin in the nest tonight. Maybe tamarrah!

Meanwhile, Sandperson is packed an anxious to depart.

Restful sleep for all.
JudyE said…
Security system is armed for the East coast ANDY will do the WEST coast please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
stronghunter said…
Getting ready to watch a program on on Robert Durst, Judie. So far, what I have heard about him sounds like the plot of one of James Patterson's books.

You said you were interested in him. What do you think?
Mema Jo said…
I had found a Hallmark Movie...
Time to close down for the day..
Hoping for a hatch throughout the night or tomorrow before noon ! lol

Goodnight to all ♥

stronghunter said…
Oh, a hatch would be so nice, Jo.

I am joining you in saying good night. SED, everyone.
JudyE said…
Good Sat Morning eagle buds

33° at the nest
59° looks like the high today so the snow will melt YEAH
Hope we have a hatch today
Sandi said…
Good Saturday morning Judy and all my eagle friends. I see an eagle incubating in a snowy nest - not sure which one.

35 degrees here this morning but going into the 50s this afternoon.

School work and cleaning the upstairs are on my agenda - same old same old. Oh yeah, and watching for a hatch!

Have agreat day all!

Sandi said…
Switch just happened. Shep arrived - no food. Belle hopped up and took off right away. Shep did an egg roll and then wiggled down on the eggs. No pips that I could see and definitely still 3 eggs.

Couldn't get a pic of the eggs b/c I was on full screen.

DanaMo said…
Good morning friends. I'm always here in spirit even when I don't check in.
I see we don't have anything happening just yet. Patiently waiting!
Nothing really new going on with the Hilmoe family. We finally seem to be at a plateau. There have been some up and downs, but for now, fingers crossed we are good.
Janet said…
morning all. Nashville checking in. work today. 9 to 3. clouds seem to be departing....sun perhaps?

nothing too much this weekend. tom's doing maintenance on the RV. new batteries going in today. guess I never thought about how many batteries it has. 3 is the answer. 1 regular, like the car battery andn 2 6 volt which I have learned is like golf cart batteries.

investigating new tires now. trying to decide where to have them installed. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

by the way: Happy Spring everyone!

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Trying to wake up. Blue Jays getting impatient out back. Bowling practice and lunch with Val today.

Have to check the nest
Sandi said…
Another parent switch. Belle arrived and did some stick rearranging. Then Shep got up from the eggs and took off.

Before Belle settled on the eggs, I saw a dark spot on one of them. Could be a pip, could be dirt or grass on the shell. Who knows?
glo said…
Good Morning everyone here in the delivery room. I hope those warm temps are still in the forecast for the nest area.
Good Saturday morning eagle watchers; JudyE, Sandi, Dana Mo, Janet and Shirley. You all beat me up this am. After being up so early yesterday, I slept in. Since I have retired in July, I still wake up around 4:30, but sometimes I can get back to sleep for a couple hours.

What is up with the small stick, branch over the eagles head again? I thought that was broken off late yesterday.

Sandi, let's hope you saw a pip! Well I have to iron a uniform shirt for my husband who has a funeral of his former fire chief, dec'd. to go to. Of course he said I didn't have to get to it this morning when he gave it to me last night. Nothing like the last minute. :(

Will be lurking until I can sit down again. You all have a wonderful day.
Sandi said…
Another switch. Shep returned, moved some sticks, Belle took off and Shep settled on the eggs. This time I got a pic of the 3 eggs. Just can't tell if there is a pip or not.
grannyblt said…
Good morning all. I checked the nest several times yesterday and will do so again today. I liked Glo's comment about all of us being in the delivery room. Need to replenish my bird seed supply, so will run down to Slippery Rock to my favorite bird store and restock. They are located in an old schoolhouse and on a couple of acres with a pond out in back. They have numerous feeders set up and a big window from which to view. There are binocs and a scope also, so it is always a fun errand. I need to start cracking, and so do those eggs!
Mema Jo said…
Good Saturday Morning to All ♥
34° looks good this morning and it
should get up into the mid 40's.
Hoping the snow in the nest will start to disappear as it has in my yard but it may take a couple days.
Still too many sticks in the nest
Sandi did you post your pic anywhere on FB?
I am hoping for a hatch down in that egg cup! I'm counting this as the 38th day. The date span for hatch is really being stretched out. I hope it is intention by our Royal Couple.
Need my coffee BBILW
Mema Jo said…
Checking FB Eagle Cam site - Debi has good capture of the 3 eggs. You still just can't be certain if there is a pip or just a dirt smudge on the top egg. I need to see a half shell to be sure. lol

Lynne aka grannyblt - sounds like a store where you will spend some time.
Do they serve coffee or tea?
Judie said…
Good morning.

I see a sitting eagle. Hope there really is a pip and an eaglet will soon appear.

Shirley, I suspect Durst did kill those people. I also suspect he will be found guilty but not responsible. Like most psychopaths, he is clever. After all, admitting to the killings the way he did suggests a less than rational thinking process (so a jury could be made to believe).

Will be back when I can today. Lots of activities.

Oh, Cornell update: Big Red and Ezra have returned as have the Barn Owls and the Barred Owls.

Wishing everyone a lovely day.
Eagle back in nest! I guess it is Shep. Can't see if he brought anything with him. Yes he did as he is now chowing down. Fish.
Mema Jo said…


Boy, there is no sharing going on yet. Belle is up off the next arranging sticks with 3 eggs in plain sight.She is realling working on one particular stick to get it just right.
Mema Jo said…

Mema Jo said…

Hey Jo. I am on the live cam full screen. Don't see any pip, do you? Both eagles have poofed the nest leaving just the 3 eggs all alone. One eagle back. Turning the eggs, wiggle, wiggle and back keep them warm and toasty.
Mema Jo said…
thanks for the correction Jo about the eagles. You would think that by now I would be able to tell them apart, but I can't.
Mema Jo said…
i think we called different names to our pair - Sometimes I can't ID
them correctly - I'm better off not referring to them by names.
Both eagles back in nest, tidying up a bit for the new little ones.
Jo that is what I have been doing, but then ventured out today to name them. I'm going back to eagles
Mema Jo said…
Both are in the nest again
Mema Jo said…
Wish they would work on getting rid
of that one branch over their heads
One eagle poofed leaving just one on the eggs. they act like they are really getting things ready for a hatch, maybe; all the cleaning and shuffling of sticks.
Yes, Jo, I thought they got rid of that yesterday. It looks like is is moved out of the way now.
Mema Jo said…
Now as I was blogging they may have moved that stupid stick

Anyone see it being broken ?
Both eagles back in nest, and proceeding to rearrange things again. that one stick at the 11 position still seems to be bothering them.
Mema Jo said…

Mema Jo said…
I just pray that the eggs stay
covered while the construction work is being done. lol
Mema Jo said…
Candy - this is exhausting work keeping track of these eagles. I am so ready for a hatch!
You are too funny Jo or should I say the eagles are too funny!
JO I think everyone is over ready. I just hope it comes when we all can watch. I am enjoying retirement as I can get to see more of the eagles this year and am loving it. I missed all the good times on here with all the great people. :)
Mema Jo said…
I am glad you are here now too. I'll always remember you turning on the cam as soon as you would get to school - for you and the little ones.
Mema Jo said…
Sent you a FB nmessage Candy
I got the message Jo and thanks. I changed it. I miss the kids a lot and to think that they are now not watching our eagles makes me sad. :( They just loved the eagles and I'd have the DC pandas on another computer. Oh well. That is life.
I got the message Jo and thanks. I changed it. I miss the kids a lot and to think that they are now not watching our eagles makes me sad. :( They just loved the eagles and I'd have the DC pandas on another computer. Oh well. That is life.
the nest is starting to look more snowless, and that is good news.
Eaglew up and fixing flugg in nest and now back on down on the eggs with a wiggle, wiggle.
Mema Jo said…
I missed that egg roll :(
Eagle back up and messing with egg roll and back down again. I wonder if she knows something we don't?
Eagle up and sitting back on eggs after removing some flugg. She is still messing with the flugg.
All seems quiet now at our nest.
Mema Jo said…
Neck feathers shows Belle ion the eggs and then Shep is fooling around with the railing sticks again.
glo said…
12:52 another eggroll
I was just going to say the same thing JO. You know what they say how a woman cleans and works just before delivering her baby, well that bird is going above and beyond cleaning and getting everything is it's place.
Oh how nice it looks to see the nest almost free of snow!
glo said…
Both on nest. Think Shep brought small fish. Belle took it away and then quickly returned as is devouring it.
Sandi said…
Shep is now egg sitting. Belle has poofed. Nest is 99% snow free.
Sandi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oh the eagle looks so much nicer sitting in the nest today; no snow, freezing temps.
stronghunter said…

At lunch. Will check in soon.

Eagle up and working in the cup by the eggs. Oh geez she sat back down again before I could see the eggs. Anyone see anything?
Well it might have just been her version of a hidden egg roll, but she was digging into the egg cup like she keeps doing now.
Eagle just flew in so we have 2 eagles in the nest now
glo said…
Shep in with flug. Belle now has a blanket :-)
It looks like they are in the waiting room of the nest; waiting like the rest of us are. We sure have a good view of the nest this year.
Hey Glo, I missed him putting the flugg on her back. I wondered how it got there.:)
Egg roll. Did you see anything Glo. Something was flapping in the wind on the top egg. She has settled back down again, so I guess not.
Mema Jo said…
oh my - missed it again
Mema Jo said…
I am eating yogurt for my 3:00pm hunger........ Just trying different
brands. Anyone have a favorite? I always get one with fruit ,
She just got off the eggs again, but not all the way off and seemed concerned She is up again messing with the front egg amd then continues tp wiggle down and get comfy.
J0 I was using Yoplait lofat. but have changed to the greek yogurt. I like it for snacking too, and there are hardly any calories in it. It is good for you.
Mema Jo said…
Thanks Candy
Those are the 2 I have been eating.
Mema Jo said…

Here you can see the last switch
Looks like a little feather flying around the egg when they are visible

Video from Terri on Eagle Cam
stronghunter said…

Home from lunch with Val.

I'd mentioned on Tuesday that I've never been out of the country, except for one trip to Canada. Val was shocked and brought me a whole pile of brochures from various places in Central America and Europe. She is ready to join me on a trip to one of these places. Wow. I don't even have a passport.

Watching the nest now. Our eagle is restless. It is wonderful to see the nest free of snow. I don't even see snow on the ground below.
stronghunter said…
Oh, Val wants me to pick a place to go, then she will invite the rest of our gang--Jan and Julie. I might invite Jeanie. Just have to think a bit.

Durst is certainly something, Judie. I can't imagine how he got away with killing that one guy and then cutting him up and throwing him into the river. Shudder. Gotta be glad he wasn't my neighbor. Not that I could afford his neighborhood.
Mema Jo said…

Get that Passport Shirley
There is a whole world out there
waiting for you!
Shirley That sounds like you will have a lot of fun. Like Jo said, "Get that passport and you can go about anywhere you want outside of the country!
JO That flapping was what I saw and asked if anyone saw that. I didn't know if it might have been a piece of egg or flugg. It could have been one of our eagle's down feathers.
glo said…
My passport has a Polar Bear on it. I don't know if it will ever have anything else on it BUT I have it and I am glad. I expect perhaps Mexico may go on there one day. Get that passport. :-) Now before the price goes up again.
glo said…
eggroll 3:38 pm shimmy shimmy
I have to go out for my daily fast walk. BBsoon.
Eagle is now been calm and all surrounded by flugg.
JudyE said…
chatty cathy we were today I did read some at lunch must catch up
JudyE said…
love it that all the snow is gone


at the nest


JudyE said…
turning down the sound way to much wind

well from what I see no pip bummer

JudyE said…
SHIRLEY you have got to get out and see the world

I was so lucky to have two bff invite me along to see the USA
three weeks out west and the next time was out east Loved it I have been to almost all the states Not Washington or Hawaii or Alaska

JudyE said…
and I just got my passport out I have a brown bear with fish in mouth GLO and lots of eagles in it but no polar bear
Maybe they change them periodically HMMM
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