Sunday, March 08, 2015


New thread.  Warmer weather is here...


Mema Jo said...

Did you Spring forward ?

Good morning to all ♥

Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread.

I'll find the others and invite
them over.

WVJerry said...

Good morning Jo. Congrats on a feather. Thanks for cal over. Thanks for a new thread Steve. Nest looks like some snow is melting. Maybe winter is ready to leave.

Janet said...

woo hoo. new thread on a Sunday! THANKS STEVE CONGRATS JO!

another weekend. race day. time change. (yes I remembered).

beautiful morning. snow is about gone. sunshine is abundant. going to be a wonderful day.

hope everyone is safe and well. I will go read back and catch up.

Mema Jo said...

Today is Geula's Birthday but even though I left a greeting over on her
FB page I seriously doubt she will see it. Prayers for Geula wherever
she may be - May she be safe and well

Sandi said...

Hi all! Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Jo, for the call over.

Tennis was great exercise and great fun. Sun is shining brightly and the temps are in the 40s - lots of melting going on. We are supposed to be in the 50s for the next 3 days so most of the snow should be gone by Wednesday.

Enjoy your day everyone!

DanaMo said...

Great run in the sun. Looking forward to an extra hour at the end of the day.

Not sure what to get into next.

Have a great day everyone!

carolinabeachmom said...

Yeah, the snow is almost gone off the nest. One eagle just flew off the eggs while the other is eating brunch.

Mema Jo said...

Eagle Alert

Switch taking place with lunch also

being served. Eggs in view

carolinabeachmom said...

Just got back from church and breakfast out.

Good morning all eagle buds: Jerry, Jo Sandi, and DanaMo. Sounds like you all remembered to set your clocks ahead last night and are having a nice sunny day out thee. :) Eagle has stopped eating, is now settled back on the eggs and is gathering flugg to put it around the egg cup.

Second eagle just returned to the nest sat for a minute and then flew out again.

JudyE said...

On lunch and find a fresh thread

JudyE said...

I see snow is gone in nest

Hoda said...

Thank you!

For the record I only think since we fall back we have to spring ahead. The problem is with falling back. Lived in area where there was no time change. Much better for everyone.

Have to do the math on what time the ferry leaves the East Shore is on one time, the West shore is on another. The ferry schedule is on pacific time.
Causes some confusions in these here parts.

Enjoy the day.

Going to brunch with the Dragons.

stronghunter said...
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stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Thanks for the new thread, Steve and for the call-over, Jo.

Hooray for International Women's Day!

I just changed the clock beside my recliner. Most of our clocks change automatically. In the kitchen, I don't set all of the clocks because there are so many, and as soon as I set all of them, there will be a power interruption and they will all be blinking at me.

stronghunter said...

My delete--needed to fix spelling. :)

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Thank you, STEVE, for a nice good weather day start with a new thread!

Congrats to you, JO, for that new feather in your cap!

Like all of you, I'm reveling in a gorgeous day when much thawing should begin to take place. Had a grand week with Seth around a lot--now his Spring vacation ends with a return to campus. Glad he'll not have much ice or snow to contend with now.

Happy International Women's Day Momsters! We've come a long way in our quest for gender equality, but there is still much to be done.

Prayers for all in need and for our Belle n' Shep as they so beautifully tend to their eggs.


Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning, Everyone,

Ewww, I don't like this time change thing. WHY do they do it?
Grumble, grumble....Oh--sorry. Just had to vent! Need to remember to change the clocks when we go to the house later.

I also have a gas lamp on a pole in front of our house that I need to paint. I got some flat black Rust-oleum paint and a small paint brush. We had our gardener take out a bunch of bushes and plants in a large, square area next to our driveway a couple of weeks ago. He added 2 sprinkler heads to the area as well. The gas lamp was completely covered up by our huge lantana bush, and was painted off-white, on top of beige, on top of green. At the bottom of the pole, where no one could possibly reach because of all the thick bushes, all 3 colors were showing. I need to repaint before Tuesday, because I think the gardener plans on re-planting that section then. I should call the gas company out to make sure the gas lamp works correctly, too. While he's there, I can have him check out the gas stove and readjust the pilot lights on it.

Ms Bookworm said...

We sent a 'high priority' e-mail to our insurance agent last night about staying longer in the hotel. We'll start calling her first thing tomorrow, too; she is apparently unreachable on the weekend. The more I think about it, the less likely it seems that even a crew of 4 workers could do all this before 11 am Monday (They don't work on the weekend.):
(1) Properly patch all our holes in the drywall, (2)Lay the vinyl floor in the bedroom,(3) Remove all wallpaper in the entry hall, living room, bedroom, and the long hall to the bedrooms, (4)Replace a foot-wide piece of carpet padding at the end of the hall (that they removed because it got wet), (5) Patch and paint the popcorn ceiling in the entry hall, (6) Paint the entry, living room, long hall, and front bedroom, (7) replace all baseboards, chair rails, and closet doors that they removed.
Not to mention the fact that they are supposed to paint 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint, and move all the furniture to the center of the living room, cover all furniture and floors with drop cloths, and move everything back in so it is exactly as we had it before all this started. That means hanging all the pictures, paintings, collectible plates, etc., too. Oh--we have a linen/storage closet at the end of the long hall that's floor-to-ceiling, with a display shelf, and that needs to be painted, too. (I certainly hope they plan on masking everything first with blue painter's tape.) see where I'm going with all this? I think they have at least 3 days worth of work to be done. This could get interesting before it's over. Hope we can get an answer from the insurance company before checkout time (11 am) tomorrow!

Well, I've rambled on long enough. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Stay safe and warm. I ♥ us!!!

Mema Jo said...

Great Horned Owl Georgia

Mema Jo said...

ANDY - did you ever get my email ?

Lolly said...

Good afternoon! 52 and wet,so far just a little bit of rain. They promised us an inch! Lol. It is nice to see water standing in the ditches.

Home from church and lunch there. This week two more lunches. Goodness! Just roll me around.

Nice to see the nest free of snow and hope it stays that way. Andy, that sounds like a week of work, unless they bring in a huge crew to work. Know you will be glad when this is all over. Time to move to Texas!!

Judie, know you may be lurking. We miss you!😿

Sandi said...

Hi all - it looks like Belle has arrived at the nest with new grass, though I didn't actually see her land - a good sign that the snow in WV has melted enough that she could SEE grass!

Have spent a very lazy afternoon. Gave both dogs oatmeal & Epsom salt baths since they seemed itchy - especially Jenni. Then I took a nap. Grocery store will have to wait til tomorrow.

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day! Andy, good luck with the insurance company!


JudyE said...

Home from work I check FB and this was on it

""""D4 of Decorah 2014 was found electrocuted. Not one of the 3 were successful in living in the wild.""""

was on a eagle page feed

JudyE said...

If you want to read what was said here it is they have apicture of a mam holding the dear sweet eagle

""""With a broken heart...
Raptor Resource Project
We are sorry to announce that Four, the single remaining bird from the 2014 Decorah alumni to remain in the wild, was electrocuted on Tuesday, March 2nd. This is the fourth eaglet from Decorah that we know of to die from electrocution. Bob and a good friend picked her carcass up on Thursday after the Eagle Valley team notified us that they received a mortality ping. Bob and Brett examined her on Saturday and verified the cause of death.
Bob found her lying underneath a utility pole. He took photographs and sent them to a consultant, who told us the pole was unsafe and made suggestions to improve the safety of this pole and other poles in the area. We brought them forward to Alliant Energy/Interstate Power and Light and are waiting for a response from them.
Why do the eaglets keep perching on power poles? Bob theorizes there is a behavior difference between urban and rural eagles. Rural eagles are programmed to perch in trees because that is what they have available. But urban eagles, including our beloved Decorah family, are exposed to power poles and other man-made structures from the beginning. There are vast amounts of power poles serving our needs. With eagles beginning to nest in close proximity to man - something new for both species - he believes electrocution will be an increasing concern for urban-fledged eagles and utility companies.
What can you do?
- Find out whether your utility has an avian protection plan. If they don't, they should consider adopting one. An APP helps keep animals, equipment, and people safe.
- Report electrocuted birds and other animals to your power company. Electrocutions are deadly to animals, harmful to equipment, and potentially dangerous to human beings.
- Report collisions to your power company. While our eagles have been electrocuted perching on poles, collisions are also deadly. Swan diverters and other deterrents can be installed.
- If you are a member of an electric cooperative, make your concerns known to the board. I know of at least one electric cooperative in the process of retrofitting all of their poles. Electrocutions destroy equipment, require unscheduled repair time, and are expensive.
We will continue our work with the electric distribution industry to address this issue and are researching deterrents for the poles near the nest and elsewhere.

JudyE said...

noticed the temp at the nest is 54° sweet for the eagles a little warmer

we are 82° hi tomorrow 85° hope my AC holds up till next week when I should be getting the $$ in the acct 4 days they said so I am counting on 5

carolinabeachmom said...

Two eagles on nest with three beautiful eggs.

carolinabeachmom said...

They have something to eat also. must be dinnertime. Three eggs still uncovered and both parents still in nest; one eating and other just standing on top edge of nest.

carolinabeachmom said...

And with that Poof! One eagle left eating dinner and 3 eggs still uncovered. Oops, other eagle back. We are both in the nest. Talking is going on now and again. Finally it looks like Shep was the one to bring in the supper and is not comfy on the three eggs while Belle is still eating.

carolinabeachmom said...

Belle has had her fill of dinner and is flying off.

carolinabeachmom said...

It is so good to see the snow off the nest.

Mema Jo said...

It is 7:09 and I just finished dinner
My body has not yet adjusted to the time change... it will take a while.

Going to check out some TV for my evening.


JudyE said...

shift change???

JudyE said...

poof one and Belle on eggs

stronghunter said...


Very sad about the Decorah eagle, Judy.

When we lived in Ohio, there was a power line across our back yard, and I found two dead birds back there. I reported it, but I don't think anything was done about it.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,
Emma and I just woke up from a 2-hour nap. Ken left a note on the laptop screen letting me know that he went over to the house to turn on the porch lights and make sure everything is OK over there.

Mema Jo, I didn't get your e-mail. I think I have your e-mail address at the house, but will now have to wait until tomorrow to go get it. No problem. That nap was worth it! In fact, Emma is still plotzed on the bed, keeping an eye on me, but thinking about going back to sleep.

So heartbreaking to read of the fate of Four, from Decorah! Poor girl! I hope she didn't know what happened. Out here in California, the biggest concern is the wind farms with those 250-foot-tall wind turbines, and the solar energy plants in the Mojave Desert. The danger to birds from the wind turbines is fairly obvious--they're like giant pinwheels. The solar energy plants reflect concentrated sun rays that incinerate birds flying over them. Neither situation is good. I think U.S. Fish and Wildlife is looking into it. Maybe our Steve could give us some input.

Ken just got back from the house. He talked to the hotel front desk, and I think they expect us to stay at least one more day, but the insurance company needs to OK that (Hopefully they will call us tomorrow morning).

I'm so glad to hear that the snow has melted at the nest! Have we figured out when the first egg should hatch? Hope the weather will give Belle, Shep, and the eggberts a break.
Well, I need to get Emma's dinner soon, so think I will say goodnight. Hope that you all have a good night's sleep, with SED. God bless! I ♥ us!!!

Hoda said...

Well my International Women's Day Brunch was delicious and near perfect.
Good conversation and good sharing and good food.

Things are blossoming. I went for a walk in two places and oh my oh my...the beach was out of this world and the woods were actually warm.
Not even a shawl needed today...

I looked at the nest and I see an improvement with the snow conditions.

Blessed Be our friendships and our stories on this blog.

Good night all.

Lolly said...

Watched Masterpiece Theater. Do enjoy PBS. Going to put my nose in a book now!

Night all! SED!

stronghunter said...

Stopped by to say good night.

Glad your dinner was successful, Hoda.

SED, everyone.

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all ♥

Have a peaceful sleep
and awaken refreshed to start
another day ... ♥

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. No use checking the live feed - it's pitch black outside.

Highs in the 50s again today - most of our snow is gone and I hope to not see anymore until next December!

Have agreat day everyone.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

I see temp is 32° at nest and forecast 50"s yeah for the eagles

WVJerry said...

Good morning. Just saw 3 eggs and a shift change. Glad warmer weather is forecast for today. Need to wash car today.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Hooray for a snow-free nest! One eagle there, peacefully sitting on the eggs. The snow is melting on the ground as well. Lots of grassy areas showing.

I think it is Shep on duty now.

Hearing some kind of mysterious sounds at my house. Cannot figure out what they are.

stronghunter said...

Eagle in.

Two in the nest.

stronghunter said...

Looks to be breakfast time.

And poof. I think that was Belle. And she took the food with her.

stronghunter said...

Two in the nest again. I was off at WWF when I heard some clicks and a whoosh, so I checked.

Sunshine on the nest.

Hoda said...

Good morning all.
Beautiful here.
My first laugh of the day was this email:

"The Budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled,
public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be
tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be
curtailed, lest Rome will become bankrupt. People must again learn to work
instead of living on public assistance." - Cicero, 55 BC

So, evidently we've learned bugger all over the past 2,069 years.

stronghunter said...

Changing of the guard.

stronghunter said...

Hoda, you make me smile. :)

stronghunter said...

Eagle in again.

Lots of activity today.

stronghunter said...

And poof.

stronghunter said...

Eagle in. Food being consumed by the one who was brooding. (Belle--I'm pretty sure.) Three beautiful eggs visible.

Poof Belle.

Shep on the eggs.

Mema Jo said...

Good Monday Morning to all ♥
I am having a slow start today - it could be blamed on a time change. lol

Thanks for the morning report from you Early Birds. Love the nest without any trace of snow !

No plans for the day - I may even get out of my pj's. I still remember the PJ Club years ago. I still have my membership. lol

Lolly said...

Good morning! Rainy day here. Tired of the rain, BUT not complaining! Bring it on! Want to end this drought!

Decided to skip retired teacher luncheon. Now need to help prepare a dinner for a recovering from surgery friend!

Yes, Jo, sleeping later here, too. Body needs to adjust!

Jack finally got to his appointment concerning hearing aid and it was determined that one was not performing as it should. So, back to the maker with it!

Have a great Monday and a great snowless week!

Mema Jo said...

Lolly I go into have an adjustment to the ear piece tomorrow. Just trying to make it easier to insert the over the ear piece into my ear.
I know right now they are adjusted too high of a volume. Really takes a while to perfect them.

Kay said...

Good Afternoon, Eagle Buds!!!

Looks like it's still Shep on the eggs and basking in the sunshine.

Penny and I are still on the "old time", sleeping in til' 9 this morning. I'll be running behind all day, I reckon. I qualify for the PJ Club, too, JO!

I hope GUELA had a happy birthday. I have a special spot in my heart for her as the Momster who welcomed me immediately after my first post, now long ago! I think of her often when taking in Israeli news and say a little prayer each time for her health and welfare.

It makes me wax nostalgic to think of those days as we all watched and suffered along with Belle who could not leave the wee chick's side and tried so valiantly to sustain it's life with her own fluid. Shep was a scoundrel to us then, but has proved himself to be a fine father. And, of course, we know it was the "survival of the fittest" playing out before our eyes.

A good reminder to me of just how much I've come to rely on a daily dose of the blog, the eagles and Momster friends.

HODA, thanks for the Cicero quote, showing us that problems we agonize over today have been in existence "forever"! Puts a lot of things in perspective, eh?

ANDY, thanks for updating as your saga unfolds. Looking forward to the day you write that you three are happily back in the house!

Shep doing some minor squawking--expecting Belle to arrive very soon.....

Prayers for all in need!!!


Kay said...

JO and LOLLY, guess it stands to reason that a technical and intricate piece of equipment, like a hearing aid, requires a lot of fine tuning. Once that is accomplished, Wahoo! We depend heavily on audio clues as to what's going on around us and I'm glad it's a sense that can be so easily restored when lost. Hear ye, hear ye!!!

Mema Jo said...

3 more votes needed for Blizzard Bear and we will have 700 votes

stronghunter said...

Need to go to the grocery store.

Nice to see everyone on here today. There has been a fair amount of activity at the nest. Guess they are getting ready for the really busy time when they will be feeding little ones.

Glad you're getting rain, Lolly.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good afternoon my eagle budlets. We are 10 days from a hatch, right?

Lolly said...

Still raining! A slow. But steady rain!😀

Jack and I just finished our walk. Saw a big switcharoo at the nest. Eagle flew into the tree after leaving the nest, then saw its shadow as it left the tree.

Have trained my kitty. When Jack starts the DVD to walk Skippi goes to the rug in front of his chair. I reach for the laser beside his chair and she immediately looks down at the rug! She is ready to chase that little red light while we walk. Smart kitty!

Now to get with the rest of my day!

Mema Jo said...

Sharon - how many days of incubation are you counting for hatch dates?

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Jo, that is 35 days from the date of the first egg being laid. March 19 is the date that Steve put on the note on the blog then.

Thursday, February 12, 2015
First egg thread.

From our biologist Dr. Jim Siegel:

The egg laid today is likely to hatch after about 35 days, around March 19. One or 2 more eggs are likely to arrive over the next 4 to 5 days, with accordingly later hatching dates. Although the female will likely do most of the incubation, both sexes have developed a brood patch and will continuously incubate the eggs, turning them every so often for even warming and to maintain a healthy relationship between the embryonic membranes and shell. The eggs must remain covered to avoid cooling.
Posted by Steve Chase at 5:26 PM

Mema Jo said...

OK I was giving them a span of 30-45
I hope it is 35 - weather should be decent if only rain.

Then after hatch date it is usually
70-100 days before first flight.

stronghunter said...

Hi, back from getting Hunter and going to the grocery store. Beautiful day here. Sunny and temperature in the 60's.

So the first egg should hatch about March 19--ten days from now.

JudyE said...

At park hooked up w some wifi

Sandi said...

Hi all - home from school and boy, am I tired! Must be the time change thing.

I was vote #700 for Glo's photo.

Andy, I hope your insurance company is being cooperative about letting you stay longer at the hotel.

Judy, many older homes have asbestos and nothing has to be done to remove it unless there is damage that could cause the fibers to become airborne. If Andy's popcorn ceiling is in good condition, the best thing to do is just leave it alone aside from the area that has to be patched where the drywall was cut out to install the new water pipe. You wouldn't believe the things I know about houses from being married to a contractor for 38 years!

Shirley, our temps never made it to the 60s - only upper 40s here close to the coast and 50s inland, where I teach. Still, it feels wonderful and all of the snow has melted except the piles on the side of the road from the snow plows.

Forgot to mention this morning that today is Jenni's 13th birthday. That would make her about 91 in people years, right? We sure are glad that she found her way to us 8 months ago - she is such a sweet dog.

About hatching date - I seem to recall that Belle and Shep left egg #1 uncovered off and on the first couple of days, at least until egg #2 was laid so that could affect hatching.

OK, enough rambling. Time to fix food for people and pets. I'm sure I won't get back on the blog this evening - I bet I'll be in the bathtub by 8pm and in bed by 9! So I will see everyone in the early AM.

JudyE said...

back from park and no eagle sighting there Sue and I think that they aren't incubating anylonger I will go back up maybe in a bit Had to go potty

JudyE said...

Thanks for the info SANDI on the ceiling Where I worked daily we would have to dust off our desk to work so that is when I took a sample down to HD and after that they came in and removed it I was suppose to go to the dr to keep getting checked out so far all is ok

JudyE said...

83° out now here so nice out

I see nest is 56° and I see hardly any snow on the ground now also

nest looks nice and dry

JudyE said...

SANDI you are correct in the letting the eggs cool I remember several peeps saying to get back on the eggs LOL Our Belle knows what she is doing she knew 4 days inbetween eggs wouldn't be good so all we can do is hope for the best

Mema Jo said...

Congratulations Sandi for being # 700

Happy birthday to Jenni - WOLF WOLF

We went to Cracker Barrel this evening. Got the Meatloaf and the serving was humongous! Cold not eat it all.

Prayers for Andy that Insurance company gave them some more days at hotel......

Mema Jo said...

Our egg laying dates are:
Feb 12 Feb 15 Feb 18
(3 day spans in between)
(30-35 incubation days)

So we will be looking for a PIP
later next week.......

Time sure does go by too fast

magpie said...

This MIGHT BE OLD NEWS, from a Momster in absentia for several days..
NBC Nightly News has a great report on an Eagles' Nest in Hanover's that last story before the News ends..

Highly recommended!!

xo Hello Precious Pals xoxox ♥

magpie said...

The news show rnuns from 7 to 7:30 pm (more or less, depends on where you are I guess !!)
I was able to see on the "local affiliate" from 6:30 to 7

JudyE said...

Egg alone

JudyE said...

Now back

Mema Jo said...

Hello Margy

On that snow day most of us had the link and was keeping an eye on the Codorus Park Nest. I would say we had just as much snow but that our
couple seemed to be old hands with it. Belle and Shep's heads were all you could see at times as was the Hanover pair. Breathtaking!

stronghunter said...


Egg roll in the last few minutes of light at the nest. It will soon be dark. I see three eggs.

JudyE said...

ATTENTION FACEBOOKERS Vote for blizzard bear we are at 701 now their normally 13 of us that vote daily We also put our # in the comment Please let's get her higher there is some one with over 200 now and the just started that pic hasn't been on long

ON the monster fb page

JudyE said...

I figured it out having trouble sleeping of late and I think its because JUDIE hasn't sent the sandman out of late

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

stronghunter said...

Nice to see you on here tonight, Margy. Didn't get a chance to watch the Hanover eagles tonight, but I appreciate the information.

stronghunter said...

I voted today, Judy.

stronghunter said...

About ready to wind things down for the night Tomorrow is bowling day. Practice was better on Saturday, so maybe I'll have a good day tomorrow.

stronghunter said...

SED my eagle friends. :)

Mema Jo said...

I have a Hearing Aid appointment early am hours. I enjoyed 2 TV
programs this evening.

Goodnight to All ♥

Lolly said...

Getting on to say good night! I am tired! Standing in the kitchen and cooking all afternoon wore me out. Got a meal to friend by 5:30. Jack benefitted by getting cookies baked this afternoon.

Looking forward to looking for pips! That is always an interesting time. However, trying to decide what to do next week Joey leaves with 11 students for London. Thinking of taking the boys to San Antonio the early part of next week. We would go to The Alamo and walk along the River. River walk in San Antoio is awesome!

Gotta go! Nite all! SED!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Boy, have we been busy today! Went over to the house after feeding Emma and getting her business done. Spent half the day taking down all the pictures, paintings, and collector plates from the living room walls. Got them and all the books and stuff on the tables and mantle packed up. Then had to wait for more bubble wrap and newsprint paper and boxes, so went back to the hotel and fed Emma her lunch and took her outside again. Went back to the house and started packing up everything in the linen/ storage closet at the end of the hall. Threw out tons of stuff, and recycled tons more. Still have lots of Christmas stuff that was there that must be packed up tomorrow morning.

The guy whose company is doing the drywall patching, painting, and laying the floor in the bedroom came over with paint chips and vinyl flooring and baseboard samples. He made us an offer we couldn't refuse, so we are getting a brand new type of vinyl flooring that looks exactly like wood planks, and has a 20-year guarantee. We're going to have it in the living room and the long hall, too! It even has a texture to it; you can see and feel the woodgrain. We are getting all new baseboards that are at least twice as wide as what we had. The paint chip colors were not very inspiring, but we decided on one that's sort of the color of almond appliances, and goes nicely with the flooring and our furniture. We had wanted to do at least one wall in a darker accent color, but ended up deciding to do all the walls in the almond color. It is good paint--by Behr. (I think that's how it's spelled.) This guy buys everything direct from the manufacturer, so we get prices 30% less than if there were a middle man. I can't wait to see how it is going to look! I bet it's going to be spectacular! Gosh, Emma won't know what to think when she gets back home! By the way, we're also having them repaint the ceilings in the living room, long hall, and front bedroom, as well as the entry hall. That will only cost us an extra $200. We're getting rid of the chair rails in the long hall, and I think in the front bedroom.

Thank you for the prayers being said regarding the hotel! We get to stay through Friday! Please keep praying, though. Unless there is a cancellation, we can only stay at this location thru Thursday, and may have to move to another Marriott location for Friday! Hope we don't have to pack everything up for just one day! We'll do what we gotta do, though.

Sandi, I almost forgot to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Jenni!

Jo, I remembered to pick up my list of Momster names/addresses/e-mails. Will send you an e-mail when I finish here.

Well, since we need to be at the house by 8 am tomorrow, I think I'd better say goodnight and try to get some sleep. Hope you all have a restful night's sleep, with SED. God bless! I ♥ us!!!

Ms Bookworm said...

Pulling a Margy--Margy, it was great to see you here! You are missed!

Also good to see Shar. Thanks for the info about hatching time.

Hoda, LOVED your quotation!!!

Well, better go hit the hay. See you in the morning.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Periodontist appointment for me at 3pm - I HATE the periodontist (not the man, just the concept)!

Have agreat day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds

Nest is still black See another reason I don't like the time change LOL can't see the nest again and we were just able to see it before the change

31° at the nest right now according to my app
ME 68° now gonna get 83°

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Hunter delivered to school. Almost bowling time. Spring is here--at least a tease. Spring flowers poking the tips of their leaves through the ground. At last. Robins all around.need to check the nest.

stronghunter said...

Sounds as if you are being well taken care of, Andy. You will enjoy your redecorated home.


Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
Waiting for some rain off and on today.

Hoda I smiled at the quote you gave us yesterday. It is so true that history does repeat itself.

Going to be leaving shortly - I have visit to have the hearing aids adjusted. I can hear you now !

WVJerry said...


JudyE said...

So sorry Hoda if I offened u in regards to my leaving the park early because of a nature call