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Been out of town at a meeting.  Looks like action might be imminent.

New thread.


Judie said…
Good early evening.

Well, we wait and then we wait until they are darned good and ready to let us in on the arrival of an eggbert.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hello Judie!! Thanks for the call over and congrats on your lovely feather.
WVJerry said…
Thanks for a new thread.
WVJerry said…
Thanks for call over Judie. Congrats on a feather. Hello Sharon.
Thanks for the new thread Steve, and hello to Judy, Eagle Eyed Sharon and WVJerry. I guess the suspense is on as to when the first egg will hatch. They thought maybe this am that they saw a pip or maybe just stuff from the nest. I don't think anyone is sure yet?
JudyE said…



JudyE said…
POSTED this on the old thread

"" There is a picture on FB and they say that the eagle is Ozzie from the Ft Meyers nest Lucky his eaglets are about ready to fledge Poor mom will have to do all the grossery shopping for the kids

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 6:10:00 PM Delete
Blogger JudyE said...
He has a fractured wing and will take several weeks to recoup for the non facebookers

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 6:14:00 PM Delete"""
JudyE said…
JUDIE you must take a picture of your hat with your feathers one day LOL congrats on the new one
Hey JudyE. Was that your eagle that they found down in Florida with an injured clavical? They seem to think it will be ok.
Sorry JudyE. I didn't see where you posted about the eagle above.
Mema Jo said…
I have been wishing for this fresh new thread and I just assumed you were out gallivanting around town.
I am getting very egg-cited with the
possibility that tomorrow the 19th is the 35th day and that is our lucky number at the Royal Palace...

Thanks Judie for the call over.

Hoping by Wed next week we have all 3 little bobbleheads!
Sandi said…
Good evening all. Not feeling much like chatting this evening but I wanted to check the box on this new thread and also thank everyone for their well-wishes.

I'll see everyone in the early AM - tomorrow should be an exciting day for all Shepherdstown eagle followers and the first of many busy days for our eagles!
Wouldn't that be a nice thought Jo?
Then poor Shep and Belle have to fly back and forth for food for the bobbleheads.
WVJerry said…
Hi Sandi. Thinking of you.
Good evening Sandi. All is quiet here right now. I think our eagles are resting up for the big feeding frenzie that will follow as each chick hatches. :)
Hi WVJerry I missed seeing you come on. I think we are all starting to get egg cited as Jo says for the little ones to appear. Hope things are ok with you.
JudyE said…
I am heading out for a bit to the park off course to see if the eagles are there got there at 704 last night and they were there but poofed at 710 so going early
JudyE said…
forgot to check box earlier silly me
Did anyone ever find out if there was a pip in the egg or just a piece of the nest?
JudyE You are so lucky to have them by you. We had a pair last year in Kitty Hawk, and some over on the mainland Dare Co. they say, but all I see here at the beach are osprey that nest. Of course we have many different kinds of birds living and nesting and wintering down here, but I want eagles! :)
Egg roll; 3 eggs? Parent wasn't off long enough to get a good look.
It really looks wonderful not to see the nest or nest and birds covered with snow. It was so hard to watch. They are two good parents; never wavered one bit.
Lolly said…
Howdeeeeeee! We be home! Quick glance tells me no action at the nest. Right? I looked at the cam and saw an eagle just sitten and looken! 😄

Although a quick trip we had a fantastic time! The boys had fun and that is what we wanted. Now Laurel needs to get home for the tile man to come and install new bathroom floors.

Joey just called. They are having a great time in London. Kids are being great!
Welcome back Lolly. Looks like you had a fabulous time; even tho you did lose the race> :) Your pictures are beautiful.

Mema Jo said…
London - Lydia has about 230 pics on FB of being in London. Fantastic tour of Harry Potter - even made me want to read the books or watch the movies again!
They toured and she had pictures
of every site you would want to visit! I need to go look at the last of her pics - I couldn't get thru them all late last evening.
I just saw an egg roll and there were still 3 eggs in the nest.
Mema Jo said…
Cndy - the answer is No to your questions about a positive pip---
we are all hoping but just speculating as to what we think we see. Hopefully there will be a half shell tomorrow some time out in the nest and also some fishes laying in the nest.


Mema Jo said…
Welcome home Lolly
Did Skippi go and did she behave
Saw your comment about LUKE not doing
too well.

Now Where are you packing up to go
next week?
Lolly said…
Yeah, yeah, yeah......I lost the race, but,hey, I tried! I pedaled!

Not sure where next week, but probably east Texas.

Luke does not bark he travels well but he did not eat nor potty. He was stressed. He would literally shake when he heard big RVs. Laurel was thrilled whe he finally went! LOL. And, when we got home he went several times!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
I keep watching for Belle to look under her but haven't seen her do that. That is a sure-fired way of telling if one is getting ready to hatch.
Well, it is starting to get dark so I guess I'll head out and get a nice hot shower and then read. Husband is helping out with Bingo at the Colington Fire Station, so he won't be home for awhile. You all have a good night's sleep and rise and shine early to see if anything has happened. I guess the change has been made for the night.
Lynne2 said…
I just finished reading a book called Red-Tails in Love. GREAT book for bird lovers, especially NEST watchers!!
Mema Jo said…
As early as today's Early birds were on here I expect a first hand report as soon as we have the light of dawn!!

Mema Jo said…
Our nest is secured for the night as the darkness comes.
Belle in all her glory is settling
in and pulling the flugg up around her.

Until tomorrow !
Mema Jo said…
The littlest Lennox Man

Elliot Sebastian 3 1/2 months
WVJerry said…
Nest pretty much dark now. Good night all.
Mema Jo said…
Blizzard Bear has 797 votes

Let's get to 800 TONIGHT

Please vote on FB on the Eaglet Momsters page...........

Mema Jo said…
Only need 2 more votes on FB
Blizzard Bear

Sharon just voted and Vicky had
voted earlier in the day.
I asked Sharon to get Bev and Thelma

Then it would be 800 just like JudyE
thought we could do.....
JudyE said…
Hello back from park. I was stood up LOL I ran in to Ron a old acquaintance we shot the breeze for a bit. He had his dog up their for playtime.
Tommorw I will get myy eagle fix when I go to get my recall done on airbags Tracey fb mssg me to let me know part was in. She is the one that is keeping me abreast of the live can for their tower. They have two juvies wingerrsizing

And yes I feel lucky and blessed to have 12nesr in a 5 mile radius of me I have a map provided by the state of them you key in your address and type the miles and will tell you how many in that radius ---120 in a 30 miles of m . So many nest. I know of only the cell phone tower one .
Mema Jo said…

Going to watch a movie On Demand
Everything is repeats.........
JudyE said…
on PBS now watching Brit Floyd Tribute KicK Butt I love it Brit Floyd Live at Red Rock any Pink Floyd peeps out there
Judie said…
Hopefully, tomorrow will bring an answer that there is a pip or even an eaglet. Fingers crossed.

Window washing is done and some am I or maybe I'm finished. Either way, tired. Watching the special on Sound of Music then to sleep.

Sandperson has returned from vacation. On the way. Restful sleep.
Lolly said…
Night all! Laurel and the boys are here and will head home in the morning!

JudyE said…
Jo I just love the outfit Lil E is sporting 😘 so cute
stronghunter said…

Just got home from bridge. Had a nice time. Sleepy. Hoping for a baby eagle tomorrow.

SED, everyone.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Gang,

I just now got back to the hotel from the house!

Have been really busy putting new shelf paper (well, not really paper, but more like some kind of thin textured rubber) in the storage/linen closet at the end of the hall. Got a bunch of sheet sets, kitchen towels, linen tablecloths and napkins, and afghans back in there. Trying to decide which extra sheet sets to weed out and sell at a garage sale. We really don't need 4 or more sheet sets for each bed. Two or 3 should be fine.
One percale, one flannel, and one fleece should do nicely. We had so many I couldn't keep the doors closed on the linen closet! Found a beautiful sage green, peach, rust and cream colored quilt and shams set that I'd forgotten that I had, and it looks great on the bed in the front bedroom! Also found a rose pink comforter that belonged to my Mom and Dad. The lambswool in it was hand carded by my Mom's great-grandmother! Mom had it re-covered with rose pink polished cotton fabric in 1957. It's a treasure! Also have a crocheted lace tablecloth made by Ken's grandmother. It fits a very long, possibly banquet-sized table.

Shirley, glad you had fun playing bridge.

Judie, it must feel great to have squeaky clean windows! I forget what that's like! ...One of these days!

We have a roofer coming out tomorrow between 8 & 10 am to give us an estimate on a roof patch. Because of the expense of the water leak, we can't afford a whole new roof right now, but need to repair in 2 or 3 places. The flashing around the chimney has a leak, and we're missing a couple of shingles due to those pesky Santa Ana winds. Since we just got the ceilings painted, we need a patch-up job so there are no ceiling stains!

Well, guess we will find out tomorrow whether there was a pip or not! Sure would be nice!
Right now, I'm fading fast, so think I will say goodnight. Sweet eagle dreams! God bless!
I ♥ us!!!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Wish I could tell you we have a baby eaglet - sounds like we could but I can't see a thing on the live cam.

30 degrees here, feels like 23 and we have rain, possibly turning to snow headed this way tonight. Nothing major but still, I want spring, not snow.

Have agreat day all.
WVJerry said…
Good morning Sandi. I will have to check in at work for updates. I think some snow possible here tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy your day.
Sandi said…
I see 1 eagle sitting on eggs. No egg shells laying around. No food in the nest. Gotta run!
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Need to check the nest.

stronghunter said…
Eagle on the nest. Nothing remarkable to report. Almost time to take Hunter to school.
Good Thursday morning Sandi, WVJerry, and Shirley and all other eagle watchers that will be on here today waiting for our first egg to hatch. Nothing new at this time; just parent sitting comfy in egg cup enjoying the morning light. Can hear all kinds of birds in the background, and thank goodness, the wind hasn't started up yet. It is all peaceful and calm and no shell in sight. No food in the nest either.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Eagle just sitting there


gotta call the bank and cancel my 1 appt since I am getting my airbags done
JudyE said…
Just got off the phone with bank and cancelled appt

I am not making another one because it would be useless to do so
They still want me to open a checking acct to avoid the 10 fee every time I get a cashiers check Well I don't need a second check acct I have one with another bank SO What I will do from now on is get CASH no fee there I just will be uneasy walking out with 7,000.00 when I get my ac fixed She said people do it all the time NOT ME LOL

one eagle who ?? is tucked in so cute but no opportunity to see eggs
JudyE said…
egg roll no just a dig dig dig in front of and pushing flugg
JudyE said…
still pushing flugg up and around but no peek
JudyE said…
wiggle wiggle back down and I saw nothing nothing boo hoo
Hi JudyE. I see a lot of flugg rearranging, but no change in nest otherwise. Have you heard how your eagle from down there is doing? Hope all is well.
JudyE said…
you know out map on the blog ODD but on GoogleChrome my map doesn't appear on the blog its black and nothing there but when I open IE it is there What would be doing that I wonder no biggie just odd on one browser but not the other

I see Hurricane WVA and Greencastle, Pa and me now
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all - I am just signing in - live feed looks great but I guess the still cam is frozen on yesterday and black screen. I'll send email now to NCTC about our cam.
Praying the live feed stays up/running.

JudyE said…
Last I heard was doing good will be ok just need a couple of days to weeks to heal and they will release I am worried about Harriett taking care of the family by herself
JudyE said…
was almost 24 hours and no food was brought in to the nest I heard POOF
Parent just flew into nest with breakfast. Three eggs still in nest; no shell.
glo said…
Good morning everyone. Exciting day ahead YES. Tuesday was an exciting day for me that I wanted to come over here and share with you. Most of you know the cherished little guy Dex that I lost last June, It has been a long 9 months or so I have always had a dog. Come spring I set out on an adventure to find a dog who needed a home as much as i needed a dog. I found her. Meet Patches
Good morning Jo. As you can see, no bobblehead yet. JudyE lets hope that your mother can help the juvie fledge. You know how strong women are? :)
Good morning Glo. Congratulations on your getting Patches. There is nothing like a dog, but I am allergic. Would love to have another one tho.
JudyE said…
Eating at launch pad

GLO congrats
JudyE said…
Headin out for some breakfast will bring tablet
Patches is adorable; so cute and cuddly. She also has a happy human to take care of her now.
It looks as if that parent is going to eat the whole fish. Must have been starving.
stronghunter said…

Eagle eating. Three perfect eggs visible. No pips or babies that I see right now. Shucks.
stronghunter said…
Made a video for the record.
Mema Jo said…
ge received from NCTC:

Thank you, the still cam should be back up now.

Clear pic of our 3 eggs.
stronghunter said…
Hi Jo, Judy, Candy, Glo, and anyone else out there.
Mema Jo said…
Thanks Shirley !
I also will say Shucks for now !

Eating a late breakfast BBL
It looks like breakfast/lunch is over and all is settles and calm on the nest again.
stronghunter said…

Heard a "clunk." Looked around to see a squirrel trying to get in through the kitchen window. Maybe it saw the big bag of birdseed sitting against the wall there. Tried to make a video, but the rascal scampered away.
Ms Bookworm said…
Good Morning!

We're off and running after breakfast and feeding Emma! BBL.
HAGD, everyone! Prayers for those on the sick list! I ♥ us!!
Judie said…
Nearing lunchtime. Laundry is calling.

Congratulations Glo. Patches is adorable and I know you two are going to best friends furever.

Andy, so happy you and Kubby are getting your home back in order. Isn't fun to clean out and find forgotten treasures?

Wishing everyone a lovely day.
JudyE said…
update on FB on OZZIE

""WINK News joined us this morning for a follow up on the ‪#‎baldeagle‬ brought to ‪#‎CROWClinic‬ on Tuesday from MyFWC. As of this morning, he is in stable condition and is eating. He is receiving pain and anti-inflammatory medication for his broken calvicle. We will keep you posted on his condition. Thank you for your support!"""

I will post updates as I see them

JudyE said…
GLO Just wanted to tell you I loved your smile box presentation and I was teary eyed watching so sweet
Mema Jo said…


JudyE said…
pulling flugg back and forth back and forth

Bird Girl said…
Hello, fellow bird brains! I'm still around, lurking here and there :)

I don't see the usual behavior of an impending hatch - the fidgeting, looking underneath, etc. - so I wonder how much longer we will have to wait?

I posted a photo on the FB group page of a screencap from 0837 AZ time this morning.

Come one, bobbleheads!!!

Yours as ever,
Bird Girl
JudyE said…
BIRDGIRL Thinking back I do recall where Belle was off the first egg for 4 days Remember we were all saying get back on the egg SO lets HOPE that is why the delay wanting to keep them closer to hatch date as 2 and 3 eggberts
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

BEV, guess I was a day early with my birthday wishes, but hey, nothing wrong with stretching out the good times....

No pip yet, durn. Can't rush Mother Nature!

GLO, Patches is adorable. Easy to see that you hit it off with other right away. Dogs are such fun and I'm glad you decided to adopt another.

JUDY, glad Ozzie is in good hands. Wishing his mate a lot of luck as she struggles to launch those chicks.

With the help of AARP I got the taxes filed yesterday and a very small refund check headed my way.

Thinking about doing some more Spring cleaning under and around things. Left the vac out after Julie and I finished the window project Tuesday. If anyone drops by it will look like I've been working hard!☺

Prayers for all in need!!!

glo said…
Thanks everyone I am excited about Patches. She was spayed yesterday. Waiting to hear back from breeder today that she is doing well. I will pick her up to come home next Thurs. Getting me and kitties and home adjusted for a new doggie. She is 8 years old and is a retiring Maltese breeder. I will need to essentially housebreak her so wish me luck. She has had a doggie door in her kennel and uses it so what we really don't know is if she will come to me to go outside or not. WE can do this lol.
JudyE said…
eggs covered again I saw nothing
JudyE said…
Getting ready to head out to Walker Ford will take tablet naturally but will also be outside there looking to see if the eaglets are in the tower and take pics off course

little adjusting on the eggs and now pulling flugg off course
Bird Girl said… can try the bell method. Put a small bell on the bottom of the door you will be letting her out of, when you take her out to potty you take her paw and ring the bell, then give her a treat. Many dogs learn to ring the bell when they want to go out. In the meantime, use potty pads and move them closer and closer to the door from her crate (if you're using one), until finally it is at the door. Congrats on your new dog, and good luck!
Bird Girl said…
I have to go to my gym appointment and my volunteer shift at the vet clinic. Wish I could just sit here and watch the nest all day - especially since I have a new TV that accesses the internet, so I can watch the nest on a big screen!

I will be keeping my fingers crossed that we have a bobblehead soon!

JudyE said…
At Walker Ford eagles both where flying overhead when I arrived no pics of then I have a hard time getting shot of flying can't find in screen sometimes I want a camera that u have to put eye on lens to see got two pic of juvies in bottom of tower not great pics I think I will buy a better camera
stronghunter said…
Oh good grief:

ssued by The National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington, MD
Thu, Mar 19, 11:58 am EDT


Other Alerts in the Vicinity

There are currently no other weather alerts in the vicinity.

stronghunter said…
Good afternoon,

Congratulations, Glo! Such a cute little doggie.

Hello to our very own Bird Girl. Welcome back. :)

Hi Judie. Glad to see the Sandperson has returned. Sandperson was missed.

Happy picture-taking Judy.
Lolly said…
Hi all!

Busy morning, but Laurel and boys have departed. Joseph cooked pancakes for breakfast. I heard him in the kitchen but did not think anything of it. He was looking for my pancake mix but could not find it, so he went to the computer, googled a recipe and printed it out. When he started asking where everything was, I told him we had mix. Lol. He is a great cook! Proud of him!

Glo, Patches is adorable! So glad she has an awesome forever home! Look forward to hearing reports and seeing pictures. Love the slide show!

Out to clean trailer!
JudyE said…
egg roll and no seeing anything
JudyE said…
Got home a bit ago Now just to sit and watch the nest till 3 when courtesy van will be back
WVJerry said…
Hi Judy. Saw same as you.
JudyE said…
tucking flugg Building wall again maybe its a start OK LM for a bit I need to do some stuff around the house like laundry and other stuff
JudyE said…
Hey Jerry taking tablet with me as I do laundry Have tablet will travel LOL
JO made a cute saying up and put under one of the pic today this is it

""""Never fear - the bobblehead is near !
Mema Jo said…
Shirley On FB IU had placed on your page a bowling tricks video -
I got some good laughs out of watching it. Hope you enjoy.
JudyE said…
at the nest 47°

me 79°

eahle in
JudyE said…
we lost the still cam again
stronghunter said…
Loved the bowling video, Jo. I will have to share it with my teammates, especially the one whose husband is a retired pro bowler. He has talked about doing some stunts himself. I wonder if he has heard of that guy? I am guessing he might have. Thanks for posting that neat video.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Wildlife inventory today: Mourning doves, goldfinches, chipping sparrows, white-throated sparrows, dark-eyed juncos, chickadees, red-bellied woodpecker, downy woodpecker, nuthatches, starlings, cardinals, rufous-sided towhee, chipmunks, squirrels, blue jays, robins, house sparrows, wrens, titmice - but still no partridge in a pear tree.
JudyE said…

JudyE said…
Great sighting SHAR I saw 4 eagles (two adults and two juvies in cell tower) so far wasn't looking anywhere else LOL
JudyE said…
saw two eggs other not in site hiding on us
JudyE said…
waiting for courtesy van to come
JudyE said…
just called Walker to make sure I was on the pick up list
JudyE said…
3 is when he heads out to get the people waiting so I may be the last pick up I was the first drop off
Mema Jo said…

Glad you liked it Shirley - I was thinking that your team players would also enjoy it.

I'm off to find dinner.........
Any suggestions......... ?

JudyE said…
just got back from getting truck Now I gotta leave to go to Jordyn gym class
JudyE said…
Mexican Pizza at Taco Belle JO
that is what I had last night

Tonight Carl is making spaghetti
JudyE said…
GREAT NEWS HARRIETT brought E6 a fish
glo said…
I am thinking Belle is more and more up and down on those eggs and awfully careful with that eggroll.Almost tilted sideways to be sure talon landed in right spot. I would bet she hears one of them pretty well now as in someone has pipped.
Janet said…
good late afternoon to all. I see an eagle in the nest...sit sit sitting....people are wait wait waiting....time is tick tick ticking by................

MEMA JO; I have planned left overs for dinner in the form of hot roast pork sandwiches!

if nothing that elaborate, hot tomato soup and grilled cheese is also a easy. yummy fix.

busy day.

having our usual battle of the math problems here at the moment. she doesn't like math and doesn't wish to do math...and unfortunately, math is something one must know. she is fully capable, but would rather not be .... lol.

nothing too much going on in these parts. cloudy day. coolish, 50's.

must feed the critters. hugs to all
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
She or he? just raised up, stop, looked down, dug a little more flugg out and now turning the eggs and a wiggle wiggle wiggle.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Something just flew close to the nest and she or he? jumped.
Well you all, just came in to look to see how things were going before I have to go to church choir practice. It looks as if everyone is still awaiting the first egg, and eagle seems unconcerned.
JudyE So glad to hear that your MoMa eagle has brought a fish to her nest. That is real good news.
Anyone see dinner come in to the nest yet? I don't know why I asked that, but everyone is talking about dinner, I don't see any there, and I don't get mine until after choir practice. I'm starving.
NatureNut said…
Wow. Seems it might be starting to get eggciting again in the nest!!!
TU when I road past the Park nest in AM, Mom was standing with her head down. Couldn't watch long enough but was wondering if she was doing an eggroll or tending to an Eggbert! We really need a camera. We have a new "acting" director who I know well. Maybe I can persuade him to start an eagle cam fund. I'll be the first to donate!
Shar, your feathered friend list is wonderful!
JudyE, we have been waiting on a van all day. New refrigerator was to be delivered after one. Well, it was! Shall we say about 5 PM? Frank took the doors off the old one at 9:30AM!!!
Since daughter is here, we were planning to go out for my late B'Day dinner. Too late now. We're going out tomorrow and hope the "wintry" mix is done! We spent about 1/2 hour peeling clear plastic off the whole front! Didn't know they were sealed these days.
Got some osprey pics (not too good) on Tuesday and the cam is on in the offices now. One cam nest didn't have occupants, but the other has 2!!! Hope to get them on soon.
LATER ☺ Have a great evening~~~
Oh well, it is 6pm and my husband is antsy and ready to go. Good luck to the first ones to see the first new bobblehead.
Mema Jo said…
I am finished my evening meal -
Janet your hot roast pork sandwiches
would have 'hit the spot'

Happy to see that we also have Glo and Shar watching our nest with us.

Very happy about SWFL having Harriet bringing E6 a fish. Those 2 gals need to stick together. Ozzie is being well cared for.
WVJerry said…
Good evening all. I see no news yet. Been home from work a while. Worked over about an hour, got groceries and gas. On the dinner side...fresh ground beef patties and fries. Have some time to watch Cam. Glo - glad you got Patches now. We sure have enjoyed our dog - even though I said I would never have another one. Always nice to come home and know matter what Bella is always glad to see me.
Mema Jo said…
Hi Jerry - hope your work day went well.
Not looking forward to snow but I hope it comes and goes quickly.

Enjoy your evening
WVJerry said…
Hi Jo. We're short-handed at work but other than that no problems. I agree on the snow...never heard the term until living in West Virginia - but I guess this will be a "robin snow".
WVJerry said…
Looks like whoever is on eggs is watching something around the nest.
Mema Jo said…
Very interesting at the nest
I wonder why the incubating eagle
almost jumped up to the side of the egg well -- looked down at the eggs -
I think there is something going on
in the Egg Cup
Mema Jo said…
Jerry - someone called it the
Onion Snow ! True though that the robins are plentiful in my yard!
WVJerry said…
Never heard the Onion Snow but it makes sense.
WVJerry said…
Jo - glad you're here reporting because I can't see much on my phone.
Judie said…
Dang! No wonder we have so many wild onions growing in our yard - stupid snow!
WVJerry said…
Hi Judie. Know you know why they're there.:-)
Mema Jo said…
Headed to TV for 1/2 hour

Keep your eyes on the nest if you can
WVJerry said…
Off eggs but blocking view.
Mema Jo said…
I was too late - all settled in now

Anyone get any pics?
WVJerry said…
Looked like 3 not real sure.
WVJerry said…
Getting dark. Hope that if it snows it's not too bad at nest. Calling it a night. Take care all.
WVJerry said…
Judy did you get anthing?
WVJerry said…
I was just getting ready to log off when I saw eagle getting up but too dark for anything else.
Judie said…
Well, maybe tomorrow? Come along little eggbert. You have a very large fan club waiting.

Sandperson followed me down the hallway muttering and complaining. Said he is slam wore out from all this Spring cleaning and is going to get an early start. So, get your jammies on everyone.

Off to watch a program on Durst. Fascinating of course to me.

Restful sleep.
NCSuzan said…
Happy Birthday Bev! Hope your day has been spectacular!
grannyblt said…
I'd never heard of an onion snow until I moved here. Guess we will get some tomorrow.

Saw the 737 ish egg roll, but couldn't tell if there was a pip..

My birding friend and I went out today and saw a nice variety of ducks at the edges of mostly frozen ponds. Is tomorrow really Spring?

I'll tune in tomorrow for the hatch watch-I'm not going anywhere when freezing rain is forecast.

SED to all.
Thanks for all the birthday love!! I love you all dearly!! Wish I had a birthday eaglet to celebrate!! Wont be long!! Aoyp!!
Janet said…
JO: wish you were closer, would have made you all a couple of sandwiches. they were yummy......

not sure about tomorrow.

getting ready for work tomorrow, hitting the bed soon...............

good night all
Mema Jo said…
I'm back from TV - I'll watch a program at 10. A Funny on me: I was trying to find the channel for the 10:00 show on my internet
programs list - In my head I kept saying PIP PIP and I couldn't find any listing for PIP - ROFL when I suddenly remember the show name was
DIG - Two 3 lettered words ! lol
But a one track mind!
Ms Bookworm said…
Good Evening, Everyone,

We're back from the house, and feeling pretty grubby. Did a lot of cleaning and sorting, and putting away. We now have 2 big boxes of garage sale stuff, and we threw out a lot. Got some Space Bags to use for bedding and bulky out-of-season clothes.

The roofer came early this morning, and as we suspected, we have 3 areas of the roof that need some repair. They started working on it today! They should be done tomorrow! Wow, now we don't have to worry if it rains really hard. The roofer took pictures of everything with his iPad, and sent them to our e-mail.

Need to feed Emma! Will BBL.
Mema Jo said…

Terri Bayles video of the late night

The eagle calls back and forth and then the switch.
Mema Jo said…
Going to watch TV
Saying Goodnight to all ♥

Early Birds - do some good reporting
and pic snapping in the morning!

Love to all
stronghunter said…
Sandperson has arrived here. Time for me to say good night. Hoping for gentle weather and a baby eagle in our near future.

Well it is 4:50am and here I sit looking at a black screen with quiet on it. Woke up with a coughing spell, and just had to get on here to see if anyone said they saw a pip last night while I was at choir. No one is up, not even the eagles. Guess I'll go out in the livingroom and watch tv for awhile. HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING TO ALL!!!!
Sandi said…
Goodorming Candy and all my eagle friends. Farewell winter, hello spring!

No rain or snow or sleet here but it's supposed to be a gray day outside. Can't see a thing at the nest.

Wonder if today will be the big day? Glad it's almost the weekend so I can do more nest watching.

Andy, sounds like the guys working on your house are moving right along. When will you and Ken and Emma be moving back in?

Have agreat day all!
Sandi, hope you have a wonderful day also. Back to a black screen. Heard a few noises in nest earlier, but all quiet now. Come on out daylight.
Sandi said…
Got dressed in a hurry so I could check the nest out before leaving for school. I can just barely make out images on the live cam and I think I am seeing a white nest. Must be snowing in WV. I see a large dark blob in the center - my guess would be Belle from the size.
Yes Sandi, snow in W. Virginia and eagle all wrapped up tight in the egg cup sleeping.
It looks like it is still snowing :( and no breakfast brought in or change in egg nest. Hopefully this will be the last snowfall our eagles will have to get through. IT IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING Mother Nature. Time for warmer temps and flowers.
Parent just got up, shook snow off feathers, turned the eggs.....still looked like 3 eggs....and sat back down to keep them warm. It looks like it is snowing harder now. Sounds like plows out on the roads. The only other thing I heard were geese flying over.
WVJerry said…
Good morning all. I see a snow-covered eagle in a snow-covered nest.
Finally Good morning WVJerry! At least someone is stirring. I have been sitting here watching it snow. :(
WVJerry said…
Good morning Candy. Just getting on. It is snowing pretty good now here. I'm guessing around 3 inches now. I don't have sound.
WVJerry said…
Shaking off some snow.
The sound is on mine so it is working. We are having another cold, rainy day here on OBX.

Eagle shook off or tried to shake off some of the accumulated snow on her/his back. Still no breakfast brought in.
When is it supposed to stop snowing in your area WVJerry? Three inches is getting too deep and, it is still snowing.
Eagle is looking slowly around. Wonder if it is trying to give the "eagle eye" to the partner to bring in breakfast and relieve her.
WVJerry said…
I believe around noon last I heard. I'm going to check snow now.
WVJerry said…
Unofficial but looks like around 2 inches.
That is 2 inches too much for our nest. It looks like a wet snow.
stronghunter said…
Checked that snowy nest. Oh dear me. I am hoping this snow doesn't last.
WVJerry said…
I can hear sound on Cam now. Sounded like a car.
WVJerry said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
WVJerry said…
My delete on double post. Good morning Shirley. Do you have snow?
Hey there Shirley. Yes there is snow. :( I am glad you got your sound WVJerry.
WVJerry that is a snowy pic that you put on Facebook. :( I love the shape of your tree with the snow on it. Beautiful!
WVJerry said…
Thanks. Hearing geese now. Snow is really sticking to trees.
Shake off of snow. Turning the eggs and settling back down again.
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