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Friday the 13th thread.


Mema Jo said…
How lucky can you get on Friday the 13th by finding a fresh new thread

Thank you Steve and enjoy your day that is leading into your weekend.

I'll go alert the others ♥
JudyE said…
Thanks for the new thread STEVE and the call oer JO Heading out the door
Kay said…
This is our lucky day! Thank you, STEVE! And thanks to you, JO, my fine feathered friend!

JUDY, have a good day off!
Kay said…
Found this Hawaiian Olulu Tree amongst my collection. A lovely green symbol to honor St. Patrick.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley, if you count 30 days of incubation of the egg laid on 2/12 it really could be today.
Get your magnifying glasses out ♥
Mema Jo said…
I wish we had that zoom we once did
stronghunter said…
Me to, Jo. The zoom would be nice.

Also liked the remote view cam. That told us a lot.

I am sitting with my feet up while two people clean my house. I worked for awhile trying to get things neatened up, but am now trying to stay out of the way. They are working very hard.
Kay said…
Wahoo, SHIRLEY, take it easy and enjoy the hustle and bustle around you to the fullest!
Lolly said…
Good morning! Lol my clock is chiming 12.....good afternoon!

Uh oh, the green garland has another victim!

Yes, where is Hoda? HODA!!! Where are you?

Well, so disappointed , we have a gloomy day! Want the sunshine back. Happy to see sun on the nest.

Shirley, have never had anyone clean my house. I would not know what to do. Yes, I would probably clean before they arrived. I have had carpet cleaners and need them now. Would also like to have window cleaners. Jack and I do that together so not too bad. We will do that when the weather is more stable and before it gets too hot.

Jack is ready to "walk", so gotta go!

DanaMo said…
Good afternoon. Just hopping on while kids are in the bathrooms.

I hope everyone is doing well. It feels so good to have the sun shining and warmer temperatures. I do hear we are going to have more cold weather though. I guess that is March for you!

I was trying to remember when our eggs are due? I can't remember the dates that each egg was laid.
DanaMo said…
Ooops...I should have read before I asked. Looks like someone already answered my question. Maybe today could be the day!!!
DanaMo said…
But if today is only 30 days then this is too early isn't it? Isn't incubation 35 days? Gotta run....kinders are back!
stronghunter said…
It is nice to have a house cleaner, Lolly. Even with my limited activity, my knee started to bug me a bit. I have already set the date for them to come back in a month.

We do need to be looking for a pip.

Hoda, we are missing you. I always look for your very informative posts.
stronghunter said…
Nice to see you stopping by Dana.
Mema Jo said…
Dana - 30 to 45
Yes it is usually 35!

Could be a St Patty's day peep.
Mema Jo said…
I need to see an egg roll... I haven't been watching continuously just checking in to the nest....

stronghunter said…
Checking on the nest. See one of our eagles there, kind of fluffed up, I think. Oh, it would be such fun to see a pip. It has been a tough season so far.
Kay said…
I'm only taking a peek now and then, never seeing a pip. Belle and Shep aren't acting like anything is about to happen. Seems like they usually begin to check the eggs more frequently as the time grows near.

Love having you pop in DANA! Do so more often.

Wonder where CANDY is, I've grown accustomed to her watching and posting.
stronghunter said…
I remember how amazing it was when we learned that you can hear the babies while they are still inside the egg, so Belle and Shep will be hearing them when they are ready to start pecking the way out.
NCSuzan said…
Hello Everyone!

Loretta, Happy belated Birthday! A dear friend, who is dying today, once told me that to forget means you did not care to remember and that has made a big impact on me. I am so sorry.

Steve, you have no idea how much I appreciate this blog. It has been not only an education about eagles but also a salvation to have blog friend every day. Thank you.

Been watching the nest. Won't be long before we will be looking for a pip.

Oh and JudyE. Congratulations on owning your home! Quite an accomplishment.
stronghunter said…
So true, Suzan. I look forward to seeing my blog friends every day.
WVJerry said…
Good afternoon all. Things look fine at the nest. Checking in from lunch. Probably won't be back until tomorrow afternoon. Start working 6 days Monday. Take care all.
Sandi said…
Hi all - it's the weekend!!

Thanks Steve for the weekend thread!

Judy, I'm glad Suzan said something to jog my memory - I meant to congratulate you yesterday on owning your home. That is really an accomplishment - one I haven't experienced yet, but very soon!

Judie and Dana, please show up more often!! I miss you both!

Adult drama at school involving my BFF and the English teacher on the other 8th grade team. Too long and boring to explain but I bet one gets fired (not my BFF, the other one).

Actually, things have been good with my BFF lately. She came to me after Christmas break, apologized for her actions earlier in the year, and admitted that she was drinking when she was acting so erratic (she is a recovering alcoholic). While I will never trust her, life at school is better when we are getting along and it took a lot of courage for her to come to me and apologize, so we are playing nicely for the time being.
JudyE said…
angies waiting for her to come home we are going to see the movie Cinderella Angie arranged to meet up with three of Jordyn classmates was suppose to be a surprise for Jordyn but someone forgot to tell the kids not to tell Jordyn when i picked her up she was so excited about it
Jordyn and i got movie theather candy at Walmart
stronghunter said…
Oh my, Sandi. Never a dull moment. If it isn't the kids, it's the adults. You know, I had not thought of alcohol as the primary problem for your BFF. Not sure why I had not thought of that.
stronghunter said…
Sounds like fun, Judy. Enjoy.
stronghunter said…
The nest looks ready for eaglets. Of course, there needs to be a food delivery.
stronghunter said…
Blooming crocuses in my yard!
Janet said…

Shirley, to answer your questions:

Janet, there is something I have been meaning to ask--

I have been wondering how you feel about the homeschooling after having done it for almost a year. Do you plan to do it again next year?
~yes, I plan to home school again next year. I already have her curriculum picked out. We are getting ready to start the final semester this Monday. It is my intention, unless something very major changes, to complete her education this way.
How do you feel about the school?
~the Farm School has been fine. Mostly, they are there as the “official” agency to whom I report grades and attendance. Unless I ask otherwise, they leave us alone.

Do you think they have supported you?
~The times that I have had questions, Jackie has been quick to answer them. So, yes.

I've had students who have been home schooled who have come to me very well-educated, and some who have been lacking. I have always thought it would take a lot of effort to do something like this. I really do not think I could handle it. I need the structure the system provides to keep things going

~You would be surprised at what you can do when you feel you NEED to do it. For the most part, I have enjoyed this school year, and have learned so much about Olivia. It has not been a piece of cake mind you, she is 13 and all that goes with it. She is much like her mother, hardheaded and stubborn, but she is also very smart. All in all, she has learned what I have asked her to learn this year. I am pleased with her progress.

I am by nature a very very structured person. I have a schedule in my head and it takes a lot to get me to diverge from it. Spontaneity is not a strong suit of mine! I think that is why this works for us.

Thanks for asking!
stronghunter said…
So glad the homeschooling has been successful for you, Janet.

Nice to have you around today to help look for a pip. We are hoping, hoping . . .
stronghunter said…
I keep watching for our eagle to get up and let us see what is there.
Sandi said…
Just got my electric bill for February - YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I know it was a cold and snowy month, but SERIOUSLY?????!!!!!
stronghunter said…
My power bill seems to go up in the winter when Will is running his humidifier. I wonder what is going to happen now that he is moving out.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

I'm b-a-a-ck! We managed to get moved to the other Residence Inn in Placentia without a hitch. This one is very nice too, and has a king-size bed instead of a queen. It also has one recliner! Emma should realy like that! We are much closer to where the "doggy relief station" is, too, and there is much less traffic to negotiate. Also, this place gets way more TV channels!

Ken is over at the house right now while the guys are working on laying the rest of the flooring.
I think they have 2 doors to finish painting, too. They haven't done all of the baseboards yet, either. Hope I can get over to the house later and see how it looks in person.

Well, think I'm going to spend some time with Emma. She got pretty excited in the car, but seems to have settled down now. She figured out that we'll be here for a bit when I got everything unpacked and organized.

Gee, this place is MUCH quieter than the other Residence Inn so far! There was major traffic noise, many people coming and going, frequent sirens and horns from fire engines leaving the fire station across the street, and of course, the Disneyland fireworks, up close and personal. So far here, I haven't heard a thing!

Judy, have fun, and let us know how Cinderella was. I'm kind of anxious to see it myself!

Shirley, I've never had anyone clean my house before, but have been thinking about having someone come in and tackle the tile in the shower and clean the oven. They could really use a good scrubbing, and then it would be much easier to maintain them.

Well, Emma is talking to me, so I'd better go for now. Have a good evening, and I'll try to get back here after dinner. Take care. I ♥ us!!!
Judie said…
Good early evening.

Local news just had an interesting update on DC eagles. Do not know if these are the adults from St. Elizabeth's grounds but a pair of adults are now nesting on the grounds of the National Botanical Gardens. Eggs are suspected but can't be verified (no camera, etc.).

Wouldn't it be nice if these were the same adults who found a new home?

Well, regardless, it is really nice to have nesting eagles in DC.

Enjoy the evening.
Sandi said…
Egg roll - no pips that I could see.
Kay said…
JUDIE, great news for Eagledom and folks in D.C., too!!!

ANDY, so glad things are moving along and that your move to new digs has so many pluses!

I'm "folding my tent for today" and heading to the TV room for news and the Friday pols on PBS. One more little outing for Penny just before her bedtime--it's raining so she won't be out long.

Hoping tomorrow is a Pip Pip Hooray Day!

Love and prayers for all!!!

stronghunter said…
Oh, yes, Judie. I remember the St. Elizabeth's eagles and our efforts with that. That was way back--maybe 2009 or 2010.
stronghunter said…
Guess there is no way to know if these are the same eagles that were nesting on the St. Elizabeth's grounds, unless the St. Elizabeth's eagles are still there.

I think I still have that reporter's e-mail address, but I do not know if she is still using that address.

(We followed up on a news story about some eagles nesting on the old St' Elizabeth's grounds. The nesting area was threatened. Not sure how things eventually ended up, but we did get a response from the reporter.)
stronghunter said…
Egg roll. I see three eggs.
stronghunter said…
Not enough time to see if there might be a pip.
stronghunter said…
749 votes for Glo's Blizzard Bear picture.
DanaMo said…
I see both Eagles in the nest, and on the news they are talking about a nesting pair in DC.

Heading out for some dinner. Hmmm...shrimp, crab or fish? I guess I will figure it out.

Just Monte and me, I guess this is going to happen more and more frequently even after have 4 kids. Andrew in CA, Aric in OH, Adam at work, and Annemarie on a retreat.

Have a good night everyone.
stronghunter said…
Interesting . . . The article says the eagle seen carrying a stick was a male. Now how do they know that?
stronghunter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
stronghunter said…
Enjoy your dinner out, Dana.
Lolly said…
Good evening! Ran Some errands and then worked in the yard even though no sun. Then after I finished the work for the day and we were sitting out the sun came out!!

We have made plans. Getting the trailer tomorrow and Monday we are headed to San Antonio. Taking Laurel and the boys for a few days. Taking Skippi, too. Should be interesting! Lol

Andy, you are going to feel like you are in a new home! You will never make it to Texas! Lol

Making pizza for dinner. Ned to go mix up the dough.
Lolly said…
Funny story! I received a text from Jacob today at 2:20. .i did not know what to think. Had he taken his iPad mini to school? Uh oh!! I emailed Laurel.. Well, they were having a technology party. Everyone had memorized the multiplication table! Lol. He did have his iPad mini...legally. Whew!!!
stronghunter said…
Coming by to say good night. SED, everyone.
JudyE said…
Really quick check in just got in the door need to unwind down to try to get to sleep
ANDY Cinderella was a great show funny does anyone remember the footman being lizards that Fairy God Mother turned in to The effects of the show was marvelous Disney never fails Funny Jordyn feel asleep about 8 min before it ended both of her friends made it to the end but she didn't Angie is thinking of taking her to the dr of blood work for a average kid she does like to sleep and take naps and goes to bed on her own She just wants to rule anything out.
JudyE said…
Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Mema Jo said…
Coming in to wish everyone to have a peaceful sleep and sweet eagle dreams

Prayers for all in need. ♥
Lolly said…
My turn to say good night! Tomorrow we get the trailer! Fun to hit the road with Laurel and the boys. Looks like we will be having to deal with rain in San Antonio. boo Hiss! Oh, well...we will deal with it!

Just t told Jack that after we return and after we are home for a few days I want to head out again. Just the two of us and Miss Skippita. He was in agreement. Yea!

Night all! SED!
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Happy traveling LOLLY

DANA hope you enjoyed your dinner alone with hubby
and so nice you to see you here again

JudyE said…
today I get my ac done or started I should say Carl says it will be two day I will have no AC tonight Angie wants me to spend the night at her house but that is so much further I would have to drive tomorrow I elected to stay here Hopefully it won't be to hot hi today 82 then lo 66 we will see I guess
Sandi said…
Good rainy Saturday morning my eagle friends. Too dark to see if it's also raining at the nest but it sure is coming down here.

Jenni got up around 5:30 and did some pacing (her nails on the hardwood floors wake me up) but then went back to bed without any barking. But Kay, you may be onto something about the exercise. Denny takes the dogs out at 10pm jst to go to the bathroom and then I'm up at 5:30am and take them out, so that's their normal routine. But in the winter, they don't get walks - they just go out to take care of business and then come back in. Bella likes to chase a ball around in the house so she exercises herself but Jenni is a real couch potato. If one of us took the dogs for an evening walk, even if it was just on the weekends when I want to sleep in a little, they may be more tired at night. I just hate being outside in cold weather and Denny is busy in the evenings with work, but I agree the walks would be good for them and maybe good for us.

Judy, I hope the AC replacement goes smoothly and quickly.

Andy, glad you are all settled in at a new hotel that sounds better than the first. I bet you are excited to see the changes in your house.

Dana, are you going somewhere warm for Easter break?

Shirley, were you pleased with the job the cleaning ladies did? I started paying for someone to come in once a month as a birthday gift for Mom when she turned 70. In Baltimore, I had someone come in every 2 weeks and do the same here, though the girl here only cleans the first floor (this house is much bigger than the one in Balto.)

Laundry, grocery shopping and school work on my weekend agenda - no tennis.

A 2nd eagle just landed at the nest and seems to be standing over the eagle that is incubating (nest is still pretty dark). My guess is Shepherdstown is getting rain as well.

Have agreat day all - I will be watching off and on all weekend.

Sandi said…
Shep is the eagle incubating; Belle is the one that landed while I was typing and is tenting over him and the eggs. They make a great team - almost time to "step it up" with the parenting.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Sitting in my bed. Haven't checked the nest yet, nor looked outdoors.

Weather forecast for West Virginia mentioned the possibility of winter precipitation, so I am hoping it's just rain at the Sycamore Palace.
stronghunter said…
Hi Sandi,

I did like having someone clean. I just had them do the downstairs. I kind of like to take care of my own bedroom, and am hoping having help with the downstairs will make it easier. And if I schedule something regular, it will become a routine.

Wow, Janet, you are taking on a lot with Olivia's education. I can't remember if you have joined a local support group or not. I know there are some out there.

DanaMo said…
Good morning all!
Lolly that is so funny! Glad he had it legally! We have those technology days when the kids earn keys. It's a fun thing for them for sure.

I had the crab cake it was was delicious!

I don't have much planned for today. It's rainy and co her in H-town.
DanaMo said…
I am going warm for break! We are driving to Naples, FL. Monte has business the week before so he is going to take the camper and use it for the week, then the kids and I are driving down. With 4 drivers I think we will just drive without stopping for the night. Should be fun! Lol!
Sandi said…
Dana, sounds like a great destination. Will you do any house hunting while you're there??

Shirley, like you I have always straightened before the cleaning person came. The boys used to ask why they had to straighten their rooms before Bernadette came. I explained that she was there to CLEAN, not pick up their messes, so she had to be able to see the floor and the horizontal surfaces in order to be able to clean them.
stronghunter said…
Yes, Sandi, there are some things we really need to do for ourselves.

Not raining here, but it is damp. It rained sometime during the night or early morning.

Sounds wonderful, Dana. I could use a warm vacation about now.

Got a picture of the two eagles in the nest this morning, Sandi. Very sweet. Belle is standing over Shep. At least, that is what I think.
stronghunter said…
Posted on FB. I do not know if I can bring it over to the blog. I haven't had much success doing that recently.
stronghunter said…
Bowling practice and lunch with friends on my agenda today.
stronghunter said…
Today is Pi day . . . Congratulations to all math teachers everywhere. My mom was one of them. I learned algebra from her. Yes, she was the only math teacher in the school. My freshman year, she was my homeroom teacher, my math teacher, and my study hall teacher. :)
Sandi said…
Today is Pi Day of the century, since it's 3.14.15 - too bad it's falling on a saturday when math teachers can't take advantage of it.
stronghunter said…
I expect they will find a way, Sandi. Just have to celebrate it a little late. I don't remember such celebrations when I was in school, but the math teachers at Culpeper surely did have fun with it.
grannyblt said…
Good rainy morning all. It is raining here in western PA as well. I can actually see some grass under the big tree in the backyard, and the snow piles next to the driveway aren't so intimidating as a week ago. I would think our eagle pair don't care too much for bad weather either.

My mother had a woman come every other week to help around the house. By the time I moved here, Wilma was about 80 and moved very slowly, but things always looked better when she was finished. If I could find someone to put away my messes, I wouldn't mind the cleaning.

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Rainy day = laundry and maybe letting the oven clean itself.

We have a housekeeper and her helper every two weeks. Been with us for several years. Darth does not understand why I "clean the house" before they arrive. Not their job to pick up clothes, toys, etc. I try to make a drudge job a little easier.

Shirley, how did the writer know the eagle is male? Probably a member of Congress.

The Berry College eaglets are really growing. Starting to toddle around on their oversize feetsies.

Very sorry about Andy's house problems but so happy she and Kubby and Emma have a nice place to stay. Sure hope everything will be perfect when they return home.

Had a strange dream early this morning. Dreamed I saw a shiny green garland wrapped around a refrigerator sailing across the sky. Refrigerator was crying out about not wanting to go someplace. lol

Glad Dana had a nice (crab cake) dinner out.

Jo, how's Elliot?


Kay said…
Good Pi Day Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Let me know when it's Pie Day and then I'll really perk my ears up.

Enjoy reading about all your activities, planned travel, clean living, hopes....

Love the idyllic nest scene and hoping we get some good views of the eggs and any pips as they develop.

Heavy rain for over 12 hours in these parts--due to end by afternoon, with sunshine and temps in the 50's. Nice!

Prayers for all in need!!!

grannyblt said…
More sad eagle nest news from the Pittsburgh nest. Evidently one of the eggs in a two egg clutch is broken.
Judie said…
Sad new, indeed, Lynne1.
Ms Bookworm said…
Good Morning!

Ken and I just got back from eating breakfast here at the hotel. They provide a buffet breakfast every morning. This location has a much, much smaller dining room, and an abbreviated menu compared to the location near Disneyland; styrofoam plates and plastic cutlery instead of the real thing are the status quo. Can't look a gift horse in the mouth, though. Free breakfast is free breakfast! (Gotta say that I've never before eaten canned watermelon chunks, though!) Gosh, there's a whole high school football team staying here. They're in town for a game later today. Wow, can those boys eat!
I get to go over to the house for a bit today so I can cook up some rice for Emma, and I'll see the floors and new paint in person! Can't wait!

Better get going now and make breakfast for Emma. Will be back later to check in. Have a great Saturday!! I ♥ us!!!
Mema Jo said…
Good rainy morning to all ♥
The robins are in the yard as the snow is washed away having a great
time finding their treats ! Look out worms.

I am fortunate to have our house cleaned once a week by my wonderful
daughter - Jenny. She has her regular
job but 2 days off a week - One with Elliot and one here at the house. We feel good paying her and it helps her out spending money on her little heart throb Elliot. As
all of you do I pick up the clutter before she gets here. lol
Mema Jo said…
I am hoping today to see some of our egg rolls . I am sadden to hear
about that Lynne, I sure hope the 2nd egg will hatch up at the PA nest. E6 down in FL will soon take his 1st flight - she is getting lots of air under her wings and is branching. Lots of cams and almost too many to keep track of.
Don't forget this link:
Mema Jo said…
Janet as I have said before, my granddaughter that has 5 children is homeschooling. For now the first 3 are doing fantastic - the youngest 2
are 4 and then just turned 6.
She has a support group with all the parents home schooling in her area.
They meet once a month for special projects and the older children are
being taught Leadership skills by helping the younger ones. She is very successful in what she is doing.
Mema Jo said…

Lolly - don't forget to pack your special new T-shirt for your trip.
Mema Jo said…
Dana - enjoy your FL trip during spring break. As you said it is an adjustment when the house is MT but it is so nice for just you and hubby
to enjoy! Do you have a dog sitter
when you leave?

Lolly, taking Skippi with you is a
wonderful idea and with so many admirers she should really enjoy the trip.
Mema Jo said…
Here is a bit more info on the egg in PA nest

They are reporting that one egg has been broken. They believe it happened yesterday and have noted that it appears that the chick inside was not developing (for me, it helps to know that, especially this late in incubation, making it a tiny bit easier to deal with). Talons crossed that the remaining egg hatches
Mema Jo said…
Both eagles in the nest
Mema Jo said…
Belle flew out

Now just Shep still on the eggs
JudyE said…
1226 punch good afternoon eagle buds.
JUDIE I sure hope that my ac was tied up in the garland LOL also
Judie said…
JudyE, the Shiny Green Garland has a special order in for the AC. Should be transported soon to the Secret Place where things go never to be seen again.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Plans have changed. Laurel is boarding Cosmo but does not want to board Luke and could not find someone to keep him. So, we are taking Luke but leaving Skippi. We MAY try to take both but not sure about that. 5 people, dog, cat, ant cat box in a 26 ft trailer may be a bit much!

May be too much stress for Skippi! Leaving her alone at home for 3 days might be less stress.

Sun is shining today! Up to 68! Jack is out working on the lawn and then we run errands and get the trailer!

Andy, be sure to let us know about the house! Bet you are going to love it!
Lolly said…
Thought our ice maker in the refrig was also tangled in the garland but seems to be working today. Watch out....that garland is making the rounds!
Good afternoon !

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of our brood at the Royal Palace :-)

Bought a house in Biloxi...heading via plane today. Larry is already there. Going to use in the winter and rent out over the summer. Going down to get house ready to rent. ... plus will get to go fishing and beaching.

Hope to catch up this week :-)
Mema Jo said…
Thinking of you and Larry, Paula
Best of everything and it sounds like
a very sound plan! ♥
grannyblt said…
I hope I am exempt from the green garland. I've bought 4 major appliances in the last 2 years.

Paula, what exciting news!
Judie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judie said…
My delete. Got trigger happy.

Lolly, will you have someone come in a feed and play with Skippi a couple of times daily? She's so used to companionship.

Congratulations to Paula and Larry Studmuffin. Nice plan.

Lynne, not to worry. The Shiny Green Garland does not have authorization to transport people. Just broken stuff.
Sandi said…
Paula, what great news for you and Larry!! Congrats!! Enjoy your time in Biloxi - remember to spend some of it relaxing and enjoying the new place! All work and no play ... Would love to see pics of the house and the area!

Judie, it's so good to see you on the blog more often! I have missed you, and have even missed Jufie! :)

Lolly's comments about finding sitters for dogs/cats reminded me of something Brian told us the other night. When he was having work done recently on his beloved truck, his diesel mechanic asked if they were planning to rent their house while they are in Mexico. When Brian and Lynnis first got home from Africa, they said they wouldn't rent the house out anymore when they went away b/c the previous renters were really hard on it. But, as their time to leave gets closer and closer, they still haven't found anywhere to board the pigs, the donkey, the chickens, and the cat. The mechanic said he and his wife would love to rent the house and would be willing to take care of the animals. Brian and Lynnis have agreed to rent that is comparable to what the couple is paying for their apartment right now in exchange for the couple buying food for the animals and taking care of them and the property. Sounds like a good deal for both sides.

Have done a whole lot of nothing so far today. I think I will continue the pattern and worry about school work tomorrow.
stronghunter said…
At the movies. Waiting for Cinderella to start. Kathryn and I abandoned her friends with all their children and opted for the over twenty-one seating. Kathryn is lording it over her friends. (Hunter is with his dad.)
JudyE said…
I see 53° at the nest now sure would like that temp with no ac LOL Home from work and I see one eagle in nest Who not positive AC being worked on still doesn't see tooo bad in here 81° and sunny out it says and yes its sunny no clouds today but I think I will survive

eagle seems to be calling out beak opening and looking around
JudyE said…
PAULA is going to be a landlord Cool Beans Gal
JudyE said…
beaks is opening calling out seems
JudyE said…
trying to get a snip but someone is blocking the view
Oh definitely going to have fun and post pics!

Sandi how long will they be in Mexico? Sounds like a good deal on the renters.

Sunshine herein Atlanta :-)
Thinking thurs-Fri for a hatch.
Sandi said…
I just witnessed a changing of the guard at the nest. I think this is Shep? Anyway, when the switch happened I got a clear shot at 3 eggs with no sign of any pips.

Dinner time for me!
stronghunter said…
Wow Paula,

So many changes!

I need to go back and read your posts again.
JudyE said…
Looks like calling out
stronghunter said…
I see an eagle in the nest as darkness approaches. Is it Shep, perhaps? I do not see the inverted V.
JudyE said…
Sandi saw the switch and said it was him
JudyE said…
Did u like the movie? SHIRLEY
JudyE said…
tWO EAGLE N I see two white heads
JudyE said…
odd on tablet I can still see but not on desktop I see two white heads in middle of nest
JudyE said…
now hard to see didn't look like Shep wanted to get up but now I can't tell on tablet either
Mema Jo said…
I just had some company leave

Headed in for a Hallmark The
Good Witch......

stronghunter said…
Yes, Judy, we both enjoyed the movie, and it was really nice to take advantage of the over-21 seating. Kathryn's friend had to tolerate being kicked from behind by a 3-year-old. And, there was a huge line to get in. We had no line and we're escorted to our reserved seats by an usher.
stronghunter said…
. . . were escorted . . . danged autocorrect
Mema Jo said…
I had a Hallmark evening !

Goodnight to all ♥
Lolly said…
Trailer is in the drive. We head out Monday afternoon. Hate leaving Skippi but we will just be gone for three days. Will just put out a lot of food and water. Poor baby!

We do plan to leave in a week on a trip by ourselves and will take Skippi. Do not know where yet, maybe east Texas!

Did take Skippi out to the trailer. She was really apprehensive as well as curious. She soon was okay and discovered she could see the squirrels better as well as closer. Lol. She got very excited, she was quivering and her tail twitching. Lol. Bringing her in was the most interesting and scary. I had to hold her tight with a firm grip on front and back legs. She woud have scratched me trying to jum away. That is why Wei will put a harness and leash on her when we travel.

Paula, is the new house on the water? Anxious to see the pictures.

Time to head to the pillows. Night all! SED!
Lolly said…
We head out Monday morning. Why did I say afternoon? Brain fog?
Sandi said…
Good Sunday morning my eagle friends. What a gray, dreary day yesterday was - rain off and on all morning, afternoon, and evening long. Today should be sunny but colder.

I WILL accomplish some school work today. And I will take Miss Jenni, who woke me at 5:30 this morning with her pacing, for a nice long walk this evening!

Have agreat day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

nest is still BLACK with this silly time change Will I be able to see the nest in the morning again??

46° is the temp at the nest

Hope everyone has a great day in no matter what they are doing
stronghunter said…
Lolly, it's funny how kitties get all twitchy when they watch squirrels.

Checked the nest. One eagle there. All is well.

Getting my do done later today. Tried for an appointment several days ago with no luck.
stronghunter said…
Sunday afternoons, Sandi--that's when the guilt really hits, and you know you have to get that school work done--or maybe even Sunday night.

Do take time to enjoy your day.
stronghunter said…
Small earthquake near here very early this morning. Three-ish. I did not feel it.
Mema Jo said…
Good Sunday morning to all ♥
Jenny is my morning guest ♥
It is really Elliot's Meme who is here. lol

I have check the nest - Looks like Shep is on duty. (You know I could have the wrong name)

I'll return after Jenny leaves..
We are trying to plan out Easter activities.
Mema Jo said…
Eagle Alert

Both in the nest

Mema Jo said…
Belle is preening

Shep on the eggs
Mema Jo said…
Small white feather stuck on Belle's beak
Mema Jo said…
Both of our eagles seem to be very alert and looking all around.
Sound is off the live feed and it is the time of year for deer reduction or a rifle training course for
law enforcement officers. Just saying
Mema Jo said…
Shep off eggs
3 Healthy eggs in full view
Mema Jo said…
Belle on eggs
HE HE feather on the beak will help us id her.
Beautiful egg roll before she started to incubate!
Mema Jo said…
Whoops - she lost the feather on her
Mema Jo said…
Shep has flown out - Belle did egg roll and settled down on the eggs.
No pip was seen. Belle pulling the flugg around herself.

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!!

LOL, JO, I was thinking the same thing about IDing Belle with the feather on her beak.

So glad Jenny aka Elliot's Mema will be helping with Easter fun.

SHIRLEY, so glad you weren't "all shook up" this morning!

SANDI, hope the extra walking is a sleep aid for Jenni! Our doxie's are little ol' ladies at 8 and 13, but the breed is amazingly fiesty when healthy!

Seems so strange when Seth isn't around on weekends, but he's Mr. Joe College now and enjoying campus life to the hilt. He called during a lull yesterday afernoon and sounded so happy.

Aw, look at dear Belle, head tucked---getting in a mommy nap and shielding against the wind. I figured NCTC is shielding us from gunshots. The eagles don't seem to be fazed by it, but it's been disconcerting for we humans in the past!

Julie's Spring Break is this week. We'll so some Spring Cleaning at her house tomorrow and at mine on Tuesday. I always love doing this with her!

Guess it's a good day for me to organize the tax stuff--time to quite procrastinating.

Prayers for all in need!!!

Kay said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said…
My delete, got trigger happy just thinking about those guns...

Belle did some shifting and egg rolling without giving us a look at those eggs. I was hoping for a good view and perhaps a pip!
Kay said…
Shep returns with a nice big fish luncheon in his right talon.

Belle immediately gets up and takes it over! Hungry gal! 3 eggs well exposed and lined up. Can see a little black spot on the one on the far right, but it's probably just flugg.
Kay said…
Naw, expanding to full view clarifies and there are no pips in sight. We don't want any premature hatching so I guess all is well. Shep doesn't seem interested in taking over the brooding, so the eggs are basking in the sunlight while mom eats.
Kay said…
Shep poofs, Belle returns to nest duty and the fish is almost history!
Kay said…
This is one of those days when it almost takes my breath away to see both beauteous eagles at once!
Kay said…
Going into lurk mode---have a great day ALL!
Ms Bookworm said…
Good Morning!

We're heading out to breakfast.
Have a good morning!


I ♥ us!!!
JudyE said…
On lunch 12 Punc . Thanks for the commentaries
of our royal couple
JudyE said…
Watchin the fl nest the are branching love the can man that follows them
Lolly said…
Good afternoon! Home from church. Need to check cam but then getting busy loading trailer. Also need to buy last minute grosseries.

Joey and 11 students have arrived in London safely. Joey reports that he is doing better than the kids. They are sleepy and tired. Bet he slept better than them on the flight. I always have trouble sleeping on over sea flights. Men sleep well anywhere!
Mema Jo said…
It would be a riot if Joey would run into Lydia and Doug in London.
Considering they don't know about each other it would probably never happen. Lydia has toured the Harry Potter sets and has seen the crown jewels. Quite a trip!
Hope Joey enjoys his trip.
Mema Jo said…
Lolly you could leave a FB pm to Lydia to be on the look out!

Both eagles were in the nest
Early dinner
Incubation switch
Egg Roll
All settled down
JudyE said…
Home from work Hope everyone had a good day
MY AC is done Carl is just wrapping things up 4,000.00 for it not bad I think But what do I know

That would be so cool if the could run into each other over there JO
JudyE said…
I just missed our pair in the nest

So funny I am sure you all have also noticed How big our nest is compared to some of the others Was thinking that today when I was looking at other nest during lunch
Mema Jo said…
Hi JudyE

I m off to get some dinner
5:00 hungries......

JudyE said…
another egg roll

The kids are gone Angie stopped by as Carl was finishing up He is one whopped puppy Hot work installing Good things its only in lo 80 not 90's
Angie had gone to MIL to have Jordyn visit and swim in the pool they were going to go out with them to dinner but as I said Carl is whopped and no dinner

HI back at ya JO Hope you enjoyed you din din me got to figure what I want and either go get it or not eat LOL
JudyE said…
or should that be 5 in the nest LOL
JudyE said…
Looks like someone doesn't want to give up the eggbert sitting Sitting at 11
JudyE said…
no exchange was done at all
Mema Jo said…
We have returned...... Some TV this
evening. I Need to put some photos of today over in Momsters' album.

Wondering if later before completely dark if there will be a switch.

Lolly said…
Jo, another group from Texas flew from Austin about the same time Joey's group left DFW. It is a group of college students and I know the mother of one of the girls and she has gone, too. think London is too large to run into each other!

We are loaded. Laurel just need to take Cosmo to kennel and then drive here. We will be off shortly after she gets here.
Janet said…
Good evening to all. What a busy weekend it has been Friday was a busy work day. I came home, we did home school and cleaned house a bit.

Yesterday was Saturday and it rain, rain, rained. It has been raining for over a week. Thankfully off and on but it is soggy soggy out....squish squish squish

I ran errands yesterday and prepared for some excitement today....I had a very special friend coming to visit.

My pal, Rida and her beau were in town for the weekend. He won this trip to Nashville, accommodations in the Opryland hotel, a dinner at one of the better steakhouses there AND tickets to the grand old opry!

So they drove in from Va Beach on Friday. She started out as my belly dance instructor and we ended up being very very dear friends.

I haven't seen her in 5 years! I was very excited!

I made a special meal: I made up some salad and grilled some chicken, nothing too fancy there, but then I made up a big pan of spanakopita (a Greek spinach pie which has good yummy cheeses in it) and for dessert I made two of our favorites, tiramisu and then this Lebanese dessert called Ugly Ducklings. Ugly ducklings are simply marjool dates stuffed with almond paste and dipped in dark chocolate! That and a nice glass of wine!

We had a great time chatting. She looks so good!

They head back tomorrow and I am thankful that they made some time to come to say hey.

We had this bring thing in the sky today....I think it is called the sun! it was almost 70! I put a few of my plants outside. They have needed some sun. I will have to bring them back in in a few days. But for now, they are getting some nice light.

Orthodontist in the morning, then home school. Want to do some yard work and maybe clean the cars.

Waiting to see some pips and eaglets this week.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and will enjoy a wonderful week!

Light and love hugs to all
Lolly said…
Time to say good nite! Typing with one finger on my left hand. A purring kitty has my right arm pinned down. Lol. Night all! SED!
stronghunter said…
I'm with you, Janet. It was nice to see the sun. Sill a few melting snow piles around here.

Time for good nights from my house.
SED, everyone.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - another school week looms, but another day closer to spring break as well.

Today could get up close to 60 but by Wednesday, we will be back to cold with night time temps below freezing. And the extended forecast calls for way below average temps for the end of the month. That's March.

Judy, glad your AC is fixed. Now for the roof, right?

Lolly, happy and safe travels - I know you will enjoy being with Laurel and the boys!

Have agreat day all!
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle buds

YEP SANDI the roof is next

sunny said…
Hi Gang! I Haven't checked in for awhile, and I can't stay now. Just wanted to check on the eggs and say HELLO to everyone!!
Janet said…
good morning to all! have a great day!
Lolly said…
Good morning! We are just waiting for Laurel and the boys. Will load them up, hitch up and head out! See you in a few days!

Keep an eagle eye on those eggs!👀
Mema Jo said…
Good Monday Morning to all ♥

Sunny - what a great surprise to see you. I was looking for you on the 10th so since I couldn't find you ...

Happy Belated Birthday Sunny ♥
I still remember about 9 years ago
watching the NCTC nest with you. Have
a great year ahead.
Mema Jo said…
My head cold is lasting too long..
Headed to the Dr this afternoon for a
miracle "stop the nose from running"
drug. I wish !!!

Mema Jo said…
Safe journey with family and pets Lolly. Sure hope Skippi loves the
trip. Also think of Joey and all those students visiting London. Sure hope he survives - lol. He can pull an Elvis on them if they get too rowdy.

Lydia should be coming home today from London. From all the photos on
FB I think she and hubby have hit all the highlights - even the Crown Jewels. I think they only had 1 day of rain.
Mema Jo said…
Around 10am Belle came in and Shep flew out.

11:30 Both eagles were in the nest and one flew out just now

Egg roll - settled on eggs
Pulling flugg around

Ms Bookworm said…
Good Morning!

Just got back from breakfast, and Ken skedaddled over to the house to let the workmen in. As soon as I've finished my coffee (and hopefully, managed to wake up!) it will be time to feed Emma.

The guys are, I think, looking for the proper edging to use with the flooring. I noticed yesterday that around our fireplace hearth, the quarter molding samples they brought to try to match colors are not deep enough, so they need to try Plan B. The saga continues!

It's overcast again this morning ('June Gloom' in March?!), but should reach 90 by late this afternoon. Believe it or not, they actually went through with the L.A. Marathon yesterday, despite temps in the low 90s, and I think something like 36 people were hospitalized due to heat prostration. Yikes!

We are mighty thankful that our room is air conditioned to the point where you need a jacket if you're sitting where it hits you directly. (The temp is set at 70, but the air blowing in is about 40 degrees, I would guess. There is no way to adjust it, either.)
Don't worry--I'm not complaining!

Later today I need to go over and water our patio plants again. They have been gasping in the heat. Soaked the indoor houseplants well yesterday. They were beginning to droop, too. Usually this time of year I can water them just once a week and they're fine. They sort of go dormant when it's cold out, but this year it's been so warm I need to water them every other day.

Well, time to make Emma's breakfast. She has been lying on the sofa watching TV all morning.
Aaah--the weather report just came on the TV, and it should be only 77 tomorrow. That's more like it. Have a good day, everyone, and take care. I ♥ us!!
Mema Jo said…
A very large stick from the 9 position railing has come loose and sure looks as though it is about to
poke our incubating eagle... Hoping they push it back where it belongs
Mema Jo said…
The stick was a new one brought in - my error.

Andy I know you are anxious for all this work to be completed. I bet
Emma is enjoying herself with all the
sights and sounds. Soon Soon Back to normal.
JudyE said…
1222is when I punched had to go to bank to get cashier check for Carl
Mema Jo said…
Just came back from DR appointment for this cold before it got any worse. Prednisone and anti-biotic
prescribed - That should do it!
Mema Jo said…
There looks to be bales and bales of flugg in the nest! I think it looks like Belle. (?)
Sandi said…
Hi all!

I have a bone to pick with Miss Jufie and her green garland!!! I did not WANT to buy a new dishwasher this week!!! I wanted the one I have to keep working until I could afford to replace the range, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher all at once!

However, I cannot justify paying $260 to replace the pump on a 12 year old dishwasher when I can have a new one for about $200 more. So, I guess I will have one kitchen appliance that doesn't match the others until I replace them all, since I want to switch from bisque (off-white) to stainless.

Bus duty beckons - later!
Mema Jo said…
Bring on the

Green Garland

Another appliance bites the dust
Judie said…
Shiny Green Garland here.

Sandi, the deceased dishwasher will soon be on its way to the secret place where things go never to be seen again.
Judie said…
Wow, can't believe another appliance is deceased. Glad my name is Oven Toaster.

Rotten luck, Sandi. Oh, you might check to see if the front panel of the new washer has one or two inside with one being your current color.

Going to check the nest in a minute.

Jo, sorry your cold is not gone but sure hope the meds work extra fast.

Andy, hang in there. All will be restored to normal soon. Glad your weather will be cooler. Traffic from people headed to beaches to escape the heat was on the news last night.


stronghunter said…

Hope the meds work, Jo.

Too bad about the dishwasher, Sandi. Hope bus duty is boring. Boring bus/lunch/hall duty is much better than the alternative.

Hi Sunny!
stronghunter said…
Eagle wings are fanned out. Maybe trying to keep cool?
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Nice to see SUNNY, on what is, in my neck of the woods, a bright sunny day with temp at 70. Due to dip back down to "seasonal temps" tomorrow. Great dog walking today!

Julie and I cleaned her pantry and kitchen thoroughly today---tomorrow we'll tackle my blinds, windows, window tracks and screens. That will be it for Spring Cleaning this year. Fun to do with a daughter!

SANDI, stainless goes with anything so it will look fine til' you can replace the rest of the appliances. The appliances in my condo are stainless and black and I really like em'.

Still no pip, eh? We may get a St. Paddy's Day gift! Hope so!

Prayers for all in need!!!

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣
JudyE said…
OH NO SANDI the garland has another appliance

so sorry for the xtra expense and I agree getting new instead of putting the $ in to the old one

HOME form work as if you didn't tell

just ran the 4T cashier check up to Angie work for Carl and i have a bone to pick with the bank.
Charging me 10 for a cashier check I told them I will be down Thur to close the acct and put in the bank where my checking acct is and I know I wouldn't have to pay 10 Well they said if I opened a check acct there I wouldn't have to pay either Rules I have a saving acct with 24Th in it and a CC acct there and NO I don't need another checking acct to get it free I will just transfer the $ over Let them think about that I have had the same checking acct for 40 something years now and I got my mortgage with them which was bought or sold over and over .

OK enough venting

Hope everyone had a good day

I see the temp at the nest is 64° nice for our royal couple and eggberts (FYI that is our lo for tonight)

At work they have me doing test scanning in softline for our inventory at the end of the month
Funny my AsstMgr is so upset that they are having me do it she wants me in my dept I told her it was for the good of the store and she didn't want to hear it LOL I told her this is the opposite that I should be complaining not her LOL
JudyE said…
Hey on the news guess what the beaches are getting to assist the lifeguards

A drone that will be deliver a life vest or floating device to the person in the water while the lifeguard is swimming out to help them
I think that is so cool
just on the news
JudyE said…
Just remembered being I didn't take lunch in McD I didn't vote for Blizzard Bear I must head over and do so now

JudyE said…
771 is the votes on Blizzard Bear

WOW we have a wall of flugg in front of our eagle
JudyE said…
LOL I love the avatar JUDIE or is it JUFIE that did it LOL

Judie said…
Just looked at the nest. Sure looks as if a nice high-sided cradle has been constructed around the incubating parent. An eggbert might arrive soon.

JudyE said…
JUDIE We were discussing that on fb Wanda atnd Jo both remarked they have never seen so high
JudyE said…
So glad u put the green garland away keep thinging house paid off now what will go phewey LOL
JudyE said…
Lydia has arrived in USA sound like a ggod vaca
Sandi said…
Dear Jufie, if you are planning to make my old dishwasher disappear, the least you could do is make sure the new one is in stock so it can be delivered as soon as you take the old one away! We will be washing dishes by hand - God forbid - for the next week!

Fun-filled day at school. My BFF didn't show up for work again (she was just out last Thursday) and left no plans and didn't put in for a sub. Then, later in the day, I was told that my classroom is going to be turned into a computer lab for state testing for the rest of this school year. The transformation will be starting tonight - tomorrow, I will have to move all my stuff out of my room and into an office that is about 1/4 the size of my room.

Off to the grocery store. I will see everyone in the early AM.
Mema Jo said…

This is the video from Terri on FB of this evening's switch.
The cam did go down for a short while
when she was recording.

I am off to Jeopardy
IF I don't get back please accept
my Goodnight to all now ♥
JudyE said…

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