Friday, August 01, 2014


New thread.


Judie said...

Weekend door is open. Ya'll come on in and sit a while.

Thank you Steve for the fresh weekend thread.

Overcast here this morning. Need to go foraging for food.

Hope George is improving this morning.

Hoda, so sad about your neighbor. Very sorry.

Off to find some coffee and make myself less scary for the public.

Wishing everyone a lovely morning.

Judie said...


Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
Congrats pn getting the feather Judie

Thank you Steve for the fresh new RED FRIDAY thread.

Going back to older thread to read...

Overcast and calls for a rainy weekend

Mema Jo said...

Good news Sandi that you are headed for WV.. I bet you'll notice that
your gd has had a growth spurt and she may even start talking to you!

Mema Jo said...


Lori - enjoy your well deserved
special day



Sandi said...

Hi all - just hopping on to check the box so comments go to my email. Need to shower and pack before we can hit the road.

Thanks Steve for the weekend thread and thanks Judie for the call over.

First long car ride with Jennie - I pray she won't be a howler like Bandit was!!

Prayers for Jo and for Larry.


Judie said...

Safe travels Sandi. Have fun!

HODA! you really should share with us your upcoming adventure. Your secret has made the news complete with pictures. Specifically, a Canadian robot who talks and is highly social, is hitchhiking across Canada headed to B.C. Why do I suspect his goal is to meet up with a woman named Hoda?


JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds Thanks for the new Thread Steve and the call over JUDIE and congrats on the feather


▄▄▄▌▐██▌ Let the good times Congratulations LORI way to go

JudyE said...

HODA so sad about your young (62) neighbor You never know when the end is I also say live each day as if it was your last

Lolly said...

Good morning! Going to mow, but we had a heavy mist and the grass is wet. Would much prefer rain!!!

It is Lori's big day! Wahooooooo!

Feeling for you, Shirley! Love on George!

Finally got Skippi to accept a collar. It is pink, of course. Wonder if she will accept the tag when she gets her vaccination soon? Also, will get chip, to sure about the cost of that. Had to remove the bell to get her to accept the collar.

Time to get busy! Have a great day!

Oh, Hoda,so very sorry about your neighbor. Interesting you said he was "mostly" a good neighbor.

Mema Jo said...

Judy - new Aug photo album waiting for you. I did put in one pic of the MT nest........

paula eagleholic said...

Morning all !

Here in NJ at Michael's. Had a great tasting last was all good. Decisions decisions :)

Running errands today..getting food together for tomorrow's BBQ..beach day tomorrow. .hope the rain holds off.

Congrats to NURSE LORI :)

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

OMG, Facebook is down. How will I live?

Good afternoon my eagle budlets.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Well, I have some really exciting news. I can't put anything on Facebook yet but - drum roll please. . . . Andrew will be teaching Math 2 at Riverside High School in Belle, WV. He is also teaching the drum line at St. Albans High School. I am so proud of my boy.

Mema Jo said...

FB is up/running for me now.

Sharon, I am very happy for you to be so proud of Andrew and his
accomplishments. Wishing him success in his chosen future.

Hoda said...

Bravo ANDREW. Blessings SHAR.

LOLLY THE "mostly" comment was due to the fact over the past year he would not take no for an answer. He had some real serious issues with his ex-wife and he projected. Not good to speak poorly of the dead so I am letting it go.

Another hot day.

I am so stunned.
Susan and David sent me two hundred Canadian dollars to pay for my hotel room in Kamloops. Honestly I almost fell off my chair! Our money is plastic like not paper it becomes static! It went flying as my mind could not comprehend what I was seeing!!!
Bless her and David. Very generous...

Thinking of PAULA and the festivities.
Thinking of you JO
Thinking of LORI also.

JUDIE any date as to when the kitties will be gone?
SHIRLEY GEORGE is blessed that you are the one making decision on his behalf.

grannyblt said...

Good afternoon all. I think our Lori is dancing across the stage about now. congratulations to her. Also Sharon 's Andrew for the new job.

It didn't rain today, yet, and it hasn't been fall like. We may get some summer yet. Not that I love the heat.

Hope George is comfortable. Poor kitty.

Judie said...

Home from foraging. Success!

Congratulations to Andrew on his new career. No doubt he will be very successful.

Hoda, would you be so kind as to share some of your wealth? No? Well, okay for you. Sending Jufie.
Talking hitch hiking robot is headed your way.

We must wait until a foster home is located. Difficult because we are sorry and sad we feel we somehow failed them.

Paula, enjoy every moment. Wonderful weekend ahead. Best wishes for Michael and his bride.

Perhaps Shirley put an update on FB. I do hope George is comfortable and will improve.

Headed to put my feet up for a few. BBL

Hoda said...

Had no idea what you were talking about a hitch hiking robot!!?? I googled and by God there is on doing just that!!!
What do you know!!
They are trying to find out how honest we are I guess???

What wealth??? I do not know what to google here to find out your reference.

Sorry about the sadness. Yes it is hard and NO you did not fail them.

Hoda said...

Oh I understand JUDIE.
The money Susan and David sent.
150 went the pay it forward restaurants for the local families who are not able to go to soup kitchen because of the overflow from the festival.
Fifty went to the soup kitchen.
It is all good. Blessed Be.

Lolly said...

Lawn is mowed and I have cleaned up! Yep, I get dirty in the yard! Lol

Going to Laurel's in a couple hours. Will see you tomorrow!

Hoda, your sister was just so happy to see you. You went out of your way to see them.

Okay...gotta run. Sunny and 80 here. What a beautiful week for late July and early Aug!

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Just got back from picking Hunter up at camp. He and his friend Anthony are playing Xbox in his room.

George and Lucky are here feasting on cat food. George has gotten lots of loving and is doing okay, but I am just watching him carefully.

Our neighbor dogs are still breaking loose and running over here. In a way they remind me of the Bumpus dogs from The Christmas Story movie.

Really, they need to do some serious obedience training with those two dogs. We have seen them cause both Pam and her daughter to end up on the ground. Now, Pam just lets them go when they start pulling. They aren't vicious. They just want to run over to us or to Luna. This morning, I saw Pam standing in their front yard with one dog on the leash and the other one dragging a leash in our front yard. Hunter and I were in the car and had already pulled into the street. I thought about going back to help her, but that probably would have made things worse. Likely, the other dog would have pulled away from her.

Hummingbird battles going on at my backdoor. They really like that sugar water.

Need to read back.

stronghunter said...

Very sad about your neighbor, Hoda. Sixty-two is too young, but you just never know when it will happen.

stronghunter said...

Thinking of Lori today.

stronghunter said...

Tonight will be pizza night here.

Mema Jo said...

Just finished a home cooked spaghetti dinner - It was Very Good

We didn't get any rain today
It is 73° now - not much sunshine as
it was overcast. I think my plants will need to be watered this evening

Well Lori's big day has been spectacular for her I'm sure.


Mema Jo said...

FB ==== Lori has some pics of herself and the others that graduated

Go to her profile page ♥

Hoda said...

Yes JO great pictures of LORI on FB.
Thank you for pointing them to our attention.

Quiet on the blog today.
It is the start of a long weekend in BC.
Many activities.
An influx of tourists.
A wonderful Triathalon on Sunday for which I am volunteering.
It speaks of thunder showers this weekend.
Good for the athletes except the ones who will swim!
Back to the furnace next week.
Unbearable again today
This is not funny.
You all remind me of this if I complain about cold in the winter!!!

Judie said...

Hoda, we will all giggle a bit when we remind you to put your socks on - with or without sandals ala Margy.

Sandperson is thumping down the stairs and headed for the door. Will be stopping by your abodes soon.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Hoda said...

Shhhhhhhhh JUDIE!
No unmentionables please!
Not when the temperature fluctuates between 85-98 for a few weeks now!!!

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all ♥

Hoping your day went well and that
you are looking forward to Saturday.


Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,
Jumping on here really quickly to let you know that Ken & I got home O.K.! We had a fabulous vacation!!! Colorado (and particularly Vail) is GORGEOUS!

Emma's not home yet--our flight got us home too late; they close
"Puppy Camp" at 7 pm. Right now, gotta run and figure out what we're having for dinner. Will be back here tomorrow to tell more.

Hope everyone is O.K.--you've all been in my prayers! God bless, and goodnight. I ♥ us!!!

Hoda said...

Good to see you ANDY
Good night
God bless us all
Safe travels LOLLY.

Ms Bookworm said...

Oh, Golly!

Ken went to the garage and checked on the car, and the battery is apparently dead! We will have to call Geico road service first thing tomorrow.

Have read back a bit, and see that
CONGRATULATIONS are due for Lori!
SOOO very proud of you, and knew that you could do it! Way to GO!

Shirley, hope that George is improving. Prayers!

Judie, I feel so bad for you and Darth! You've tried so hard, and it's just not your fault that things haven't worked out with Audrey and Grace. I cannot understand why a rescue group would give you a black mark--that is just ridiculous! I hope that some Siamese or half-Siamese kitties can be found for you!

Shar, read back and found that Thelma does not have anything scary. God IS good!!!

I know I've missed a couple of birthdays, but I'm tired from the plane ride, and can't remember whose! (Shame on me!) Belated Birthday wishes to whomever I missed!!!

Think I'd better get to bed. It's going to be an early alarm day tomorrow! Goodnight, and God bless! I ♥ us!

stronghunter said...

Picked up my phone to read back. I took a nap today, and now I am wide awake.

So glad you had a fun trip, Andy. I love Colorado and the Rockies.

Congratulations on the teaching job, Andrew.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Janet said...

good morning all. grocery day.

beautiful morning here. hummingbirds are flitting about already.

had a lovely evening. visited with a friend of mine who lives across town. we met and sat and chatted for over 2 hours. time just flew.

thankful to have in person friends. when you have moved around from town to town as we did with the navy, that was the most difficult part for me....I missed someone to sit and chat with. a true friend. not a gossip. not just anyone, a true friend.

not a lot going on. maybe going to the fair grounds tonight to view the local car races.

tomorrow: off to Gatlinburg for my big adventure!

have a great day and hugs

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥

Hope Lori and fellow students had a wonderful time celebrating their success.

I looked for Sandi BUT then I remembered that they are being busy grandparents in WV

No plans for this Saturday--
Coffee has perked - BRB

Judie said...

Good morning to all.

Welcome home Andy. So glad you enjoyed your vacation. Happy reunion with Emma.

Shirley, will up date Sandperson's instructions to deliver a little extra sleepy dust. How's George this morning?

Janet, glad you enjoyed visiting with your friend.

Not much on the agenda for me today. May do a "catch" up load of laundry. Plan to prepare beer battered shrimp and Cole slaw for tonight. Darth is 77 today so he gets a favorite dinner. Otherwise, I will try to finish a mystery.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Mema Jo said...

Judie - glad you let the cat out of the bag


Happy Birthday Frank aka Darth


grannyblt said...

Good morning all.

Happy Birthday to Darth

Glad to see the pictures of Lori and her classmates. Nice to see that they have their white nursing caps. May be the last time they wear them. My good friend has been an RN forever and bemoaned the fact that they weren't required any more.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

grannyblt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
grannyblt said...

Sorry, my delete, the above comment posted twice

Judie said...

Lynn has hiccups! CALL NURSE LORI!

Mema Jo said...

Heavy duty planes overhead - headed for Camp David I assume with our

NCSuzan said...

Frank, Happy Birthday! Hope all your wishes come true!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Well, actually, good noontime.

George seems okay. He is eating well and purring.

Was going to say that a good cure for hiccups is a spoonful of sugar, but don't think you want to give sugar to the computer.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Frank!

Mema Jo said...

I suppose that most of you are having a quite afternoon. Just got home as I had a hair cut and then hubby took me shopping for some tops.

Now I have a cup of coffee
We had about 30 rain drops coming out of Frederick.

Take care and I will talk to you
later......... ♥

grannyblt said...

I spent a half hour working in yard and came inside to cool off. Don't know how I will readjust to TX heat and humidity. That won't be for a year or so so I'll worry about that later.

Has anyone seen our family lately?

SED to all.

Mema Jo said...

Deb who takes all those videos has stated that:

We have not see the juvenile eagles from this nest since July 23 2014 so it seems they have left the care of their parents to start their independent lives as young juvenile eagles and we wish them both a long and happy life ... congrats to Mom & Dad NCTC on a successful nesting

Hoda said...

Blessed Be
So refreshing!
Clocking in on 90 degrees though!!!

Lolly said...

Howdeeeee! I be home! Did my motherly duty and helped Laurel with a yard sale. She made close to $400 though and now has money for school supplies, fees, etc! Amazing how the $1 items mount up. She had a lot of the boys clothes, shoes, etc. She had very few big items and did want it all GONE! And, it is!

Started out the morning in the 60's and it warmed up into the 80's. The is unreal weather for TEXAS!! Loving it and sorry for you Hoda. Not fun when you do not have AC to escape to.

Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow except church. Yea!

Lolly said...

Lori's pictures are fantastic. She made some good friends in the class. Yes, you seldom see nurses with the white caps on. Neat seeing the pictures.

Lolly said...

Now I really do not like to start rumors, BUT our dear sweet Paula has been frolicking on a NUDE beach with her family. No telling what we will hear next!!!

Hoda said...


JudyE said...

Thought I would stop in I have been busy on the computer Creating a Blurb book for Jordyn of our vacation Got it done and ordered Lots of pictures I haven't told Angie yet
OH also you get to buy the PDF file for 4.99 when you buy a book I am waiting for the email with the instruction for it Anyone else ever do this??

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

15 page preview of 206 page album I made Jordyn of our vacation">PDF file does hae all 206 pages You have to scroll down if you want to see all the pages Not a flip like a book Bummer

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

the 206 pages on pdf file Scroll down not flip pages

is the third a charm can't link the second to take

JudyE said...

Ok there are two links one to the 15 page preview and the other is aPDF file to of all 206 pages and pic to look if you want It is scroll down not flip

JudyE said...

I think I fixed it so you can see the entire book easier that a pdf file

Judie said...

It is time to send Sandperson on the way to sprinkle sleepy dust upon the momsters' eyelids.

Sandperson is nervous and has asked that Jufie ride shotgun tonight - seems there is some confusion about whether Paula is naked on the beach or the beach is naked and Paula is observing. Sandperson is afeared of accusations of impropriety with Paula and Studmuffin Larry's retribution.

Will read back tomorrow. Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

Stopping in to say

Goodnight to all ♥


Hoda said...

Good to see you on here JUDYE

Good night
God Bless Us All

Tomorrow I will volunteer with Cyswag Triathalon.
Start at 8:00AM
I hope the athletes come in before the predicted storms.

Hoda said...

Cyswog Triathalon!
Wrong spelling last post.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Hoda said...

Good Morning JUDYE

SANDI must be having a blast with little Miss FREYJA

THE JUVIES were at the nest JO since Debbie made her comment. She posted two videos of food deliveries yesterday.

Off to meditation I go.

magpie said...

Hello Eagle Pals...

I see lots of news, especially about
Lori's Graduation to Nurse....

My computer at home went belly up Thursday, and now I am at work, so I might be able to slide one comment on to say:

HI, Take Care, and I'll be getting a desktop computer set up at home towards the end of the week...
meanwhile: See ya' Later

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo

Mema Jo said...

Good Sunday morning to all ♥

That was a quick visit and really all that was necessary so we know all is well, Margy. Went to Post Office 8/1 - new Farmer's Market stamps - Well Boo Hiss - they brought them out from the back and had them in hand BUT could not sell until 8/7. What is with that!

Mema Jo said...

Hoda - I definitely can NOT find any statement or videos from Deb Stecyk about Juvie sightings since July 23rd. Point me in the right direction....

grannyblt said...

Good morning all. Nice to see you Margy. Jo, that is good to know about the new stamps. Sister in law left some jewelry I need to mail so I will wait to go to post office. Hope everyone has a Glorious Sunday .

Hoda said...

JO I got two last night.
I watched and deleted them.
Good morning.
Good of MARGY to check in.

Hoda said...

JO I went to Deb's channel on YouTube.
The last two videos were July 23.
You are correct.
Nothing recorded later than that.
I got it last night.
I stand corrected.

Mema Jo said...

I do watch the Ostrich Cam -
Little Leo passed away during the night and is bured in the garden.
Aires is doing well...The 3 chickens of Dr Dash are in the pen to keep Aires company. So far there has been no interaction....

Janet said...

good morning! excitement is in the air!!!! In few short hours, I get in my car, drop the top, and head to Gatlinburg for a video shoot with my buds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather is beautiful and it will be a gorgeous day to run with the top down on the mazda.

Had a busy day yesterday. Groceries are purchased (we went EARLY as this is tax free weekend for the families who are school shopping), then house cleaning, and took Olivia over to Chelsea's. They were going to a drive in movie last night.

Tom and I went to the fairgrounds to the local car races. JUDYE: Sterling Marlin is still running there. :)

It was a fun night. Forgot it was back to school night there. $5 parking. $5 entrance fee. Plus all sorts of things for the kids. The great part of that is, the place was packed.
There has been much controversy in recent years with those who want to stop the racing there. It has gone on for YEARS. I hope they keep it. They only run a half dozen races there a year.

I had no idea, never thought about it actually, that HODA has no a/c. Then I remember most people in Maine didn't either...yikes. Of course, I've lived mid south to deep south most of my life and cannot imagine life without A/C. Yikes.

LOLLY: sounds like a great yard sale! Fantastic in fact!

Okay folks, gonna get my other stuff done so I can hit the road this early afternoon!!!!

:) Hugs, love, and smiles to all!

Lolly said...

Good morning! Time to eat and head to church. Have a kitten for sale! She was attacking my legs and tootsies about 1:30 am. Really, Skippi? Is that really necessary? Such a rude awakening!

See you later!

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Janet, have a wonderful drive and a wonderful time in Gatlinburg.

Lolly, we are open for adoption. Just send little Skippi along to us. Sandperson will pick up and deliver. Congratulations on the yard sale - nice $.

Jo, pay no attention to Hoda. There is a festival going on and she is likely hallucinating. lol

We have decided to submit an application for approval to adopt from the Siamese Cat Rescue Center. Keeping our fingers crossed that approval will be granted AND that potential adoptees will not be available until after we return Audrey and Grace. There are kittens in two foster homes near the VA-MD border. We have always had Seal Points but these are Flame Points (considered not to exist because the color is not recognized by the CFA.) No matter. We are not going to show or breed them.

Speaking of kitties, Shirley, how is George? Still improving? Sure hope so.

It was nice to see Margy stop by. So glad she's getting a computer for her roost. Happy to know she is okay.

Going to do some reading this afternoon. BBL

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Hope you find the kitties you want and deserve, Judie. I'm not an expert on Siamese cat colors, but I am sure the flame point ones would be lovely.

I think George's lungs might be filling up again. He has an appointment for tomorrow. We will see.

Mema Jo said...

Good afternoon to all ♥
Our company (all 5 grown children) just departed - they came around 1:00 with a turkey dinner - early
Thanksgiving I'd say . It was wonderful ! ON FB my pic of the 5 small cardinals were given to each child as I have the large Mr Red .

Off to put my feet up for a few


Lolly said...

Judie, we have always had seal points until Misty, and she was blue point. Not sure about Skippi. Would love for her to keep her present coloring. Is she seal or chocolate?
and, I love her longer hair and proud tail. Lol. Remember to meet the kitties first and I do hope you get kitties so you can bond.

Mema Jo said...

Looks as though some rain/storm could be headed out way this evening.


I think that Paula is at Laura's Wedding shower in NJ today (from what FB says)

I'll watch some TV and then call it a day.

Janet said...

HELLLLLOOOOOOOO from Gatlinburg, TN!

Checking in.

It was a fantastic drive over, just over 3 hours, sun out, wind in my hair, zoom zoom as the mazda commercials say. It was a day MADE for a convertible!

Hotel room....clean, newly renovated....nice tv, fridge, microwave...spacious, but NO closet. Not of any kind! ODD!

JUDIE: the one Siamese who owned me was Sally and she was a seal point. so lovely.

Tomorrow we meet at a place down the road and head to the video shoot. I am very excited

May need to ask the sandperson to distribute a bit of extra sleepy dust here....and maybe to Lolly's as well so Skippi can sleep....and not attack toes!

All right all, have good dreams! Catch you tomorrow!

Mema Jo said...

Just before dark we really had a
rain storm - driveway looked like a river.

Getting ready to settle in for the night
(ggd) Alexis will visit tomorrow afternoon. Should be fun

Glad you are safely at your destination Janet

Everyone take care and have a sound sleep
Goodnight to all ♥

Judie said...

Okay, Sandperson has been advised to deliver sleepy dust to Gatlinburg (he grossed about having to adjust the GPS) and has agreed to try to sprinkle a tiny bit of sleepy dust on Skippi.

Janet, glad you arrived safely and had a nice drive. Enjoy tomorrow.

Shirley, very sorry about George and concerned. Hope tomorrow will bring more relief for him.

Lolly, seal points are so beautiful. Skippi may be a chocolate point. Breeders can tell by the paw pad colors (I cannot). Chocolates are truly striking. Regardless, it is the personality and affection that are most important.

Jo, we had Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal on the patio this evening feeding a baby sunflower seeds. So nice to watch.

Sandperson is filling a satchel. Has a new tiny satchel for Skippi. Will be departing soon.

Wonder how Hoda is doing? Suspiciously quiet today.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Hoda said...

Hoda is being roasted!
I volunteered from 8:00-1:00 for the Triathalon.
Three of us were at the water station.
We could not keep up.
I have no idea how they could jog, cycle in this weather! The swimming part not so bad!!!
They were grateful the volunteers were there for them.
They gave us rounds of applause. They thanked us as they were handed the water and asked we throw water at them. I wished I had had a hose.
I took electrolytes in the morning.
I am having some more right now!!!
Not good!
I took a nap after I returned to the flat and then to yoga and Groceries.
The town is packed!!!
Honestly the long weekend in August is the start of the real crazy.
Will look forward to September when it is only just crazy.

We are starting another week of 90's weather!!!
I must head out for my bike ride early tomorrow and then a swim in the lake.
Yoga in the afternoon
Dragon Boating in the evening.

All is good.
I feel blessed.
Thank you for the posts.

Good night
God Bless Us All

Lolly said...

Nite all! High for us today was the low 90's but it is headed up this week. Hoda, take it easy without AC!

Time for some shut eye! Night all!


JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
Getting ready to pour my cup of coffee and start my day. I'm out to feed the critters so I can have a good show on the deck.
65° now but should go up into the 80's. I don't envy you and your weather, Hoda with all your activities. Stay well.

I am wondering when Sandi and Denny will be headed home from WV - I bet they are leaving behind one overly loved (spoiled) sweet granddaughter ♥ No pics yet on FB

Judie said...

Good morning!

Steve has provided us with a fresh Monday thread. Come on over.