Wednesday, July 30, 2014


New thread.


glo said...

Hmmm did I just gt a feather GM everyone

Mema Jo said...

You sure did, Glo

Thanks Steve for the fresh new thread

The adults were sighted visiting the nest last evening.

Any word on our juvies - I think they are flying free.

Mema Jo said...


Long time Original Momster

Vicky Connell

celebrates her birthday today ♥


Looking forward to Vicky and Glo's visit in October ♥

Mema Jo said...

On FB it is GG's 94th birthday

Happy Happy Birthday GG

glo said...

oh wow GG is 94 God Bless you GG and have a very special day.

Hoda said...

Beautiful Sunny Day!
Heaven Help Us
A scorcher
97 degrees
Down right UNCIVILIZED if you ask me.

Enjoy the day everyone.
I will swim
I will do yoga
I will dragon boat
And I will volunteer...

Blessed Be

Hoda said...




Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Happy birthday GG and Vicky!!

Glo got a feather. Woot!

Hope all is well with everyone.


Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread.

Glo has a feather! Looks nice on you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKY! Have a wonderful day.

Hmmm. The Queen is tip toeing around with Sandperson? Wonder if hubby knows about this? Should I tell Jufie?

Lynne2, thank you.

Sandi, we have always had siblings cats. While not so much now, when we had to be away overnight, we liked to know they had companionship. We also think they need contact with their own.

Janet, my dentist had a hygienist that was extremely rough and rude. In the computer, the office manager had a note not to schedule me with her. I'm sure this will be a good solution for you.

Kay, so happy you are feeling so much better. The drive with Seth will be lovely. Are you taking directions to the nest? Will you be able to stop there for a visit (and let us know so we can join you two)?

Gosh, sure hope Hoda finds something to do in the 98ยบ weather.

Judie said...

Must send a card to Miss GG.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MISS GG. ♪♫ May the day be as beautiful as you are.

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Lovely day here. Not too hot, but pretty and sunny.

Time to think about some lunch.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, GG!!

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Vicky!!

stronghunter said...

Hard part about our former dentist. He was a neighbor. He and his wife are friends with several of my friends, so I stay polite, but am very happy I changed.

Hummingbirds seem to be enjoying the feeder this morning. Got a few pictures. I am noticing at least two different kinds so far.

stronghunter said...

Judie, can you e-mail me GG's snail mail address?

JudyE said...

knock knock

may I enter

On lunch and find a fresh thread


Kay said...

Good Afternoon !

Much to celebrate today !

STEVE'S gift of a nice new thread.

Glo's purty addition to her headdress.


JUDIE, I'm not aware of any eagle nest on our route, other than the one we wave to just 4 miles north of my home. We head north on 23 out of Columbus, on through Toledo and Ann Arbor, then west to Grand Rapids.

Good Heavens to Betsy, HODA. You are "basking" in a temp 20 degrees warmer than I today ! Crazy !

Judie said...

Kay, boo hiss. Well, have a nice drive and visit. Maybe take a scenic route home by way of Shepherdstown? We can gather at the bend in the road.

Shirley, I send GG mail c/o Wanda's home address. If you need that, let me know and I'll send it immediately.

stronghunter said...

If you can send it, I would appreciate it, Judie. My list is in my computer and I am using Kathryn's since mine I ill.

Hoda said...

KAY I am NOT basking!!!
Even the glacial fed lake is warm for God's sake!!!

I am crazy to be going to yoga, but I am.

I am praying that we flip the Dragon in practice tonight!
At least we will be wet with more than sweat!!!
( dragon boats do not flip! It is my wishful thinking)

What do people eat when it is sooooo hot!
A diet of Gelato is not sustainable!
It is the only thing I want to eat!!!

LOLLY don't you say a thing about having a cup of hot tea!!! I can not even walk next to the stove and it is turned off!!! Just the idea of more heat!!!


How did we do it in Egypt?
God it is hot!

OK now yoga, if my car has not melted in the drive way!!!

Judie said...

On the way in three minutes Shirley.

Hoda, a diet of chocolate ice cream should be perfect. Healthy? No. But so yummy and COLD.

Lolly said...

Howdeeeeee! LOL Sure, Hoda, have a cup of HOT tea. I am sure it will cool you off!!!! NOT! roflmbo

House is peaceful once again. Interesting how wild it can be with 3 adults, two boys, two dogs (one a puppy) and a kitten. Skippi did very well! She learned to tolerate them and to stay high. We also put a gate across the doorway to the utility room and she knew it was her safe room. She touched noses several times with Cosmo. Luke just was not that interested in her. It was the huge puppy, Cosmo that was constantly after her.

Laurel was going to go visit with a friend yesterday afternoon but that plan fell through the cracks. So we took the boys school clothes shopping. A bit expensive now that both are in the mens department. Yes, the 9 year old is there too! Joseph is now even in height with me. We are both 5' 8 1/2 ". Jacob is approaching 5'5". One timeJoseph had on his shoes and I was barefoot. That is really a strange feeling.

Joey is now home. He had gone to Austin for a conference. The new roof is on their house, the skylights are new, and a new garage door. That leaves installation of the siding on the garage, new gutters, and replacing a few windows. The blowing sideways hail did a lot of damage.

Laurel is having a garage sale Saturday. So, I am going up there Friday to help.

Judie....really enjoyed talking with you!

stronghunter said...

Thank you, Judie.

Wow, hard to believe it is so hot there, Hoda.

I want a nap. Stayed awake reading last night.

NCSuzan said...

Vicky, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day!

GG, Hope you enjoy a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Lolly said...

88 here, Hoda. We are enjoying a break in the weather. Hard to believe you are 97 and we are 88. Wow! Some are getting rain around here, but so far we personally have only had a sprinkle. Not enough to even measure. But, we do have a possibility of rain the next couple of days.

Judie said...

Got to wondering if maybe the extraordinary heat in Nelson is related to some yet to be revealed festival for which many people are baking brownies?

Jufie made me type that (:

glo said...

Well I surely like my feather :-) I am sad to read how hot it is in Canada though. Its so very cool and wonderful here. I wonder if its just the coastal areas kind of like here right now.

Hoda said...

Well JUDIE you are right about the Brownies Festival.
It happens on a ranch outside of Nelson.
A throw back to Woodstock except now all the drugs are much stronger.
We have an influx of street people and they are WILD!
They have enough money to buy a three hundred dollar ticket to get in the festival but no money for housing or food. They want to sleep on the streets and in the parks. Our First Responders are on full alert and it should all clear out by the middle of August!
For the past two years we had a drug related death on festival grounds.
Praying that does not happen this year!!!

Oh JUDIE would you please tell JUFIE to remind LOLLY not to laugh at me when I am wilting in heat???
Thank you. I would ask the RCMP except they are over extended tillid August

JudyE said...


home from work

our temp here is 89°

feels like 93°

HODA is hotter than Fl Odd huh especially since the central states has had two cold fronts not from Hoda area I guess

Nest is MT

Hoda said...

The food bank and soup kitchen are taxed to the max.
We donate because you can not keep th hungry.
Yet I do not think this is the purpose of either. Some of our local families stop going there during this period. A hardship to them. That makes me sad.
So we leave pass it forward cards at local restaurants for our local families three weeks out of the year.
There but for the grace of God go I...

JudyE said...

It seems I don't have sound of the live feed anyone else let me know

Lynne2 said...

tip toe tip toe you don't see me and away I go. HEE HEEE HEEEEE!

JudyE said...

GG and Vicky

•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.• .•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.
Wishing You the HAPPIEST Of Birthdays!!!
✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿
. . . ✿•*¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*•✿
…………....♥ •.¸.•´♥……………..........

JudyE said...

I thought I felt something rush by me LYNNE it was you in the breeze

Judie said...

Hoda, I had indeed forgotten that festival time had arrived. Perhaps that explains the Queens behavior as I see she is continuing to tip toe through blog land. Seriously, the folks of Nelson are most gracious in making sure their own are cared for.

As for Lolly, well Jufie is currently attempting to deal with the Queen but I will send an email and direct him to Lolly's.


Janet said...

good evening to all.

WE have had a cool front and it was a high of 84 today. Very pleasant, but not pool weather.
HODA: cool showers, using your breath to cool your body….cool water….and know that this too shall pass!

WHY is the QUEEN tip toeing today?????

Soooo, the gal pals left @ 4:30 this morning and are home again home again jiggity jig.
I have felt sad today. But I will be fine tomorrow. I always go thru this when they leave.
Work was good.
Tom picked up the school bus.

We grabbed dinner @ the Greek resturaunt tonight. Good stuff!
Came home, felt as if I could choose to accomplish SOMETHING in the house today, so I washed out and cleaned out the fridge, cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, and the laundry. So I have done something, lol.

Now, contemplating a shower and then early bed time. I am tired.
Everyone have a pleasant evening. Hugs to all!

Judie said...

Good grief! Now Janet is Lollypaloozing. Rest well. You had a lovely time with your pals.

Why is the Queen tiptoeing? Only the Queen knows. HOWEVER, Jufie is keeping an eye on her shenanigans.

I am also tired tonight. Have been reading a few pages in the mystery. May catch a few minutes of news.

Sandperson is packing up and will depart soon. Jufie is working overtime keeping an eye on the Queen while also trying to keep Lolly and, goodness help us, Hoda under control.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Lolly said...

No way you can keep Hoda under control! That girl goes!

Now, Hoda, I would never make fun of heat! It is awful. However, I will make fun of anyone who says to drink a hot drink to cool off. Drink an iced beverage! Lemon water is my choice!!! Or lemonade!!

Heading to the shower soon. Now that's another way to cool off....a cold shower! Very refreshing.

And please keep the evil Jufie away. She needs to be constantly watching THE QUEEN. (trying to humor her!) She is a little "off", you know! First hint of that is when she started telling us of her favorite color is clear. Really? And, now she is tiptoeing through here? Caution!!

I just discovered that I can enlarge this comment box. Duh!
Did you know that you can do that? Or am I always the last one to know.

Night all! Hoping that GG had a beautiful birthday!


Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all ♥


Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends on this last day of July. How can that be???

Never got back on the blog after my morning check-in to check the box for the new thread. Sounds like everyone had a good day. It was beautiful on the beach - sunny but not too hot.

DMV for me this morning to renew my registration, then off to the Jeep dealership to get 2 different recalls fixed. I'll be stranded there for about 2 hours - not my favorite place to hang out for the morning. Will take a book and my tablet to stay caught up on emails and the blog.

Prayers for Jo and Larry. Have agreat day all.

Janet said...

good morning to all. yes, last day of JULY. bus in my drive way ... and officially I know it isn't the "end" of summer, but dang, always FEELS like it.

this year especially since temps are now like late September, which is NICE but NOT summer....although I would not want 97+ either. just taking it one day at a time and reminding myself to enjoy this day and be thankful in this day, in this moment...

yeah, I don't think anyone can keep up with our dear sweet firecracker of a HODA....yikes that woman GOES....someday perhaps I shall have the time to volunteer as she does. I do admire her.

But I like to tease as well.

I am honored that I lollypoloozed something!!!

I finished a book yesterday and started a new one prior to bed last night. Brother Odd.

Kids are coming over to swim today, so they say. Olivia has been at her sister's for several days, she comes home tonight. I have missed her.

Gal Pals made it home A-Okay.

And off to work today!

Light, love, hugs and smiles to each of you!

Judie said...

Good morning.

Hoda really needs to take heed in these drastically hot B.C. days. Of course, the reason her weather is so oppressive is that Canada was gracious enough to send cool air down to the lower 48. Thanks Canada!

Sandi, hope the DMV wait is less than anticipated.

Janet, have fun with the little swimmers this afternoon.

Not much on my menu today. May do things that are ever so challenging such as reading the newspaper, reading my mystery book, and contemplating my navel.

Beautiful sunshine and light breeze. Supposed to get warmer this afternoon but windows are open now.

Oh, just realized that the wedding is this weekend. Hope Paula checks in soon.


Lolly said...

Good morning! I feel for you Sandi! I hate August! Schools here in Texas do not start for a few more weeks! Laurel goes back Aug 14 and the boys start over a wweek later.

Once again the rain has missed us. So very sad. Out to water pots and caladiums in the ground.

Have a good day!

Mema Jo said...

Good morning
???? How do you " contemplating my navel". I think I missed something.

I was busy yesterday - Met my new Dr and I am very impressed with him.
Lots of preliminary appointments to
schedule. At least the ball has started rolling.

Everyone take care and enjoy your day

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

will be heading to get Jordyn in a bit

anyone chime in on sound I hear nothing on the live feed

the nest is MT

Sandi said...

Well, this morning was a complete waste of my time!! Went to DMV and failed inspection b/c one of my rear brake light lenses is cracked. Figured I would just get it fixed at the Jeep dealership 5 minutes away and then go back through the inspection line at DMV and then renew my registration.

Got to the Jeep dealership and there was no record of my appointment. The guy said, "No worries, we'll get you fixed up." After waiting 45 minutes, he informed me that Chrysler isn't allowing the repairs yet on that particular recall, even though the parts have arrived at the dealership to do the repair and even though the recall is b/c the gas tank could explode if someone rear-ends my Jeep!! Why the heck didn't the young lady on the phone last week check her computer and let me know that??? I gave her the specific number of the recall that was on the postcard I received!

Also, they didn't have the lens for the brake light. So now I have to wait for the dealership to call me to say they can do the recall fix, then drive another 45 minutes back to Georgetown to have it fixed, then go back to DMV to go through inspection again and renew my registration.

Enough ranting ... deep breath and let it all go! Headed outside for some fresh air. Warmer here today but still nice enough to leave the house open.

Jo, glad the appointment went well yesterday.

Judie, I don't think the wedding is this weekend for Paula. I thought she said she just bought the shower gift - maybe the shower is this weekend?


Judie said...

Jo, so glad you are comfortable with the new doctor. That is just so important.

As for contemplating one's navel, well you sit down, look at your navel, check for any accumulated lint, then doze off for a panda nap. lol

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Sadly, George is back at the vet's with multiple problems. His lungs are filled with liquid. His bladder is still infected. There are problems with his colon. And they think they are seeing a couple of masses that should not be there. They will drain his lungs so that he can breathe comfortably, but things do not look good.

He has been very needy recently, and I noticed his breathing was labored when we were on the way to the vet's.

stronghunter said...

Good to know your appointment went well, Jo. Do continue to keep us posted.

stronghunter said...

Trying to purchase some wheels for the sliding door on my coffee table. Found a manufacturer in China, but they want to sell me 180 pairs minimum. I do hope they can recommend a retail dealer that can sell me 4 pairs.

The person I am dealing with is named "Sally." Kind of like "Peggy," I think. Just hope she will help me. I do not know anyone to whom I can sell the other 176 pairs of these wheel things.

stronghunter said...

Having a little trouble typing today. I managed to slice my finger while slicing bread yesterday. Three Band-aids on the fingertip do get in the way.

Sandi said...

Shirley, so sorry to hear about George. You have already lost your quota of 4-legged family members for the year. Oh dear, so sad.

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - praying you ill be able to do the right thing by George. Fluid has to make him very uncomfortable.
That was the problem with Mr Marvin.

stronghunter said...

Thanks for the kind words. We will have to see what is next for George.

Judie said...

Shirley, so sorry that George is having so many difficulties. I know you will do what is best for his health and comfort.

JudyE said...

My sound is back on the Live Feed

I can hear the wind

JudyE said...

SANDI so sorry for the car woes

In Fl they stopped the car inspection years ago I didn't realize other states still did it

SHIRLEY so sorry about George health issues Hope he gets better soon

JudyE said...

and so sorry about you slicing your finger Were you trying to put meat on the bread LOL Just kidding

stronghunter said...

I was in too much of a hurry to get the bread sliced, Judie. Fortunately, Kathryn was home and I got her to help me finish things up.

stronghunter said...

Oh, I meant Judy, not Judie. Was answering her question. :)

stronghunter said...

Getting ready to go pick up Hunter and then George. I will bring him home for awhile. At least, that is the plan right now.

stronghunter said...

Oh, yes, they still have state inspection for cars here, Judy. Years ago, it was every six months. At least it is only every year now.

NCSuzan said...

Oh Shirley. Thinking of you and George.

Jo, so happy you like your doctor. That means so much.

Janet said...

good evening friends.

STRONGHUNTER: holding you all close....comfort for George and strength for you...

JO: glad the dr apt went well.

SANDI: sorry about the inspection...

JUDIE: we must all have something to meditate's belly button, I suppose is as good as world

I am tired tonight. Going to bed uber early tonight.

our a/c @ work has some ugly issue. rooms were 75+ today, with a/c ON. typically we keep them 70 to 72. Mine was 78. Makes therapists hot and cranky...and me? tired.

Kids came and swam. They are bickering and such. TIME for We ate at our favorite Mexican place tonight.

now, I am off to contemplate my closed eyelids and dent some pillow....
good night all.

Lori said...

Hello Momsters!

I love you all so much. Thank you for all the cards I've received this week and all the Facebook comments. You warm my heart.

I hope you know how much your support has meant to me this past year. It was truly the hardest thing I've ever done - like a year of boot camp! Everyone has said that compared to what I just went through that getting an RN is much easier. Great! I'm thinking about getting my RN.

Jo, you're in my prayers.

Big hugs to all of you. Your friendship means so much. Thank you very much. ♥ ♥ ♥

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - did George come home this afternoon?

Humidity comes back tomorrow
Not good..

Nothing on TV -I do like a break now and then from TV

Christine (gd) and family visited for a while... They have relocated in Midlothian, VA - Miss them already

Mema Jo said...

Lori - YOU ACED It
and we are all so proud of you.

Tomorrow at 3:00 I'll be cheering you across that stage

Yes, Go for the RN !

Love ya much! ♥

Judie said...

Hi all.

Lori, you should be so over-the-top proud of what you have accomplished. We are honored to have you as our friend and new resident nurse.

Shirley, hope George is home and improving.

Janet, no reason not to contemplate the universe while cleaning lint from one's navel. Hope the a/c is fixed soon.

Jo, glad you had a good visit with Christine and family.

Completed the paperwork, etc. to have our girls returned to a foster family. Will keep you posted.

Sandperson is about to depart with an overflowing satchel.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Judie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judie said...

Jufie here.

The situation in Nelson is out-of-control.

Hoda has exhausted me beyond words. She is indefatigable and refused my request for a steak and wine. Offered me some herbal tea stuff. Besides, this place where she lives smells "funny."

Now I'm expected to keep tabs on Lolly who is always Lollypaloozing. Some creature named Skippi tried to attack my toes. Also, the heat is unbearable.

Jufie is pooped.

Lolly said...

Heat is not unbearable in Texas! Presently 73 and we have the house open!!! Hear the frogs out by the pond. Going down into the 60's tonight.,

Laurel took the boys to 6 Flags today and have had a great day. Temp was perfect and the park not crowded!

Skippi now is sporting a pink collar. First time I put one on her she went berserk. No problem today!

Shirley, so very sorry about George!

So very proud of Lori. Go for the RN, Lori! Our former pastor, a lady, left the ministry and went to nursing school. She is now an RN but it took forever to find a job. Today on fb she announced she is now a school nurse! Woo woo!

Time to say good nite! Eyes are watering. Mowing in the morn and then heading to Denton. Will spend the night and be home Saturday evening.

Nite all! SED

stronghunter said...

Came on to see that Skippi is attacking Jufie and Nelson is out of control.

Lori hasn't had enough of boot camp. (You go, Lori!)

Belly buttons are being contemplated.

Kids are bickering, and Janet is ready for school to start.

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all



I love my friends and Thanks for all prayers and good vibes.....

stronghunter said...

Yes, George is home. I am medicating him, but things are not promising. The doctor removed a considerable amount of fluid from his lungs, but she says it will return.

I want to see what happens. We had gotten a pretty dire prediction for Lucky awhile back, and he is still going right along. But I do not want to see George suffer, either.

He is here in his usual spot on my bed and getting pats.

stronghunter said...

Good night, Jo.

stronghunter said...

Good night, everyone. SED.

Hoda said...

Well stopping by to say a Good Night.
Congratulations LORI.
Prayers for all.
Hope humidity is not too high JO

Hotter than you know what and now I am on electrolytes.
Dizziness yesterday before Dragon Boating did not feel too good.

Volunteer work was good for Yoga Festival today
Yoga was very good
Taking a plant based powder for the inflammation caused by the torn intercostal muscles.

My next door neighbour went to Vancouver on Tuesday to visit his son. They went out to supper at a restaurant. Walking home he had a massive heart attack and dropped in the street. He was announced dead by the paramedics at the scene. He was 62 years old. He was mostly a good neighbour.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends on this first day of August.

Lori, congrats on your BIG DAY!!!! You made it!! Wow, what an accomplishment - celebrate!!

Shirley, glad that George was doing well enough that the vet let him come home. You'll know when it's time to say goodbye.

Hoda, sorry to hear about your neighbor. Every day is a gift, right? We never know how many more we have - only 62 years old, how sad.

Tennis for me at 8am and then we are heading to WV to visit with Freyja for the weekend!! Oh yeah, Brian and Lynnis will be there too. If I don't check in, don't worry about me - my hands may be too busy holding my grandbaby!! :)

Have agreat day all.

Janet said...


(early morning singing)

good morning.

Tom has to be in class @ 7 this morning. It is across town. He got up @ 5. All of the animals now have had their sleep disrupted and have lost their minds. Ugh and egad!

I think JUFIE needs some cheese to go with that

JUDIE: I hope that a/c is fixed soon as well. I need a block of ice to sit on, its stinkin' hot in those rooms right now.

I am not ready for school per se, but I can see the GRANDKIDS are ready for school to start. bicker bicker bicker. maybe they need to clean their belly buttons and contemplate world

Heading to work in a bit. Everyone have a super day! :) HUGS

Judie said...

Good morning!



JudyE said...

▄▄▄▌▐██▌ Let the good times ROLL Congratulations LORI