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New thread.


Kay said…
Thank you, STEVE ! I'll get the others headed this way !
Kay said…
If you are a D.C. Zoo, Bao Bao fan, take a look now. He's being so darn cute as he plays with a bamboo stick !
JudyE said…
Thanks for the new thread STEVE and the call aver KAY

you will look fantastic in your new eagle headdress

Love that little tail feathers the eaglet are getting now That has to be Prez at the launch pad all the dark feathers I guess since Capt stole the show yesterday and is in hiding today its Prez turn today for the paparazzi
JudyE said…
forgot to check box
JudyE said…
big shake on the cam tree
JudyE said…

JudyE said…
Prez is nibbling on a stick on launch pad
JudyE said…
Well I guess I won't be getting Jordyn on Thur at all a decision was made by Angie Nothing I can do about it so I only get one day a week
this is the email I got from Angie yesterday

""Hello there, as of today we are going to start a new tradition for the rest of the school year as long as Jordyn homework done by Wednes. Verse you picking her up, mommy is going to get home at 4:45 and take her to the park ( me and my girl) OR Daddy will bring her to the park from school. She gets excited that you pick her up cause you do fun things with her when you pick her up. Verses Daddy picks her up and its home for homework"

I guess yesterday Carl took her to the park and she freaked out because this is love bug season and there were hundreds of them there so they only stayed 5 min at the park
I was bad and I reminded Angie that I did give up my weeknds to watch her those two days and gave up any family weekend times but that didn't help OH well such as life I guess
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
From previous thread:
I cannot believe my sister hasn't posted on the blog but she found an eagle's nest about 10 minutes from here right off of I-77. It has at least 2 eaglets in it. I will be going there tomorrow. :) And the nest is in a sycamore tree. My profile pic is of that nest.
Kay said…
Ah, Capt decided to come into view for a moment or two. Quite a difference in development twixt our two adorable eaglets !

JUDYE, sorry about the schedule change for you and Jordyn. Stay tuned and be ready for the next chapter as things happen quickly for working parents with young children.
Kay said…
SHAR, happy eagle/eaglet viewing ! What a great find !
JudyE said…
adult in saw wings
JudyE said…
that was odd like a hover over the eaglets saw wing and talon but no landing that I know of did anyone see it I have the 3 live feeds open and saw two times but unalbe to get snip
Mema Jo said…
Thanks for the call over Kay
Steve, thank you for the fresh new Friday thread.

Bao Bao is the sweetest little gal and she is her own little gal. Really
finds things to amuse her. Happy to see her get outside time BUT so sorry
they had to keep her out of the trees
by placing guards around the trunks.
She is a climber by nature - just like her brother Tai was...... ♥
JudyE said…
Capt moving to NHZ adult may be there and Capt is looking
Mema Jo said…
I am headed to eye dr at 1:00
Hoping he can tell me when all this haze is going to go away and that my
vision will be clear. I'll let you know when I know something.

JudyE said…
just saw adult in back area of nest fly in from the left to the right
Mema Jo said…
Sharon the incident of Bev accidentally finding the nest tree and being allowed on that property is
one in a million. When you go over watch out for the BULL in the field.
JudyE said…
looks like Prez is wingersizing in the NHZ and Capt is getting hit by wings every know and then LOL duck he does
JudyE said…
I heard the clunk of the eagle coming in the nest
Mema Jo said…
KAY - I hope you are still watching little Bao Bao and her mom...
Bao Bao trying to get her mom's attention and finally Mei left her bamboo to feed her little girl.
Very touching ...... ♥
Kay said…
Oh, JO, I missed the Bao Bao & Mom time. Taking a shower. Now it's Panda Nap time there. Such sweet moments to be observed at our Nat'l Zoo !
Mema Jo said…
The Friends of Blackwater are proud to announce the following winner in our 2014 Eaglet-Naming Contest.

Winner: Cheryl Keosky from Saratoga Springs, New York with her names of Glider and Chaser.
Mema Jo said…
Returned from Eye Dr - cornea is still swollen in the very center.
Wants me back on the 12th - He said the lens looks great - just needs the swelling to go down. Still will be using drops and praying my vision
returns to normal - No Haze in the center. Thanks for any prayers and
thoughts for my healing.

Lolly said…
Jo, is took a while for my vision to clear up.

Hi all! We got out early to work in the yard. We mowed, etc and then watered the pots. Unbelievable how dry it is. Dust just whirled around us! Very depressing.

Joseph has departed for a band trip to San Antonio. The band is going to play at the Alamo. So very excited for him. He loves band and he loves the jazz band he plays in. He is going to a different school next year and he is really going to miss jazz band.

Have the cam up and one eaglet is in view. Funny how he has his right leg spread out at a rt angle.
Judie said…
Finally returned with provisions. Beauteous day.

Jo, may only take another few days. Can't wait for you to have normal vision again.

JudyE, sorry about the schedule change. Just keep the door open for Jordyn.

Going to change clothes and put my feet up for a few. Then to the scullery to create a masterful dinner. Hah!

Sandi said…
Hi all. no tv or internet at moms so I m using my phone. productive day, not too many tears. lisa went with me 2 the courthouse & bank and then we went 2 the cemetery for the first time. not too bad as I know mom isnt there. having pizza and beer with moms neighbors this evening. will check in when I can this weekend. ttfn.
Lynne2 said…
afternoon all!

Had a visit at work from Cedar Waxwings! 20-25 or so! They stayed in the trees trilling and flying and eating the Holly berries for HOURS! SOme really awful pics on FB if you want to see.

(((HUGS))) Sandi.
Lynne2 said…
I have Moonflower and GG Morning Glory seedlings poking up now! And some sunflowers as well, and Forget Me Nots!
Hoda said…
Proud of you SANDI...Prayers continue. Yes it is a rough time and moving on with things a a very good way to handle the transitions. Love and Light to you and your family.

Beautiful day here. Am very happy with the weather and with the energy that is around. Fantastic yoga class.

Listen to this! I got invited for a one hour free airplane ride over Nelson and the Surrounding Mountains. I hope it is clear on Thursday. The first clear day we will go out. Today would have been perfect. Must go get a card for my camera and also batteries.
A friend bid on it during a Grans Fund Raiser and she could ask three friends...she is celebrating her husbands Birthday...JUDIE what does one buy for a retired University Professor to celebrate the 75th Birthday?Any ideas?

I love Us

SHAR post pictures of the Eagles.
How is pooch?

It was so sunny today I decided to treat myself to a hat...I am sitting in the house with it and I think I rather like it.

Ate Middle Eastern lunch and invited a homeless person to the same. She wanted take out so I paid for her food and she said thank you and left...Many young people come to Nelson this time of year as the weather improves and they hang around till August and the big Music Festival which I think is a big Drug Fest if you ask me. The last two years someone died on the grounds. It is on a farm sort of like Woodstock...
This young woman looked cared for but she was on the street and said she has not eaten for two days. She was begging. I suggested that she can get one meal a day for free at the soup kitchen and to go there.She could also go to the United Church or the Anglican Church food cupboards.No reason to go hungry. I do not like to give money but I will buy a meal.

God Bless Us all.

Mema Jo said…
Hi Lynne - think about you every time I see the red bud trees along the highway (it is red bud-right?)

I took time to look in at your blog on here and reminisce back to earlier
nest visit - we had such good attendance. I must do all I can to make that happen again this year...
evening all..

saw my first hummingbird this evening.. I think he was going to stop at my feeder... but I was standing right next to it

I saw Mr Osprey catch a fish too.

it's lovely here this evening... I am going to cookout on the grill

Larry went to Rehoboth for the weekend... so I guess he's feeling better
I'll get caught up later this evening
Mema Jo said…
Sandi - earlier you mentioned you would stay at Lisa's.... I hope you can this evening - Maybe soon you
will have happy news for us????????
magpie said…
Holy Sakes a'Moley those eaglets
are growing!

Good RED Friday Evening, Eagle Pals

Lots of cool news on here!
New bird and flower appearances

and lots of pretty good People reports too !

magpie said…
JO: I guess you got some good news and a little guarded news on your Eye....but I think the GOOD is going to take care of the guarded...all in good time as others here advise

Paula....good that Larry feels good enough to travel.....and sounds like YOUR day and evening are pleasant also

magpie said…
Of course we missed you, Lynne2,
and how happy that your return with Wood Thrush and Cedar WW sightings and all your cool flower things!

Lolly: Bravo and Happy Trails for Joseph...sounds fun and fulfilling...and Jacob gets a little Mom and Dad time to himself :)

magpie said…
oh boy Hoda...never a dull moment, day or week for You...nice that you helped out the homeless lass, hope she follows through with some of your helpful suggestions.
That upcoming Airplane ride sounds really Marvy !

JudyE....well, sorry you will miss out on one of your evenings with Jordyn, hope you can move other enjoyable things into that time slot...and that Carl and Angie's
Mom and Dad time works well for Jordyn....
((HUGS)) and know that, Jordyn
will always cherish her time with you !

Mema Jo said…
Here I sit - just hung up the phone - reading more comments and

magpie said…
Hoping that Sandi's week-end
has lots of Joy ... already sounds like there has been some special time
and the week-end has just begun

moving along now, magpie-ing done for a bit, though all of you and your doins' are in my thoughts

My server keeps disconnecting....
I started this post ten minutes ago !!

ttfn xoxox
I see Prez and Capt snuggled together in the cup :-)
Jo keep up with your drops and'll do just fine.

Sandi hope the weekend goes well and you get to settlement just fine.

Hi Margy and Lynne

Larry feeling just a little better than yesterday ..he'shoping to be able to work on his boat..and I think he needed a change of scenery
Judy... I know you were disappointed about the change of plans with Jordyn.. but that should be a good thing for her and her dad :-)

Kay congratulations on another feather
Sharon I'm so sorry to hear about the change in little bits eye
lolly I hope you get some rain soon. have you been dancing lately?
Lynne2 said…
Hope Larry is truly feeling better!
Sandi I hope your good news is that Lynnis does not want to name the baby that awful name :-)
Lynne how are you feeling
Lynne2 said…
HUNGRY!!!! Finally!

I really thought a lot about Larry while I was feeling so sick. I don't know what kind of sick he feels after treatments, but I had a harder time feeling too sorry for myself.
how does Steve like his job
thanks Lynne and I understand that thought completely anytime I don't feel so good I know that he feels a heck of a lot worse
Lynne2 said…
My coworker Kimberly had her baby girl yesterday. She kept the name under wraps.

Her name is Scarlett Jean. I like the name! Not sure how they came up with it yet but it's pretty and original, for this day and age!

I'm going to name my daughter Della Louise.
Lynne that name sounds fine to me
and I was talking about scarlett not della lol
Judie said…
Evenin' all,

Need to read back but just very tired tonight. Think I will rouse Sandperson and send him on his rounds. Then I will dent the pillows.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
Lynne2 said…
Jo, aren't they the most beautiful of trees! We have quite a few to see on my way home from work.

A nesttogether would be great!
Lynne2 said…
and just what is wrong with Della Louise???

I've always liked Della, and Louise is my grammas name.

How about this for odd...

My brother's youngest, her name is Emily Louise. Beautiful! one is allowed to call her Emily. She is called Emmie.

grannyblt said…
Lynne2, when is Della Louise due?
stronghunter said…
Been very busy today and now I am too tired to post much. Dr. visit went well--got prescriptions. Discussed the issues. They are changing over to a computer-based record keeping method and thought that might be part of the problem.

Watching Jordan Lake eagles. Adult there was very restless and watchful until a few minutes ago.

SED, everyone. See you tomorrow.
stronghunter said…
Louise is my mother's name, and my Susan is Susan Louise in honor of her grandmothers, Lynne. Louise is a fine name.
Lolly said…
If Laurel had had a daughter, she would have been Catherine Allison. Laurel is Laurel Catherine and Allison was my mother's middle name. Her nick name would have been Cate.(Kate) Sigh.......but she never came. Woe is me! LOL

She could have named her Allison Catherine and had the nickname Ally Cat! Whoops, pardon me! The devil made me say that!

Thinking of putting my nose in a book. Just feel like reading tonight.

Lolly said…
I knew it! Look at the rumors you have started now, Lynne!
magpie said…
It'll be fun! Maybe you really had Morning Sickness, Lynne2!

I have a niece, Scarlet Jane.
I love these names talks

Shirley: hope all the medicine
prescriptions problems are behind you now....for Good !
Get thee a Good Night's Rest

We have a really inspiring group, many kind thoughts
and the reaching out to one another.....

(( HUGS ))

Prayers for Wellness,
All Around....Always

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo
Mema Jo said…
I have returned from watching a few
TV shows. I think I am going to go ahead and sign off for the day.
Going to go and rest my eyeballs.

Goodnight to all
Prayers for all of us and our loved ones......

Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless Us All.
I hope JOSEPH has a terrific time. at your Ali Cat!

My daughter would have been Julianne Cae Mom went by Cae (Kay ) for Catherine ...which is my middle name too. However...Julianne was Michael ...I didn't know the sex before hand.:-)
Going to get my do done tomorrow ...i am way overdue !

SEd love and hugs for all <3
Lolly said…
LOL Paula, you have John and Michael. I have John Michael, and Laurel's middle name is Catherine. We have so many names in common!

Getting on to say good night.
See you in the morning light!

I's a poet and didn't know it, but my feet show it they's longfellows!

Oh, yes....NEED to go to bed.

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Lynne so happy for you about the new arrival! miracle of miracles!! ;)

Paula I hope larrys boat therapy did him some good.

We stayed at the condo last night. I was ok with being here I think b/c I wasnt here alone. we are leaving a small tv here and a dvd player that the foundation agreed to buy for their renters to use. I figured out how to connect the dvd player to the tv so we rented a dvd from redbox and watched it when we got back from dinner with moms neighbors. watched the butler with forrest whitaker and oprah. long but good. I didnt know the white house had 1 black butler for 30 years - imagine the secrets that man could tell!

Heading to wv after breakfast and will stay at brians & lynniss tonight. I will have internet there and I brought my laptop so I should be able to hop on the blog.

Have a good day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

JudyE said…
did you all see that there was another eagle rescue yesterday at one of the MN nest SNAP was stuck in the muddy part of the nest after lots of rain so they weren't going to help him but with everyone email and comment on it they finally decided to help the little guy He wasn't put back in the nest like the other so lets hope he is ok
JudyE said…
I see one dark PREZ in the cup at this moment
JudyE said…
I checked my rain gauge last night when I got home from Angie and I had a tad over 2 inch in it
and its raining again More train rain today
JudyE said…
looks like Capt is next to Prez in the cup its just hard to see him but both there ADULT IN
JudyE said…
flew in with a fish and feeding is now going on
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Beautiful adult eagle in our nest.

Busy day ahead for me. Kathryn is working and Hunter has a game in Ruckersville, VA. We finally got an is 50 miles from here. Game starts at 2:00, and Kathryn does not get off until 2:00. She will be, I am estimating, 80 miles away; so she would not likely make it before the game is over. I think it'll be Hunter and grandma this time. Kathryn swapped workdays so she can take Hunter to a double-header in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday I leave for the reunion! Been shopping for new duds to wear.

stronghunter said…
Didn't know about the Minnesota rescue, Judy. I do hope the eaglet is okay.
stronghunter said…
Feeding at Jordan Lake.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
Beautiful day full of sunshine .

Shirley - Excited for you as you travel to see very special friend.
It's fun buying new duds for special reasons.

Sandi hoping you have a good visit with Lynnis this evening.

Paula a new do will help you feel like a new you. It is good to pamper yourself - you have been a busy busy caretaker and now you should take care of you ♥

Mema Jo said…
The MNDNR eaglet rescue.......

"Initial exam at TRC revealed a serious injury to the right wing and possibly the right leg. The elbow of the chick was severely swollen. The chick will receive treatment and further examinations over the weekend. The prognosis will be made when possible, and the decision on the fate of the eaglet will be made and announced at that time"
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

So nice to see that Prez and Capt have decided "our" end of the nest is a good place to be !

Enjoyed all the name talk of last night. My Eileen's middle name is Louise--Eileen for my mother and Louise for a cherished adopted aunt. When her daughter, Dana, was in H.S. she and her four BFF discovered that all their moms had the middle name of Louise ! They got them all together and The Louise Club of Grand Rapids, MI was formed. They meet about six times a year for drinks and/or dinner, have taken trips together and spend a long weekend together at an upper MI cottage one of them owns.

SHIRLEY, you are such a good grandmother ! I'm amazed at the distance Hunter's team must travel for games !

SANDI, is the trip into WV to see Lynnis the "happy news" ? Have fun !

LYNNE2, love thinking about you and your virtual baby, Della Louise ! They are the easiest babies to take care of !

PAULA, glad Larry felt like getting some boat time in. Prayers continue.
Kay said…
JO, thanks for that link. So glad they rescued the eaglet. Wonder how it sustained such injuries in the nest ??
Kay said…
The Berry College/Georgia eaglet is as large as it's dad now. Currently enjoying a meal with a proud parent looking on. Expecting some branching soon.
Mema Jo said…
Bao Bao is snoozing up in the corner while Mei is eating again or is that still?
Judie said…
Good grief!

I return to find Lynne2 is expecting which has led to a name debate. How exciting. Should we plan a virtual baby shower?

Slept well last night. Was really tired.

Need to check the nest again. Looked MT earlier. Decorah trio are really growing and Berry College has been standing on the nest edge for a couple of days - probably branching.

Lolly, hope Joseph is having a terrific time today.

Sandi, happy you were able to stay at your mom's without too much sadness. Hope the visit with Lynnis goes well. Maybe a name reveal?

Shirley, have a nice afternoon at the ball park. Hope Hunter's team wins.

Okay, headed to de-mailing address old magazines. Boring. Maybe another sip or two of coffee first.

Judie said…
Ooops, doing a Margy.

Paula getting your "do" did will be refreshing. Nice that Larry is feeling a bit better. Hugs abound for you both.

JudyE said…
HELLO on lunch had to go buy a battery for my mouse it was dead t
JudyE said…
KAY the little eaglet was stuck in the nest It had gotten really muddy with all the rain and he got stuck big time They did say they hard time getting him unstuck There are lots of pic on fb
JudyE said…
this is the link to the second DNR MN nest NO sound at the nest

SNAP was taken from there yesterday
Snap the eagle rescued yesterday there are still two eaglet in the nest
JudyE said…
they look about the size of ours
JudyE said…
and remember the eagle that they said looks like its beak was shot off and rotting Well the young lady posted tht they did come out to try to get it t Game Commission but failed this time to get it So they will keep trying to get it He said it was surprisingly a strong eagle for its shape of its beak They tried putting a blanket on it and he flew away so they will try again
Sandi said…
Greetings from Ranson, WV where we are visiting with ... Brian, Lynnis and yet-to-be-named Baby Girl Roberts! yup, Brian is home from Yemen for good!!! He called us a week ago and said he was coming home on Monday and wouldnt have to go back to Yemen, but asked that we keep it quiet until we saw him this weekend and he could explain why he was home. it turns out that his position was moved to another country but his boss said there was no point in sending Brian to another post now when he would be coming back to the US in mid june for the baby's birth. so they told him to just come home and stay home. after Little Miss whats her name is born, brian can decideif he wants to go to another country for 3 months or just stay in the states until his next post in June of 2015!

This is about as good as news can get for this mom!! I have been more worried than usual about Brian after reading about the recent US drone strikes in Yemen in the news.

Hope everyone is having as good a saturday as I am! ttfn!
Hoda said…
Snowing in the mountains. Raining here. And the sun is trying to come interesting day.

SANDI am so so so so very happy to read your post with the details of BRIAN'S return. Blessed Be. I am sure you are doing a very happy happy happy dance...For BRIAN to have some family time as LITTLE MISS arrives is fantastic.

PAULA pictures please of the new do that is done.

Balanced and reconciled cheque book all bills are paid and the experience of abundance with gratitude.

Again the experience of yet another person wants a house sitter and the turning down of the under fifty makes me sad. I was asked again today and it is not someone with whom I am friends so felt comfortable to simply say no I am not available.
Kay said…
SANDI, your message brought me to tears ! I am so relieved and happy for you all. I've been watching that Yemen news very nervously, too. Fingers crossed that Brian can stay put til' that 2015 assignment rolls round so he doesn't miss a lot of his daughters first year of life !
Hoda said…
Now soaking grains and making a protein based dish from grains...
rice and split mung beans and then I add vegetables.
The taste changes all the time as I change the spices...

The weather is being just the weather...
Hoda said…
Empty nest but see the shadow of an eaglette
Hoda said…
Windy and there is sound.
grannyblt said…
Great news about Brian, Sandi.
Judie said…
Wowee! Sandi what a wonderful surprise for you and all the family. So happy Brian will be around for the birth and a while longer.

Happy cooking, Hoda. I think you made the correct decision about house-sitting. All this moving around has Sandperson confused. lol Enjoy being back in your flat.
Judie said…
Not quite a Lollypalooza day but made an effort. Swept up debris from the patio (snow and rain); Dirt Deviled the kitchen floor, washed salad greens; shucked/cleaned corn. Whew!

Going to put my feet up before returning to the sculler.
JudyE said…

home from work


Judie said…
When I checked, our nest MT. Berry babe is on a branch; Isla is alone in the dark; both the Red Tailed hawk and the Banded hawk have hatchlings.

Okay, bye.
JudyE said…
YEAH SANDI on him being home for GOOD
JudyE said…
I am watching or should say peeked in at the MN nest as well as the RF nest PA nest, and the GA nest so many nest and not enough room so I just peek OURS is MT they need to put up a no trespassing sign on that side of the nest to keep them out of the area LOL
Lynne2 said…
Lynne2 said…
Lynne2 said…
saw first INDIGO BUNTING today!!!

oh, and shhhh.....but, there is talk over on FB that Lolly is a WITCH.
JudyE said…
on face book again there is now a third eaglet in distress at Ft St Vrain reported breathing problems and she also want advise who to contact That would be the third eaglet in just as many days 3
JudyE said…
Here is the link to the cam I can hear his breathing sounds terrible

Another eagle in distress breathing
stronghunter said…
Home from the journey to the baseball game. Going to take a nap and come back later.
JudyE said…
ADULT in nest see shadow
JudyE said…
or maybe that is the little buggers shadow
JudyE said…
yep its just the eaglets makes them looks tall the angle of the sun now
Hoda said…
JUDIE I am still house sitting at the Lake House. You make sure the Sandperson knows I am here till the 10th of June.
The one I said no to today is from a friend of a friend and they will be gone for six months...Not for me...I will help out a friend but will not volunteer to house sit for people I do not even know. Each house has its own quirks and it is a responsibility I will not assume.

Sad to hear about all the eaglettes in distress.

Mema Jo said…
Sandi - Praise the Lord for your
Blessings - and I guess Brian's boss
also gets one big Thank You for being
so compassionate and personal. He
must be a Dad ♥
I am so very very happy for you!
Lolly said…
roflmbo....Witchy Lolly here!

Accomplished a lot in the yard today. Things will be slowing down now.

SANDI, so very excited and happy for you. Doing a habby dance!! Your happy news could not be better!

Need to go thaw meat and get patties ready for our bacon cheese burgers! Yum!
stronghunter said…

So happy for you, Sandi. I have been thinking of Brian with all of the events in the news from Yemen.

Hunter's team had to forfeit the game because they did not have enough players. But they did play a scrimmage game. When they were in the field, some of the players from the other team played on their side to make things even. Guess too many people could not make the long trip.

stronghunter said…
Guess word gets around about your house-sitting talents, Hoda. Wow, it almost sounds like you could live permanently from house to house rent-free.
magpie said…
Oh Joy, Sandi...
Wonderful to read your post
from Ranson :)

and also that you had a comfortable
evening in Baltimore....

(( HUGS ))

Good Evening, Eagle Pals
magpie said…
Well, long trip, no "real" game
but nice that the two teams' players teamed up for a scrimmage

Having fun feeling your excitement
growing with your upcoming Reunion Trip this week with your friend

JudyE said…
looks like they have come out of hiding
magpie said…
We had an almost-storm about an hour or so ago...things still a wee bit
unstable but I think it's mostly passed

Hi JudyE

Judie: I have de-addressed lots of magazines these days also...
Fun, oh boy

ttfn xo

back says, "time to quit sitting"
stronghunter said…
Wasn't our spider called Boris? Anyway, it's at Jordan Lake tonight.
Lolly said…
Margy, almost storm? That is what we have here! LOL

Just came in. We had dinner on the patio, and enjoyed our wine. We watched the solar lights come on around the pond and then came in. I saw 85 today, presently 76, but the house is pleasant and we did not turn on the AC.
JudyE said…
I had another inch of rain today It was drizzly all day the temp is 66° feels so nice out

JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Mema Jo said…
And Sunday comes again - Jenny will be over am hours with me. Love her visits..

Shirley - that was quite a distance but glad they had a scrimmage.

I am going to close down - I think everyone has had a good day. Our sunset was very beautiful but odd due to a really dark rain cloud hovering overhead. Didn't storm but I did see a rainbow with an earlier rain shower and the sunshine. Beautiful....... ♥
Mema Jo said…
Goodnight to all and Prayers for all of us and our loved ones.

Lolly said…
I mentioned it on fb and posted a pic. Two days ago while watering with the hose, I turned around and there on the ground was a beautiful pigeon, completely white! He was really beautiful! He wanted a drink from my hose. Have never seen a pigeon in our area and have not seen him since. He came very close but not too close. Wonder where he came from??????
Sandi..wonderful news :-):-):-)

Do is shorter and i like the coloring and highlights ..maybe a pic tomorrow :-)

Shirley..sorry there weren't enough players..bummer . I take it Hunter is on a travel team .

Pretty sunset and now the moon is shining on
the water and the temps have cooled..
Going to watch some tv and relax.

Judie said…
Good night everyone.

Sandperson is about to depart to sprinkle sleepy dust on the momsters and dadsters.

Will catch up tomorrow. Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
I am sure the birds and other critters appreciate your birdbaths and ponds when it is so dry, Lolly. That pigeon was probably pretty thirsty.

Time for me to say good night. Rest well, everyone.

Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless Us All
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Its a beautiful West by God Virginia morning here in Ranson. I am sitting on the sofa with Bella and my 2 granddogs. Everyone else is still asleep. Do you think my mom knew I needed something to balance my recent months of sadness and had a hand in getting my boy home? I'd like to think so. It's such a relief knowing that he is out of that awful place for good.

We will be driving back to Baltimore this afternoon and then Denny and Bella will head home. I will stay at Lisa's tonight. Settlement isn't until tomorrow afternoon. Lisa has agreed to go which is good for me and will be good for her too I think.

Have a great day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

BRR it is a chilly 58° here is am cold front came

I see its 48° at thenest and I see Prez in cup area

Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all
Sandi I see you are up and counting your blessings and Yes it's a sure thing that your mom had a hand in Brian's homecoming! Hoping that settlement goes well for you and Lisa

I am up earlier then usual - checking out FB for pics of Michael and his daughter Christine. Racing a half marathon down in Frederick today. Christine has their pictures up! Too early for me to go down to the race course to cheer them on.... Makes me sad

Mema Jo said…
Judy - put your socks on and grab a sweater - stay warm down there in FL

I haven't stuck my nose outside yet
Critters are waiting on seeds and
Mema Jo said…
Prez is up and I think breakfast may be coming.
Mema Jo said…
Prez is wingersizing
Flapping away

Capt is up in the NHZ
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Critters here are waiting for peanuts and birdseed, too, Jo. Also need to refresh the birdbath and put out the new hummingbird feeder.

I think Hunter and Kathryn will head out to the Civil War reenactment soon. We saw them getting ready in the past few days.
NatureNut said…
NEW THREAD Come on over~~~~

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