Thursday, May 01, 2014


New thread.


C Johnson said...

Hello, haven't been here in a while :). Steve or anyone who can help. Who can I contact about the eaglet at Leesburg? Has fishing line wrapped around him.

Y'all know me as smokefancj

Judie said...

Contact the VA Wildlife Federation.
Contact the police Leesburg and ask for a wildlife contact.

Okay, here we go. Off to look and dream.


C Johnson said...

Never mind folks about the Leesburg nest. I've spoken with authorities. Help will be on the way. :)

C Johnson said...

Thanks Judy!

Lolly said...

Good morning! Do hope that the eaglet can be helped.

30 minutes a day outside....I think I can handle that. LOL I think I have stored up enough time to last a lifetime of 30 minutes a day.

Think today I will work on the pond and the stream plus pull a few weeds. Until I get more grass plugs I am through with planting. We spread mulch yesterday. So far we have spread 24 bags of mulch. Need a few more as I have not mulched the herb garden. Roses have started to bloom as have my favorite, Larkspur. Flowers are looking good, just wish I had a lawn.

No eaglets in view.

JudyE said...


Hoda said...

Thank you Steve and Lolly.

Blessed be the beautiful day.

I spoke to Edward and saw the babies in Greece. They are growing. I think the youngest is going to be a football player! He is built like one!!! Gads 8 kilos already!!!

Enjoy Retirement Housing explorations JUDIE. Keep us posted.

Yes LOLLY you and Jack would have no problems with 30x30 challenge...amazingly there are some seniors and some young who do not do that!

I feel so well and blessed. There is a committee being formed to see if we could do Restorative Justice for the woman who drove the getaway car...if she has to serve time maybe set her up in a house where she could keep her children and get lessons on how to make good decisions and how to parent. The concern is she does not know how to parent either...she would not have made that decision had she thought of the children. They are her first responsibility after all...

Mema Jo said...

Thank you for the fresh new thread, Steve.

C Johnson thanks for getting a quick resolution for the Leesburg
eaglet. Praying for excellent results

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good afternoon my eagle budlets. I am sad to report that my Lyttle Byt had to have an enucleation this morning (eye removed). I am really upset with the vet's office. When I initially took him in to have the cherry eye fixed (they said it was really simple to fix), I had specifically asked for Dr. Postle to do the surgery. When I picked Lyttle Byt and Tytun up, I saw that it was Dr. Phillips that did the surgery. A month later, here we are with no eye. They said it appeared to be some type of bacterial super bug and it was like his eye was melting. The cherry eye surgery was about 160 bucks. Now we are up to over $500. I know we will adapt. I have Tytun with only 1 eye and he does well. Just makes me sad that Lyttle Byt has had to suffer through all of this for the last month, only to lose his eye.

JudyE said...

MT nest still

JudyE said...

so sorry about the eye Sharon

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

I see some feetsies!

stronghunter said...

It is very sad, Sharon. Very sorry.

Glad that you were able to find help for the eaglet, smokefancj. I had suggested the Wildlife Center of Virginia on the previous thread, but sounds like you have things covered. This is the contact I found, just in case:

Wildlife Center of Virginia:

1800 S Delphine Ave, Waynesboro, VA 22980
(540) 942-9453

JudyE said...

sittin at walker ford waiting for my oil change to be done

JudyE said...

not positive what happened but the climbed in the BF nest and rescued a eagle

JudyE said...

home now That was so cool watching the RF rescue so funny when the guy put the eaglet back in the nest he reared back wings out LIKE GET BACK JACK sure wish I had snip on my lap top but I don't

I see nothing in our nest :-(

JudyE said...

Talked with Mary at Walker Ford and a BIG WIG that came to check out how they remodeled the waiting room
He walked through and I jumped up and asked are you Mr Ford LOL and he said sort of, I told him my idea that I have been trying to get going for years and he loved it Mary came out and said every corner she has turned no one has called her back and she wanted to know if I could get some info They are willing to but a night nice camera and get set up online but don't know how to begin I guess if I want this camera on line I have to help with it

I had them all there looking at the RF cam while the rescue was going on

JudyE said...

Here is a video that was on facebook of the RFnest.
RF nest eagle cam climbs up to get lil JUSTICE and untangle him from fishing line and he got banded also while doing it

JudyE said...

darn it our nest still look MT

Mema Jo said...

Amazing video of the crew who helped
remove the fishing line wrapped around the RF (River Farm) at
Leesburg VA - this is where
C. Johnson was referring....

Mema Jo said...

JUDY - I didn't read before posting - Maybe with 2 posts our bloggers will be sure to watch.....

JudyE said...

I sure hope that they can get help for the other eagle in PA that was on facebook Looks like its beak is rotten I posted video on my page a couple of days ago The Game Commission told the gal as long as he looked like he has been eating there is nothing they can do

JudyE said...

lot of pic on the RF facebook page in anyone wants to check it out The pic of them have it one the ground doing measurements and banding with a bracelet

JudyE said...

I see a talon on the live cam just threee toes

JudyE said...

I see a tad of a eagle in the top of the screen just a small bit
not picture worthy I think they are camera shy

Judie said...

Hello all.

I see a tiny bit of fuzzy butt and some greenery.

So pleased the River Farm eaglet was helped. Went by Leesburg today.

Shhhhhhh! Please don't send any words toward heaven and Lynn's room. She will NOT be pleased to know that Ashby Ponds is directly across from the Reskins practice field. Can look right over.

I was really very impressed. Darth, less so but I do think he's just decided on Solomon's Island. Ashby not as picturesque because it is only five years old with new construction underway for more residences. Needs trees, etc. We will return to an open house to look at more living options.

Shar, very sorry about Lyttle Byt losing the eye. Sad situation for you both.

JudyE, hope the truck's okay.

Late lunch. Probably no dinner needed.


JudyE said...

Justice the eagle at RF is a male from the measurements that they took today

JudyE said...

JUDIE just had to get a oil change on the old truck,

JudyE said...

the video I posted he is in the nest in the beginning so it them taking him down
This is the video of them putting him back not certain if its the same as JO posted but here it is I love it when the guy takes a pic of him and his wings go out for a better pic LOL lOL

JudyE said...

YEAH we have a eaglet in the cup area its Capt

Mema Jo said...

Check you Momster/Ddsters B-Day

9th Candy and Jim
13th Dana and Monte
17th Megan and Russ
30th Christie and Shannon

Mema Jo said...

Going to get ready for Jeopardy

Not sure of TV shows this evening

JudyE said...

WOW a amazing story When this Eagle found itself in a life-threatening situation, it was lucky enough that there were some kind humans around to save its' life."

Judie said...

Good, not problem with the truck.

Jo, Midsomer and 48 Hours.

Helped Darth pick up yard debris. Now for the last of Jeopardy.


Judie said...

Thank you for the anniversary reminders.

JudyE said...

nest is mt as it has been most of the day when I look at it

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

brought in big stick and placed on rail at 3

Mema Jo said...

Adult in nest - sticks and sticks
You think it is Shep

Mema Jo said...

Judie - I have seen Midsomer
Not sure what to watch..

I think I see one of the eaglets

JudyE said...

adult in

Mema Jo said...

Hope none of our eaglets get poked by that stick.


Sandi said...

Hi all. My school week is over - a 4-day weekend, even doing some not-fun things, is still a 4-day weekend.

Sharon, so sorry to hear about Lyttle Byt losing his eye.

Judie, glad the retirement community hunting was productive. I love Leesburg - sure wish Brian and Lynnis would sell their money pit house and move to the Leesburg area.

Jo, the sun coming out today did help my mood some.

Time for some mindless TV - goodnight all.

JudyE said...

Looks like PREZ in the cup so many dark feathers adult not in sight

JudyE said...

adult tucking in Prez

NatureNut said...

Good Evening Eagle Buds.
Shar, so sorry about Lyttle Byt's problems. So sad. But they do adapt well. Our Sammy had cataracts and as he got older the nose did a lot of work!
Saw our first hummer today. Had planted red salvias over the weekend in their window sill pot on deck railing. That's where she came, so got feeder out ASAP. She's one of those "hovercrafts" that never sits. I got 8 blurry pics. My Park eagle nest pics are blurry, too, but DID see a giant juvie and adult feeding it.
Assume everyone heard about Pax River flooding in Laurel and a few other places. WSSC opened all the locks on the Duckett Dam at 3AM! High Tides for sure! Wish I had pics of Park ramps.
Probably too far away for most, but Sunday, 12-4, there is a Raptor Festival at Meadowside Park in Rockville, MD.
Gotta split for awhile. Stubbed little toe + another in carpet and it's getting large! DUH

magpie said...

Good Evening, Eagle Pals....

Wish I could stay on longer and
comment on all the important
things in the posts....

but well, big surprise, I can't do that right now, but here's the old
standard: I CARE !!

When I get out of my "work tunnel" I'll try to be more chatty...

Amazing, all the accomplishments and doins' amongst us....

RED FRIDAY right around the morning corner....
God Bless Our Military, All the Time

Prayers for Wellness, All Around...

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo

Lynne2 said...

I'm BAAACK. Anyone miss me? Had a severe case of the digestive tract plague. Started Saturday morning. Finally able to eat almost a meal last night. YUK.


stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Have been running about getting some things taken care of. Hunter and I went to Home Depot and got more garden soil, some plants, mulch, and a hummingbird feeder. Hunter spotted a hummingbird this morning; that got me going.

Trying hard to pass as much info as possible on to Hunter. Today, we discussed why I will not be using the red mix that came with the feeder. Funny how he absorbs stuff--sometimes, it seems, against his will.

We also visited a tortie kitty at the pet store and wondered why tortie cats and black cats are not as easily adopted as others. He thought maybe we should get the tortie for Susan since she already has one.

So very glad that the eaglet got untangled from the fishing line. Thanks for passing on your concern, smokefancj.

stronghunter said...

We all know that you care, Margy. Bless you for what you do.

Of course we missed you, Lynne2.

stronghunter said...

A question--I bought some foxglove plants today. Then I started reading about them. I had thought they were poisonous, and learned I was right and some people think you should not plant them. What do you think? They are sitting on my porch in their pots right now. I could exchange them for something else.

stronghunter said...

Had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with Kathryn, Hunter, and some friends. It was a lively place.

stronghunter said...

I am thinking I might prefer hollyhocks to foxgloves.

Judie said...

Evenin' all.

Margy, we know you are busy and appreciate the time you can visit with us.

Shirley, foxglove is supposed to be poisonous. Not sure about Hollyhocks. Do a google search. Yes, Hunter is paying far more attention than what he wants you to know. Teens lol

Loweeeda, sorry about the stub. Hope it is better soon.

I also had seen the terrific orchid Midsomer so watched 48 Hours.

A couple of more retirement communities to visit. Then hope we can make a decision and begin to move forward. MHO the time to get off the pot is now.

Judie said...

Sandperson is finishing up packing his satchel and will be departing soon.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

My research--a woman wrote about having a foxglove seed pod explode in her face, making her very ill. It turned out she is allergic. It seems that foxglove is very poisonous. Did not find anything about hollyhocks being poisonous. I loved them when I grew them in Ohio. They came back year after year.

paula eagleholic said...

Evening all. Work going is better. Had some high water..but didn't have to drive through any of it.

Osprey landed in my tree with a big fish. got a pic...will share later.

Larry feeling pretty rough...

Gotta get caught up.

stronghunter said...

Time for me to say good night. Tomorrow morning should be calm--at least for awhile. Kathryn is going in to work late, as Hunter has a routine doctor's appointment she will be taking him to.

I also have a doctor's appointment for myself. It's the doctor with whom I had the prescription issues, and it is a good thing I am going in, as another prescription has gone missing.

Anyway, I will eventually return to the blog.

SED, everyone.

stronghunter said...

Sorry Larry is having problems, Paula. Prayers.

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all

See you in the sunshine tomorrow



Mema Jo said...

Prayers for Larry's health and for him to feel better as time goes on.♥

Lolly said...

Evening all! Watched Grey's and then AI. Now starting to fall asleep in my chair. Guess I best go put the pj's on!

Enjoyed working in the yard all day and going to do it again tomorrow. Beautiful weather but would really welcome rain.

Fritz family is having a hard time without Bosco. Know that in time hearts will heal but the boys are really taking it hard. First it was Izzabelly and now Bosco. They have not known life without them. Last night Joseph crashed. Bless his heart, he was trying to be tough.

Night all! SED!!

Hoda said...

I am in my flat.
Day went so fast and I think it is still Thursday!!!
Friday it is. Let me be the first to say good morning.
Had an awesome Thursday.
Very happy to be in my flat.
Sad JOSEPH is taking it hard.
Bless The Grand Children.
Praying for LARRY!
It is tough, without a doubt very tough!
Hang in there LARRY.
SHAR sorry for the loss of the eye. I agree with SHIRLEY though and am encouraged by her Luna's example.
Sounds good JUDIE. I think LYNN would have encouraged you to move close to her Redskins.

Enjoy Friday. I am hoping the Sandman understands I am in my flat!!!

Hoda said...

Are you awake yet?
Get a new GPS to Mr Sandman please!
He has no idea where I am and I have not yet seem him!!!
There is am expression and I can not recall it!
Not seem sight or sound of him???
Wide wide awake I am!!!
I have to be up in four hours!!!
Wake up!
A friend is asking for help!!!
Now who was the Redskins player that LYNN liked do much??? Are you dreaming of him and all the games you will watch fr your balcony???

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends!

Hoda dear, I hope you are sleeping - sorry to hear about the insomnia!

Lolly, tears came as I read your comment about the boys missing their dog. I am still missing ours as well.

Paula, prayers continue for Larry.

Lynne2, sorry about the bug but glad you're feeling better.

Gotta pack and get on the road to Baltimore. This will be partly a sad, "just keep moving" kinda weekend with some very happy mixed in. Can't tell you about the very happy part just yet ...

Have a good day all.

Janet said...

good morning.

feeling very sleepy. just wishing all a good morning and hopefully a good night to HODA.

light and love

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
Sandi, I will anxiously await your
'happy news' later on today or tomorrow.

Hoda I hear you crying out for sleep - Perhaps Sandman just can't keep up with you and your house sitting. I bet he was out at the lake house.

Shirley - Hope your face-to-face with your dr will resolve your lost prescriptions mystery. I think that I would walk out of there with a written script in hand to take to the pharmacy.

Mema Jo said...

I'm off to get my coffee and feed
the back deck critters. BBL

Mema Jo said...

Almost forgot - Red Friday
Support our troops until they all
come home ♥

Kay said...

Good RED FRIDAY Morning Eagle Buds !!! Yes, we must support them and pray they'll all be home from war zones in the very near future.

Prayers for PAULA's Larry, the Fritz family in their hour of need, SHAR's dear little pet and his human beings, SANDI and family in hopes that the "happy" far outweighs the sad....

HODA, hope the Sandperson finally found you !

Thanks to all who reported on and posted videos of Justice yesterday !

Judie said...

Good morning.

Saw two eaglets basking in the sunshine. Pin feathers very evident.

Paula, caring thoughts for Larry and that he feels better today.

Hoda, I hope by now you are soundly sleeping in you flat. I woke Sandperson and Sandperson says he went to Janet's early and got off schedule. Jufie appeared and offered to help. Sandperson is blaming Jufie and Jufie is no where to be found. Maybe Jo is correct -- too much activity?

Lynne2, glad you are feeling better.

Sandi, wishing all goes smoothly this weekend. Eagerly awaiting good news. Is Brian returning?

Shirley, have a good dr. chat. and hope Hunter has a good routine checkup.

Jo, enjoy your coffee and critters.

Headed out in a while to forage for vittles. Nice sunshiny day a breeze.

Wishing everyone a terrific Red Friday.

JudyE said...

Good Rainy Morning Eagle Buds.

One band after another of rain all morning

Kay said...



Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

I cannot believe my sister hasn't posted on the blog but she found an eagle's nest about 10 minutes from here right off of I-77. It has at least 2 eaglets in it. I will be going there tomorrow. :)

JudyE said...

Love that little tail feathers the eaglet are getting now That has to be Prez at the launch pad all the dark feathers I guess since Capt stole the show yesterday and is in hiding today its Prez turn today for the paparazzi

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

And the nest is in a sycamore tree. :)


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