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New thread.


PA Nana said…
No one here yet? Thanks Steve, will call the others.
Have a good day
Hoda said…
Thanks STEVE.
Thanks DIANN
Congratulations on the New Feather
PA Nana said…
Had to read back quite a bit to catch up. A chatty bunch to be sure and poor Lynne has bats in her belfry.

Will be back later, I hope.
Hoda said…
I am so amazed and can not get over this!
The youngest of the Dragon Boat Team is a woman in her thirties. She was in Alberta working the last few weeks.
She is a carpenter. Well on FB I started to see pictures from St Paul's Hospital in Vanvouver. Thinking a relation of hers took sick and was in the hospital I sent prayers and wishes for good health. She PMed me back that she has just donated her left kidney!!!
She thinks she will be back in Nelson on Thursday!
I offered to give her a ride back to Nelson as the airport is 45 minutes away from here in the next town!!!
Such an incredibly selfless thing to do!
I have no idea who she donated a kidney to!
This town is crazy like that. Another woman who is my age donated a kidney to a total stranger!!!
Sandi said…
Hi all!

Thanks Steve for the new thread and Diann for the call over!

Hoda, what a wonderful thing for your teammate on the boat to do! It's always good to hear good things to balance out the bad that constantly fills the news!

Lynnis gave me 2 dozen eggs from her chickens when we left on Sunday. Bought some other ingredients at the grocery store last night and am attempting to make 2 quiches for dinner. Wish me luck - this will be a first for me and I can screw up canned soup!! =)

Nest tree is currently MT.

Sandi said…
Oops, forgot to check the box!
JudyE said…


JudyE said…
LORI congratulations on the good grades

JudyE said…
got a little over another INCH of rain today
JudyE said…
Great news on the new nest JO when you get the link please share as a matter of fact I need to get in contact with WalkerFord and see what the scoop is on that nest in the tower if they are gonna do it

Hope Vet appt is ok
JudyE said…
I just emailed Mary at WalkerFord hope I hear something
JudyE said…
we have a 70% chance of rain tomorrow also then a break for two days and then another front This one is from the Gulf the West
JudyE said…
We almost had a baby born in Walmart but the paramedic got there in time to take her to the hospital Her water broke in the cereal isle
Sandi said…
There is an eagle in the tree!!
Lynne2 said…
I don't think amniotic fluid is appropriate with cereal.

Sorry to hear Jim is not doing well ANdy.

Lori, you go girl!

wow, how amazing that you team mate donated a kidney!!

Eveyone on FB, go check Susan Hill's page...she has a cartoon that is hilarious!


And as of 12:01am there will be only 90 days til Christmas!! WOO HOO!
JudyE said…
Just got back home and see EAGLE
JudyE said…
LYNNE2 is a tattle tell LOL
JudyE said…
lots of itches preening
JudyE said…
I got a email back from Mary
not promising this is my answer

""No we don’t. I don’t know who to contact to put a web cam up there."

Lolly said…
Lynne, you never fail to make me laugh!

JudyE said…



JudyE said…
got a good POOF pic this time
Sandi said…
YAY me - I just made 2 perfect ham/cheese/onion/broccoli quiches and they taste delicious! Even Denny - who told me as I was making dinner that he hates quiche - said it was delicious!

Just sayin' ...
Lolly said…
Yea, Sandi!! Quich is such a great dish and great for left over ham or such! Good for you!
grannyblt said…
Sandi, quiche isn't difficult if you have a good recipe.
Mema Jo said…
I have just arrived home - Thank you Steve for the fresh new Tuesday thread....

This is Terrific TV Tuesday
I have waited quite a while for this evening - 3 in a row for me!


BBL after my shows,...... ♥
grannyblt said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi, good job on the quiche....I love quiche.

Nick had a good day today.

Gotta call the heating guy about a small problem he found.

Tonight is paperwork nite.
JUDIE said…
Evenin' all!

Jufie is just so mean. Grabbed a handful of sleepy dust from Sandperson and threw it in my eyes. Sandperson says I will be asleep in just a few minutes but promises to depart at 11pm.

Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
Good evening . . .

Got home from the football game a little while ago. Hunter's team won 20-16. It's turning out to be a pretty good football season for the Spotsy Jets.

From what I have been reading, I think Lynne has bells in her belfry.

A wonderful and unselfish thing for your teammate to do, Hoda. The son of one of my friends had a kidney donated to him by a woman in his church.

Hope you get the heating problem taken care of quickly, Paula.

Congratulations on the quiche, Sandi.

PA Nana said…
Like Jo, this is Terrific Tuesday for tv and I'll be watching the same shows. Also like Chicago Fire but had to choose.

So saying my goodnights now. God bless everyone.
NatureNut said…
Good evening Eagle Buds! Had to tell you what I saw today at Park.
Was outside ready to get in car and saw the fastest vulture ever going over the building. Then between the trees atop river bank was another dark, fast bird, but had a white tail!!!!! I love the temperature now but won't mind falling leaves! ☺
stronghunter said…
Going to say good night as well. I don't think I have enough energy to watch TV, so I will get between the covers. SED, everyone.
JudyE said…
LORETTA sweet you saw a eagle today Love it when that happens

SHIRLEY game won Cool Beans

HODA stay warm and no more bad words or Queen Ding a ling Bells in the belfry.will behead you LOL
JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Hoda said…
Is the bad S word the white cold powder that fell on Balfour today?
I checked and I can not find another word that I could have been a bad word!!! For a while I thought maybe I spelt a word incorrectly but I am not seeing it...
Hoda said…
Awesome yoga class.

SANDI so happy that your cooking venture was a resounding success. BRAVO and good on you!!!

Very happy that you texted with JOSEPH and that he was well when he slept last night LOLLY.
Bless the Grand Children.

Hoda said…
PAULA I hope the little problem is fixable and that all is well in your home.
Very happy that NICK did well in day camp.
Yup, problem is fixable. Portion of floor where inside air handler for heat pump is rotten. Heating guy can fix it...I have new wood here for the floor. He thinks it leaked around the flue at some point, and the floor isn't in very good shape, but can be fixed OK>

LOL Hoda, yes that S word can be bad!

Oh, forgot to mention that I heard some loons last week, Thursday evening, right at sunset ♥
Been trying to send attachments through Yahoo email..having problems tonight...sometimes my connection here really sucks!

Well, gotta hit the hay, tomorrow is hump day!

SED, love and hugs for all ♥
Hoda said…
Loons have a magical call PAULA. Lucky you...
Mema Jo said…
Watched all 3 shows -
Off to bed I go..

Goodnight to all
Sweet dreams and pleasant sleep

I love us ♥
Lolly said…
Hi all! Spent the evening watching TV. Sorta vegged out. I had recorded last nights The Voice and I do enjoy that show.

We had to shut up the house today and turn the AC back on. Dern dern dern! However, it was pleasant enough on the patio (with a fan) this evening and we ate outside.

Time to start towards the bedroom. Tomorrow I get the do done, last minute cleaning and then cooking dinner for tomorrow evening. Sharon and Dan should get here in the afternoon.

Night all! SED!!!
Lynne2 said…
Good grief. State Police helicopter circling for the past half hour over our little idea what is going on. Probably and ax murderer on the loose. Probably NOT a good idea for me to have been outside watching.....
Lori said…
Good morning all!

SANDI, yay for you on the delicious quiche! I love quiche, but guess it's always scary making something new, huh? Fresh eggs, too. Yummy! How did your EKG turn out?

HODA, you saw S? Can't believe it's still September and S is falling. Keep your wool socks handy. Awesome story about your friend donating her kidney. Happy news always welcome here!

DIANN, so glad to see you on the blog! How are you?

GRANNY, nice of you to drop in. We have missed you. You don't have to do all that catching up, just know we want to know that you're okay and all is well in your world. You too, PANANA!

Missing DanaMO and her kinder stories.

PAULA, glad your heat pump/floor problem is fixable. I had a patch like that when I had my floors redone 10 years ago...guess when I get back there it's time to do it again! Much easier to do hardwoods when there is no furniture in the house.

Love to all...thinking of all of you, but my homework calls since I went to bed early last night trying to dump this cold.

Wishing everyone a great day with love and light, laughter and smiles!

Oh, got an 83 on yesterday's's test is on Nursing Care Plans, which is an RN job. URGH!

Sandi said…
Good morning Lori and all my eagle friends!

Lori, the gal who did the sonogram said it would take about a week for the results to get to my primary care doc. I fell asleep on the table. Today is a trip to the dermatologist to check for anything suspicious - I know I won't fall asleep this visit! He usually does several biopsies.

Cam page is just a gray blob.

Back in the classroom after 2 days of state testing - kids are doing OK so far. Will test again next Monday through Thursday and will hopefully be finished for this cycle.

Have a great day all.
stronghunter said…
Good morning!

Glad your heating problems are small, Paula.

My brother Jim posted pictures of "S" all over the mountaintops in Colorado.

Hi, Diann. Good to see you.

Good luck on today's test, Lori.
stronghunter said…
The stadium blanket came yesterday! There was a box on the front porch when I opened the door just before Kathryn and Hunter got home. She'd left work early for a routine teacher conference at Hunter's school, so they arrived home together early in the afternoon.

I have a picture of her all wrapped in the blanket at the game. :)
stronghunter said…
We had to make a quick stop at the sporting goods store for another pair of green socks on the way to Hunter's game.

He swears he put the socks in his drawer and they mysteriously disappeared. Maybe the evil Jufie has something to do with that.

But this is the same kid who was sitting in front of a plate with the remains of birthday cake on it yesterday morning and swore he'd not had birthday cake for breakfast. Does Jufie like red velvet cake for breakfast???
JudyE said…
Good Morning Early Birds
JudyE said…
The nest cam is all blue a pretty blue too
Janet said…
wednesday. good morning. sleepy this morning.

i was glad to see yesterday finish up. i think i was very overtired, but it ended up being a very stressful day. seems like people were just pushing my buttons.

i gave myself reiki and wored thru the stress. it wasn't raining so i went outside and piddled outside. that always helps.

went to bed early, and slept well.

i am off today. had cancellations, and this might be a good thing today.

chance of rain, i believe.

more good grades for lori!! wooot wooot!

hoda the amazing meets another amazing soul. like atracts like.

sandi is a chef; judye is thinking about deliviering babies (call lori for that one, pls)

strong hunter: i miss how bowling went?

and everyone else seems well. brain is foggy this morning. working on the coffee.

will check in later. light, love and hugs as you being your day!

JUDIE said…
Good morning.

Yes, Jufie loves Red Velvet cake anytime and no doubt was responsible for Hunter's declaration of innocence. As for the green socks, well...there's the mystery.

Have much school work today. Tried to speed read. See that Hoda used the "S" word and Paula can have repairs made and Lori got excellent test scores and everyone seems to be doing well except Lynne2 and her symptoms of schizophrenia.

Lovely day here. Cool, blue sky, and lots of sunshine.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Lolly said…
A quick GOOD MORNING! Off to get beautiful at the beauty shop! Thank goodness they have those shops!

I believe it about Lynne. Schizophrenia!! Hearing bells and helicopters!! It is all a plan to behead the queen!!!
Lolly said…
Whoops, that is all part of her schizophrenia....thinking she will be queen! Poor girl!
Hoda said…
JANET! Explain " piddled outside" please!!!
Am concerned!
Is that what one does when hiking in the back country and you have to go??? You go to the bush then you could say I piddled outside!
BUT you are in the city!!!
Was this the result of stress???
Sorry it was a stressful day. I put you in the Light when I noticed your post on FB

JUDYE is delivering a baby??? I missed something here

Back to reading
stronghunter said…
Okay, Jufie ate the cake and left the plate on the coffee table, but Jufie does not like green football socks, or at least did not take them.

That means there should be at least three pairs of green football socks somewhere in this house along with some blue ones, some orange ones, and goodness knows what else.

Piddle: pid·dledpid·dling

Definition of PIDDLE

: dawdle, putter
: urinate

According to Merriam-Webster

Well goodness, we do not know, do we Hoda?
stronghunter said…
Will not try to practice bowling today. Will at some point try to see the bowling pro shop people about some kind of wrist thingy. Since I had the bowling lessons, I have noticed more and more that the weight of the ball is bothering my thumb. I know there is arthritis there, and I know that influences how I hold the ball. Maybe some kind of brace will help.
stronghunter said…
I do not hear Lynne2's bells, but I do hear the almost constant "beep-beep" of Hunter's new cell phone.

Kathryn will not allow him to have it in his room at night. And she will not allow him to take it to school. He gets many messages from Josie and from his friend Ryan. This phone beeps constantly to tell him that he has messages waiting, so it only takes one message to set the thing off. Yikes!

Incidentally, Josie's mother lives in Martinsburg. She has invited Hunter to come to Martinsburg for Josie's birthday party. It is a nice invitation, but I think Kathryn has decided against it.

Hunter said he doesn't want to go unless his mom stays with him the whole time. Yeah. These kids are not ready for the dating scene, and it is just as well.

BEEP, Beep, Beep . . .
stronghunter said…
From what I have seen, the messages from Josie consist of a word or two, and I think the responses are just as short.
Hoda said…
The ringer on the cell phone can be turned off while he is not home SHIRLEY.
Hoda said…
I might not make October 1st as the date to close the window!
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon - another beautiful day...

Shirley - where did you post the pic of Kathryn and her stadium blanket.
Here on the blog you have 2 blogs - Nothing is on the first one but I only see your trip pics on the 2nd one. Maybe I am too fast! I put a pic on your FB page lol

I am waiting for Jenny to arrive with my Panera's soup. Really getting hungry.........
Mema Jo said…
Sandi I had a heart murmur but in recent years it can't be found. I guess I outgrew it.

Lori - keep up the fantastic school work that you are doing. You've been busy that I guess the weeks are flying by and soon you will be all done.
stronghunter said…
Yeah, Hoda. Think I am going to go find the phone and see what I can do. Finding might not be too hard.

BEEP, beep, beep.

This is not the ring that happens when he gets a call. Oh, that is something else indeed.

Last time I put it under a cushion and Kathryn sat on it. She discovered soon enough.
stronghunter said…
Haven't posted it yet, Jo. Have to get it from the phone first.
stronghunter said…
Saw the dryer lint pic, Jo. Yes green dryer lint would be a clue. Hunter was suspicious about what might be in the dryer as it was running when we were searching for the green socks.

He somehow seemed to think someone had sneaked into his room and removed the socks from his drawer and put them in the wash.

I definitely have better things than that to do with my time.
stronghunter said…
Beeping stopped. I think the battery has died.
Hoda said…
Not good news for a cell phone to have the battery die!!!
stronghunter said…
Well, that is a matter of opinion, Hoda. I do not mind when it is Hunter's phone.
Hoda said…
If drained frequently cell phone batteries suffer great damage and are costly to replace. They could be charged yes, but over time wear out. I had the experience and it cost me fifty dollars to buy a new battery. + tax of course !!!
stronghunter said…
Well, I do think I hear it again, so I will see if I can find it. Having an ocular migraine. Must take a break. Hard to see when this happens.
Hoda said…
43 degrees
Is that sleet I see?
Nah thick rain.
Off to bundle up for yoga.
stronghunter said…
Oh, Hoda. I hope not sleet. It is not time for such things.
Janet said…
HODA: piddled outside = in janet terminology:

to do small, menial tasks that require no thinking, just doing. such as weeding a flowerbed.
vacuuming the pool
painting something

Janet said…
i seem to have perplexed HODA twice ooops!

i do not tend to urinate outside, so that one is out.


gotta go get the kid.

hoda has "thick" rain...hmmmmmm

we have cloudy and humid.
and i am having personal tropical vacations (ie hot flashes)


later yall
stronghunter said…
Oh, good, Janet. I was worried. Also worried that you might be offended by the definitions I posted.

Well, there is thick rain and thin rain. Interesting. I do know about slushy rain that looks like it might be snow or sleet, or almost snow or sleet. I do not expect to see that here in Virginia for awhile.
stronghunter said…
Hot flashes. Oh, they are not fun. Know a lot about those.
Lolly said…
Do done, house dusted, shingles shot taken care of, food prep done for this evening...come on Sharon and Dan, give me a call and say you are here. They will arrive at the RV park, set up, and then call.

Menu tonight...Whole wheat linguine with Shrimp, bacon, and basil. A new dish that is really good. Having it with salad and French bread. No wine with dinner. Dan has a medical condition that restricts all alcohol. He used to drink wine, so we do not have a drink in front of him.
JudyE said…
HELLOOOO home from work and WOW
we got 3 inches of rain while I was at work Should be the last day we have a lo heading our way dry lo .
SHIRLEY you can also change the beep to NO reminder or set a different time I think mine is every hour I had none but missed some of Angie calls

HODA a gal broke her water in the cereal isle at work no baby paramedic came in the nick of time

JudyE said…
SHIRLEY YOU can also delete the one blog that has nothing on it I saw where JO mention it

just had to go run and turn the tea off was boiling over my stove YUK now I have another mess to clean up
JudyE said…
79° after the rain today 85% humidity and 72° dew point feels like 82° nice compared to the 90°s in the past
Mema Jo said…
Had a good robust soup and grilled cheese for our evening meal.
Grandson stopped by - on his way to beach house until Sunday.

With new season TV shows there are some I haven't yet decided to watch.
I always watched Criminal Minds but now for some reason I dislike them at times.

BBL this evening.
Mema Jo said…
BTW - Another birthday - this one is for grandson-in-law Patrick
On FB last name is Thompson. This is Christine's hubby.

Prayer request for healing - sister-in-law Bonnie Lennox - she had a cornea transplant today down at the Wilmer Eye Clinic. They send you home and then you drive back again tomorrow to be checked - they are about 1 1/2 hrs away. ♥
Lynne2 said…
Bob is on the wrong thread! Here is what he just posted.

Hey all! Just checking in. FYI – I had successful left hip replacement surgery yesterday. I should be going home tomorrow. I'll check back in after I get settled in after a few days. Everything went great!

Lynne2 said…
evening all....

I have piddle outside, hiking, camping etc.

One day, Steve and I were at the lake. It was fall, leaves off the trees. Easy to scope around to see if anyone nearby. Steve stayed with the dogs on the shore, I casually walked into the woods, too a good look, decided I was alone and did my thing.

As I was walking out, I see Steve making subtle head jesters back to the woods, so I sorta looked out of the side of my eyes as I was walking.

Up in a tree stand were two hunters.

JudyE said…
EAGLE in the attic
Lolly said…
I remember that! They were just watching The Queen!
JudyE said…
two one just flew in above nest
JudyE said…
didn't see where he went but was on the branch below Belle I took a snip but didn't see him
Sandi said…
Hi all! Have been working on an IEP with the cam page up and saw one eagle land in the tree. Then I thought I saw the wings of the other eagle fly into the tree but now I can only see one. Maybe the other is there but hidden by leaves and branches.
Sandi said…
Glad you saw it too, Judy!
Sandi said…
Nice to see them both coming to the nest - an encouraging sign as we head into fall! =)
JudyE said…
Good News BOB that it went well
JudyE said…
and SANDI I also saw the other eagle land on the branch half way down I didn't see go in the nest I took a pic and didn't see where went
JudyE said…
I also have the cam on zoom for better snips and don't get to see all the tree with nest or top of nest
JudyE said…
eagle looks down to nest area HMM I wonder
JudyE said…
wow just on the news the military has a F16 that flies by remote from the ground like a drone
JudyE said…
cool that we had a eagle in the attic this am and tonight
JudyE said…
snail mail may be going up 3 cents Jan if its approved
JudyE said…
they just said on the news also Starting to reveal some on Obama care 328 will be the average persons monthly payments and that would be a high deductible was on Fox suppose to cover more in the am
JudyE said…
EAGLE just flew out of the nest to the right
Lynne2 said…
TEACHERS!!! Can anyone tell me about the "core curriculum" ??
Mema Jo said…
I'm probably not the Teacher you want BUT CORE Subjects are
math, English, history and science. ... so important to keep academic grades under control in the early years of high school.

We had core subjects in Junior high .

Mema Jo said…
Bob - you are going to be walking circles around me...... Thankful for you successful surgery ♥
Hoda said…
Prayers JO. Eye surgery and moving around in a car is arduous.

Prayers BOB glad the surgery went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

LYNNE each State has a list of core subjects. The must do and pass subjects to advance to the next level. Reading writing and arithmetic with science thrown in for good measure. Social Studies is usually considered a core subject too. It is part of the credit system. To get enough credits to graduate high school you also have to take elective courses.
All courses have a prescribed course of study curriculum.

I knew about the woman in cereal isle JUDYE. I forgot though. Sorry.

Thank you JANET. I sometimes confuse easily.
You all are great sports.

Two layer clothing day today... Two coats gloves too.
I think the boots might come out before October.

Thick rain is rain that is heavy and you see it falling in large drops. Could have been sleet. Not white enough.

Good yoga class.

Today is the last Wednesday Market.
Dairy Queen, yes we have one to my utter horror, has an ice cream sale sign up. Getting ready to close this weekend. Two signs that Nelson is settling in for the winter. Did see a group from Vermont at the market though. Music to my ears how easterners speak.
Lori said…
Sounds like a fun day was had by all on the blog...except for LYNNE2 who is having visions of hunters in tree stands dance through her head.

JUDY, you were lucky the lady did not have her baby in the store. Bet it was exciting.

JANET, glad you made it through your stressful day and without urinating outside!

Very funny, HODA. You are a hoot!

LOLLY, dinner sounds scrumptious. Have your guests arrived?

SHIRLEY, no bowling practice today.
Can't wait to see the pic of Kathryn and your new stadium blanket. Lands End or forget the name of the other outdoor wear store?

SANDI, how did your doctor appointment go? Did you have a lot of biopsies done? We want the full report. Love you!

Speaking of love you...KAY & JO!!! How are you two doing? I think you two should have the titles of Queen 1 and Queen 2. Big Hugs!

PAULA, are you a full fledged beach resident yet? I'm so happy for you with your new job and home!

Guess what? I get the day off tomorrow - sort of. It's skills testing for 8 of the girls at school, so the rest of us are expected to work at home, but I already have the assignment done! YEEEEEHAH!

Of course, there's plenty I could do tomorrow and will have to do some work in order to keep up.

Don't have the results of today's test, but boy was it a long one, 90 minutes! 70 questions and writing a nursing care plan. Holy cows! Glad today is over.

Soon it's off to bed. Sweet dreams all.

Sandi said…
Lynne, my guess is you are referring to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), since that term is all over the news. In a nutshell, the CCSS is the latest nationwide educational bandwagon. The last one was No Child Left Behind (NCLB), which was George W. Bush's baby.

In theory, CCSS is the US's latest attempt to prepare our kids for college and careers and to keep our education system competitive with other first world countries, since we are falling farther and farther behind. In practice, it's the latest PIA for teachers!

CCSS is an attempt to standardize what all kids in every single state in the US of A should be learning at a given grade level. So, if Johnny is an 8th grader living in Horse Heaven, WA who is learning how to apply the Pythagorean Theorem in his math class, and he and his family move to Pickensville, AL, he can rest assured that he'll still be learning how to apply the Pythagorean Theorem in his new school. Hence the name - state standards of education that are core to any child's education and common from state to state.

Some parents across the country believe that CCSS is dumbing down education just like they believe NCLB did, and they are speaking out - loudly- about it, like the parent who recently got himself arrested in MD for speaking out at a Board of Ed. meeting. Don't ask me my opinion of it - I really don't have one yet (it's just starting to kick in this year), except to say that it is creating a whole lot of work for teachers b/c, once again, a bunch of folks who have never set foot in a classroom, are trying to tell us how to do our job better.

So Lynne, aren't you glad you asked???

Have done 4 hours of school work this evening - had to write an entire IEP for a new student and have it ready to go into effect on Friday, meaning it has to go home to the parents tomorrow. Just found this out at the end of the day yesterday!

Gonna chill out and watch some TV. Goodnight all!

Sandi said…
Hi Lori, you posted while I was typing my CCSS explanation! The dermatologist biopsied 2 small spots on my thigh and one on my back - MTBR! Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

OK, now I'm outta here for real! Goodnight!
Lynne2 said…
Thank you Sandi!

That IS what I was talking about...
Janet said…
good evening al1!

STRONGHUNTER: i am not easily offended. it takes a LOT more than that to offend me... lol. but thanks for caring....

HODA: its not a problem. i just forget not everyone uses the same collequilisms as we do here in the mid south....

glad medical procedures have gone well for all...and glad MS LORI; the grand and marvelous nursing student gets a DAY OFF! my thoughts..........CHILLAX!

i did a lot of that early today. i did get olivia off to school...i read my book (JOURNEY OF SOULS), which btw, is fascinating! and, tom and i snoozed and relaxed.

i felt so much better when i woke up. i did a few more little things arond the house, but very few.

i did sit on the front porch and start sketching out what i think will be my final tattoo...want to get it right about my 50th bday in jan.

neighbor came over and we porch sat together, enjoying the late afternoon warmth....

made chili for dinner. haven't made that since late spring. it isn't really cool enough yet, but wanted some just the same. love to add fritos, cheese adn sour cream...frito chilli "pie". yummmo. made cheesecake brownies for dessert.

all right dear and sweet friends....light and love to all. Survivor is on! (((hugs))))
magpie said…
Good Evening Eagle Pals...

Gee, this old gal cannot keep up from work,nor from home...much...
but I see a lot of chitty chat and that is good to see friends keeping
in touch

Well, take care, everyone...
Healing Hugs and Prayers sent Bob Q's way....
wow left hip replacement....

and for Bonnie Lennox with the cornea transplant,

and Happy Birthday Wishes to
Sgt Patrick !


magpie said…
and I know there are other
Healing needs....I have those
going in my prayers too

xoxox ttfn

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
Evening, all!

Another lovely fall day!

Watched an eagle soar over the water at work!

Work is going really well! Learning more and more each day...and there is so much to learn! I know nothing about how a hospital operates. Very interesting!

Work on the heating is just going fine...he thinks he'll be done tomorrow.

Nick enjoyed day camp and his walk on the beach. He was out barking at the new heat pump, LOL. He always notices things that are different!

Glad you have a day off, Lori.

Shirley, guess the sock monster has been eating Hunter's socks!

Hoda, had to LOL at the "piddle" :)

I have a night off...going to relax!
Janet, I piddle around, too :)

Bob, a new hip! Wow! Congrats, and best wishes for a speedy recovery!
Talked to John this evening...John and Ajay are doing OK...they have their moments and are working through them. Made some suggestions, and suggested he ask the therapist about my suggestions. They are both still doing individual counseling.

Everything is good with the house in Eburg...John has been sending me my mail and watering the remaining plants. It's been so dry, the yard doesn't need mowed.
magpie said…
Totally good to hear about
"the kids" Paula...hope they will be able to keep working on things and making foreward progress...
and also to read of everything going so well for you, and Nick!
Happy Woof Woofs to my pal...
JUDIE said…
Jo, add my happy birthday wishes to those for Patrick and my sincere wishes for a speedy full recovery for Bonnie

Healing thoughts for Bob Q. He'll be better than ever and taking lots of pictures soon.

Paula, glad John and Ajay are still trying. Wish them success. Happy the repairs/heat pump are near completed. So happy you are enjoying the new job.

Lori, glad you get a day off sort of. Enjoy. Bet you aced yet another test.

Janet, glad you had a restful day of relaxation without having to piddle outside.

Sandi, your school requirements are a big reason why I prefer teaching wannabes. I admire you.

I see that Lynne2 is having even more bizarre hallucinations - men hiding in a tree watching her piddle. Medication might help.
magpie said…
Saying Nighty-night, Precious Pals

Oh, Hi Judie !

Prayers for Wellness, All Around...
my prayer jar is bulging at the seams

God Bless Us,
Every One xox
JUDIE said…
Well, Jufie is not much different than a teen boy. Inquired about the icing and cake crumbs on his face and he denied all knowledge. Said he must have been attacked by a plate of red velvet cake. Jufie has been banished to the hall closet.

Sandperson has filled a satchel with sleepy dust and will depart at 11pm. Mentioned something about being happy Hoda has warm clothing waiting.

Restful sleep for all.
grannyblt said…
I just watched Criminal Minds. I too am looking interest. Lately it has just been very bizarre
Mema Jo said…
Good late evening - Paula you said it correctly so that nothing is misunderstood

We piddle around the house, around the yard but always Around.

Mema Jo said…
Sandi you will know all about this

Just got a call from Aaron around 9:30 out on Coastal Highway from a convenience store's parking lot - Val accidentally ran up over the curb going in and the oil pan is cracked! Tow truck took the car over towards Bishopville and then Joe the tow truck driver took them to the house! Val says we are going to have a very quiet weekend at the house. They can walk to Harris Teeter I guess. I don't have bikes at the house - I've always wanted one or two.
Mema Jo said…
Well, that was my evening's excitement I am headed in to the 11:00 news. I did NOT watch Criminal Minds but I did watch a murder mystery.

Everyone have a good sleep once the sandman arrives and pleasant dreams.

Prayers for all of us and our needs ♥
Jo lots of bike riders down here..I was thinking I should have a bike here too

SED love and hugs for all <3
stronghunter said…
A lot going on tonight for everyone here.

Watched Survivor with Kathryn and then I watched Law and Order.

Football practice tomorrow evening. Hunter is coming along quite well with football. Next game is against his old coach's team.
stronghunter said…
Not sure why, but I had two incidents of ocular migraine today. First time that has happened twice in one day, and the first time I've had it happen when I wasn't using the computer.
stronghunter said…
Hmm, I don't think I will ask Hunter about Jufie. He already thinks his grandma might be a little crazy.
stronghunter said…
Best wishes, Bob. I haven't yet found your post, but lots of references to it.
stronghunter said…
Yawning and my eyes are tearing. Must stop. Herd to see with tears in my eyes. SED, everyone.

Never did find Hunter's cell phone. Might mention the cell phone stuff to Kathryn tomorrow. She can turn it off before she leaves for work. glad to turn that job over to Mom.
Hoda said…
Went to the coop meeting.
Some good plans for keeping my store healthy.
I like how deliberate they are.

Still raining here. Closed the window!!! Too cold as it is now low forty. I have a heater on!!! Not the thermostat though!!!
Not yet.

Good night to all

God Bless Us All.
Lori said…
Good Thursday Morning All!

HODA, does it always get so cold around this time of year there in Nelson? Sock weather for sure!
We have had some cold mornings here, too. Daytime temps this week sunshine and 72...very nice! I'll take it.

MARGY, happy to see you on the blog last night. How are you doing? Sorry the computer fritzed on you.

SANDI, thanks for your biopsy update. Prayers that everything comes back normal. Great explanation on the new school program and testing. Thanks! How is Bandit doing? Have you heard from Brian?

PAULA, you make me smile. I am so happy for you and Nick. :)

JANET, thanks, I will "chillax" today, a little. Hope you have a wonderful day and not too many massages.

JO, we'll have to find you some bikes for the beach - that is one of the fun things to do there.

JUDYE, Happy day off! Enjoy yourself. Do you get any time with Jordyn today?

JUDIE, are you at the big school house today? Hope you have a
wonderful day.

SHIRLEY, I laughed at the green lint in the dryer clue. That's pretty obvious. Maybe you should Jufie-proof your house, though I don't know how you would do that.

Guess I should get a move on this morning if I plan to be able to enjoy a nap and get rid of this cold. So thankful for a day at home without a certain stress inducing teacher!

Love you all. Bless you with a bright, sunny, warm day full of love and light, laughter and joy.

Big Hugs for everyone.

Sandi said…
Good morning Lori and all my eagle friends!

Jo, let me know if you want me to deliver 2 bikes to the beach house for the weekend! We could easily do that for Aaron and Val - seriously! At least it's a Thursday and the garage will be open today and tomorrow. Maybe the car will get fixed quickly?? How's Marvin doing???

Paula, I love that you're loving your new life!

Lori, I hope a day of rest puts a big dent in that cold of yours!

Nest tree looks MT though the picture is barely visible right now.

I heard Bella throw up during the night - figured I'd clean it up later (once it's on the floor, it's on the floor, right??) When the alarm went off, she didn't bounce out of bed and gallop to the stairs. I had to carry her outside to pee. She is laying in my lap very quietly, trembling, doesn't seem at all hungry. Oh dear.

Make it a great day all!
Lori said…
Goodness, SANDI. Hope Bella is going to be okay, pronto!
Janet said…
good morning.

i swear this grandma doberman of mine makes my heart skip a beat on purpose sometimes!

she did her deep sleep thing again...he puppy tried to wake her to no avail and even me shaking her didn't' work at first. ugh ...
i know at some point it will be the end, but in the meantime, these scares are difficult starts to the day!!!

foggy morning here.

i realized i wasn't completely honest the other day and this may be a TMI (too much information), BUT when we go boating sometimes i do piddle outside! hey if others can own up, so can i!! lol. but typically, it is the other definitaion.....doing menial tasks.

LORI: enjoy your mental break day! chillax!

although i wouldn't mind another chillax day, part of me is gladto get back to work! :) last i checked on tues i had 4 lined up for today. we shall see if that remains true when i get there....

i did some "work" to my computer last night, deleting some programs, running scans and such and now the typing cannot keep up with my finger speed. hmmmmmm.

so please over look typos.

all right, time to get a moving.

light, love, hugs and smiles to all!

Lolly said…
Good morning! My apologies for not getting on and saying goodnight! Did not even shut down for the night!

We had a great time with Sharon and Dan. So good to see them. Expecting them here soon. Going up to Fort Worth to TCU and the TCU bookstore. Always a fun place to shop!! Dan has a meeting and dinner tonight so just Sharon will be with us.

Sandi, do hope Bella is going to be okay. Scary!

Paula, I do believe you have the ideal job. To be at work and see eagles soar over the water!! How could it possibly be better!!
Lolly said…
When we go to the beach I wish for a golf cart. LOL That seems to be "the thing" to have. A lot of the RV people have them at the park where we go, however you have to own it, can not have a rented one there. Boo Hiss!
stronghunter said…
Good morning.

Having a second cup of coffee this morning. Slight headache. Sometimes coffee helps.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning all
Off to get my flu shot

BBL to read and comment
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Just typed a long post and lost it. Let's try it again.

Just checking in to let you know I am still alive.

Been testing the waters on the dating scene but not much happening right now. You never know until you try.

Mattie Jane has been quite sick with stomach issues. She lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks. She is being referred to a pediatric GI specialist in Charleston. Not sure of when the appointment is. They have her on medicine right now that may be helping the symptoms. Prayers requested and appreciated.

Justin has been staying here since June and I guess is permanently living here. Now to find him a job. :)

T-Bird is doing much better.

Andrew and Kelsey are moving into their own apartment next weekend. It is The Presidio in Cross Lanes. The Presidio It is a beautiful place. I pray they are not taking on more than they can handle.

My health is getting better. I just had a sleep study and will find out the results on October 7. I have been trying to walk about 3 miles a day as often as I can. I have decided that I am not going to lie down and let life pass me back. Don't give up on me, I'm about to come alive.

stronghunter said…
So nice to hear the good news, Sharon. :)
Lolly said…
Yea Sharon! Keep up the walking, you are going to be feeling great!!
Mema Jo said…
Have returned from Flu shot and have eaten lunch.

Sharon thanks for coming here and giving us your update! ♥

Kids at OC have rental car on their insurance....But I was so touched by Sandi's offer to deliver them bikes.
Such a great place to have friends on this blog. Such a very heartwarming gesture.
JudyE said…
OOPS forgot to say goodnight last night and good morning this am Stayed up late and slept in this am No Jordyn time today Still have to do my new desk Just don't want to have to deal with disconnecting and reconnecting all them wires that look like a spaghetti mess behind this desk YUK any volunteers to come over and do it for me LOL
JudyE said…
that is so cool of SANDI to offer the bikes up
JudyE said…
One of the dolphins at Clearwater Marina has died Panama died of old age she was about 40 in the wild they live to 25 so she lived along time
Ms Bookworm said…
I had a nice long post written, then the blogger cop asked me to sign in AGAIN, and I got dumped out of here, and my post got lost.

Just know that I've added several to my prayer list, and you're all on my mind!

Let's see if I can manage to get this posted!
Ms Bookworm said…
Wow, it worked, and I wasn't asked to sign in again, either. Go figure.

JudyE, that's a very long life for a dolphin! I have always had the impression that they don't live as long in captivity as they do in the wild. Guess I've been mistaken!

Well, gotta take care of the laundry. Later, alligators!
stronghunter said…
Good afternoon,

Practiced bowling. Still having problems, but decided to try a little longer before resorting to a brace.

Will be taking Hunter to football practice in awhile.

stronghunter said…
Good afternoon,

Practiced bowling. Still having problems, but decided to try a little longer before resorting to a brace.

Will be taking Hunter to football practice in awhile.

stronghunter said…
Sorry about the double post. Half afraid to delete it because I don't want to have to sign back in.
Hoda said…
Sorry posts are being lost and people are having to sign in. Wonder what is happening.
Quiet day for me. Going cooking Greek Food this evening.
My head hurts presently. I think it is my sinuses.

Glad the children have a car JO. Very generous SANDI.

Glad you are having a good time with your sister and her hubby LOLLY.

Hoda said…
SHIRLEY hope the brace helps.

LORI enjoy your day. What will you do?

PAULA bless them. Counselling takes courage and is very helpful.

Mema Jo said…
Report from SIL about her cornea transplant - All went very well - she is home and she isn't uncomfortable. God is good and thank you for your prayers!

Lori said…
Hi everyone.

Got a nap and some homework done, so I'm feeling fine.

Did Dad's blood pressure this morning...will do Mom's vitals when she gets back from delivering soup to an elderly friend going through a rough time. I have to do vital stats on 10 different people for a homework project. Mom will make it halfway. Though I would then meet them at their camping trip on Saturday and do my relatives to finish it up!

Talked to my head doc twice today. He's giving me a new Rx since one of my prescriptions came up on my drug test for clinicals. Funny that a hospital would have a problem with me being on a pill that makes me better! Anyhow, I will go off that and switch to a pill that is in a different class of medication. Have been on the other meds for 10 years so going off them will not be easy. So happy there is a solution...well, a hopeful solution. Please say prayers that it works for me.

I love you all soooo much!

SHIRLEY, don't give up on bowling practice. Try the brace. It may help. It's a day of changes. :)

So nice to hear from Sharon. Prayers for Mattie Jane. Still miss our T-Bird.

Have not seen Wanda on in a long while. Has anyone talked to her? MARGY? Do you know if all is well for WANDA?

Supposed to go out to dinner tonight and to the pharmacy - wow, life in the boonies. Have about 5 restaurants to choose from, and not all of them are good. lol

Big hugs for everyone and your four legged friends. :)

Mema Jo said…
I hope your dinner company will make up for 'not so good' food, Lori.
Changing meds that you have been on for a while isn't always easy - hope you have no side effects and you wean off of them plus wean on to the new ones. Glad you are freed up for the evening from studying or making flash cards.
Mema Jo said…
Decided on Ham, green beans and sweet potatoes for dinner. Almost time to start........

Hoda said…
Good report LORI.
Prayers continue.

Also very glad to see SHAR posted and hope it all goes well for everyone in her household.
Be careful with the internet? dating. I am concerned but trust you know what you are doing.

You are amazing that you take the flu shot JO the two times I took it I was very sick all winter!
The shot itself also made me sick.
grannyblt said…
Lori, we ate at Punxy Phil's when I was in your town earlier in the week. Waitress and owner were nice, food was all right but not stellar. Have any suggestions for my next visit?

Hope your med change works out.
JudyE said…
I see two eagle in the tattic as I walk in
Kay said…
Good Evening Eagle Buds !

SHAR, so good to hear from you---wishing you well on the dating scene and with your health. Prayers for Mattie !

LORI, hope the med switch works out okay---what a bummer !

HODA, are you allergic to eggs ? I've taken the flu shot every year since they first came on the market and have never had a bad reaction. Just got my last on on Tuesday.

SANDI, hope Bella is showing signs of improvement by now. You are such a gracious and generous person ! JO is so right about the wonderful, heartwarming group we have on this blog. I still tear up when thinking of all the kindnesses you all provided during my dark days of yore !

SHIRLEY, don't fight it. Back in my bowling days there were several gals who wore braces with great success. Good luck !

PAULA, I love reading about the good times in Paradise and do wish your dear kids well as they try to work things out !!!!

Hmmmm, JO, that dinner sounds scrumptious ! I'm having a low energy day and think I'll make do with tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich this evening.

Love and prayers for all !


Hoda said…
No KAY I am not allergic to eggs.
It seemed to have taken the life right out of me... Strangest feeling I have ever had. My doctor did not bother to offer it this year as I had said no several times.!

Sandi said…
Hi all - just got home from my nail appointment and opened the cam page to see 2 eagles sitting high in the nest tree - what a lovely sight!!
Sandi said…
Jo, glad to hear that the cornea transplant went well for your sister-in-law. Sweet that Val's insurance covers a rental car. We found out the hard way when the Jeep raidiator burst in Norfolk that Sate Farm's rental coverage only covers a rental car if/when you have an accident - NOT when you break down!

Lori, good luck with the meds switch!

Shar, great to see you on the blog! Please tell Thelma that I miss her in the mornings!

Lolly, enjoy the visit with your family!

Heating up the second quiche I made the other night - easy dinner! YAY!

Watched Criminal Minds last night and I agree, the episodes are getting more and more bizarre. I'm happy that the DVR is starting to fill up with new shows to watch!

Bella is somewhat better but still not herself. I think she ate Bandit's dinner AND her own last night. Bandit takes several meds for various things and I mix them in with his food so, in essence, she was drugged with meds she's not used to taking. Hopefully she'll be fine by tomorrow. She hasn't thrown up any more today but boy, did I have a mess to clean up this morning when I went into our room and turned on the light after Denny got out of bed - dog pee, dog poop, and dog puke! And I stepped in the puke! Oh, the joys of pet ownership!!

Later all!
Hoda said…
Oh SANDI how awful!
I am sorry I would not be able to do it!!!
Maybe this is why I don't have a pet!
Mema Jo said…
Good to see both members of our Royal Couple sitting in the Sycamore.

Kay, yesterday was my veggie soup and grilled cheese Enjoy yours!
JudyE said…
SANDI so sorry about the dog food issue and happy things are turning out


grannyblt said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said…
Sandi - even though the messes happen we just can't love them any less ♥ Marvin is doing better - still can't handle anything but soft
foods. However hubby cuts up real fine the thin sliced ham - He loves that. Vet said to feed him Yogurt but he doesn't want any part of that.

Going out to check out my car - grandson needs it for about 2 days to get himself to his overtime work hours.

JudyE said…
Hoda said…
An unexpected trip to the airport tomorrow. The dragon Team mate who donated a kidney is flying to Castlegar tomorrow and needed a ride to Nelson.
So I will go get her in the morning and then go to yoga.
Hoda said…
Oh JO my comment to SANDI saying I could not do that was not about loving them less. It was just dealing with my own limitations. Of course the Fur Friends need to be loved completely.
Sandi said…
Hoda dear, you have no limitations! I have absolute faith that, if you had to clean up after a dog that you owned and loved, you could and would do it! Good on you for helping out your unselfish friend!

Bella ate her dinner and Bandit ate his. Fingers crossed that all food stays inside the dog and not on the floor!

I think I'm going to overdose on TV this evening so I will say goodnight early. See y'all in the AM - one more day til the weekend for me!
JudyE said…
OH MY OH MY Just on the new a man is growing his new nose on his for head and I guess this has happend before with ears and noses wow

man grows nose on forehead was just on the news
Wow the weekend is almost here! time is a flying.

Gorgeous sunset here tonight.

Eating and catchin up.
Bob Quinn said…
I'm home! If I say something stupid it's the oxycodone talking. :-)

Doing well. Using a walker but still pretty limited. Only supposed to go up and down the stairs once a day but looks like I will break that rule on my first day. Supposed to get my first in home physical therapy visit tomorrow. Got some PT in the hospital, they had a mock car and stairs to practice on and I have a sock put'er on thingy and a grabber. It was the left hip and I got a Striker titanium hip replacement.
Bob Quinn said…
That would be stryker, not striker.
Oh, a sock puter on thingy, to help you put your socks on! Cool. We'll over look things for now, Bob :-)
Mema Jo said…
Wow Bob - you sound great - glad you are home - do take it cautiously easy

Whoa Hoda - I really hadn't read your comment to Sandi -

BTW Bob Don't let your furry felines trip you up with your walker!

Checking out TV

Bob Quinn said…
Yeah Paula - It's magic. You pull the sock over this curved piece of plastic with ropes atached, lay it on the floor and stick in your toes and then pull it up your leg till the plastic pops out and voila you are socked! :-)
Hoda said…
Great post Bob.
Welcome home.
Titanium hip... The blog has got its own Bionic Man!!!
Take it easy and do not break many rules.
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