Friday, September 13, 2013


Front is through, beautiful day.  TGIF thread.


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stronghunter said...

Well, Jim reported that there is a new thread, but he hasn't posted on here yet.

stronghunter said...

Thanks for the new thread, Steve and for the call-over, Jim.

Judie, I posted a link in response to your question on the previous thread. Lots of information there.

stronghunter said...

I have been watching the events in Colorado. Wow! A Facebook friend in Boulder posted a couple of pictures of flooding that prevented her from getting to work this morning.

Someone in the Rocky Mountain National Park is calling for help because they are snowed in.

Hoda said...

Prayers for Colorado.
SHIRLEY share the feather with JIM I would say.
Why do you think you crossed paths with the murderer inSilva case? Did I understand that correctly?

Praying for JACK'S test results.
Keep us posted LOLLY

Off to yoga and meetings this morning.

Happy Friday the 13 and if you see a black cat before noon say an incantation!

Hoda said...


stronghunter said...

Several reasons I think we crossed paths, Hoda:

I talked with a checker at my local grocery store who remembered him being in that store.

He was stalking the daughter of a friend and fellow teacher in Culpeper. I have been to this friend's house.

The Silva girl lived quite near me and very near the house Tom and Kathryn lived in about that time.

Mema Jo said...

Good Red Friday morning to all ♥

It is soooooooo beautiful outside today - I turned off the AC and opened the windows and doors and
Every last one of the stink bugs wanted to come in my house

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - you know how to split feathers - right?

Prayers for all those in CO faced with this disaster of nature.

I need to go over to the last thread and read morning comments.

Thanks Steve for giving us this fresh new thread - Enjoy your weekend

Mema Jo said...

Today is Miracle Michael's 51st birthday! I am so thankful God is looking over his daily endeavors.

stronghunter said...

Keep those stinkbugs out, Jo!!

I can split a feather with Jim. But where is he? He needs to come claim his half. :)

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Michael!!

stronghunter said...

Finally got a hummingbird picture I will try to post...Will stepped out on the back porch the other day and got scolded by a hummingbird who wanted to get a sugar fix.

JUDIE said...

Good afternoon.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread. Have a wonderful weekend. How cool Jim showed up to share a feather with Shirley.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MIRACLE MICHAEL ♪♫ Best looking 51 year old guy I know. Hope the day is an outstanding one for him.

Speaking of the Family Lennox, thanks Jo for clarifying the picnic confusion. Hmmm, may have to change my name to Lennox. I like picnics.

Looking to hear from Lolly with good news about Jack and Lori about her school day.

Shirley, thank you for the link to the Silva case. Have a friend looking into whether that was all or if there is a video or other source of information. Also happy your hummers are happy. Oh, and yes, you stubbed your toe in the dark and seemed appropriate to provide a night light. Ah, the memories.

Jo, sorry about the stink bugs. Only two here, so far. Guess they all heard about Mema Jo and headed for WV.

Wow, Jerry showed up also. Sorry about the health problems for you and your mother-in-law. Glad you both are on the mend.

Got my "do" did. Going to point my toes toward the ceiling. Pasghetti and salad tonight to celebrate the cool weather. THANK YOU CANADA!

Ms Bookworm said...



Golly, Shirley, I sure hope your Colorado family is still OK! The coverage on this morning's news was unnerving! Prayers for the whole situation!

Judie, I do remember when Shirley stubbed her toe in the dark! The night light was a welcome improvement!

Good to hear from Jim on the other thread, but he hasn't been on this one yet. Where are you, Jim?!

Well, it's supposed to be 88 here today, but the humidity is supposed to be lower. Hmmm. It was 71% this morning. I hope it's gone down some by now! Hope you're hanging in there, Lolly! Prayers for Jack's test results are ongoing.

Well, I have some chores that need to be done. Will try to check back in here later tonight. Have a good RED FRIDAY, everyone! I ♥ us!

stronghunter said...

Hi, Andy. The most recent news from Jim in Colorado is that they are okay. Roads to the west are shut down, though.

stronghunter said...

Jim just posted a picture on Facebook of I-25 near Ft. Collins. there's a flooded bridge. He said that I-25 is closed from Colorado 7 to the Wyoming border. It is surely a mess there.

stronghunter said...

And, upon further checking, I learn that Jim is lonely because most of the people at his work are not there today. So he has turned up the music and is working away.

It seems that the only way out of town is to the east, and Heska, where Shirley works, is closed as are the schools in town.

Lori said...

Good afternoon!

Had a great day at school...the teacher I was so nervous about earlier is my new favorite teacher! The new carpooler worked out great but she failed the test today, so I hope she's around for a while. Just realized that the average for every test, except one, that we've taken has been in the failing range. It's a "C" average or fail. Embarrassed to say I got an 80% on today's test...the average was 72. Most students did poorly on this one, and I was one of them!

LOLLY, hoping news for Jack is great news.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JO's Miracle Michael. Prettiest eye's I've ever seen. Yes, JUDIE, he is very handsome. You did great, Jo!

I just got home and need to get a move on. Going to meet Mom and Dad where they are camping this weekend. A lot of relatives from Dad's side will be there. I look at it as a different place to do my studying. Will come home tomorrow sometime.

Love you all, sooooo much!

SHIRLEY, hope all is okay for your family in Colorado.

stronghunter said...

Have a nice weekend, Lori. Do take plenty of time to enjoy your family.

JudyE said...

just got home need to check box and get back to Jordyn will be back on after beddy bye

Hoda said...

Did you say you are not pleased with 80%!!!
Goodness Gracious Me!!!

Well we finally disagree!!!
I am very proud of you and very pleased for you and BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED BE on 80%!
Good on you LORI.

Happy Birthday MICHAEL

Hoda said...

JUDIE... That cold front did not come from Canada!! Not from BC any way. Maybe the East is cooler.
We are sitting 90 today!!!

Sandi said...

Hi all! Yay, it's the weekend!

Thanks Steve for the new weekend thread and Jim for the call over.

I am very pleased to report that, after 2 weeks of school, I am very fond of my 8th graders this year. My principal, on the other hand, is STILL a horse's ass! Nuff said!!

I am loving this cooler weather. Thought maybe my hummers had all headed to a warmer climate but I'm still seeing them. Hard to tell though, if these are the ones I've been seeing all summer or if they're hummers from somewhere else just passing through.

Lori, an 80% when the class average was 72% is nothing to be embarrassed about! Enjoy your time with your family!!

Lolly, what's the word on Jack?

Jo, happy birthday to that handsome son of yours! This past year has been an amazing one for him - talk about some ups and some downs!! Here's to a year with all ups for Michael!!

Time to fix food for people and pets - later!

stronghunter said...

Must feed the cat. He thinks I am neglecting him. He keeps telling me this. He has been telling me constantly for about an hour and a half, even though feeding time is supposed to be 5:00.

stronghunter said...

People in this household will get pizza tonight.

stronghunter said...

So glad you are fond of your 8th graders, Sandi. I have fond memories of many of my students

Hoda said...

MT Tree...
Pretty blue skies.

Waiting on news from LOLLY and JACK

SANDI ignore the Principal and celebrate the grade 8's that you have got.

Lolly said...

Howdeeeeeeeeeee! First off I will say no word from the doctor. I tried to get Jack to call but he is willing to wait on the doctor, Grrrrr!

We worked in the yard for 5 1/2 hours today. Got a lot done!! Then after I cleaned up...yes, I am clean, shampooed and smell decent! :) Anyway, Jack and I started looking at the news, pictures, videos, etc of the flooding in CO. Needless to say it looks like our plans will have to change, Do not think Estes Park will be welcoming visitors in a few weeks. Also, doubt if there will be roads to get there, YIKES!

stronghunter said...

Was just going to say that Lolly is checking on the Colorado news, so I am guessing she doesn't have news about Jack yet. But Lolly reported for herself.

stronghunter said...

Sounds like Hoda has a good plan, Sandi.

stronghunter said...

Yeah, Lori, an 80% when the class average is 72% ain't bad at all. Just saying. . .

Lolly said...

I could not understand Lori's comment either. Sounds like she is doing great!

JudyE said...

eagle has landed

JudyE said...

and POOF already Jordyn is watching a movie so I saw Belle land and poof

Lolly said...

So we were eating dinner. Window by the table faces the backyard and bird feeders and one birdbath are in view. The birdbath though is far back in an island of oak trees, red buds and ivy, Just started to eat when a hawk flew down to the birdbath. He was a huge rs hawk. Awesome! He proceeded to wade in and drink then flew to a redbud, I do love dinner time entertainment!

Hoda said...

Awesome LOLLY.
I love your sightings from your yard.
Thank you

JUDIE said...

Hey Lori, when an English teacher uses the word ain't that means you did real good. (: Enjoy the time with your folks.

Shirley, pizza sounds really good. That's on my menu for Monday.

Hoda, I don't care which part of Canada sent the cool air - just ever so grateful.

Sandi, so happy you like your students. Sure makes a huge difference.

Thoughts and prayers for those being devastated by floods in CO and for those devastated by the fire in NJ.

Heading for the pillows soon. Having lunch with my Interpol friend tomorrow.

Sandperson is packing a satchel, the night light is on, Jufie has been sedated. Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

Well, Hunter and Kathryn had a bit of pizza and went out to meet friends for dinner. So, we will be munching on leftover pizza tomorrow. Probably.

magpie said...

Pizza Anytime, Anywhere,
is Boss with Me, Shirley, and if
I lived closer, I would
be inviting myself over to YOUR Roost

Good Evening Eagle Pals
Happy 51st to Miracle Michael,
a "not so Old" Blue Eyes !
xoxo ♥

magpie said...

Best Wishes for good Jack News, soon, Lolly

Oh so sorry to see and hear of all the flooding problems in Colorado...
Shirley, relieved that your
relatives are OK....

magpie said...

'Twas good to see WV Jerry's post, but wish it had better news in it, but he is always encouraged, and encouraging it seems....

good to have that kind of spirit
here in West Virginny, alrighty!

magpie said...

I was kind of thinking that maybe Lori was embarassed because maybe some of her classmates did more poorly on the tests...sometimes that can be embarassing...but 80% is nothing to be embarassed about for any other reason !!
You go girl, Lori !!
we are very proud of you...
but I know you are not here to read of these accolades right now !

magpie said...

Whoo, finally at least a wee bit
of relief for Andrea !

Wondering, is grannyblt in Canada now? anyone know ??

magpie said...

Here is a saying from some of my friends in AA:

"If it's a bad day, and we don't have a drink, it's a Good Day!

and if it's a really poopy day and we don't have a drink, it's a GREAT Day"

I love to share this, just can't remember why exactly I chose right now to post it...☺ ♥

magpie said...

speaking of crime things....
while I was in Germany, there was a murder in the apartment building right next to mine...
it was domestic related....
young man, murdered his wife...
quite sad....just don't know exactly what caused this to happen

Lolly said...

Pizza was on the menu here tonight. I told Jack I took a, myself and I voted for pizza. He did not stand a chance! lol He went into town and got a pizza from Papa Murphy's. It is a pizza you go in and have them make what you want and bring it home and bake it. Yummy!

magpie said...

Oh Shirley, I had pizza Two Times while I was in Germany....
eqch was very delicious.
One was referred to as a Margarita Pizza....but it was not alcoholic
in any way

I heard that today was National Chocolate Day...I have not had my quota at all in that regard

magpie said...

Jewels is at the Hedgesville Eagle football game tonight...her Godson is the quarterback....I don't know the score yet

so glad this first home game occurred on Jewels' night off !!

Lolly said...

Margy, we were aware of that and discussed it while you were gone, Sad!

magpie said...

Moivin' Jim is pretty predictable...calling in a New Thread and then disappearing....
that rascal...would love to hear more from him...

but I am sure he would approve
of splitting feathers with Shirley!

Best Wishes, Pals....for a good, great, Terrific Friday night and

disappearing for awhile, see you before bedtime !
xo ♥

magpie said...

Thanks Lolly, I never DID backtrack and catch up on all the posts...

Good to SEE You, my friend, and that Ever-Smiling, Ever-Sunny Avatar! It fits you perfectly!!

Hoda said...

I wondered about how close the murder was to you MARGY. We spoke of it on the blog when you were away.
Relieved it was not in your building and sad for the young couple.

Pizza is on the menu for SHIRLEY AND LOLLY.
The only pizza I eat has to be organic and gluten free and we have a place here that makes that with goat cheese and kale and artichoke. I sometimes indulge. Yummy. The crust is made of cauliflower.

It is warm enough to swim in the lake again this weekend. I might go in again tomorrow after Dragon Boating!

Hard to believe coming up to the middle of September.

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

Well she is out for the count she was watching So you think you can dance and Loved it She is ususally in be by 8 but I think got wound up so let her stay up She said OMA I am tired now and want to go to bed ME TO LOL
We went to Great Explorations today and got there a tad before the opened at 10 and they let us in early that surprised me. We went out to eat lunch and went back and closed the place up at 430 I think she would have stayed all day if they were open Its is such a nice place I did a lots of video and pictures of course I up loaded to Youtube and did the editior and combined pictures and video together I didn't add music left the sound that was on the video She tried hula hoop and did the limbo

I added picture to the video and the ones on the blog aren't in the video I still haven't upload to facebook To busy with Jordyn and getting tired myself She sure can wear you out LOL
They had Wizard of OZ thing there today its a traveling thing I was told the last day in tomorrow Happy we went today

Jordyn at Great Exploration Pictures and video

I must buy her a hula hoop now to practice there other pic on blog that aren't in the video

Mema Jo said...

We thought it was pizza evening here - but Panera's soup won out!

I have been busy today with cake baking and getting things ready for the picnic. I'm going to wear long pants and long shirt sleeves. Yahoo!

Margy - I have been watching Cold Case reruns that I had never seen.

Mema Jo said...

I am, closing down now and will
try to touch base in the morning before we leave around 11.

God bless us all and watch over us
throughout the night... ♥

Lynne2 said...

evening all....

Congrats Lori!

Happy Miracle Birthday Michael....sure there will be LOTS of celebrating at the picnic tomorrow!

Jo, sorry about the stinkbugs. I miss SO many things about where we lived before, but THAT is not one of them! I can't help but think how the new tenants are coping with them!

Lynne2 said...

Good to see Jerry checking in!

And the Great and Mysterious Disappearing Jim!

WOW the weather her is gorgeous today and tonight predicted to go down to 49!!

Terrible about the flooding in CO. Been catching up with the Weather Channel this evening. And then the fire on the boardwalk in NJ....just rebuilt all those businesses from the Hurricane....SO SO sad.

stronghunter said...

Keeping my fingers crossed on the stinkbug issue. So far I have only seen one or two. They did enjoy invading our place last year what with the tarp and all.

stronghunter said...

A year ago at this time, we were under the tarp.

Lynne2 said...

I don't know who this Silva guy is? Must be a really bad unit...creepy that you most certainly crossed paths with him, Shirley....

stronghunter said...

Oh, yes, that is sad about the boardwalk. Really wonder how that fire started.

stronghunter said...

Oh, no, Lynne. Silva is the name of the victim.

Lynne2 said...

geez Shirley, can't believe that's been a year ago already!

Lynne2 said...

Oh, oops. I'll have to check out this news story. I'm so out of touch...

Lynne2 said...

Just looking at the FB pictures Judy, looks like you guys had a blast!

Hoda said...

I can not believe it has been a year SHIRLEY...glad however that it is behind you and you are safe in your roost.

stronghunter said...

Sofia Silva was kidnapped and murdered by a man named Richard Marc Evonitz. He also kidnapped and murdered two sisters...the Lisk girls. All three of the girls lived here in Spotsylvania County.

Evonitz moved to South Carolina and kidnapped a girl there who escaped. He killed himself when he was about to be caught by police. The girl who escaped was recognized as a hero. I think there was a movie about her.

stronghunter said...

It was awhile back, Lynne. There was a story recently in the local paper here because of the FBI project.

Lynne2 said...

well, I must put body to bed. It's been a hectic week and I just a teeny bit weary.

Oh, I had a dream the other night, very disturbing. I was pet sitting my friend's dogs and there were 2 dead bodies out on the sidewalk. But as so often happens in dreams, at least to me, most was wasn't her house, it wasn't her dogs. But yet it WAS. Why does this happen in dreams. The bodies were not anyone I knew. I don't remember any more than that. I do know the I didn't do it though!

Oh to bed!

Lynne2 said...

oh my Shirley, how TERRIBLE.

stronghunter said...

I thought Judie would be interested in the FBI stuff . . . I have done a fair amount of reading about Evonitz because of the local angle and the fact that he was stalking the daughter of one of my friends.

stronghunter said...

That would be a disturbing dream, Lynne. I do hope you have only pleasant dreams tonight.

As queen, you are entitled to good dreams.

stronghunter said...

Time for me to call it quits and get between the sheets. See you tomorrow. SED, everyone.

magpie said...

Good Night, Precious Pals...

good to see Smiling Faces ...

thinking of all SEEN and UNSEEN...
missing our Costume Lady, hoping
tonight was Friday Family Fun Night

Prayers for Wellness, all Around...and

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo ♥

magpie said...

...( do not see the TV report
of the Hedgesville Eagles football game...maybe in the morning I can report on that)...

Lolly said...

Lynne claims is was a dream but still states she did not do it. Hmmmm....must put Judie on this case.

Fell asleep here sitting in my chair. Work in the yard today plumb wore me out!!

Need to put on the jammies and head to bed.

Night all! SED!!

Lolly said...

Margy, she posted on fb, They won, 68-21

Hoda said...

God Bless

Hoda said...

Well I lied!!!

Anyone awake out there!

I have yet to sleep

Paddling on the lake in five hours

Now what?

Sandi said...

Good morning Hoda (if you're still awake) and all my eagle friends!

Nest tree is MT. Color just came on for the day.

60 degrees here right now but the high is only supposed to be 68 for the day - I could hear the wind picking up around 5:45am since we have the windows open - cool front coming through. Wonder if this will be the weekend the hummers leave?

Nothing fun on my agenda this weekend - no tennis for me though my eye seems fine. Still see the one floater but fewer flashing lights at night.

Lynne, good to see you on the blog last night.

Judy, glad that Angie and Carl finally closed on the house. Will Jordyn finally get to sleep in her bed there tonight?

Stinkbugs still have not arrived en masse in southern DE - I may see 2 or 3 during the whole fall/winter. We will be going to visit Brian and Lynnis in WV next weekend and I bet their house will be filling up with them! YUCK!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

magpie said...

Good Morning Eagle Pals...
and a beauteous West Virginia Morning we have here...

the Sycamore sports no birds yet....but maybe through the day
one or both will come along :)

Hoda: Oh, best wishes on Paddling on the Lake with such little sleep...

Sandi, glad you "see" some improvemenet with the eyes....but sorry for no tennis for you...
hope something else wonderful fills your Saturday and Sunday

magpie said...

thanks for the ball score, Lolly..
seems the final score ended up
being 61-35, Jewels's godson, the quarterback, put on a fabulous performance, along with the rest of the Eagles ☺

magpie said...

Happy Picnic day for Jo...
great weather for such a fine event...
(I think it is today but
part of my brain was thinking

magpie said...

and Happy Saturday to Every One...

Even if some of us have to clock into the Dough Factory this morning

JudyE - I think that is you and me, at least....
Happy you are still getting Lots and Lots of Jordyn time, and
all things Happy New House for the family!

time to shuffle along...
worktime looms....

Temps here: 48

Pretty cool ☺

ttfn (( All Day Hugs )) ♥

Janet said...

Good early Saturday morning. Almost done with the coffee, about time to get a movin'! Rockin' Reiki weekend ahead!!! :)

Happy belated birthday and happy picnic wishes to Miracle Michael adn the Lennox crew!

HODA: happy paddling. think how well you will sleep tonight!

JUDYE: Jordyn is so cute!!!

STRONGHUNTER: hope your family is and continues to be safe in CO.

Beautiful am. here. Bright. Sunny and 54 degrees!

It was a busy and hectic week. They all seem to move soooo fast!

I am off glad. But have to go get my squeeze on (mammo). Havne't done that in several years. I don't hate it, its just an inconvenience to go over there.

Anyway, have a lovely Saturday. Give each other hugs and love....and I'll check in later!

Light, love, hugs and smiles to all!

JudyE said...


SANDI yep she will sleeping in her own new room tonight She has a play room right across from her bed room Its a split plan house
She woke up about 710 and crawled in bed with me and now we are up

JudyE said...

I put in for a day off today several weeks ago thinking we could do family things but with closing taking a while it still worked out that I get Jordyn time Its 76° out now feels so nice out right now but will get HOT later after the sun continues on it upward movement

JUDIE said...

Good morning.

Lovely and cool here.

Going out later to have lunch with my Interpol buddy and to do an errand. Then a quiet weekend.

Jo, the day should be perfect for the Family Lennox reunion. Have a great time.

Judy, glad Jordyn enjoyed Great Explorations.

Hoda, I understand there was a little "issue" at the border crossing. RCMP demanded Sandperson hand over the satchel. Sandperson refused. Well, it was not pretty and Sandperson moved on the Andy's. As for paddling - try a brownie. Good source of quick energy.

Janet, enjoy the Reiki.

Margy, make lots and lots of dough today.

Sandi, relaxing can be fun. One of my favorite exercises.

Wishing everyone a terrific Saturday.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Empty attic, interesting colors in the morning sky at Shepherdstown. Very pretty.

Sad news from Bear Country. Dot has been killed by a hunter.

stronghunter said...

Hunter and Kathryn are off to football practice. I think I might mosey over to the bowling alley for a bit--I think they open at 9:00, maybe 10:00. Will wait just a little bit to be sure.

Saturday afternoons can be lively there, and Saturday nights they turn on the crazy lights and all that stuff. Not a good time for practice unless you want to practice dealing with distractions.

stronghunter said...

So maybe the Sandperson should throw a little sleepy dust at the RCMP--or maybe not. Guess we don't want them sleeping at the border. Never know who might want to sneak into or out of Canada. Gotta watch that Canadian border.

JUDIE said...

Shirley, hope you get some good practice time today. Enjoy.

Need to schedule a meeting with Sandperson. Maybe Jufie should be recruited to devise some nefarious means of crossing the border with a large satchel of "dust."

Yes, Dot was killed and 2 year old Aster was wounded. Both were bedecked with radio collar and ribbons. Some wounded bears recover and I hope Aster will, also. Hate to think of her suffering.


stronghunter said...

Thanks, Judie. I keep hoping that I have figured out this bowling thing. I learned a good approach from the teacher this summer, but accuracy is still a problem.

stronghunter said...

Wow!!! Just saw a large bird with a white head fly by and then approach the nest!

stronghunter said...

Maybe Belle . . .

And looked to be a large bird again. Maybe Shep, or maybe Belle leaving. Not sure.

stronghunter said...

Small bird in attic.

Mema Jo said...

Good Saturday morning to all ♥

I started out thinking it was Sunday....

Sure is a nice chilly day for a picnic - long sleeves for sure.

Good to hear from all of you last evening -

I'll be back later to day...
Make it a good one ♥

Mema Jo said...

Just reported on FB about our Bears

Dot is Killed – UPDATE September 13, 2013 -
read more here

So sad and really unnecessary

paula eagleholic said...

Oh yes, forgot about TGIF!! I can really say that now...well yesterday I did.

Back in Eburg last night...Michael and Laura are down for the weekend, they want to visit with John and Ajay. We went to the Ott House where Michael met up some friends last night.

Oh boy, Jo, your sad.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Saw that about Dot last night. Decided not to read about it. It is just too sad!

No baseball today, no soccer today, well there are games but we are going Monday for football. Why are we not going? Because Jack has football on TV. Important games, you see!

We were supposed to have a weak cool front come through. Was supposed to have been cooler this morning....NOT! We will see what happens today.

JudyE said...

little birds but no

magpie said...

West Virginia University Mountaineers are playing the Georgia State Panthers..right now....far as I can tell, the "Eeers
are ahead 17-0

Goooooo 'Eeeeeeers!

magpie said...

well, score is 17-7 now..
Georgia scored

magpie said...

final WVU game score 41-7

wheeeeeeee !

leaving the work place soon,
See You all later on

Hoda said...

Am exhausted
Need a nap
Good paddle
Lake was calm and warm
Did not swim
Had two hours of sleep max last night.

Kay said...

Good Evening Eagle Buds !

Much back reading to do and, as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts and the peek they give me into your fascinating lives !

Pretty laid back here. Enjoying the glorious Fall weather that has descended upon us. Penny and I can hardly stand to stay indoors !

Did I miss a LOLLY report on JACK ? Couldn't find one.

LORI, you are too, too hard on yourself ! You're doing great and we Momster's are quite proud of our star pupil !

My grandkids in CO are doing okay---Max in Ft. Collins reports no problems where he is. Dana at U of CO Boulder has been confined to her home for several days--police came around with loud speakers telling all in her neighborhood to go to their 2nd floors if they have one. She does and spent about 24 hours there until the order was lifted. Whew ! Quite the welcome for my MI girl !

Will be tuning into Prairie Home Companion in a few minutes. Still seems strange not to have Seth here on Sat/Sun !

Love and prayers for all !


stronghunter said...

Eagle in the attic!!!!

stronghunter said...

Had been wondering about your grandkids, Kay. Glad they are okay. Jim went to work--I think it was on Friday. He said many people were absent, but that the facility was fine. It's very near the CSU campus.

Nice to know that Dana is fine, too. That campus had more problems.

stronghunter said...

I am not seeing a white head on the eagle.

stronghunter said...

Maybe just the light playing tricks on my eyes.

stronghunter said...

Posted a pic on FB.

stronghunter said...

Still there. I am guessing it is Belle, and that I just can't see the white head.

paula eagleholic said...

Thanks for the eagle alert, Shirley. I think it's Belle too.

stronghunter said...

She is just enjoying the view from up there.

Hoda said...

Friday came and went
The Doctor's office did not phone.
LOLLY wanted JACK to phone
He chose to wait for them to phone.
LOLLY said Grrrrrrrrr!

Lolly said...

Well said, Hoda! Yep, I wish he had called but at the same time glad he is not worrying!

Jacob lost his baseball game this morning but Joseph had a great soccer game and they won. Sounds like Joseph had a great game. That is good after last Mondays football game.

Sandi said...

Hi all - beautiful day today weather-wise!

I see an eagle in the nest tree!

Bought a larger TV for the kitchen (22") online at It was delivered on Wednesday. Out of the box, it didn't seem much bigger than the one that was there before. So today we returned it to our local Walmart and came home with a 29" that looks much better. Now we need to get the cable company out to see about boosting our signal b/c some of the channels aren't as clear as I'd like.

As for Jack, my opinion is that the doctors would have already called if they didn't like what they saw so no news is good news. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

Great weather for the Lennox family get together - I bet everyone had a great time!!

Meatloaf in the oven - need to fix something to go with it. Later all!

paula eagleholic said...

Heading out for the evening to spend time with my friends Buddy and Debbie.


Lolly said...

You stick to it, Sandi! LOL We are holding with that, too!

Lolly said...

Bacon cheese burgers here tonight and tomorrow the other half of the pizza.

Lolly said...

GA Tech won and still watching A&M and Alabama.

Mema Jo said...

Good early evening to all ♥

I had a nap when I returned home
Great turnout at the picnic and
all the food was great.... Had to sit in the sun to stay warm as the windy breeze was really bad. More importantly is that I forgot to wear my socks! I sure could have used them.

Mema Jo said...

BBL this evening

I need to nibble on something!

NatureNut said...

Good Evening Eaglebuds!
Getting real hungry reading about the Lennox picnic!
Binky, the older cat, just jumped up on the desk, then over to the printer/scanner & turned it on~~~stepped on the button! She didn't print anything yet!
TH night I went back out to check on the wandering deer and thank goodness he was across the street on his side of the fence! Then something blew in my eye. I brushed the corner and it seemed OK, but was a little strange at bedtime. Fri. AM it felt like a sharp boulder was under the eyelid and tearing a lot. Had to stay home. Had eye drops from Dr. & took 1/2 leftover habby pill. Managed to survive the evening and today it's fine! My sensitive tooth feels OK, too!!! It's always something. Glad it's minor, I hope.

Finally got a REAL picture of a vireo and daughter sent something really rare around here!
Pics in the Nook.

Lolly hope Jack's tests are OK. Sorry your trip plans might change. Prayers for all those in the flood areas.
Lori, you don't have to get straight A's to pass!!!
Gonna eat the rest of my crabs!!☺

stronghunter said...

Two eagles in the attic!!!!

stronghunter said...

Well, shucks, did not stay long enough for me to get a picture. One flew down towards the nest. I think it might be Shep in the attic now.

stronghunter said...

Attic empty. Sky pink. Very pretty.

stronghunter said...

Hi, Loretta.

Sorry about your eye. Glad it is better now. Will have to check your Nook.

stronghunter said...

Large bird flew across the top of the screen.

JudyE said...

HELLOOOO home from the kids house

KAY Happy to hear the grand kids are ok in CO seen some on the news just terrible mother nature can be so cruel
SHIRLEY thanks for report on eagle in the attic this evening Love it that we can witness this you never know that they come to the nest tree daily can't tell if they go in the nest but sweet to see the Attic- STEVE
LOLLY ditto with SANDI No news is good news in my book
Had PIZZA at the kids house tried out the local pizza not a chain was really good they run the same deal three things for 15.99

I didn't get my desk today Carl was so surprised as big as it was that it almost did fit in his van its still there he will bring it over with the table that wouldn't fit in the truck the had big truck too They still have just a couple of little items to get will fit in car and then they are out of the place
The swingset got set up as well as Angies swing with a roof on it sweet Back yard looks so neat
Poof Jordyn must have been plum wore out from yesterday she took a long long nap today maybe 3 3/4 hours She was so excited taking a nap on her mattress bed isn't together yet but they have tomorrow to finish
Angie now lives near a old school chum than stopped by nice to have someone close They had lost touch and just got together just recently Angie would hang with her before Jordyn was born Her daughter is 20 now They are going to start walking and biking to the park which is just a block up the road Jordyn and I drove through its winding roads today Jordyn says I am so dizzy form going back and forth She is such a funny kid

LORETTA so sorry about the eye and happy it and the tooth is better

Hoda said...

Something is off with my sleep cycle. Very tired but can not sleep.

JudyE said...

HODA I also have been having issue of getting to sleep and staying asleep for about a week know I was blaming tea NO tea today but I did have a Dr Pepper with pizza at Angie and its also caffeine

JudyE said...

Angie gave me her microwave so I am just going to sit mine out tomorrow being garbage came today Put a free sign on it
I talked Angie in to keeping my 4 chairs in good condition but the frame of the table is cracked but chairs are almost new LOL Me who doesn't eat in kitchen only when Jordyn was here for couple of years so the seat got sat in two days a week LOL Told her to put in one of the many shed or work shops for extra seating

stronghunter said...

See a bright light above the tree now. I think that is a plane.

Lori said...

Hello everyone.

HODA, sorry you're having trouble sleeping. I slept last night from 6:30 until 5:30 this morning...and that was on a couch in a motorhome! Can't believe your yoga and meditation isn't helping you get the zzzz's you need. Maybe once it gets dark there.

LOLLY, I'm with the no news is good news crowd. Still praying. Glad you had a great day outside.

JUDYE, WOW, you did a lot today with the kids. Moving is such a big job. Can't wait to see your new desk!

SANDI, Congrats on the new, bigger TV. Mom has one in her kitchen, too. Always has. Not me. Guess I'm not in the kitchen that much. Lol.

PAULA, hope you had a good time being out with your friends tonight. How does it feel to be home again? Or does the beach feel like home now?

SHIRLEY, how did the practice go? You'll get it. It takes practice and you're doing that already.

I got a good bit of homework done today and tonight. Still a lot more to do tomorrow. You'll be hearing me say this for the next 10 months, so get used to it...or I can think of something new to say, but I don't do anything else. LOL.

Have a good night everyone.

Sweet dreams and AOYP.

stronghunter said...

Hi Lori,

Practice was reasonable. Nothing amazing.

Glad you got to spend time with your parents.

Getting ready to call it quits here. I did take a nap, but am sleepy now.

Having issues with WWF on my computer, so I will have to use the phone.

stronghunter said...

Glad the deer got safely back, Loretta.

magpie said...

Oh, nice Eagles in the Attic reports, Shirley!
to borrow a Hoda-ism

"Good On You ! "

Howdy Eagle Pals !

magpie said...

I just successfully proved, with considerable difficulty, that I an NOT a robot, in checking several rounds of NatureNut's pictures.

Good to read the eye not so bad anymore...

JudyE - wow, what a tremendous amount of activity, exciting stuff, going on down your way...
Hooray for the New Home-Owners!

magpie said...

sorry Jacob's team had a loss,
happy Joseph's team had a win...
(I think I got that right..)

oh Jo! I wish you could have commandeered a pair of socks from someone at the picnic! but it sounds like you enjoyed yourself also!

Hoda: Super Big Wishes for some
Super Sweet Sleep !

magpie said...

that's a Hunk a Hunk of a big Nap, Lori...good for you....sure it was much needed and most welcome.....

and always a treat to see ☼HI☼ Sunshine Kay here and read about Penny and Seth and the family...

I could go for a good night's sleep headed that way very soon...

Prayers for Wellness, and
Sweeeeet Sleep for all...

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo ♥

Hoda said...

Sorry no socks JO
I know that experience.

Thank you all for sleep wishes.
I might be staying on electronics too late at night.
That could do it.

Good night
Sleep well
God Bless

Lolly said...

Thinking about going and getting into pjs, ready to get comfy. Football has been on TV all day. I am already tired of football and the season has just started,

Loretta, we see a herd of buffalo every time we drive to Denton. Someone has a nice herd. Also, see lots of longhorns. Some people have too much money!!!

KAY....I believe it was you who sent the email with all the maps. Jack has really enjoyed it!! Thank you!

I am off...night all! SED!!

paula eagleholic said...

Lori, both homes feel like home!

Had a nice visit with friends...ready for bed too...stayed up too late last night with Michael and Laura!

They are leaving early tomorrow, by 10 am. They are leaving early so they can check out a place for the wedding reception.

Oooh, they are getting married on Nov 8, 2014.

SED, love and hugs to all ♥

Lori said...

Good Sunday Morning everyone!

PAULA, glad you had a good time with Michael and Laura. At least they've got plenty of time to plan the wedding and won't have to rush... and you don't have to pay for it! Weddings are soooo outrageously expensive these days.

SHIRLEY, I've been playing WWF on my ipad because it's just too slow on the laptop. Don't know why, except this slow Internet connection I have. Mom has bought the antenna that is supposed to boost the signal, but the guy has yet to show up to install it on the roof. Glad bowling was at least "reasonable." Practice and it will come...mental practice helps, too.

MARGY, glad you're not a robot, because I tried, and I'm not a robot either. Trying to read some of those words is ridiculous. Nice to know we're human.

KAY, good morning and big hugs. I bet it's just not the same listening to PHC without SETH. I know you miss him a lot. Heck, I'm missing him and your stories! Love you!

HODA, did you get some good sleep last night? You are absolutely right - electronics late at night, because of the type of light they emit - can keep you up. Good detective work, Sherlock!

Poor LOLLY. I'm afraid the football season is here for a while and your sickness of it already will only get worse. Maybe you can rent some videos or subscribe to Netflix. How is Annie doing today?

Okay, time to start the day. Lots to do--study for test tomorrow, make flashcards of musculoskeletal system and learn the spellings, muscles like the Sternocleidomastoid muscle, forgot the body location already!
Then I have to make cards of all the things I have to demonstrate to the instructors on Thursday, Skills Day. Thankfully I got a good amount done yesterday, but I definitely want an early start today, if I'm to squeeze a nap in later. :)

Love you all... Have a great day with lots of love, light, smiles and joy in your kind heart.


JudyE said...

GOOD Morning Eagle Buds Just realized the sign off was still sitting in my comment box didn't publish OOPS

The camera is all gray this am so can't see if it MT

Hope everyone has a great day

Sandi said...

Good Sunday morning Lori, Judy, and all my eagle friends! Chilly morning here!

Nest tree is MT.

Hoda, hope you're sleeping!

Kay, even though I know you miss Seth's visit, I also know how happy you are that he is adjusting to and enjoying college so much!

Notre Dame won last night - that's the only football game that matters to Denny!

Paula, when you drive TO the beach this afternoon/evening, I bet you'll notice all the folks LEAVING from their weekend and think how lucky you are to be living here! =)

Have a great day everyone - enjoy this weather!!

stronghunter said...

Good morning!!

Lori, your mention of the muscles reminds me of something that happened to me in college . . .

I've mentioned the anatomy class before. And my problems with memorizing stuff.

Well, I worked as a lab assistant for awhile for Dr. Simpson, my anatomy professor.

One day he asked me to help him set up a lab practical--one of those tests in which the professor puts little pins with numbers on them into various body parts and students have to identify the part.

Well, this test was on the muscular system. We had lots of frogs laid out on the lab tables.

I really did not remember the names of too many muscles, so I was just trying very hard not to duplicate where I put the pins.

Along came Dr. Simpson. "Have you put a pin in the _________ muscle yet? Because this is a really good one."

I had no idea. Did not want to admit it. Had to mumble something like "Umm, I'm not sure." Always wondered if he saw through my ruse. He was a very nice man, but he was also my professor. He should have known I could not remember such things.

Janet said...

just checking in. i have a few min before i have to get ready for classes today.

i didn't get home til 7 last night then made dinner, ate, showered and went to bed. i was out cold by 9.

woke @ 4 with a migraine. had tom get me an ice pack and is tolerable now. i will drink a gatorade in a bit and more meds if necessary. reiki.

been a long time since i woke up with one that bad...ugh. not fun.

will go and read back. hope everyone has a good day. classes were good yesterday. nice bunch of folks. very small class today..only 3. that's normal for this level though.

light, love, hugs and smiles to all...

Janet said...

LORI: regarding the muscles. remember many of them give a clue to their location: the SCM you mentioned mastoid is where?

neck? yep. three attachments....
and i bet i could palpate is probably tight from tension...

the major muslces, traps, lats, etc are pretty simple, but always look for clues in the names of others for location.

my 2 cents for the day.

JUDYE: glad you are getting the kids settled. so exciting for them!

HODA: the sleuth! also don't forget chamonmile and melatonin. all good for sleep.

have a great day. getting ready for class! :)

magpie said...

Good Sunday Morning Eagle Pals...

would love to see some Eagles in the Sycamore but it must also be a GREAT day for fishing in the Potomac...that might be where they are hanging out!

I DID see two Red Shouldered Hawks in a tree here in the neighborhood, they were hounded out of their perches by mockingbirds...too funny but it did cause them to make their
beautiful bird songs

magpie said...

I love hearing about your studies...and learning from you already also, can't wait to hear about the Practicals on Thursday,
ane best wishes for a more zippy internet connection, Pronto!@

Janet, hoping that Migraine disappears even More Pronto !

magpie said...

and Best Wishes to Each and Every One for a Beauteous and Joyous

xo ♥

Kay said...

Good Sunday Morning Eagle Buds !

Sunday morns are not the same, but you are so right, SANDI--I'm thrilled than Seth is a college "boy" and loving it ! He called about this time last night and we talked for an hour. All good as he gave me a rundown on all aspects of life on campus---well maybe not all, but a lot !

JANET, so sorry to learn that you are among the Momsters who suffer with migraines. I had them for years, but they ceased pronto when I left my first husband. I'm not suggesting that cure to anyone else, however ! ☺

SHIRLEY, glad your kinfolk in CO are AOK, too. More rain expected today---woe is me !

Thanks for the LOLLY n' JACK update HODA !

LOLLY, surely they'd have called if something needed immediate attention, so we'll hold on to that good omen ! Happy for Joseph and not so much for Jacob as losses are hard to take at his age.

LORI, love you hugs and sending em' right back to our nursing student extraordinaire ! Glad you got a good restorative sleep in !

MARGY, hope you slept well and will have a super duper day !

PAULA, Nov. 8, 2014 will be a Red Letter Day for your family and for us, your extended family as well !!

Guess I'll tune in to the Sunday talk shows now--I've been out of the habit through the "Seth years".

Love and prayers for all !


magpie said...

Good Morning Kay !
So glad you got some Seth Talk Time last night....I know he misses his times with you same as you with him, but oh boy, how wonderful this college experience seems to be going for him....
A new Chapter in this fine young
man's life ♥
and also his dear Grandmother's...

magpie said...

Still no eagle sightings at the Nest, but some little birds flitting in and about.
It will be interesting to watch
the leaves change color and then
disappear there, THEN we can see the nest again!

Okay - "See You All Later"
xo ☺ ♥

magpie said...

come to think of it,
the nest might not be visible with the current view, it might be just out of sight...
guess we'll know soon enough about

Lolly said...

GOOD MORNING! Time to say hi and then eat a bite and get to church.

Slight chance of rain starts tomorrow. Okay, Ladies and Gents, need big time prayers.

Annie has her good days and her bad days. Yesterday and today seem to be good days, She is eating. We give her only a spoonful at a time as she likes it fresh! Friday was a bad day...I do not think she ate a bite. We have become accustomed to this...on and off! She still likes to be petted and I think she purrs, but it is very soft and she has always had a loud purr, Glad she has lots of hair as she is so skinny!

Lolly said...

Gotta run....have a blessed Sunday!
((hugs)) all around!

Hoda said...

Slept very well.
Good morning
Thank you for your comments.
Off to a 10 KM cycle for Terry Fox Cancer Research Fund.
Then to Proctor Harrop Fall Fair with the Grans
Then Groceries.

Be back this evening.
Make it a good one.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Been downstairs watching TV with Kathryn this morning. She is getting ready to have lunch with her friends.

stronghunter said...

Beautiful blue sky at the Sycamore palace this morning. Attic is MT.

stronghunter said...

Eagle soaring above the tree!!

Hoda said...

15KM bike ride = Check

Onwards and Forwards to Fall Fair in Proctor and Harrop

Mema Jo said...

Good afternoon to all ♥

We just returned from the PIZZA Hut for lunch and a birthday celebration for our 3 yr old great

It is another beautiful day outside - less wind then yesterday.

Well the Ravens and the Redskins both have games today - sure wish they would play on different days or different times on the same day.

Loretta I love all you pics in your Nook - especially Teal II

stronghunter said...

Fantastic pictures, Loretta!

stronghunter said...

Things are not going well for the 'Skins.

stronghunter said...

Yay, Washington finally got a touchdown.

JUDIE said...

Good late afternoon.

Kay, glad you had some chat time with Seth. No doubt he makes your heart sing.

Jo, second you thoughts on the timing of the Redskins and Ravens games. I like Pizza Hut pizza.

Hoping Janet feels better.

Shirley, are you having some quiet Shirley time?

Janet, sure hope you're feeling better.

Does anyone else wonder about the names of some of Hoda's groups? Whatever is a Proctor Harrop? Well, no matter. Wishing for lots of dollars for the cancer research fund.

Lolly, hope you get that much needed rain.

Margy, today is so beauteous that I can picture you at the Swingin' Bridge and maybe with James the Wise.

Wonder how Wanda, the Capt., and Miss GG are doing? Perhaps I missed an update.

Hi to all I've missed.

Okay, off to watch the sad end of the Redskins game.

stronghunter said...

Hi Judie,

Yes, it is quiet here. There has been one doorbell ring and one phone call for Hunter. Phone was the mother of the girl who's been calling. Girl can't reach Hunter. That would be because Hunter's phone is here on his bed and Hunter is not here.

stronghunter said...

Did not practice bowling today. Think I'll just postpone that until tomorrow.

stronghunter said...

One more Redskin touchdown. Score is 38-14. Not good.

stronghunter said...

Wow. Another Redskin touchdown. Interesting.

Score is now 38-20.

stronghunter said...

They do need to start playing football before the 4th quarter.

stronghunter said...

Game is over. 38-20.

stronghunter said...

MT attic.

stronghunter said...

Cloudy at Shepherdstown.

JudyE said...

HELLOOOO Home from work and see a


I left work in the pouring rain not raining bad at my house but boy was it bad at the store sideways rain

JudyE said...

I guess the lightening was so bad in Tampa the Buc game was stopped and the people were told to leave the seats Where would they put all the people I wonder in that case ???

JudyE said...

EAGLe just flew by Right to left thought was gonna land but did

Mema Jo said...

We went to Checkers for a good
cheeseburger this evening. I do a
fast food once a month! It was good!

Almost time for a Jeopardy and not
sure if there is anything else to watch tonight or not. Next week all
my old programs should be on for new seasons.


Lolly said...

What a lazy day it has been! Getting ready to reheat the other half of Friday nite's pizza. In other words....continuing to be lazy. Did mop floors, did sit and pull a few weeds, but that is it!

Hoda said...

Good Day here.
The Terry Fox Run in Nelson raised 5000 dollars today.
It was nation wide and the numbers have not yet come in.
Hoping for ten million dollars though.
Good Turn out from The Kootenay Rhytm Dragons.
Terry Fox was a young BC Canadian. He lost his leg to cancer. His response was to raise money for cancer research. He got fitted with a prosthesis and ran 2/3 of the way across Canada before the cancer returned this time to his lungs. We all made sure he knew he raised his million dollars goal and surpassed it before he died.
For the past 33 years Canada has been running. A young man whose life made a difference.

Lolly said...

Poor Laurel, talked with her earlier. Cat, Isabelle, or Izzybelly, as I call her is not doing well. She is 15. She apparently is not eating or drinking. They can not afford expensive vet bills so they are just going to ride it out, Izzabelly has been a very fat cat, who loved to be held and petted, purred every time you picked her up. I found her for Laurel as they wanted a kitten who liked dogs, Well, I found her! And she loved Bosco. Now both of them are about to cross the rainbow bridge. Very very sad. Thank goodness they do have Luke and PC! The boys have never known life without Bosco and Izzabelly!

Hoda said...

Grans to Grans event also went well.
They were happy to get the cheque that was given to me last week for the fight against HIV/AIDS
JUDIE sorry for the confusion.
Proctor Harrop are two communities in the Middle of Kootenay Lake. No roads to connect them to us so we all take a ferry that works only during day time. Rural Communities 20 minutes out of Nelson.
They had their Fall Festival today. The Grans had a table and I volunteered with the Grans. I visited with many people. I like it there. Two eagle nests over there...Lots of wild life.

Lolly said...

Sounds great, Hoda! Loved the pictures of you on your bike!!

Hoda said...

Sorry about Izzybelly

Lolly said...

Yes, it is sad. It is going to be hard on the boys, especially Joseph. He is our loving sensitive one.

Hoda said...

((((((( JOSEPH JACOB)))))))

JUDIE said...

Lolly, very sorry about Izzabelle and, if I understand correctly, Bosco, also? That will be very emotional for everyone. Hugs.

Hoda, now it makes sense. Thank you. So very happy so much money was raised for such very good causes.

Ah, Shirley. The girl likes boy and boy pretends not to like girl days are upon you and Kathryn. This too shall pass.

Jo, closest Checkers to me is about 30 minutes away. If I gotta drive that far would prefer a visit to Sheetz. lol

Laundry all finished, dinner over, kitchen restored to order. Plan to turn in early.

Sandperson is trying to be very clever. Thinks I don't notice the conference with Jufie taking place near the hall closet. Uh oh, conference has turned ugly. Sandperson has stuffed Jufie into the closet and slammed the door shut. Oh dear, think I will just go sit in the chair.

Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

Sorry about Izzabelle and Bosco, Lolly. It is very sad when our fur pets grow old.

Wow, Hoda, I do have a hard time keeping up with all the good causes you are involved in.

Good question, Judy. Where do they put all of those people? Wonder if some went home. But then tickets are so expensive . . .

JudyE said...

Kids were here and now are gone delivered my desk and my dinner room table Will have to do the desk on Thur have to take all the puter stuff apart Nice the desk is on casters
Table looks great in my kitchen its cherry wood Love it ♥
JO I have several Checkers around me one is at the edge of parking lot at work I like their chili dogs but have never had a burger there So they are good huh May have to try one day Don't like the fries at all not the seasoning
Its amazing how many fast food joints are in this area Tourism I guess I think there are 4 with in 6 miles all in different directions of course

and the same as with all the other joints

JudyE said...

so sorry about the ailing pets LOLLY sad that they have to grow old

Lolly said...

We have been expecting it for Bosco for some time. He is 15 and a big dog. He has lived way longer than anyone ever dared to hope. I said earlier that Isabelle is 15 but actually I think she is 14. This has happened suddenly for her. Joey said the other day that it was about time to take Bosco to the vet to say good bye. We did not expect this for Izzabelly. And, Annie? Well, she is the oldest of all and plugging along!

JudyE said...

Carl told me that when the evacuate the staduim they put everyone in the corridors and hall ways Like packed sardines is how he said it is Some may go to their cars but they advise against it also

on the way here Angie had to take a detour because of traffic lights were down from the big storm that went through Was really bad at work must have gone at a angel because when I got home it missed my area hardly any rain

Lolly said...

Laurel had said she wanted a kitten that got along with dogs. I was at a teacher workshop when a teacher for another town was telling us at a table about all her kittens, I asked about dogs and she said they had dogs all over the place. Laurel and I visited her home, a farm, and sure enough kittens all over the place, in and out and under the dogs. lol She picked out Isabelle and marked her paw with nail polish. lol Fast forward.....she has Isabelle and she gets along with 1 year old Bosco. One night she heard a funny noise and looked up...there was Bosco, all stretched out, and there was Isabelle nursing away on the big old male dog. So funny! Wish she had been able to get a picture! They have been great friends. Big old Bosco would lie on top of her and chew or pretend to chew on her. Isabelle would just take it.

Lolly said...

Rain, rain, rain....everywhere BUT on my property!!!

JudyE said...

sure wish I could send you some of this darn rain LOLLY
did you see Mexico is getting a double whammy one on the east coast and the other on the west coast

JudyE said...

Hey LOLLY change your avatar to a rain drop see if it helps LOL

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