Thursday, September 05, 2013


New thread.


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Kay said...

Thank you for the nice new thread, STEVE ! I've put out the call over and plan to enjoy my second feather !

Kay said...

PAULA, so far Seth seems to be adjusting well--he's amazing us once again ! Thanks for asking !

WANDA, my mouth is absolutely watering after reading about the menu of this week ! It must do your heart so much good to see those grateful folks enjoy the food you so lovingly prepare ! It does our hearts good just to read about it !

Kay said...

JO, so saddened by Christine's news of the loss of another vet so troubled by thoughts of war. God bless his family and friends.

SHIRLEY, hope that John Deere is sitting in your yard, gleaming and ready to go !

LORI, hoping you had another good day at school and got a good grade on today's test. Thinking of you as you prepare for tomorrows big one !

SANDI, so sorry for Bandit and his loving care givers ! It's so rough when this phase of life descends upon our beloved pets.

Kay said...

DANAMO, had to laugh over your little charges having to pee so often ! Are they drinking more due to the heat ?

Well, seems I'm all alone here right now. Think I'll turn to the matter of "what's for dinner?". I'm uninspired.

Love and prayers for all !


Lolly said...

Thanks for the call over, Kay! And a big thanks to STEVE for the new thread!

Fish tank has been purchased as well as some kind of animal skull with big teeth as the decoration, LOL He will love that! Will set it up Sunday and give him $$ for fish when the tank has sat for a few days.

stronghunter said...

Thanks for the thread, Steve, and for the call-over, Kay.

No John Deere yet.

Have to urge Hunter to get ready to go.

Lolly said...

Kay, it is the power for suggestion. If one asks to go then the others shortly follow! I always took my class down the hall several times and everyone HAD to go. LOL Then we had two restrooms between the two kndg rooms, each with a tiny potty. They had to ask to go there. They actually were not used that often but glad they were there. Did not like to send k kids down the hall alone. At least not at the beginning of the year.

Lolly said...

Shirley, saw the picture with George sleeping on his new bed. All I have to do is put a towel down and Annie will sleep on that. However, she does not jump to our bed anymore.

JudyE said...

HELLO just got home from a outing at the Botanical Gardens so pretty out there 92° out now and so hot I a melting don't I wish LOL

and to find a new thread THANKS FOR THE NEW THREAD STEVE

JudyE said...

DANAMO on the bathroom issue Jordyn teacher has a thing on the bathroom door with their names on it with pockets and with thing in the pockets She said that it would be used later in the school that kindergarten kids need to learn when they need to go and really have to go that their little bladders aren't trained yet YEP Jordyn goes to the bathroom often and she does pee every time we take her one day I swear she went 6 time in a couple of hours when we were out

JudyE said...

LOLLY I did get a notice in my junk mail that the ostrich link was back up but I thought it was in error and didn't go over will have to check it out I checked subscribe and when the go live you get a notice in the mail

JudyE said...

the panda seems to be a girl just said on the news

JudyE said...

the sire is TIN TIN spelling??

Lori said...

Hi all!

Just quickly checking in.

Had a great day at school, 92% on today's test, but I'm probably won't publish tomorrow's test results. It's a big test, 100 questions on five chapters of Anatomy and Physiology. Now, doesn't that sound like fun?
Think my carpooler friend is going to whip my behind on this one!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU STEVE and KAY for the new thread and call over!

Love you ALL!

Going back to put my nose to the study grindstone, again. :)

JudyE said...

YEAH LORI on the 92% do tell what did the others make do the announce all the grades all the time ????

what did you carpooler get and what is her name??? carpooler is a odd name LOL

JudyE said...

I saw so many butterflies today at the gardens and they were the hardest thing to take pictures of I also had a turtle cross my path trying to get to the other pond on the other side of the path poor thing pulled in his shell but them walked across I think he figured out I wasn't going to hurt him got a pic and a video of him

Sandi said...

Hi all! Good day today at school but I have lots to do this evening, plus I have to make dog food. I'll see everyone tomorrow!

stronghunter said...

Tractor has been delivered Will may be using it before I get home. I saw a flatbed truck with something green and yellow sitting in front of some boxes just as I left the neighborhood. Was mighty tempted to turn around and go back.

Then, just as I came near the football field, Hunter said, "I don't think I can practice. I don't have my sports tape" good grief. Kind of like students and band-aids.

But he is practicing.

Hoda said...

Up or down we are with you LORI.
I have confidence you will do well on the test tomorrow.
Bravo for toda's results.

Great BDAY present LOLLY.

My ears feel great.

Rode my bicycle and it poured!!!
I was dressed for it and did not get wet.

Will head off to yoga.

Meow meow Mr Marvin.

Deliveries are do hard SHIRLEY!!!
I hope you have it by now.

stronghunter said...

Wow, Lori! Great score!

Mema Jo said...

Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread
Congratulations Kay for your feather

Mr Marvin was ready to come home from the vet around 4:320. Not one bit groggy and is all over the place.
He did have 3 teeth removed after the cleaning. He want so badly to go outside but we don't dare let him out.

Mema Jo said...

Lori your score today was the best ♥
If you ever flub on one of those daily tests - don't you dare neglect to tell us - we will just pray more prayers until we get you up to that
100 ♥

Mema Jo said...

Lolly, the fish tank is quite a gift! Hope he loves it.

Getting ready to watch Jeopardy at 7:30. Yesterday the Longhorn had Key Lime Pie of course - Thoughts of Lynn ♥

Momster b-days on our calendar will be automatically announced in an email with the person's name. I am assuming that Anniversaries will be announced by showing both hubby/wife names.... Neat Feature ♥

Mema Jo said...

Hoda riding her bike in the rain - I want to hear about dancing in the rain whenever that happens ♥

Mema Jo said...


JudyE said...

Just got home from Sonny's and see eagle in the ATTIC


JudyE said...

POOF already

grannyblt said...

Evening all.
thanks for the birthday wishes. I celebrated by visiting the Apple store in Pittsburgh and coming home with a new iPad. I tried responding using it, but I guess google didn't recognize it or something, so I'll get back to it tomorrow to figure out some things.

I have only been on Yahoo to update the calendar and haven't sent anyone from here an email recently. Don't know what that is about.

SED to all

Mema Jo said...

Whoa! It is raining on the Ravens ♥

Mema Jo said...

Lynne - GrannyBLT - It is an automatic reminder!

Happy Birthday again!

paula eagleholic said...

Evening, all.

Had a good day at work! Love saying that!

Finally got to take Nick and I for a walk on the beach when I got home...haven't walked the beach the last 2 days. Clouds came in for sunset, but no rain.

Nick seems to be adjusting just fine :)

My elderly neighbor, Murdock, said he would let Nick out if I needed him to. He's such a nice man. Murdock is the neighbor whose wife passed away about a month ago. He loves to cut my grass. His son has a lawn service business that he operates out of Murdock's place, so he uses his son's mower to do his yard and my yard.

Gave the bedrooms the Lolly treatment tonight, washed sheets, etc. My brother got all the sweeping done and all the outside stuff put away before he left. He's been doing much better. I told him I noticed the positive change...hope it continues.

paula eagleholic said...

Congrats to Tian having a little girl cub!

Good news on the school fronts!

JudyE said...

got notice from OSTRICH cam gone live just now again showing all three eggs now

Lolly said...

You all just tickle me. The Lolly treatment, indeed!!! roflmbo

Had a quick dinner and I went out for a while. Wish I had a beach to walk on, but no...sat on the ground and pulled clover from the lawn. 88 so not really comfortable.

JudyE said...

little boring watching the eggs LOL but will peak in every once in a while to check

did you find any 4 leaf clover LOLLY

JudyE said...

I am so mad I bought a purse from work and the strap has already broke maybe its two weeks old Walmart sells cheap inferior stuff and I tried to stick it and poked my thumb with the wrong end of the needle I have no thimble so I was using a plastic cap from a water bottle and the needle poked through the cap and got my thumb and it wasn't the sharp end OUCH

stronghunter said...

Oh my, Judy. Guess you need to get yourself a thimble. Sorry you poked yourself

Came home and the tractor was sitting in the front yard. Will has mowed the whole yard already. A few minutes ago, I heard noise on the back porch. Will was going out to put the cover over the tractor. Nice.

stronghunter said...

Very sleepy. Good night. SED, everybody. See you tomorrow.

Lolly said...

Nothing like a new toy to get the job done, Shirley.

JudyE said...

so good to hear the tractor had done what it was intended to do SHIRLEY and tell WILL you will need a turn I love mowing with a tractor I loved my Dads Moms I could not operate to hard for me to use Dads was a John Deer also Moms was one of those ZERO turn with handles My head and hands don't communicate with each other LOL Like using Atari I could not do either

stronghunter said...

:) I know.

JudyE said...

Gonna watch the news now will check in before beddy by

stronghunter said...

My response was to Lolly's comment. I will try to use it, Judy. We will see.

magpie said...

Good Night, Precious Pals...

so saddened by the news of the husband of Christine's caregiver friend passing away, prayers for comfort and peace for the young veteran, his family, and friends

Lori's test grade reports, once again...

Good Workday and evening report from Paula as well

and Happy Birthday, Grannyblt Lynne! Hope it was very happy, indeed

many other fun things here to read of.....

I am sad about Sandi's Bandit, not doing so well....(( HUGS, Sandi, Dennis AND Bandit ))

I'm about asleep so that's all folks!

Friday, RED Friday, right around the corner,
Now, more than ever
God Bless Our Military, and
Gratitude for Enduring Devotion and Service

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo ♥

Mema Jo said...

Good late evening all

Paula it sounds like Nick is doing well and it also sounds as though you are doing very well. With your brother having gone home I don't really think you will be too lonely
with great neighbors and your job.

Mema Jo said...

Shirley it sounds as though you won't have any problem getting the lawn mowed. With supervision even Hunter could take a turn under Will's watchful eye.

Mema Jo said...

I am going to close my blog now.
Wishing all of you a sound sleep and peaceful dreams.

Goodnight ♥

JudyE said...

You gotta check this out Angie posted on facebook and so did Linda Cochran Salsberry long time since I have seen her on FB

video of turtle coming up out of sad so neat

JudyE said...

Hey did you all ever notice the lights that show up at night on the camera Is it helicopters airplanes or what ORBS LOL UFO lol

Janet said...

Quick, late note.

Happy Birthday GRANNYBLT!

LORI: rock that test! You GO girl

JO: sorry to hear of the suicide. it is a tragedy that our veterans have to have such issues.

Not a lot going on. Thursday is my busy day, work, ice skating, dinner out and now the chamonmile tea has been consumed. Bed time.

Good night and SED to all! Light and love to you as you sleep in peace....

NCSuzan said...

Grannyblt, Many happy returns of the day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hoda said...

Somehow the blog did not send me emails.
It is OK I caught up.
Had a terrific restorative yoga class.
I will sleep soundly.

Maybe because I did not check the box???
It asked me to log on!!!

Hoda said...

PAULA good news all around!
Blessed Be!!!

JO when I am in the woods and if it rains I ALWAYS DANCE IN THE RAIN.

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Lolly said...

My turn to call it a day! Up early tomorrow to head for Denton and Jacob's class. Going to see a "reading presentation" and taking cookies for his class.

Drive an hour, be there for 30 minutes, and then another hour drive home.

Nite all! SED!!!

Hoda said...

Goodnight All


Lori said...

Good morning everyone!

Up early to get another study session in before school this morning.

SHIRLEY, congrats on the new tractor. Always wanted a big JD tractor, really big to push stumps and stuff...just a dream. :)

PAULA, sounds like you and Nick had a beautiful day yesterday. I'm so happy for you. And you're so blessed to have a great neighbor looking out for you and Nick. So, how does Studmuffin like you living over there?

GRANNY/LYNNE, Hope your Birthday yesterday was a happy, happy one! Congrats on being good to yourself and getting the new I-Pad -- you will love it! They're so fun, just not fun to type on. :)

HODA, JO, SHIRLEY, KAY, JANET, JUDYE, MARGY, thanks for all your love and support. It does mean the world to me.

I'll wear the red hair clips MARGY mailed me today for RED FRIDAY! Thank you, Margy. That was so sweet of you. You are adorable and appreciated.

Gotta run.

I love you all sooooo much!

Have a great Red Friday.

Sandi said...

Good Friday morning Lori and all my eagle friends!

A group of people in the Bethany area organized an event for wounded warriors for this week. People donated their homes so families could come down for a week at the beach. Local businesses donated services like manicures for the wives, dinners out for the families. Denny got involved with some other folks who own boats, Yesterday he took a young man, his wife, and 3-year old boy out for the afternoon (I was working). When they pulled up to the pump to put gas in the boat, the owner of the place (Catch 54 in Fenwick) said the gas was free. So was lunch at Sunset Grill in West Ocean City. Denny said it was a great day.

I can just barely see the nest tree on the cam and the upper branches look MT.

Have a great day all!

Janet said...

TGIF! Good RED Friday morning! :D
We made it thru another week.

Or,almost. We made it to Friday....

Its been a really fast week for me...having two days off mid week does that to you.

There is an Italian Lights Festival in town and the State Fair starts tonight. Lots to do this weekend.

Might do both...we shall see.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Light, love, healing and smiles to each of you on this beautiful day that we have been given. ENJOY!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day here.

Hunter is watching the Disney movie again...Pirates of the Carribean.

I am sorry, Jo, I did not read carefully enough. It was Christine's friend's husband who died. Condolences to Christine and the family of the gentleman.

stronghunter said...

Caribbean, that is . . .

stronghunter said...

Wishing for a successful day for you, Lori. I guess they have to cram all kinds of things into everyone's heads before they will let you do anything else--or they force you to cram it into your own heads. Lots of reading and testing. Wow.

Also the trial period, when they eliminate those who can't survive this. And you certainly can. :)

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !

LORI, SHIRLEY is so right and I second her emotion ! Great score yesterday and praying for you today !

SHIRLEY, glad the new toy has finally arrived--everyone in the family will be interested in it for starters ! Let em' have at it til' the love affair subsides !

JO, glad Mr. Marvin is doing well after his dental work ! Think the auto reminder is a terrific tool !

LOLLY, enjoy your "dedicated grandparent" day ! The fish tank will be a big hit for Jacob, I'm sure. No doubt he's been hoping for the day ever since big brother got his.

LYNNE1, happy news on your birthday ! Enjoy that IPad !

PAULA, thank God for neighbors like Murdock !

SANDI, what a wonderful program for "wounded warriors" ! And, how sweet of Denny to take part !

Another lovely Fall day here, but temps to return to 80's for a while starting tomorrow. No complaints as I think so often of that horrible heat out West !

Love and prayers for all !


Hoda said...

Good morning all

SANDI blessed be
WW program and the response.
It is what makes the USA great.

Thinking of you LORI
MARGY is sweet!
Red Friday

Off to yoga
I will go see the Salmon too!

stronghunter said...

Wearing my flag pin today. Red shirts are still in the laundry hamper.

Mema Jo said...

Good Red Friday Morning to all ♥

I love following you in comments, Kay - You catch me up pretty quickly.

Sandi - Christine and Patrick have participated in a good many WW events. It has meant so much to them to be able to do things they couldn't afford on a military budget. I can't give Denny as much credit as he deserves. That soldier and his family could never have had an afternoon of sun, water, food as what your community gave them. Blessed Be ♥

Mema Jo said...

I have my red shirt laying on the bed
(I'm still in PJ's)
BTW - early in our Blog existence we always had a PJ Club. You could belong as long as you didn't get out of your PJ's before noon! I think I was president for a while. Now a days our blog is full of working gals. The early birds had their Coffee Cafe...... I am getting old in my mind - what was that clique called.........

JudyE said...

JO I also still in Night attire I have three red shirts to choose from since I did laundry yesterday and I am wearing red plaid shorts to go with it Hey LORI needs to get red undies LOL I say a small red bow or ribbon for the hair

OH GOOD Morning eagle buds I forgot to say the attic is MT

stronghunter said...

Something about the Cyber Cafe, I think, Jo.

stronghunter said...

I have to get dressed these mornings because I am driving Hunter to school for the time being.

This morning, I tried to get halfway decent because I thought I would practice bowling, but the bowling alley does not open until 4:00 PM. Wow. Not sure when they changed the hours. Don't like it. Wondering if business is that bad.

stronghunter said...

Going to have to check to see if they are open on Monday morning. There is another bowling alley over by the mall, but they do not have regulation lanes. Not really what I want.

Mema Jo said...

Beautiful weather out there today. AC OFF ! Windows and door OPEN !
Ceiling fans On ! I love an OPEN HOUSE

stronghunter said...

Beautiful blue sky at the Sycamore Palace this morning. Nary an eagle in sight, though.

stronghunter said...

It is nice, Jo.

JudyE said...

92° here no AC off Got to remember I am picking Jordyn up in CAR line today not walker line She is so excited about it also

Angie is still waiting to hear on closing it in the underwriters hand now

I told Angie this "JUst remember it no fault of your the closing is going so slo if they would have had the house properly permitted and the part of the house in appraisal you would have closed already You have been a asset in getting it done properly and may have been worse if they had someone else buy the house"

Mema Jo said...

That's it, Shirley - Cyber Cafe..

Judy, just pic one..

Sorry about Bowling alley hours. Would have been great to go there since you have to get Hunter to School. I asked you one time as to
what's the reason Hunter is driven to school....... are there no buses.

JudyE said...

I just go done eating my dinner last night for early lunch ribs and sweet potato and garlic toast I ate the beans last nite as a late nite snack was so good Two meals in one when I go out to eat Had the salad bar last nite and was to full to eat the main course OK OFF to the shower

JudyE said...

OH I need to wait till after NOON to take my shower don't want to be booted out of the new Cyber Cafe PJ and nite gown club LOL

JudyE said...

OH JO OH JO I am so jealous I just clicked on my weather ap and YOU ARE 66° NOT FAIR I say LOL

JudyE said...

HODA is 60° and SIS is 81° me down to 91° now

Hoda said...

Gracious me!!!
63 degrees and TROPICAL RAIN.
The Heavens have opened!!!
Must be Open House up there!!!

Missing JUDIE.

JudyE said...

SIS how is JACK I saw he is in the hospital being he has been throwing up and is dehydrated let us know He looks so peaceful in the picture asleep in the bed

Hoda said...

Ha ha ha we posted on the weather the same time JUDYE.

JudyE said...

great minds think alike HODA LOL

JudyE said...

4 min till I can official get out of my Night shirt LOL

JudyE said...

check out GOOGLE for today

JudyE said...

wow just on the news a man raped 4 women home invasions just in the matter of a couple of hours And shooting firing at people near USF in tampa still looking for him

JudyE said...

they have ID of him Charley Bates so that is a good thing that they know who he is

Mema Jo said...

Hit the showers, Judy

JudyE said...

Watching the news first
IT horrific what they went through the detail are horrible and I just saw a big bird fly on the right looked like a eagle at the nest

JudyE said...


in Tampa Charley Bates

JudyE said...

Angie job is just over the bridge I called her and told her to lock the door also you never know where he is being this was last night

Mema Jo said...

The Baltimore O's did well with their win
The Baltimore Ravens has a really bad loss 22 points difference
:( 49 - 27

Mema Jo said...

Lunch time - BBL

stronghunter said...

There are buses, Jo. But the schedule is not good right now. He would be on the bus for too long. I think that will change later on. Not too hard for me to drive him for awhile.

stronghunter said...

"Armed and dangerous" . . . that's a bit of an understatement, Judy.

stronghunter said...

Going to find some food, too.

JudyE said...

SHOWER was glorious I am squeaky clean LOL

JudyE said...

on the news I guess at the party he told one girl to come over to him and her boyfriend stood in front of her and came to her defense Then he said OH you are in a committed relationship and let her be then a knock on the door he put the gun in his pocket answered the door and walked out and off course someone yells from inside he has a gun He pulled the gun and shoot it to a man in a door way was un harmed and fled the scene CRAZY CRAZY

JudyE said...

OMG now LIVE shoot out with him on TV NOW OMG live on TV

JudyE said...

they broke away from the Helicopter I guess didn't want to show it but there was gun shots to the car he was in

JudyE said...

here is the video that I saw LIVE

Police chase and gun shot he is in custody and wounded YEAH they got him

JudyE said...

I guess the suspect died and found out that the did kill a lady MTBRL

Lori said...

Good Afternoon my Bestest Eagle Buddies!

I love you all so much!

JUDYE, glad you finally got out of your pj's! LOL. Didn't we call it the Sycamore Palace Sunrise Café or something like that?

JO, like SHIRLEY, I didn't get that either, and I'm sorry. My sympathies to Christine, and her friend. That is so tragic. Sorry I was so slow on the uptake. Big hugs.

I am exhausted and so grateful it's Friday. Thanks for the prayers HODA, JO and KAY. This was a huge test today and....drum roll... I got a 95.5% !!!!!!
I'm so happy that is over.

Going to a spaghetti dinner at the local high school with Mom and Dad tonight. It's for a local Women's group that's putting it on.

SANDI, a very heartwarming story about Denny and the WW program. Give him a hug for me. That was awesome. Cheers all around!

Would love to crash and take a nap, but I think we leave for dinner in an hour and I know I would never get up. :)

Oh, JUDYE, can't wear red undies with my uniform. The uniform pants are white - the scrub top is a solid teal. I'll wear my red MARGY hair clips. :)

Have a fabulous rest of the day everyone. Welcome to the weekend!

Lolly said...

We are home. It was a fun morning! Really like this new teacher. She is really sharp and has a great relationship with her class. Impressed!

Came on home and then had buy a few grossssseries. Going to bake Jacob's birthday cake. He wants a lemon cake with lemon icing. That is the favorite cake of Jacob and Granddaddy. Limited on decorations but have come up with a great idea, Gotta get busy!

Lolly said...

Lori, knew you could do it! You get a standing ovation!!!! clap clap clap!!!!

Guess I never could join the pj club. I am dressed before I exit the bedroom. Guess it is a good habit. Jack does the same and we have just stayed with it.

Kay said...

Wahoo ! Good for you, LORI ! We're going to be busting our buttons with pride and I'm sure your parents are, too ! Enjoy that spaghetti dinner ! Yes you got the name of our old cafe right, Lori, but sometimes we worked Cyber into it, too. We did serve up some good coffee, tea and sweet treats as well as a whole lot of conversation, both silly n' serious. In those days when we were keeping a close watch on the nest as Belle and Shep got used to each other and began their coupledom. I was up early with pain in those days and enjoyed tuning into you n' Loo whilst we chatted. DANAMO often had hilarious things to tell us about her sock n' money eating pups and we saw MARGY n' JUDYE off to work each day. Closing out about the time you headed for home after 8 hours at the station. Then it was over and out to JO, LYNN and others. ♫♪Those were the days, my friend. We thought they'd never end....♪♪♫ There is a good pic of the Cafe group on your blog taken one Fall when there was a Mini-Momster gathering. I was unable to travel, so am the missing link in that pic. Boo-Hoo!

SHAR and THELMA dropped by frequently, too and I miss their daily visits here now.


Lori said...

KAY, thank you. You also bring up some good points and great memories. I think it was the Sycamore Palace Sunrise Cyber Café - you are right. Think I'll post to Sharon now.

Kay said...

Oh, yes, and you were always among the Second Shift taking over for we Early Birds, LOLLY !

Happy to hear you had a good day and liked the teacher.

Hmmmmm, that cake sounds sooooo good !

Now that I'm a happy dog owner with no fenced in yard I'm dressed and out the door with Penny about 7 each day. It does get the day on the move, so to speak !

Have learned that Seth is staying on campus this weekend0---big football game and stuff going on. Yesterday he joined a group of students to work at the Community Garden, reaping things to be given to the needy. So happy that he's getting involved with things there quickly !

Lori said...

SHARON, we miss you and Thelma.

What's up? How's your health?

Hugs to both of you. WE MISS BOTH

of YOU...not yelling, just want to

be sure you get the message that

we miss you.

Lori said...

LOLLY, glad you liked the teacher and had a good day. The lemon cake sounds yummy. Wish I loved to cook like you do.

Curious about your idea for decorations...come on share with us. :)

Mema Jo said...


Whoa Babe ♥

you need to go celebrate ♥

Mema Jo said...

Glad you got to meet the teacher, Lolly and that you feel she is going to be great.

Are you making the decorations of the fish in the new aquarium?
Anxious to know what's on that Lemon Cake!

Going to order Pizza for tonight. Michael will be here so there shouldn't be any leftovers......♥

Lolly said...

No, Jo...found a snake to put on the cake. LOL He can put it in the bathtub and it will grow! Grossssss! But he will love it!

I'll take a picture when I am through. I was limited with what I could do since it has to be yellow icing. I'll make green grass for the snake to slither in. :)

Lolly said...

Yes, Lori, I love to cook and I love to bake. However, I do not get to bake as we can not afford to eat sweets. Yikes! When the kids were little I took a cake decorating class. Have had fun over the years making the birthday cakes. Have not done it for a while as Joseph prefers pumpkin pie on his birthday and Jacob always lemon on lemon. Also, we are not always here.

Hoda said...

Great yoga practice.

The Heavens still holding open house.
Pouring is putting it mildly!!!
Thought the car was going to float!

Went to see how the Kokanee Salmon are fairing with the rain. They did not seem to mind at all being wet!!!

I volunteered to go to The Garlic Fest with the Eco Society so that will be Sunday.
Monday Kootenay Lake Biologists were looking for people to take water samples and do some tests.
It gives me a five hour boat ride on a beautiful lake so thought why not!
Do that and Yoga is what I will do Monday.

95.5 you say???
I am hollering all the way from Canada.
So pleased for you.

Hoda said...


Lolly said...

Just think, Lori, you have fans in Texas, Canada, and all over the US doing happy dances for you. Can't beat that!!

Janet said...

Good late afternoon all.

UPDATE ON JACK: JUDYE: the white blood count is dropping, so that means that his body is fighting....apparently its just a virus. That is good news. If the WBC had stayed up or increased they would have shipped him over to Vanderbilt.

Yesterday I was on the phone wiht Chelsea and it was apparent that he had a stomach bug....but I told her as long as he keeps some fluilds down, check this/that hang on til morning and see how he is doing.

Well when Chris got home late last night, poor kid was still projetile vomiting and as a precaustion Chris took him to the ER and they admitted him for severe dehydration.

SOOOOOO, he had a horrible headache with it and they gave him morphine, hence the peaceful sleep. They checked for several things, but all were okay. Just a stomach bug .

He will be staying over night, again, and as soon as he is up and can tolerate fluids and food, he can go home.

Back to reading

Janet said...

okay, now, i can continue:

1. Alas and Alak, I shall never be part of the stay in your jammies til noon coffee clutch. :( sadness. Even if I am home I am up and moving....I MIGHT stay in my jammies til 9 on a Saturday if I sleep in.... That's okay, love you all anyway!

2. I can continue, however to be part of the EARLY BIRD club, right?
(insert cheesy grin here)

LORI LORI LORI what will we do with you!? That is simply awesome! Congrats!!!!!!!!

HODA: THE GARLIC FEST????? THAT sounds like MY kind of place. Almost everything I cook has onions and/garlic. I have been craving onions lately...on almost everything....cooked or raw. It doens't matter.

I cannot wear red to work, we have a uniform. So I celebrate red Fridays by wearing a little FLAG pin on my collar.

BTW: LORI: WHITE SCRUB BOTTOMS? That is probably the most difficult color to clean...egad....someone lost their minds.

It is a gorgeous day here. TIred though. Just had some almonds and a glass of tea.

Not sure what we are doing this weekend. I know Chelsea and crew won't be joining us....

The Italian Lights festival and the Fair are going on. Bowling starts Sunday.

I've been trying for several days to get info on the bowling....FINALLY got it today. Thankfully we have our team together. Tom is going to bowl right handed (he's a lefty), so that OUGHT to be interesting....myself, Chelsea and a friend of mine, Jessie. Russell has chosen not to bowl this year. His job doens't let him out til 7:30 typically on Sundays AND he has a gal pal (can't say girl friend)....and she takes up quite a bit of his free time.. That is great because he's been lonely for a long time.

Anyway, so we shall see what the weekend bring.

About time to feed the dogs. Have a great evening to all! Light and love, hugs and smiles!!!

Mema Jo said...

Sounds good Lolly! Snake in the grass on the cake
I saw on one of the fancy baking photos a darn spider cake - it looked
so real that I could have smashed it.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,
Dropping in to say hello, and let you know that we're surviving the tropical heat. It was 100 degrees yesterday, but felt a couple degrees higher because of the humidity. Late last night it was still 90 degrees in the kitchen. Only got down to 78 or 80 overnight. Supposed to be hot & yucky again today.

Really sorry to hear of the veteran with post-traumatic stress who committed suicide. Prayers for the family and friends.

Lori, congrats on your test scores!
I knew you could do it!

I know I'm missing someone's Birthday--I should've taken notes while reading! Is it Lynne1? Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Well, someone here is badly needing a shower. I'm the only one home, so it must be me! Will check back in later. Have a good Red Friday, everyone! I ♥ us!! (and I miss Shar and Thelma, too!)

JudyE said...

Hello home from Angie Had dinner out at Bob Evans Was surprisingly good I had the sirloin stead with portobello mushrooms, onion and cheese 999 for three course not bad

JudyE said...

that should have been STEAK not stead LOL

JudyE said...

It was storming up a storm when I left and is now still in the distance Came home to the other side of the street no electricity YEAH not me this time there is the truck out there and I see them with a transformer must have been hit
First time today for Jordyn to be picked up in the Car line instead of walking line seemed to be ok She also ate for the first time the lunch in school They don't cook at the school is brought in by volunteers in cars but she asked Angie if she could eat school lunches

JudyE said...

gonna go watch the Following even though its a rerun I still like it check in later

Lolly said...

Cake is iced, but not decorated. Will do that tomorrow after yard work.

Lynne2 said...

evening all....

Lolly said...

Well howdeeeeeee bearless, Lynne!!!

Lynne2 said...

Very busy couple of days, but I think I have caught up. Lori is working for a new radio station, 92 NURSE, Marvin isn't allowed out because he might want to take a swim in Shriley's glo in the dark birdbath, Judy tripped over a turtle and broke her purse strap, Lolly is feeding snakes cake...oh my I have to go feed my unicorn.....

NatureNut said...

Good Evening Eagle Buds! Tried to get on here from work, but one place has the tiny circle going 'round and 'round if you click on IE. This happens for any link you click later~~dead end. The Park 'puter has hourglass sitting for about an hour before getting anywhere. Both worthless!
Been busy around here & Fubby's been on this 'puter a lot!
Sign maker printed my "Eagle" decal (Firebird, I call it)& we got it TU!!!I put it on car TH PM, as I had hair cut done TH so I can see where I'm going! Turned out lighter than I thought it would be, but is OK. He pretty much copied the colors I had used, so he didn't charge anything for art work!!!! Cost only $7 more than his usual price! I'll try to get a pic on here real fast.
Got more stuff to do tonight~~~~like touch up Park shirt w/iron~~duh.
I need to read back, but see Lori is getting a high average at school!!! Lolly, will the fish tank be at your house? Sounds exciting. I was just thinking that daughter and SIL may not have armadillos for awhile since the area has been disturbed! The TX stuffed armadillo here is being dismantled bit by bit by Binky, the cat. She works on it after dark!
Sandi, so sorry about Bandit.
Late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Granny BLT!!! ♥☺♥
Gotta hit the hay soon, so Prayers for Good Health and Pleasant Feather Dreams ;>)

JudyE said...

LOL LYNNE2 and Lolly watch what you say or she just may go BEAR<Less

Hoda said...

You got it all right LYNNE except for LORI'S new station. That would be 95.5 NURSE

Lynne2 said...

Lolly started it.

Lynne2 said...

hey, east coasters to panhandle from PA to NC....

Rocket Launch tonight

stronghunter said...

Launch is at 11:27 tonight.

Rocket Launch

stronghunter said...


The first post is from ABC. This one is from NASA. Seem to be the same.

stronghunter said...

Looks to be due east from here. Guess I can use the compass on my cell phone to find due east.

Mema Jo said...

Good late Evening to all

Slow night on the blog! That's ok - it is Friday night!

I watched a movie on TV - rather good
and kept me in suspense for a change.

Time for me to say Goodnight

Sweet Eagle Dreams & AOYP all night long.

Blessings to all of you! ♥

Hoda said...

Good night

God Bless Us All

Mema Jo said...

Watched NASA TV coverage - Beautiful ♥

Janet said...

home again home again jiggety jig
home again home again jiggety jog

livvy went to a wrestling event with michael.

we went to the italian lights festival with the intent to look about and maybe eat. some nice booths, but rather repetitive....nothing spectacular. food, less so.

thankfully free to get in and parked free as well.

went down town to demos, an italian place with other food. good prices. good food. had mushroom spaghetti with brown butter sauce. and salad. yummy. lunch for tomorrow too!

cruised downtown for a short bit, hopping down there. i understand keith urban is doing 4 one hour free concerts in 4 differnt bars tonight.

someting or other going on at bridgestone arena.

always something downtown.

came back to our side of town got toppigns, came home and made banana splits.

now waiting for olivia to get home. :)

talked with chelsea briefly, jack was still asleep for the most part, but was taking sips of fluids. hopefully he will be eating/drinking thru the night and hopefully hold down breakfast so he can go home.

well, calling it a night. hope everyone sleeps well! SED!

stronghunter said...

Went out on my front porch after doing some more research and learning that the launch site is southeast of here. I was afraid that the streetlights would keep me from seeing anything, but I had a spectacular view! Very exciting. Got Will to come out and watch with me.

Lolly said...

Wow, looks like I started something and then abandoned the blog. Whoops! Sat down to read and then fell asleep. I am ready for bed. It has been a busy day.

Night all! SED!!!

Lolly said...

That is really neat, Shirley!

stronghunter said...

Had to go back and read what Lolly did. A snake on the cake. Indeed.

Very creative.

Kathryn and I spent the evening on the front porch gossiping. Or, listening to gossip from a friend down near the cul de sac.

It seems that a certain couple down there is getting a divorce. Not our favorite couple. They have caused us a whole mess of trouble over the past year or so. Now they have turned on each other. Not all that surprising.

stronghunter said...

Good wishes for Jack, Janet.

Hoping that by tomorrow, he is enjoying all of the attention and some good food and getting antsy to go home.

stronghunter said...

Yes, Lolly, I stood on my front porch in the middle of the night and even hollered a little bit. It was exciting.

stronghunter said...

I did not make a video, but Rus did. He is going to post on FB.

stronghunter said...

I have to sleep...tomorrow it's my turn to take Hunter to Saturday football. Kathryn is working.

Sandi said...

Good Saturday morning my eagle friends! Sitting here with Bella on my lap, wrapped in a blanket - only 57 degrees outside! Should be a great morning for tennis!

Lori, congrats on the 95,5 on your first big test! All of your studying time is paying off already!! Keep up the fantastic work - you can do this!!!

Janet, sorry to hear about Jack - how scary for him and for Chelsea! Hope the fluids do their thing and he's out of the hospital today!

Lolly, happy 9th birthday to Jacob!! Sounds like a great cake and I bet he'll love the fish tank - is it a surprise or does he know it's coming?

Judy, how frustrating for Angie and Karl that closing keeps getting delayed - patience is often the key with short sales. Hope the house becomes theirs very soon!

Sycamore tree in Shepherdstown is just now coming into view on the cam page - branches are MT.

Hoping to get some sun today and do some reading - I started a book last weekend and haven't had any reading time this week - this thing called work got in my way every day.

Have a great day all.

JudyE said...

GOOD morning Eagle budlets

foggy morning at the nest tree

grannyblt said...

Good Saturday morning eagle friends. I hope everyone is planning a relaxing weekend after all of the business of this past week.The weather is supposed to cooperate in these parts, hope it does as well in yours.
I am so impressed with our rock star Lori. All of that studying this summer certainly is paying off. I am sure you will excel in the patient care aspect also.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

stronghunter said...

Captain Kirk Watches Miley Cyrus Performance

So funny.

Lori said...

Good Morning All!

So nice to sleep in this morning. Fell asleep on the couch at 8 last night! Woke up at 7 this morning. I was crazy tired. Just worn out. Guess this is my life for the next 11 months.

JANET, would loved to have seen Keith Urban! He is so cute. You crammed a lot of things in to your fun Friday night - good for you! Hope Jack is feeling better today.

PAULA, bet you are exhausted to after your first week on the job. So, do you like it? And how is living at the beach going? Have you decided what you're going to do with your MD house?

SHIRLEY, you wild woman, hollering on the porch in the middle of the night...LOL. Glad you and Will had a fun time.

SANDI, you mentioned the book, but not tennis. Are you playing today. Hope you get some nice partners. Still smiling about Denny and his participation in the WW event.

HODA, is today the day you're doing the water testing during the 5 hour boat ride? The things you find to do.

LOLLY, is Jacob's Bday today? How did the cake turn out? Would love to see a picture. :)

KAY, wishing you a great day with Penny, and hoping you and Julie get to do something - maybe a picnic. Think it's supposed to be a nice day today around these parts.

LYNNE2, what's keeping you so busy? How is Steve doing on the job search?

Wishing everyone a great day.

Hope MARGY checks in.

JO, have an awesome day!

Actually, hope everyone has an awesome day, full of love, smiles, light and eagle sightings!

DanaMo said...

Just drove by the nest, but nobody was home :(

Lynne2 said...

woo hoo Dana, thanks for the nest report! no one home but nice to have a real live report!

Lori, Steve and I have become active with the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center being "kennel buddies" for dogs in the kennel near hear the haven't been fostered out yet. We go over and walk and play with them! Work has been busy as all heck and with running to the mountains searching for bears...LOL!

No bites on MILs house yet. But they've had 4 showings this summer! The problem with one was not enough land...duh, it has pictures,measurements etc. on the listing. Two were turned off by the openness of the master bedroom suite loft. The most recent was a young couple with 2 kids and they REALLY loved the place and again, the loft issue....they said they'd re-do it a bit for more privacy but it didn't turn them off a bit. SO, we wait, and my MIL stresses....I stress. Steve stresses. STill SO much to do up there. friend Gail met Keith Urban earlier this year (and Luke Bryant more recently)at a concert "meet and greet!"

Steve's "official" job search is on a sort of temporary hold at the moment. Sort of. Hate to sound so mysterious but I'd rather not get in to details HERE. MTRB. But all is well!

FRONT PORCH GOSSIP Shirley?? and HOLLERING? LOL! I tried to stay awake for the launch though I don't know if we would have seen it too well here. The last time I looked at the time it was 11:15. I missed...

Sure wish the house thing wasn't still pending Judy. GRRRRR! I'm sure Angie and family would like to get started making their new home.

Well, off I's a beautiful day, hope everyone enjoys it!

Janet said...

good morning and sitting here laughing laughing laughing ... the capt kirk vid clip is GREAT

beautiful morning here. slept in because olivia didn't get home til 11ish.

not sure what today holds....but it will be good.

Jack is much improved. Just talked with him on the phone. He started to perk up during the night, asking for a dr. pepper. He nibbled at breakfast, but hospital food...for a very very picky eater? really? dr. came in just a few min ago, hoping they let him go on home.

THank you for your light and love...

LORI: we did not see Keith U. but the crowds were crazy to get into the bars to see him. We just cruised downtown on our way home. There's always something downtown....Steven Tyler stopped in at the bludbird cafe the other night, causing quite a stir doing an impromptu solo performance....ya just never know here in nashvegas.

Hummingbirds are out in full force here. In a short time, they will have vanished for a long while. :( love those little ones.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Be safe and enjoy! Love and hugs!

stronghunter said...

Hi--at football practice. Lovely morning here.

grannyblt said...

Lynne2, I went to your cocker rescue site. So good that you and Steve are volunteering. I am so itching to get another dog, but not this year. I would love another golden--if they came half sized. Maybe a cocker would fill the bill.

Sandi said...

Hi all - home from tennis! Lori, all of the "mean girl tennis" is over until next summer! And I think that I will be unavailable to play on that team next summer! =)

What gorgeous weather - windows are open and the house is cool. Need to get laundry done but no schoolwork this weekend so I have lots of me time.

Janet, glad to hear that jack is feeling better - hope he gets home soon!

Lynne, I read recently that cocker spaniels are one of those breeds that used to be very popular but isn't so much anymore. My dog growing up was a rust colored cocker named ... Rusty! Loved that dog but I recall that Mom was constantly cutting knots out of his hair.

Enjoy this weather (if you have it)! Later!

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
Shirley - I would have had to holler also had I seen the rocket in the sky with my naked eye! Watched on FB the video...

Janet - thanks for the pic of Jack on FB eating breakfast or nibbling at it as you would say - He really looked great and I hope he is home by now.

Sandy - Kids down at the house , well the men and boys, are out on the bay fishing this morning. DIL has the whole house to herself. They will be coming home tomorrow.

I also as a youngster had a cocker spaniel - Sandy was his name and you can guess by that as to what color he was.

Mema Jo said...

Lori you have a restful weekend, Gal. You sure have earned it and I bet these 11 weeks move by quickly.

Lynne1 and Lynne2 good to have you both here this morning ♥♥

Mema Jo said...

Christine and Patrick were at the Fed Ex Field early this morning to participate in the Redskin 5K race.
This was part of the Redskins' activities for the Back To Football.
The ran in the team of the Wounded
Warriors. Very proud of them and I know they had fun!
Like the rest of you I still think of Denny entertaining the family on the water for the afternoon. Such a good feeling.

Mema Jo said...

Dana thanks so much for checking out the nest and for your report!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,
Weather report from Anaheim: 93 here, with almost 40% humidity, going up to a predicted 99 degrees.
Keep telling myself, "Mind over matter...Mind over matter." It's supposed to be a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow, then much better on Monday. That's when the humidity is supposed to improve a lot.

Glad to hear that Jack improved enough to ask for a Dr. Pepper, and is picking at food! Hope he's able to go home!

Shirley, the Capt. Kirk video is hilarious!

Lynne2, that's great that you and Steve are volunteering at the cocker rescue!

Well, gotta go try to trim more of Emma's coat. She may eventually have a "summer" hairdo!

HAGD, everyone! I ♥ us!!!

Lolly said...

Howdeeeeeee! Yard is mowed, edged, blown and watered. I have showered and shampooed. LOL Stinky after all that yard work! Presently 91, that is good. Better than high 90's.

Jacob's birthday is tomorrow. He does not know he is getting a fish tank. It will go in his bedroom.

Getting ready to decorate the cake now and will take a picture of it when through. That is...IF it turns out okay. :)

Everyone is supposed to be at Laurel's tomorrow. I really think they will show this time. We are all going out to eat...Mexican food. Jacob's first choice was pizza, then he said lobster, (lol) talked him into Mexican food.

TCU won, but looks like the quarterback broke his forearm. Not good.

Lynne, so very happy "all is well". You and Steve are often in our thoughts and prayers for things to go well.

Lolly said...

Okay, here it is

Jacob's Snake in the Grass 9th birthday cake

I am certainly not a pro, but I have fun!!! He will love it, as the $2 snake grows "HUGE" when put in water in the bathtub. roflmbo

stronghunter said...

Very impressive cake, Lolly. Beauteous!

paula eagleholic said...

Hello from Rehoboth!

Had a good first week at at Stud's for the weekend.

Had an excellent view of the Ladee launch last night. It did a second burn which was cool.

Went out ocean fishing today...picture perfect weather...caught 2 nice flounder.

Having crab legs and maybe some frsh fish. Tonight. Still a few osprey hanging around.

stronghunter said...

Prayers for cooler weather, Andy.

stronghunter said...

Thanks for the nest report, Dana.

JudyE said...

Home from work
and I loved the youtube video so cute

JudyE said...

DANAMO thanks for the report on the nest sure wish you could have seen them I think in the evening would be a better time to see them Belle seems to show up every night about the same time now

JudyE said...

ANDY Doesn't work MIND Over MATTER in the HOT HOT weather dry or wet heat its still HOT HOT You need to get AC gal and STAT

Lori said...

LOLLY, Awesome cake. You're so talented! Jacob will love it and the aquarium.

SHIRLEY, who was the first to use the new tractor?

SANDI, glad your "mean girl tennis" is over. LOL

LYNNE2, so mysterious...whatever it is Steve is working on I hope it works out for you guys!

PAULA, glad you had a great first week living at the beach. I'm so jealous! :)

JANET, sorry you didn't see Keith around town - he is one gorgeous man. Nice to hear that Jack is doing better. YAY.

I've been studying/reading and making flash cards most of the day. Did try to take a nap but the phone never stops around here...and it's LOUD.

DANAMO, thanks for driving by the nest. Wish you could have seen Belle and Shep -- wonder where are youngsters are now?

Love you all... have a great night. Going to eat a Healthy Choice dinner that is now ready, then have some ice cream if there's room.


JudyE said...

LYNNE2 did you hear about the 200 lb bear that was up a tree right next to a school in Albuquerque New Mexico you should have went LOL
Bear near a school LYNNE2 he was waiting for you

stronghunter said...

Will used the tractor first. I don't even have a key yet. Going to have to remedy that. There are supposed to be two keys. He can have one.

Hunter tells me that it is not a tractor. It is a lawn mower.

I did go out and sit on the tractor yesterday. Yes, tractor. It is a lawn tractor.

Hoda said...

Blessed Be on all the posts.
I had a very good day riding my bicycle.
Half the people from the USA WESTERN STATES seem to be up here showing their antique cars.
Main street is totally blocked and people have their chairs on the side walks and it is really festive. The ones I spoke to seem to like Nelson a lot.
Old old old cars!!!

stronghunter said...

A bear in a tree near a school? Oh my.

JudyE said...

they had a video on Fox13 but I can't find the bear video just a slide show on the page I posted the Huffington post

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

Think I may run up to the park and see if the cell phone tower eagle Belle and Liberty show up being our Belle shows up here maybe HUMMM you never know

Lolly said...

We have only one key for our mower and it stays in the ignition. lol

We have a Snapper riding mulching mower. A lot of our neighbors have JD but Jack likes the Snapper.

Mema Jo said...

Home from Mass and then dinner at the Longhorn Steak House - I love it there.

Going to watch my Hallmark weekly show


Hoda said...

I should have been an American!
I sincerely truly wished I was an American.
I get along so well with you guys!
Uptown for groceries and I swear there were more Americans than Canadians at the car show.
One told me not to put money in the parking meters.
They were turned off by the city as a welcome gesture to our neighbours to the south and their fancy cars.
They thought that was sweet. Told me thank you. I told him you are welcome.
Oh my do they spend money too!!!
This morning I got two US quarters on my change
Just now three more!

magpie said...

Good Saturday Evening, Eagle Pals..

Hoda, when I went to Montreal quite a number of years ago, it was fun to have Canadian Money, as it was to have German money a few weeks ago.

Hope all are well, I am about to read backwards.

All is well here, just a long work week, but my Week-end is Here now.

xo (( Hugs and Lovins')(

Lynne2 said...

Hey, Hoda...I'm gonna send you a MARYLAND quarter for your collection!

Who else is sending Hoda a state quarter??

magpie said...

another dozen posts and we will
be at the
so be on the alert for that...
it will probably happen while I am slowly reading ☺


Lynne2 said...

oh Judy, yeah I saw the "bear in the tree at the school." ALL propaganda. There are no bears in this country. Well, except for MY bears that I've seen, of course. LOL!

magpie said...

I have a West Virginia quarter I can send Lynne....with some West Virginia Stamps on the envelope ☺


If skies are clear Sunday night, watch for Baby Crescent Moon near Beauteous Venus...and Saturn will be up over them a wee bit.

Maybe someone already mentioned this.

magpie said...

My brother Prairie Dog John was invited to give a lecture about his Prairie Dog research,
at Shepherd University
in October ! He and his wife will travel over from Frostburg for this.
AND...years ago, he donated his insect and butterfly collection to the is still intact there at the school

stronghunter said...

Will check to see if I have a Virginia quarter somewhere around here.

The Sapper looks like a good mower.

Lolly, the key is not in the ignition, but the mower is outdoors for now, so that is best. It is covered with a mower cover and sitting in the fenced backyard. Kathryn is working on getting stuff out of the garage.

I might buy a lawn shed at some point. Know I have considered this before. Would really prefer to have the mower and gasoline cans away from the house.

stronghunter said...

Must be interesting to have Prairie Dog John for a brother, Margy.

magpie said...

In our county, we have had a tremendous run on thefts of lawn mowers, weed eaters and trimmers, chain saws...
a few cars, motorcycles, laptops, and so on...
some from locked sheds and cars....


magpie said...

so a shed sounds like a very good idea, Shirley !
congrats on that new John Deere !
I've been reading all about it

Lynne2 said...

Hoda, you are going to be rich in State Quarters! Good idea Margy, I'll have to see about a Maryland stamp to send my quarter!

Lynne2 said...

I second that Shirley, I'd love to review some of his reasearch!

JudyE said...

Well went to the tower and saw no eagles but saw the prettiest rainbow
or I should say two halves of it a big storm cloud was in the middle of it and then the sky opened up and poured big time and we only had a 10% chance of rain today

JudyE said...

watching a move called Taken pretty good so far
about a kidnapping He was on the phone when his daughter was taken overseas and he is looking for her now Very exciting

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