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TGIF Thread.


Mema Jo said…
Whoo Hoo Put a feather in my Hat

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread
Mema Jo said…
Great to hear from you Lori

Great that you had a good orientation

NOW - hit the books ♥
JudyE said…
Mema Jo said…

31 days until Labor Day
90 days until Halloween BOOOO!
118 days until Thanksgiving Gobble-Gobble
144 days until Christmas Eve
145 days until Christmas Day HO HO HO
Janet said…
Thanks to Steve for the new thread...

Not to be rude, but in a hurry adn will give detail later...

asking for healing/light/love/energy for my granddaughter Lorelei and SIL Chris...they both have MERSA.

please and thank you.
JudyE, hope the house will still work out. Who has to go get the permit? And Duh, they can see the house, can't they??

Lori, cool that you found some friends already! You will do terrific! When is the first day of class?

Went goodwill and dollar store something for everyone :)
Will do, Janet. Is it just in their nairs? Or elsewhere?
Mema Jo said…
Prayers Janet for Chris and your little granddaughter. MERSA can be picked up so easily...... Hope they get rid of it quickly
Hoda said…
Prayers Janet. I do not know what that is but healing prayers their way. You too remember to breathe.
Hoda said…
Thanks Jo for the call over.
stronghunter said…
Time for football practice.

We are the Spotsylvania Jets this year.
Janet said…

Definition of MERSA

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacterium that causes infections in different parts of the body. It's tougher to treat than most strains of staphylococcus aureus -- or staph -- because it's resistant to some commonly used antibiotics.

The symptoms of MRSA depend on where you're infected. Most often, it causes mild infections on the skin, like sores or boils. But it can also cause more serious skin infections or infect surgical wounds, the bloodstream, the lungs, or the urinary tract.

Though most MRSA infections aren't serious, some can be life-threatening. Many public health experts are alarmed by the spread of tough strains of MRSA. Because it's hard to treat, MRSA is sometimes called a "super bug."

What Causes MRSA?

Garden-variety staph are common bacteria that can live in our bodies. Plenty of healthy people carry staph without being infected by it. In fact, 25%-30% of us have staph bacteria in our noses.

But staph can be a problem if it manages to get into the body, often through a cut. Once there, it can cause an infection. Staph is one of the most common causes of skin infections in the U.S. Usually, these are minor and don't need special treatment. Less often, staph can cause serious problems like infected wounds or pneumonia.
Lolly said…
Howdeeeeee! House is back to peace and quiet. LOL L and I went shopping and had great success. L's big problem is finding jeans long enough. She is 5' 11". Well, we found some, really cute, at Baskins western store. She was thrilled. Then found two pairs of shoes as well as capri's and cute tops. She is set to start the school year!

Boys are too. Still have football shoes to buy and school suppies. Raising a family is expensive!!
Janet said…
UPDATE: (and thanks for the prayers)

Some good news. What they thought was MERSA on Chris turned out to be poision ivy.

Unfortunately, Lorelei does have it.

My thoughts, and I think the dr as well...she's had an ear infection for 6+ weeks and is currently on ther 4th round of antibiotics.

Now, antibiotics DO kill bad bateria, but also the good.

I think her immune system is jus tlow...she has a bug bite on her face...and somehwere picked this germ up....and there you go.

They will know by morning if she has to be hospitalized or not. They did catch it early.
Janet said…
I am going to head over shortly. Chelsea is beside herself. I think she just needs mom...
Sandi said…
Good afternoon my eagle friends! Thanks Steve for the new thread and Jo for the call over!

Jo, great news that Christine is going home today!

Lori, you sound so excited - I'm happy for you!!

Shirley, prayers for your friend and her husband.

Janet, prayers too for Lorelai and your son-in-law that they respond quickly to the antibiotics.

Judy, I hope I'm wrong, but the no-permit problem could be huge for Angie. I can't see anyone who would be willing to issue a building permit AFTER something has been built. The building permit means that, at different stages of construction, the homeowners had to pass certain inspections - plumbing, framing, electric. If they built that big of an addition with no permit, then they didn't get those inspections. To be honest, there is no way I would buy a house in which someone had added on that big of an addition (they basically doubled the size of the house) without having a permit. I would be very concerned that things weren't done "to code." Even though Angie & Carl may love the house, this may be a blessing in disguise. And obviously, the house won't appraise for the amount the folks want to sell it for if the appraiser can only count the original house in the appraisal, which means the bank wouldn't give Angie and Carl the loan. BIG mess!
Lynne2 said…
OMG I am so far behind I think I'm in first place...

Sandi, great news on Bandit!

Hoda, how does the Royal Parent's listing Prince and Princess indicate he'll be giving up his job? And Kate isn't a Princess, is she...she is a Duchess?

OH Lori...a sinning star. I'm speechless. You just never know about some people. ;)

So glad Christina is going to be back at home! And thanks for the Holiday Countdowns...I announce this at work at least once or twice a week and no one is ever amused...

Pat and Joe have my prayers, Shirley.

Oh geez, Janet, see where Loreli has MERSA. Prayers for quick response to meds and recovery. Poor Chelsea! At least Chris only has Poison Ivy.

Aw, Judy, RED FLAG THAT HOUSE. A shame, but sounds like nothing but hassle.

JudyE said…
SIS so sorry about the kids having MERSA. Please keep us posted

YEAH Angie got a call from the couple is calling to county and get the permit and that wall the appraisal will be higher so keeping fingers crossed I know silly about the permit and the spa bath tub had a permit on it by the plumber so the 2nd bath was included just not the 3rd room and the other bonus room so should work out FUNNY YEP they see it but can use it in the apprasial and I guess if the county wanted to they could make them tear down the additions that have been there for years Its the shape of a L the garage they used and the whole back of the house almost 2 T sq ft
Oh and there is a huge work shop and two sheds on the property They guy did wood working in the shop He build in the entertainment center and a china cabinet and off course it stays being it built in He made some beautiful barrel chairs and table really nice work

THEY did have someone do an inspection and the addition as well as the original house passed with flying colors and has extra bonus for hurricane roof clips etc and the insurance quote went down $2,000 down which is great lost of added things ti bring it down that much Funny thing they had inspection on all the work (elec, and plumbing) when it was done but no permit

Just got back from school shopping 264. that is with the 17% discount I told Angie only give me half There was a argument there but HEY I am the mom and I rule LOL
Hoda said…
I agree with SANDI JUDYE in regards a house with additions but no permits. I would not touch it with a ten foot poll!!!

Thanks JANET for explaining MSRA. Glad Chris does not have it sorry baby has it.

LYNNE when the Duchess of Cambridge is with her husband she is a Princess as she is married to a Prince of The United Kingdom. On her own she is not a Princess. If one was to be a stickler for the rules the Duchess by rights must curtesy to born Princess the a Royal Princess as they are called. In the company of the Prince she does not have to curtesy to anyone but Her Majesty The Queen.

He chose to use his position as a Prince of The United Kingdom as opposed to Flight Lieutenant Wales for a job. Most understand that to mean that he will take on more Royal Duties. Her Majesty is getting up there in age and the Duke of Edinburgh health is failing so Prince William will step up.

This is the consensus of what I have read from those in the know.

JudyE, good to hear about he house. Glad they did get inspections! Sounds like the homeowner should have been advised by their realtor about the permit issue...
JudyE said…
WE HAVE A EAGLE in the attic
JudyE said…

looks like a mocking bird is up on the right side in the top branch but not bothering the adult YET
That looks like belle to me
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
Actually, comparing pics from last visit....looks the same size.
LOL, daring little suckers...
JudyE said…
The adult must be annoyed with the little PIA I think its funny when it lands almost in from of the eagle head on the branch I got a snip of one sitting there
JudyE said…
almost in front of the eagle not from
Yea, Judy, looked like they might have been having a conversation :)
JudyE said…
that was a close one and now back on the branch and I think you are right about the TALK or yelling I wish we had sound on it
JudyE said…
mocking bird flew off to the left out of view Adult still in attic
Eagle still in tree..but looking around...and off to the right. Thanks for stopping by!
Hoda said…
Thank you for Eagle Report.
Lori said…
Went over to an Amish woman's house tonight with Mom about quilting two of Mom's quilt tops she made. Saw some beautiful quilting. After, Dad drove around and showed us all the land he used to farm for his family when he was in high school. Beautiful country.

JANET, sorry about Lorelei having MERSA. Glad they caught it early.

PAULA, first day of school is August 29!

SHIRLEY, more prayers for Pat and Joe. Did you find out what happened to Pat?

HODA, got it. SHAMBHALA is too wild for even you! LOL Big hugs!

JO, did Christine get home okay?

JUDYE, I'm in agreement with SANDI and HODA - tell Angie, don't touch that house! The right house will come along. Thanks for the eagle report!

Going to go watch a movie with Mom and get stuff ready to go home tomorrow. Geez, this week flew by!

Have a great night all...SED.
Lolly said…
I saw 98 today and presently 91. Official high was 102 and will be up there for the next week. It is a struggle to keep the lawn alive now. Also, the flowers...oh well. I have enjoyed them this summer. I HATE August!!!
Lolly said…
Sounds like a great day, Lori. Would have loved to have seen the quilting.
Hoda said…
LOLLY I went and bought some more plants today as the July heat killed what I had. Pray God August is cooler.
Sorry about the back yard flooded in Georgia and the heat of the sun in Texas.

LORI sounds like it was a perfect day for you. Cheers.
Mema Jo said…
Good late evening
I sure am going to beat the Sandperson tonight!

We had pizza with some of the family this evening. Then we visited for awhile.

Christine did come home this afternoon - she had a prescription to fill but had a hard time finding a pharmacy that had the medicine. She is settling in and I pray she has a good night's rest.
Mema Jo said…
Closing down for the day

God Bless you all through the night and have a good rest and peaceful dreams.


I love us ♥

Nite ♥
JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Judie said…
Sandperson is about to begin visiting to distribute sleepy dust. Wishing the best for everyone. Restful sleep for all.
Hoda said…

magpie said…
Pinch Me.
I have the PC plugged all back in
and somehow managed to get
the keyboard working.
this is Lori's NEW-Old computer from awhile back....

Janet said…
good late evening. sandperson has sprinkled sleepy dust in my wine (and eyes) and i am about ready for bed.

went to the kids' tonight. lorelei looks fine, save but for the huge nasty knot/bite on her cheek. it does look like it would hurt, but doens't seem to bother her.... i think she will be okay.

i think catching it as quickly as they did certainly helped.

chelsea just needed mom. time to talk. and just be for a bit.

i remember many times alone with kids sick, or me sick, and wishing i had mom near. i was glad to be able to be there for chelsea tonight.

judye: crossing fingers on house!

hope everyone has a good night. too tired to think right now.

magpie said…
Going to quit while I am ahead....but I sure hope this
keyboard holds up for awhile....

Prayers for Janet's granddaughter with the MERSA...bummerini..but it seems like she is in good hands....
good that YOU can be there for your daughter Chelsea, Janet

Shirley, the Spotsylvania Jets, eh?
good name, and what position will
Hunter be playing?

Well, additional prayers for Pat and Joe (Shirley's bridge pal and her husband....) and
for Christine and the whole Family Lennox....and everyone else!

Lynne2: You and I might well be
tied in the being-behind department...better to be a "little behind" than a BIG You-Know-What ☺

Good Night, Precious Pals...
God Bless Us,
Every One xoxoxox ♥

stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Glad to learn it is not mersa, Janet.

I can understand why you hate August, Lolly. Hope that it cools down for you. And for you, too, Hoda.

What a nice trip to the Amish country, Lori. So glad you and your parents are getting out together.

Mockingbirds are gutsy little things, aren't they?

We think Pat has had a major stroke. Things really do not look good. She has been very upset about Joe's situation, as he is not well at all. Really, we've been worried about Pat for several years. Some days she has seemed very good, but others she has been very confused. Maybe there have been several smaller strokes.

Have been busy taking Hunter here and there. He had a good time at football practice this evening. It's nice to see the boys having fun.

I do have to wind things down and snuggle under the covers. Though I did not get up, I started hearing various sounds in the house at about 5:00 this morning. Morning sounds in the house always makes George think I should get up and feed him, and he can be quite persistent.

SED, everyone, and thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers for my dear friends.
Lolly said…
Have been researching tye dying t-shirts. Have never done that and considering doing it with the boys during camp Hawkwood. We shall see! Jack made reservations at a RV park in Bastrop while they are here. We are going to have two days in Austin and stay in the trailer in Bastrop. Going to the capital and museums, see the bats fly from under their bridge, and have 3 nights of camping...well, sleeping in the trailer. It will be a different camp and should be fun if it is not too terribly hot.

time to to say good night. Poor baby, Janet. Do hope she mends fast!
Costume Lady said…
Computer is working like a NEW one, today! Only after it wouldn't allow me to get a tiny light on the screen. I turned everything off and turned it back on in 10 mins.Worked great all day.

Been wanting to tell you that RACHAEL AND ROBBIE (Jaydens parents) are finally getting married tomorrow. Rachael got a job for which she had been schooled (administrative assistant)
Robbie had been seeing a psychologist because he couldn't come to terms with the loss of Brantley. He is doing well now.
On New Year's Eve of this year, Robbie got a picture of Brantley and wrote on it "Will you please marry my Daddy" and layed it in his crib...Rachael cried and of course, said yes!
Jayden, who is now 3, will be the ring bearer and his cousin, Nevaeh (2yrs) will be the flower girl. Looking for some monkey business from those two and I plan to video all of it!:)

Good night to you all, sending love and prayers for each of you ~♥~
JudyE said…

WANDA great news on the upcoming wedding
LOLLY Bats in the belfry LOL
sounds like you got a plan for a great vaca for the boys and tie dye is fun also use rubber bands to make great designs
Sandi said…
Good Saturday morning Judy and all my eagle friends. Tree is MT. I hope the NCTC folks are willing to keep this camera running so we can learn more about what our 2 resident eagles do when they're not raisin' youngins!

Shirley, sorry to hear that things are not looking/sounding good for your friend Pat. Prayers continue for her.

Janet, good news that Lorelai doesn't seem too bothered by the MRSA. Hope she responds quickly to meds.

Judy, do the homeowners have written proof that they had all the correct inspections done when they built that addition??? I would be very leary!!

Hoda, your festival sounds like the Canadian version of Woodstock - did you say it's held every year?

I am NOT happy about the news that 22 US Embassies in the Middle East and North Africa are closing tomorrow b/c of chatter heard by US intelligence. Yemen's embassy will be closed Sunday and Monday. Brian keeps telling us that things are stable there - no better and no worse than they have been. I know he's just telling us what we want to hear. He is SO excited to go.

Cloudy here this morning - rain in the forecast. We'll see. Make it a great day all.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Small bird sitting in the attic now.

Sky is cloudy there this morning.
stronghunter said…
Happy to see news of the upcoming wedding, Wanda. :)
stronghunter said…
Concerned about the embassy closings, too, Sandi. One of Kathryn' good friends left for Thailand yesterday.
Judie said…
Good rainy morning!

Sandi, thinking of Brian.

Janet, very good news about Lorelei and Chelsea. Glad you are there for them.

Margy, happy the exercises are helping and that the computer/keyboard are working.

Lolly, tie dyeing? Well, maybe you and Jack can just rumble on over to Hoda's and enjoy the festival. lol

Wanda, huge good news about Rachael and Robbie. Congratulations to them.

Shirley, really sorry about Pat. Your description reads as if she was experiencing early signs of dementia. Joe's condition likely exacerbated the situation. So very sorry.

Lori, great that you met some classmates and can car pool. Forming a study group should also be helpful if personalities are compatible.

Hope to hear from Jo about Christine getting settle at home and still improving.

Off for coffee, newspaper, and ....?
Judie said…
Doing a Margy,


Lun Lun is sharing a peak or two of one of the babies as she washes and rearranges it.

Isla should be leaving Scotland any day. Wishing her a safe migration to Africa and a safe return next May.
Hoda said…
Yes JUDIE Shambhala Festival has been a yearly happening here for 17 years now. Last year was the first overdose fatality. Years passed have seen overdoses but no fatalities. Mental Health concerns arise though from the substances used!!!
My favourite yoga teacher is going and she is not a user. The music line up is great and the ranch is in a beautiful spot.

Congratulations on the wedding WANDA.

Continued prayers for all in need.

Off to paddling and a morning with the Dragons.

Make it a good one!
Janet said…

First off, just talked with Chris (SIL) and the swelling is down and so it appears Miss Lorelei will be fine and no hospitalization is necessary.

I think Chelsea was just overwhelmed. I remember being a young mother once upon a time and feeling as such....and alone. Being a military wife isn't fun....and those are the less glamorous times....and so driving over there to just be with my daugher and allow her to vent and lend her a shoulder and some strength, was an easy task.

I remember.

COSTUME LADY; that sounds like a lovely wedding! i am glad therapy was sought, a good therapist can help so much sometimes!

let's see....HODA having a great festival, others doing shirt dying....lolly is overly warm....and everyone is fascinated with this group!!!!

cloudy day with rain...wanted to float today, never got to it yesterday with everything....

hope everyone has a lovely day. thanks for the words of support and light and love. i appreciate each of you.

have a beatiful saturday! light, love and hugs
Mema Jo said…
Good Morning to All ♥
Had a few rain drops this morning but only enough that you could actually count them

MT nest tree - I've seen some good pictures over on FB of the adults and the little pestering birds.

Glad Margy and Wanda's computers are up running. Can't wait to see pic from Rachael and Robbie's wedding. I know the family is so excited about this blessed event.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !

Happy news, WANDA ! I wish the "kids" well !

Prayers for little Chelsea and her worried mom---glad they have you, JANET ! Also praying for your friends, SHIRLEY !

LORI, so proud of you and glad you got to see the Amish quilting and the sights dear to your dad !

Yikes, JO, 145 days til' Christmas ? Time to get busy !

LOLLY, I know how difficult it is for Laurel to find jeans ! My granddaughters are 5'11" and 6'1"--it's a red letter day when they happen on a good fit !

Have had friends from AZ visiting. Nice to see a gal I worked with at Harrah's Laughlin and also good to meet the new man in her life !

Expecting Hugh over soon for a toilet adjustment and then Seth later for our last Sat/Sun in the foreseeable future.

Tuesday they'll leave on an 11 day vacation and I'll have Malcolm and Penny looking to me for all their needs. I'll love having 2 dogs for a while !

Prayers and love to all !

Mema Jo said…
Just talked to Christine: I think she had a miserable restless no sleep night. She said she never in a million years thought she would say I wish I was back in the hospital but she does. Pain is terrible, meds aren't working, can't get comfortable, miss my hospital bed, need my own personal ice machine lol, and not sure my drain is working properly:( ugh may have to make a drive back to Baltimore tomorrow.

She did call and speak to a dr on call and she is going to hang in there. She'll go this Thurs for CT (locally) and then has appointment at UMMC on Friday.

So keep the prayers going up ♥
Will do, Jo,

Gkids are here...crawling the walls. Too wet to go out and play.

Heading to a crab feast a park...hope they can let off some steam then.
Judie said…

Sending prayers and positive thoughts for Christine and all the Family Lennox.

Paula, have fun.

Kay, happy you have good house guests but did have to stop and reread the "toilet adjustment" part. Especially enjoy your time with Seth.

Mema Jo said…
Enjoy your time with Seth, Kay. So proud of him entering college.

Have a fun time at the festival Hoda

Now it is a steady rain coming down
Little squirrel just sitting there eating peanuts........

BBL today - good nap day
stronghunter said…
Just got wonderful news:

Well, my dear girls...I am surely going to get you to pray for me as you must have a "straight path" to the heavens! Scott just called and Pat woke up...she is off the respirator, talking, telling him how much she loves him...she even interrupted him on the phone to have him tell me that she loved me! Does not seem to have paralysis...only thing is she is a bit hoarse from the tubes being down her throat. They are going to run some more tests but that is all (that is enough!) that I have for now! It is truly a miracle as those of us who saw her yesterday really felt she was gone! Love to you all and have a good weekend...will keep you posted as I hear any news!

I have let it be known that my eagle blog friends are praying as well. Thank you.
stronghunter said…
The message above came from my good friend Martha, one of my bridge buddies.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - AMEN God is good all the time. I pray she gets clean test results. ♥
stronghunter said…
It truly brings me to tears, Jo. We thought we had lost our friend.
Judie said…
Amazingly good news, Shirley. Can only imagine your relief. May she continue to improve quickly.
stronghunter said…
Jo just posted a video about the Shepherdstown bear. Seems it disappeared behind Sheetz.
stronghunter said…
Jo's video is on FB. Don't know if I can bring it over. Will try.
stronghunter said…
The news is amazingly good, Judie. I think I will head over to the hospital tomorrow. Guess they will keep her that long.
stronghunter said…
Sending prayers for Christine, Jo. I hope she turns things around and recovers quickly. So sorry she is in pain.
Hoda said…

Very good news SHIRLEY.

Great paddle on the water.
Saw an eagle, two vultures, a pelican, ducks, geese and gulls.

Mema Jo said…
It has been a drizzling rain day. Going to go to Mass and will remember
all of us and our loved ones in prayer.

I be back early evening.

Could you all make do without me publishing the birthday list each month? I really want to stop or at least hand it over to another blogger. I'm not convinced that very many refer to it on a daily basis each month. I know that most of our bloggers are also on FB and that our b-days are published there for others to see. I will weigh your comments before I make a decision. Last month I didn't publish the emails of those celebrating as far as sending messages or e-cards Let me know.
Hoda said…
Dearest JO

I hear your question and your weighing in on the Birthday List gift that you have been in charge of for a while now.

I appreciate it. I save it and I use it to put people in the Light in celebration of their special days.
There are many here who are not on FB and not everyone is friends with everyone else on FB.

Yes I appreciate having the list very much.

I also hear your need to get off for a while.
Your comfort and health is very important to all of us.

PAULA is it possible to create an automated list that self publishes on our email group?
That might give JO a break. This way she would just have to keep it updated?

Thinking out loud

Hoda said…
Thank you JO for the monthly list and for all you do to keep us as a group
Lolly said…
Sneaking in to say hello!! We were up early and headed out to do the yard work. Have to do it early before it gets so intolerably hot. Presently 97, bright sunshine without a cloud in sight. Groan...

Saw two bunnies while working in the yard. One was the bunny we see frequently in the yard, but this time he was in my herb garden! He better not be eating something in there! I chased him out with the water hose. He went right through the picket fence with out hesitation. The other one I saw was a tiny young rabbit. I startled him and he went running. Poor baby!

Also, while working in the yard heard one of the neighbors dogs yelling...he was hurting! I knew they were home so did not go running. They I heard what I thought was one of the girls calling "Dad...Mommy, help!" Heard it again, and then heard..."someone please help." I went running as fast as I could. It was Carmen, the mom, in the back yard with one on the dog's foot trapped in a wire. She had been calling "Jack...Lolly, help". She could not leave the dog and needed wire cutters. I got Jack as fast as I could, we started over there, and yelled we were coming when she said Buddy was free. She still needed help finding him as he was hiding and she need to wash his foot. He came out, acted okay, we washed his foot and she was going to get him to pet emergency. Have not heard anything.

Prayers for Christine, Jo. I do not like the sound of this. So serious prayer for her.

Shirley, such wonderful news concerning Pat. More prayers there and keep us posted.

Jo, how about the all work to together, through email to make a list of all birthdays. Then we could just print the list. I think monthly reminders do not need to be continued. We do appreciate all the work you have done over the years!!!
Lolly said…
Just got a call from my Zacharooski. Really enjoyed it as he has not called recently, He was at work. LOL He was at his dad's office on the 44th floor.

Then I talked with Michael. He was in Hong Kong all week and this next week he will be in New York. They got word Thursday that they won "HUGE" on the last case he was working so hard on, Do not have the details, but so very excited and proud of him.
JudyE said…
HELLOOOO home from work and sitting here with ice on the old noggin
I so sorry I broke a blog rule
I fell down in the parking lot at work during lunch I have the larges bump on my head but it doesn't hurt Shows I am hard headed Did it about 230 and have to remember to file a incident report tomorrow just to be safe My heal of my shoe stepped on a large piece of mulch (log) and twisted and I fell sort of sideways- forward on my palms of hands and them back on head Would love to see the video of it I had 4 customers run over to me Saying OH JUDY are you ok Funny I didn't recognize any of them but with us wearing name tags they must have remembered my name Because I didn't have a name tag on at lunch But other wise beside a huge bump under ice I am ok
JudyE said…
JORDYN is on her first sleep over at a friend that she has been in school with for 4 years but she goes to the old school she went to not the new one Angie has remained friends with them they do play dates all the time Jordyn was so excited
stronghunter said…
Oh, Judy, I am glad you are pretty much okay. Please, no more falls.

I am sure the bunny will enjoy munching on your herb garden, Lolly, and his little friend, too. We have not seen any bunnies in the back since we put up the fence. Carla said that they got trapped on her side of the fence, and that Pepsi managed to get several of them. Poor bunnies.
stronghunter said…
Hope Jordyn enjoys the sleep over, Judy.
Hoda said…
JUDYE not good about the fall!!! MOT GOOD AT ALL!
Please go to emergency. Bump on head is no laughing matter!!!
Are you dizzy? Is there any ringing in your ears ? Are you naucious?
I am concerned.
stronghunter said…
Hope your neighbor's dog will be okay, Lolly.

Someone who comes to the football practices brings a tiny dog. It's about the size of a large guinea pig. Coach had said all dogs are to be on leashes. I am afraid they do not make collars small enough for this little one. It has to be one of the teacup dogs.
Hoda said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hoda said…
SHIRLEY really pleased your friend PAT is coming around.
Prayers continue.

Cute bunnies LOLLY. I agree with SHIRLEY.
It is like my Kale. I figure the butterflies can not go to the co-op!!! I enjoy seeing them. I now dedicate my kale plant to them and I but Kale from the co-op!!'
Hoda said…
Blessed Be
Lolly said…
Fell asleep sitting here in my chair. A bit early for that. Having a glass of wine and nibbling on almonds. Left over spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

5 lashes with a wet noodle, Judy for breaking a major rule...and falling on your noodle. LOL Bump going out is okay...bump going in not okay!
Lolly said…
Yes, Hoda...really really proud of Michael. He is doing so well. This could be major bonuses for everyone this year. Some have it, other not. LOL He is just so intelligent it is amazing.
JudyE said…
such great news SHIRLEY and yes this is the best group of peeps from all belief and as its been said in the past WE WILL PRAY THROUGH THIS

JO I also want to say thanks for all you do and have done for us on the blog

Taking a ice break

I have the usual ringing in the ear I have the ear that is partial deaf
No head ache no pain do dizziness or queasiness Just bump and as long as it has a bump that is good When you bump your head and there is no bump that is bad

I hit the right side of back and it doesn't really hurt I was more worried about my neck I am not taking any meds at all don't want to mask pain will wait to see if it shows up but I don't think if not hurting my now won't JMHO
JudyE said…
and I am a big baby
I don't have a high tolerance for pain so I am comfortable with the bump just gonna ice it
Don't want to get frost bite LOL
JudyE said…
Hey did I tell you my neighbor on the corner 5 house down has a pig in his yard cute little pig Jordyn and I stopped to talk to it yesterday
As I came home they are barbecuing and the funny thought came to mind BBQ PIG LOL ok that was BAD but funny
Sandi said…
Just saw an eagle land in the tree - ADULT!
JudyE said…
AWW I love it when they visit I think BELLE how about you looks wider or could be fluffed up
Sandi said…
Good afternoon/evening all!

Shirley, what fabulous news about your friend, Pat! Miraculous!!

Jo, so sorry to hear that Christine is still in such pain. Prayers continue for her.

Judy, sorry to hear about the fall - OUCH!

Jo, I am fine with not getting a monthly email with anniversaries and birthdays for the month. I'll admit that I'm one of those people who rarely refers to it. Lolly's idea is a good one - to create a master list of birthdays and anniversaries and then just email it to everyone one time.
JudyE said…
SHIRLEY the bear video did come through so Margy will be able to see it I am sure
JudyE said…
and I liked the page also to the police dept
Sandi said…
Yeah, Judy - I'd say Belle. OK, gotta make dog food. later!
stronghunter said…
Yes! Watching that adult in the attic. Beauteous.
stronghunter said…
Hunter came home all excited about his football practice. He is going to play the middle linebacker position. (He likes to tackle.) Coaches said he was the MVP at practice. He came to tell me all about it . . . very excited.

They are off to the Fredericksburg Fair tonight.
Lori said…
JUDYE, HODA is right, a serious blow to the head like that is dangerous. Please go to the doctor!

SHIRLEY, that is GREAT news about your friend Pat!!! So very happy for her, and you!

JO, I understand your need to lessen your responsibilities. I can do without a birthday list, though I do find it handy. Wish everyone would speak up and say, Hey, it's my birthday today!" That would help. :)

LOLLY, hope the neighbor's dog, Buddy, is going to be okay. Thanks to you and Jack for being such good neighbors.

KAY, hope all is well with you and Penny and you're enjoying this cooler weather. Big hugs.

SANDI, prayers that Brian will be safe in Yemen.

I love you all, dearly! Wishing everyone a good night and restful sleep. SED.......
stronghunter said…
Hoping that all is well with Brian in his travels, Sandi.
stronghunter said…
Adult still sitting in the attic . . . Just flew down as I typed. Went toward the nest.
Lolly said…
Judie....yes, going to tie die. LOL Guess we could then move to Nelson. The boys are excited about it. It will be fun and no telling what we will end up with.
Hoda said…
Off to do yoga in the park.
Introduce a free movie.
Introduce the Kootenay Spirit Festival 2014 to the public.


Hoping for volunteers and sponsors.
magpie said…
Me too...also say:
don't take any chances at all
Judy...with that fall....
"Jello in a jar" - that's your brain, you see, and it is very

(( Healing Hugs ))
magpie said…
very heartwarming report on
your friend Pat....I hope she
continues to become better and better

also, N I C E about Hunter's Football activities...MVP - neat!

Sandi, and all with family in, or going to unsettled areas... prayers for safety and security always...
magpie said…
For Jo:
I have always cherished the
birthday and anniversay lists...I have many of them saved in folders....
I think Lolly's idea of a listing of the year's events
as we know them NOW ...would be OK and then, well, we would just have to announce ourselves as Lori suggested....if we are not on that list ☺

I would seriously like to offer to take this task over BUT I am not a very reliable go-to person right now, me and my computer problems....

magpie said…
Sure was great to read
Wanda's post about Rachael and
Robbie's Wedding for today....
very very dear...will look forward to Wanda's report about it when she has time also ♥♥
magpie said…

High Fives to Michael and his associates....on the Big Win, and how cool, Zacharooski giving you a ring a ling from the office

and by the way, Good On You and Jack being there for your neighbor and the pooch....hope all will be well
JudyE said…
Angie and Carl are takin advantage of the nite without Jordyn they are on a date dinner and a movie
JudyE said…
I am watching a move 13 going on 30

on commercial
magpie said…
Hoping and Praying for Speedy Relief and Comfort for Christine, Jo...

JudyE: Make SURE you file that incident report Sunday...before 24 hours is up....
and make SURE you do not take ANY chances with your fall/injury
JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Lolly said…
LOL Ok, I see that you continued, Margy! I miss my Zach and just do not see him enough, so thrilled when he calls. His school sent out a publication today. I saw where he got a gold award in their spelling bee. Would have been nice if his parents had told me. Grrrrr! Excuse me...sounding off. I know everything about J and J and want it that way with Z, too.
JudyE said…
WILL DO MARGY I tried to file one before leaving but no manager in office Busy NO TAX sales day everyone on floor or register I ask a Zone Mgr and she said she could do it had to be salaried mgr
magpie said…
Wonderful on Zach's Spelling Bee Gold Award, Lolly!
Yes, dontcha just wish they lived closer.... ♥

Spelling is BIG in my book, that, and grammar....well, my parents
encouraged that a lot...
and a lot of other important things...

magpie said…
OK JUDY! At least it sounds as though it has been "reported" in some fashion anyway.....

magpie said…
Well....time to make ready to
welcome the Sandperson...
have a hankering to do some reading too...

LORI: this is a spiffy computer...I am really really happy to have a new "friend"
and THANK YOU !! I have a few things to learn about it though...
one byte at a time ☺

Thinking of you all, knowing that I am way out of the loop on a lot of the doins' -

Prayers for Wellness and Joy in all our Eagle Corners...

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox ♥
Lolly said…
Well, Zach has a memory that is unbelievable. If he had words to study he would learn them and remember them,

Thinking of sticking my nose in a book for a while,
stronghunter said…
Hunter and Kathryn are still out, and so is Will as far as I know. But I am ready to call it quits for the evening. So, I am saying SED to everyone. God bless and good night.
JudyE, glad you are OK.

Jo, I will take over the birthday list if you wish.

Shirley, glad Hunter is enjoying football.

Had fun with the neighbors today...crab feed...did it at the local park, then came back here to their house next door, did smore and drinks. Kids had a great time playing.

But...Ajay showed up...which I guess was OK. However, the kids were starting to get tired after awhile, and I guess Ajay said she was leaving. Kids were upset...wanted to go home with her. She was upsetting the routine they have established here with their Dad...and me.

So I told John that Ajay needed to leave...that she was upsetting the routing. He said, I know, but don't speak with her about it.

So I started helping get the kids to bed....calming them down, brushing teeth, etc. I told Ajay that she needed to leave, that she was upsetting the routine. She nodded to me...then stormed out.

So, John was upset with me, and he left as well. Took the kids home.

But someone had to say it...then. And if he's upset, then so be it. But it's my house too, and I could see what was happening to my gkids, and I felt it was in their best interest for her to leave...and keep the routine with their father. Hopefully they will understand that at some point.

I try to stay out of things between John and Ajay, but this was rather obvious.

Thanks for letting me vent!
Mema Jo said…
Good late evening -
Closing down for the day
Watched Hallmark Movie this evening

God Bless you and keep you throughout the night........

Prayers for all.........

I love us ♥
Hoda said…
PAULAwith you on the Grand Kids and AJAY and JOHN all the way.
In a split routines become even more important.
She sounds insecure this AJAY!!! Coming in not planned and wanting to be part of the family while she is asking to be out!!!
I feel badly for JOHN.
Yes it IS your house and you spoke correctly.
Sorry however for the stress it caused you.

Lolly said…
Oh,Paula, so very sorry it is a mess., You did the right thing, it was your home,. This is so sad for the children.,

Heading to bed, Night all! SED
Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless Us All.
God keep all who serve overseas in HIS GRACE AND HIS LIGHT.
Blessed Be.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds ! It's been a long time since I've shown up at this unusual hour of the day. Having a lot of asthma for the last week and I'm up for hot coffee, needing the caffeine to help me over the hump. The doc has me on a Z=pac and an antibiotic for bronchitis, but too soon to help much. It's been a couple of years since I've even used a rescue inhaler so I can't complain. Oddly enough I suffered with this ailment on a daily basis in AZ.

Oh, JUDIE, I can see why you had to reread my toilet reference ! ☺ Just the age old problem of a constantly running "commode". I couldn't get the durn thing to work right, but Hugh adjusted it within five minutes ! He's a fine plumber and his rates are so reasonable ! ;o)

JUDYE, that fall was nasty ! I, too, think it wise to be checked for concussion at ER. Especially since it happened on Wally World grounds and due to a hazardous situation.

JO, by all means, drop the birthday/anniversary list ! While it's been a wonderful service, we're all big kids and will survive without it ! If a master list is available for a one time mailing, okay, if not, so be it. Thanks for all you've done, but your "retirement" is certainly overdue !

PAULA, sorry your son and Ajay have their differences, but you are entirely right about the effect it has on the kids. I know it's a heartache and hope it resolves itself very soon. This is The Venting Place, you know---no apology ever needed for doing so ! Aha, I see you've told JO you'll take over the BD/Annie list. How wonderful ! Thank you !!!!!

LOLLY, love the good news from Zach and his dear dad, too ! You've every right to be proud.

Yes, LORI, all is well with my and my lucky Penny ! She continues to provide much joy. So many folks are fascinated with Doxie's it seems and I often meet new people in the neighborhood when they just have to say hello to my perky little girl !

Breathin' better--now hope the coffee doesn't keep me awake too long. This is the last routine Sat/Sun for Seth and me. They leave on vacation Tuesday, return on the 17th and he moves in to his college dorm room on the 21st. Big adjustment for all of us !

Love and prayers for all--Christine on the top of today's list !


Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds ! It's been a long time since I've shown up at this unusual hour of the day. Having a lot of asthma for the last week and I'm up for hot coffee, needing the caffeine to help me over the hump. The doc has me on a Z=pac and an antibiotic for bronchitis, but too soon to help much. It's been a couple of years since I've even used a rescue inhaler so I can't complain. Oddly enough I suffered with this ailment on a daily basis in AZ.

Oh, JUDIE, I can see why you had to reread my toilet reference ! ☺ Just the age old problem of a constantly running "commode". I couldn't get the durn thing to work right, but Hugh adjusted it within five minutes ! He's a fine plumber and his rates are so reasonable ! ;o)

JUDYE, that fall was nasty ! I, too, think it wise to be checked for concussion at ER. Especially since it happened on Wally World grounds and due to a hazardous situation.

JO, by all means, drop the birthday/anniversary list ! While it's been a wonderful service, we're all big kids and will survive without it ! If a master list is available for a one time mailing, okay, if not, so be it. Thanks for all you've done, but your "retirement" is certainly overdue !

PAULA, sorry your son and Ajay have their differences, but you are entirely right about the effect it has on the kids. I know it's a heartache and hope it resolves itself very soon. This is The Venting Place, you know---no apology ever needed for doing so ! Aha, I see you've told JO you'll take over the BD/Annie list. How wonderful ! Thank you !!!!!

LOLLY, love the good news from Zach and his dear dad, too ! You've every right to be proud.

Yes, LORI, all is well with my and my lucky Penny ! She continues to provide much joy. So many folks are fascinated with Doxie's it seems and I often meet new people in the neighborhood when they just have to say hello to my perky little girl !

Breathin' better--now hope the coffee doesn't keep me awake too long. This is the last routine Sat/Sun for Seth and me. They leave on vacation Tuesday, return on the 17th and he moves in to his college dorm room on the 21st. Big adjustment for all of us !

Love and prayers for all--Christine on the top of today's list !


JudyE said…

Sandi said…
Good morning my eagle friends! Judy, my screen has been blue since logging on at 7am but the camera seems to be trying to refocus and I'm starting to see the tree just a little. This has happened before so I think we'll have a view of the tree eventually.
Morning, all

Tree is a little fuzzy, but I think there is an adult in the attic!
Really, a lovely shade of blue. Think there is mist on the camera lens :)
Judie said…
Good morning.

Sunshine and a bright blue sky here.

Paula, so sorry for the situation between John and Ajay. You are correct to speak up about your grandchildren. So sad when parents behave more like children than children.

Headed to a farmer's market later then to forage for some grosseries. Was lazy yesterday.

Have a lovely Sunday morning.

magpie said…
I send my hugs and love too....
these kinds of situations can be
so heart-breaking and
challenging...what to do, what to do....especially when little ones are involved....
My very most positive thoughts and prayers for good outcomes....
magpie said…
Good Sunday Morning, Eagle Pals...
and a Beauteous one it is...

Kay: Hope your breathing treatments help....
am wistful with you...on this being your last Sat/Sun with Seth for a little while...

magpie said…
Market? yes, I am going to try to shake a couple of legs and check things out at Shepherdstown Farmers Market...maybe I will see our very own floralgirl

magpie said…
I haven't mentioned this yet..
I am going to Germany on August 16!
and returning Aug nephew, the Navy Seal, is there with his wife and two young sons....
first day of First Grade on Aug 19 -
they wanted me there for that, as their paternal no longer with us...

magpie said…
They are flying me over and back...
I have my passport and am really quite excited about this....
will be "in the air" quite awhile starting in Baltimore, with stops in Atlanta, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Detroit and then back to Baltimore ☺
magpie said…
So we coined a phrase...
to my grand-nephews, for now
I am "Aunt Grand Margy"

Lovins' to All...Hope this is a Razzle Dazzle, Healing and Joyful kind of a day

xoxoxox ♥
Margy, that sounds so exciting! Have a wonderful trip!

Gotta shake a leg here too! Heading to Larry's beach house today, will be there most of the week, will probably end up at my paradise next weekend.

Going to try and check out the Marlin check in's at Ocean City this week.

Lori said…
Good Morning Eagle Pals!

PAULA, hope that John and Ajay can work it out. Sorry it left you so stressed last night, but you were right.

KAY, didn't know you had asthma...hope the early morning treatments and coffee helped. Enjoy your time with Seth!

MARGY, congrats on your upcoming trip to Germany. That's so cool of them to fly you over for the kids!

JUDIE, glad you lazed around yesterday...hope you have fun at the Farmer's Market this morning. At least the rain has stopped!

JUDYE, how is your head this morning? Please have it looked at.

LOLLY, congrats to Zach on his spelling bee award!

It's so great to be home big plans for today except walking the dogs in the park this evening when it cools down...and studying, of course.

Eagle in the attic! Nice clear view
Sandi said…
Sitting here returning emails and one of the adults landed in the tree.
Sandi said…
Jo, hoping today is a better day for Christine!

Judy, hope the head is OK today!

Kay, enjoy your Seth time - I know you will really miss him when he goes away to college!

Paula, tough position to be in with John, Ajay, and the kids.

Margy, what a wonderful trip you have in your near future!! How exciting!

Lynne, any offer on your mom-in-law's house??

Beautiful day today - low temps and humidity. Have turned off the air and opened the windows!
Sandi said…
Paula, I will stay farther away from OC this week than I normally do - too many people, too much traffic! Safe trip - email me if you'd like to get together for lunch or dinner - as long as it's in Rehoboth or Dewey!
Sandi said…
Paula, or Bethany (for lunch/dinner)!
Sandi said…
WOW - eagle in the tree is sitting with his/her wings open! Beautiful!
Sounds good Sandi, we will try that this week!
Lori said…
SANDI, sounds beautiful there. You are sooooo lucky! Enjoy your gorgeous weather today. Hope you and Paula can get together.
Janet said…
good morning to all...

first off: JUDYE: not only would I be concerned about an concussion....but your neck. and that it happened on wally world property, they might require documentation......from an M.D. if further damage has occured.... JMHO as you you sis

slept in late today. we went to the fairgrounds speedway last night and watched the cars go around. it was really muggy and we didn't stay for the final race...i was ready to get home, get comfy and shower....

my trip is just a few days away....and i am getting very excited. i have 1, maybe 2 for my class...but i don't care. i am very excited to meet these ladies with whom i have been online friends with for 6+ years!! we have talked on the phone, skyped...and talk online daily....but now to meet them in person!! and i've never been to michigan before, so am very excitged.

hope everyone has a lovely sunday....back to work and school tomorrow, but for today, hoping the sun makes an appearance so i can get in my pool! its been rainign for days! love rain, but not conducive to floating in my pool! :)

light, love, hugs and smiles to all!
Mema Jo said…
Good Sunday Morning to all ♥

Paula, I'm sorry that when I signed out last night I didn't see your comments. The situation with the grandkids is a heart breaker. I've
been there and it sure ain't no picnic and there really isn't anyway to shield the kids from those kind of situations. Just be there for them - even if it is just to call them before bedtime.
Mema Jo said…
Margy that is fantastic news about your trip. What a fantastic gesture on the part of your nephew! Enjoy ♥

Mema Jo said…
I saw one or two photos on FB from Rachael and Robbie's wedding. She was beautiful. I am just anxious to see some pics of the famous ring bearer, Jayden. ♥
Mema Jo said…
Until a decision is made as to the continuance of a published birthday/anniversary list here's AUG

4th Barbara Willard
5th Bob (Crunch) Hollinger
6th Robyn Schonhans
11th Dana Hilmoe
18th Candy Norrell
18th Sandi Roberts
20th Steven Chase
25th Doris Hollinger
27th Capt Gene Wright
30th Roberta Shonhans

14th Sandi and Dennis Roberts

You will notice that some of these names are persons that don't blog but they are original members of our Eagle_Momsters/Dadsters. As I said earlier, most of these are announced on FB but I realize not all of you are FB members. The list started in 2006 - new persons added as they announced their birthdates/anniversary. IF Paula takes it over I will suggest creating a new list which is updated. I do hear most of you saying that you don't refer to the published monthly list and I find that to be true due to my signing in later then most of you but being the first to acknowledge someone's special day. I like Lori's suggestion that if it is your special day - just announce it yourself! However I do like to make people feel special by sending e-cards but that can be done the same day. MTBR
Mema Jo said…
Margy made it to Market -
Wonderful picture of her and Megan on FB....
Mema Jo said…
Oh yes I did neglect to mention that today AUG 4 is President Obama's special day.

The 44th President turns 52 today.
Mema Jo said…
Lolly I wanted to tell you that for Joseph's 10th birthday party the theme was Tie Dye. They purchased the white t-shirts and from the Arts/Crafts store they got tie-dye kits. Kids had a blast and it wasn't messy like years ago because of the kits. Good luck with yours!
magpie said…
Thanks Jo...for the August list...
and Thanks for all you have done for us over the years.....

Birthdays are really special days!

So Happy Birthday to Barbara...!!! ☺ ♥
and if I remember correctly I think when she posted she was Grey Mare...

magpie said…
Yes indeedy I was at market...Megan took the picture herself...quite the balancing act, us smiling and posing then her
finding the take camera button ☺☺
Jewels sent me a copy by txt msg...

Megan and her flowers, superb as always...and she always has a little something for the it was a stalk of Zinna plant...
that's our floralgirl !!!

magpie said…
and I got the most beautiful bouquet of cut flowers, including one of my favorites....Lisianthus

Oh Paula...I love the sound of you upcoming week...some Larry Time!
Hope you and Sandi CAN get together...

Happy Upcoming trip, Janet..I know you have been looking forward to this for quite some time !!
magpie said…
time to head "out the road" and try to catch up with James the Wise Kidster.....

Happy the Rest of the day, pals...

great report on the Eagle in the Attic views, wish I had seen that.....

I DID have a dream, though, that I came upon a flying and landing group of a dozen or so adult Bald Eagles.....

ttfn xoxo ☺♥
Lolly said…
Just saw the picture, Margy! Fantastic picture of you two!!! Loved it!

Hello...everyone! Have been to church and now time to get with mopping. Jack has already done the vacuuming. Yea!

Thanks for the encouragement of the tie dyeing, Jo. The boys like to do fun things every day.

KAY, sorry about the asthma problems. Get well fast!
Mema Jo said…
Whoo Hoo! Birdie in our tree

Such a beautiful day and what a refreshing breeze!
Hoda said…
Safe travels MARGY!!!
Yay Germany. Bravo and well done.

Congratulations WANDA a wedding in your family.

Pictures LOLLY of the tie dye.

I was very popular with the triathlon runners today. When they reached my station they could turn around and go on the home stretch.
Some very cheerful people.

The oldest triathlete was an 81 year old man from Nelson. Yay yay yay he did well.

I enjoyed myself and met some good people and was given a vegetarian lunch.
They asked me to do it again next year a d I said yes I would.
So amazing the athletes were thanking me for volunteering.

Glad to know that the world continues to be in peace today.

Happy SANDI and PAULA might meet this coming week.

Love to you KAY and SETH.

LORI I loved being a student and am thinking that as I get older I might want to go back for a Masters in International Relations maybe. That would be fun.
Hoda said…
Yes! Great picture of MARGY and MEGAN
Mema Jo said…
Fixing dinner for Christine and her family

Hello all

Loving rehoboth so far

I think Larry just sold his house in Eburg. Hooray!
Lolly said…
Home from buying groceries. Remind me please not go again on a Sunday. Why do I do that to myself.

A labor of love preparing a meal for Christine. Be sure to let us know how she is feeling this evening.

Yea, Paula! Hope the sale goes through.

Football tonight. Groan...not ready for this. Joseph starts evening prep for football this week. Going to be our hottest weather this summer and he will be out running. It is his first time ever playing football. We will see how it goes. He is also going to play soccer this Fall. That boy is going to be skin and bones! Officially 5'6" and 103#'s. Jacob on the other hand in 5'1" and 120#'s. LOL
Lolly said…
No eagle in the tree. Just thought I would let you know! :)

Jack is not feeling well. Not good. Presently think it is a urinary infection.

JudyE said…
Home from work and HEAD is fine INcident report done also And that was my main concern was my neck that is what I was worried about when I fell but incident report will help if anything come of it so far everything is ok and I am sure if it was gonna hurt from the fall it would have already done so Ya think? I sleep great didn't bother me at all on pillow But boy the back of my truck seat isn't as soft as the bed pillow found to be sore this afternoon

KAY I hope you are doing better than this am with the asthma

MARGY What great news going there WOW I am jealous Take lots of picture in Germany Its such a beautiful country I was there years ago when I was young with my mom and sister connie I loved all the old buildings churches and castles

Thanks for the eagle report today also

WANDA CONGRATULATION to the happy couple and the video say SORRY can't view Saw the black and white picture with you in it Beautiful picture of you both

HEY SHARON has lots of tie dyed stuff I always notice on FB maybe she can give some suggestions also just a thought

JudyE said…








JudyE said…
I took advantage of the 7% NO sales tax today last day and got me some socks, bras and undies I do that each year makes since to me
Hoda said…
Embassies closed through next Saturday in the Moslem world.
High travel alert through August 31st.
Heads up MARGY on German trip.
JudyE said…
MARGY check your email I sent you the picture from facebook of you am Megan the selfie she took I do lots of selfie with Jordyn
Hoda said…
Glad LARRY'S house might be sold PAULA. Keep us posted.

Glad you filled an incident report JUDYE. If truck head rest is a problem now I would pay attention. It was not a problem before. This is a serious fall!!!

Sorry JACK is not feeling do well LOLLY.
Head to his doctor if he is not better by tomorrow.

Could JACOB take after JOEY'S family and JOSEPH is more like his MOM?
Electrolytes for JOSEPH when he runs in the heat...

I think it sweet that JO is cooking a meal for CHRISTINE.
Looking forward to healing reports.

Mema Jo said…
Good evening to all !
Company has gone home....
Judy --- Carolyn sent the picture to Margy's phone..... Now she will be able to send it to others with your emailed one.

Still a beautiful weather day...

Hoda said…
US news a d several US SENATORS, have said Ramadan ended Friday. They are wrong!!! It was the last Friday of Ramadan last Friday. Of Significance for Moslem Prayer and Ritual.
Ramadan ends on Thursday the 8th of August followed by a couple of days of a feast...hence Embassy closures through

Relieved today passed without incident.
Lolly said…
Yes, Hoda! Joseph takes after our family and Jacob is a repeat of his daddy. He will have to watch it all his life. Hoping to instill good habits, but it is hard with an 8 year old boy...soon to be 9.

WANDA, watched the video of the wedding. Truth be told, I did not know they were not married. Wishing them the best!!
JudyE said…
WANDA the video is great So happy for them and I also didn't know that they weren't married
JudyE said…
Boy the sky is a odd color at the nest
NCSuzan said…
Margy, I am so excited for you. A trip to Germany is awesome. How wonderful your nephew is to value his family!

Wanda, what a lovely celebration the wedding was. I wish the best for that young family.

We are having serious Hummingbird wars in our yard and the neighbor's yard. They are fun to watch and can turn on a dime!

Thinking of everyone and their needs.
JudyE said…

I got teary eyed with the video WANDA thinking of how he purposed to her
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