Monday, August 05, 2013


New thread.


Mema Jo said...

Good Monday Morning to all ♥

Thank you Steve for the new thread

to start this new week.

Costume Lady said...


paula eagleholic said...

Good Monday Morning!

What a gorgeous day!

Thanks for the new thread!

Grabbing the feather and calling the others over.

Costume Lady said...

Good Morning, got the feather:)

paula eagleholic said...

Haha Jo jst beat me to it!

Costume Lady said...

Good Morning to you, too, Paula:)
I think we should, all 3, get a feather;)

Costume Lady said...

It is a beautiful morning here, too. Almost Fall-Like. Lots of HOT weather still in store for us before Fall gets here. Good for those lucky enough to have a swimming pool or LIVE CLOSE TO THE WATER!

paula eagleholic said...

Jo can you send me an email? Got an idea for the birthday list. Can't get to my contact list on my phone.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the bright sunshiny blue sky Monday morning thread.

Thank you Jo for hollerin' at us to wake up and get movin'

Wanda, thank you for the video on your blog. Beautiful couple. Jayden is adorable. Wishing Rachel and Robbie a wonderful life together.

Jo, regarding the special day reminders, I support your decision to "retire" from that task with an expression of appreciation for your job well done.

Tomorrow night is National Night Out Against Crime and our neighborhood pot luck dinner. So, today will be preparing some food for that, catching up the laundry and then headed out to the final basketball tournament game where I hope to see some former students

Wishing everyone a lovely morning.


Costume Lady said...

Stopped by to change my Avatar. It is a photo that makes me LOL each time I see it. We were at GG's on a Friday evening and Jayden spotted the manhole cover in the road...went running to it and tried to lift it, saying "There are Aliens & Ninja Turtles down there":) I think he watches too many cartoons!

Heading into the church to roast some turkeys for our Soup Kitchen tomorrow and have 8 large garbage bags of clothes and shoes to put shortage of donations now, it's wonderful. Still don't get enough toiletries, but hopefully, they will come.

Have a great day♥

Costume Lady said...

JUDIE...thank you so much for remembering GG's birthday. She read your card over and over and when I reminded her of the Suddenly Salad lunch, she smiled and said "Oh, yes, I remember". I think the same thing happened last year:) She is 93 now and about the same, health-wise...just slowing down a bit more~

Sandi said...

Hi all - home from tennis! Didn't have time to comment after catching up!

Thanks Steve for the new thread and Jo for the call over.

Jo, hope today is a better day for Christine.

Lolly, hope Jack is feeling better today as well.

Shirley, so sorry to hear about your friend, Pat. Enjoy your relaxing day today.

Wanda, loved the slide show of the wedding on FB - congrats to Robbie & Rachel.. I too thought they were already married.

This weather is just perfect - sunny, low humidity, nice breeze, cool enough to turn off the AC - perfect!

Need to get the last coat of polyurethane on the new french doors while the house is opened up. Have a great day all!

Mema Jo said...

Hello to all!

I'll email you Paula...... in a little bit -
just finishing my cup of coffee...
Are you and Larry going up to the Inlet - White Marlin starts today.
I always watch their cam - Mits got me started doing that. One year she went up early early morning to watch all the boats go out - said it was awesome...

Judie said...

Ooooo! Feather fight! Feather fight!

I think I recall that this is the one day ever that had three feathers available - sharing is a perfect solution for three lovely ladies.

Back to mention baby pandas are doing fine, Pete's Pond had baboons and some crocodile looking creatures and some ducks, Phoebe wasn't home when I stopped by, Osprey nest MT but babe near self-sufficient, nest tree MT.

Okay, bye

Sandi said...

Adult eagle in the tree!

Mema Jo said...

Wanda - there is one pic of Jayden at the reception I think that would make a really cute avatar - He is rubbing his eye and has a huge yawn. I think that Denise or Karla took it. The pictures on FB of
Robbie and Rachael are just very special - beautiful wedding.

Hoda said...

Good Morning all

Thank you for the new thread STEVE.
Thank you JO for the call over.
Thank you SANDI for spotting eagle in the tree.

Mema Jo said...

Happy Birthday Bob aka Crunch on your day. Have a great year ahead

I was also sending Bob good wishes on FB and it gave me the alert that Robyn's is tomorrow. That was cool.

magpie said...

Outstanding, the pictures, AND the video which did post...from the reception...
God Bless The Newlyweds and
their Little Man Jayden....

Good Morning, Eagle Pals

Thanks Steve for the New thread, and have fun sharing that feather,
Jo, Paula, and Wanda ☺☺☺

magpie said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to our Crunch Bob - - hope it is complete with bells and whistles, hugs and birthday treats xoxo ♥

magpie said...

Dear Shirley...
I am sad that your friend Pat has had a is very dear
that you and friends have offered to help....
Prayers for Peace and Comfort for all....

magpie said...

Judy: good, sounds like you are on top of things, and YAY no
pain or apparent injury....

Paula: Wow, thinking Larry has sold the house, hope it is For Real !

Best Wishes to Every One for a
Very Good Day....
xoxo ♥ !!!

Mema Jo said...

Just had a call and oldest daughter is bringing me the large bag of sunflower seed ! She'll be able to visit for a few hours - at least until 2:00 when I leave for my foot doctor appointment.

I need to get dressed for the day ♥

Lori said...

Good Morning everyone!

Thanks STEVE for the new thread and JO for the call over!

Getting a late start on here today. The oral surgeon's office returned my call at 8:15 this morning so I had an early morning appointment to have them check out a piece of bone that had cut through my gum beneath where I had the tooth pulled. Anyway he got it out and I'm hoping this month long ordeal will be over as soon as this new hole closes up.

SHIRLEY, so sorry to hear about Pat. I was so excited earlier to hear that she was getting better. Prayers for her and her family.

SANDI, enjoy your beautiful day!

LOLLY, hope Jack is feeling better today.

Just got off Amazon ordering another text book, notebook and supplies. I have another text book that should arrive today. I have soooo much reading to do from all the handouts and assignments given at orientation on Friday.

HODA, what's up for you today?

KAY, always thinking about you and Penny.

MARGY, I smile every time I think about you and your trip!

Have a good day all. Will try to check in again later. So much to do. Stressed!

magpie said...

I love it:
Steve has joined the Typo Gang

He gave us a NeEw thread today ☺
Welcome Aboard, Steve !

Nest tree appears to be unoccupied right now, but the sky and clouds are sure beautiful

magpie said...

The birds AND the squirrels will love those Sunflower Seeds, Jo ! ...happy visiting and happy foot doctor appointment.

Lori: best wishes on good tooth and gum relief...
Are you in MD or PA home ?
Make sure you TRY to take Some time to be UNSTRESSED....even for just a few minutes a few times through the day.....

heading outside to do something, Anything...gotta move these bones a little
"See You Fine Folks Later"
☺ ♥

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning all my eagle budlets. Just thought I would let you all know I am alive and kicking, just not kicking too high! :)


Eagle-Eyed Shar said...


magpie said...

Okay Double E-S...
Thanks...just kick as high as you can and be proud of your effort !!

(( Healing Hugs )) ♥


magpie said...

by the Way:
Thanks for all the Positive thoughts on my Germany trip coming up.....
I saw the post about
Heightened Awareness through
Aug 31 - Thanks for that information Hoda....

okay, 'bye for now

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Attic empty. The clouds have rolled in at the Sycamore.

I have a bowling lesson today. I really want to see the score improve now. Getting impatient for good results.

Happy for the newlyweds, Wanda.

Enjoy your crime-fighting event, Judie.

stronghunter said...

Wishing for your good health, Sharon.

Hoda said...

Yay yay Yaaaaayyyyyy!
SHAR checked in. So good to see you on here.

LORI hope the tooth heals soon. It has been a while.
I will swim and I will do some cleaning with my BC Day long weekend.

MARGY heightened alert for a traveller means stay aware of intended packages and suitcases back packs.
If in airport report to security. Be with someone who knows how to contact local authorities.
The Chatter so far as I can understand is for a terrorist event in the Middle East or Africa.

Hoda said...

Unattended not intended in reference to packages and luggage

Hoda said...

Love and Light I guess it is how we live!!!
Love is what I typed auto correct wanted live!!!

Lolly said...

Good morning! (Still morning here!)

Woke up to no electricity, but it is on now. Not sure how long it was off but know it did not come on until we had been up for a couple of hours. Read the paper in the living room as the windows face east. NO COFFEE!! So, we headed outside to water pots and flowers. While we were out the pump with the ponds started up. Yea! Saw the electric company going up and down the street searching for the problem.

Margy so very excited for your trip to Germany. That is awesome. I do love traveling abroad. Hope to return to Italy in two years!!!

Lolly said...

Jack had a rough night but he said he is a little better today. He is not as achy but feels wiped out. He is on meds. He is supposed to have a biopsy a week from Friday, so he has called the office to see if they want to postpone. Waiting for a return call.

Hoda said...

Healing energy and prayers for JACK LOLLY.
Glad you have power back.

Lolly said...

Me too! I was thinking...okay, what will we do today? Go to the movies? LOL Enjoying sitting in my cool house!

Lolly said...

Always scary to have the electricity off and worry about food in the refrig and the freezer, but all is well! Wonder what the problem was? Certainly no storms here. LOL

Lolly said...

Bunny is in the backyard every time we go out and in the herb garden. Beginning to feel like we have a pet. I call her Bunny and I know for sure that she likes parsley. Oh, well, she can have it but it was doing so well! I do like having it on hand when I need it, now I will have to buy it!

Hoda said...

Curtis Hallock an ex student of mine was shot twice in the leg and once in the shoulder by the Grande Cache RCMP!
The kid is 38 years old and was on an outdoor TV show called Mantracker!
Once more the media has it wrong!
He was shot three times, managed to escape on foot into the woods. How seriously wounded could he have been?
There was an altercation on a routine traffic check.
What I know of him and the history of the family I tend to not believe the media reports of his being a horse whisperer and living off the land...
Totally different story is my experience!!! Oh well!
I hope the investigative office sees through it and clears the RCMP.

Judie said...

Just checking in.

Hey, Margy.

Lolly, glad Jack feels a little better. Hope he keeps improving. We also have a bunny. Doesn't seem to be getting very large but does love large carrots all sliced up. Oh, and the pansies and the parsley. I call it Thumper.

Jo, congrats on the bird seed. You will be the most popular person in the valley.

Lori, so sorry you had to have more dental work and hope the new "hole" heals quickly. Also, I have a suggestion (as if you need one) but when I started school, I pretended that class time was like going to meetings and then at home was like being at my desk doing the work to get paid (grades). That way, I went to classes but also had a plan not to goof off when I got home.

Shirley, I'm sure the lessons will help you improve. Just mostly relax and have fun. Any update on Pat?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRUNCH BOB! Sure hope the day is being good to you and Mrs. Crunch Bob.

Hoda, what an interesting story about your former student. Let us know the outcome, please.


Hoda said...

JUDIE He and his family have a HUGE CHIP on their shoulder. They abuse drugs and alcohol and milk the native aspect of their blood for all its worth. They are more white than native really and they are very angry even though they know how to put on the charm. Curtis was an angry and very egotistical kid. I feel sorry for The RCMP with headlines of Canadian police shoot an unarmed native. Sad as it is the third shooting in Alberta this past week.

Hoda said...

Blog again is Hacked

Hoda said...







Hoda said...


Mema Jo said...

I have emailed Steve to delete
the adult spam remark.....
Blogger HUGCAMS said...

hey hi chat adult

Monday, August 05, 2013 3:10:00 PM

Mema Jo said...

SPAM: Copy/Paste this information that was given to us back in 2008 from Paula
Eagles- Paula Compton
Schedule cleanup
Picture of Eagles- Paula Compton
To all:
Here is the link to report spammers that post on any blog in blogger, including ours. If you can at least include the profile url, I'm sure that would be helpful to blogger. I am not telling anyone to actually click on their blog...some have been known to start downloading a virus or spam onto your computer.
You may want to bookmark for further reference.

I found this link under blogger help/terms of service/report abuse.
Also, if you can send an email to Steven at
Steve is the only one who can remove the offending spammers post from the blog.

Paula Compton

Hoda said...

Thank you JO

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds !

Thanks, JO, I'm sure STEVE will deal with the scammer as soon as he's aware of yet another annoying intrusion.

I appreciate all the nice thoughts re:my bout with asthma. It has subsided and Penny and I are all set for Malcolm's arrival tomorrow !

WANDA, love the wedding pics---the joy and love between those two just oozes through the screen. So happy for them and little Jayden !

MARGY, I missed your German trip announcement---when and to what part of Germany ? I've been there twice---Hanover, Berlin, East Berlin in 1970 and Bavaria in 1975. So beautiful !

LORI, hope that's the end of your dental woes ! Ugh !

Love and prayers for all !


Kay said...

JO, also want to thank you for the August list of BD's/Anniversaries ! You are a gem !

Judie said...

Okay, y'all try to stay out of trouble while I go and watch some basketball.

I'm sure Steve will remove the scam post and block the offender. Thank you, Steve and thank you Jo for the reminder of what to do.


JudyE said...

HOME from work and found a new thread

Bummer no commercial of Tom for me a silly one with antlers :-(

MT NEST also

Lori said...

Good Afternoon all!

How yucky to get an adult chat spammer here in our private little paradise...private as you can be on the Internet, I guess.

LOLLY, love it that you let the bunny have your parsley! How sweet.

JUDIE, what a great idea on how to approach school. Thanks for sharing. I hope it works as well for me as it did for you!

WANDA, just got a peek at the wedding pictures. Beautiful! You must have been so happy and proud.

KAY, yes, glad you're getting asthma relief...and you're getting Malcolm tomorrow! Be careful not to over do it.

HODA, great info for MARGY. Enjoy your BC Day long Weekend.

We have had a beautiful day here, haven't we JO? Just perfect. How is Christine?

Shirley, any update on Pat?

JudyE said...

bad JUDY where are my manners


must of had a poweroutage puter was off when I came home

JudyE said...

Thanks JO for the spamer INFO
will file in blog file
WANDA love the alien story kids are so stinkin cute at times

Happy Birthday Bob


JudyE said...

I went to facebook and posted a pic of the snip of the spam comment and tagged with Steve name I don't want to click on it in fear of spam

JudyE said...

and this person is from Blogger

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

oops just read to where you emailed STEVE already I didn't read all the blog yet JO

JudyE said...

I started reading the blog backwards and then forward I get lost reading the blog without it in email

Mema Jo said...

Spam is gone - Thank you Steve.
Judy any remarks concerning the url and or the spam could be deleted if you wish.

Early dinner - Not too hungry as my girls were here for Panera lunch.

Foot dr went very well but I had to wait 1/2 hr - don't like that part of it. I try to make my appointments right after lunch to be first one seen. Didn't work out this time plus 2 of us in the waiting room found out we both had been give the same appointment time.

Guess I'll wait some news before Jeopardy begins. BBL

JudyE said...

MARGY I did not notice the spelling error until I just read it LOL

LORI hope the hole gets better soon

LOLLY sweet you are letting the bunny have her fill and hope Jack feeling better continues

KAY hope you are still feeling good

time for shower I am caught up Gonna have to come home for lunch to have the email check but I have caught up and gonna get a shower now

MT attic
I still wonder if she stayed the night being she was there this am when I got up We will never know but so nice to be able to see THANKS STEVE FOR THIS CAMERA

JudyE said...

DELETED JO OK off to shower
and I just saw the spelling error Margy funny he is really one of us

Janet said...

quick good evening...getting ready to hop in the shower and get ready for yoga in a bit. :) :) :)

work is done. i am tired. it was a busy day.

not a pool day, however. completely overcast. :(

that's okay, i did inside stuff and did some retail therapy at big lots. love love love that place...and i got to use my extra 20% off today. wooo hooo

hope everyone has a lovely evening. off to shower and then yoga! light and love to all

JudyE said...

Out of shower

MT Attic

Off to watch TV

Lynne2 said...

OMG. SO far behind...

Sandi, prayers for Brian and family.

MARGY....GERMANY???? WOO HOO! I wanna postcard!!!

Hope Jack is feeling better by now, and Lori's tooth, and Kay's asthma. Uh, Judy, you go sit in the corner. We have rules about falling down and you broke them. Oh, others have as well but we have to make and example out of SOMEONE. LOL! Hope you are OK!

So Lolly, in to the Tie Die and bunnies in the Hippie.
Nice work helping with Buddy! And I too wish you'd get more news on Z like you do on J and J. GRRRRR.

Good to hear Larry Sweetie's house is sold! You did the right thing with Ajay. I hope they see this for the sake of the kids.

Shirley I read the Pat had taken a big turn for the better but now see she's had another turn for the worse...continued prayers for her.

I may have missed a Christine update???

Lynne2 said...

Well, the leaves on the dogwoods are beginning to turn red. The birds are beginning to flock together again. The hummers are fiercely guarding the feeders against all intruders so as to protect the food source that will help the on the soon to begin migration....summer has just a few weeks left and there are....


(you knew that was coming, right?)

Lynne2 said...

Update on MIL's house...well, there isn't one. No word from the realtor regarding another visit from the people or an offer or anything. They/He/She really loved it but the realtor mentioned that they had issue with the open master bedroom suite loft. Well, this is CLEAR in the pictures of the house!! Anyway, it's only been a week since they saw it so maybe there is still hope....

Lynne2 said...

Update on MIL's house...well, there isn't one. No word from the realtor regarding another visit from the people or an offer or anything. They/He/She really loved it but the realtor mentioned that they had issue with the open master bedroom suite loft. Well, this is CLEAR in the pictures of the house!! Anyway, it's only been a week since they saw it so maybe there is still hope....

Lynne2 said...

Shirley and Lori, I'm unable to get onto WWF this evening. GRRRRRRR

Hoda said...

Debs eagle posted a video of Belle and Shep on the Y Branch. Short visit but fun to watch.
I tried to repost it and it did not work from my iPhone.

Hoda said...


God Bless Us All

Hoda said...

I am having issues posting on FB. Unable to tell MEGAN MINTER GARDENS OF VANCOUVER will close after this season!

Unable to say Goodnight JO.

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Lolly said...

Great to see so many posts from Lynne! And I have been gone this evening, I vegged all day, I guess because Jack was doing nothing, I did nothing. Oh, 1well. I will get busy tomorrow.

Jack got to feeling puny again this evening. He thought his fever was going back up. Hope the meds start working fast. He has a history of this and has meds to take right on hand, so he started promptly.

Did not check on "Bunny" this evening. It was just too hot. I will get out early in the morn. 102 official high today and heading up tomorrow and Wed. Groan! Excuse me but I HATE AUGUST!

Hoda said...

LOLLY sorry JACK continues to not feel well. Just for peace of mind get a doctor's appointment and she/he can confirm that the medication is what he needs to be doing...
Prayers for healing.
Yes 102 is ungodly I would say. Poor Bunny.
Parsley is yummy food at least.

Judie said...

Thank you Steve for removing the spammer.

DC players lost tonight. BUT, I did have a good time with former students as well as players who sat with me. Watched former student, now a pro, play. Very nice evening.

Hope Jack's meds help and he starts to feel better and it is nice to see Lynne2 visited. Maybe the prospective people are trying for a pre-approval before making an offer? Hope so.

Lori, my school technique was to keep myself from coming home and procrastinating. You'll be a super student.

Jo, I'm jealous. Panera is a favorite of mine. Glad you could enjoy with your girls. Glad the dr. visit was okay.

Malcolm arrives tomorrow. Yea!

Megan Minter Gardens? Hmmmm. Wonder if our dear Hoda has had just a tad too much tea?

Lolly said...

I am thinking of showering and heading to bed. Eyes are watering and that is a signal to call it a day. They get tired before the rest of me. LOL

Night all! SED!!

Judie said...

Sandperson left a while ago. Should be well into his rounds.

Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

Coming on to say Goodnight ♥

Hoda I saw your FB message to Megan about the gardens closing. Not to worry for I will say Goodnight to you here on the blog.
Lolly I sure hope the meds help Jack and that he starts to feel better.
Lynne - Christine is home - new CT this Thurs and recheck down at UMMC on Friday.

God Bless Us All and Prayers For All ♥ Goodnight friends ♥

stronghunter said...

Hi Lynne,

Great to see you on here.

Hoping Jack is feeling better already.

Glad you had an enjoyable evening, Judie.

Yes, pictures, please, Margy.

Oh, I did not get onto WWF, either, Lynne.

I have to stop now. My brain is telling me that it is time for sleep. Fingers are not working well, either.

Costume Lady said...

After reading back over the comments on here, I have so many, when is Margy going to Germany and how is her hand? Then, there's Paula...what is she up to, has she moved? What kind of surgery did Christine have and is she ok now? There's more, but I guess I will keep reading until I find out~

Soup Kitchen tomorrow, so off to bed I, almost 1 o'clock already!
Good night, blessings and love to all♥

Hoda said...


Blessed Be

Sandi said...

Good morning my eagle friends! Cloudy morning here in Bethany with rain supposedly heading this way.

Tree in Shepherdstown is MT!

Prayers that Lolly's Jack and Jo's Christine have a better day today.

Lynne, hope an offer comes in on the house!

Had a wonderful evening with Paula and Larry last night. Denny and I went to Larry's house in Rehoboth for steaks on the grill. Good food, good weather, and great company!

Have a great day all!

JudyE said...



Janet said...

good morning all...a day off! :)
my semi-vacation has begun.

cloudy this morning. :P not a pool day. bah humbug and rain forecast til monday. love rain, but would surely like some sun as well....its just been a really cloudy year it seems.

everyone has been so busy lately!

yoga last night was wonderful, exactly what i needed ... i dozed off in supported fish pose. it was home, got ready and hit the bed. felt yummy.

and i didn't wnat to get up this morning, even though i slept til 6. i have to get olivia up in a bit, school....grrrr. told you this school thing interrupts my summer.

i guess i will do inside stuff today....plenty to do. i need to repot some spider plants, etc.

enough rambling....light, love, hugs and smiles to all!

JudyE said...


.♥ Happy Birthday! ♥

Lori said...

Good rainy Tuesday morning all!

It's been pouring here for at least a few the rain for the plants and grass...and the well!

WANDA, so nice to see you catching up on the blog. Have a great SK tonight!

LYNNE2, you too...great seeing you on here. Hope MIL's house sells soon. How is Steve's job search going?

SHIRLEY & LYNNE2, I couldn't get on WWF either last night. GRRRR. All seems back to normal this morning.

LOLLY, glad you had a lazy day yesterday = they're good for you once in a while! Keep us updated on Jack. Pray he's feeling better.

KAY, Malcolm comes today...are you ready. I know how much you love him, too. Does Penny like him?

SANDI & PAULA, glad you two could get together...Steaks on the grill, yummy!

JANET, enjoy every second of your vacation!!! I know you will.

Well, I have lots of studying to do today. That's my new job!

Hope everyone has a great and wonderful day.


paula eagleholic said...

Morning all

Had a great time with Sandi and Denny. Sorry no pics. Guess we were having too good a time.

Going fishing shortly...hope the rain comes later.

Will catch up later

Wanda. I haven't moved...just have lots of places I can live :)

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !

Penny and I are on the lookout for Malcolm now ! Yes, LORI, Penny loves him. She is the Alpha Dog and loves to groom him---cleaning his eyes n' ears. He puts up with it though it's easy to see he's a bit wary of such attention ! I have every thing "done up" around the house so that my energy can be devoted to the dogs and I plan to have a lot of fun with them.

Thanks to STEVE for taking care of business for us !

LOLLY, hope Jack is much, much better today !

HODA, thanks for the MARGY trip dates ! Do you know what part of Germany she is visiting ?

SANDI n' PAULA, always love to hear about Momster's getting together---though I'm green with envy !

LYNNE2, hope the MIL's house sells soon ! Always good to see you here !

Bon Voyage, JANET ! Enjoy !

JUDY, hope you're still feeling okay after the big tumble !

JUDIE, what a kick it had to be to watch a former student, now a pro, play !

HODA, Minter Gardens closing ? Bummer ! Financial hardship ?

Love and prayers for all !


Judie said...

Good morning.

Thinking of Christine, Jack, and Shar and wishing them a day of improving health.

Headed to the dematologist this morning. Have to have some "freezing" done and want blisters to heal before school begins.

Sandi and Paula, glad you all had fun together.

Wishing everyone a lovely morning.

Mema Jo said...

Happy Birthday Robyn ♥ Wishing you safe journey as you travel to FL to see your mom and dad. Enjoy your special day and wishing you a fantastic year ahead

Lolly said...

Good morning! Jack says he is better! He had a better night as well.

Well, Sandi and Paula, so very glad you two had a great evening. Jealous!! Really awesome you could get together. I also think it is great you got together at Larry's instead of eating out. You can relax and really enjoy visiting!

Mema Jo said...

CNN) – Former President George W. Bush, 67, underwent a procedure Tuesday morning to have a stent placed in his heart one day after a blockage was discovered in an artery, according to a statement from his office.

In the statement released by Bush's spokesman, the procedure was "performed successfully," without complication, at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

Mema Jo said...

Good late morning to all!
I've been here but forgot my manners about wishing you all a good day

Happy to hear that Jack is feeling more like himself. Hope it continues.

Good news about Sandi and Paula having some fun time!

Lori - study study study - you are going to be a star pupil!

Hoda said...

Good morning.
Glad JACK is better. Prayers continue.

Hot day here. I have a memo gram scheduled and also a yoga class to go to.

Have a terrific day.

Another week of upper eighties and lower nineties.
Enough already!!! Will not rain before Sunday.

Lynne2 said...

hello from work....

Glad Jack is feeling better!


But glad you all had a good time!

Hoda and, you won't believe one does..that it's barely SEVENTY DEGREES here. Unheard of in August in the MD Piedmont! But I am NOT complaining!!

Back to work....

Thanks for the Christine update Jo!

Hoda said...

Your Majesty to be... I agree with your ruling regards pictures when Momsters meet.

As to 70 degrees , well you are robbing us!!! That is normally my weather.
I am seriously thinking of checking real estate in the arctic!!!

Hoda said...

New moon sightings in Middle East which means Ramadan ends tonight or if it is not sighted Wednesday night.
God Keep Us All Safe.

Sandi said...

All, I fully intended to take a photo or two last night - I'm sure Paula did too! But we drank, and ate, and chatted, and laughed, and sat by the fire pit, and petted Nick and Pepper and, before we knew it, it was 10:15, we had a 45 minute ride to get home, and Denny had to be up early for work this morning. I'm sure there will be a next time and it WILL include a photo - I promise!

Hoda, it's 70 degrees here in Bethany Beach as well - cloudy but not currently raining.

Judie said...

Good mid-afternoon.

Well, enjoyed my visit with the dermatologist. Terrific guy. Also went to GDub, loves PBS crime shows, so while he froze several pre-cancerous areas we talked about A Touch of Frost, Midsomer Murders, and Endeavor. Nice man and great doctor. Now for the blisters to heal.

Jo, glad Christine is home and look forward to a good report from the CT scan and Friday checkup.

Lolly, glad Jack is better today. Hope he continues to improve.

Hoda, we all pray that there will be no trouble at the end of Ramadan and that, somehow, peace will be restored.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN. Wishing you the most special day today and a lovely visit with family.

Okay, off to complete my contribution to NNO pot luck. Barbequed miniature meatballs. If interested and never heard of this, make some meatballs with garlic powder, minced green pepper, minced onion, salt, pepper, an egg and some bread crumbs to hold together, saute. Mix equal parts grape jelly and ketchup, dump in the meatballs and heat. Inexpensive and tasty.


JudyE said...

HELLOOOO Home from work and just got done raining I have a little over a half inch in my rain gauge but I know the store got more than that Not to many comments to read about 18

JudyE said...

I agree with LYNNE2 pictures are a must of course when she is queen

JudyE said...

81° now after the rain

Hoda said...

Eat Raw Foods
This is what the heat is doing for me.
I think it is healthier.
I have not cooked for almost a month!
Going Raw All The Way!!!

JudyE said...


JudyE said...




Hoda said...

Glad the dermatologist is in tune with your interests JUDIE. He/she sound interesting. Hope he/she are good at what they do also.
Keep us posted.

Hoda said...

Is there another meaning for raw besides uncooked food?
Modern Lingo perhaps???

Lori said...

LOL, HODA in the raw...or buff...or naked! JUDYE, you are bad! :)

Hi everyone!

Had my nose in books all day. I'm reading and highlighting and seriously wondering how in the heck am I going to remember all this stuff? Another text book arrived today, that makes four. Anyhow, 5 chapters done in one book today...any suggestions on really understanding or memorizing all of this? I figure I just keep re-reading it daily and make some flash cards.

We had some rain here this afternoon, too. Went out to get the mail and bring in the recycle can and it started to pour.

LYNNE2, this 70's weather in August is hard to believe! Sure cuts down on the electric bill!

KAY, hope you, Malcolm and Penny are all having a great time!

JudyE said...







JudyE said...

I see LORI answered it LOL you know us on the blog will take advantage of a word Wait till JUDIE gets ya with it LOL

JudyE said...

LORI I know you will get it Its just liking learning a new thing at work or a new job It will come

JudyE said...


Was a preemie only weight 214 lbs a baby elephant just on the new so cute I want to go and see

Hoda said...

Well as LORI said JUDYE you are bad!!!
That certainly was NOT NOT NOT what I was saying!
Maybe because I do not have TV that I miss out on the modern language???

Hoda said...

LORI good luck with studying.
Things will connect and they will help you recall.
Very pleased for you and proud of you!!!

Hoda said...

Comprehension works better for me than memorization.
At first memorization is a useful tool.
Filing systems also work for me.

Sandi said...

Eagle in the tree!

JudyE said...

just walked in and see SANDI

JudyE said...

Looks like BELLE

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

my delete duplicated it

Sandi said...

Looks pretty breezy at the nest tree! Time for dinner here - later!

Lori said...

SANDI, I just heard on CNN that all Americans have been told to leave Yemen. I hope Brian does not have to go there. Praying for his safety.

Sandi said...

Lori, obviously we have been listening very closely to what's going on in Yemen and are praying that the State Dept. decides not to send any other employees there!

Hoda said...

Glad they made that decision.
Also ver glad they are appointing The American Ambassador to Egypt as undersecretary of state!
That will get her out of there Thank God.
The chap who is to replace her is not a good idea! Riled people up in Iraq and Syria!!! His name is Ford!!! I hope he does not get the Egypt Spost.
God Save Us All

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Had not filled my hummingbird feeder recently because I just never have had any luck.

Hummingbirds come to my flowers, but not the feeder. Then yesterday, I saw one trying to feed at the empty feeder, so I filled it. Today, we have had several tiny visitors, and I have noticed them sitting on the branches of the crepe myrtle tree. Yay!

stronghunter said...

Lori, I remember those first day of class assignments in grad school. And the professors who informed us on the first day that we were all one assignment behind already. Smart to do as much as possible ahead of time.

stronghunter said...

Glad that you enjoyed the dermatologist visit, Judie. The meatball recipe sounds very interesting. I do not think I have ever mixed ketchup with grape jelly.

I will check to see if I can now get on WWF, Lynne and Lori.

stronghunter said...

Have been watching CNN, too. Hoping that things do not get ugly in Yemen.

JudyE said...


Judie said...

Oh good grief!

I return from a wonderful pot luck only to find that Hoda is running about naked and a stinking 214lb preemie was born in Tampa and Lori needs to learn that the leg bone's connected to the foot bone and the foot bone's connected to the toe bone, Shirley has tiny visitors sitting in her tree, JudyE thinks she can "see" Sandi, and Kay is entertaining friends tonight = PINOS: persons in need of supervision. What did you all do with Jo and Margy? Please tell me you did not lock them in the basement.

What fun to read of everyone's adventures. The evening was very nice and the weather was pleasantly cool. There were 187 neighbors, plus a few politicians, and lots of police.

On a more serious note, I share the concerns of everyone regarding the situation in Yemen for many reasons, not the least is our shared concern for Brian.

Judie said...

I just heard the hall closet door squeak which means the sandperson is in there packing his satchel. Departure is imminent.

Restful sleep for all.

JudyE said...

Just popping in and laughing so much JUDIE I was wondering what you was gonna come up with I warned HODA too What a grand way to end the day with a BIG LAUGH

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Mema Jo said...

I am not locked up in the basement! I don't do stairs very well. lol

Shirley - be brave and use ketchup and grape jelly. Fantastic! My daughter used that combination all the time for her meatballs.

BBL - 10:00 show Perception

Janet said...

good late evening to all.....its been a really nice first day of vacation for me.... except for the weather. :P cloudy cloudy cloudy...and HUMID beyond belief. while waiitng at the school to pick olivia up i had the top down on the car...a/c off and started to sweat just from the humidity! ugh.

i didn't do an awful lot today; prepped paperwork for my class this weekend, packed, ran errands, cleaned a little....and gazed at the pool longingly.....

oh well, the sun will return, eventually.

hope everyone has a good night sleep! SED!

Lynne2 said...

oh my...grape jelly and ketchup? I have to go now....

Mema Jo said...

TV show was enjoyable

Time for bed

Goodnight to all my friends ♥

Hoda said...

Goodnight All

God Bless Us All.

paula eagleholic said...

I have heard of the grape jelly and ketchup too..or is it catsup:)

We caught 2 fish..then the weather turned more fish.

Tomorrow is Larry's birthday. Cooking him breakfast...then we will head to Rehoboth in the afternoon for some shopping time. Then I will treat him to dinner.

Happy Birthday Robyn!

I meant to take pics too. We will next time!

Sed love and hugs for all

Catch ya sometime tomorrow.

magpie said...

Just caught up on the doins' here..
just in time to day:

Good Night, Precious Pals...

Prayers for Wellness amongst Us All

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxoxd ♥

stronghunter said...

Well, I tried to spell it "ketsup," but the spell check does not like that, Paula.

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Evening, Everyone,
Have been MIA due to serious lack of get-up-and-go. Think it's the humid weather. Emma and I have been lying around in front of a fan. Trying really hard to get caught up here! Have added many to my prayer list. Too tired to list them all, but never fear, you're all in my prayers and thoughts.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROBYN! Hope your day has been wonderful!


Well, doing face plants here, so will just say goodnight and God bless. Will be back tomorrow. I ♥ us!!!
♥♥Missing Lynn♥♥
♥♥Carolyn & Christie♥♥

stronghunter said...

Hope the birthday was a good one, Robyn.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Larry!!

Janet said...

well, the sandman is late in his arrival here in nashville.....tired but not sleeping (obviously).

lie down and brain turns on... hmmmmm

if anyone sees the sandman, please send him my way.


Lolly said...

Weather is getting to us too. Glad some of you are having pleasant weather. Here it is close to midnight and it is 87. Laurel texted me a little while ago and their AC is out. They have left a message. Hope repair gets there quick in the morning.

It is all I can do to keep plants alive. 104 today, 100 at our house. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. My impatiens are biting the dust. I water them every day and they still wilt.

Jack has set the cam up on the herb garden. Bunny was there watching him. roflmbo Think we will get lots of pics?

I have heard of that recipe with the grape jelly, but have never made it.

Heading to bed soon. Watching baseball and the game will be over soon.

Night all! SED!

Costume Lady said...

Soup Kitchen was sparsely attended this evening. Maybe 35-40 guests. We had so much turkey and gravy left over that Gene decided to freeze and make turkey pot pie next SK day! Had a ton of mashed potatoes left over too, but they don't freeze very well, so we gave them to a needy family, along with some beans and corn. TIRED!

Good night...prayers and love for all♥

Hoda said...

Lost somewhere between Nashville and Nelson JANET!!!
Sleepless in BC!!!
Was there not a movie called Sleepless in Seattle?
Oh well I will google it.

Hoda said...


No wonder I can not sleep!
There is so much crazy energy here!!!
Maybe it will cool down
The forecast is for upper eighties and nineties tomorrow!
63 right now!!! Forties would be good!
Internal organs might have a chance to cool down a bit!!!

stronghunter said...

Getting ready to head upstairs.

I hear Will moving around in his part of the house.

Another day of Y Camp for Hunter tomorrow. He is having a busy summer.

JudyE said...

GOOD Morning eagle Buds

small bird on y branch in the attic but no eagle

Sandi said...

Good morning Judy and all my eagle friends - MT tree in Shepherdstown. Looks cloudy there - here too.

I have made that grape jelly/ketchup meatball recipe - very tasty!

Tennis and the grocery store are on my agenda for today - have a great day!

Janet said...

Good morning my friends.

HODA: Finally Mr Sandman found me around 12:30 to 1 a.m.....yikes. Hope he found you more quickly.....don't know where he took a detour but hope he doens't repeat tonight!

LOLLY: your weather sounds flat miserable. we had temps in the 100's last year and it was awful.

right now here....soupy. all my windows are fogged is just wet wet wet out there. i likened it to what living with spongbob would be like.....under the sea. feels awful outside.

granted, it is green green green and nice to look at...but wow. wet.

another day off! woot woot!

i am packed. today will clean the house, kind of get that end of my world together....and then tomorrow, its off to michigan. very excited.

hope everyone has a great day. :) light, love, hugs, and smiles to all!

Sandi said...

Well, no tennis today - it's raining buckets! =(

Lori said...

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!

Just drizzling here, but expecting thunder storms, some with heavy rain they are saying...

SANDI, sorry you got rained out at tennis.

JANET, wooohooo! You leave tomorrow. I know you'll have a great time.

WANDA, I remember when 35 - 40 used to be a good SK turnout! You've grown so much.

PAULA, tell Larry Happy Birthday. Hope you both have a great day shopping and at your special dinner.

HODA, enjoy your cooler temps today.

LOLLY, wish we could share the cooler weather and rain with you. Sorry about the impatiens, and they're pretty hardy!

JO, what is on your agenda today?

JUDIE, glad you had a great turnout for your catsup and grape jelly meatballs! What a great event, and proud of you for being so involved in it.

SHIRLEY, guess you have a quiet day today with Hunter at Y Camp. Or, will you go practice bowling?

Guess what I'm going today? Yes! Studying! Hope the thunderstorms don't get severe and ruin my breaks playing WWF!

Have a great day everyone! BBL

Lori said...

Should be Guess what I'm DOING today... :)

Judie said...

Good morning.


Speaking of studmuffins, wonder how Margy's Tom Sweetie is these days?

Wanda, I too remember when a dozen or so would be a huge turnout, back when you and the Capt. took over. What an amazing turn-around. With leftovers, less cooking next time. Get some rest, please.

Janet, sandperson asked me to inform you that being sleepless in Nashville is due to anticipation of MI trip. Excited for you. Weather should be cooler.

As for Hoda, well, sandperson suggested she might want to stop running about naked - she's making him nervous.

Hoping Hoda, Andy and Lolly will get some cooler weather.

Shirley, enjoy a day of relative quiet. Camp is a good thing for you and Hunter. Only about a week till Colorado.

Lori, you will become our new Andy as we cheer you on to complete your studies. Sure remember how happy we all were when she graduated and "got a real job."

K/GJ meatballs was a first last year (2 doz). Darth said "Nobody's going to eat those." Disappeared in ten minutes. Made about 7 doz. this year. Brought home leftover sauce. Easy, inexpensive, tasty.

Okay, jabberin' Judie is off to begin her day. Nothing much on the agenda. BBL

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Fresh Wednesday morning thread is waiting for you. See you there.