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New thread.


Mema Jo said…

Thank you Steve and
Good Morning to All ♥
JudyE said…
Congratulations on another feather JO and thanks for the NEW THREAD STEVE AND THE CALL OVER JO ♥ and you got you wish a new thread for the weeknd
Lolly said…
?Well, while I was typing away you announced a new thread. So, here is a copy and paste job. lol

Lolly said...
Good morning! Or should I say "food morning"? lol I think Shirley has given us another momster word!! It's a good one!

I slept 9 1/2 hours last night! Wow! Thinking of the boys at home alone. They will be fine but there will be some disagreements!! They are brothers!

NOTHING on my agenda today. More laundry!!! Need to do the boys sheets and towels then I am through! Jack is doing a document review, so he is at his desk working. Love consultant pay!

I did well with the boys here...weight wise. Yea! Up just a couple of pounds. Eating out lunch every day during our trip is what did it. We think this was one of the best camps ever. I have suggested San Antonio next year. The boys would enjoy visitng the Alamo and the SA riverwalk and boat ride on the river, Sea World is also there.
Lolly said…
PAULA, what will you be doing with your present lovely home? Curious!
Your new job and living in Paradise sounds so awesome!! So very happy for you!
Mema Jo said…
Hi and thanks for coming over.

Enjoy your time with Jordyn today, Judy

Lolly you can chalk up another successful Hawkwood Camp for this year.

I have rain in my valley - Lazy day

JudyE said…
Don't know if any of you watched the youtube video of the Eagle that didn't fly to its trainer and crashed but here is the response I got

" Eagle Chatters mentioned you in a comment.
Eagle Chatters wrote: "Judy and Kathi

From the TulsaWorld:
Oral Roberts University students gasped and shrieked Wednesday morning when a bald eagle that was part of a special chapel service failed to fly to its trainer, crashed into a window at Christ Chapel on campus and collapsed to the floor.

"It was a bit shocking to see, but we're thankful the eagle is OK," said ORU spokeswoman Carissa Bratschun.

She said the eagle was supposed to fly straight to the trainer who was standing on stage.

"It had practiced five or six times," she said. "When the time came, we're not sure what happened. It flew around the room and then hit a window."

The bald eagle and a golden eagle were part of the special spirit day chapel service held to launch the school year at ORU."

stronghunter said…
Good morning. Just found the new thread. Heading to Boulder today .
JUDIE said…
Good late morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread and congratulations to Jo on her feather.

JudyE, do have fun with Jordyn and know that you will get through this transition. As Jo mentioned, it will help to plan some "you" time. Your love and influence will be her. Also, beware the Jufie disguised in bail bondsman clothing -- Jufie is evil.

Lolly, congratulations on another successful Camp Hawkwood. I'm sure next year will be even better in San Antonio.

Janet, glad you can accommodate and keep your two good clients. I'm sure they are equally happy.

Sandi, safe travels and enjoy the wedding.

Kay, have fun with Eileen and Seth is going to be just fine.

Lori, please share a huge momster hug with your dad. We all wish him a most special day. Safe travels.

Hmmm, Lolly only gained two pounds. Wonder what happened to Shirley during her food night?

Okay, need to do some rainy day things. Maybe google retirement communities near Chrisfield. BBL
JudyE said…
Angie will be closing on the house before Fri
She got a email from the owners they are the sweets people They told Angie that they left all the decor in the bathroom being Angie feel in love with it and while they were looking at the house Carl had asked what the size of the flat screen TV was on the wall being the entertainment center was built in and it looked great with it Well the owners were uncertain of the size BUT they have offered the flat screen to them for 100 dollars These people are the sweetest people They are leaving the barrel table and chairs that he made out of real barrels also and leaving all the shelves in the entertainment room also Angie just told me this on the phone Now to head out for something to eat I only ate the salad yesterday and I am starving

JudyE, great news for Angie and Carl. When are they moving?
JudyE said…
Back from a nice lunch with dau
now waiting to go get Jordyn got my pass

They are going to see if Don the uncle the owner of the house wants their washer and dryer Angie will see if he will accept two weeks rent for it and then they can take their time by moving every night something over and have everything up in place for the big move of furniture in one day I did it that way when I bought my house came over daily put up pic etc and was all done when furniture came made it so much nicer so will probably be the first two weeks of next month I offered to watch Jordyn if they move in the evening that way she won't be under foot and I get more Jordy time LOL
JudyE said…
trying to figure out if I have enough time to run back over to the mall and pick up a helmet I saw only 5 for Jordyn stupid me didn't get it I am kicking my self for that ok gonna head out there
Lori said…
Good rainy afternoon....gray skies.

Thank you, STEVE for the new thread, and JO for the call over.

JUDYE, have fun with Jordyn.

JUDIE, how did your hair turn out? You ready for next week?

LOLLY, glad you got so much rest. You had to have needed it!

Back to the books. Good day to be inside.

PAULA, congrats again. I'm so happy for you!
The murder in Martinsburg on Margy's road, looks like it took place at the far end of her road...she is about in the middle of the road.
Thanks, Lori! Been reading through some work stuff today. Have lots to take of .... MTBR on my Eburg home. Don't have to do anything right away at least.
JUDIE said…
Back for a visit.

Thank you, Paula. Will look it up in a couple of minutes.

Lori, yes, mostly ready. Next week isn't so bad. Long weekend. Many Jrs. and Srs. don't even come to class. Hair is a tad shorter than usual - more pixie style. Not sure I like it. Just something a little different.

JudyE, I'm sure the helmet will be there and do hope Angie and Carl can do ahead to make the furniture move go smoothly.

Back to doing stuff.
JudyE said…
Back from mall and got the 5.00 bike helmet was 20. so good deal now waiting to get Jordyn wonder what she will want to do
JudyE said…
OH NO Sandi on facebook----

Sandi Roberts
On the side of the road in Suffolk, VA waiting 4 a tow truck! FML!!
Like · · Share · 14 minutes ago near Suffolk, VA ·
JudyE said…
While I was at Seminole you can see the dark clouds gathering same ole storms just a different day Its Fl summer storms due to heat of day and seabreezes colliding with each other 92° now
JudyE said…
check radar and no rain yet just the clouds building up I love watching them grow up wish I had a camera that did time lapsed pretty cool to watch
JUDIE said…
Oh my goodness. Hope Sandi has already gotten repairs or whatever was needed. Nothing serious, please.

Paula, checked out the Chesapeake. Assisted living. Looks nice. Hope we can make it to independent living first.

Glad you found the helmet for Jordyn.

JudyE said…
Wanted to have this one on the page as memory down the road I think I will try just to do our eagle as avatar
Hoda said…
Off to yoga and a busy afternoon and evening volunteering.
Checking in to say I LOVE US.
Will be back by midnight your time.
Tomorrow MARGY starts trekking home arriving on the 25th
Safe travels MARGY
JudyE said…
I am hearing a HAWK several times but when I step out side I see nothing and it stops sneaky little hawk playing hide and seek LOL
Hoda said…
Rain has eased off
Forgot to check box
Glad SHIRLEY has posted
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Gang,

Have been trying to get caught up here.

Paula, congratulations on the new job, and on the recent engagement announcement! You will love being a mother-in-law!! So--how awesome--a move to Paradise!

I can't stay here much longer--Emma's wanting some lap time. It was SO hot here yesterday! (Got up to 92!) I'm ready for some cooler weather. Hoda, please send some 50 degree weather my way! Thank you!

Saw our resident Cooper's Hawk a couple of days ago. It scared the bejeebers out of our smaller birds, but didn't catch anything.

Lolly, Camp Hawkwood sounds like a fantastic success! I'm sure that San Antonio will be a lot of fun next year. It's a lovely place! We love the river walk, and the Alamo is an amazing place to visit!

Well, I'd better get going and spend some time with poor, neglected Emma. Who can possibly ignore that cute face? I'm putty in her paws! HAGD, everyone, and I hope you're all wearing red!
I'll try to get back here after dinner tonight. I ♥ us!!!
Just had a nice long talk with Ajay :)

GKids are supposed to be coming to spend the night tonight :)
JUDIE said…
National Zoo is on panda watch. Mai is in labor. Hoping for a healthy baby.
JUDIE said…
Good sign, Paula. Have a fun evening.
Just in for Panda Fans...

Officials with the National Zoo confirmed their panda, Mei Xiang, may be going into labor after her water broke and she started experiencing contractions.

Although the panda has been on a 24-hour pregnancy watch for more than a week, vets had been unable to determine whether she was actually pregnant -- until now.

Officials said labor is expected to last approximately two hours. The zoo's panda cam is currently down.
Got panda cam 1 up as well. Sh'e s got a big white ball in there.
Sandi is back on her way...serpentine belt broke.
And they corrected and said up to 10 hours in labor....
Mema Jo said…
Thanks Paula - just read about Mei over on FB. Mits had Panda Watch this past Wed night

Whoo Hoo Happy Happy Happy
Lolly said…
Panda Cam 1 keeps going in and out.
Hoda said…
So happy to hear SANDI is back on the road. Thanks PAULA.
I too like the pictures of the place where you will work.
Looks like a terrific environment and I continue to be very proud if you and pleased for you that you set your price, you stated it and you stood by it even though you were willing to go a bit lower. Strong clear independent lady. A true inspiration.
Glad also that you and AJAY had a good talk and that the Grand kids are coming over.
Well done you!
Thanks for the clarification as to proximity of MARGY'S building. Her neighbours should be alright. Lorraine too on being almost right with her name.

Had a very good yoga class.

Getting ready for Market Fest with the Grans and the Eco Society.
WANDA the weather is holding but I will take my rain coat with me.


We have a cub! I missed it. Born 6 minutes ago!
Hoda said…
Two Panda Cams and an Ostrich I have to only choose one. I have to not be lazy JUDIE will get on my case.
Which to choose which which which??? JO let me know please.

It needs to be said that we have an incredible innovative and determined and strong Lady that is also setting the standards high. That would be you MISS LORI!
PROUD TO KNOW YOU! You Go Girl as the young say.
Hoda said…
That did not take long???
Two is an anomaly ,right???
Change of plans, Gkids coming over tomorrow night instead. Her Mom is taking them tonight cause they have other cousins over there to visit, and John and Ajay get a night alone together.
Have not seen the cub yet.

Correct on the 2...does happen but not real common as I understand it.
Lolly said…
Congratulations Washington!
Lolly said…
Is cam one on delay? I just now saw it born.
NatureNut said…
Wow, those Panda's are fast! Must have missed it---been watching for over i5 min. Boo Did hear some squeals, so that must be cub!
Lolly said…
Loretta, we just returned from Bastrop Wed. Did not see your daughter. LOL
Lolly said…
Paula, great that you talked with Ajay! Keep them in prayer!
Lolly said…
Okay, I see that the cub was born at 5:52 and I did see it born, real time. Yea!!
Lolly, cub was born at 5:32...not sure if you are getting a delayed feed or what.

There is a pic out there of the cub!
Lolly said…
I guess I got it delayed, Paula. ??????
I didn't know they had sound now at the DC panda cam...
Lori said…
YAY for the DC panda cub --little butter stick!

Glad to hear SANDI is no longer stuck on the roadside waiting for a tow truck.

PAULA, glad you had a good talk with AJay. Have fun with the kids tomorrow night.

LOLLY, have you regained your energy yet?

KAY, what are you and Eileen up to?

HODA, hope you have a great evening with all your volunteer worker friends. What's the cause this time?

Read three chapters today and took 3 online tests! Did well. Tomorrow will be a full day getting everything ready to go. I spent about an hour pulling jackets/blazers, sweat suits out of my closet, picked out some shoes and purses to take along, too. Having a hard time remembering what I already have in PA. LOL
Lolly said…
I watered some grass and plants today. Also did two loads of laundry, but the rest of them time I sat! LOL
Hoda said…
LORI most of my volunteer tonight is for environmental issues in Nelson and the Kootenay Region.
There is a glacier called JUMBO that the BC government has given permission to develop. The Peoria in this region are saying no. It is Grizzly Bear habitat and Native Sacred Land.
Last month we raised 4000 dollars. I think we might get half that tonight due to the weather. We'll see.

Grans are raising funds for HIV/AIDS in Africa.

OK I am off now. Will check in when I come back after nine my time, midnight your time.

Hoda said…
Peoria was meant to be people!!!
JUFIE leave my iPhone key board alone!!!
Lolly said…
Sorry Jufie is giving you trouble, Hoda! I agree...they should not develop that area!
Mei looks like she might pop another cub out!
Sandi said…
Hi all! Could not get on the blog from my phone to check in. Those on FB know that it has been a LONG trip! Still about an hour away from Myrtle Beach and we have no AC in the jeep. Need to post this so i get a box to check to send the blog posts to my inbox.
Sandi said…
Will try to catch up on the new thread tomorrow. Goodnight all!
JUDIE said…
Good evening.

So glad to know Sandi is on the road again. May there be no more trouble or delay.

Hoping the 10pm news will have an update on the pandas.

Hoda, Jufie sends an apology for "messing" with your keyboard. Well, I wouldn't take that too seriously. Jufie is evil. However, Jufie does have a soft spot for the land and its purpose and said should a serious frightful tremble-inducing nightmare causing intervention be needed to protect the sacred land and the grisly population, you need only ask. Fear the wrath of Jufie!

Okay, so Paula, have fun tomorrow night.

Market in the morning then grossery shopping.

Sandperson has talked Jufie into doing some research on sacred land and grisly bears so a large satchel can be prepared without disruption. Departure is 11pm.

Restful sleep for all.
Lynne2 said…
Sandi, so sorry for your road troubles and I hope by now you are at your destination!

Lori, wow, the last of the preparations underway....whewie!

Hope you get a break in the weather soon Andy. Nothing more to say than WHAT A CRAZY YEAR!

Paula, hope this is a great and happy weekend for John and Ajay!

As for the rest of you Peorias....I'll see you on the morrow! Good night and prayers for all!
PA Nana said…
Another panda cam! Hooray! Now to narrow down to one.
Nope, not going to happen; Will have to check both.

Stopped watching the ostrich cam 'cuz that poor thing was pacing like a caged animal (pun intended).

So it's Jufie affecting my iPad typing. Time to send him/her to that place of NO return!

Gotta go. I'm trying to post AND watch tv. Not a good combination. So....

Everyone have a restful sleep and a good weekend.
God bless us.
Mema Jo said…
It sure is Late Evening -
Read quickly over the evenings comments and of course I am one happy panda fan! So very happy for Mei.

Some of the kids were here for Pizza and then when they left we headed for the TV -

Goodnight to all and God Bless you through the night. ♥
Lolly said…
Stuck my nose in my kindle tonight as the baseball game was on the TV.

Heading to bed and up early to mow. Won't take long to more as half the acre is brown and definitely not growing. :(

Night all! SED
Hoda said…
Well I just got in!!!
Oh WANDA it poured five minutes after we got there to set up!!! It made us work really fast to put the tent up.
No worries!! The average age of the Grans present to set up was 75!!! We got her done!!!

People did show up as by 6:30 it was dry again and all was well...

I think the Eco Society took in 3000$ and the Grans told me we did well too.

Blessed Be.

Tomorrow Dragon Boating.
Coffee with the Dragon Team.
Prepare a dish to take to a pot luck wedding on the beach.
Go to wedding.
Am very excited for them.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle BUds

sorry didn't say goodnight last night but was late when I got home

Aqua screen on screen no sign of tree pretty color
JudyE said…
Tree is now exposed and a MT attic
Sandi said…
Good morning my eagle friends. Got a good night's sleep so I am ready for the big wedding today. Denny realized last night that he had packed NO underwear so i guess he'll be doing some shopping right after breakfast. :)

We also need to call the local Jeep dealership to see if they can fix the AC hose today. There is a nice air conditioned shuttle to take us to the church and then the reception so we don't need the car for today.

Have a great Saturday all'
Morning, all!

Oh what a beautiful Morning, oh what a beautiful day ♫♫

Yardwork on the agenda today...
Hoda said…
Good Morning

Will the rain hold off for the Dragons or are we to paddle in the rain???

Indeed a beautiful morning and COOL.
I love it!!!
46 degrees going up to mid 80's today.

Hope rain holds off for Chad and Mariska's beach wedding today. Molly Koala likes to eat sand!!!
Lori said…
Good Morning!!!

Hope everyone is getting ready for a great day.

I already went over and had coffee with my longtime neighbor, Jane, to say goodbye. Tears.

Think this is going to be a rough day. It's only 11 months right??? I can do this. I miss Kate and Dalai so much already.

Leaving tomorrow morning for PA.

Hopes everyone has a great day...filled with love, light, joy and smiles. :)

Will try to get back on today, but probably won't be on until tomorrow late...Maybe Monday.

Welcome Home MARGY!
grannyblt said…
Good morning all. It is a beautiful day here too. Summer will be back for a few days...

Glad Sandi arrived at her destination. Too bad she has to go shopping before all else. Ah, the joys...
Mema Jo said…
Good morning all ♥

Yes, it is a beautiful day
For more reasons then the weather, right Paula.... ♥

Margy is due home on the 25th if I remember correctly. Can't wait to hear about it all..

Sounds Good Hoda - and of course you have a busy schedule today.. ♥

Megan's daughter is headed to her DC art school today. She sure is a keeper ♥

Lori - you know we are all behind you 100%. During the 11 months - you will get a break and be back to visit Kate - right?
Mema Jo said…
I've been watching Pip, the ostrich's cam and the twin Panda's cam and now the DC panda cam. Who says there isn't life after Juvies fledge. Yes, I still check out the Sycamore Palace for our Royal visitors..

Finally got the panda cam up...Mei has her back to us!

MT sycamore tree!
Amazing how Mei is totally focused on her cub ♥
Lori said…
JO, I just said Welcome Back Margy in case I didn't get back on before tomorrow. Thank you for all your support. Yes, I can come back and visit Kate, but with so much homework and studying for tests, I won't have much time.

Already have about half the car packed. Everything else in stuff that's in the laundry, or medicines and vitamins that it's just too hot to put in the car...and besides, I'm going to put to put them in the back seat then throw my clothes on hangers over them. Ah, the method to my madness. So, just waiting for this evening to put that stuff in the car... Think I'll take a nap now.

JO and JUDIE, put your feet up.

Eagle in the attic.

Pretty landing!
Guess I took a break at the right time!
Just hanging out in the attic now.
Wings slightly open...cooling off
Well my cam had stopped...good news is our eagle is still present
Lolly said…
Howdeeeeee!! Yard all done and have washed my hair and letting it dry. We are going to Dallas tonight! Yea! Zach called me early this morning. Ready for this? "I called you to tell you I love you." Now, doesn't that grab you! Melted my heart!! He was really gabbie and we talked for quite a while. Then Michael call later. Laurel and the boys will be there, too. Laurel is ready for Monday. She is feeling good about it. Joey is not feeling ready, therefore he is going to his school, Yuck!

Lori, you have all of our support, our prayers, our are going to do great!
Hoda said…
Beautiful LOLLY! About Zacharouski phone call.

I am irritated and anxious.

My neighbour just told me my car was scraped. He says he saw it Wednesday!!!
I drove it to Yoga Wednesday and who ever scraped it did not leave me a note.
I think it is rude to not leave a note.
This is why I am irritated.
I am anxious because the insurance claim office is closed when I phoned in to put a claim. Anxious about the deductible...

Have to go get ready for the wedding.
I had a terrific practice with the Dragons and it has been a good morning.

Now pray the rain holds off for the wedding.

Mema Jo said…
Headed off to Mass

Shirley and family are headed to the airport.

Hoda - Don't lose faith in humans - some of them are downright rude ♥

Hoda said…
Thank you JO.
I do not know what was going on in their life.
I have been doing prayers for them and their healing. This way I know healing.
Thank you.
I can not lose faith in humanity.
You are right.

Blessed Be.
Lori said…
Big Hugs, HODA. I'm sure when they did it, they didn't know they were doing it to one of the nicest, kindest people in the world. Glad you are praying for their healing. You're such a good example.

JO, enjoy mass. Are you going out to dinner?
Lori said…
I'm all ready to go! I have everything in the car except my pillows and things I'll need in the morning -- and the computer still has to go, but I'm putting it off. :)
Hoda said…
Celebrating you LORI.
Cheering you on.
God Bless you and keep you well and successful.
Big Hugs Back.
JudyE said…
Helloooo Home from work and my camera was frozen with Belle in the attic Refreshing to see if she is really there
JudyE said…
This is from Margie what she put on the blog

on the return, then Delta 249, then delta 1737 on Aug 24-25
glo said…
Hi folks. Stopping in to say Hi and quick read. meeting myself coming and going but all is well. Best wishes to Lori as she starts her schooling. Yeah for the pandas. So glad eagles still come and cam is on. Dex continues to have mostly good days. Kitties are great. All is well enough for me. Hugs for all of you.
JudyE said…
SWEET LOLLY the phone call
JudyE said…
SHH no rain today keep it on the down lo I think I will go out and play LOL
Lori said…

Hugs for you GLO!!!

We miss you!

JudyE said…
I see Miss Belle is still in the attic
Mema Jo said…
After Mass - Our monthly dinner at Burger King with a 50 cent ice cream cone for dessert.

I am going to sit out on the deck for a few - the weather is beautiful...

JudyE said…
Belle is still in the house and the sky looks yellowish
JudyE said…
POOF what a long visit
JudyE said…
1:42 is when Belle landed PAULA reported and she left at 7:54 that was a super long visit I got snips of the sky going from blue to yellow to greenish to pink and a large bird just flew by from right to left
JudyE said…
and 8oo is when she poofed
JudyE said…
OK gonna go watch tv now that I am done playing with snips
Hoda said…
Well beautiful wedding ceremony.
They looked happy and young and very Nelson like in their laid back ways.
I forgot my phone so I don't have pictures but will look for some from FB

Hoda said…
Thunder and lightning started five minutes before the wedding.
The skies poured and the thunder roared and the lightning made a show! All the while the ceremony was going on at the beach on the wharf!!!
Mercifully the lightning strikes did not come to our beach.
I was nervous.
They had beautiful vowes
Blessed Be.
In Africa rain on a wedding is wellness and prosperity.
JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
JUDIE said…
Sandperson and Jufie were in a scuffle outside the hall closet and woke me up.

Seems in a quick read that most everyone had a good day except Denny had to buy some underwear for the wedding. But then, Lolly got a sweet phone call from Zack.

Hoda, pay no mind to the coward who failed to leave a note. Jufie is on the case. Fear the Jufie. Also, I have a nice article about a group of blind/visually impaired dragon boaters in DC. If you send me an email with an address, I'll send it along if you wish.

Margy and Shirley will soon be back with us. That is a good thing.

Safe travels Lori.
JUDIE said…
Seems Jufie has been "closeted" and sandperson is now quietly packing a satchel of sleepy dust. Will be departing soon.

Hope Paula has had a fun time with the gkids. Also hope John and Ajay have had a pleasant evening together.

Good news that Dex is doing well. Hi Glo!

Hi to all I've missed today.

Restful sleep for all.
Hoda said…
Goodnight all

God Bless Us All
Mema Jo said…
Goodnight to All ♥

Finished watching Hallmark movie this evening and now I am closing
down for the day.

Prayers for all and wishes for SED
with AOYP.

I ♥ Us ♥
BREAKING NEWS: Mei Xiang, the National Zoo panda, gave birth to a second, stillborn cub Saturday evening, Zoo officials confirmed. Her first cub, born Friday, continues to do well.

Wow, 2 for Mei. Sorry to hear the 2nd cub was stillborn.
Hoda said…
Sorry for still born birth of panda cub.

Why am I up?
What exactly was in that satchel?

Hot Coconut milk check
Breathing exercises check

Still up!!!
Now what?
JudyE said…
Janet said…
Good morning....

HODA: hope the sandperson found you and that you are now snoozing!

Sorry for my absence yesterday. We had gone to the Wilson County fair Friday night and watched the demolition derby. The best part, to me, was the tractor derby. Folks out on regular lawn tractors doing the demoltion derby thing...quite a few chuckles out of it...but those folks were

It is a nice fair. I think it is bigger than the state fair here in Nashville. We looked at the critters.....beautiful chickens...(still want some)....bunnies, pigeons, doves, turkeys, geese, ducks, pheasants....really nice. ate some junk food, of course....just enjoyed.

So, it was midnight when I went to sleep.

Slept in til almot 9 yesterday...there for it was time to get and going.....lawnwork....then I cleaned the pool and started to work on the boat. We had the plan to take it out today, but think we prefer a more low key day today. However, we have had so much rain and so little sun that the seats have started to mildew, so I will finish scrubbing the seats. We put a chunk of change into new seats last year and I will not let them get ruined!

I plan a low key, chill, pool day around here. (Other than finishing up with the boat).

Another week ahead. The end of August....labor day ahead. Livvy is out of school on Friday.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Light, love healing and smiles to all!!!!!
Morning, all!

Had fun with the kids yesterday. Played ball freeze tag, kickball. Had pizza, watched a movie, ate popcorn. They went to sleep quickly.

Heading north of Harrisburg today to watch Cohen's first football game, since I'm not sure when I'll be back here to catch one.

Gotta scoot outta here in an hour...guess I'd better shake a leg!

Welcome home, Margy!

Hoda said…
It was not the Sandman's problem at all!!!
I was cold!!!
I needed a BLANKET!!!
Oh my!
I got one.
Slept right away!!!
I just woke up rested!!!
Thank you Sandman!
The windows are still open!!!
Have not used one of them since June!!!
Hoda said…
Good morning All

SHIRLEY should be back in her Roost
MARGY should be getting closer.
LORI must have headed out.

And welcome Home Shirley!

Later gators!
Mema Jo said…
Good Morning to all ♥

Hoda said it all :
SHIRLEY should be back in her Roost
MARGY should be getting closer.
LORI must have headed out.

Paula - I thought you would be having popcorn - that is a tradition at your home!

Beautiful day - I may drive down to see Christine and family in Gaithersburg.
Mema Jo said…
Awaiting word that Denny brought Sandi home safely... and then to see some wedding pics..♥

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Had a wonderful trip and am now sitting in my recliner with George beside me.

Thanks for the "welcome home" greetings.

Slept very late this morning.

Had seen the news about the new baby at the National Zoo, but just saw that someone posted there was a second one stillborn. That is sad, but it's wonderful to know we have one healthy baby.
stronghunter said…
MT attic this morning.

Kathryn just left to deliver some flowers to our new neighbor next door. There were birthday flowers for her at our house when we got home last night--actually about 2:00 AM this morning.

A couple of the flowers look a little wilted. I gave them a bit of water. No idea how long ago they were delivered. Will does not always come in the front door, and I do not know if he would recognize the name on the flowers.

Hmm, Kathryn rang the doorbell over there. No answer, so she left the flowers on their porch. Poor flowers.
stronghunter said…
Just found out that the flowers were delivered here the day we left. No wonder they looked a bit wilted. Will said that he could not find anyone at home next door.
JUDIE said…
Good afternoon.

I see Miss Shirley has arrived home safely. Welcome back! Neighbor, when found, should contact the florist and ask for a replacement.

Jo, have a fun day. Beautiful weather for a drive and a visit.

Hoda, Sandperson is refusing to accept responsibility for your failure to use a blanket. Next thing he says is that you will accuse him of hiding your socks and sandals at Margy's roost.

Welcome home, almost, Margy. Hope your travels were calm and your vacation exciting.

Safe travels for Sandi and Lori today.

Off to the scullery. Making
gazpacho with some nice tomatoes from the market. Also have laundry on the agenda. Did get my closet organized for school. Oh wow, doing the Lolly treatment.


stronghunter said…
Hi Judie,

Yes, the neighbor deserves new flowers. I will keep an eye out for their return. Those flowers have done pretty well to have lasted a week. They were not completely dried out, but I gave them a little water.
stronghunter said…
I still need to do my unpacking and some laundry. Am running the dishwasher now, and see that I need to purchase more dishwasher detergent.
stronghunter said…
I have not forgotten you wanted to get together, Judie. I hope you will have time to meet me somewhere along I-95 before long. I will be providing Hunter's school transportation this fall, so I have to time things carefully. Will drop him off before 9 and pick him up about 3.
stronghunter said…
Anthony, Hunter's friend down the street just showed up. He told he he has set out some traps for Bigfoot. Interesting.
stronghunter said…
Can't wait to hear from Margy.
Back from the game!

Cohen's team did really well! Cohen scored the only touchdown of the game and played really well!

Larry is back from the beach, so we are going out to listen to some bluegrass music and grab a bite to eat tonight.
stronghunter said…
Good for Cohen and his team, Paula!
stronghunter said…
Enjoy your evening, Paula.
Oh Geesh, poor Sandi!

You are truly not going to believe this but we are sitting on the side of I64 at the exit ramp to 13N with something squirting out from under the hood! Waiting for state police to arrive. I couldn't possibly make this stuff up!
Lolly said…
Hi all!!

Shirley, I think the florist did wrong leaving the flowers. I think you should call and tell them that you just found them! Good grief! Oh, and welcome home Shirley! Know you had a grand time!

Yes, poor Sandi. Saw on fb that their car broke down again. What a trip!

Have been to church, watered plants, mopped the floors and now to go to the grossssserie store!

Laurel called. Joseph has grown another inch. He is a solid 5'6" and weighs 104.8. He also eats everything in sight. Wish I had his metabolism!!!!

School starts tomorrow! God bless and keep teachers and students!! Hope it is a great year!
Lolly said…
Oh, yesterday morning Laurel and Joey were both at their schools working. Yes, dedication! Anyway, when Laurel returned home she was surprised as Joseph had on his own vacuumed the living area and mopped the kitchen floor. He is such a great kid!!!
JudyE said…

Home from work

.♥ ♥ WELCOME♥♥.

.♥♥♥♥ H♥O♥M♥E♥♥♥♥.


I would call the florist and let them know that they were on your porch also and they do need to redeliver when the neighbors are home Should never have been left JMHO also

So good to hear all are having a wonderful time with GK

and SANDI is broke again Poor gal

JudyE said…
So happy you just needed a blankie HODA Close your windows may help also

MT ATTIC with the exception of a fly in or little birds
JudyE said…
of little birds not or duh
stronghunter said…
Poor Sandi! I saw her post on FB.

Lolly, I tried calling the florist, but I think they must be closed today. Kathryn took the flowers and left them on the neighbor's front porch, but I am not sure they are at home, though there are two cars there. Of course, they are not even going to know who left the flowers there unless we tell them.

I might pick the flowers up if they do not show up in awhile. But even if I water them, they're not going to last long. New flowers are needed.

I don't have the florist's name or number unless I go get them.

These are the new neighbors who moved into Carla's house.
JudyE said…
Looks as if no one was in the attic today or no one was there to see everyone busy with their lives and having a good time Is that the same as does a tree make a noise if no one is around LOL
stronghunter said…
Anytime a florist leaves something on a porch, they are taking a chance. They have to know this. It is a cute arrangement.
stronghunter said…
We have been very lazy today. It feels good to sit around for awhile.
JudyE said…
SO sad PIP has went over the rainbow bridge
stronghunter said…
Very dedicated for Laurel and Joey to be at school on a Saturday. I have been there early before, but usually just put in extra time at the ends of teacher work days. Do not remember going in on a weekend.
stronghunter said…
Saw the post about Pip. Very sad. I didn't see the hatching, but did read about it. I have been somewhat out of contact the past week.

Jim and Shirley have no Internet and no cable TV. It seems they stopped cable TV when their son was a kid because he watched it too much. They both are on the Internet at work, and that seems to be all the time they care to do that. I can understand.

I will post pictures when I get things organized. We have some pictures of wind turbines because that is what my nephew Chris does. He works at a factory that builds them.

I mentioned the flea spit experiment. It seems that they're still collecting it, but Shirley does not work with it anymore. She said that the fleas escape and you will probably get bitten if you go into that department.
Mema Jo said…
Good early evening to all ♥

I did enjoy my day today visiting Christine and Family. Traffic was
moderate on 270. Very easy to get to their place - of course I goofed up and had to make a U turn... But coming home was a breeze.

Good to see you here Shirley. Why do you need to transport Hunter this school year - no bus??

Mema Jo said…
Flowers: Usually when ordering flowers you give the phone # of the
recipient - Also you can remember to tell them NOT to make delivery
if no one is home. It's a shame they weren't home - the flowers sound very pretty and I don't think there is anyway to keep them fresh much longer if at all.

Well - I think Sandi and Denny have had their 3 mishaps so now I pray they get home safely.
Mema Jo said…
The same as every morning this past week when I awakened I turned on the PC to Pip the ostrich. This morning he had a new larger box but Pip didn't seemed to like it or it was just strange to him so I thought.
Upon arriving home this afternoon I learned that Pip had passed. I really got so much enjoyment from that little ostrich - I am very heartbroken ♥
Mema Jo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
I hope they find out what caused his death that was on the post also
Lori said…
OMG! JO, what happened to PIP? That is so sad. I'm so sorry for all those who fell in love with that baby ostrich. Big Hugs. RIP Pip. Heartbreaking.

I got here at 11:22 this morning. Kate and I had breakfast at IHOP before I left. I left from there and made it here safely. Got a lot of things unpacked already.

Feels so strange. I didn't open a book yesterday or today! Back at it tomorrow.

SANDI, I'm so sorry for all your car troubles lately.

My love to all of you. I LOVE US!

JudyE said…
just got back and I see eagle in attic
JudyE said…
LORI this is what PIP mom DASH put on FB

The Real PIP Ostrich Page
Pip passed away this morning around 8 AM. She seemed fine yesterday. I Don't know why,

I heard her "trill" to me at 7 AM, softly, thought she was just sleepy so I let her rest.

We are all devastated. To me Pip was not just a pet, but a loving friend and a miracle. I do thank God for allowing me the one week with Pip, she was amazing.

Her remains will be sent to the State for an investigation. I would like to know what happened.
I am postulating a possible respiratory infection or the chick food did not agree with her.
JudyE said…
watching the music awards

FYI Belle is still in the attic

grannyblt said…
Welcome home Shirley

Hope Sandi and Denny make it home safely

Sorry to hear about Pip. I saw her this morning and she was looking around.

SED to all
stronghunter said…
First we smelled smoke, then it started to fill the house, but we could not find the source.

Finally Will discovered it was coming out of the air handler. Will opened the furnace up, and he saw sparks. It is likely the blower motor. Power to the air handler is now turned off.

Charlie the furnace man says he can't come until Wednesday.

Lovely. It may get warm around here.
stronghunter said…
Will has just removed the offending part from the air handler. He thinks that he can just take it somewhere and replace the part tomorrow. I hope so.
stronghunter said…
Thank goodness, it is cool tonight.
Mema Jo said…
If not already - soon - Margy should be putting her feet back on
WV soil. I am sure her trip was awesome!

And Sandi should be back if not already to her beach very soon. Rental cars are guaranteed to get you where you need to be.. ♥
Hoda said…
SHURLEY new blog rule!
Hefty Fine if broken!
You all need to support me on this!!'
I almost had a heart attack!!! I braced my breath and felt sick as I read your post about smoke!!!
Good God Almighty!!!
Sure am glad you were home for this.

Sorry about PIP

I can not believe what is happening to SANDI AND DENNY!!!
Have they arrived home yet?
Anyone heard?
I want to phone or text but I am sure it is not the right time.

MARGY should be at her roost. Will probably take a few days before she come on here. Jet Lag and all

JO glad you had a good visit... LORI glad you arrived safely. Way to go COHEN BRAVO PAULAfor the wonderful game.
Hoda said…
SHIRLEY THE ABOVE RULE IS GOR YOU!!! LOL jUFIE messing with my iPhone again!!!
I read JO says SANDI has a rental!
Mema Jo said…
I am signing off for the day..

Lori, glad you had your safe travels.

Everyone rest well tonight...
God will bless you and keep you...

I love us ♥♥

Nite ♥
JUDIE said…
Glad I am checking in but unsure about all the events.

Shirley, very sorry about the broken part -- guessing air conditioning. Hope all can be repaired quickly. Yes, we can get together maybe lunch while Hunter is in school. Cooler weather would be a good time.

Jo, so nice you could visit with Christine at her new home. Sorry about the wrong turn.

Paula, congratulations to Cohen. Hope you and Studmuffin are having a nice evening.

Lolly, how sweet of Joseph. How's he doing with the "size" crisis? Wishing Laurel and Joey a good beginning to the school year.

Happy Lori arrived safely but very sorry about Sandi's car/travel problems. Bet she's going to be so relieved to get home.

Sorry about Pip. I, too, thought the little one was adorable. I understand how devastated the family must be.

#$@%# another dispute between Jufie and Sandperson at the hall closet. Jufie has refused to give up socks and a blanket for Hoda and Sandperson is upset because Hoda will blame him. Hold on a moment ... okay, all is quiet now. Hoda is to get a blanket and socks and Jufie gets a smack in the chops.

Sandperson will be departing at 11pm. Restful sleep for all.

Lynne2 said…
Well hopy crap maggots. Shirley, geez o whiz it is SOOOO great you were HOME when the smoking mess started. WHEW!

And Sandi...what can I say.

Sounds like Fairs and Football fun for Janet and Paula, Family Fun for Jo, Joseph has grown an inch and is vacuuming...WHOA! Lori safe and sound and getting ready...((HUGS)) gal, you know we are with you 100%!

Shirely, a BIGFOOT TRAP? OMG!! Now you must tell Hunter that one of out nicknames for Puddles is "Sasquatch Bait"! I would be MORE than HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to lend her out to him and his friend. That dog....OH WAIT...maybe JUFIE would make BETTER 'squatch bait?
Lynne2 said…
I am missing Our Little Margy and hope she is back with us very soon! I look forward to hearing about her trip!

Hoping for a Sandi check in's getting late.
Lynne2 said…
I am missing Our Little Margy and hope she is back with us very soon! I look forward to hearing about her trip!

Hoping for a Sandi check in's getting late.
JudyE said…
Well I hope HODA decides to close the windows tonight and or gets the blankie and socks that JUDIE is sending or put some long johns on OH I could send you some footed PJ like I have
JudyE said…
I can't wait to see MARGY pictures
does anyone recall if she is off for a couple of days or will she have to go to work right away Sometimes you need a vacation from the vacation before you go to work I am like that anyway
JudyE said…

SHIRLEY is the boy that is setting traps for bigfoot the same boy that was afraid of the cat ???
JudyE said…
I hope you can get you AC fixed pronto also
Its my turn to say GN

The award were great I can't believe Mylie Cyrus she sure isn't acting her age on the awards tonight I am sure her parents are not happy they way she was Shocking trying to compete with LadyGAGA which makes me gag gag LOL

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Lynne2 said…
We had a beautiful sunset in these parts tonight and the night itself is cool and breezy and I wish I was (were? I get confused) camping tonight!

Goodnight and prayers for all!
PA Nana said…
Welcome home, Shirley! Glad there was only smoke and no fire.

Margy, welcome back to the USA! Get some rest then fill us in on your Germany excursion.

Lori, you have my 100% support. Know you'll ace the course.

Paula, you were so close. Glad your gs played well. They are so much fun to watch.

Hoda, hope you can sleep well tonight. Sorry about your car. In PA the comprehensive coverage (other than collision) would be where the coverage is and there might be a deductible. I used to be an insurance agent for property (house/apartment)& car insurance but left the business a few years back.

To all our teachers (and students)best of wishes for a successful year.

For everyone, a restful night and the beginning of a great week.

God bless us all and give us peace and comfort.

Hoda said…
Tomorrow is a bit busy
Yoga in the park
Swim with a friend in the lake
Lunch with friend in park.
Return to town and start insurance paperwork for damaged car.
Ride bicycle up town to run errands
Find a way to learn about body shops and where to take the car.
This part scares me. I do not know much about that and feel very insecure in this milieu.
Wish me well
Hoda said…

God Bless Us All.

Praying SANDI &DENNY made it home alright.
Hoda said…
Thank you very much DIANN.
Got that...Comprehensive Coverage.
My deductible I think is $300.
My neighbour said he thinks it is 1500 dollars worth of damage!
stronghunter said…
Hoda, think I missed the post about what happened that you need a car repair. Wish you were closer. Kathryn would take good care of you.

Very glad we were here to take care of the problem tonight. I hate to think what might have happened. I will be closing and locking downstairs windows, but I will open upstairs windows and turning on my fan. It is really quite nice and cool.
stronghunter said…
I did notice that my neighbors had only one car in the driveway and that the flowers were not on their porch. I have not gone over to explain. Need to do that tomorrow. I spent the day in my pajamas.

Tomorrow, Hunter and I will need to go with Kathryn to get my car. We did not want to stop so late at night in the neighborhood where the garage is located. Not a good place to be so late at night.
stronghunter said…
The Bigfoot-trapper is not the same boy as the one who is afraid of George the cat, Lynne. Nonetheless, what might he do if he nabbed Bigfoot? Remember when Hunter and another friend went Bigfoot hunting, and we wondered the same thing?
stronghunter said…
Need to say good night. Will have to get up very early in the morning. Will even need to get dressed.
stronghunter said…
Glad there was only smoke and no fire, too, though Hunter came down with the fire extinguisher and was annoyed when we would not let him give the equipment in the basement a good squirt.
Lolly said…
Getting on to say good night. I was busy tonight and then Jack and I watched a Masterpiece theater program. What I did earlier was make another dish of food for Laurel and family. Cooking dinner for them tomorrow, have this new dish for Tuesday and I took lasagna last week and put it in the freezer. That will help Laurel this week. Wish we lived closer and I could help more. Wish I had had someone to prepare meals for me when I taught. First week of school is soooo tiring!!!

Think we might have new neighbors behind us. House has been for sale and we saw people over there today. We have a tall fence at the back so it is not easy to get to know people behind us. First chance we get we will introduce ourselves, by yelling over the fence.

Gotta get to bed. Early morning doctor's appointment....routine, follow us to blood work because of meds I take. Hurry home and get ready to go to Laurel's. I pick up Jacob at 3 and then prepare dinner.

It is Jacob, the youngest, that is having the size problems. Nothing new to report. Joseph is tall but skinny. Jacob is tall and big, he takes after his dad. I told Laurel tonight as I knew she would be talking with Jacob that I have a new response for Jacob if someone calls him fat, He can say, "I am not fat. I am big like my daddy and he was a big football player." Joey played in college.
Can not deny that he is huge for his age!

Ok, gotta run! Night all! SED
Hoda said…
Good answer LOLLY.

God Bless the Grand Children.
Hoda said…
Wow thunder and I woke up!!!
Down pour!!!

How is the Dragon Boat with this volume of water!!!
I hope our DRAGON is alright!!!
Honestly I feel like checking.
Not smart to go to where it is docked as it is private property.
Not safe to bail with thunder and lightning so close

Sandi said…
Good morning my eagle friends. Sorry I didn't check in last night - too upset and too tired. Got home around 9pm, then had to unpack and get to bed, as today is my first day back to school (teachers only). Jeep is in Norfolk - tow truck driver drove us to Norfolk Airport where we got a rental car and drove the rest of the way home. When the Jeep is fixed, Denny will have to drive to Norfolk (2.5 hours) to return the rental, pick up the Jep, and then drive it with no AC to the local garage for them to replace the hose they are responsible for fixing from the first mishap on the trip down.

I'm still totally pissed - pardon my language - not a great way to start the school year but ...

Have a great day!
Hoda said…
SANDI soooooo good to see you posting.
Soooooooooo sorry about the trip mishaps.

Good luck with the new school year.
Janet said…
Good morning!

Welcome home to all travelers!

Hating to hear that Sandi had so many problems...frustrating....hope she is home safely now...

Shirley: good grief!!! so glad you were home when the problem started....and glad it was caught...

HODA: did you use a blanket last night? did you sleep well?

JUDYE: any news on the house for Angie???

it was a lovely weekend.....had a lazy day yesterday. i did finish the boat seats. they look much better.

we floated (both tom and i) for a long while and got our dose of vitamin d and enjoyed our time together in our pool...

it was nice .... looking forward to a sunny and warm week. love rain, but love the sun as well.

hope everyone has a lovely monday! light, love, smiles and hugs to all! :)
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
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