Monday, August 12, 2013


Fresh thread.


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magpie said...

Steve....You are Wonderful...
Happy Monday and Happy Week to You...

xoxo ♥ ☺

Lori said...

Thank you, STEVE, for the fresh thread!

Gracias to you, MARGY, for the call over and congrats on your feather.

HELLO everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful morning.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Prayers for Andy's friend. When I posted last night I did not see her slip in that post.

Another hot day but they say relief is coming mid week. I will believe that when I experience it!

Heading outside right now before it gets too hot. Already 81 and heading up up up!

Shirley you are certainly going to enjoy your trip. Hope you can make it over to Estes Park and Rocky Mt. Natl Park!! That is our heaven. We go every two years. Jack and I are thinking about heading there next month.

You are correct in not mentioning the custodian. Let them think you had to walk around the whole mall.

paula eagleholic said...

Morning, all!

Monday, interview day! Yes, found a nice dress, shoes and hose!

Read the past day or two on the blog, ROFLMAO :)

Shirley, have fun!

Lori, hard decision to make, but glad you are thinking of Roro.

gotta go get ready!

JUFIE said...

Good morning. Jufie here. Thank you for welcoming me to the blog. Darth mentioned "Jufie" this morning. I told him to join the blog and stop voyerizing.

Paula's important day. She will have an excellent interview. As for her new outfit, well, if you've ever seen Paula you know she would look stunning in a garbage bag. Hope she checks in later.

Hopeful outlook for Hoda's American sister, Diann's friend Charlie, and hoping for improvement of Andy's friends Jim and Darlene.

Hoda, I agree with others that yoga instructor feedback is a good idea and best for you to find another instructor. One comment I've heard from those my age is that instructors often forget/don't know that older bodies need accommodation for some poses.

Shirley, I think not mentioning the custodian is best. He likely would be reprimanded if not terminated. Human nature: my experience is that those who have the least are often the most kind and generous.

Margy, have fun with James the Wise and his Dad. Swinging Bridge? School shopping? Maybe a little of both.

Wanda, I think Miss GG would love a visit to OBX with family, especially with Jayden. October weather should be nice. Of course, there is a small B&B in Annandale should a rest be needed. I've heard this particular B&B serves amazing Suddenly Salad.

Okay, headed to the laundry room today. May try some ancestry work. Found some interesting and puzzling information this weekend -- a secret location marked only by a shiny green garland.


JUFIE said...

Jufie here. Judie says I am rude and inconsiderate and need to improve my manners.

Thank you Steve for the fresh, sunshiny Monday thread and Margy for the announcement. Not sure but think a feather is involved.


stronghunter said...

Yes, Jufie, I look so dangerous that the big shots would surely think I might carry out some felony should I be allowed to walk through the mall after hours.

Funny that so many others were roaming about. Penney's was leaking customers big time. I do not want to cause trouble for those nice people either. They let me walk right through their store.

stronghunter said...

I felt bad for the poor custodian. He was carrying a large trash bag which was leaking, actually pouring, what looked to be milk all over the sidewalk. He had a nice mess to clean up.

stronghunter said...

I will not forget when you and I got rescued at NCTC by a kind cop who understood that Momsters were allowed to go look at the nest. There are a few sensible people in this world.

Sandi said...

Hi all - tennis was fun this morning but boy, was it hot and humid!!

Lazy day the rest of today - enjoy!

Hoda said...


Thank you.
I finished my prayers.

Headed out to the park for yoga
Then a swim and a picnic lunch
Concert of local talent tonight.


Enjoy it everyone!

Hoda said...


That F key is a problem

NOOOOOOOOO I did not say a bad word!



Lolly said...

Just came in from doing a little morning yard work. I am through! It is up to 87 and I am drenched in sweat.

Jack continues with a problem. Has a call in but the doctor is off today and tomorrow. Nurse is going to reach him and get back. Looks like a change in antibiotics is in order. I am getting concerned on how this will affect Camp Hawkwood. Oh, good grief affect or effect? That is the question!!

Lolly said...

Well, I am just glad Judie is around to correct Jufie's manners. LOL

Yes, Paula would look great in a garbage bag. Hmmmm? Wonder if that would help her get a job?

stronghunter said...

Affect/effect. I always have to stop and think about those two words, too.

Thinking . . .

You got it right, Lolly.

I called Belk to request addresses of people in charge. The woman who answered the phone disappeared for quite awhile. Someone else came to the phone. Gave me the information, but wanted to know what she might do to help me. I told her what had happened, and she was very kind and gracious. She agreed that the issue was not handled properly and was trying to figure out just who it might have been who gave me trouble.

I wrote the letter and sent copies to the store manager, his manager, and the property manager of the mall.

Since I am on a roll, I also called my homeowner's insurance company. I had not mentioned this before, but I got a letter saying that they have sent me a check for over $2,000 that has never been cashed. Yikes!! I filled out the paperwork and sent it back immediately. No response. Called and left message. No response. Called again today. Now I am writing down dates I have made contact.

Do not know what happened to that check. I watched the mail very carefully when that stuff was going on. I want my money.

stronghunter said...

I hope Jack recovers quickly, Lolly.

stronghunter said...

Did not mention the custodian. If asked, I will say that lots of people were still leaving the mall and I got in as they were leaving. It's true that lots of people were in the mall. I am sure some were leaving.

stronghunter said...

Almost time for Hunter and me to go to the bowling alley. Last lesson before Colorado. I think I will ask for another one after I return. I am not telling the other bowlers what I have been up to. I just hope they notice that I've been up to something.

JudyE said...

Popping in from lunch had to drop of boxes for Angie and thought I would see if a new thread and I was correct



JudyE said...


JudyE said...

SHIRLEY I had posted Loretta last post she is without computer didn't say why just no puter

Mema Jo said...

Good Afternoon to All ♥

Andy - prayers for Jim & Darlene for sure.
Hoda - prayers for your American sister as she undergoes chemo.

Jennifer was here this morning - I just now made it to our blog.
Sycamore tree is MT - looks like a beautiful day in WV - just like my Valley.

Mema Jo said...

I did send message to Loretta - I will let you know when I hear back from her.

Lolly said...

Thanks Jo, for contacting Loweeeeda!

Have been on line. Made reservations for our boat ride in Austin to see the bats.

Also, we have decided to go to Natural Bridge Caverns. The boys will really like that!

It is going to be fun. Just hope we do not melt.

Red said...

Howdy folks. Been a while since I was on here. Hope everyone is doing as great as I. I ran across this photo of a nesting falcon recently and know y'all will love it.
Ain't nature grand

JudyE said...

Home from work


JudyE said...


I buzzed by the cell phone tower hoping the eagles were still there but no luck :-(

JudyE said...



Hey did you hear about the SINK HOLE under DISNEY resorts They heard noises and got out safely some saw cracks then noises BIG HOLE

JudyE said...

wow the camera is shaking big time

JudyE said...

going back and forth a couple of times HMMMM what is going on with the cam I wonder

JudyE said...

A large bird just went in from of the camera from the back of the tree to the right dunno what it was

JudyE said...

SUMMER BAY RESORT is the name of the resort 30 of the building collapsed

poor tourist have only the cloths that they got out with

here is a article and pictures

sinkhole at disney resort

Lynne2 said...

evening all....

Shirley, that mall experience was completely unacceptable. I sure hope you don't take this sitting down. How is Pat??

Prayers for Jim, Andie.

Hey hey Paula...hope the interview went well!

Wanda, I do hope GG will go to the OBX!! What a grand family experience it would be!

I'm a bit concerned about Loweeda....seems she'd have been able to get to us somehow....

Diann, somehow I have missed what is going on with your BIL...prayers for whatever is happening to get better.

Lori, good decision about RoRo. Who will be doing the surgery?

I'm glad for the decision on the yoga instructor Hoda. And prayers for your American sister.

Hope you are enjoying your James time today Margy! I didn't see any shooters...very cloud here. Still is but I sure hope we get a break tonight in the Wee Wee Hours!

Lolly...WOW the Bat Cave sound SOOOOO cool!!!! Hope you are able to get some pictures of this event!

Jufie, I agree...the blog could use some new input from Darth! More manpower!

And speaking of manpower...nice to see you Red!! It's been a long time! Hope all is well with you and Mrs. Red!

JudyE said...

I have a silly question for teachers I volunteered when my kids were in school but it was never mandatory At Jordyn school it is mandatory that 30 hr be done Do your schools have it mandatory ?

JudyE said...

With Angie working The things they are looking for is drivers to pick up lunches and bring to school and during school hours With Angie working it will be hard she put in some this weeknd getting the school ready Also found out that Jordyn can also count like pulling weeds If Angie would have know that she would have had Carl and Jordyn both do it the other day; when she put her 3 hr in

Lynne2 said...

I seem to not be getting mail in Yahoo today...anyone else?

Lynne2 said...

Judy, I know mandatory volunteer hours exist here.

JudyE said...

I haven't checked that email in a long time somehow it got hacked and I am skerred to go on it LOL

JudyE said...

Thanks LYNNE2

Lynne2 said...

Judy, is Janet coming for a visit? I see she was at the Orlando airport but I don't remember reading anything about her coming to see you?

paula eagleholic said...

Hi all.

Interview went well. Hope to bhave a yea or nay by the end of the week.
Quiet day here other than that. Heading home in the morning.
Neighbor seems to be doing ok. Had family around thru this afternoon.

Went fishing...just some small croakers...let them go to vgrow and get bigger.

Hope lowereeda can check in

Couldn't see perseiods here. Either. Lynne.


JudyE said...

LYNNE2 NO she went to Michigan for business and meet some peeps she knew online ODD that her plane would divert to Orlando from Michigan to Tn We will have to ask her about that one

NatureNut said...

Hello, hello! Someone's on alert!
Sorry I haven't been on for awhile, but I think of Momsters every day. Hope everyone is well.
Haven't done much or seen much new, so really haven't had anything to say.
Have some repeat (after 5 years) pics that are finally getting ready to post. Had to spend some time on 'puter recoloring an "eagle" (firebird) decal Fubby wants me to get for my new/old Trans Am that's teal like my old one. Guy that sells decals doesn't have colors I like, so we're waiting for a reply if he has a similar one, or could make it & how much?
Had to work some today at Chelsea and saw the 1/2 dozen or so Buckies again~~~~have film! ☺
Gotta eat~~~~ later~~~

JudyE said...

YEAH the silver alert has been canceled thanks for checking in LORETTA

JudyE said...

WOW the sky is YELLOW at the nest ODD

Hoda said...

Good to see LORETTA on here.

We had a huge thunder storm. Lasted 1/2 hr with pelting rain. Still thundering now. I hope it settles before I go out for the concert.

Got a new book from the library.
This time a novel.
True Colours.
By Doris Mortman.
Anyone here read it?
The life of two sisters...

JudyE said...



JudyE said...


stronghunter said...

Definitely prayers for your American sister, Hoda.

Surprising thing this evening: A boy came over to play video games with Hunter. When his mom came over to pick him up, he spotted George in the upstairs hall, he first asked, "Is that a cat?" Then, "Is it going to eat me?" This boy is a bit younger than Hunter--two or three years I think. Goodness. I do not really know what to think.

stronghunter said...

Hi Loretta,

Nice to see you!! Been missing you.

Mema Jo said...

Red, my girlfriend sent me that email
She really got me good! lol

Hi Loretta! Thanks for stopping by We
do miss hearing from you! ♥

Happy to have your interview report, Paula

I watched Jeopardy and I now have an evening of Major Crimes and Longmier!


Talk with you later!

stronghunter said...

Hello out there, Red. Good to see you.

stronghunter said...

Nice to know that the interview went well, Paula.

JudyE said...

BELLE IS still in the ATTIC

maybe she will spend the night Who ever gets up at sunrise needs to check it out

JudyE said...

ODD thinking a cat would eat you SHIRLEY

Lynne2 said...

aw, poor kid...wonder if he's ever even SEEN a cat before Shirley?

stronghunter said...

I can't believe he hasn't seen a cat, Lynne. I do not know what to think. He comes here wanting to play with Hunter sometimes, but Hunter usually plays with boys a bit older. He and another boy came together this evening.

Lynne2 said...

Just read that Hannah the abducted teenager found out about her mother and brother from the FBI when they killed Dimaggio at the campsite. How horrible to find out that way. Article said the body of a dog was also recovered. Saw a picture of her with a boxer puppy recently. Such a sad, sad thing. How does a kid ever get over something like that? God help her.....

stronghunter said...

Wow, Judy that sinkhole at Disney is something else.

Lolly said...

That is really weird, Shirley!

Yea, good to have Loweeeeeda check in. And, Red, too!! Good day!

PA Nana said...

LOL, Red, you got me.

Paula, hoping you hear good news about this interview.

Glad Loretta checked in. Is anyone else missing except Judie? I saw we have new member Jufie. Welcome.

Hoda, prayers for your American sister.

Shirley that is sad about the kid being afraid of a little kitty but our Max is afraid of mine, even though he is bigger than them. They are afraid of him!

Andy, I think you requested prayers for someone too. Don't remember the name but they are included in mine.

Off to watch some tv with the guys. BBL

stronghunter said...

Really sad about the abduction story, Lynne. Good to know that she has been rescued, but what a terrible experience.

Lolly said...

Wanted to go outside after dinner but it is still hot, 91. I will go out again in the morning.

Going to do serious rain dance Wed. We have a 50% chance of rain.

stronghunter said...

Luna is afraid of the two cats, Diann, but they slash at her every time she gets near them. They are grumpy old men when it comes to dogs. I think they just did not appreciate the fact that Flash wanted to play with them when they wanted none of it, and associate Luna with Flash. They aren't particularly impressed with kids either, but they do not get aggressive around them.

stronghunter said...

And the slashing is generally clawless and without contact.

stronghunter said...

Although sometimes accompanied with a hiss. But I don't think George hissed at this child. I hope not.

stronghunter said...

Have to say that Kathryn's in-laws had a cat that scared me. Belle the evil cat would go on the attack with claws flying. She was known to stalk a person across the room. I had trouble getting into the bathroom because Belle was guarding the door and slashing at me.

Lynne2 said...

I love that show on Animal Planet "My Cat From Hell". That guy really makes good sense...I have even used some of his suggestions for clients with good success!

JudyE said...

WOW The government is giving FL $$$$ ONE MILLION for sinkhole research just announced today They will map the entire state and do research and see if there is a way to prevent of predict

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

JudyE said...



Remember who gets up early
Peek in to see if she stayed the night I won't be up at sunrise

I just pulled a Margy

BOB and DANAMO need to check in BEV and SHAR also haven't been on much
and JUFIE needs to tell us more about herself don't ya think LOL I just hope JUDIE shows up soon LOL

night again

Lolly said...

Annie is a two person cat, though Joseph is doing very well with her now. She hisses and meows at everyone. Laurel says she is evil. She is just not friendly. She does not stalk or attack...just leave her alone. lol

stronghunter said...

We watch that "Cat from Hell" show, too. Lynne. Lots of good ideas. Kathryn's mother-in-law just claimed the cat had Kathryn buffaloed. Well, yes, I saw this cat in action. It was like some of the cats on that program. She would hide and rush you.

stronghunter said...

Belle has passed away now. We don't really miss her.

Lolly said...

Okay, have to share. My heart is breaking. Laurel just called. Jacob was in the bathroom to shower. He called his mother in, he was crying and looking in the mirror. "Why do I look this way?" Bless his heart!!!! Laurel asked if anyone had said anything to him. No, but his size had been discussed at his yearly physical. Laurel said the doctor was great, just said he will always have to watch carefully what he eats. He takes after his daddy. He is very large for his size...he is off the charts in height and 98% in weight. When you look at him, you think he is big but not fat. Laurel hugged and loved him. Told him he was just perfect. Explained that he will just have to try to get exercise and be careful what he eats. He played tag football outside tonight and she said that was great and he just needs to do that more often.

Oh, for words of wisdom!!!!! He was bullied last year in the after school program. He will not be doing that this year, but walking to Laurel's school. That walk will be good!!

Lolly said...

I should mention that for his afternoon snack this summer she has blended a half of a frozen banana with strawberries, frozen mangos and low fat yogurt. He loves it! But, the boy does love to eat! Joseph out eats him but he is skinny!

stronghunter said...

Oh, Lolly, as you said, "bless his heart." At least he is able to talk with his mom. Keeping him active is a good thing for sure.

Very impressive action by the staff at the resort where the sinkhole appeared. Wow.

NatureNut said...

Time to hit the hay after doing the do! Been working on pics.
Speaking of eating, Lolly, think it's time for ice cream, too!!The kind we like is sold by Safeway that is closing soon for remodeling. BOO May have to diet!
Nighty-night & Pleasant Feather Dreams ;>)

stronghunter said...

Sandperson is here, and I will be going upstairs. SED, everyone.

JUFIE said...

Ah, wanting to hear from Judie? Well, the evil Jufie is here instead.

Sandperson is a wimp and skedaddled when he saw me headed down the hallway. Some momsters, such as Lowreeda and JudyE, have already been visited.

Yes, the evil Jufie is here. Hmmmm, well, restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

Time for me to close down

I had a good TV night - doesn't happen too often.

Tomorrow I have a dr appointment - mainly for my oxygen company to prove to Medicare that yes, Jo does need oxygen! Did you ever! Well in the future I am sure things will be getting worst concerning medical care...

Thinking about all of you and your needs. Bless you all with AOYP through the night.

I ♥ US ♥♥

PA Nana said...

Poor Jacob. To know he is loved will help him through this difficult time. Good job Laurel.

Shirley, I love that show whenever I can get control of the remote. Some of his methods have worked on my Missy.

Have you seen the Geico commercial with the owls? It makes me giggle every time I see it. "Hoo"

Guess I'll close down for the night. It's early for me but Teresa & max will be here in the am so no sleeping til noon.

Prayers for all needs, especially for health. God bless you all.

Lolly said...

Once again fell asleep in my chair. I really should get ready for bed at that time. Maybe tomorrow! ha!

Oh, I is scared! We gots us an evil Jufie! Is she holding Judie hostage?

Night all! SED!

My turn......where is Hoda tonight?

Costume Lady said...

Lots of smiles for me, reading back over the blog:) I do love us!

JUFIE...I, too, have split personalities. GG once told a visiting relative that there are 2 Wandas, a good Wanda (who gives her extra pain pills) and a BAD Wanda (who will not give her extra pills:) Not a problem now that I use the automatic pill dispenser...she knows that she can only get what the machine dispenses (what a BLESSING that device is!!)

I nearly split my sides laughing at RED'S FALCON:) I think it must have been on it's way to join all the other junk in that secret place in Minn. and ran into that tree!

How far back do I have to read to find out what SHIRLEY was up to in that Mall? I'm so curious~

Good night and love and prayers for all♥

Hoda said...

This town has got talent!

Good Concert.

My sister had a positive experience with an all day chemo therapy treatment.

Thank you for your support

In a few weeks she will be given a port and have four days of chemo administered at her home.

Amazing what western medicine does.



God Bless Us All.

stronghunter said...

Wanda, the evil people in the large department store locked the door between the mall and the store and told me that I had to exit through a different door which would have required me to walk around the huge mall on a hot afternoon to get to my car.

I protested that I was too tired, but they were unrelenting. (Mall policy, they said.) I cut around a small portion of the mall, and with the help of a valiant custodian got back in. (Shh--the identity of my rescuer is not to be revealed.)

I have written a letter to a number of very important people explaining my situation, but not how I got back in. They are already investigating as to what evil person was so unkind to me.

They do not need to mess with old ladies.

Seriously, I almost collapsed from overheating once when I was teaching and was supervising students on an outdoor field day. I was reminded of that experience when all of this happened on Sunday.

I don't think there is any need to treat anyone this way.

And in addition, they tried to make me feel like it was somehow my fault that I had shopped too long. "The mall closes at six o'clock, and it is well after six o'clock now." They said. (Mall closes, but store does not. Can't get out of the store by going back into the mall.

Stupid woman. There were lots of people in the mall, as I discovered when I got back in. Lights were out, but lots of people were there.

stronghunter said...

I had a port, Hoda, when I had chemo for breast cancer. It was nice not to have to get stuck every time.

stronghunter said...

How nice that she can get chemo at home.

stronghunter said...

Yes, I am still awake. Thought the sandperson was here awhile ago, but I guess not. Maybe the evil Jufie is to blame. Got the sandperson all in a snit.

stronghunter said...

Did not mention earlier that Hunter and I had a very nice time bowling together after my lesson. He was watching my lesson, and I think he picked up a few pointers because I noticed his approach was different. He actually did very well and beat me in one of the three games we bowled.

stronghunter said...

Cute one, Red. I knew you were up to something when I read the comments, so I had to check it out.

Sandi said...

Good morning my eagle friends - eagle in the nest tree - maybe there all night as Judy suspected??

Sandi said...

Eagle in the tree does look like Belle (size-wise).

Lolly, your story about Jacob makes me sad. I HATE when we (the adults) don't have the solutions to our childrens' problems.

Red, great to see you on the blog - what a beautiful falcon!!

Hoda, good news on your sister, that she is doing well with the chemo and will be able to get it from home.

Jufie, you don't seem half bad but we would really prefer if you would just let Judie return to the blog and speak for herself.

Paula, fingers crossed about the job!

Janet, are you home?

Lori, how goes the studying?? Is RoRo's surgery today?

Gray day here in Bethany but then the daytime temps are supposed to be in the 70s for the rest of this week - sweet!

No tennis for me this morning. I have opted not to continue playing in my interclub league - too much "mean girl drama" going on. I ♫ just wanna have fun ♫ as Cyndi Lauper sang! There's enough drama during the school year. Getting my nails done at noon.

Prayers for all of the needs on the blog. Have a great day everyone!

Sandi said...

POOF!! Breakfast run I guess!

JudyE said...



Lori said...

Good Morning Eagle Friends! It's Tuesday.

HODA, glad your sister is doing well after her chemo treatment.

LOLLY, God Bless Jacob. Laurel is a good Mom. I can see how that broke your heart.

Well, Kate just left to take RoRo to the hospital for his leg surgery this morning. It's just me and Dalai (Dolly) here today.

It's been pouring rain all morning. Supposed to have thunderstorms today, too.

Have to call a professor at nursing school to find out how to get on the website where she wants us to do homework. She did not provide a course code or any explanation. UGH.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Nice that you checked in Loretta!

Love you All!!!

Lori said...

SANDI, yes, RoRo's surgery is this morning. We expect they will keep him overnight since they asked us to bring his special urinary diet food.
Studying is studying....slow and long. Just pray I understand, know and recall all I read! In a perfect world. :)

Red said...

Good to see everyone again. I haven't done much eagle watching this season. I have COPD and had a terrible flare up a while back but was too stubborn to go to the ER. However I did have to go back to using Oxygen 24/7 again. Was only using it to sleep.
Diane is retiring at the end of this month which means I'll have plenty of things to do from now on. She likes to keep me busy. lol

I've been missing our eagles.

JUFIE said...

Good morning.

Lun Lun has left one of the cubs unattended. Baby is clearly on display.

JUFIE said...

Okay, so the Sandi person wants me to to go away. Well, if that's the attitude, okay, just fine.


JUFIE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JUFIE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JUDIE said...

Good morning.

Rainy here but not storming.

Hi Red. Nice to have you visit. Take care of yourself.

Lori, thinking of Delai. Hope the surgery is successful.

Shirley, glad you decided to let the Mall "people" know what happened. Hopefully, no one else will have that experience. How nice that you and Hunter had some "bowling" time together. Strange that the child did not recognize a cat.

I see Hoda had another lazy boring day.How I wish she would get a life. Positive thoughts for her American sister.

Paula, happy, but not surprised, the interview went well. Fingers crossed.


JUDIE said...

Wanda, pill dispensers work just fine at the B&B I mentioned.

My deletes. Need coffee

Sandi said...

Welcome back to the blog, Judie! I've missed you! =)

Lolly said...

Good morning! Happy to see you back, Judie! I hope you have locked Jufie in a closet!

I have to leave shortly to go donate blood to the local vampire. Doctors appointment in a couple of weeks. Routine stuff!

Jack continues to not do well. Glad when his doctor returns tomorrow. Do not like this. He was up early and I knew he was not doing well.

Later Gators!

Lori said...

Welcome Home JUDIE!!!

I liked Jufie as long as she was nice to Judie. :)

LOLLY, hope Jack's reg doc can do something to get him back to normal. Good thing - donating blood!

It's a cloudy, humid day here. It's okay, we need the rain. 80 degrees.

Hoda said...

Good morning JUDIE.
Glad you are back.

Hope Jack gets some relief soon.

Too much Drama is no good SANDI. Sorry about tennis league prema donnas!

Yoga today
Doing catch up and organizing of emails.
Meeting next Monday for the November African Dinner needs attention.

JUDIE said...

Ooops, so sorry. Traveling back to the blog from the secret place while hanging on to a shiny green garland, I missed some doings.

Sandi, really sorry about the tennis drama. Do the drama queens know why you won't return?

Lolly, I do hope Jack can see his doctor first thing in the morning. Been feeling poorly too many days. Also hope that Camp Hawkwood will help ease Jacob's concerns. Maybe explain that lots of big/extremely tall successful athletes were "big" kids when they were his age or grew up to be a movie actor/governor.

Thank you for the welcome homes. Scary trip and didn't even inhale.


stronghunter said...

Know what you mean about drama at school, Sandi. Nope, you do not need additional stuff going on.

stronghunter said...

Yes, bowling with Hunter was a lot of fun. We were high-fiving big time. He would be too cool to high-five his grandma around his friends. Someday he will outgrow the huge need to be cool.

Mema Jo said...

Good Afternoon to all ♥

Newspaper - FB - breakfast - lunch
I have been looking at our Sycamore Palace and thinking of what a great season we have had with the exception that we didn't get together
Breaks my heart ♥

Sandi - gals will be gals but those kind of gals aren't for you to be around for fun and relaxation. Hope you find a new tennis partner as sweet and nice as you are ♥

Lolly -I sure wish Jack could see another qualified dr instead of waiting. I feel it has been too long and I know you are as worried as we all are. Laurel handled the episode of Jacob's appearance so very well... perhaps some pics of Joey as a youngster would help him know his build is like his dad's.

Loretta did answer my email and I am so happy that she came on the blog.

Janet is home - jet lag I bet for today.

Mema Jo said...

I love special time with grandkids like you had bowling with Hunter.

Today one of my special grandsons turns 23! Love him dearly!

Mema Jo said...

Lori - thinking of RoRo and just know he will be ok and so happy you may have a family that wants to love him.

Mema Jo said...

Wanda - I am sure GG would love the trip to the beach especially with all the family around.

Lori - you must stop the 'fears' you
are having as you are learning so much - Believe in yourself that when the critical time comes you will know exactly what to do with your knowledge....... Love you MUCH ♥

Hoda said...

I love how wise and compassionate you are.
Blessed Be Dear Friend. Blessed Be.

paula eagleholic said...

Howdy, all!

Back at Home Sweet Home!

Glad Lowreeda checked in ! You don't have to have any NEW news to pop in! Oh, I see you did!

Shirley, LOL at your kid eating cat, George !

Hi and Bye Red! Come stay awhile next time!

Bless Laurel and Jacob's hearts...she's a good Mom, and he's a good kid. Hope going to Laurel's school after school helps!

Shirley, glad Hunter had fun bowling with you! Amazing what behaviour changes we see in our young teens when they are around their friends vs their family.

Sandi, sorry about the mean girl drama crap. Sounds like some people really need to grow up! And it should be about having fun!

Hmmm, wonder if Belle spent the night.

Hoda, glad your sister can get her chemo at home.

Lori, I think your studying will pay off, and you will retain more than you ever thought you could.

Red, congrats to Diane on her retirement! Sorry about the 24/7 O2...but better to breathe than not!

Wanda, excited to hear that GG wants to go to the OBX!

paula eagleholic said...

Oh, nesting falcon! I get it! LOL, good one, Red.

paula eagleholic said...

Nest is MT

Presently sunny rain on the ride home.

Going to mow tomorrow, heard it was supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow.

NCSuzan said...

Lolly, I am so proud of Jacob for speaking out loud about his feelings. To keep things bottled up could do so much damage. Sounds like he has a great relationship with Laurel. Hope Jack gets attention soon.

Red. so glad to see you. I also am in the middle of an episode. CO2 is sky high and I am hoping to stay out of the hospital. I am really tired of being sick. Hope you stay good and do not put off going to the doctor!

Has been very hot here with spotty thunderstorms. Calling for cooler temps Wednesday. Thank you Mother Nature!

The panda cub twins are growing! Already one month old and so cute.

Paula, good luck with the job hunt. Hope you find a job you like and that your strengths are highlighted.

Lori, once you couldn't drive a car or remember your favorite channels on the remote. All of a sudden your lessons will open up for you.

Enough from me. Margy hope you are doing ok and ready for your trip!

Lori said...

Bhyoy, it turned out to be a sunny day - shock after all the rain this morning.

PAULA, glad to hear your interview went well. Hope you don't have to wait all week to find out you got it! :)

JO & SUZAN, thanks for your wise words. Don't know why this is stressing me out so much, but I'm praying for peace in my life, too.

HODA, how was your picnic and swim in the park yesterday?

LOLLY, how is Jack feeling?

Back to work...waiting to hear from Kate how RoRo is doing after his surgery this morning.

Sandi said...

Hi all! All of the rain stayed north of Bethany - just had one short sprinkle. Sunny now and a little bit of air is starting to move outside - the next couple of days are supposed to be sunny, cooler, and low humidity.

My nails look BE-U-TEE-FUL! Denny and I are headed to a dinner party with a bunch of tennis friends (the nice ones, not the drama queens on the interclub team) this evening.


Lolly said...

Lori, to clear things up, I did not give blood, I had blood taken for tests. :)

Have had two extremely short showers, did not get wet under the trees. You should have seen the steam coming off the roof. Looked like we were on fire. Come on....want real rain!!! Please!

Joseph got his 7th grade schedule. Once again, a PTO person working there thought Jacob was in middle school. Laurel told her no, he was at the elementary and the dumb adult had to say "Oh, you are so big!" Why, why, why??? But, she said he seems to be okay today.

JudyE said...

Hello Home from work

I see JUDIE alter ego has been locked in the closet so glad JUDIE you made your way back from the land of lost appliances and shiny garland LOL and better get a pad lock to keep Jufie in the closet

JudyE said...

just a bit a go a big big flock of small birds flew behind the tree LOOKED neat and then went in to the tree



JudyE said...

not a eagle but a big bird is in attic OSPrey

Hoda said...

When a professional makes a dumb comment it is a reflection on the adult professional not on JACOB.
She meant well but is clueless as to hurt caused.
I know we know that, I know his Grandparents know that and I know his parents know that.
Now we have to make sure HE knows that!

Here is a list of famous people who have been bullied for one reason or another...
I chose from a men's list as there are more young girls and women being bullied than young boys.

Michael Phelps---ears
Prince Harry---Red Hair
Kate Middelton/Duchess of Cambridge---not rich enough
Ashton Kutcher---fat/large
Tom Cruise--- scrawny/short
Chris Rock---black
Pierce Brosnan---Irish/accent
Bill Clinton---fat/large
Tiger Woods---Race/ Asian and Black
Christian Bale---success in acting
Tom Felton---Draco Malfoy character
Chester Bennington---too skinny
Brian McFadden---weight
Fred Durst---underdog
Justin Timberlake---bad acne and bad hair
Daniel Radcliffe---Harry Potter Character

I only know a few on this list. I hope they are ones JACOB can relate to.


We need to find ways for him to laugh and shrug it off and not internalize it.
What are some come backs that he could use...not too complicated just quick catchy come backs...

This is getting a huge reaction from me as I LOVE LOVE LOVE your THREE Grand Kids LOLLY.
They Rock Awesome these three.

JudyE said...

I got a snip of what I think is a osprey White belly

JudyE said...

the mockingbird Si gonna give it heck

paula eagleholic said...

Eagle in the attic. Looks like the friendly mockingbird is still around as well :)

JudyE said...

It turned around now its back to us

JudyE said...

PAULA the bird has a white belly on it

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

I posted a pic of it on FB hard to see but there was a white belly Are there osprey up there also?????????????

paula eagleholic said...

JudyE, was the osprey facing the cam? does appear smaller than an eagle, so osprey or vulture would be a good choice.

paula eagleholic said...

Yes, JudyE, plenty of osprey around here...wouldn't suprise me if one was nesting on the Potomac or Shenandoah river...or could be one migrating...some females have started migrating already

JudyE said...

PAULA it flew in and was belly facing I snipped a pic before it turned around So there are osprey up there also little compared to our eagles on the branch

JudyE said...

PAULA I did put a snip on facebook and you can see the white of the belly

paula eagleholic said...

Good pic, Judy. Looked like an osprey to me.

JudyE said...

Hey anyone know anyone having a baby before Halloween or have one up to 24mth Walmart has the cutest onesies DON'T SCARE ME I POOP EASY

JudyE said...

ODD I have the cam up on desk top
but can't get on lap top with IE or google ODD keep trying keep trying over and over what a PIA Odd for sure

Lori said...

HODA, GREAT list for Jacob and suggestions!

JudyE said...

Poor Owl stuck in fence

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

GLO posted this on FB
and I thought of your LORI
"Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow." ~Dan Rather

you are one courageous lady in my book so we all know you can do it

Be that little engine I think I can I think I can I think I can

JudyE said...

another friend of mine
Connie Huckno has cancer
Angie and Tommy grew up with her kids

JudyE said...

On the news Fl Oysters industry is in trouble I guess the water that flow in to Fl from Ga is being controlled by Ga and is killing off or making the oysters not a plentiful so now the Governor is getting involved to see if they can get GA to stop messing with mother natures water flow 2500 fishermen will be without jobs it is the worst its been ever They have been getting oysters from other state since Fl can't get them

JudyE said...

I got the cam up on lap top
can't understand why it took almost a half a hour of trying OK to rocker and lap top now that it is up then I need a shower

JudyE said...

Hey facebookers there is a new page to like on fb
USFWSEndangeredSpecies facebook page pretty cool pictures on it

Lori said...

Thank you, JUDYE, for the quotes. Everything helps! :)

Sorry about your friend who has cancer. As SHARON says cancer sucks.

SHAR, hope you're doing okay and you've got new information on your chin numbness.

KAY, what's up with you and the brood? Or, has Malcolm gone home?

JudyE said...

HOOT HOOT I was using the FB search engine and I found one of my BFF that I went to school went I messaged her but it will go into her other email file which lots of peeps don't even know they have I hope to hear from her OH we had the best time growing up

Lolly said...

Hoda, thank you for your comment. If only we could get Jacob to look at it this way. I have shared your comment with Laurel by fb message. :)

Hoda said...

Off to Yoga!

Hoda said...


JudyE said...


paula eagleholic said...

eagle in the attic...flew in from the left

paula eagleholic said...

Nice to have so many visits lately :)

JudyE said...

PAULA I agree with the other camera we would have never know they come to the tree this often Off course we can't see the nest any longer but I never see anyone fly in to it

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

lots of preening going on

paula eagleholic said...

Eagle still in the attic

JudyE said...

EAGLE still in attic

May stay night again

SANDI I hope so that way you have been the early bird that catches the bird not worm LOL

JudyE said...

thats funny Paula we posted at the same time

Mema Jo said...

Good Evening to all ♥
My pulmonary dr appointment went very well. The purpose for it was that the Oxygen supply co I deal with needed to submit to Medicare statistics that proved Jo Lennox needed to be on oxygen 24/7. So I proved it! 2 or 3 simple breathing test without the use of oxygen is what I did. Also I asked my dr then if there were any new medications for COPD. Why yes there is was his reply....... gave me some samples (2 months worth) to try in place of Spiriva Inhalant. It's Tudorza inhalant twice a day. So it was a good visit.

I rewarded myself by going to Olive Garden for dinner. Yummy..♥

Mema Jo said...

I'll be back around 11:00

Judy - how about that Osprey in our tree !

JudyE said...

Just out of the shower and now TV Land
Yep JO I was sure surprised and happy I got a snip



JudyE said...

I wonder what would happen if Belle or Shep showed up at that time with the Osprey in the tree HMMM makes ya wonder

Lynne2 said...

evening all....

Jo, glad your appt went so well!

Hope RoRo's surgery went well, too.

Paula...WWF will not load our game for me. I am having no trouble with other games though. Perplexing situation.

I totally hope we get to keep this cam! Can you imagine fun to see them flying in with nesting materials? HP??

paula eagleholic said...

Hmmm, Lynne, it won't load for me either!

JudyE said...

Eagle still in Attic

we are having a sleep over I guess

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

JUDIE said...

Jo, very happy your dr. appt. was a success and sure do hope the new med. works magic for you.

Hoping Delai's surgery was successful and he's resting quietly.

Tired tonight. Not sure why. Bit of a lazy day.

Good grief. Dreadful fuss coming from the hall closet. Seems Sandperson does not appreciate sharing space with Jufie. Jufie wants out. Sandperson wants satchel. Quite a commotion.

Uh oh. Suddenly very quiet. I fear Sandperson bopped Jufie and Jufie is out cold. Hear a satchel being filled with sleepy dust. Sandperson whistling a happy tune. Will depart at 11pm.

Restful sleep for all.

Janet said...

good tuesday evening. my apologies for my absence....its just been a whirlwind...

so i left flint michigan just before 2 p.m. yesterday and yes, i had a layover in orlando, florida...a whole....45 min i think. i didn't say it made sense....then a 90 min hop to nashville.

i can say orlando had hot sunny weahter while i was there.

HORRIBLE about the sink hole! i saw that before i left michigan yesterday.

i have not completely caught up on posts, so please forgive me if i have missed something...

i also have put myself in the corner as i broke a rule, but please don't tell that new JUFIE...not too sure about her....

so, i was at the hotel sunday night, went down to the lobby to print my boarding passes. to my left was this gorgeous fireplace... and when i finished i got up, turned to my left to go back to my room. what i hadn't noticed was the hearth (solid marble i think), was really BIG, like tall ANDlong and i tripped over it with my feet and went face first on to the carpet. i got a lovely rug burn on my right forearm, bruises on my right shin and man, when i was working today, my shoulder was talking to me.


thankfully NOONE saw me. i laid there for a couple min as it knocked the breath out of me, but iwas sooooo embarassed!

i had this wonderfully delightful time in michigan and want to go again in the next couple of years.

looking at florida maybe in march...JUDYE details to come as i have them. thinking disney.

work was good today. glad to be home. came home to a clean house, flowers and balloons. i think they missed me, lol.

all right, will try to catch up a bit tomorrow. i think the sandman has snuck in a bit early around here, feeling tired.

light, love, hugs and smiles to all... SED to all!

Hoda said...

JANET thankfully you did not knock yourself out with that fall.
Sorry about the fall.

Excellent Yoga class. So happy I switched.

Feeling gratitude.

Hoda said...

JO so glad your medical went well today.
Blessed Be.

Did a lot of organizing today. Am ready for Monday meeting.

stronghunter said...

Oh my, Janet, please be careful.

Good grief, Judie, what a mess. The Sandperson and Jufie...

Got Hunter to football practice this evening, but he was complaining of chest pain and did not want to go on the field. We were thinking maybe a pulled muscle. Kathryn decided to take him to the doctor to get things checked out. It is not unknown for Hunter to fake things.

At first the doctor thought maybe it was a collapsed lung, but Hunter was breathing just fine, so it was decided that he has a touch of pleurisy and maybe a pulled muscle, so he is on pain medicine.

Kathryn is thinking that she might need to have the allergist check things out. Dr. Smith is excellent and can tell Kathryn if she needs to see any other doctor. It seems that it's okay if he continues football practice if he is up to it.
I do not know much about pleurisy except I had a friend who was hospitalized with it. Will need to do some research.

Hunter really spent the day playing computer games, but he did fling that bowling ball yesterday, although it was only a six pound ball.

stronghunter said...

Good that things are well with you, Jo.

stronghunter said...

Time for sleep. SED, everyone. I will see you tomorrow.

Mema Jo said...

I had a good evening just puttering around and watched 1 TV show and I was disappointed with the story.

Tomorrow brings a dental for hubby.
Thursday brings dinner fixings for Jenny and Hubby - he is going to fix my ceiling light in the kitchen - he
is the electrician!
We have Mass on Thursday as a Holy Day.
Not too much more going on. I'm just feeding the squirrels and birds and loving life! ♥

Mema Jo said...

Thinking of RoRo and hoping he has a painless night.

Jufie is still locked in the closet I hope.
Judie take care and have a peaceful sleep. How much grape jelly and how much ketchup or whatever for the meatball sauce?

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to one and all
God bless you and keep you through the night


I ♥ US

You can't always look to the sky - you sometimes need to see where you are walking - I can see you now lying on the floor in front of the fireplace flat on you face in the lobby of the hotel.. Funny NOT. But then why am I laughing about it - I guess it is the after thought and knowing you are ok! I hope you got your boarding passes printed...... Love Ya Janet♥


Lolly said...

Wind...dark clouds....thunder....loud thunder...lightening.....more wind.....trees whipping around....and....NOT ONE DROP OF RAIN. NOT ONE!!!!! So, the sprinkler system runs again tonight. Sad...frustrated...very sad!

Also frustrating is the news...talking about the rain that 60% of area received.

Tomorrow I buy groceries to cook for 4 for a week. Laurel gets a break. lol Also, getting the do done.

Hoda said...


God Bless Aus All.

Rain On LOLLY'S part of Texas Dear Heaven Above!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Thank you for your prayers for our friend Jim, and his wife Darlene.
Jim is still in the hospital, and they are adjusting meds and trying new meds. He has good days (like today), and not so good days. I believe there is a lack of communication between his doctors of different specialties, and one doctor needs an attitude adjustment--he's very good, and fairly young. Trouble is, he needs to get over himself.

Jim has COPD, and they have him on oxygen 24/7, and his oxygen saturation is 98%. He still has trouble breathing, though, and feels extremely tired. Cardiologist insists there's nothing wrong with his heart. Isn't it troubling when you almost have to be your own doctor?!
Guess they will keep Jim in the hospital for 2 or 3 more days while they sort this out.

Hoda, prayers for your American sister! Hope she tolerates the chemo treatment well.

Lolly, prayers for Jack, for sure!
Sounds like he may need different antibiotics. He should be feeling better by now. Hoping to hear of a big improvement VERY soon!...I think the Jacob situation was handled perfectly! God bless him!

Shirley, I'm so glad the mall fiasco worked out OK. I'm happy that you're writing several people about it. Hopefully they'll make some helpful changes to their policies. Bet you can hardly wait to start your Colorado trip! Enjoy!

Janet, hope you're feeling OK after what sounds like a nasty fall!

JudyE, prayers for your friend, for sure!

Well, I know there were more situations I wanted to mention, but I'm beginning to do face plants! Guess I'd better call it a day. Prayers going up for everyone, especially for healing.
The porch light is on, and both security systems are enabled. Have SED! God bless, and goodnight. I love all of you!
♥♥I ♥ us! ♥♥

Lolly said...

Hi and bye, Andy! Getting on to say good night.

Yes, prayers for Jack, for sure! Hopefully he will be on new meds for sure tomorrow. Yes, this has gone on too long. He did go and eat lunch with his best friend today. That is good! He is doing nothing but sitting and reading. Getting on my nerves, It is not like him to be so idle.

Heading to the shower. Nite all! SED!!

Costume Lady said...

Well, SHIRLEY, thanks for filling me in on your MALL adventure. I felt badly for you, but had to giggle at a recollection of MY Mall adventure a number of years ago...kind of the opposite of your, Shirley. Somehow, I got into the Bon Ton store from the outside door of the Mall before it was opened. I went in and there were no bright store lights, no one at the cash registers or service desk, and was completely undetected for nearly 10 minutes. Had I been a thief...?
I'm thinking that somehow, the outside door was unlocked all night! By the time I got to where I was headed, the lights came on and workers headed for their stations.

JUDIE, if GG decides she needs to stop at your B&B, don't forget that she likes bacon in her Suddenly Salad along with the little tomatoes:)

LOLLY, Jack will be in my prayers. I know, so well, the feeling of watching the man you love, who has always been active and into something, sitting and reading in a chair and knowing that he is not feeling well. Time and meds have put my honey back on the right track and pretty close to normal, once again. I'm praying for that for you, too♥

MARGY, so you are going to Germany...when, with whom, to see someone...what, tell me??

Oh, darn...I have more to say, but it is 1am and I haven't checked in on my family on facebook. I'll be back tomorrow.
Love and Prayers for all♥

DanaMo said...

Good morning. JudyE said I should stop over and say hello. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I miss my friends who are not on Facebook.
All is well. Aric goes back to Dayton this Saturday. Adam and Andrew both are at the Community College and Annemarie will be a sophomore! Just a few days away and the new school year starts....not sure that I am ready for summer to be over, but the weather sure gave up early!

Dad is still having Chemo. CT scheduled for August 27th. Then we have to wait for a week for results because of the holiday weekend and a new computer system that apparently has the office cutting appointments down. After the last chemo they are going to head north to visit some friends in RI and onto Maine for a few days. It will help to keep their minds occupied to some degree. He is doing well though. Great color, great energy and appetite. He did lose all his hair looks cute!

Sorry I don't visit often, but I do think of everyone.

Margy-Loved seeing your picture with Megan at the market!

Sandi said...

Good morning Dana and all my eagle friends! MT tree in Shepherdstown when I opened the cam page at 6am - no eagle sleepover.

Dana, so glad to hear your dad is doing well - prayers continue for him!

Lori, hoping RoRo had a good night and will be back home where he belongs today.

Jo, great news from the doctor - hope the new meds help your breathing.

Lolly, prayers for Jack that he gets the right meds to knock out this infection.

Today is Denny's and my anniversary - 37 years married.

Tennis for me at 8am, then I'm not sure what I'll do for the rest of the day. Make it a good one everyone!

magpie said...

Good Morning, Eagle Pals...
About as fine a morning as
West Virginia can deliver....

SPLIT coming up in about a
dozen posts...

Sycamore Palace looking mighty fine.
Osprey?? last evening?? in the nest ??
Really?? or is someone pulling my birdy leg ??


magpie said...

Happy Anniversary, Sandi and Denny.....Best Wishes for a
Wonderful Day and Many More Wonderful Years to Follow
☺♥☺♥ xoxox

magpie said...

Oh my
Janet,your fall...Hope you will continue to be OK

Shirley: On the pleurisy..for Hunter....that CAN surely be painful..hope the medicines and "time off" from sports heals him up Pronto !

Jo: Good Healing news...
and for Andrea's friend Jim...sure hope the doctors get things figured out swiftly

Sandi said...

Good morning Margy! I didn't see the bird in question but the photo Judy posted on FB sure looks like we had an osprey in the tree!

Janet said...

YYYYEEAHH! DANAMO checked in!!! I missed you!

Good morning everyone....its mid week again. Off and running.

Read back over things, seems everyone is okay. GLad Jo's dr appt went well....hopefully RoRo is doing okay...HODA new yoga instructor....JUDIE in charge vice JUFIE...whew....

A typical wednesday on tap. taking the kid to the orthodontist this afternoon...wooo hooo. need to do some yardwork if it stays dry....and hopefully i can get in the pool today....we are supposed to have late september temps for a few days. odd year!!!!

hope everyone has a lovely day! light, love, smiles, and healing thoughts for each! :)

magpie said...

I mean good Doctor's appointment news, Jo...
and hoping that Christine is feeling better and better each day

Much more to comment on, but the Time Bandit is in full force here..

Lori: Best wishes for RoRo...and everything going on with you

DanaMo: GREAT report on your father....hope all continues to
go well and comfortably for him
Best wishes on your upcoming school year and for all the kids also !

xoxox Must get ready for work..
going to Germany, near Stuttgart, leaving Friday for 9 days...will visit my nephew, his wife, two young sons, and two dogs....
traveling alone....

xoxo Have a Good Day, Pals

magpie said...

Thanks Sandi...saw where Judy had said she got a snippet...

I know we HAVE Ospreys hereabouts, just haven't seen or heard about any recently, how cool is that!
Saw one at Swinging Bridge a few times

OkaY! I see Janet is off and running!

and we are that much closer to a SPLIT

'Bye Now!

JudyE said...


When I went to bed at 11 the eagle was still visible but fuzzy in the tree Sure was hoping you would see it SANDI

SIS so sorry about the fall where you just trying to keep up with me LOL NOT FUNNY

JudyE said...

HI DANAMO so happpy you stopped in to say hi to the other B's in your life LOL

JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

Happy Anniversary, Sandi and Denny

hope you have many many more

JudyE said...

my delete

JudyE said...

OH MY ON the news a house in LARGO that was in foreclosure A woman was found dead maybe over a year
The neighbors have been doing the yard because they didn't want it looking like crap because of the banks don't do it often They said she was a lady that didn't come out much or socialize with the neighbors MTBR later

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