Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday PM

We were able to diagnose the problem.  The camera and power supply were undamaged (good thing).  The problem is in some of the communication gear that gets the signal to the Internet, some of these connections were cooked by the power surge.  We will order these parts immedeately and will get things rolling again as soon as we can.

New thread.


magpie said...

Thank you and your staff for your attention and efforts to the, what a quirk....
And Thanks for the New Thread...

Hoping the Eagle Family is doing well through this weather....
I'll go announce the new thread with your details....


Lynne2 said...

thanks Steve...

Judie said...

Thank you Steve and all those who helped find the problem and will solve as quickly as they can. We do appreciate!

magpie said...

LOL here I announce a new thread and post on the old one:

We have just been sort of batting around ideas...
I don't think anything has been
"formally forumalated" yet
I want to remind everyone:
Race for the Birds at NCTC
is on Saturday, April 20
for a small fee, you can walk or run, there are several optiongs....
I will post some more info on
that shortly....

magpie said...

please pay NO attention to my spelling errors...
Paula has been to this Race for the Birds Event...
can you just imagine! being able
to walk the campus...or run the campus, let me get my newspaper notes on this.

Hi Judie!!
What kind of cookies did you bake if you baked them ??

magpie said...

Here is the part that would probably interest us "walkers:

There will be a self-timed 2-mile community jog/walk for families and individuals who prefer a slower pace, and a one-mile "Fun Race" for children under 10 years of age.

To register and for more information, go to the race website at or contact Kristin Alexander at
at 304-676-3397
"All proceeds from the event will be used to support Potomac Valeuy Audubon's programs for children..."

If anyone amongst us wants to do the races or enter into the Baby Jogger or Children's Run Run event, you should be able to access all the info through the above two contacts...

Everything starts around 9 a.m. and then on through the morning....
Think About It !!

magpie said...

I'm working that day and probably cannot get the time off, but I might try!


Lolly said...


Now, to see how long it is going to get those parts and get them up and working. Our eaglets will be half grown! lol

Home from the grossserie store and now to get ready to go to Dallas. We are going a little later than ususal and will probably get into horrible traffic. Groan! Zach has thrapy today and they do not get home until almost 6.

Going to take my ipad with me so may be able to communicate after Zach is in bed.

Sandi said...

Wow, 2 new threads in one day!!! Thanks Steve!! And thanks for the update on the cam - hope the parts arrive quickly! If you need some extra cash to get everything shipped overnight, just say the word!

Good afternoon my eagle friends! One work day down - boy am I glad this is a 4-day week! The kids were HORRIBLE today!! Nothing specific, just uncontrollable as far as their behavior! And the rain that turned to snow around lunch time made things worse!!

Glo, what a scare for you and for Dex!! I sure hope you didn't seriously hurt yourself!! Get thee to a doctor if you are the least bit unsure!

Kay, same for you! I bet you're feeling more sore today than yesterday!

Sharon, sorry about having to cancel the doctor's appt. I know you're anxious for answers!

Margy, I know I will not be able to make it to NCTC the weekend of 4/20 - have other plans. That said, there will never be a weekend that works for everyone to get together there.

The snow has turned back to rain again - chance of minor flooding tonight and then again tomorrow morning during the high tides, but nothing major.

magpie said...

This is pretty cool...
a Blue Heron Cam out in Washington State

Heron Cam

there's a heron in the nest now

Sandi said...

Bob, fabulous photos from Blackwater!!! Thanks so much for sharing the link to them!!

magpie said...

right you are Sandi...
things are always busy amongst us

Glad you work day is over !!
work outside the home that is....

magpie said...

glad to see Paula identified her hawk from over the week-end...
maybe someone right off that bat can tell me which hawk that was in Bob Q's photo array..

Judie said...

Flour-less peanut butter cookies. Audrey and Grace helped, of course.

Looking very wintery and a snow-sky right now. Need to check the weather report and hope the commute tomorrow is not difficult.

Ms Bookworm said...

Bringing this over from the other side:

Hi, Everyone,
Still waiting here for the bee people. Thank God I've only got 1 angry sounding bee buzzing around in the living room. Hope they can find their point of entry once they get here, because I bet that is where other critters (such as roof rats) are entering too. They will secure some mesh over the entry point once they've removed the bees, I am sure. I hope we've caught this early this time, and there's no huge hive in there!

Shar, I'm sorry you had to postpone your test for another day!
Hope you are not too uncomfortable in the meantime. (((HUGS)))!!

I've managed to get several loads of laundry done so far, and am busy doing some paper shredding right now. Actually making some noticeable progress! I may find the office under all that mess if I keep this up!

I saw an infomercial for "24 ladders in one" the other day, and I ordered the one they have for a single-story home. It's mighty expensive, but I worry so about Ken having to climb up our rickety stepladder to check on the rat traps we've set in the recessed lighting shelf in the living room!
The new ladder should arrive in about a week. The shipping was free, so that helped, and I got about $170 worth of free extra accessories with it, too. MTBR....

Well, back to the shredder. I think it's cooled off enough to do some more now. Aaack! I was just reminded of our dear Lynn! There's a big black spider on the chair rail, and I hope I can manage to kill it! Now I need to order one of those bug vacuums, like the one little Sierra got for Christmas! Well, better go take care of business before the "unmentionable" life form disappears on me. Will check back in later. I sorely miss dear Emma, our bug catcher! She finds the 8-leggers, steps on them, and kills them! If she can't get to them, she woofs to get my attention and points like a champion bird dog until I kill it! Darn it, I hope we don't have to board Emma for another day! Sigh....

Thanks, Steve, for the new thread and the update. Well, gotta get busy. Will go into lurk mode, and check back in later. HAGD!

Kay said...

Good Late Afternoon dear Eagle Buds ! So happy with STEVE's cam report !!!! We do so miss our birds !!!!

Thanks for all the empathy expressed re:Penny, Kay and Ruby, the pit bull! It happened Sat. and apparently yesterday was our day of pain---today Penny is rough housing and enjoying all aspects of her sweet little life. I'm feeling fine, too. So happy it was a soft landing and did no harm. Talked to the doc's nurse, as she's working with me to wean off the heavy duty pain killer. Since I have no pain above and beyond the stage I'm in anyway, she doesn't thing any tests are necessary right now. With any sign of a new problem I'm to call in or go to ER immediately.

Golly, GLO, you had a rough go of it, too. Another friend wrote me about a run in she had with a pit bull on the loose this past weekend. She mentioned needing pepper spray and I may get some. Need to check Ohio law on that. I don't like to cast aspersions on a whole breed of dog, but they do seem to be leaders in dog attacks. I'm appalled by the Bishon report LYNNE shared ! Can't imagine why that family can't find it in their hearts to give that dear pet the help needed. I hope some dear soul responds offering it a loving home.

MARGY, wish I were there to "stroll" for the Birds on April 20th ! Good event !

Birds and Bees---ANDY, I hope by the time you read this you have the answer as to how a couple of varieties of pests are entering your home ! Gross !

That snow storm marched right across I70 from Kansas to Ohio and beyond ! We got about 3" of the heavy wet stuff. Since the temp is about 40 today you can't walk under trees without big wet globs of white stuff hitting you on the head. Ugh ! I live in a heavily wooded area--usually lovely, but not on a day like this ! ☺

SANDI, there has to be special place in Heaven for teachers who work with special needs kids ! Glad you have a long weekend coming up !

Prayers and love for all in need !


JudyE said...

home from work and find another new thread we are so special I feel so loved by Steve Thanks Steve for taking good care of us momster and dadsters YOU ROCK

JudyE said...

I posted Steve's info on the cam page and did you notice they started over with the comments

Mema Jo said...

Thank you Steve for the info and the prompt actions being taken to get our cam up/running

Mema Jo said...

Wow Judy - you are number 12 on the OD cam comments!

We will all probably blow a fuse once it comes back on as we 'overload' it with the comments!

Mema Jo said...

JUDIE - how many more hours until you make your decision ???

JudyE said...

this was on the suttons page

25 March: The fourth chick has hatched (see it lying down to the right of the three older chicks in the photo below). We are not sure exactly when it hatched, because it has been hard to see past the first three chicks. It appeared motionless during the brief interval that the female was off the nest and this photo was taken. With its late hatch and small size (relative to the other three chicks), it will need to compete with its larger siblings for both food and warmth. While we hope for the best, it is at a disadvantage, especially in the cold weather Oklahoma is experiencing right now (lows in the 20s F at night). There is a super abundance of food in the nest right now, including several fish and several American Coots, which will help, although the youngest chick would still need to be able to claim a share of the food from the adult until it is much older and able to feed itself.

Mema Jo said...

I really hope both mom and dad will do the feedings and give this #4 a fighting chance. :)

JudyE said...

JO I sent a pic of the 4th one on your fb wall you can delete it just wanted you to see the pic Like the page too if you haven't and they keep us updated

JudyE said...

I just got back from Panera Bread
so full

JudyE said...

I just realized it was Eagleholic posted the pic not Sutton

Janet said...

Good evening folks..........its been a chilly day here in middle TN, high of 39 with a wind chill of 26 and snow flurries. Now, mind you, not complaining knowing the weather that the atlantic region has gotten....but we are anticipating a bit of winter precip this evening ourselves.

Its been a good day overall. My first 2 hour did not show up....the 2nd one did. then i decided to take care of me adn got on a massage table myself. had a wonderful massage and a nap all at the same time!

ordered pizza for dinner, (continued to spoil myself...i didn't feel like cooking). Olivia and Michael have gone to a hockey game and yoga is on the evening agenda....

Glad to know wha tis wrong with our camera...i certainly do not envy those folks who have to go out an fix it in that weather!!!!!
sending light,love and much appreciation to STEVE and to the techs working on this issue.

light, love, hugs and smiles to all!

paula eagleholic said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that most of the snow has melted with the rain.

Thanks for the update, Steve. Didn't think we would have an answer today, we so appreciate the tech guys checking out the cam for us today.

Lydia Price said...

Yay! Thanks to Steve. I jsut read the message her posted on this thread!

Hopefully we will be able to see dear Hedgie and Shamie in the near future. They will have grown so much since we last saw them. And will be so great to see Belle and Shep. I miss them.

I have been watching Sooner Lake nest when I can. Need bobble fix and I find the situation there fascinating.

Had a great weekend with grandkids. I hope all of you are doing well.

I am tired of SNOW though! And I am ready for a vacation from work too! (have to wait 4 more weeks for that)

Take care everyone ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

JudyE said...

TwoHarbors has a hatch also was posted on fb

JudyE said...

LYDIA have you watch the OZARKS cam OH MY the camera is so friggin clear its amazing

Lynne2 said...

SOOOOO, I have planted Morning Glory seeds that are several years old. I know many are blue and planted those all together. I know some are purple and I planted those altogether as well, and the third may be more blue but also may be seeds from the RED GG MGs (my gift after the Great Steve Weed Wacking Incident of 2010)

I planted seeds from these batches last year and none grew. I figured I'd give it another shot. I now have FORTY FIVE Morning Glory seedlings!!! Some of the ones that are growing have pink and green leaves! What does this mean??!!

Lynne2 said...

If anyone wants some MGs, I can try to mail them. Shouldn't be hard to do.

JudyE said...

Here is the Turtle Bay report from facebook



We are sorry to report that the nesting season is most likely ending early this year after the death of the second eaglet on March 22, 2013. As many of you know, it has been reported that the new eagle in the nest with the female is not her original mate. Bald eagles create very strong pair bonds that are not easily broken. It has been studied and shown that Bald eagles nest for life and only take another mate should their faithful companion die.

We caution everyone to refrain from calling the new male an intruder. An intruder is an unwanted, unwelcome animal. Liberty has clearly, from her calm demeanor, accepted this new eagle into her nest. Females are more aggressive than males and if she did not want him there, he would not be there.

Why would the new male kill the eaglets? Bald eagles are not like mammals who kill the young to put the female back into estrus so they can breed and pass on their genes. It is not unheard of for Bald eagles in their first nesting year to kill their eaglets. The exact reason is not known, but it appears that instead of the “nurture this” instinct kicking in, when they first see the squirming youngster the “it’s food” instinct is still there. This eagle is not good or bad. The eagles are just doing what comes naturally to them and we need to be careful to neither demonize nor glorify them.

While we are sad that 3 more eaglets were not successfully fledged to increase the populations of our National Symbol, we still feel privileged that we have the opportunity to have this window into their lives. Hopefully this new male will learn and be successful next season.

The first egg of 2013 was seen in the nest at roughly 5:14 p.m. on 2/6/13
The second egg was spotted around 3:54 p.m. on 2/9/13
The third egg was seen at approx. 5:33 p.m. on 2/13/12
One egg failed in early March and unfortunately hatched eaglets were killed early March 18 and on March 22.

Eagle Cam: Turtle Bay Exploration Park: Human. Nature. | Redding, CA
1-800-TURTLEBAY (1-800-887-8532) | 844 Sundial Bridge Drive, Redding, California | Site Map All content on this website copyright Turtle Bay. All rights reserved.
Like · · Share · 2 minutes ago ·

JudyE said...

doesn't that ring a BELL wow just like us

Judie said...

Ah Jo, well I can quit effective May 10th after course grades are submitted to the Registrar (3 1/2 months notice) or I can be really retaliatory and wait to give two weeks notice in mid August. Just have to consider how evil I want to be toward the Chair who has created all the unpleasantness. Devil on one shoulder and angel on the other arguing back and forth every day.

Headed to bed early tonight. Big school house tomorrow.

Sandperson will make sure the night light is on and will be making rounds by 11pm. Restful sleep for all.

NatureNut said...

So glad the connection problem was diagnosed!!!!TY Steve & techies!!
We now have heavy drizzle~~yuk!
Wonder what nest weather is like?

Margy, I looked at Bob's pics again and I think the hawk is Paula's No. Harrier! What's distinctive but not mentioned in my bird book is the white near the eye. Has a disk face similar to owls. Also, from above, you always see the white rump above the tail. Adult males are gray from above and females brown. We have them in winter flying low over the marsh grasses at Park. They are cool!
Gotta get my act together--Park tomorrow & have to go to Park Ranger office to have fingerprints done. ??? (I've been free all these years!! ☺)

JudyE said...

and it looks like only 20 percent change of rain this week ice expeted across the area into Tuesday morning temperatures are expected to deop below freezing across the area tonight with roads wet from recent or ongoing precipitation Blackice is expected to form through the overnight hours, Expect untreated roadways, particularaly bridges and overpasses,, to be icey through sunrise Tuesday

NatureNut said...

Thx, Judy. Sounds yucky, but I guess our birds can handle it.

magpie said...

Thank you NatureNut!
I appreciate your information about the hawk...☺

It's snowing lightly here now and has been for quite some time...
no accumulation though

Mema Jo said...

Judie - Inside each of us is a monster; inside each of us is a saint. The real question is which one we nurture the most, which one will smite the other? lol

magpie said...

Good Luck with your Decision making, Judie...

Maybe the Sandperson has an
opinion on all this...

Love the sound of those cookies!

magpie said...

Going to sign off and
bid Every One a restful evening and especially, restful sleep time.....
hoping that Carolyn got HER restful sleeptime during the day.

Glad that Kay and Penny are feeling OK, and hoping the same for
Glo and Dex....

And that all the bees magically disappear at Andy's - and that the humdinger of a fancy ladder is The Ticket for Ken

Prayers for Wellness Amongst us ALL, and for our Families, Friends, and Pets

God Bless This Nest,
and God Bless Us, Every One
xoxo ♥

Mema Jo said...

Judy - Wow for sure on Turtle Bay~!
Sure brings back such sad memories..
Wish we had that info when our nest lost the eaglet and our Liberty... Could have helped us to understand what was going on but not made it any easier....
The one comment "Females are more aggressive than males and if she did not want him there, he would not be there."

Well Shep is now accepted by all as he has proven himself worthy of Belle.

glo said...

Good night all. I am OK. Knees hurt more than back except when I first go to get up. I think my shoulder arms are going to be a little sore in the morning too. But I am fine. I don't think the gutters had enough water to refreeze and cause more problems in the morning. I do want to get Dex and I to coffee and dog treats but I surely am not up to slipping on any more ice with or without lose dogs right now. CYA in the morning. SED.

Mema Jo said...

Time for me to sign off! SED and AOYP to all!

Good Night ♥

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,
Dropping in to let you know that the bee guy was here. There were 2 vent holes under the eaves that had lost their screening, and that's where the bees got in. The guy treated the bees inside the roof space with something to repel them, or if they stayed there, kill them. He then replaced the screening so no more would get inside. Bless his heart, he did this for free! He said the bees (which he observed for about 30 minutes) were just considering invading our house, but they hadn't moved in yet. He also said we may find a few stragglers for a day or two; if we see them after that, to call him back to check out the situation. What a blessing!
We were expecting a bill of about $800 to $1,000! Phew!

Well, think I'll hit the hay now. My shoulder is giving me some trouble tonight, and I need to get some rest before I do a face plant!
Ken's already sleeping.

Lynne2, that's awesome that you have so many morning glories! Please take some pictures when they bloom!

Have said prayers for everyone. The porch light is on, and both security systems are enabled. Sleep tight, everyone! God bless and goodnight. I love all of you!
♥♥Carolyn & Christy♥♥
I LOVE us!!!

Hoda said...

That is odd I posted from my phone earlier today and it is not here!
Oh Well!!!

I have to read back.

I hope all are well.

paula eagleholic said...

Yes, Turtle Bay is going through our exact same situation, except for how the eaglets died

Judie, I say make the decision sooner rather than done with it and be at peace.

Hoda said...

You are wise JO in your response to JUDIE about the two inside us!
Thank you.

Hoda said...

I agree with PAULA JUDIE. This is what I did. Is it going to affect your pension amount? I left even though it did! It was not worth spending the summer wondering!

Hoda said...

I hope you are all sleeping well and warm and toasty in your abodes.



Jewels said...

Good morning!
Thanks Steve for fresh thread and diagnosing the issue with the cam!!
GLo, I am so sorry about your fall with Dex, What is it with other dogs going after my Momsters and pets?

Judie, I can't wait to see you and get filled in on what is going on... I feel so lost!

Lynne2, I would love to have a morning glory!!

I work the day of the Walk with the birds too. Booo!

Sandi, when is spring break?

Jewels said...

ANdy, glad that guy took care of the bees!!! And for free!! Eeek, Bees and spider in one day! Too much! Smiled when you said it reminded of you mom.

So sad about the eaglets and well the Daddy eagle as well.... Does put the life of a eagle in perspective.

Margy, I did. I slept from 9:30 till 4:30pm. Was great sleep!! Can't wait to do it again!!! LOL
I can remember as a kid, never wanting to go to bed, now its one of my most favorite things to do!!!

Momma Jo, I seen a pic of Michael on FB, holding the baby, he looks amazing!!

Andy, thanks so much for your closing at night incliding my mom, sis and I. That makes me smile each and everytime.

xoxox to you all. Sweet dreams!!

magpie said...

Good to see you here, Sweetness2..

magpie said...

I'm starting to finally head towards the pillows soon, but
how nice to "see you" before I do that

Hope you got that key lime's in a bag with your name on it in the refrigerator ☺

magpie said...

Good Night again,
Precious Pals

xoxox ♥

Jewels said...

i DID, IT WAS SUPER YUMMY!!!!! I emailed you back!

Jewels said...

A suprise to see you on so late!!

magpie said...

Righto...good, Jewels...
tell your supervisor to check for one from me also ☺
hint: check out the Journal for a neat picture !!!

Jewels said...

She knew about the article before it was printed!

Lolly said...

Well....good morning, y'all!! We are home from Dallas and getting ready to head to bed. Jack went to the hockey game with Michael, I took care of Zach while Ash rested. She has a miserable cold! Let me just say this...I (blank) at Guitar Hero!! roflmbo Zach did hard and I did easy and he killed me!!! Had a great time and now I need to get ready and head to bed.

JUDIE, I was thinking the very same this that Paula stated. Retire now...get it over with and enjoy the peace that comes with it!!

Night all! SED!!!

Costume Lady said...

So we all learned something new about eagles, this evening...helpful in understanding what went on when SHEP moved in!

When we finally get to see our babies again, they will have changed so much! So very anxious

Good and prayers for all ~♥~

Sandi said...

Good Tuesday morning my eagle friends!!

Andy, glad to read that the bee fix was an easy - and cheap - one! Now Emma can come home!

Kay, spring break is more than a long weekend - I have ALL next week off!!!

Judie, good luck with your retirement decision - you'll do what's right for you.

Glo and Kay, hope you continue to feel OK!

Prayers for all the needs on our blog, esp. Dana's dad and Lori's dad. Make it a great day!

DanaMo said...

Good morning!! Oly 1.5 days left of school until "spring" break!! We have off the whole next week too Sandi. Holy Thursday, Good Friday and all next week.
Aric comes home tomorrow night. I decided I'm picking him up by myself! That way I get the little quality time I will have with him and not have to share. LOL!

I hope lesson plans don't get checked today. She would be mean to do that! Mine are so messed up with no school yesterday. They were already weird with the short week. Now I don't know that they match up at all!

Prayers for Bev's family. Lori's dad and all who need it.
Hope Kay isn't feeling any residual effects from her brush with the pit bull.

My dad is doing great. The little bandages are starting to fall off on their own and the scar that is being revealed looks great. WOW! God is good!

Well more coffee, shower and find something to wear then I am off.
Wish we could see the nest!

Oh I will post egg pictures on the blog for those not on FB. They look really cool. You can see the blood vessels of the developing duckling!

JudyE said...


T-Bird said...

Good morning my eagle peeps.

Lori said...

Good Morning Eagle fans!

Glad everyone (SANDI and DANAMO) is so happy about Spring Break! What a treat to have a break like that.

GLO, so sorry to add you to the list of those who have fallen lately. I sure hope you're not in great pain and that Dex is okay.

KAY, how are you doing today? And, Penny?

SHARON, did you get to reschedule your doc appointment?

LYNNE2, you're going to have Morning Glories everywhere if they all sprout!

PAULA, are you still finishing up at the furniture store?

JUDYE, what a sad situation at Turtle Bay (?)....but a nice report on nature. I like they way they included that part. Maybe it will ease the pain for the viewers.

BOB, thanks for more awesome BW photos! So glad you like to share them with us!

Have a great day, all! May it be filled with love, light, smiles and joy in your heart!

stronghunter said...


Had a moment to read Steve's message. Good to know the cam is not damaged. Can't wait to see our eagles again as soon as things are repaired.

Janet said...

good morning to all.

i don't have a massage til 1 p.m. so slept til 6;30. woke up confused, thought it was the weekend for a moment.

yoga was great last night. with my illness, then michael not able to watch olivia last week due to a stomach but it had quite literally been a month since i had been to yoga. it was great to be back on that mat!

it snowed last night, but we received only a dusting. winter's last hurrah. our typical temps, in the mid 60's are slated to return next week---when spring break is over. it will be hard to image then, in the spring time sun, today, cold, 35, cloudy and snow. again, march is fickle.

the birds are feasting on sunflower seeds this morning. when i am up alone, i do not turn the tv on but listen to the birds outside of the window. i love their sounds.

so sad about the eaglets that were killed. it is hard for us as humans to understand the doings of just accept with judgment or expectation....

i am wishing each of you a fabulous day. i will check in later. light, love, hugs, and smiles to all. :)

stronghunter said...

Hunter has a two-hour delay today, and I have bowling, so I need to see if will can help out with seeing Hunter off to school.

Will return later.

Janet said...

strong hunger: enjoy bowling. remember the point is to have fun....relax and enjoy!

Lynne2 said...

Good Morning!

Lori, the morning glories ARE sprouted and I'd be happy to send you a few!

Jewels...I'll send you some! Email me your addy.

Well, I think the Eaglet Momsters have an important issue to vote on.

Should Judie give retirement notice NOW or Later.

I vote NOW!!!

Lori said...

LYNNE2, I have MG's that sprout every year from the previous year.

Lori said...

LYNNE2, thanks for the offer!

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning my eagle budlets.

glo said...

Good morning all. Dex and I are home safely form coffee and dog treats :-) No ice or wandering dogs to deal with today. A few sore muscles and one bruised knee. All is well enough. I need to run some errands today. It might be near 40. Sort of afraid to say spring is here BUT it might be. RETIRE NOW thats my vote. Prayers for all. HAGD,

DanaMo said...

Posted the duck egg pictures on my picture blog. Really cool to see. I never took a picture before of candling. It is really clear on the duck eggs, the chicks were never this clear.

At school and wishing break started today.

grannyblt said...

Morning all. Thanks to Steve and all the crew that are working to restore our camera.
It is not snowing here today, but there is plenty of white on the grassy surfaces. Maybe April will bring a good hint of spring.
Happy Passover to those celebrating.
Positive thoughts for all today.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning - the sun is shinning and I just wish the temps would rise also.

I am off to lunch and an egg hunt out at Jenny's home - Kristen and her 2 daughters and their children (6 greats for me) will be there! I am very excited to be able to see them all at the same time!

Lori did I miss a photo of the newest quilt that you and your mom made????

Costume Lady said...


The sun is shining, snow is nearly gone and it is above freezing, 40°. For the next 4 or 5 days, it will be in the 40s and 50s, but still freezing temps at night...Belle will take care of that!

STEVE is doing a fine job of keeping us updated on the status of the CAM. I know we all would be HYSTERICAL if it weren't for him informing us!

glo said...

Ha Ha Wanda Steve knows that too!!!

Costume Lady said...

You are right, GLO... we have gotten hysterical a time or two, in the past. LOL

Lori said...

JO, you didn't miss a picture of the chicken quilt. It's not quilted yet, but I guess I could take a picture of the quilt top and get it up!

Have a great day with all the GG's! An egg hunt sounds fun! :)

Bird Girl said...

Thank you for working to get the cam back online! You know how badly we all miss watching Hedgie and Shamrock!

Lolly said...

Good morning! Still have 28 minutes of morning left here! Went to bed so late and then slept really late. About 4AM Annie went to the utility room. Bless her heart....this time she went to our bathroom to do her yowling, man did it echo in there!!! I promptly got her and took her to the utility room at the other end of the house.

Zach story! We got to their house before he got home. His nana brought him home from his therapy. (Side story...I said "Hi Mary Ann!" She never acknowledged me!!! Grrrrr!) Anyway, he came running to me and gave me a big hug. Then promptly drug me into the study to the computer..."Do you want to go the blog or play games?" he asked me. Well we played a Disney game. Jack came in and Zach shewed him away "This is a Grandmommy and me thing", he said. We died laughing. Jack pretended to have hurt feelings, but Zach knew it was all an act.

Lolly said...

They are working on not letting Zach gain anymore weight as he grows taller. Avoiding using the word diet. He is over weight and that is because they stuffed him as an infant. Truly! He is a hardy eater! So, to keep things simple I took over a rotisserie chicken and a veggie salad. He did not want the salad but he ate the chicken, some fruit, and a huge bowl of peas. He put the apron and chef's hat on me. They are Michael's and he put on his.
Therefore the picture on fb. We were heating food in the microwave.

Lolly said...

Time for me to walk....later Gators!

grannyblt said...

New thread

magpie said...

Loving's to you Lolly,
I always Enjoy the Zach and Jack Grandmommy tale,
enjoyed your late night one also.

Eventually Zach will probably get the growth my grandson James....and overweight might not
even be a word in the vocabulary

xo ♥

magpie said...

Thanks to grannyblt for the New Thread Alert.... !!!