Thursday, February 28, 2013


New thread.


Lori said...

Thanks you, STEVE for the new thread.

I'll go call the others!

Lori said...

Welcome to the almost Friday thread!

DANAMO, that's such great news about your Dad's surgery! Hopefully he will heal quickly.

SHARON, thinking of you and your MRI tomorrow. Hoping you sleep through it and get some answers.

LOLLY, have you decided what kind of roses you want. I love choosing roses!

WV sUSAn said...

Thank ya, Lori and thanks to Steve for a new thread.

A feather for you, Lori!!

Lori said...

That's I have three feathers...still a ways to go to catch up to MARGY'S mini head dress! :)

WV sUSAn said...

From the other thread....

Dana, great news!!! Yippeeeee

Sharon, hoping for a good outcome for your pain.

WV sUSAn said...

Oh yes, Lori, Margy's working on a headdress. hehehe She's going to need to collect a lot of feathers for it to hang longer than her hair.

Lolly said...

Eaglets again in view at BW!

Lolly said...

Thanks, Steve for the new thread!!

Cute little ones!!!

No, Lori, not sure but thinking about just going with knockout roses to have blooms all the time.

Lolly said...

Still no third hatch, but these two are being fed regularly! Wahooo! Here's to a successful year at BW!!!

Hoda said...

Well TERRIFIC news on DANA'S DAD'S surgery. Sounds long 3.5 hours but am glad the report said not glitches during that time and that everything is solid.

PRAYERS continue.

SHAR thinking of you and surrounding you in the LIGHT for tomorrow's MRI. I hope all goes well and they get to the bottom of it all. It has been going on long enough now...HEALING PRAYERS SHAR.

Was hoping to hear from SANDI about her day and putting her in the LIGHT too. I know the angst and the nervous energy it takes to go through something like it.

Hoda said...

Skiing was very good today and I found myself handling hills and it was OK...No falling rule applied. Working on balance and endurance for the rest of the season I think...

JANET sorry you are not feeling well and my respect and admiration for looking after yourself and your clients but hearing the stop. So you will not participate in the 16 hour workshop this weekend then?
Dr said time off till Monday...

How is your MIL and your family dealing with it? You mentioned your son and your wife were not doing so well...healing thoughts to MIL.

Hoda said...

Oh LOLLY I need a gardening question. I planted some bulbs in a container this autumn. When do I start to water them? They did not get any snow and I was wondering as things get warmer in March if I should water? What do you think?

Kay said...

Here to express ♫ Happy Birthday ♫ thoughts for JERRY and assurance that prayers are still be said for his family members !

What a relief it is to get DANA's good report on her Dad ! God is good !

He'll be with you tomorrow SHAR and we'll be waiting for word on the results. Here's hoping there will be an easy fix for you !

So happy, too, read that ANDY is feeling better and that LOLLY has found a super duper dentist. Also glad Laurel and family have recovered nicely !

SANDI, I'm heartsick to read of the problem you're having to deal with. Others have given advice so I'll just say my thoughts and prayers are with you, one of our great teachers !!!!

Thanks again for all the good Belle n' Shep reports ! I ♥ our birds and I ♥ US ! Prayers abound for all in need !


Hoda said...

THIS from DANA on FB:

Still waiting for dad to go to a room. This is starting to get aggravating. We are so done with this waiting we just want to see dad! Margaret Stefano Hagelberg

Hoda said...

OK off to deal with the kitchen!!! Enough time on the computer.

Signed up to cooking class tonight. Gluten Free cooking. I am looking forward to finding out how to do this.

Sandi said...

Good afternoon/evening all! Sorry to be so vague yesterday but I was just totally drained by the end of the school day!

Thanks to all of you for your show of support and your prayers on my behalf!! In a way, the prayers have paid off very quickly but, before I share details, I want to explain why I called an attorney. I have not been a member of a teachers union for about 15 years. I got very tired of watching lazy teachers walk into school with the kids in the AM, and walk out with the kids in the PM with no books/papers in their hands. Their philosophy was, "If the work doesn't get done during my school day, then it isn't getting done!" And yet, b/c they paid their union dues, they were protected. In my resignation letter to the union president, I told him that, when a teacher's union was created that only allowed hard-working teachers to join, teachers who recognize that teaching is not an 8am - 4pm job, then I would be first in line to join.

So, when we moved here 7 years ago, I didn't join the union. I see those same lazy teachers at this school. The downside to not being in the union is that I don't have access to the union's attorneys. But I only called (a personal friend of a teacher in my hallway) to ask a few questions and had to leave my name and number on his voicemail - no charge for that!

Anyway, getting back to how everyone's prayers and positive energy "worked," today I found out that this parent is alleging that her son has been picked on/bullied by his teachers for the entire 3 years that he has been in the school! So she is not just going after me - she is going after about 20 teachers. My department chair is convinced she's looking for a payout.

There is a meeting scheduled for next Monday at our school with the superintendent of the district, the asst. superintendent, our principal, asst. principal and the special ed. chair. The parent will be attending with her "experts," 2 ladies from an organization called the Minority Action Committee. At the meeting, I guess the parent will lay out her case against the school. But this is really not a personal battle that I have to fight! Huge relief!

So glad to hear that Dana's dad's surgery went well today. What a long, exhausting day it has been for Dana and her mom!

OK, sorry for the long-winded post but I wanted to give everyone an update. Time to fix food for people and pets. Later!

DanaMo said...

Good evening. Dad is cut open from the chest cavity to the pelvic area. Huge surgery!! Still waiting for him to get into a room. Getting very impatient. Just want to see him and get on the road back to Hagestown. It's getting late and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to drive in the dark. On top of it, Aric has been sitting here all day and I feel bad for him.

Sandi said...

oops forgot to check the box!

magpie said...

Good Report, Dana...that is a HUGE surgery, hence, maybe the HUGE waiting for him to get into a regular room....lots of post-op
Hang in there....Aric will be just Mother, Like Son.
xoxo Prayers continuing....xo ♥

magpie said...

Thank you for the report and update, glad to read you are not the only being challenged.....and also sorry that ANYONE is being challenged..
surely the parent will have to come up with some facts and details....
Best Wishes on all this....
We're Still behind you and will remain behind and with you all the way
(( Hugs ♥ ))

magpie said...

start designing the Headdress,
Thanks for the callover
Thanks to Steve for this
New Thread

magpie said...

Hoda, always admire all the many
healthy and beneficial things you are doing, for yourself, and for
OTHERS, including us'ns here

magpie said...

I like Glo's suggestion ro Lynne2 about disguising boxes with not needed now items, with a pretty scarf or coverlet and making them be tables for awhile...
Oh, I have done that and continue
to do so..
Lynne2: I can send you some of these things ☺

magpie said...

Will be thinking of Sharon in the morning at 9:15 sharp and before then as well....
and hoping the result lead to
positive, comfortable, and acceptable treatment options

magpie said...

wanting to hear from Wanda...going on a couple of days now...

also hoping to hear that
"light-headed" Jo ☺ got some Rebecca baby time today !

magpie said...

And with that I move aside and leave room for others...

Thinking of all....

RED FRIDAY coming up along
with the FIRST day of March ☺
but sadly, it is my last official day working with Jewels...we are all bringing food in for a Farewell Banquet for this particular's been a fun ride....several of the present work crew are going to other shifts
:( Sniff, Sigh, and WOOF !

xo ttfn ♥

Hoda said...

WANDA was on FB just a little while ago MARGY.

SANDI I am so happy to hear from you and you have a team with you and I am sorry the mother is so angry and getting in the way of the professionals who are trying to help her son.
I hear you on unions...I did not have the option to resign and continue to be a teacher when we went on strike in Alberta. I also legally according to union rules was not allowed to cross the picket lines without very hefty fines imposed by the union and they wanted to collect while we were on strike and not collecting a salary. The one and only time in my career and thank God it was the year I decided I had had enough and that I was leaving in June...

PRYAERS for SHAR for sure.

Lolly said...

Sandi, the situation now sounds more like Laurel's, not an indiviual attack. We do no have teacher unions here. But, I was a member of ATPE, Assos. of Tex Professional Educators. Proud to be assosiated with them and legal help was provided if neccessary. Hear you about teachers that walk out at 4!!! Grrrrr! I never taught with a great team. The other kndg teacher walked out as soon as she was allowed. Oh, and could I ever tell tales on her. She was mainly my reason for early retirement.

Lolly said...

That was supposed to be "do not"!!

Mema Jo said...

I just had my first meeting with my ggd, REBECCA (BECCA) She seems so tiny - just an armful! Longest fingers ever! She'll be musical. She is now 1 mo and 4 days old!

I love my grand babies!

Dana - that sure sounds like major surgery! I'm sure you will be on the road home soon - Prayers and hugs ♥

Mema Jo said...

Sandi - thanks for the update
Sounds better now then yesterday when you thought you were the only target


magpie said...

wonderful, Jo!
Was hoping to hear about this happy meeting

Hoda, Thanks about Wanda, on FB

Thinking of Janet tonight and over the next few days with her illness, so sorry....
Germs Hate load it up, Janet !

magpie said...

I frequently check the Blackwater Osprey cam checking for owls at night....
Check out BWO -
there are two picture of GHO and one of a Barn Owl....they were on the platform within Six minutes of each other last night between 8
and 8:30....
Wowser !

magpie said...

And another round of
Evening Birthday Wishes for our WV Jerry...Hope it has been a GREAT Day, Jerry xo ♥ ☺

Hoda said...

Well kitchen cleaned...check
receipts recorded...check
cheque book and receipst reconciled...check

Ready to pay March bills and budget...

Life is so good and so full of abundance it is amazing.


Today we spoke of the idea of going up to the Whitewater/ski hill restaurant for lunch in March. We take the ski lift to go up there and it should provide beautiful vista.So it is one of the things I need to budget for and I am so excited about that. I will take pictures.

I will go read back after I post...LOLLY did you answer my question about watering bulbs?

Judie said...

May be too late but want to let Shar know to ask for ear plugs and to ask that the MRI tech speak to her occasionally. MRI process can be very claustrophobic and the noise is very loud. Need to know a person is there and can stop the procedure if you really panic inside that tube.

See that DanaMo's dad's surgery was over hours ago. So wishing him a restful night and the family can get some rest.

Oh so happy Jo had some Becca time. Those kidlets have no idea how loved they are.

BBL unless I fall down asleep.

magpie said...

GHO at BWO now !

Hoda said...

JO So so so cute about the Grand Daughter. How lucky you are. It is magical to hold a new born babe.Just magical...May she have a blessed life full of love and Light.

magpie said...

was there for four or five
the Great Horned Owl, was at BWO

Hoda said...

JUDIE...NO FALLING DOWN asleep or otherwise!!! I hope you do fall asleep and sleep soundly and have sweet dreams. Needed to catch you up on the fall down and your pretty do might just get too sure of yourself and in not watching you would fall down. LOVE YOU AND WANT FOR YOU TO STAY SAFE.

Hoda said...

Off to cooking class

JudyE said...

Home from evening with family to find a new thread


Got some good pictures of the eagle at the park and a video too

Lolly said...

Oh, I love holding new borns!! The younger the better! Absolutely blessed to see Joseph and Jacob arrive in this world!!

Sorry, Hoda, let that one slip by me. I would imagine that it is time to water the bulb, Hodda. I planted my bulbs outside and they started getting water about two months ago. They are starting to bloom.

DanaMo said...

Made it home.
Thanks for the prayers everyone.
Having an Amstel and hitting the hay!

DanaMo said...

My brothers response was "ok awesome". Nothing else, so I texted again, You still panning to come after work tomorrow? that was at 5:07 he never answered me. Guess that's my answer.
Mom told me not to even bother, but I don't want to ever be accused of withholding information or not sharing news with him so I passed along what was happening.
Not really sure what is wrong with him. Just doesn't make any sense. Not the man I knew.

magpie said...

Wishing you peace with your brother, DanaMo....
could it be profound depression....
sometimes that can sure make people be withdrawn and not able to "come out" and be there for...
I hope and pray for some answers and relief for all that...
But more for now, Prayers and Positive Thoughts for your Dad with his recovery, and ALL your family xo ♥

magpie said...

Good Night, Precious Pals

Prayers for Wellness ALL Around, in all our Eagle Corners

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox ♥

Lynne2 said...

Evening all!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERRY! HOPE YOU HAVE HAD A VERY GOOD ONE! And prayers for successful surgery for your mother in law today!

WOW, glad to read the Dana's dad had a good surgery!

Sandi,good for you regarding the Teacher's Union! Wow, unions were such a good thing when they were created...and now, GRRRRRRRRRRR!

Jo, "feeling light headed" . ROFLMBO! SO glad you got to finally meet and hold Becca today!!

Also ROFLMBO regarding Lolly thinking the 57 is too cold to work outside....!!!!!! I WISH it was that warm here!

Hope you feel better very soon Janet! And to you and GLo....I do try to stay calm. It's not easy!

Lynne2 said...

Sorry about your brother Dana. I agree with Margy. I suspect something terrible is going on, quite possibly profound depression. You keep doing the right things. And pray for him, too. I'm sure he needs it badly.

magpie said...

be sure to alert us to
Meteorological Spring
That's your specialty!

Lolly said...

Yes, it was sun shiney today, but just felt cold. I have been feeling very cold lately. hmmm??? I did go out, fed the fish, cleaned the pond a little, and then harvested a bucket of dandelions. (for the garbage, do not eat them!)

Talked with Laurel. She still is not feeling good. Today her stomach was bothering her. Spring break is two weeks away. Anxious for it so she can get some rest. She is just totally exhausted and will not get well like this!!

Lolly said...

Watched AI tonight. I predict a girl will win this year. Also, she is surely in last weeks group of girls. Not impressed at all with the girls or the boys this week.

Going to read for a while. Going to pull a blanket over my legs and veg!!

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Glad to hear that Dana's father is out of surgery. Sorry that the family has to wait so long to see him. Those waits at the hospital can be so long.

Sounds like you are getting support, Sandi, and that you are not facing this issue alone. There are always some parents that cannot be pleased. Or sometimes they do not want to be pleased. Some have an agenda, some are just difficult people. Have known a few of those myself.

Hope you will not have to deal with this one again another year. I guess he will go on to the high school in another year.

stronghunter said...

So sorry about your brother, Dana. Perhaps depression is the problem.

stronghunter said...

Kathryn came home all happy today. She is getting recognition for her good work. I knew things had gotten negative at the old job, but I don't think either one of us knew how much better it could be elsewhere.

Lynne2 said...

OH, is the LAST DAY of Meteorological Winter!!!!! The 3 coldest months of the year will now be behind us!

Mema Jo said...

Dana I pray for you to have a peaceful sleep ♥

I have had a good day - holding Rebecca was just wonderful. Such a tiny little miracle.

Blessings to all of you
Sharon - tomorrow may you find answers to get relief from all pain.

I love us ♥ Good Night ♥

Lynne2 said...

I saw Kathryn's post on FB Shirely! Very happy for her!

Lolly, I sure hope Laurel DOES get some good rest on her spring break...she certainly deserves it!

Lynne2 said...

Margy, MD birding FB page reporting TUNDRA SWANS heading north!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,
Dropping in to say hello before I manage to fall asleep in front of the TV.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JERRY!! Hope you've had a wonderful day!

DanaMo, so glad to hear your Dad made it through the surgery with flying colors. Prayers for a rapid recovery!

My goofy shoulder has been bothering me more today, so have been laying low, so to speak. Can't wait to see the doctor on Monday!

Shar, hope you get to feeling better really soon.

Jo, so glad you got to hold little Becca! Aren't brand new little people just marvelous?!!

Well, have to pay a couple of bills online, and then run from this computer, which isn't really agreeing with my shoulder tonight.
Have said prayers for everyone,
and the porch light is on. Both security systems are enabled. Sleep well, everyone, with SED. God bless, and goodnight. I love all of you!
♥♥Missing Lynn♥♥
♥♥Carolyn & Christie♥♥
I ♥ us!

Lynne2 said...

Andy, wow, too long in too much pain. Good grief I hope there is relief in sight.

paula eagleholic said...

Howdy all.

Worked till 7, then met Larry for dinner. Have been working on getting more stuff ready for Goodwill, have another round to put in the car yet tonight...gotta take out the recyclables, etc etc.

Gonna finish those chores and hit the hay.

Caught up on today's news, most of it good!

SED, love and hugs to all ♥

Lynne2 said...

Peepers are peeping on the Eastern Shore!

Lynne2 said...

45 minutes til METEOROLOGICAL SPRING!!!!

Lynne2 said...

Need to get to bed. Will check in from work tomorrow!

Good night and prayers for all!

Hoda said...

It is now Meteorokogical pick up on HRH LYNNE'S post.

Congratulations to KATHRYN SHIRLEY on the recognition.

DANA glad you are home and hope by now you are rested and asleep.
Don't have your Bro drain your energy in your trying to understand him. You are not responsible for him and it is his karma that he will have to work out...let it go.

Very good cooking class. Lots of gluten free recipes including lazagne, vegetarian burger and cookies brownies and a wonderful spread...learnt a lot about how gluten free and wheat free are not the same thing and how they are often tied to lactose intolerance also...

Raining here and on the Mountains it is snow.

Ate too much.

Will be up for a while yet.

stronghunter said...

Kathryn sent me a couple of e-mails that were sent out to the whole company about some things she wrote that met with great approval. They named her "Queen for the Day" and remarked about the fact she's a rookie at this company.

This after having worked where the boss yelled at her, then could not understand why she was upset.

stronghunter said...

And on that happy note, I will say good night. SED, everyone.

Hoda said...

SED SHIRLEY Good on Kathryn.

Lolly said...

So very happy for is too short to be unhappy at work.

If Laurel had had a girl she would have been Catherine, Catherine Allison to be exact but she never came to be. Laurel had it planned to call her Caty, pronounced like Katy. I told her people would not pronounce it that way. lol

My turn to get ready for bed.

Prayers for fast recovery for Dana's dad.

Night all! SED!!!

Hoda said...

All is well at the nest.



Costume Lady said...

Stopping by before I go to bed.
GG was feeling much better today, after having 3 teeth pulled (one had to be surgically removed). Still can eat only soft foods. She has her temporary bridge in and is quite happy with the way it looks. Told her that her permanent bridge will look better and she said she can't imagine anything looking any better than what she has right now:)

Hoping it doesn't snow tomorrow so that we can have our Family Friday!

I guess everyone is asleep at this hour, so I will say good night and send blessings and love to each and everyone♥

DanaMo said...

Mom already called this morning. She knows my schedule :) Dad had a good night. They will get him up today and into a chair, and probably a walk down the hallway! WOW amazing.

Thank you all for the prayers and support I really appreciate your friendship.

Sandi-sorry that you are involved in a nasty going on at school. Seriously, our job would be so much nicer to do without all the stuff that we have to deal with.

I know I've missed alot being off for a few days.

Megan, I love, love your "flower plan". I am seriously considering signing up and if I do my mom might as well. The only thing holding her back was picking up each Thursday, but if I pick mine up I could get hers too. I will let you know.

Aric sat with us all day. What a trooper and I forgot his PSP (game system). I felt so bad for him, he really had nothing to do! Frizz is very happy to see him though, and got to sleep with him last night :)

So glad it's Friday. Dr. Seuss today in my costume and Mass this morning as well. I guess I will take my hat off for Mass :)

Sandi said...

Good Friday, the first day of March morning Dana and all my eagle friends!

Dana, so happy that your dad had a good night! Thanks for keeping us posted!

Jo, glad you finally got to jold that new baby! saw the pics on FB last night! What a cutie pie!

Andy, sorry to hear that shoulder is giving you a fit again! Hope the doc can come up with a quick solution!

Prayers for answers and pain relief for Sharon today!

Make it a great day all!

Sandi said...

Belle calling out! Still on the eggs so it doesn't look like she's upset. Must just want a break!

WVJerry said...

Good morning everyone. Just want to say thank you to one and all for the nice Happy Birthday wishes. It means a lot when people take the time from their busy lives to wish someone to have a special day. Thanks again. Hope all is well and will be well with you and yours. Sandi and DanaMo - hope you all have good days. Take care all.

magpie said...

Best Wishes for a Good Day for all,
RED Friday, and first day of
Meteorological Spring (wow that is a tough word to type!)

Thanks Lynne2 for the Tundra Swans and Peepers report :)

Special Thoughts and Prayers for
Sharon this morning....MRI coming up this morning

And Special Thoughts for all our
very dear needs

xoxox ♥

grannyblt said...

BW Mom feeding 2 eaglets right now

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning my eagle budlets. My MRI is at 9:15 and my hill is covered in snow and ice. :( I am hoping the salt truck comes before long.

stronghunter said...

Good morning!

Going to head out to the bowling alley this morning. Meeting a teammate there for some practice.

T-Bird said...

Good morning my eagle peeps.

Lori said...

Good Morning Eaglet and Eagle Fans!

SHARON, I hope your hill gets treated before you have to go for your MRI. Praying it goes well for you and you get some answers and relief!

JO, so glad you got to hold little Becca! So tiny and long fingers - you're right, she'll be a musician! Wish I had seen the FB pic. Missed it.

DANAMO, Praises that your Dad had a good night. Prayers for a quick healing, and love those great comments the doctor had. Do we have a pic of you dressed up today? That's such a cute costume!

SANDI, so glad to hear that you're not alone in the parent attack! Respect your stand on unions.

JANET, hope you're feeling better today - REST like the doc said!

ANDY, take it easy on your shoulder. That seemed to give you some relief - at least until you see the doc on Monday.

LOLLY, sorry Laurel is feeling poorly. Maybe she'll get to rest this weekend. You're such a good Mom!

Prayers for everyone in need, and for all to have a great day full of love, light, joy and smiles! :)

Lori said...

Not much new here. Dad is still the same, maybe slowly, slowly improving. It's been 6 weeks today that he had his surgery. I think the depression is getting the best of him. Wish the medication would kick in - it's been a week for that.

Mom and I, of course, took care of Dad yesterday, then in between worked on two quilts, one for each of us...a chicken quilt! It's going to be very cute.

HODA, glad you enjoyed your gluten free cooking class. Gosh, you do so much! What kind of bulbs did you plant?

Mema Jo said...

Good Morning ♥

Sharon - perhaps they could reschedule for this afternoon for your MRI -

Dana - praying your dad had a good night - ICU will certainly take care of him. Prayers for your mom.

Expecting a visit today from family - bringing some flowers!


Mema Jo said...

Happy birthday to our Miracle Gal, Tori - Enjoy your day young lady

Judie said...

Good morning and happy March 1st.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI ♪♫ Wishing you the most special of days.

Shep quietly on duty and tucking flugg.

Sharon, hope the street has been/will be cleared in time for you to get to the MRI appt.

DanaMo, glad you dad is doing well and getting him upright and moving helps prevent complications. It's a really good thing. Your brother = Not You!

See Cyclone Shirley is off to the ally again - have fun. Such good news from Kathryn. So glad she made the change.

Wanda, tell Miss G.G. that I think she couldn't look prettier new bridge/teeth or not. She is just too cute. Wishing a good Family Friday for all.

Finally, did anyone else notice that Hoda's cooking class included brownies? lol You Go Girl!

Off to get more coffee, newspaper, then to the grossery for weekend victuals.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

glo said...

Good morning all. I hope your day goes well. I need a break. I don't know where to go to get it though hmmm

Lori said...

GLO, hope today can be a restful day for you to get your break. Big Hugs!


glo said...

Happy Birthday Tori Off to get some groceries.

magpie said...

I see two eggs on the still cam
and one big parent

Happy Birthday to Tori...
xoxox Best Wishes for a Super Day and a Dynamite Year to follow xoxo

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

I made it for my MRI. It was open and only took 20 minutes. I am so grateful.

Lolly said...

Good morning!! Happy Birthday to Tori!!!

42 here, saw 34 earlier. Maybe we will not get the roses today, not unless it warms up a bit.

Thinking of Sharon. Hope the salt truck came along!

Nothing much on the agenda here. Have some sewing to do. Found some material in the closet that I had used for drapes at Laurel's old house. So...I am covering pillows for her new house. She will be surprised.

Lori, we will need pictures of the quilts you and your mom are working on. Prayers for your dad that the meds kick in!!

Lolly said...

Whoa....there is Sharon and she made it out! Yea!

Janet said...

good morning all. its late for me. i have been up since 6:30 but pretty much felt as if someone beat me with a baseball bat. i'm feeling somewhat subhuman and functional now.

HODA: no i will not be able to attend my classes this weekend! :P i have already contacted my friend / owner of the school and she will refund my $ minus a small fee. i don't think i could handle taking a 16 hour class the way i feel right now...and i don't want to spread this to anyone else!

SANDI: your work ethic sounds simliar to mind. one of my pet peeves is people not doing their job...even it it goes above and beyond "work hours". and teaching is one of those professions that of course, work hours are fuzzy. good for you. i am glad that it isn't just you that is being pursued...and she probably is looking for a pay out. (((HUGS)))) and support to you !

DANAMO: so glad of the positive outcome for your dad. will continue to send light, love and healing! as for your judye and i know all too well, dealing with a sibling that is a jerk is energy-zapping and emotional. the others on here are right, it could be a number of things causing him to withdraw...but none of that makes it any easier on you. ((((Hugs))))

JO: so glad you got to hold the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i too love my grandyoung en's....

TORI: happy birthday!

As for me, no plans for today. Kiddo is in school Tom just got home. I plan to lie low and chill. lots of hot tea....juice, water, whatever. its been a while since i've been this puny for so long. i'm watching the snow showers....and now, the sun is out. my birds are out there eating the suet and sunflower seeds....just be glad when i am back to normal!

will touch base later. hugs, light, smiles, and love to all

magpie said...

Well, Hallelujah, Sharon...
BWE Babies are getting fed
and are totally adorable today

magpie said...

Get your rest, more rest, and more rest, Janet...

hope you feel better soon

I think Wanda and the gang are good to go for Friday Night Family Fun...don't see any
snow predictions...

JudyE said...

HELLOOOOO my fine feathered eaglebudlets Got up and was a good girl didn't go to the puter till just now Got only a little bit done but better that nutten

magpie said...

good for you, JudyE,
takes a lot of willpower sometimes
[for me] can't speak for everyone on that...
enjoy your day off


Mema Jo said...

Good news Sharon! Now for the results! Ta Da ♥

JudyE said...

feeding time atBW

Mema Jo said...

I've been watching all the robins this morning out in the yard. They are over everything - but then No Snow here.
I'll be happy when the grasses turn green and fresh looking.

Lori - will love seeing you and your mom's quilts!

Janet - hope you will feel up to snuff soon.

Hey there Judie! ENJOY YOUR DAY!

JudyE said...

soo sooo sad a man was in his bed and a sink hole developed about 20 feet opened up and swallowed up the bed where the man was The family woke up hearing a noise like a car crash and ran to see and saw the hole and the bed in the hole the brother jumped in to find his brother and they can't find him If you look on the outside of the house no cracks or structural damage at all only in the one bedroom So so sad

JudyE said...

and they just had a inspection on the house for sink hole coverage

JudyE said...

I have a short video and a couple of picture from the park yesterday of the eagle Eagle in flight and one on tower

JudyE said...

60° out now should be the high for the day this weednd is suppose to be yuky and rainy and cold Front should be all they way through So will enjoy the day at the park Angie will pick Jordyn up at my house later this evening She has a appt in Tampa She is performing the marriage of one of her friends and they are meeting the day before for the rehearsal

JudyE said...

BELLE is on the edge of the nest I see feetsies

JudyE said...

GUESS WHAT????????????

JudyE said...

.♥ ♥NEW THREAD ♥ ♥.

.♥ ♥NEW THREAD ♥ ♥.

.♥ ♥NEW THREAD ♥ ♥.