Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Evening thread.


NatureNut said...

Wow, Steve. Thank you for new thread!!

wvgal_dana said...

Steve we were wondering if you was OK. Glad to see the new thread thank you.

NatureNut said...

Hi, Dana. I hollered at everybody ☺

wvgal_dana said...

Shirley so glad that other teacher has him in a front row and that he is being watched. No way to start a school year.
Essence got it together but guys seem to be different.

Paula thank you so much for the link. I looked through all the pics and enjoye voting. Yes your guy did get my vote. HIS PICTURE IS A #'er 1 in my book. Hoping he WINS!!!

hedgie said...

Good....new thread is much easier to follow!!
Time for my show....HawthoRNe. BBL.

wvgal_dana said...

Glad our eagles still come to nest. It makes for a nice surprise for us. (:

I bet Wanda is beat! Prayers for her poor knees and blisters.

I'm going to put my feet up as Mema Jo would say.
bbl to check in

NatureNut said...

Today at Park there are not very many ospreys still around, but had door open (so a wolf spider might go out!!)and heard those chirps. Then there was a different sound. Our Maintenance Dir. drove up and said an eagle and an osprey were fighting! I just got a glimpse and looked like the eagle was chasing the osprey. That was the interesting event of the day. (Our Dir. was able to get Spidey outside. At least he didn't move much but was on cabinet next to fridge. Lunch would have been tricky!)

stronghunter said...

About ready to head upstairs. I will see you tomorrow at some point. Good night.

NatureNut said...

Another surprise this evening---one of our old ('66 Charger)cars that was sold to stepson in TN was in the driveway. He went to show w/it in Canada and stopped on way home. Who knew? Glad I picked up good dinner fixings at grocery after work!
Only problem is that older cat who is the toughy, we thought, has been next to washer in basement for over 4 hrs!!

stronghunter said...

Thanks for your concern and support regarding the young man. For his sake and the sakes of others, I hope he gets things turned around this year. He is repeating English 11, and his teacher has already told him that he will not be a senior until he passes.

Mema Jo said...

Wow! Surprised me with a new thread.
I just finished a TV show and need to catch up.

Thanks Steve

Lolly said...

The new thread surprised me too!

Paula, thanks for telling us about that photographer. I voted and hope others do as well. I love his pictures. The color is just beautiful and his videos made me anxious for new ones in our nest. lol I want our cam to have color like that!!

wvgal_dana said...

Loretta don't like the sound of a wolf spider.

Exciting and Osprey and Eagle...now who would have thought those two would ever get into a fight. Wonder which won and could it have been over a fish.

Take care Shirely hope tomorrow that kid gives everyone plus his self a better day.

Lolly said...

Shirley, wish you the best for the new year!

So glad you reported the student to an administrator. He should NOT be allowed to talk that way!

wvgal_dana said...

Loretta that car showing up from all that way is really neat bet you was surprised.

paula eagleholic said...

Spidey is out!

Mema Jo said...

I have had a very busy eventful day
First: Sophia 4yr old Hedgesville ggd
I have an Eagle Head bank-it's pretty large setting on my kitchen half wall -As Sophia passes she looks at me and asks
"Is that Palmer" - Love that kid!

Alexis - her first day for Kindergarten is tomorrow. I'll have pics/video.

Mema Jo said...

Paula - I voted on the picture and

I hope you are going to tell us before you leave for the night just what
goodies are in that picture on FB

Mema Jo said...

There is a family birthday today - my newlywed gd turns 27 today. Heather got lots of well wishes on FB - These grandkids are getting older!

Mema Jo said...

I was so happy to read Judie's comments today - Sounded so good.
Judie, my prayers for your good health to return to you are going to be answered - I just know they are!

Wanda - Please get up off your knees.
You need to have this Friday nights family get together at your house - Call it a 'New Floor Shindig'
You should have lots of help getting it done!

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - If you can save/influence but one child a year - Go For It!

Lolly, I know the challenge Laurel has in front of her - a 6th grader going on 24! I pray for Laurel to be able to turn that young lady around so that she doesn't get wasted and miss out on a good life.

hedgie said...

Loretta, quite an exciting day for you all around!!! Could have done without the giant Boris, tho', right?? And nice surprise from son!!

LOL.....I got after Wanda this AM for being on her knees working on that floor....she swears it did not hurt!!

Lolly said...

Laurel had a good second day. No problems and the AC was working. Also tonight while she was at Joseph's soccer practice it was 81, not the 105 it was yesterday for Jacob's t ball practice!

Jack and I walked around a little this evening after dinner. It was so nice!! It has been so hot for so long that we forgot that it is pleasant to be outside.

Lolly said...

We get the trailer tomorrow to get ready for our weekend trip to A&M for the volleyball tournament.

Lolly said...

Good for you, Lynn!! Get after Wanda!! Grrrr! It may not have hurt but it certainly was not doing here knees any good!

Lolly said...

Her not here!

NatureNut said...

Sending strong and positive vibes to all our teachers for some success with students who need input!
All of you do such an important job.

I may not get to stay on here--gotta do nails and I can't type anyway.
Fubby put on gloves to extricate cat from behind washer, then closed the door to laundry room. She stayed in rec room for awhile & finally came upstairs!Both are very happy inspecting all of Frankie's packages, especially box full of wires!--he had to bring them in 'cuz trunk leaked.
Hopefully all will bed down and Pleasant Feather Dreams to all ;>)

hedgie said...

Goodnight, Loretta! Funny how men can be so taken by a box of wires!!! So I take it that Frankie is spending the night?

paula eagleholic said...

Lowreeda, what a nice surprise from your son! Bet that was neat seeing the eagle chase the osprey!

Mema Jo said...

Darn Paula - your dogs eat well! lol

paula eagleholic said...

I hear a train...NO Sharon, not that train...a real train! Still have live feed up, listening to crickets...think the cicadas are gone...

OK, got to put away the clean dishes and clean clothes and I am done for the night.

Michael and I are picking up his car tomorrow night, then we are going out to dinner.

paula eagleholic said...

LOL, not always, JO! I bought a tub of frozen dog biscuit mix from one of those Joe Corbi fundraisers, along with some frozen cookie dough. The dogs just love 'their cookies', but of course they don't turn their nose down at anything!

Mema Jo said...

Lily/Hope Update

magpie said...

Hello and Good Night...

just zipping through to say Hi and will catch up on the rest of "Friday's comments" on Wednesday...

the comments on this thread pack a punch! Best wishes for Alexis's first day at kindergarten Jo..
love the tale about the new Eagle bank and her comments

Beatiful Osprey at Finney...
(aren't all ospreys beautiful!)

Wish I could say more, but it's time for work again already

No full Moon sightings hereabouts, in fact I think it is sprinkling out
Hope all are, or will be, doing well

God Bless Us, Every One
xoxo ♥

magpie said...

new word

paula eagleholic said...

It sprinkled here a tad, Boo was wet when he came in a little while ago. Cloudy out now... couldn't see the moon. Have a good night, Margy.

Mema Jo said...

Take care Margy and hope you have a quiet shift!

Mema Jo said...

Tomorrow it's off to Ledo's for lunch with my past work group. Always good to see them and that half hour lunch break makes me all the more grateful of retirement!

Mema Jo said...

I best be headed down the hallway

Good Night Everyone
Prayers for friends and family
Prayers for Peace!

Hugs to all ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

hedgie said...

Well, kids, this one isn;t ussed to getting up at 5am. And haven't had a wink of a nap...so I'm calling it quits! See you sometime tomorrow.....hope to sleep in a bit! Bet Shar, T-bird and Justin are beat, too!! Prayers and peace!

hedgie said...

P.S. Thanks Wanda and Gene for joining the partee this AM|!

Costume Lady said...

Thanks to you, Lynn for hosting it!
I'm having the rest of my Steak Omlette for breakfast tomorrow and will give Gene the pancakes:)

Costume Lady said...

This was an unbelievably good day!
Wonderful breakfast with our friends, good visit with GG, got bills straightened at City Hospital and served 22 guests at the Soup Kitchen!
Now, back to the kitchen floor, bright and early tomorrow morning.


Costume Lady said...




Lolly said...

Time to call it a day!

Nite all! Sweet dreams!

paula eagleholic said...

22 guests is great, Wanda. I can see word is getting around!

Hitting the hay here, catch ya'll tomorrow!

Hugs to all ♥

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone!

Just got home from school about 10 minutes ago.

Thank you, Steve, for the new thread! Know you must be really busy, but grateful that you haven't forgotten about us! Glad you're OK, and not AWOL or MIA!

Gosh, it's still pretty warm here--almost 80 degrees! Hope it cools off more tomorrow--think it's supposed to.

Paula, like the link to Reed Miller's eagle pictures! Voted for him, too. Hope he wins!

Margy, you may not have seen the moon tonight, but I sure did on the way home from school--it was hanging in the sky like a giant, beautiful volleyball!

Well, better hit the hay--have jury duty early tomorrow! Have to be in the courthouse by 7:45 am, and must park about a block away and walk--AFTER dealing with rush hour traffic! Figure I'd better leave home by no later than 6:30! Will have a full report tomorrow night.

Prayers are said for everyone. I'm leaving the night light and the porch light on for others. The eye-scanner security and Dana's thumbprint-scanner security are both enabled. Hope everyone gets a GOOD night's sleep! Will talk to you tomorrow. God bless, and goodnight! Love all of you! :o]

movin said...

Sure glad Steve is still with us. Thanks for the new thread.


Good NighT,



C(°?°)3 Jim

Judie said...

Good morning, everyone.

Hi Steve. Welcome home!

Fell asleep after pizza dinner last night. Most food I consumed at one time for about two weeks. Tasted good but I was tired.

Jo, such a cute comment by Sophia. Children pay more attention than given credit for. Wishing Alexis a good first k-day.

Paula, enjoy going with Michael for his car and for dinner. How's John's situation?

Wanda, stay off your knees (unless you're praying). 22 at soup kitchen is great. Is GG still doing okay with her days alone?

Shirley, glad you reported the student incident. Watch your back, lady.

Lolly, glad the weather cooled down a bit so you could enjoy the game and a stroll outside. Comment overheard on the Natl Mall this week: "hurry up it's cold out here." Must have been a visitor from Texas.

Andy, how was school? Hope your jury duty is brief and not a long drawn out trial.

Jo, enjoy your Ledo lunch.

Lowreeda, say hi to your spider for us. Cool about the car. What a super surprise.

Hi Jim and Dana

Okay, going to get coffee and newspaper and maybe a short nap.

Costume Lady said...

JUDIE, a panda nap at this early hour? You must have not slept well.
I hate when that happens!
When do you start school? Hope you get straightened out before then!

65° here and only going up to 82°, maybe a little rain later...we'll take all we can get:)

Kitchen floor, get ready...here I come!

Mema Jo said...

Good 'Early to Me' Morning Again

Blog Cop Got Me and my book I just wrote to you all. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!
This will be WAR if my comment fails twice.

Headed out to lunch - may need to just eat salad as Kristen brought down a home made peach pie yesterday and there isn't much left!

Mema Jo said...

Had my coffee out on the deck... What a refreshing breeze and sky is sunny with some scattered dark clouds. Doesn't seem like end of August but great for the kids/teachers in schools.

hedgie said...

Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to our MARY MARGARET and to Doris Hollinger (Crunch Bob's wife)!!!

And good morning Momsters and Dadsters!

Mema Jo said...

♪♪♫♪♪♪ Happy Birthday to a very special friend, Mary Margaret ♪♥♥

Doris, Happy Birthday and hope to see you at Open House again this year

Mema Jo said...

Headed in to get ready to go to lunch

Hedgie - you're in charge!


hedgie said...

Judie, glad you enjoyed your pizza!

Wanda, 22 is marvelous. I think it was the kind of weather that made "soup" sound more appealing!!

Andy, as a student---can't you get out of jury duty??

Jo, bet that peach pie was a really yummy treat. Mmmmmm-good.

hedgie said...

Had a hummer buzzing around my head just now....maybe it was thanking me for all the nectar...afraid they won't be around much longer.

Forgot to tell you that late last pm I saw one of those HORRIBLE fat-bodied, short hairy legged, orangish 8-leggers spinning a trap in the deck railings. They usually spin huge, low webs across open areas, with long strings anchoring web to trees. I took my long-handled candle lighter and zapped him....fell to deck and then I squashed....well, just now saw a stinging insect consuming the remains.....barely a trace left! Poetic justice!!

Lolly said...

LOL Lynn! Poor spider! Just doing his thing!

Good morning Momsters and Dadsters! It is a great morning! Walked down to get the paper and enjoyed it. It was 73!!! It was wonderful! Is wonderful! Presently 74 so I am heading outside to enjoy. We have survived the summer of 2010!

We have lost our pecan crop, but we still have lots in our freezer. No need to wire the trees while we are gone. Have lost some lawn but it will come back. Have some yard work to do before we leave on our long trip but things are looking up!

Have a fantastic day! I am going outside!

movin said...





Now we are into a heat wave. It's going to be 95° or hotter the rest of the week.

[:~D] Jim

Lolly said...

Sorry Jim! I think our heat headed your way!

Lolly said...

I am finishing my coffee then heading out!

hedgie said...

Feeling your pain, Jim!!! So far, our prediction is for 80's for next several days.
Lolly, glad you are cooling down, too. Sorry about your pecans crop---gives you all a break from all that work, tho'!
No, not poor s----r......if I walked into one of those (Christie did a couple of years ago; Carolyn ALMOST did last week) I would die on the spot.

wvgal_dana said...

Wanted to start my day even though I am late getting here. Good Morning in Eagleland..yes I do hear something near or within sounding distance of cam.

Now to catch up on the few comments I've missed.

wvgal_dana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY MARGARET AND Crunch Bob's wife DORIS HOLLINGER. Hope both of you have wonderful Birthday's today.

wvgal_dana said...

Mema Jo I hope Alexis enjoys her day at K.
Yes will enjoy seeing pics/video of Ms. Alexis.

Thanks Jo for the Lily/Hope Update.
I like the idea of the one woman that comments: They spray paint their dog during deer season.
Since the male bears necks are too big for collars. Maybe they could spray paint something on them during hunting season???

Yes that Sophia is a smart one. She got that from Mema Jo (:

Lolly I see your getting thing ready for your weekend trip. Enjoy!!
I believe Laurel is just what Essence needs.

Loretta how many aminals do you have?

Paula hope Michael's are works out good for him. Nice you two can have dinner together.
It's going to happen with me and my daughter one day. I just know it is..we will be living closer and just hit a resturant or a store to browse in... (SMILING BIG HERE)

wvgal_dana said...

Wanda that is great; served 22 at the Soup Kitchen. That guy had 3 bowls of soup...well we know Gene is a great COOK.

By the way sometimes after I leave Mom's.
Before I go by City Hospital I turn in just to check to may sure GG is ok if she would be out in the yard. Never told you but I worry about my Mom and your too.
It is easy just turn in pass by looking and
turn out. (:

Andy You sure are a busy woman. Love your description of the Moon; "giant, beautiful
volleyball...that sounds so beautiful.

How long do you have Jury Duty for? I pray about you having to walk a long ways. Not good...don't know why must Court Houses don't
have enough parking near for Juries.

Judie still praying that you soon get to meet with that doctor from Fairfax Hospital.
Remember Arent Linkletter, "KIDS SAY THE DARNEST THINGS"??????

Shirley Judie is right. This is a boy and it seems they are a little more "have to show I'm tough" types. I say watch you back too--even walking to your car.

Jo is already with her old pals she used to work with at Ledo's. That is always nice.

Walked in mall just a little to go to a store. My legs and back seems to have not liked the hard flooring.

wvgal_dana said...

Hear something near the cam.

STEVE run out or RANDY and tell us if it is one of our eagles !!!!!

wvgal_dana said...

darn I forgot to do the spell check--mispelt Art's first name.

ol Hedgie-Lynn you just helped feed
the insect world lol Don't you just love it when a hummer comes close.
Truely does feel like they are saying "Thank You".
I was standing inside at the back door. One was at the feeder after it finished. It flew right up to the door and looked at me. Loved it.

Oh Jim your getting the heat wave.
Seen on the comcast news page where
Los Angles, Calf. is listed as one
of the 10 worse cities to live in.
Of course that is not where you live.

Mema Jo said...

I have returned from a very enjoyable time at lunch. My friends are well and happy with life.

Guess what time it is...........
Put your feet up time.... ta da

Alexis may come up this evening...


Judie said...
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Judie said...

New thread. Y'all come on over.