Tuesday, July 27, 2010


New thread.


Ms Bookworm said...

Wow, thanks, Steve, for the new thread!

Good Morning/Afternoon, Everyone!

Lynn, thanks so much for the link to MyCarStats! There are a bunch of consumer complaints about my problem, but so far, Honda is not doing any free fixes. Printed up a 17-page report of similar problems!
There was a recall for something in the driver's airbag that caused it to deploy with too much force. May check that out. Never got a letter from Honda about that.

Ms Bookworm said...

Funny thing about this--the seat belts are supposed to be under warranty for the life of the car. This 'SRS light' problem keeps the seat belts from staying tight in a crash, but isn't covered! Woof!

hedgie said...

Brought over from old thread:

Update on A-M's son, Rick, and the kidney recipient, from Rick's wife:
I will just take a moment to give everyone a small update now that we have been at the hospital for a while.
Rick is doind well. The majority of the nausea has burned off. He did not sleep much last night but has plans to do so tonight haha. He is nibbling on his breakfast and enjoying the endless supply of juice. His biggest concern is the nurse who has informed him that they are taking a walk in about an hour. The goal is to Rainee's room and back. (4 rooms away). I personally think he will sleep after that walk. His color is back and he can carry on a normal conversation. Mostly we love that his color back!
Rainee had a pretty good night. She slept quite a bit. Her output is amazing; and the nurse is VERY pleased! Rainee even took her first walk this morning at 5am to come and visit Rick. She made her way into his room and the first thing she said was "Hahah I beat you; I saw you first"!! She was quite pleased with herself. She then got naseaous and quickly returned to her room to go back to sleep.
Today will be a slow day filled with naps and reading for those of standin guard. We continue to thank you for your prayers and miracles taking place.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 2:42:00 PM

hedgie said...

You're welcome, Andy! Sorry it wasn't news of a free fix. :(
If something is lifetime, then it should be covered.......but maybe it's just an idiot light....just a thought!

Ms Bookworm said...

Idiot light--that's what I wondered, too. Problem is, if the idiot light is on, none of the airbags will deploy, and the seat belts probably won't stay tight in a crash, either. That's the way the system is set up. Some Honda owners have actually been driving around for a couple of YEARS with the idiot light on, but kinda dicey to do so!

Ms Bookworm said...

I'm not the kind of person to think lawsuit right away, but I'm actually wondering if there'd be a chance for a class action lawsuit!
(There are 534 complaints on that website regarding the airbags and seatbelts alone!) It really IS a safety issue. One of the complaints on that website stated that the dealership told the customer that interference from a cell phone or laptop could cause the light to malfunction. Others stated the light went on or off depending on whether the front passenger leaned on their arm rest. I really wish it were possible to find out whether the seat belts were working OK, and if so, just have them turn off the SRS light. The airbags seem to be rather iffy anyway, but if the seat belts worked properly I wouldn't be so concerned.

PA Nana said...

Good afternoon everyone. Just passing through while doing some laundry.

Judie, when can we go to the washer cemetery? I want to resurrect mine. I got one of those energy efficient front loading ones a few months ago and am not happy. Don't know what it's saving with running twice as long, except maybe the water.

Lynne your catepillar pics are great.

Lolly, rake those wet leaves or step over them, but have a great time.

Dana, don't know what your physical problem is, but prayers for healing coming your way.

There was more I wanted to comment on yesterday's posts but having senior moments frequently today. Must be the pain meds.

After PT yesterday I'm in a good deal of pain today. Going for an ice pack.

Ms Bookworm said...

Prayers coming your way for some immmediate pain relief!
Dana, you too! (((HUGS))) for both of you!

Am going to pray about what we're to do regarding the car. Hoping for some answers very soon! Know to trust in Divine protection over airbags and seatbelts. Thanks, Lynn, for your help! Will keep you posted about what we decide to do.

LOVE the caterpillars! When I lived in Utah for a few years as a kid (ages 5-7), had a field next to our house with TONS of milkweed, and loved watching the whole process. Thanks so much for sharing! A real blast from the past! :o]

Ms Bookworm said...

I have mixed feelings about the new front-loading, super efficient washers. Our daughter got a new front-loader pair about 4 years ago when they moved to TX. Hers is wonderful! Gets all kinds of spots and stains out, and uses much less water. Have heard some stories (like Judie's), though, that make me wonder...MTBR, I guess.

Ms Bookworm said...

Well, gotta get busy here. Have some laundry to get done (ironic, isn't it?), and some other housework to do. Will BBL, before school, if at all possible. Saying prayers for those in need of healing. Have a good afternoon, everyone! Later, 'gators! :o]

hedgie said...

Andy, guess you could find an empty parking lot and get up some speed and try stopping fast and hard to see if seatbelt does it's thing----better yet, make the dealership do it!!! Idiot light refers to one that lights without cause (from a short in the wiring or loose fuse). Airbag lights often light intermittantly with a shift of weight on the seat, if it's a new enough auto to have automatic shut-off of air bags based on weight.

Ms Bookworm said...

Good idea, Lynn--will suggest that to the dealership! BTW, this is INDEED an idiot light if all the safety mechanisms are tied into it!
Think they need a re-design!

Judie said...

Good early evening, everyone.

Yes, Jim, you remember the good morning part, at least.

Lolly, I think someone else might be needing that rake. Bring it home, please.

Dana, I do hope the MRI news is better than you anticipated. Thinking about you.

Lynne, cool about the caterpillars. So jealous!

Lynn, thanks for the update on Rick and Rainee. Very good news. Know Anne-Marie is so happy and proud.

Wanda, have a souper good soup kitchen. What's on the menu?

Andy, call a product liability lawyer's office.

As for the washer, I have finally resorted to somewhat smaller loads and using the speed cycle. Only one I use that is longer cycle is for white things like sheetz.

Well, as for the workshops. I did learn quite a bit of information BUT the instructors did not leave enough time to assimilate and practice. Hardest was learning to narrate material. Problem is when instructors know all the details and forget students don't. Learning to narrate was kinda cool but it is going to take some practice. Two more sessions on Thursday.

Off to rest a bit before heading to the kitchen.


hedgie said...

LOL, Judie----that's why I don't like teaching! Stuff that is ingrained knowledge for me rolls off my tongue.....but hard for me to "dumb it down" for those who don't know! And I would get SO irritated with people who wouldn't take notes!!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,
The housework's done for the day.

Thanks, Judie! Will certainly consider calling that type of lawyer! Will let you know what I am told.

Need to run now. Must eat something and get ready for school.
Will check in much later tonight, after I'm back home. Have a good evening, everyone! :o]

stronghunter said...


Got interested in a book and didn't get much done yesterday or today.

Judie, I know what you mean about the technology instruction. So many times I feel that I need more practice time. And if I don't use the things I learn right away, I forget.

hedgie said...

Think I am hearing noises at our nest.....some clunking, and some mild screeching---just not sure if it's Palmer.....if so, her voice has changed!

stronghunter said...

I hear breezes blowing at the nest, but nothing else right now.

Judie said...

HEY SHIRLEY, CAN YOU SAY BLT? Yep, dinner is a thing of the past. Darth has a boy scout and his leader arriving soon. Scouts are going to paint house numbers on the curbs for completion of some badge.

One thing I have always tried to keep paramount is that no matter how much I know, I need to be able to communicate that knowledge effectively and make sure students have time to absorb. Hmmmm. Guess teachers are supposed to absorb a heck of a lot faster. I cry foul -- maybe I should say fowl!

Going to finally put my feetsies up and try to catch some news. BBL

stronghunter said...

This may sound awful, but I have a craving for French fries tonight. I just bought some potatoes, so I'm cooking some French fries.

To bad I don't have some really fresh potatoes. They taste wonderful, but these look pretty good.

stronghunter said...

I hope you get to practice your newly-learned skills tomorrow, Judie. I think you said you're going back tomorrow. It really had to be a hands-on kind of class.

Judie said...

Not to worry, Shirley. I have a craving for three or four different flavors of ice cream but I don't have ANY flavors. Enjoy the fries.

stronghunter said...

Sounds like a good project for the Boy Scouts. Good of Darth to help them.

George is trying to steal my French fries.

stronghunter said...

I am enjoying the fries.

stronghunter said...

I'm bigger than George. I won.

stronghunter said...

Okay, I tossed him one. He pounced on it.

hedgie said...

Shirley, you are making my mouth water. Home-made fries would sure taste good! I had Chinese food and I'm starving already!! Hmmmm...is it too late to make some fries?? Nope! I've done more-stoopid things this time of evening!!

stronghunter said...

French fries and ketchup. Takes me back to the days of my childhood when we went to swimming classes at Suttle's Swimming pool and got an order of fries and ketchup for lunch. We were so hungry after swimming all morning, and the fries tasted so good.

NatureNut said...

Evening Everyone in Eaglelessland!
Been trying to write for awhile, but Binky, the older cat, jumped on the desk and stood in front of the keyboard on the mousepad. Maybe she'll soon write her own notes, like George!
Read the latest Lily,Hope update. It's so great they are now staying together.
Extremely busy at Park today--50+ children & a few adults (too few) came on a bus. They shared 7 canoes!!, hiked, had lunch & I played them a Disney, a Somebody Nye, the Science Guy, I think Wetland DVD (in shifts) in the Vis. Ctr.
Navy Research had some barges at closer boat ramp today & some extra staff came in. They are exploring again for ships/ artifacts from War of 1812. Over 20years ago a gentleman, Don Shomette, did lots of diving & exploring & wrote books about it.

NatureNut said...

I only had salad when I got home, so gotta eat something else. Talk of fries is making me hungry, although I rarely eat them.

stronghunter said...

I do not eat fries often, either, Loretta.

Judie said...

Well, yes you do eat fries, Shirley. You said so. You wouldn't kid us, would you?

Sounds as if it was a busy and fun day Loweeda. I think history is so interesting and finding artifacts from 1812 would be fantastic. Oh, it's Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Sending restful thoughts for Mason, Rick and Rainee, Ajay, Karen, Dana, and itchy Lynne.

Tired tonight. Turning my light out but will leave the night light on for others coming in, going back the hallway, to the tub, the shower, out to feed turtles, or up the stairs. Andy will set our alarm when she comes in from school.

Good night everyone. Sandperson is calling me.

hedgie said...

Oh, Loretta, wouldn't I love to be with those Navy explorers! Cool!!!
Will check out that guys' books.

Shirley, thank you. The fries hit the spot. Sure glad I had taters! Bakers, but I got nice long ones, and they were yummy!!

hedgie said...

Sleep tight, Judie!!

stronghunter said...

Oh, I eat them, but not often, Judie. Where I work, they are served every day. Many kids eat pizza and fries for lunch every day. Not the best thing for them. I could not do that!

stronghunter said...

Oh, I have started something.

stronghunter said...

Glad you enjoyed them, Lynn.

Good night, Judie.

hedgie said...

Watching the season finale of Deadliest Catch...it's been a rough year....losing Capt. Phil was hard.....will be interesting to see what next year brings.

stronghunter said...

Heading upstairs to read and sleep. I'll see you tomorrow.

Good night.

hedgie said...

No new news on Rick and Rainee.
Hope our beach gals are having fun in the sun and surf.
Ceil has her jubby back from China, so we KNOW how habby she is.
Margy....are you back from Lancaster yet??

hedgie said...

Enjoy your book and your sleep, Shirley!

hedgie said...


hedgie said...

Hmmmmm....interesting report. More questions than answers about this family!

NatureNut said...

Been nibbling 1/2 a steak & little piece of choc. cake in front of TV.
Think I'll survive, now! But, eyes are getting droopy, so I better say Pleasant Feather Dreams to all ;>).

So glad to hear of good progress for Rick and Rainee.And prayers for all in need.

PS:A tidbit~~~ We used to have homemade Raft Regattas once a year at the Park. One year, the whole division got into celebration of Commodore Joshua Barney. The British were pursuing him up the Patuxent River and he scuttled his fleet to block the channel! His ship was known as Barney's Barge.One year we rented a period naval costume and one of the guys dressed up as Barney for that year's Regatta!!Boss said we might do this again in 2012.

magpie said...

Thanks for the update on Rick and Rainee, Lynn...sure hope each day is better than the one before for them both

and Dana...hope things will improve and prayers will be answered

enjoyed all the caterpillar notes and pictures, Lynne...nice !

Judie, best wishes that tomorrow adds on to today in a high exponential, if that makes sense, in other words better than twice as good as today's class

magpie said...

I enjoyed reading everyone else's posts too but those are the three or four that I jotted down notes on...
hope all here and not here, are doing okay, good, great

my trip to Lancaster to visit with cousin at Shady Maples restaurant was great...the trip home became very expensive however when the car wouldn't start after I stopped at a rest stop south of Carlisle...probably the fuel pump, so me and the Blazer got a ride home with tow truck service out of Carlisle..yeah, Ouch $ !
but it could have been much much worse, so after all is said and done, I am grateful, really...
much better today, there, than alongside some dark road, or with James, or a zillion other possibilities...
xxo time for bed, way past time actually...
take care all, I treasure your friendship...
God Bless Us, Every One
xo ♥

movin said...

Have a good evening and
Good NighT for a Tuesday
in July.

C(°?°)3 Jim

magpie said...

Hey there Jim

those chicks at Finney are grand aren't they?

btw, tow truck ride was about 66 miles, basic AAA doesn't cover too much mileage-wise, but it was fast and skilled service...

okay 'Night

hedgie said...

Wow, Lowreeda.....he has a lot of books out....sound very good. Will have to start checking them out soon! Thanks for the info!

hedgie said...

I told Margy that I had one of those little back-of-my-mind worries all day about her truck.....me and my brain probably jinxed her!

Mema Jo said...

Well Hello There! I see that some have already headed for lul lul land. I am about to back the hallway myself..

We had slow cooker going today with beef roast. Took a trip up to some stores but was just browsing around - When you go to one store the next one carries almost the same items.

Got a phone call into Helen - we'll do dinner tomorrow evening.
I'm glad to hear that Jim has returned from China.

Everyone take care and enjoy the cooler weather..... xoxoxoxo

Good Night Everyone
Restful sleep and pleasant dreams
Prayers for all concerns
((hugs for all))

hedgie said...

Well, dear friends, I am heading for the tub and my book. I have done another 75 slides today, and eyeballs are crossing from puter screens!!!
Prayers for all. Peace.

hedgie said...

Oh, Jo....so glad you and Mits are hooking up for dinner! Hope you get something really yummy! Crabs, maybe???

Costume Lady said...

Everyone must be in bed by now. My report on the Soup Kitchen will be short and sweet. Dustin was a great help...would love to have him every serving night. We had 16 guests, 18 helpers and all stayed for our meeting after dinner:)

Deluxe Cheeseburgers
corn on the cob
Calabria Chili with macaroni.
Fruited Jello

We really had a great time tonight!


Costume Lady said...

I found time to post a few photos from tonight's activities.

Lolly said...

Shhhh! Everyone is asleep! Just want you to know that although there is a lot of seaweed and we woke to storms this morning....we had a fantastic day. We went to the beach twice, the seaweed was better (in the water) and the waves were fantastic! Then we had a great dinner and sat and visited and laughed. Could not be better!

Heading to bed now!


Sweet dreams!

PA Nana said...

Well, I was writing a venting post and the cyber cop decided it wasn't appropriate, so he took it away.

Anyway, thanks for the prayers. They help when I'm feeling down and hurting.

Shirley you made me hungry for french fries so tomorrow night's supper just might have some. Will have to check to see if I have potatoes. If not fresh ones, I know there are some frozen ones in the freezer.

Now I must try to get some sleep, so pleasant dreams and prayers for all wants/needs.

God bless!!!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Just got home from school a little while ago, and have been catching up here.

Shirley, you've got me drooling! Love french fries, but can't eat too many too often, or my blood sugar goes crazy. Sure like to hear about them, though!

Judie, hope your class goes extremely well tomorrow, and that you remember everything! Know how it goes when you don't get to use what they teach you, so hope you have some practice time, too! BTW, LOVE to watch Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Do you remember Mr. Wizard? Grew up watching him!

Oh, Margy! Shady Maples! Last time Hubby and I and the family visited Lancaster, we ate there, too! YUM! Brought back a really nice memory--thanks! Praying that your Blazer repair won't be too expensive! Hope I haven't started a trend in the car repair department!

Mema Jo, glad you and Helen will get to visit with each other tomorrow!

Loretta, 1812 artifacts would be SOOO interesting! I love history too!

Wanda, glad that Dustin was such a good helper at the soup kitchen! What a good kid!

Interesting Lily & Hope report tonight. Glad they're both doing well. Seems there's always something new to learn!

Lolly, glad you all had a fun day, and that the seaweed didn't ruin it for you!

Dana and Diann, hope that both of you have some relief from pain and discomfort tonight. Prayers continue!

Lynne, hope the itchies are VERY soon a thing of the past!

Going to call it a day--have much to accomplish tomorrow! Leaving the night light and the porch light on. The eye-scanner security is enabled, and so is Dana's thumbprint-scanner security. Prayers going up for everyone's needs, and thanks for answered prayers. Sleep well, everyone, and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Love you guys! God bless, and goodnight!

magpie said...

glad to read of the end of the evening posts, good soup kitchen,
dinner plans, lots of fun at PRP
and Lolly is making fun wherever she goes !

not to worry Andy....my Blazer has over 122,000 mi on it...so it was probably just its time..and Shady Maples was really nice..we spent almost five hours just talking and catching up and looking at pictures we each had brought, etc

ride due to show up shortly
so I have to keep this short believe it or not

Best wishes for a good day, everyone...
the weather here has been really nice the last few days...

ttfn xoxo

magpie said...

go Dustin... doesn't surprise me a bit...that he was a hit, Wanda..
xoxo ♥

hedgie said...

Morning to all who are up and online.....Jack Hanna on CBS Morning show in a few.....Bears!

Judie said...

Good morning, everyone.

Margy, so sorry about the truck but am so happy you were able to get service quickly and to get home. Wish it could have been less $$ though.

Hey Jo. Have fun tonight with Mits. I'm with Lynn and also vote for some terrific MD crab.

Wanda, menu sounds really good. Glad the turnout was so positive. Question: what is calabria chili? Isn't Dustin just great?

Lolly, glad you all are having so much fun.

Today is "at home" day. Tomorrow I have two more workshops.

About the french fries -- I use a technique that is less heavy on calories. Yukon Gold's cut into quarters, tossed with just enough olive oil to make salt, pepper, and dried rosemary stick. Oven 425ยบ Heat an alum. foil covered pan until hot. Dump potatoes on for about 20 min. (depends on size of potato pieces). They should come out crispy outside, soft inside.

Off for coffee and newspaper.

Lynne2 said...

Good morning all!

SO sorry to hear of Andy and Margy's car problems. Hope this isn't one of those famous things that happens in THREES!

I had the engine light go on in the truck recently and totally freaked. Called the dealership and the very kind man that I spoke with told me if it was on and NOT flashing, it could be the gas cap not on tight. And sure enough it was. Hope your problem is simple too Andy. Margy....BIG UGH.

Judie, hope all goes well today!

Dana....did you get your MRI report yesterday??

Loretta....I used to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy all the time! I still see him as a reporter of sorts on something...maybe the Weather Channel? Just gave a report on the Gulf problem not long ago. Similarly, there was Beakman's World....same basic show but with much quirkier characters!

Hope Mits and Jo have fun at dinner at the beach!

Sounds like Lolly is having a good time despite the seaweed!

Heard something on the news this morning about wildfires in S. CA....hope our west coast contingent is safe.

Diann, hope today brings you some relief from your pain!

My itchies are NOT gone. But I think the inflammation is beginning to subside. Everywhere I have it, it is an angry maroon color and looks worse than anything I have ever had before.

Glad you like the caterpillar pics....how amazing to see chrysalis formation yesterday!! I'll post video and pics later...

getting ready to head to Irvine for a couple of hours. We have a missing box turtle from the box turtle environment display. More on that later....

Lynne2 said...

oh, did I miss Jack Hanna? They got charged by a grizzly, according to his FB page! And his wife videoed the whole thing!

and Wanda, saw the pictures...what a great guy Dustin is!!

Lynne2 said...

oh shoot, missed Jack Hanna I think. Will have to look for it online later....

Costume Lady said...

Missing turtle, huh? Wonder if he found his way to my garden? This mischievous turtle has taken a bite out of nearly EVERY tomato in my garden, red and green ones.
One bite ruins the tomato, it will continue to ripen but bugs get into the bitten part and lay their eggs...YUK!!
We have all scoured the garden and surrounding areas for this bite and run thief, but is nowhere to be found:(

hedgie said...

Sorry, Wanda....:( If you find it, I'm here til 11:20!
Lynne, good luck looking for the missing turtle.

Hanna only told about the grizzly run-in----did not show wifie's video...:(

hedgie said...

Carolyn got some disappointing news at the new job.....can't afford to get health insurance on the kids....would cost over $600 a month. That would be like $7200/yr.....on a $26K salary. So WHERE exactly is health care reform??

hedgie said...

So back to CHIPS, federal/state run program...and hope that their income isn't "too high" to qualify.
BS. I am ticked! What idiot in this country thinks this is AFFORDABLE insurance??

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning!

Oh, Lynn! How frustrating! Prayers going up that they'll be so doggone healthy they won't NEED insurance! (Know exactly how you feel, though. :o[)

Guess what! Our daughter, Jen, called a few minutes ago, and YES!--
they're flying here for a visit tomorrow morning!!!!!!!! That means I gotta get BUSY--RIGHT NOW,though. So much to do, so little time! Will try to check in later with an update.

Prayers for everyone's needs and good health. Thankful prayers that the kids are visiting! Have a fantastic day, everyone! Later...... :o] :o] :o] :o]

Costume Lady said...

COME JOIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!