Monday, November 30, 2015


New thread.


magpie said...

Good Morning, Everyone, and a Big Thanks to Steve for
the New Monday Thread....

Last day of November 2015.....

Have a Good Day, All
xoxox ☺ ♥

grannyblt said...

Oh my, do I get a feather? Thank you for the new thread. I'll get the others

grannyblt said...

I see Margy beat me to it..

magpie said...

Let's Share it granny! There's More than One Feather
to be Had...

xoxox Hello, and Hello to all my
Precious Eagle Pals !

xo ☺ ♥

magpie said...

Gorgeous Blue Birds on the nest NOW - hope it stays around
a few minutes !!!

Janet said...

Good Monday morning!
THANKS TO STEVE FOR THE NEW THREAD what a great way to start the week!
CONGRATS to MAGPIE & GRANNY on the feathers!
Morning to all!
It was a busy weekend. Work Saturday was great. We were fully booked and everyone was busy. Got my hands on some “new” folks. I “lost” 7 clients this year….a family of 5 moved to Miami, one had to stop getting massage, my oldest client who has leukemia due to health reasons, and one of my cancer clients died. So I am “recruiting” new clients.
I was tired after work. I held the sofa down the rest of Saturday.
Yesterday was good….some productivity. I started working on this walking stick project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I finally have the time and motivation to get on it. It is a large, long piece of crepe myrtle that has a winding indentation from a vine. I don’t’ think it will take as long as I originally thought to get it like I want it.
My friend callie who does jewelry is going to help me to wire wrap some of it.
Its been raining. We put the water pump, like a small sump pump on the pool cover to remove the water. That thing is great.
Not a lot else going on. Livvy starts school again today after taking last week off. I think we both needed the break. I’m ready to rock it; she’s not really, but oh well. That’s life!
Have a great day to all! Will check in later after orthodontist, allergy shots, etc etc etc
Hugs to all!

Sandi said...

Thanks Steve for the new thread for a new week. Thanks Margy for the call over.

Hi all from school.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Hi Margy!! So good to see you here. Congrats on the shared feather, ladies.

Thanks for the new thread, Steve.

Nice evening celebrating Hunter's birthday with Kathryn, Will, and Steph.

Allie thought it was fun to attack the table cloth and managed to dig her claws into my hand. Ouch! Then she went on to attack others. She spent the rest of dinner in a crate. Pitiful kitten cries. Then, Cheeto ran outdoors and under the porch. Thanks to Will's quick moves, Cheeto did not have to spend the night out in the cold and rain.

I think Hunter likes his new hoodie. Today was a good day to have something warm to wear.

stronghunter said...

Thanks for all of the birthday greetings for Hunter. And, yes, I am well aware that he will soon be driving. Kathryn has been practicing with him in the empty school parking lot on weekends. His friend Ryan, who lives in Florida, already has his learner's permit.

stronghunter said...

Trying to decide if I want to engage in Cyber Monday shopping. I did not venture into stores on Black Friday, but found some good deals on Saturday. Forty dollar jeans for $19.00. Hunter's hoodie was on sale, too. Not bad.

grannyblt said...

Both in nest for several minutes

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

I made it just in time for that poof. Still have one of our beauties to enjoy.

Kay said...

Congrats to the co-feather wearers and to STEVE for the new thread!

Going back to see what our early morning posters had to say....

Mema Jo said...

Good Morning on this last day of November to all ♥

I always put the nest cam up first and check it, but it was MT when I did.
BUT I opened our blog and WOW there was a Magpie. That made me very happy -
Welcome Margy - good to hear from you and BTW I loved receiving your beautiful card

It is in the 40° range today - have to get a heavier jacket if I go out which truly I
don't have plans to do so.

I need to go back to older thread.

Thank you Steve for the fresh new Monday thread

Kay said...

And while I backtracked the second resident poofed!

Have a good day all!

Prayers for those in need!!!


Lolly said...

Good morning! Plumber has already been here and the front shower is ready for Christmas guests! Yea!

Now waiting for the dryer repairman!

It is NOT raining! Grand total since Wed 9.5 inches! We will be soggy for days to come!

Loved watching the visit of our eagles last night. The tug of war was the best!

Shirley, SIL, Joey, is now teaching drivers Ed on weekends. He has now taken Joseph one time to a parking lot. Scary to think of him driving soon, although I do know Joseph will be a very responsible driver.

I want another cup of coffee but have a kitty asleep on my foot rest with my leg as her pillow. She does this every morning!

Mema Jo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

Hello eagle buds

JANET I bet that was really hard to hold down that darn couch Tough work but someone has to do it


We lost another associate to cancer day before yesterday Her and her husband both work there There are to many falling to the big C isn't getting scary

Good work on the deals SHIRLEY and will HUNTER wear a hoodie with his shorts LOL

JudyE said...

check out google it changes two times now when I went on it

JudyE said...

I am sure you all have seen on FB or the news the picture of the two brothers that rescued a eagle here is the video of it

Eagle helped by two brothers they took selfie with it so cool

JudyE said...

there are two video on with the rescue and further down under the story is the release and fly away

JudyE said...

forgot to check email to me box

Mema Jo said...

Remember Blackwater eagles -

Nest Update

Technical Note
Craig Koppie with the USFWS climbed the tree recenlty to check the cam. We have a bad cable that we need to replace before the cam can operate again, so we're working on that issue. Craig did say eagles had been bringing new nesting material to the nest, which is a good sign.

Mema Jo said...

Headed to TV - Jeopardy and another program.

IF I don't return ..............

Goodnight and SED a & AOYP

Judie said...

Good early evening.

Congratulations to Margy and Lynne1. How lovely they look sharing that beauteous feather. How lovely to see Margy stopped by.

Thank you Steve for the fresh Monday start-of-the-week thread. Have a good one!

Thank you for the Blackwater reminder, Jo. and for the camera update.

Watching the eagle rescue, I cannot comprehend how lucky those men are that they were not torn to shreds by eagle talons. Truly almost too good to be true.

Oh my goodness. Shirley was contemplating cyber shopping and the kittens decided to have their own version of a birthday celebration. Ah kittens♥

Been exceptionally tired today. Must be the let down from all the Thanksgiving preparation. I did tackle the refrigerator today as I could actually see some empty space. So, that job is done. Some laundry and maybe foraging tomorrow.

Now on my way to the recliner. Feet going up and eyelids going down.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

JudyE said...

Yeah I was successful in finding a pair of sandals so sad in Fl they seen to clearance them out at most retail stores, I did find some but refused to pay what they were asking. I got them at Famous Footwear and they are leather ones and on clearance Still no luck in a new purse I am so hard to please It has to be a small one The one I have is oh so worn out and I have been looking for a while for one May just have to settle for one I really don't want

JudyE said...

Tomorrow I venture out to find a nice dress nothing fancy got lots of them just want a casual summery one for the cruise MaryPat had one on at Thanksgiving I complemented her on it and ask where she got it Something like I would like and she offered me to borrow it May have to just do that but will look around first

stronghunter said...

Stopping by to say good night. I will see you tomorrow. SED, everyone.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends on this first day of December.

Jo, wasn't there a possibility that Blackwater could be partnering with some company to get a live streaming camera feed this year? I hope that happens for them after last year's very sad nesting year.

This morning I am asking for prayers. Today is the day of Sam's placement determination hearing. My prayer is that the ICT committee will listen and decide with its heart, not its pocketbook. Tuition and transportation for this school is not cheap, but it's a setting that will give Sam the best shot to get the help he needs. I will not be attending the hearing so I won't know the outcome until I hear from the special ed. teacher or the special ed. coordinator.

Another rainy day on tap here. Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

JudyE said...

4 more sleeps before we drive to Miami and then the next day on the cruise ship

Janet said...

good morning to one and all.
Yes SANDI of course, sending love for Sam's highest and greatest good....because even in the most difficult child is a human being in pain looking for love and acceptance....
JUDYE: yes, holding down the sofa is a most difficult job, but I was indeed successful! lol. Good luck on the purse and you have a ross or marshall's nearby? I find a good variety at those places. Prices good as well.

one last rainy day before cooler weather and sunshine is returning.. its been a drippy, soggy few days. several inches of rain have fallen here as well.

yesterday managed to run to appointments and return home before the afternoon rain began. I was glad.

happy to return to work today. tutoring tonight.

have a fabulous day to one and all!

Judie said...

Good morning.

Raining again today. Plan is to finish some post-cooking cleaning chores, tackle some laundry, and otherwise just try to stay out of trouble.

Sandi, certainly will be anxious to find out where Sam will be placed and, along with you and others, hope it will be the best for getting him the help he so clearly needs. Fingers crossed. Also, thank you for sending a picture of Janey in all her glory. So sweet to see how she's adapting so easily. She really is a beauty.

Happy shopping JudyE.

I also thought there was to be some improvement in the Blackwater camera set up. I hope so. Too spoiled as I do not like waiting 30 seconds for the next snapshot.

Okay, now to my newspaper, finishing my coffee and then to the scullery.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Checking in before doggy play day begins. It's misting outside, but should end by noon so we can have some good outdoor time.

SANDI, prayers in progress for Sam. Like JUDIE, I think Janey is a beauty and I thank you for catering to we non-FBers by sending her pic to our e-mail!

JUDY, I see your 4 more sleeps comment---excitement reigns for you n' the kids!

JUDIE and JANET have wished all a wonderful and fabulous day and I second that emotion!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Mema Jo said...

Good First Morning Of December To All - Hope you have turned your calendars to the last month of 2015

Rainy day again and I think Thursday may be the first we will see some Sunshine.
Judy -- 4 days will seem like a lifetime! Safe travels and have a blast! You might get a fancy backpack or belly pouch instead of a purse - I'm hoping you find a good looking casual dress (with pockets)

Sandy, prayers are being offered up for Sam to receive the best possible placement to help find the "good kid" hiding within. I doubt all of this is changing his parents attitudes and actions. Such a shame.

Kay, Hope you can have your doggie playday.

Tomorrow is Elliot's First Birthday. He is blessed with good parents and is such a happy little boy. Aaron just turned 36 and Valerie will turn 35 on Christmas eve.
Elliot's party will be Sunday the 6th at his Meme's (Jenny) house. I love having a little one in our family.

Yesterday I received my 1st Christmas card - boy do I need to get busy. I have the cards and stamps but I need to find some energy. lol

glo said...

Good morning everyone. I will leave soon to mail the last if the packages and a few of the cards. It feels like an accomplishment. Judy enjoy your cruise. You work so very hard. I am glad it is time to celebrate you and do something special Life needs some of those I am glad I did times instead of those I wish I had. Patches needs a play date Kay . It's been a while Not sure if we can fit that in before our trip or not BUT she will have a little dog to play with for almost 3 weeks as long as they get along. Scruffy my grand dog is also a rescue. he has been in his home for a little over a year now but has never had to share it with another dog yet. Sandi. Prayers for this meeting re Sam. He sure does need some really good help to get him on track. We don't need any more falling through the crack kids. Catch you all later. hagd

Lolly said...

Good morning,Good Morning! Yes, let's concentrate Momsters/Dadsters prayers on Sam. It is going to take mighty prayers to reach him!

Still no sunshine here, but it is lighter! Come on sunshine! Interesting fact. We have had more rain this year than the two previous years. Combined. Lakes are again overflowing, docks, parks, etc. have had to close. Rivers and creeks are out of their banks. There have been 4 flood related deaths. We personally have no chance of flooding but we do have standing and flowing water coming out of the ground. Only slight mud flow as we were successful in getting grass where needed this summer.

Trying today to get serious about Christmas. I have never been so clueless about Christmas gifts. Friday is Laurel's birthday and we are prepared for that. Will cook her favorite meal and take it to her on Friday as well as a birthday cherry cheesecake.

Dryer repairman will finally be here tomorrow as well as the carpet cleaners. After that I will start decorating. Guess I will shut Skippi in the bathroom while they are here. Poor Skippi!

Yes, I always check the nest first, and as usual there were no Eagles. I have better luck if I think to call up the nest in the afternoon but at that time I am usually still busy! Oh, well!

JudyE said...

Hello on lunch

and I went to Marshall last night and no lunch with dresses will go to Ross tonight I always have pretty good luck there so I hope also for today

Judie said...

Good late afternoon.

Will be returning to the class room on Thursday. Colleague has experienced a medical emergency and I was asked to proctor a scheduled exam. So, it will be fun to return to the scene of all my crimes although this course is for dying and death.

Otherwise, got a few chores accomplished. Tomorrow will get my "do" did - just in time for my magnificent classroom entrance.

Good luck with shopping JudyE. Did not know that Marshall's sells lunch. Hope you find a dress. Jo has a good idea about a fanny pack instead of a purse and something with pockets.

Glo, you seem to be moving right along with chores completed before you and Patches leave on your big adventure. I'm sure she'll get along with Scruffy sharing how lucky they are.

Jo, give Master Elliot a hug from me and all the momsters. A birthday picture will be most welcome.

Okay, to the scullery I go. Nest is MT.

Mema Jo said...

I wanted to show you a new avatar

It is of Spike

Sandi said...

Hi all.

Thanks for the prayers for Sam - they worked! The ICT Committee approved Sam's placement at High Road School!

Jo, I am NOT a fan of Spike's hair - Elliot is far cuter without the mohawk!

Judy, I can feel your excitement about your upcoming vacation!

Glo, what dog would not love Patches??? BTW, who will take care of Zoey and Gabby while you're gone? Will they stay with someone else or will someone come in each day?

Still raining here too - yuk!

I had a great day today in the ILC - I LOVE these kids!!!


Mema Jo said...

Eagles are visiting
2 were in but 1 already left

JudyE said...

I am here also watching but on phone with bank PIA PIA

and snipping pic

JudyE said...

both back in lots of stick work

JudyE said...

made a appt for noon tomorrow with the bank got another or the same letter in the mail yesterday so I think they got the notarized copy and is now putting money back in my bank acct

glo said...

What a nice evening visit. I am so glad I had a few mins to sit down and decided to load the cam. They are working hard to get the nest ready.

JudyE said...

did I tell you the total was 2,508.53 got 1400 something back so far she said it would take several days for it to be put in work in progress I guess but nice to know it is there that acct is froze and once it is all there we will transfer it or may do some tomorrow when I go down I love the bank calling me but she called me on my cell phone and left a message So I told her only the house phone because its a track phone and a normally don't check it often

ok both are gone so I must also POOF to go look for that purse

glo said...

Sandi The same lady that watched the cats when I went to see the Polar Bears will come by each day to feed Gabby and Zoey. I am sure she will spend a few mins loving on them. As long as Zoey holds her own I think although they will miss me, they will have each other and do ok. I did show the lady how to give Zoey pills if she needs them. I have my absent parent forms already to give her permission to see the vet or get meds as needed. The cats do like her so that is good.

Mema Jo said...

Praises be for Sam to take advantage of this gift he has been given.

Oh Sandi - that's just a fun hair style while dad and Elliot were playing. AND
Elliot is a cutie no matter what his hair looks like! IMHO of course....

Spaghetti cooking for dinner - soon to be eaten!
We still have rain - not a very nice evening out there.

Some TV this evening but slim pickens.

Will try to return but just in case -------- Goodnight to all SED & AOYP

glo said...

Just now seeing the good news on Sam. I am so very glad to see this placement. Sandi will you be able to get any info on how he is doing there even kind of friend of a friend behind the scene. I guess what I am saying is if you hear anymore about this boy please share with us.

JudyE said...

Howdy Good evening eagle buds Just got home and had a sucessful shopping exercision Went to Target first found a purse It will do then went to Kohl and found a better purse more what I was looking for just a littler bigger than wanted but I figure for the trip camera can go in it so was happy I was taking the first purse back right next door Then I went to Ross and found the purse that I like a clutch of sort same size as I use now and the same amount of pockets 3 so that will be my purse to take to work So happy all around No issues at Target taking first purse back I did not tell them I found others at store next door just told a little fib said she didn't like the color wouldn't go with everything was teal I loved the color but didn't need three purses and I found a nice red and black dress also and a white and black long dress at Kohl Love that store. So I am all done and packed suitcase weighs 45lbs on my scale will weight it at Angies also to makes sure we are allowed two but am taking only one

JudyE said...

Jordyn and Chloe are doing their SAT test this week being they are next two weeks the principal has decided to do it this way since when she comes back she will have a math and a science test to make up when we get back

so I probably won't be picking her up on Fri since she is going to be doing extra work and maybe no gym class on Thurs also MTBRL

JudyE said...

Angie and Carl will pick me up at my house on Sat since we aren't leaving bright and early this way my truck can stay here Ken across the street was going to use my carport and drive way to make it looks like someone is here. i know his son like to use my carport to wash and wax is vehicle so he will be disappointed LOL Oh well he will understand Just got to remember to tell them also

Judie said...

Good evening.

Headed to the pillows. Early day for me tomorrow.

Very good news about Sam's placement decision. As others have said, may the young man get the needed help toward a positive future.

Glo, Gabby and Zoey will be just fine with a familiar caretaker.

Jo, I think Master Elliot is cute no matter his hairstyle. Sandi, not to worry. After I scoop Elliot up and hide him in my closet, I'll smooth down his mowhawk.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. I told all 3 girls I didn't have to wake up early this AM - they didn't listen. Now their stomachs are full and they are dozing but I am wide awake.

Happy 1st birthday to Jo's Elliot!!

I took off today to attend a Neighborhood Watch luncheon - have never been able to go before since it's during the work week but this year, no big deal. Just another sick leave day well-used I say.

Judie, what's your early morning all about?

Lolly, glad you are high and dry inside your house, though the outside sounds a mess.

Lynne1, how is Dave doing?

Still rainy here. Don't expect to see the sun til tomorrow. Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Nest is MT naturally tooo early for our birds

Hope each of you have a great day in no matter what you encounter

Judie said...

Good morning.

As promised, up early enough to see some misty rain and lots of fog.

Early day is to get my "do" did and may stop by the nail salon. One needs manicured nails for a return to the classroom tomorrow. Also Kennedy Center Friday night.

Enjoy the luncheon Sandi.

Thanks Sandi for the reminder to ask Lynne1 about Dave. He was home but no update since. Hope all is well and he continues to improve.

Also need to have Lynne2 check in with an update on her cough an on the animals.

Bei Bei was walking around the big room and Mei came in to check on him. He's so cute.

Jo, if you haven't been checking, the TX barn owls are on my daily check list.

Our nest MT.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Judie said...


Okay, Elliot, hope today is fantastic. Keep walking around. Stay busy. I'll be there to scoop you up and bring you to my house. Smooth that hair down so Mema Jo won't recognize you and realize I've captured you.

Wishing Elliot a happy first birthday and may the coming year bring all manner of "firsts" for you.

Janet said...

Good mid week morning to all.
Fantastic news for SAM! Thanks for the update, SANDI
JUDYE: sooon soon soon you will be cruising and making memories!!! Love it!!!!
And glad the money is coming back!!!

Happy first bday to ELLIOTT! Kiddo, eat lots of cake, make messes and take a dandy nap!!!
It isn’t raining this morning. Nice to see the sun attempting to peek thru. Definitely ready for some sun.
Yesterday was a good day. Tired when I got home. Not a lot to do so I sat on the sofa and read my book. Olivia had tutoring, and then Tom and I went to O’Charley’s for dinner. We had a gift certificate and a 20% coupon and ended up getting some money back instead of paying?!!! LOL. So the only thing out of pocket was the tip for the server.
Today Is grocery day after work.
All is quiet here for the moment. Hope everyone has a lovely day! Hugs and love to all

Mema Jo said...

Good Rainy Wednesday Morning to all !
I've just returned from visiting Dracula in preparation for annual check up next week.
Very good at drawing 3 vials of my precious blood. It was a quick visit - there is a Lab Corp personnel right at my dr office.

Perhaps tomorrow the sun will peek out at us. Our puddles are getting deep.

JudyE - Your plans for Saturday pick up are getting me very excited for you. I know you are going to have a blast and I am very thankful your daughter includes you in their activities. ♥

Oh Judie - take your rain bonnet to protect your new "do" . I can also feel your excitement for going back to the school room! Be careful - they may want to keep you the rest of this year!

Mema Jo said...

Thank you for the 1st Birthday wishes for ggs, Elliot. I know today he is getting
presents of books, a drum and other things from his mom and dad. Big party is going
to be at Meme's (Jenny) house on Sunday. The bakeries always include with the main cake a Smash Cake - He loves feeding himself so this should be good! Pictures promised.
The past year has gone by too fast.... I'm sure in this coming year we will be seeing a
lot of "firsts" from Aaron and Val's son! ♥

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!!

First order of bizness is to wish the adorable Elliot a Happy First Birthday!!! Thanks to MEME JO for sharing him with us. Now on to year 2---look out world, here he comes!

JUDIE, a timely do for you. It's grand that you're able to return to the scene of your crimes for some Proctor duty!

SANDI, oh, what a relief it is to know Sam is going to the best school DE has to offer him! Keep us posted if you hear anything about the needy lad.

JUDY, you are SO ready for the cruise---enjoy!

Another "lie low" day for Penny n' me. Need to get set for tomorrows doggy play day.

Prayers for all in need!!!


stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Bowling team had another excellent day yesterday. We are now firmly in first place. Thank goodness for handicaps.

Elliott is a cutie. I will not allow Judie to smooth down that hair. :)

Time for me to head to the kitchen and find some lunch. BBL.

stronghunter said...

Raindrops on the cam lens.

JudyE said...

Good afternoon eaglebuds.
Just got back from bank
Notarized and signed second set of paper work. Even the bank don't know why duplicate but its sen . Maybe a test LOL

JudyE said...

Heading to FB
Then time to punch

Lolly said...

Good afternoon!

Happy Birthday to Elliot! A joy and a blessing he is!

We have sunshine! Almost forgot what it was! Water still standing on our brick extension of the patio. Possible showers Sunday. Hope not! Did you ever think I would say that?

Weatherman says this is going to continue. One computer model says we will have a white Christmas. That's a long ways away!

My dryer is fixed! No more squealing as it runs! Yay! Now waiting for the carpet cleaner! After that I can decorate!

Lori said...

Hi everyone.

Hope all is wonderful for you.

I saw this today in one of my searches for some graphic stuff I do the On the Rebound Bulldog Rescue fb page. It's a font - though not actual letters - you hit a letter on the keyboard and instead of the letter it's an eagle! Kind of like we do with the hearts when you click alt 3.

It's free and on a legit site that I use often. <3 It won't let me share it, but if you want to check it out:
go to
click on free fonts from the top menu bar
click on animals from the list that comes up
scroll down to Eaglemania and click the download button

Back to work.
I think of you all very often and check the fb page for the latest pictures.


I couldn't even bring it up in a search but it's cool for eagle lovers!

Barbara said...

I was not surprised that the trapped eagle did not hurt the rescuers. They are smart birds and he knew they had good intentions. I noticed that it was not flailing and stayed pretty calm through the whole ordeal. I've heard stories of whales and dolphins in the wild coming over to 'salute' humans who have freed them from fishing lines and such. The eagle was safe and hopefully off to rejoin its mate!

Judie said...

Good afternoon albeit dark and rainy.

"Do" is did. Nails are did, also. As for returning to the scene of past crimes, I do hope no crime of cheating will be committed.

Now, to put my feet up for a few.

So nice to see that Lori stopped by. Sure wish she would do that more often.

Shirley, I still think your team's televised Bowling for Dollars is in the near future. Congratulations to you and the team.


stronghunter said...

Got to check out this Bowling for Dollars thing, Judie.

stronghunter said...

Just what I was thinking--Bowling for Dollars was hosted in Columbus by Gene Fullen and Sally Flowers on Channel 6. I worked at Channel 6 with Gene and Sally way back in the 1960s. I remember Dialing for Dollars, which was the program being aired when I was there.

stronghunter said...

The word was that Gene and Sally hated each other. I can tell you that that was true. By the time I was at Channel 6, Sally would not enter the broadcast studio when Gene was there.

Lolly said...

My carpet is now clean! The guy pointed out several places where Luke, Laurel's Bishon "watered"! Not happy about that. They are just going to have to watch him more carefully! Grrrrrr!

Printed out Christmas letter today ALSO, Did my fist baking. Made Holiday Lizzie's also known as fruitcake cookies. They are now in a tin, carefully wrapped in a whiskey soaked cloth. Yum! They will be. Good after a few days but will last for weeks!

As soon as the young man leaves, I am going to put my feet up. Oh, and let Skippi out of the bathroom. πŸ˜ΏπŸ™€πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜Ύ

Mema Jo said...

Lolly do you have any fear that the rug cleaner will affect Skippi's paws? Just a thought and don't even know why I thought about it.

Shirley - proud of you and your bowling friends. A TV broadcast years ago was
Bowling for Dollars. I used to always watch it because of my dad being an avid bowler.

The fog has moved into my valley - it is thick and heavy
Sunshine predicted to peek out at us tomorrow

Mema Jo said...

Elliot Sebastian Lennox had his special day with his mom and dad.
They have pics up showing tearing open wrapping paper to finishing off his whole cupcake
Sunday is the big party

Headed out to see what TV has to offer this evening..........

I will bid you Goodnight and wish you sound sleep and pleasant dreams.
I'll be thinking of you Judie in the morning. ♥

Judie said...

Good grief. First thing is to offer prayers to the families of those killed today in San Bernadino and for the survivors and their families who must live with the aftermath of the experience.

So happy Master Elliot had a very special day. Looking forward to the Sunday report.

Shirley, how interesting that there is a connection between your time at Channel 6 and your involvement in bowling now. No hiding your light under a bowling ball.

Headed for my recliner to search for some mindless tv. Early to the pillow as tomorrow is my return to the classroom

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Lynne2 said...

evening all...yes I am still alive!

Cough is long gone.
Pigs are gone as well, to a new fabulous home!

Happy Birthday to Elliot! I LOVE the mohawk!

Judie, you are going to look MAHVALUS for your return to the classroom tomorrow! What are you seeing at the Kennedy Center?

Lori, Margy and Barbara have all checked in....YAY!

Happy first place for your bowling team Shriley!

Great news for Sam, Sandi...I surely hope he gets the help he needs.

Now Lolly, how does the carpet man KNOW it was LUKE???

Must run, going to watch the special on NatGeo (also on Animal Planet) that is, unless Steve wants to keep watching the news coverage of the horror in San Bernadino. I have it recorded just in case.

Night all!

JudyE said...



JudyE said...

WE ARE ON EGG WATCH at SouthWest Nest in Fl Harriett and Frankie Valli or M15 or PB

Hey you should check out the pictures that they have under the camera on a comparison of both of them Great job someone did Florida Fort Meyers camera check out the picture of both

JudyE said...

This is the second night she has spent in the nest

JudyE said...

love the view they are showing I guess Frankie Valli on the branch with the traffic going buy Love the way they can follow the birds in the tree I wonder will our do that at some point?????????????????????????????????????????????????

JudyE said...

I forgot to tell you all that Tom my X got the results of his bone scans back and he has no cancer in them They did it for the spot on his lung Not positive what the next move is but that is what Angie told me today

stronghunter said...

So very nice to hear from Lori, Margy, and Barbara.

Glad to know the test results were negative, Judy.

Happy to learn that your cough is gone, Lynne2.

JudyE said...

Beautiful train in Canada

stronghunter said...

Hope everyone had a good day. Time for me to say good night. SED, my friends.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. The sun is supposed to return today - good thing, I feel like I'm starting to mildew!

Lori, it's so good to see you on the blog. Please visit more often!

Lynne2, good to hear the cough is gone. No more trouble with the kidney stone? I would like to hear details about the pigs since the last I heard, they were staying on the kennel property. Have any horses arrived yet?

Judie, have a great day in the big school house! I wish you had been invited to teach something rather than just proctoring an exam, but at least you're back with the adult wannabes!

Judy, vacation is getting closer!

Back in August, I put a hold on Go Set a Watchman through the digital library in DE. Last night I got an email that it was finally available for me to download and read (I forget how many people were ahead of me on the list when I added my name). So I know how I will be spending my evenings!

Have agreyt day all!

Judie said...

Good morning.

Y'all come on over to the fresh new sunshiny thread.

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