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Fresh thread. 


Kay said…
Fresh thread greatly appreciated, STEVE! Going to the old with alert!
JudyE said…

JudyE said…
Mema Jo said…
Good late late mornikng to all ♥

Just sent email about frozen still cam - It is that Wed evening server download causing this.

I have 2 sons and 1 grandson here so BBL

Take Care
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

You're welcome, JUDY!!! I think I'm catching up to some of you featherwise.

PAULA, what Happy Dance news you've supplied! So happy that Larry is truly in the pink again! The two of you have planned an ideal retirement! We're going to look forward to your accounts of life in the very deep South!

ANDY, thanks for sharing your bank's alert! I stand corrected with my generalization about cats---there are some who are every bit as reliable as a "watch dog"!

SANDI, Janey is a beaut! She can't help but respond well to your brand of TLC and I, too, look forward to Greythound training news! Here's hoping Sam's parents "get it" this time around. What else has to happen for them to wake up?

LOLLY, good on Joseph and the whole band! Enjoy!

Penny and I are reveling in another beauteous Indian Summer day--perhaps our last of the season. I'm looking forward to attending a fund raiser for our local Food Pantry with Julie n' Hugh this evening. A casual Pizza n' Hot Dogs affair. Then tomorrow morning Malcolm will arrive for the weekend as his people are off to Michigan for a visit with Eileen. Two dogs and rain--twill be a challenge, but challenges are good for me. I'll also be on call for Seth if campus life presents any unexpected problems. Who said our usefulness wanes with age? ☺

Prayers for all in need!!!

grannyblt said…
GM. Noticed the stuck still cam. Forgot about the Wed night server download.
Thanks for new thread Steve and Kay for the call over.

On my way out the door to meeting and. My committee is in charge of decorations and refreshments. Trying to relax before a few hectic hours begins.

Hope all are well and having a great day.
Kay said…
JO, Wahoo! 2 sons and a grandson adds up to a jolly good time!!!!
Kay said…
GM to you, too, LYNNE1. Hope all goes well with the meeting!!!
JudyE said…


Sandi said…
Hi all. Sitting outside in the yard with Jenni and Bella. They are enjoying their new freedom and all the new smells. Temperature here is 73 degrees.

I did need one spot biopsied - just above my upper lip. A tough spot to keep a bandaid on.

Gail has texted me several new photos of Janey on their ride back to DE. That must be one very full mini van with 4 greyhounds in the back and 2 adults in the front. For those on Facebook, i have posted photos of the other 3 dogs that will be available for adoption soon. One is a white and brindle female named Reno who is only 18 months old - still a puppy.
Sandi said…
Oops, forgot to check the box. Also forgot to thank Steve for the new thread and Kay for the call over.
JudyE said…
Love it! Love it, now we can rewind to see the landing of the eagles. JO thanks for the info on pulling the red bar back. A white truck went down the road so I pulled it back just a tad and several times. I have watched the same truck go down the road 3 times now. So now we can re-watch the landing, which I love the landing and the take off I am so excited. LOL
Lynne2 said…
afternoon all!

Sunny, 72 degrees and 83% humidity here. YUK. It was 76 in the apartment, had to turn the air on!
JudyE said…
I feel for you LYNNE2! We were 92° yesterday now its 89° we have beaten record highs and lows this week Not liking this heat. I want it cooler!
JudyE said…
Our humidity and DE POINT is high If it were a lower dew point it wouldn't be as hot. Also there have been heat of the day storms which is odd for this time of the year summer pattern in the fall.
Lolly said…
77 here with extremely high humidity! Yuk! Have turned on the ceiling fans but. Not the AC. Storms are predicted but not here yet!

Heading to the grosssssserie store soon. Thanksgiving dinner with church family Sunday. Have signed up for two dishes of sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce. And might throw in a pumpkin pie! With Joseph loving pumpkin pie so much, I have perfected the best recipe with a streusel topping. Sooooo good!

Eagles never there when I get on. Grrrr!
Mema Jo said…

It was very warm here today and almost turned the AC on.
My company here this morning stayed until late afternoon and were just great at doing
a lot of small fix it jobs. They were really appreciated! and LOVED.

Sandi - all of the greyhounds traveling to DE are beautiful. I know you are anxious
as an eaglet awaiting a fish delivery!

The Live Cam Tours are permanently set for 12 noon - Happy some of you got to see it today.

Judie I guess Ms Fisher tonight is a new one... I am hoping.

KAY hoping you enjoy that feather!

Lynne1 - hope meeting went well.

Lynne2 - Glad to see you pop in here today ! Very thankful you are feeling well.

Steve - Thanks for this new thread. BBL

Lolly said…
Denton now has a tornado warning! Also, many rv's and tents at Texas Motor Speedway, races this weekend! Laurel and Jacob are ready to get in their safe place!
Lolly said…
Laurel said she was out in her front yard. Said "Isn't that what you are supposed to do when the sirens go off." Now she and Jacob are in as safe a place they can be with pets and mattress over them!
Lolly said…
Even if a tornado does not hit the race track 50 mph winds will do horrible damage to rv's. Also, possible hail. This is not good! Prayers please!
Lolly said…
10 15 minutes it hits the race track! Joey is at school. Both have posted scary pictures!
Lolly said…
People at the race track in the clear as well as family. Tornado did touch down in north Fort Worth.
Judie said…
Good early evening.

Finally, time to put my feet up.

Lolly,hope all the family will be safe and also thinking of Loretta's family with all this frightening weather.

Jo, happy you got some family time and a little fixin' up. Yes, headed to see if Miss Fisher is new. I surely hope so.

Kay, you and Penny make sure to get plenty of sleep tonight. Tomorrow begins the Penny & Malcolm weekend.

Sandi, so excited for you. You will be busy but please find a minute to let us know how the initial meet & greet goes.

Will need to catch up tomorrow. Headed to my recliner.

Restful sleep for all.
Janet said…
good evening to one and all...
SANDI: you must be getting over the moon excited! tomorrow is YOUR day! :)
LOLLY: so glad you corrected Laurel on the proper siren procedure....scary stuff.
JO: glad you had lovely, helpful company today!
JUDYE: wishing you cooler temps. we had 76 today. went out to our favorite Mex dinner place tonight and sat outside. It could have been April or May it was so nice out.
HI KAY: loved your wonderful news!
Hi to both LYNNES!
busy day. mostly overcast, but warm. fully booked at work, which is great.
after work, PT. two more appointments and then I am released.

went to target after work....needed some new shoes. my favorites, the skeletoes, were almost 2 years old and sigh, I noticed they had 3 holes in the bottom. the cheapie tennis I have a difficult time with. they have laces and that's all fine and good, but my nails are so short and have to stay short as such, and I have a heck of a hard time untying the laces. sooo, I had seen a pair of gray slip on tennis shoes, very light weight, cute, comfy at target and I wanted to see if they still had a pair in my size. boom! done! :)

picked up some flowers to take up to the cemetery in Kentucky I may make that run up there this weekend. I work the next 3.

all righty, everyone have a great evening. good night and restful sleep for all!
Mema Jo said…
Good show - Ms Fisher - it was new thank goodness.

Not staying on line much longer........ Perhaps a bit more TV - not sure.

Goodnight to all

glo said…
Oh dear Lolly Sorry for the rough weather. Glad it has passed over. Getting excited in IL too for Sandi and her foster. Bless them all who are helping these dogs get their lives back.
stronghunter said…
Very sleepy this evening, so I will say good night. Kittens are chasing a fly around the house, and I think it is time for me to do something about it before lamps get knocked off the tables. I really do not want them to eat a fly anyhow.

SED, everyone.
Lolly said…
Storms have passed and they passed us completely. Had a little sprinkle and that is all.

Now for Laurel to get Joseph home. He is in Wichita Falls with the band. Home around 1:00.

Skippi is asleep on my foot rest. Definitely getting old, sleeps more. 18 months now. Lol

Night all! SED!
grannyblt said…
Good morning all. Both eagles in nest now. 623 am
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. It's Friday!!

One eagle has been in the nest since I logged on at 6:30am. We are on a 1-hour fog delay but it looks clear in Shepherdstown.

Another day in the 70s here and then the font comes through tonight.

It feels like Christmas Day to me - I can't wait til our gift arrives this afternoon! Thanks for sharing in my excitement!

Have agreyt day all!
Janet said…
good morning!
SANDI: so excited for you! looking forward to checking in this afternoon!
hug her for me, please.

have a great day all!
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

/so excited for SANDI and her new family member give her a scratch behind the ear from me

we have a pretty bird in the nest making pretty chirps
Judie said…
Good morning.

Our nest is MT. The GA nest is busy with sticks arriving and being braided into the crib rail. Barn owls are not at home this morning. Bai bear is sleeping and Mei bear is eating. MN bears are settling in for a long's Winter's nap - Holly and Lucky are sharing an apartment this winter - Ted vants to be left alone.

I, on the other hand, will be finishing my coffee and then headed to the scullery. Must re-arrange a bit to accommodate the holiday supplies purchased yesterday.

Absolutely excited looking forward to the arrival of Janey. May she adapt quickly and easily to her new foster home.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
glo said…
Good Morning everyone. omg we are all like we get waiting for ip and a hatch as we anticipate Sandi getting her new little "ok not so little" foster. Party time tonight atleast in our hearts that an awesome dog gets a taste of what it's like to be free in a home where someone will love on you and make you feel welcome. Patches says Hi to Janey and says " just chill sweetheart It's all going to be OK". Patches Mom says to Sandi You got this!!!! Take a deep breath every now and then and keep on keepin on and thank you so much.
Judie said…
Back again...

Glo, could not have found better words or feelings to encourage and support Sandi, her family, and most of all Janey.

Forgot to wish Kay and Penny a fantastic weekend with Malcolm. May the fun begin.

JudyE said…
Lost the live feed

anyone else?????

also lost the still cam but it came back but I think its stuck on 954 the time I lost both cams
JudyE said…
YEPPER both cams are KAPUT
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

JO will be on it with NCTC when she's up and at em' for the day, I'm sure.

Malcolm has arrived and all's well. Julie said Seth may call wanting to come here for the weekend. There are no special doings on campus and he says he can help with the dogs. We'll see--subject to change if friends come up with plans and I can adjust either way.

SANDI, do you have an approximate ETA for Janey? We're all excited as GLO so adequately voiced it! Can't wait for the greyt news!

JUDIE, get all that holiday stuff organized....what time are we supposed to be there on T'Day? Can I bring anything? Thanks for the good morning recap on nests and dens!

LOLLY, glad the storm missed you and yours!

SHIRLEY, hope there was no digestive upset due to one of the kitties eating a fly---though I do think cats ingest more insects than we'd like to think--dogs, too. Penny is always snapping at winged creatures on our walks.

On to e-mail and online news....

Prayers for all in need!!!

Sandi said…
Hi all. The latest word on Sam is that the school is pushing for expulsion. If successful, Sam could be placed at an alternative school where counseling is a daily component of the program. He could also be placed on homebound instruction which means someone from the district would provide the instruction he would get at school but from Sam's home. Don't know who would agree to do it, but i know who WON'T!!!

Janey's scheduled arrival is between 1:30 and 2:00. I don't think the clock could move any slower today! I guess i should have just taken the day off b/ c i am so distracted I can't think straight!

I know i would be excited about welcoming any new dog to our family. But there is indeed something very special about rescuing a dog who has had an awful life and watching it turn into a well-loved pet. It makes me smile knowing that my blog family will be with me in spirit today.

I promise to check in later.
glo said…
Sandi I remember counting down the days and then the hours until I could take Patches into my arms and get her out of there into a home and some tender care and help us learn to love each other. I read your comment on fb about trying to help the other 3 get homes. I have to chuckle and I so get it. lol
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Very excited for you, Sandi and we all will anxiously await for your report!

Alternative school sounds best for Sam! I can not imagine him doing any work at home. I see him being worse in his home environment!

Get my do done today. Long over due!

Skippi comes and sits on the arm of my recliner and stares at where the foot rest should be. Lol. I raise it up and she settles, half leaning on my legs. How can I get work done? Mustn't disturb her!

Cooler and sunny today. Beautiful day!

Kay, Jack is not much of a dog person. He does not dislike them, just does not need one! Also, we do not have a fenced back yard. We had two dogs, both Keeshounds with the kids growing up. I always need a kitty! Love dogs too, but can have my kitty and be happy!
JudyE said…
I have had dogs all my life growing up and also when I was married dogs. But switched to cats when I went out on my own. That is one reason my credit card went so high several times so have surgeries etc. You love them and have to take care of them.
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon to all ♥

Janey is almost there I'm sure - and I think we all have some butterflies with this waiting. Really pray that she adapts quickly and that she brings lots of good times to the Roberts' home!

It is clear out but no sunshine to speak about. I am very thankful that Laurel and Jacob and Joey were unharmed by the storm last evening. I was wondering where Joseph was - didn't remember about the band event.

Kay it would be nice if Seth did visit but I know exactly what you mean about not being disappointed if he finds something to do with his friends.

I have emailed NCTC about the cams.......... No word back yet ......... Hoping our weekend isn't without cams! There was a great visit by our Royal Couple early this am. Most of the nests are shaping up for the season.

No plans - but need to get dressed for the day and then eat lunch! BBL
JudyE said…
Cams aren't working still

954 still cam still stuck

and black screen with words on live again like when went down.

They may have been working on them when the live feed came up but didn't have the GO LIVE button and it started out as 02 then as it progressed with the time in the red bar it would go back to the black screen I really think that was a rewind or replay of sort

Jordyn will be spending the night with me tonight

Last week I had asked her and she was so surprised Normally she ask me, She was so happy that I asked.
Today they are at Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa Angie is a escort for them drove bunch over in her car She had to get finger printed for it also. So I won't be picking her up at school Angie will bring her here
Got to figure out what she want to do tomorrow for the day I will give her a choice of Winter The Dolphin, Weeki Wachee Mermaids, Planet Jump, (bouncy house place)Great Exploration, or a movie if there are any out there will have to check and give her her choice being its is so hot hot hot out I hope she picks a indoor activity this 90 plus this time of the year is horrible
JudyE said…
Change of plans by daughter
I have to pick up Jordyn at school but not in the car line.
I can get her from the teachers parking lot Angie has some papers to get done being she is the President The Thanksgiving feast at Jordyn school is coming up and things need finished

Angie said it is so hot in Tampa at the zoo One of the little girls got sick in the restroom all over Angie back pack . Poor thing seems only liquid came up so she was drinking lots of water.

and the funny thing is that so many parents volunteered for the event that the kid you brought was yours to watch and walk around with No group activity at all so Angie just has Jordyn and her BFf Chloe She said they have run in to others but this make it nice also they can do what they want instead of groups Also seems the zoo only has the school there Which makes it nicer
Mema Jo said…
Both cams are up/running 1:12pm

Hopefully we will have them all weekend
JudyE said…
saw the white truck go in and out funny can only see on the right side of the screen not the left I wonder if they stop right under the nest area may be the reason we don't see on the other side of the nest no tracks either
Mema Jo said…
White truck is probably going up to the barn - the small dirt road is only on one side of the nest and stops at the barn. It's close to where the Eagle Express used to park.
JudyE said…
Angie just called me trying to send a pic from the zoo of eagle shirt Just came through on fb. I texted her and told her I have two of them so hope she gets text and doesn't get the shirt. Looks just like the one I got when I was at NCTC and the other was from the zoo years ago but if she gets it I will just get rid of the older one I am sure has holes in it LOL
Mema Jo said…
I had gotten this earlier but I took a nap and just now saw it.........

I've been in meeting smost of the day, but the cam was turned off briefly for maintenance on the equipment at the base of the tree.
Should be all set now
stronghunter said…

Thinking about Sandi and hoping to see a post from her later on.

Hoping that all works out for Sam--for his sake as well as for everyone else.

I've been working on making a chicken pot pie for tonight. Hunter is particularly fond of them.

Nest is empty right now. I have been thinking how much easier it will to spot a pip with this new cam.
Sandi said…
Good evening all - I wish you could see the smile on my face, and Denny's face, and Kevin's face, and Janey's face!! Now, Bella and Jenni ... they'll come around. :)

Janey's very first encounter with Bella and Jenni was a little unexpected. She perked her ears up like greyhounds do when they see a rabbit or a squirrel and advanced toward them pretty quickly. But she was on-leash and wearing her muzzle. Right now, the 2 littles are on the sofa and Janey is laying on the floor right beneath them - all is right with the world.

Janey ate dinner - a good sign, and is doing OK with the steps. She's already mastered going down but going up presents more of a challenge. She walks beautifully on-leash and allows us to leave the room she's in without immediately getting up and following us.

And just in case you're wondering, we're NOT fostering, we're keeping! We are in love already!

Goodnight all - I will see everyone in the early AM. Thanks again for sharing in my excitement today!
glo said…
well not sure whether to congratulate Janey or Sandi or well Congrats on the new wonderful member of the family. She is beautiful and we will love sharing her journey with you. I am sure I could never foster either. You did most likely set some kind of record on how quickly someone wrapped their paw around your heart tight enough you could never let go. :-)
Mema Jo said…

Sandi - Janey's picture on FB is awesome - she is just beautiful.
Very happy for all of you!

Tomorrow hubby and I are invited up the road to our oldest daughter's home for a Turkey Dinner. Her one daughter and hubby and the 5 Hedgesville children will be there. I can
barely wait - such a grand idea.

Really nothing on TV for this evening other then repeats..... Which may mean I need
to find my word puzzle book!

IF I don't return it means I will be saying...

Goodnight to all
Judie said…
Yippee! Hurrah!

♪♫ Happy days are here to stay
Miss Janey's found a place play
Happy days are here to stay ♪♫

Congratulations to the entire family, Sandi. So very happy for all of you.

A bit weary tonight. Will have to catch up tomorrow.

Restful sleep for all.
Kay said…
Wahoo! I'm joining right in with JUDIE's chorus and doing a Happy Dance besides!

SANDI, can't see how Janey's intro into Robert's family life could have gone any better! Just had to return in hopes of finding this marvelous news!

JO, hmmmm good, off to a dear daughter's house for a family dinner of turkey n' trimmings! That's the way to kick off this month of thanksgiving!

SHIRLEY, I agree with Hunter, Chicken Pot Pies are scrumptious---I no longer do them from scratch, finding Marie Callendar had a good substitute. My Eileen and my d.i.l. Beth have different recipes, but equally good recipes! Wish I could have had dinner at your house tonight!

Time for "Washington Week".

Have a greyt evening Eagle Buds!!!

stronghunter said…

A kitty is kneading on my blanket. Much purring.

SED. See you tomorrow.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. One eagle in the nest.
Judie said…
Good morning.

One eagle in the nest. Windy.

One greathound in a furever home. Exciting.

One cup of coffee. Yum.

Sandi said…
I am sitting here with all 3 dogs in the same room. Janey is laying on a pile of quilts next to me, Jenni is covered up in her bed watching Janey intently. Bella has claimed Janey's one and only squeaky toy as hers but Janey couldn't care less. Eleven pound Bella, the smallest of the bunch, IS the queen and the sooner Janey gets to know that the better.

So here's what I have concluded in my 16 hours with Janey:
1. Gail must have stolen this dog from another greyhound owner!!! Seriously, she is the perfect greyhound for someone who has never owned one - very laid back, not needy, catches on to things quickly (ie. eating in the kitchen instead of a crate, letting me brush her teeth, not walking through glass - she only bonked her nose once on the french doors and now she's got glass doors and windows figured out, how to navigate steps - she's already a champ at going down and I bet she'll have going up figured out by the end of the weekend).
2. Tall people should DEFINITELY have tall dogs!!! It's soooo much easier to give them kisses or ear scratches, to clip their leash on, to brush them or check their ears. Oh my, why did no one ever tell me this??
3. Greyhounds have the perfect noses for people kisses! :)

Janey went right into her new bed in our room last night - didn't get up til 5:30 this morning with no pacing around the room and no accidents during the night. Then again, we bought her a pretty Cadillac bed - when it arrived from Amazon, we both joked that we'd sleep in it! She went out into the yard and took care of business first thing this morning and then gulped down her breakfast. I'm sure there will be glitches but so far, so good!

Have a greyt day all!
JudyE said…
I see one eagel in nest
JudyE said…
Good morning up with Jordyn

Statue of eagle in nest still
Janet said…
good morning. I detect a strong case of puppy love on this blog! SANDI: so happy things are going well. no doubt she enjoys your love and affection. I am so happy for all of you!!!

another gray day here. I think sun tomorrow. it is cooler, feels more like fall. we plan to get yard stuff done today.

a lot I want to get done ... and all in one weekend. I may need a reality check.

later ya'll hugs and love, holding all close in my heart and thoughts.
glo said…
:-) Good news coming from Sandi and Janey. I actually managed to wrap several gifts last night and have more in the schedule for today. Patches and I are headed out for our morning walk in a kind of cold but sunny Fall morn in IL.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all <3

Sandi - your morning report sounds perfect and I hope it stays that way! Where will you keep Janey during the day when you are at school? I hear you need some new toys in your house. lol

Prayers for Dana's Frisbee who has spent overnight at the Vet waiting for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Happy for Thelma who lost Buddy to now have George - a basset hound.

Speaking of eagles - here is Deb's last night's visit:
Mema Jo said…

That is all for now - Dressing to soon go up the road for that delicious
turkey dinner with family.

Enjoy this day - add a little sunshine if you can ! SMILE ♥
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

I see an MT and still windy nest--thanks for the early report, JUDIE n' SANDI.

SANDI, Janey is clearly a Jewel! She must think she's died and gone to heaven! Cute observation re:tall people needing tall dogs! I'm tall and have always been partial to large dogs, but condo living doesn't suit them well, nor do I have large dog strength anymore. I'm curious about Janey's transition to to your "home cooking" and so happy to hear that she is somehow, miraculously house trained! Do you know how much she weighs? What a greyt breed! I looked at some greythound rescues at an Animal Shelter meet and greet---loved them, but they were young and I suspected they needed more exercise than is possible in condo living. God was still getting Penny ready for me and I'm so glad we found each other.

THELMA n' SHAR, so happy to hear another basset hound has found a home with you! George is bound to love living with you!

JO, what precipitated DANA's need to take Frisbee to the vet? Javelin's time there was so recent---any tie in? Thanks for the Deb link! Enjoy that turkey dinner! Gobble, gobble!

JANET, hope you accomplish all those items on your weekend list.

JUDY, good on you and Jordyn for making the most of your time together.

GLO, sounds like you're making good headway on Christmas 2015. You're so organized--there is no question about why your daughter wants you help in Dec.. Oh yeh, it's also because she loves you so!

Penny, Malcolm and I are enjoying a crispy cool, but dry day! He's a bit off his feed, but he gets perhaps a third of his usual exercise here.

Prayers for all in need!!!

glo said…
You Know Kay as I was reading Sandi's report this morning , I thought about you and Penny and of course my Patches. Others here also just have such big hearts for animals who need a chance at a loving home.
Lolly said…
Yay for Sandi's household! Sounds like Janey is definitely a keeper!

Just returned from church. Helped decorate for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It looks fabulous! We have two ladies who are gifted with decorating!

Now I need to get busy cooking! Oh, our dessert auction is the next weekend. Had a friend, a man, say sorry they would not be there to bid on my pecan praline cheesecake. So, I replied well do you want to pre-order it for $100.00? He exchanged a look with his wife and they both said yes! Wahoo! First sale of the auction! I do not have to make it for next weekend, so I will make something else for the auction!

It rained again during the night, or much but it is very wet out and cool, 59. Going into the 40's tonight!
Sandi said…
Hi all - rainy day here in Bethany.

Janey is now going up and down the whole flight of stairs on her own - easey peasey. Kay, I don't think for one minute that she's housebroken. But at the racing kennel, lights-out is at 6:30pm and the dogs aren't let out again til 6am. So, she knows how to hold it and not go in her crate. And she understands that, when you get to go outside, that's where and when you take care of business.

As for food, racing dogs are fed raw 4-D meat (the Ds stand for dead, dying, disabled, & diseased) with vegetables mixed in b/c they need high protein for muscle and 4-D meat is the cheapest available. Once they retire, the dogs are fed the cheapest kibble available mixed with 4-D meat. So they're usually loaded with parasites when they go to the vet to be spayed/neutered and to have their dental done. Gail, the rescue lady, said don't bother weaning her to other food, just switch it. So she's now getting 1-1/3 cup of premium kibble (Taste of the Wild with Bison & Venison) with about 1/3 of a cup of my homemade food mixed in, a little bit of water, and a dollop of plain yogurt and she gets that twice a day. She inhales it and so far so good with her gastrointestinal system.

Great news about Thelma getting a new basset hound - I bet George will be just what the doctor ordered for her!

glo said…
Sandi big dogs don't usually have the GI issues that the little one's do. Love Janey's new diet. I see why she is inhaling it. So very very glad she found you after you found her :-)
grannyblt said…
Good afternoon.

I'm enjoying the great adventures of Janey and Patches and George. Haven't heard too much about George yet, but he is a handsome fellow. Concerned about Dana's dog at the vet hospital last night. Last I read, the troubles may stem from a side effect of some medications.

Hope everyone has a nice afternoon.
stronghunter said…
Good afternoon,

There is a kitty wrestling match going on at my feet.

Practiced bowling and had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. Kathryn and Hunter are off somewhere on their Saturday errands.

I am happy to be home since it is rainy outdoors.

Love reading about all of the new pets.
stronghunter said…
Wrestling match is becoming more intense. There has been hissing and growling. I may need to separate them.
stronghunter said…
Guess the kitties wore themselves out with their wrestling. They are now sleeping next to each other. Cheeto bestowed some kitty kisses on Allie.
NCSuzan said…
So far, just looking around.

Mema Jo said…
Kay: Dana reported on Frisbee that he is having trouble breathing. He is cold and lethargic. Doing x-rays and blood work now. Dr. Seems concerned as well.
Last evening ....We just got home from Mountainview where he will be spending the night. Hopefully, the doctor will come up with a diagnosis and treatment. Pray that we she figures it out by morning. I hate him being in a kennel away from us
Judie said…
Quick review of today's events seem mostly to be so wonderful with Glo and Patches getting Christmas under control and Janey being so quick to learn and make herself right to home and the arrival of George in Shar's family followed by a kitty wrestling match that ended with a tie sealed with kitty kisses.

Now we must send our doggy prayers for the diagnosis and healing of Frisbee.

Congratulations to Lolly on an order for her cheesecake.

Thank you Jo for the link to Deb's video. No need to hope you had a spectacular early turkey day. I know you did.

Off to put my feet up and "rest" my eyes.

Restful sleep for all.
glo said…
Sad News from Dana. Frisbee has passed. She doesn't give much more info just the one sentence that they are devastated and Frisbee has passed. So sorry. So very sorry. I hope her vet can give her some info as to what happened.
stronghunter said…
Oh dear, sad news about Frisbee. Thanks for letting us know, Glo.
Lolly said…
Yes, saw Dana's comment on fb. So very very sorry for them!

All my cooking is done for tomorrow. My pumpkin pie looks so great! Lol. Had to fight Jack off!

Think I will stick my nose in my kindle for the rest of the evening!

Night all! SED!
stronghunter said…
I am impressed with Amazon. I ordered a new copy of The Joy of Cooking yesterday afternoon. It arrived this afternoon. I did not see a drone out there, but that is really speedy delivery.
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Oh, my! So incredibly sorry to hear that Dana's Frisbee has crossed the Rainbow Bridge! My deepest condolences! Certainly hope that the vet can figure out what happened. Sounds like my worst nightmare!

Have so enjoyed reading about Janey, and George, and Shirley's kitties. The question of the day is, who rescued whom? Best wishes for a happy furever life to all of them!

We have been busy today! Our oldest granddaughter, Jay, is in town! Her 10th high school reunion was last night, held at Angel Stadium in a banquet room. She had a great time, and was told by everyone that she hasn't changed a bit!
(Now that I think about it, 2016 will be my 53rd high school reunion! Gee, how old does that make me feel!)

Well, I need to go assemble a salad to go with the lasagna we're having for dinner. Probably won't make it back here after dinner, so will say goodnight and God bless. Sweet eagle dreams! I ♥ us!
Mema Jo said…
It is so sad when we lose our loving pets - Frisbee has been know to us as long as Dana has been a Momster. I am sure the entire family plus the remaining two labs will need time to adjust. Prayers for all.

Mema Jo said…

What a fabulous early Thanksgiving meal we had today. There were 8 adults and 7 youngsters. Both granddaughters and their families were there. My daughter had prepared a wonderful meal and yummy desserts. One of the best part of the day was watching the loving Great-grandchildren playing together and that I got time to spend with their parents and my daughter and hubby. They had sunshine but most of the trees were leafless as we rode westward. I think we were a week late to see the colors of fall.

Tomorrow hubby and I celebrate 57 years of marriage. I have roses on the table and a
card to open in the morning as he does too. Perhaps we will go out somewhere special for dinner. No more news from this gal -

Goodnight to all - SED & AOYP ♥
stronghunter said…
What a nice celebration, Jo. And happy anniversary to the both of you.
stronghunter said…
My complaint for the day: I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. The pharmacist asked if I was aware of the price--that is not a good thing to hear. The price was bad enough before I went into the doughnut hole. Today, I entered it. Oh my.
stronghunter said…
Rest well my friends. See you tomorrow. SED.
Janet said…
Good evening to all.
Thank you Kay, we were indeed busy today. I just sat down and caught my breath.
Great news for THELMA! Saw the pix on FB. George is handsome!
Holding Dana and family in my heart and thought. So sad to have lost Frisbee so suddenly…..
JO: what a lovely day! And early Happy Anniversary! Congrats!
So, while we were productive today, it took some unexpected twists and turns.
We started with the yard about 9 a.m. I even picked the last of the tomatoes and pulled the plants out. I do have a couple more things to finish up, but nothing major. The yard is “winter ready”. Mowed. Trimmed. Things put away.
We stopped for lunch and decided to run out to Family Leisure to get our pool chemicals. The winterate has to circulate for 12 hours before you can actually close the pool.
Now, let me back this up a bit. Seven years ago, we went to LazyBoy and purchased “theatre seating”. A 3 chair set (our living room is small). We spent a pretty penny for it. Black leather, recliners….thinking it would last 10 to 15 years. Well, while my side still sat well, Tom’s seat actually sunk in and developed a hole in the leather, a small one, but a hole none the less. The tray between the seats and the cup holders did not hold up well We have been contemplating a new set.
No plans though.
So, we go to family leisure and Tom says let’s look around for a min. Well, yep we did. We bought a new sofa and love seat.
Got a good deal. Very similar to the last set.
BUT….in order to do this…..

I have had a piano since I was 12. It is a 1947 Acrosonic By Baldwin console piano. Chelsea had always said if I ever decided to give it up……and truth is, I don’t play it. I thought I would, but it just sits there. My oldest granddaughter wants to learn to play. So I called Chelsea and asked her if she still wanted the piano. Yes, yes and yes. So I said okay, you can have it, but if you ever decide to get rid of it, Michael or Livvy have first choice.
So, we drove from Family Leisure (and yes we did get the chemicals), about 20 min across town to pick Michael up to help us move stuff. Contacted the son in law who met us at our house. Once home, we took our “old” leather set and moved it downstairs for Niki and Michael, as they were wanting a different sofa.
Tom, Michael, and Chris loaded the piano into the back of the pick up. I gathered a bunch of music books and the bench.
We drove the piano over to Chelsea’s and them men took it in. Looks great in there.
We drove back to Family Leisure, picked up the sofa an dlove seat and when we got home Tom and Michael put it in the living room.
I am still sort of in shock that we have it.
Had to still do a little rearranging….the cat condo, etc and I have no idea where I’m going to put the stuff that was on the top of the piano, but I’ll figure it out.
Thinking we may run up to Kentucky tomorrow….not sure at the moment. Just tired. Just about time to dent some pillows!
Good night to one and all!
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds
JudyE said…
i ould see one fly in from right
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

My heart is hurting this morning for Dana and the rest of the Hilmoe family on the loss of their Frisbee. To lose him so suddenly and unexpectedly is doubly sad. Proof that we need to love the people and pets in our lives well because we never know how long they'll be with us.

On a much happier note, happy anniversary Jo and Ed. 58 years - what an accomplishment! What a blessing! Enjoy your special day today. It sounds like you had a pretty special day yesterday as well - I know you know how fortunate you are to have your children close by.

Janet, congrats on the new furniture - exciting! Glad the piano stayed in the family. The piano here is Kevin's - bought new as a Christmas gift for him when he was in 4th grade. But if/when he ever moves out, the piano will stay right here until I'm convinced that he wouldn't sell it to pay bills or buy some new "toy."

Things are going smoothly with Janey. She is definitely in love with Denny already! Greyhounds do this thing called leaning where they lean their whole body against your legs - it's a sign of affection, like hugging you. Well she comes to me but she leans against Denny.

Also, greyhounds have very short fur and no undercoat. The great thing about that is they hardly shed at all, ever. The bad news is they have to wear coats when it's cold outside - a slightly weird idiosyncrasy of owning a greyhound. Gail is going to loan me 2 coats and my sister is going to use them as templates to make me a couple of coats for Janey. Lisa texted me photos of some Vera Bradley quilted fabric she already has at home that's pink and white and green paisley. Funny, I would never spend the money for a Vera Bradley bag but my dog will have a Vera Bradley coat! She'll also make a fleece coat that's not as heavyweight as the quilted one. I think 2 coats for a dog should be sufficient.

Two eagles still in the nest as I post this. Have a greyt day!

Sandi said…
Shirley, I hear people talk about this donut hole thing - I guess next year I will learn more about it since Denny turns 65 on his next birthday. The whole Medicare medical insurance thing is a mystery. To me, a donut hole is a good thing - something you can buy a box of at Dunkin Donuts and eat like potato chips! :) Sounds like not a good thing for you though.
Judie said…
Good morning.

MT nest when I checked.

My heart is hurting for Dana and all of her family. So saddened by the loss of Frisbee.
NCSuzan said…
Happy Anniversary Jo and Ed! What a loving and endearing dynasty the two of you created. Jo, have you ever told us how you and Ed first met?

Dana, so terribly sorry over the loss of Frisbee. Thinking of you and your family.
Judie said…

Happy Anniversary to Jo and Ed (aka Mister Jo). What a remarkable milestone for you two and what a remarkable family has been created. Congratulations and may the celebration continue throughout the coming year.
stronghunter said…

Last year my monthly prescription went from about $30 to about $300 when I went into the hole. That happened in late spring/early summer, as I recall. Also, because it is a government-funded plan, it is illegal to use the discount cards companies sometimes give you.

This time, I have been paying about $100 for 45 capsules. The insurance company would not pay for the other capsules anymore. The prescription actually is for $500 worth a month, but I do not need that much. That is before the doughnut hole. My most recent order cost about $179 for 30 capsules--that amount will last 2-3 weeks. I do not know what it would cost if I had gotten what the prescription says I should have.
stronghunter said…
I first learned about the doughnut hole from Lynn Riner on this blog, but it was quite a shock when I went to pick up my prescription with the expectation I would pay about $30 and found out it would be $300. When the pharmacist asks if you really want the pills, you wonder.
Judie said…
Good almost afternoon.

Shirley has inadvertently provided us with a significant bit of insight: Amazon is now in full holiday delivery mode. Now we know to expect near-instant delivery of our purchases with or without drone service.

Ah, the donut hole. While I often chafe at military rules and regulations, I must admit I am grateful for the no-charge medication. Recently purchased some Claritin-D at a Rite-Aid and was astounded by the price. A lot of money to pay for a non-runny nose. Claritin-D is apparently a semi-controlled substance. Had to sign for it.

Janet, congratulations on what was a very good day for you and the family.

Sandi, bet you never expected Denny to find a new, and very well-dressed girlfriend, and have her right there in your home. Bet those two have no shame to their game. lol How are Jenni and Bella adjusting?

Thinking of the Hilmoe family and their sadness.

Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon to all ♥
Thank you all for the 57th Anniversary wishes. Seems like it has been forever ♥
I have red roses and a beautiful card. Will go out to eat somewhere special.

Janet - you did good! I love doing things on the spur of the moment and it sure sounds like that's the way you and Tom operated!

Thinking of Dana and family - Frisbee will be missed by all - also the other 2 black labs!

Janey is going to have such a good life! Very happy for the Roberts Family.

Everyone have a great Sunday - BBL

Kay said…
Good Afternoon, Eagle Buds!!!

So sorry to start right off with sadness, but life sometimes intrudes. Frisbee was loved, cherished and will be missed. I remember the good ol' days when he and his labmates provided us with lots of fun---gobbling up money n' socks, cavorting with their "LORI Tug"..... DANA, special thoughts for Aric as I believe Frisbee was "his dog" and big hugs for all of you as you mourn this sad loss.

Turning to glorious news, Congrats to JO and ED who are celebrating this 57th Wedding Anniversary all weekend! What role models for their dear children, grands and greats! A wonderful occasion for the entire Lennox clan!!! Oops, I see SANDI says it's 58 years of wedded bliss---WOW!!!

SHIRLEY, I've never reached the do-nut hole, but you've made me wonder how close I get and I'm going to pay more attention now. This is the time of year when that possibility pops up. Thanks for the heads up!

SANDI, as expected, I'm rejoicing in every word about Janey and family! She's going to be the best dressed greythound in Delaware and maybe beyond!

JANET, glad the piano stayed in the family! When my mother's piano and organ hit the end of their need in our family we donated them to a church in need of instruments for their classroom assembly area.

All's well here at Kay's Doggy Bed and Beyond, but Hugh and Julie will get the usual rousing welcome home this evening as both Malcolm and Penny will go bananas when they hear the car pull up!

Prayers for all in need!!!

Sandi said…
Good afternoon all. Quiet day here. Bella and Jenni have been out in the yard to play, Janey has been out in the yard to take care of business and then for some exploring. I'm pretty sure she is starting to understand that, when she gets outside, business comes first and then pleasure (walk or exploring the yard).

All 3 dogs have also had "together time" under close supervision. Janey now recognizes that Jenni and Bella are dogs (albeit small ones), not rabbits. But still, she likes to do things like walk in their beds when they are in there burrowed under their blankets and, at 70 lbs. she could do some serious damage.

Today's other new trick is wrapping one or both of her legs around our arm or leg when she is laying down and we stop rubbing her ears or scratching her head. I think she is really liking this being a house pet thing and we are so happy to give her that gift after the lifestyle she had as a racer.
JudyE said…
SANDI brought tears to my eyes with the post of your new furbuddy
She is adapting really good for two days now She has you wrapped around her little or big paws So happy they entire family is enjoying her

My heart goes out to Dana family with one of the three black amigos gone so sad Also her daughter will be going off to school and that is going to be so hard on her and the other dogs
JudyE said…
just before I posted the above I clicked to send it and got the message FORBIDDEN ERROR 403 so naturally I just arrow back and got my message back and re-clicked and it went Tell me I am forbidden lol

the contrast of the nest always looks weird this time of the day
JudyE said…
SANDI I can't wait to see a picture of all three dogs in one pic

That should be a interesting picture
Lolly said…
Sandi, she is working out so great for you! So happy it is going well!

Well, I feel like it has beenThanksgiving. Had dinner at church and it was DELICIOUS, Have a new couple who joined the church a while back. Sat with them at dinner today. In the course of conversation found out they are the grandparents of two of my awesome little kindergarteners. They are college graduates now, but I am still in contact with them. We were so thrilled! Made for a fun conversation at dinner.

Shirley, I fell into the donut hole in July! Scream! It was a shock! Going to talk with my doctor about some of my med when I go to the doctor in a week or so!

Happy anniversary Jo and Ed!

JudyE said…
Ok you all got me concerned about the presc on medicare What plans do you have? if I may ask I am still getting my insurance at work but will have to switch when I either cut back or retire all the way I do have A and B Medicare at the present but no other since I have presc coverage with work dental and eye I was thinking of getting Humana gold plan when I quite lots of people told me it was good also Any feed back will be appreciated I only get one presc at the present time My Estradiol 0.5mg and its will be $4.00 either way with or without insurance but in the future I don't know about
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
Sandi said…
Kay, you were right about Jo and Ed's anniversary, not me - 57 years it is!

Jo, hope you and Ed had a nice dinner to celebrate your special day.

Time for Madame Secretary. Goodnight all - I'll see everyone in the early AM.
Judie said…
Good evening everyone.

Headed to my recliner. Feet going up. PBS all been there done them. Will read before denting the pillows.

Hoping everyone had the best day possible -- that Dana and her family will have begun the process of acceptance, that Jo and Mr. Jo had an exceptionally wonderful day of remembering the years of growing the family Lennox, that Janey is one happy greathound, and finally...

that everyone will have a night of restful and restorative sleep.
Janet said…
good evening to all. another busy day. sunny, bright, but a little cool. we headed up to Kentucky to take care of business. all 3 graves are cleaned and mom has a new name plate; one that is, at long last correct!!!! JUDYE and I did it, hurray, we did it!

enjoying the new furniture. :) Chelsea called me this morning to thank me again for entrusting her with the piano. she melts my heart sometimes.

glad to be home. fried some chicken legs up, made some mac n cheese, and applesauce. kids are cleaning the kitchen.

I am tired. sounds like everyone had a lovely day! good night to all. feet up, denting pillows soon......
JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"
stronghunter said…
Judy, in answer to your question, I have supplemental insurance with AARP. Medicare pays about 80% of doctor and hospital bills through Part A and Part B. The supplemental is for the other 20%. Twenty percent doesn't sound bad until you have to pay 20% of a $100,000 hospital bill. That's why you need supplemental insurance. My prescription insurance (Part D) is through First Health Life and Insurance Company. The prescription insurance is the one that has the doughnut hole. They pay up to a certain amount, then you have to pay an increased amount until you reach the catastrophic stage, at which time they pay most of the bill until the end of the year. They don't call it the doughnut hole--I don't recall, but it is something like the coverage gap. You might not have to worry about it unless you have an expensive prescription. I have one that is quite expensive. I had to select my insurance company based on whether they would pay for that medication. I have never reached the catastrophic stage.

There are other supplemental plans that are advertising on TV right now because it is open season when you can change your plan if you want to. You can enroll in one of the plans when you retire. You do not have to wait for open season. That is my understanding, but you would be smart to call and ask questions. I think the Medicare people will explain things to you.

Medicare covers you as long as you are in the USA. You need something else if you travel outside the country. I bought a plan for the time I was in France.
stronghunter said…
Yay! We have a new toilet in the downstairs bathroom. My house was built in the 1990s when the government was requiring that all toilets be the "water saver" kind, and the design was, shall we say, awful. I have always kept a plunger in each bathroom, and they have been used so much that the paint is worn off the handles.

Furthermore, Hunter installed the new toilet--with a little help from Kathryn. We will be installing new toilets in the other bathrooms very soon. I told Hunter I will pay him for his work. I am sure he will not cost me as much as a plumber would have.
stronghunter said…
take care everyone. I will see you tomorrow. SED.
Lolly said…
Watching football and messing on my iPad. I seldom open my lap top!

Night all! SED!
Mema Jo said…
Checking in at the end of our day.....

Hubby and I enjoyed dinner at Dutch's - Crab Imperial for me and I also brought home
my Peanut Butter Pie - Which is all gone now.

Thanks to all of you and the many wishes you extended to hubby and me.

Goodnight to all ♥
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds
Sandi said…
Goodorming Judy and all my eagle friends. Adjusting to my new normal with 3 dogs to attend to in the early AM rather than 3. This morning, Janey stayed in bed (on the floor next to Denny, who she adores) when the 2 littles (on the floor next to me, whom they adore) started clicking their toenails on the floor for breakfast. I was able to get them outside, gated in their room, and fed before going back upstairs for big.

Janey came down both whole flights of stairs without any coaxing and, as soon as she got out into the yard and I said, "Go pee, go poop," she did! Yay! So now all 3 have full stomachs and are snoozing in the beds. I think I should be fine with getting all 3 taken care of on work mornings and getting out the door at the same time by setting the alarm just 5 minutes earlier. Today was my trial run since I took the day off to stay home with the new family member - gotta use those sick days, right?

Shirley, thanks for the info about Medicare. We have all of that stuff to learn by July 1st when Denny turns 65.

Have changed my avatar back to a new photo of Freyja. We got to Facetime with her last night. They are now coming back to the States on 12/18 rather than on 12/22 - can't wait to get my hands on that little girl!

Today I'll be taking Janey to meet the folks at the vet's office and to get an official weight on her. Gail thinks she's about 70lb. and said she's at a good weight. So I want to get an exact baseline weight for her and then take her again in another week or two to make sure she isn't gaining or losing based on the amount she's eating.

Have agreyt day all.
Sandi said…
Another foggy morning in Shepherdstown - 1 eagle in the nest when I opened the live cam.
Judie said…
Good early morning.

Jo, so glad you had dinner at a favorite restaurant followed by your favorite pie at your favorite abode. You two deserve that special occasion.

I see Sandi has already stopped by and reported on the new, almost new, morning routine. Wonderful how easily the dogs have adapted do quickly. The picture of Freyja is adorable and she will be arriving early for the holidays. Hurrah!

Congratulations to Shirley on the new toilet. Enjoy! Just remember to remind the family that new toilets do NOT count as Christmas gifts.

Still foggy at the nest which is MT. Mei has taken Bei into the big room with bamboo and Bei is doing a good job of crawling and trying to stand.

Now for coffee. Frosty outside my window. Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Sandi said…
Nest is MT but the fog has dissipated. I've seen a few little birds enjoying the nest.

Shirley, what's Hunter's cell number? I need to call him to let him know plumbers make about $95 an hour! ;)
Janet said…
good morning to one and all. cloudy, dreary, wet, and chilly....our day here in Nashvegas. that's okay, I have plenty of inside stuff to do! I did enjoy the cool but sunny day yesterday. I even have some "rose" in my cheeks from working out in the cemetery for a couple hours.

SANDI: so glad you can take an extra day to be with the furbabies. That "new" morning routine sounded pretty smooth...

STRONGHUNTER: Good grief: that insurance stuff sounds soooo complicated! We have the military coverage for retirees ,but down the road, who knows, might need to figure that mess out as well. yikes.

have a great day to one and all! will check in later! smiles and love to all
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

SANDI, sounds like you already have that morning crunch time down pat! So glad you have sick leave galore so you can stay home with the girls as needed! Who would have thought that a greythound raised in a kennel for a specific purpose would transition to a Real Home so quickly? She'll soon realize who the food vendor in the household is and may switch her allegiance in your direction. I imagine she's been handled, for the most part, by men--could that be a factor. Not that I begrudge Denny the honor now held---jus' sayin' ☺.

JO, loved hearing about your anniversary weekend doings! Peanut butter pie, hmmm good! As a diabetic I can no longer indulge in that good stuff. What med or meds are you on for that ailment? I wanna eat sweets too! Weh, weh!

JUDIE, tis' a frosty morn here as well. I must pay closer attention to the temp now as Penny could have used her sweater and I my cap on our first outing this a.m..

I see JUDY was the first to check in today---hope you're having a good day at work!

SHIRLEY, you may have a budding plumber in the house---he could sure do worse financially! My three kids are all college grads with advanced degrees. My stepson didn't attend college, but became an electrician and he pulls down some mighty impressive money. We need our tradesmen.

On to mail and on line newspapers....

Prayers for all in need!!!

Mema Jo said…
Good Monday morning to all ♥

Really chilly out and our forecast does call for some rain this afternoon.

Sandi - Janey is rally making your day - She sounds as though she knows what to do to show her thankfulness for being in your home.
The picture of Freyja is of a very beautiful little gal! She is so pretty. Dec 18 will be here sooner then you know. Will the kids stay with you for a while? Those sick days will come in very handy.

Shirley - That is awesome that Hunter was able to install the new toilet. Here's hoping there is another new one in the future. Very sorry to hear that the donut hole is in affect/effect for your medicines. These drug companies need to be boycotted by our physicians until prices come down. But how could that happen unless government stepped in to control.

Kay said…

C'mon over after you catch up here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mema Jo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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