Thursday, December 03, 2015


New thread.


Judie said...

Good morning, again.

Steve, thank you for the fresh thread. Have a good day. I'll call the others over.

Beautiful sunshine and blue sky.

Bei is sleeping. Berry nest has an adult. Barn Owl Casper is sleeping. Our nest MT.

Lynne2, so happy you're feeling well again. Happy for the Pigs. Kennedy Center is Bright Star.

JudyE, good news for Tom.

Happy reading, Sandi. Maybe the shorties and the greathound would like to listen as you read aloud.

Going to finish my coffee then try to make myself less scary. Don't want students blaming low grades on a frightful looking proctor.

Must go foraging after the school house. Will be early evening when I check in again so....

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Mema Jo said...

Good good sunny morning to all!
Judie aren't you the fortunate one to have captured the feather! Just what you need to complement your day. Wishing you well.

Thank you Steve for the new thread on this Thursday.

Dental this afternoon - Hoe I get a smiley face sticker!

Time for coffee...... BBL

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds



LOTS to do today Have to go to the bank closing out the one saving acct and putting in my old bank acct

have to get new battery for camera other one sucks

after Angie gets off work we all three are getting our tootsie and nails done
then we are running to Walmart getting Jordyn a dress the one I got is a tad large and Angie will keep it for later to grow in to

need to take my tablet to the shop where Angie got it keyboard hasn't worked since I got it but didn't want to give it up love using it but being on vaca won't be needing it

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!!

Thanks to STEVE for the nice new thread and to Proctor JUDIE for calling us over!

JO, hope it's a "look ma, no cavities" day for you!

JUDY, sounds like this will be a productive pre-cruise day for you. Glad Tom's health report is good.

LYNNE2, I'm as happy as a hog in mud with the piggy news!

It's doggy play day so Woof, Woof for now....

Prayers for all in need with extra emphasis on the San Berdu tragedy victims/families.


Lolly said...

Good morning! Another beautiful day! Just wish all the standing water would poof!

Carpet is dry. Now to put everything back in place and start Christmas decorating. Jo, never have had a problem with kitty paws after carpet cleaning.

Lynne, because Luke is the only small dog who has been in the house!! We would know if it was Cosmo! Also, I know Luke has a problem. Both dogs are shut in on a porch at Laurel's house while they are gone.

This evening going to prepare the dinner for dinner at Laurel's tomorrow. Jack will cook it up there.

Jack is going to Fort Worth for lunch and I am going to work on the house like a mad woman while he is gone!

Have a great day!

JudyE said...

back from both bank this bank twice LOL only one saving acct now
sticking with the bank I have had for over 25 yrs

got xtra batteries for camera bought two instead of one You never know if the old one that came with the camera will bit the dust

Thinking I am gonna take the tablet down tomorrow instead of today

called the nail place sort of have a appt at 5 Angie wanted to do it at Walmart 45 each Nailport is 40 so will do it there I don't like doing at Walmarts because the chairs are positioned to where you have a audience of sort with all the customers at Walmart Silly huh

Mema Jo said...

Almost time for the CAM TOUR

JudyE said...

Tour going on

JudyE said...

with the wind I almost thought the nest was going over LOL been I while since I saw the tour

Sandi said...

Hi all.

Thank you Steve for a new thread and thanks Judie for the call over.

Lolly, my 2 littles are prone to using the house as their bathroom area. Whenever I take them someplace, they both wear diapers.

This morning I got to go to the high school with the 8th graders who got a tour of the building and an overview of the program. I always like move-up day b/c it gives me a chance to see former students. Now I am sitting in art class with James.

Getting my nails done after school I'll check in this evening to hear how Judie's day went.

JudyE said...

eagle in

JudyE said...

Hey I forgot to tell you on Tues night at 1030 our store had a sort of fire in the electrical box Took all the power out completely Lucky the maintenance man was in the area and heard a pop pop and sizzling he called mgmt and as they were on their way back boom it went dark. Really could have been bad if no one was around to hear that and so glad er generator kicked in and they got the panel out. The elect co came in and rigged up the lights only one third lighting in the store so the stockers couldn't put up that night truck being it was dark and the lights didn't get turned on till about 4am. They said that the store would be closed but mgmt talked the power co in to doing the piggy back light of sorts Not for sure how they did it They were in the store yesterday fixing the light

JudyE said...

Just had to change my password and log in info on my new online banking, They gave me a password sort of like my email and that is a no no big time So now I have a new one to remember what a PIA but if I want protected it is necessary I wrote it down and put in my purse just in case No one will know what it is to if they see it

Every password I choose said was not valid or others had it like eaglefan etc So I picked one that they suggest PIA

Lynne2 said...

Hi all!

The Pigs: well, after trying and trying for 4 months to find a new home, I had resigned myself and was at peace with them being euthanized if no home was found (cutoff was Thanksgiving).

So in the zero hour, Lisa, who does the Doggie Don't Care here (yeah, supposed to be doggie day care but all she does is put them out in a fenced run area, even if it's pourning rain, an leave them there alone for a couple of hours then puts them in the kennel til the owners pick up after work. Very disturbing. Hoping she gets fired soon. New boss can't stand her...but that's another story). Anyway, she posted nasty things about the new owner starting about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving with pictures of the pigs and save the pigs and OMG. Finally a good home did show up. But she and I had words. She, nor anyone else here including the former owner ever gave a damn about those pigs, or spent time with them or cared for them. Only me. SO when I told her I wanted to meet any potential new owners she really didn't think that was necessary. So I really laid into her. In the end I win! I flat out asked her why all of a sudden she was so worried because in the previous 4 months that she and everyone else knew they needed a new home, she never lifted a finger. But as time ran out she said and I quote...."I will not allow Benson to win". Meaning that she was going to do whatever she had to to get them a home. OMG. It wasn't about the pigs. It never was. It's about how much she hates the new owner. Whatever the motivation, the did get a home, and a really nice one so that's all that matters to me. But wow, she is really straining her arm from patting herself on the back telling everyone how SHE saved the pigs.

JudyE said...

WE ALL know who saved the PIGS LYNNE2 YOU DID and that is all that matters

Lolly said...

Wow, brought up the cam and the wind is really blowing. Hate seeing the nest sway!

Have a lot of Christmas out but not placed where it should be. That will come slowly.

Judie said...

Good evening.

Lynne2, so very happy the pigs have a new home and a nice one. I'm sure most everyone knows the reality and, hopefully, Lisa will disappear to the place where things go never to be seen or heard from again. I'll see what the Shiny Green Garland is doing these days.

Jo, did you get a smiley face? Hope so.

Today was one stress test after another. Too much to put on the blog. It's enough for you all to know I am about to consume a large glass of fermented grapes in preparation for denting the pillows.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

JudyE said...

got my nails done and very unhappy with them I should have never listened to daughter LOL she always gets the french manicure well this time she did the tips in glitter red for the holidays and she talked me into it
I think they look unfinished LOL
Jordyn turned out so cute she picked red and green alternating nails and the gal painted her toes with decorations on the her nails like like little ornaments so stinking cute

I was thinking about going back tomorrow but don't want to pay again so guess will live with the unfinished look LOL
Maybe they will wear on me

We didn't make it to Walmart to late by the time we got our nails and tootsie done

JudyE said...


before we drive over
to Miami

JudyE said...

and I will be going DARK
not paying for wifi on or off the ship

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Thursday bowling team had an excellent day. We won all of our games. :) At the beginning of the day, we were in 5th place. Not sure where we will be next week.

Enjoy your trip, Judy. You won't have time to blog anyway.

stronghunter said...

Good to know all of those stress tests are over with, Judie. You earned that glass of fermented grapes.

stronghunter said...

Went in search of the Star Shower laser Christmas decoration. None to be found. Did learn something interesting: The usual price seems to be $39, and the word is that you need two of them to cast colorful lights over your whole house. However, I found them for $70-something apiece at Amazon. Geesh. And when I checked Sears, they wanted over $100 for two with the shipping cost. And, they were out of them anyway. I guess some people are desperate. I would not pay that price. I do not want the things that much.

JudyE said...

SHIRLEY my Walmart has them but don't recall price

stronghunter said...

Snuggled in my bed keeping my feet warm with a heating pad. Bought it for my aching shoulder.

Time for me to say good night. SED, my friends.

stronghunter said...

Thanks Judy.

I have heard that Walmart has them. Maybe I can check tomorrow.

Sandi said...

Must share my ILC story for the day. One of the boys in the class, asked me to play pick up sticks with him during free time the last 15 minutes of the day. Well, I haven't played pick up sticks since I was Gabe's age but we sat on the floor and played. At the end of the day, Gabe said, "Bye Mrs. Roberts, I love you!" A far cry from what Sam used to say to me!!

Goodnight all! See you in the early AM!

stronghunter said...

Touching story, Sandi.

JudyE said...

SANDI so nice to be appreciated by a student and I am sure he appreciated you also playing pic up sticks

SHRILLY also check with if store doesn't have them they can ship in one day normally

Mema Jo said...

I only have one very very small cavity - Haven't had any for so long. I need to go in
another day and get it taken care of. So I did get a free toothbrush, tooth paste and mouth rinse. I was happy !

I was tired out - happens a lot these days.

Going to close now and wish everyone a GoodNight

JudyE said...

can't sleep so I sit here
when Jordyn was over I show her how google speak works so she asked it When was Barbie born so it showed her video of the first Barbie etc and she loved it Then she proceeded to ask about Sophia The first and watched all kinds of video on youtube all cute and children oriented

well Angie walked out of the shower the other night and said she saw her watching a baby being born I guess she asked it where babies come from Opps I told Angie she need to inactivate the tablet voice search or not have her use it when they aren't around I feel guilty sort of but what she looked at here she was right there with me I find it easier to ask instead of typing with mine because of key board not working But tomorrow I will take it down to either get repaired or a new one being it is under two year warranty and it was also got from Carl uncle shop and he is aware of it not working since I got it I just didn't want to give it up

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Friday!

Judy, tomorrow is the big day, right? Are you working today? How long is the cruise - I know you've told us but I don't recall.

Judie, would love to hear some specifics about how proctoring a test could be anything other than boring.

Lynne2, I know how much you loved those pigs and the important thing is they are now in a good, safe home, right?

Have a greyt day all.

Janet said...

good morning to all! TGIF!
JUDYE: I wouldn't sweat it. I am sure Angie will understand. You have such a smart grandchild.....and that does seem the natural course of thought, well where do barbies come from....hmmmm, where do babies come from? I suppose she was shocked at the difference.

cold outside this morning. 28 out there.

SANDI! what a delightful story! I am sure that warmed your heart!

hope everyone has a lovely day! hugs to all!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

SANDI we drive tomorrow to Miami to spend the night at one of Angie friends house and leave Sunday We have to be there at 10am check in time on SUN and we come back on the following SUN the ship it the Norwegian Getaway Pretty cool ship from the video I have seen

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

eagle out

JudyE said...

and eagle in

JudyE said...

and out

JudyE said...

I was typing when eagle landed had to be Shep YO YO remember and I was looking up this video Carl said he is doing it

There is a rope course to walk and the plank check it out
Waling the rope course and the plank

JudyE said...

I tried to find the shortest video of it there are others showing walking the complete course but didn't want to bore

Judie said...

Good morning.

Sandi, saw an interesting story about a woman named Jan Brown who has quit her job to knit sweaters for greathounds. For teachers, it's the Gabe moments that keep us going. Very sweet.

Shirley, congrats on the five winning games. Dynamite team.

Jo, sorry about the one little cavity but can't complain about free supplies.

Quick overview of yesterday's stress tests. Professor hospitalized and I agree to help. 1. Get to classroom of 70 students. No exams. Call department as an inquiring mind wants to know where the exams are. Exams are immediately sent on the way via work study student -grad student failed to bring them to the classroom. Test-taking students getting antsy. 2. There were to be two grad students to help proctor. One grad student showed up 45 minutes into the exam. The other never showed up. 3. A student approached me before class saying she couldn't take the exam because she had three exams on the same day. "Hmmm, you should have made arrangements before exam day." "I'm here to proctor so taking the exam or not is your choice." Student goes to office crying -- told to see the dept. chair. 4. Proceed to go forage for food. New security procedure to get on base so had to learn that. 5. Lighting of National Christmas tree on the Ellipse near the White House. Intense security and every car in the State of VA was in front of me impeding my progress. Grrrrr! So, finally home. Darth leaves for some holiday thing. I drink two large glasses of fermented grapes and head to the pillows.

Did find out I actually do miss being in a classroom.

Today is bright sunshine, blue sky, and Kennedy Center tonight. Meanwhile, I am pretending to be asparagus and vegetating.

Wishing everyone a great day.

Kay said...

Good RED FRIDAY Morning Eagle Buds!!!

ASPARAGUS, that was a grueling day IMHO! You deserved that fermented grape juice and a good long sleep! Enjoy the show tonight!

JO, too bad a little cavity came sneaking in, but glad it will be ousted soon. I love getting all those dental "freebies"--fun to fool ourselves into thinking they're free, huh?

SANDI, so happy to hear there are some kids who are dear as can be. After Sam you needed that special Gabe moment!

JUDY, Bon voyage!!!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Lolly said...

Good late morning! Two birthday pies made for Laurel. She is 43 today. Michael is 47 next month! How did that happen? How can it be possible? Eating early and then heading to a basketball game!

Hopefully all decorations are up soon and shopping taken care of next week.

Still standing water, but no rain in sight!

JUDIE, sorry for the stress yesterday! Can understand missing the classroom, but we can do without the stress!

Sandi, made me smile with your story! Sweet boy!

Gotta get busy! Much to do!

Mema Jo said...

Good Red Friday Mid Afternoon to all ♥
I think I got lost or at least off course this morning! But then I remembered to get myself in here! I did watch the Noon Cam Tour... Sky was such a clear blue!

Sandi - Pick up sticks will do it all the time - That was a very special young person - sounds like a showing of love is needed.

JudyE - Have a blast and stay safe on the cruise. I'm surprised you have not given us the link to your ship?? Can you find it?? I just remember being able to follow the Cruise ship that AnneMarie was on going up to Alaska. It would be fun to keep track of you.

Judie - Sorry that your day wasn't the best but that it was due to human errors of unscheduled events. Sorry to hear some things weren't prepared for you. If you do miss the classroom perhaps you need to be back there on a limited time basis. BUT no papers to bring home.

Happy that the sun is shinning and the wind isn't too wild.

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon - BBL

stronghunter said...

Sometimes boring is good. Proctoring a test is one of those times. I was always happy when lunch duty was boring as well.

Just saying.

Sounds like Judie's day was not particularly boring, though.

stronghunter said...

Happy to hear the good news about the pigs, Lynne2.

stronghunter said...

Need to go put dinner in the crock pot.

Judie said...

So, I've made myself as least scary as possible.

JudyE, safe travels to Miami and have a wonderful and fun-filled vacation.

Jo, watch Miss Fisher for me, please and thank you.

Wishing everyone a very nice evening and a night of restful sleep.

JudyE said...

Just got home again

JO I don't know the link to the ship I will ask Carl
It is the Norwegian Getaway

I picked up Jordyn dropped her off Carl has her doing some school work trying to get some out of the way that way she won't have as much to do Her SAT test are all done now today was the last day Only her and Chloe since she is also going with us
Angie is just now leaving work Poor gal wanted to get off early so much for that
I am bring two suitcase one for my pillows LOL I have a cervical pillow for my neck and a body pillow for my hip Man sucks getting old If I don't use them I know about it the next days so I must bring two cases I could carry on but the body pillow for my hip is about 4ft by only maybe 8-10 inch wide I got it in NC one year they had them at a hotel and I got in contact with the gal that made them and got on Just perfect for my hip issue not to wide like a standard body pillow less that half the size

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Thought I'd drop in and say howdy.

Lolly, please pass along some Happy Birthday wishes to Laurel from me! Hope she has a wonderful day.
Ken and I went to breakfast this morning with Ken's buddy, Chuck. He's doing OK. He doesn't get around much any more, because of his bad back and messed up knees. He's on disability. He is trying to hang in there and avoid back surgery, because to fix the problem they would have to fuse 4 or 5 of his vertebrae. He would then not be able to twist his body at all to look sideways. It would probably take a long time to recover from the surgery, too. He figures that he needs knee replacement surgery on both knees, as well. That's just a lot to have done, and surely not in a short period of time. Chuck does get around fairly well with 2 knee braces and a cane.

I'm thrilled to hear that Lynne2's pigs have a wonderful new home! Lynne, will you be able to visit them occasionally? I hope so!

Judie, it sounds like your day in the classroom turned into a bit of an adventure. Sorry about that!

Jo, sorry about the tiny cavity! Hope it won't be a big problem getting it filled.

Well, need to get going and get some stuff done around here. Must dust and vacuum so we can do some Christmas decorating! Have a good evening, everyone.
I ♥ us!!

JudyE said...

This seems to be the link to the map otherwise click below both work just don't have to click on track ship spot with this one you can see our ship is docked now

Main page for the Norwegian Getaway click track on map green box to middle bottom of page Carl said any ship can be tracked through vessel finer . com

Dec 6 is our departure and OH also if we get off and there are restaurants we may get wifi but I am not taking my tablet it is down at the shop for repair since I am not doing snips of the nest LOL I am taking my laptop to upload pictures to view like we did in Cancun nice seeing on that instead of camera But if Angie gets service on her phone I am sure she will let me post from it

JudyE said...

Here is a video of our ship so pretty 2014 was build she is a new one

the ship Getaway if you want to look I am so excited as if you didn't know and so happy to be included with my daughter and her family

JudyE said...

there are so many youtube videos this is the shortest there is one of the rooms We have a suite with a full bath and a balcony

JudyE said...

this is a video of the midship mini suite not our room but the same size but there are two chairs on the balacony on our a view of out midship mini ship 11838 is out cabin number

JudyE said...

Jordyn is excited about sleeping in the bunkbed
we promised her she won't fall out but we showed her the railing

JudyE said...

Now I need a shower

glo said...

I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise Judy Sounds very exciting.

Mema Jo said...

Good evening to all ♥

Good to see you Andy and glad to hear all is well.

JudyE I will try to locate a cam for your ship. Safe and FUN journey.

Going to close for today

Goodnight and Peace be with you.

JudyE said...

JO I posted a vessel finder for the Getaway above is that what you were talking about? you can track where we are

JudyE said...

Try this is says camera I havne't registered it say

JudyE said...

Thanks JO I didn't know that there was a link to a webcam on the ship right now it only has the bridge cam up Pretty at night

JudyE said...

I had to register to see it I never knew there was on Hey maybe you will see US LOL I doubt with the thousand on the ship LOL

Angie and Carl are taking Casper to the Vet at 8 in the am he wouldn't stand on his back leg this am When I was there this evening he was still not on it all the way but it was down He wasn't a three legged dog like this am They think he may have mulch or something in his paw pad gonna get it check out
Angie wanted me to come to sit with Holly while she was going I told her the dog will be find by herself in the cage or loose in the house Not as if it were Jordyn LOL

JudyE said...

Last sentence in the comment was suppose to say will be fine by herself NOT FIND by herself

I think she is worried about Holly worrying not having Casper there she is such a needy sister to him LOL

JudyE said...

I took tablet today and naturally they say it is off warranty I got it for Christmas but that is not when the warranty started Last month is when it was so I have to buy a new key board for it 21 coming from China naturally so it will be up to 2wks for it bummer
I just may go get the tablet itself when I get back in town so I can use it and when the keyboard comes in pick it up

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Oh, it's Saturday, you say? It's the weekend, you say? Weekends are for relaxing and sleeping in for folks who work, you say? Well my dogs just don't get it. The first "alarm" went off at 5:07am. Then there were 2 up and about. And by 5:27, all 3 were clicking those nails and whining to go outside.

Judy, today is the day! Don't think about your tablet being out of warranty. Don't think about Walmart. Don't think about whether or not you'll have wifi. Just think about having a wonderful time with your family on your vacation! Bon voyage!!!

Tennis for me this morning and then I guess it's time to pull out the Christmas decorations.

Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

I hate waiting

but so excited I should have made my self sleep in LOL

so sorry that you can't sleep in SANDI and I don't intend to think of anything but vacation I am the kind of person that doesn't have a fancy phone for wifi remember I have a track phone just for er Angie and Tommy keep trying to tell me to get a nicer phone I really don't like phones if it wasn't necessary for Jordyn I wouldn't have a phone at all But with the newer phones they are nice for trips Angie says they downloaded apps that will help us navigate the ship better and alert us of things Good that they have them not me LOL and being we are going with another family it will help us keep in contact I guess Even their 7 yr old has a phone I think that is to young JMHO

the grounds at the nest look FROSTY
we are having the most beautiful weather thanks to the el nino warm for this time of the year but I like it better that cold and having to wear jackets

Gonna head to get me a biscuit

Powering the computer down We will see you all next Monday and YES I am going to have a BLAST Keep a eye on our eagles for me I am sure you will LOL

JudyE said...

BAD NEWS on Casper Angie dog has a ACL torn 2500 will be she said but being we are heading out today They are just going to give her meds to help him out for the next week Tommy will be dog sitting with them
Angie is so upset its another bill or payment they can't afford and the other leg maybe later on Angie was thinking that is what is was going to be But this is what happens when you have pets I told her

Hope she can enjoy this vacation with out worrying over the dogs I am sitting here waiting since 8

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
Pretty out there with all that sunshine even with only 40°.
The still cam is up/running now.


Judie said...

Good almost noon.

JudyE, if you read this, please enjoy the vacation. I'm sure everything, including Casper, will be fine so please enjoy.

Play last night would be better as a light drama rather than a musical. Boy meets girl, a couple of twists but predictable. Not feeling well when we got home. Apparently have a mild stomach bug. Was up most of the night. Feeling a bit weak and tired. Headed back to bed with the newspaper and large glass of water to help cure dehydration.

Beautiful sunshiny blue sky day. Wishing everyone the same.

Sandi said...

Hi all!

Jo, thanks for the eagle alert. Opened the cam in time to see the tour. 1 eagle still in the nest moving some BIGGG sticks!

Judie, please feel better.

Tennis was fun but exhausting. I think I'll go back to bed and get the hour of sleep I didn't get this morning.

Janet said...

good late afternoon to one and all. whewwwweeeeeee ya'll been BUSY
JUDYE: should be on her way by now. :) :) :) makes me smile to know this.
SANDI: Beano and Dax do not sleep in either. but, thankfully they will go back to sleep once they have been fed and pottied.

Beautiful sunny day here. Coolish, but nice.

It has been a challenging day or so for me. I got off of work yesterday, in a super duper four day weekend...gonna do this n that and that and this...tra la la la la.

went to the wally world to pick up some odds and ends, important stuff like a new lipstick as my everyday one ran out! oh noooooooooooooooooo! I like the ones that last like 24 hours....don't come off til taken off.

and I figured i'd pick up this item while I was there. I ordered it nov 30. it was supposed to arrive Dec 3. I figured give them 24 hour to process it. the app said it had been delivered. okay, go me! this time of year, packages delivered to the house can be a bad idea. now that tom isn't here half the morning, I decided site to store with no shipping fees was a great idea. this particular item is livvy's "big" holiday gift.

tra la la la la.

the associate says it isn't ready for pick up. I said well per your app (show her the app) yes, yes it is.

an hour and a half later...they can't find it.

now, I know its a big store. okay, maybe its misplaced. but I go home and call FEDEX to verify where it was delivered. yes, everything was correct.

so I was pretty frustrated last night.
i'm not a big movie watcher, but watched a movie with tom, which managed to take my mind off of it, til he mentioned it again before we went to sleep.



so. I didn't sleep very well and in fact, was dreaming of it when I woke up this morning and I woke up in not such a great mood. I felt like the Incredible Hulk having anger issues.

I got dressed, let myself look scary, and went to Walmart @ 9 a.m.

I talked with a manager. He called a gaggle of other managers . The search began. And I have to say, everyone, including the sales associates were very very nice. I told them I am frustrated and trying very hard to not take this out on any of you as I know this wasn't an intentional ooops. BUT I simply want this item found.

It took another solid hour +, but it was finally located. In customer service.
They didn't know what to do with it


It says on there site to store. Perhaps one could take it to the site to store department????

I dont' know, I was just happy and thankful that they found it and I kept the above thoughts to myself as we are all just human and doing our best.

And, they gave me a $50 gift card for my stress.

I appreciated it....they sure didn't have to do that.

So I came home and did bills....made a chocolate cherry delight for the work holiday party tonight.

I just finished my toes and now, I think I will feed the birds and......I suppose try to make myself presentable for this shindig.

I hope everyone is having alovely afternoon. Hugs hugs and more hugs to all!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Uh oh! What's this about Judie having a stomach bug?! So sorry!!! Prayers that you'll be feeling 100%, pronto!

JudyE, have a super vacation, and safe travels! Prayers for Casper! He should be fine with meds to take. I doubt he'll put much weight on that leg, so shouldn't do any more damage to it.

Janet, sorry for the stress about your site to store order! Mighty glad they finally found it! That WAS nice of them to give you a gift card!

Well, I need to get busy and decorate for Christmas! Doubt I'll be back after dinner tonight. I was awake early this morning, and didn't get a nap, so will probably crash after dinner! Have SED, everyone! God bless! I ♥ us!

Judie said...

A bit of food prepared and managed to eat some. Darth finished his, of course.

Headed for the pillows.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep, me included.

Lolly said...


Had fun last night! After dinner we went to Joseph's basketball game but he did not play. Apparently a pulled muscle in his shoulder. However, they won and they played two games today. Won the first, lost the second but played well. Joseph played today. Did great, but we we were not there to see him. Second place in the tournament. Not bad! Joseph also got a 3 point basket, drew a foul and got that basket, too! Wish we lived closer to go to all games.

Today we worked in the front yard blowing, mowing and mulching leaves. Then we got the yard decorations up. Yea! Tomorrow the tree!

Going to shower and put my feet up for the rest of the evening! Jack has a nice fire going!

CarolAnne said...

Hoping everyone is having a good start to the holiday season. No snow here in Wisconsin, weird. Talking 50's by next weekend. Have to brag on son. He is president of a Jeep club (recreational). He organized their first ever Marines Toys for Tots toy drive. They combined it with a drive from point A to point B in their jeeps with a raffle at the end. He convinced companies to donate items for raffle ($7000 worth). The group totaled 131 vehicles, and donated a total of 800 toys. The Marines were overwhelmed by the amount of toys and had to make several trips with a pickup truck to get them all to their drop off point. Proud of him and his many 4x4 Jeeper friends.
Happy Holiday season everyone!

Mema Jo said...

Good Evening ♥

CarolAnne that is a very special accomplishment for your son. You did good momma!

Lolly I hope Skippi loves your tree. Janet I hope you did have a fun evening.

Good to hear from you Andy. Judie I am hoping that tomorrow you will feel great.

Sandi I hope you got your nap in today!

I did watch TV movie this evening - I am getting excited about Elliot's b-day party tomorrow. I hope we get a video!

Off I go --- Goodnight to all ♥

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

CarolAnne, good to see you on the blog - thanks for sharing that wonderful story of selflessness about your son and his Jeep friends! Congrats on their accomplishment!

Jo, enjoy Elliot's party today!

Judie, I hope your stomach is back to normal. I was headachy for most of yesterday, even with a nap, and thought I was coming down with something but I feel OK this morning.

Shirley, does Hunter have something special in mind that he wants for Christmas this year? Lolly, what about your boys? And Janet, care to share what Livvy's big gift is - the one that got lost at Walmart? We're good at keeping secrets!

Have a greyt day all.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Beauteous morning!

CarolAnne, congratulations for your son and all his fellow jeepers. Lovely contribution will bring many smiles for Christmas.

Lolly, seems Joseph is doing so well now. Glad everyone enjoyed the day in Denton. How are Jacob and Zach these days?

Jo, enjoy Elliot's party. Pictures welcome, of course.

Asking Shirley about Hunter reminded me that I thought of Hunter last Thursday as I saw young men walking around campus in knee-length shorts and had to laugh.

Still not feeling 100% so headed back to the pillows.

Wishing everyone a lovely day.

Janet said...

good morning to one and all. CAROLANNE: what a wonderful story!

As you all may not know, I am not a big fan of parties, especially things like holiday parties. I tend to avoid them. I don't like the games... Last year we went and ducked out early. This year, we stayed for the whole party. Even had fun. And yes, I even played 2 games. One was so silly and fun you would have thought we were all 3 year olds involved sitting on balloons and bursting them.....enough said.

There were very few people who showed and it was a shame cuz the gal that put it on did an incredible job.

Today, busy with stuff around the house here. Drinking the 2nd cup of coffee and getting moving! hugs to all!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

CAROLANNE, jeepers aren't creepers, in fact they are truly wonderful in your neck of the woods. Good on your son!

JUDIE, hope a little more rest puts you in the pink again!

JO, Happy Birthday Party Day to Elliot and all Lennox family celebrants!

Yesterday it took me about 20 minutes to Christmasize my small place. No tree, just doodads. All celebrations of the holidays to be held at Julie's house and I like it like that!

Cool, very cool here, but sunny and nice for dog walking.....

Prayers for all in need!!!


Mema Jo said...

Good sunny Sunday morning to all

Sandi - Great captures of our Royal Couple in the nest in all the fog. Almost reminds you of a DE school delay

Judie hope you continue to feel much better.

Eagle Alert

Mema Jo said...

But of course by the time I announce that there is an eagle in the nest --- Poof !

Mema Jo said...

Off to the Party .......


stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Not sure what Hunter wants for Christmas. He is hoping for a new Xbox, but I think he will have enough money from his birthday and the plumbing jobs he has done for me that he will buy that before Christmas.

Nest is empty and full of many sticks. Sunny there.

grannyblt said...

Good news about your son CaroleAnne.

I've been busy with woman's club activities, eye appointment, and my neighbor who has not been well for a couple of weeks. On my way over there now to deal with her garbage and a few household chores. I could go on and on about my frustration with that situation.

Loved the foggy nest picture this morning.

SED to all

Lolly said...

Our tree is up! Yay!

I think I may do some Christmas shopping tomorrow. Tuesday we are going to a basketball game. It is at 4:30 and closer to us that to Denton. Laurel can not go, but we are and will text Laurel scores and pics!

Jacob is doing just great. Doing well in school and enjoying playing the cello in the 5th grade orchestra. He is also playing basketball and has an amazing coach. I get very little info on Zach. Sons are pretty silent and not hearing much from Ash. Zach is playing guitar in a school band. He is also playing basketball and Michael says he is beginning to be a better player. Have not seen him play this year. He is getting reading tutoring. He is a extremely smart with an amazing memory, and he reads great. However, he needs to improve on comprehension.

Have shopped for Jacob. He is getting and Xbox game as well as Legos and a new outdoor basketball. Not sure about Joseph. Still working with Laurel on that one! He too wants Xbox games and we are getting him a new outdoor basketball. Playing basketball in the driveway is hard on the balls!

Laurel says Joseph is one of the better basketball players but others are as good. However, he stays in the most as he is the most consistent . Also, Joseph is always "coaching" the other players. He does this in soccer, too. Also, we think the coach may see more potential in Joseph.. Some boys have reached their mox height. Joseph is 6'1" and heading much higher.

Time to think about dinner.

Mema Jo said...

Home from a fantastic party for Elliot. Album is on my FB page. He was so very pleasant and he is surely a good gift unwrapper! In attendance were his uncles and aunts and of course grandparents and great grandparents on his dad's side. He will have another party once he goes up to visit Valerie's parents. It is always great to be around the little guy!

Mema Jo said...

I think I have found a NEW Hallmark for tonight - Yippee

This will be a busy week for me. Tues regular primary dr visit - discuss blood work & talk over anything bothering me.
Wed is the almighty PET scan - and Friday is to get those results.
Thanking all of you again for any prayers and/or good vibes !

My movie is 9-11 and therefore I won't return.
Goodnight to all!

Janet said...

good evening to all.

it was a good day. productive. we didn't manage to get any shopping done.......but I suspected that might happen.

it was sunny and I guess close to 55/60 today. we were all in tshirts and jeans.
tom put my mazda back together. I can drive it now, but must keep an eye on the oil. down the road we will have to take it to the shop to have the PCV valve replaced.

Olivia and I got the bins that contain holiday decore out of the barn. our barn has a loft. I climbed up the ladder and was digging around and handing bins down to Olivia when a squirrel ran out from behind me and did laps around me in the top of the barn! he finally ducked into some other "stuff" and hid. it was amusing.

I made a yummy dinner. steak tips in brown gravey with homemade egg noodles.

another week straight ahead. hope everyone is ready! let's make it great!

hugs and happy thoughts to all!

Judie said...

Jo, so glad you enjoyed Master Elliot's party. Thank you for the pictures which are now in my save forever file. Prayers, of course, for next week's medical visits.

Lolly, seems as if all the grandboys are doing well in lots of different activities. That's a good thing.

Ah, Janet is yet another person getting ready for the holidays. I guess I must do the same.

Speaking of decorations, Darth and I anticipate this to be our last Christmas season in this house so we are going to again do our Williamsburg imitation: wreaths with red bows at each window, door and picture window wreaths with fruit and nuts and, of course, candles in the windows. Then, we will donate almost everything for others to enjoy next year.

Continue to feel a bit puny so headed to the pillows.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

NCSuzan said...

Judie, your home will be lovely for the holidays. Take a photo if you can. Many would be grateful to receive such decorations!

Jo, I too enjoyed Elliot's pics. He has such cute expressions. I would try to beat Judie in order to win Elliot's heart but she has a head start on me!! Will have extra extra prayers on order for you this week.

Shirley, I remember when you were about to give up bowling but look at you now! And are you taking up real estate sales?

My daughter recently gifted me an adult coloring book. They are very popular. I must say that it is very relaxing. So if you have someone on a gift list and cannot think of anything consider a coloring book! On FB check out Millie Marotta.

Have a great week.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Jo, prayers for you to get the very best news this week.

Judie, I hope you are feeling less puny today.

I should have started decorating yesterday but it was so beautiful outside. I took Janey to the beach, which she loved. Also tried taking Bella and Janey for a walk together - it went very smoothly but what a sight! Talk about 2 extremes in size! Jenni is still fearful of Janey and wouldn't walk, so she stayed home and then got an abbreviated walk of her own (she can't walk as far with her enlarged heart).

Have a greyt day all.

WVJerry said...

Just wanted to say Good Monday morning. Been watching an empty nest. Foggy there. An update on the home front, wife had to go by ambulance to the ER about a week ago. They have adjusted her fluid medicine and heart medicine. Hoping that improves her overall health. Also I have been doing more things around house. Only two loads of laundry yesterday and didn't have to cook. Our nephew invited us over for their late Thanksgiving meal. Hoping to see an eagle this morning. Talk later and take care all.

WVJerry said...

Eagle in nest now.

WVJerry said...

Two now.

WVJerry said...

Both gone now.

grannyblt said...

Good morning

Jerry, sorry to hear of your wife's health issues. Very frustrating trying to adjust meds. I hope all is well now.

Missed the foggy nest visit. Foggy here too.

Hope all have a good day.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

So sorry about the health issues for your wife, Jerry. I hope the medication adjustments are taken care of now.

Looking at a very foggy Shepherdstown scene. No eagles in sight. There has been lots of work since the last time I looked at the nest. Sticks have been moved and there's fresh flugg.

stronghunter said...

Frosty here, but not foggy.

stronghunter said...

Would have enjoyed seeing you walking those two dogs, Sandi. There is still plenty of time to decorate your house. I am still trying to decide just how we will manage decorating with these kittens in the house. We may not have many decorations.

stronghunter said...

I took advantage of the nice weather here to pull out the remaining nasturtium plants and plant some more spring bulbs. One friend was concerned that I should have planted the bulbs earlier, but I did not want to remove the nasturtium plants until the frost had completely killed them. I think the bulbs will be just fine.

Janet said...

Morning to all.
SANDI and JUDIE: things will get done. sometimes other things are a priority. Walking on the beach sounds like one to me!!!! no beach I dug around in the top of the barn and scared a squirrel. lol.

Hope everyone has a great day today. Olivia and I are planning on shopping this afternoon; school first.

the sun is out and it is indeed another gorgeous morning. our high yesterday was 62 and by this coming weekend we are supposed to be about 70. normally around the 3rd week of December "it" (old man winter) hits. we shall see. I have seen forsythia trying to bloom. poor dears are confused!

JERRY: holding you and your wife close in my heart for the highest and greatest good of health....

holding one and all close.

hugs and love to all. make it a great day!

Judie said...

Good morning.

Feeling better and that is a good thing.

Jerry, so sorry about your wife's health emergency. It is difficult to get medications adjusted for individual needs. Hoping this will do the job and she will be well again.

Ah, to see Sandi walking Bella and Janey together. That's a picture waiting to the published in the local newspaper. Is Sandi at school today? Is Sandi having another play day? Inquiring minds want to know.

Camera has nest at a tilted position and the fog is still a very pretty background. Nest MT.

Suzan, 30+ years ago, we had a place called Silk Greenhouse reproduce Williamsburg style wreaths for the front door and fireplace wall. The windows get plain green wreaths. The window wreaths have a large felt bow and a candle is centered below. Williamsburg is always a magical place for me at Christmas. About five years ago, we decided to get a 3' pre-lighted artificial tree. We sorted ornaments for those most meaningful, and donated all others. So much easier now for just us two. My only dislike is washing the windows before the wreaths go up. Ugh!

Shirley, the nasturtium plants should be fine to winter over. About the kittens, people we knew years ago had a kitten and a young child. They only decorated their tree from the middle up. Made sense but looked strange.

Okay, going to get another sip of coffee and the newspaper. Windows? Well,maybe later.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Bright sunshine here and 43!

I was thinking about shopping today, however may have to go to a laundromat to dry a load of clothes! Man just worked on it for a sequel now it has quit completely! Groan.......

Yes, see the fog at the nest and also see the slanting nest. It is the nest or the cam?

Jo, you are covered in prayer! Completely covered!♥️♥️♥️

Have a great day!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

JERRY, good to get your update. Your wife remains on my Prayer List!

JUDIE, so glad you're feeling better! I love that Williamsburg Christmas look!

SANDI, I can just imagine Janey and Bella out for a walk together. I know I find walking 14# Penny and 35# Malcolm together quite challenging!

Good morning to all the Monday morn check-ins! Hope you all have a grand day.

Mine is to be busy---Penny's annual physical at 11:45---an afternoon trip to Kroger so I can get my holiday 10% off before the expiration of the offer tomorrow---and in the evening the annual fundraising dinner for our local food pantry.

Prayers for all in need!!!


Lolly said...

Oh, Judie! I love Williamsburg! We went one year at Christmas. I love the Williamsburg decorations! On my mantle I have a brass lantern from there. Many people carried them for the lighting of the fires along the street. I also have a few other Williamsburg decorations. The wreaths on the doors are awesome!

Kay said...

My Christmas avatar isn't Williamsburg beautiful, but it is candles in the window! Happy Holidays as you all prepare your homes and pantries for feasts and Christmas fun!

Mema Jo said...

Good Monday Morning! The sun is shinning but the water in the bird bath is frozen. I
have had 2 or 3 large crows trying to break through - with the sunshine it should be melted soon.

Today is a day of leisure. I want to get the windows outside wreaths up and then bring all the decorations up from the basement. Like you Kay - I am limiting the amount I usually display and yes, Judie I certainly could donate quite a few - I'll give the children first choice of course.

Big Dog - Little Dog - Love it Sandi - Perhaps Jenna will go next time after having to stay alone while you walked the other two.

JERRY - Prayers for your wife's medicines will regulate her back to her health. You
sound like a good caregiver.

Lolly - new appliance for Christmas!

Getting ready at noon to watch the Cam Tour

glo said...

Hi everyone. This is the week I must get it all together both here and for Patches and I to function in AZ while my daughter recovers from surgery and then all of us celebrate Christmas together. Your prayers are appreciated.

Speaking of prayers there are lots of Momster needs too. I always lift all of you up in prayer Some of you have some fairly pressing needs and I always try to do my best to remember those by name and situation. The good news is He knows the particulars even if I leave something or someone out.

Love the stories about Janie and her new life. What fun. Patches will have her first Christmas away from her home but with more members of her family including another little dog. Feeling good that they will both actually love their time together.

I will stop back in this week as I can and while at my daughters also as I can. Sending wishes for Happy healthy wonderful holidays for all of you and much love too.

stronghunter said...

I don't think my nasturtium plants knew they should be able to survive the winter. They lay down and died. Last year, I had hoped the seeds the plants dropped might germinate, but that did not happen either.

Williamsburg is lovely at Christmas. We lived there for awhile. My former husband went to law school at William and Mary. We were there for the Christmas of 1967.

stronghunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stronghunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judie said...

Jo, hope you enjoyed a true day of leisure as you've been quite the party girl recently. I have not moved the pictures of Master Elliot to the save forever file, yet. I just look at them every time I open my email.

Shirley, do you recall that door and window decorations in the historic area all had to be made of real fruit, greens, etc.? I also recall that nightly carolers were students from Wm & Mary. Of course, the overall area has changed so much and become so commercial but I do love the historic area.

Glo, everything is going to be just fine with your travel with Patches and with your daughter's surgery and recovery. Just remember to check in as often as you can. Momster prayers will be traveling right along with you.

Okay, upstairs windows clean. Decorations retrieved from the attic. Hope to accomplish lots tomorrow. Found "stuff" tucked away in the attack to be donated.

Now to the scullery. BBQ beef sammiches tonight.

Judie said...

Oh dear. Rest in peace little nasturtiums.

Judie said...

Dinner, for what it was worth, is over and the scullery is in order.

Headed for my recliner. May read a few pages before my eyelids fall down asleep.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Lolly said...

Boo hiss! Ended up buying a new dryer tonight. First the repairman came to fix a squealing dryer, but working. Today it died and he returned. The motor was out and recommended a new dryer. He took back the parts he installed, ripped up our previous check and just charged us for one service call at a reasonable price. Neighbor's dried our one wet load and we went to Lowes. Boo hiss!

Guess our dryer is tangled in a floating garland, headed to ever never land!

Hoda said...

Happy Birthday SHIRLEY. What a terrific year you have had. Lots of good memories and adventure. Wishing you the very best for the coming year...

Hoda said...

Prayers travel with you GLO.

Also prayers to Momsters needs.

Hoda said...

JO special extra prayers for today, Wednesday and Friday. God keep you.

grannyblt said...

Happy Birthday Shirley

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Happy birthday dear Shirley!!! Treat yourself like your best friend today, as RThelma likes to say on Facebook.

Lolly, what a nice Christmas gift for you - a clothes dryer! ;)

Hoda, thanks for popping onto the blog - please visit more often, I miss hearing your adventures!

Judie, hope you're feeling better today.

Prayers for all, especially Jerry's wife, Glo's Becky, and Jo.

Have a greyt day.

Mema Jo said...

Happy Birthday to a very special Momster

Shirley enjoy your beautiful day

Wishing you an upcoming year of joy and happiness

Mema Jo said...

Good Morning to all ♥

Breakfast being devoured in the nest

Mema Jo said...

Off to Dr visit for blood work results - routine 6 mo visit primary doc

Judie said...


What a beauteous sunshiny and blue sky day to celebrate the day of your arrival and the beginning of your travels that brought you down the road to your blog family. May today be just as special as you are.

Janet said...

popping in
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY!!! many hugs and wishing and wonderful year ahead!
good morn to all
will check in later!

Judie said...

Good morning.

What a lovely surprise to see Hoda has stopped by to visit. Now I understand why Dudley and Jufie were dancing and laughing and hootin' and hollerin' at 12:30am this morning. So worth being awakened. Hi Hoda!

Breakfast in the nest? Hmmmmm, seems time for making eaglets can't be too far distant.

Yes, Lolly, a deceased dryer has been carried by the Shiny Green Garland to the place where things go never to be seen again. Enjoy your early Christmas present!

Thinking of Jo and saying a prayer for all to be good results today. Maybe an ice cream cone, also.

Feeling better. Will tackle downstairs windows today. Need to press some wrinkles from the ribbons on the wreaths. Hope to get them up today.

Hoping Jerry stops by with an update on Mrs. Jerry.

Wishing everyone a lovely day.

NCSuzan said...

Shirley, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! May you bowl all strikes in life today and all year!

Mema Jo said...

Good afternoon to all ♥

Dr appointment went well - Blood test results were all good
All vital organs were normal ! Cholesterol had good readings.
Diabetes was normal and under control with diet and pill

No changes needed with any of my meds... and no new ones needed.

I was very pleased with the exception that I have shrunk from 5'5" to 5'3"
I am staying around 140 - 143#
I really don't need aging... but it is a privilege! Feet Up - Need to go to a friend's viewing later this afternoon.

Judie said...

Hey, Jo.

Good news all 'round. Congratulations on the test results and no needed changes in meds. As for shrinking, well, did you forget to wear your high heel shoes?

Wreaths at the windows and on the front door. Next task is for Darth who puts the candles in the windows. My next task is to set up and decorate the tree then forage for tree greens to don the mantle. Will get holly and magnolia from the yard. Will buy a pineapple and fruit later this week.

All-in-all a productive day.

Feet going up for a few.


Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

JO, just what I was hoping for--a good Doc report from you. So glad you take good care of yourself for your sake as well as that of your family and friends! You have the right attitude about aging! It's inevitable so we might as well make the most of it! Shrinkage seems to go hand in hand with it though I'd like to shrink a little in the #'s dept. myself!


Good to see you, HODA!!!!

JUDIE, hope your pressing needs have been taken care of--so glad your feeling a little better each day!

LOLLY, sounds like you have a reputable repairman there. Enjoy the early Christmas present!

It's doggy play day here so I'm going to engage a couple of dogs in some tug or war. LORI's tug is greatly appreciated!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Kay said...

Aha, I see you and I were typing away at the same time. Your Christmas touches sound charming, elegant and in keeping with the essence of the holiday. Beautiful!

Janet said...

good evening to all. what an incredibly busy 4 days "off" I need to go back to work to rest! sheesh!

we've had lovely spring weather....even though its December. i'm not fussing! I have had windows open some.

today my friend callie came over. I've been working on a walking stick for me. it spent several weeks in my pool to make it pliable, then it sat for a couple more weeks, give or take, with concrete blocks on it to straighten it some I have sanded, varnished, leather wrapped the handle. today callie used copper wire and wired a stone on there for me and I added dangly stones (amethyst), eagle amulets, and healing hand amulets. it is so pretty!

I will work on toms also this winter.

they are made of crepe myrtle wood.

yesterday I scrubbed the house from top to bottom....baseboards, etc. today, after callie left, I put up the tree. not decorated it yet, mind you, but it is standing in the living room.

I was cleaning yesterday and decided to wash the area rugs in the bedroom. it doesn't get a lot of traffic so they only need it occasionally. and I've washed them many times before...but this time they disintegrated in the washer! oh my! whoops. I got a trashbag and cleaned them out (it was on a gentle cold cycle!) but now the washer seems stopped up.

poor tom, I keep him hopping with things. no wonder he calls me wreck it ralph!

anyway, its been a great day. I hope Shirley is having a fabulous bday and that JUDYE is enjoying her vacay. JO: super news from the Doc.

signing off for the night. its gonna be an early pillow denting night for me!
SED to all!

Judie said...

Dinner over. Darth attending a meeting.

Janet, I thought I was tired but you make me feel as if I'm on vacation.

Headed to my recliner.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Thanks for all of the lovely birthday wishes. I feel very special today.

Judie, I kind of remember some of those things you mentioned about Williamsburg. We lived there from June of 1967 until January of 1968. It was a long time ago.

No decorations here yet. I have purchased a couple of things. Not sure the kittens will leave anything alone. Eventually, I will try some things. We shall see.

Enjoy your new dryer, Lolly.

stronghunter said...

I hope you are not in the market for a new washer, Janet.

stronghunter said...

Bowling went well today. We won two games and had the most total pins.

Then we went to lunch and had a nice visit.

Then I took Hunter to an appointment.

I ordered Chinese food for dinner. When Kathryn called Hunter and remarked that it was a shame that Grandma was cooking dinner on her birthday, he explained to her that Grandma was not cooking. :) After my busy day, I was more interested in napping than in cooking.

Oh, and I did stay up late watching the Redskins-Cowboys game last night. Congratulations to the Cowboys. Maybe next time. It was an exciting game.

stronghunter said...

Happy that you got a good report from your doctor, Jo.

stronghunter said...

My brain is wearing down, so I will say good night. I expect kitties are waiting outside my bedroom door.

SED, everyone. Rest well.

Lolly said...

It has been a good day! Completed all decorations. That always feels good! Then Jack and I went to Joseph's bb game! He played well, close game, they lost by 2 pets.

Joseph was cute. Smiled at us from court letting us know he knew we were there. Spoke him after the game. No hugs,no kisses....can not do that around team mates!. But he expressed appreciation for us being there.😄

Came home, jubby cooked supper (papas con juevos) and have vegged!

Night all! Shirley, hope it has been a good day!

Lolly said...

Just read back....... Nooooooo!! A dryer is NOT a good gift!!! Lol

Jo, your dr report sounds great! Jack has lost height but I have not! Will I end up taller? Lol. Still 5' 8 1/2"!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. This is my day off for the week but the dogs forgot that I told them to sleep in. They have been pottied and their bellies are full so they are back to sleep. I am going to try to do the same.

See you in a bit!

Kay said...

Good Early Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Up early due to falling asleep much too early last night. A common doggy day thing.

SANDI, I hope your zzzzing away at this very moment. Recently I read an article which gave a list of the top 25 laziest dogs. Our little doxies came in about about number five and now I know why Penny is such a good couch potato. They are excused by the experts who say their short legs predispose them to laziness--other shorties like pugs n' bullies were on the list, too. The big surprise for me was the greythound who came in somewhere in the 20's. Seems they're good for short spans of time, but are actually pretty lazy and therefore adapt well to the life of a house pet! I can't say who the "expert" witnessing vets were, but you may be able to Google it.

SHIRLEY, glad you had a Happy Birthday! A Chinese supper was a grand finale in my opinion!!

LOLLY, you were tired out when you wrote about Joseph' game and the loss by two "pets"! What a heart thumper those close games are. Cute the way he acknowledged you from the court. I assume Jack fixed papas con heuvos---in TX do they spell eggs with a "j"? I love that meal! Julie, who lived in France for several years, calls her potatoes and eggs a French supper. Same thing I grew up with in Tucson we called Mexican supper.

She tells me our Christmas Eve supper this year will be a German supper called Abendbrot (evening meal) of good dense bread, cheeses, meaty cold cuts and fruit. Her early interest in languages took her to many interesting places. She speaks French fluently and has a passable knowledge of both German and Spanish. She did not get that talent from her mother!

Sorry to be so chatty---that always happens when I'm up early for some reason.

Here's hoping we see something of Belle and Shep today!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Sandi said...

Goodorming again my eagle friends. I did get another hour of sleep on the sofa.

Nest is currently frosty and sunny ... but MT.

Jo, I'm glad you got a good report at the doctor's yesterday - may that pattern continue this week!

Kay, yes greyhounds are very lazy!! I read an article on Facebook recently about a greyhound in a shelter in the UK who had been there a very long time and hadn't found a home b/c he was never awake when people came to check out the dogs!!! Janey at age 5 sleeps as much as my senior doxies!

Retirement (translation, more free time) must make Christmas decorating more enjoyable. I just can't get motivated to do it, but I will try again today. Plus, we're the ones who always travel for Christmas - none of our family ever comes here. Living at the beach is only popular to others in the summertime!

Have agreyt day all.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Derek and Savannah have built a decent crib rail. Berry nest looks wet. Our nest looks frosty. Casper barn owl is napping and Dottie must be out hunting. Bei Bei is unavailable this morning - camera trouble. Outside my house is foggy.

Shirley, you had a very nice and very busy birthday. Chinese dinner is an excellent choice for just such an occasion.

Lolly, sorry Joseph's team lost but glad he acknowledged you with his "team" greeting. My basketball players did much the same. Eye contact, a smile, a hand in the air.

Kay, will need to confer with my neighbor across the street. She's German so will check out Julie's menu. Must ask Darth about papas con juevos -- he was stationed in New Mexico.

Sandi, don't you wish pets could be trained to an alarm clock? Hope you did get some extra sleep. Motivation to decorate -- personally, I don't much enjoy all the work involved in decorating for just a couple of weeks or so but was motivated this year to give it one last hurrah. Next year will require very little effort.

Today, will tackle the family room and bake some non-denominational chocolate chip cookies for the Park Auth. board members to eat tonight. Sent bourbon balls last year and Darth said not much work got done. lol

Okay, now to finish my coffee and the newspaper.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Janet said...

Good morning to all!
JUDIE: I was so tired my body ached yesterday. I was concerned I was getting sick. I was asleep by 9:30 last night (and that was a struggle) and didn’t get up til 8:30 this morning. If tom hadn’t taken the morning off yesterday to go to the dentist and then to the chiropractor (we both went there) I would have slept the day away I think.
SHIRLEY: I hope like heck we aren’t needing a new washer. Won’t know til he pulls it out; I have the front loaders, stackable and the “room” they are in is basically a glorified hallway with a door. It is a job just to get them out of there. Soooo…..yeah……
LOLLY: yes, even at my uh hem, younger than most of you age, I am shorter than I used to be. Years ago, I was 20 something I was 5’8” the last time I was measured, and I had them to do this 2x, I am no 5’6”. Bah humbug. Frustrating!
KAY: our mom was German and that’s exactly what we had for Christmas eve “dinner”….she would light candles all over the house, have some eggnog, and it was lovely. Such a nice rememberance! I hope you will enjoy!
Gotta run for now…..have to go to work for a bit. Hugs to all. Enjoy your day! Make some happy memories!

Lolly said...

Good morning! Yes, Kay! Should have been with a j not h. Lol. Have a Santa outside, plywood, about 5 ft tall. Neighbor painted him after Jack cut him out. Over the years his complexion has darkened. Laurel and Joey always say "Hola, Santa" when they see him. I spelled hola ola. Laurel corrected me!😱

Think I will work in the yard today. We are knee deep in leaves. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since the heavy rain. Water is still seeping out of the ground and we have standing water on the brick. We are saturated and more rain possibly this weekend. Hard to believe!

Was up to the 70's yesterday and headed that way again today!

Make a great day!

Mema Jo said...

Good afternoon to all ♥
My PET Scan went very well this morning - no problems at all - Thanks for prayers and
good vibs being sent for me.

Hubby and I ran two other errands afterwards............ Time for my feet to go up

Have a great afternoon - bbl

Kay said...

JO, checking back in specifically to see if you'd checked in. Glad it went well and now praying for good results!

JANET, my kids have German relatives on their paternal side. They live in a Munich suburb. We've received pics that show real candles on their Christmas tree and they always have something they call "little fishes" for their Christmas Eve Dinner. I've never quite understood what they mean by that phrase. I'm looking forward to Abendbrot!

Ah, yes, shrinkage. I was once 5'10" and skinny. Now I'm 5'6" and unpleasantly plump!

I'm loving the walks with Penny. With every one of them there are more decorations to behold. Joy to the World!

Have a great evening all!!

Judie said...

Oh my goodness. I do apologize. Just as I opened the nest cam both of our eagles poofed. I guess I startled them. Sorry.

Jo, so happy the PET scan went well. Now the prayers for the all clear.

I really must call my neighbor. All this German food, by the way, is making me hungry. Got a couple of chores done today but the family room and tree must wait until tomorrow. Sent Darth off with cookies for the board members.

Shrinkage. I was 5'2" but now 5'

No scullery duty tonight. Headed to my recliner.

glo said...

I love good news. Sending prayers of thankfulness tonight for some very good test results and procedures. Only 1 early Christmas left to celebrate before leaving for AZ. Patches had her bath today so she will be beautiful to meet Scruffy :-) Elia says Patches is very pretty and maybe she and scruffy will kiss and they can have puppies. The DVD for the new Animal Hospital is done and I will deliver it Friday. What my vet doesn't know is I made a surprise visit to her parents who do live locally and are of course proud as punch of their daughter building this much needed new hospital. They have been around from the very ground up too just encouraging and supporting. They made an awesome video for me to included in a special family video. Her twin brother also sent a photo of himself and the family and her Dad read a special message on the video from them. So she has a pretty neat surprise coming and one video that says family and the other will be public and I guess run in the clinic for a while to show the many days weeks and months of the new facility. I am SO glad to have this done. Tonight I will trim Patches a little and then find a Christmas Movie on Prime to watch. Tomorrow will be the last early Christmas moments with the lady who will be overseeing the care of my cats while I am gone. hage everyone.

Sandi said...

Hi all - house decorating is done but I certainly didn't go overboard. No tree again this year - too much work to schlep the tree up from the ground floor, hang all the ornaments, and tie on all the bows just for Dennis and me. Plus, there happens to be a HUGE crate right where the Christmas tree always sat - I joked with Denny that we should hang ornaments and bows on Janey's crate! I did put out all of the things that we inherited from our parents, so there are lots of memories sitting around.

Time for Survivor - I'll see everyone in the early AM! Goodnight all!

Judie said...

Glo, what a wonderful day of good events for you. Oh my, puppies? Wouldn't that be fun? Your vet will love you even more when she sees her "surprise." Congratulations and good wishes and prayers for your travel and your daughter's successful surgery.

Sandi, I think decorating Janey's crate is an excellent idea and I especially think it is a lovely and loving gesture to have and enjoy the holiday items that carry such good memories.

I am headed back to my recliner and then to the pillows. Not sure about tomorrow's activities but do know that tonight I will give heartfelt thanks for Jo's good report today.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Lolly said...

Listening and half watching Celtic Woman. Think I am about to stick my nose in my Kindle.

Got a lot accomplished outside. Oh, my, so many leaves!! And, it is still swampy in so many places. Think we should keep an alligator! Lol

Skippi has been bothering the tree a couple of times this evening! May have to get out the ol' squirt bottle!

Glad all went well today, Jo!

Night all!

grannyblt said...

Good evening all.

Getting on blog to unwind a bit. Spent the last 9 hours at hospital with neighbor who fell and cut head open. This is the same one that was having health issues and wouldn't see her Dr. They are keeping her overnight. Thankfully another neighbor ,Caroline,Helped me get her off the floor and talked her into an ambulance ride to the hospital which is 30 miles away( hurt neighbor won't consider our 40 bed hospital here in town)(grrr). My eyesight is going downhill due to cataracts and if you've had them you know how car lights at night are awful. Caroline drove me to hospital since hurt neighbor had no one to be there for her. While there I heard from Caroline that another neighbor just discovered she has stage 4 ovarian cancer. Reminded me of Deb Palmer. Isn't that what took our Deb? So, could the Momsters send up some heavy duty prayers for those women on my block. Thanks.

Janet said...

good evening to all. getting ready to dent the pillows. sandperson is tipping toe-ing up the hall.....

busy day. good day. slept in late. feel human again.

after work, came home, baked white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.....made dinner....and tom helped me to put ornaments on the tree. I had put the tree up yesterday, presents already under ornaments on it. lol. looked funny. livvy has zero interest in helping with it, so we did it tonight. i'm not overly long as there are some on there and they are spaced out a bit.

tom and I had some hot tub time tonight. felt pretty good.

hoping every one has peaceful sleep! goodnight!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Thursday.

Glo, what a wonderful gift for your veterinarian friend - she will cherish that video! Safe travels for you and Patches - touch base with us when you can. I bet Elia is every bit as excited to see you as you are to see her! Prayers continue for a successful surgery for Becky next week.

Speaking of prayers ... Jo, I am sending lots of prayers and positive energy your way for an excellent report tomorrow.

Lynne1, prayers too for your neighbors, both the one in the hospital and the one who just got the cancer diagnosis. What a caring friend you are.

I hope Judy is enjoying her vacation - I'm sure she is!

It's 54 degrees outside this morning - temps are going into the 60s for the next couple of days - my kind of December weather!

Have agreyt day all.

Janet said...

morning to all! holding one and all close in my heart and thoughts for the highest and greatest good. enjoy your day!

Judie said...

Good early morning.

Lynne1, momster prayers work and are on the way for the healing of your neighbors.

Looks as if Janet is a close second to Lolly getting all the holiday decorating done.

Have decided to go out into the beautiful sunshine today and take care of errands. Will forage for tree branches to use for the mantle as well as for food.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Mema Jo said...

Good Thurs morning to all ♥ At first I almost thought it was Friday already.. But my pill container reminded me of the correct day! lol

Glo - you are such a giving person - what joyful feelings your Vet will feel. That is what Christmas is all about!

Sandi a decorated crate would look greyt! I know what you mean about family keepsakes - I could never NOT put them out and this year I may give some of them to the children or grandchildren.

Lynne you have had your share of drama and I definitely will send up many prayers for your friends. It is disturbing for it all to hit at one time. Hopefully your one neighbor in the hospital from her fall will be examined in case anything else needs fixing.

I have seen some photos of Judy on her cruise on her page of FB. Looks like she is really enjoying herself - she is so fortunate to have Angie including her in all the family fun.


Judie - Enjoy your sunshiny day! Still fogy at the nest like it was here yesterday. Be careful where you get your pine tree branches - do stay out of the neighbor's yard - lol

Lolly - sorry you need to get out the squirt bottle - Your tree is so beautiful that I hope Skippi finds something else to climb!

Kay - You are probably posting as I am writing.. Therefore I will close for now so I can see what you are doing today.

Still cam is down - I will email.

I am awaiting a visit from daughter and hubby - Homemade peanutbuter cookies will be coming in the door. I hope they last until Christmas get-together - lol


Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

JO, I'm just a tad behind today. Who knows why? Some days are like that. Hmmm peanut butter cookies! I used to bake them every two weeks for Stan--he never grew tired of them. Good to know JUDY is a happy cruiser---Angie is lucky to have such a dedicated baby sitter to take along!

LYNNE1, your neighbors are being remembered in prayer. They're so blest to have you nearby.

GLO, you're a caring, loving, giving person, too! What an asset you must have been to your dearly departed Minister husband. Now you're an asset to all who know you, including those sweet furbabies!

JUDIE, may you land some aromatic greens to finish off your beautiful decor!

JANET, Olivia may not take part in the decorating, but I'll bet she'd protest mightily if her parents decided to forego them. Teenagers!

Seth comes home for winter break this evening and we'll have a tree trimming party at their house very soon. They have company for a few days, so Malcolm is under their care today. No doggy play day---rain expected off n' on so that's okay by me!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Mema Jo said...

TV FOR FRIDAY ........Christine and family were in Hollywood CA and she participated in the parade as a was a Balloon wrangler for the Grinch balloon!

The Hollywood Christmas Parade
8:00 PM on Dec 11` Friday
Channel WDCW 3, 2 hr 2015

Penn and Teller serve as grand marshals of the 84th annual Hollywood holiday procession featuring celebrity appearances, decorated floats and marching bands. Erik Estrada, Laura McKenzie, Dean Cain and Montel Williams provide parade commentary. Taped Nov. 29, 2015.

It repeats on the 23rd on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries station.

Lolly said...

Howdeeeeee! Busy day! Have dish in oven for party tonight. Leaving in an hour to help set up and decorate for party this evening at church.

Dryer to be delivered some time this afternoon. Jack is out working in the yard mowing and mulching leaves! Geesh.....will be happy when they quit falling! Lol. Red oaks and Japanese Maples are looking pretty with their red leaves!

Lynne1, prayers for your neighbors.

Skippi has not bothered the tree today, thank goodness! I think she was just having a wild streak last night!

See you late tonight!

Sandi said...


Mema Jo said...

Nest really looks good with both in it ---- I've been missing them

Thanks Sandi !

Mema Jo said...

No sooner said then POOF for both

Janet said...

Good afternoon to all.
Slow day at the office, again. That’s okay. I received my “secret santa” name and went out and bought a few small items to distribute over the next dozen days or so!!!! He he he !! I love secret santa!!!! So much fun fun fun!
JUDIE: not sure if I am second,first, or third in this decorating thing. Just doing a bit at a time.

MEMAJO: glad you think so. ;)
KAY: I have no idea , but would like to think Olivia would be at least a little disappointed if we didn’t do something. She is a person who doesn’t get excited over much…..

I stopped by the library and picked up 2 more books that came in from my request list. I have one that I am almost half way done with now…and two more waiting! Joy joy joy!

I came home, took care of the furbabies and sat down to read for a while.
I am doing a bit here and there. Need to feed the furbabies and start the human dinner in a short bit. Will check in later.
Hope everyone has a pleasant evening…..holding you close in my heart and thoughts!

Mema Jo said...

Wow Sandi

Janey has decorated digs! She fits right in there with it all ♥

Sandi said...

Jo, I was afraid to tempt fate and hang ornaments on the crate for fear that Janey would think they were toys and chew on them, so I just stuck to red bows, a green runner, with the angel from the top of the tree on the top of the crate.

Kay & Judie, Janey's crate is my Christmas tree this year; I'll post the photo on my blog since you two aren't on Facebook.

BTW, the Santa in the photo, which we inherited from Denny's parents, moves his arms and his head. But Janey won't go in her crate when Santa is turned on, so he will just be standing still this Christmas. Priorities, right?

Mema Jo said...

I don't blame Janie - Tell Santa to keep it quiet!
This evening hubby and I bought the smallest little artificial tree for here in the house. We need to find some tiny decorations and it will be beautiful. Yes, we are downsizing.

I meant to tell you that this afternoon I had my "DO" done. Really just cleaned up the back of my neck and took my sideburns off - If I keep it it is going to be curls again but mainly grey. Hubby could have done it for me but I wanted to see the girls at the shop again - it's been a long time!

Going to see what is on TV - Probably like last evening - ZILCH.

Will only peep in before I close down this evening--------- Goodnight to all ♥

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Last night was bridge night. We had our annual Christmas dinner at Diane's house. Everyone marveled at the number of decorations she had put out. Even the shower curtain, bedspreads, playing cards, etc., etc. I would never find enough space to store all of those things. I have still not put out any of my decorations. Eventually I will do something. Still wondering how the kitties will behave.

Kathryn is home. BBL.

Judie said...

Good evening.

Jo, tomorrow night please give a thumbs up to the tv as you watch Christine. We don't get that channel and will be out attending another really boring holiday gathering. Good for you getting out to see your "do" buddies.

Ah, the old red-bow-decorated crate. Too cute. Yes, our critters are sometimes fearful of things that make noise. Matter of fact, that applies to me as well. Will be greytful to see the most beauteous Christmas crate ever.

Jo, choosing your most cherished and meaningful decorations will be just perfect this year.

Will watch First 48. Not much else of interest. All I need to do is keep my eyelids open.

Shirley, no doubt the annual bridge night Christmas dinner was a fun time. Shower curtain? Bedspread? Playing cards? Hmmmmm. Good grief! Years ago, I had a small tree and two kittens. I decorated the tree with red felt bows. Nothing to be broken and nothing to injure little ones.

Welcome home Seth. Hope exams earn all A+ grades. Kay, enjoy having your buddy home for winter break.

I am tired tonight. Headed to my recliner. Hope to get the inside finished tomorrow but if not, the weekend will arrive on Saturday.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Lolly said...

Had a great time at our party this evening! Good food, good friends and lots of laughter! Best kind of party!

Now, back to the shopping tomorrow!

Oh, and did get my new dryer! Was to be delivered between between 2 and 4, they pulled in the driveway at 5. Typical!

Night all! SED!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - Friday at last. 50 degrees outside right now and temps in the 60s again this afternoon.

Prayers and positive energy for you today Jo that you get the very best news at your doctor appointment.

Have agreyt day all.

Janet said...

happy TGIREDF !

slllleeepppy this morning.

hope everyone has a lovely day!

hugs, light, and love for all

magpie said...

Good Morning Precious Eagle Pals...

GUESS WHAT: Steve has given us a New Fresh Friday Thread... ☺

Have a Good Day, and....

((( HUGS ))) and Lovins' to All...

xoxox ☺ ♥