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New thread.


Janet said…
thanks for the new thread! i'll get the others
Janet said…
just a quick follow up from last night, all went well. they (john and tom, plus john's mom and dad, dad is don's brother) picked don up and drove him back to waverly (home town) .

for now, tom and john will have to check in more and the search begins for care facilities, if and when that is a necessary thing....

gray day today.

SANDI: so happy for you on the foster approval! I know it has to be very exciting!

JUDYE: Jordyn looked like she had fun Sat. night.

things are quiet here for the moment. gonna fix tom a bite of breakfast.....he'll be home between jobs shortly....livvy has orthodontist and allergy injection....i'm just trying to get moving.

later gaters
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Much thanks to STEVE for the spanking new thread and to the be-feathered JANET for calling us over.

MT nest, but thanks JUDY for the earlier sighting.

SANDI, Janey's colour (that's in honor of HODA ☺) is Greyt! It seems we're all looking forward to her arrival and to your Canine Chronicles.

Sad news from CA re:Anne Marie, may she RIP.

SHIRLEY, what an adorable owl---hope he's now enjoying life somewhere out there in the Kansas wilds.

Speaking of Kansas, I don't think any of you posted that you were watching The World Series. I'm a baseball fan (nut) and stayed up late for it each night. Didn't have a fav this year, but enjoyed every minute of it. Quite the finish for the Royals and I'm happy for them and my friends in Kansas. I admit to sleeping through some of those innings, but somehow rallied to see the final each night.

Temp here edging toward 70 as we start an Indian Summer week here. JO, I hope you won't suffer too much without that window A/C, as I think you're in for warmer days, too.

Prayers for all in need!!!

Judie said…
Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh Monday morning thread.

Congratulations to Janet on her new feather.

Janet, no doubt the current arrangement is a good one for the uncles while other options are investigated.

Sandi, maybe Sam decided to take a day off. That would be nice.

Laundry is almost done - not much just staying caught up. Need to start making my list of items for foraging for police contributions as well as contributions to our own turkey day.

Going to check on some nests. Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥

THANK YOU Steve for the fresh new thread and congratulations Janet on the beautiful feather.

Janet I am thankful to hear about the solution for all concerned.

Just now getting my coffee - My body has not yet gotten use to the time change - I awaken earlier but then go back to sleep and here it is almost 10.

Today I go to the Hearing place just to have a check up on the settings of my hearing aids. They are very comfortable.

I'll check back in a little while.
grannyblt said…
Good morning to all. Thanks for the new thread Steve and the call over Janet.

Missed any eagle action this morning. Stayed up late watching PBS last night so maybe my internal clock will be readjusted.

We are to have that Indian summer here too. Bright and sunny here today. Bring it on.

Have things to accomplish, so I'd better get with it. Hope everyone has a nice day.
grannyblt said…
And of course I forgot to check the box.😗
Lolly said…
Good morning! I was awake earlier this morn. It was my usual time but an hour earlier! I will have a longer morning!😜

Going to run some errands today. Need to find something to organize our upright freezer. So ver tired of the big shelves and everything piled in! Can never find what I want. Any suggestions? I have some ideas and going out! Lol. Woman on a mission!

Very foggy this morn but 58 and the sun is shining!

Have a great day!
Lolly said…
Just googled freezer organization. Why why why have I not done this long ago! Out to buy bins! Wahoo! Lol. Guess I am a slow learner!
grannyblt said…
Lolly, I put the small containers on top shelf, then meat on next two shelves , then baked goods on bottom. Works for me for a few months .i have a side by side refrigerator and I keep the vegetables in that one and also have a shelf for fruit. It isn't always where it is supposed to be, but at least I have a starting point when looking for that bag of hash browns I know I have but rarely use.
Sandi said…
Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Janet for the call over.

With Sam out, I have been assigned for today to an autistic student on the other 7th grade hallway. Boy, what a difference from Sam!!!
Mema Jo said…

NCTC IT has corrected the NHZ (No Head Zone) of the nest.

Check out the cams

Thanks to Deb Stecyk for contacting Steve ♥

JudyE said…
WOW I see we got a better view of the nest now and can see the road also
JudyE said…

I found it when I signed in on lunch
JudyE said…
OH and now the stump top is showing so we will see talons when they go there
stronghunter said…
Good afternoon,

Thanks for the new thread, Steve, and congratulations on the feather, Janet.

Yes! I see the new view on the cam. It seems reversed from what I recall. The stump is on the other side. Guess that's because of a new placement for the cam. Interesting view of the ground and the road. We could go there and wave at the people at home.

Love your new avatar, Jo.
stronghunter said…
Seeing the road and thinking of waving at those at home reminds me of the days when someone would go there and blow the car horn for us to hear. That was a long time ago.
stronghunter said…
Happy that you got some temporary arrangements figured out for the uncles, Janet.

Sounds like a pleasant day for you, Sandi.

Sounds like the World Series was exciting for the people in Kansas, Kay.
stronghunter said…
Speaking of laundry, Judie, you just reminded me that I need to put my sheets in the dryer.
Lolly said…
Now have bins for beef, pork and chicken as well as some other stuff. It was mostly the meat that need to be organized!

Also got batteries for two watches while out. It is a beautiful day. Sunny and now up to 72. Think I will head outside!
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Glad I could be helpful, Shirley. Hope those sheetz are nice and dry for you. It has been a long while since anyone slipped down the road and honked. Had forgotten that.

Congratulations Lolly. Organization is a good thing.

Quiet afternoon. Nest is MT.

stronghunter said…
Yeah, still need to get those sheets in the dryer. Be right back.
Mema Jo said…

What's with the watch batteries..? I had to replace mine also. Now I'm right on time!
stronghunter said…
Sheetz in dryer. But I found some clean ones in the linen closet and made the bed. Just need to wait for pillowcases and comforter.
stronghunter said…
Nice to know you are now organized, Lolly.
stronghunter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
stronghunter said…
My delete. Double posted.
stronghunter said…
Cam is acting up. Maybe because it is getting dark.
Mema Jo said…

Quick visit but I love the view of the nest!

The cam is good - you must remember to look at the GO LIVE button on the bottom
by the red bar and click on it to go LIVE .
Judie said…
Good after dinner time.

Received an email supposedly from Paula. There was a link. I deleted as it did not look legitimate.

Dinner over. Scullery in order. Happy to know that Shirley and her fur babies will have clean sheetz and other nice snuggly things to stay warm tonight.

Wonder how Lynne2 is feeling today and how Sandi did with her new student today.

Headed to my recliner. Feet going up.
Mema Jo said…
This evening's nest visit video compliments of Deb Secyk

The fly in is breathtaking - watch for it ♥
Judie said…
Jo, thank you for the link to Deb's video. Lovely and so much appreciated.

Going to surf some channels but likely will end up with falling down asleep eyelids. Time change is taking some adjustment.

Restful sleep for all.
Sandi said…
Evening all.

Jo, thanks for the link to Deb's video. Yep, those fly-ins and fly-outs are beautiful and now we have an even better view of them, between the adjusted camera angle and the leaves being gone from the sycamore tree.

Today was an interesting day. Mez (the student's nickname) is a very unusual character. Within 15 minutes of me working with him, he announced to the class that "I was fired!!" Later, in health, he shouted out that I was "a loser!" By the end of the day, when I walked him out to his bus and said, "Mez, you had a really good day today," he said, "I know - you're beautiful!" He was quite a change from working with Sam!

Judie, I know what you mean about the time change taking it's toll on our internal clocks. It's 8:30 and I am headed for bath and bed.

Goodnight all - see you in the early AM.
stronghunter said…
Thanks for the link, Jo. You're right. The fly-in is breathtaking.

Good thing I did find some other sheetz in the closet. The ones in the dryer got all tangled and were still wet. I hung them over the shower curtain.

No kittens in my bed yet, but the night is still young. I am usually snuggled in a nest of pillows and kittens at some point of the night. (I like lots of pillows. I have 6, including two large European pillows.)

Tomorrow is bowling, a day off from school for Hunter, and voting. I will be busy.
stronghunter said…
Sounds like you had a fun day, Sandi. You deserved a break from Sam.
stronghunter said…
Watching the CMA show on ABC this evening. They started out with Elvis. Now, that music takes me back to my high school days. Pulled me right in.
stronghunter said…
Time for me to say good night. I'll snuggle into my pillows and watch TV for a bit.

SED, everyone. See you tomorrow.
Mema Jo said…
Read to bid you all Goodnight

I did have 2 TV shows - but at 10 my body is starting to yawn and eyelids getting heavy

Mez made your day Sandi! A good start to your week - or are you taking any days off this week?

Wishing you all a sound sleep and sweet dreams ♥
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle buds
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Jo, I have a dermatologist appt. on Thursday so I'm taking the day off and then I will be taking a 1/4 day on Friday afternoon to get home by 1:30pm when our new 4-legged resident arrives.

Have a greyt day all.
Janet said…
good November morning. foggy out there. supposed to be nice this p.m.
keep meaning to ask: I've been on here for what? 2 maybe 3 years now...and still cannot figure out what MT is shorthand for. would someone please enlighten me?

work today. pt today. planning to finish cleaning the rv before dinner tonight.

have a fabulous day! :) hugs and love to all
Lynne2 said…
MT = EMPTY as in nest.


Good beautiful morning all!
Judie said…
Good morning.

Sunshine and blue sky. Lovely morning.

Sandi, what a difference a kid makes! Glad yesterday was better. Not marking my calendar for Thursday but will mark the calendar for Friday's arrival of the greathound. Yippee!

Shirley, hope you had a good night's rest and a great bowling day. We, too, are headed to the school to vote.

MT = empty

Need to finish my coffee and make myself less scary before heading over to vote.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.
Sandi said…
Hi all from chorus. Boy, is Sam ever in a mood today! Pulled him out to retake a test that he got 46% on last Friday. He said, "I don't redo work - this is bullshit!" He hasn't done a lick of work in any class so far - very silly and off-task.

I am sooo excited about getting this dog. Last night we discussed what happens if we fall in love with her and don't want to give her up to anyone else. I actually think Denny would be more ok with that than me. I would feel like I'm letting down the rescue organization by keeping the first foster they placed with us. The rescue lady sent us links to Janey racing - talk about amazing to watch! I will never need to be reminded of the importance of keeping a greyhound on a leash unless it's in a fenced area!
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Voting Day here, too, JUDIE---unfortunately there will probably be a low turnout on this off year---too bad because there are some important offices and issues on the ballot. I've taken to absentee voting as a precaution against missing out due to illness or weather.

SANDI, what a pathetic character Sam is---thinks he's "way cool", but time will prove that just ain't so. Can you imagine how many Sam's and Samette's there are across the nation. Mind boggling. I'm so glad you have the arrival of Janey the amazing greyThound to look forward! I'm sure it's hard to bid these foster kids farewell, but then you're in for the thrill of a new arrival in need of your help!

JO, thanking you in advance--I have to back track for the "fly-in" link.

No doggy play days this week as Hugh has taken it off due to the use em' or lose em' policy at work. He's working on a lot of little Honey Do jobs and I'm sure Malcolm is thrilled to be shadowing him. Come Friday Mal will be arriving for three days with Penny n' me. His people are heading for Michigan, tools on board, for to give Eileen's home a Fix-it-man going over. I'll be on call for Seth should he need help of any kind. He doesn't expect to be home before T'Day Break, but you never know what may crop up.

Thinking of you all in hopes you're enjoying Indian Summer, too!

Praying for those in need!!!

Lolly said…
Good morning! Sandi, saw you had a break from Sam, and was with Mez. Was Sam absent? Just wondering! Mez sounded autistic.

Think I am going to work in the yard today. Rain coming late tomorrow. Going to be a rainy day Thurs. Loving it! No watering at all. Need to move my Ti plant into the house and prepare other plants to be ready to be moved into the greenhouse. Leaves are falling and the yard is a mess!

Shirley, I am not organized but my freezer is! Lol

Have a great day!
Mema Jo said…
Good late sunny morning to all ♥

Love seeing the sun and feeling it on my face.

Waiting to see if the cam tour is at Noon - That is when Sharon saw it yesterday

Mema Jo said…


IF YOU WEREN'T: pull the red bar back to the left and you can get a repeat

Wonderful Tour
Mema Jo said…

11/3/15 Noon Tour at NCTC nest
Compliments Deb Stecyk
Mema Jo said…
Judy - I just realized I never created the Momsters' NOV album
It is there now
Thanks if yoiu have some to add..
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

We have voted.


We plan to put green light bulbs in our front door lights for Veteran's Day.

Darth has a meeting so grilled chicken & Cole slaw will be an early dinner.


Sandi said…
Hi all.

Sam (and I) spent the 2nd half of the day in ISS (in-school-suspension). It wasn't a pretty sight. Enough said.

Judie said…
Um, Sandi? Can't help but remember how this last year was supposed to be so much easier...enter Sam! lol
Sandi said…
Judie, this afternoon the school resource officer said to me, "Sandi, I don't know how you put up with Sam every day for 6-1/2 hours. I couldn't do it." I replied that it's all about perspective. When I think about how frazzled and stressed and unhappy I was last year as a special ed. teacher and compare that to this year, this is a piece of cake. Next Monday, the school year will be 25% over ... and I still have 55 sick days to burn. I can do this!
JudyE said…
Hello home from work
Angie called and texted me She is switching Thur night gym to tonight so I shall be heading out May not see the visit so if anyone is watching do snips for the Em page and I just remembered I got to get the ones I have done in the past week to the EM album

JudyE said…
ALSO If I get to see the eagle in the am sunrise visit I may not be able to get them on FB till I am at lunch like today I was snipping till the moment I walked out the door FYI only
JudyE said…
JO great news on the sort of DVR on the camera a rewind I love it will have to try it But the odd thing is on my tablet I have no red bar at all
so I can't rewind on it I guess I have a bar there but no color to it black like rest of it and I do have a pause button
Mema Jo said…
Light show on

Waiting for our eagles
Mema Jo said…
Night light is on
They could be up in the attic BUT no show down in the nest so far
glo said…
lol oh dear Sandi. Yes you can and will do this but this Same certainly sounds like a challenge.
Janet said…
good evening to one and all. THANK YOU LYNNE2: I read your post and said “Janet, DUH” laughing at myself. (and JUDIE)
its been a pretty good day. Work is and remains slow.
I should be finishing up PT next week. Yeah! Things are better, not perfect but much improved.
Got home from work tonight and Tom, Livvy, and I washed the RV. It is now much cleaner than it was. Hopefully hopefully hopefully this weekend we get the cover on it.
And! We’ve been needing new windows in the back part of the house. We finally found a company in our price range. Yeah!!!!!
SANDI sounds as if she had a rough day. Happy Greyhound thoughts keep you smiling, I bet.
Hope everyone has a great evening. I’m planning to unwind and hit the bed to dent some pillows!
Nite all!
CarolAnne said…
Happy November everyone. Unseasonably warm weather here. Joy, Joy! Hope everyone is doing well or moving towards that goal. Learned something new today regarding wills. Mom's will stated who got which of her bank accounts, money market acct etc. However, at her bank she had POD (payable on death) accts, which differed from her will as to distribution. POD's avoid probate and they take precedence over wills. So in effect the will had no bearing on what she did with her accts.
Take care all.
Judie said…
Good late evening.

CarolAnne, never heard of a POD in terms of distribution of assets. Will check on that for the State of VA.

Janet, glad you had a good day and promoting healing. Good luck with the window replacement.

Glo and I agree. Sam is a challenge and a very sad case. It's all about perspective.

Watched Junior Chopped Champions. Those kids are really amazing in their cooking skills and creativity.

Headed soon to the pillows.

Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Wrote a long post and lost it.

Will try to remember what I said.

First, I did vote this afternoon. I was happy to see that some people were taking the time to sit down and read over the handouts the candidates' representatives were handing out. Nice to see people taking things seriously.

When I went to bed last night, I was visited by a purring Cheeto. He nestled at my knees, lay on his back and groomed his stomach while lying spread-eagle between my knees.

stronghunter said…
No visit from Allie last night, and when I got up this morning, I heard something banging around downstairs. Upon investigation, I found Allie in the laundry room. I guess she got shut up in there when I went to get the sheetz.
stronghunter said…
Got an upsetting phone call from my across the street neighbor this afternoon. She is in New York on business, and learned today that her house has been broken into. The bad guys broke the glass on a side door and took two TVs and an Xbox. She is preparing to move and had packed her belongings and left them in the house.

Fortunately, her parents live in Virginia and were able to come check on things for her. I talked with them when I got home. They said they would be turning on some lights over there. Tonight, that house is lit up like a Christmas tree. I left on my outdoor lights in front.

It seems that there have been several break-ins around here recently. Not comforting. Had Hunter walk through the backyard to see if the motion light out there is still working. It is.
stronghunter said…
Interesting information about wills, CA. Glad you are having some warm weather up there in the North. It is balmy in Virginia.
stronghunter said…
Kathryn is a fan of Chopped, and I do remember seeing some amazing kids on there in the past, Judie.
stronghunter said…
My brain is worn out, so I will say good night. SED, everyone.
Mema Jo said…
Hi Carol Anne - hoping you are doing very well. Thanks for that info as I never had
heard about that before. I'll check into it. But then all my children know that I am
spending it all before I go! lol

I caught 2 of my Terrific Tues TV shows:NCIS & NCIS New Orleans - At least they are not repeats.

Shirley please don't lock Allie in the laundry room tonight but do lock your doors. IF your cars aren't in the garage be sure to lock them. Only recently do I feel better locking up the house even when we go out to appointments. Always kept my kitchen door unlocked but not in today's world.

We put all the deck furniture in the basement today with the weather being so nice.
Really could take advantage and put up the outside light decorations but of course not turned them on until Dec.

I had forgotten to mention that I had 2 red winged blackbirds here at the feeder.
And that darn raccoon came up again last evening but didn't stick around. We had cleaned all the peanut shells and seeds off the deck.
Mema Jo said…

I am ready to close down for the day

Goodnight to all ♥


Prayers and positive thoughts for all in need ♥
Lolly said…
Time to say goodnight!

Really did not get a lot accomplished today. Oh, well! Did a little work outside and will do the same tomorrow. I am thinking like you , Jo! Really should put the Christmas lights out while weather is so nice. Jack is going to bring firewood down tomorrow. Going to be chilly this weekend. Also, rain coming again and a chance of severe weather. Need to get the firewood to the covered patio to keep it dry.

Sandi, I know this year is much easier on you. However, I think they are wasting your talent. If you were working with several students that have possibilities would be much better than Sam!!!

Ok, need to get ready to hit the pillows. Jack is already ready and sleeping in his chair! Will have to wake him to go to bed.

Oh, while working in the yard today I had a companion, a really pretty, long hair dog. Lady walking her dog said he gets out from a house down the street. When I was through he was gone. Hope he went home!

Shirley lock your doors and leave lights on!! We lock our doors but this time of year I wonder why. The windows are open. One would just have to remove the screens. Not much security here!

Night all! SED!
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Just thought I'd drop in and let you know that I really appreciate all the Birthday wishes! They made my day a very special one! Thank you SO much!

I'm really wired tonight! Ken took me to see Cirque du Soleil 'Kurios - Cabinet of Curiosities' at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds, under the big top. It is their latest creation, and it was ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING!!! We had really good seats in the 3rd row. I kid you not, the show is just AMAZING. Those performers not only defy gravity, but most of them have to be made of rubber bands, they are SO flexible! The costumes are so imaginative, and the music is wonderful. Such incredible talent! I highly recommend this show if you have a chance to see it! We didn't get home until after 11 pm, and since we shared a large diet Pepsi during the show, I'm so full of caffeine I'm bouncing off the walls. (Probably on an adrenaline high, too. Some of the aerial performers were swinging from ropes and doing crazy gymnastics 20 feet over our heads!) Well, it certainly has made this a memorable birthday!!

On a much less happy note, I'm so sorry to hear about Anne-Marie Larson's passing. Prayers for her family and friends, for sure. Her passing was rather sudden. Hadn't she just been transferred to rehab? She will certainly be missed!

Well, I guess I'd better try to unwind and get some sleep. Maybe a glass of milk will help. I wish I could take some Benadryl, but I already took some Claritin earlier, and I don't know if they would be OK together. I don't think so. Guess I'll just have to sleep in a bit in the morning.

Hope you're all having a restful night's sleep, with SED! I ♥ us! Goodnight and God bless!
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

CarolAnne, so good to see you on the blog. Interesting about PODs. Maybe we should just do that with all of our accounts rather than updating our will which we need to do.

Have a greyt day all.
JudyE said…


and i must leave in a few

Sandi said…
Sitting in Geography. Watching Sam read a book instead of participating in the class discussion, but not engaging in any conversation with him. Tomorrow he has a test on this stuff, which he will fail and then blame the grade on either the teacher or me. Whatever. The marking period ends next Monday and Sam will likely get failing grades in math, geography, and science. Perhaps the grades will help his parents understand that this is not the correct place for their son.

Judy, i just read something in the school district's monthly cyber security newsletter; the article was about using public wifi hotspots which made me think of you using the wifi at McDonalds during lunch. It said to never shop online from public wifi hotspots because hackers can easily access your personal and credit card information. I had never thought about that. I do most of my shopping online but always use my wifi network at home that is password protected.

Today Gail, the president of GPA-DE will be driving from Newark, DE to Charleston, WV to pick up 4 retired racers from the racing kennel there. By this evening, we should have a photo of the dog we're fostering. Very exciting stuff!
Janet said…
Morning all. mid week.
CAROLANNE: nice to see you today!
STONGHUNTER: terrible news about the neighbor.
My private clients canceled for today, so I slept in. now drinking coffee, organizing the school day for the non –compliant, attitude-laden, teenager, and thinking about getting ready for work.
Another cloudy gray day here. We saw a peek of blue sky last night as the sun set.
Hope everyone has a lovely day. Thinking of you all! hugs
glo said…
Good morning everyone. My local TV station ran a feature yesterday on my trip to Churchill to see the Polar Bears last year about this time. Here is a link to the video. It's about 2 mins long. Photo Finish
Mema Jo said…
Good Wednesday morning to all ♥

Nest is MT but sunny!

Glo: Great coverage of your trip - I even saw picture of Blizzard Bear & was happy to see the photo of our dual flying eagles! You looked so good and sounded so well that I should think you promoted Trips to the Tundra! Thanks for sharing the link - I really really enjoyed sharing your memories.

Lolly said…
Good morning!

I enjoyed Glo's pics too! An awesome trip, awesome pictures by an awesome photographer! She has an awesome doggy, too!😄

About to eat some breakfast and head out! I hear the sunshine calling me out! Going to blow and mulch leaves before the weather brings more leaves down!

Andy, did I miss your birthday? Sorry! Hope it was a good one!

Now friends with grandson #1 on fb! How did he get to be 15? He was born yesterday! He is also friends with his parents. He is such an awesome kid! So thankful!
Judie said…
Good mid-morning.

Shirley, poor Allie. Wonder if she will develop an aversion to the laundry room? I know I did many, many years ago. So sorry about the neighbor's burglary. People across from us never lock their doors and I find that less an smart. So glad you checked the motion detector. Criminals often disable outside lights and homeowners fail to make periodic checks. Criminals love darkness, open windows and doors, and routine behaviors of targets.

Jo, I am so jealous. Two red-wing blackbirds. Have not seen one of those since childhood. Did see our resident hawk yesterday. Glad you had good weather for getting ready for cold weather.

Hi Andy. What a fantastic treat to see Cirque du Soleil 'Kurios. Those performers are truly amazing athletes.

Sandi, it must be frustrating and sad to sit and watch a child you know is going to fail. May the gods of academia intervene and let his parents see the truth. Also, a picture of Janey will be most welcome.

Janet, bet compliance of the student is one of the most difficult tasks of home schooling.

Glo, thank you so much for sharing the article about your photography. You must be near bursting with happiness. Congratulations.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

I see a beautiful, but MT nest this morning.

GLO, a wonderful video and the copy below w/photos is fabulous! Please let us know when that station features your eagle photography as promised. We Momster's are so proud to call you our own!

Sounds like you leave your student with an agenda to follow while you're at work. I hope her "non-compliant, attitude laden" teenagerism gives way to serious study once her teacher leaves the building. Kids her age often resent and rebel against parents and teachers--in your case you're double whammied by the dual role! Hang in there--"this too shall pass"!

SANDI, I do hope Sam's parents heed the wake up calls that are blaring and soon. He's a child who needs a school designed to deal with his kind of rebelliousness. If they wait much longer the damage to him and the family will likely be horrendous.

ANDY, so happy to hear about your perfect birthday! I've seen Cirque du Soleil performances in a similar setting----spectacular!

LOLLY, your place could use the alert system provided by a good dog! He or she would hear anyone approaching those open windows and sound the alarm! I love cats, but think they could care less about home security.☺

Another day in the mid 70's here. Penny and I are loving every minute of it!

Prayers for those in need!!!

Judie said…
Returned with a question.

On the desktop I use, there are some unwelcome visitors and, as before, the company that cleans up these viruses, etc. has provided a list of items that need to be removed by a technician which, of course, can be done for X amount of money depending on user's willingness to spend increasingly large amounts of money. So,

do any of you know about, or use, virus/pop-up blocking software that can be used without seriously decreasing or bank account? The company which was automatic with my Dell desktop currently uses E-SetNOD32. This company cannot be contacted directly. Inquiries lead to GURUAID where a technician (Level 1) does an analysis and then wants to transfer us to a different technician (level 2) who will happily clean the computer for a large fee. We don't mind paying to have the desktop serviced but wonder if there is an effective method not involving a company we cannot contact.

Thanks so much for any help.
glo said…
:-) Thanks everyone. I was glad to see the video was live this morning as I know many had already seen many of the photos on facebook. It is different to hear the story unfold. The short clip of the bear under the buggy is Rascal who did chew something off under there and cause us to break down into the darkness on that tundra. I was maybe 2 feet from that one as I was right there by the grate listening to him breathe and try to figure out how to eat us lol. I knew then who was in the cage.

I am excited to have the eagle feature coming up this winter as well. You all know that is a REAL PASSION for me. :-) Lolly Yes I do have a sweet sweet wonderful little doggy to share my camera with as well. So glad she likes to dress up and actually will sit for the camera now "with the right reward". :-) Off to take a friend to the hospital today for outpatient procedure Enjoy your day everyone.
grannyblt said…
Nice feature Glo. As others have said, let us know when they do one about the Eagles.
Mema Jo said…

Check out the live feed at NOON in case the Tour is scheduled.
glo said…
yeah Got to watch today. Pretty much time to quickly walk Patches and head out the door.
Mema Jo said…

Good Tour Started at 11:59 am (by my computer time) and ended 12:01 pm

Enjoy your day everyone !
JudyE said…
Howdy on lunch 1214 punch time

SANDI I don't have to worry about shopping line I don't shop online LOL

I use McD wifi until Walmart wifi kicks me off and wants me t use it what a PIA I always try to do McD they all say not secure Just rude that wmt bumps me off
JudyE said…
Angie is a tad upset found out that SAT testing is the week we are on the cruise

two week testing the ladies in the office told her not to worry about it because lots of kids are either sick or absent and that is what the latter week is for Make up testong
JudyE said…
GLO thanks for the link

JANET enjoy your cancellation and relax By the way do they get charged for a no show?? like at dr appts try to do
Sandi said…
Hi all from ISS, where Sam is spending the afternoon.

Judie, you were locked in a laundry room, resulting in a lasting aversion to laundry??? Sounds like a terrifying ordeal for sure - I am so sorry that happened to you! ;)

I have Avast installed for virus protection. There is a free version but we pay for an annual subscription - i think about $50 a year to protect 3 computers - since there are features with the paid version that aren't available with the free version. With the paid version, i am able to schedule scans to run weekly.

I also have free versions of Super Anti-Spyware and Malwarebytes installed. The free versions require me to manually run the scans but i use my weekly Avast scan to remind me to run the other 2 scans every week. My laptop seems happy and healthy so i think this combination works. Not sure if there is any one program that addresses viruses, spyware, and malware.

Judy, SAT?? Is this some type of testing that Jordyn will miss while you're away?
JudyE said…
GLO saw the pic on the link but for some reason my lap top has a bad attitude will have to wait till I get home to view the video

JudyE said…
watching panda cam little one is all by self snoozing away

JudyE said…
SANDI there are two weeks of the SAT and we will be on the cruise the =first week they do makeup the second week State Assessment Test
wasn't on the calendar either
JudyE said…
I had Avast the free version that Eric downloaded in my computer when he had it Made me mad he took my Norton out The cable co said that Avast is good also but mine keep telling me I wasn't protected on and off so I got rid of it and downloaded my Norton back I have always liked Norton it has stopped two times the Koobaface virus also
and the cable co also have us covered that will shut us down if they find stuff That happened to Angie once
JudyE said…
Eric reasoning for taking my Norton out was it takes lots more memory. He could tell I wasn't happy and he also said I put a nice screen saver on for you also a cool eagle That made me mad also I told him the screen saver I had was my own picture
I do think Norton covers it all also
KNOCK ON wood but for 8 years I have used it and no virus or anything
NCSuzan said…

Judie this is a free to download for 30 days program. See if you like it before you buy.

Also I gather that you do not have Windows 10. Microsoft offers Microsoft Essentials. It is free and as long as you keep up with the Window Updates you should be fine.

These are just suggestions. You have to stay on top of your computer in order to fight adware, spyware etc.. Make sure you block pop ups on your browser and that your firewall is up or Defender is running. Absolutely nothing is 100% a sure thing. Look at it like crime. You may stop one way but another way will "popup"!
Sandi said…
Hi all! It's my lucky day!! Sam decided to pull the laminate off the edge of the desk while he was in ISS and then became confrontational with Mr. Custis, the ISS monitor, a soft-spoken but very physically fit man who could take Sam's head off if he wanted to! Mr. Custis called the office to have someone come and pick Sam up from ISS and call his parents to pick him up from school. The police were also called and completed a report for destruction of school property. Sam now has out-of-school suspension for Thursday, Friday, and all next week.

I hope this will be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back!

Waiting for Gail to text me a photo or 2 of Miss Lucky Janeyscott - will post on Facebook and as my avatar on the blog.
Judie said…
Can we all sing ♪♫ hallelujah ♪♫ So sad about Sam but I am rejoicing that Sandi will have seven days free of that child.

Thank you to those who have responded with information about computer protection. Darth is going to look into those options. So tired of Peggy in India trying to rip us off.

JudyE said…

Looks like we were stood up again

POD accounts are great. My mom used them for her bank accounts. Avoided all taxes. Money went right to me and my brothers.
Loving the Indian summer here except for the darkness...but now I am right on schedule.
Haven't been able to watch the cam in my gb ysage.
Judie..I use AVG free version for security.
I have lots of good news.
Larry had to go in for a lung CT and passed it with flying colors. He is finally totally clear with the cancer. We have bought two more places in Biloxi that we are going to strictly run out. He is down there now outfitting them. Hopefully he'll be back for Thanksgiving. And the best news of all is that my last day of work is January 1st. After that we are headed to Biloxi for the winter!
Um we are renting them out lol
Spent last weekend with John and gkids in Eburg for Halloween. Had nice weekend. Going back up next weekend for Cohen bday...he will be 10!
Sandi said…
Paula, it's good to see you on the blog. What wonderful news about Larry's health and about your upcoming retirement!!!

New avatar is Miss Lucky Janeyscott. Gail, the rescue lady says she is very calm and very friendly. I can't wait to meet her!
JudyE said…
Jordyn got Honor Roll this grading period and there is a big story on the report card Some how on Fri on trick or trunk day Jordyn binder and report card was put in another students backpack Angie finally got a copy of the report card But she is upset because out there is the original one. The lady that had it didn't send it back on Mon but waited till yesterday. Drama LOL!
I am going to give her $ for each good grade. OK what is the rule for this day and age??
JudyE said…
Wonderful news PAULA
and way to go on more property and retirement around the corner
Sandi..the dog looks lively...good luck!

Judye. .I haven't a clue LOL
Janet said…
Good evening to all.
JUDIE: compliance from a teenager overall is difficult. But, there are ways to garner their cooperation: withhold electronics til all is done to my satisfaction!  he he he
JUDYE: As for cancellations: these are my private clients, I go to their home. They have been my clients for 7 years now and always take good care of me, so I don’t charge them. We have gotten free Titans tickets plus parking passes from them among many other goodies in addition to them paying me quite well.
As for Massage Envy, if they call 24 hours prior and cancel/reschedule, they are not charged, or if they call same day and are sick, no charge. However, less than 24 hours without illness, they are charged 50% and a no show, no call is supposed to be charged 100%.
As for today; it was good I slept in til nearly 8, got up, fixed breakfast for Tom (he comes in about 9 between jobs) and got ready for work. Had a chit chat with Miss Olivia regarding getting stuff done….and….then went to work.
First client came in, she had been to Haiti on a medical mission I inquired about any new accidents, illnesses, or new meds> nope nope nope. Okay fine. Get her on the table, just started, and she is telling me she has a “non contagious” virus which includes vomiting and diarrhea, oh and she’s on antibiotics for malaria prevention …sadly I had to stop the session immediately, explain why and send her home. No she was not charged, but thankfully was very understanding. Then I had to really sanitize the room…..the malaria thing didn’t bother me, but the virus thing did……
So I ended up with one client today. I came home early, washed my car, then so Olivia could get some PE in…..she helped me outside. I had her walking and helping for about an hour. I trimmed branches, she pulled the sticks down the hill to the curb. I had her to move all my yard decorations into the downstairs in my “plant” room.
I made dinner; caramelized chicken, quinoa (which family found they are not fond of) and broccoli. For dessert we have a cranberry orange crumb cake….
And now, its chill time.
SANDI: so glad you get a break from Sam. So with him out of school, what do you do all day at school?
Not a lot else going on. Hope everyone rests well tonight!
glo said…
Happy to read Paula's good news. I know what a relief that must be. Retirement is great. Although mine didn't really last all that long. I can still make my own schedule though.

Sandi you r foster greyhound looks so sweet. My heart goes out to her. Best of luck. Keep us posted.
Judie said…
Good almost pillow time.

Sandi, Janey looks beauteous. Cannot wait until Friday - so hard to imagine how excited you are to finally meet your lovely lady. Not only does she look lively, she looks lovely as well.

Paula, thank you for the computer information. Happy days for Larry and for you. So happy he is cancer-free and you two are about to begin a new adventure with life together. Happy retirement.

Congratulations to Jordyn on her honor roll grades. May she continue to be an accomplished young lady.

Janet, please take every precaution. So difficult working with the public. At least you were able to get some chores completed around the home.

Have been watching First 48. Eyes getting tired. Tomorrow must forage for the weekend.

Restful sleep for all.
Sandi said…
One last avatar change to a more close up pic of Miss Janey.

Judy, as a teacher-mother, I never tied money to good grades, though I know lots of parents that do. I rewarded the boys with a favorite dinner or dessert or control of the TV for the night - something that didn't cost me any money.

Goodnight all. See you in the early AM.
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

So great to hear from you, Paula. And such wonderful news. Larry is cancer free. I know that is a big relief for both of you. I'm sure you are looking forward to your retirement as well.

Allie seems to have survived the laundry room incident without being traumatized, Judie. She got herself shut in my closet a week or so ago, so it's not a new experience for her. That time, I heard frantic meows and investigated when Cheeto went to the closet door. That was an overnighter as well.

My neighbor Jennifer's parents were back at her house when I got back from delivering Hunter to school this morning. It looks like they purchased a new door. They had tried to get a replacement panel with the window glass, etc., but I think it had to be special ordered, so the new door was probably the easiest route to take. She is fortunate to have them nearby to take care of things for her. Neighbors from both sides of her house were over there, so I'm sure there will be someone watching over her house.

I went out and bought some solar lights to put on the back porch and the fence. It is quite dark out there.
stronghunter said…
Judie, I have used Avest and McAfee and sometimes remember to scan with Malwarebytes.
stronghunter said…
So happy for you, Sandi. I'm sure that greyhound will give you a real workout.

I would have been worried about that virus, too, Janet.

Will need to scroll back and check out your link, Glo. It is hard to believe it has been a year since you took that trip.
stronghunter said…
Enjoyed the story about your polar bear trip, Glo. Please do let us know when they do the one on the eagles.
stronghunter said…
Time for me to say good night. Doors are locked. Outdoor lights are on. SED, everyone.
Lolly said…
Wow! Great to see Paula on here! And bursting with fantastic news! So happy for you, Paula!

Got a lot accomplished in the yard today. Was amused about 5 when we sat outside and enjoyed a wine and beer. Neighbor's on both sides were mowing as well as the neighbor across the street. Happy we got our job finished earlier. All of us preparing for storms tomorrow!

Denton HS is advancing to playoffs in football. So, that means the band is performing. Game is at AT&T Stadium, home of the Cowboys. We will be going as Joseph is in the band. He is excited!

Night all! SED!

Mema Jo said…
Coming in to check out and find very good news from Paula - double good news for sure.
Happy for Larry's health report - happy for your Jan 1 retirement date and really happy for the plans you and Larry have for your future.

Sandi - Janeyscott is beautiful - simply beautiful. I hope you have purchased her large dogie bed!

Shirley - I hope Allie is up by your feet on the bed tonight!
Mema Jo said…

Goodnight to all♥

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Nest is MT and it looks clear in Shepherdstown. Foggy here - 2 hour school delay, not that it matters to me since I'm on a 24 hour school delay.

Have a greyt day all - 1 more sleep (as dear Hoda would say) until we meet Janey!

Janet said…
morning to all. make it a great day! hugs and love to all
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Judie, I have a laptop that's protected by Kaspersky Anti-Virus. If you go to, look for the 2016 version. Just yesterday, got a message on our bank's online app about cybercriminals. Here's what they say:

Beware! Cybercriminals aren't just online anymore! Cybercriminals are now just focused on online fraud. They'll also attempt to contact you over the phone in an effort to gain access to your PC. Beware of unsolicited calls asking for your user ID, password, or any account or personal information. Currently, there are criminals acting as technical support representatives, advising of a fictitious virus or malware on your PC. These criminals will attempt to gain your trust and ask for remote access to your computer to "fix" or "clean" your software. Allowing this access will assist the criminal in gaining all your personal data from your PC. This also allows the criminal to add malicious code to your computer to commit future cybercrime activity. The criminal may also ask for a debit card number to charge for the service and use the card to perform debit card fraud. In some cases, they may access your online banking to make a transfer and say they intended to refund your account and debited the wrong amount. Subsequently, they will ask you to wire or send them a bill payment for the difference. Avoid becoming a victim by being aware of unusual calls and never giving your information to unsolicited callers.

I always tell suspicious callers that we rely on the 'Geek Squad', and hang up on them.
Ms Bookworm said…
Paula, so happy to hear the good news about Larry's health! Fantastic! Congratulations on your upcoming retirement, too! Sounds like you and Larry are doing very well with the rental properties....How is Nick doing? Bet he'll be thrilled that you're retiring!

Sandi, Janey is beautiful! She sounds like a real sweetheart. Can't wait to hear greythound stories!

Shirley, glad to hear that you're leaving porch lights on, after your neighbor's unfortunate incident. We have a street light at the edge of our property, but it doesn't help much, so we leave 3 porch lights on (1 in front, 2 in back), and have 2 lights in front bedrooms on a timer. Emma has excellent hearing, so she is a good "First Alert" for us, too! Does Luna bark if she hears anything suspicious? Many years ago, we had a Siamese cat, Mai Tai, who protected us well. He would frizz up like a Halloween cat, hiss, and yowl like a banshee if someone suspicious came near! He was a real sweetheart, but had excellent radar where not-so-trustworthy people were concerned.

We are happily looking forward to about a week of actual fall weather in the high 60s - low 70s! The air has a crispness to it that is most welcome!

Well, I'd better get going. Want to get some housework done before Ken and I go and walk the mall. (By the way, the entire mall is now completely decorated for CHRISTMAS, since last weekend! Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?! Yikes!

Have a great day, everyone. I ♥ us!
Judie said…
Good mid-morning.

Again, thank you for help with the anti-virus information. We are grateful.

Mornin' Jo.

Sandi, love the close-up of Janey. Only one more sleep!

Shirley, very glad your neighbor's parents are able to help with securing her home. Also glad you have added some lighting around your home.

Andi, if you really like Fall weather, you can also join us here on the East Coast.

Headed out to forage for sustenance.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Kay said…

I'll join you there once I catch up with this mornings posts.



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