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New thread.  Cold continues...


Thanks Steve for the new thread. Come on all you eagle buds and get up and attem
Great dry scene of the nest with a little shifting around of some sticks happening. The sun is shinning and all looks right in eagleland!
All is quiet in and around the nest. Sounds like a little wind is still blowing around the nest, but don't see feathers being parted. No breakfast that I can see in the nest. Just peaceful.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Bud!!!

SANDI, your temp sounds downright balmy. It's 2 below with wind chill factor of 22 below in my neck of the woods. Not a doggy play day as it's not fit for man nor beast or G. and wee beasties!

Thanks to STEVE for the nice new thread and congrats to CANDY who looks fine and dandy with that new feather in her cap!

Another good day for eagle nest lurking as Penny and I try to stay warm and work on some indoor exercising.

Prayers for all in need!!!

Kay said…
Oh, I meant to add my kudos to Jerry for registering to vote! In Ohio we can do all those things JO cited as well as indicate a choice for organ donation. The DMV gets a bad rap, but serves us well in many ways!

SANDI, so sorry for those neighbors and so glad they have Denny right there and on the job immediately. Hope insurance covers most of the work for them---on the bright side it's an opportunity to do a little remodeling, eh?
WVJerry said…
Thanks for call over and a new thread. Thanks for acknowledging about my voting registration. Hoda - I did not want a restriction on my license. I have 20/30 with astigmatism. I mostly need glasses for reading and such. I wear them mostly in rainy and dark nights. Jo - I think WV does same thing and also uses a list of licensed drivers as well. Never paid much attention to political things but will try to study now. People have always wondered why I didn't vote.
Hoda said…
To be able to vote in an American election affects the world. Most of the rest of us think it an amazing powerful vote. US Policies influence the world. To be a citizen and not vote is something I can not understand JERRY. Sorry!
I have had a restriction against my license since I got it in my twenties. I need to wear glasses to drive. Glad there is no law that says that you have to test without your glasses to be able to drive.
Need to get on with my day. Make it a good one.
JudyE said…
GoodMorning Eagle Buds

eggs alone eagle poofed

JudyE said…
CANDY thanks for the call over

didn't get to type that since Eagle was in process of switch
JudyE said…
tucking kids in seems and a little picking of flugg position changed
Lolly said…
Good morning! Sounds a bit windy at the nest!

Up to 30 here and rising a bit! Jack says it is slicker than yesterday I am staying in! He says the road has been traveled a little but looks bad. I am sure the highway looks better. No paper this morn. He put out garbage but wonder if they will come? Snow coming after midnight. Boys will love that! It will not stay long but then another front this coming weekend. Had our spring, now winter, next Will come summer! Lol. Probably next week!😜

Today think I will tackle the cabinets in the utility room! Bet there is stuff there to get rid of! On a roll!

Sandi, why did they not leave heat on in their house? Just enough to keep the pipes from freezing. So sorry for them and the mess.

Have a great day!
Mema Jo said…
Thanks Steve for this fresh new Tuesday thread.
Congratulations Candy on your feather!

I am happy that the sun is shinning but I wish it would warm up the temps
It is 15° but feels like 6°. It could get as high as 27°. COME ON SPRING.

Going over to the earlier thread.BBL
Mema Jo said…
Lolly on the VOICE there is a teen from Walkersville MD (that's only about 10 miles from here in Frederick county) Should be there again this upcoming week.
Mema Jo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandi said…
Hi all - checking in from school to find a new thread.

Lolly, our neighbors did leave the heat on in their house. But Denny said that, when his guys were starting the tear-out of wet walls, flooring, insulation yesterday, they discovered a small area behind the wall in the upstairs bathroom where insulation was missing, which allowed the warmer air from inside the house to escape so the pipe froze and then burst.

Sadly, these neighbors had flooding during Hurricane Sandy, but then, only the ground floor was damaged. This time, there is damage to all 3 levels of the house that need repairing. The entire kitchen will have to be torn apart b/c the hardwood floors on the first level all have to be replaced and the flooring runs under the base cabinets. AND, the water that made it to the ground floor was running into Jay's brand new Porsche which was parked in the garage! I know it's "just stuff," but my oh my!

My computer problems started again last night. But this time, Denny was having the same problems. So now I know the problem is with Mediacom, our internet provider, and not with my computer. Will have to get on the phone when I get home to see if they can fix the problem remotely or if we need a new cable modem.

Stay warm everyone! TTFN!
JudyE said…
just got off the phone with Walker Ford the part that I need for my air bag needs ordered a day or so bummer I wish I would have called sooner MY bad and I would think if there was a recall they would have parts on hand oh well

will be fixed sometime this week

20° at the nest my TWC app tells me and I am 64°
JudyE said…
Good you figured out the issue was the IE provider not your puters SANDI
JudyE said…
looks like someone need to do a little nest keeping I see a sick at 7 that needs to be moved to the rail not doing any good where it is at almost poking eagle
JudyE said…
I keep looking the cam Wind maybe
WVJerry said…
Hoda - no problem. Wasn't talking about anybody on Blog. I understand your point of view. No need to apologize for anything. I see eggs being kept warm. Is that pine cones or food I see .
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
My delete . The stick was brought in by Shep . I guess he is waiting for Belle to place it
JudyE said…
you would have not understood my delete I am sitting here laughing as I read it in email I typed on the tablet and didn't look at it after here it is I know a couple of you get it in email also and are probably think what was she trying to say LOL Here it is get a laugh out of it as I did """""The lu Ber was brought in me Step maybe he is waiting for Belle to place it

The stick was brought in by Shep is what it was to say and wow wow don't know where the above came from LOL
JudyE said…
I see that our eagle has picked up a stick on back
JudyE said…
on FB looks like one of the Blackwater eaglets is gone
JudyE said…
shift change done stick brought in
JudyE said…
Jordyn has gym tonight but not on Thurs daddy daughter dance is that night
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
my delete repeating myself Heading out now will take tablet just in case
Lolly said…
Oh, Sandi, what a mess! And, to damage car, too! Yuck!

Melting ice here! Up to 37 and the gutter is running! The drive is looking clear except for up near the house where it is in the shade.

Snow is supposed to start after midnight. Wish it was during the day as I woud like to watch it. Maybe get up during the night to check it. Ha!😱

Actually did some work today. Straightened the cabinets in the utility room. Did not toss much,but it is a lot neater!
JudyE said…
eagle cries as I am leaving
Lolly said…
Laurel started getting sick Suday and has really been sick. She is making sub plans if they go to school tomorrow. She is sti running a fever so hoping they are out again tomorrow.

I know you think we are crazy....a little bit of snow and no school. But, they do not clear streets here. They sand bridges and try to clear major highways but nothing is done for country roads or neighborhood streets. They do not have the equipment as it happens so seldom.
WVJerry said…
Just got home from work. Heard eagle calling and got up for a back on eggs.
WVJerry said…
Calling again. Bella - our dog heard the eagle calling and came back to check it out. Sounds a ltiile breezy too.
WVJerry said…
Nest looks a little greener also.
stronghunter said…
Good evening,

Went bowling this morning, then to lunch with friends to celebrate a birthday for Julie, one of my bowling teammates.

I see the eagle is up and doing an egg roll. Darkness is coming at the nest. Almost no snow in the nest now, but plenty on the ground below.

I see that something bad happened to Sandi's neighbor, but I haven't read back on the other thread quite yet.

Fell asleep after picking Hunter up from school, so this is my first time looking at the eagles today.

Need to get into the kitchen and start dinner. Bangers with mac and cheese on the menu. We are out of mashed potatoes.
Sandi said…
Good evening all! It is snowing here again! This weather is really getting old! It's not supposed to amount to anything but there is even more snow in the forecast for Thursday! I just want warm weather!

As of the end of school today, the countdown for teaching days remaining in this school year is officially in the 60s! 25 teaching days until spring break and 69 teaching days until the school year is over!! I sure wish we could go somewhere warm for spring break but Denny will have too much work to do with this big renovation at the neighbor's house.

Time for dinner - I will see everyone in the early AM.
stronghunter said…
I checked the weather map--and yes, there is snow in Delaware. We are supposed to have snow here tomorrow night. Maybe a couple of inches.
Janet said…
good evening and THANKS to STEVE for a new thread.

LOLLY: we had an ice storm LAST week Monday and there has not been school since. I think they are going to try tomorrow. Davidson Co, ie metro Nashville is a large city and there are many back roads. Like most southern cities, they simply do not have enough equipment to take care of every single road.

I find myself tired tonight. it was a busy day, as per the usual.

SANDI: so sorry to hear about your neighbors.

Not a lot going on here. I work thru Saturday and then will do grocery shopping Sunday I suppose.

Livvy did not have hoop class today because the roads were still iced over in Franklin. Try again in 2 weeks.

hugs and love to all!
Hoda said…
Well temperatures in the forties and the sun came out today.
Bears have been sighted so end of hibernation !!! Who would have thunk it in February!!!
I wore sandals today!!!
Not all day but for a part of the day!
Back to shoes now!!!

Sorry SANDI about neighbours.

Stay healthy and well everyone.
stronghunter said…
Oh Hoda, your feet would be very cold in sandals in Virginia.
Mema Jo said…
My Tues TV was Terrific

Shirley - glad you got out for bowling and lunch!
Sandi - Sounds like a Major Repair for the neighbors. Such a shame. I guess we are luck due to draining the water when we close the house down.

Headed to the pillows!
Goodnight to all ♥

Hoda - hope you had your socks on with your sandles
Lolly said…
Noooooooo!!! No socks with saddles!!!!😝😱

Lolly said…
Ok, I can not type! Sandals!
Lolly said…
Lol. It was auto correct changing it?

Going to bed soon! Forecast has increased our amount of snow. Sad to say Jacob is now running a fever. So, even if they get the chance to stay home, he can not go out, running a fever. Laurel has already put in for a sub. Wish we lived closer. I could cook for them.

Nite all! SED!
Hoda said…
No no socks with sandals!
Only out for an hour or so with them, then back to shoes and socks...

Sorry Jacob is sick now too.

Three Theater productions coming up...
Sacred Music, Naomi Kline lecture, Shane Koczkyn poetry reading. Also youth choir but I have not purchased my ticket for them yet. I have the other three tickets. So very stocked...

Good night God Bless
Love you and miss you JUDIE
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Janet, no school for a week? Wow! Has Neely Home School been canceled as well?

Andy, so sorry about the water leak - what a PIA, even if insurance will cover the bulk of the repair cost.

Shirley, I think VA is in the path for this next snow just like DE is - this evening I think. Will have to check the updates on FB.

Have agreat day all. Glad things are calm at our nest - sad to hear that Blackwater thinks they have lost a chick, plus their 3rd egg hasn't hatched I don't think.
Janet said…
good morning!

SANDI: no we didn't have school either. Long story: Chelsea was going to have Olivia over so Tom and I could go out for Valentiines day. This she did. We were set to pick her up Sunday night, but the plea was made to allow her stay another day or two to play in the snow with her nieces and nephews. I discussed this with my daughter and said this could be a lOOOOONGGGG week.....and she said no its all good. We were iced in for a week and she was over there for a week.

We are now back at it.

Prepping for a history test.
Learning verb tenses.
reading: Maze Runner
among other things!

enough to keep us busy for sure!

snow expexted today, but not much.
I work late today. picked up a couple hours to help to make up for last week.

sandles. I cannot say much cuz I am in and out of my flippies all year. depends on the minute and the day. :)

hope everyone has a good eagle watching day!

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