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Just missed the snow in Shepherdstown, way more 40 miles south where I live.

New thread.


Mema Jo said…
Well this is Terrific Thursday
Good morning to all ♥

Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread and Thank you Mother Nature for no snow at our nest.

I will call the others over
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds this is as close as I have come to a new Thread the second on it it THANKS FOR THE NEW ONE STEVE AND THE CALL OVER JO
stronghunter said…
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the new thread. Yes, way more snow here, too. But I think it has stopped at least for now.

Thanks for the new thread.

And, thanks for the call-over, Jo. I agree, thanks to Mother Nature for the snowless nest.

Good morning, Judy. I am guessing snow is not a problem in your abode.

Guess I ought to sweep the snow off the front steps at least. Surely Hunter can get the walk and the driveway. His mom made him clean off her car this morning. At least, I think he finally got around to doing it. I heard some fussing, but I stayed in my room.
Sandi said…
Thanks Steve for another new thread and thanks Jo, for the call over.

Still in my PJs - have been texting about school stuff with the other teachers on my team. We have about 5-6 inches on the ground here and the forecast is for the snow to continue for another 2 hours. Winds are gusting and blowing the snow around - it's a mess! I doubt we will have school again tomorrow.

I think I will get some clothes on.
JudyE said…
I am out and about heading to park
JudyE said…
Lovin your avatar with the babies makes me smile
stronghunter said…
Some thawing happening here, but I am thinking that there will likely be a delayed opening tomorrow in these parts, Sandi. It is going to depend on what the temperature does. It's quite possible there will be another day of closed schools. There are lots of country roads in this county.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

I'm just in time to see three eggs being rolled!

Thanks to STEVE for the shiny new thread and to our befeathered JO for the call over!

Thanks also to JO for checking up on me. I failed to post yesterday, even though I had the cam up most of the the day. Just got busy with a lot of little details---and Penny and I enjoyed the balmy mid-20's temp and more outdoor time. Temps down today with light snow falling.

Hoping there isn't a significant accumulation as I want to go to Julie Kay's house for a risotto n' squash feast. Plan to go there about 6 and be home just before dark.

Reading about the school closings for many of you. Our area schools have used up their "snow days".

ANDY, what a mess! Do hope you can stay well deodorized ☺ and find someway or someplace
for creature comforts while the work continues.

Is that Shep on the cup? Killing two birds with one stone--nestorations and brooding--an expert at multi-tasking!

I "see" Jim daily on the candle site as we both keep one lit for our dear Momsters, Dadsters, Kidsters and Petsters. So, even though we don't see him here very often we know he's doing o.k.. Perhaps he's on FB......

Prayers for all in need!!!

Mema Jo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said…
Report on the Eagle Cam Log at Blackwater
Mema Jo said…
BAO BAO is high up in her snow covered tree this morning
Kay said…
Yikes, Bao Bao is putting my heart up in my throat---I feel the same way I did when my son Lee climbing high into the triple oak in front of our house some 40+ years ago. He spent a lot of time in our trees for a few years and I don't know how he never suffered a broken bone!

Now two eagles at the nest. Time for a switch?
Kay said…
When my son "climbed", that is.

Only a quick visit by the second eagle and poof!
JudyE said…
walked in In time to see the second eagle and go to the left into the loft or attic stump Was there a exchange or just a pop in only saw tail end and got a snip
JudyE said…
gonna have lunch with Angie

and then I will be the photographer for the Daddy Daughter dance tonight Just found that out last night at gym
Lynne2 said…
Good morning!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY I AM WEARING SNOWMAN SCRUBS. Effective next week, SPRING SCRUBS! I don't care if we get a March Blizzard!
Mema Jo said…
The dance should be fun!
Very special event for dads and daughters.
Lynne2 said…
I owe, I owe, so off to work I go!

Will watch and lurk and chime in as time allows!
JudyE said…
got some bad news that gonna cost me $$$ 4,000.00 a new AC My ac is over 20yrs old I bought house in 1997 and if was a couple of years old then house was built in 1983 and a addition put on so the AC was upgraded with the addition But Carl has never heard of the brand that is in the attic the outside handler he has heard of And he thinks it will be to expensive in the long run to look for the leak since it is a old unit and no parts are around with out searching and paying big time being it is old

He is gonna to give me another shot of Freon on Sun since we will be in the 80's next week So I guess I need to get in contact with ML for my 401K and pull some $$ out for the new unit that I will need He wants to do it before summer and the heat of being in my attic so we shall see I guess I need to make a apt with the bank to get a acct set up to transfer funds to Bummer
Mema Jo said…
Lynne, I sure hope your Spring scrubs bring us warmer weather!

So I found Kay - are we missing
Grannyblt too. I'll need to check back!
JudyE said…
If you recall last year Angie and I were working the Daddy Dau dance and Jordyn and Carl didn't show up He was on call got home and by that time Jordyn was tired and wanted a nap so she missed it Angie and I had a blast
Hope his on call doesn't make him miss it He is only on call two times a year and this week is one of them
JudyE said…
I see nest is 31°

we are 64° and increasing only to 65 then down to 50 until Tues then a warm front in the 80's
Lolly said…
Good morning! 32 and snowing here. Won't amount to much!

Talked with Laurel. No one is running a fever today! Yea! All are home taking meds. Joey is being treated for Walking Pneumonia! He has been sick since Christmas but meds are not working.

Going to run out. Beginning to get restless! πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ
The above is for Lynne 2!
JudyE said…
looks like another pine cone is in the nest 4 now Maybe teething toys for eggberts after they hatch Odd pine cones in a Sycamore tree lol Sure was brought in attached to a twig
stronghunter said…
I heard eagle calls, so I came over here. I do not see anything to worry about at the moment.

Maybe there is just an abundance of pine cones near the Sycamore this winter. Who knows?
JudyE said…
eagle in and eagle out
JudyE said…
I am about to leave see ya all later or tomorrow
Mema Jo said…
Hello I'm back from dinner

That looks like Shep - perhaps I am wrong but usually by now Belle is
in the nest.
I think right around 6 is when there was a switch...... Belle should be coming back
Mema Jo said…
Belle has just flown in to relieve Shep. I've never know Belle not to have the night shift! Cam stayed up until 6:27pm or so.

stronghunter said…
Good to know that Belle in in charge tonight. I am getting very sleepy, so I am going to say good night to everyone now. SED, my friends.
stronghunter said…
School here is on a 2-hour delay for tomorrow. Lots of melting took place today, but it is to get very cold tonight, so there will be ice on the roads and sidewalks.

Tomorrow was to be the day for the cleaning lady, but she just called to say that she has the flu and bronchitis. She said the doctor's office was very busy.
Mema Jo said…
I'm going to watch TV 9-11
Therefore, I bid you all a
Goodnight ♥
JudyE said…
what a nice time the dance was Carl and Jordyn were a half hour late because he stopped to get a Hair cut Angie was not happy about that so next year she said she will go home to get Jordyn ready instead of volunteering for the event like we have the past two years He is worse that a woman on getting ready
I took over 300 pic for the school Angie will put on a disc for the school to use in year book or what ever they want to do with it Got lots of pic of everyone dancing etc
plus Angie took pic also We did clean up after and putting lunch room back together and cone duty

Mema Jo said…
Goodnight to all
Sweet dreams
Costume Lady said…
Good Morning everyone !
For those of you who are not on facebook, I want to thank you for your support and love this past year...couldn't have done as well without your friendship! I posted the following on facebook:

I and the family of Gene Wright , would like to thank everyone for your special words of love and caring on this one year anniversary of his
passing. Your kindness and friendship during this difficult time have, beyond a doubt, made this year bearable for all of us. We are going
to try to heal our hearts and our lives, now and hope to still have your love and friendship. God's blessings upon all of you ~

"It is well with my soul"
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Schools here are now closed, not delayed as the district announced last night. This makes snow day #6.

I see an eagle tucked in the nest - sounds very windy in Shepherdstown this morning.

Need to feed dogs.
Costume Lady said…
Yesterday afternoon, daughter Denise and her hairdresser, Pam, came to GG's and after we had a great deal of fun with chatter, pizza and a glass of wine, I FINALLY got my hair cut. 1 foot came off. It feels so soft and healthy. Now I have to learn how to style it.
Sandi said…
Wanda, your "before and after photos" on FB were fun to look at! I love the new look - it's still long enough that you can wear it up if you want to but short enough that you can also wear it down without having "too much long hair." Very stylish!

Belle is still in the nest. She just backed off the eggs and stretched her wings. Now she's doing a roll and settling back on them. No sign of Shep yet this morning.
Sandi said…
Eagle calls. I saw a shadow fly over the nest and the cam just shook. Shep must be in the tree but hasn't taken over for Belle yet.
Sandi said…
Belle just took off. Hope Shep is in the tree. And there he is, settling on those 3 eggs! All is well at the nest!
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Hi Wanda! It is great to see you on here this morning. I read your post on FB and am happy to see that you have brought it over here as well. There are many of us over here who care deeply for you. We miss Gene, too.

You look beauteous with your new haircut!

I tuned into the nest cam just in time to see Belle poof and the cam shake with Shep's arrival. It's sunny at the nest.

Sandi, schools here are on a 2-hour delay. I don't think we got as much snow as you did, and there was a lot of melting yesterday. I think the biggest issue was black ice from all of the melting yesterday, Not sure how much of the black ice is gone--it's 32 degrees here now. There is a puddle that always collects at the intersection nearest my house, and I am sure it is still frozen this morning.

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!! And, Good morning to Shep in that sunny nest!!!

WANDA, you've added a sunny touch to this frigid day with your thoughtful post! We have missed you so very much! Love the avatar--Good Land o'Goshen--people are going to take you for sisters when you're out with those gorgeous daughters!

SANDI, will your school add extra minutes to each day as a way to make up those snow days? Glad you're getting some extra days at home, but don't want to see you having to teach many days into the summer!

Loved Julie's risotto based dinner. I came home with a boxful of goodies--fresh spinach, tomatoes--copies of TIME, The New Yorker and Science News.... Those will help me while away part of these cold days.

Beautiful Belle returns!
JudyE said…
and a fine howdy do eagle buds

I see 22° at the nest Brrr but our eagle a resilient and will survive as always
we are 54° but on a warming tread for the next couple of days

heading out bbialw

I see exchange is happening now 956
Kay said…
She busies herself with nestorations and Seth poofs! Now Belle tends to and settles down on three lovely eggs! Oh, so windy at Sycamore Palace.

Prayers for all in need!

Two eagles in our newst just sitting and relaxing in the sun.
stronghunter said…
Both in nest. Looking around. On alert.
stronghunter said…
I think they are watching for something, Judy.
Good Friday morning JudyE. Wanda, Shirley, Kay and Sandi. Wow besides two birds in the nest, I also found a lot of eagle Momsters on here!
stronghunter said…
Okay, now they look more relaxed. some nestorations. The one on the egg cup getting whacked on the head with the other's tail.
stronghunter said…
They are still doing a lot of looking around. The wind is ruffling feathers.
It is so wonderful to see the sun shining on our nest. Hopefully it will last for many days now. Just got back with my husband for our fast walk and the sun was shining here and birds were awake and singing their songs. It almost felt like Spring! :) <3
stronghunter said…
Nice to know it feels like spring at the beach, Candy. That is promising.
stronghunter said…
Hunter has been safely delivered to school. He was hoping for another day off.
stronghunter said…
We still have clouds here, and I saw a few snowflakes earlier. Not supposed to be more than flurries, though.
Sandi This is the second day this week our schools have been in school all day! :) It is so cold tho, that the children won't be allowed outside for recess.

Wanda I miss you on here when I sometimes get on here early. Those were the days. Prayers will still be coming for you, Capt. Gene and your family. What an incredible family you have. AND now you have a new hair do to take into the new year! You look beautiful no matter how you have it, but I bet it is easier to take care of now. Mine is very short and just curls up on the side ends.

Bird poof! One still on the nest.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Shirley It doesn't quite feel like spring here yet, but it sounds like spring with all the singing birds and the sun shining. It is still around 44 here with a slight wind. I am from NYS and we had some hard winters up there. It seems like when the sun comes out down here on the OBX it is much warmer shining on you than up in NY.

Glad you got Hunter to school ok today. These kids all around are going to have a lot of make up days. We call school down here for a dusting or overwash and ice as we aren't prepared to tackle bad winter weather. This week our children had 2 and 3 hour delays and went full days on Thurs and Fri.
JudyE said…
KAY i wonder if Shep heard you calling him SETH He says all heck one more name in the many numerous names these humans give me to remember LOL

Having breakfast out gonna head to park for a bit. But silly me didn't grab jacket have long sleeves on OH well maybe sun will will be warm enough

Gee JudyE 54 is kind of cool for you Floridians. :) I would like to go over to the beach and feed the gulls, but wind is blowing and that will make it chilly. So guess I'll let my husband get out of the house alone today.

Kay, nice to see you on here this am. I don't get on as often as I used to, but when the pip starts to show, everyone will be back!!!! I check in every day and leave the live feed and blog up while I attend to other things here. You have a wonderful day.
Kay said…
JUDY, LOL! That shows how automatically one's mind and fingers go awry! Sorry about that SHEP!!!

CANDY, thanks for the "hey you"! I love this season when so many of you return to share the joy of our natural wonders, Belle and SHEP!!!
Looks like she is trying to get the flugg around the egg cup more to keep those eggs warm.

I have been working up until July 1 of 2014 as a kinder assistant. I finally retired after 30 years and can now enjoy watching more often with all of you.
Mema Jo said…
Whoa Jo! I have been here reading away then went to FB to read away and I almost pulled a "Kay" and forget to leave my comments !
I don't want to be like Kay and stay away for a day and then forget the name of our male eagle - lol That's ok Kay - I know you said SETH with much love and affection.

I just have been laughing to myself about all of us and how much fun we have on this blog!
Mema Jo said…
As for the 'new do' that Wanda has - It will really make me look like the Mema when we go out for lunch - WANDA your haircut has taken 20+ years away from your looks. I was just in awe with the pics Denise put on your FB. You are a beautiful woman outside and more importantly Inside - Your heart is filled with love, kindness and understanding. ♥
MT nest. Three eagle eggs all alone
Hey there Jo. Isn't Wanda's hair beautiful? Wow! AND it does make her look younger. <3
Mema Jo said…
Just got a new pic of Elliott ♥
JudyE said…
LOVE LOVE the overalls JO and he is getting cuter each picture Just want to squeeze them cheeks LOL
stronghunter said…
Love the new pic, Jo. Makes me smile.

Time for me to locate some lunch.

Sunshine on the nest and sunshine on my abode. One eagle siting on the eggs. Looks like Shep to me.
Lolly said…
Good morning!

OMG! Can not believe Wanda's new beauteous looks! First off, can not believe how long her hair was to start! Bet she feels light headed now! She will float away!

Have a disaster in the making here. All kids went to school today and then the snow started! It is 25 and we have close to a blizzard. (Texas style). Has been snowing all morning. Some schools are closing early, others say you may pick up your child. It will be excused. Laurel is on the way to get Jacob. Please pray for school bus drivers and kiddos! May they get home safely! Would not like attempting to teach with weather like this. Kids will be hyper and their minds elsewhere!

Joey went to school. He has a 20 minute drive but he has a big heavy, 4 wheel drive pickup. Joseph stayed home as his fever went up last night.

Will walk out and take pictures later.
grannyblt said…
Good afternoon eagle friends. I've been somewhat in lurk mode lately, but I do read all the comments.

Lolly, I hope that Laurel and Jacob are safely at home by now., along with all the students affected. Driving during snowstorms can be scary . TXDOT doesn't have the equipment to cope, and drivers are inexperienced. Even after 7 PA winters under my belt, I am still nervous on the icy roads.

Happy birthday to Deb of the outdoor channel.

Lolly said…
Laurel just texted a minute ago! They are home. Slow and steady wins the race. Now to get all teachers and students home. Yes, not much clearing roads here and definitely lack of experience! Parents really worried about teen drivers!

stronghunter said…
A prayer for all those out on the Texas roads, especially those bus drivers and teen drivers.
stronghunter said…
As a parent, I would be picking up my child ASAP. Sometimes those bus rides get very long on a day like this. I recall a day when Will and Susan were in elementary school. It started sleeting not long before dismissal. We lived near the school, but for some reason the bus ride was long, so I hopped in my car and picked up my children and a couple of neighbor kids. (It took a phone call from the secretary to obtain permission.) The kids who rode the bus did not get home until 9:00 PM. I was thankful for my Ohio years of experience driving in winter weather. It was amazing how quickly the roads became very icy.
stronghunter said…
Very happy Laurel and Jacob are safely home. With his vehicle, Joey should be fine.
JudyE said…
temp at nest 26°

we finally got to 63° 65° will be the high today and increasing daily warm front coming or Fl weather will be here 80 by Mon
stronghunter said…
Very sad--Leonard Nemoy has passed away at age 83.
JudyE said…
so glad all got home safe so far
stronghunter said…
Pardon the misspelling... It's Nimoy.
JudyE said…
The pictures I took last night and Angie pic she posted on facebook and I shared some to my wall
Can you all see the pictures
Not positive or not
let me know I don't have the SD card yet being I gave it to Angie last night didn't want all 330 pic I took LOL just the one with Jordyn in it with her pals The place was packed Angie will find out how many attended The did the honor system this year not checking people in to make sure they paid That is what I did last year there checking in and that took time out of party time so they didn't do it this year
Mema Jo said…
Judy I could only see 1 photo of Carl and Jordyn - it was on Angie's FB page. No pic were visible for me on your page.
JudyE said…
Thanks for the info JO I will download them after I get the SD card back from Angie
Mema Jo said…
Eagle Alert

Both in the nest

Lolly said…
So happy to be snug as a bug in my home! Nightmare on the roads!

Also, a real blizzard in north Denton. They are going to get possibly 8 inches. Poor Joseph! Laurel said nothing sadder than Joseph looking sadly out of the window, running 101 temp and coughing!
Lolly said…
Navy beans and ham has been cooking all afternoon. Smelling good! Googled and using Emeril's recipe! Will make cornbread to go with it.
Mema Jo said…
My TV shows are over
What a quiet evening here on the blog

Goodnight to all ♥
JudyE said…

▄▄▄▌▐██▌ Let the good times ROLL!!!!!!!!!

JudyE said…
Yep that is me just got home from evening with Angie and the movies we went to the 1030 show Angies choice for the time being I am off tomorrow didn't matter and that way we spent time with Jordyn before she crashed for the evening
We went to a theater that was just remodeled and OMG it is the best nice big recliner seats so much room Angie put pic on my page I think you maybe able to see then the way she tagged Odd how FB works sometimes and don't the others got to figure out I think if you use @ in front of the name it tags different instead of tagging like in a photo

OK I am not sleepy took my typm on the way home keep in glove compartment just for nights like this but didn't have any Melatonix in there bummer
Sandi said…
Good Saturday morning my eagle friends on this last day of February. 17 degrees here, feels like 10, and still lots of snow on the ground.

I'm seeing 1 eagle in the nest - not sure which - with the sun starting to turn the sticks on one side pink. Can't hear the wind - all looks calm there.

Nothing on my agenda today except grocery shopping - will probably start on another of my 4 upcoming IEPs.

Jerry - happy birthday!

Lolly, your snow photos looked very pretty but frankly, I am tired of looking at snow. I hope Joseph feels better today.

Judy, I'm guessing you are still on vacation today since you were out so late last night - enjoy!

Have agreat day all.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Judging by the tail feathers and overall size I'd say this is Shep in the brooding position. Hope it's a sunny Saturday throughout for him and Belle!

Hi, SANDI! I'm planning on a dab of grocery shopping, too.

Seth will be here tonight and perhaps several times in the next week as his Spring vacation week begins today. Julie's break is a couple of week off, so the family can't have a Spring getaway.

Chiming in to wish JERRY a very happy birthday--and many more!!! JUDY, love your big ol' truck commemorating his special day!

Hoping you all, including those with unusual winter conditions, will have a dandy day!

Prayers for all in need!

Sandi said…
Good morning, Kay! You're up early this morning!

You asked about make-up days for snow. This year, the district added 16 minutes onto each school day for the whole year (not sure why 16 rather than 15 but). No one even notices an extra 15 minutes. But by doing that, we built in 6.85 snow days. So we are in great shape, even though we have used 6 days. The last day of school for the kids will still be 6/12. Teachers have 2 inservice days on 6/15 and 6/16 but I always save my personal business days and take them at the end of the year b/c I think those days after the kids are gone are a total waste of time!

Enjoy your time with Seth this week - I know you will!
Hoda said…
Good Morning!
Don't like the image of JOSEPH sick and sad because he can not go out to play in Texas snow.
Sandi said…
Oh my, lots of calling out from both eagles - one in the nest and the other in the tree.
Sandi said…
Quiet now. Eagle in the nest is up and poof - think it was Belle. Eggs are alone ... wait for it ... and Shep has arrived and is taking over.

Good morning Hoda! Early morning for you, isn't it? 5am your time?
WVJerry said…
Good morning all. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I hear an eagle calling.
Janet said…
good morning to all. happy birthday JERRY.

been working extra all week as possible to make up for missed days last week. I have 3 hours today and then i'm off til wed.

grandson's boy scout ceremony of some kind is tonight. I know nothing of scouts, really. but had to go out last night and get Olivia something other than casual clothes to wear. did well. no arguments. got everything for less than $50

bought the stuff at lowes to make hula hoops. pvc pipe and fitings for 2 hoops almost $60.

am investigating the possibility of someone to work with her on her art. found someone thru a friend...we shall see.

everyone have a lovely day!
Hoda said…
Yes SANDI three hours behind you.
Got up at four.
Headed to Aqua Fit.
Yoga and a walk in the woods.ake it a good day everyone.
Kay said…
SANDI, for some reason I couldn't sleep past 6 this morning. Penny didn't stir out of her plush cocoon til' 7:45 and the newspaper hadn't arrived so I headed here, of course.☺

I differ re:which parent was on the nest earlier and poofed at about 8am. I think that was Shep--and that this is Belle now brooding and at times tucking her head in. A shadow is interfering but this seems to be the larger of the two birds, thus Belle??? On the other hand the tail feathers are indistinct right now--but they were on the earlier bird as well.
Kay said…
Had a Penny interruption. Anyhoo, I think Shep took over at daybreak, giving Belle a chance to stretch and have breakfast. I could be all wrong!!!
Mema Jo said…
Good Saturday morning to all ♥





Kay said…

Lake Linden, Michigan, I see you lurking! Why not join us? I'm betting you UPer's think our weather talk is much ado about nothing. How goes it up there in Torch Lake country?

Kay said…
Don't know how many switches have occurred since 6am as I don't watch non-stop. This is definitely Belle returning with her beautiful tail feathers and greater size. Shep poofs in a hurry, eager to roam!
Kay said…
Well, my chatty cathyness is over for now. I must work on the grocery list, coordinate coupons, etc..

Have a great day all!!!
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

got up earlier but it is storming and raining out so I went back to bed being I was up super late last night till 3

I see nest is 23° and sunny

mine says 63 and light rain Light rain I don't think so hard rain I have over a inch already in rain gauge and its still raining Thought I heard thunder when I was snoozing not positive up I think so
My last day of vacation but only a 4 day work week this week back tomorrow
JudyE said…
I put the pic of the dance on FB last night since I couldn't sleep
Drinking soda I guess did it at the movies
Lolly said…
Good morning! Heat wave here, up to 31! Another day of ice on the roads. No paper this morning, but I read it on my iPad. Hoping a lot will melt today. Would like to go to church tomorrow and have a baby shower to go to in Ft. Worth.

πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆHappy Birthday, Jerry!πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰. Enjoy your day!

Checked the cam. Love the sunshine!

We have a week ahead of us with lots of chance for rain. Hope hope hope! Tired of the cloudyness but wanting the rain!
NatureNut said…

Nest looks nice and clean w/out snow. Hope it's getting warm and dry for the Eggberts.

Was working on some critter pics last night. Only a few to edit, but they're really nothing new~~~just current. Don't seem to see so many animals anymore.

I was supposed to go for haircut TH, but snow in So. MD kept the hairdresser home! Made an appt. for Sun., but of course they're predicting wintry mix!!! DUH Can't see where I'm going ☺!
WVJerry said…
Thanks again for the birthday wishes. Jo - did I hear right on radio that Hollow Creek was for sale. Nice golf course.
Mema Jo said…





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