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Sunday Update

Second egg just after 4 today.

Here is Deb's video, if you have not seen it...

New thread.


stronghunter said…
Hi Steve,

Wow, a new thread already. Thanks!!

Will check the video and call everyone over.
Lydia Price said…
So very happy about the second egg! I know I do not come on here oftern. I am mostly or facebbbok or working. But I saw eggbert #2! wooHOO!!!! Will check in when I can. Hugs to all
Lydia Price said…
G'night oa all! So happy for Belle and Shep
stronghunter said…
Hi Lydia,

I missed the second egg, but watched Deb's video just now. Do come visit with us more often.
stronghunter said…
Both of Deb's videos from today are here . . . the one of the second egg and the one of the intruder.
Sandi said…
Hi all. Just got back from dinner. Had a relaxing day just enjoying Miss Freyja. Glad to hear we got egg #2 today. also glad to hear about Blackwater's hatch.

Jo I can't seem to change my avatar from my phone. Will have to wait til I get home and can use my laptop.

I will see everyone in the AM. goodnight!
stronghunter said…
Might be tomorrow morning before some discover the new thread, but I will say good night to anyone making a late-night visit to the blog.

Stay warm. (Except Hoda. She wants some cold weather.) SED, everyone.
Sandi said…
Shirley, I was surprised to read your comment about Hunter's school. I thoughtt Presidents Day was a federal holiday and all public school systems would be closed.
Mema Jo said…
Today has been fantastic

Tues or Wed this could happen again as we usually have a 3 egg clutch.

Thanks Steve for the new thread on this special occasion

Mema Jo said…
I've finished 1 TV show and getting ready for the last one. I am anxious then to watch a current weather report concerning the snow

The WV delegation mention their schools were closed tomorrow and I thought the freezing temps BUT it is probably Pres Day... ?
Mema Jo said…
I am saying Goodnight now as I close down to go see my show and I will not be coming back until morning

then I'll see a precious pic on Sandi's avatar.

Goodnight to all
God Blessing to all

Thank you Belle and Shep
grannyblt said…
SED to all. Glad we have the second egg.
JudyE said…
Thanks for the new thread STEVE


SHIRELEY for the call over

Or maybe the next day for another egg
Since Belle waited
3 days

JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
JO love that little tongue πŸšΌπŸšΌπŸΌπŸ˜˜πŸ’I zoomed the pic such a cutie between you and SANDI I smile when I see your avatars
stronghunter said…
Upstairs, but still awake. Sandi, tomorrow is a make-up day for Spotsylvania Schools. Some other schools around here are closed tomorrow.

Snow predictions are becoming more and more dire. Nor good for our eagles. Glad they are tough and experienced.

See you tomorrow.
Lynne2 said…
we might have to name this egg Wind Chill!!!

Shirley, my gosh you are now in a Winter Storm Warning!!! From 6pm tomorrow til Tues at noon.
Lynne2 said…
Our predictions of snow are all over the place...anywhere from 3-8. GROAAAAN!!
Hoda said…
Congratulations on the 2nd egg.

It is so warm here SHIRLEY I honestly think it is in the fifties! Disgusting for winter. Our ground is thawing and even if we get more snow I sm afraid cross country skiing is done! In Marino wool down to one layer and if I exert I over heat and fell faint. It happened again today. ONE LAYER AND SHOES! Ugh THIS FEBRUARY PEOPLE!!!
It will be tough breathing this summer!!! We need moisture.
Lynne2 said…
Praying for our momma eagles and the eggberts. What a rotten weather pattern to start eggs in! See you all tomorrow!
Ms Bookworm said…
Good evening, everyone,

Dropping in quickly to say my congratulations to Belle & Shep!
Hope they hunker down and survive the rotten weather back there!

Still pretty darn warm out here--in the low 80s today. I'm with Hoda--I want some winter!

Hope all you folks back east can stay warm and cozy. Lynne2, hope your power stays on!!

Going to hit the hay. SED, everyone, God bless, and goodnight!
Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless Us All.

Not the same without you here.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Hunter's school is now closed.

Need to check weather.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. 6 degrees here but the wind has died down. More snow in todays forecast and moving west to east which is the direction we are driving so hopefully we will stay ahead of it.

Have a great day all.
stronghunter said…
Weather forecast is impressive. We could get a foot of snow here. Eagle sitting pretty in the nest. I think it might be Shep. They are going to be challenged.

I think I am coming down with a cold. Geesh!

stronghunter said…
Ok, left the cam page for a moment. Now I think I see Belle in the nest.
WVJerry said…
Good morning all. Thanks for the new update thread Steve. Getting a late start again. Still cold but doesn't seem to be as windy. Looks some snow coming today. I see someone is on egg duty and a fish in nest now.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
Our 2 eggs are being kept nice and warm...
I am also trying to stay nice and warm,,lol Thankful that the wind has stopped being so wicked. Our forecast is that today is forecast to be Warmer than yesterday so our 6° is warm...

Need my coffee BBILW
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Looks like Belle atop two beautiful eggs! I'm grateful to Deb for the videos for those of us who missed the live action.

Many of us are in this deep freeze together--hunkered down and staying warm.

HODA, sorry your weather up there is disappointing.

Love and prayers for all in need!!!

Kay said…
I've changed my mind. I think that is Shep--got a good look at the neckline and don't see Belle's distinctive inverted V. Makes sense that she'd be out for a good stretch and some food after a long night on the nest.
Mema Jo said…

Shep on the left
Belle on the right

Not sure if this is a switch


Perhaps they are being distracted
Mema Jo said…
As I typed one went POOF

and I missed it
stronghunter said…
Finishing up PT. Checked cam. No snow there--at least not on nest. Not sure which eagle on eggs.
Lolly said…
Good morning! 31 here but, guess what? Our 80 chance of rain went away. Well, that is not surprising! Drought continues!

Going to make Jack that pie I promised and then put on a pot of chili for supper tonight, chili and cornbread sounds good!

Still just a chance of snow flurries. Not to worry, Hoda, no accumulation!
JudyE said…
Odd I must not have said I'd GM this am
WVJerry said…
MT nest. Not sure if something is going on or a change.
Sandi said…
No snow here in WV yet though it sure looks and feels like snow. We will be getting on the road soon.

Judy you said good morning this morning but on the first Sunday thread. Easy mistake to make since we don't often get two new threads in one day.

JudyE said…
I said HELLO on the Am thread
Silly me
JudyE said…
At the same time as u SANDI
stronghunter said…
Looks like our Lady Belle on the eggs.
stronghunter said…
I do not see snow at the nest. Only very light snow here. Just a few flakes.
Mema Jo said…
I am headed to a 4:00 appointment with the Hearing Group. I hope I get there and back before our snowflakes fall.

WVJerry said…
Nest MT...lots of calling
WVJerry said…
Still hear some calling. Back in and going on eggs.
Mema Jo said…
Jerry, not sure of the reason for all the calling unless it was the
Lolly said…
Was walking and watching the cam. First Belle was looking up, did some calling, then left the nest. Think I heard HP in the attic. Cam shook three times. Then eagle came in to cover eggs. Think they were trying to tell us there will be three eggs!πŸ˜„

Off to make a lemon meringue pie!
Lolly said…
Stay away from walking under the Sycamore Palace but it is okay to do wood planing? Really? What a noise!
stronghunter said…
Well, my cleaning lady appointment did not happen. She did not show. Don't know if she is afraid of snow or what. Hope she's okay. I left a message requesting that she call. Then I looked out the window and cancelled an appointment I had for Hunter at 3:00. They said no fee since it is snowing, so I cancelled.

Egg roll. I see two eggs and no snow on the nest.

My physical therapist told me to go home, take some medicine and go to bed. Sounds like a plan. I would like to shake this cold early.
Lolly said…
More calling out but no other action.
WVJerry said…
Got Cam off while charging phone. Just starting to snow here verry lightly.
stronghunter said…
Still no snow on the nest. Snowing in Fredericksburg.
Janet said…
iced in in Nashville.

I woke during the night to hear ice hitting the window. sigh. that's what I was afraid of. our 3 to 8 " of snow is ice. it has ice rained all day and now has the audacity to spit snow. really? bleech. give me snow any day. you can keep the ice.

the good news here: we are ready for it. it is just tom, me and the critters so it is a chill day. literally.

Olivia opted to stay at Chelsea's to play with the kids in the snow. I took over a bag of extra clothes cuz I figured this might last a couple of days given the temp forecast.

another egg! woo hoo! now the fun begins.....

will there be another??????

sounds like LOLLY had my idea for a pie. I too made a lemon meringue pie. this despite the fact that our girl scout cookies are in. but those I can put in the freezer!

I about had a complete melt down earlier. I knew Michael had had to go to work this morning so I called him to make sure he was safe. he was. work closed and he was a t a friend's. that's fine. I said stay in, if you need us, call.

a bit later tom said, hey Michael and some friends are sledding down the hill bad enough that they DROVE in this mess, but what I saw next put me over the edge.

I saw a S10 pick up coming up my hill towing my SON and a pal on a sled. I came unglued. In my white robe, houseshoes, semi wet hair from a shower, I stomped all the way up the hill , yes on a sheet of ice (I followed the no fall rule!) and gave them whatfor in the middle of the street. what a bone head thing to do!

all they could say was yes mam yes mam yes mam and then I stomped back down the street and they got in the truck and left.

I don't think he's heading home tonight.

ya know, I didn't raise him to be an idiot! every time I think about it my blood pressure just sky rockets!

OTHER than that, its beena quiet day. I hope every one else is warm, safe, and being smart about this nasty weather. we don't plan to leave the house. period.

i'm gonna start dinner in a short bit. we really haven't eaten much today. country fried steak with mushroom gravy is on the menu.

(((hugs))) to all.
WVJerry said…
Snowing more here now and can see some at nest.
Lynne2 said…
LOL Janet!!!! The mental picture is MORE than amusing!

Glad you are all hunkered in!

No snow here yet and WOO HOOOOO it's a heat wave! 18 degress!
stronghunter said…
Yes, snow on the nest and on our eagle.

Channel 7 came down to Fredericksburg to do a story about our snow. :)

Need to check the crock pot. Kathryn put together the ingredients yesterday and put the dish in the refrigerator. All I had to do was put it in the cooker and turn it on. Chicken and some other stuff to put into tacos. She also got some Spanish rice for me to fix later on. Smells very delicious in here this evening.
stronghunter said…
Too bad someone didn't get a video, Janet. I have quite a mental picture.
JudyE said…
Within a park waiting and found fee WiFi
Lolly said…
Poor Belle! Hate it when she is covered with snow. She is. Doing her mumbrella act! Such a good mommy!
stronghunter said…
Oh my, Belle is tenting--yes a mumbrella.
JudyE said…
I just got home and I am so so sad to see Belle like this She needs to move to Fl breaks my heart and I am sure you all are feeling the same way Got to upload pictures that I got of my cell phone tower eagles
stronghunter said…
Belle is still sitting there covered with snow.
stronghunter said…
Watching a fish being consumed.
stronghunter said…
Poof Shep.

Actually, I am guessing which is which.
stronghunter said…
Shake-off and egg roll. Settling back down with wings spread.
stronghunter said…
Need to turn on porch light for Kathryn. Also need to send Hunter out to make a path for her.
Lolly said…
Jo, wondering about your appointment this afternoon!
Sandi said…
Hi all. Got home around 5:30 - no snow while we were driving but I kept reading on FB that it was just west of us. By 6pm it had started snowing here, so our timing was pretty perfect.

Calling for 8-14 inches here. I'll believe it when I see it. I think it WOULD be nice if the school district called tonight and announced a delay - in light of the frigid temps for tomorrow morning - so students and teachers could sleep in a little. That probably won't happen!

Dogs have been fed but I haven't. Lemon meringue pie would really hit the spot and sounds like it was the food of the day today!

Janet, I can picture you in your bathrobe, giving those young men the "mom lecture!" Too funny!

I will see everyone in the early AM - goodnight all! Stay warm and safe if you are in the path of this storm!! I want to live where Andy lives!
grannyblt said…
Belle is no stranger to snow while brooding eggs. Just glad there isn't a hatch. I think the chicks are more vulnerable.

Janet, one of my fun memories from my teenaged years is when a friend's Dad tied an old door to the back of his woodie station wagon and took the kids for rides in the snow. I can't imagine that my parents would have approved.
JudyE said…
it was in the 70 today now its 63° BUT I don't like buts do you

we are getting another cold front gonna be in the 30's in a day of so naturally on my days off and I am on staycation next week also
JudyE said…
SIS I can see you doing that and yep I would have loved a video of it and they probably went else where to do the same thing

No brains kids have when it comes to snow LOL

I do remember going down the hill at mom and dad toward Hansens house
Janet said…
JUDYE: that's the problem, its not snow. its ice and there is no traction. I wouldn't like them doing that in the snow either, but ice ..... on a hill, a fairly STEEP hill...

and yes to all, I'm sure I was quite a sight stomping up and down the hill, long white bathrobe, house shoes.....

i'm sure the neighbors were on the phone with did you see that????

GRANNYBLT: i'm sure you didn't do that in front of your house where your mom could see......

I don't know. I just simply don't know where their brains are!

its quiet here tonight. we did some cleaning. I refilled birdfeeders, chipped ice off of them....and am now just relaxing.

think we might be stuck in the house for a couple days..........
Lydia Price said…
Hi all! Just watching the nsow fall ahdn hoping Belle in hunkered down over those eggs. I have see her do it in the past! She is a trooper and all will bein fine I am sure! Hugs all and G'night. I had to work late and just got home. Snowing here now too
Lynne2 said…
checking in before settling in.

Codorus mom barely visible, can't see a thing at our nest at all.
Lynne2 said…
Light snow falling....thinking NO one will get as much as was predicted.
Lynne2 said…
heading for my chair....good night, prayers for all, and be safe if you go out tonight or tomorrow!
Lynne2 said…
I have deducted that the Codorus nest has some visibility when the snow is falling as it surely is reflecting the surrounding lights.
magpie said…
51 out of the 55 WV counties are already OFF for school Tuesday...the only ones left are in the Northern Panhandle, up near Pittsburgh....

Good Evening Eagle Pals...
We have about 3 inches and will probably get another one or two.
Oh boy.

magpie said…
Everyone, Take Care....I second Lynne2's good wishes...

about being safe if/when you go out tonight and tomorrow....
and for as long as all this continues...

God Bless This Nest,
and God Bless us, Every One
xoxo ☺ ♥
Mema Jo said…
It is still snowing - but not seriously. I have an eye dr appointment tomorrow but will most likely cancel it.
Hearing appointment went very well
I have a pair now - trying them out -
So far Sounds Well !
Mema Jo said…
Goodnight to all my friends ♥

Good bless you and help you stay warm

**Stay off the hill, JANET
Hoda said…
Beautiful, blue skies, sunny day today in Nelson BC

Visited with Dracula first thing in the morning!
2 hours later I came home for a vegetable juice!

Good yoga, good walk by the lake, good celebration of the sun!

Made a mammogram appointment for March.
Will make an on line appointment with my doctor to find the results of my Dracula visit. I always like to have the numbers compared so I can see areas for improvement.
Tax filing tomorrow. Have an appointment for that too.

Glad for those who checked in.
Stay warm and safe every one.

Love and God Bless.

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
JudyE said…
LOL we have a 37° and a 78° in the next day forecast only gonna be cold for two days and then back to spring Will you all keep your bold fronts up there LOL nice today and then tomorrow cold front comes in YUK
JudyE said…
OH NO I SEE all so much white comig in to view that means SNOW SNOW in the nest if I can see so much white
JudyE said…
I now can see a dark spot which is Belle in the middle of the white stuff What a good mom she is she is spread hour surrounded by white
JudyE said…
Belle is awake looking around
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Belle is there in the snow with her head tucked this morning.

We have seven inches of snow here.

Kathryn took off in her 4-wheel-drive vehicle awhile ago.
stronghunter said…
Belle is now looking around. Cam shake. Shep must be there.
stronghunter said…
Channel 7 still in Fredericksburg. They must have spent the night.
stronghunter said…
Belle is up. Poof! Two eggs alone. But they are snow-free.
stronghunter said…
Eagle in. Settling on eggs.
Sandi said…
Goodorming Judy and Shirley. Just got my first look at egg #2 as Shep landed and settled on them.

Still snowing here - we probably have 8-10 inches out there. 23 degrees but it feels like 11.

The district called at 8pm to announce school was closed for teachers and students. But then they called at 5:30 to announce that 12-month employees could stay home! SERIOUSLY????

Have agreat day all!
stronghunter said…
Both in nest.

I heard some calls--was on Facebook.

Poof one. Other on eggs.
Hoda said…
What does that mean SANDI?
12 month employees?

Good morning all

I can not bring up the cam
stronghunter said…
12-month employees at schools are the one who report to work all year long. Usually administrators, custodians, and such.
stronghunter said…
Eagle on eggs and tucked. I think it's Shep. I am sure Belle needed a beak.
Hoda said…
Thank you SHIRLEY!
So does this mean SANDI stays home or not?
stronghunter said…
We have 17 degrees. Maybe more snow tomorrow.
stronghunter said…
Sandi stays home. Teachers are usually 10-month employees. At my school, I think department chairs and some others are 11-month.
stronghunter said…
When it is really bad, they tell the 12-month employees to stay home along with everyone else. That would include secretaries, who answer phones and custodians, who shovel the walks.
stronghunter said…
Looks like our eagles have things well under control. I am going back to bed.
stronghunter said…
Hoda, you should be asleep now.
Sandi said…
Just reread my first post and see why Hoda (and others) would be confused. The district called at 8pm last night to say schools would be closed for teachers and students today. But then they called at 5:30am this morning to say that 12-month employees could stay home. Since 12-month employees weren't going to rush to get into schools anyway with all this snow, it really wasn't necessary to call and wake EVERYONE at 5:30am to tell them they could all stay in bed!

Thanks Shirley, for explaining things. Hope you and Hoda are both back to sleep.
Hoda said…
Thank you SANDI.
Drinking my tea in bed!
Looked after the plants.
I think I am up for the day.
Janet said…
good chilly morning. if the weather prognosticator is correct, we are in the house for the rest of this week. hmmmmmmmm

posted some pix in my blog for those not on facebook, if you wanna peek.

beautiful out there. but.....definitely cold and a fall hazard. staying in as much as possible. well, except to get some great pix and such. lol.

stay warm and safe and MEMA JO unless I have to hike my hiney back up that hill to fuss at my goofball son, I will not be back up there can hardly believe I hiked up and back, in house shoes without busting my buns!

hugs and love to all
Lolly said…
Good Morning! You are up way too early, Hoda!

Checked on eagle in nest. Not good but have seen worse. Maybe a third egg today or tomorrow?

Shirley, I laughed at your earlier typo. Belle needed a beak. Yep she certainly does need a beak and I bet she needed a break as well! Usually skim over typos but that was so appropriate!
Lolly said…
Good morning Janet! Stay in and stay safe! Bright sunshine here. A few roofs are frosty but certainly nothing on the ground.
Sandi said…
Looks like the sun is coming out at the nest. Belle returned about 5 minutes ago and Shep took off.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥

We have about 3-4 inches of white fluffy snow - You can sweep it with a broom or just slide your shovel to clear an area.

So happy to see our eagle with the head tucked! I am hoping for a third egg .

Blackwater Refuge: Chick Alert!
The first chick is feeding and sitting up. Dad has brought a lot of food. And we think a 2nd egg is cracking.
Their cam still has a problem and you can't really see
Mema Jo said…
Thank you Sandi again for your avatar pic! She is an adorable little gal. I'm sure you had fun with her.
Mema Jo said…
Hubby just called to say main road is just wet - SO I'll make the eye appointment this afternoon.
This snow and sunshine really makes a glare and hard to see. Need my shades on.

Hoping all you Early Birds are now up and running......... BBILW
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

My, oh my, just look at the fluffy white, marmellowy bedding Belle n' Shep are enjoying today! Wonder if they used their Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon for that?

Columbus City Schools cancelled yesterday, off for "Teacher's Day" today---nice little late winter break for kid and problems for working moms!

Closer to home, Doggy Play Day and a routine doc appt. both cancelled.

Belle just came home to roost!
JudyE said…
1228 punc . I see two in our nest
Kay said…
Hoping to see an exchange and those 2 lovely eggs in the process.

Shep grants my wish and those eggs look beauteous. Belle turning them and ready to take her place over the cup.
Kay said…
JO and SANDI, I love your sharing of the adorable babes through your avatars! I'm green with envy!

Hope those of you with colds or suspected oncoming colds are seeing some improvement!

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
I am having the worst time with the live feed pia on laptop every few min
Lolly said…
Just finished our 30 minutes of walking and cam watching. Saw 2 egg rolls during that time. No other action. Now togetbusy!

Having aTrivial Pursuit party Friday night. Need to de clutter or as Judie would say,a little Lollypaloozing! I miss Judie! Judie come back!!
Lolly said…
Whoops! Al little lacking in spaces between words! Oops!
stronghunter said…
Didn't even know I had a typo earlier, Lolly. Oh well. Yes, Belle does need a beak as well as a break. :)

Well, my bridge friends are still planning to come, and I have no idea what happened to the maid, so I have things to do.

Our eagle is sitting nicely in the egg cup. Things do not look too bad there.

Awhile ago, a young man came knocking at my door wanting to shovel snow. I said yes, and do you mow grass? Yes, I have Hunter and Will, but there have been times when I wished for someone I could call. Will is in love and is absent quite often and sometimes I just want the job done right now.
Fish brought in for a late lunch. Both eagles in nest and eggs are out in the cold.
Sandi said…
Shep arrives - with food I think. belle is up off the eggs and seems to be mantling over something.

Both eagles are in the nest but the eggs are uncovered right now.

The two eggs are nicely in the nest and away from the snow.
Hi Sandi I was in the livingroom and heard all the eagle calling. Ran in here to see if they were having trouble with an intruder only to see it was time to eat.
I wish someone would get back on the two eggs.
Well I guess now Belle is going to start eating the fish, and the eggs are uncovered. Shep just took flight and is gone.

He is right there close by just a short way up in the tree keeping a look out. I can see the back part of him.
Sandi said…
Hi Candy! I was working on an IEP and had the live cam minimized when I heard all the commotion. I'm glad everything seems fine at the nest, but I sure wish Shep would cover those 2 eggs while Belle eats!
Belle is now just staring out and around. Hurry up, finish your meal and someone please get back on those eggs!!!
Yes, I wish someone would cover the eggs, Sandi.
AND I wish Belle would eat!!!
Sandi Do they think that there will be a third egg coming yet? I haven't been able to be on here yesterday.
Sandi said…
STILL no eagle covering those eggs - good grief!!!
Sandi said…
Only Belle knows, Candy! We had 3 eggs last year, and all 3 hatched, though only 2 juvies survived and fledged. Maybe that's why Belle is letting the 2 eggs just sit there??? I have to trust that she knows what she's doing way better than I do!
JudyE said…
Home from work and its is raining cats and dogs 1 inch so far with this cold front
JudyE said…
Insert SCREAM here I keep loosing the live feed on my desktop also like my laptop about 3-5 min
JudyE said…
ok don't say anything my cam has been up now 7 mim and counting shhh keep it on the down low lol

JudyE said…
must not be windy at the nest no noise on the cam beside the hummmmmm
and tree isn't rocking
Sandi said…
Belle arrived and Shep took off in a hurry. Eggs are uncovered. I can't speak for anyone else, but I am perfectly OK if we only have 2 eggs this winter. Forecasts are calling for another arctic blast on Thursday and more snow.
Hi JudyE I'll send you our icy roads if you want them.

Sandi It would be perfectly ok with mee too if there were only two eggs. I can remember when the eggs didn't become bobble heads because of the cold and the snow one winter. Don't want to go through that again.
It is very peaceful at the nest right now. Hope it continues through the night. Maybe that new storm will go north of the nest. We can always hope.
stronghunter said…
Bridge has been cancelled. We could not find a sub and we're worried about the roads. When I mentioned I feel I am coming down with a cold, Diane and I agreed it was time to call it off. I am relieved because I was finding it tiring just to pick up a few things and load the dishwasher.

Belle is sitting on the eggs. Everything looks fine at the nest.
stronghunter said…
It was tough the year snow froze the eggs. But there was one year that Belle actually laid a 4th egg and it hatched.
Lolly said…
Jack and I went through another closet today. Amazing the "stuff" you hang onto!

Now I have been throwing out magazines. Need to stop a subscription!

Missed all the earlier action at the nest. Time for an egg tomorrow! All seems quiet right now.

Jack is building a fire and going to reheat chili for dinner. 54 and dropping!
Janet said…
good evening. I just woke from a nap.

it was a beautiful day. I was up early and put out the ice melt. tom cleaned the back steps off so everyone could navigate more safely. we also cleaned the ice off of the hot tub cover. there was a solid 1" of ice covering it . gentle tapping with a hammer and then toss the chunks over the railing to the back yard.

work was closed again today. they will try to open tomorrow at ten, BUT we are anticipating some snow tonight. we shall see.

I haven't left the hill and don't really plan to do so. it is still slick as snot out there. unfortunately, I went down twice today. thankfully not hurt, but yeah, i'll stay in thank you very much.

I already canceled my private clients for tomorrow.

pretty much have told the boss unless some major change happens, I may not be in this week. just not gonna chance it.

well need to heat up some dinner. we had country fried steak last night and because it was just the two of us, its a two day meal! woo hoo!

everyone stay warm and safe. :)
JudyE said…
Back from gym with Jordyn now I need a shower rain seems to have subsided one front through now the big one will be here tomorrow in the 30's
JudyE said…
forgot to say my camera is still running 2 plus hours not that we can see anything but its up
JudyE said…
Pittsburgh has its first EGG
Mema Jo said…
Good evening to all ♥

Shirley very wise to cancel Bridge and I sure hope you get rid of your cold.

Going to be such a frigid week.
Sending very warm vibes up to the nest!
Lynne2 said…
evening all! SOOOO Codorus has a second egg today, I think BW has a second pip or hatch, my Pittsburgh pair laid a first....WOOOT!
Mema Jo said…
Eye appointment resulted in a referral to the cataract dr.
Optometrist think my right eye is ready for it's removal. Last year I had the left eye cataract removed.
Surgery was great - it was just all those drop before the surgery and after the surgery. My feeling is that I can't win for losing as far as things that go wrong with age! lol
Mema Jo said…
Going to watch a 10:00 TV show and then head to the pillows.

Goodnight to all
Stay warm and inside as much as you
Warm vibes to all ♥

JudyE said…
watching news and will head to bed shorty Still raining out and more through out the night till the front goes through the weather man says
JudyE said…
Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Lynne2 said…
I'm afraid that I must insist, as a Royal Decree, that the Evil Jufie send Hoda's cold weather back to her, and return our normal weather back to us. So let it be written, so let it be done.
stronghunter said…
Sounds like a plan, Lynne2.
stronghunter said…
Shutting down for the night. Hope that everyone rests well and that the eagles can keep the eggs warm.

SED, everyone.
Janet said…
LYNNE2: don't mind the cold, but what's coming is ridiculous....4 tomorrow night.....and -3 for Thursday....shoo shoo nasty cold temps. and same for this ice! ugh. bring me snow.....keep this ice
Janet said…
LYNNE2: don't mind the cold, but what's coming is ridiculous....4 tomorrow night.....and -3 for Thursday....shoo shoo nasty cold temps. and same for this ice! ugh. bring me snow.....keep this ice
Janet said…
LYNNE2: don't mind the cold, but what's coming is ridiculous....4 tomorrow night.....and -3 for Thursday....shoo shoo nasty cold temps. and same for this ice! ugh. bring me snow.....keep this ice
Hoda said…
Blissful Day.
Sunny Blue Skies.
Grass is green!
Walked in the park.
Had my lunch and took in the sun.
Went to Pilates and Yoga.
Filed my taxes and the Gov't owes me big time!
I love it when that happens.
They allow us to contribute up to 75% of our income.
I did not contribute anywhere close to that but they owe me BIG TIME!
Happy Happy Happy Dance!
I can contribute it and get more money next year!!!
So funny to my way of thinking.
My tax agent was very happy.
I must take her out for cake and coffee on her birthday.
Tomorrow, yoga and more meetings.
The Library will pay me to go to Vancouver during the summer to get some workshops and to represent Nelson. It is a big honour that I was asked.
They call me a Newbie Boardeling.
It makes me laugh!
I truly love my life in Nelson.
I am blessed.
JudyE said…
Long live the queen she has spoken and she need to include not having Fl so friggin cold

Good Morning Eagle Buds

our weather man says its going to the be coldest it been in over 60 yrs

our high temp will be in the lo 50's today yuk
JudyE said…
looks like both are in the nest for early switch just can barely see them
JudyE said…
eagle calls as I am leaving out the dooor I hope all is ok
Sandi said…
Goodorming Judy and all my eagle friends. I am currently looking at 2 lonely eagle eggs with no parent in the nest!

Color just arrived on the live cam. Now I need to see a parent arrive!
Sandi said…
OK, the eagle has landed!

Looks like Shep now covering the eggs. I guess the calling Judy heard was Belle letting Shep know it was his turn.

Hoda, I know that a big tax refund might feel good. But what it really means is that you gave the government too much of your money to use for the entire year so they could give it back to you in the spring.

If you reduced the money withheld from your pension, you could put the difference between what was being withheld and what's currently being withheld into an account that would earn interest for YOU, not the government. It would be like giving yourself a tax refund every month when you get your pension check. Just one opinion.

Shirley, sorry that bridge was canceled but I'm glad you didn't pay someone to clean the house - or clean it all yourself - and then have it canceled. I hope your cold is better today.

I am concerned for Judie. I assume she is feeling very sad about the cats but I worry that she hasn't been posting on the blog. Has anyone heard from her privately?

Schools are closed again today - the district called last night. I will try to get this IEP finished today in preparation for next Tuesday's meeting.

Highs in the 20s today and then another front with wicked winds and frigid temps coming through tonight.

Have agreat day all.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Six degrees here this morning.

Supposed to go down to -3 tomorrow night.

We are not accustomed to this kind of cold weather.

My street has been plowed, but there is still a layer of ice on it. I am not eager to go out. Kathryn is appreciating her 4-wheel drive, but she continues to marvel at the people who think 4-wheel drive makes you invincible or that if you have a pick-up truck it is better in the snow than a car.

Our eagle is in the nest and sitting on the eggs. Very peaceful in the nest right now.
stronghunter said…
Enjoy your snow day, Sandi. I hope your district added some days, so you won't have to do make-ups. Hunter is home again today. I am anticipating that he will be home all week. Some schools around here have already cancelled classes for tomorrow.

Hoda, you are such an optomist!

I do agree with Sandi about the taxes, but for now it is nice to have a big check coming in. I will have to pay on tax day, so I still need to make an adjustment. One thing about getting a nice check is that it motivates you to get the paperwork taken care of and out of the way.

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