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NEw thread.  Heavy rain, wow.


Kay said…
A New Thread!! Thank you, Steve!! I'll sound the alert......
Kay said…
Have summoned my Buds and donned my beauteous feather. Now back to the old thread to catch up on the news.
Kay said…
I'm back and wishing you all a good morning and a trouble free day!

Thinking of LYNNE's dear son whose decision must be respected...of JACK n' LOLLY on the train to the State Fair...of HODA with a clean flat and heading toward a thoroughly clean bod...of LORETTA as she nurses the spidey bite....of LORI in hopes she knows how much we love having her back here....of SANDI as she faces a tough conference today...of JANET's family as they comfort and care for Sable...of JO, prayerfully as always!!!

I'm getting set to have lunch at First Watch with Doris, my friend of since 1966. Always much to catch up on with her four kids, my three and our old age aches and pains to discuss.

Love and prayers for all!!!

Judie said…
Good morning.

Lynne, continued prayers.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread and congratulations Kay on having "the feather of the day."

Sandi, sounds like a fun, if tiring, day yesterday both the field trip and the cabinet refinishing. Will anxiously await the events of today from school.

Interesting watching the Cheetah cubs this morning. The woman who feeds them was actually inside the enclosure and Mom Meg was wary but the cubs skittered away.

No new damage to the lawn for which we are very grateful. Also grateful for the rainfall over the past two days. More today. Sod needs so much water.

Safe travels and lots of fun Lolly. Do not worry. Jufie will be guarding the pecan trees. (:

More coffee. BBL
Mema Jo said…
Good rainy morning to all ♥

How refreshing it is to have a new
thread. Thank you Steve!

Good morning KAY & JUDIE

I need to go over and check out other morning remarks.

Headed out for blood work shortly

(I just had to sign in to my Google account)
Mema Jo said…
Lynne - Prayers for your son and may his decision be well thought out.
Prayers for you - a mother's heart must endure so much with our children. Keep strong, Lynne.
Mema Jo said…
second health care worker in TX with Ebola - this situation is going to get worse before it even starts to get better.
Mema Jo said…
Oh Sandi - will be anxious to hear how the meeting goes with the parent
threatening to sue the district this morning
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Pouring rain in between showers today.

I will be playing bridge tonight. It would be nice if the rain slacks off by the time I need to go out.

Have to check out through posts on the old thread.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the gathering this weekend. It will be just me this time. Kathryn, Hunter, and Susan are busy with other things.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - Just me will be wonderful!

Judie should be there same time you are.

stronghunter said…
It will be wonderful to see everyone!

Believe it or not, it will be my first time to stay alone in a hotel. I think I can handle it :).
stronghunter said…
Just had some lemon meringue pie for my lunch. Yum.
stronghunter said…
Went for some routine blood work this morning--usually, my veins cooperate, but today I got poked in both arms. I had drunk a glass of water to make things easier, but my veins hid. Not too bad, but nice to have it behind me.
Janet said…
THANKS STEVE for a new thread!
popping by..

hugs and love to LYNNE and family. tough decisions....

grannyblt said…
Afternoon all

Just talked with son and things are a bit better. They are now in a wait and see mode. He realizes now that that surgery may be the answer. The thought of permanent disability does not agree with him. It is what it is. Thanks for letting me vent and your prayers. When I told him that you all were remembering him, he quipped that he was wondering why his feet were burning. Ha ha?
Mema Jo said…
Lynne - thanks so much for the update - happy to have prayer the reason for 'burning feet'

Shirley - veins do get clogged! I try to alternate arms for blood work.
My crazy Power Port just is not cooperative for drawing blood. It's
good for input but not output.
Question: did your port get removed?
Mema Jo said…
Lunch time here...... BBL
Mema Jo said…
BTW- if you had Lemon Meringue for lunch - what did you have for breakfast? lol
stronghunter said…
My port was removed when the chemo was over.

I had grits, coffee, and bacon for lunch, Jo.
JudyE said…
Hello on lunch and find a wet thread

glo said…
3 more days. I am so excited for my trip to Shepherdstown. There is no group anywhere that loves both their eagles and their members as much as this group.

I must go find some pecans :-)

Prayers are always offered for all my dear friends and furbabies. I am always afraid I will miss someone if I list names and well He knows all their names and all their needs.

Prayers for a good day for all.
JudyE said…

Mema Jo said…
Thanks for the info about your port as I was wondering about the procedure.

Your breakfast sound great!
Have a good time at Bridge this evening. Bring home some winnings
JudyE said…
Thanks for updating us LYNNE1
Judie said…
Oh yummy! Grits!

How about grits ala pecan? Jufie might help us out with that - and Lolly will never know. lol

Glo, those of us who have not yet met you are looking forward to the pleasure.

Shirley, have fun at bridge tonight. Win big for this weekend.

Ventured out into the raindrops to return a library book and collected two more. Good reading for a rainy night.


glo said…
Thanks Judie. I have only made the trip one other time. It is a long way for me but I have a great chauffer :-). I couldn't come the last 4 years as I had no one to care for my aging dog. He went blind and then deaf and really needed to be in his home with me so that is exactly what we did. It should be a beautiful drive this time of year.
Sandi said…
Hi all. Lots of rain here today and more is on the way. Kinda glad I didn't have to go on today's field trip.

So, the story about my student. Last week, this young man decided it would be funny to post on Instagram a very lengthy detailed post about African Americans, though he used a word that I refuse to even type much less say. Johnny (not his real name) told all of Instagram-land that African Americans should be hanged, they should be tied to the backs of pick-up trucks and dragged to death, they should be burned ... you know, all your basic KKK stuff.

Another student, who happens to be African American, saw the post and showed it to his parents who called the police and the school. The following day, while Johnny and the other student were outside at gym, Johnny called the other student a "f___ing n____r." The other student threatened to beat Johnny up.

Johnny got a 3-day suspension and the other student got a 1-day suspension. Yes, it's a sad reality that a child can say the things that Johnny said and only get a 3-day suspension. I will add that there is a history of bad blood between these 2 boys - not sure why guidance even decided to place them on the same team.

Johnny's mother came in to school and demanded to know why the other student didn't get the same punishment as her son. She also told her son, in front of the vice principal, that he had done nothing wrong and then said to the vice principal, "It's not a crime to be racist."

On Monday, Johnny's mom emailed the principal, vice principal, special ed. department chair, and the superintendent and assistant superintendent of the district that she would not be sending Johnny back to school until the school came up with a safety plan to protect her son. She claimed she did not feel safe sending her child to school and blamed the school for allowing the situation between her son and the other boy to develop. She stated that, in the meantime, the school system was denying her child a free and appropriate public education and, if the situation wasn't addressed promptly, she would have no choice but to pursue litigation.

At the meeting, Mrs. Johnny claimed that the post on Instagram and the name-calling in gym were both manifestations of Johnny's disability, since Johnny has ADHD, which makes him impulsive. She insisted that we now have another meeting to revise his IEP to include in-school counseling to address his frustration levels and impulsivity.

It's an understatement for me to say that it will be extremely difficult for me to work with Johnny and his mother for the remainder of this school year, but I have been told I am not allowed to refuse. I am Johnny's case manager and making sure his IEP is implemented in the classroom is my responsibility.

Every time I think I've seen it all in my 30 years as a teacher, some child or some parent proves me wrong. I was dismissed early in the meeting but I assume that everyone reached some kind of agreement b/c Johnny came to school later in the day.

So, THAT was my day! Can you say mentally exhausted???

Lynne, I hope Dave decides to go ahead with the surgery - good to hear that he is at least considering it.

Time to fix food for people and pets and then I think the grocery store beckons.

JudyE said…
Hello home from work for just a bit Had to do some shopping being I am off for the next 9 DAYS
Like MARGY says a mini retirement


OK now to wait to see if we are stood up again this evening

Our weather is magnificent 78° remember the other day it was 91°
Lovin the cold front even if it is short lived

SANDI so sorry about the crap at school some people never will get it no matter what Isn't that a form of bullying also and isn't that against the school nationwide rules
stronghunter said…
Getting ready for bridge. Noticed I said I had grits for lunch. That was breakfast.

stronghunter said…
Wow, Sandi. I think that young man is fortunate he isn't in worse trouble. Wow.
JudyE said…
OK they are making a habit of standing us up I bet the little buggers are in the attic I keep thinking back to last year remembering how we saw them often in the attic
also realized its now been two months since our dear sweet MAGPIE has posted
ok off to tv land
Mema Jo said…
Margy should be with us this weekend.
I will convey all your thoughts about
her keeping in touch with us. ♥

Off to some TV


Costume Lady said…
Hello...Rainy Evening here in Shepherdstown/Martinsburg... just wore me out reading the events of JOHNNY, et/al. There must be a special place in Heaven for Special Education only comment is: God Bless you!

We had so much fun at our first ever PICNIC for our Soup Kitchen clients. It was a lot of extra work, taking everything out side, but we did have a lot of help. Our church is presently in the process of building a pavilion near our parking lot for more picnics and other activities. We are so very excited with the prospect of trying to make our church membership grow. We have known for a long time that we need to have more to offer to have the public want to come to our church. There is no harder worker than our Pastor and no more friendly congregation than we have at our church. We all got an extra SHOT IN THE ARM with the wonderful contribution from all of you at the time of Capt. Gene's passing. It really made everyone want to do all that we could to turn the stagnant state of our church around! We have been doing that, one day at a time. We have new members and our collection, on sundays, has increased substantially!

I have a question....I am now getting Momster comments from here in my email. How can I stop that?
Judie said…
Sandi, so very sorry your day and the circumstances were so horrendous. It would be so nice if the student were made to research and write a paper on how it would be to have lived as Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. It would also be nice if law enforcement were able to track this young man as a future violent offender.

JudyE, if I were Belle and Shep I would stay away also given the amount of housekeeping that needs to be done. lol

Hi Wanda! Good news on the outdoor picnic and on the new church members. See ya soon.

Off to either watch some mindless tv or read some. Either way, feet going up.

Lolly said…
Wanda, under our comment box is a little box. If you mark it you will get followup comments in email. Uncheck that box!

Hi, guys, we are home! Have been out harvesting and counting pecans. If any are missing we will know. Beware Jufie and anyone trying to steal pecans!!!

The day at the fair was fun but we were ready to come home. We parked in Fort Worth (Free) and rode the train. It is $2.50 for seniors to ride all day. Hey, that is not bad! No Dallas traffic to contend with! We went up on one "ride". It is like the Seattle Space Needle. You go in to this round ring, sit down, and it goes up like an elevator. At the time it makes one slow rotation and then comes down. Beautiful views!

Oh, Sandi! What a pain in the neck! Grrrrr!
NCSuzan said…
trying to post a photo!
JudyE said…
Just click the word Unsubscribe below the comment box next to your email address
JudyE said…
WANDA that message was for you but I see someone already mentioned it after I clicked publish
NCSuzan said…
OK! Been a while since I posted a photo. The Cereus is blooming tonight. Wish you could see it in person. It is not a pretty plant but I don't care. Have waited nine years for flowers!!! So excited.

Sandi, your patience and professionalism is top notch. Don't know how you did it.

Shirley, I have no problem with your choice of breakfast foods. Sounds healthy to me!!

Sounds like this weekend will be fun. Please take lots of photos for us who cannot make it!

Have a good evening and stay safe and healthy!
Judie said…
Watching the news. Depressing and scary. Hoping those who are infected are identified and treated successfully.

Wonder if Shirley won a big pot of money tonight?

Sandperson is making one horrific ruckus in the hall closet. Something about oversleeping and having to rush. Jufie is nowhere to be found. Probably in a tree stump house scarfing up pecans. Hoda has not been here. Likely she and Dudley are cleansing together.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
Judie said…
Doing a Margy:

Suzan, checked you snaps. Hope to see a picture of this flower soon.

Nighty night.
Mema Jo said…
I am closing my evening of TV
Not raining now but it could do a bit
more - maybe tomorrow pm

Sandi - I admire the way you handled
the unfortunate situation - Johnny needs a better image to follow ...

Sandi - are you getting new hardware
for your kitchen cabinets? Anxious to see some pics on FB... It is a major project.
Janet said…
good late evening all. the end to a very productive couple of days: weddings, cleaning, mending clothes, switching wardrobes, multiplying fractions, reading about world celebrations of Halloween, gerunds, adjectives,learning about colonial America, just to name some of it....

whew. no wonder i'm tired!

SANDI: lady, you really have a tough skin to deal with all of that!!!!!

yes, I miss MAGPIE as well.

LOLLY, don't read this:

we have had over 7 inches of the liquid sunshine in the past 5 days.

OKAY LOLLY, you can come back now. sorry. didn't want to upset you.

WANDA has also been very busy these days .... her normal stuff and planning weekend events....

HODA and DUDLEY sittin' in a tree, cleansing, cleansing, lovely as can be!

busy bees on here!

off to work in the morning. need to get some sleep. hope everyone rests well. sweet dreams my friends!
Mema Jo said…
Goodnight to all ♥

Tomorrow is a free day for me
meaning no appointments. Yahoo!

Blessings to all my friends

Lolly said…
GLO...meant to tell you how happy I am for you...this trip and the gathering! So sorry we will not e able to be there when you are. Maybe some day!

I saw that comment, Janet!

Think I am heading to the shower and the pillows early...I am pooped. Did a lot of walking at the fair!

Prayers for the Dallas nurses. So very scary! So young!

Night all! SED!!
Costume Lady said…
LOLLY and JUDY, thanks for directions on getting rid of blogger comments on my email!

Had a visit from Dustin (grandson) today. He helped me clean out Gene's old van so I can sell it. It was being used for storage and had some boxes too heavy for me to lift. He is a 6' 5" string bean, but very strong for his size. I love him so much and it was good to have him around for a good part of the day.

Good Night to you all, love and blessings ♥
NCSuzan said…
Judie, the pics are in the NCSuzans Snaps. My daughter and son-in-law say that the blooms have a wonderful soft aroma, like gardenias but softer.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Suzan, saw the photos of your night blooming plant - beautiful flowers! Worth the wait!

Janet, gerunds?????

Hoda, hope you are feeling OK with your cleanse.

I am getting excited for the Momsters get together and I'm not even attending! I can only imagine how wonderful the weekend will be for everyone - lots of hugs and loads of laughter!

Jo, yes we are getting new hardware as well. Should be able to post before and after photos by tomorrow - it looks terrific!

I meet with my principal today for my annual goal-setting conference. If the opportunity presents itself, I will apprise him of my plan for my final year.

Have agreat day all.
Janet said…
good morning to all.

LOLLY: sorry. :( I try to warn you when I discuss liquid sunshine. believe me, although i'm thankful, i'd certainly share were it within my power to do so!

SANDI: yep she had no clue what an adjective or adverb was. from there we are into gerunds and then participles. fun fun fun. actually I like English grammar, so its good by me. keeping her tuned in..... well.... I get not everyone is into English.

we are covering a lot of ground playing catch up.

I have been up an hour. tom's bus broke down (2nd time this week) and I had to take him down to get a different bus this morning. early bedtime tonight I think.

coffee's hitting the spot this morning!

hope everyone has a lovely day. thinking of each of you!

Hoda said…
Cleanse not so good right now

Thinking of the gathering
Blessed Be

Judie said…
Good morning.

One more sleep before Shepherdstown (:

Hoda, please take care with this cleanse routine. Concerns me that you do this and get so sick. ):

Another rainy day here. Sorry Lolly.

Suzan, I do not see a night blooming flower. I see OBX, eagle, bluebird eggs, etc. Bet it's pretty.

Janet, sorry you and Tom had a bus problem morning. Panda nap this afternoon? Need to look up gerunds.

Wanda, not surprised Dustin was there to help you. Sweet guy and handsome.

Jo, enjoy your free day!

Best of all: Picturing Sandi's just noticeable smirk when she tells principal about next year. lol

Cheetah cam is down. Solar problem. Boo

Today is a prepare to be away for the weekend day. Make sure all is clean and organized. course that should last until I get to I270 (est. 20 minutes).

Wishing everyone a lovely morning.

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

It's a Malcolm play day here, but checking in before I pick him up.

JUDIE, SUZAN's seriously beautiful Cereus is in her "space" grouping, not in "snaps".

Wahoo! WANDA's picnic was a success and her church is launching a growth campaign. Kudos to her for the Momster weekend arrangements, too!

SANDI, the Johnny saga is appalling and brings to mind the old South Pacific show tune, "You've Got to be Carefully Taught", to my mind. His mother's words and attitude are so vile and she's infected her son with the hate venom. So sad. And, so glad you have a wonderful plan for your future that will get you out of the IEP biz. There must be a high burn out rate amongst the saints who go into that area of teaching!

HODA, I, too, worry about a procedure that makes you so sick. That won't stop you from doing what you've decided is right for you, but this ol' mother hen can't keep her mouth shut.

LOLLY, glad you had a fine Fair day!

JO, have a wonderful "day off" just in time to get you rested for the big weekend ahead!

JUDIE, makes me smile to think of you and other attendees as they prep their homes and families for their departure for Shepherdstown! GLO is positively glowing over the impending visit with y'all. I'm green with envy.

Love and prayers for all!!!

Judie said…
Kay, thank you. Suzan's flower is beauteous.

We too wish you could travel to be with us. I'm sure there will be pictures so you can visit and re-visit.

Have done some little bit of paperwork. Now to the laundry and scullery.

Mema Jo said…
Good late morning to all ♥

From your comments all seems to be going well.

Suzan - those flowers were worth the long wait ----- so beautiful - I put your pic over on your FB page - Hope that was ok - Sharing the beauty.

Janet - I love English grammar - I owe that to a teacher I had when I was in jr. high a little older then Olivia. Give it all you got - it will help her in the future.

It is still wet out but the sky does look fairly clear. I would like to see the sunshine!
stronghunter said…
Hi everyone,

Sitting at the car place waiting for an oil change and whatever else I need to get my wheels ready to roll.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds woke up at 715 nature called and had to answer so when I went I peeked at the still cam and saw no eagle I took the lap to to bed with me and when we were stood up I feel back asleep and just got up 20 min ago

HODA I do remember you getting sick last year with your cleanse so please dear take care This may not be so good after all JMHO

Mema Jo said…
Hoda - not so good hearing that the cleansing isn't going too well.
I hope it works after all the time you've spent getting ready for it!
Mema Jo said…
Sandi - at a gal! Lay it on the line at your meeting with your
principal...... He may try to get some of the changes you would suggest in order to change your mind about leaving. Encourage him to do so for the sake of the teachers that you will leave behind
JudyE said…
I found the pictures not in snaps but in space and what a pretty flower Hope she blooms like the pic from last year the date threw me off but then remember you said waiting for the bloom now
stronghunter said…
Wow, Janet. Olivia will be one of the few her age to know about gerunds, infinitives, and participles. Good on you.
JudyE said…
OH I see that was already pointed out That is what I get from not reading the entire blog

SIS so sorry about the bus woes
stronghunter said…
Need to do some more reading back.
JudyE said…
SWEET its 78° and that will be the high for the day the dew point and humidity are down and it feel marvelous out side gonna go play for a while
Gonna go enjoy my mini retirement
stronghunter said…
Gerund--a verbal noun. A word usually used as a verb serving as a noun. Gerunds end in "ing."

Example: Running is good exercise.

The word "running" is a noun and is the subject of the sentence.
stronghunter said…
Prayers for your son, Lynne.
Judie said…
Oh my goodness, Shirley. Now I know why I don't remember gerunds. lol Hope all is good with the chariot and you will be good to go.

JudyE got some extra sleep. Good for her.

Hi Jo.

Going to make a salad for dinner so headed to the scullery. Do not enjoy chopping. So get it over with.


Mema Jo said…
Hi Shirley - I missed it if you announced how much you got from your bridge game winnings~
You know the gas prices in VA are so much lower then those in MD! Granddaughter said it was around $2.80 down there and of course it is as high as $3.35. Fill 'er up!

What time do you plan to arrive on Friday.
Mema Jo said…
In case I don't wear my Eagle hat at Friday evening's dinner or at Saturday's luncheon



Mema Jo said…
I did open a new album on our Yahoo Momsters' site. Check to see pictures that will be entered from the Fri and Saturday gathering.
glo said…
We love you so MeMa Jo Thanks for the Albums to share our gathering. I am packing. :-) Should i bring a camera lol

gm everyone. Make it a great day.
glo said…
ok I have read my English review. :-) Yes I am very excited for the trip So is Vicky. We chatted and planned last night. She will be here for supper and early to bed and early to rise is the plan. On the road by 6:30 am Fri morn. I wish we all could be there in person. One thing I have learned over the years is we do all manage to be there in spirit when our hearts gather anywhere. I too love us. There is something very special happening here that happens no where else in this world. (((all)))
JudyE said…
GLO the words you spoke are the truth
JO so looking forward to see all the pictures

AND GLO you wouldn't know what to do without a camera I thought one was always attached to you. LOL and can't wait to see pictures you get of our royal pair

Always remembering Lynn I came for the Eagles but I stayed for the FRIENDSHIPS I have made
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hello my eagle budlets. Haven't been here for a while. I am so looking forward to Saturday but now I am sick. I am going to try to get to the doc today to get something for it. I am sure one of us has a suppressed immune system and I certainly don't want to make anyone sick.

JudyE said…
OH SHAR I hope its something that doesn't hold you back from the trip I hope your dr says its not contagious
Lori said…
All caught up!

Hoda and Shar,
I hope you're both feeling better. Healing thoughts for both of you.

Love your new pic. You look fabulous!!!

I didn't remember gerunds either.
Thanks to Shirley and Janet for the refresher!

I know you're having fun with Malcolm and Penny. Smiles here thinking about you three.

2.50 all day for the train is a bargain! It costs $5 for one trip (in your own car) on the toll road here!

I saw Jo's fb post on the flower. Gorgeous! Does it bloom every year? Is it yours???

Where on earth did Margy go?

How is your kitchen shaping up? Can't wait for the after pics!

I filled out an online app for a job yesterday - my first time! Took all day to revamp the resume, draft a new cover letter and double check all my application info. Hopefully it will not take as long next time.

Mema Jo said…
Hope you get that "Quick Fix It" drug and can make it - If drug isn't available please just bring your Face Mask. That should work.
Mema Jo said…
Lori - like when I fill out so many med forms for drs - I have made copies so I get it all right! Some of those are 3 -4 pages in length.
Mema Jo said…
One of the two nurses who contracted Ebola in Dallas while treating a patient there will arrive at the Frederick Municipal Airport tonight. The NIH facility has one of four biocontainment units in the United States. Texas Health officials said Wednesday that Pham was in good condition and it wasn't immediately clear why she's being moved.
Judie said…
Jo, suspect Dallas is overwhelmed and understaffed with trained medical people and isolation areas.

Shar, I am really sorry you don't feel well. Hope it is nothing contagious. If in doubt, a mask, please.

Lori, if you are so inclined, please share the type of job (maybe this weekend if not on the blog).

Okay, back to some puttering.

Hoda said…
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Lady!
Oh how I so wished I was going to be there JO.
Enjoy the gathering.

Everyone make sure you look after our MEMA JO.
No hugs and don't get too close if you are feeling poorly.

I Love Us

Safe travels to all.

A day in bed for me!!!
Back to napping.
No energy except to make it to the washroom.
stronghunter said…
If you are not a language teacher, it is not too likely that you'll remember gerunds. It's not the kind of thing most people come across too often.

Bridge winnings--well, I got none. But I had a good time.

There are 8 in the bridge club. When we arrive, everyone puts a dollar in the pot. At the end of the evening, money is divided this way:

First place $4.00
Second place $3.00
Last place $1.00

Sometimes, there is lively competition for last place!

I was one of the middlers, so I got nothing this time. I think I came in first last month, so I got a whole $4.00.
Janet said…
good afternoon my gerund-loving friends. lol. :) you all make me smile so often!

wishing I could be at the gathering this year. alak and alas, perhaps another year. I will be thinking of you all.

HODA: you were very very ill last year during your cleanse as well. take care. listen to your body. sending you light and love, comfort and healing as you cleanse.

Hoping all who are feeing poorly will be on the mend soon!

Thursday afternoon. Keep thinking it is Friday. Brain is skeewonkey today.

No panda nap...afternoon coffee, a sweetie and then on to school work in 15 min. after we get the book stuff done, its on to paper mache for an art project!

chicken on the menu tonight. its been marinating over night in a mix of butter (melted) mixed with Dijon mustard, a bunch of garlic, then coated with parmesean/romano/asiago cheeses and a few breadcrumbs....will bake it. I think i'll make some mashed taters, corn, and carrots (veggies are left overs) and call it yummy in the tummy.

its been a good day. one of my older clients (she's 85) came in today. she makes me smile. she is so frail and so tiny....I love taking care of her though. she is such a sweet heart. battling leukemia....not an aggressive form but has taken its toll on her.

not a lot else going on. later gaters!
stronghunter said…
I met a very interesting lady while I was getting my oil changed today. She is from West Virginia and went to Marshall University. When I said I went to East Carolina, she talked about the plane crash after a Marshall-East Carolina game that occurred in 1970 and killed most of the Marshall football team. She and her husband both lost friends in that crash, which was later the subject of the movie "We Are Marshall."

Then, she talked about campaigning for John Kennedy and working with Bobby Kennedy during the campaign. She later worked in a Congressional office in Washington.

I told her where I was going for the weekend.

And she talked about a friend of hers who bought and restored a house in the Shepherdstown area--Traveller's Rest. It has quite a story on Wikipedia, and I found a picture.

Anyway, it turns out this lady had lived in my neighborhood until she recently moved to another neighborhood nearby. We exchanged phone numbers so we can get together later.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - yes you did get $4.00 one time

Small world when we take time to talk
to persons in a friendly manor. Perhaps you can visit the site Friday afternoon to see it for yourself.
Mema Jo said…
Sharon just messaged me - BAD news !

hello dear friend. the doctor said what i have is viral and i am contagious for up to 14 days

stronghunter said…
Oh, sorry to hear that from Sharon. We will miss her.
glo said…
MeMa Jo I know she is disappointed and very concerned. Maybe we can figure out a way to Skype with her somehow for a short time . Does anyone know if there is wifi from either of the rooms we will be in. I am sort of clueless with this.
Hoda said…
Feeling better.
Could not do lunch but am hydrating...
I will try supper...
It is my adrenals that are giving me a hard time this time. The herbs for the adrenals are stirring things up strongly.
Good in a way as I am getting rid of toxins that cause dis-ease.

SHAR I am so sorry that you have a viral infection. So understand how disappointed you are to have to choose not to spread the infection or see friends. You always choose friends. Lovey You Dear Lady...
SKYPE is a good idea. If you have it on your lap tops and if you can send SHAR a request to be on her list, and if there is internet then you can skype. Make sure you friend SHAR first so it would work...
Now are you not impressed SHAR that I can answer this question!!! Ha Ha Ha...
Hoda said…
love you not lovey
not sure what other mistakes there are...
NatureNut said…
Good Evening Eagle Buds! Day off, therefore appts. and shopping!
Have only 2 pictures to fix up and can then put a set on the blog.
NC Suzan, that is one great flower.
Would love to come Sat., but don't know where and when. Probably not allowed by the warden, as he has a car show Sat. AM and I guess I'm not old enough to drive by myself!!! Tearing up already ;>(
Thank goodness the Ace photographer, Glo, will be there!

BTW, where is Margy? I keep reading that she's missing. Can just figure her 'puter died, or her work is in many places now.
Gotta eat some din din & will try to get my pics posted ☺
Judie said…
Dinner over. Scullery restored to order.

Jo, thank you for the Shar update. So sorry she has a virus and hope she feels better quickly.

Thank you Shar for not putting Jo at risk for a viral infection. We will miss you.

Hoda, also hoping you will feel better by morning.

Hope Sandi checks in soon. Anxious to hear about the meeting today.

Headed to put my feet up. BBL
Janet said…
good evening .... its been a quiet nite. dinner was dandy. hope everyone sleeps well, i'm heading that way myself. pillows need a - dentin'...

good night!
stronghunter said…
There should be no problem getting Internet at the hotel. I have used it there before.
NCSuzan said…
Can feel the excitement building for the weekend! Sorry about Shar.

Judie, sorry I confused you about the photos. My fault totally. These plants are supposed to bloom more often and all over but somehow I have not provided proper conditions but for one leaf! An edible fruit is supposed to appear next. Will keep you updated.

Received a beautiful card from Margy. She sounded great and busy, busy, busy!
Mema Jo said…
There is wifi and the computer is in the lobby at the Clarion
Lynne2 said…
Hi all. Sorry for my absences lately. You know you are always on my mind and in my prayers. Things have been a little nuts around a good way!

Wish I could be with you all this weekend but Steve's mom and her hubby are moving to an apartment closer to town for the winter. The move date has been up in the air for WEEKS and was actually supposed to be last weekend, until it wasn't. Now it's THIS weekend. UGH.
Mema Jo said…
I received a beautiful B-DAY Card from Margy - she is alive and very well. I though Wanda said Margy
was able to attend both Fri and Sat.
As Suzan said - Margy is very very busy with personal life.
Mema Jo said…
My TV shows are finished
I am soon heading off to la la land
I probably don't even need the visit
from the Sandman....... But it is
always nice to see that sleepy dust.

Goodnight to all ♥
Judie said…
Oh no you don't Jo. You must have a visit from Sandperson. You are first on the agenda tonight.

Suzan, no problem. I just got confused with is not that difficult for me.

Lynne2, very sorry you won't be able to be with us but do hope Steve's folks have a smooth move and adjustment.

Sandperson is so looking forward to this weekend. Says it will be like a real vacation with so many momsters in the same place and it sure will save time.

Jufie has abandoned the Dallas tree stump house, and the acorns, and is rapidly approaching Nelson, B.C. Fretting up a storm about Hoda.

Headed for the pillows. Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…
Time for me to say good night.

See many of you for real tomorrow.

Looking forward to it.

The ambulance with the nurse
Ebola-stricken nurse is on the highway headed to NIH in Maryland. Anyone out on the roads in that area will be seeing a huge lot of flashing lights.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Today we leave early to pick up Jacob at school and then football.

I need to get moving as I have a lot to do!

I want to see lots of posts and pictures after the get together tomorrow and Saturday. Have fun and safe travels.

OMG!!! We just got home from Denton and I see I never hit publish. Whoops
JudyE said…
Had a nice night with family Jordyn will be spending the night with me tomorrow night
Angie got a load of free mulch delievered to her house and they are done with it Some neighbors took some but she still has a butt load left so I thought well I could use some out front where no grass grows so we loaded my truck well I wanted to park out front where the mulch was going in before the gal that I let park there wouldn't park there so I could unload it there so when I went to open the tail gate the handle broke on one side of it So I did google and I found a video showing how to fix it Will try that in the am
JudyE said…
I was wondering what the heck the good morning was LOLLY LOL
JudyE said…
I hope that during the visit some will post picture on FB as the day progress so we feel like we are there I am sure some have phone hooked to FB I know I don't only have a track phone and I could get the internet but will take up to many min with tracphone
JudyE said…
Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
JudyE said…
OH I forgot to say I found another bald eagle cell phone tower right near Jordyn gym class maybe a block or so
Lolly said…
Too funny that I did not publish this morning's comment. It has been another long day. We went to Denton, picked Jacob up at school. I cooked dinner up there as well as a little house work and a little yard work. Laurel did not get home until 5 as she had grades to enter into the computer.

Sharon, so very sorry you are sick. Know how much you were looking forward to going. God bless you for helping to protect Jo!!

Texas nurse, Nina, is now up your way. Take good care of her! Prayers for Nina and for second nurse, Amber.
NatureNut said…
Think the Sandman has come and gone!
I put my Marsh Hike photos in the Nook.
Just thinking~~~if Fubby does not go to car show Sat. (doubtful), he asked about the Momsters' get-together. I know nothing except the day and have been searching the Blog all week and am still clueless. Can someone tell me where to find any info, PLEASE????? We don't have fb.
Lolly said…
Loretta, can not help you but surely Jo will answer you first thing in the morning.

Fell asleep in my chair. Heading to bed now. Night al! SED!!
Hoda said…
Yahoo group email is how WANDA has been sending info for those who are going.
Like LOLLY said LORETTA I am sure MEMA JO will contact you in the morning.

Good night
God Bless us all.
NatureNut said…
Thx. Checked Yahoo awhile ago and my email inbox said it was MT!!!!!!

Good Health Prayers for All, especially Mema Jo.
Pleasant Feather Dreams ;>)
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends! I can feel the excitement in peoples' posts as the time for the gathering gets closer.

Shar & Bev, so sorry you had to cancel your trip. Like me, you will have to settle for being there in spirit.

Lynne2, so great to see you on the blog? What has been keeping you so busy? Do your in-laws still have their house on the market?

Did not get a chance to talk to my principal about my next year plans. He was all-business b/c he needed to get 2 other goals conferences completed after mine. No chit-chatting like, "So how has your school year been so far." He said my professional goals looked good, checked some boxes on his ipad, told me he would print 3 copies and asked me to sign all, keep one, and return the other 2, then he left.

"Racist Johnny" got to go on the field trip yesterday. He came back and went straight to the office with an office referral - he vandalized the porta-john at the place by writing on it and, while the group was making their food chains as the last activity, he proceeded to draw testicles and penises in the dirt. He will not be going on today's trip to Ingram's Pond where the kids are in canoes. The science teacher on the team said he refused to take him after yesterday's antics.

Kitchen project looks great, though it will now take another 2 weeks to be completely finished b/c some additional pieces have to be ordered that we didn't originally plan on - new stained wood valances for above and below the top cabinets to hide the light fixtures. The original plan was just to cover the existing valances with laminate but we decided we would rather have new. The remaining hardware for the doors and drawers will be installed today - will post some photos this weekend.

Have agreat day - safe travels to all Momsters headed to Shepherdstown for the weekend.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Sun shining here and dew is glistening on the grass and trees.

Sandi, glad the remodel is going well. Sorry you were not able to make your plan known but the time will come. I do hope that someone will step up and contact CPS. That young man is troubled and needs quick and serious intervention.

Loretta, I believe the plan is to meet at the Clarion at 5pm tonight and 2pm on Saturday.

Okay, will return before I jump in my chariot.
Hoda said…
Feeling as good as new.
Will travel to Kaslo after yoga and massage today.
Kootenay Lake Summit tomorrow.

Be safe on the roads those who are heading to Shepherdstown. Wished I was with you.

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Off to a disappointing start when I realized the morning paper had not arrived. Called in and now waiting for delivery.

Not nearly as disappointing as SHAR's news is. Prayers. I know the angst this causes as health issues have kept me away from every Momster gathering since I came on board.

SANDI, Johnny is sooo sick. Wonder about other children in the home and about the possible need of a visit by Child Protective Services. Prayers here, too. Thinking of the Kevin birthday celebration and wishing the Roberts family the best!

LYNNE2, glad Steve's folks are moving closer for the winter months, but sorry it interferes with this big Momster weekend.

Wow, I reckon JUDIE n' SHIRLEY are about to head northwest. SHIRLEY, don't worry about being "alone" in the hotel---the place will be full of people!☺

HODA, so glad you're feeling "good as new", unless it means you're kickin' n' sqawlin' like a newborn babe wishing itself back in the safe, warm womb! But, seriously, forgive me for my Mama Kay moment of yesterday!

LORETTA, hope it works out for you to join the fun. Judging by pics of previous events you will be greatly missed if not there!

LORI and Kate, wishing you safe travel as you head to and from the fun site!

Love and prayers for all!!!

Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all - The sun is shinning ♥

Sandi - the time will come when your Principal has an open ear - If not send him an email to request that time be relatively soon! He needs to om back down to earth! lol I think I missed your comment about Kevin's birthday - I wish him well.

Hoda - a fantastic report on how you are feeling this morning - You are CLEAN from the inside out!

Mema Jo said…
I have read Loretta's remarks this morning. I called and emailed Wanda to get in touch with her about Sat. event.
Would be wonderful to see her and Frank (Fubby)
Mema Jo said…
Sharon - I hope you are feeling
somewhat better this morning. So important for you to take care of
your health! Perhaps soon again we
will be able together.
I sure will miss you.....♥
Mema Jo said…
Johnny Little Sick Johnny
What a home life he must have.
Praying that some way Help will reach him or else I fear for his life ahead..... Society will prevail
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning my eagle budlets. I just got a text from Glo and she wanted me to tell you here and Vicky are in Indiana and are going to stop in South Bend for Vicky's granddaughter.

I am incredibly sad that I can't come but it is what it is.

JudyE said…
Good Morning while it still is been up and busy this am Took laptop to bed again on nite stand and woke up to see eagle and get a couple of snips and then went out side to play 90% of mulch out of truck got the corners to do those are a PIA with the top being on it gonna sweep rest to a pile

only cam in for nature call and a drink need to go back out it is so unbelievably beautiful out 76° so cool co nice and I haven't broke a sweat yet LOL
JudyE said…
I am ecstatic about the weather while I am on staycay that I don't want to be indoors
Mema Jo said…
Wanda is contacting Loretta

Good news about travel plans of
Glo and Vicky - Happy to see her granddaughter again - seemed that was years upon years ago when we gathered at Sandra's house.
Sandra called me last evening - I was so surprised - sounded well and
wished us all a good weekend!
Judie said…
Good almost afternoon.

Shar, please take care of yourself. I'm sure the picture takers will make sure you feel you are actually in Shepherdstown.

Safe travels to Glo and Vicky. Still long miles ahead.

I too missed the Kevin celebration. Happy Birthday.

Hoda, glad you are feeling better. Have a wonderful time.

JudyE, enjoy the beautiful weather and your staycation.

Kay, enjoy the newspaper when it arrives. Hugs for Penny.

Heard from a former favorite student and basketball players. Audition with Miami Heat this weekend. I wish him success.

Judie said…
Going to head out in about 45 minutes.

For those who are unable to join the momster gathering, we will have you in our hearts and minds and will be wishing you could join us.♥

Lolly said…
Good morning!

Judie, so sorry you are not making the gathering! As for Jufie, he/she can have all the acorns he wants!!! It's the pecans that are off limits! LOL

Yes, Momsters, have a glorious reunion! Remember those of us who are so very sad about not being able to attend! Sharon and Bev, so sorry you had to cancell!

Lynne2, well, it was about time for you to make an appearance. Let us hear from you more often, please!

Have a little shopping to do today, but other than that nothing on the agenda. Jack is going to do the mowing and actually the grass has slowed down growing, it is mostly leaf clean up.

Time to get busy!
JudyE said…
DAU is on way to my house She is coming over to lay down Her back is killing her I guess shoveling the mulch in my truck done her in

So she isn't going to go to the concert to see JASON ALDEAN AND FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE~the reason I am having Jordyn have a sleep over
JudyE said…
I know my back bothered me in the middle of the night Just not use to shoveling I got up and took some Ibuprofen and fell back asleep but had to sleep on my back not on the side like I normally do So far with unloading the mulch I don't hurt YET I should say Didn't pre Ibuprofen before Try not to take unless it hurts I know lots of peeps that take before had knowing they will hurt for doing something
I rather not do that I wait for pain Just in case I don't need them So far so good OK gonna go watch the Noon news I love DVRS
JudyE said…
Thinking of all at the gathering today and tomorrow
Kay said…
LOLLY, read again...JUDIE is heading for the gathering site in about 15 minutes! ☺ Hopefully Jufie will be vacationing in Texas for the entire weekend, starting...NOW! Hope you have a good supply of acorns at Hawkwood and that he/she finds them far more tasty than pecans!

Squirrels here are doing a number on acorns and black walnuts, leaving a big mess all over the place. At the rate the wind is blowing today we'll not have leaves on our beautiful trees for long. More squirrel mania than ever before and seems too early for the massive leaf fall. I wonder if means we've another bitter winter ahead. Need to stop with the negative thoughts and enjoy the glories of Autumn, I know.

Thinking of all of us who can't be with our beloved Momster's tonight and tomorrow. We'll have a wonderful time viewing pics and, of course, we're all there in spirit!

Kay said…
JUDY, JUDY, JUDY---you already know the kinds of activities that bring on pain. Take Ibuprophen as a preventative and know they won't do you any harm no matter what. If LYNN were still with us I'm sure that would be her wise advice!
Mema Jo said…
I'll be leaving in an hour

Know that all of you are in my thoughts

BBL this evening.

Kay said…
Oh, JO, so glad you live close enough to sleep in your own bed tonight. Will look forward to your report on the evening! Love you all so much!
NCSuzan said…
Wow! Where did everybody go? LOL! Hope all have arrived safely and happily. Bet the chatter is non stop.

Watching the cheetahs and the still cam. One always vigilant, one aptly named!

Got to fix something to eat. Wish there was some new exciting food discovered that prepared itself and was all you can eat and not gain weight!

Have fun!
Janet said…
good late evening. sorry I have been MIA. I won't bore you with details, but I didn't sleep last night and it took A LOT of caffeine to keep me movin' and a groovin' today. when I got home...I went straight to bed for a panda nap.

tom woke me when he got home. I still feel tired, but at least I can hold my eyes open.

thinking of all of you as you are able to get happy fr you.

here, quiet evening. livvy and Michael are goin to another scare house. yikes.

I work 9 to 3 tomorrow.

and who knows from there.

the sun came out today, so pretty and bright. it is so green here it looks like spring instead of fall. only the few and I do mean few colored leaves tell the tale. supposedly going to 39 tonight, a few nights of that and more leaves should color up.

all right folks. glad everyone seems to be doing well.

HODA: glad you are feeling better.

SANDI: I too feel for that young man. either no one has taught him boundaries and/ or he has some major issues....either way, if he doesn't get help...well we all know...

hoping the EVIL JUFIE is in a fae house inTX for the weekend...and that sandperson will stay on schedule.

light and love to all!
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Right about now I'm really wishing I didn't live all the way out on the west coast! Will be with you all in spirit, for sure, and look forward to lots of pictures!

So sorry that Shar and Bev and Lynne2 will be unable to attend!
Prayers for health and for a quick and easy move. Hoda, glad you're feeling 100% again!!

Judy, hope your back decides to cooperate, and starts feeling better. You need to be able to enjoy your staycation! Your weather sounds very similar to ours her in SoCal today! It's 75 here right now, with sun and big, fluffy high clouds. We have a cool afternoon breeze coming from the ocean, too. Perfect!

Need to go check the clothes dryer. Have been catching up today. Didn't want to cause a brownout when it was really hot.
Will check back in later tonight.
Wish I could be there in person!
Sending (((HUGE MOMSTER HUGS)))to everyone! I ♥ us!!!
Sandi said…
Evening all! It's the weekend - yay!! Thinking of all the laughter and conversation going on in Shepherdstown this evening just makes me smile! :)

Have been cleaning out the insides of all the kitchen cabinets now that the new doors are on, before putting the contents back inside. Shew, what a job!! Even though I weeded some things out, I still have a LOT of kitchen stuff! I posted pics on FB of the before and after - will get them on my blog for the non-Facebookers this weekend.

The kitchen redo looks great, though we're still missing the side panels and the wood valances for the top cabinets. Also, I ordered handles for all of the doors except the 2 little ones above the microwave and the 2 little ones above the refrigerator, which I wanted round knobs on. When I got home this afternoon, the guy had installed all the hardware and he put handles on the little cabinets that were supposed to get the knobs. When I called, the guy remembered and said he even saw 4 knobs in the hardware box. He will now have to order new doors for those cabinets b/c they each have 2 screw holes in them for the handles instead of just one for a knob. Denny suggested I just live with the handles, but this job wasn't cheap and I want what I want!

When I posted on the blog why I wouldn't be heading to Shepherdstown this weekend (it was some time ago), I said it was b/c Kevin's birthday is the 18th. Kay, you must have a terrific memory to remember that one post from so long ago!

Shar, hope you feel better soon.

Hoda, good to hear that you are feeling so much better today - you bounced back much quicker it seems than last year when you did your cleanse.

Judy, don't spend your whole vacation working! Relax and enjoy your time off!

Last night, after grocery shopping, I sat down at my laptop to check my email and got an alert that Brian wanted to video chat. When we joined the chat, there was our beautiful Freyja sitting on her daddy's lap, sucking her thumb! She is 4 months old today - time sure does fly! Brian is working with a Spanish tutor one-on-one, 6 hours a day and is practicing flying 2-3 hours a day. He said he LOVED Mexico City.

Pizza beckons and then TV. I will see everyone in the early AM! goodnight!
Mema Jo said…
Good evening to all ♥
My daughter, Jenny and my son, Michael have just arrived home. What
a glorious time we had with:

Wanda, Judi, Shirley, Carolyn,
Christie, Margy, Robyn and Tori

Yes, talk was non stop..also reminiscing about past get togethers and yes, you not there should have felt your ears burning because we were remembering you!

I'll have photos as soon as I download my camera... I will be placing them into the 10/17 Yahoo Momsters album. Others will probably use FB but I will copy them over to Yahoo.

glo said…
Good evening everyone Vicky and I are signing in from St Claireville Ohio. We only drove 12 hours today. Hope everyone had a good evening. Excited to see you all tomorrow.
Mema Jo said…
Update from Glo

Vicky and I and her grand daughter are just outside of Wheeling. Drove 12 hours today. Much shorter drive tomorrow
JudyE said…
Happy everyone had a good time JO

Jordyn is down for the night and I am sitting here thinking I should make sure I go to bed earlier than norm because she is a earlier riser

JudyE said…
Angie and Carl didn't go to the concert tonight with Angie being in so much pain Thinking its her ovaries cysts again The also cancelled the Oktober feast for tomorrow till next week
Evening all :)

Hoping everyone has a wonderful evening together tonight and just as wonderful a day tomorrow. Certainly miss not being there with everyone this weekend.

Love you all :)
JudyE said…
Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
stronghunter said…
Hi everyone,

I see Korea posted a message after she got home. It has been wonderful to see everyone this evening. I'm really looking forward seeing those who arrive tomorrow in addition to everyone already here.

Need to sleep. Will try to share more tomorrow.

NatureNut said…
Good Evening Eagle Buds!!!
Weather here looks nice for tomorrow, which probably means no cancelling of Fubby's car show 0n Sat. ;>(
I haven't missed a Momster Get-Together since joining, but will be remembering the fun and looking at past photo folders in computer!!!!!
Bless you again, Mema Jo, for posting pics for us!!! Maybe we can talk Glo into posting in Yahoo album also!
Give our Love to Everyone and our thoughts will be with you!
Hoda said…
So very happy to hear the gathering was a success.
Even Paula chimed in tonight.
Safe travels GLO

I am in Kaslo an hour from Nelson.
All is good.
The Lake Summit starts tomorrow.
There are 1000 people live here.
Quaint little place.

God Bless
Robyn said…
It was so nice seeing everyone tonight, looking forward to seeing those of you tomorrow who could not be with us this evening
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - who the heck is KOREA that you mentioned in your comment.

LOL Your answer better be good !
Mema Jo said…
Loretta - it does call for sunshine tomorrow. I will miss seeing you
Like you said you haven't had to miss any of our gatherings.... ♥
grannyblt said…
Sounds as if you all had a good time. Wish I could have been there. Hope someone gets a picture of our royal couple tomorrow. SED to all.
Janet said…
thinking of everyone.....those able to visit and hug, and those of us visiting in spirit and light, placing our love and hugs around all of you....hug each other for us too!!!

completed a cross stitch piece tonight. prepped to begin another.

heading to dent the pillows...sweet dreams to all!
Mema Jo said…
Goodnight to all my friends ♥

Lolly said…
Loved looking at the pictures! Know you had a glorious time! Shame on Judie and Shirley for misbehaving! Too much wine, Judie? 😝

Had a busy day and tomorrow will be busier. I have a brunch in the morning. Then I have two pumpkin pies to make for Sunday. Joseph's birthday is tomorrow. 14!!! He left this evening for a church retreat and will be gone until Sunday. So we are all celebrating Sunday and as usual Joseph requested pumpkin pie instead of a birthday cake.

Have a wonderful time tomorrow! Love and hugs to all of you!

Night! SED!
Kay said…
As usual I fell asleep in the recliner while watching the late news. Couldn't head to bed without checking for Momster news.

Glad our small, but wonderful group had a great evening and looking forward to pics!

Thanks to JO, SHIRLEY, ROBYN for letting us in on the fun! GLO is closing in on y'all and know there is more fun to be had later today! Like LYNNE1 I hope you get a glimpse of Belle n' Shep!

SHIRLEY, Korea? Do tell us which of the attendees has that alias.

SANDI, don't blame you for wanting the cabinets to be done right--too much money invested to settle for less than perfection, I'm sure. Yes, so far so good with the memory! God has been good to me, I know.

Good to see PAULA, HODA, LORETTA, LOLLY, JANET n' JUDY here this evening, too. We and others will watch for more news later! And, SHAR, we're all praying for you!

Love and Prayers for All!!!

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ZZZZZZzzzzzzz........
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Lolly, happy birthday to Joseph! Didn't recall that he and Kevin share the date for their birthdays!

Tennis for me this morning, then working outside on this beautiful fall day.

Wishing safe travels for Glo and Vicky and hoping that everyone in Shepherdstown has a wonderful visit today that includes an eagle sighting at the bend in the road.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Jordyn is up so I am up

Nest is still dark

Janet said…
good morning to one and all. beautiful Saturday morning.

a nice chill today, only going to about 59 was 80 yesterday. what a difference!

light, love, hugs to all!
JudyE said…
watching the NE nest they sure are busy this am fighting over stick so cute
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

No idea who Korea is, Jo!

Auto correct got me again. I was a bit tired last night by the time I posted that. I must have typed "Ko" instead of "Jo."

Need to find that bend in the road where eve everyone goes to see the nest.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

No idea who Korea is, Jo!

Auto correct got me again. I was a bit tired last night by the time I posted that. I must have typed "Ko" instead of "Jo."

Need to find that bend in the road where eve everyone goes to see the nest.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

No idea who Korea is, Jo!

Auto correct got me again. I was a bit tired last night by the time I posted that. I must have typed "Ko" instead of "Jo."

Need to find that bend in the road where eve everyone goes to see the nest.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

No idea who Korea is, Jo!

Auto correct got me again. I was a bit tired last night by the time I posted that. I must have typed "Ko" instead of "Jo."

Need to find that bend in the road where eve everyone goes to see the nest.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

No idea who Korea is, Jo!

Auto correct got me again. I was a bit tired last night by the time I posted that. I must have typed "Ko" instead of "Jo."

Need to find that bend in the road where eve everyone goes to see the nest.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

No idea who Korea is, Jo!

Auto correct got me again. I was a bit tired last night by the time I posted that. I must have typed "Ko" instead of "Jo."

Need to find that bend in the road where eve everyone goes to see the nest.
stronghunter said…
Oh my gosh. Please excuse all the hiccups.
stronghunter said…
Oh my gosh. Please excuse all the hiccups.
stronghunter said…
Oh my gosh. Please excuse all the hiccups.
JudyE said…
Better get a big drink of water for them hiccups SHIRLEY

sure wish I could be at the bend of the road tooo

Hope someone get a picture of our royal couple today

magpie said…
Good Beautiful West Virginia Morning...!!!

Oh dear, 1000 pardons for my severe absences here in the last many weeks!

This Morning, I just want to say,
Sure Was Wonderful to be with Momsters and Miracle Michael, last evening, and All of You in Spirit !

Now today, an unexpected work entanglement is going to keep me from the afternoon gathering, as I am working noon to 5 ... I knew it COULD happen just didn't think it WOULD... though I might be able to catch the "tail end" of things at The Clarion...

Tremendous Understatement to say:
I have missed Schmoozing with All and Keeping up with so many very important doins' -
I can only TRY to make amends and start sneaking back on here
Extra Soon !

I'm doing well in most regards, not to worry! [Just many things going on hereabouts these days]

And I sincerely hope and wish the same "Doing Well" condition goes for Each and Every One of You and Your Families, Friends, and Pets !

ttfn xoxo Your Magpie xoxo
Hoda said…
Good morning all
Happy gathering.
Look up
Look up
Look Waaaaaaaaaaay up!
Catch some Eagles round the bend...
DanaMo said…
Good morning all!
Day to clean out the pool and get it ready for winter. Most miserable day of the year for me!! Glad I'm going to the luncheon to cheer me up!
Sorry you won't be there Margy! I'm bummed!
I'm hoping I have the time correct? 2:30 at the Tuscany room?
Sandi the kitchen looks great. Always wonderful to get an update.
We did our hall bathroom that the kids use. It was supposed to be the master bath getting redone, until we came home from vacy and a bunch of tiles fell of the shower wall and revealed much wetness behind. Oh well...eventually it will get done. Probably not for me to enjoy since I will be ready to put it on the market and fly south.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
It is breezy out there and a bit cloudy but no rain in the forecast.
Our sunshine is headed up the road to Shepherdstown ♥

All pictures from last evening are in the Yahoo Momster's album and are
also on FB on the Eaglet Momsters site. I also have them on my page and so does Wanda. ENJOY

I will be thinking of you all this afternoon at lunch .
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Just spent a satisfying few minutes viewing Jo and Wanda's pics of last night's dinner. I actually, thanks to previous pics, was able to identify everyone. So happy to see you all and looking forward to more pics later today or tomorrow. The rest of us out in the the hinterlands are with you in spirit!

My washer and dryer are working overtime. About 1:30am Penny started barking and crying. I released her from the crate, she did a wild lap around the house, jumped on my bed and vomited. After I'd changed my bed and her's she settled down til' 8:30. Now her system and all routine habits are normal, thankfully.

SANDI, are you celebrating Kevin's birthday this evening or tomorrow? Wishing him a Happy Birthday!!!

Okay, y'all look up as HODA says and watch SHIRLEY's "punch" intake---those hiccoughs were wild!!!
Lolly said…
Margy!!!M. So great to see you, Sweetie! You have been terribly missed!

Want to know what all Shirley had to drink last night??? She seems to be repeating herself!

Great fun at brunch this morning. Now to go harvest pecans. Then comes baking pies.

Guess they are getting together about now. Sigh...... Love and hugs!
Kay said…
Sigh is right, LOLLY! Can't you just imagine all the hugs, laughter and talk, talk, talk?

I like the way your guys love pies for birthdays! From a little kid on I always requested cherry pie or cobbler--Mother's were the bestest ever! Eileen has been to four weddings this year and two out of four served pies rather than the usual wedding cake. Hmmmm good! Happy birthday to dear Joseph, quite the punkin' he is! A church retreat is a good way to spend a birthday!
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Gang!

Lolly, please pass along a big

Wow, that must've been some punch they were serving last night, judging by Shirley's hiccups!

Margy, it's SOOO good to see you
on here! I've really MISSED you!
Hope all is well with you!

Sounds like everyone had a great time at the gathering yesterday!
Sure wish I could be there!

Golly, Kay, I'm sure glad that Penny is feeling better! Wonder what caused the upset! Poor baby!
Prayers that there will be no more problems.

Hoping that some of you will have spotted Belle & Shep at some time today, and were able to get pictures!

Well, need to get going here. I'm cooking more chicken for Emma, and need to check on it. Enjoy the gathering tonight! Pass some big hugs around for me!! I ♥ us!!
Lolly said…
Thanks ,Kay! Sent him a video text of Jack and myself singing a horrible rendition of happy birthday. Lol. Also, the youth minister has sent Laurel a video of the whole group singing to him. Love it!

Cherry cheese cake pie is a very popular birthday pie around here, but Joseph LOVES that pumpkin. I have made two different recipes to compare. One is the tried and true Libby's recipe and the second one has sweetened condensed milk and brown sugar. Also it has additional nutmeg added. Batter tasted yummy! Lol
Janet said…
good evening just woke from a nap a bit ago.

Yeah! MAGPIE was here today! :)

all is well. thinking of each of you today.

Lolly said…
Hi Andy! About time for some of the party goers to be checking in! Know they had a wonderful time!
Mema Jo said…
Another GREAT get together has been held! Whoo Hoo

This afternoon we did hold a 50/50 drawing - the amount collected was
$185.00 - The winner of the drawing for $92.00 was Robyn Schonhans

The proceeds of $93.00 will be sent to the Friends of NCTC and earmarked for the Eagle Cam equipment.

I will be sending a momster email about details of making donations to the eagle cam equipment within a day or two.
DanaMo said…
Wonderful to see the gang! Great to meet new friends and catch up with the monsters I have not seen in so long (too long)! Glad I didn't leave any earlier or I would have missed Margy!
Wishing safe travels for all those who need to travel home.
Kay said…
Wahoo, JO and DANA both posting "good tidings of great joy". I'm sure we stay at homes will soon receive pics!

Congrats to Robyn and hurray for the good eagle cam donation the 50/50 made possible!!!

Seth called this evening to fill me in on his day at the zoo. He was on duty as Mentor with a busload of Freshman. Our zoo has always been a family favorite and he loved every moment of the outing.

I'm fading fast, so will bid you all goodnight. SED!!! See you tomorrow.

Love and prayers for all!!!

Mema Jo said…
Glo and Vicky pulled into the Clarion about 2:15pm and the hugging began.
Mema Jo said…
I am putting my feet up for a while.

FB has lots of photos starting to come in......... Tomorrow I will put
in Yahoo site's Momster album

Thanks for being patience with me.

Mema Jo said…
I am too silly tired to
spell PATIENT with me by showing your
Lolly said…
Dana so glad you got to go! I am so happy for all of you! And, have seen the pictures of the double rainbow at the nest! Wow!
glo said…
Had a very wonderful time in Shepherdstown today. I will not be able to share photos though until i get home in a couple of days. Its always a special time with Momsters get together. SED everyone and AOYP
Mema Jo said…
Goodnight to all my friends ♥
Lolly said…
Glo, so happy for you! Hope your camera works for you in the morning at the nest!

Fell asleep in my chair! Need to get to bed.

Pumpkin pies are ready for tomorrow. I cut Joseph's initials out of pie dough scraps, also 14, his age. When the pies were partially cooked, I laid the cutouts on the top. Turned out great . Lol

Night all! SED!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Sounds like a great time was had by all in Shepherdstown yesterday. From the photos on FB, it also looks like some got onto the grounds, yes? I saw photos from the bend and also the familiar shot with the barn to the left of the nest tree.

Laundry and cleaning the upstairs are on today's agenda for me. Yesterday was gorgeous - in the 70s, took the dogs up to the beach to run. Today, the high is supposed to be 59 - what a change overnight!

Prayers continue for Jo and for Lynne's son Dave. Have agreat day all.
glo said…
Good morning everyone. Birds were a no show but the sun did ht the nest really pretty this morning so I settled for that photo. Soon we will travel on west. Have a Blessed Sunday.
Kay said…
Good Sunday Morning, Eagle Buds!!!

GLO, so sorry our beloved pair didn't show up this morning. Praying for safe travel as you and Vicky head homeward!

JO, love the pic of celebrants at dinner yesterday, though some are a bit obscured---trust there will be more pics that show those folks---I don't know who every one of them are and hope for some of that detail, too. Love seeing Miracle Mike at the head of the table!!!

The attendees are a little slow in checking in today, but getting set for traveling home, I imagine. Guess SHIRLEY managed her Margarita's well as she's done no stuttering today! Yet!

SANDI, you're certainly keeping busy this weekend. Wish I had your energy---used to---where did it go?

LOLLY, thinking of the Ellis clan as you honor Joseph! The pie with name and age cutouts sounds beautiful and will, I'm sure, be scrumptious. Let us know how the one with the new recipe rated with the family.

SHAR, have been holding you in my thoughts and prayers. I know how the change in plans disappointed you. Hope you're bug has been defeated. ♥ to Sissie as well!

It's a gorgeous Autumn day here and I wish the same for all of you from one coast to the other and from our north to our southern borders!

Love and Prayers for all!!!

Janet said…
good morning to one and all.

have been enjoying the pictures of the gathering. maybe one day I too shall be there!

I have been reading this book: THE PAUSE. have any of you read it?

well, its about menopause, as one might guess, but it not only explains what happens, but gives the whys as well as different positive approaches to it.

as of January, I will be dealing with this nonsense for 11 years. soemthings of course I have anticipated, but somethings, well no....and just reading this book makes soo much sense and helps so much. if you know anyone who is going thru this I would strongly recommend them having a copy of said book!

its a gorgeous morning here. probably in the 50's....sunny....not a lot planned. a bit of housework. laundry ,the usual. hope everyone has a lovely day!!!! :)
Janet said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janet said…
oops! pardon. my delete. double post. :)
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