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New thread.


Judie said…
Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread.

Congratulations on the feather Judie. You look stunning!

Jo, it is chilly here also. Have wind gusts and lovely blue sky. Enjoy your day of organizing. That always seems to be such good therapy for me to clean out and clean up.

Janet, what a loss on those coupons. Hopefully the culprit is in greater need or will develop a conscience.

Hope Lolly has a fun day and a fun retreat with Laurel.

Today is a kitchen day. Think I will make chili to put in the freezer.

Wishing everyone a wonderful morning.

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds and much thanks to STEVE for the New Thread! Thanks to the beautifully befeathered JUDIE as well!

JO, happy organization day and my fingers are crossed that your phone will soon ring with a called revealing what's up next.

JANET, hoping to hear your addy/phone was in the binder and that some fine soul is about to contact you to return your goodies.

LOLLY and Laurel on retreat--how special!

SHIRLEY, was there enough milk and cereal left for a hungry boy this morning?

HODA, thoughts are with you and all of Canada in this hour of need.

This is doggie play date day. I'll soon leave to get Malcolm.

Love and Prayers for all!!!

stronghunter said…

A bit of milk and cereal remain. I was able to enjoy a bit of cereal this morning. Not Cookie Crisp, though. Not sure I have ever had a bowl of that. :)
Mema Jo said…
Way to go Judie
A new feather for you - whoo hoo

Good morning to all my eagle friends.
Shirley it is a fat chance you will ever get to taste Cookie Crisp - stay
with the Honey Nut Cheerios or
Raisin Bran...


Mema Jo said…

Thank you Steve for the fresh new

Also thanks for twice resetting the
cam for us. We have been getting a lot of pictures of their visits at dawn and dusk.
Hoda said…
Good morning.
Waiting with you JO
You look great in pictures. Your sparkle, your stature, and your joy come through. Do yes it is a compliment from that nurse. Since all of that is in a picture imagine meeting you in real life...
Hoda said…
Members of our Parliament filed past the War Memorial to pay their respects to our fallen soldier and marched back to Parliament. Sitting in session. Democracy alive and well inspite of the actions of one very misguided Canadian. We apparently had 90 of them. Thanks to the RCMP now 89. To keep them from fighting with Terror groups the gov't has taken their passports. I think they should give them a one way travel document and have them sign a forefiture of citizenship when they travel in aid of terrorists. No re entry into Canada regardless if they were born here. These two misguided people were born here. Shame shame shame.
O Canada We Stand on Huard For Ther is a line from our Nationsl Anthem.
Hoda said…
O Canada We Stand On Guard For Thee
Is the Line from our National Anthem.

We are all touched with the singing of our Anthem in last night's hockey game in Philadelphia. No Canadian team on the ice yet they projected our flag and sang our Anthem in solidarity.
Thank you.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Thanks for the new thread STEVE

and the Call ober JUDIE
Mema Jo said…
Just got the call from Radiation
Mon or Tues fit me in a mold and then to Hosp for CT
Different type scan where you deep breath and then let that breath
out about 3 different intervals

Called Spine Tracking
Cyberknife can be done without the markers
About 8 days later the treatment will begin

Good news
Lolly said…
Good morning! We woke this morning with no electricity. My first thought "oh no, no coffee!" Yes, I guess I am an addict! However, there was a remedy. Our gas grill has a burner. Put a filter in my mug and poured hot water over the coffee. :) It is on now and had a second mug from the coffee pot!

Heading down to harvest more pecans. It is a game with us....sort of like hunting for Easter eggs. LOL Actually, just trying to beat the squirrels and the crows!!

We leave this afternoon for football.

Jo, your positive attitude shines through!! Love you!
JudyE said…
there goes LOLLY gathering nuts in the dark while sipping on a coffee through a filter LOL
Hoda said…
The Sergeant At Arms, Kevin Vickers, led the procession into Parliament this morning. Paraded through the Honour Hall and into The Chamber. He is in charge of a Parliament Security and yesterday shot and killed the misguided Canadian. He heard the shots, took off the hat from his ceremonial garb, got his weapon. Spread on floor to minimize his being a target and fired three times. He got his target.
He was given a standing ovation by all members.
Very dignified retired RCMP officer. Blessed Be.
Hoda said…
Yay JO
OK we practice deep breathing and letting go in intervals from now till Monday or Tuesday.
So wonderful so many options.
Walking with you.
Sending you love and Light.

Safe travels LOLLY and Jack.
stronghunter said…
Good to see the new plans for you, Jo. Will be thinking of you as you go through the procedures.

Very touching scenes from Canada today.

Judie said…
Arrived here to find Jo's good news. We will be with you girlfriend.

Cereal of choice is Cheerios and Shredded Wheat. Is Cookie Crisp anything like Cookies and Cream ice cream? Now that would spark my interest in breakfast. lol

Lolly, say hi to Jufie while gathering pecans.

Chili is simmering. Going to put my feet up.
Kay said…
JO, I'm jumping for joy! So glad cyber surgery is possible without those markers. Wahoo!

Hmmmm, we're weighing in on cereal, eh? This ol' gal prefers oatmeal over all, with a dab of butter and a bit of Splenda. Once in a while I get a craving for dry cereal, a real luxury because I only like whole milk--I know that's bad--I love Wheat Chex, Shredded Wheat and Cheerios, in that order. I feel a craving coming on.....

It's 54° and gloriously sunny--having a great time outdoors with the dogs. Have worn them out and they're both snoozing right now. Reminds me of the blessed relief it was when my little youngun's collapsed for naps!

JUDIE, I'd like to beam myself into your place for dinner tonight! Cooking for one is a drag, so yesterday I tried the new Progresso Chili in a pouch---okay, but nothing like real homemade Chili! In fact, Hormel's canned varieties are superior to Progresso, I think!

Well, enough of this gourmet talk.☺
Kay said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said…
Sorry for stuttering...Firefox went flooey on me with a big interruption in service...Arrrgggghhh!
JudyE said…
JUDIE don't do it don't go to the other side and get Cookie Crisp There is no turning back if you do I made that mistake with Cinnamon Crunch and many others they are addictive LOL
JudyE said…
I try to stay away from that stuff and I love my honeynut cheerios and wheat chex and shredded wheat
JudyE said…
oh and I found the store brand of the Wheat Chex better that name brand odd huh but not the cheerios
If I have the sweetened cereal I just find myself eating it dry
Judie said…
Hoda, just watched a news clip showing Parliament's Sergeant At Arms receiving the standing ovation. Very handsome and distinguished looking. What a brave defender of Canada.

Kay, Darth likes Hormel products. Now, as for homemade chili, next really cold OH day, make a big pot and freeze in one-person sizes. Can't beat homemade chili and some cornbread on an snowy OH day. I am not a breakfast person but when I have cereal I want real milk not the pretend stuff (and sugar, too). Guess it's good I'm not a breakfast person.

Jo, the CTA I had Monday was a breath in breath out, breath in hold. My only discomfort (after they were finally able to find a vein for the IV, was the dye injection. That did sting a bit.

One load of laundry done. None remaining for today. Chili cooling. Sheesh! I've been Lollypaloozing.

Tonight, Tilapia and asparagus with lemon and capers. Double sheesh. Really Lollypaloozing. lol

Judie said…
Good grief! Why do I have a craving for cereal tonight?

Lolly said…
Jack is in the dr office. Another appt concerning cyst. I am in the car and the Thunderbirds keep flying over. Air show this weekend!

Cereal.....I like granola type cereal. Jack likes General Mills Raisen Bran. I like that, too! Most mornings though I eat a scrambled egg, whole wheat toast and fruit . I also eat late and then hardly any lunch if any at all !
Lolly said…
Now down 12 pounds since early Sept!
Mema Jo said…
Judie - look for some Cookie Crisp cereal....

I got a date with Radiation

Tues Oct 28th 12:30

This is to do preparations and a
CT - treatment program to be set up
and then should start in about 7-8 days
Lolly said…
As soon as Jack is out we are headed to football game!
Janet said…
good afternoon all.

No, sigh, my phone nor name was in the binder. That will be corrected with the new binder I purchased while on the return trip there last night. I did contact savings catcher to see if I can have that particular gift card canceled and refunded to me...maybe maybe not, but as JUDYE pointed out, won't know if I don't ask. Worst case scenario, they say no or its already been spent and i'm no worse off than I am now.

JO: super news!

cereal. all right. I love grape nuts. with sugar and strawberries.

I will occasionally eat other cold cereals, but they do not appeal to me very much. I do love cream of wheat and grits as well. butter and sugar please.

My breakfast is typically a greek yogurt or an apple and peanut butter, sometimes, toast and cheese.

and coffee. must never forget the coffee.

all right, stuff to do. need to go. have a master tonic to make. home school to teach.

hugs to all
Mema Jo said…
Our local airport - Frederick - just on the news of a crash - trying to find it in writing
3 dead...

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA9) -- Two aircraft have collided near the Frederick Municipal Airport, according to Maryland State Police.

One small plane and one helicopter collided, police said.
Judie said…
Janet, you forget that grits is a complete meal - grits aren't just for breakfast, ya know. Do love grits almost anytime.

Have fun Lolly. Hope Jack is okay.

Good news Jo. Now you know what is coming up and when. A relief for sure.
Sandi said…
Hi all - home from my nail appt. and I see we have a new thread so I'm just posting to check the box.

Jo, glad to hear your docs have an action plan and they have shared it with you so quickly.

I LOVE cold cereal - eat it every morning except Sundays when Denny makes pancakes and at least once a week for dinner. As a matter of fact, I'll probably have a bowl tonight before we head to the grocery store. My favorite is actually Frosted Flakes! I suspect I would like Cookie Crisp! :)

Mema Jo said…


Mema Jo said…
Still only one in our nest
Mema Jo said…
It really looks like Shep
I can faintly see his black dot on head...... I could be dreaming also
Mema Jo said…
Cam is now black but our eagle
was still sitting in the nest at
grannyblt said…
Good evening all. Just realized we had a new thread.

Since I am now retired and live alone, I've discovered how much I like breakfast. Eggs, bacon, grits and good bread is my favorite, but the meat only rarely. Cereal also rarely, maybe Great Grains or plain Cheerios. Steel cut oats when I want to take time to cook them and usually add dried cranberries. Bagels, smoothies,pancakes are also good. Gee, I'm getting hungry and I just ate supper. Maybe all that breakfast explains my tire around the middle.

So glad there is a plan for Jo.

Such bad news from Canada. At the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game last night, they paid respect by singing the Oh Canada before the game.

BTW, son Dave is finally home from hospital. He declined surgery for now, but is doing much better. Now he has that nor'easter to contend with.
JudyE said…
at ANGIE house saw the visit got a couple snips Helping Jordyn with shower
JudyE said…
will post when I get home

had to do the robot thing with my lapp top whats up with that
Janet said…
lol. never thought of grits as anything but breakfast food.

I learned to eat grits about 15 years ago. love them. I grew up with cream of wheat. love that as well.

quiet evening. gonna play some mind numbing face book games, then read...and then bed time I think.

stronghunter said…
Hmm, cream of wheat is delicious for breakfast. I like to make it with milk.

I have been fixing grits from time to time. Never did when the kids were growing up. Will asked me about that recently. Don't know why. I suppose I thought my hubby wouldn't like grits. A girl can change eating habits if she wants to.

I have to have my coffee before I take Hunter to school, or at least while I am taking him. Then, sometimes, I fix myself a good breakfast after I come back home--eggs and bacon or grits or cereal--either hot or cold. I do not eat cantaloupe, and I have a strange reaction to the honey-nut cereals, so I avoid them.
stronghunter said…
A restaurant in Fredericksburg has grits on the dinner menu. I don't remember what else was served with them, but it was quite good.
Judie said…
Evenin' all.

Grits for breakfast and grits for a.m. in the p.m. Works for me on occasion.

Lynne1, happy Dave is home and send continued good wishes for his improvement.

Have roused Sandperson and suggested he pack a large satchel and be ready to depart at 11pm. I suspect Jufie may be in the area of Sandperson's closet because I distinctly smell pecan breath.

Heading to the pillows early tonight. Restful sleep for all.
stronghunter said…

Checking in via phone to say good night.

SED, everyone.
Lynne2 said…
evening all!

Prayers for Sparkling Jo (love that Hoda!) and for Dave.

Sorry about you coupon binder Janet. That really sucks...

Breakfast. Protein of some sort. Still wheat free!! Now backing down the sugar, too!

Oh my, I have to prove I'm not a robot. DANGER WILL ROBINSON.
Lynne2 said…
Steve and I were at the VA Hospital (routine visit) and in the waiting room when the news broke about the attack in Ottawa. OMG, talk about a sad place to be at that moment....and now this NYC incident with the guy with the ax, and another Ebola case.....sigh.

And in a strange and creepy coincidence (that has Jufie written all over it) we got SEVEN phone calls from an Ottawa phone number today that when answered sounds like someone is trying to send a fax.

Must update my picture....
Lynne2 said…
OK, now I'm with it. We actually had this little guy hanging up in one of our windows at Halloween when I was a kid!
Lynne2 said…
So sad about the air collision in Frederick. I wonder if the gusty winds had a role.

Boy, speaking of which...that wind last night was CRAZY!

Lolly, hope you and Lolly, Jr. have fun at the retreat tomorrow!

Lynne2 said…
Oh my, I am all alone so I will say goodnight!
Mema Jo said…
I missed you again Lynn2 - perhaps
tomorrow! Love having you back!

Grannyblt, Prayers continue for Dave

Lolly - have an inspirational day tomorrow with your daughter and all the other gals!
Mema Jo said…
Time for me to head to the pillows
Just in time for some sleepy dust

Goodnight to all ♥
NCSuzan said…
Shrimp and grits!

Jo, happy news!
Lolly said…
Home from football game. Another loss but Joseph played well. I was impressed with the discipline and coaching with the other team. I think Joseph's coaches could learn a thing or two!

Leave tomorrow early afternoon and will. E back Sunday afternoon! Looking forward to a great time. A lot to do in the morning.

Now time to hit the pillows!

Night all! SED!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - happy Friday.

Two things to tell everyone about my week at school when I have more time - remind me if I forget.

Prayers for all. Have a great day.
Janet said…
good RED Friday morning!!!!

beautiful weather. glad its Friday.

weekend straight ahead. thinkin' i'm glad about that. :)

hope everyone had a beautiful day. light, love, hugs, and smiles to all!
Mema Jo said…



Mema Jo said…
Both Belle and Shep still in the nest
Belle had left for a few but is back
They seem to be working on their
Mema Jo said…
Sunshine is on the nest now and it is very beautiful. Belle and Shep
are just sitting in the nest -
preening at time. It has almost been an hour. Wondering if Belle spent the night in the nest - I didn't get up quite early enough to confirm.

Coffee is up and now only one
is still sitting where our egg cup will be (I hope) in full view
Mema Jo said…
They are both in the nest again
Brought in something - I have no idea
what it is I don't think it is food
Just a big clump of something - I wish I had some more eyes out there on this.....

Eagle Eyed Sharon aren't you watching
Mema Jo said…
Back in the nest - You can see the indentation in the grasses as to where the
egg cup may be. Whoo Hoo
Mema Jo said…
Poof MT nest again
But look at that indentation for our egg cup in the grass
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Thanks for the eagle report JO

Did you get pic snips ??

JudyE said…
YEP you sure did I just saw them on the FB page Long visit I see
Kay said…
Good RED FRIDAY Morning Eagle Buds!!!

JO, great Belle n' Shep report! Wish I'd been on with you at the time.

SANDI, you tease! Can't wait for that "my week at school" report!

Hi to the lovely sisters, JUDY & JANET!

Another great day for dog walking here. Glorious Autumn!

Love and prayers for all!!!

Lolly said…
Good morning! Plenty to do this morn before leaving, so I am bustling around!

Looking forward to seeing Belle ans Shep when they are in the nest during the day! I am certainly not up at that hour!

Have a great weekend and I will see you sometime Sunday! Love and hugs as well as SED!
Mema Jo said…
Judy - I have one horrible time remembering how to arrange my photos for the Momster album so that they come out in Order... I usually only put the time not the date as it is on the still cam.... I got tired of fooling with it...... Only put in a few... Too many to add. Loved their
visit! ♥

You can mess with them if you want -
JudyE said…
Funny last evening while at Jordyn Gym class I discovered a incandescent setting on my camera Have been complaining about the lightening in the gym we are upstairs looking down at the floor and with the light right above us the pic and video are rotten UNTIL I found that setting for light incandescent wow now my pic look better funny how old this cam is and I still am finding out things LOL
JudyE said…
JO I also noticed the uploading in order on the yahoo site I just upload I figured with the date stamp on the pic it really didn't matter as long as its just that visit Now if we were putting multi days on I could see a issue and I noticed when you go on the album you have the option to view click the choice for date and reverse order but you first go on they are in wonkie order LOL
Mema Jo said…
Police: Marysville-Pilchuck High School North of Seattle WA

A student believed to have opened fire at Marysville-Pilchuck High School Friday morning is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to two law-enforcement sources.

Police have not released details, but there are reports of as many as seven other people shot about 10:45 a.m.
stronghunter said…

I see we had a visit from the royal couple this morning. Maybe they like the green carpet in their abode.

Geesh. Our visit to Susan to celebrate Rus's birthday has resulted in a letter from the powers that be. We are being accused of not paying the toll on I-495. Goodness gracious, we went through the all the toll booths and paid all of the tolls. We will be fighting back. Another reason for me to hate the Beltway.
Judie said…
Good late afternoon.

Very sad case of another school shooting. Just listened to an update that indicates two dead, one of which is thought to be the student shooter. Absolutely heartbreaking.

This was a quiet day for me. Piddled about the house and a little reading. Darth did errands.

Someday I will have to set my alarm to awaken me at dawn's early light. Well, maybe that was just a thought.

Shirley, sorry about the toll mistake. Hope you appeal and win. Mistakes do happen. Appeals are won. Oh, forgot from the other day - glad Hunter is feeling better.

Going back to do some more of nothing.

Kay said…
JO, the news out of WA is so sad and all too familiar. My heart aches.

SHIRLEY, geesssh is right! Hope you win the "fight".

Judie said…
Sure hope Sandi has time to fill us in on her school events. Curious, of course.
Kay said…
Me, too, JUDIE! We lucky folks who have plenty of nuttin' to do have inquiring minds!
Janet said…
good afternoon.

just did my "good deed" for the day. brought my neighbor over, she is 75, and showed her how to coupon online....we printed about $20 of coupons that she will use, gave her some of my baseball card pages to put them in, she already has a binder and gave her the webpage address.

said she will get her son to sign up for it. I said if he won't, come over on Mondays and we'll go thru them.

she shops senior days on Wednesdays.

anyway, busy but good day. work was busy and I am glad. been a little slow lately.

feeling really good today.

not a lot going on. going to try a new dish for dinner sweet n spicy bacon chicken. we shall see.

anyway. will check in later! :)
Mema Jo said…
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WUSA9) -- Remains found in Ablemarle County have been positively identified as University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, officials confirmed Friday.

Rest in Peace Hannah ♥
Sandi said…
Hi all it's the weekend! YAY!

Shirley, do you have an EZ-Pass? If so, mail in a statement showing the cycle when you supposedly dodged that toll. That will be acceptable proof that you had a current EZ-Pass in your vehicle on the date in question. I have had to do that on several occasions and it settled the matter very easily.

Jo, congrats on catching the nest visit this AM. When I log onto my laptop at 5:30am, it's too dark outside to even bother with opening the still cam to check for our eagles.

So, the 2 things that happened yesterday at school.

First, I asked for a meeting with my principal to discuss some comments he had written on a lesson plan of mine that I didn't agree with. We had a very nice conversation. Then, he made the statement that he knows how difficult teaching has become and understands that many things we are asked to do are simply BS. He said, "As a matter of fact, I just got a text yesterday from a teacher at my old school, one of the finest teachers I have ever met. Her text simply said, I quit today!"

I asked Jason how many years this person has been teaching and he said about 19 or 20. He said that when he called her to follow up on the text, she said she just couldn't take all the crap anymore and just walked out! Jason commented how sad it is that excellent teachers are ready to abandon their careers because they are just fed up with what the teaching profession has become.

I said, "It's interesting that you would say that because ..." And so, I told my principal about my plan to make this my last year of teaching and about becoming an instructional assistant for my final year in the district. He seemed surprised, but simply said, "Well, good for you for finding a plan that makes you happier."

Now the only thing left to do is talk with the personnel director about the logistics of making it happen.

The 2nd thing was terribly sad. A parent asked to come in and talk with all of the teachers on the team about her son. We knew that she has been battling breast cancer. She came in to tell us that the cancer has traveled to her brain and the prognosis is poor. She wanted us to know that Michael had recently asked to live with his dad b/c he didn't want to watch his mother dying day by day. She was devastated that he didn't want to live at home anymore. At the same time, she respected his wishes and also knows that she has to make long term plans for Michael's care for when she is gone. It was a very difficult conference - please say a prayer when you can for Michael and his mom. I can't even imagine what it must feel like to lose your mother at age 14 - I know how hard it was for me to lose mine at age 59.

Need to fix dinner for people and pets. Later.
Mema Jo said…
Thanks for bending my ear, Sandi.
Very eye opening meeting with your principal. That happened at just the right time. Now you can plan your future year.
Prayers for Michael and his mom - Tragic circumstances for a 14 year old. I pray living with his dad will
be an answer but also pray he will give his mom his attention and love.
grannyblt said…
Came home this afternoon after a successful shopping trip(successful because I only bought what was on list) to a crockpot of perfectly cooked pinto beans. Think I need to get busy and make some cornbread.

Don't even want to turn on the news.
grannyblt said…
So sad about the student and his mother Sandi. Will keep them in prayer.
stronghunter said…
No EZ-Pass, Sandi. We don't travel on toll roads that often. Susan has one, but she wasn't with us.
Judie said…
Dinner over. Scullery in order.

Sandi, what a very sad day for the teachers and what a tragic time ahead for young Michael. Hopefully, there will be a source or two or three of comfort, compassion, and strength for him.

Sandi, happy you were able to have a productive chat with the principle. You have a straight road ahead to retirement.

Headed to put my feet up. BBL
JudyE said…
Back home from kids now to get a shower

saw the royal couple on lap top at dau house got some snips and in both places
Mema Jo said…
Good pictures Judy - thanks

I am going to close early - at least early for me. Getting cold again outside and is still breezy. Weekend is to have beautiful weather.

Goodnight to all ♥
Prayers for all to have a sound
sleep and pleasant dreams.
Janet said…
its late. sandperson has already visited. sleepy. good night to all!
Hoda said…
All good here. Taking healing steps.
The corporal's body was taken out of Ottawa to Hamilton, where he is from. The Highway of Heros was lined with thousands of Canadians.
Funeral for the other soldier run down in Quebec happens tomorrow.
Vandalism has occurrd against some moslem Community symbols and businesses. Right away the Anglo or Francophone communities come out to clean it, sing O Canada and tell those who were subjected to "go home" messages, they are home!

So we take steps towards healing.
We have an obligation towards his son. We must fulfill this obligation.
The funeral in Quebec is private. The parents of the soldier are praying for the soul of the one who ran him down. They clearly ask us to do the same. Bless them.

No news on the Hamilton funeral. The town came out to receive their fallen son as the country declares him Canada's Son.
So we are healing. Steps so many steps.

Sorry about the shooting at school.
Sorry about the murdered student in Virginia.
Sorry about the craziness all around.

Praying for my Blog Family.
God keep you all.
Good night
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,
Have been pretty busy today. Ken's new phone has decided to go south for the winter, so we spent a fair amount of time at Verizon trying to fix it, and finally going through the red tape to get him another phone. It should arrive on Monday. Sure am glad my phone works well!

Lynne1, thrilled to hear that Dave is out of the hospital, and that he's improved!

Jo, glad that Plan B is firmly in place for your treatment. (HUGS)!

Hoda, so sorry about the shootings in Ottawa! What a crazy world we live in.

Well, I need to get going. Someone in our neighborhood is setting off firecrackers every once in a while, and poor Emma is beside herself. Might know--finally, in the last 2 weeks, she's seemed to have gotten over July 4th, and now this. Back to square one! Sigh...There are not words.

Hope everyone has SED tonight. God bless, and goodnight. I ♥ us!
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
.♥.EAGLE in nest.♥

JudyE said…
seems just to be standing no picking at all maybe waiting for partner to show
Sandi said…
Goodorming Judy and all my eagle friends. Judy, are you back to work today?

Went onto Facebook first thing this morning, but did have the still cam page open and saw our eagle arrive. Nice sight! Waiting for the appearance of #2 - I can't tell which one this is.

Nothing on my agenda this morning or afternoon. Denny and I are attending a Special Olympics event this evening.

Have agreat day all.
magpie said…
Whoo Hoo!
Good Morning, Precious Pals...

can't say much, am at work....
but I see that Eagle you just announced, JudyE...

daybreak will be even better !

xoxox Have a Jolly Day xoxox !!
JudyE said…
yep back to work SANDI
JudyE said…
seems to be BELLE and yeah MARGY Hey gal you bben missed
Sandi said…
Great to see you on the blog Margy!

Have updated my avatar to my latest Freyja photo. Lynnis has taken up knitting and just finished her first hat with pom-poms.

Color just arrived on the still cam.
JudyE said…
I am suppose to stop at Angie after work she is having the Ocktober feast that was cancelled last week due to her back being out

almost time for me to had out the door

Still only one which I think is Belle in the nest saw the V on one of the pic
No picking at all just standing and looking around
JudyE said…
Happy eagle watching

hope someone gets snips after I leave if the other show up
Janet said…
good morning all. checking in. gorgeous morning here. all is quiet.

early voting this morning. then who knows? lots to do, what will I choose to do?

Light, love, healing, hugs and bright blessings to all!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning my eagle budlets. I hope all is well with your worlds. I feel so out of touch lately. Need to work on getting back in touch, huh?

I have a prayer request. My sister-in-law's brother, Bink Lawson, found out a couple of weeks ago he had leukemia. Apparently his body was not strong enough for the treatment they started him on. He is now in ICU and basically they are just waiting for him to pass away. Such a sad and grueling thing for them to be going through. She told me this morning that I knew what she was going through with losing a sibling. I have to say with Donna and Duck, I am really grateful it was sudden and not the torture they are going through.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
And now on a positive note, this time next week I will be in Ripley at Cedar Lakes for our fall NA convention. It's called "True Colors XVIII, Path Less Traveled." I am the Convention Chair so it will be a busy weekend, but I CANNOT WAIT!!!! The spring convention was kind of weird because we had to leave Saturday morning for Andrew's graduation and then Sunday morning, Sis was sick with a stomach virus and we had to leave early, so it really didn't feel like I had even been to a convention.

Okay, didn't mean to write a book but. . .

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Mema Jo, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I LOVE YOU MUCH!
Mema Jo said…
Good beautiful Saturday morning to all ♥

I have checked the nest since 8:00 but it has been MT. Good fishing weather

So our month of October is almost finished and Nov is on our doorstep. Hoping that Halloween is enjoyed with all fall festivities. I hope to have a few Trick or Treaters at my door BUT hubby has started eating the candy !
Mema Jo said…
Hi Sharon
Prayers for Bink to pass calmly and for the family to be able to accept his leaving by remembering the good times.
I know you will really enjoy the convention. Sounds like it will be well attended. Happy you got the gas line into your home - looked like a major project. Praying for your medical treatment for your lopsided hip - lol. Soon you will be all fixed - physically and spiritually ♥
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
The gas line is a work in progress Jo. They will be back Monday to finish it. Just a gaping hole in the driveway with caution tape (or crime scene tape as I like to call it). They will bring the meter to install on Monday. They have to do a pressure test on the new line. They are also supposed to plant grass seed and put down gravel where they messed everything up. They said they try to leave it a little better than they found it, so more will be revealed.

It is going to be awesome to just go to the thermostat on the wall and turn on the heat. No more fighting with a pellet stove, lugging 40 pound bags of pellets, working about running out of pellets if the weather gets cold. You know, we take a lot for granted in this world.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Prayers and good wishes, Sharon. Good that it will be easier for you to keep warm this winter.

Need to get moving. Planning to meet some friends for bowling practice later this morning.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

SHAR, praying for Bink and family. Kudos to you for chairing the upcoming convention! Heatin' with gas is happy news!

SANDI, Freyja looks like a little pixie in her new hat---an adorable pixie! I smiled over the way things worked out with you and the principal--timing is everything! Then I teared up reading about the mother with cancer---prayers for her and her son. Once you retire you should write a book, changing names to protect the innocent, of course!

JO, I think you're going to have to buy more candy ☺---and hide it til' Trick or Treat night!

JUDY, aw shucks, back to work. We'll look for your lunch break post from from McDonald's Central. Enjoy Angie's Oktoberfest feast!

MARGY, big Wahoo over seeing you here this morning! Loved the pics of last week showing your perky, sweet face! DANA and LORI's, too. You girls have been away too much!

ANDY, poor Emma! Hope she recovers quickly from the big bang episode.

Sad, sad details being revealed about the Washington State shooting and shooter. Prayers for that community and for Canada's mourning citizens---and for the too numerous to mention communities around the world where violence has raised it's ugly head.

On the bright side here, it will be another glorious Autumn day. The kind Penny and I delight in.

Love and prayers for all!!!

Judie said…
Good morning.

Prayers and good wishes, Shar.

Jo, hide that candy. We no longer have enough children for Halloween but back when, I had to hide candy from myself.

Kay, hope you and Penny can go for a walk in the lovely weather.

Adorable picture of Freyja, Sandi. So cute.

Have a good workday, JudyE. and lots of fun tonight.

Shirley, hope bowling practice was fun.

Andy, sorry Emma is scared again. Wonder if anyone makes doggy ear plugs?

Hi to Margy and Hoda,

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Mema Jo said…
I had sent birthday wishes to Lisa - webmaster at Blackwater Refuge on the
23rd - she replied to me:

Thanks so much! I'm in the Outer Banks for the week, so it's been a great b-day

Hoda said…
Good Morning Friends...
Prayers SHAR...glad also you are looking after the heat issue before winter sets in.
Beautiful picture SANDI...Creative Tuque...
Good to read your post MARGY
Dragon Boat Races in Sarasota Florida are a real success. My team mates are very impressed. They raced this morning but I can not yet find the results...
grannyblt said…
Sharon, I hope the new heater gives you many years of warmth and comfort. My neighbor just pointed out to me that the Weather Channel long term forecast had a S***flake for Nov 1st.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Just got word that Bink passed away a few minutes ago. Thanks everyone for your prayers.
Kay said…
May Bink rest in peace, SHAR, and may the family find solace in pleasant memories of times shared with him.

Oh, LYNNE1, S*** Novemeber 1st? Say it isn't so. Eileen and Bill plan on spending the Vet's Day extended weekend with us. She won't travel if there is ice and/or snow twixt her house and mine. I pray it holds off til' Thanksgiving or after!

Lucky Lisa, JO ! She's in a great place for celebrating a birthday.

HODA, good for your Dragon Boat reps. Hope their Florida results are in the top rung.

SHIRLEY, hope you enjoyed bowling practice and the camaraderie with friends!

JUDIE, you don't say what you're up to today, but hope it's all to your liking!

I reckon I should do something to justify my existence today, like running the electric broom. We're tracking in a lot of little leafy bits, as the lawn mowers came through and crunched up leaves as they went through the grass. They created a mess! Lots of leaves falling today and some trees almost bear as the wind is howling.
JudyE said…
Hello on lunch punched at 120 need to remember that otherwise will be late

I left my ear phone at home so no listebning to tunes bummer OR I could be rude and listen without head set LOL not me
JudyE said…
SHAR so sorry about Bink prayers for his family
JudyE said…
watching the NE Fl nest one adult in the tree
Judie said…
Hi Kay. Nope! Probably electric broom day here, also. Same reason.

Condolences to Shar and the family.

Jo, thank you for Lisa's message.
Mema Jo said…
Sharon, May Bink rest in the sleep of peace and his family celebrate the life he now has.
Hoda said…
Condolences SHAR. Blessed Be his life and ongoing journey.

The Buoyant Buddies, Dragon Boat Team, who have two KRD members with them, raced twice today. Came in second in both races. They beat teams from the U.S., Australia and Canada! We are very happy with their times.
Two more races tomorrow.
Thank you for your good wishes.

Windy here too.
Zombies to invade Nelson half an hour from now.
Book sale day.
Last open air Market of the year.
Good yoga practice.
Feeling Gratitude amongst all the soul searching going on about the shootin.
God Bless my Blog Family. Thank you all for the sanity you bring to my life.

Did I say that SANITY??? Really!!! Let's see....
OK maybe not too sane, but the joy you bring to my life.
Mema Jo said…
I missed it but Belle did visit
the nest this evening......
Janet said…
good evening to all.

its been a nice, but busy day.

we went and voted. lines were short, we were in and out within 15 min.

went back to the costume store, got a few more things. I want to make another steampunk hat and they had the hat style for that. picked up a couple other items.

we ran some more errands, Sally's beauty supply, target. Spent a good part of the day doing such. It was fun.

When we got home, we emptied the pool pump (sand inside of it and needs to be replaced periodically) and then after it was clean, we put it inside. all of the pool stuff is put away for the season!

I had Tom to put my 3 level birdhouse back out. We had to take it down last year when we were putting the pool in. So we put it back out Before we could get it in the ground, we had a bird trying to get into it!!!!!

It was a lovely day weather wise.

Tomorrow, going to watch Amelia (grand daughter) play soccer. That will be about an hour from here.

Looking forward to that.

Think I'll play a few games, cross stitch and see what's on the tv.

Sending light, love and hugs to all~
Janet said…
if you go to my blog I have posted pix of my latest artsy project. feed back please and thank you
JudyE said…
HOWDY eagle buds

just got home from Angie I got a couple of snips of the visit this evening only 3 I tried to sneak them LOL and got busted by Angie she said I thought you were outside mom but nope I was on puter Had the NEFl cam up and saw the pair there also I love that cam

Apparently my AC has decided its cool out so it has went on strike Its 69° out now my house was reading 81° when I got home Bummer probably the same ole monster that acts up has woke again the drain So hopefully Carl the AC man my SNL will look at it tomorrow This has happened several times the system flashing cool on and that usually means I needed cleaned out couple time the pan flooded over But lets hope its a easy fix for him and lucky not hot out so attic worn't be so bad
stronghunter said…

Yes, bowling practice was fun. In fact, I even bought a new ball and a new bag that carries two balls. I guess that makes me a serious bowler. I have a ball for strikes and an ball for spares.

While we were in the pro shop, we made arrangements for a group lesson with the bowling teacher. Lesson is on Nov. 8.

And, we went to lunch at IHop.
Hoda said…
Zombies walked down Baker Street today.
Great fun.

I visited with two cats today...Mr Boo and Miss Misty...their owner went shopping five hours from here as it is less expensive in the city than here...
Was very relieved they did not try to escape...He allowed me to pet him and purred. She was very pernikity!!! Sniffed my feet, my belongings, my face and my hair and would not allow me to touch her. I fed them and they meowed.

Snow in the mountains here, I could see it snowing up there and could see the snow on the peakes. The wind is COLD!!! We have lost many many leaves today...Autumn is certainly coming to an end...moved up to three layers...

Glad we had eagle visits.

LOLLY posted on FB and she looks like she is having fun.

The cleanse finishes on Sunday and I will continue with the herbs for another couple of weeks. All is good.

The Corporal's funeral is Tuesday. He gets a Military Funeral. The Highland Sutherland (Princess Louise) Regiment flying their colours...

Continues to be a heavy sadness for the cowardly act of shooting him in the back at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier...The Corporal was not armed...the gun is empty that they hold in ceremony and the sword is for decoration only...a cowardly criminal act...
We buried The Warrant Officer today. His family continues to ask us to pray for the soul of his killer...God Bless them.
Hoda said…
Our Girls have placed 23/101 teams today in Sarasota Florida. We are so very proud of them. They race again tomorrow morning at 10:24 your time...7:24 my time...So wish they make the medal rounds...they would be so very of our ladies has had five bouts with cancer and she is rocking it...Blessed Be...
Hoda said…
God Bless us all
Praying JO...Love you and sending healing prayers...

Peace Love and Light to all...
Mema Jo said…
Janet - saw your projects over on FB - really like them
Mema Jo said…
I had watched one of the Hallmarks - only thing on that interested me.

Goodnight to all ♥
Prayers for all our needs

** one for strikes and one for spares
I hope you have them colored coded
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Still cam image is too dark to see anything at the nest. Our eagles certainly seem to be getting down to business.

Saw photos on FB that the Blackwater eagle pair are working on their nest as well - tis the season.

Janet, love your painted rocks!

Lynne, I hope Dave continues to do well now that he's home from the hospital.

Shirley, is your bowling bag on wheels like a piece of luggage? I would think it would be very heavy to carry around! Wishing you many strikes and spares in your serious bowling future!

Tennis for me at 9am, then cleaning the upstairs - wanted to get the housework done yesterday but it turned out to be a lazy day. Lazy days are OK but I can't afford to do 2 of them in a row during the school year.

Have agreat day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

staring to get light at the nest but still MT
JudyE said…
BRR this am all windows open and it 59° out
JudyE said…
House temp is now 71°
81° will be the high today but this week forecast is 85°
Angie texted me last night and said Carl will be over to do my air while I am at work today
JudyE said…
colors return to the nest but so far no ealge
Sandi said…
I see we have 2 eagles in the nest!
Sandi said…
No, I think we still have 2 but one is up on the stump. I see a little bit of white tail feathers.
JudyE said…
SANDI the white tip on the right I think is the tree trunk had me fooled several time if that is what you see
and one then two and now one I bet that is Belle and boomerang left LOL
Sandi said…
Judy, the white that I saw was on the left side of the screen at about the 9 position. I do believe it was tail feathers but I don't see them now so Shep may indeed have flown the coop.
JudyE said…
9 I was looking at 3 LOL
Mema Jo said…
Good Sunday morning to all ♥
It is a bit breezy and the leaves are
dancing in the air!

Awaiting a visit from Jennifer this
morning. I really haven't seen her this week due to her work hours.

Happy that Sandi and Judy saw the Royal couple this morning. YES! Lord and Lady Blackwater are making their nestorations also. Looks as though Lonely Louie is on the osprey platform now! lol
Judie said…
Good morning everyone.

Another quiet day planned. Pretty outside. May visit the farmer's market which closes in a few weeks. May prune the butter fly bushes.

Have a great visit with Jenny, Jo.

Wishing everyone a lovely day. BBL
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Thanks to JUDY, SANDI n' JO for reporting on bird activities! Happy there is so much going on with our fine feathered friends.

JANET, you ROCK girl! Beautiful! You could surely put such beauties on consignment at a garden shop and make a few bucks!

HODA, your "Girls" are sitting in the boat as I write and no doubt chomping at the bit. Wishing them great success in today's race(s)!

SHIRLEY, you really ARE a serious bowler now! You've come so far in so little time---you're a successful Alley Cat!

Seth called late yesterday afternoon. He's been enjoying campus activities this weekend. What a great year this is turning out to be for him. He's always been a serious student, but now his social interactions are coming to the fore. Proud of him, as always!

Twill' be another good walking day for Penny and me. Not much else going on..some reading, some puzzles, some World Series....the perfect Sunday for this ol' gal.

JO, hugs for Jennifer! Julie will drop by here today. Thank God for precious and loving daughters! And, sons and grands!☺

Love and Prayers for all!!!

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

OH my goodness yes, my bowling bag has wheels. I don't think I have even seen anyone without wheels on their bag. Of course, many of the people I see bowling during the day are senior citizens, and we need those wheels. Some people have lockers at the alley, but there is a waiting list, I am told. I asked once, and no lockers were available.
stronghunter said…
Hi Kay,

Nice to see that Seth is enjoying his time in college.
Janet said…
good Sunday morning to all.
thank you for the compliments on my rocks. if I could find a steady supply of rocks, who knows. these are just a few I've had lying around....I saw some rocks that were painted up when I was in Pigeon Forge back in June. I thought, huh, I can do that. And so I have. The one with the ocean scene is for Chelsea and the hummingbird is for my neighbor.

I have so many projects floating in my head....

Since I made that promise to myself to paint/etc on a regular basis on New Years its like an ocean of ideas has flooded my brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHIRLEY: so glad you are having fun bowling and doing well! I kind of miss it this year and kind of not. our bowling lanes have closed! They are supposed to relocate next year some time... we shall see.

Beautiful day ahead. Running up to Clarksville KY to see Mia play in her first soccer tournament. Need to get moving, I suppose. Glad its a nice sunny day. Warm though, 80's again. :P

Must wear cool clothing.

Maybe take an ice block to sit on. lol.

All right, will cut this short. Furbutts are hungry. Need to haul Livvy out of the bed and get a move on. Will check in later.
Everyone have a wonderful day. Light, love, hugs and smiles to all!
JudyE said…
Ding Dong

Ring Ring

Buzz buzz

Knock knock

On lunch so word on AC yet thought maybe a text but nothing yet

JudyE said…
Ding Dong

Ring Ring

Buzz buzz

Knock knock

On lunch so word on AC yet thought maybe a text but nothing yet

Kay said…
Wow, everyone must be outdoors enjoying Autumn weather, scenery and activities. Penny and I have have two long walks. I have plans to watch ice skating from 4-6, news from 6-8 and then the Series, so she'll only be going out for necessities for the rest of the day. It is the perfect Fall day, temp right now of 63°.

Back to the topic of Cereal once more. When Lee was here in Sept. he requested Post Great Grains Crunchy Pecan. He had it a couple of mornings and left the rest. I've been eating little bowls of it dry when I get the munchies and is it good? YES!!! It has "multi grain clusters, pecans and whole grain flakes---nice n' crunchy. There are other options---cranberry almond crunch and banana flake crunch. Seems a healthy substitute for the sugared cereals.

Julie just left. She brought me a duffel bag and a beach towel in preparation for my aquatic exercise class tomorrow morning. I've given away about half a dozen duffel bags over the years (when I worked at Harrah's duffels were a frequent giveaway item and we employees got the leftovers) and I took my beach towels to Julie's for use at their pool. I was so sure I'd never again need either of those items. Never say never!☺
Kay said…
Hi JUDY!! Hope you're enjoying your lunch break---see you here later---or tomorrow.....
JudyE said…
HELLO home from work

to find the



JudyE said…


JudyE said…
really doing some work
Judie said…
Evening all.

Seems everyone who stopped by had a nice day. Hope the others did also.

Headed to do a bit more reading then on to the pillows.

Sandperson is bumbling around packing a satchel. Jufie has been secured near some pecan trees in TX. Night light will be on at 11pm.

Restful sleep for all.
Janet said…
wow. everyone must be really busy or really tired. wooo hooo...anyone home???????????????????????????????????

we have arrived home and are settled now. Amelia played 4 30 min games. There was a bit of a debate. This was their first tournament...more of a practice one so that this age group could see what tournaments are like.

All of the girls are 7 to 8 years old, BUT because some will be 9 BEFORE the next season starts, they are considered to technically be in the 9 age group.
welllll, one coach had his britches in a bunch over this...and refused to play our team.

so, they had 3 games against girls their age (and won all 3) and the last game against boys their age. the did loose the last game 2 to 1.

we went to dinner with the kids after: golden coral. everyone got what they wanted and it was fast. with little kids you want fast at 7 p.m.

we are all tired. it was 81 today and sunny. beautiful. sun wore us out though.

tom and I are here yawning watching the race (recorded)
we are gonna zip thru it pretty quick fast n in a hurry.

well calling it a night. good night. light,love and hugs to all!

Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Gang,

Shar, prayers for Bink Lawson and his family, for sure. Also, prayers for your convention next weekend. Hope it's a rip roaring success! Congratulations, too, for getting a new heater. That will certainly make the winter more bearable.

Margy, FANTASTIC to see you here again! I've MISSED YOU!

Okay, ladies, I need to ask for some serious prayers for our friends, Jim and Darlene. Jim had surgery on Wednesday to have a pacemaker/defibrillator put in. Since he has serious COPD, the doctors were concerned about the anesthetic. He took longer than usual to wake up, but got through it okay. He was well enough that they sent him home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. But tonight, Darlene says that he's developed a cough and is extremely tired and out of sorts. Since it's Sunday, she can't get through to the doctor. She did promise us to call 911 if Jim gets really bad, but I'm hoping some Momster prayers will do miracles. Thank you in advance!

Well, I'm going to say an early goodnight to you and try to get some laundry done, just in case we can visit Jim and Darlene tomorrow. If he can get a doctor's appt. for tomorrow at the last minute, we may not, but just in case I want to be caught up on housework. Have a restful night's sleep, with SED! I ♥ us!
Mema Jo said…
Hi Andy - Prayers for Jim's condition not to worsen But Darlene
is wise to call 911 and not wait too
long to do it. ER may be able to give him some med to cease the coughing - he may even just need some oxygen for a short period of time. Big time prayers for sure.
Mema Jo said…
I too am calling it a night!
Watched Hallmark mystery and it was

No plans for Monday - another free day!

Goodnight to all and God Bless you
through the night ♥
Lolly said…
I good evening! I tried to get on earlier but fell asleep trying to read all the comments. So, I am getting on now after my shower but not trying to read back or I will fall asleep. Reading does that! I am totally pooped!

Had a fabulous weekend! So much laughing! Love our retreats. Only problem is it has been record breaking warm. Fall returning Tuesday!

Then this afternoon we went to Joseph's soccer game right after returning home. It was in Fort Worth so we did not have to travel too far.

Prayer said for your friend, Andy. Prayers that the doctors can find the problem tomorrow.

Really need to get to bed. About to do a famous Wanda face plant!

Night all! SED!
Hoda said…
Good day here.
Snow is coming closer.
On the mountains and coming down.
Forcast for Tuesday.

Visited with the cats again today.
Enjoyed my day.

Water testing tomorrow from seven In the morning till noon.
I leave the flat at six.

First planning meeting for the Kootenay Spirit Festival tomorrow evening too. So glad it will be our second annual festival. We have learnt so much.

Good night
God Bless
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends - a new work week dawns.

Prayers for everyone's needs, especially Jo.

Have agreat day all.
Hoda said…
Good morning SANDI.
Short entery
Are you alright?
Enjoy your day.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds


nest is getting lighter

bu MT at the present time

JudyE said…
I think I am being stood up by the eagles they were here yesterday at 717 now 728 and no one has showed up and I will be leaving for work at 740

Here eagle here eagle

JudyE said…
.♥.EAGLE in nest.♥
Janet said…
good Monday morning to all.
busy day ahead. much I want/ need to do. coffee first.

wishing each of you a bright and beautiful day.

((hugs)) and smiles for all
Mema Jo said…
Good Monday morning
Thanks for the eagle in the nest report this am Judy. I think they were just testing your being there when they came into the nest.

Today I will go in and vote early instead of waiting until election day. I just wish we had a more outstanding person running for our governor. :(

stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Frost here this morning! Pretty and sunny, but cold.
Lolly said…
Good morning! 65 here this morning and headed up to high 80's! Still summer here, though the mornings are still cool. Leaves are falling, but no pretty colors.

Wishing you a good week, Sandi! It is just not right that teachers are getting more and more frustrated! Time to put the blame where it belongs.....on parenting!!!

Jo, we plan to vote early this week! So glad to be getting rid of our governor Perry. Heaven forbid he run for President! I warn all of you now, and spread the word!!! However, I fear our next governor will be horrendous as well!

A quiet week ahead but then busy towards the weekend! Have a great Monday!
Judie said…
Good late morning to all.

Beautiful day here and surprised Shirley had frost this morning. Well, okay, maybe ours was melted by the time I woke up. lol

Today is laundry day. Not much but will keep me caught up. Just some puttering around. Must finish the library book due on Wed.

Voting: well, it seems to become more frustrating with each election: the lesser of two evils. JMHO

Wishing everyone a lovely autumn day.
grannyblt said…
Good morning eagle watchers

Sunny day here and to be near 70 tomorrow, then back to fall temps. We did have light frost last night.

Lolly, my daughter and family were at that Tech vs TCU game on Sat. They were visiting the area and wanted my granddaughter to get some big college experience. Too bad the Red Radiers were absolutely slaughtered. They are hoping she will be happy at a TX school, as the family will be moving to the DFW area next year.

Off soon to a couple of meetings. I'm afraid I may be roped into another project. Last time for sure. I hope to be in TX by this time next year.

Hope everyone has a good day and our couple make an evening appearance.
stronghunter said…
I was surprised by the frost, too, Judie. Hunter got the scraper and got the ice off the car windows while I turned the defrosters on. The temperature was in the 30's. My nasturtiums looked fine, though.
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Goodness, some of you are scraping ice off windshields while we are heading for about 80° today. Crazy!

Felt good about the aquatic exercises. Came home, walked Penny, ate lunch and collapsed for a while. I'm disgusted with my lack of stamina. Got a good primer on the water exercises and may opt for the afternoon "open swims" without an instructor from now on. Not a morning person, at least not for physical activity.

Love and prayers for all !!!

JudyE said…

I already voted I do it VIA

mail and I have noticed that I don't get mega calls for election after I mailed it in took about 3 days but no more calls I wonder if they know
Mema Jo said…
We also had a frosty morning but
the sunshine has turned this into a
beautiful warm day.


No lines - in and out with my
cheat sheet.... Worked very well.

NatureNut said…
Dear Mema Jo, Blessings for your treatment tomorrow! ☺
Hoda, I can't believe the violence that occurred in Canada! Prayers for Peace.

Been very busy around here with home and family things. Hubby, Norm, of my cousin Pat passed away last Monday. Fought a long fight. They're in California, so one of my Aunt's and I sent some gifts.

I know animals are not people, but our favorite, friendliest outside yearling cat, BW (black and white) is quite ill. Don't know if a type of paralysis or what. Centerd below the waist. He is so weak, can hardly walk & I want him to go to the vet ASAP, even if it has to be for the trip over Rainbow Bridge. However, other one here says he eats and sleeps, so leave him alone~~DUH!?
Between Norm and animals, it's hard to keep a dry eye~~been praying a lot.
Sorry to be a bummer, but need to talk w/considerate friends.Thank you dear friends. This too shall pass.
Hoda said…
Thank you very much LORETTA.
Upset about events in Canada and working on healing.
Another funeral tomorrow.
Vent away any time you want. We are here for each other.

Last boat ride of the season. IT WAS A TAD CHILLY!
Three layers of clothing could have done with a fourth!
Three foot waves! Water was choppy!
Tested the water.
Saw a beautiful eagle.
Mountains are covered with snow.
Colours are beautiful.
Passed by our beached Dragon. It is doing alright.

Prayers for tomorrow JO. LOVE YOU.

Life jacket out of car. Will hang up to dry and won't use it again till end of May! It is all good!!! Only seven months to go! I can do this!!!
One more bike ride before I put it away too.
Probably by second week of November. I wished I could find a head cover to keep me warm under my helmet!!!
JudyE said…

home for work
JudyE said…
It is presently 83° out now

so happy AC got fixed

JudyE said…
KAY that sounds wonderful the aquatic swim Indoor pool I am sure for this time of year??
JudyE said…
OK got a story to tell

Now I know you all remember the saga of the 7-4 shift at Walmart

was told long time ago that that shift is only for Dept Mgrs
so I live with the 8-5 and before 9-6 and an occasional 10-7 till I made I availability from 7-7 to 7-6
JudyE said…
Got asked this am if I would mind changing my hours to 7-4

OH OH I bit my tongue wanted to say something in regards to the past conversation I have had with mgmt but didn't

They want me in to scan outs and create pick list for the backroom peeps to do

JudyE said…
Well I said yes off course

I told my co mgr that the only reason I didn't want to do it that I wouldn't be able to get snip picture of the eagles visit at sunrise

and you know what he said????
JudyE said…
I had explained to him that we are many that blog around the world and people are depending on me to do the pictures and most people are asleep when the visit happens

JudyE said…
are you curious what he said YET

JudyE said…
Now remember I will be starting at 7am

JudyE said…
and sunset and the eagle show up at 715-ISH
JudyE said…
He said I could go to McD's and do picture snipping so that I wouldn't miss the visit

I thought that was sort of cute and funny

I told him that I probably won't be doing that since I don't want my break right after I get them Then she said its just a idea that I could reconsider it He know how much I am in to eagle

Mema Jo said…





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