Monday, October 20, 2014


New thread.


Mema Jo said...

Good Monday Morning to all ♥

It is a cold one!

Thanks Steve for the fresh new thread.

Will alert the others to come over.

Hoping the cam can be reset.

Janet said...

THANKS STEVE for a new thread and Congrats JO for a new feather!

It is 45 this morning, nice chill to the air. The house stays at a nice 70, so without air or heat, it is good. :)

Windows open yesterday, nice sunny fall like week ahead. I see many days with the windows open. Ragweed is done! :) :) :)
No itchy sneezies!

Lots to do today. Accomplished things yesterday. Felt nice.

Everyone have a beautiful day!
love to all

Mema Jo said...

Still cam up & running !
Whoo Hoo !
Thanks Steve and best regards to Clayton in IT.

JudyE said...





Hoda said...

Thank you

Hoda said...

Moving on with the cleans and the day.
The hardest part coming up. Increasing ghee!
Gross rather!

Mema Jo said...

Take care Hoda
Hold your nose and swallow


grannyblt said...

Good afternoon all. Checking in to check the box.

Thank you Steve for the new thread, and I'm reading the cam is back up. Loved the picture on FB of the nest where we could see the grass growing.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.

Mema Jo said...

Here I sit typing with dilated eyes
I return for a future check up in 8 weeks..Retina looks great but do need to keep a check on it. Each time the check up times are lengthened. Soon it will be a year between appointments!

Going to drink a cup of hot chocolate and then head out again to my pulmonary doc for the ore-procedure of placing the markers on Wed - He has been treating me for this head cold and cough with antibiotic and prednisone. That appointment is 3:00. BBL

Mema Jo said...

Momster album for the 17th is completed from what photos I can find...

Working on the 18th - it will take a while to finish. I copy from FB all photos - edit them from a file I set up and then place them in FB and try to put them in order as photos are coming from different sources.

glo said...

Home safely. Maybe tonight or for sure at some point tomorrow I will get some photos online.

Janet said...

WOW only 11 comments???????????????????????????????????

is everyone tired after this weekend....

Sandi said...

Hi all - checking in to check the box. Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Jo for the call over.

So, here is my "why I don't want to be a teacher anymore" story for the day. A teacher on the other 8th grade team walked over to a table of students and said, "OK guys, let's get to work."

A female student quickly and calmly replied, "Don't call me a guy. I don't have a dick."

Now, a statement like that, as inappropriate as it is, doesn't shock a middle school teacher all that much. But it IS grounds for making a phone call to the parent, which is what the teacher did. She called the girl's mother at work.

When the teacher explained to the mother what she had said and what the "young lady" had replied, the mother said, "I have a really hard time believing that my daughter would say something like that. I'll tell you what I'll do. I will talk to my daughter when I get home this evening and then I'll get back to you."

Yes indeed, a teacher would surely make something like that up just to get a student in trouble.

OK, time for dinner and then TV for me. I will check in tomorrow morning - goodnight all.

Mema Jo said...





Mema Jo said...


I bet you have 2 very happy happy
furbabies greeting you

Mema Jo said...

Both of our eagles went Poof
MT nest

Lolly said...

Oh, Sandi, just read that to Jack! Awful! Maybe teachers should walk around with all being recorded. Show those parents! And, knowing things were being recorded maybe the smarties would watch their language.,

Have been outdoors all day. Beautiful day!

Judie said...

Hi guys!

Had a long day. Coronary cat scan. Five hours all total. Contrast dye, heart rate and blood pressure meds, veins that collapsed. Tired and stomach unsettled. Why do I think a big bowl of ice cream would help? lol

I hope everyone is doing well. Am very tired so will have to try to read comments tomorrow.

Sandperson is on auto-pilot to depart at 11pm when the night light comes on.

Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

I missed you Judie but a heaping scoopof ice cream would do the trick!

That type of testing can tire a body

Prayers for you to have a sound sleep

Mema Jo said...

All the pictures over on FB except for what Glo will be downloading are
on the 10/18 Momster's album.

If anymore are out there and you want them in the album - send me an email telling me if you put them up on FB or just email me the pics and
I'll put them over.

Lynne2 said...

evening all! Just wanted to pop in and say I have been enjoying all of the pictures from the get together! I'm so glad everyone had a great time! We did NOT have a great time this weekend....LOL! Moving is such a pain! But the drive was gorgeous....leaves at peak from Sidling Hill to just past Cumberland. Higher up still color, but more rust and deeper, if you know what I mean.

Lynne2 said...

Anyway, the in-laws are in the new apartment, the house will be winterized this week, and then hopefully spring will come early so they can try again to sell. Maw said she is NOT moving next year if the house doesn't sell. She's putting up a small house on the property and having Steve and me move in to the big house. LOL!!!

Lynne2 said...

I did NOT see a bear, despite the notices from the DNR that bears are very active right now feeding like crazy to prep for hibernation.

Well, must get to bed, long day tomorrow. Hope to be back more regularly soon. It's been a busy summer around here, and a busy couple of months at work with extra hours. I had a bug, the donkey's feet are not healthy and we've been cleaning and treating them, yard work, cocker spaniels galore, a bad tooth that had to be pulled...on and on!

Janet said...

good evening all. its late and I am tired.

busy day: made a cheesecake, livvy made her first lasange (yes all from scratch)....we did paper mache art, went to the library, did some math and found this great book on the body....really cool stuff..oh and she practiced the piano. can I be tired now?

was a beautiful day. glad its bed time though. think the sandperson snuck in when I wasn't looking..............

good night to all! sweet dreams!

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight family and friends


Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Lynne, so good to see you on the blog and to hear that you may soon have more time to join us. Glad you got Steve's folks settled.

I too have really enjoyed seeing all the photos of the Shepherdstown get together.

Hoping for a boring, uneventful day of school. Have agreat day everyone. Prayers for all.

Janet said...

good morning !

hope everyone has a lovely day! :)

grannyblt said...

GM all.
We just had a visit at the nest. Both of them for at least 10 minutes. A stick in beak for one 30 second view.

Hope all have a great Tuesday.

Mema Jo said...

God morning to all ♥

Grannyblt how lucky can you be! I think they need to mow another time
before they can find the place for new sticks! lol It is such a good sign. Perhaps they will want the grass for the flooring.

Sorta of a free day - trying to get some blood work accomplished.

Glo has placed pics on FB and I will be placing them over into our Momster yahoo album. I am hoping all of you can get into that site. There is a link on the right side almost last one down on this blogger's cover page to get you there. YAHOO EAGLET GROUP.

I'm working on my cup of coffee

Judie said...

Goodmorning everyone.

Slept well. Feeling better this morning. Plan to get some laundry done and, if I feel okay, will forage for some food. Looks like a lovely day.

Thank you Jo and Glo for all the work putting pictures together for everyone. Your extra efforts are appreciated by everyone (especially me who is not on FB).

Happy to know that Glo and Vicky and Deana have arrived home safely.

Sure hoping Sandi has a day of just doing teaching stuff and not a day of drama and angst.

Nice to read Lynne2's update and hope she can return often.

Hope Hunter is feeling better today.


Judie said...

Almost forgot, Darth has his old toy chest and I think there is a toy lawn mower. Perhaps we could send the lawn mower to Steve to give to Belle and Shep. lol

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds

just a quickie before I head out the door

LYNNE2 good to see your name pop up on the blog Love to see it more often

I also have been enjoying all the pictures on FB and thanks Jo for putting them in the album for others

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

I'm enjoying the pics so very much! Smiles abound and I thank all contributors!

LYNNE2, glad the moving chore is over and hope your busy sked allows for more visiting here!

LYNNE1, thanks for the eagle sighting report. Our fine pair are not straying far from the nest it seems. Too much competition for nests with the burgeoning eagle population. They're smart enough to know to watch their territory closely.

SANDI, another amazing exchange twixt teacher, student and a defensive mama. Unreal.

SHIRLEY, hope Hunter is back to normal and to school.

JUDIE, so glad you're feeling better today--that testing sounds grueling to me. I'd be out of commission for a week after all that.

JANET, cheesecake and lasagne--I put on 5 pounds just reading about it.

JO, enjoy your "sorta free" day!!!!

Yesterday went with Julie to an aquatic center where she's getting her postsummer exercise. Came home, tried on the old swimsuit--slightly loose in the top, but okay I reckon--thinking of trying the place for myself. Not with her advanced swim group, but in the large easy walk-in pool which was packed with seniors. There might be room for one more. I'm so lazy, but know I should leap at the opportunity. It's a parks and rec facility and would only cost 50 cents a visit since I have paid my whooping $1 membership fee for the use of any of their venues.

Today will plow through a stack of magazines Julie passed on---Time, New Yorker and Science News. I'll be so much more knowledgeable by days end.☺

Love and prayers for all!!!


Lolly said...

Good morning! We are having beautiful weather but still so very dry. So sad!

Today going to do inside work. Have several things I need to get done and I am being lazy getting started.

Great to see Lynne2 on here. Lynne, we will be happy when you are back more often. Sorry you did not see a bear! that ice cream! Good for what ails you!

Okay, going to get busy now!

Mema Jo said...

Message from Lee concerning the gift wrap she has designed.
now has two versions of Eagle Flight--one in color and one in black/white/silver grey. Select the one you want. The next view is a fabric option. Look for other options at the bottom of the image that says:
Also available as wallpaper| gift wrap. Enjoy and spread the word to your friends please.

Mema Jo said...

Lee: when would the price and footage per roll be known

Pretty standard I think....

26" X 72"

JudyE said...

Remember the Christmas tree that I crochet or Eagle tree I should say Well I wanted to do another one and boy the instructions I can hardly see now over the ages print is fading Well it is a Womans Day magazine and I found a place where I can buy the magazine for 7.50 so I am going to do so
I googled it and it is no longer on the site it use to be but lots of other peeps looking for it also. So what I am going to do is when I get the magazine I want to contact all the people that are looking for it
I haven't mentioned it yet on the area that they have been commenting on yet Just sent the email to the firm to order it they will email me back with shipping etc and I will use paypal for it
Been out and about and just got back Gym class is later

JudyE said...

of course I meant Jordyn gym class not mine LOL

Janet said...

good sunny afternoon.

just have a few min here. nothing too much going on.

work was fine. been kind of droopy all day, although have perked up some in the last little bit. I am getting a massage this evening, then, hopefully some sleep.

so good to see everyone chatting today.

Two new books came for homeschool. They are highly recommended. Hope they are good. If not, I will sell them.

Will try to check in later, if I don't know thatI am likely sound asleep...

:) Hugs to all

Judie said...

Back home from errands. Grosseries, gasoline, etc. Feeling pretty good. Three loads of laundry taken care of, also.

Janet, hope the message helps and the books are worthwhile.

Hi Jo and JudyE.

Mema Jo said...

I am going to look for food
I can't have even a drink after Mid-night tonight
Headed to hosp out patient 6am
procedure at 8am.. Placement of
markers around cancer spot on lung
for a direct hit of radiation for cyberknife. Things are moving right along.


Hoda said...

Keeping you in prayers JO
Also your medical team.
May it be an experience which will bring healing and wellness.
Out Damn Spot! OUT
Not welcome here.
Be gone.

grannyblt said...

Hoda. I just had some potato/spinach/chicken soup made in my Vitamix. It is amazing that the friction of the blender heats the soup. The chicken and potatoes were, of course, cooked prior to addition. Easy meal and tasty too

JudyE said...

At BM and I got the still cam up but the time is 1005am today odd

Mema Jo said...

Hoda did you purchase your Vitamix ?

Lynne that soup sounds sorta good...
Having raised 5 children I just never
had the nerve to try certain things
for them........ that was wrong - my
great grandchildren eat everything and anything - they have very good

Mema Jo said...

Today is once again Terrific Tuesday TV ........ I may watch one or two
of them.... Can't seem to watch 3 in a row.... Getting selfish with my time.


grannyblt said...

Mema, it was basically potato soup with a little spinach& chicken. The novelty of it for me was the heating in the blender.

Hoda said...

Oh yum yum yum on the soup.
It is amazing that the friction heats the soup.
LYNNE do you put warm water for liquid? Or warmed up milk? Does it heat it up without warm liquids?
Enjoy it and may you have many a delicious meal, with health and wellness.
JO as much as I would love to have a Vitamix I just could not afford one. I bought an Oster Vista blender and so far I am very happy with the variety of my smoothies. Very yummy. I have blended ingredients raw in there and it liquifys them. Kale and spinach and broccoli.

Judie said...

Okay, the posts are getting waaaaay too healthy for me. lol However, glad the soup was tasty and warm.

Dinner over. Scullery restored to order. Headed across the hall to watch some tv. Not sure which programs.

Just in case, as I am still a bit tired, the night light will be on at 11pm. Sandperson will depart at that time. Jufie? Well, Jufie is messing with a GPS and has programmed something about a tree stump house and pecans. However, it seems a backup route will take Jufie to a well-known area of Nelson. B.C.

Restful sleep for all.

Hoda said...

My blender is an Oster Versa not Vista as I wrote earlier...

Tell Jufie to stay away from Nelson...Cougars are out and about in my area again...They follow the deer...

NCSuzan said...

Jo, Shirley, Wanda, Glo, thank you all so very much for the fantastic photos of this past weekend. I enjoyed them several times and appreciate the trouble that went in to posting them in various places. If I missed a photographer please forgive me! Thanks again!

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Going to try to post a link to the store Judie and I visited in Shepherdstown.


stronghunter said...

We both bought picture postcards featuring the store cat, Milo. He greeted us when we entered, and told us good-bye when we left. It seems he is 17 years old and going strong. Delightful kitty.

grannyblt said...

HODA. Regarding soup

No warm liquid, milk from refrigerator and room temp canned broth. The potatoes are cooked in microwave, so they were warm, and the chicken I had prepared earlier and it was cool. All but chicken blended for about 5 minutes, then add chicken to blend for 10 seconds. It was steaming hot when done. I will make it again.

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - the link worked well..
I have been at the store - You could spend a few hours in there and not
see everything. And yes, Milo is a

Mema Jo said...

Grannyblt - That sounds simple to make and really does sound delicious.

Mema Jo said...

I need to get up early - 4:45am so
I have an hour to get ready with
time to do all my inhalers. I should
really be back home before lunch...
I'll be sure to come in and say Hello

Goodnight to all ♥
Peaceful sleep and Pleasant dreams ♥

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good evening my eagle budlets. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. My cold is better. I am going in the morning to a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) to see about getting manipulations of my hip. You just never know.


Hoda said...

Good night JO
Love you and keeping you in prayers.

Hoda said...

Sounds great SHAR...
Surgery as a last resort.
Friends who have had hip replacements have been very happy with it. They are all 20 years older than you though!!!
Let me know how it goes. I am glad the cold is getting better and going away...

stronghunter said...

Good night, Jo.

I am getting ready to head upstairs myself. I will see you fine people tomorrow. God bless and good night.


Hoda said...

Good night all
God Bless

Lolly said...

Shirley, wondering if that is the store we visited. They had a huge cat. Great store, lots of interesting things!

Heading to bed. Accomplished a lot today. More to do tomorrow. Going to be gone all weekend.

Night all! SED

Mema Jo said...

Good Wednesday Morning to all ♥

I am an early bird this morning......

I have emailed Steve concerning our
frozen still cam.

Have a good morning and I will return

Thanks for your prayers and good vibes for my procedure this morning

I love us ♥

Kay said...

Good Early Morning Eagle Buds!!!

One of those times when I fell asleep early watching the baseball game and so am wide awake too early.

JO, I see that you're up and at em' by now, no doubt with nebulizer running, etc.. I'm praying for you, of course, and look forward to a report later in the day.

I see that I must fill in one of those darned encrypted phrases before I'll be allowed to publish. Do you all have that new feature right under this box?

SHAR, good luck with the D.O.--it's worth a try! A chiropractor helped me stave off back surgery for a time. Prayers!

Kay said...

I just heard the newspaper hit the front porch....will be back later in the day.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Sandi said...

Goodorming Kay and Jo and all my eagle friends.

Jo, special prayers for you this morning that those markers are placed just right.

Shar, good luck with the hip - have you tried acupuncture?

Kay, yes I have that same new feature that requires me to enter a code before I can publish a comment - yippee.

Yesterday was a dull, boring day in middle school. No drama with teachers or students. Maybe 2 in a row?

Have agreat day all.

Janet said...

good morning to all.

chilly morning here with bright blue skies and lots of sunshine!

thinking of each of you, holding you close, particularly JO at the moment.

massage was good last night. was just wanting to decompress, relax ... tried out the new therapist as well. she was quite good. such a sweetie.

came home. yeah, you all had yummy healthy things. yanno what I had? you do don't cha?

a yup. a slice of cheesecake.

but I thought of each of you as I ate it, so I shared!

the life of fred books seem very good to me. they are written for a little younger crowd than Olivia, BUT, like I explained to her, she is working on math that is a 5th grade level and these books would fit that just muddle thru and have fun with it. it is literally a story, with pix about a boy, fred, and how he employs math in his everyday figuring out how many seconds he has been alive....and this book will get into fractions. the next book is decimals and percents. like I told her, my goal is to have her pre algebra ready by the end of the school year....I know math is not her favorite, but it is something we must all learn and be able to do to be successful in get correct change, etc.

anyway, let me get started on my day. slept in. no massages today, so listened to my body and slept. thinking of calling my dr office and seeing if I can get a vitamin B shot or something...............................

hope everyone has a great day!

light and love to all!

Janet said...

hey! I got the prove you're not a robot too. :(

forgot to tell you, last night when I got in my car to head home saw my daughter had called. she had mia @ soccer practice and while there, her hubby had brought jack and lorelei home. chris was busy with lorelei, jack decided to make himself a sandwhich...but Chelsea had left her mixer (a kitchen aid, very heavy) on the counter as the bowl was still in the dishwasher.

7 year old jack decides to move it out of his way, it fell, he went down and split his head open in the back. not terribly, two wounds a in or so each, but enough to end up with staples. :(

poor kiddos. sheesh!

have a great day!

Kay said...

SANDI, dull and boring is good when it comes to your school! May you have many more such days!☺

JANET, glad you've latched on to some helpful books--I empathize with Olivia when it comes to math. I should get a Life of Fred book! Oh, poor Jack! Hope he heals quickly and completely. He was only trying to be helpful by fending for himself.

I guess the "not a robot" code is a good thing for security, but it is a PIA !

Prayerfully waiting for JO.

Judie said...

Good morning.

First thought was of Jo and hoping the procedure goes quickly and perfectly for her.

Second thought was of Jack and his staples and wishing him quick healing with no battle scars. If the Fred books work, that's all that matters.

Glad Shar is feeling better.

Shirley, the link worked perfectly. Thank you. Hope Hunter is feeling better.

Hoda, have you looked closely? Jufie has multiple personalities. Cougar could be one of them. Are you wearing socks today? I am!

Wishing Sandi a drama-free day today.

Hi Kay (:

Nest was MT. Cougars were sleeping. Bears are slowing down.

Rainy dreary day here. Going to read. Darth has a meeting tonight so no scullery duty.


Judie said...

How strange. I saw the "not a robot" thing, clicked publish, and my comments posted. ?

JudyE said...


Sitting at Walker Ford noticing the still cam is stuck again don't know if it was ever reset but stuck again

getting my oil changed

stronghunter said...

Goodness, lots action in Toronto right now. A shooter. Parliament on lockdown.

Kay said...

Aha ! JUDIE, I'm going to try that evasive move the next time I see that "robo call". Hope I get the same result!

GLO's pics were most welcome and I've gone over and over them looking at my dear Eagle Buds! Would love to have been there, of course, but will settle for great pics!

stronghunter said...

I saw the robot thing, too. Had to hit "publish" twice. But did not have to prove I am not a robot.

stronghunter said...

Hunter is fine. He had not slept well on Sunday night and told me he had a headache. Kathryn said that she knew he was awake at 4:00 AM. He does not usually miss school, so Kathryn decided to have him stay home.

Okay, not Toronto. The incident in in Ottawa. Shows you how I know about Canada.

stronghunter said...

Hunter is fine. He had not slept well on Sunday night and told me he had a headache. Kathryn said that she knew he was awake at 4:00 AM. He does not usually miss school, so Kathryn decided to have him stay home.

Okay, not Toronto. The incident in in Ottawa. Shows you how I know about Canada.

Judie said...

Uh oh! Shirley may have had a Margarita this morning. She's stuttering again. lol

Just checking in to see if Jo stopped by before I settle in with my book.

Seems the Ottawa shooter is still uncaptured.

Still raining and getting more windy.


stronghunter said...

Oh, sorry. I did not know I'd stuttered. I think I was dealing with the robot thing then. Really, no adult beverages of any kind. Just coffee.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good afternoon my eagle budlets. I went to an osteopathic physician this morning (DO) concerning my hip. I have one hip higher than the other. He thinks last year when I fell on the pavement and landed hard on my knee, it knocked my hip out of balance. Doesn't show up in x-ray. He is ordering lab work and a CT of my abdomen and pelvis without contrast, and with oral and IV contrast to make sure I don't have scar tissue or any other abdominal pathology that could be causing the pain. Then he will start the manipulation and get me all straightened out. He feels pretty confident he can fix the problem and I am going to let him. I was beginning to think it was all in my head since the MRI showed only mild arthritis. Getting in a solution now.

Hoda said...

Thinking of JO.
Praying all is well.

Several gunmen in Ottawa
Shot a soldier at the War Memorial.
Shooting in Parliament Buildings.
Perimeter is expanding as there are shots other places in Ottawa.

Two days ago a Quebecers ran down two Canadian Armed Forces members. He was radicalized and his French parents reported him.
We have 90 people who are on a radicalized list.

Ottawa is shut down.
Someone was shot at a shopping centre and is in the hospital.
Armed forces will be called in if needed. Evolving situation.
Speculations abound.
The 90 people should have been rounded up and given monitoring bracelets. Government Failure.

The guy who did the shooting at the War Memorial was wearing a bandana with Arabic writing!!!

The shooter was killed inside of Parliament Bldg.

Mema Jo said...

Hello - just arrived home from hospital. I'm feeling well.. Throat
a bit sore. Well bad news is that the markers weren't able to be inserted - the cartilage or whatsoever wouldn't hold them up! Ain't that the pits!. Well to me - it just was not meant to be but I did well under the general anesthesia but I guess it turned ou to be NOT necessary. Docs need to get their heads together and I need to sleep with my feet up! MTBR

I am ok...... no biggy... ♥

Hoda said...

Parliament Day Care children are safe.
Prime Minister and members of Her Majesty's Royal Oppisition are all safe.
Reports that the FBI is assisting.

The shots were in The Hall of Honour in Parliament

I will now return to focus on prayers for JO

Too many crazy people around!

Hoda said...

Oh Dear Precious JO
So sorry and glad they will find something else.


Mema Jo said...

Sent another email with cam pic
to Steve.........

C U LATER zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hoda said...

The Reservist Soldier from the National War Memorial has died. He was from Hamilton.

Four other people have reported to hospital with gun shot wounds.

Hoda said...

Thank you JO
Sweet Dreams.

JUDYE two of our Dragon Ladies are in Sarasota Dragon Boat Races. Breast Cancer survivors.

JudyE said...

Hello home from Walker Ford

How come when you don't have wheels you want to go somewhere ??

and why do we have the robot # now any clue and I see cam is still stuck thanks JO for emailing Steve

HODA is it televised? the race

JudyE said...

now the robot # thingie is gone and I didn't have it when I was at Walker Ford posting HMMM Odd

Hoda said...

I do not know if it is televised JUDYE.
They have a great website.
My team mates race Saturday at 9:10 and then again at 2:00. Cheering the Dragon Ladies on. So help us out JUDYE they will hear you from Florida.
Love and Light to all.

stronghunter said...

Take care, Jo. By all means, put your feet up.

Sitting here in my kitchen, I am looking at a large nest in a tree. I really think it is a squirrel nest. We have plenty of them around here, but I would love to think it's an eagle nest. :)

I went to the grocery store this morning and picked up some Cookie Crisp cereal thinking that Hunter would like it and it might keep him from eating up my cereal. Well, so far, Will has eaten at least two bowls of Cookie Crisp. I do not know if there will be any left when Hunter gets home. I am pretty sure there will not be any left by tomorrow morning.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Well argh Jo. I love you.

Kay said...

Back from a Kroger run and all that goes with stocking the pantry once one gets home. Need to put my feet up for a while, but had to check on JO.

So sorry today didn't pan out right, but your medical team is good and surely will come up with another way to solve the problem. Glad you're now resting comfortably at home after a very long morning.

SHAR, sounds like you've lucked onto a good doc and hope he can alleviate the pain.

HODA, the news out of Ottawa is tragic and depressing---this kind of thing is becoming all too familiar in North America and I'm afraid we're in for a lot more of it, too. I'll cheer for your teammates---let us know the outcome!

SHIRLEY, sounds like you're going to have to put in a supply of Cookie Crisp Cereal, hiding some of it to bring out now and then!☺
Wish I had some Cereal Stock in my portfolio---it's one of the highest priced items per weight in the super market! I bought a lot of it when I had a growing boy in the household.

Joining the afternoon nappers, zzzzzz.

Judie said...

Jo, very sorry the markers would not hold. Your doctors will find the best possible option(s) for you. Just in case, remind them you have many friends with eagle canes.

Hoda, very sad situation in Ottawa. Just listening to the press conference now. Seems there is concern about multiple shooters at multiple locations.

JudyE, not having a car = wanting to travel and fasting = need to stuff one's face. lol

JudyE said...

Watching the Talk and Eli Gold is on it Did not know he has a accent Doesn't on the GW

JudyE said...

JO has to be upsetting with the marker but I know they will find other options

You rock woman if no one has told you that lately JO

You are my inspiration ♥

JudyE said...

I see STILL is up and running

Janet said...

ugh ugh ugh!

Let's start with the POSITIVES!
JO; glad you are okay, but how frustrating!

LIFE OF FRED books are great, Kay. They refresh my brain as well.

Got all my stuff for the Master Tonic making tomorrow...............

but alas and alak! good grief. went to Walmart, had Olivia with me. got what we needed. I have this 1" binder, turquoise, with my coupons in it. I work on my coupons during the month so when we go big shopping, I have them all together.

guess what.

in my debate with my daughter, I forgot to get the coupon binder out of the buggy and of course SHE didn't get it out of the buggy and so now....I do not have my coupons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I about cried when I realized it. I called customer service, hoping SOMEONE will turn it in. so far, no. But I will check again tomorrow.

very sad. very sad.

I miss my brain. I am a human of obviously very little brain. Just call me Pooh bear. :(

Off to finish putting stuff away, finish up dinner (pinto bean soup and corn bread), and send out energies that my binder will be returned, or at least go to someone out there who really needs it...

blessed be, blessed be.

Sandi said...

Hi all - another dull, boring day, which is a good thing!

Jo, I'm so sorry the doctors weren't able to set those markers, but you'll still get the radiation, right? Prayers continue for you! I agree with Judy - your faith is an inspiration!

Shar, good news that your doc thinks he can get those hips straightened out without surgery!

Janet, will have to check out the Life of Fred books!

Hey, was it here on the blog or on Facebook that someone posted something about setting the clocks back this Sunday? Well, my calendar says Daylight Savings Time ends NEXT weekend, not this weekend.

Time for dinner - later all! BTW, no box below my comment for entering any numbers before I post. How strange is that?

JudyE said...


Judie said...

Two beautiful eagles making a visit together. Still cam.

JudyE said...

poof both now gone long visit

JudyE said...

LOTs LOTs of pic in both places now

Mema Jo said...


November 2, 2014

is the correct date to set BACK


Google at one place said this Sunday NOT

(Me on FB)

Mema Jo said...

LOL Sharon - I never never knew you were not balanced! You sure fooled me. Very thankful this doc will be able to help even you out!

I love you!

I probably won't get a call from either doc as to what they plan next. I'll be sure to let all of you know

I have eaten a breakfast dinner and I am going in to my recliner.
If I don't come back later please
know that I wish you a good evening and a good night. ♥

Hoda said...

Ottawa is still on lock down. The Prime Minister is to address the nation...yet he is late. The leaders of the opposition are still in Parliament building so will not be able to respond. This is a problem for us. He got us in this mess and God knows how he will cover it up...

stronghunter said...


Hoping the doctors will have the solution all taken care of very soon, Jo. Do keep us posted.

Well, there is a little bit of Cookie Crisp left in the box. At least I think so. But the milk supply has dwindled as well. And you never know what might happen overnight.

Judie said...

Jo, sweet dreams. Your doctors will devise the best plan for you.

Shirley, can't predict the morning food choices but hopefully everyone will have something nutritious - including you.

Hoda, please make sure Dudley is on duty tonight at your flat.

Sandperson is packing a large satchel of sleepy dust. Will be departing soon.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Janet said...

just popping in to say good night.

binder did not show up. even went there... sad. $30 + in coupons plus my savings catcher card for $40.. basically I gave away $70. I hope someone who needs it has found it.

got a new binder. will start again.

hope everyone sleeps well. looking for the sandperson.... hurry hurry.

Good night.

JudyE said...

JANET so sorry about the binder Can you call on the saving catcher being it is linked to you Wouldn't hurt to try

JudyE said...

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

stronghunter said...

Wow, Janet. Sorry you lost that binder with all of the good stuff in it.

Yawning here. I think the Sandperson has arrived.

stronghunter said...

Good night. Time for me to go upstairs. SED, everyone.

Lolly said...

About that time! I think Jack is already ready for bed. Time for me to shower. Ran errands and harvested pecans was my day. Tomorrow more pecans and then football. Traveling an hour west this time. Wish they would win for once!

Hate to get up as I will disturb the pussy cat.

Friday I am going to Athens in east Texas for a retreat! Wahoo! Laurel is taking the day off and going, too. Yea! Around twenty women and some are other daughters who are childhood friends of Laurel's.

Sandi......told you about the grading hassle Laurel has this year. Well, the Denton ISD was on the news again tonight. Parents are in an uproar! They had a meeting with parents and hundreds showed up.

Ok, gotta go!

Night all! SED!

Lolly said...

Have to say I am sure glad that prove your not a robot disappeared! What a hassle!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagel friends.

Hoda, so sorry about the shooting mess in Ottawa - this world we are living in...

Janet, sorry that your coupon binder wasn't turned in by an honest person.

Prayers for all, especially Jo as your docs plan your next steps.

Have agreat day all - school, then nail appt, then grocery store so I probably won't pop onto the blog this evening.

Janet said...

good morning.

calling savings catcher never occurred to me. thanks JUDYE.

I have to get perspective on it. Just mostly frustrated with myself. My brain is so scattered.

Hope everyone has a good day. Waking up, then off to work!

(((hugs))) light and love to all!

Hoda said...

Goodorming all.
Happy Diwali.
Hindu Festival of Light.

Prayers for Healing, Peace, Love, and Light to all.

Mema Jo said...

Good Morning on this Terrific Thursday - 49.8° and the wind gust are 18 mph with cloudy skies.
I did step out to fill the feeder and the peanut pot and it sounds worst then it feels. Yesterday when my anesthesiologist met me she said that "You sure look better in person then you do on paper". I took that as a compliment - lol
No plans for today except to clear all these papers off my table into some type of order - like the recycle bin! Just hoping for a phone call about my next adventure.
Take care and known I love you all
and hope all problems get solved - like where's the MILK.

Judie said...

Good morning!

Y'all come on over to the new thread.