Wednesday, October 29, 2014


New thread.


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Judie said...

Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh new Wonderful Wednesday thread.

Headed out to get my "do" did this morning.

Jo, can you put a picture of your adopter on the blog? Please and thank you♥

Sandy, popcorn is an excellent idea. How about Jolly Time?

Okay, wishing everyone a wonderful morning. BBL

Janet said...

Good morning! Thanks Steve and Congrats JUDIE, feather looks awesome on ya!

Yes, SANDI, popcorn would be in order. With real butter and a large tea....perhaps? Sit back and watch the fireworks. Sheesh.

Wednesday. Clients switched to a p.m. appointment Slept in.

Continue working on costume today. Finish up classes for work. take it easy.

hope everyone has a great day!

Mema Jo said...

Good Good Morning to all ♥
Thank you for the fresh new thread Steve !

Congrats Judie on your feather -
You can get it trimmed up a little when you get your new do.

The rain is hanging up there but going to be wet soon i think.

Going back to previous thread to see the early birds' comments.

Mema Jo said...

I just can't be certain about this cat adoption... He sounds so much like the cat in the book that Lolly mentioned. He is outside during the day except for eating lunch and dinner in my kitchen and then returns around 11pm to head for the bedroom to sleep. BUT at 3am he gets moving and hubby lets him out. He returns around 6am to come back in... I really think he is leading a double life and I'm not to sure he isn't pulling the wool over our eyes. MTBR

Mema Jo said...

The rain drops have started in my valley - Hubby had thought about one last mowing of the yard but....
the rain saved him the trouble....


Lolly said...

Good morning! Sitting on ice again and have taken a muscle relaxer and Advil. Do not like this!!

The book...Charlie Anderson by Barbara Abercrombie. The book is especially good for children that have divorced parents and split their time between homes. After a storm one night the girls go looking for Charlie and find him at a home where they call him Anderson. The last page is so great...."Just like Elizabeth and Sarah, Charlie has two houses, two beds, two families who love him. He's a lucky cat." Oh and by the way....he is a fat cat! LOL

Spending my day doing nothing. Maybe a manicure and catching up on magazines. The magazines seem to pile up. Also, a nap might be in order.

Lolly said...

This reminds me of another cat story, only this really happened. I might have told you the story. When PC first started living with Laurel he continued to be a neighborhood wanderer. The neighbors had a college age daughter that was home. Her parents went to work and she slept in. She woke (upstairs in her bedroom) to find a cat sleeping with her. She called her mom, telling her they had not told her bout their new cat. Debbie replied that they did NOT have a cat. LOL Upon describing the cat Debbie knew it was the Fritz' cat. PC still wanders a lot! Not sure how he got in their house but he made himself at home.

Lolly said...

Skippi still has not gone outside. She likes to sit in the window and stare out. Two days ago we were sitting out on our swing and she meowed at us the whole time.

JudyE said...


and having issues with the internet in McD I just may have to only keep two browser open I listen to music and it stops and starts or stutters I should say when I open FB or the blog or a camera



Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Thanks to STEVE for the shiny new thread and to our beautifully preened JUDIE for the call over!

LOLLY, hope the ice helps! Ain't this aging process the nuts!

JO, interesting to think of just what kind of activities your frequent visitor is involved in. It does sound as if he's spending more time on Lennox property than elsewhere, finding your warmth as attractive as all your visitors do!

SANDI, the fun never stops, does it? It's sad that so many such Johnnys end up wreaking havoc and/or in our overcrowded prison system. JMHO

Another beautiful and delightfully crisp Fall day for Penny and I to enjoy.

Love and Prayers for all!!!


Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Thank you for sharing the raindrops Jo. Windy here with a bit of a chill.

My stylist was a bit puzzled about the feather. Said she never learned about feather "do" in school. However, she has managed to make a stunning adornment for me. Must be seriously amazing as other drivers kept staring at me.

Hmmmm. Case of a cat with two lives. Maybe Jo's new kitty is actually a spy? Mr.

Lolly, hope the ice and meds work quickly. Aches and pains are not fun. Okay, here's the fix: bacon pasta (:

Kay, enjoy some outside time with Penny.

Janet, hope you finish the costume today and some time to relax. Sad about your sister - only two browsers at the same time. lol

Busy day in DC. Ben Bradley funeral this morning.

Headed to put my feet up, finish my foraging list, read the paper.


Lolly said...

Boo Hoo! Bacon Pasta is off limits! Down 12 pounds and working on more. Going to be ready for the holidays!

Sandi said...

Hi all - home from school.

Jo, my guess is that kitty will spend more and more time at the Lennox house as s/he sees how great the treatment is! Are you at the point of considering a name for him or her or is it too early to be that attached?

Well, it turns out that racist Johnny got a 3-day suspension for his language, despite his IEP! This improves my opinion of the new principal. he told the math teacher that, IEP or no IEP, a student will not get away with speaking to a teacher that way! Kay, you're right - as we sometimes say at Selbyville Middle, there are no IEPs in jail!

The meeting with the mom who is suing the district ran for an hour and a half and the Occupational Therapist only got through half of his 27 page report. The mom kept stopping him and asking very pointed questions - she had obviously been well-coached by her attorney. We eventually had to stop the meeting and set up a new date for a new meeting b/c the mom had to leave (she is a bus driver for the school district) to do her afternoon bus run.

I have a story about my BFF. The 8th grade ELA teachers had the entire day away from school today to score their unit 1 assessments. The district paid for subs in each school so the teachers could report to district office to do their grading. Guess who didn't show up!? The director of secondary education called the school to see if my BFF was there and the vice principal said, "No, we thought she was with you at district office!" She may have an absolutely hateful personality, but no one can accuse her of not having nerve!

Grocery shopping for me this evening, then Survivor and Criminal Minds if I can stay awake. I will see everyone in the early AM.

JudyE said...

wow where is everyone

13 comments since the new thread at 8 something everyone enjoying life I guess LOL

home from work

so nice getting home this time

grannyblt said...

Good late afternoon, early evening to the Momsters.
Missed seeing the eagles this morning.
Spent day with friend running errands and some shopping. Lunch at Panera, then some birding on our way home. We were surprised to see a female pheasant flying over a field. Then about a mile away we saw a male pheasant sitting on a log near the reservoir . No other birds at all. Too early for ducks, I guess--or we missed them.
Hope all have a pleasant evening and SED

Mema Jo said...

Judie - I have never created a personal blog here. Any pics would need to reach you in an email.

I have not named this beautiful affectionate kit - Just not real
sure of his commitment yet. lol

Mema Jo said...

Sandi - today I would say was a good
day at school - Hopefully your BFF
absence will be sternly handled by
an authority figure.
Little Johnny's potty mouth was punished BUT I bet that 3 days does not cure it... :(

My day was uneventful - Just happy to be able to do whatever came to mind. RETIRED & LOVING IT

JudyE said...


Lori said...

There were just one. Can't tell who it is.

Lori said...

I haven't caught them at the right time to see them in the nest in a long time.

So exciting!

JudyE said...

both back

Lori said...

And they are both in the nest again. Looks like one just landed.

JudyE said...

Looks like a HUG

Lori said...


JudyE said...

poof got pic on FB and will do yahoo

JudyE said...

here is the pic that looked like a HUG JMHO

JudyE said...

for those of you that missed the visit here is Deb S video

Deb S eagle visit this evening I put pic on both areas also from the visit and LORI got to see them too

Judie said...

Dinner over. Scullery in order.

Jo, I misspoke (typed). I meant the blog. Sorry.

Jo's new companion should be named Darth - taking time to make a commitment. Seriously, color = Cloud or Haze.

JudyE and Lynne1, so glad you saw some birds.

Sandi, it really is difficult to understand the situation at your school. No doubt, Johnny Potty-Mouth will not change but how can an employee not do her job without consequences? Too crazy. Enjoy the evening.

Headed to reruns of Cold Case or some other crime program.


JudyE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said...

My delete it double copied odd

Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagle Alliance
The Norfolk Botanical Garden bald eagles appear to be safe and sound in a new nest outside of Norfolk Botanical Garden. Having endured two years of nest destruction and harassment, the NBG eagles have wisely chosen to build a new nest on private property where they cannot be disturbed.


We have not disclosed this information to you before now for the safety of the eagles first and foremost, but also because until the last few days it was impossible to verify exactly whose nest it was. Mike Inman was able to get that magic photo that clearly shows the “dot” in Dad’s eye. Thank you, Mike!!!! It IS Dad Norfolk’s nest. As you can see, the nest is quite large and it is believed to be his “primary” nest. And the property owners support our eagles and EOA in every conceivable way.

We are so happy to share this wonderful news with you.

Judie said...

Thank you, JudyE. As a native of the city and growing up not far from the gardens, I am thrilled.

Hoda said...

Well so there you all are...
Was gone for most of the day and headed out again.
Wondered where you all were and I am glad I found you.
Will check the box, post and then read back.

Hoda said...

Well I had lost total respect for your Principal this morning SANDI. Glad he handed out a three day suspension and amazed that he did not put a couple of conditions for the kid to come back...
Grounds for disciplinary action with your missing teacher too...

I am with JO I wonder about the new cat and am not sure that I would think adoption unless the vet says he is not owned by someone else...

For the next ten days we have rain.

Had a two hour visit with the twins in New York and what joy they were with their laughter and our playing through skype...I imitated their noises and they would look at me and then at their father and then fun fun...

Headed out to meditation session and all seems to be well here.

Good night and God Bless us all...

Mema Jo said...

Closing down early - no special reason. Going to watch a TV show.

Goodnight to all my friends ♥

Lolly said...

Back is still hurting. I think I sat too much today but what else could I do? Oh, well, maybe tomorrow.

We are going to Denton tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday! Football game, Halloween, and then soccer! Whew!

Having a wee bit cooler weather, 61 right now, but no chance of rain until next week. So tired of this!

Sandi, that teacher does have nerve and I do hope the powers that be do something about her absence today. I can see her making something up! And, so glad Mr. Potty mouth was disciplined!

Thinking of a hot shower and hoping that will help my back. Taking a stadium seat to the game tomorrow.


stronghunter said...

The cooler, rainy weather has arrived in Fredericksburg. I will need to water the chrysanthemums tomorrow unless the rain continues.

I missed the nest visit earlier, but was happy to see the reports. Sounds like another interesting chapter is being planned in the Adventures of Belle and Shep.

Going to curl up with a book. I'll see you all tomorrow. SED for now.

Janet said...

good evening to all!

egad.....what a crazy day.

i had 3 classes to complete online for work. (i forgot til yesterday, oops!) home school. pinatas completed. (one now whacked to death, candy in a bag)
2 massages done.

saw sable standing in the yard today and fall over..then thrash her legs like a turtle trying to flip itself. so sad. i ran out and flipped her back onto her legs. we live hill....level spots are nill...and well, her weakened muscles gave sad.

tom has suggested getting a new furbaby to help soften the blow that is coming, thinking of a min. pin. not sure right now, but did find one that speaks to we shall see.

costume is done. will do a dry run tomorrow ...try it all on.

heading to bed. watching the 10 p.m. news.

light and love to all. sweet dreams.

Judie said...

Janet, so very sad about Sable. Momster hearts are with you.

Jo, thank you for the pictures. Well, okay, if Darth doesn't work as a name, maybe Tux?

Lolly, hope you feel better and enjoy the visit to Denton and all the activities.

Hoda, so happy you were able to Skype with the twins and enjoy some quality laughs together. Special memories.

Judie said...

Sandperson just departed for all momster destinations. Extra large satchel of sleepy dust tonight.

Jufie is dancing quite the jig know that Lolly and Jack will be away from the pecan trees for a few days.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Evening, Everyone,

Have been quite busy this week, but wanted to drop in and let you know that your prayers for our friends Jim & Darlene are working!
Got a text from Darlene last night, and she said Jim is "miraculously improved"! He got to see his regular doctor on Monday afternoon, and I believe some of his meds were juggled. The cough was a side-effect of being on a respirator during his operation last week. Jim is feeling ever so much better,thank God! Thank you all for your prayers for him! Momster prayers are powerful stuff!

Well, I'm pretty tired, so think I will wait until morning to read back and catch up here. Hope everyone has had a good day. Prayers are ongoing for everyone here. Have SED, everyone! I ♥ us!!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Is it only Thursday? Ugghh!

Big day today - school color day and a big pep rally this afternoon. The kids will be wild. Tomorrow will be worse since it's Halloween.

Prayers for all. Have agreat day.

Janet said...

good morning to all
tomorrow is my favorite day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

THANKS JUDIE: I know. just a heavy sigh. these are tough days with regards to sable. thank you all for just hearing me.

work today. :)

livvy is going to Chelsea's this afternoon. she loves to spend time at her sister's and chelsesa loves to have her there. she helps with the kiddos.

I miss her when she visits over there, but at the same time, a little break is good for both of us.

hope everyone has a great day!

light, love, hugs and smiles to all

grannyblt said...

Good Morning all

Is the cam down or is it me?

I'm off this morning with my neighbor to check on a rescue kitten I think she has talked herself into. I have vowed to remain strong and come home with empty arms. Several kittens need homes.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

JudyE said...

Good Morning got up and the cam was broke so went back to bed

Mema Jo said...

Just signed on
Sending email to Steve about Cm being down


Need my coffee

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all
I turned some heat on around 7am -
really chilly in the house. I just
don't want to believe that we could
see snowflakes over the weekend....
I am so not ready but I will not
be able to stop Mother Nature.

Need to read your comments.... BRB

Judie said...

Good morning.

Our laundress (aka me) has a load of laundry going.

I am sipping coffee. Looking at a bright blue sky and some gorgeous colors of leaves.

Then will try to make myself look less like early Halloween and go foraging for weekend sustenance.

Cam is down BUT Cheetahs are awake and bears are making their dens.

Wishing everyone a wonderful morning.

Mema Jo said...





Mema Jo said...

The sun is shinning and the skies are brilliant blue. Next door neighbor had the lawn crew there this

Janet - Prayers for Sable - Thankful you were there to help when she needed you. I am anxious to see which hat you will wear with your costume. They are all outstanding.

Andy your special day is fast approaching - any exciting plans?

Sandi - get into that Peppy Mood!

Grannyblt - happy kitty hunting...
I'm waiting to see if you come home
MT handed! BTW My blue jays and titmice (mouse) are back. I haven't seen any of my Mr Reds for quite a while.

Lolly - I sure hope you and Jack enjoy the next few days. Pray that kink in your back leaves you!

Judy - Cam is up you can get out of bed now - lol

Judie - Hoping your day is enjoyable ♥

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Well, it is still morning for awhile.

I just finished my first cup of coffee. Had some trouble sleeping last night and slept in this morning. I was awake enough to drive Hunter to school this morning, but that was it. Having a bit of trouble with my knee, and it bothers me most in bed because I have trouble getting comfortable.

Beautiful, sunny fall day here.

Need to check the cam.

stronghunter said...

Sorry about poor Sable, Janet. We are having similar problems with Lucky. He came to live with Kathryn 21 years ago this Halloween. He still greets us with a sweet meow when we enter the family room where he has taken over Luna's dog bed and Luna still knows not to mess with him.

Hoda said...

Well I posted on the old thread!
Good morning all
Enjoy Churchill Manitoba LYNNE.
Safe travels.

Temperature set at sixty here in flat.
What do you all set your on during winter?

stronghunter said...

Oh, Hoda, 60 degrees would be too cold for us. Our temp is set at 72. But our furnace has hardly run at all this fall. The temp indoors has dropped a bit below 70, but not much. Love it when the weather is like this.

Hoda said...

Thank you SHIRLEY.
I am never quite sure how much heat to put on as I worry about the environment. I had it on fifty but the plants did not look happy. So I thought maybe sixty would do... I will see. I go through this every winter. I forget from year to year! It will be great fun by the time I am in my eighties. I hope I remember to ask.
Glad you were awake enough to drive Hunter to school!
Sorry for your discomfort. Getting out of bed and moving always helps me.
JO do you have your house at 70 also?

JudyE said...

signing on from MCD down the street from SS office going back to sign up for the free part of Medicare since I work and have good insurance don't need to get the Medicare part that cost
Gotta head back to SS office see ya later here I go wait wait wait

When I got up I ran up there and waited to ask the question Now wait to see someone different people different task I guess Oh well its my day off and nothing else to do She said shouldn't take that long once I get back

stronghunter said...

My friend Pat Fistick just sent an e-mail that there is supposed to be a program on CNN featuring her son's ship Margaret Norvell. She was thinking the program would be at 1:30, but CNN is talking about a news conference at that time. I guess it is wait and see.

stronghunter said...

Pat's son Kirk is in the Coast Guard. I believe he is in command of this ship. I remember Kirk when he was a small child.

grannyblt said...

I came home empty handed from the kitty rescue at the pet store, although I got to hold all of them. My neighbor did take home Madeline. She lost her cat to old age a few weeks ago and wanted another. She was hoping for a solid gray one and would name it Maddie if one was a female and available. Just by pure chance we were at the store yesterday looking at the rescues when a lady from that orginazation came in to check on the kittens. My friend asked her if she knew of any solid gray ones and the lady replied that she had one named Madeline at home and was going to bring her to the store today. I figured it was destiny. The color and the name and the timing. I remained strong. I will be traveling on and off this next year and don't want to commit to another pet at this time.

HODA, it is Glo who is going to Churchill soon to view the polar bears. Wish that were part of my travel plans ..

stronghunter said...

Just saw the CNN story on the Coast Guard. Had to do with intercepting people trying to enter the US by boat from Cuba. They interviewed Kirk Fistick. Nice story.

Lolly said...

Hi all ! In bumper to bumper traffic on way to Denton. Back is better but have a headache .

Janet, so sorry for Sable. Another dog is a good idea if it leaves Sable alone. Having Slippi has taken away our sadness over Annie.

Pecan harvesting has slowed down. The pecans remaining on the trees are way up high ! Will have to wait for wind to blow them down .

Mema Jo said...

Getting ready in an hour or so to head out to dinner at Dutch's with
bil and his wife - they will be heading to FL next week for the
winter - they do come back up during Christmas.

I'll be back after 8:00

Judie said...

Jo? Jo? Wait! You cannot leave without me. I WANNA GO TO DUTCH'S. Have a great time.

Skimmed. Just home from foraging. What a day of adventure. Will return later this evening.

Janet said...

good afternoon.

Thanks ya'll for the support. I am definitely seeing changes in Sable...not good ones either. But, she doesn't seem to be in just one day at a time.

My son was less than gracious with the news that we were considering getting another dog. What? Sable isn't even dead and in the ground and you are already replacing her.

No that's not it. He wasn't very nice and almost made me feel guilty. there's that. no news on the new possibility....the foster mom is supposed to call me.

MEMA JO: the hats in the pixs are all the same hat. it came with a purple flower and small veil. then I decided I wanted red. so that changed. the veil wasn't cutting I added tulle ....and goggles, etc.

GRANNYBLT: you are strong coming home w/o a kitten!

just tom and me for dinner tonight. Chelsea came by earlier and got Olivia. I treated myself to going out and getting a pedicure. it had been over 2 years since I had done that,been doing my own at home. but it was nice! I have some buffalo chicken in the oven and eggs boiling...gonna made a buffalo chicken salad..nice greens. yummmmm

all right, will check in later!

Costume Lady said...

Good evening friends...
Just a quick comment...GG is not doing well, she may be near time for her passing. Will update you as I have time.

LOVED our Eaglet Momsters gathering...could enjoy about 1 each month. It was so good to see everyone.
Blessings to all ♥

Mema Jo said...

We are home and our meal was delicious. Next Time Judie - for sure.

Janet - I think that the goggles
top it off to a "t".

Mema Jo said...

Wanda, my prayers for GG and for you, her special caregiver. May
God watch over you during this time.

Judie said...

Wanda, should you check in please know that along with me, all of your momsters/dadster family are holding you and Miss GG in our hearts.

Judie said...

The night light is on early tonight. Sandperson is already on the way.

Restful sleep for all.

grannyblt said...

Wanda, prayers for you and GG.

stronghunter said...

Prayers for you and GG, Wanda.

Thank you for all you did in planning the gathering over the weekend. It was very nice.

JudyE said...

WANDA you and GG and your entire family is in my thoughts and I pray the transition is peaceful

JudyE said...

Got signed up today for just Medicare Part A
Its official I am OLD LOL

NCSuzan said...

Wanda, thinking of you, your beautiful mother and loving family.

Janet said...

Dearest WANDA: light, love, comfort and blessings. May GG's transistion be peaceful and may you have comfort and love ....

okay folks.....I've lost my mind. I know sable isn't gone yet, but i'm looking at a "new" furbaby...a chi-pin. Chihuahua mininiture pinscher mix on sunday.....

we shall see.

tom is trying to soften the blow for me.

I am letting him.

heading to bed. work 8 to noon tomorrow, then PARTY TIME!

sweet dreams to all!

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all my friends ♥

JudyE said...

Security system is armed please be sure to use your code if out past curfew

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Hoda said...

WANDA prayers to you and GG and the family.
A year of blessings and transitions. How fortunate the Captain was that you were there for him and held him in his transition. God's blessings were with him. Tough on you, but God's work is often mysterious. Now here is GG...we do not know what will happen, but if it is her time then she is being called to journey on and her work here is done. Prayers for you and your family WANDA.

Lolly said...

How does one type with a cat sitting on your right arm and purring? With one finger on your left hand, that's how!

Whew, she is gone, nope now on my left arm. LOL

Another loss in football. Sigh... Next week is his last game and it is over 2 hours away. Laurel will not be going as it is too far for them.
We will go!

WANDA.....prayers for GG and for you. Just know we are all going to be with you in spirit in the time ahead. You have been blessed to have had her for so long.

Going to Denton again tomorrow. We do have ruts in the road!! I will pass out candy while Laurel Trick or Treats with Jacob aka the Big Banana. Jack will go with Joey and Joseph to the football game where Joseph will perform with the band.

Brought in my Ti plant tonight. Got cuttings for it when we were in Hawaii 11 years ago and it is a beautiful large plant now. It does not like cool temps, so in it comes. Time to haul firewood down to the patio, too.

It is that time of night! See you tomorrow! SED!!

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Evening!

Wanda, Ken & I will be praying for you, for GG, and your whole family. We are with you in spirit!

Janet, so sorry that Sable isn't doing as well as she had been. Prayers for her situation, too.

We have had a busy day today! We went to breakfast at IHOP with Ken's buddy Chuck. He, by the grace of God, has been approved for Social Security Disability--on his first application for it!
We are thrilled for him, and can see a big improvement in his mood.
He was stressing badly about his situation, but now he's getting enough income that he won't lose his house, and he will have enough to live on. In case I haven't mentioned Chuck's health issues, he has a very painful back that he injured a couple of years ago at work. If it gets any worse, the doctors want to fuse his vertebrae, but since they would have to fuse five of them, his back would be completely rigid--not good. He also has torn ligaments in both knees from falling because of his back problems. Three weeks ago, he fell (because his left knee refused to hold his body weight when he stepped off a curb), and now his hip is injured. He has also been diagnosed with a moderate case of carpal tunnel syndrome. He's been using a cane when he walks, which helps him keep his balance. He's just glad he isn't a complete invalid and can still get around pretty well.
It's a pretty unique situation. He can still mow his yard because he has a self-propelled mower, but he can't empty the bag of clippings because it's too heavy. He can only lift "under 20 pounds." (His sense of humor is still intact--he actually had us laughing about that one!) If any of you are prompted to do so, I'm sure some prayers for him would be appreciated.

Late this afternoon we drove Sis- and Bro-in-law to LAX. They are flying to France for a vacation!
They're going to Paris and Normandy. Their plane took off at 8:20 pm Pacific time, and the flight is about 11 hours long. It's a direct flight with no stop-overs. Sis-in-law was going to take her work phone along with her, but we talked her out of it. Her boss, who is a real piece of work, was calling and bugging her 15 minutes before she had to leave for the airport! One of her colleagues, who recently vacationed in Florida, was kept on the phone doing business for 2 hours each morning, until his extended family put their foot down, and read him the riot act.
I hope she really enjoys her time away from work, and gets unwound a bit.

Well, I really need to get some sleep, so I will say goodnight now. SED, everyone! God bless.
I ♥ us!!!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. TGIF!! Happy Halloweeen!

Wanda, I was so happy to see your name on the blog but then so sad to read your reason for posting. What a year this has been for you and your family. You and GG are in my thoughts and prayers. May God give you strength as you care for your mom.

Janet, prayers for Sable and for you to know when the time is right to say goodbye to her. I love the new dog idea - adopting Jenni certainly helped us with losing bandit.

Hoda, we keep our heat on 70 but haven't had to turn it on yet this fall.

Headed to West Virginia right after school for a Freyja fix. Yesterday was Brian's birthday so we will celebrate that as well. Brian is going to take his dad flying - I think I'll pass! Not sure how ofetn I'll be on the blog this weekend but just know I am fine hugging my grandbaby! :)

Have a great day all.

Janet said...

good morning to all!!!!! ITS MY FAVORITE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

still contemplating this new baby. his story: he is living with his "grandma" her daughter suddenly died, leaving her mom with 3 dogs. the lady, ellen, had four dogs of her own and so she is looking to adopt out this one.

he is 10 months old and was born on Jan 26. (YEs JUDYE, dad's birthday). he has min pin markings. very handsome fellow. current name is Ben.

We will see.

If it is meant to will be. Blessed be.

Treated myself to a pedicure yesterday. Am enjoying seeing my toes. My feet feel so soft.

Will check in later. Working only til noon today!

Regarding Sable...I can only say Thank you. <3

Light and love to each of you, my friends. Your friendship and support means thte world to me.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds off and out the door but wanted to say gm to my eagle buds

Check out google to cute for the day

JudyE said...

and it changes if you go on google I saw three different ones so far this am

Judie said...

Good morning.

Began my day thinking of Wanda. She will know the best decisions for Miss GG. Thoughts and prayers.

Bet Jo had a scrumptious dinner last night. Jealous!

Sandy, have a fun weekend with Freyja and extra hugs for the birthday dad.

Andy, good news for Chuck and wishing sister and bil a wonderful vacation.

Ben. Ben is a nice name.

Overcast today and chilly.

Going to lunch today with a gal pal. Kennedy Center tonight.


Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

WANDA, so sorry to read your GG news. Wishing God's richest blessings on the Wright family as yet another transition seems imminent.♥♥♥ I'm lighting a candle in GG's honor.

ANDY, Chuck is now on my prayer list. Glad you SIL left the cell phone behind--that employer is a jerk!

JANET, thinking of Sable as you anticipate the Rainbow Bridge excursion. Little Ben sounds like a cutie. Only you can know when the time is right and if a prospective adoptee is right as well.

SANDI, happy to hear a Freyja fix is in the offing! Safe travel and joyous moments with her and your Birthday Boy!

LOLLY, enjoy The Big Banana and all the little ghouls n' goblins!

For some puzzling reason last night was Trick or Treat night here. I don't get any as these condo buildings have controlled access. The few kids there are in this neighborhood go to greener pastures.

Dryer buzzer signals there is folding n' hanging to be done...

Love and prayers for all!


Kay said...

Oh, JUDIE, just missed you. Lunch with a "gal pal" and an evening at Kennedy Center? Wonderful good!!!

Lolly said...

Good morning! We do not get trick or treaters either! Houses are on 1, 2, or 4 acres. Too far apart, back from the road. We love going to Laurel's and seeing all the kiddos! I added a sack of candy to Laurel's stash to cover what Jack eats. LOL

53 this morning! Loving it and a prediction of upper 30's by morning. I am thinking it will be middle 40's. We shall see!

Yes, prayers for GG and Wanda this morning. How wonderful their Friday's at GG's has been! Wish I could get my son to cooperate with even monthly get together. He is terrifically busy and travels a lot.

I am feeling great! Back issues are gone! Hate it when that flares up. When teaching it hurt all the time. I am sure it had to deal with bending down to little kindergarteners. This flare up had to do with bending down and gathering twigs blown down by the wind. Will be more careful next time.

Janet, that was awful about your son and the dog. You are being realistic about the future for Sable. This new dog needs a home! And, you will need something to fill your hearts when Sable is gone. It shows your love for pets to want another!

JudyE said...

back at the house from lots of running around now to head to Jordyn school for trunk or treat and I think I get to take her as soon as its over did last year anyway we will see

going trick or treating with them tonight

so no giving out candy for me Our street us to have lots of kids in the past but now they have grown up so not to many only a few house renters in the development

Mema Jo said...

good afternoon to all my friends ♥

Happy Halloween -

Prayers continue for GG and for Wanda and her family.

Enjoy your weekend Sandi - as if there would be any chance not to...
Happy birthday to Brian. Hope Denny enjoys the flight.

Mema Jo said...

Janet - New pup sounds good - Sable
will transition to Rainbow Ridge
when you feel she is ready.

I'll have Pizza this evening and have invited some family to come over. We never have but a handful of
Trick or Treaters - I do miss seeing the little ones in costumes.

stronghunter said...

Happy Halloween afternoon,

I'm hiding the candy up in my bedroom. Being a grandma, I told Hunter a few days ago that he could have some of the candy I'd purchased. Well, goodness, we do need to have some left over for the trick-or-treaters. And we don't want it left around where Luna can get into it.

I am guessing that the mayor of Columbus declared that Beggar's Night was last night, Kay. Are they still doing Beggar's Night in Central Ohio? When we were there, Beggar's Night was usually the night before Halloween so the little kids weren't out on Halloween night.

I think I will be ordering Chinese tonight. Kathryn seems to have a problem with Domino's pizza, and we do like Chinese.

stronghunter said...

We usually have plenty of trick-or-treaters here. Kathryn and Hunter may be going out for some Halloween activity.

Kay said...

SHIRLEY, I remember those Beggars Nite times both here in Columbus and in other communities I've lived in. Curiosity got the best of me so here is the result of my research:

"MORPC (Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission) has set the recommended “Trick-or-Treat” dates for Central Ohio communities for the next five years. In a resolution approved by the Commission, the following formula determines the dates: if Halloween, October 31, falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, then Trick-or-Treat will be held the prior Thursday. If Halloween falls on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, then Trick-or-Treat will be held on that day."

Guess MORPC doesn't want kids out on the busy weekend streets. That means kids will be trick or treating 3/4 days in advance of the 31st some years.

I read a list that showed wide spread compliance with this edict. Worthington has it's back up and is sticking to the 31st as are several other minor suburbs. Columbus, New Albany, Clintonville all obeying the MORPC guideline.

It would be less complicated if they just said TorT night will be the last Thursday in October no matter what day of the week the 31st falls on.

Janet said...

hi all I have glued fake nails on earth does anyone function with these things????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grannyblt said...

The Borough decided Trick or treat is the Saturday before Halloween unless it falls on Saturday. It is from 4-6 and children are instructed not to go to houses that don't have a porch light on. Frankly, I forgot last Saturday and didn't even have candy yet. And the porch light wasn't on, so I missed out. I did find my jack o lantern shirt that I am wearing today.

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Enjoyed lunch with my gal-pal. Got caught up on all the workplace drama, etc.

Beggars Night. Well, years ago when I lived in Dayton, a neighbor told me that she had never heard of Beggars Night. She thought Beggars Night meant people without much could go out and beg. So, when children showed up, she provided canned goods, etc. I, of course, was astounded and still laugh at the misunderstanding.

Off to put my feet up for a few.

JudyE said...

popping in to say hey again stopped at the house had to throw camera on charger for tonight pictures of trick or treat

Trunk or treat was cute as always got picture for the school They used some from last year in the year book They love it that we do this each year

Got to take Jordyn out of school early Went to the park 73° out now and the cold front moving in is really super windy out now

NO other bigger kids were at the park only tiny one She played for a while -- so we came home to charge the battery and then I will drive by chickfla for for her on the way to their house to meet up with two school friends and their parents to go out later

JudyE said...

and had to come home TO TURN OFF THE PORCH LIGHT

grannyblt said...

I was just on FB and noticed a couple of friends posted pictures of their children on Halloween from years past. I was trying to remember why I didn't have pictures of my children. Then I was reminded that they didn't trick or treat for several years because of an awful incident in the Houston area when a man poisoned his own children with trick or treat candy. That sure ended the homemade apples and popcorn balls I got as a child. And always close inspection of anything they did get.

Angie Taylor said...

eagle in nest

Angie Taylor said...

getting snips from here don't tell Angie LOL

stronghunter said...

Goodness, Kay. It does seem that celebrating Halloween 3-4 days early would be odd.

When we lived in New Albany, we were in the only subdivision in Plain Township. We got all of the kids from miles around. Our civic association hired an off-duty officer to help with traffic so that no one got hurt. The first year we did that, the officer decided that the only safe thing to do was to have everyone park outside the neighborhood and walk. Most people seemed okay with that, but I remember seeing an angry letter to the editor about how uppity we were for making everyone walk. We were just trying to keep any of their children from getting run over. Gracious sakes.

stronghunter said...

Quite a nip in the air this evening.

I think I haven't turned on the porch light yet. But it will be light for awhile yet.

Luna is already trying to get the candy. Going to have to watch her.

Angie Taylor said...

still there

Angie Taylor said...

I am doing snips and using angies fb email and sending so when I get home will put in both albums

Angie Taylor said...

Judy here logging off got to go trick or treat with the kiddo

Angie Taylor said...

bye bye birdie also

Angie Taylor said...

not the eagle but me still in the nest just standing

Hoda said...

Well a very wet day and it seems very gray too...
Rather charming in its own way.

In for the night. Was invited to Ghoulish yoga and decided probably not for me...

Thank you SANDI about the 70 degrees for temperature over the winter.

JUDIE I so enjoy reading your posts...I am never sure what I am going to be reading!!!

My Texan Friend and I will go Mountain Biking one last time this season...then I put my bike away for the winter...she flies back to Dallas on the 14th...we will miss her. She will come back in the winter to spend a few weeks skiing...They own a beautiful home here...spectacular view of the lake...she is an amazing decorator...

Hoda said...

I agree with LOLLY about the cuteness of getting a new dog...I understand your son's reaction though...he is a sensitive man...JANET post pictures when you get the new dog.

JudyE said...

Good evening one and all just got home from trick or treat now uploading pictures from today on fb
only 168 pictures between the trunk or treat at school today

It is fantastic out right now 66° cold front heading our way was in the 70 today will go to 53 and in the upper 40 is some areas tonight sure is nice opening the windows

The weather man says it will be coldest of the season

stronghunter said...

Porch light out.

Kathryn has gone up to bed.

I may follow soon and check out one of the books waiting for me.

Judie said...

Sandperson is having a hissy fit because I have not turned the night light on.

Well, just got home. The Little Dancer was a truly outstanding musical about Edgar Degas statue. I very much like that there was no attempt to make up an answer to the mystery of what became of the real dancer.

Now, the night light is on. Hope everyone who participated in Halloween had a fun and safe evening.

Headed to the pillows. Eyes are heavy.

Restful sleep for all.

Lolly said...

On our way home! A fun evening. Not that many kids, but enjoyed those who came. Jacob made quite a haul . The big banana was quite a hit.

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Evening,

Happy Halloween! It's been a quiet one here--not one trick-or-treater! Not surprising, I guess. We never see young kids around here unless someone's grandkids are visiting. There are any number of malls with special Halloween celebrations in the area, and of course Disneyland, and Knott's "Scary Farm." It's close to 10 pm here, so there's not likely to be anyone showing up now.

Lolly, glad you had fun at Laurel's, and Jacob made a haul of treats. Also relieved to hear that your back is behaving itself again. Shirley, did Luna stay out of the candy? It truly is amazing what dogs with such short legs can get into!

Well, think I'm going to call it a night. I think the Sandperson has found his way here already.
Have SED, everyone! God bless, and goodnight. Prayers for all from this roost. I ♥ us!!

Hoda said...

Something is happening in Nelson
Loud Sirens
Woke me up
It is 1:42 AM
Why are they not asleep?
Good night

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Janet said...

good morning all. I have a wham doodle of a headache this morning. (sigh) again. :P

but had so much fun last night. FINALLY got there about 6:30 ( I was as impatient as a kid waiting to go trick or treating!) tom was adorable in his kilt!

got lots of hugs and chat with the tribe!!! new t shirt !
talked to some new faces, some old. large gathering, over 100!

we got there at the end of the kids drum fun stuff.

the ritual honoring the ancestors was wonderful, brought a tear to my eye.

concert was great. I drummed..of course I brought my dejembe!

gonna ease back and hope this headache eases up. love to all. pix later.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
I hope you flipped your calendars to
November! And tonight you will flip your clocks back to get that lost hr.

As I look out into the yard I can
see FALL - so many colorful leaves have fallen and this morning the sky is gray.

Mema Jo said...


Happy Birthday Andy

Enjoy your special day ♥


Mema Jo said...

Off to get Flu shot


Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANDY ♪♪♪ AND MANY MORE ♥♥♥♥ Your All Saints Day Birthday is shared by my eldest granddaughter, Dana Kay, 23 years old today. Hope you and your Kubby have a super duper day!

HODA, hope the sirens turned out to be a false alarm and sorry your rest was disturbed.

JANET, glad your Halloween party was all you hoped it would be!

SANDI, thinking of you with little Freyja in your arms!

JO, you paint a pretty picture of Fall! I appreciate your calendar and clock reminders! Calendars a done deal here and will set the clocks back late in the day. For some reason I hate that little chore. Resent, might be a more accurate word.:( I always give Penny her Heart Gard and anti-flea/tick meds on the 1st and that's a done deal, too.

JUDY, it always makes me sit up and notice when I see Angie's name and avatar show up. My lips are sealed and I do love getting the Belle n' Shep report and all your pics! Thank you!!!

Seth is staying on campus this weekend---such a good sign that he's getting much more out of the college experience this year. Julie and Hugh went out there for dinner last night so he could see his Dad. Hugh takes off for a two week tour of Ireland today---seeing it all with his dear sister. He has many hours of vacation time that must be taken before the end of the year. The man works at least 50 hours a week, so this off time is sorely needed!

That's my novelette for the day...

Love and Prayers for all!!!


Costume Lady said...

Good Morning friends,
My yard is in full FALL...leaves are beautiful with their bright yellows, reds, golds, oranges. The problem is that they are all on the ground instead of on the trees!
News is not good for GG. She was admitted to the hospital yesterday and had many tests done. A CT scan showed a Bleed in her brain and the option is to operate at the risk of her dying during surgery (because of her fraility and age) or letting nature take it's course. Along with my daughters and Pastor Eddie, we concluded to put her in God's hands and let nature take it course. She cannot walk or speak, so she will stay in the hospital for a few days for observation and a decision about what to do upon her release. It is my hope that we can have Hospice come to her house and do what they do, so beautifully. They were wonderful when my Dad spent his last days in their care.
I will keep in touch.

Love and Blessings to you all ♥

stronghunter said...

Prayers, Wanda. It is good that you have some options to consider about what to do upon her release from the hospital.

stronghunter said...

Lots of trick-or-treaters last night. Things were slow to start. Kathryn did not see many kids out when she came home from work, but then things got rolling. It seemed that everyone waited until dark.

I have plans to meet my teammates for bowling practice in an hour, so it's about time to get ready to go. Val's pro-bowler husband will be with us this time.

stronghunter said...

Good to know that Seth is enjoying college more this year, Kay, and that Hugh and his sister are getting ready to enjoy a nice vacation.

Fall is all around us here, too, Jo. It always reminds me of my mother and the trips we made down to Huntersville at Thanksgiving time.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Andy!!

Mema Jo said...

Hello Wanda - That is such a good report for GG and to let God's plan take its course is so wise. Prayers for her to be comfortable and for the
family to be able to gather around her and show their love. ♥

Judie said...

Good morning.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY ♪♫ Wishing a very special day for you. Enjoy today and the wonderful year ahead.

Very happy those who had trick-or-treaters last night enjoyed their fun and excitement.

Janet, happy for you the weekend began with lots of fun.

Thank you Jo for the calendar/clock reminder. Agree with Kay that the clock changing is a PIA but I sure do enjoy that extra hour the next morning.

Kay, Seth's enjoyment of college really makes me happy. Such an important step in life and good experiences are a hugely important. Safe and enjoyable travels for Tom and his sister. Happy birthday to Dana Kay.

Hoda, I do hope nothing serious was happening in Nelson. HOWEVER, I have my suspicions that perhaps Dudley got a whiff of pecan breath and began an investigation because Jufie arrived here just before dawn and is still blockaded in the basement behind the furnace. Seriously, I do hope the commotion was nothing to worry about.

Thank you Wanda for letting us know that you and your family with the support of Pastor Eddy have made decisions that will allow Miss GG to make a peaceful transition.

Wanda, you have mail.

Will return later today.

grannyblt said...

Wanda, keeping you and GG and the whole family in my thoughts today.

Happy Birthday to Andy

JudyE said...


***Sending birthday wishes your way***

♥ ♥ ♥♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!! ♥ ♥ ♥♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ And many, many, many more!!

JudyE said...

WANDA thanks for keeping us updated with info on dear sweet GG
and yes I agree Hospice or Hosprus are great organizations they are angels

you are in my thoughts and prayers
Your are so lucky she has lived a beautiful long life

NCSuzan said...

Happy Birthday, Andy! Hope all your wishes come true.

Wanda, thinking of you and your family.

Kay said...

WANDA, thanks for taking time to let us know how things are for GG. You, your lovely daughters and Pastor Eddie are making wise decisions that show much love and respect for GG and the long and meaningful life she's led. God Bless you all! Momster prayers are with you round the clock, across the nation and beyond our borders!

Hoda said...

Good afternoon all.

WANDA KAY is correct, sending love and prayers and Light to you and GG from beyond the USA borders.
I continue to have respect and admiration for you and your family. Tough decisions but the most compassionate and loving decisions. I dream of this being my experience when it is time for me to cross. Family is so important and those of you who gave them close by live in Grace.


Our roads are with icy patches at night.
People have yet to readjust their speed on the highway. Two vehicles collided and went off the road early this morning. Blessed Be the work of the first responders. Our roads curve and wind a great deal and if one is over the posted speed they become unforgiving. With ice it is a sure recipe for misfortune.

Hoda said...

Have them not gave them in regards to family and my words to WANDA

Mema Jo said...

Hubby and daughter attending Mass -
Lasagna dinner awaits their return
Hubby brings home to me the Host to have communion each week.

I am sitting with Hadji - my little doggy companion - He is adorable.

I'll return later this evening

Keep an eye on the nest if you can
Pretty windy in the valley but no precipitation...... ♥

Hoda said...

JO said to keep an eye on the nest...
I did and no one is home...
I will keep checking...
I will report if I see anyone...

JudyE said...


Hoda said...

Eagle in

Hoda said...

Two eagles in

Mema Jo said...


Eagle Alert


Hoda said...

Still there

Hoda said...

Oh my I hope I am taking pictures alright so that JUDYE can post them on our album

Hoda said...

Both facing cam. Handsome pair...

Hoda said...

JO JO JO are you watching?

Hoda said...

Looking about and they seem very contented

Hoda said...

Beautiful Miss Belle is moving and digging about every once in a while and Mr Shep just is following around her.

Hoda said...

Taking lots of pictures on my phone but can not check for now if they are turning out...still there.Belle just poofed
Night light is on.

JudyE said...

poof both

Hoda said...

Shep is gone too now...
Nice visit...
Glad JO said to keep an eye out...
Love you JO...

JudyE said...

Eight minute visit got lots of snips off course

Hoda said...

OK I have 14 pictures on my phone...
My oh my oh my!!!
Now what to do with them
JUDYE where are you?
I need for you to put them in the album...
I will see if I can put them on our page...

Hoda said...

It is all good JUDYE and JO have it under control.
Pictures on FB page so I am sure they will take them to the album.
Very much what I took so I will just delete the ones I have.
Way to go LADIES for staying on top of it...

JudyE said...

ok gonna go forage for food I am so hungry


JudyE said...

Juliet in the nest bowl....due to start laying her eggs tomorrow (11/2/14) Florida season is beginning

Costume Lady said...

Update on GG:
Doctor said her hematoma has stopped bleeding and she is now able to speak a little and eat soft foods. If she survives this trauma, she will need Hospice and rehab to teach her to talk and walk again...Dear Lord, she is so old to have to go through this...we will trust that you will be with her and see her through this!
Hospice and Re-hab people will talk with me on Monday.

Hoda said...

Praying WANDA Praying...Which ever way it goes, your Mother is a Lady of Grace adn Dignity and I am sure her transition will be the same...we do not know how long and or what steps. I am sure she will transition knowing your love and your support for without you, and the Captain, and your family she would not have lasted as long. You make sure you stay well and stay strong.
Blessed Be.

Lolly said...

Good evening!

Wanda, so glad you have your daughters and pastor to help with decisions. I remember one night in the hospital when we made a similar decision for mother. I was out at the nurses station and was in tears. A doctor, someone who I did not know, not one of Mothers doctors, assured me we had made the correct decision. Prayers for a peaceful time for GG. Also, prayers of peace and strength for you!

It has been a busy day. It was 37 this morning and a very chilly soccer game. They won, still undefeated but one tie! Then home to watch TCU football. A very tense game, with a great outcome, if I may say so! 😃

Back acted up a little today and have been chilled all day. Think early bedtime tonight.

Judie said...

Time to say goodnight.

Wanda, my thoughts and prayers are with you, the family, and most especially with Miss GG.

Sandperson will be watching over Miss GG and Jufie is standing guard.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Mema Jo said...

Time for me to call it a day - I need to get that extra hour ♥

Prayers for GG and you and your family Wanda. God is looking over her

Goodnight to all
I love us ♥

Hoda said...

Good night.
God Bless Us all

SHAR please update us as to what is happening with your hips and the pain...Love you...

Janet said...


about to hit the bed uploaded a few pix on my blog from last night so much fun. such a wonderful Samhain celebration! drumming. music. honoring our ancestors!
missed Kay's bday! sorry! hope it was wonderful

lots of love and hugs for Wanda and GG. Keeping you close in my heart and thoughts...brightest blewsings to you as your help GG to transition....

had a good day at work. came home. napped. we went out tonight for a bit. 2 nights in a row! my oh my! livvy is at her sister's so we have adult time...
but, I do miss her.

gonna hit the bed before I turn into a pumpkin.

nite all!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle buds looks like the cam is stuck again Bummer and I could have gotten snips from home instead of work

JudyE said...

check out google today

JudyE said...

Nick Wallenda is walking across the Chicago river between two high rises anyone gonna watch it?
Gonna be on the Discovery Channel Has been on the news because of him living in Fl I guess

JudyE said...

its 49° out right now Brrr chilly for us

Sandi said...

Goodorming from WV my eagle friends. Cold & blustery this morning. On my phone so I will keep this short. We had a wonderful day filled with all things Freyja yesterday.

Prayers for GG and for Wanda.

Will check in from home this evening. Have a great day.

Mema Jo said...

Good windy Sunday morning to all ♥

Janet 2 date night in a row - can't wait to go and look at your pictures.

Judy - I guess we are cam-less for the day - perhaps the wind... I'll send email but doubt it will be read until tomorrow.

Mema Jo said...

Sandi - very happy happy for you and Denny to have had a Freyja weekend.
Hoping Brian had a good b-day celebration.

Lolly Wow! What a TCU win.

Hoda - did you take your final bike hike yet?

Mema Jo said...

Prayers continue for GG's comfort.
Blessings to Wanda and her family.

Judie said...

Good morning to all.

Grey sky and lots of wind.

Nothing on the agenda today.

Happy Janet and Sandi both had a wonderful weekend. Hope everyone else did, also.

Watched a college football game yesterday afternoon but I won't mention it.

Going to read the newspaper. BBL

Lolly said...

Good morning! Need to go eat and off to church! Not going anywhere today 'cept church and loving it!

We leave in three weeks for our thanksgiving week in Colorado. We are all excited! Snow sledding at Wolf Creek pass is on the agenda! Lol

I may do one hill and then be the official photographer! Too bad that the Bears will probably be in hibernation.

Remembering GG and Wanda, as well as Jo in prayers this morning! Sending love eastward.

Janet said...

good sunday morning to all. 30 when I got up. a nice crisp frost! felt lovely out! clean! Fresh!

lots going on. (so what's new)?

we had a nice night out last night. I was continually hot in my dress and so I wanted to stand outside a lot....did dance some, but we finally left @ midnight. I just had to get out of that dress!!!!!!!

I've made some decisions regarding work. well, I've been thinking after this email from the boss lady over at the school. she wanted me to come in this week and teach a 30 min class. ??????????????????? now my brain is sometimes jello like, but uh, the last thing I remember isyou wanted me to do intern clinic supervisor. ?????? So I inquired, and it was oh I thought maybe you would like the opportunity to sub teach. well I explained no, I cannot commit to that at this time between work and home school, my plate is full.

and its been 2+ months I've not been working on Wednesday so my wallet has taken the hit.

so after talking with a trusted friend, and then with tom, I have stepped down and away from the school and picked my wedesdays back up @ massage envy.


getting ready to go met the puppy. the lady said she had him at the vet yesterday and the vet corrected her. said he is apure bred min pin. I told her that is fine, he will be neutered. I have no plans to breed.. but the funny thing is tha's the breed tom and I talked about adopting. I found him on craig's list listed as a chi pin. but he was adorable and so after some inquiring....yeah I wanna meet him

now to find out he's a pure min pin...or potentially?????? hmmmmm
and born on my dad's birthday....

we shall see in a bit.....

I will let you know.

JudyE said...


on lunch and I see still cam is still stuck 251 must punch back in

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Wow, what a windy day we're having! I heard those winds blowing all through the night as well. Wondering if the porch furniture might all be piled in a corner. Sometimes it blows around out there. I did hear the Halloween skeleton scraping against the front door when I came downstairs in the wee hours.

Need to go to the library and then practice bowling. Probably won't get to practice tomorrow since I have an appointment.

I have a feeling Janet might be coming home with a new puppy.

stronghunter said...

Saw a story about Nick Wallenda, Judy. I hope his walk goes well. I'll probably be out and about then.

Might be able to see some of the Redskins' game at the bowling alley.

Mema Jo said...


BlackWater Refuge Lady and Lord

stronghunter said...

Don't you just hate it when you put something down and cannot remember where you put it. Almost finished reading a book and now I cannot find it.

Judie said...

Jufie does NOT have your book, Shirley.

NatureNut said...

Good Sunday Afternoon to All Eaglebuds!

Shirley, the missing object syndrome seems to go on every day!

GOTTA tell you that just now before the big Nascar race is starting in Texas, they showed the eagle fly all over the field and then it returned to it's handler!!! Gorgeous,in the sun, and Star Spangled Banner was being sung!

Put a couple Halloween pictures in the Nook. One is the avatar I'm using and will have to change that.
Jo, so happy you have an in and out buddy! If we lived closer, we could have donated!
BW, our sweet ailing boy cat is still at the vets. He has a fracture in a hip bone, and they sent out blood work to check on his other mystery ailments. I wish he could be a house cat, because if he survives I don't think he should be in the cold. Maybe there's a miracle way to heat the garage w/out electric heaters. Fubby said they are too dangerous especially with animals running about.
I have paused in my sewing of fleece kitty bed blankets this week and after many years decided to get new living and dining room drapes and valances. One pair of drapes is on back order, so can't get everything up right now. Dining room window is done. Was surprised to find online some valances w/foliage and a few songbirds!!!!My tennis elbow is acting up--probably the steam iron!!
Gotta get back to work~~~Sunday Good Health Prayers to ALL ☺ ♥

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - look under your bed covers for your book!

Loretta - so happy when you come on the blog and especially with your kitty stories and your pictures.
Enjoy the race...... ♥

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Prayers continuing for GG and her beloved family.

SHIRLEY, I think I can help with the book search. It is definitely in the last place you put it. Just call me Ms. Lippy....

LORETTA, I love your pix, the decor and especially your Ms. Lippy with her pretty white bib!

JANET, hope all decisions re:work are for the best--it sure sounds like it!

JO, thanks for the link re:Lord and Lady!

All is well here at my nest.

Love and prayers for all!!!


JudyE said...

SIS I love the pic of the new addition

headin out to the skating ring

JudyE said...

never mind they didn't go skating Bummer was looking forward to it

Mema Jo said...

Headed out for a Pizza Hut birthday
party for grandson who is turning 30.
I get to also see 3 of my greats.


Mema Jo said...

Janet - your new addition is all ears
I really like him/her.
New name????

Janet said...

Call me crazy one more time.................................................................................................
Well, we went over to meet the puppy. Very nice people. So sad. The woman's daughter (adult daughter) died 4 months ago. She is still pretty torn up, I can't imagine...........................
Her sister and husband were there with her, so she had support.

Little guy, named Ben at the time, is very much a snuggler. We bonded pretty quickly....and Tom and I, have,after going thru several names, finally settled on one...I think...


It is from Star Trek Voyager.

He is 10 months old. A miniature pinscher. He MIGHT be 5 pounds. Up to date on all shots, but does need to be neutered.

So far, every one is concerned....but not too upset.

Will check in later!!! love to all!

Janet said...

and, thanks for thesupport. Chelsea is calling me the crazy dog lady.

This morning, we had frost, Sable was walking down the sidewalk, and down she went again.


JudyE said...

Check your TV listing do you get DAYSTAR The Eagle Foundation on facebook posted it I think it may be Challenger on it not positive but bald eagle related this episode

Scaly Adventure is the name of the series and the title for that day Nov 8 1230pm REGAL EAGLE it will be on there are other stations that carry the show they are all Christian stations so if you don't get Daystar search one of them

JudyE said...

This is under the picture of Challenger the eagle

""We love the look of wonder and amazement on Pierce's face in this picture! These are the incredible moments we capture every week through our E/I broadcast television series, Scaly Adventures!
Tune in this Saturday, November 8th, at 12:30pm(ET) to watch the brand new episode "Regal Eagles," featuring our friends at the American Eagle Foundation! Here is the founder and president, Al Cecere, with Challenger Eagle, the world's most famous bald eagle. See more of Challenger and watch Al and Laura Jean Arlene Cecere-Sterbens train him at their facility in this awesome episode!
We're also taking you on a family friendly, FUN trip to Wilderness at the Smokies, where we stayed when we filmed this episode. We are always looking for places where kids and parents can make special memories together, and this is a perfect place to relax, play and have moments together that you'll never forget!
Make sure to set your DVR to watch Scaly Adventures this Saturday and every week at 12:30pm(ET) on the Daystar Television Network, which can be found here:
AT&T: ch. 563
Dish & Comcast / Xfinity: ch. 263
Verizon FiOS: ch. 293
Direct TV: ch. 369
Charter (for SC & NC): SD 105 & HD 863
Time Warner Cable: 463 on GSBO / follow this link to find the channel in your area:
Watch the live online streaming on your laptop, tablet or phone:
For our friends overseas, visit this link:

JudyE said...

I am going to dvr it

JudyE said...

ok gonna go get into some trouble or something

Mema Jo said...

Dax it is........... He sure looks content in the pictures. ♥

Sandi said...

Hi all - we got home about 6:30pm. Have been unpacking and working on laundry. It was great seeing Brian and Lynnis but especially wonderful seeing Freyja. What a sweetie!

Thinking of Wanda and GG - don't know what to hope for so I am turning the situation over to God.

Janet, congrats on Dax - sounds like it was meant to be.

Temps are supposed to drop down into the 30s tonight. Kevin kept the house warm using the 2 gas fireplaces this weekend but I will be turning the heat on when we go to bed.

Easy work week for me - no school on Tuesday for Election day. No school again on Thursday for Returns Day (a throwback to colonial times when DE was the first state and the election results were announced on the steps of the Sussex County Court house) and no students on Friday so teachers can work on grades. First marking period ends tomorrow!

I'll see everyone in the early AM! Love you all!

Lolly said...

Sitting here enjoying our first fire of the season! Ha, it is only 61 but it feels good. Hoda, the other day you were asking about settings on thermostats. When it is really cold we have ours on and set between 65 and 68. We keep the house pretty cool and do not turn on the heat until really cold. Like right now, no heat, but a nice fire!

Janet, congratulations on the new family member. Sweet that he is a cuddler! Poor thing is probably terribly confused. Hope it does not take long for him to realize he is in his forever home.

paula eagleholic said...

Evening all

First and foremost prayers for Wanda and GG

it has been a cold and windy weekend here too. I spent today working on the porch and reorganizing it. It kind of becomes a catch-all room during the summer.

Sandi so glad you got to spend the weekend with your granddaughter.

Larry has been doing better it is a slow recovery but he has noticed more improvement in the last month or so.

Work has been going pretty well but it's been rather boring.they had me entering customer payments which is pretty boring. I am still doing my other work too so sometimes I get behind well I'm behind all the time now. But I can't complain.

I'm so glad that everyone had such a good time at the get together. Sorry that I couldn't make it this year. I hope we can plan something for the spring.

Mr. Nick is doing just fine he is still looking for minnows. :-)

I am heading north to New Jersey at the end of the week. Michael and Laura get married on Saturday the 8th. I am so glad they didn't get married this weekend with the nasty weather.

I'll try to be here more regularly.

Love and hugs to all.

Janet said...

split in a few! be safe going over.

heading to bed in a min. tired. danced, laughed, had too much fun this weekend, not enough zzzzzz.

thanks for all the congrats and the support. he is a sweetie! all is calm for now. that too shall change! I made him a bed tonight. got out an old sweatshirt and followed the you tube directions. turned out good. he approves. is content in his kennel.

good night to all. love and hugs to each of you!

stronghunter said...

Nice to see you here, Paula. We have missed you. I hope the weather is nice for the wedding over the weekend.

It would be very nice to get together in the spring. It's great to be able to see the eagles at the nest. Great idea!

stronghunter said...

Congratulations on the new fur child, Janet.

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